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#my dog

i have the worst taste in dogs honestly. not that my favorite breeds are not wonderful, they are, but they’re all so big. by no means do i have limited space but it would probably be a bit crowded with my favorite dogs.

im planning on getting a great pyrenees again someday. i can just imagine how much space and food i would need for them, along with amana, my doberman. just, oof.

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This Monday, my old man Ninja has sadly passed away and crossed the rainbow bridge. I wanted to share his image and his always adorable face with his bow tie. ❤🐶😞

It took a couple of days to pick up and be creative with anything. Finally, I was able to and here is what I was able to give for him.

I will always love you, my old man Ninja. ❤ See you on the other side.

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