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#my dogs

Something happens to me whenever I see large dogs I just Lose My Fucking Mind

ESPECIALLY Pitties, I don’t even have to interact with them, I see a Pittie and it just makes my day. I’ll think about it for hours.

It is the BIGGEST Dose Of Dopamine idk

Like I just lose all rationality and the pitch of my voice reverts to Pre-T as I Babble Nonsense and Pet Them As Much As I Can

And since at my old house we had Wilhelm, the love of my life, a big grey nose pittie who I Can’t Wait To Visit Ugh, my Aunt’s dog Toby, a smaller dachshund mix, and my dog Mula who moved with me, and I had to pet ALL THREE AT ONCE IT WAS TIRING

Anyway because of that I am a Master at petting multiple dogs at once and my Nana has several animals at her house and she has two large breeds rn one of which is a sweet pittie girl who looks like my Wilhelm, and I was in Doggy Heaven Petting Them and you could tell they thought while one dog was being petted they had to wait so when I busted out the double scratches they fell in love with me pretty quickly lol

Such sweethearts, I’m always so happy to see happy dogs, they all deserve so much

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