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This is not StarKid-related at all, but I just wanted to share this because it’s crazy

Here we go

I have a dog. He thinks he is a cat. He “purrs”. It sounds more like moaning, but he tries. He always sits on everybody’s laps and is always looking for attention and he hides whenever he is scared, which is a lot.

I have a cat. He thinks he is a dog. His purring and meowing are very loud. He only wants pets outside or in the evening. He sits and sleeps on literally everything. He is adorable and smells like sheep.

My other cat is incredibly small and looks like a kitten. He only grew a little after we got him, which was at like eight weeks. His meow isn’t loud at all and cannot be heard outside the room. He is very adorable and only wants to get pets in the evening when I’m in bed. Sometimes he wants to get pets during the day and starts meowing, we call him and he enters the living room. When he is in the room, next to the door to be specific, he stops and observes, then decides he doesn’t want to be there and leaves.

That was it. It’s not like anyone cares, but there you go. Good luck with this information.

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Mild thunderstorms used to be so relaxing before I got my two 200lbs mastiffs who think the appropriate response to a very mild rumble in the distance is to try and rip me open like a Taun-Taun to borrow for safety.

They were both born and raised in Florida. All three of us have survived many hurricanes together. They still try to act like they’re desperately trying to survive a blizzard on Both every god damn time.

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why does he always look so smug when i kiss him he just stares off into space like “i got the girl” u dumb idiot dog

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