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Nostalgia is a crying plea. For you to return back to me, for another night to prolong its approach. The moments spent moving away from back then, a collection of changes, of growth, of finding and losing yourself over and over again. It’s not until the feeling hits you that you realize how much everything has changed. The world had spun you out of orbit, mind reaching out for a memory of you, of us, of them. I don’t feel silly crying over that loss. It was a path I was no long allowed to trail. A lifetime buried forever. It’s unfair and I won’t stop screaming so. 

from–girls on earth ( gon(e) )

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I stole my brothers old sketch book because he barely used it and my first drawing in it. This is Antonio (as you can see by my poor cursive that isn’t outlined)

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I didn’t have any strong headcanons for her, so I decided to draw her as aromantic and sapphic. She has trouble putting labels on her attraction for girls but they’re pretty.

[[ID: A digital drawing of Sakura from Zombieland Saga. She has pale skin, blue eyes, and long, dark pink hair. In her hair, she is wearing a ribbon with the colors of the aromantic flag. She is wearing a collared shirt with a navy blue jacket. Under the collar of her shirt there is a kerchief tied in a bow, which is pink and lavender, for the colors of one version of the sapphic flag. End ID.]]

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