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#my drawings

Lmao, sorry it took so long to answer this one 😅

In 3B we hace my very first Hp oc ever cause why not and in 1D, I decided to draw my bnha oc, Kana Nakajima, hope you like it 💜

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‘Merry Christmas - GrayLu chibi present-’


Hi everyone!

Here for a very late Christmas re-post xD, I apologize for not being able to repost this little drawing I made in December 2019 but, I’ve been on a semi-hiatus, being specific I was working on a new draw (I hope you guys like it) and taking some time off - Holidays- so~ I’m forgiven yes? 😁

- Like always stay very healthy and a very late but well wish, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!!! 🎆

PS. Tomorrow I’ll post my new drawing and maybe another repost?

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Thanks to Zhongli, I’m finally motivated to practice drawing some male figures lol. I still need a lot of practice though.

Also the design here is based on Zhongli’s statue

Also also yes I am painting Zhongli, hopefully I will finish it soon.

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Y'all don’t understand now long this one took. Also, kinda a hint to something that is coming soon. Not sure if it will be this week or next but I’m so excited about it.☺️😉


I’m so happy with now this came out☺️

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Here’s some “sorry-I-haven’t-been-posting-much” drawing featuring russian fairy boy Yuri Plisetsky bcs BOY do I like him ;o;
(Please don’t repost my art!)

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