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#my fanart

i had to be creative today or else i would have died so i decided to give myself a crazy little challenge.

So here are 8 snapes all drawn with a different brush for each doodle, timed for 3 minutes or less for each snape  (guess which ones were less lmao)  
in total i spent about 20~25 minutes on this page (forgive me i forgot to look at the clock when i first started T.T) 

my arm feels like it’s about to fall off but.. worth it i guess, keeps my daily streak going lol

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Only one month left until Christmas! 🎅 Time to share my Good Omens Advent Calendar!

I was looking for an Advent Calendar prompt list, but could only find old ones, so I decided to make my own. I’ve already written 24 drabbles/ficlets that I’ll be posting daily on AO3 starting from the 1st December, but I thought I could do a little graphic and share it, in case people need some inspiration.

Please feel free to use it and share it. The prompts are not specific to Good Omens, so they could be used for any fandom, I think. I’ll be tracking the “Good Omens Advent Calendar” and “Good Omens Advent Calendar 2020” tags, because I just can’t get enough of Christmas-themed stuff.

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