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#my fanart

- and the audacity of this bitch who has another bias but draws only h i m

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From Ruins has updated! May @fowo and I offer you a wholesome hug in these trying times? <3

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It’s Mokke March again! I’ll be redrawing my mokkes from last year into digital (flat color)

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Another character I’m fond of haha I totally prefer Bernard Megamind XD

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Inspired by Troye Sivan ❤️ He has such a Tadano vibe I couldn’t resist! 🍎

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“Today is a jam on toast day. Simple. Easy. But still so sweet.”

had to draw remus from @inloveoknutzy‘s remus lupin’s plan for life because I’m completely obsessed 

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I redrew this!!! It’s super fun to see my progress. Also, Toph is the best.

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Starting off the fanart backlog with the Crimson Peak piece I did for Femslash Exchange 2019. Edith and the ghost of Lucille.

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Thank you!! This was my excuse to draw Obi-Wan with long hair again 😍 Qui-Gon is still alive, Dooku’s still a Jedi and he is NOT a fan of the long tresses 😂

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@moorsgrimhilde recently wrote this adorable drabble about Mal buying a giant white shark plushie for her BFF Harry and, anyway, the idea of Mal carrying this thing home has been living in my head rent free ever since, so here we are! 🥰

I went for a bit of a retro pastel postcard vibe with this one. In my mind, the words “Hello from Sunny Auradon!” are emblazoned across this in tacky font.

Anyway, this was really fun! I hope you like it, Sofia! Much love to you. 💜

Please don’t use or repost my art without permission.

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Rainbow high: Kia heart❤🥰😍🤩💋💗


I wasn’t really sure what to feel about rainbow high at first, I saw the first images of the dolls but I wasn’t really invested into buying any of the dolls, however when I heard that rainbow high was getting a mini series on YouTube I was interested in seeing it. I hadn’t had a doll based series on YouTube to watch since Monster high and Ever after high. I do enjoy the episodes and I look forward to watching them ever Friday. Then I bought a two of the dolls Bella and Kia.

I knew I had to get Kia heart when I saw those pictures of her. I love her style and her hair is so beautiful! 😍 I hope to see her in the show soon, I can’t wait to hear her speak. I picture her with a Brooklyn accent, like Serena/usagi best friend English voice actor, Molly, from sailor moon.


I’m really happy about how pretty her colors turned out. I was originally going to do this piece with neon lighting and colors, like she was in a neon futuristic club. But it’s pretty tricky to do that in pencil crayons and markers. She still looks really cool though. 😎 I read somewhere that Kia could be pink punk and I can totally see that happening.

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