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kawaii-dinogamer · 2 minutes ago
Good Morning ☀️ I hope everyone is doing fine :) We are almost to 100 guys which means look out for that event.
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demonicputto · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 14 teaser.
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avatraang · 10 minutes ago
happy ffwf!! what do you think is the most self-indulgent fic you've written? why? feel free to drop some promo below! (- thinkingisadangerouspastime)
lmaoooo easy, my aang fic. i wrote the sweetest rewards long before i knew people even read aang fics that werent about romance. it was literally just me trying to fulfill my desires to give aang what he deserves —a happy family that wants to learn about his (their!) culture. i was definitely just indulging in my dream for him. i did not expect for it to get the audience it has gotten, but i’m not complaining because everyone deserves some aang love in their life! thanks for the question, amy 💛
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aclovers · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This is Uncle Rotor from my Momma cq fanfiction, 'a study in blue'! I finally managed to draw him without it being a mess. Uncle Rotor is a very caring and somewhat protective man. He is also very generous. Rotor Masterson enjoys helping out where he can. As a successful businessman, he spends a lot of his time with his daughter, Melody or hanging out with Blue. He carries the guilt of not doing anything sooner for blue and his brother, Papyrus. However, the brothers already forgave him long ago.
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buriedbybooks · 26 minutes ago
Remember What We Are (Guardian 5+1)
And the +1! for @priestnet Priest Network’s Summer Solstice Event Week 2: Remembrance.
This is the last of the fic (and the part that takes the most liberties); thank you for reading! Link to the AO3 and the final art will be coming in the next couple of days... summary and tags below :)
Five times that Shen Wei thinks for a heart-stopping moment that Zhao Yunlan remembers him and their relationship from 10,000 years ago, and the one where Zhao Yunlan actually does.'
Rated G, Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan, 5+1 things, fluff, pining, waiting, identity porn, Zhao Yunlan’s aggressive flirting, Shen Wei is introspective and reserved as always, open ended, canon compliant (attempted)
“Xiao Wei, ah Xiao Wei,” Zhao Yunlan mumbles, rubbing his face against Shen Wei’s shoulder before looking up.   Shen Wei meets his gaze for a moment, and then glances down, feeling exposed.  Zhao Yunlan knows.
They are still curled into each other, tangled in sheets, taking refuge in these moments before chaos descends once again.  A soft joy has settled in Shen Wei's veins that Zhao Yunlan came back.  They're finally in the same place and moving forward.
Zhao Yunlan must feel Shen Wei’s shiver, and tightens his arms.  “You’ve always responded strongly when I call you Xiao Wei.  Why?”
It has been a long time--centuries--since Shen Wei has felt this vulnerable, so he focuses on where their hands are intertwined and resting on Zhao Yunlan’s chest.  Shen Wei clears his throat.  “You… You’re the only one who has ever…”
Pushing himself up on an elbow, Zhao Yunlan tips Shen Wei back so that their hands now rest just below his pendant, and Zhao Yunlan is looking down directly into his face.
“Were we married?” Zhao Yunlan demands.  “It felt like we were, but there was no ceremony, no…”
Shen Wei has known he would have to answer this question, known that they would have to talk about it if Zhao Yunlan came back.  Of course Zhao Yunlan would cut straight to it as soon as they had a moment alone.  
Taking a deep breath, Shen Wei admits, “Yes.  Or, the equivalent for that time.”
“How…?”  Zhao Yunlan’s eyebrows draw together as he thinks back, revisits the months they spent together during the war.
Shen Wei’s breath catches as he realizes those memories must be much clearer for him than for Shen Wei himself.  Those memories, precious as they are, have been worn by time and faded around the edges.   He can see from his expression when Zhao Yunlan figures it out.
“That night, during the meeting.  I called you Xiao Wei publicly, and everyone started acting oddly.  But you must have done something, too, right?”   Zhao Yunlan lets out an awkward laugh.  “Tell me I didn’t marry you just by--”
“Being yourself?” Shen Wei can’t help but smile.  Zhao Yunlan had never truly fit in--he had always seemed strangely separate, lacking understanding of what was so familiar to everyone else.  Shen Wei tilts his head in agreement and then glances away.  Shen Wei can feel Zhao Yunlan watching him, but looks at their hands.  He can’t help but rub his thumb gently against the inside of Zhao Yunlan’s wrist..  “No.  It was… more how it was said than the actual words.  The context of our…we weren’t subtle.  And the next morning, after we… talked…about that, I told Fu You that if anything happened to me, to… I wanted you to have my blade.”
Shen Wei feels Zhao Yunlan freeze above him for a moment before squeezing his eyes shut and leaning down to bring their foreheads together.   “Damn you, Shen Wei.  Damn you for even thinking that.”
Reaching up with his free hand, Shen Wei cups Zhao Yunlan’s face and smiles reassuringly, even though Zhao Yunlan’s eyes are still closed.  “It was war.  You were my choice.  Will always be my choice”
“I’m not--”
Shen Wei presses their lips together to stop Zhao Yunlan from finishing that sentiment.  They’ve had this fight before.  They are both too stubborn to change overnight.  When they part again, they are both breathing harder.
“Aiyah..,” Zhao Yunlan sighs against Shen Wei’s cheek and finally opens his eyes again.  “That’s how you snuck it by me last time, too.”
Shen Wei raises an eyebrow, but doesn’t deny it.
“Ah, Xiao Wei, Xiao Wei.  I’d been trying to think of how to propose--I was going to buy you a house!  Da Qing’s been helping me look.  And now I find out you already married me without my knowledge.  I feel cheated.”  Zhao Yunlan presses harder into him, forcing him down further into the mattress with a teasing grin.  “I get to propose this time, and you have to say yes.  No matter how I do it.”
With a frown, Shen Wei opens his mouth to protest.  Zhao Yunlan’s taste can sometimes be… questionable.
Zhao Yunlan cuts him off with a quick, hard kiss.  “No.  This time, it’s my turn.  And I’ll do better than pledging my gun to you.  And you’ll say yes.”
Shen Wei lets out a soft snort, swamped with tender exasperation at the man above him.  Of course Zhao Yunlan would respond this way.  “Yes.  When everything’s finished.  Yes.”
Rolling his eyes, Zhao Yunlan burrows his face in Shen Wei’s neck and grumbles.  “10,000 years old, and you’re still the same.  This had better end soon, and end better than last time.”
Shen Wei laughs and holds Zhao Yunlan closer.
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oumaheroes · 40 minutes ago
Word Count: 2229
Alba- Scotland
Cymru- Wales
Albion- England
Ériu- Ireland
Set in the same world as ‘Wind Walk’
‘What happens when we die?’
Alba paused, halfway through carving a gouge in a block of wood to look over at Albion where he was stood by the fire, face turned to the flames. He had his back to Alba, a roughly spun blanket draped over his shoulders which was made from thick, undyed wool that scratched but did the job. Cymru was getting the hang of making them now, able to weave in a few patterns if he had the time and the colours, but it was haphazard work and nothing fancy at all. They were sometimes able to trade for nicer ones, ones with intricate designs of knots and swirls, charms woven into the fabric to dance across borders and seams, but food was more important, usually. Things they couldn’t catch or pick from the land, like bread.
Mama had never really praised overly nice things, or stressed their importance beyond a passing aesthetic appreciation, and so none of them were too concerned that their everyday clothes were dull and shapeless. Their nicer things Alba kept in a bag at all times near his person- golden armlets and bracelets folded in the plaid of their family woven by Mama herself to show them as children of the earth, Gods amongst men. Rich colours and bold patterns that Cymru eyed with greedy wonder.
Alba saved these for when they visited their people, the scatterings of them spread across the island that bore them. He was thankful that he and his siblings didn’t really grow.
‘What do you mean?’
Albion hesitated, mouth pressing into a tight line before opening again to speak, ‘When we die. Because people…’ Albion shifted, casting a quick glance back to him before turning once again to the fire, ‘humans don’t come back, do they?’
Alba, gave up on whittling anything further and sat up straighter, left hand holding what would one day be a bowl resting on his knee, ‘No, they don’t.’
He looked about their camp from his spot on the floor, back pressed again the trunk of a large tree they’d pitched their shelter against. Despite it being night Cymru was off somewhere, away on one of his walks that sometimes took him for days and there was no telling when he’d be back. This time Alba wasn’t too sure what had caused him to need space, the air was calm and friendly amongst them all, but Cymru had grown silent and still regardless and Alba had followed him with watchful eyes until he had taken himself away, seeing him retreat to the West where he could feel him linger on the edge of his perception.
He was the one that usually had these conversations, the ones where there wasn’t a clear answer, or a kind answer. Cymru could mould the truth into something palatable, something easy to understand and swallow without it becoming a lie. These sorts of conversations were not Alba’s strength- he did not like things for which there was no answer, or no easy answer, and so either worked at them silently until there was one, or ignored it. Not all things needed to be understood or reasoned with, some things just were and it was easier in the end to accept that.
But Alba had a feeling that Albion was leading to one of those sorts of questions and he was going to have to be the one to answer it.
‘But we do come back,’ Albion continued on. He said it as a statement; the tone was unquestioning but also unsure and Alba cracked his knuckles on one hand with his thumb as he tried to read between what Albion was saying and what he might be leading up to.
‘Yes, we do.’
An unspoken ‘sometimes’ fell flat and awkward between them. Mama hadn’t come back.
Albion looked down at the ground and rolled a stone underneath his foot. He was barefoot, again, because he refused to stay in shoes for very long if he could help it, and he balanced the pebble under the ball of his foot, round and around.
‘What is it?’ Alba knew this had come out rougher than he had intended by the way Albion’s shoulders twitched, a sudden self-conscious jolt that made Alba click his tongue in regret and try again. He was still getting used to this, ‘What are you thinking about?’
Alba watch the curve of Albion’s brow furrow into a frown, light from the flames silhouetting him and making him appear older and unknown, ‘Do we turn human? When we die? Is that why Mama…’ he trailed off, no words needed.
‘No, we don’t,’ he said it confidently but really, Alba knew as much as anyone did. Which is to say, he knew nothing concrete at all. None of them truly knew what happened to Mama, although her disappearance was as sure and real to him as much as his own hand was. Mama wasn’t missing or elsewhere, she was gone. He felt it as a truth deep within him, somewhere ancient formed long before his time. No matter what Alba didn’t know, he knew this all too well, ‘we stay as we are. We fade, when our time comes.’
He could see that this reply brought more questions than it did answers and thought of a way to try and fill the gaps, ‘humans die from age or sickness, or injury. We die from other things.’
Albion turned around to face him fully, ‘Like what?’
‘By the Gods, what is it with you today? Why so many questions?’
Albion scowled and lightly kicked the pebble he was worrying away from the fire. It rolled somewhere to Alba’s left, landing by the roots of a small shrub. They both watched its progress, ‘doesn’t matter.’
Damn it. ‘Don’t be huffy, why’re you asking all of a sudden?’
Albion shifted his weight from one foot to the other and tensed under the blanket, pulling it tighter around him and huddling in on himself. He ducked his head to stare somewhere off and down, ‘You’ll laugh.’
‘No, I won’t,’ Alba was slightly offended, although it couldn’t say for sure that it was unwarranted. Maybe there had been times when he’d read his youngest brother wrong. Albion was often prickly and capricious and it was difficult to tell how he was truly feeling, hard to know whether he was hiding another truth under thorns.
Alba also wasn’t used to talking with him in such a way yet. Before Mama died, he could be a brother: tease Albion whenever he said something stupid, or fell over, or messed up. But now Alba had to be something more, had suddenly found himself thrust in a role he didn’t ask for and the shape of caregiver hung too large on him. He was trying to fill a space of parent for everyone but all he himself really wanted was for someone else to come and do it for him, for Mama to come back and fill it perfectly.
It was hard to know where to tread on a path you’ve never gone down before, especially one made by someone else.
Albion still looked unsure and as much as a large part of Alba was tempted to let it go, to take the easy option that was presented to him and move on with the evening, another, more stubborn, part wanted to prove Albion, and maybe himself, wrong, ‘I promise I won’t laugh. Now will you just spit it out?’
Albion remained staring somewhere at the ground between them, ‘what if-,’ he cut off, swallowing, ‘what if you die?’
There was a beat of silence in which a flurry of emotions coiled in Alba’s chest, ‘I will die. We all die.’
Albion pursed his lips tight together and blinked a few times in succession- too quick, ‘But I don’t- I don’t want you to.’
Alba’s throat felt thick suddenly, ‘Hey, come here.’
Albion refused to move, still studiously looking down at the ground and locked stubbornly in place, so Alba half stood to reach out and grab hold of the blanket and tug him closer. Albion stumbled at first, unwilling to allow himself to let go easily, but another tug had him near enough for Alba to wrap him in arms, falling back down into a sit with him. Once there, all pretence was dropped and Albion lifted his arms to curl them around Alba’s neck, chin coming to hook over his shoulder.
Alba shifted him to settle more comfortably on his lap, legs around his waist and blanket forgotten on the floor, and rubbed his back, holding him tight with his other arm. Albion’s hands gripped Alba’s tunic in a tight bunch, tugging it awkwardly askew around his back. They stayed there for a few moments, mostly silent and unmoving apart from the odd jolting repressed sob from Albion who still refused to give in completely.
After he’d calmed down, shaky breaths softening into regular breathing, Alba reached up to cup the back of his head and lightly ruffle his hair, ‘I’m not going anywhere any time soon.’
Albion sniffled and released one hold of Alba’s clothes to rub at his eyes, ‘How do you know?’
‘Because I do.’
Albion dropped his hand to once again grabbed hold of his tunic but looser, tugging and pulling at the fabric in a half-hearted distraction, and huffed, ‘That’s a stupid answer.’
Alba prodded him in the side, smiling when Albion twitched in surprise, ‘It’s the truth. I think Mama knew; we knew as well, didn’t we.’
Albion hmm’d, unwilling to agree. Alba knew he had noticed though, as small as he was. He had never fussed or questioned when she’d wandered away and left them, had never tried to follow her on her journeys alone. He had known, as they all had, that she was disappearing into time and a place no one could follow.
‘We are our people. We watch them and speak for them- we remember them,’ Alba shifted him and rested his cheek on the crown of Albion’s head, speaking into his hair, ‘when our people change, sometimes we can’t change with them. I think that’s what happened to Mama.’
Albion stayed silent. Alba could feel him thinking, sense him turning this over in his head to search for holes.
‘What brought this on?’ Alba tried again, gently. He felt Albion swallow against his shoulder.
‘Things feel more different now. Cymru goes away and sometimes I can’t feel where he goes. Ériu feels the most different and-‘ he paused for a moment, thinking, ‘humans feel different. Some I can’t feel them at all, I know they’re not mine now. So, I thought… what if…’
Alba raised his head and shrugged his shoulder for Albion to move off. He leant back, heavy in his lap, and Alba caught him by the chin to keep him from looking away, ‘Just because we’re growing apart now, doesn’t mean we’re going away,’ he smoothed a thumb under Albion’s eye before resting his hand on his neck, steady, ‘we’ll be different but we’ll still be here. You’ll know when it’s my time to go.’
Albion’s eyes slid to stare at Alba’s shoulder so he tapped him under the chin to get him to look back, ‘Alright? You’ll know.’
Albion gave a small nod, ‘yeah, okay.’
Alba eyed him critically, searching for anything lingering that he still wasn’t saying. Finding nothing and feeling satisfied that Albion had taken in what he’d said, Alba gave a moan and rubbed theatrically at his thighs, ‘Good, now get off- you’re heavy.’
Albion scowled, ‘No I’m not!’
‘By Gods you are, I can’t feel my legs.’
Albion shoved at his shoulder but stood, moving off to the side, ‘Maybe your legs are just weak.’
‘Maybe it’s all those raspberries you keep filching when you think I’m not looking.’
Albion coloured, ‘No it’s not!’
‘Must be, I did think you were looking rounder,’
Alba prodded Albion in the stomach and he scowled, swatting his hand away, ‘I’m not round!’
‘Well, you certainly ain’t a feather. Here,’ Alba picked up his block of wood and his carving knife and held them out to him, ‘help me work on this. It can be for you to carry the berries in rather than stuffing them in your shirt and staining everything.’
‘I don’t do that,’ Albion huffed but took the wood and tool anyway, sitting down next to him. Alba picked up the blanket and shook it out to shake off the dirt before draping it back around his shoulders.
‘Do you think I can’t tell? Stop grousing and hollow me out a hole, we can smooth it later.’
‘What are you going to do?’ Albion began to carve in the centre, widening the impressions Alba had made earlier.
Alba fished in his pocket for his hunting knife, ‘I’ll sharpen this and then go and check the rabbit traps.’
He leant behind him and around the tree for his travel bag, pulling it closer and rummaging about inside it for his whetstone.
Albion’s voice was small and quiet- Alba probably wouldn’t have heard it if he hadn’t still been so alert to noise from him.
He prodded his brother on the arm with his knee and turned to carry on digging through his bag, ‘of course.’
Another mini story that will be fleshed out for AO3 one day. Can you tell I’m procrastinating updating my other WIPs? Because I am and I am a cretin.
This is very self-indulgent with no historical accuracy or research whatsoever- please forgive me. If I go digging for historical truth, I fall into a rabbit hole and that is very difficult to peel myself out of.
Thanks for reading!
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sammys-magical-au · 50 minutes ago
The Last Time I Saw Sam
{part 80 of Just Imagine}
Characters & OCs: Rhys Williams, Sam Ryder, Gwen Cooper, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Jay Barone (mentioned)
Current reads: 2
Rating: T
Words: 989
Warnings: none
Summary: Rhys gets to know Sam.
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little-ligi · 50 minutes ago
So it’s a day late, but it’s here! Mini @mercelotweek day 5: Gifts!
Blackberries, Griffins and a Kiss For You
💕 Read on Ao3 HERE! 💕
“Oh,” Lancelot exclaimed quietly. He stepped around Gwaine and reached for a small cherry wood sculpture of a griffin. He turned it over in his hands, a chuckle rumbling in the back of his throat.
“I have to buy this for Merlin,” he said, lifting the tiny wooden creature up to his face.
“He likes griffins, does he?” Gwaine asked, confused. He’d never heard Merlin express any kind of fondness about them.
“Not particularly, no.” Lancelot chuckled again and moved over to the stallholder, holding the griffin statuette up and pulling out his moneybag.
Lancelot is a sweetheart and likes buying Merlin gifts. 🎁
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phoenix-soar · 52 minutes ago
Chapters: 14/? Fandom: Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, Good Omens (TV) Relationships: Aziraphale/Crowley (Good Omens) Summary:
Prompt 14 - Espionage
Crawly sneaks into Heaven to steal information about the upcoming 'Eden' project. Little does he know that he will come away with so much more than that...
A collection of ficlets, of the cursed smutty kind, written as fills for crack prompts on discord. Relevant tags included in individual chapters.
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the-lodgers-enthusiast · 59 minutes ago
me: yeah TGS Rachel and my OC Glenn won't like each other. they won't get along.
also me: (writes their first meeting as a meet cute)
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queen-ofsunflowers · 59 minutes ago
Last chapter was pretty intense with the argument with Yang and Ruby, but unfortunately that intensity isn't going to be left behind there. It will carry over into this chapter because that's what the Kamino Arc is. It's pretty intense given everything that happens in it.
That being said, this chapter does contain a little bit of angst with Class 1-A fighting with each other and all. Also, someone gets punched in the face.
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dicaculus · an hour ago
Just going to casually advertise my new Clizzy fic
You Are Love, You Are Sin Summary: When Jocelyn announces Clary is to married she's distraught.
But one night on the stone bridge she meets Isabelle a mysterious woman who gives her a choice, a change to escape and maybe a new life. ~ Clary stops walking, planting her heels in the dirt and lets go of Isabelle’s hand.“Isabelle,” she says with fear in her voice, “Why are you bringing me here, no one lives here!” Isabelle steps over to Clary, she caresses her cheek with her cold hand and smiles softly “You wanted to escape, I’m giving you the option,
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the-lodgers-enthusiast · an hour ago
nothing is stopping me from writing more tgs frankenstein/grye into my next fic
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writteninkat · an hour ago
xv - you and Shoto last night...
w/c - 3,583
"you know i got a lot to say, all the voices in the background of my brain"
You sit cross-legged on the sofa chair as you scooped in some strawberry ice cream in your mouth. You looked around, taking in the adorable cottage-core aesthetic the cafe was going for. “Mmm- won’t Endeavor get mad at you for kidnapping me?” You ask, raising a brow at him to which he laughs as he takes a scoop of vanilla ice cream for himself.
“I’m basically his boss. He can’t say no to me.” You roll your eyes at his answer. “You abuse your power too much.” You mutter before returning back to your ice cream.
There’s a heavy silence in the air as the two of you eat your desserts quietly. It’s not awkward but it’s not comfortable either. Just the same feeling you get when you sit in the same table with a stranger in the library.
“Did you um… did you want to know about something?” He starts, ice one his ice cream. “Something like…?” You ask, playing with your cold dessert as well.
“Just anything. Anything in the past.”
He chew on your lip- as much as you wanted your questions answered, you didn’t want to potentially create problems. Today is such a great day and you didn’t want anyone or anything ruining it. So you shake your head.
“I don’t think I’m ready to know.” You shrug your shoulders, “and the fact that I’m too young right now… I’ll probably disregard any good point you have and turn it into another reason to get mad at you. For now I’m just… neutral for now, I guess.” Your father nods his head at your explanation, proceeding to tell you stories about back then when he was still a hero and not a president of the heroes association.
The two of you exchange jokes and you mutter a few backhanded comments to which your father pretends he didn’t hear. By the time you both finish, the sun had set and your father is being called in by his secretary to ‘finish his goddamn paper work’.
“As you can hear it is clear who the boss is between the two of us.” Your father clicks his tongue, pressing his lips into a forced grin. “I’ll drop you off at the agency, c’mon.”
He does as he says, telling you good night as he waits for you to enter the agency before he tells thee driver to drive away. You quickly hop in the elevator, pressing the button to the floor your room is located in. You quickly wash up, turning on your laptop to give Shinsou a ring on discord.
“Yo what’s up. Aren’t you busy with all your interning?” He asks, the same tired eyes looking into the camera as he sucks on a lollipop. “Eh, not really. Endeavor’s been busy with handling the press after he took down the Hero Killer.” You open safari, searching for the movie you both agreed to watch in an illegal website. Look, you may be an aspiring hero but are you really living your life to the fullest if you don’t watch a movie illegally at least once?
Just before you press play, you hear a knock on your door. “Hold on Shinsou, someone’s at the door.” You excuse yourself, quickly running over to your door. You open it, peeking outside to see Shoto with two bowls of what looks like soba.
“You were gone when they were serving us our dinners. So I held onto yours.” You open the door wider, allowing him in. “Okay, but why didn’t you eat yours first? It’s gone cold now.” You pout, touching the bottom of the bowl.
“I didn’t want you to eat alone.” He answer, making you smile widely. “You’re such a sweetheart.” You awe’d t him, pinching his cheek as you brought your laptop over to your bed, flopping onto your stomach as you pat on the empty space beside you. “C’mon, Shinsou and I are watching a horror movie.”
Shoto crawls over to the space beside you, taking your bowl to heat it up with his quirk. “What a romantic. Careful, if Y/n doesn’t know any better she might fall for you.” Shinsou teases making you glare at him. “I’ll end the call right now.” You threaten to which Shinsou laughs at as he waves his hands around. “Just play the dan movie, god you’re such a spoil sport.”
You stick your tongue out at him as you play the movie, the eerie music already sending shivers down your spine as you scoot closer to Shoto’s warmer side. “If you get scared easily, why on earth are you watching a scary movie?” Shoto asks to which you roll your eyes at. “I’m anything but a pussy. Just shut up and watch the movie so we can get this over with.”
A few strangled screams, falling off the bed from all the jump scares and soba sauce spilled all over your bedsheets later, you finish the movie. “Fuck, I’m gonna have to request new sheets.” You sigh in defeat. Shinsou had already ended the call a few minutes ago after laughing at ‘Todoroki being a lil bitch’.
“Ah, it’s eleven pm.” Shoto glances down at his watch to which you raise your brow at. “So?” You ask, shaking your head.
“The staff responsible for these types of stuff are off duty until tomorrow at nine. This isn’t a hotel, you know.” You roll your eyes at his smartass attitude, huffing to yourself as you sat on the foot of your bed. “I can’t sleep on just a mattress. It probably has bed bugs.” You frown, crossing your arms together.
“Just stay at my room tonight. We’ll request for new sheets tomorrow.” You quickly brush your teeth before following him to his room. He had placed a pillow in between the both of your sides to act as a ‘barrier’. You lay on your side and the both of you are quick to fall asleep, and before you know it, a loud knock wakes the two of you up. “Shoto! Wake up! We have to patrol early today!” You hear Endeavor yell at the other side of the door. Shoto grunts, walking over to his door and opening it. “You don’t need to shout, jeez.” He scratches his head.
“Wake Y/n up, tell her to be ready in thirty minutes.” The pro hero says and before Shoto repeats what his father said, you’re on your feet, catching Endeavor off-guard at how you came from Shoto’s room with a pillow clutched to your side.
You bow your head respectfully at Endeavor who’s too busy taking in the fact that you’re stepping out of his son’s room with messy hair and in a sleepy state. As you get in your own room, Shoto moves to close his door but not before remembering why you had to sleep in his room last night. “Ah, by the way, Y/n needs new sheets. We made quite a mess on her bed last night.” He says before closing his door, leaving Endeavor with more questions.
Tumblr media
You walk out the agency, feeling multiple eyes on you as you walk through the lobby. You furrow your brows, turning around to catch the employees turning their gazes away. You huff in irritation, walking towards Shoto and Endeavor who look like they’re having some type of altercation.
“And I’m telling you, teen pregnancy is a very serious thing and-“ Endeavor’s gaze drops on you, causing him to stop whatever he was about to say. “And what? Come on, continue what you were going to say. Cause your employees were acting mad weird when I passed through the hall just a few minutes ago and now you’re not even finishing whatever you’re saying.” You place your hand on your hips as Shoto stares his father down.
Endeavor sighs, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “You two are young and I’m not the type to stop my son foregoing out with you, but can’t the two of you be more secretive about what you two do privately behind doors?”
You look at Shoto, your expression alone telling him you’re done. “Is he serious about this?” You point at Endeavor and Shoto shrugs, sighing tiredly. You look back at Endeavor with your brows creased slightly in confusion. “What do you mean behind doors?”
“Intercourse! Okay? I don’t want you, Y/n, getting pregnant before you graduate-“
“Wait, wait, wait- sex? Shoto and I have to be in a relationship, a very serious relationship and the both of us have to be at the right age to even think about doing that- who’s telling you this stuff?” You look around, bewildered by the weird rumor going around.
“So you two aren’t in a relationship?” He asks, pointing at the both of you. You and Shoto look at each other before shaking your heads, “No, we’re not.“ you both say in unison.
“But the janitor said you guys were making a ruckus and were ‘pretty loud’ last night?”
“Your son was just being a little bitch as we watched a horror movie.” You point at Shoto with your thumb as he glares at you. “And what was ‘the mess’ on Y/n’s bed?” Endeavor asks. “That was just some soba sauce we both spilled during jump scares.” Shoto answers.
“That still doesn’t explain why Y/n spent the night in your room.” Endeavor returns his confused face into a scowl to which you roll your eyes at. “The people who were in charge with the laundry go home at nine so we couldn’t ask for new ones.”
Endeavor squeezes the bridge of his nose as he sighs, “Who on earth told you that? You can ask the janitor for one just go down to the lobby and request for him.”
“What? But that’s not what Shoto told me.” Shoto sighs, “I was scared, okay? I didn’t want to sleep alone in that room!”
You laugh, taking a step back. “Shoto Todoroki; the number two hero’s son can’t sleep alone in his room after watching a scary movie? Aka, he a lil’ bitch!” You laugh, making Shoto knit his brows together. “Shut up.” He lightly punches you on the shoulder as you crouch down onto the ground, clutching your stomach as you laughed loudly.
“I can’t believe it! And many people think you’re this intimidating stone-faced guy whose first words were probably ‘you a bitch’ but it turns out he’s just a five year old stuck in a sixteen year old’s body!” You screech and Shoto pushes his foot on your back, making you roll to your front, still laughing loudly. “I’m glad you’re taking this gracefully.” Shoto says before he begins walking away from you, deciding to patrol the streets by himself. It takes you awhile, but you recover from how much you were laughing, catching up on the still salty two-toned boy.
Tumblr media
Internships end in a jiffy the next thing you know it, you’re walking back to the 1A classroom. Your week mostly consisted of patrolling the streets, training together with Shoto, maybe accepting a few gifts from your father like snacks and extra money for you to spend freely after the internship, playing with Shinsou on discord and watching movies with Shoto. If asked, you’d say your week was definitely fun and eventful.
“Good morning!” You announce as you push the sliding door to the side, stepping inside the classroom. Everyone is busy talking amongst themselves; some waving you hello, the others talking about their internship and what really caught your attention was Sero and Kirishima’s loud laughter.
You leave your bag on your desk, walking over to the two loud boys. Before you could even ask what they were laughing at, your gaze falls on an angry Katsuki who has his hair combed down into some church-boy hairstyle. It did not fit his personality at all.
“Holy crap! What the hell Bakugou!” They both yell at the same time, laughing at the poor boy who’s shaking in anger. “Stop laughing! My hair’s gotten used to this so I can’t get it back the right way!” He grits his teeth making you press your lips together to stop yourself from laughing. The last thing he needs right now is to have another person add in fuel to his anger. “Didn’t you hear me? I’ll kill you both!” He tries, only for the two boys to laugh even harder.
“We’d like to see you try, pretty boy!” They both laugh in unison. You push yourself off the desk you were leaning in and comb your fingers through his hair, ruffling it up to try and return it back to its usual state. Katsuki goes still at the touch of your fingers through his hair, the usual scent of your body wash wafting through the air around him. What his scent of caramels do to you is what your cookie dough scented body wash do to him. You move your hand from side to side, smiling when his hair puffs right back up to its natural state.
“There, all better.” You smile at him before walking towards where the girls were, joining in to their conversation. “Just how much have you fallen for her, Bakubro?” Kirishima hooks an arm around the blond’s neck, teasing him as Katsuki yells. “Hah? What did you say? I’ll beat your ass!”
Tumblr media
“I am here! Hope you’re ready to return to our lessons! Today it’s hero basic training.” All Might announces to the class as you tug on the turtle neck part of your costume, trying to adjust the rolled part. A hand pushes yours away and by the smell of caramel, you allow him to fix your costume for you.
“The cafe is selling a new blueberry crumble squares.” Katsuki mutters behind you making you smile. You nod, “I’ll make sure not to eat anything sweet today then.”
“We’re gonna be having a little race. Take everything you’ve learned into this rescue training.” All Might says loudly, explaining to the rest of the class how everyone will be in groups of five where he’ll send a distress signal and everyone will have to find him. The first person who does wins. “And try to keep the property damage to a bare minimum, please.” He points at Katsuki who grumbles a “why are you pointing at me?” Making you chuckle.
“Alright! First group, get to your places!” He yells and you sit on the railings, looking up at the big screen that showcases the race. “Who’s your pick? I got bets on Sero.” Kirishima leans over to Denki who smile, “oh yeah? Hmmm, I got odds on Ojiro.” Denki replies.
Katsuki looks over at you as he leans on the same railing you’re sitting on, arms crossed over his chest. “Who do you think will win this race?” He asks and without a second though, you answer, “Izuku’s definitely learned to control that monster power of his. Definitely him.”
For some reason, Katsuki is ticked off at how you have so much faith on the green-haired nerd. He clicks his tongue but you pass it off as his habit of thinking he’s better than Izuku.
The race starts off with Sero at first place, using his tapes to grab onto pipes and other infrastructures, propelling himself over them. Mina uses her acid to slip her way over buildings while Ojiro uses his tail to jump on them. As the camera focuses on Sero, a green light passes right beside him, taking first place.
Quickly, the screen shifts to Izuku, catching everyone off guard as he propels himself into the air by using his legs to push him off places. “Wait a minute, that movement…” You mutter, furrowing your brows as you face to Katsuki who looks just as confused as you are but you can clearly tell he’s upset by this whole thing. Just as Izuku was getting the hang of it, his foot slips off a pipe, causing him to fall.
The race ends with Sero winning by getting to All Might first.
You’re grouped with Aoyama, Sato, Asui and Uraraka as the second group. “Good luck out there, idiot.” Katsuki smirks, pushing his fist at you. You don’t even have to look at it as you give him a fist bump, walking away to get ready.
“You seem pretty close with Bakugou. I’m sorry if I’m crossing a line here but are you guys like… a thing?” Uraraka asks, catching Asui’s attention. You feel your face heat up but you shake your head as you put your hands up, “No, no. We’re just really close friends, that’s all. We go to this cafe frequently since our homes are the same direction.”
The girls thankfully drop the topic as they get ready. You close your eyes, remembering what you learned during your internship with Endeavor. He had taught you to befriend your inner demons, to accept them, so that’s exactly what you’ve been training for the whole week.
Shall I come out?
Just a little bit. I don’t wanna be losing my sense of direction.
All Might sets off the distress signal and as four of your group members jump off, you stay crouched on your spot, your eyes closed as you searched for All Might’s energy.
“What’s Y/n doing? Do you think she didn’t hear the distress signal?” Denki asks as your classmates look up at the screen, showing your crouched position.
27 building to the front, 9 buildings to the right.
Neon blue stripes show all over your body and just like the night you defeated the Hero Killer, your eyes glowed a blue bright light. One moment you’re on screen, the next you’ve disappeared. Your classmates are all confused at your sudden disappearance. The camera focuses on your other classmates and for every student, there’s a blue light that passes by either in the back ground or beside them.
“What is that light-“ Sero asks, only to be stopped by All Might announcing that he’s already been reached. “Y/n has already saved me! What a very short thirty five seconds.” All Might sweat drops, unsure by how you got to him that fast.
You all go back to where your classmates are, taking them aback by your glowing state. “Woah, Y/n, you look so cool!” Kirishima gushes and Katsuki just stares at you in awe behind him. “You think so?” You ask, tilting your head to the side as you close your eyes, letting your power subside. “It takes up so much stamina and energy, I can’t use it a lot.” You smile, scratching your nape.
It takes up so much stamina and energy because you’re holding me back. If you didn’t, all that work would have been nothing to you right now.
If you only listened and let out a little bit of yourself, maybe I wouldn’t have to hold you back.
Tumblr media
You and the girls huddle up inside the locker room, sighing in exhaustion and relief that you finally get to get out of the sweaty hero costumes you have on. As you let your costume drop down your shoulder, you can’t help the weird feeling that someone is watching you.
“A previous generation has given use a gift.” Mineta pervs out, “You know what’s next door right? The girls locker room!”
“Don’t even think about it! Peeving on them would be criminal!” Iida exclaims to which Mineta shrugs his shoulders at. “Then you have to throw me in solitary confinement cause you can’t stop me!” He yells, ripping the paper out.
Mineta peeks inside the hole, saliva dripping out of his mouth. Before he can say anything, you grab onto Jirou’s shoulder, telling her what you felt as you pointed towards the hole in the wall. She quickly sticks her earphone jack inside, piercing the pervert’s eye.
Mineta falls back, still a wide smile stretched across his face. “Holy shit, Y/n is packing. What a beautiful bod.” This catches Katsuki’s attention. “Hah? What the fuck did you just say about her you disgusting perverted grape head?!” He yells, grabbing Mineta by the collar.
As the boys try to separate the blond from the purple head, you kick their door open, a sinister smile across your face. “I’m sorry if I’m barging in but do you boys mind handing that little grape over to us?” You extend an open hand at them, demanding for Mineta. Katsuki hands him over to you without a second thought. “Thanks.” You say, dragging the shorty out the locker room and off to god-knows-where.
As classes end and you’re in the shoe locker room, Katsuki leans on the lockers beside you. “Did you give the grape hell?” He asks, waiting for you to finish.
“Nah, bumped into Mr. Aizawa when I was about to. After I explained to him what happened, he said he was going to tae care of Mineta for us.” You close your shoe locker and begin to walk to the exit, Katsuki quickly running over to your side.
“You’ll probably get home late tonight. I have a lot to tell you.” Katsuki says, scratching his nape as he keeps his eyes on the road. You look over to him, admiring his side profile and just how pretty he looks when the setting sun is hitting his face. You smile, hooking your arm with his. “Take your time, I’ll be listening to you the whole time.”
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linhcinder686 · an hour ago
An Eye For An Eye
Warnings: swearing, mentions of death.
Word count: 3003
"......and therefore we will send twelve men there, ready to shoot." She said and leaned her hands on the table. Kai's head turned to her immediately.
"No. You can't do this, you can't just kill my people." He said. Cinder looked at him and chuckled.
"Your people invaded my country. It is my duty to protect my people by sending there soldiers." She said while not breaking their eye contact. It all started a few days ago and she couldn't believe it came to this. Fifty earthens have broken into Artemisia three days ago. Cinder guessed they were only people banished by the Emperor, but  it wasn't. Miller has confirmed this morning that they were up to no good. She then called a meeting with the Emperor to set the record straight and had him come to her land instantly. He came and well, they were not getting closer to an agreement.
"I know, but it doesn't mean you can kill them." He argued and took a step closer to her desk. Although she was behind it, Miller raised his hand and stopped Kai from taking another step closer to the Queen. She nodded to Miller, he leaned his head down and stepped back.
"Here are my terms, Your Majesty," she said and got up from her chair, "if you open fire — I open fire, if you fight — I fight. I am not looking to kill your people, but if they want a fight, I will make sure they get one. However, if they will stay where they are and now it make a move against us, I will do nothing." She finished.
"Fine with me, but tell your men to stand down." He said.
She took a deep breath and said,
"As I said, I will not send them back, but they will not make a move until they have to. But they are staying there for the people's protection."
He sighed and sat in the chair placed behind him. He ran a hand through his hair and closed his eyes shut tight and opened them.
Cinder could hear the desperation in his voice but ignored it. He needed to know that these were her terms. Period.
"Good." She sat back in her chair. "I'm glad we could come to an agreement."
"This isn't an agreement. You shouldn't send your army to kill my people." He argued. She was done with this, she had bigger problems to deal with beside the Emperor's opinions on basic politics.
"Again, they are not there to kill your people, they are only there in case something happens." She said and rolled her eyes. "Now, can you please just accept this?"
The two doors to her office were opened by Windsor, one of the guards. He walked in and bowed to his Queen. She nodded her head.
"You asked for me, My Queen?" He asked her, maintaining his eye contact with her. Although she knew some of her people feared her, Cinder made sure that everyone would be able to look her in the eyes.
"Yes, I did, Windsor." She said and leaned her elbows on the desk. "Would you please escort the Emperor to his privet chamber we have arranged him?"
"Of course, Your Majesty." He said and went to take Kai's elbow. Kai move away from him and turned to Cinder.
"You can't just lock me up here, I will not walk straight into your trap." He said and stood up.
"I am not locking you up. You are here as my guest, Your Majesty, not my prisoner." She said. "So please, go with Windsor, let me show you a place you can rest in."
"I want to be kept undated about the situation out there. These are my people you are talking about and I will-"
"That's enough, Emperor." She raised her hand. "I will keep you updated, but remember that those people that you count as your own are the same idiots who started all of this."
Before he could respond Windsor took him out of the room, closing the doors behind him.
"What now, My Queen?" Miller asked.
"Please," she pointed to the chair, "sit down." He sat down and she answered his question. "Now, we will wait for the things to come, besides that, we can do whatever we want."
"Well, there is-"
"Miller. This is Sergeant Nigro. Miller, do you read me?"
A voice interrupted him. He pulled out his radio and pressed the button.
"I read you, Sargeant, what happened?" He asked.
"They attacked. They killed seven people, five injured." Cinder's eyes widened and she froze. They attacked. Her heart quickened its beating and her breath caught in her throat.
"Copy that, are they soldiers or civilians?" He asked and looked up to meet her eyes. Once he noticed the look on her face he knew what this meant.
"Civilians. They are out for the the other sectors."
"Wait." He said and turned to Cinder. "What do I tell him?" He asked her.
"Tell him to wait. In the meantime, bring here the Emperor." She said.
He got up. "Of course, Your Majesty." He said and bowed to her.
"Thank you."
He got out of the room. Cinder let out a sigh and leaned back in her chair. She couldn't just open fire on them, even with what she said, they last thing she needed right now was a war. She knew she couldn't do anything to hurt Kai's people but it didn't matter. She needed to prove her stand and if she had to do that in order to make sure it happens, she will.
The doors opened and two guards walked in, followed by Miller and Kai. She cleared her throat and stood up.
"Thank you, Kinney and Tobias, you may leave now." She said. The two guards bowed and left the room. "You Majesty, I hope you've rested a little."
"I did." He responded. "May I ask why I am here?"
"Of course." She said and pointed to the chair. "Seat down, please."
"No, thank you."
"Suit yourself." She sat back in her chair and leaned her elbows on the desk, crossing her arms. "You are here because I wanted you to know before I give the command." She took the radio that was placed on her desk and pressed the button. "Nigro, do you read me?"
A few seconds fast before his response came.
"I do, Your Majesty."
"Good." She locked her eyes with Kai's as she said, "fire, stop them and stop this madness."
Kai's eyes widened and his face gone pale.
"Copy that, Your Majesty."
"Thank you, Nigro." She said and put down that radio.
"Are you serious? You can't just shoot them." He said and got up from the chair.
"I can and I did." She said and slowly got up from her chair as well. "I told what will happen if they attack, and they did. Seven dead, five injured. All by your people. Now tell me, why shouldn't I fire back?"
He looked at her and said nothing. She knew he thought the same — how couldn't he? She was right and he knew it.
"Just don't shoot to kill, they are not bad people." He said.
"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, Your Majesty. I presume you know what that means, right?"
"I do." He nodded.
"That is our policy. You get what you give, and if you escape it, congratulations." She smirked.
"Well, is doesn't have to be that way, Your Majesty. You can spare their lives. Take them as your prisoners. But please, just don't kill them." He said, stepping closer to her desk. "Please, you don't-"
She took a deep breath and said,
"I will not hear another word about this, Emperor. They are your people. Your people, your responsibility. You seem to have forgotten that. Then let me remind you." She straightened herself. "Anything that involves your people — involves you. They invaded my land, it is your responsibility to solve it. You say I'm attacking your people, but I'm only protecting mine. You dare ask me to take mercy on them? On the ones who slaughtered my people?" She raised her voice. "I must say, Your Majesty, you have quite a nerve."
"I admit, I may have been unfair with my requests. But you say that you've changed this place — that you made it better. But the way you run things around here, your policy," he said mockingly, "is even more unfair than my requests. You kill people, make them fight for their life and watch it like some psychopath. You really think there isn't a problem with it? You're just like Levana, if not worse." He said, his voice laced with venom. Her jaw tightened with the last sentence. She felt herself getting more and more angry, waiting to lash out. But she held herself back and just glared at him.
"You will not disrespect The Queen in such way." Miller said, glaring at him too.
"It's okay, Miller," she raised her hand to stop him, "if the Emperor thinks our way is bad, then let's prove him wrong." She said, not taking her eyes off of Kai.
"Nevertheless, My Queen, he can't speak to you this way."
"I agree, he can't. And that will cost him his requests." She said and picked up the radio.
"Nigro?" She said to the radio.
"Yes, My Queen?" He answered.
"Move to G position. Shoot to kill, we are no longer looking for prisoners." She ordered.
"As you wish, My Queen."
"Wait-" she quickly said.
"Leave some survivors, we need a few for the arena."
"No." Kai gasped. "You can't do this, just kill them, they don't have to fight-"
Miller stepped forward and said,
"That will be enough, Your Majesty."
"Did you copy that, Nigro?"
"I did, Your Majesty."
"Thank you." She put down the radio.
"I need to speak to you, Your Majesty." Kai said. "Privately." He looked over at Miller.
"Miller, leave us." She said. She wanted to know what exactly Kai had to say to her that couldn't be heard by her second. Again, her curiosity got the best of her.
"Of course, My Queen." He said and bowed before exiting the room.
"You used to hate it when someone called you 'My Queen'." Kai said once Miller left the room.
"I'm their queen, it only makes sense for them to call me that." She said.
"You've changed." He said, looking her up and down. "You're less you, you're more queenly than a few years ago."
"Well," she looked at him, doing the same thing he did to her, noticing his black long jacket and his fingerless gloves he always wore, "five years as a queen changes you. I asume you know what I mean, right?"
"I do. I'm just trying to find where exactly we parted. What we had was strong enough to hold-"
"But it wasn't strong enough." She cut him off. "And whatever is that happened between us is long gone behind us."
She saw a little spark of disappointment in his eyes. She knew that subject hurt him as much as it hurt her. They broke up because of their nations, and because she was the next to rule hers. She didn't want to end their relationship. She loved him, she still did.
"You're right, your the queen of Luna, I'm the emperor of The East Nation, it was doomed to fail." He said and looked down.
"So, what is it that you wanted to speak about with me privately?" She asked him, wanting to switch the subject.
"Right." He cleared his throat and looked up. "Look, I'm sorry that I said you're like Levana because you're not. Nonetheless, you have to understand that killing them all isn't the solution."
"I'm not killing them all." She said.
"Yes, but you're sending them to the arena and that's not exactly sparing them."
"I don't want to spare them. They acted against my people, that can't go unnoticed."
He walked past the desk and reach to her side, standing close to her. She took a deep breath and pursed her lips. They hadn't stood this close since four years ago. It was quite weird standing close to him, yet still familiar.
"Please, let me send someone to go there, make order in this mess, I can solve this. This doesn't have to end like this." He said with the look of passion on his face. Stars, how she loved that look. It was the same look he used to have when he told her he loved her for that first time. It almost had the same effect on her.
"I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but I cannot let you do that. An eye for an eye, that is our way. I can't just ignore that and do whatever I want."
"I know," he stepped closer to her, "but please, don't send them to the arena."
"I can't do that-"
"Please, Cinder, I'm begging you. If you want to kill them — then kill them. But don't send them to the arena."
"It's 'Your Majesty' for you." She said. Him calling her by her name was new yet old. It brought her to a time when she was happy, when she felt whole. With Kai.
"My apologies, Your Majesty. I did not know it bothered you."
"It does."
Silence filled the room, both of them stared at each other. She thought of how much she missed his brown eyes, his dark hair, running her hand through it. Before she could move away, he leaned down and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her waist. His lips. His soft, talented lips. They had the same effect on her, and that effect made her kiss him back, tying her hands around his neck. He pulled her closer, letting his hands wonder down her back. When his hands reached her backside she pulled back, knowing why he kissed her. She couldn't believe he'd do that. But most of all she couldn't believe she actually fell for it.
She stepped back and pulled the chip from the back pocket of her jeans.
"This is what you want, isn't it?" She asked him and held the tiny chip between her fingers. He didn't say anything and just looked down. She smirked. "I knew you played dirty I just didn't know you'd stoop down to this level of dirty." She walked to the end of the table, placing the chip on it. "Tell me, why do you want this?"
He didn't answer but looked up at her. She saw the slight regret in his eyes. She knew better than to be affected by them.
"You want to know my tactics, don't you?" She laughed and stepped closer to him, taking the chip.
"If you want it so bad, here," she put the chip in the front pocket of his pants, "take it."
She locked her eyes with his and felt the tension between them. He didn't move but didn't break their eye contact either. Without noticing, they both slowly leaned closer, not breaking eye contact. She was lost in his eyes, and she knew it. Nonetheless, she let herself get lost in them. His warm, copper brown eyes that she loved.
"Your Majesty?" Nigro's voice came from the radio cut the moment. She looked away and took the radio.
"Yes, Nigro?" She said, not looking at Kai.
"We have a problem, a big one."
"What happened?"
"There are more earthens, at least eighty. They are attacking us."
She took a deep breath and said,
"How many deaths?"
"Seventy six dead, thirty injured. They are mostly civilians."
She froze. Seventy six dead. Seventy six people — her people — were dead. She couldn't believe it. Her shock soon turned into anger and turned to Kai, glaring at him with anger. His face showed surprise, but she couldn't care less.
"Yes, My Queen?"
"Blind up an OG line, make sure to not let anyone cross it. Switch to an H position and kill as many as you can. I want them dead." She said, trying to maintain her anger.
"Copy that, Your Majesty."
"Good. Bring the injured to the medical station, I'll take it from there."
"Thank you, Nigro."
She put down the radio and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself before she tore this place apart.
"Your Majesty, I had no idea-"
She raise her hand and cut him off.
"Miller!" She called. Not two seconds have passed and Miller stepped in the room, bowing before the queen.
"Yes, My Queen?"
"Please take His Majesty to his room and lock him up." She ordered.
"What-" Kai protested but Cinder was quick to cut him off.
"And lock his little bitch Torin in there too." She added.
Miller nodded and grabbed Kai's elbow, dragging him out of the room.
"And Miller?"
"Yes, My Queen?" He turned around.
"Make sure to hurt Torin a little bit while you're at it." She smirked.
"No!" Kai yelled and struggled against Miller's grip.
"Im sorry for holding you up, but one more thing, Miller."
"You are not holding me up, Your Majesty, what is it?"
"I want you to come to sector seven with me as my second, will you be able to do that? Tell me the truth." She said. She always made sure that her people were not afraid of her and even if they were, she made sure they could speak truthfully to her. She appreciated honesty most of all.
"I will be able to that, Your Majesty. Thank you for the opportunity." He bowed.
"Thank you, for agreeing. Now go."
He left the room with Kai and closed the doors. She sat down on her chair and tightened her jaw. Seventy six of her people, dead. She was going to get her revenge.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
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cuppa-tea-in-chon-buri · an hour ago
So I am writing my masters dissertation about fanfiction
Hi, I think this is the first text post I have ever posted on this blog but I feel that tumblr is the best place to ask the questions I need answers to. So, as the title suggests, I am writing my masters dissertation about fanfiction and the literary merit it holds as "publishing works". As someone who has been a long time reader of fanfiction, I have seen a lot of what the writing medium has to offer (both the good and the good yet questionable). It is an incredibly interesting topic to me and I want to gather opinions directly from the writers of these fanworks. If you are currently or have been a fanfiction writer and would feel comfortable answering a few questions about your writing and opinions on fanfiction, then please drop me a message. You will completely anonymised in an research that I use and I will ask you to complete a consent form before I ask my questions to keep everything ethical and professional.
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marquisguyun · an hour ago
Tumblr media
two suns in the sky (gen, LSZ centric, no major warnings)
fic by marquisguyun
art by Zaviei (posted on Tumblr with permission of the artist)
Sizhui had only ever seen Qishan in ruin, battle ravaged, picked over, and deserted for more than a decade. He'd traveled there with Uncle Ning after the events at Guanyin Temple.
The bustling marketplace in front of him was not the Qishan he knew. He would be hard pressed to identify it as Qishan at all if it weren’t for the white and red clad cultivators that he could see intermingled with the civilians, a sight that had been absent from the world for some fifteen years.
Or, Lan Sizhui, born Wen Yuan, westles with his heritage more literally than he ever expected to.
Written for the MDZS Reverse Big Bang 2021 (@mdzsrbb)
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kotemorons · 2 hours ago
Just remembered the absolute crack ship fic I came up with for Ezio/Monteriggioni Architect
It has over 2.1k written in the outline and tone primer
If I ever finish that Dezio I’ll work on Ezio/Tetto as a treat for me and me alone
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