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#my fanvid
thegardenarcher · 14 hours ago
“Don’t call me that.”
Here’s a John Tyler fanvid for you heathens (affectionate)! 🐺
Warning: there’s some quick transitions, minor shaky effects.
Song: Harder to Breathe - Maroon 5
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ectogeo-art · 2 months ago
Gararshir “The Wire” fanvid set to The Good That Won’t Come Out (Rilo Kiley)
I do this thing where I think I'm real sick But I won't go to the doctor to find out about it 'Cause they make you stand real still in a real small space As they chart up your insides and put them on display They'd see all of it, all of me, all of it All of the good that won't come out of me And all the stupid lies I hide behind It's such a big mistake, lying here in your warm embrace
(youtube link)
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lomelindelaurea · 24 days ago
I Won’t Let You Go (Starsky/Hutch) My first Starsky & Hutch vid. I just love this show! (I’m only a few decades late watching it 😅). Song by Snow Patrol.
- On AO3 -
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misschandlerives · 3 months ago
Yet some men say in many parts of England that King Arthur is not dead...and men say that he shall come again. - Thomas Malory
AlbionParty21: Green Team:
Mythology AU + Green
This is kind of a make your own story kind of video, but I like to think that Arthur, Gwen and his round table finally rise again and join Merlin who has been waiting all this time to return home, meanwhile Morgana and Mordred are plotting their own destinies (with the story of Camelot intertwined).
This was also a request by a dear teammate of mine (who also requested a few of these scenes that I hope I've done justice to!) and it was an absolute blast to make (even though it was my first au video I've made!)
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onthecyberseas · 21 days ago
My next vid is dedicated to Cazzie.
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oneawkwardcookie · 12 days ago
While I’m wide eyed and I’m so down caught in the middle And if a lion, a lion, roars would you not listen? If a child, a child cries would you not forgive them?
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edwardashley · 9 months ago
a quick summary of almost every character in The Terror (2018). inspired by @cajunroe
Find the rest of my Terror vids HERE
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heyholmesletsgo · 9 months ago
I want your love and I want your revenge I want your love, I don't wanna be friends
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victorian-sexstache · 4 months ago
Kirk is SOOOOO happy for Spock and Leila...
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