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#my feels
ruinouspearl · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
By ADWD, Eleyna has lost a brother and a brother-in-law she considers to be her brother, has watched her sister become Queen and then essentially be reduced in the eyes of society ( and??? on top of that??? SHE HAS LOST HER HUSBAND AND SHE’S LOST A BROTHER??? ), feels like her mother has betrayed their family ( she is too hurt and enraged to try and understand any rationale behind what her mother did ), and has to deal with the pressure of being the ONLY quote-on-quote acceptable member from their house eligible for marriage...with the only guaranteed suitors from the houses that destroyed her family’s life. No wonder I have so many AUs where Eleyna is just like “i’m peaceing the FUCK out of here!”
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jensencoded · 33 minutes ago
Talking to parents about things you're into is like... a) they get it all wrong and even when they are genuinely trying they end up seeming like the least interested person in the world as a result or b) they get REALLY into it but not in the way you are and you're like mom please put down the destiel amvs I listen to a song 5 times and can't stand it how are you still playing the night we met on loop every time hang out I show you a new video to try and get your mind off it but you just keep playing that one
like i got my mom into watching 911 and LS but she likes LS more and will constantly rag on me for enjoying 911 more and it’s like 😩 i would rather u not be into it at all 😔 the good news is that shes usually a good listener so when i spend like 4 hrs describing smth i like she will remember it a few months later when i bring it up again :)
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collecting-heelshire · 43 minutes ago
Hey just as a warning ⚠️ This blog is 18+ (Though no 18+ content is actually posted here). Still minors please stay away. I do check who follows this blog so you’re a minor please stay away or I will block you.
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vetiver-vanity · an hour ago
An intuitive seduction,
like an erotic obsession
drenches into the pores of my Being,
sinking with imagined tastes and
illusive, indulgent touch that
makes the hair on my neck perk up.
Somewhere in a deep sea of green
between pine prisms and redwood portals,
the moonlight chases shadows
of pleading angels and
an arsenal of howling corpses,
risen from Virgil's inferno.
Transparent as they are,
their lunacy drifts inside this body,
their screams deafen our supremacy.
And here I stand, inhaling their
movement in stillness, vibrating
constant flux, unseen and living.
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harryjogging · an hour ago
is my stomach acting up cause of pfizer, my period, or the ridiculous meal i just ate......
Tumblr media
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whodykejones · an hour ago
I hate opening up to people.
I hate being vulnerable.
I hate it all.
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