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#my fic recs
inevitably-johnlocked · 2 days ago
Hey do you have any fics where john sits in sherlocks lap? Like in any way, shaoe or firm thats just my fave trope. Love your content btw.
Hey Lovely!!
Ahhh, because of you, I started a list, so not everything nor a lot is here, sadly! I never had the foresight to consider it as something people would want, so I’ve never tagged fics, LOL. Here’s what I got that have some sort of Lap Sitting in the fic! 
Feel free, Lovelies, to add your own recs!!
The Healing Touch by inevitably_johnlocked (G, 2,307 w., 1 Ch. || Caretaking,  Domestic Fluff, Stroppy Sherlock, John Loves Sherlock, Love Confessions, Sofa Cuddles, Insecure Sherlock) – Sherlock's broken his foot and he's becoming unbearably stroppy. Good thing John has the healer's touch... ;) Part 3 of I-J's Tumblr Ficlet Collection
Where You Are by Mazarin221b (E, 2,478 w., 1 Ch. || Beach Sex, First Time, Fluff, Smut, Holidays, Pining, Lap Sitting, Stroppy Sherlock, Touching) – He can admit he’s secretly a little glad Sherlock didn’t come with him. He needs a break. Sherlock is a handful at the best of times, and the near-constant apologizing, fixing, dealing-with, and following up on is exhausting. The near-constant unrequited attraction is a bit exhausting, too, to be honest, and John could really use a tiny bit of rest from the relentless hammering on his brain and heart.
Rumpled by WhimsicalEthnographies (E, 3,601 w., 1 Ch. || Est. Rel., Insecure Sherlock, Fluff, PWP, Proposal, Bottomlock) – Then, halfway through a documentary on river otters that neither of them was paying attention to--how could John, with a gangly, limp consulting detective practically purring in his lap?--Sherlock suddenly bolted upright, looked at John with a perplexed expression and a crinkle above his nose, and blurted, “Marry me.” Part 4 of Longitudinal Cohort
To be loved by Strange_johnlock (E, 12,436 w., 8 Ch. || Post S3, Established Relationship, First Person POV Sherlock, Pet Names, Soft Sherlock, Mild ADHD, Protective John, Captain Watson, Body Appreciation, Bottomlock, Rough Sex, Travelling for Holidays, Introspection, Sherlock Loves John So Much It Hurts) – John is so deeply integrated into the work, both as my conductor of light, and as a great shot with a vicious right hook who tackles men -and women- no matter their size all in my defense. He protects me with all he can without question, and this loyalty is surely more than I deserve. Or: Sherlock is counting his blessings.
Insanity in the Middle by DotyTakeThisDown (E, 28,010 w., 8 Ch. || Equestrian Sports AU || Alternate First Meeting, POV John, Pining John, Bottomlock, Clueless Sherlock, First Kiss/Time, Passionate Kisses, Hand Holding, Caught Making Out, Bed Sharing, Spooning, Blow Job) – John is a world-class eventing rider with a gold medal and several four-star wins to his credit, but he's never won at Rolex. Sherlock is an up-and-coming rider taking the sport by storm.
Deck the Halls by itsalwaysyou_jw (T, 31,018 w., 24 Ch. || Advent Fic / Multiple One-Shots, Assorted Tags) – One Johnlock ficlet for every day leading up to Christmas. Who is ready for pining, first kisses, established Johnlock, and everything in between? This collection of stand-alone ficlets will have it all.
Kintsukuroi by sussexbound (E, 91,823 w., 20 Ch. || S4 Compliant / Post-TLD, Grief / Mourning, PTSD, Internalized Homophobia, Therapy, Past Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Nightmares, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Depression, Anxiety, Bed Sharing, Love Confessions, Cuddling, Suicidal Ideation, Masturbation, Minor Character Death, Sexting, Frottage, Inexperienced Sherlock, Rimming / Anal / BJ’s, Emotional Turmoil, Finding Each Other) – “I love you.” Sherlock sees the words hit John with almost physical force. He reels back a little, jaw twitching and eyes filling. “I love you,” he repeats, a little softer, a little more gentle, as earnest as he possibly can. Because they’ve been teetering on the brink of this thing for years, and it had become painfully obvious over the last few months that they were at a tipping point. This had to happen. Now it has. Now they can see where they end up. The tears in John’s eyes spill over, and he wipes at them angrily. “Do you even know what that means?”  
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roselightfairy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
(it was me anonymous was me)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nothing but a smile by The_Dwelf
Summer nights in Gondor are much too hot for Gimli not to inadvertently take off his nightclothes in his sleep. The problem is… a balance between his modesty and the fact that he usually shares a bed with Legolas is difficult to find. Or: Roselightfairy and I spent so much time talking about this prompt that we decided to surprise each other with our own take at it.
From the text:
“One would think a Dwarf to be more used to the heat. What is this summer in a city of Men compared to the flames blazing in the forge?” the Elf teased, and Gimli blinked a couple of times before feeling the morning breeze from the window on his skin. His garments had been unceremoniously thrown on the floor next to his side of the bed; except for the short undergarments that covered him below the belt, he was naked. The inks, the scars, the hair, the stout limbs, and the stocky chest: everything that, to the eyes of an Elf, was certainly beyond comprehension was exposed. He had no shelter against the eyes of a Firstborn.
In secret, under a mountain had Mahal given shape to the bodies of the Seven Fathers; that was no secret to be revealed lightly.
oh! those summer nights by Roselightfairy
“In those days the Companions of the Ring dwelt together in a fair house with Gandalf, and they went to and fro as they wished.” – J. R. R. Tolkien, Return of the King
During the War of the Ring, Legolas and Gimli learned that they would gladly die defending one another. But now that peace has come at last, they find that there is so much still to learn. In the summer that the Fellowship spends in Minas Tirith, they at last have time to talk as they never did before. Before long, they find themselves staying up late talking, revealing secrets and dreams – so late that it is the most natural thing in the world to bed down together afterwards.
But the summer is also hot, and the heat of the summer nights may lead to more revealing than either of them could have expected.
Otherwise known as: @the-dwelf-ao3​ and I wrote the same prompt in two different ways, and we would love it if you would check out the stories!
(Since I’m the one writing this, I’m allowed to put in a rec for hers: it’s so sweet and emotional and intensely romantic and will leave you flailing helplessly!)
(image descriptions below the cut)
First picture: a prompt request by Anonymous on AO3 reading, “Pre-relationship (but probably moving in that direction), Legolas and Gimli have discovered that sharing a bed at night makes them both feel comforted and sleep easier. However, lately one of them has been getting hot at night and keeps waking up naked. Who is it? How do they both react - the person stripping, and the person waking up with a naked bed-partner?“
Second picture: snippet of a WhatsApp chat
First person: I really can’t decide whether I like more this version or Gimli stripping First person: It’s so terribly cute either way Second person: They’re both so good there’s no way to lose
Third picture: another snippet of a WhatsApp chat, just one person:
But I was thinking we could find a way to randomly assign each of us The One Stripping and go from there and check in through the process to find a posting date And then surprise each other with what we end up writing!
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bee-a-garbage-shipper · 2 months ago
Lukanette Deserves Better
Just my favorite fics (and prompts or AUs) where Lukanette happens or could happen. Occasionally Salty. 
LadyBugOut AU - Tumblr - Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Alya Césaire Salt. Chloé Bourgeois Salt. Caline Bustier Salt. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Tikki Brand Boyfriend AU - Blog One - Blog Two - Fluffly. In Character Behavior.
Luka Charm AU - Salt. Caline Bustier Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Alya Césaire Salt. Bustier Class Salt. In Character Behavior.
Bothered Father AU - Plus Adrigami. Fluffy. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Two Years In Two Seconds AU - Fluffy. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Caline Bustier Salt. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Dream Team AU - Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Connection AU - In Character Behavior.
Mixed Picture AU - In Character Behavior.
Dread String of Fate AU - Plus JuleRose. Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Love Square Salt. In Character Behavior.
Lukanette Scarlet Lady AU - In Character Behavior.
Shylencer AU - In Character Behavior.
Snake Charmed AU - In Character Behavior.
Locker Buddies AU - Plus JuleRose. In Character Behavior.
The Last Renewal - Tumblr - Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Love Square Salt. In Character Behavior.
Blanketed in Affection - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Running A Tight Ship - Tumblr - Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Alya Césaire Salt. In Character Behavior.
Chaperone Luka Idea - Salt. Alya Céaire Salt. Nino Lahiffe Salt. Love Square Salt. In Character Behavior.
Couffaine Family Dinner AU Idea - Plus JuleRose. In Character Behavior
Lukanette Celebrity AU - Plus JuleRose. In Character Behavior.
Taking Shape AU - Chloé Bourgeois Sugar. In Character Behavior.
Biker Lukanette AU - Tumblr - Plus Adrigami. Plus JuleRose. In Character Behavior.
Actual Uncle Jagged AU - In Character Behavior.
Indelible - Tumblr - Past Love Square. In Character Behavior.
Hey Gorgeous - Tumblr One - Tumblr Two - In Character Behavior.
Killer Combo - Tumblr - Past One Sided Love Square. In Character Behavior.
Pink Frosting - Tumblr - Salt. Alix Kubdel Sugar. In Character Behavior.
Blue Lightning - Tumblr - Salt. Alix Kubdel Sugar. In Character Behavior.
The Magic of You - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
Oops - Tumblr - N$F\|/. Salt. Alya Césaire. In Character Behavior.
locker talk - Tumblr - N$F\|/. In Character Behavior.
City of Love - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
From Above The Stars - Tumblr - Plus JuleRose. Past Love Square. Angst. Dead Adrien Agreste. Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. In Character Behavior.
Playing With Fire - Tumblr - Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Face Up - Tumblr - Ch.1 - Plus JuleRose. Plus DJWiFi. Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Miraculous Escape - Tumblr - Plus Adrigami. Plus JuleRose. Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Deep Dark Secret - Tumblr - Salt. Alya Céaire Salt. Alix Kubdel Salt. Mylène Haprèle Salt. Rose Lavillant Salt. Juleka Couffaine Salt. Girl Gang Salt. In Character Behavior.
Lying on the Job - Tumblr - Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. In Character Behavior.
Loving Freedom - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
A Change Of Heart - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
Loose Threads - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Scared Date - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Party Crasher(s) - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Eyes and Ears - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Kiss Someone Better - Tumblr - Fluffy. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt, Girl Gang Salt. Bustier Class Salt. In Character Behavior.
A Deflect Lesson - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
The Point of Contact - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Clothes Make the Girl's Crush - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
MC-Lukanette's "No Context" November 2020 (Snippets) - Tumblr - Plus Adrigami. Fluffy. Angst. In Character Behavior.
Grade For Each Other - FF - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
Elf Preservation - FF - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
Mininette Quintet - FF - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
All in the Family - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
Second Chance Back - FF - Angsty. In Character Behavior.
Desideratum - FF - In Character Behavior.
Wildfire - Plus JuleRose. Plus Chlogami. Plus RollingStone. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Alya Céaire Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Bustier Class Salt. Chloé Bourgeois Sugar. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Flash Forward - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
Spots Drawn In Marker - Tumblr - Plus Félix Graham de Vanily/Original Character. Original Character. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Alya Céaire Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Bustier Class Salt. In Character Behavior.
Up To No Good - Tumblr - Salt. Wáng Fú Salt. Bridgette Dupain-Cheng Salt. Villain Luka Couffaine. Villain Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
High Priest [Idea] - Ch.1 - Yandere Luka Couffaine. Villain Luka Couffaine. Akuma Luka Couffaine. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Bustier Class Salt. In Character Behavior. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Unnamed - Yandere Luka Couffaine. Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Nino Lahiffe Salt. Lê Chiến Kim Salt. Max Kanté Salt. Girl Gang Salt. Bustier Class Salt. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
The Many Akumatizations of Luka Couffaine [Idea Series] - Yandere Luka Couffaine. Villain Luka Couffaine. Akuma Luka Couffaine. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Chloé Bourgeois Salt. Bustier Class Salt. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
kings and queens and broken things [Idea] - Salt. Chloé Bourgeois Salt. Potential Adrien Agreste Salt. In Character Behavior.
Want To Be The Hero? (Then Die Like One) [Idea] - Villain Luka Couffaine. Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Angsty. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
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sheriff-hassans · 5 months ago
so a lot of people seemed interested this so here it is! if ya’ll like this, i can make more parts! this is split into three categories: based on tfatws, canon divergence, and au. all fics are on ao3. all of the fics are complete. some fics do include smut, but i included the ratings, so make sure to check for that based on preferences!
also, feel free to send me asks on your thoughts on any fics or if you’re interested in another sambucky fic rec post!
Fill the Hole in my Heart | Not Rated | 4,848 words
Bucky dives into the world of online dating. The girls are nice, but there seems to be something missing. When he goes to Louisiana to meet Sam and his family, he realizes what that something was.
Skip, Reverse | Explicit | 7,945 words
Sam stood in the middle of their local Target with a throw pillow in each hand. The one in his left hand was butter-soft and matched the drapes in the living room, but Bucky had walked by five seconds ago and declared the one on the right “absolutely fucking hideous,” and so now Sam kind of wanted it more than he had ever wanted anything.
Sometimes romance is just bickering with your superhero partner/roommate at several different Target locations.
just won’t do right | General | 7,524 words
Sam's eyebrows go up, impressed, and he reaches over to squeeze Torres' shoulder, "This is amazing, kid. Thanks, really."
Bucky sits and watches in utter horror as the pink darkens on Torres' cheeks.
Oh, he realizes. Oh. Fuck.
body language will do the trick | Explicit | 12,598 words
“There’s no way you’re going to win this,” Bucky tells Sam. “I am going to love language the shit out of you.”
Sam gives him a considering look. “You do seem like you’d be really good at that.”
Bucky’s cheeks flush with heat. “Thanks, pal, I—”
Sam smirks, and Bucky’s eyes narrow. He shoves his elbow into Sam’s side and stalks off, leaving Sam cackling behind him.
“Your ass looks great today!” Sam yells.
Bucky reaches up to flip Sam the bird, and he definitely does not feel grateful that he wore his good jeans today. Bucky’s ass looks great every day.
checklist | General | 4,716 words
Bucky Barnes keeps a mental checklist of things he knows to be true at any given moment. Sometimes the checklist changes, because he's learned something else about himself. It changes, for example, when he starts realizing that maybe he would like to kiss Sam Wilson. Maybe.
best laid plans | 3 parts | 26,808 words
part 1: baby you’re the wave and I’m ready for the crash | Explicit | 6,616 words
Nah, my plan’s better,” Sam declares, before clapping Bucky on the shoulder.
“I’m sorry, what plan? Was that a plan? It didn’t sound like a plan to me, it sounded like a vague intention,” says Bucky, still scowling, and Sam grins.
“We’re winging it, the plan is a work in progress! Now c’mon, we gotta make some wardrobe adjustments if we’re gonna get into that club.”
Sam and Bucky have some unorthodox methods of going undercover in a club.
He Doesn’t Deserve You! | Teen | 5,154 words
Sam and Bucky have an argument that results in Bucky being left at the bar. A group of drunk strangers assumes Bucky just got dumped and quickly adopt him for the night to make him feel better.
Reconstitution | Not Rated | 10,228 words
“I didn’t back Steve on the Sokovia Accords,” Sam says unprompted one day. They’re so close to apprehending the Flagsmashers and wrapping up this ridiculous saga.
“I don’t follow,” Bucky says.
“I was the one who refused to sign it first. Not Steve.”
Sam says it so softly that Bucky has to strain to hear him. Sam is loud and chatty and half the time he keeps up a constant stream of chatter just to get on Bucky’s nerves, but Bucky’s coming to realize that when he really wants to make himself heard, he’s soft spoken and mild. Bucky doesn’t entirely follow his train of thought, though.
Or: a breaking down, remaking, and coming back stronger than ever before
Stuck On You (You Suez, You Luez) | Explicit | 10,136 words
Sam and Bucky’s mission was simple: stowaway on a ship suspected of weapons-smuggling in the Suez, gather enough intel to report back, and hop off again in Port Said. Something gets in the way, and a day-long recon session turns into a week of chess, bickering, semi-successful movie references, and trying not to go slowly insane.
His Touch | Mature | 1,006 words
When Baron Zemo touched Bucky’s face, Sam Wilson saw red.
Bucky just wants Sam to comfort him.
rusted | Teen | 2,358 words
Bucky doesn’t grace him with a sound of acknowledgement. He’s been quiet, ever since that night with Zemo. Well. Quieter. It’s almost like. Every time he opens his mouth, he’s half-expecting the Winter Soldier to come out.
He hasn’t, yet. Won’t, ever again. Not unbidden. Sam’s sure of that. Bucky, not so much.
‘You busy?’
‘’m scouring the—’
‘Good,’ Sam cuts the idiot off, ‘I need you to help me shave.’
advanced therapy methods for large adult men | 2 parts | 11,717 words
part 1: The Gottman Method for Dealing with Conflict | Mature | 4,187 words
Bucky and Dr. Raynor have a follow-up session and two entirely different conversations about his relationship status.
Or: Let's do more couples therapy, James.
it’s always Bucky’s Fault | 3 parts | 20,089 words
part 1: Did you see it? | Explicit | 3,905 words
In which there's supposedly a viral video of the Winter Soldier on his knees sucking off Captain America.
Everything is, like always, completely Bucky's fault.
Even in the Present (I Am Living in the Past) | Teen | 16,977 words
Sometimes Sam still questions everything about his ability to shoulder the 80-year legacy he now bears. His history, and the history of his loss, sticks with him and even in healing he doubts whether or not he is able to fulfil his purpose, and whether he may find lasting peace and happiness.
Told in fluid-fragments, the story moves between his therapy sessions after his return from active duty and the post-Endgame present.
You never forget your first | Teen | 3,650 words
The story of Bucky and Sam getting together in a series of firsts.
leftovers | Mature | 19,249 words
With the New Avengers up and running, Sam finally has time to start dating again. Unfortunately, it's not going as well as he'd hoped.
Partners | Explicit | 7,235 words
Sam's not sure if he can be Captain America. He's not a supersoldier. He can't throw the shield. He's just a dude.
And Bucky Barnes is just a nuisance, albeit a pretty good-looking one.
I’ll explain everything to the geese | Explicit | 50,949 words
Bucky is so competent that it hurts my feelings is not a rational complaint to have about a person, and yet, after a year of being Captain America and partnering up with Bucky for the new and improved, post-Blip Avengers, that’s kinda how Sam’s feeling.
It’s not great. It maybe leads to Sam making some rash, ill-advised decisions like claiming he has a previously undisclosed superpower, and then getting caught in a web of lies when he ends up actually developing that surprisingly inconvenient superpower. Talking to birds had seemed like a harmless superpower, but it turns out that birds have a lot of opinions, and they don’t hesitate to tell Sam about them, especially when it comes to his supposedly subpar courting skills. Which is ridiculous, because Sam isn’t courting Bucky. Right?
Night Swimming | Teen | 2,056 words
“Come on. The princess has a new arm for you and I gotta see if there’s a barber around here willing to tackle your…” Sam waved a hand at Bucky’s face.
“I don’t want a new arm,” Bucky immediately bit out.
And then -
“I can cut my own damn hair.”
Sam just raised both eyebrows. Crossed his arms over his chest again.
Dared Bucky to prove him wrong.
Cpvert Coffee & Flirtation Specialist | General | 5,542 words
The reporter says "—for Captain America to—"
And Bucky rolls his eyes. "Oh, here we go."
Sam looks at him then tips his head sideways, got a weird grin on his face. "Not a fan?"
"Not that. Just… the guy seems too good to be true, right? Wings and a shield?? Come on."
"Uh, is that why your eyes are like glued to the screen whenever he's on?" Kate says. "Is that why you call him Captain Tight Ass?"
"He's a goddamn show-off, and you know it. Tight ass or not."
Just then Sam snorts, real loud, grabs his coffee and suffers a horribly controlled laugh on his way out the door.
Stolen Moments | Teen | 98,767 words
“No,” Sam said, chuckling. “I don’t cheat,” he swept his gaze up and down James’ body, “even with guys who look like you. But, I’m bored and a little pissed, so if you wanna sit here and shoot the shit ‘til my man shows back up, I’m game.”
Never one to back to back down from a challenge - especially a challenge who looked like Sam Wilson - Bucky took another swig from his bottle and replied, “Sure, doll. I’ve got nothing but time.”
Steve has Sam. Bucky wants Sam. Sam wasn’t expecting any of this.
Such a Whirlwind Since I Saw You | Teen | 10,871 words
The Men of Letters turned Bucky Barnes into a weapon. Hunters Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanov are determined to save him, but they're going to need Sam Wilson's help.
“So you want me to ditch work, drive across America with you until you find your friend, who you thought was dead - all while avoiding some high-tech hunters who are out for blood?” Sam is asking.
Steve shrugs a shoulder, looking a little sheepish. Natasha almost laughs at the dry tone of Sam’s voice, but he's not wrong.
You Got What I Need? | Explicit | 37,588 words
Sam and Bucky are both in a bind, professionally. Nat points out a solution that neither men like. To save their careers they play along or rather, stop playing all together.
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faiataka · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Whispered in the Sound of Silence by dr_girlfriend for kalika_999       Rated T   (7.9k Words 1 Chapter Complete)   Hurt/Comfort
Derek looks up, and it’s almost like he forgets to maintain the scowl for a moment. He just looks … lost. Vulnerable.
Stiles takes another step forward. This close he can see that Derek’s eyes are a little watery. His throat bobs as he swallows, and then looks back down at the phone.
You can’t hear *anything?* Stiles texts, and Derek’s shoulders slump. He slowly shakes his head.
Stiles is starting to put it together now, how strangely Derek was acting the other night.
Since Lydia screamed?, he texts.
Derek swallows again, and then nods.
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astroboots · a month ago
Poly-Lovers Club
Tumblr media
I thought I'd share my favourite poly-stories that I have infinite love for as a themed recommendation this month. For those of us who would like to join me in this horny horny club, please enter under the cut.
Warning, it's a long long list
Tumblr media
Homecoming by @astroboots | Series masterlist
Pairing: Frankie x reader x Santi
Summary: Santi misses home. During a visit to Frankie and his wife’s new home, he overhears them in an intimate moment and joins in.
This was my first attempt at writing a throuple fic, and it was a damned nightmare I don't know how the rest of you do it. The he/him conundrum (is it Frankie's d**** or is it Santi's?!??!) killed me. But it was also so much fun and I am so grateful to my friends who beta-read, provided endless advice, and encouraged me every step along the way. Special credits go to: @thirstworldproblemss @littleferal @loversandantiheroes and @leonieb
Anyway, enough about me, ENJOY THE RECS below.
Tumblr media
Moving Day by @adverbedly
Pairing: Frankie x reader x Santi
Summary: Reader gets help from Frankie and Santi to move into a new place and shennanigans happens.
This is my favourite poly fic of all time and one of my absolute favourite Triple Frontier fics of all time. This author is one of the most talented beings I've ever seen, all her fics are godly, but this one, this one is just something completely above and beyond everything else that exist. Her characterisation of Frankie is so nuanced, detailed and heartfelt, it's the one work that changed my whole perception of Frankie Morales, from the one-note stock character we see in the movie to someone with conflicting depths, unquestionable loyalty and endearing vulnerability. The way she writes smut is beautiful and poetic and absolutely spellbinding. I owe this story so much credit for my own writing and Homecoming was definitely inspired by it.
Of Gorgon and Gardens, part 1 | 2 | 3 by @concussed-to-pieces
Pairing: Din x reader x Ezra
Summary: Ezra gets captured as Din's quarry when reader eats a local fruit with heavy aphrodisiac side effect. Sex pollen shenanigans ensues.
This is one of the first fics I read in this fandom, and it is something I still think about on a daily basis. It is so ridiculously beautifully written. It's perfection from top to bottom. The characterisation of a Din that yearns yet is trying to hold back on his desires. Ezra's tone and voice is so characteristically perfect, and dear god the sheer emotions that infuses every word of this sex scene is freaking spellbinding. I held my breath reading it the entire time and I must've fainted and passed out somewhere during. I cannot recommend this strongly enough. I blame my obsession on poly-fics (and Ezra) entirely on this story.
Blanketverse by @thirstworldproblemss
Pairing: Frankie x reader x Benny
Summary: After a mission that's gone wrong, reader finds herself in bed with her two teammates—the series is an exploration of their relationship together.
So this is probably what set me off into a journey of obsession with throuples. It is no surprise to anyone who knows me how (puts on Mr Darcy impression) most ardently I admire and love TWP. Not only is she my favourite person in all of tumblr (and the world in general) but she's also one of my favourite writers, because she writes emotions, yearning and even better, yearning masturbation, like no one else I know of— which in turn has me yearning. It's a cycle of yearning. TWP's Benny is my favourite Benny, the way she writes the character as a person who at first glance seem like the class clown, but on closer inspection is a man of high EQ who gladly will look a bit foolish if it serves to make the people he cares and loves for even a bit happier. The way she writes Frankie into an absolute yearning dream. The way she's fleshed out reader to be someone I can relate to and feel for. I cannot wait until all of you gets to read the WIPs I have seen.
Take me to Church by @frannyzooey
Pairing: Western AU! Din x reader x Grace (oc)
Summary: Set in a brothel in the late 1800’s in the Wild West; you’ve only been working there for a month when Din Djarin shows up.
This is the fic that turned me from a creepy stalking lurker to an in your face creepy stalking reader. The impact this masterpiece has had on me cannot be understated. Reading Kelli's work made me see smut in a completely different way. That it's not just d*** goes in p**** like an IKEA instruction manual. It's about emotions and characterisation and the way Kelli writes is so sensual, each kiss is a love story in itself. It is such a unique world, and the details in it are so rich, lush and engrossing I truly feel like I've been spirited away and everytime I revisit it I feel like I am in that brothel, preparing the bathtub awaiting our favourite Bounty Hunter. And Grace, oh god my one true love, only Kelli can create an original character featured in a story where Din fucking Djarin is the main love interest, and I barely even have eyes for him because I am so in love with Grace... I'm gonna shut up so you can read it.
Stars hit the Ceiling by @jazzelsaur
Pairing: Whiskey x reader x Frankie
Summary: Frankie wakes from a nightmare in the middle of the night and his partners, Whiskey and reader comforts him in the best way they know how.
This freaking beautiful piece came out of nowhere, snatched my heart and my soul and never returned it. It is ridiculously beautifully written and before this, Whiskey and Frankie was not a combination that I knew I needed this badly. Jess does such a beautiful way of showing us how this relationship is so perfectly balanced between the three, how much love there is between the three and even though this is a one-shot I feel like I know all three of them like the back of my hand and all I want is to live in this world she's created.
The Space Cowboys Extended Narrative Universe by@pumpkin-stars Pairing: Din x reader x Ezra Summary: An AU to the Mandalorian series if Ezra had entered Din and reader's path.
This is such an amazing multi-epic world. Erika is such a master at writing. She writes Ezra with such a beautiful vulnerability that makes me use up all my Kleenex, and her Din is just as well fleshed out and written with such beautiful humanity. The world building here is superb and I would so strongly recommend not just this piece but ever thing that this talented soul has written: see her masterlist here.
Adversity by @the-ginger-hedge-witch
Pairing: Ezra x reader x Frankie
Summary: Western AU! Unwilling to settle for a life of being married away after her father's death, Reader runs away from home and encounters Ezra and Frankie who take her under their (horny, smutty) wings.
This entire thing is just the rudest thing I've ever read in my life. It felt like a targeted attack against my emotional wellbeing. It is so superbly written. Is it horny as hell? — yes. Is it nasty and dirty with all the kinks you can imagine? — also hell yes. but more importantly, the setting and tone is freaking immaculate and whisks you to another world. Ezra's voice and characterisation (that I myself struggle to get right and never again dared to attempt) is perfection and fits incredibly well in the Western setting. But the care in which Ren, the witchiest witch of them all, takes in writing up a dynamic between the three showing how they're three puzzle pieces that fit so nicely together into a found family dynamic is gorgeous.
Bloom Universe by @charnelhouse
Pairing: Reader x TF boys
Summary: After a mission gone wrong where the team is hit by sex-pollen, reader enters into a relationship with the boys.
I feel like this multi-part epic needs no introduction, if you follow me you'll have seen me recommend, reblog and scream about it almost on a daily basis. Charnel has just such a ridiculous talent in writing smut in a way that feels entirely unique. Her choice of words evokes incredibly vivid and strong images, and her characterisation is gritty and real and so uniquely hers. This series feels like the horniest slice of life, giving us insight into a world of being in a poly-relationship with all the boys (NO TOM. RIP).
Dorne by @djarinsbeskar | series masterlist
Pairing: Modern Boxer AU! Din x reader x female oc
Summary: It's Din's birthday and you want to get him a special sexy birthday present.
Rachel's talent in writing is actually fucking unfair. I sit there and just seethe with jealousy, going HOW DARE. This is a short but smutty piece that had me frothing like a rabid feral stray dog. The way she writes is so dreamy and beautiful you forget for a second that you're reading some of the nastiest porn you've ever read. Talent... that's what this is.
Home by @absurdthirst | Series Masterlist
Pairing: Santi x reader x Frankie
Summary: A depiction of reader's relationship with Santi and Frankie as a throuple throughout the years.
It's my favourite story of Keri's. This was the second Santi x reader x Frankie pairing fic I ever read, and it has such a special place in my heart, because it's also the first fic that I read that fully explored the love that is between Santi and Frankie in such a relationship. There's so much heartache and angst, and the theme of found family is so central to this. I love the way Keri explores the (often overlooked) issue of one of the partners feeling left out in a throuple relationship and how those insecurities can lead to self-destructive tendencies (and let's face it who is more self-destructive and self doubting than Santiago Garcia?).
You make me feel like universe: You got the better of me | Right where you want me to be by @alwaysbethewest
Pairing: Javi x Connie x Steve
Summary: Connie wanting to fuck Steve and Javi together that kind of turned into a story about Steve and Javi wanting to fuck each other (Mary's own description, which is perfect and I had to feature it).
I don't even know how to describe this series in a way that would do it justice. Mary is just such a superb writer that blows my mind every time, she has a beautiful way of writing character in such a subtle but nuanced way. I rarely actually read Javi fics, but Mary's Javi is one of my favourite, because she depicts the hesitance and the vulnerability so well in such an understated but true to canon way. The way she writes the difficulties of entering into a throuple arrangement as the third interloper to an established marriage is so emotionally perfect, and I just love her and her works.
Not a Competition but I'm winning by @alwaysbethewest
Pairing: Frankie x Benny x Reader
Summary: reader pegs Benny and Frankie teaches her how Benny best likes it.
When I tell you this fic was so hot that my brain melted and leaked through my ears and I had to go to the hospital— it may not have literally happened, but trust me when I say it's not a hyperbole because GOD FUCKING DAMN!. Nothing that is only 1.2k words have any right to be this pussy destroyingly hot as this piece.
Make your move by @yespolkadotkitty
Pairing: Marcus Pike x reader x Zach
Summary: Reader's had a crush on Marcus for the longest time, and finally works up the courage to invite him over when Marcus brings his best friend Zach with him.
My beloved Kitty describes this as the sweetest, most vanilla threesome you will ever read, and I wholeheartedly agree and I know this and I love her for it. This is the ultimate comfort fic of threesomes, and I love how soft and emotional the fic is that makes me fall in love with all three characters. Threesomes is a very vulnerable act and Kitty writes it with such love and care between all three that has my pupils turn into heartshape and clutching my heart. This is so perfect from top to bottom and her depiction of Zach is and forever will be my favourite in this fandom.
Part 1: Ask me | Part 2: the answer by @thosewickedlovelies
Pairing: Frankie x reader x Santi
Summary: Santi is flirtatious by nature, even if you are dating Frankie, but it's just harmless flirting... until you ask him if he wants to take it further.
This is such a beautiful rare gem. Rachael is immensely talented and doesn't get enough credit and love for how amazing her works are. The way she writes Santi both brash, arrogant (as we all know him) yet soft, and vulnerable is a dream. I am still yearning for that moment where Santi is taken aback by Frankie complimenting him, that moment of vulnerability is beautiful.
Team Building Exercise by @mylifeliterally
Pairing: Reader x TF boys
Summary: After a few drinks with the boys, you all begin confessing some of your deepest sexual fantasies.
This is such a classic and the first poly fic with all the TF boys I read. It's hot and smutty and a lot of fun, and if Emma ever decides to revisit this world I'll be right there with my hungry hippo eyes.
Nothing could be finer by @tintinwrites
Pairing: Frankie x reader x Santi
Summary: You think someone is breaking into your apartment, and your two favorite men come over to make sure it’s okay.
This is another classic and a staple for anyone who is into the beautiful Frankie x reader x Santi pairing. It's sweet and lovely, and the relationship between the three have such heartfelt friendship that shines through in the work.
Eclosion, Part 1 & 2 by @bunniesofsteel
Pairing: Benny x reader x Frankie
Summary: Another cancelled date. Another night in with Benny and Frankie as you nurse your broken heart. Only this time, the boys decide to help you forget about what’s-his-name.
So I came by this one by chance, and it is gorgeous!!! (I read this ages ago, lost it in my drafts—despaired—and it's by pure chance I found it again) and boy am I glad I found it again, because I was in absolute awe of the beauty with which Shawna depicts their relationship, the ease and friendship, the hesitance and disbelief the reader have that they would see her in a romantic light and how natural it feels between them when it finally does take place. Please give this one a read.
The Balance by @youvebeenlivingfictional
Pairing: Santi x reader x Will
Summary: It’s not that you’re dissatisfied with Will; it couldn’t be. He’s a sweet, dedicated, wonderful man. But you’ve always had feelings for Santiago—ones that lingered and nagged at you while you were all in the service together.
A wonderful fic that explores reader's love for two men and how she can't decide and thankfully the answer is: WHY NOT BOTH? I'm not into Will at all, but this is so well written that i can't help but love it anyway"
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twopoppies · a month ago
Hi Gina! I was looking for to read some long fics, and I realised I've read all the fics in your three long fics recs (clearly I read too much, but eh). So I was wondering if you could share some of your long fics from this year? Or if you've re-read any old favs recently and wanna share those?
Thanks a lot!
Ooooh, Ami. Bless you. This is the kind of ask I love. Sadly I don't have a ton, most of the fics I've liked lately are really short, but here are some long fics I've loved in 2021.
Tumblr media
somewhere in between lightning by jassy117, nauticalleeds, shiningdistractionwrites / @nauticalleeds @shiningdistrction (E, 100K) SO, I don't know what took me so long to read this one, but I just finished it last night and it was so much fun. It's lighthearted and sexy and satisfying. I loved the way the authors used flashbacks in a really organic way to fill in the backstory.
of the divine by @thedevilinmybrain (Mixed ratings, 2-part series, 104K) Oh my god. This series. I cried buckets. It’s so beautifully written. The sex scenes are so tender and sexy, but in such a pure way. Their relationship is so good… you can totally feel how much they love each other, the climactic scene OH MY GOD so intense. It’s also got great zouis friendship and a very sweet narry friendship. Tender punk Louis and guardian angel Harry. Read it.
But If This Ends by nonsensedarling / @absoloutenonsense (E, 107K) This author referred to this fic as their “depressed vampire” fic while they were writing, and it is that. But it’s also a unique story with beautifully fleshed out characters, plot twists, and super hot smut. Go check it out!
and i'm weeping warm honey and milk (that you stay surrounding me) by FangirlFlailings/ @wooltobravetheseason (M, 78K) This fic digs deep into therapy and recovery from PTSD and anxiety. It included everything from great Ot5 friendship, great side Ziam, coming out, commitment phobic Harry, and of course, vulnerable Louis. I really enjoyed this one.
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batattta · 6 months ago
destiel fic recs pt.4
heeeeeere we go again
part 1 | part 2 | part 3
part 4/?
new testament 'verse (15 works, 47k, g-m) the most underrated work imho. i have no words to describe this one. it makes me FEEL. sad cas, sweet caring dean, singer salvage, domesticity. one of my all time favorites
rivers and roads (3k, g) cas hitchhiking his way home after the fall. they are the sweetest boys
entertaining strangers (9k, e) cas tells dean about his threesome. just. wow. OCs in this one are the best.
the walk series (196k, e, AU) dean turns tricks and one day he meets cas. who is religious and sad and married. i loved how all their found family came together in this one. 
seek to know you better (27k, e) they are on a road trip and play “36 questions to fall in love”. cute
some boys are sleeping alone (4k, m) dean and his sexuality. very very sad
command me to be well (28k, e) not an obvious one of 15.18 fix-its
after a storm (10k, m) where dean doesn't tell cas to leave bunker in season 9 (as it should have been)
there’s only one sure thing that i know (20k, e) dean and cas get stuck in ohio. very old one. beautifully written 
elemental (600, g) “the man who would be king” coda
the best bang for your buck (6k, m) cas finds dean’s profile on sex toys website. this is so funny
the gambler (4k, t) dean retires. with cas. sam is oblivious. the fluffiest fluff
i saw the heavens and the earth cry over you (3k, m, mcd) why do i do this to myself? hah. i don't even want to recommend this one, but i have to, i’m sorry. read at you own risk. cas becomes human. his body starts to slowly shut down. incredibly sad.
things dean winchester loves (3k, m) so cute. cas makes a list. 
story time (1k, g) dean and cas retire. they tell stories to local kids.
string lights (2k, g) christmas fic. i love the atmosphere 
you and me in the war of the end times (5k, e) remember i told about shotgunning? yeah.
the face at the end of the hall (3k, t) psychological horror. short and sad. 
things happen (they do, they do, and they do) (28k, e) my favorite one of 15.18 fix-its. dean is a repressed bean.
flowers in the backyard (34k, e, AU) awwwww. love this one. dean inherits bobby’s cabin, cas is homeless and made the cabin into his home.
prosopagnosia (32k, t, AU) dean is a firefighter, cas works in gas-n-sip and can’t recognize and memorize faces. 
on vessels (2k, g) cas tells dean that he wanted him to be his vessel
holding this in mind (13k, e) yeah, well um this one is 13k words about fisting. but it’s such a tender fic. more like character study, than smut, truly. 
death of the author (7k, e) post-15.18, first time fic. soooooo cute. 
special mention, aileenrose’s little AUs. they are so special and unique and writing is *chefs kiss*. my favorites:
every dog has its day (12k, m) dean meets homeless cas, they rescue a puppy.
a case for evolution (9k, m) plumber dean, anthropologist cas. they are nerds. nerds in love.
love, take your toll (9k, t) this one owns my heart. lonely toll collector cas and motorist dean. unbelievably tender fic. i wanted to hug cas so much
all that is gold does not glitter (8k, m) jeweler cas, dean comes to collect sam’s wedding rings. cas thinks it's dean who’s getting married. dumbies.
an exploration of habitat (11k, m) cas is a protester who lives in a tree. dean is afraid of heights. last lines made me weep. this fic made me feel so happy, oh god watch and learn, cw
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renlybaratheon-tyrell · 4 months ago
Ironstrange Recs
Hi! @natashastarkotp mentioned that they were looking for some Ironstrange longfic (with happy endings) recommendations! They had already read “Tintype” and “The Infinite Gospel” series which are amazing.
I am currently working on a long rec list for Ironstrange fics, but I wanted to give a sample here of some amazing long fics!! Most of these are complete, multi-chapter fics.
As I mentioned, there are many more recs to come! Enjoy!
Anew by IViv
I Only Knew You For a Day by nanosorcerer
Spread your wings, guardians of infinity series by graveltotempo 
Tether by Shortsnout
From the Top series (Ironstrange Cinematic Universe) by lucifersfavoritechild
To Change Forever (Lover) by moonlight_roses
Survivors of the Wreck of Time by amethyst-noir 
Back to the Future Rules Apply by atypicalsnowman 
The Sorcerer of Ephemeral Colors by Imagined 
8 Simple Rules for Dating a Fellow Superhero by twenty3 
One Kiss to Know by atypicalsnowman 
The Boys of Summer by twenty3 
Tangential series by LadyThatch902 
the one where tony and stephen should really stop eye-fucking each other, hello, thanos is coming?! by graveltotempo 
true north by starscry 
definitely-not-boyfriend-not-really-friends-one-night-stand by w_space
Female Tony Stark Runs the World (And They're Mostly Smart Enought to Let Her) by YunaYamiMouto 
About Him by funkylittlebidiot 
Of Overqualified Hands & Pi Figures series by lantia4ever
Prophets in the Graveyard by FriendlyNeighborhoodFangirls
Alpha Syndrome by atypicalsnowman 
Good at goodbyes, bad at hello by sarcasticfirefighter 
Time-Lost by Bravehardt and FoxGlove_Fiction
Arcane Meridian by Bravehardt and FoxGlove_Fiction 
A Blast to the Past by SassyAngel 
One More Vow series by notjustmom 
Mystic by TenSpencerRiedPlease
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nandolorris4 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi besties! Back again with my next fic rec. This time I’ll be listing my favorite fics of these two hotheaded boys. It’s time for Max/Charles fics! You can expect some heavy angst and angry sexy times. Like always, give these amazing authors some love for providing us with these masterpieces. Let’s get into it!
set my midnight sorrow free by PrincessElectra
Okay so, I needed to start this fic rec with my favorite Lestappen fic I have read so far! This fic is quite unique because it follows Charles/Max’s relationship from Pierre’s POV. I honestly don’t want to spoil anything else. You 100% need to read this fic because I have no words for how wonderful it is. Don’t hesitate, go check it out now!
the dirt in which our roots may grow by the wonderful @maxricciardo
Canon divergence where Max still is a Formula 1 racer and Charles is his PT. They’re both obliviously pining for each other in this one and I absolutely love it. Their characters are wonderfully written by this amazing author which made reading this so enjoyable! One of my favorite Lestappen fics, please give this a read! You won’t regret it.
Algorithm by Anney aka the amazing @badboy-george
Sigh. Where do I even start with this one? It’s honestly impossible for me to make a fic rec without including one of her fics, because every single one of them are just incredible. This one is so unlike others. So creative and captivating. Basically, Max is put into a simulator to find his perfect teammate. It doesn’t work out the first five times, but the sixth time it does. This fic just left me speechless. A true masterpiece. Go read it!
we're fallin' like the stars, we're fallin' in love by maxverstappens
AU where Lando sets up Max on several blind dates but he ends up falling in love with the bartender (Charles!) instead. Such a fun and fluffy fic! Lando is one sneaky boy in this one. If you need 8k words of fluff, just read this. You’ll love it as much a I do!
sometimes you get so close to someone you end up on the other side of them by vechter
Non-AU. This is still a WIP but I had to include it! This fic is exactly my cup of tea. It’s small snippets of Max/Charles and switches POV. There’s lots of angst and the writing is terrific. I’m already excited for the next update! Go check it out.
Bruises by eefiplier
Okay this one is basically 5k words of pure smut but oh my god it’s the best smut ever. I had to include this one because it’s such a hot and sexy fic, but they’re also so in love with each other. Wonderfully written!
Out of my imagination by plotracer
Soulmate AU where memories of your soulmate appear in your dreams. This one is just heartbreakingly beautiful. Charles can’t sleep, constantly getting nightmares because of Max’s awful childhood memories. I don’t want to spoil too much but I can assure you this Soulmate AU is def worth the read! Trust me.
Give this a chance, it's not just another song and dance by mandzilkos @geeeooorrrge
Tinder AU. Charles and Max meet trough Tinder and fall in love but there’s an unexpected plot twist! Again, beautifully written just like all the other fics this author has written. I listed only one but you should check all of them! Masterpiece after masterpiece.
Looking for redemption by OdotumSuojelius @maxyrussell
Max gets memory loss because of a crash and Charles unexpectedly takes care of him. I just loved this concept so much because Charles is so utterly shocked that Max only seems to trust him since they’re not even friends and then they slowly fall for each other. There’s also some angst involved ofcourse! Wonderful read, go check it out!
Charles Leclerc VS Red Bull Caps by Ledger_m
Non-AU. OMG. This fic was so much fun! Especially because I can totally relate to the fact that Red Bull Caps should be burned and Max’s hair should be displayed 24/7. Basically, Charles and Max are together and Max tries every trick in the book to get rid of those awful Red Bull Caps. This fic had me cracking up because Charles being a menace is 100% canon. Great fic!
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heller-charlie · 6 months ago
fic rec masterlist
canon divergent/finale fix its
THIS! FIC! this fic lives in my head rent FREE it is so good and it makes so much sense in the narrative that the shitty finale concocted, as to why they wouldn't mention cas or anyone else and its just. so good and they write chuck in the most villainous way that i love!!!
"Chuck is depowered, Jack is the new god, and the world is free. Dean and Sam get into the Impala and chase down the miles on an endless highway, and their story is finally, finally their own to follow. At least, that's what Dean tells himself. But the diners and motels and painted interstate lines are blurring together and the smallest details keep catching at his brain like tiny fishhooks and he can't quite shake the feeling that not everything is exactly as it should be. Fix-it/alternate series finale. Canon-compliant through the end of 15.19."
Sunset Sound: Stairway to Heaven by @adhdeancas
GOD FUCKING CHRIST this is so good and sweet and im such a sucker for team ups and reunions!!! its 3:30 am rn and i just finished it and i love it SO much it made me laugh a lot and the last few chapters i had the stupidest grin just plastered to my face
The Closer the Star, the Greater the Parallax by @rocksalts​
repressed bastard dean submits to the mortifying ordeal of being known and receives the rewards of being loved but only after some miscommunication i LOVE this i read it last night and it’s a fast favorite. my interests have overlapped and i am INTO it
“When Dean sits down to watch some bullcrap Discovery Channel episode with Cas, he doesn’t expect to actually learn anything. Except, with Cas explaining, he makes an effort to connect the dots.”
Don't We All Deserve To Be Happy?
VERY sweet and a VERY good pick me up. all around feel good fic!!! 
"Post-canon fix-it, divergent from 15x19 where Jack stays and Dean doesn't die and Cas comes back and everyone is happy. Take a shot every time I'm salty about the finale."
Keep Your Love Alive
okay. okay okay okay this may be my favorite finale fix it just because of how well reasoned it is. like this feels what should have happened i love it SO much
"Dean gets to spend eternity sharing beers with Bobby on the Roadhouse porch and riding around in his Baby with Sam. He’s at peace… or he feels like he should be. But a few things nag at him: Where is Cas, and everybody else Dean had been hoping to see in Heaven? Why does he feel like he’s stuck in a loop, reliving the same memories over and over again? And who are the strangers wearing Sam’s and Bobby’s faces?"
The GoldenRod Revisions by @aethylas​
this is one of the most well written things ive ever read. the script format DID make it feel more real and honestly? this is better writing than this show deserves. the finale that could have been ♥️
“A rewrite of Supernatural’s final two episodes, expanded into a five episode arc - in which Chuck needs to be defeated, Castiel deserves to be saved, and the characters in this story get a very different ending.“
Ascend by @wanderingcas​ 
THEE finale fix it fic!!! written by the AMAZINGLY skilled and talented @wanderingcas !!! it’s 50k of angst and hurt/comfort and pure bliss
“Something in the world is wrong.
Demon activity is rising where mysterious black substance oozes and unusual ecological events are shaking the world. Dean, grief hanging on his shoulders, restlessly searches for answers that might lead him to the Empty… and to Cas.
But what Chuck wrote can’t be undone. The narrative thread pulls Dean along, forcing him to comply. Because once a story already has an ending, it can’t be rewritten.
Or can it?”
Things Happen (They Do, And They Do, And They Do) by THEE @sobsicles
i KNOW everyone has already recommended this and likely you’ve all already read it. but it has to go here bc REPRESSIOOOOOOOOON i LOVE this so much it is one of the most perfect things i’ve read. are you bisexual? did you have a kind of weird relationship with your best friend and not realize that how you felt about them wasn’t necessarily how other people felt about them and you were maybe a little bit in love with them but were too repressed to realize it? you’ll feel seen. maybe a little too seen
Closer (isn't close enough)
are you a sweet and sappy yet horny bastard? do you like cas exploding light bulbs? you will like this.
“the one where they finally talk about what cas said before the empty took him”
You and Your Husband
it is exTRMELY sweet!!! repression dean strikes again <3
"Five times Dean corrects someone about his relationship with Cas, and one time he realizes he doesn't need to."
Tall Grass
miscommunication and a slowburn! despite being written in 2017 and finished in 2018, it feels like a fix it. ft. plant obsessed cas <3 
a LOVELY and short (relatively) finale fix it
“They saved the world. They're free. It's done.
Except it's not, and carrying on is the last thing any of them are thinking about.
They still have someone they need to save.”
Unchained Link
post finale- it’s a great case fic and i am compelled i want more!!!
"It's after the end of things. Life continues on while Dean is "livin it up" in heaven. But it's never that simple, is it? A freak occurrence sends Dean into another time stranded back on Earth. And he thought his hunting days were over. But, no worries. His knight in shining armor comes to the rescue. Hijinks, therefore, ensue."
fun and time unspecified
Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Love Potion No. 5
very funny and sweet! miscommunication at its finest ♥️
"Cas gets drenched with a mystery potion from the ‘love spell’ shelf and... Dean has a sneaking suspicion, angel or no— the spell may have taken effect. And Cas might be in love with Sam."
The Way We Were
Y'all. It is so good its a great mix of funny and serious- extremely fun to see dean as like a base bisexual
"Dean and Castiel pose as a couple to gain access to a gated community known as 'The Glen', a pleasant if secretive location that the boys believe might be linked to several dead bodies showing up over the years bearing signs of ritualistic sacrifice. All seems well until Dean's memory is affected from an incident during a solo exploration, leaving Dean convinced that their cover story is true. Castiel is left trying to resolve their case without taking advantage of an increasingly enthusiastic Dean"
While You Were Sleeping
this is basically just the movie but replacing sandra bullock with cas. this is my comfort movie and imo, one of the most perfect rom coms. the fic isn’t finished but i still have the tab open on my phone and i will straight up go back and re read it when i need a pick me up. 
The Harvelle Gospels: Offscript
i know everyone ever ( @jewishcharliebradbury ) has recommended this fic. and for good reason go fucking read it
“The Apocalypse is averted, the angels are in Heaven, and Jo is free from the threat of possession. Somehow it couldn't be farther from a happy ending.“
absolute riots
An Ineffably Profound Bond
i honestly would have put this in the finale fix it section! look. i know. i know you've been burned by crossover fics before. but this is Thee good omens/spn fic you want. its funny as hell and immensely satisfying. im weak for everyone working together tropes and that is this
"After Chuck sets 'The End' in motion, the remaining members of TFW make a miraculous escape. Not willing to waste any time, Castiel comes up with a plan to travel to one of the other worlds to try and get help from the angels there, but after a fight with Dean, it's the hunter who gets sent into an alternate universe,with seemingly no hope of return.
When a mysterious human with a heavenly weapon shows up in Aziraphale's shop, he and Crowley learn that their world is not the only one. Now it is up to them to decide whether or not they want to join forces with the human and help him save his world or simply find a way to send him home."
Somebody Up There Likes Me by @lafilleredige
cas is hit with a spell that turns his vessel into a woman, hijinks and sexuality crises ensue etc etc sam is a supportive and bitchy little brother and its all SO fucking funny and also. horny as hell i love it i love it i LOVE it
“’Dean doesn’t want to talk about your breasts, it’s making him uncomfortable because he hasn’t acknowledged the complex fluidity of human sexuality.’“
Stray Cat Strut
a long crack fic that IS one of the funniest things i’ve ever read and i can’t explain why. it’s so ooc but its so funny that i don’t care. if you need a laugh you gotta read this
"Sam and Cas are immediately in love with the adorable kitty they find outside the bunker door, and occupy their time planning how to convince Dean--who they believe is off sulking after a botched hunt--to let them keep their cat. Along the way, Dean learns to use a litter box and hears some confessions he maybe wasn’t supposed to hear, all while realizing just how much he loves Castiel.
Now all Dean has to do is convince Cas and Sam their new pet cat is actually him before they do something crazy--like neuter him!"
canon compliant or slight canon divergence
by @doublestuffedimpala post season 7 episode 7, kind of ambiguous ending but truly a cas is happy to bleed for the winchesters fic
Punch Like Bones 
short, post 5x04 homoerotic moment that i wish we’d gotten
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oldbay-on-apples · 3 months ago
Dark Fantasy Larry Fic Rec
Tumblr media
Some of these are really dark and some I just chose to put on because they had darker vibes or I just felt like they belonged.  Please read the tags and enjoy!
Desires for Woolgatherings by isolated @theisolatedlily​ (E 86k)
Renie’s face stayed flat. She looked down to her clipboard, pen angled as if she might write something then thought better. “How many do you remember?”
Louis’ eyes drifted to the floor as he thought, “Two.”
Renie wrote in her clipboard, “Was Harry in any of them?”
“Yes.” The light above them throbbed. “Harry was in all of them.” 
AU: In the midst of his second world tour, Louis Tomlinson receives the devastating news that his former bandmate, Harry Styles, is in critical condition after an unfortunate accident. Fresh with the loss of his mother and his sister, Louis’ world darkens once more as he flies out to California, preparing for the worst. There, Louis is faced with the ghost of his past, realizing the hand he played in the band’s division. As time goes on, Harry’s condition becomes dire, and his only chances of survival forces Louis to participate in a makeshift, illegal drug trial orchestrated by a dubious neuroscientist.
Loosely based off Netflix’s limited series, Maniac.
This was written for the Big Bang and I clicked into it, innocently thinking that I could step away in a minute to finish what I was doing.  86 thousand words later I emerge blinking into the light in awe!  This fic is soo good! It’s very angsty and intense in the best way and I especially loved the way the writer wrote the dream sequences.  It feels very grounded in reality while simultaneously taking you into this new world and I really do love that about this fic.
Three Days in February by writing_practice @mercurial-madhouse​ (E 187k)
    “We have to get out of here, outside,” Harry whispered, turning his hand in Louis’s grip to hold on and pull them both to their feet.
    “And how do we fucking do that?” Louis hissed, carefully rising and pulling Harry to his feet before Harry could do it. His gaze darted to the front then back of the arena. “None of the doors are where they’re supposed to be.”
    “What?” Harry looked around again too, couldn’t see any doors, only knew that they must be there, somewhere. “How do you know?”
    Confusion slid over Louis's features.
    “Because we’ve been here before, Haz. It’s the O2.”
    The show. It must be the first night of their tour. They were too late; they were out of time.
    Louis is cursed after a night out with the lads and the five have just three days to figure out what happened and how to break it before Harry and Louis both lose their sanity and maybe something more. Louis can hear everything Harry thinks and Harry isn’t sure he can keep his feelings for Louis a secret from his own mind.
    Ridiculous amounts of banter and angst, a lot of Harry and Louis alone together, a healthy dose of OT5 friendship, and one very magical weekend.
This fic...I swear!  I really liked the way you wrote Harry’s internal monologue and how you made Harry and Louis exist as one being. And the DREAMS!  Sooooo goooooood!  And I loved how you applied rules to the dreamscape that were coherent and also different than the regular world.  And the slow revealing of what the characters had to do was perfect!
everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold by sarcasticfluentry @povverbottoms (E 49k) Locked
Inception-inspired AU. Louis Tomlinson is the most respected and skilled extractor in the dream-sharing business; together he and his point man Zayn have been hired countless times to steal hundreds of valuable secrets straight from the minds of CEOs and politicians. One day, a mysterious and wealthy client contacts Louis and Zayn, offering them triple their normal rate in exchange for successfully completing a job that other extracting teams have deemed "impossible." The one catch is that this client wants the very best - so he's decided to team Louis' skills up with those of Louis' most hated rival, another highly-respected extractor named Harry Styles. Can Louis and Harry work together to complete the job and get the payout, or will they lose their minds along the way?
I’ve never seen inception and I understood this perfectly.  I really enjoyed the story and the way the dialogue is written.
Black with Autumn Rain by whimsicule @whimsicule​ (T 93k)
    “Thank you,” Geoff says, taking a sip of his tea. “What did you tell him?”
    Louis has a sip as well, lets the tea burn down his throat too quickly, too hot, and he feels it all the way down to his stomach. “The truth. Essentially,” he replies after a moment, licking his lips, relishing the slightly bitter taste of the brew that’s never quite strong enough for Louis’ liking. At least it’s not decaf. “That my dog scented it. That I didn’t touch the body. That I came here first thing.”
    Geoff nods pensively. “Did he believe you?”
    “Probably not. There’s only so many people who can drown on dry land before it gets fishy.”
    or: Harry is a journalist, Louis has lots of secrets and the moors aren't exactly the ideal place to rekindle a lost romance.
This fic is beautiful.  It’s very very set in the moors and pretty much the entire story is set there.  It adds to an already very cohesive story and makes the entire thing so vivid.  The plot is also sooo good and the fantasy elements are so well done!
like cabbages and kings by you_explode @nobodymoves (E 60k)
When Louis was a kid, he had a series of very vivid dreams about a place called Wonderland. There were rabbits wearing waistcoats and talking cats and ridiculous tea parties, and amidst all the absurdity, there was a boy. A boy with dimples, big green eyes and the sweetest soul Louis has ever known. Louis has always kept a place in his heart for that boy and for his funny dreamworld, and when he’s twenty-five and his life falls apart, it turns out Wonderland might not be so imaginary after all.
This is an Alice In Wonderland AU. I like how this fic has the characters' differences of perception from kids to adults.  I also love Zayn in this haha! 
nocturne in silver and blue by tinyweirdloves (E 97k)
    There’s a boy sitting on the branch. Harry’s sure he’s a real, live boy, not a pretend one. Only– he doesn’t look like any boy Harry’s seen before. Because he glows. His skin looks like there’s a gentle light coming out of it, and if Harry squints– are those colours on the boy’s skin? Harry suddenly thinks, looking at him, that he looks just like the sky.
    [louis is a fallen star and harry brings him home. told over the course of fourteen years.]
This feels very mystical and I love the story!  The way kids are written in this is really well done and I really like Harry’s internal monologue.
there’s no way out (but down) by ohpleaselarry @ohpleaselarry​ (M 100k)
    When Harry had woken up that first day with a light tingling in his fingers, maybe he should have known something was going to go wrong.
    Now, sat in an empty field in fucking nowhere America, covered in blood, he realises he couldn’t save everyone. He knows his limits, has had them drilled into his head from the moment he was old enough to retain words. He knows he shouldn’t mess with the natural order of things. He knows that what will happen will happen one way or another either way.
    And yet, he can’t control himself. For the third time, he settles his hands on Louis Tomlinson’s still heart and wills it to beat once more.
I really like the world this exists in and the powers that the characters have.  I really enjoy the story and the characters' dynamics with each other.  It’s quite dark and isn’t afraid to vividly describe emotions and injuries and feelings and all of the characters feel very fleshed out.
Etched in Salt (is a cathedral of the world) by HelloAmHere @helloamhere​ (E 24k)
    Louis asks for very few things in life, and they are: to solve cases, to keep bad people from doing their bad things, to get good coffee, to go home to a spacious apartment with nobody else in it, and to manage his stupid telempathy powers with minimal interference. And now he's stuck in a tiny cabin in a snowstorm in the middle of god-awful-nowhere with Harry Styles. Because of course he is.
This entire story is so amazing!  I love the plot and the setting and everything else.  The way this explores the downsides to having powers is brilliant.
Wonder Under Summer Skies by therogueskimo @highladyofthebarrel​ (NR 71k)
    Here’s the thing you need to know about Eroda – nothing ever changes. Harry’s been living the same life for as long as he can remember. He was one of those strange things that Erodians didn't like, and as much as he tried to fight it, fate came for him as it came for the others. The others only he seemed to remember. Or maybe he was just the only one who cared. In the end, there was only one thing left he could do. Was it a coward’s way out? Maybe. But he was older now, old enough to know that if this was the only life he was going to be given, he didn’t want to live it anymore.
    Everything changed when Louis arrived.
    Harry is suddenly thrown back into a world of mystery and magic, with new information coming to light that could lead him, and Louis, to answers they desperately need.
    With Louis’ help, Harry discovers that nothing is what it seems, and that love might still be part of his destiny after all.
This fic is set in Eroda and it really makes use of the town and the story in the music video. I really like how it explores the feeling of being scorned by a town.
something wicked this way comes. by adoreloux @liamloveslarry​ (M 7k)
    A story of Harry's questionable dating life, Louis just wanting the radio to play decent songs, and there being some truth to the slightly less than ordinary flipper footed friend out in Snell Lake.
I love the way this is written and how the magical creatures and strange happenings are introduced.  Also how used to it everyone is.
Until You Remember by Throwthemflowers (E 21k)
    Harry lowered his head a moment, then whispered, “It hurts, Lou. If you kissed me, it wouldn’t hurt so much.”
    Louis set his mug down with a clink on the coffee table. “What wouldn’t hurt so much?”
    Harry closed his eyes. “I don’t know.”
    “Fooking bloody hell…” Louis cursed under his breath as he brought his hands to his face and rubbed roughly over his cheekbones. “Harry, do you know what… what…”
    “What is wrong with me?” Harry finished in a soft, small voice.
    Louis’s heart dissolved into a mass of pulsing shame. He pulled the man to him and gently pressed his lips to Harry’s forehead.
    “There’s nothing wrong with you, Harry. You’re kind and sweet and good, and I don’t understand you at all, and I don’t know if I ever will, but there’s nothing wrong with you, darling. Nothing at all.” Louis breathed in his scent, swallowing hard.
    --Talented London pianist Louis Tomlinson moves to a small coastal town to escape the elites of his job and the mundanity of his life. Through the music of Debussy he finds a charming, wonderful friend in Harry Styles, the fiancé of the town's mayor. Louis thinks his pining is in vain until he discovers that all may not be as it seems....
The way emotions are written in this is spectacular. I also love how the fic has hints about what happened and the reveal makes perfect sense.
Run Like the Devil by benzos @churchrat (E 139k)
    Harry stops pouting, but his frown is still fixed in place. “Are you sure?” he asks. “You know it’s your soul you’re signing away.” He sounds…sad? No, that’s not right, but there’s something.
    Christ. This is the most incompetent demon Louis’ ever met. If he hadn’t seen the red of his eyes he wouldn’t believe he was a demon at all. How’d he get this job if he isn’t trying to convince Louis to deal? Or is it just another trick? A ploy for sympathy?
    “I’m sure,” Louis says. “Come over here and kiss me.”
    Supernatural AU. Louis hunts demons; Harry's the strangest demon he's ever met, and he keeps fucking meeting him.
The Ground Below is Above My Feet by zanni_scaramouche @zanniscaramouche​ (E 63k)
    “-ouis, are you awake?”
    “M’ff,” Louis manages. Slowly he remembers where he is. Who he is. His nerve endings take stock of his body, the soft sheets twisted around his legs and the warm rush of breath on his face. Harry.
    “You were sleeping like the dead,” Harry muses, calloused fingers delicately brushing through Louis’ fringe. “Could barely tell if you were breathing.”
    Louis' heart stutters, his throat working hard to swallow the lump of ugly truth. Blinks until Harry’s bright eyes come into focus across the pillow.
    He holds back the obvious joke.
I love how gritty and realistic this fic seems while still maintaining a fantasy-ish atmosphere.  I love the slow reveal about what’s happening.
Soul of the Sea by Vurdoc (E 32k)
    Louis lives a nomadic lifestyle. Never settling down in one place for long, he finds himself caught in a storm, as he’s passing through a small Scottish seaside town.
    Everywhere is full, except the old B&B perched up on an isolated hill near the coastline, where the recluse owner isn’t what he seems.
    Then again, who really is?
    A fic about belonging, supernatural beings, and finding your own home.
The characters all feel so realistic and I really like the way the story and the characters' relationships progress.
i was at an all night diner by yoursongonmyheart @yoursongonmyheart​ (NR 5k)
    "I know. I was there. I saw the great void in your soul, and you saw mine."
    //or, the one where none of the boys can sleep and they all meet at a diner where it's always 3 a.m.
This fic has a timeless quality where it feels like it could have happened anywhere from the 70s to now.  I like how all of the characters end up at the diner.  I also really love the way it ends.
a long way down (to the bottom of the river) by MediaWhore @mediawhorefics​ (M 24k)
    “ Most people would call Harry silly for believing in curses. Childish would also be a probable insult thrown his way. In their little town full of little people, Harry’s whimsical nature and beliefs mean that he’s subjected to frequent judgemental looks and whispers. It doesn’t usually bother him. Most people don’t know about the magic thrumming through his veins or about how powerful words can truly be. Most people don’t carry around their ancestors grief like a burden. They don’t have to pay for deeds hundreds of years old like Harry and his family have. They get to love freely without fear.
    Harry and his kin aren’t so lucky.”
    a practical magic au in which Harry and his sister accidentally kill her abusive boyfriend with magic and Louis is the D.I working the case.
I love that Harry works in a candle shop and how the detectives are trying to figure out who did it while Harry and Gemma are desperately trying to not get caught.
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bee-a-garbage-shipper · a month ago
Lukanette Deserves Better Part 2
Because I couldn’t possibly get all the Amazing Lukanette Fics in one post.
Rise of Anatis - Tumblr - Plus Adrigami. Plus JuleRose. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Alya Céaire Salt. Chloé Bourgeois Salt. Alya Céaire Sugar. Chloé Bourgeois Sugar. In Character Behavior. 
The One to Make It Stay - Series - Plus JuleRose. Plus MyVan. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Chloé Bourgeois Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Alya Céaire Salt. In Character Behavior.  
Bad Influence - Tumblr - Yandere Luka Couffaine. Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Nino Lahiffe Salt. Lê Chiến Kim Salt. Max Kanté Salt. Girl Gang Salt. Bustier Class Salt. Minor Out Of Character Behavior. 
High Priest [Idea] - Ch.1, Ch.2 - Yandere Luka Couffaine. Villain Luka Couffaine. Akuma Luka Couffaine. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Bustier Class Salt. In Character Behavior. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Scarlet Lady Lukanette AU - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Justice’s Reign - Akuma Luka Couffaine. Akuma Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. In Character Behavior.
Adrien’s Lament Lukanette Ficlets - One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Art - Akuma Luka Couffaine. Akuma Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Angst. Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Chloe’s Lament’s Lukanette One Shot - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Truthnette Date - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Butterfly!Marinette and Peacock!Luka AU [Idea] - One, Two - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Ewww... Not Even Dead - Tumblr - Fluffy. Salt. Chloé Bourgeois Salt. In Character Behavior.
Truth Fix It? - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Wrong Number - Tumblr - In Character Behavior.
Snake’s Bite - Yandere Luka Couffaine. Salt. Lila Rossi Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. Alya Céaire Salt. Bustier Class Salt. Minor Out Of Character Behavior.
Live With It - Tumblr - Salt. Adrien Agreste Salt. New York Special Salt. In Character Behavior.
I Should Have Been With You -Tumblr - Angst. Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Ruin It - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior. 
Not Exactly a Loophole (but he'll take it) - Tumblr - Plus JuleRose. Platonic Love Square. Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Snake In the Silk - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Guard My Heart - Tumblr - N$F\|/. Angst. In Character Behavior.
Marinette's 29 Valentine's Days - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Akumatized Riff Tide - Plus Adrigami. Plus JuleRose. Plus DJWiFi. Plus MyVan. Plus Kimdine. Plus NathMarc. Plus Kimix. Plus Liladrien. Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Month Of Miracles - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
All in the Family - Tumblr - Angst. Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
All That Remains - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Beautiful Dreams - Tumblr - Plus JuleRose. Past Love Square. Angst. Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
A Single Spark - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Something Just Like This - Lukanette February 2020 - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Take a Chance - Lukanette September Week 1 - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
A Little Bit of Warmth - Lukanette Week 2019 - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
What the Heart Wants - MLValentines2k20 - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Tis the Season for Lukanette Love - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Finding Harmony - Tumblr - One-Sided Adrigami. One-Sided Love Square. Angst. Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
Second Chance - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
I’ll Give You the Stars - Tumblr - Fluffy. In Character Behavior.
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sheriff-hassans · 4 months ago
The first part did really really so I decided to make a second part of sambucky fic recs. Just as the last one: the fics are split into three categories: based on tfatws, canon divergence, and au. CHECK OUT PART ONE HERE All fics are completed and all are on AO3. 
The Truths Beneath Our Ribs | Mature | 6,742 words
5 times Bucky wears Sam's things +1 time Sam wears something of Bucky's
anything you can do, i’ll do you better | Explicit | 5,526 words
Steve is going to kill them if they don't learn to get along, but did they have to take it so far?
making amends | Explicit | 8,645 words
“Not Cap yet,” Sam said. He looked a little ruefully at his hands, which were covered in nicks and cuts. He could already feel his palms bruising from that last shield catch, but at least nothing was broken this time.
“I respect that,” Bucky said slowly. Sam raised an eyebrow, but didn’t respond. Bucky flexed and unflexed the vibranium fingers of his left hand, a nervous habit that Sam had clocked ages ago. “And you’re right.”
“Thanks, I know.” Sam waited a beat. “About what?”
Muscle Memory | 3 parts | Explicit | 13,156 words part 1: Muscle Memory | Teen | 1,766 words
Barnes sighs, and it’s a deep, soul-weary thing. “Maybe no one ever told you this, but I’m telling you right now. You don’t have any obligation to care about me because Steve did. You don’t have to pretend.”
Sam blinks, taken aback. He has to think, really think, about what he says next, because it’s - it’s either going to build or break something.
You’re My World | Explicit | 6,585 words
“I… oh, I get it now.” Sam tilted his head, perceptive as ever, goddammit. “All this flirting with my sister, that was just to get my attention, wasn’t it? I know it was. Say it.”
“That wasn’t—” Bucky croaked, but Sam wasn’t having it.
He huffed a low laugh, and bulldozed right through Bucky’s feeble pretense. “You like it when I pin you against the wall? Take away all that power you have, that strength that your arm gives you? Make you feel small, maybe?”
Call Me By Your (Pet) Name | Teen | 6,928 words
“You got a list of the nicknames available to us lesser mortals?” Sam continued, staring straight ahead at the seat in front of him. “The ‘you’re not Steve Rogers, so don’t even think about it’ collection?”
“Yeah, sure, there’s a list,” Bucky replied, pausing long enough to draw a pointed look from Sam. “Bucky,” he finished, gesturing broadly with his arm to convey the obviousness of the answer.
5 times Sam and Bucky used pet names as a joke + 1 time they used them in earnest
That’s not very gunkle of you | 2 parts | 4,325 words part 1: Bestie Vibes Only | Teen | 1,822 words
“What’s buzzin’ cousin?” Says Bucky, sitting down next to Sam on the docks.
That’s the moment that Sam realizes he needs to change tactics, no more subtly looking up definitions for his weird old person slang, it’s time to fight fire with fire.
“Not much bro, this view is highkey just hitting different TBH” he says, casually looking out at the water.
There’s a beat of silence and then,
“That’s swell doll, I just ate some four-o cackle jelly with side arms, and I’m looking for some kicks, you dig?
Oh, this means war.
misunderstandings | Not Rated | 3,167 words
Sam thinks Sarah and Bucky had a date, and he's Not Okay
you walked into my life to offer me a better view | Teen | 2,534 words
He was standing twenty feet away at the edge of the docks, chatting with Sarah, and Sam couldn't take his eyes away. Bucky's smile was warm, wide, and when he tipped his head back and laughed, his nose scrunching up and eyes crinkling at the corners, Sam could feel it vibrate straight to his heart.
falling, falling, flying | Teen | 2,778 words
Bucky had kissed him.
And Sam had pulled away, because that beautiful golden sunset made Bucky’s hair gleam with the faintest touch of blond, that rare summer breeze hissed like a dying missile past Sam’s ears, the kiss was so familiar, too familiar, and Sam was falling, falling—
(“Let yourself be happy, Sam. Please.”)
lonely boy, you are my world (and i could be anything you need) | Teen | 5,747 words
It all starts with Sam, a shelter, and this sweet kitten that reminded him far too much of a certain century-old, grouchy super soldier.
too dangerous to fall | Explicit | 3,466 words
Bucky Barnes is a one-armed menace. He has murder eyes and no care for basic safety protocols. His jokes are terrible and his bad moods are worse. He’s a godawful roommate who leaves his wet towels on the floor and his combat knives in the linen cabinet. Sam can’t stand the sight of him.
What happens in Louisiana | General | 3,478 words
But just then, in the engine room of the Wilson family boat, away from prying eyes, it felt like something they both needed. The closeness. The warmth.
Steve would laugh at them. Two grown men not being able to get it together. He would roll his eyes at Buck, nudge him with his elbow and tell him “you’re sweet on Sam Wilson so make a move already, punk.”
keep the ashes from my heart (and walk away) | Explicit | 4,412 words
“Jamie asked me out on a date,” Sam says. Bucky swallows. “Took him long enough,” he says, keeping his tone light. He bumps their shoulders together for good measure. “You should go for it.” “You really think so?” Sam asks, looking at him. “Yeah, man,” Bucky says. He fixes his gaze on Torres, high up in the sky, sunlight glinting off his wings. It hurts Bucky’s eyes. He blinks, rapidly. “You should be with somebody who can make you happy.”
(In which Sam starts dating someone who is not Bucky, and Bucky pines, gets seriously injured, and proves himself wrong.)
Hey Samuel | Teen | 3,223 words
"Yeah?" He looked up eyes wide. Did he say something out loud?
"We're walking the wrong way."
"Oh." Right. Um. "Let's get ice cream."
"I don't know about you, man, but if I eat ice cream in this weather I will get sick."
Bucky was at a loss for words. What now?
OR Ride along Bucky's journey of figuring out when exactly did he fall for Sam Wilson.
Anyday, everyday | General | 6,735 words
He moved his head and locked eyes with Sam. "D'you- can you.. help me cut my hair?" He asked. He forced himself to look away, feeling embarrassed for asking him to come all this way just to give him a haircut.
His stomach dropped when he felt Sam let go of his hand to stand up. Of course he was about to leave. Who wouldn't want to leave Bucky?
"C'mon, Buck. Let me cut your hair." Bucky's eyes snapped up to Sam's. He had a small smile on his face and his hand was reaching out, waiting for Bucky to take it.
Or; the five times Bucky fell more and more in love with Sam, and the one time he finally got the guts to tell him.
If You’ll Have Me | Teen | 4,779 words
Sam casually shrugged, although there was an intent look in his eyes, "Yeah, well it's getting late and I didn't feel like flying anymore so I was wondering if your old man self is okay with-"
"You can stay here." Bucky quickly finished for him.
I like Bucky, Sam I am | Not Rated | 2,653 words
"I would kiss you on the boat. Or in Wakanda by your goats."
Static in the Dark | Teen | 4,989 words
So prompt idea, some bad guy follows Bucky to the docks for revenge (over whatever you can decide) and Sarah gets to see how protective Bucky really is over Sam when he gets in the line of fire
A Different Kind of Problem | Explicit | 7,616 words
“Do you know what it feels like to be insatiable?”
Two months ago, an interrogation gone wrong left Sam with Bucky’s explicit words seared into his brain and body.
Now, Bucky is living in the Avengers Compound, making pancakes and wearing Steve’s huge sweatshirts, fluffy haired and a little shy, seemingly completely content to be on house arrest — and Sam has never been more confused. Whatever Steve thinks, Sam doesn’t have a problem with Bucky. This domesticity is just so at odds with the feral sexuality Bucky had used to rattle Sam during his interrogation. Where did that side of Bucky go? And why can’t Sam stop thinking about finding it? Maybe Sam does have a problem with Bucky… it’s just not the problem Steve thinks it is.
Bucky’s Choice | Not Rated | 4,753 words
When Bucky enters Westview to try to help Wanda Maximoff, he is confronted with something he never expected- Steve Rogers, back from the dead and ready to start a life with Bucky in Westview. It's everything that Bucky ever wanted, everything that Steve abandoned when he went back in time to live his life with Peggy Carter. But Bucky and Sam have been involved for months, and Sam is waiting for Bucky outside of the Hex. Bucky has to make a choice- the life he always wanted with Steve, or a new start with Sam?
tonight i’ll need you to stay | General | 2,227 words
For once, Bucky wants to stop leaving when things are finally looking up. And he wants people to stay with him, too.
(or, 3 times bucky needed an excuse to stay with sam, and the one time he didn't)
How to Win a Supersoldier in Ten Days | Explicit | 14,901 words
When they realize that all the Winter Soldier's interactions with Sam are just him trying to Awkward MurderBot Flirt (TM) with the sexy man, Steve, Tony, and Nat convince Sam to play the honeypot and bring Bucky in.
Sam's pretty sure the honeypot isn't supposed to fall in love with the target, but what can you do?
at the end of the war (what’s mine is yours) | Mature | 4,290 words
They don't talk about it: that's how it works.
warm blood (feels good, i can’t control it anymore) | Explicit | 4,492 words
Sam's just chilling watching TV one evening when Bucky comes in and stares at him silently for a minute or two before sitting down on the couch. He's pretty close to Sam.
Okay, he's really close to Sam. Like, Sam would be using the word 'cuddling' if it wasn't so bizarre.
"What," he says, carefully not looking at Bucky, and Bucky huffs a sigh.
"Steve's not here," he says as if it's obvious. "Don't make it weird. Just- shut up."
Caught With Their Pants Down | Explicit | 3,539 words
“Sam, this guy is not coming, the intel was false,” Bucky replied. “I get this whole ticking boxes and what not, but Rogers got it wrong, and for the love of God I need a fucking toilet.”
“You need to learn to plan your water intake better, is what you need. You’re a damn fool and I don’t know why I put up with you.”
“Because you love me,” Bucky replied, and Sam could hear the smile in his voice.
“In your damn dreams, Barnes.”
They’d been fucking for about six months, but Sam didn’t want Bucky to go getting a big head about it.
sharp teeth, soft heart | 3 parts | 17,866 words part 1: you touch me within and so i (know i could be human once again) | Explicit | 12,444 words 
It’s inevitable, the way it goes. He’s my friend, Steve says, and he is, he is, he must be. Sam’s best friend is Steve, and Steve’s best friend is a werewolf, that’s just how Sam’s life works now.
But once he realizes he’s attracted to Bucky and Bucky can tell, everything becomes, like, a thousand percent more difficult to negotiate. Sam’s just trying to live his life, that’s all, and he keeps getting confronted by Bucky Barnes in a soft flannel shirt, sleeves rolled up, hair all soft and shiny. Bucky glances over at him and smirks, and this is really very embarrassing, how Sam can’t hide his attraction even if he keeps a totally straight face.
I’m so into you I can barely breathe | Explicit | 6,515 words
Sam Wilson had a long day dealing with morons, so he decided to finally go to the famous club in town. There he meets someone who just might get him back in a good mood. And then some.
twelve ounce steak (boxers in briefs) | Explicit | 3,753 words
Sam has pretty lips. Bucky seems to think so, too.
caught it bad (i’ll be on the way) | Mature | 4,830 words
Sam constantly gets roped into doing dumb things with Steve, but this time, it works out perfectly for him.
meet me in the a.m. | Teen | 3,147 words
Steve accidently starts a fire and Bucky's tired. When unbelievably hot firefighter Sam saves the day, though, he can't really be that mad.
i wanna savour, save it for later | Not Rated | 6,419 words
"It's his damn ratings, man," Sam says. "It's weird 'cause when you read the reviews, he seems to like our food and all. Nothing but praise for days. And then you get to the rating, and it's always the same. Three goddamn stars."
Bucky tips his beer bottle from side to side, lips pursing slightly. "I see. And that's… a bad thing?"
"We are not a three-star joint," Sam says flatly.
Or, the one where food truck owner Sam gets caught up in his quest to unmask an anonymous food blogger. Falling for one of his regulars was never on the menu.
we were a fire with no smoke | Explicit | 15,295 words
Sam can’t help but roll his eyes. Take the boys out of New York but they’re still Brooklyn Catholics, that’s clear enough. Bucky catches the gesture, smirks hard enough Sam can see his eye teeth. It should be dangerous but he’s beautiful, pale and charming and recklessly easy.
“You wanna come in?” Sam asks, ignoring the noise Steve makes, and Bucky’s smile gets wider.
“Yeah,” he says. Steps up close to Sam. “I do.”
my house of stone, your ivy grows | Teen | 9,042 words
When Sam Wilson inherits the manor of the old man he once took care of, it feels like his luck is finally looking up. It's an opportunity for a fresh start, something he's in desperate need of. When he arrives, however, it becomes clear that an easy transition into estate living is not exactly a possibility. The house is run-down, nothing like Sam remembers it, and the groundskeeper — who Sam apparently has to share the house with, wants nothing to do with him.
You Smiled Because You Knew | Teen | 3,754 words
"You've got the wrong address," the man who'd answered growled. He had long, scraggly hair that had mostly escaped his attempts to pull it away from his face. He had nice eyes, and wouldn't have been unattractive, especially with a shave, except for the scowl. "Nobody here wants or needs your . . . services."
It was apparent by the tone the man did not appreciate Sam's hard work.
Well, that was tough shit.
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sofondabooks · 17 days ago
‘“Mr. Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liverslices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencods' roes. Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave to his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine.”
She emphasized the last word for maximum effect. His lips parted as he stared at her, once again defeated - no, trounced - at his own game, and she inclined her head as she finished, “And on that note, I hope you enjoy your gumbo more than I enjoyed Ulysses .”’
Created in honour of @emmyjeanb’s Reylo story, Comfort Zones, with my sincere thanks and appreciation.
Art by the incredibly talented @yodah 💜
Tumblr media
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gentledomcas · 3 months ago
read this fleece frame fic please. i am thinking about pre hell dean again i am thinking about shifter!dean in episode fucking six already naming dean’s issues. pre hell and dean already thinking he’s a freak and knows it, feeling like everyone will always leave him, touch starved and just fucking aching for connection and affection and praise. and when he gets it he doesn’t trust it because he can’t beacause everyone leaves so he’ll push people away before they can. can’t let himself open up and be vulnerable and be left hurt and alone again. can’t possibly show people how fucked up he is, much less when he comes back from hell with the full knowledge of all the fucked up horrible shit he did and he wasn’t even a demon down there. what the fuck is he? what kind of fucked up is that? no wonder everybody leaves. put on charasmtic facade that draws people in for a short a while. fuck around so he gets a little bit of that connection without having to really open up. and he doesn’t know he’ll have that connection later but it’s so deep and big it’s terrifying and it’s a man but not a man and he doesn’t understand how they can look at him and see him all of him and not be disgusted and they keep leaving and it hurts but they always come back? maybe this time they’ll stay? he’s too afraid to ask. doesn’t want to know the answer. but he’ll take the shoulder touches and the hello deans as long as he can have them. he can’t ask for too much he won’t. his aching and longing will never go away but maybe it’s just a little less in their presence and he thinks that may be enough sometimes.
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toorational · 2 months ago
[Peterick] Hiatus / getting (back) together fic recs
As promised to @wbthroughthespace, here’s a rec list of my favorite hiatus / getting (back) together peterick fics. Considering the theme, almost all of these are angsty (or, as angsty as my poor delicate heart can take), and a fair amount include serious topics and/or infidelity, so please to be reading tags carefully, folks.
Also: there’s a bunch of these, and the theme is obvious, so I went with the most informative and succinct summary (if the original one was too vague); but let me assure you that me not waxing poetic over every single one of these fics isn’t a comment on their quality but a mercy for your dash - these are all top notch, and I’ve reread them all a bunch of times, so pls insert “ASALKJAFLKJDGSLKJSDKL” in front of each fic and you’ll be close to how I feel about them. K? K.
That’s it, enjoy! <3
Abstract Impressions by folie_aplusieurs "But then that blog post pops up on his screen, the one by Patrick everyone's talking about, "We Liked You Better Fat" -- and every reason to follow that rule comes crumbling down. Rushing to Patrick's side is the natural response but this time's different than all the rest.”
Dear Future Self by @sn1tchesandtalkers A series of scenes from 2009 till 2019, a progression of moments from the hiatus until Pete and Patrick finally get things right.
full tank away by @ybcpatrick Pete breaks into Patrick's apartment to ask him to run away with him.
Ghost (All the Lovers with no Time for Me) by Flames_and_Jade Patrick ghost-writes love songs. Pete is oblivious until he’s not.
Holding Onto What Escapes Me by Flames_and_Jade Nine months after the divorce, at 3 in the morning, Pete accidentally calls Patrick.
I Know This Hurts (It Was Meant To) by @dancinbutterfly Pete feels like the prince trying to catch up with his kinky CinderDom, with a blindfold in the place of a glass slipper. AKA the Bondage Pete fic
i'm just the words, you are the sound by ohcinnamon Pete drops in on Patrick during the hiatus, drunk, while it's sleeting.
I'm Supposed to Love You by tragician (vause) Six months post-hiatus, Patrick gets drunk and calls Pete.
Let the Fire Burn Me Back to Life by @throwupsparkles Pete is depressed. Patrick takes care of him.
No One's Gonna Save Us by intocooperstown / @setting-in-a-honeymoon The band goes on hiatus. That's only the beginning.
only gets better when it hurts by akamine_chan The first time they see each other after the hiatus is officially announced is a mistake. (Written in July 2012!)
Oh, Calamity! by @ybcpatrick A magical-imagery, in-Pete’s-head songfic.
Right where we belong by @carbonbased000 Pete and Patrick. Three summer festivals. Ten years.
Spiral of Shame by @1833outboy (phancon) Pete and Patrick start having sex. They go through girlfriends and boyfriends who do and don’t know, and their band gets bigger, and they make records together, and they have sex, and they don’t talk about it.
The Last (Only) Thing I Want To See by fanatic_by_definition Pete and Patrick haven't spoken in a year. When Chicago--and Pete--is throttled by a huge blizzard two days before Christmas, all thoughts of guilt and regret go flying out the window of a rental car as Patrick scrambles to get to his ex-best-friend and make sure he's okay.
where the party went by @earlgreytea68 Pete and Patrick go to Vermont to try writing together again.
You Shouldn't Go With Him (When You Could've Had Me) by Jiksa The first text message arrives late one afternoon in autumn, apropos of nothing. It’s been months since they put the band on hold and Patrick is still entirely out of things to say to Pete.
As always, feel free to add your own recs! The more, the merrier. <3
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batattta · 5 months ago
destiel fic recs pt.6
hi there again! i continue drowning myself in deancas fanfiction... but seriously, this fandom is so talented! ❤️
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5
every job is important (23k, t, au) dean works as a sanitation worker, little jack adores him and his job. cas adores him too. yay. very sweet. and i really love parent cas trope. 
only an angel (43k, e) time travel, chuck sends cas to 2006. i’ll never get tired of this trope. 
tell me about the dream (88k, m) woah. the best thing i’ve read lately. post season 5, dean settles down, but with cas instead of lisa. with cas and claire. this is so domestic, so realistic, so so so good!! the slowest of burns. but it’s worth it. the scene on new year’s eve made me scream into a pillow. i’m not the one who rereads things often, but this. THIS. i’m definitely going to. 
you and your husband (17k, g) five times someone calls cas dean’s husband by mistake. 
let’s stay together (12k, e, au) touch-starved covid nurses dean and cas decide to sleep together. platonically .
we are not poets (44k, m, au) astrophysicist cas!! and mechanical  engineer dean! they are best friends, and this is definitely one of the most ridiculous examples of “didn't know they were dating” trope. and cas calls dean rigel, like one of the brightest star 😭 can you imagine 
your call cannot be completed as dialed (64k, t, au) text!fic, cas accidentally texts dean. really angsty, but the ending is happy.
any way you feel (2k, e) season 13 reunion sex. so good. 
he came in through the bedroom window (4k, m, au) best friends to lovers. such summertime vibes! i really miss summer lol.
cliche bingo (3k, g, au) this made me weep ‘cause you know, they SEE each other like nobody else can
the apple of my eye (2k, g) dean. is. so. sweet!!! 100% fluff
red hot chili professors (25k, g, au) dean’s self-loathing in this fic breaks my heart. but you read it and it’s like therapy. healing. 
gulls n’ roses (2k, g) dean gives cas a rose. beautiful oneshot
never or forever (5k, g) dinner with wayward sisters, so domestic!!
of shampoo and fruit flies (17k, m, au) autistic and ace cas, sweet caring dean. such a unique story 
cinnamon (2k, g, au) coffeeshop au with blind cas
dry in the downpour (5k, g, au) meet-cute in the rain 
father material (12k, t, au) dean babysits 4 yo claire (she’s adorable)
cardigan (59k, e, au) ahhhhh cas!!!! is!!! such a crush!!! he owns antique  toy store and wears vests and cardigans. that’s all you should know 
take you to the country (18k, t, au) 1950s au, cas proposes to dean in the local newspaper
the third rail (10k, t, au) dean and cas see each other on the train every day. i love how aileenrose can capture the atmosphere. that’s a talent. again, this fic made me so happy.  
good hands (13k, m, au) dean helps cas with his falling apart b&b. and decides to stay.
play it all night long (43k, e, au) dean is a radio host, cas is his regular listener 
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renlybaratheon-tyrell · 5 months ago
Frostiron Recs - Master List
Hi everyone! Finally, it is here. After 20 parts, this is the master list.
I had such a blast putting this list together and re-reading many of my favorite fics. As many fics as there are on here, this is just a sample of some of the awesome works out there! There are a ton of other great Loki/Tony fics.
Thank you to all of the amazing Frostiron writers out there! You have made this fandom so fun. You’re all incredibly talented and it is a joy to read your fics! They are some of the best I have read in any fandom.
As always, remember to read the tags! Some of these are smutty, dark, or not friendly to certain characters. If there is something you don’t like, don’t read it!
Part 1: Asgardian Tony
Part 2: No Powers AU
Part 3: No Powers AU (2nd part)
Part 4: Alternate Universe
Part 5: Alternate Universe (2nd part)
Part 6: Soulmates/Soul Bonds
Part 7: Soulmates/Soul Bonds (2nd part)
Part 8: Time Travel
Part 9: Epics
Part 10: Epics (2nd part)
Part 11: Fluff
Part 12: Fluff (2nd part)
Part 13: Diplomatic Marriage
Part 14: Canon Divergence
Part 15: Canon Divergence (2nd part)
Part 16: Canon Divergence (3rd part)
Part 17: Canon Divergence (4th part)
Part 18: Smut
Part 19: Smut (2nd part)
Part 20: 5+1
Again, thank you to the amazing Frostiron writers! I am tagging some of you here. I wish I knew everyone’s tumblr urls! @rabentochter @amidnight--dreary @quietlyapocalyptic @dls-ao3 @securitybreach @lailyn @mcfiddlestan @kimmycup @arabesqueangel @dendrite-blues @teadrinkingwolfgirl @scottxlogan @the-ice-sculpture @honestmischief @wnnbdarklord @salamanderink @tinydragontony @favreaus
Also tagging some people that like Frostiron and may be interested in reading these fics! @wspaceblog @lostchildofthenewworld @rennemichaels @lokislonelylady @trinityvampire (read their fic Alibi)
If you want to be tagged or want me to remove your tag, let me know!
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nandolorris4 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hi friends! There are so many talented writers and amazing Maxiel stories out there, so I decided to put together a post with all of my favourite Maxiel fics so far. Please give these wonderful writers kudos/comments because they deserve it <3. Enjoy!
Color on the sidewalk by Fictionalparadises
Coffeeshop AU. One of the first Maxiel fics I read and the probably the fic that made me fall in love with the pairing. Daniel is a hot barista and Max is a struggling College student. It’s beautifully written and I wish I could read it again for the first time. Must read!
There was always warmth between us by higgsbosonblues
Non-AU. Daniel finds Max’s dildo. Things happen. Please just read this. A true Maxiel classic and one of the best pieces I’ve ever read. Multiple times.
With the sun in our eyes by ScrewStyles
Fake dating AU set in 2025. Wow, just wow. This fic was absolutely delightful to read! The sexual tension in this fic was just *chefs kiss* and they’re both very stupid and oblivious. I absolutely loved it. Another must read!
Like ribbons by heroics
Non-AU. Set during the 2020 season. One of the hottest fics I have ever read. The smut is wonderfully written and extremely hot. They both suck at communicating, surprise surprise. I always keep coming back to this fic!
Three rounds and a sound by Ladyeggplant
Coffeeshop AU. Do I even have to explain this one? A true Maxiel classic! There are no words for this masterpiece. If I could only read one Maxiel fic for the rest of my life. This would be it. Just read it.
Paint it, black by simplyverstappen
Superhero AU. Okay so at first I had my doubts because I don’t like Superhero AU’s. But boy do i don’t regret reading this one! The way Daniel is so conflicted about Max being a villain but falls in love with him anyway. Also the Lando/Max friendship is superior in this one. Not to mention the plottwist! Ugh, wonderful read.
Trough adversity to the stars by gentlau
Non-AU. Follows Max and Daniel trough the shitshow that was 2016-2018. Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking. Lots and lots of miscommunication. I consider this fic 100% canon and will probably read this again and again. Masterpiece.
Come on, star boy by @yekoc
American football AU. I waited to read this fic until all the chapters were posted because I just had a feeling it would be a masterpiece. And boy, was I right! The slow burn is wonderful and the way Daniel wants to unravel the mistery that is Max Verstappen is just written brilliantly. Another must read.
Heels turned black by The_orange_one
Non-AU. Another wonderful story about Max and Daniel set from 2016-2019. I read this story in one go. 35k words of pure brilliance. They start off as fwb and the way their relationships develops is just wonderful. Another one of those fics i will probably read again and again.
My kind’s your kind (series) by hardlythewiser
Non-AU. This series has two parts and was actually inspired by another fic. I recently read this and it’s def different from what I usually read. Max is engaged in this one and it starts with a threesome including Daniel. It’s.. a lot but boy so worth the read! Warning for extremely hot smut and Max being stupid as always.
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