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#my fics

All the stuff I’ve written so far! Asterics indicates it is still a work in progress. The works will be separated by category.


Some princes don’t become kings (even at the best times I’m out of my mind)*

Billy finds his dad much earlier. While his dad may not be the best person, surely he only wants to connect with Billy to be family again, right? Not anything else, regardless of what Freddie says. Along with juggling super powers and a nosy family, what is Billy to do?

Hold me Tight (or Don’t)

Sometimes, a Family is you, your Beloved’s dead kid in a coma, and your Beloved’s best friend’s “clone” who’s other gene donor is sort-of kind-of your boss off to play at politics.


There’s been a rash of robberies in Gotham, leaving Batman puzzled as to what the villains are up to, all the while seeing Jason appear to him, even though he’s been dead for a few weeks. Meanwhile. Talia takes care of a comatose Jason while discovering Lex’s secret project taking a form no one expected. On the other side of bay/river, Clark is investigating a mysterious Cadmus fire, under a building Lex Luthor (who is now the president) owns. Not to mention the mysterious new villain who may be more connected to the robberies in Gotham that it seems.

It’s the Fourth of July, y’all know it’s true, the color of the flag is red white and blue

It’s the fourth of July, chaos reigns in the Wayne household.

A collection of prompts

Roy deals with a magic book; Cassie is recruited for an MLM; Jason has a conversation with Dick in his Robin days.

#79: “You tackled a guy off a motorcycle. You need to calm down.”

Jason talks with Damian.

The glow of the cities below lead us back to the places that we never should have left

There is a universe in which Lex Luthor (with the help of a brainwashed Superman) destroyed life on earth. Now, with a ship patrolling outside of Earth, Jason Todd is given a mission to see if there is anything salvageable left in the wake of the destruction.

Sometimes the person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger

Damian is gone, Dick is worried. Bruce is screaming internally.

From Birth to Death

Marilyn Ordway meets a young Bruce Wayne (fresh from a “break up” with Talia al Ghul) and they have a sort of brief summer romance, only it’s not summer and not romantic.

Hey mister, the bell man says “how do you manage?” (I dodge the blast and apologize for collateral damage)

Bruce finds out a shocking secret. (In which Bruce learns his tryst with Marilyn Ordway in the sunny beaches of Saint Martin’s Island in the Caribbean had some unexpected results.)


Repatriation; the process of returning an asset, an item of symbolic value or a person – voluntarily or forcibly – to its owner or their place of origin or citizenship.

Or, Bruce finds some of Jason’s things after his death, and finally returns them to their rightful owner.

#49 “Take off your shirt.” and #63 “Please tell me it’s going to be okay.”

Trouble at the bank.

#13-“Who did this?”

Bruce stumbles upon an interesting headline from the Gotham Gazette, courtesy of Jason.

#1-"That’s how the story goes.”

Dick reads Damian a story while he is sick, Damian doesn’t care for it.

#30 “Is that blood” & 44 “Is that my shirt?”

Laundry mix up causes a commotion at breakfast.

#2 “None of this is your fault.” and #41 “I’m not drunk enough for this.”

Jon comes over because Bruce and Clark need to talk about a case, and Damian has an idea. It doesn’t end well for anyone.

Couldn’t quite see what the future held (and as days went by it would tell itself)

Jason finds his way back into the folds of the family.

Lower your standards, (‘cause its never getting better than this)

Bruce just wants to go on a walk himself, Damian wants to walk his dogs, and Dick has a supernatural sense of when Damian is trouble.

And I Just Can’t Wait for Love to Destroy Us

To combat a homophobic boss and an uncaring department, Barry decides to fake date Hal. Hijinks and accidentally falling in love with your best friend ensue. (Written as a gift).

Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?

Dick lost his memory and Bruce decides its time to go on a vacation with the whole family to try and help him regain his memories. What could go wrong? Includes shenanigans, competitiveness, and adrenaline junkies.


I want to teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way (still I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday)

Iroh knows something is amiss in the palace. He goes to investigate. He is unsure of what he finds.

We are the jack-o-lanterns in July (setting fire to the sky)*

Falling through an inter-dimensional portal was not what Jason planned on doing today, but the universe had a different plan for him. Stumbling upon a random tea shop, he manages to find people to help him get home. If only he knew what was going to happen, he might have stayed in bed that morning.

Aka: what happens when a person with the ability to create fire meets a person who likes to create explosions? Nothing good.


Mama mia pizzeria

Prussia and Romano go to Olive Garden.

The Umbrella Academy

I think of you from time to time (more than I thought I would)

Five’s (and Luther’s) birth and life through the eyes of an outsider.

Road Work Ahead? I sure hope it does.

Klaus (along with the others) don’t think Five know pop culture. They are wrong. So in revenge, Five trolls them.

I see dead people (but not really)

A question I asked myself late at night: what if Five also, to some extent had Klaus’s powers as well? How would that effect him in the future? In the past? In the present?

Blessed be the boys time can’t capture

There is a lot Five doesn’t talk about from the years he was alone. This is one of them.

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I was tagged by @amaradangeli​ for this thingy, thank you 😘.

Author’s Name: Sarah_M on AO3 and @delicatelie89​ on here. Yes, I know they don’t match and that it’s confusing, but it’s too late to change things now.

Fandom(s) you write for: I only write fic for stargate sg1 sam/jack, or as they are also more affectionally called sackjam 👀.

Where you post: ⭐Exclusively on AO3 ⭐

Most popular one-shot: Assuming this is hit based popularity contest, it’s Closing the Distance.

Favorite story you wrote: That’s… a really hard question. I like different fics for different reasons? I mean, there’s Perfectly Explainable and Setting the Mood because they both made me laugh when I wrote them. Closing the Distance and Desire because they were some of my first, I think, more successful smutty fic attempts. Stranded because it was a challenge to myself to write in a different style – and more importantly lead me to start chatting with 🦄🌈 @sharim28. And I like Better Than Ice Cream because it’s so sweet and fluffy… LOOK, okay, I can’t pick one. You do it.

Story you were nervous to post: Every single one. Every time. Every. Time.

How do you choose titles: Who even knows. I sure don’t.

How many of your stories are complete: 19 of 20.

In progress: I’ll say one that’s currently on AO3, and one in my wip folder, since clearly someone *cough* @sharim28​ *cough* wants me to write 🤖🍆💦.

Coming soon: Apparently 🤖🍆💦.

Upcoming story you are most excited to write: I guess I’ll say I am most excited to finish (lol… 😅 ) Losing Touch, however I will highlight that the word upcoming is incredibly relative here.

Do you accept prompts: Sure, there’s absolutely no harm is asking! But chances are I am only going to write it if it sparks something with me 🤷‍♀️.

Top five favorite authors: How dare you only let me pick five? Have I not already established that I cannot be trusted to keep a quota? I’ll will go with @sharim28@amaradangeli@professortennant@nicehatgeorgia@joracwyn​. But believe me: the list goes on and on.

I have no idea who has and hasn’t done this, so I’m going to just tag and bunch of you and feel free to do whatever with it! @sharim28@samcaarter@missmil@joracwyn@pepperf@geneeste@nicehatgeorgia@professortennant@nellie-oleson@ziparumpazoo@supplyship​ and whoever else wants to play.

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Lombard was smooth, but not subtle. The first time he laid eyes on her he’d wanted her to feel him looking. His gaze ran up her thighs like a hand would. Like his hand had, under the table, that night when they’d all given up on survival and gotten high out of their minds. He didn’t creep under her skirt as some men would’ve done, tricking her into compliance before she could fully realize what was happening to her. He made absolutely sure she would feel it.

And that was all he’d done, at first: placed a hand on her leg as they sat side by side at their pitiful feast by candlelight. He’d half-turned to face her, as if there were a question on the tip of his tongue, and at the same moment she felt something warm and heavy pressed deliberately over the fabric of her skirt. The gesture was not in the least companionable, and there was nothing casual about it. He didn’t speak. He was waiting for a sign she’d understood.

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OC: Flora Silverton

Fandom: Grimm

Pairings: Platonic Flora and Juliette (And a hint of Flora/Wu? Somehow?)

Warnings: None



It’s funny how something life-changing can happen, and the world just keeps on turning. 

No one else even seems to notice, caught up in conversation and chatter. This team may be weird, and half of them might be shapeshifters, but at least they know how to throw a good dinner party. (Well, Monroe and Rosalee do, at least. In spite of the whole “wolf and fox” thing, she thinks they might be the most normal ones in the group.) 

But halfway through one of Wu’s wild tales-something about eating paperclips and couch cushions-Eve laughs. It isn’t a quiet laugh, or a muffled snort. It’s a true laugh, warm and real and full. Lost amongst the laughter of the team, but she has always known her cousin’s voice. 

She sounds truly happy. Truly at peace. (She sounds like Juliette. But that is a dangerous thought, and one that Flora can’t risk. She has to reach the woman her cousin is now, not the woman she used to be.) 

So she doesn’t call Eve on it. Doesn’t draw attention. She just clears her throat, and asks Wu if that’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened to him. 

Without hesitation, Wu launches into another tale, and Flora smiles to herself. The man is actually quite a story-teller when he’s relaxed, and something about his deadpan delivery makes every story seem ridiculously hilarious. 

Sure enough, after a few short seconds, Eve laughs once more, and Flora makes a mental note: even if no one else notices (except possibly Sean Renard, she realizes after a moment, as he raises a brow), Wu can make Eve laugh. 

She’ll have to hang out with him more.

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Study Buddy

A little Brian May blurb :) 327 words


Originally posted by gluttons-for-punishment

“Are you Brian? Brian May?” you asked, walking up to the tall man with curly hair who was currently sitting at a table, immersed in a textbook.

Your professor had suggested going to Brian May for help, telling you that you would probably be able to find him in the library.

You had seen Brian around a few times, mostly with his friends who he always was with whenever he wasn’t by himself.

Brian looked up at you and you saw his face go through several different expressions before he settled on a neutral, polite one.

“Yes, I am,” he said. “Why do you ask?”

“Well,” you said, pulling out the chair next to the one Brian was in and sitting down, “I was referred to you by my professor, actually. I require some assistance with my mathematics and apparently, astrophysics has a lot of that.”

Brian stared at you before laughing and closing his textbook. “Yes, it does,” he agreed. “It’s okay if you aren´t very good at mathematics, not everyone is. What´s your major?”

“It’s biology,” you said. “Can I give you my number so we can meet up sometime? I have a class soon.”

“Yes, yes, of course,” Brian said, grabbing a notebook of his from the table and carefully tearing out a piece of paper, handing it to you.

“Do you perhaps have something to write with?” you asked with a laugh, amused by his enthusiasm.

“Oh! Yes,” Brian said, flustered. He handed you a pen and you jotted down your number, along with your name and a smiley face.

You handed him the paper along with the pen and stood up, pushing in your chair. “Call me after six, yeah? I’ll be home then.”

Brian nodded up at you, a dazed look on his face, and you smiled at him before turning around and walking away.

You let out a laugh once you excited the library. This could be fun, you thought.

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Writing Chapter 9 of silent shadows and this song by Billy Joel came up on my Pandora station. So I stopped, cried, and then started on the Epilogue. 😭

I don’t want clever conversation

I never want to work that hard

I just want someone that I can talk to

I want you just the way you are

I need to know that you will always be

The same old someone that I knew

What will it take till you believe in me

The way that I believe in you?

I said I love you and that’s forever

And this I promise from the heart

I could not love you any better

I love you just the way you are

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Part 10 | Part 12

Finding a house just outside of town is relatively easy, all things considered. Now that Dani and Jamie have been there for over a decade, the people in the town have grown used to their presence, even fond of them. It probably helps that their union is now civil and thus recognized by law, but there had been a general air of acceptance long before that. Dani and Jamie did their part in the community, lived their lives together and quietly made their way in the town. Turns out, that did more for them than they thought. 

Having The Leafling downtown gave them both plenty of time to make connections with the other business owners and patrons in the area, both professionally and a few that they got to know more personally. (They’d established a trade system with the coffee shop across the street, one that had worked for years and garnered both businesses more attention from passing tourists. One small bouquet/arrangement for one small coffee.) When Dani started substitute teaching, they made even more connections with the families in town and it was through them that they learned of a house for sale in one of the nicer neighborhoods. The house was large, two-story with three bathrooms and five bedrooms. A quick stop at the realtors office down the street from the shop, a house tour and a sizable payment later, Dani and Jamie were officially homeowners. 

Moving in proved to be a more difficult task. Dani hadn’t expected to feel so nostalgic as they packed up their apartment over the shop but maybe she should have. After all, they had spent close to fifteen years living there, most of that time with a literal ghost. The silving lining existed in the fact that they weren’t losing the apartment, weren’t planning to rent it out anytime soon so they could still come back to it if they wished, but Dani would miss living there. She enjoyed the process of moving, though. 

It seemed to be some kind of neighborhood event when they moved in and so they had a lot of help unloading trucks and moving furniture around. It was a great chance to meet all the people they’d be sharing the street with and if Jamie melted a little bit every time one of the neighborhood kids ran up to Dani yelling ‘Mrs. Clayton! Mrs. Clayton when will you teach me again?’ well, no one could really blame her. A few times Dani had pointed Jamie out to the children who were then extra excited because ‘there’s two Mrs. Claytons? Will she teach us too?’ And then Jamie would find herself swarmed by a small mob of children asking her about plants. Both interactions were entirely too adorable and made both women look forward to the days when it would be their own children fluttering back and forth between the two of them on the lawn, entertained with games and snacks while the adults milled around. 

With all the help, they were all moved in by mid-afternoon with only the unpacking to do, which Jamie convinced her wife to leave for the next day after they got the bed made up. 

“It’s not like we have a new bed to break in,” Dani laughed as Jamie hovered over her, shirt unbuttoned and a toned abdomen on full display. Dani couldn’t help but run her hands along Jamie’s stomach and smiled as she felt the muscles jumping beneath her touch. 

“We’ve got a whole house to break in, Poppins,” Jamie leaned down to kiss at Dani’s neck. “Gotta do it now, before we’ve got kids walking in on us all the time.” 

Dani laughed again and pulled Jamie into a kiss that voiced her agreement. Jamie had a point, after all. 

They spent a few months settling into their new place, getting into the routine of going into town for work and coming home in the afternoon, before they started looking into adoption. There was a lot of unnecessary paperwork and red tape to work through, but they eventually got their license to foster children with the option to adopt later on and so they ended up sharing their first Christmas in their new house with three small children. A six year old boy, a three year old girl, and another boy who was only a few months old. All siblings whose parents had died in a car crash. According to the kids’ files, at least their father had been a drunk and they hadn’t been treated very well while under his care. The social worker thought they might benefit from being in a house without a strong male authority figure. 

Dani and Jamie had fallen in love with all three of them on the first day. 

The oldest, Jonathan, was bright and cheery and smart as a whip. He wasn’t as used to open affection yet, he still tensed when anyone touched him unexpectedly or spoke in too loud of a voice, but he had started to warm up to them. The girl had the sweetest laugh and looked like she could have been Dani’s biological child, they were so similar. Her name was Hannah. Both women had teared up a bit when they learned her name, thinking back to their old friend. The baby boy, Michael, was just getting to the point where he was trying to sit up on his own and though the sleepless nights and diaper changes were frustrating at times, neither woman could hold onto that feeling for long. Michael was simply too adorable to stay mad at for long. 

They had spent Christmas morning piled together in the living room, opening what seemed to be a mountain of presents. Henry, Flora, and Miles had insisted on sending the little ones presents, as did Owen, since they couldn’t be there in person. Dani and Jamie thought it was a bit too soon to introduce the little ones to their extended family. That would have to wait. 

In the afternoon, Jamie took the two oldest kids outside to play in the snow while Dani settled Michael down for a nap and then got started on a substitute Christmas dinner for them. She had hot chocolate waiting for the three shivering but happy people who joined her in the kitchen once the novelty of the snow had worn off for a bit and though Jamie was a bit skeptic, they all drank it without complaint. Perhaps there was one beverage Dani could get right. 

They spent the evening watching Christmas films together in one large pile on the couch until all three of the children had drifted off, Michael curled in Jamie’s arms, Hannah lying between Jamie and Dani with her feet against Dani’s legs and head against Jamie’s arm, and Jonathan leaning against Dani’s other side. 

“They’re ours,” Jamie said, her voice low so she wouldn’t wake them. Dani stretched out the arm Jonathan wasn’t laying on towards her wife, slipping her fingers into short hair. 

“They are,” she agreed easily. She felt it the moment they met. “We’ll ask them tomorrow if they want to stay with us.” 

Jamie nodded, and gestured down towards Hannah. “Take her, will you? We should get them to bed.” 

Dani gently eased Hannah over until her position was almost reversed so Jamie could stand with Michael in her arms. Jamie rounded the couch, pausing to press a kiss against Dani’s hair, and then made her way up the stairs. Hannah shifted against Dani’s side, nuzzling closer to her. Dani leaned down and kissed Hannah’s hair and then repeated the action to Jonathan on her other side. Jonathan stirred at the touch. 

“It’s okay, buddy,” Dani soothed him as the little boy looked around. “Jamie’s just putting Michael to bed.” 

“And you’re up next, Penguin.” Jamie said as she came back into the living room. Dani smiled at her wife. Jamie had given all of the kids they fostered so far a different animal nick-name and she’d yet to use the same one twice. Jonathan had been dubbed Penguin when he awkwardly flapped his arms the first day they met, looking like a penguin trying to walk. Hannah became Koala bear due to her tendency to hold on to either Jamie or Dani like a koala at any given opportunity. Michael was Monkey because he had a strong grip that Jamie swore meant he’d be climbing all over things as soon as he could. “Say goodnight.” 

“Goodnight mom,” Jonathan said tiredly, leaning into Dani as she wiggled her arm free to wrap around him. 

“Goodnight buddy,” Dani returned with a kiss against his hair, sure there were tears shining in her eyes. Jamie lifted the boy up into her arms, eyes shining in the same way that Dani’s were, and carried him upstairs to his own room. Dani followed this time after maneuvering Hanna into her arms to carry her as well. Once the girl was tucked into bed, Dani made her way to Michael’s nursery to check on him and kiss him goodnight before she made her way to the master bedroom to wait for her wife. Jamie joined her after a quick stop in Hannah’s room to kiss her goodnight as well. 

“He called you mom,” Jamie said, sounding as amazed as Dani felt. “Do you think that means he wants to stay?” 

“I hope it does,” Dani changed into something to sleep in and then crawled into bed, quickly joined by Jamie. “They’re ours Jamie, I can feel it. It’s almost like how I felt when I first saw you.” 

“And how’s that?” Jamie asks, though she’s heard the story before. She loves hearing her wife say it. 

“Like I’d known you all my life, like you were always meant to be a part of it.” 

“Ditto Poppins,” Jamie pressed their lips together shortly. “I love you.” 

“I love you, too,” Dani kissed her again. “And I love our family.” 

Somewhere above them, in the place where she had finally found her rest, Viola Lloyd smiled down at the happy couple as they fell asleep in one another’s arms. She knew that Dani and Jamie deserved to enjoy all the good in life they could get and was happy to see that the same love that had been her salvation was still growing after all these years. 

All in all, after fifteen years, their life could only be described as perfectly splendid. 

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Belladonna Kisses

Briar Rose knows she isn’t Rose Red. That doesn’t mean she won’t do everything she can to earn Cinders’ love and to make her feel loved.

Mechtober ( @mechanismszine ) Prompt Seven: Once Upon A Time (In Space) | Smoke
Also a gift fic for @afellowstargazingdreamer

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Prompt 21: The Addams Family

Summary: Lizzie’s dads introduce her to a classic television show

Notes: Continuation of my other Lizzie AU drabbles


Blaine is the one to set them all up to watch the very first episode of the Addams Family. He figures since it’s October, it’s only right to start Lizzie on this spooky adventure. Though he and Kurt were sure to enjoy the nostalgic vibes of the show, as both of their parents had forced it upon them as children, they hoped Lizzie could come to appreciate it as much as they both did.  

He and Kurt are sharing a blanket on the sofa each holding a mug of hot chocolate. Lizzie has taken over the floor with her purple and white polka-dotted beanbag from Uncle Cooper. Her own mug of hot chocolate is safely on the table perfectly in reach for her to grab when it’s cooled off.

Once the theme song starts to play, Lizzie jumps out of her beanbag chair. “This is the days of the week song!” Lizzie exclaims, pointing at the TV.

Blaine pauses in the middle of the theme song. “What?”

Lizzie starts snapping just like in the Addams Family.

“Days of the week,” she sings, snapping twice, “days of the week.”

Kurt sits up and puts his mug on the coffee table, trying to hide his laughter. Lizzie had already sung this song to him a few weeks ago when she first learned it in her kindergarten class.

“There’s Sunday and there’s Monday and Tuesday and there’s Wednesday and there’s Thursday and there’s Friday and then there’s Saturday.” Lizzie snaps twice again, this time with Kurt joining in. “Days of the week,” two snaps, “days of the week.”

“I…” Blaine cuts himself off not quite knowing what to say.

He turns to Kurt for help. His husband is not in a helping mood it seems because Kurt simply smiles and asks Blaine to press play.

Blaine purses his lips but does as Kurt asked.

Three episodes later, Lizzie is sound asleep on the ground. She had gotten out of the beanbag midway through the second episode to lay on the floor. Kurt was cleaning up their mugs and bowls of popcorn while Blaine shut the tv off and folded up the blankets.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about the song,” Blaine says, joining Kurt in the kitchen.

“Surprise?” Kurt replies with a smirk.
Blaine crosses his arms, unimpressed.

“You really should’ve seen your face when she started to sing. Totally worth it.”

Kurt goes back out to the living room and picks up their daughter to carry her to bed. Blaine follows his husband into Lizzie’s bedroom and they both kiss her forehead before shutting her door.

“You should’ve told me,” Blaine says.

“And ruin my fun?” Kurt asks. “No way.”

“You’re a meanie.”

“You’re pouting,” Kurt tells him.

Blaine puffs out his lips in response.

“Real mature.”

Kurt climbs into bed right into his husband’s lap. Like an adult, who definitely isn’t pouting, Blaine crosses his arms and turns his face to the side. In retaliation, Kurt grabs Blaine’s face and kisses him. This, of course, instantly changes Blaine’s attitude and he starts to kiss Kurt back.

“Forgive me?” Kurt asks when they part.

“I don’t know.”

Kurt kisses him again.


Blaine pretends to think it over.

“Fine,” Kurt says, crawling to his side of the bed. “No cuddles. No kisses.”

He turns his body away from Blaine and pulls the covers up to his neck.

“No, no, no,” Blaine says.

Blaine moves Kurt onto his back and straddles him.

“I forgive you. I was being silly.”
Kurt sticks out his tongue.

“Now who’’s being mature?” Blaine questions.

He leans down and presses a soft kiss to Kurt’s forehead.

“I love you,” he tells him.

Kurt smiles a little. “I guess I love you too.”

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