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title: five hundred steps

pairing: john/jamie

rating: e (tags on ao3)

word count: 1.8 k

notes: for the @outlanderbingo2020​ dragon square

summary: Lord John decides to do a very special favor for the dragon who has been imprisoned in the dungeon for over a hundred years.


Grey knew the story. It had been told to him as a young boy as it was told to his father and his grandfather. The White Witch had grown too powerful so the King had her burnt at the stake. Her husband was in so much pain from her loss that the grief transformed him into a hideous beast… a dragon of old. He spent a century wreaking havoc upon those who had taken his wife from him, until he was captured by the Great Queen and, as he could not be killed, was imprisoned here, in the Dungeon Ardsmuir. 

read on ao3

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Prompt: “Can you write some nsfw with Shino !! He’s a whole daddy”

A/n: I’m literally so bad at titles lmao oops. also let’s just say I have a newfound appreciation for Shino 👀 (I still hate bugs though I’m sorryyyy)

Pairing: Shino Aburame x reader

Words: 624

Warnings: smut in the forest babey!


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Who did this? Who barged in on someone’s wedding and asked the bride to run away with them? It happened only in movies, and yet – this was his last shot. In an hour, she’d be married and there would be no more chances left to spend.

I don’t want to say too much but Rebelcaptain is definitely endgame so just keep that in mind while reading! You can also read this on ao3 where I give some of my thoughts on why I wrote this fic.

It was a small wedding which made sense because Jyn never liked to be the center of attention. Part of him was surprised she’d even agreed to a reception – when they were together, he always thought she was a “let’s get married spontaneously at the courthouse” kind of girl. But maybe it was all for her husband to be, maybe he wanted a big wedding and they settled on a compromise, maybe – maybe he pushed her into it. He couldn’t imagine Jyn being forced to do anything she didn’t want to, but he was desperate to hate this guy.

Not that he knew anything about him, other than his name and Facebook profile photo, but still. It was the principle of the thing. He was supposed to end up with Jyn, not this random dude she’d known for what? A couple of years? How well do you get to know a person in only a few short years? He didn’t want to be the crazy jealous ex-boyfriend but he had always thought –

Well, he just had to make sure she was serious about this. Because if there was even a part of her that still felt the same as he did…

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Hard to Get Chapter 16 (Sasuke x reader)

Prompt: none

A/n: I feel like I’m getting more and more ooc as I write this but like…here we are. There will probably only be a few chapters left in this fic though, so I hope you guys have enjoyed it so far! 

Pairing: Sasuke Uchiha x female reader

Words: 1.4k+

Warnings: lil bit of smut – feel free to skip this chapter if you don’t like reading smut, there’s not much plot here lmao

Masterlist / previous part / next part

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okay, listen, i just like the idea of suave slightly older oliver and grad student connor, who’s been crushing for a while.

Connor hated Saturday night shifts at Le Petit Chalet. He was guaranteed to get yelled at for at least two things that were not his fault, and some of the richer regulars were horrible with tips, despite asking the maître d’ to seat them in his section.

After one particularly nasty exchange with someone who wanted all their food packed together and had chastised him for wasting plastic, Connor was edging towards the point of no return. He was beginning to feel the familiar heat creep up the back of his neck when Oliver walked into the restaurant.

Oliver Hampton was a regular at Le Petit Chalet. The fact that he was a generous tipper was hardly the nicest thing about him. Over the last year and a half as a waiter, they had developed a repertoire. Anytime Oliver was at the restaurant, Connor found himself lingering at the table long enough to push but not break the limits of what he could get away with. Oliver was easy to talk to, and Connor loved the way he smiled with his eyes.

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Truth of the Matter

Roman prepares a “Good Morning!” surprise for the other Sides. It doesn’t go to plan.

I’m pretty sure this was sent before the latest episode but it ties in so well, I couldn’t resist. 

It had been a rough few weeks. First the whole debacle with the courtroom, then Remus’s unwelcome visit, then the wedding itself and all that ensued…

Roman thought it was high time for a little cheering up.

He made sure he awoke early, before any other sides would be up. Then, at the kitchen table, he set to work.

A bouquet of flowers to brighten everyone’s day! A gift for them all to enjoy equally, so there’s no need to think about – well, never mind. He summoned up an elegant glass vase, and then moved on to filling it. Indigo irises for Logan, bright sky-blue daisies for Patton, purple windflowers for Virgil – and of course, last but not least, red carnations for Roman himself!

Perhaps once he would have chosen roses. But, well. Things have been less than rosy as of late…

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Set in the 90s, so no cell phones. ✌️

Remus wasn’t entirely sure how he found himself here by the side of the road in Glasgow, thumb turned up. He had a hazy drunken memory of telling Peter to leave without him, and this morning when he woke up in their hostel bedroom, everyone else—all the other strangers they were sharing a room with—was there except for Peter. His bed was empty and his bag gone.

Remus’s head throbbed. He stumbled until he wasn’t too far off from the M8, away from the foot traffic. The day was thankfully overcast, and as far as Remus could see, rain wasn’t likely. But after three hours, his patience was beginning to wear thin.

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This was inspired by this absolutely perfect and adorable drawing by @shanshala! You are great and I really hope you love this as much as I love your art!

Alex had been begging Thomas to go to Disney World with him for months, until he finally managed to convince Thomas to buy them tickets. Alex is sitting beside him on the couch, almost in his lap, his arm looped through Thomas´, with his head resting on his shoulder.

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Another writing update!

  • Several days ago, I finished the first draft of that giant love square fic I’ve been working on! I’m currently editing it, and I’ll probably start posting that during the last week of June–but no guarantees, since I’ll be busy with stuff irl this summer. 
  • I’m working on Chapter 5 of the Luxy fic. Although I have a plan for Chapter 6, I…haven’t quite figured out how to end the fic, so I’m not sure when I’ll finish that. But I’ll probably post Chapter 5 in the next week or two.
  • I finished a one-shot for Lukadrien June! I’ve got two more that I want to write, but we’ll see if I have time.
  • I want to write a trans-themed one-shot for Pride Month–or at least start a multi-chap–but I honestly don’t know if I’ll have time. We’ll see.

And of course, my ask box is always open if you have any questions! 

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Hi love! Aahhh, I’m so glad you like I’ve done some things…🥺 You’re right, that was my first fic! A real labour of love ❤️ I wrote it before I was even on Tumblr, I just watched too many youtube videos of these boys being not-so-secretly in love and read a few fics, but I couldn’t find one quite like I wanted to read. So one day I was like, ‘fuck it, imma write it’ and I started writing it by the pool on a holiday in France with my gal pals, who kept encouraging me to keep going when I started despairing and went “but I don’t know how to write!” So I’m very grateful to them hahaha. Oh yes, that Jon Kortajarena huh? 👀 And aww I’m glad you like Illuminations. I felt very soft throughout writing that one, I think it shows, lol! Anyways, thank you so much for dropping by to tell me this, I really appreciate it!! 🥰😘

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Chapter 8: Ember

Read in Ao3

“Marinette, Alya’s here!”

“Hey, girl!” Her best friend’s booming voice made Marinette look up from the empty chat room that belonged to her and Chat Noir.

And frankly, she was grateful for Alya’s interruption. She didn’t even know how to begin a conversation with him over text. She never had to before.

“Hey, Alya!” She said, knowing full well how absent minded she sounded as she exited the application, putting her phone away.

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