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I'm extremely excited about unrequited Bowers 馃憖

Hahaha I thought that entry might turn some heads. Yes, a dark little fic about Bowers being fixated on Eddie that I’ve been thinking about since an anon messaged me about Bowers and his possible obsession with Eddie sometime in January.

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Ziva talking with Ellie 馃槉

Thank you!!! Love that duo.

Ellie felt a vibration coming from her back pocket, from which she took out the telephone to see what had caused it. It was a message from no one other than Ziva David.

How’s everything going with Odette? I hope she’s teaching you everything the way I asked her to.’

Ellie huffed, typing her back. ‘Great, actually. She’s a really good teacher, I didn’t know someone could fight like that.’

An answer appeared a second later, making Bishop smile.

'They name the most powerful storms after women for a reason.’

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic! 

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Hey y’all! Sorry I haven’t posted as much recently. Some writing updates for you:

  • I’ve written maybe…60% of the multi-chapter Love Square fic I’ve been working on? I’ll probably start posting that in May or June.
  • I’ve got an outline for the last Holiday Kiss fic, which you can expect sometime next month.
  • I am so, so sorry about the delay on OOTR. I have complicated feelings about that fic right now, and the way it relates to my mental health is…tricky. I have been sitting on the draft of Chapter 9 (and working on Chapter 10) for a ridiculously long amount of time, but I promise I will post Chapter 9 sometime this week!
  • Expect another crack fic sometime in the next month or two 😂

And that’s about it! I hope everyone is safe and well. Please take care of yourselves!

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Tiva - team

Thank you!!!

Tali come running from the backyard, a big gap-toothed smile displayed as she handed the note to her mother.

It was a drawing of two dolls, with lots of crayon hearts and glitter. ’Will you go out with daddy’, it read in childlike handwriting.

Someone gave her a kiss on the cheek from behind. “Was this your idea? Using our daughter to compel me to say yes?” Ziva asked while he planted kisses on the crook of her neck.

“Hmm,” Tony purred, “you can say it was great team work.”

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic! 

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The Perfect Pair - Logince

Words: 1,639

Yeah, those were socks alright.

Logan gazed down at the drawer overflowing with socks, a beaming Patton standing behind him proudly. “This is my entire collection! Oh, aside from the ones I’m wearing right now! I’m not sure how many I have, but I think it’s somewhere in the low hundreds?”

Hundreds? “Fascinating,” he murmured, running his hands over the ones with constellation patterns. “You seem to enjoy this little hobby of yours, Patton. I can certainly say I’ve never seen anything like it. What are you wearing now?”

“Oh!” Patton slid off his shoes to show him. “See? It looks like I have little kitty cat paws!” The socks themselves were gray, while the paw prints were a light pink.

Logan nodded. “I see. That is-“



He pouted, slowly putting his shoes back on. “You’re being catty today. Something on your mind?”

“That was dreadful.” He turned his attention back to the colorful socks. “Anyways, I may actually get a few of these myself. They are quite…” His breath died in his throat. Were those what he thought they were? No, they couldn’t be. He slowly lifted out a certain pair and blushed, turning them over in his hands. “Actually, I would like to borrow these for a little while.” 

Roman was lounging on his bed and staring at the ceiling with a serene smile as he allowed his creative mind to wander, eyes slowly closing. Breaks were the absolute best. No rushing to think up video ideas or deal with a certain someone’s nagging about schedules and deadlines approaching not even that quickly. Just relaxation. 


His eyes opened and settled on the figure standing in his doorway. Spoke too soon. “Yes, Heisenberg?” he questioned evenly, trying to keep the slight frustration out of his voice. As much as he lo-liked him, now was a time for him to unwind.

“I…” Logan wasn’t sure what to say. “May I come in?”

But he can’t say no to that face. “Sure!” Roman patted the space next to him on the bed, curiosity written across his face when he instead sat down in front of him. “Hi?” He drew his legs up so he could sit criss-crossed. “You never said what you needed.”

He shrugged. “Just wanted to see you.”

Ooh, that sent an arrow straight through his heart. “I’m honored, my precious nerd! I was just relaxing over here, care to join me? Or did you want to talk about something specific?”

“I shall just join you.” Logan enacted the next phase of his plan, which was setting both legs in his lap as casually as possible. He must be so stealthy right now.

He was not stealthy at all right now. Roman raised an eyebrow, noticing he wasn’t wearing his usual shoes as he tended to do at all times. Only socks. “Um,” he began, then quieted. What was he supposed to do? “It’s rare to see you without shoes.” His socks seemed to have something written on the soles. “Are you wearing ones that aren’t plain?”

“Indeed, I wanted to change things up a little today. Nothing too fancy, since the main color is still white. Just a small detail.” He flexed his toes, a light blush spreading across his face. Any time now.

“Let me see!” He lifted both feet to examine them, his smile slowly morphing into a confused frown. The right one read since you are reading this, and the left one tickle my toes with a picture of two tiny feet. Interesting. “Logan, do you even know what is on your socks?”

Logan coughed, glancing away. “I must admit I am not certain, since I borrowed them from Patton. Why?”

Roman’s eyes narrowed. So that’s how he wanted to play this, hmm? “No reason.” He pressed one of his thumbs into the ball of his left foot, smirking at the gasp it produced. “I just have a simple question for you. Are you…ticklish?”

“What?” His toes curled again, trying to catch his thumb between them. “That’s absurd, Roman. I am a being of pure intellect who is not affected by such things. You’ve been spending far too much time with Patton.”

“Right, my mistake.” He pulled his hands away, crossing his arms behind his head and lying back. “Never mind. Let’s just go back to resting or whatever.”

Logan almost squawked indignantly. He did that on purpose, didn’t he?! Frustrated, he leaned forward to poke at his exposed underarms. The prince immediately fought back after a surprised squeal by quickly scribbling his nails over the socked feet, which were luckily still in his lap and just begging for it. 

What followed was a sound sweeter than any music Roman had ever heard in his entire life.

“ROHOHOHOMAN!” Logan couldn’t even try to hold back his reaction, not that he would’ve if he could. It was an amazing feeling and something he should have pursued a lot sooner. Years of avoiding tickle fights in the Mind Palace and pretending he wasn’t ticklish like the others melted away as he laughed freely, and it was pure ecstasy.

“Aw, does the Logical one have tickly feetsies?” Roman teased once he could speak again through his gay thoughts of how cute his friend looked. “Does he? He thought he could hide them from us forever with no one ever finding out and taking swift action? Adorable.” 

He didn’t answer any of the questions directed towards him, instead focusing on the torturous feelings lighting up his nerves and making him want to scream. “YOU AHAHAHAHARE THE WOHOHOHOHORST!”

“I am what?!” he snapped, poking and pinching up and down with no real pattern. “That’s not a very nice thing to say to the person giving you what you wanted!”

Logan tried to glare the best he could. “FAHAHAHAHAHALSEHOOD!”

“And you’re a liar on top of it!” Roman huffed. “I can make this so much worse for you, if you haven’t noticed!” The tickling stopped for a moment so he could understand him better and hear from him directly. “I’ll do it, too.”

Making the most of his break, he contemplated those words. He wasn’t bluffing according to his tone, which was good for him in the long run if he wanted this to keep going. Which he did. Now to just give him a little push. “Bring it on.”

“You asked for it!” Deciding to follow what the socks said, all ten of his fingers moved higher to tickle under the wiggly toes. “Ooh, what a reaction!”

Death spot, death spot! “NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!” Logan didn’t mean it, no matter how much it tickled. He didn’t yank his legs away even the slightest bit.

Roman cooed, pulling off the socks and going right for the sensitive skin between his toes. “I should conjure a feather next time!” There would be a next time, right? There had to be with how happy he looked. “Just sawing back and forth so ticklishly-was that a snort I heard?!”

He shook his head, laughter broken up by a second snort. His hands covered his burning face in embarrassment. “PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!”

“Please tickle you more?” He shrugged, pretending he didn’t understand him. “If that’s what your heart so desires! Who am I to refuse such a polite request?” And the tickling went on for several more minutes. Heels, arches, nothing was left un-tickled, with Roman only stopping once Logan tapped his arm frantically. “Breathe,” he reminded him.

Logan did, taking in gasps of air until his cheeks no longer resembled the color of Roman’s sash. Tears of laughter had fallen from his eyes at some point, leaving visible tracks. “Roman,” he began, “that was awful.”

“I’m sure it was, handsome. It’s not like you wanted it so badly you were about to lose your mind.” Roman’s voice was thick with sarcasm. “You can always ask,” he added as an afterthought. Softer.

“You should be aware of how hard that can be.” He rolled his eyes. “I have seen you in your lee moods.” Wait. “What did you just call me?”

Oops. He rubbed the back of his head nervously, not able to come up with anything. “It’s true. I wasn’t lying or whatever.”

“I don’t need you to tell me something I already know.” Logan was smiling now, getting on his knees to be near eye-level with the other Side. “But thank you.”

“God, I love you.” It slipped out before Roman knew what was happening. “Oh. I mean, you’re welcome. That’s totally what I meant to say instead of that.” 

Eyebrows raised in shock, he reached a hand out to gently cup his face and force him to look at him. “You love me in a romantic sense, Roman? Is that what you mean?”

“I know you don’t feel the same,” he blurted out. His eyes squeezed shut as shame washed over his body in waves. “You don’t-don’t feel things, emotions. You-“ A pair of soft lips covered his own, interrupting him mid-sentence. He slowly kissed back and wrapped his arms around his waist, then his eyes opened once the warmth left him. 

“You figured out I wanted to be tickled,” Logan mused, “yet you couldn’t figure out I feel emotions like the rest of you? I love you too, Roman. You are my everything.”

Way to make him feel stupid. “Just kiss me again, nerd.” Roman stuck out his tongue, not expecting his underarms to be targeted like earlier. “WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAIT!”

“Wait for what?” His expression was blank as he worked methodically to wreck his new boyfriend(?) into oblivion with every possible technique he had observed over the years. “I do not understand. What am I waiting for?”

“IT TIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHIHICKLES!” And the whole time he was tickled, Logan’s eyes were shining bright with pure adoration that not even he could hide.

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3-sentence fic prompt: Tivali ‘bedtime’

Thank you!!!

“Come, it’s way past your bedtime.” Tony sighed when Tali looked up at him, puppy eyes and a pout asking for more. “We’ve already watched two movies, sweet cheeks. It’s late, you need to rest.”

Tali’s frown deepened but she eventually let herself be carried by him to her bed. He put Kelev next to her and pulled the blankets to her chin.

She looked at the photograph at her bedside table. He gave it to Tali, in which she planted a soft kiss on the glass.

“Goodnight, Ima.”

Tony did the same, kissing young Ziva on the photograph, her smile wide on a narrow street of Paris. His eyes watered.

“Goodnight, Daddy.” He kissed her forehead and turned off the lights.

“Goodnight, ninja.”

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic! 

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Tiva + morning sickness prompt

Thank you!!!

Ziva ran towards the bathroom, nausea clouding her vision.

She was already on the ground when a hand started massaging her back. “Is everything okay?” Orli asked, the sudden concern in her voice foreign to Ziva.

She closed her eyes, the image of them saying goodbye on the tarmac weeks ago coming to her.

And he- he wasn’t there. He couldn’t be there. He was long gone. This couldn’t be happening-

“No, no, no,” though Ziva was already certain, “what if…?”

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic! 

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           Sam stared at the familiar figure in shock before scrambling to his feet. “What…where the hell am I?”

           Crowley rolled his eyes. “You’re dead, which, if I’m being honest, is a bit disappointing—if not surprising. Honestly, I suppose it’s a miracle you and your brother outlasted even the first year of your position.”

           “Wait, I don’t understand,” Sam said, trying to make sense of any of this. “What is this place, and why are you…here?”

           “You’re in the Empty, Moose,” Crowley explained with mock patience as if Sam were slow.

           “The Empty?” Sam asked in a hushed voice, eyes widening as he glanced around at the pure void. This was the Empty? Well, it looked like a place called the Empty, he supposed, and Billie had said that the next time they died they would end up there, but still… “I don’t…I don’t understand,” he stammered.

           Crowley gave a longsuffering sigh. “You know, I always secretly knew your brother was the smart one. It’s about the contract, Sam. When you signed it, you didn’t really become a demon, but you didn’t really stay human either. At least not enough to be sent to Heaven or Hell. Not a monster, so you don’t go the Purgatory and where, pray tell, does that leave, if none of those?”

           “The Empty?” Sam asked unnecessarily.

           “Now you’re getting it,” Crowley said. “And me, I’m here to play Virgil to your Dante. For what good that will do you.”


Read on Ao3

Read on

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hello! i just wanted to say that i absolutely ADORED like real people do. at first when i read the summary i was terrified. i cried the second i started the first chapter and instantly fell in love with the story. kudos to you! if you're still doing snippets, i was wondering what life was like for once and cody after the war?

AH, THANK YOU! :D You make my morning. I am still doing snippets, yes. Poor Once. Kid needs a break.


The war ended, somehow. Somehow, a few words were said, and it was just over. Swept away. The thing Cody’d been made for: just done. He’d never known how to be anything but a soldier. In the immediate aftermath, when the Senate announced it was open to his brothers volunteering for service, that had seemed the obvious choice.

The Kaminoans hadn’t trained him to do anything but fight.

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Stephen finds the area after a few more minutes of walking and he crouches to the nearest patch of land where the herbs are, smiling at the sight of the lively green blanketed by a very thin layer of snow. It always amazes him at how these plants survive on this mountain given its unnaturally cold climate. 

Life finds a way.

He is unearthing some of the herbs and gently placing them on the basket when he hears it. A crackle of the rocks coming from behind him that is not easily caused by the mere wind and Stephen slowly straightens his body, his mind bringing him back to the present. He then hears the raspy breaths of another person approaching him.

He’s not alone. 

Crepusculum Deorum: Chapter 6 - The Long & Winding Road <- Link here!

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For a fuffy prompt: it’s the 1800s and fuffy is having a scandalous affair, or modern day they haven’t seen each other in 10 years after a tragic event

it’s the 1800s people but idk how scandalous this is so much as just Yearning with some vaguely proto-communist allusions

send me prompts!

“You’re going to go through with this,” Faith says. It isn’t a question, but Buffy nods anyway. She stares down at her lap, where her hands are folded, resting on top of her skirt. Not for the first time, she envies the way Faith dresses so easily in mens’ clothing—like a woman in trousers is perfectly normal.

Although, the large knife that Faith carries around at the belt of those trousers probably makes things easier.

“It will make my mother happy,” Buffy says, still staring down at her hands. She can’t look at Faith right now, can’t bear to see her face.

“You deserve better than living to please someone else,” Faith says firmly, and Buffy closes her eyes, as if to place a barrier between Faith’s truths and herself.

“He’s a very rich man, Faith,” she says, toneless. “My mother will grow old in dignity, and our children will be safe and educated.”

“Your children,” Faith scoffs. “And what about everyone else’s children? Are you abandoning everything we believe in, all of the changes we planned to fight for, so that your children can learn Latin in their free time?”

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Can you please do one where TK gets sick and clings to Carlos?

TK opens his eyes and groans. He’s got a splitting headache and his throat feels like he’d swalloed nails. A nasty cough escapes his mouth and TK puts a hand on his chest to rub the pain away. He feels awful. He looks over to the nightstand to find a glass of water, some tea and a note on it. He works his arm out off under the blanket and grabs the note. His dad left him a message saying he called in sick for him and he should rest. He’ll see him later and call if he needs anything.

TK puts the note away and rolls onto his back.The room is spinning and his head feels like its gonna split into two halfs any second. He looks where is phone is but can’t get himself to lift his head further. He rolls on his side again and closes his eyes. He hates being sick like this.

He doesn’t know how much time has passed when he hears a knock on his room door. Did he sleep? What time was it. He pushes the duvet over his head and sighs.

“TK, it’s me Carlos. Your dad said to check on you. Can I come in?”

TK groans again and grips the duvet tighter. Wonderful. Carlos seing him like this, all snotty and gross wasn’t how he’d planned today.

He hears the door open slowly and a weight makes the matress move down a bit.

“If you’re having a fever, you shouldn’t wrap yourself up like this. It’s gonna make it worse.”


Just now TK feels shivers run down his body and he has to cough again. He feels the duvet being lifted of his head and he squeezes his eyes shut. Carlos gets up from the bed and closes the blinds a bit so the room gets darker. He sits back down on the bed next to him again.

“That’s better, right?”

TK peels one eye open and sees the other man smile at him. He feels gross and embarrassed. He’s all sweaty and probably stinks.

“What you doing here, Carlos?”

Carlos raises an eyebrow and reaches over to the nightstand to get the glass of water.

“I met your Dad on a call and he asked me to check up on you after my shift and here I am.”


TK coughs again and hides his face in the pillows. He feels a light tap on his cheek and he looks up. Carlos is holding the glass of water in front of him

“One sip and then you can get back to sleep, ok?”

Getting up and drinking seems like too much effort and TK just shakes his head which makes him feel dizzy and he groans in annoyance. Carlos smiles and leans over. Cold fingers are moving along his shoulders and get in place on the backside of his neck. The other man gently lifts his head a bit and brings the glass to his lips. TK opens his mouth and the cold water floads in. It’s nice and soothes his throat pain. When he’s downed almost the whole glass Carlos puts it aside and wipes the rest water off his lips.

“Good. Helped didn’t it?”

TK nods and Carlos moves his hand away so his head falls back onto the pillow. He still feels awful and tears spill into his eyes.

“I hate this.”

Carlos cups his face and rubs softly at his cheek.

“You’ll be fine ¡corazón, just get some more sleep. I can sit with you for a bit if you want.”

Carlos places a soft kiss on his forehead and TK grabs him by the shoulders making him lie doww next to him. He nestles his head against the other man’s chest. It feels nice. Carlos’s heartbeat is drumming against his cheek and his breath softly grazing the top of his head. He closes his eyes. His arms wander on the other man’s back and TK feels warm and tired and seconds later his mind drifts away and he falls asleep.

*~*~ *~*~ *~*~

TK has a weird taste in his mouth and he licks his lips. He tries to roll on his back when he feels a weight in his arms. His eyes snap open and he looks directly in Carlos’s almost black eyes. He blinks a couple of times and realizes that his arms and legs are slung around the other man.


Carlos softly rubs his shoulder and smiles.

“Welcome back. You feeling better?”

TK moves his head to look over to the clock on the wall. It#s almost dinner time. How long did he sleep? And have they been like this all the time?

Carlos shouldn’t lie so close to him he doesn’t want him to catch whatever TK has, too.

“You been here all the time, why didn’t you leave? I don’t want you to get sick too.”

TK’s throat feels better and his headache is a dull pain on his forehead now.

Carlos chuckles and he has this sparke in his eyes that makes TK’s knees weak.

“I mean I would have but you’re like a freaking cuddle octopus when you’re sick. I couldn’t really move.”

TK blushes and moves his arms and legs away from the other man. Carlos grabs at his arms though.

“No stay. It’s really nice like this and to be honest I could do with a little bit more rest. I had a long week.”

TK smiles and lies his head back down on the pillows. Carlos looks at him with soft eyes and TK runs his finger along his jawline.

“Thanks for being here.”

Carlos nods and kisses him on the forehead.

“No problem, querido.”

The older man pulls TK closer and TK closes his eyes again.

Love is the best medicine, isn’t it.

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fuffy + "every time we kiss"

regular high school au because why not. not any actual fuffy here just like. general sadness and fear and a sense of anxiety about the ever encroaching future bc that’s all i can feel rn

send me prompts!

“You’re still hanging out with her, huh?” Willow says as they step out of the front doors of Sunnydale High School into the bright afternoon sunlight and see Faith waiting in the parking lot, leaning against her car. Buffy shoots Willow an amused look, raising her eyebrows.

Hanging out?” she repeats, and Willow blushes slightly.

“Well, what do you want me to call it?” she asks defensively. “You’re not dating.” They start to descend the front steps, and Faith spots them in the crowd of high schoolers. She grins and waves, and Buffy waves back, feeling a familiar, shy smile form on her face.

“Look, Wil,” Buffy says, turning to her friend, “you don’t like her, I know. But I really, really do, okay?”

“It’s not that I don’t like her,” Willow says, looking at the ground. “She’s—well, she’s funny. Sometimes. I just—I just worry. We’re leaving for college in five months, and I don’t want you to do anything rash.”

“You think I’d stay here for her?” Buffy asks, stopping in her tracks and turning to look at Willow. Willow shrugs.

“Wouldn’t you?” Buffy considers that for a long moment, pictures Faith turning to look at her from the driver’s seat of her car and saying please stay.

“I don’t know if I would,” Buffy says eventually. “I guess we’ll find out if she asks me to.”

“Buffy,” Willow says, frowning deeply. “You can’t throw your dreams away for Faith.”

“I know that.” Buffy kicks at the pavement. “I just—I can’t help it, Wil. Every time we kiss, it’s like the only real thing that’s ever happened to me in my whole life.” Willow gives her an almost pitying look.

“If she tries to get you to stay, tell me,” she says. “I’ll beat her up for you.” Despite herself, Buffy laughs.

“Thanks, Willow,” she says. “Now, I gotta go meet my—I have to meet Faith, and you probably have genius-kid homework to do. I’ll see you later.” Willow echoes the farewell, and Buffy heads off, into the parking lot, where Faith is waiting for her, smiling like nothing in the world could ever come between them.

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Word Count: 1552

CW: Blood, major character death

Challenge: Be More Chill Quarantine Challenge [Round 6] by @bmc-gift-exchange

Team: Jeremy

Prompts Used: Map, abandoned mall, money, bloody footprint, “I’m so sorry” prompt

Synopsis: [Marvel-inspired AU] Jeremy’s symbiote has been ordering him to do weird things for a while. This time, the weird task has a prize, and it’s a whole lot of money. It’s just a trade-off. In and out. It should be a quick, easy job. SHOULD be.


One look around Jeremy’s bed room revealed how much of a sci-fi nerd he was. Posters displaying old monster movies from the 60’s were plastered on the walls. Glowing stars hung on his ceiling. Figurines from both Star Wars and Star Trek alike were lined neatly on his shelves. He’d even gone so far as to hang an alien saucer from his fan light. It was, to put it very bluntly, nerd heaven. 

But there was a new poster on the wall. One that was hung up behind his cork bulletin board, out of view from other eyes unless they knew to peek behind the obstruction. Then, they would find a map. It detailed the layout of a building, and a very large one at that. A mall, to be exact. A mall that happened to be fairly close to Jeremy’s house, only a twenty minute drive or so. A mall that happened to be abandoned. A mall that happened to be the location Jeremy was driving himself to right now.

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