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#my focus has been all over the place as of late because i wanna get cracking down on replies i owe but also have some other
heroquills-a · 2 years ago
( pltbhplbhbh )
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nikrangdan · 4 months ago
lovestruck!enhypen x reader
Tumblr media
pairing: lovestruck!enhypen x reader
genre: FLUFF fluff Fluff
description: how enhypen would be if they became lovestruck by the reader ☹️☹️ this is such an adorable request!!!! itll vary for each member ur relationships so you’ll either be strangers or already dating etc.
a/n: idk if all of them are lovestruck exactly bc i just got carried away with the fluff for some of them and idky maknae line revolves around sleeping BUT IDC sleepy!enhypen is the best 😁
u worked at a pretty popular clothing store
and well well well heeseung had shown up dressed very much your style so u were like
Wow who is this guy....
he was alone just looking around
and there were like 10 other people in the store but u wanted to talk to him so bad so u went up like
“hi, welcome! are u finding everything okay?”
he was looking through a rack of shirts and turned around when he heard u but WOW
when this man turned around he looked even better in person u couldnt believe it 😫
his eyes got so wide u almost laughed it was so cute ☹️
he stuttered and was like “oh um im okay”
Aw man
but u said “okay then! let me know if you need any help finding anything or if u wanna use a dressing room!” and u sent him ur nicest smile u could give
his eyes were still kinda wide open and u gave him one last look before turning around😢😢
“w-wait! actually.. um....uh.. do u.. do u guys have sweatpants..?”
u giggled to urself on the inside bc u knew he just made that up on the spot
“we do! here, follow me”
while u were showing him the clothes u guys had exchanged names and had some small talk
and that was the start of something very Beautiful
and since then he has been coming almost everyday to visit u at work 🤗🤗
jay swore he found new things about u to love every single day
and today wasnt an exception!!!!
u knew jay had been really tired and just worn out from work recently so u had decided to make him his favorite meal for dinner
a nice little surprise for when he got home ❤️
and also the anime he was watching ready on the tv for u two to watch together :(
u had literally been preparing all day and u even decided to go out and buy dessert too
it was 8pm already and jay should be getting home now
u set the table all neatly and put on one of his sweaters
Fate 🔥🔥
romantic stuff like this wasnt really ur forte so this was out of the normal for u
but u wanted to do something for jay because he did stuff like this for u alot
the table isnt in view when u walk into the apartment so he wasnt able to see his dinner yet
“hi” you smile brightly and go up to hug him and give him a little kiss
he had his bad slung over one of his shoulders and he was taking his shoes off in the doorway after he closed it
“hey.. it smells pretty good in here” he gave you a tired smile while one of his arms was wrapped around your waist
“really? it smells normal to me” you giggled before walking to the kitchen area together
he stopped and looked at u with LITERAL HEARTS IN HIS EYES when he saw the table
jay: ❤️_❤️
“surprise!!! you know im not good with words but i wanted to show you that i can cook” you laugh “and that i love you very much and im so proud of you”
jay doesnt say anything but instead drops his bag on the couch and gives u the Biggest Hug Ever
ur face is practically smushed in his chest and his hand is resting lovingly on ur hair :(((
he loves u so much im so sad
“layla!!! layla where are you?” jake was yelling quite loudly in the massive park he was in the middle of
yeah jake lost layla.. uh oh
quite a coincidence you found the cutest dog you’d ever laid eyes on
and she seemed to love u very much
the dog had made u topple over and now she was excitedly playing with you while you were sat on the ground laughing to your hearts content
after a minute of playing you had got up because you knew she was somebodys lost dog and her owner was probably looking all over the park for her
“okay.. lets go find your owner before they have a heart attack” you giggle
just as you said that though, you heard a boys voice yell “LAYLA!!!!”
the dog next to you looked in his direction, tail wagging and tongue out, but she didnt move an inch from her spot next to you
it made me you laugh out loud
as you were watching the boy run up to you, you noticed how cute he actually was
Omg..... ur heart started beating a little faster
“hi..” the boy hunched over with his hands on his knees breathing very heavily “you have my dog”
“uh yeah” you laugh “sorry about that, she ran over to me a couple minutes ago and i was just about to go find her owner”
“its okay, thank you..” he trailed off to find out your name and finally looked up to meet your eyes
“y/n” you told him
“y/n” he repeated with a small grin on his face “im jake”
“hi jake” you lightheartedly give him your hand to shake and he chuckles before taking the offer
“and it was nice meeting you layla” you crouch down to meet her level and she licks your face making you fall on your butt
you laugh and jakes quick to help you up
“layla! thats not very nice” he jokingly scolds her and pets her head
after u got up u bid goodbye to the two before jake invited u to continue walking around the park AND HE EVEN BOUGHT U AN ICE CREAM
Is This A Date, Jake? 😫😫❤️❤️❤️❤️😳😛😛
“you should be more careful” you scold the boy sitting with you standing between his legs
sunghoon had apparently gotten elbowed in the face by his friend and scratched by his friends cat on accident????
“it wasn’t my fault! he turned around and i just happened to be in the way. and i didnt even do anything to the cat!” he whined
“i didnt say it was your fault. i said to be more careful.” you tried to sound stern
u knew ur logic was making no sense but u just thought it was so fun to mess with him
he let out a sigh and gave up, slouching over again
you were stood between his legs, wiping the blood away and applying ointment
“im just kidding, you’re so cute” one of your free hands comes up to rub his hair
a small grin pops up on his face and his arms come to rest on your waist
he looks up at you while you focus on tending to his wounds
“you know y/n” he begins
you hum in response, letting him know you’re listening
“im gonna marry you one day”
you freeze in your place
it took you a minute to collect yourself because you felt like your heart almost leaped out of your chest
“who says?” you joke
he leans up to give you a quick kiss on the lips before sitting back down
you noticed sunoo had been really tired lately and u just wanted to make him feel better :((
the boys were going out and invited you two obviously but you could tell sunoo was iffy about going
“uhh..” you trail off and look over at sunoo who was laying on the couch
“you know what guys? i think me and sunoo are gonna stay home today.. you guys have fun though!” you bid goodbye to the other boys and they all understood and left
you dont even know if sunoo knew they had left already because when you walked over to him his tired eyes were glued on the tv
“hey” you leaned against the couch and looked down at him
“y/n? are we going soon?” his eyes move to the top of his head to look up at you
you start laughing and he literally goes 🤨???
“silly, they already left! so what do you wanna do?” you plop down next to him and he was in the process of sitting up
“what? when did they leave...” his mouth drops open
“like 2 minutes ago” you giggle, leaning back to rest your head
sunoo had sat still, pondering for a moment
“why did they leave us?” he turned to look at you
your eyes met his “well i figured you didnt wanna go... you didnt, right?”
he slowly shakes his head “how did you know?”
you give him a sneaky smile and jokingly push his arm “because i know you so well”
he laughs at this and leans his head on your shoulder
“wow y/n.. im impressed” he grins, snuggling into your arm
your other arm crosses over to pat him on the head, leaning your head to rest on top of his
“but thank you y/n..” his eyes slowly close to rest “im thankful for all the little things you notice about me”
u literally go 🥺
your hand goes down to squeeze his and he falls asleep peacefully on ur shoulder ☹️☹️☹️❤️
“y/n..what is that” jungwons eyes can barely open as he tries to comprehend whats going on while hes waking up
you haphazardly tap around the bedside table trying to turn off the new alarm you set last night
and that new alarm was jungwon singing 🤗
“its you, dummy” your eyes were still closed but you turned to face jungwon and snuggled closer to him
“wha- where did you even get that???” he was almost fully awake now, staring down at your half asleep figure
you yawned before answering in your i-just-woke-up-and-i-should-probably-drink-some-water voice “remember when you sang me to sleep last week? yeah i was secretly recording you. no biggie” you pat his chest twice and leave your hand there, content with life at the moment Lol
“y/nnnn” he whines “change ittt i dont like it”
“you’re kidding.” you deadpan, shocked he would say such a thing!!! “jungwon you sound like an angel threw up on a field of flowers full of puppies and kittens! okay thats kinda weird maybe not that”
jungwon giggles a little and sits up so he can sit against the headboard while your head rests on his lap
“you like my singing that much?” you can hear the smile in his voice as he asks you
you finally pop one eye open to look up at him, a goofy grin in your face
“i love your singing”
his hands run through your hair and you let out a sigh at the feeling
jungwon doesnt say anything
all he does is admire you
you can feel his eyes on you so you open your eyes again (both this time🙏🏼) and meet his eyes
“i can feel you staring straight into the depths of my soul, jungwon”
he laughs at this, bring his other hand up to pinch your cheek
“i’ll sing for you whenever you want me to y/n”
“shut up sunghoon, hes sleeping” you whisper-scolded the boy
ni-ki was currently asleep on you
literally SPRAWLED all over your body and you were basically mummified
by nishimura riki
his legs were tangled in yours, his head shoved into your neck, and his arms were bent around you in ways you didnt know were humanly possible
“you literally have an alien taking a nap on you y/n” sunghoon deadpans before walking out the room
“when you’re asleep sunghoon i will send you into a spacecraft for the rest of your life so you can go see aliens for yourself”
“wowww im so scared y/n” the boy remarks and shuts the door
you half laugh and half scoff before turning your attention back to the ipad screen sitting on the bed infront of you
kind of infront of you because ni-ki’s acrobatic position was basically blocking the view
you were having a decent time watching the show playing, definitely not the most comfortable person on the planet at the moment
until you felt the body on top of you.. rumble?
you knew that feeling
ni-ki was laughing
HOW and WHY the hell was he laughing ?!!?!!?!
“what the hell?” you look down at him and his face is shoved near your shoulder but you caught a glimpse of his big smile
his laughter gets louder and you still dont have answers yet
“why are you laughing???? i thought you were sleeping?????” you try to push him off you but he was persistent in laughing in your shoulder (??)
after a couple minutes of you just letting this happen
ni-ki finally speaks!
“you’re so funny y/n” he finally pulls away from you and wipes his tears
“what are you even talking about... and how long were you awake, you sneaky kid” you poke his chest
he leans down again to hug your waist and start cuddling you again
“10 minutes”
“so you’re telling me i could’ve freed myself from that god awful demon EMBRACE you had me in 10 minutes ago???!!”
ni-ki starts laughing again and looks up at you
“thank you for threatening to send sunghoon to aliens for me y/n” he grins
you laugh, finally understanding what the boy had been going on about
“sunghoon deserved it”
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kaijime · 7 months ago
she’s all yours
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes. virgin!sakusa kiyoomi, atsumu miya, bokuto koutarou, hinata shoyo
cw. fem reader, fivesome, virginity loss [not yours], fingering, oral [receiving and giving], nipple play, vaginal penetration, size kink, degradation, voyeourism, squirting, masturbation, breeding kink, creampie, cumflation
wc. 1.9k
a/n. thought of this idea last minute so this is probably gonna be a late birthday for mr. omi
Tumblr media
“c’mon omi, have a taste” this position is embarrassing, to say the least. arms pinned above you with the help of bokuto and hinata, who hold your legs up in the air and position your pussy close to kiyoomi’s face. “our pretty lil manager has made a mess in her panties, just for you” atsumu taunts.
atsumu doesn’t hesitate to rip off your underwear and move his fingers across your folds. you squirm in your place, still suspended in the air with the two males holding your arms and legs open, putting on such a good show for sakusa, who’s knelt down close to your cunt. “she’s so sensitive, if ya press here” he uses his fingers to press on your clit, making you jolt and gasp at the contact. “she’ll be such a good girl for you”
sakusa puts his hand on your inner thigh, surprised at the little gasp you let slip past your lips. “omi-” you whine, sensitive thighs trembling under the grip they had on you. he does as atsumu suggested and toyed with the little sensitive nub, watching as you thrashed your legs in ecstasy, finally getting the attention you’d been longing since they suggested the idea.
unexperienced fingers played with your clit, your folds, and gathered up your dripping slick. he puts them in his mouth, savoring your taste like a starved man. “fuck” he groaned under his breath, breathy moans approaching your heat, making you buck your hips forward in hopes for some much needed relief.
his lips finally suck on your clit, tongue rolling circles around the nub and prompting another jolt from your body. he lets his muscle wander over you, lewd slurping sounds echoing in the almost silent room from between your thighs.
“fuck, she tastes so good” he revels in the sweetness of your cunt, his eyes glistening and asking for more without use of words. he unexpectedly leans in and slips his tongue past your folds and into your tight hole, watching how you arch your back against bokuto and hinata’s chest. they let one of your legs drop onto kiyoomi’s shoulder, giving him a better angle to eat you out and make you squirm.
“k-kiyo-! fuck!” you can’t even pronounce his whole name without cutting off.
“you should use your fingers on her” atsumu suggests, sitting up from his place in a chair where he was already palming himself through his pants.
“i already did” kiyoomi is quick to point at your clit, motioning at how he pressed on the nub. atsumu comes a little closer and swipes his fingers across your lips, spreading you with two of his fingers.
“no, like this” he slips a finger inside and curls it, hitting the spot that made your vision blue and left your mouth agape. “see, she likes it even more”
“oh” sakusa exclaims in embarrassment , comprehending what he said as atsumu took his fingers out of your clenching hole, just to be replaced with sakusa’s. “slowly, let her get used to you” atsumu says in an ordering tone.
you’re so lost from the pleasure, you throw your head back to be met with bokuto’s needy gaze on your face, your fucked our expression made this so much harder for him. “focus on him, princess” bokuto mumbles close to your ear.
“k-kiyoomi!” you squeal, feeling a second finger slip into your little hole.
“she can do something even better,” atsumu says “that right?” he asks, nudging his head towards you. as if on command, you nod your head eagerly.
“wanna suck you off omi, take you all in my mouth, please?” you beg. he looks up from his place between your thighs and nods, looking at bokuto and hinata so they would let you go. sakusa sits against the headboard of the bed, clearly nervous with how much he fiddled with his fingers.
you crawl up the bed until you reach his crotch, taking off his belt, his pants, his briefs, until his cock slaps against his tummy. it’s pretty, standing tall with a slight curve to the left and a pink tip. you moan a small fuck under your breath when you finally take in his size. he’s big. too big, you wonder if he’ll even fit.
you act on impulse, slowly wrapping your hand around it and sliding it up and down, watching the precum drip out at the mere contact.
“m-mmh!” he tries to muffle his moans, tries to save himself from the embarrassment since his teammates are here watching, but he wonders how long he could keep up, and how long he could last before he made a mess of himself.
you give the tip a kitten lick, slowly eyeing him up from his happy trail, to his chest, to his face. he’s so fucked out, holding on by a thread because all he wants to do is slam your face down his cock. you wrap your lips around the tip, paying special attention to it after receiving such a cute reaction from him. he’s clearly struggling, holding the back of your head as an alternative to the rough things he wants to do to you right now.
“fuck- can i?” he asks, ashamed to use you like a toy after you’ve been such a good girl.
“‘course you can” atsumu chimes in, using his fist on his cock, pretending it was him you were teasing with that pretty mouth. “she’s all yours”
sakusa wastes no time slamming your head close to the base of his cock, grunting at the feeling of your throat and your tongue swirling around him.
the best part is when you hollow out your cheeks around him, it’s such a pretty sight, specially when you look up at him like that when you bob your head.
“you can cum in her mouth” atsumu assures, as if you’re not even there, you’re just a toy for them to use. “she won’t mind, will ya?”
you shake your head, simultaneously humming a small mm-mm that drove him over the edge. the vibrations sent shivers up his spine, and gave him the last thing he needed to release down your throat.
“mmf-fuck” his toes point and his grip on your head tightens, shoving you down as far as he can while bucking his hips into your mouth. a steady stream of cum fills your mouth, and you do your best to swallow, but a tiny bit sneaks past and runs down the side of your cheeks.
he finally finished, letting go of you and giving you the chance to gasp for air. it took a few minutes to regain your breath, but when you did, you immediately crawled and sat on his lap, your warm cunt on his cock made him shoot up from his place on the bed.
“wh-what are you-?”
“c’mon omi, you already prepped me enough, don’t you wanna put it in?” you ask. the question was so tentative, yes, but he still couldn’t bring himself to give you an answer. instead, he cleans up the bit of his cum on the corner of your lip, and you lean into his touch. could it be that you’re desperate for him too? “it’s your birthday, after all”
with that, he slowly lifts your hips and flips you around to have you on your back, laid down on the bed for him to see and admire. your pretty tits, still covered by the pink lacy bra. he grabbed the cups and slid them down, just enough so he could marvel at them, leaning down to lick and suck at them.
“please- omi!” you wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him even closer to your sex and signaling you couldn’t wait anymore. “want you i-inside” you stutter.
he lines himself up with your hole, slapping the head against your clit a few times before pushing in slowly, inch by inch, making you squirm in your place. his groans are so pretty, his deep voice sounded so nice when he made such a lewd sound. “does it hurt?” he asks, worried.
“n-no, ‘s just big” you feel a pair of hands capture your own, pinning them above you once again and other hands play with your tits, squeezing and twisting your nipples, just enough to send waves of pleasure soaring through your body. “ah!”
“shh” bokuto comforts you, “be quiet” you do your best to stop your whines, but a few of them still manage to get past your lips. “good girl” hinata says, using his free hand to pet your hair.
kiyoomi slides out, almost completely and slams back inside, groaning at the feeling of your tight cunt. he knew it would be tight, but he didn’t think it would be that tight. “fuck- it’s so good” he groans.
“touch her clit again omi, it’ll make her feel good too” sakusa does as instructed and uses his thumb to rub at your clit. you buck your hips under his touch, kicking and squealing at the pleasure. “try calling her mean names, like a slut”
“dirty fucking slut” he says, as if he’d been holding back and atsumu just gave him permission. “gonna cum?”
he ruts his hips against yours, animalistic pace while searching for his high. you throw your head back, gasping for air when he presses your knees close to your body and folds you into a mating press. “yeah- oh! ‘m gonna cum... gonna make a m-mess” you moan. being starved off your orgasm for so long made you so sensitive and receptive to everything he did.
“m-mess?” sakusa repeats, he’s too focused on his own pleasure to know what you’re saying, barely able to process a few of your words.
“she’s gonna squirt” atsumu tells, still using his fist to get off on the lewd scene in front of him. “dumb little baby’s gonna make a mess all over his cock, ain’t that right sweetheart?”
“y-yes! yes, omi... wanna cum, please l-let me cum” you whine while sakusa changes the position again, putting one of your legs over his shoulder and holding the other one down, getting a much better angle, reaching deeper in your tight heat.
“do it, cum for me” he says, feeling your juices spray against his hips and soak the sheets. he swipes his fingers on your clit, watching as it prompted more slick to squirt out of your sensitive cunt.
“a-ah! fuck kiyoomi- kiyoomi!” you squeal, getting overstimulated from his harsh pace to your abused pussy, hitting your cervix with each thrust. the pain mixed with the stimulation left you panting and gasping for air, wishing he’d just finish.
“oh! i’m gonna cum, gonna cum!” he exclaims. “fuck, can i come inside?” he asks you.
“yeah! please omi, come i-inside, breed me!” you whine, suddenly feeling a spurt of creamy white on your cheek, presumably from atsumu, but you were too fucked out to find out. sakusa stills inside your cunt and shudders heavy breaths while he fills you up with the warmth of his seed.
“s-so much omi” you tell him, feeling as he keeps shooting cum into your womb, leaving a small bump in your tummy when he pulls out. he puts his hand on the bump, slowly pressing down and watching it spurt out of your gaping hole.
“so pretty” he says in awe, the sight of his cum dripping down your thighs and forming a pool beneath your ass, turns him on so much, just as much as seeing how atsumu flips your body towards him, legs hanging on the edge of the bed while he lines himself up with your cum filled hole.
he’s grateful the night has just started.
Tumblr media
©️ kaijime 2021 | all content belongs to kaijime, do not modify or repost
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taegularities · 5 months ago
ruin you (once more) | kth & jjk (m)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Taehyung and Jungkook can’t keep their hands off you. Not even in the elevator.
pairing: Taehyung x female reader x Jungkook
rating: 18+
genre: established relationship, fwb; smut. literally, this is 100% filth only
warnings: explicit sexual content: dom!taehyung, dom!jungkook, sub!reader, threesome, eating out in an elevator, oral (f. & m. receiving), fingering, biting, marking, kissing, some hair pulling, spanking, rough and messy sex, unprotected sex, drunk sex (but everyone’s aware of and okay with it), double (vaginal) penetration, tae pins her arms against her back (what does one call this warning?? bondage? AH MANHANDLING), praising, dirty talk, quite some swearing, groping, breast play, aftercare, BUTTER TAE AND BUTTER JK HELP
word count: 3.1k
a/n: BRUH I KNOW I’M DROPPING A FIC TOMORROW BUT THIS MV?????? *takes a deep breath*. okay, i wrote this within a few hours, so if you see any mistakes, you didn’t. thank you so sooo much @kithtaehyung​ for this (HANDWRITTEN???) banner and @joheunsaram​​ for beta’ing this on such short notice, i love you guyssss so muchhhh !! <3 and yeah, now... enjoy :’)
Tumblr media
[!] NOTE: this can be read as a sequel to my first taekook x reader fic ruin you - BUT !! you don’t need any knowledge, so this one can be easily read as a stand-alone fic as well !!
⁂ part of the ruin you series
Tumblr media
“You have no damn chill.”
The attempt to speak out the words in a steady voice immediately fails when you feel his tongue flick over your swollen clit.
Initially, you, your boyfriend and his best friend planned to attend the harmless party their company hosted, not expecting to get drunk. But as the night went on, plans changed and now you were utterly wasted.
Since you agreed to a threesome months ago, Taehyung and Jungkook have barely kept their hands to themselves, taking any opportunity to pin you onto the bed and wreck you all night long till the neighbours complain. Not that you dislike the idea at all - when two of the hottest men alive choose to fuck you senseless, you don’t just decline.
You bury your fingers in Taehyung’s hair, the patch of dark brown hiding his lips from your view as they drink up your juices as if you’d disappear tomorrow. Making out in an elevator seems somewhat reasonable to you - getting eaten out during the short way up four floors, however, is something you didn’t even see coming in your wildest dreams; until now, that is.
“Both of you,” you continue, arms wrapped around Jungkook’s neck, as he sucks blue marks onto your neck, teeth merciless before his tongue soothes the mild pain, “have no chill.”
Taehyung hums against your folds, moving his lips so eagerly that you feel your knees buckle; you’re happy that he’s holding your thighs under your dress as tightly as he is. Your boyfriend smirks, lips turning upwards before he attacks your jaw again, his tattooed hand resting on your neck as he says in between kisses, “Not when it comes to you, baby.”
Apparently, these men don’t give a shit about the cameras in this elevator - but to be entirely honest, you’re too far gone to push them away, moaning into the congested space with barely any self control left. Your head moves to the left - and the view in the mirror sends a shiver down your spine, Jungkook’s broad body pressed against you while Taehyung’s knuckles turn white around your legs.
Then, a ping snaps you out of your haze, Taehyung suddenly moving back before he pulls your panties up again. You’re happy it’s as late as it is; for some reason you hope that someone’s awake enough to hear your pleasured sounds.
Before you can even step outside, Jungkook grabs your arm, yanking you from the floor and throwing you over his shoulders, as a laugh erupts from your chest, legs dangling like of a little child. The following slap that lands on your ass however, feels less childlike.
Your head is spinning by the time you reach Taehyung’s apartment, and when all three of you enter, your boyfriend doesn’t hesitate for long before he carries you into the bedroom, throwing you onto the mattress you’ve gotten used to in the past months.
“Fucking love you,” he whispers into your ear as he hovers above you, “wanna wreck you so hard.”
He pulls the straps of your red dress off your shoulder, slipping the fabric down to your stomach before he attaches his lips to the swell of your breasts. From a sideways glance, you detect Taehyung’s orange suit, his hands unbuttoning the jacket as he smirks down at you.
The patience he has always surprises you - but the intensity of the keenness he shows you as soon as he starts devouring you always outweighs any indifference he tries to display.
“Jungkook, fuck,” you breath when he leaves a trail of wet kisses along your body, ridding you of your clothing entirely before he spreads your legs right in front of his nose. He breathes against your core slowly, deliberately, the cool air causing goosebumps all over your skin. You think he’s about to latch onto your pussy just like Taehyung did a few minutes ago, but instead, he straightens, his simpler clothes consisting of a dark grey jacket and shirt not as complicated to pull off as his friend’s.
“How can I help you, princess?” he mutters when he comes up to face you again, eyes indicating the inebriation so obviously that you get drunk on the haziness in them again.
“Fuck me, baby, please.” This is your wish. But as far as you know these two, they don’t immediately adhere to your wishes - instead, they stretch out the pleasure, edge you until you’re almost losing it and then decide to bring you to an explosion that is even better than what you expect at first.
And your suspicions are confirmed when he shakes his head, kissing down on your body again before he wraps his lips around your clit, sucking at it for a few moments until he finds this insufficient and buries his tongue in your hole.
Lapping at your arousal, he wraps his arms around your thighs, your moans and grunts spurring him on further. Truly, the sight of your arched back, nipples perked up against the ceiling and fingers clutching your sheets always drives him into an inexplicable state of insanity.
“Look at you,” Taehyung’s deep voice coos, the mattress next to you sinking as you open your eyes to see his wholly naked body towering over you, the only indication of ever having been to a party that one loose strand of hair over his forehead. “You’re such a greedy little girl, aren’t you?”
You only scream in response as you feel Jungkook’s piercings around his eyebrow graze your pelvis, the fingers of his right hand sliding into you swiftly; the thought of having your walls clench around his tattoos never fails to make your breath stutter.
However, your focus on him falters immediately when Taehyung grabs your jaw roughly, turning your head towards him as he leans down and growls, “I asked you something, didn’t I?”
Wide eyes staring at the hand around his throbbing, leaking cock, you nod, muttering, “I am.”
“You’re what?” He comes closer, the fingers on your face settling on the back of your neck as he pulls you up onto your elbows, his length dangling right in front of your mouth.
“Greedy for you, Tae.”
“Good girl,” he praises, smiling at your already open mouth before he places his cock on your tongue, relishing in the sight of you immediately running your tongue against his veins before closing your lips around his length. “Fuck, you’re such a good girl.”
With his hand in your hair, he guides you in your attempt, thrusting into you as much as you can take, your mouth never getting used to his size and thickness as your gag reflex brings tears into the corner of your eyes.
You only halt for a moment when Jungkook detaches his mouth from your sopping pussy, shifting on the bed until he pulls your legs apart with his own further. By now, your arms have started shaking from supporting your torso, and you fall back onto the bed as Taehyung still hovers over you, his hips keeping their movements, albeit messier and more chaotic now that you’re flat on your back.
When Jungkook suddenly brings his red tip to your core, teasing you by rubbing it against it but never sliding it, you have to physically refrain yourself from wrapping your mouth around Taehyung’s cock painfully hard; fully aware that he would make you regret it immediately.
“Are you this horny because you’re drunk or…?” Jungkook laughs, cock still moving up and down your slit as you place your hand around the part of the cock in your mouth that you can’t reach.
“It’s… her, Jungkook, she… fuck,” Taehyung tries to find his words, head lifting to face the ceiling and eyes closing in pleasure, “she never says no to us.”
By now,  your saliva is coating Taehyung in abundance, running down your face. You’re already a sweating, panting mess, breathing in and out through your nose as you wait for Jungkook to fuck you raw. And when he finally slides in, splitting you open for the umpteenth time, you move your head to the side, Taehyung pulling out before he leans down to torture you further.
Not only does the pace Jungkook picks put you into an inevitable bliss, making you oblivious to the whole world around you, but the way Taehyung wraps his full lips perfectly around your nipple, leads you to peak in ecstasy too. You always admire the magic his hands can fulfill, skillful fingers moving in exactly the way you want them to, nearly as if he’s reading your mind.
Long digits grab your other tit, massaging it slowly, agonisingly slowly as he sucks and bites your bud; and the combination of his teeth working on you and the sudden pinch of the other nipple causes you to yelp, hard between his fingers while Jungkook increases his pace.
“God, the whole night I couldn’t think of anything but finally fucking this pretty little pussy,” Taehyung utters into your ear, his voice so soft and yet laced in so much darkness; the same evil tone he loves to use to drive you up the wall.
Jungkook’s cock reaches deep inside you, and yet you can’t help but wrap your legs around him, pulling him in closer as he grabs your waist, burying himself in you before pulling out and thrusting so hard that you move up the bed. And then, he starts pounding into you, skin slapping against skin as his hips move in circular motions.
“What the fuck are you waiting for then?” you ask Taehyung, making him meet your eyes in such an intimidating manner that you falter, lowering your eyelids as you dig your nails into his muscular biceps.
Instead of answering right away, he presses his lips on yours, kissing you fervently and impatiently, warm tongues melding before he pulls back too soon again.
“Ride me,” he orders, and as soon as Jungkook hears it, his cock is suddenly gone and Taehyung falls onto his back next to you, the emptiness of his dick making you whimper.
Still, you do as he says, knowing exactly what Taehyung wants to happen next. His hands stroke his cock further despite being already so worked up from your previous ministrations before he brings it to your already open pussy. You stare in awe as you sink down on him, admiring the way the single styled strand of hair still hangs over his forehead and eye while his body is already glistening from sweat.
Taehyung is always relentless. What started carefully, gently, soon evolved into a play between a dom and his obedient sub; because he knows you can take everything he gives, knows you enjoy any pace, any toy, any kink he uses on you.
And even now, his hips don’t wait for very long before they match your movements, his thrusts even harder than the speed you are riding him in. At the way his cock fucks into you so deep, you place your hands against the wall for balance.
Under you, his deep baritone voice moans, his abs hardening and the veins of his arms popping. Your tits jiggle just over his face and you hear Jungkook’s heavy breathing behind you before he straddles Taehyung’s legs too, the hand adorned with several rings wrapping featherlightly around your neck.
“Baby, how much can you take today?” his soft voice asks, lips ghosting over your cheek as you pull back to grab his tied hair.
You smile as he pushes two fingers into your mouth,sucking on them and making him bite into your earlobe gently. You shudder a little as you move your head sideways to look at him directly, saying, “Why don’t you find out?”
“She can- she can take it,” Taehyung tells him from underneath, his grip on your hips unforgiving and expression so fucked out that you let out an involuntary whine.
Jungkook rubs soothing circles on your back before he pushes you down, your face burying in Taehyung’s neck as you lift yourself enough for Jungkook but not enough for the older man’s cock to slide out.
The latter grabs your arms in a sudden motion, large hands wrapping around your wrists as he pins both on your back. He stops thrusting in as you feel Jungkook position himself properly, two fingers sliding into your pussy next to Taehyung’s cock, stretching you enough before he decides to replace the digits with his own rock hard length.
Groping your ass, he pushes in slowly, both of their cocks so overwhelmingly thick as they fill you up, the sting lingering for a few moments until you get used to the new sensation. While this is not your first time doing this, it is surely a surprise you have to adjust to each time.
“You can really take another cock, sweetheart?” Jungkook asks from above, moving in and out once before he continues, “It’s okay if I start moving properly then?”
You nod, your hair sticking to your face and back as you try to keep your balance, your arms still in the jail that is Taehyung’s hands. And when both men register your gesture, starting to move fast right from the beginning, you cry out - the fact that you’re sandwiched between two fucking hot men who want only you brings the kind of confidence into your chest that you absolutely love.
By now you’re sure that even Taehyung thinks that way - on more than one occasion, he has admitted that he’s stopped fucking around, relying on you and your pussy only when he needs to get off. Sometimes, you think that he’s fallen for you; but then he acts so friendly and harmlessly that it shreds all your theories in an instant. Not that you want him to want you - this would only cause a deep scar in the relationship between you three; things are perfect as they are.
“Y/N, how do you fit two cocks into such a tiny and tight pussy?” Taehyung asks into your ear, heavy breaths and hard thrusts making you delirious.
And you’re about to answer - you know he hates it when you don’t answer; but then Jungkook grabs your ass tightly with one hand while the other comes down for a sudden slap, the sting so unexpected that your whole body jerks.
They don’t spank you very often; but when they do, the effect shows itself immediately, your arousal gathering so fast that it runs down your thighs or - as it does now - their cocks.
“You’re just too good,” you murmur back finally, pressing your lips onto Taehyung’s neck to muffle the sounds that keep increasing in volume, your mind suddenly hyper aware that it’s damn late - and walls are not that thick.
As Jungkook enjoys the jiggle of your ass every time he snaps into you and slaps your cheeks, your teeth bite into the neck of the man under you, making him groan at your antics before he brings his free hand to your hair and pulls your head back. “Don’t hold back. Let the whole fucking building know that you’re being fucked good.”
And right after him, Jungkook asks, “Safeword?”
“Fuck, no!” you answer with a whimper, feeling his movements already becoming unsteady, already so riled up by the way he’s drilled you earlier.
And just as you’re losing your mind, his moans become louder, fucking you for some more seconds before he abruptly pulls out, pumping his cock in a mindblowing pace until he finally lets go. Spilling all over your back, his nails dig into your ass, obscenities leaving his lips before he drops down onto the bed next to you.
Taehyung however still penetrates your walls further, letting your hands go ultimately before you place them on his sides, his fingers instead seeking your bud as he starts rubbing fast and diligently against it.
“Like this, yes,” you say, eyes rolling back into your head, “fuck, yes Taehyung, please don’t stop.”
“Beautiful princess, even when you’re wasted as fuck,” he mumbles, the other hand fondling with your tits and your neck as he watches you come undone, your stretched and long moan nearly resembling a scream.
“Oh god, Y/N,” he whispers when your pussy clenches around his cock; and for the rest of his thrusts, this is the only thing he utters, “God, Y/N, fuck, I want to ruin you forever.”
He keeps saying that. Not only now. Not just today. Forever.
Taehyung’s obsession with ruining you inside out has always been something he has been vocal about - and honestly, you won’t complain, because you want this. You want him to destroy you.
“Cum for me, Tae. Cum inside me.”
And he doesn’t need more than these words to fill you up with the liquid, painting your walls white as his muscles stiffen under and around you. The sounds and the deepness of his voice astound you each time anew, the moans so deep that you feel like the filthiest sinner, more than you should during an act such as sex.
You feel Jungkook move aside before you let yourself fall between them, laying on your stomach to not dirty the sheets more than you can avoid. Then again, there’s no hope for them anyway - your collective sweat and the cum running out of you are enough to change them before falling asleep.
“Baby,” you whisper softly as you catch your breath, moving closer to Jungkook and wrapping your arms around his body, drowning in the comfort that his warm body provides you. “Love you.”
Your pussy feels so wrecked, so vulnerable, wound from the oversensitivity and intensity of two cocks fucking the soul out of you. Drifting off into a gentle slumber, you nearly forget to clean up, the urge to be surrounded by the unconsciousness suddenly weighing heavy on your eyelids.
You’re sure you could sleep for ten hours now - but instead, the voice of your friend stirs you awake again, right over your ear, making you flinch. “You’re falling asleep already?”
Jungkook’s chest under your cheek rumbles as he laughs, because he knows where this is going - and you know it as well. Which is why you open your eyes with a sigh, giggling slightly as you say, “No. Taehyung, please, not now.”
But he’s stubborn, pulling you up gently - and the way you don’t even try to resist is answer enough for him. Because no matter how tired you are, you will always be ready for them, for more.
He tilts his head, your free hand clutching Jungkook’s who’s ready to follow your steps, Taehyung’s lips touching your cheek just once for a peck before he says, “Come on. Let’s clean up.”
Tumblr media
WHAT A BRAINFART. but also, if you enjoyed this and want to tell me that you enjoyed it, please do so by liking/reblogging/reviewing this or sending me an ask !! i would love, love, LOVE to hear from youuu !!
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rae-writes · 6 months ago
Dsmp angst sentence starters
Sapnap, Georgenotfound, Philza, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, Badboyhalo, Punz, Ponk, Awesamdude, Karl Jacobs, Quackity x reader (Separate)
word count : 1.k
warnings : major fucking angst, have fun
synopsis : Angst sentence starters 
authors note : some had happier endings than others, sue me. 
“Are they really just friends?”
Sapnap snapped his head over to you in surprise, lips parting at the knowing glint in your eyes and the half-assed smile that accompanied it. 
You’d known Sapnap held feelings for Karl and Alex for some time now- you just didn’t want to acknowledge it. But when he looked at them like that, how could you not? That was how he used to look at you. 
“Y/n…” Yeah, maybe he didn’t think of the pair as just friends, but he didn’t wanna lose you either, “Don’t-“ 
“It’s fine, I’ve known for months- Go get them Sap.” 
“I can’t sleep.” George stood at the entrance to your room, rubbing his eyes tiredly, feeling relief wash over him when you pulled back the covers. 
Pulling George into your arms, you started to hum as you massaged his scalp, “Don’t worry about Dream or XD or any of that, alright? Just focus on me for right now.” 
Burying his face into your chest, he squeezed his eyes shut and breathed in your scent. You, you, you. You were his light in the lightless and bottomless pit his best friend had dragged him into. 
“Can you just kiss me? One last time? That’s all I ask.” Goosebumps ran up your body as his wings encased the two of you, blocking you off from the world. You searched into his blue eyes, seeing the same desperation reflecting back. 
“Y/n…” Phil whispered, as if anything over that decibel level would shatter the reality around him. His lips slammed against yours in the exact desperation that was bottled up in his eyes; he didn’t want to let you go so soon. “I’m sorry it had to end this way.” 
You shook your head, smiling at his shudder when your fingers trailed up his wingspan, “Don’t be. I sealed my fate happily the moment I fell for you, Angel of Death.” 
“You’re making me think that what they said about you was right.”
Tech froze, dropping his axe, before he marched across the room to face you. “You don’t mean that. Tell me you don’t actually mean that.” His crown was starting to slip. 
Your bottom lip trembled, “I don’t...I don’t want to mean it.” With trembling hands, you gripped his cape tightly, “But you almost…” You gasped when Techno lifted you into the air, instinctively latching your legs around his waist. 
“I’m sorry.” Techno shook his crown off in favor of nudging his head under your chin, “I didn’t mean to spiral out of control- but I would never hurt you. Me or the voices.” 
The tears were wiped away before they could even fall, “Tech, ‘m sorry-” You hummed when his lips were pressed against yours, giggling as his tusks poked you. “I really love you, you know, Blood God?”
The pinkett growled playfully, “I love you too. I promise I’ll never scare you like that again.”
“Trust me on this.” Wilbur held you close to him, leaning against the stone wall, as he tried to soothe your worries with his words. 
Your eyes widened at Phil’s voice but were unable to turn around due to Wilbur’s iron grip. You listened as your lover rejected his Father’s advance to stop this madness, and felt a dread when you were yanked back with the man you loved. 
“It was never meant to be.” The button was pushed, everything exploding, as Wilbur continued holding you against him; He forced Phil to drive a sword through both of you that day. 
“Not everyone is going to hurt you.”
The statement plummeted you into a state of shock, forcing your body to stand in place as your brain processed his words. A cold feeling washed over your body and you knew it was him. 
Ghostbur wrapped his arms around you from behind, burying his face into the crook of your neck without hesitation. He knows you know he isn’t Alivebur, but he didn’t like the way you kept up the obsidian walls around your heart. 
“Just let me into your heart.” 
“Please look at me.” Tommy’s desperation seeped through his voice- Everyone was treating him like he wasn’t even real and he couldn’t have you treating him like that too. Not you. 
“I can’t! Because...because if I look at you and see that you’re actually alive and right here in front of me, you might just disappear.” Your voice broke off into a whisper as you shook your head, but eventually, your hues wandered up to meet his blue ones.
“I’m not gonna disappear, N/n. I’m back- and I’m right here. I promise.”
“You know I’m not like that.” 
“But aren’t you, though? I mean, come on, Tubbo! You- you built nukes. NUKES! And, and for what? So you could pull another Wilbur, except this time on someone else’s land? Which is if someone threatened you?!”
Tubbo stared at your angry pacing with his ears drooped. He didn’t like that tone of disbelief bordering fear in your voice. You sounded like him when Schlatt told him he was going to die. 
You eventually stopped moving, choosing to stand in place and pull at your hair. A million thoughts were hammering through your mind, but one screamed at you so loud it was like your head would explode : Was this even your Tubbo anymore? 
“I’m scared.” 
You frowned, still trying your best to wipe away the boy’s tears before they hit his skin. “I know, Boo, I know. I’m here, though.” 
He’d never been broken out of his enderstate before; standing out in the middle of nowhere in the night put him on edge. Did...did you think he was a monster? Were you going to abandon him? Thrown him in jail? Maybe- 
“Ranboo.” Your eyes carried all the words he needed to know as you smiled, smoothing down his hair softly. “We’ll figure this out together, okay? You don’t have to be scared when you’re with me.” 
“I know you still love me.” 
You stared blankly out of the window in the room you’d been locked in; inside of Bad and Skeppy’s mansion. “Yeah?” 
Bad frowned slightly, moving forward to trail his hand up your back and secure a hold around your waist with his tail, “Don’t you, muffin?” His head nuzzled into your neck. 
You glanced over, feeling disgust bubble in the pit of your stomach at the white color of his clothes. “No. I love Badboyhalo- not whoever, or whatever, you are.” 
“How long will this go on for?” Your hands fiddled with the golden choker you wore, gazing up at the vine covered tower. You dropped your head back down and turned, meeting red eyes instead of the baby blues you’d come to love. 
“What do you mean, babydoll?” Punz glanced down at you, wrapping his hand snugly around your throat to tilt your head further up, before placing a kiss against your lips. 
You were silent for a moment, “Nevermind, Luke.” You quirked up your lips to try for a smile, kissing him back quickly to hide your doubts.
The blonde hummed, pulling you close by your shoulders, and walking toward the Eggpire’s meeting room, “Okay then, baby. We’ll go somewhere nice after the meeting, alright?” 
“Yeah…” You sighed, gripping his dull blue sleeve. You hated everything that had to do with that atrocious egg.
“Why are you so stubborn?!” You cried, twisting your hoodie tighter around Ponk’s arm- or what was left of it. 
“Don’t...don’t cry, N/n. You’re too pretty to cry-“ 
“Now is not the time, Ponkie!” 
He smiled, slightly delirious from the pain, and nuzzled his head against your shoulder. “It’s always the time to tell you how pretty you are. I’m so lucky to have you, ya know? Always...always taking care of…-“ 
“NO! Stay awake, damnit Ponk, stay awake! You need to hear how lucky I am to have you.” 
“Please don’t misunderstand me.” Your lips tugged into a rueful smile, “I love you, Sammy. You know I love you, but…” 
Sam watched as you gestured around the main hall of the prison, furrowing his brows when you casted a distasteful glare. 
“Pandora’s Vault has changed you. I’m so proud that you were able to build this- all by yourself- but I’m disappointed you’ve turned into...someone. I don’t know who, but it’s not Awesamdude. Not my Sam.” 
His trident clattered against the prison floors as you backed up closer to the portal, “Y/n, wait! We...we can talk about this, I can fix it, I-“ 
“This isn’t another build, Sam. It’s our relationship.” You curled your fist up into a ball, “And I can’t sit around and watch you become like him.” 
“Am I too late?” 
“Never.” The light reflecting off the diamond ring adoring your left hand stated otherwise, but your smile rivaled the piece of jewelry, shining so bright Karl thought he’d met the embodiment of the moon. 
He shifted his gaze to the shiny rock, “I’m not?” A giddy feeling blossomed in his chest when you yanked the ring off and threw it in a random direction, “That looked pretty expensive there, N/n.” 
“I don’t care, all I want is you.” You smiled, “As long as I have that, nothing in the world could make me not drop everything just for you.” The black and grey version of his signature hoodie went unnoticed.
“Well, let’s get out of here then, yeah?” 
No one was there to tell the two of you that you were both sleeping in different beds and in different realities. 
“I want to believe you, I do.” 
Quackity’s heart dropped when you brought out the promise ring you gave him- the one he gambled away. 
“But you’ve changed, and not for the better, Alex.” Slipping your own matching ring off, you placed them into his palm with a goodbye kiss on the cheek. 
“Y/n, please-“ His calloused hands gripped your face gently as he brought you into a desperate kiss. They dropped down to your waist, gripping tightly, when you kissed him back. 
You pulled away too soon for anybody’s liking, but you knew that if you stayed, you would never be able to walk away. “Goodbye, Quackity.”
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bakugous-trauma · 6 months ago
Ex’s and O’s | K.Bakugou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
» Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x Fem!Reader.
» Word count: 6.7K
» Genre: hurt/comfort, Smut MDNI, Prohero!au
» Summary: Its bad enough that you’re spending your ex-boyfriend’s birthday curled up in bed, wearing his merch, drinking away your sorrows, but what’s even worse is having your eardrums pierced by the blaring music upstairs at the party thrown just for him.
» Warning(s):  Smut 18+ MDNI please, hurt/comfort, mentions of alcohol, dubcon since reader is under the influence while getting dicked down, drunk sex, oral sex and fingering (female receiving, we getting fed tonight), one pussy slap lol, manipulation, unprotected sex (don’t be silly, wrap your willy)
» Author’s notes: Hello! aaaah I’m actually pretty excited about posting this fic! First of all, its Bakuhoe’s birthday! and what better way to honor it than to feed you all some good ol angst sprinkled in with some good dickin’ down. Its been years since I’ve written smut and I’m actually really fuckin proud of it, yet real nervous but I hope you enjoy! Secondly, this fic is a part of Bakugous Birthday Bash! I’m so excited to read everyone’s work, thank you everyone for holding this event and allowing my ass participate to create this with you all ♡ be sure to read everyone’s contributions, I know it’ll be more than amazing since everyone worked so hard!
Happy Birthday to our favorite King Explosion Murder♡♡
Lastly, I wanna thank everyone for their support and helping me reach 200 followers already! You guys are the cutest thing ever and I promise I’ll update more frequent the minute I’m out of uni late june fml, thank you @tteokdoroki for giggling with me when i wrote cock for the first time lol
» Masterlist | Requests
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rolling out of bed and flailing onto the floor as a start of your day ensures you that the following 24 hours will ultimately suck ass. Getting up and readying yourself for the day by looking through one of your cardboard boxes for your favorite Dynamight hoodie, the back of your mind keeps nagging you, trying to remind you of something buried deep in your subconsciousness, and you have half a heart to try and remember, because for some odd reason, you feel so fucking weary, as if the few steps from your bed to your bathroom are somehow now endless miles, almost making you breathe out in relief after finally reaching it.
And as you are making your coffee, that odd feeling keeps annoying you again, prodding at your brain to remember something, something. And ultimately, that's when your eyes fall to the counter. You knew this day was coming and you were dreading it for months, so as you look at the calendar on your kitchen counter, you frown, the quote of the day you always love reading so much long forgotten when your eyes fall on the date. 
Tumblr media
“You’ve gotta be kiddin' me.” You mumble at the calendar on your counter hatefully with furrowed eyebrows, as if it would either reply or change its date, it doesn’t do either, and your lips curl downwards even further. As in immediate response, you pick up your phone, your coffee pot tossed aside as you dial the number of the only person you could think might help you right now.
“G’morning y/n -” you hear Kendo’s voice through your phone, and you honestly want to sob right then and there, but you hold yourself, barely and speak over her overly cheery voice first thing in the goddamn morning. “It's Kats- Bakugou’s birthday” you whimper at the slip up, being so used to the first name basis you were in with your now ex-boyfriend.
“Yeah, was kinda hoping you would’ve forgotten.” She sighs, tugging at her bangs and pulling back her phone to check the time. “Tell you what, I get off work in an hour, then I’m spending the day with you. I’ll get tequila, I know you love your shots.” 
“Ken, it's like 10 right now..” you can’t help but pout, having alcohol in your system as an escape to help you forget about the entire day still sounding better than the urge to cry and crawl into a hole, even if it's at the start of your day. “Y'know what? Get those gummy worms I like too.” “Bet.” you hang up with a sigh, moving back to the kitchen to sift through your bubble wrapped kitchen utensils, barely forcing yourself to prepare breakfast as to not have your liquor on an empty stomach.
You loathe the fact that you remembered his birthday, always reminded of him no matter how long ago since you’ve last seen him, being the center of the media’s attention for years as the number 6 hero in japan has its perks, well, in his case, but to you? Nothing but trouble and heartache as every channel you flip through plasters his face, whether it be about some big rescue mission he partook in or a new rumor about a potential lover to the explosive hero, followed by him almost attacking a reporter, yelling to them about ‘needing to mind yer goddamn business and keep my fuckin’ name outta your mouths’. Therefore, you opted long ago to stay away from the TV to avoid seeing him, his captivating rubies for eyes, covered by that goddamn mask you like to push up to his forehead, sweeping his bangs away and exposing his sweaty forehead that he bumps against yours as he makes love to you, still in his hero costume, all battered and dusty and so incredibly hot you have to- 
You grip your coffee mug tighter, almost to the point of breaking the handle off of it, placing it rather roughly onto the table before pushing your food away, appetite gone with the thought of whatever paradise you were thinking you were in before now long gone and never coming back, all because of you, of your action, of your mistake.
Tumblr media
Kendo walks in with a bright smile on her face, as if her overly cheerful attitude will balance out the void you’re slowly but surely falling in. She shakes the bag of snacks in your face as you blink your eyes back into focus. Dragging your heavy feet across the floor to get to your kitchen to retrieve the shot glasses. Only kissing her cheek in thanks when you snatch away whatever it is she brought with her to lift your mood.
She eyes the boxes by your kitchen, the four placed haphazardly in your living room and the one you're using as a stool while filling your shot glasses, tongue sticking out to try and fill each one to the brim without spilling any on the new coffee table that she failed to notice before is still wrapped in bubble wrap that prevent any damage during the moving process.
“y/n…” you hum in response, a frown falling on your lips as the third glass spills a bit and the liquid pools on the plastic.
“Don't you think that you should’ve probably unpacked a while ago? Hasn't it been, what, five months?” 
“I didn't know you were gonna come here to harass me about my life choices, Kendo”
She flinches away, your tone venomous, almost feeling it as a slap to her face, before leaning in when she sees your eyes start to water.
“If I did, that just means it's true… that just means it happened, and I did the stupidest thing- you know what,” you wipe the few tears that managed to escape away with the sleeve of your sweater, looking down at the shots in front of you. “It, it doesn't matter anymore just- can I just drink and try to forget about how my life has gotten nothing but fucking worse since the day I left him?”
You questioned your worth that one time, that one time all those months ago. Thinking that by doing what you did and leaving, he’d drop everything and run behind you, chase after you and win you back, but he didn't, and as you sit surrounded by the evidence of how much of a failure you find out you are without him, you regret ever questioning it, ever questioning him. Because to you, living in denial was so much better than whatever hell this is.
So all you could think of is to just drown yourself in alcohol until your mind is too numb to think of the possibilities of how you could have avoided this, how you could’ve been a less of shitty person, and stop imagining how your life would be now if you just swallowed all your insecurities and just stayed. Despite the neglect, despite not being prioritized, because in some weird twisted way, those lies held you with warmth that you were never able to find after uncovering the ugly truth you’re living in right now. 
Tumblr media
You lay on your living room floor, the alcohol swirling in your system and clouding your vision as you trace imaginary shapes in your ceiling, the voice of Kendo muffled as she rambles on and on about her day, the amount of outlaws she bitch slapped - a term she uses to get a laugh from you - and how she considers herself the unluckiest being in the whole world for having Monoma as a partner of all people, seriously contemplating who she should beat up first between him and the villains.
“Must be nice,” you voice, low and slow, scared of how Kendo would react to what you’re about to say, yet your intoxicated self unable to stop your mouth from uttering the words. “To have a purpose in life, to not be quirkless and lost like us.” your face twists in an ugly scowl at your ceiling, but mostly to yourself for putting a downer on whatever mood your friend is trying so hard to build, proven by the hitch of her breath before she enters your peripheral vision when she leans over you, all upside down and pouty.
“What’re you talki-” the shrill ringtone of her phone breaks you away from each other as she leaps to fetch it and silence the god forsaken thing by answering the call. “Battle Fist here, yes sir, I was partnered up with Phantom Thief for the patrol at area B, n-no sir I wasn’t informed.” Kendo breaths out in irritation, pinching the bridge of her nose as she starts tapping her feet aggressively on the floor, eyes falling onto yours when you look up at her all weary and sad, knowing what she would tell you once she hangs up. “That dumbass is gonna be the end of me I swear.” She crouches down to your level and kisses your forehead, promising to be back in the morning with hangover food, before she leaves and locks the door behind her. 
Now you’re left all alone, back aching from laying on the hardwood floor and eyes watering as you feel your loneliness eating you up inside, the god awful music thumbing loudly in your ears followed by the cheer of people as you-
You sit up abruptly, groaning at the dizziness of the swift movement as your hands fly to cover your ears, a failed attempt of ensuring your brain doesn’t begin to spill out from them, because of the loud voices, the bass shaking your entire fucking apartment by how strong it is, and you curse yourself for falling for the scheme the landlord pulled you in, paying half of the rent everyone did, just because you lived right below the penthouse that hosted the loudest parties in the area, 4 days out of the fucking week. 
The money hungry shameless bastard praised the apartment the minute it spiked your interest all those months ago, selling it so well you actually moved in the next week, anything to stop feeling like a burden to Kendo as you couch-surfed her apartment. Only to realize within that first week from your downstairs neighbors that he rents the penthouse to host parties of all sorts, and due to its location in the city, it was pretty popular, yet you didn’t have the money to move out again, nor the heart to concern your friend with your problems, as she was a hero with other responsibilities aside from taking care of your hopeless self.
So you get up, barely gathering yourself onto that elevator to tell off whoever the fuck will answer the door first to turn the music down. You pound the door with your fist repeatedly the minute you reach it, the door opening so suddenly you almost punch the man standing in front of you in the chest, the cool air created from the door cooling your warm cheeks as you squint at your victim for the day.
“Listen here, you buttfaced moron” you start to chew the person’s ear out, your sight blurring yet still able to notice how bright his hair is, how fiery and familiar it looks, and you’re certain you’ve seen it somewhere before. “I’m trying to drink away my regrettable life choices and cry over my ex-boyfriend, so if you would just turn down the-”
“y/n?” oh, that’s where. Your stomach drops as Kirishima looks down on you, the bright smile he flashed to whoever he was welcoming now dropped with his eyes almost bulging out at your presence, you both stand in silence, the boy unbuttoning the collar that suddenly feels like it has a chokehold on him while you cross your arms and hope the floor would swallow you a floor down back into the comfort of your home.
Kirishima basically is shutting down the second his eyes lay on you, breaking a sweat as your eyes never waver, despite how you fail to stay standing straight, what was he supposed to say? ‘Hey we’re throwing a birthday party for your ex-boyfriend because he's been feeling depressed from the day you dumped his ass’ ? No!  He wouldn’t do that to his friend, but what was he gonna say now?
Well, he didn’t have to really think about what to say to you, because his other friend didn’t hesitate to push him forward, slurring something along the lines of ‘lettin the hot ladies in so they can take a look at the prettier blond, aka moi’. In his moment of panic, the redhead stumbles forward, his cup slipping from the tips of his fingers and meeting its doom by the floor, whatever was filling it now staining your pants as you both look at the mess between you.
“Woah bro, we said you gotta get’er wet but not- '' Denki's cackle stops him from continuing whatever filth he was gonna spew out - thankfully - before his eyes drop down to your chest, or more like what was covering it. “Hey! You a Dynamight fan? Hey Bakuhoe, comere for a sec.” 
Dear God, move, for the love of all that's pure in this god forsaken world, move! Run!
All you could do is shake and breathe in short segments as your widened eyes meet his unamused ones, the garnets in his eyes glistening at your sight, he stands straight and so tall, suited up in his usual attire. Dressed for the occasion, words aren't able to describe his beauty. You try not to let your brain be dazzled by how incredibly handsome he looks. He is wearing a dress shirt, in the deep color of wine that complements his eyes, dress pants hugging his long legs, not to mention the open collar, and no tie. He looks like a long, lean Lothario. 
At that your eyes drop down to the floor, specifically the now stained carpet, your hands wrenching the end of your hoodie to distract yourself from the piercing rubies that haunts your dreams.
You build up some courage, enough of it to lift your head to continue what you came here to do, so you open your mouth, and drop a few IQs while you’re at it. “The m-music is loud and m’tryin’ to sleep,'' you mumble, noting how Kirishima leans down to make up the words you are saying over the sound of the blaring music while Bakugou narrows his eyes at you as if disregarding his sight will make him hear you better. “So, if you could turn down the heat, that’d be,” 
“You squiffed?” The blond grunts, leaning his face close to yours to inspect it, and he catches a whiff of alcohol in your breath, his eyebrows furrowing at your response. “No I'm not squinting-” 
“Yeah you’re drunk alright,” he huffs at your less than intelligent reply, pushing his glass of whiskey - you figure since it's always been his drink of choice - against Kirishima’s chest, telling him to lower the fucking volume and grabs you by your bicep. “C’mon, I’ll take you home.” you stumble at the force used against you, no matter how weak it actually is, before you barely straighten yourself to push his hand away. “I can walk down all by myself, thank you.” Of course you’d expose where you live, you dumbass.
He doesn’t question your integrity, just continues to basically drag you to the elevator before pushing your apartment door open when you choose your floor, irked to find your misplaced trust in the people of the complex by not locking your door after leaving. He barges into your bedroom and tells you to change out of your fucked up pants and proceeds to saunter to your kitchen to get you water, eyeing the boxes that he comes across during that small trip.
He stands awkwardly by the door when he sees you standing in the middle of the bedroom, sifting through countless moving boxes with your pants on the floor, thrown next to a pile of clothes that he can only assume that its supposed to be your laundry ‘basket’, until you opt against wearing any since you can't seem to find anything to replace them. And when he asks you if you just moved in, his expression sours when you shake your head no and explain to him that you’ve been living for months in this space, after chugging that cup of water like you’ve been parched for days.
“Birthday party?” You ask out of the blue as you play with the strings of your hoodie, your ears perking up at the confirmation hum you receive. “Hmm, thas’cool… I-I guess.” 
Bakugou’s impassive as he gently pushes you onto your bed, eyes meeting yours as he covers you up with your blanket. “Get some rest, I’m leaving.” He said, slowly stalking away from you and barely reaching your door as your big mouth talks on its own. Your body sitting up and facing his retreating back.
“That's what you always do, you always leave”, you utter and you see him stiffen his shoulders before he spins to face you, so fast you almost want to check up on him about getting a whiplash.
“Hah?” it's one syllable, but it shakes your very core, that one sound making you almost shake, overwhelmed by the amount of emotions, the amount of pain that one sound has. He steps closer to your bed, the stomps of his feet sounding like gun shots in your ear, and you pathetically lift up the blanket to cover yourself up, cowering behind it like it's some pseudo shield that might protect you from him.
“I’m the one that leaves?” he growls at you, his eyes sizing you up when you react to his forceful approach, leaning back to look down on you, but his lips are still curled in a frown, he tries to hold himself from blowing up at you, his feelings oddly enough still raw in his chest the moment he lay eyes on you the first time since you left, threw him away and walked away, probably finding someone better, probably finding someone who you tolerated, unlike himself, but when he sees you straighten up your back to rebuttal him, an automatic response to whenever he raised his voice at you from all those years ago, he knows he is in for a fight. 
He snarls when you nod at him, your eyes hard and glaring up at him, not knowing that your silence is by your better judgement since you don't trust your voice, knowing it’ll fail you, probably crack and show him how much he actually is affecting you by his closed off posture and demeaning look down at your frame.
“Real fuckin’ rich of ya, y/n.” He snaps back, his hands brought up to his hair, tugging at it. “As if you didn’t pack your shit,” he kicks at yet another cardboard box fucking spewed in your room, noting its heavy weight when it didn't move but an inch by his action. “Dropped your keys by the fuckin’ door,” as an emphasis, he throws your apartment key at you, making sure it doesn’t actually hit you, but falls onto your lap. “And left. Without a single fuckin’ word, like I'm some lowlife who didn't deserve an explanation, like I didn't deserve anything! And-” that hurt, goddamn it. 
Exhaling deeply, he focuses on how your eyes look a little less glossed over, a little more sober, but holding fear, and he almost steps back and out when he looks at how you’re fighting tears, almost wanting to bust his own kneecaps than to see you like this, always wanting nothing for you but to be happy, to never upset about anything no matter how small it might be.
Then why did you leave him? Left him to drown by his lonesome self, waves of his insecurities and sorrow crashing into him, pulling him even further down to his inevitable doom.
Despite the fact that you both yearn for each other, long to feel one another, engulf yourselves in the others presence. You both stand your ground, eyes glaring despite the emotions hidden behind them, mouths shut and curled into ugly scowls regardless of the words you wish to speak to each other, whispers of promises into each other's ears about being together forever, in spite of not knowing what the future holds.
Bakugou breathes out again, recalling all those months worth of coping mechanisms to exercise when placed in anger inducing situations like this one, the time in therapy spent to better himself, to control himself, to be the best version of himself, for you, hoping that one day you’ll pity him enough to want to come back, knowing full well he would never hold a grudge against you and welcome you back with open arms, intending to never repeat whatever it is he did that made you think of him as so unbearable you couldn't spent another day with him.
You on the other hand, are barely holding in the tears, wanting him to just leave your sight, so you can go back to the world of denial where he didn't look like straight out of a magazine, looking as captivating as always, as if your absence did not have an effect on the hero, of course it wouldn't, why would a quirkless extra have an effect on the great Katsuki Bakugou, that's what he used to call them, right?
“Just leave, Bakugou-” his ears pick up the way your voice breaks at his name, the way you utter it sounds so horrendous, because you aren’t meant to call him Bakugou, you’re meant to call him Katsuki, Katsu, Suki, your Suki. Not- “I hate you.”
The room suddenly spirals. The floor panels misalign themselves into zigzags. Bakugo’s eyes shatter like a glass window. He tries to hold himself against the tears that threaten to fall, stomach wrenching as if reaching from inside of his body, but it’s useless. He brings his hand up close to his chest and sinks his head, letting the words overtake him.
Oblivious to his internal struggle, you pile whatever courage you have left in another attempt to ask him to leave, aware that your body wouldn’t aid you in pushing him away physically, you open your mouth, only to gasp after a moment of silence when he pounces on you and grabs you by the neck, sliding a hand behind your head and leaning your face impossibly closer to his “you fuckin’ hate me? show me you hate me then,”
Then he's pressing his lips against yours, your half foggy mind all too surprised by the flow of motion you can only try to keep up with his feverish kisses, you try to pull away, to push him away, to no avail, Bakugou only stopping his assault on your lips to growl at them again “Show me then, hah?” 
But he wouldn't even let you, his grasp on your neck loosening to circle around your back to push you to him even more. His kisses get more and more aggressive, trying his best to show you how much he was hurt by what you said, by what you did, after all this time, almost begging you to not let him have to voice out whatever he’s feeling because he would do so much of a worse job than he is doing now.
The hands you placed on his chest in a failed attempt to push him away are now just placed over his pecs, welcoming their warmth and the way they flex under your touch, your right hand clenching over where his thumping heart is, and he almost sighs in relief, the movement feeling like it holds together all the broken pieces of his heart to make it whole again.
Almost like that gesture calmed him down, Bakugou’s rough touches start to soften, very caring as they glide to your hips before sliding underneath your - oh my God it's your special edition Dynamight hoodie! His amused chuckle tickles your lips as he pulls away when he feels you stiffen at the realization, barely letting you breathe in ease until he places his lips against your ear. “Love how m’still the only one sprawled over yer tits.”
“But I still want the real thing, lemme see ‘em, hm?” And just before throwing a dumb retort and embarrasing yourself even further, the article is tugged eagerly off of your body and thrown haphazardly on the floor. Earning yourself a low whistle when he realises you’re wearing nothing underneath. Bakugou all but shoves you onto the bed, spreading your legs when you try to rub them against each other for any friction, wedging his body neatly between them as his teeth gently bite your soft buds, pulling them slightly before captivating the nipple entirely.
His tongue flicks against your hardening nipple while keeping a watchful eye at the sinful expressions your face makes, his one hand toying with and twisting the other nipple while the other slides down to tease your needy cunt, pressing his fingers against your -fucking soaked- panties, swearing under his breath at the feeling of your walls trying to clench around his fingers just from that one movement. Sitting on his haunches, he lifts your hips with ease to pull your panties right off, eyes travelling between your heaving chest and your exposed pussy. Before lowering himself and finding comfort in biting and sucking your nipples again.
Bakugou’s smirk grows with your moans as his tongue dances over your sensitive nipples, he presses his finger against your walls, and you immediately keen at the prodding feeling that almost feels foreign after all this time apart. His thumb pushing your pussy lip to the side to see you suck his finger in like the good girl he knew you always were.
“Ba-ba-ba,” you struggle to talk, your drool collecting at your lips, stopping you from forming any words as you feel a breeze hit your spit covered tits, whining at the feeling and wanting him to pull your nipples in the warm cavern of his mouth again. Bakugou’s eyes focus on the spit line connecting his bottom lip to your nipple before disconnecting it to smash his lips against yours in an effort to shut your blabbering up.
“Ba-ba, what? y’better not be callin’ me Bakugou with my fingers deep in yer pussy baby, its Katsuki for you, yeah?” he taunts with a fake pout that immediately turns into a grin at the way you hold your pathetic sobs, pressing another finger in your tight cunt, reveling in the wet sounds your pussy makes as he thrusts his fingers in and out of it, soaking his fingers in your slick as he curls them, eager to hear the squelching sounds it would make when his cock is shoved deep inside you. “Or better yet, lemme hear you say Suki, hmm?”
“Suki- p-please, eat me out” you throw your head back and bring your hands down to play with your clit, showing him where you want his lips to be, as if the blond doesn't already know where it is, and he scoffs at the thought, slapping your hand away and giving another slap to your clit, earning a moan from you from the sharp pleasurable pain.
“Yea, yea I fuckin’ know already, needy slut,” he growls, keeping eye contact as he circles your clit with his tongue before sloppily eating out your cunt, making a mess of both drool and your arousal, mumbling “my needy slut.” to himself, and you do hear it, yet you brush it off with the thought that your lust must be messing with your brain.
Your chest still flutters at his words and your walls clench in on his fingers as he curls them again in a way you didn’t know would make you yelp like it did. He thrives off of how your body responses so easily to him, your back arching and the squelching getting louder as his fingers pick up speed, his tongue so skillful in drawing circles around your clit before sucking it again. A whine escapes you when he draws his head away from you, only for you to see the way his eyes darkens, his chin glistening from your arousal when it catches the light.
“Let go for me princess,” he whispers uncharacteristically, making you question if the glint in his eyes is from his desire for you or something else. “Lemme see you fall apart for me, alright?” the way he’s almost begging you to come undone for him takes you by surprise, and your body curls in on itself so fast, not realizing your orgasm was creeping up on you until it hits you. The knot in your stomach breaks as you gush around his fingers, white crossing your vision as he slows his pace to help you come down from your high. 
Your shuddering body lays on your bed, eyes unwavering as they meet Katsuki’s, his fingers stuffed in his mouth as he moans around them at your taste. It's all a blur after seeing that unravel, and you’re so woozy that you don’t register him discarding his clothes until he lays above you. Placing himself between your legs as he pumps his cock, hardened from seeing you fall apart on his tongue and fingers, his tip leaking precum and burning a bright red.
His movement is almost too quick for you as he dips his head into your leaking hole before pulling right back, a breathless chuckle escaping him when you whine and roll your hips and try to suck him in again, wanting to feel the stretch of him inside of you.
“Didja wanna say somethin’ princess?” he taunts you, one of his hands holding you down by your stomach while the other is wrapped around his length, teasing you in the ways that he knows drive you crazy, he leans in, using the tip of his cock to spread your pussy lips open and running it along your slit to coat it with your arousal.
“Katshu, p-please I-” you hiccup, your fists tightening on your bed sheet as you try to rock your hips up get more than just his leaking tip, but your begging is always interrupted when he isn't hearing what he wants you to say.
“Say you love me.”
You freeze at his demand, your widening eyes looking up at him before you pout your lips, not thinking about surrendering to him, no matter how much you want your cunt stuffed full of him right now.
“I don’love yooou-” you gasp as katsuki’s grip onto your waist tightens and you feel as he gives a thrust into your sopping cunt, arching your back at the burning stretch of being filled up by his thick cock. Katsuki’s hand traces down your left thigh before cupping behind your knee, hiking your leg up and out, close to your chest to expose more of yourself to him, wanting nothing more than to see his dick seething in and out of your tight pretty pussy, and by almost muscle memory, you did the same thing with your right leg, replacing his hands with your own, presenting yourself to him.
“Y’see that? Fuckin’ know you like the back of m’hand, y’think someones gonna- ah, take the fucking time to work you like I did?” he's right, absolutely right, he ruined you for any other potential lovers and he loved it with every fiber in his being, knowing this means you’re always going to be wrapped around his finger. You moan as he pushes more of himself into you, bottoming out and holding one of your tits and squeezing when he feels your walls do the same to his cock.
You hate it, after all this time, you’re still a blubbering mess the second he was one fucking inch deep in your pussy, sucking him in and clawing at his back begging for more. No self respect, no dignity, you hate it, how come after all this time he gets to come here and fuck you like you belong to him, like you’ve belonged to him despite everything that has happened.
You only realize that your eyes are closed when Katsuki’s breath hits your face, and you open them wide, noting how wet your lashes have gotten from your tears, only for him to kiss at the tears gliding along your right temple and licking the ones on your left. He breathes out a chuckle and when he leans to look at your eyes, the humor and menace you expect to see in his eyes are nowhere to be found, clouded by a solemn look instead.
“What? Yer cryin on me now, huh? Y’think a few tears are stoppin’ me?” His voice is masked so well, because he sounds like he was simply enjoying a game, like an imp that had branched from a demon. “C’mon, not gonna tell the birthday boy you love’em?”
“I don't love you, I hate you, h-hate you-” you keen as drool pools at your lips, your body betraying you as it shakes from pleasure, letting go of your legs to wrap them around his slim waist, to bring him in closer, if that was even possible, stopping his deep thrusts that were brushing up against your cervix, it feels pathetic, denying him the pleasure of telling him you love him while clinging onto him like he's your last breath of fresh air, because in a way, you feel like he is, like him leaving would just collapse your lungs and stop your heart from beating, you know that he’s gonna leave you. While your spent body would lay on your bed and you'd cry because you didn't tell him you love him, yet you wouldn’t ask him to stay, knowing deep down that you don't deserve it, you don't deserve him.
You feel his weight on top of you as he rests his elbows by your head, his lips brushing against your ear as he repeats again with every shallow thrust into your warm insides, his cock twitching from time to time in your walls. “You love me.” he says it once, twice, thrice. Every time his voice lowers more and more to a broken whisper, almost a plea instead of the cocky taunt he started off with.
Your legs are starting to ache from the grip they have around him, so you loosen up, your mind easy since his thrusts haven’t been rough nor painful. And when you do, you notice two things immediately, first, your thighs are so soaked from how he's making you feel, probably ruining your bedsheet at this point, second, he pushed his chest away from yours to look you directly in the eyes, one hand molding around your thigh to keep it from wrapping around him again while the other is placed on your stomach, his thumb inching closer and closer to your clit, wanting to toy with it, toy with you, but not ready to give you any satisfaction until you admit to him, please just tell him, that you do still love him. All insecurities, all battle scars, all emotional constipation as layers he covers himself with, that no one gives a fuck to peel off, to see who he really was, except you.
His red eyes lock onto yours as your chest heaves with breathless sobs at the lost of his warmth, and when you think he's lowering himself back down, he pulls out suddenly, sending a  shiver down your spine as you gasp, now feeling like you're frozen over, your tears coming from lack of both pleasure and warmth.
Suddenly your face is met with the pillow and you feel his hands on your hips as he lifts them up and off the bed, your half intoxicated, half aroused mind barely registering that you’ve been flipped over on your stomach until you feel his cock prodding at your cunt, easily sliding in like they’ve been made to be warmed up in there, when you know Katsuki would argue that your pussy was made just for him and to warm his dick.
He presses his chest against your back, pushing you onto the bed as he thrusts his hips roughly, pulling out fully before seething himself right back in, your moans and whimpers muffled by your pillow from being pushed down by his hand as his other holds your hips firmly. 
Then what happened next probably shocked him more than you, despite how delirious you’ve become due to his relentless thrusting, his dripping tears feel cool on your bare warm shoulder, one by one as his groans and moans turn into strangled sobs, before Katsuki digs his teeth into that shoulder, to both hear you scream and to muffle his cries from you. 
“because I love you” he sobs, detaching his teeth from their grip and kissing the bite marks before resting his forehead against it, but his thrusts never cease, getting sloppier, as if the confession is pushing him off the edge. Dragging the tip of his nose from your bitten and bleeding shoulder to the back of your ear, his own face flush and warm against you as he breathes harshly against your ear and kisses along it.
“So-” he moans again, the hand behind your neck now turning your face so he could see your fucked out expression, the tears streaming down your face and the drool that pools under your cheeks, with your tongue lolled out and your eyes barely focusing on his form.
“You better say you do too, becau-”
“I love you.” you gush, like saying it is a breath of fresh air, your eyes never leaving his teary ones, your gaze so intense and fixated on him with no regards to the way the snapping of his hips against yours is shaking your entire body against the bed. 
With new found vigor from your confession, Katsuki grabs onto the meat of your ass, hammering into you from behind with force that pushes you against the bed even further, your pulled hair jerking your head back so he can listen to the lewd noises you are making, long forgotten the will to cover your pleasure and hiding your moans.
Your ass heavily slaps against his thighs as he grabs your hips with both hands and pounds into your sopping wet cunt, relishing in the way you’re begging for him. “Y’like it when I fuck you baby, hmm? Like it when I stuff you so fuckin’ full of me?” He growls, feeling you push your ass back every time you repeat ‘yes’ to his questions. “Yes, yes love it, love you, please please don’t stop, please ‘Suki. Yes, gonna cum ‘Suki please” you weep, your head pounding from the grip he had on your hair and your eyes crossing as you feel his thrusts stutter, getting sloppier when you bounce your ass against him, his hand coming down and slapping it.
“That's fuckin’ right, cum on this cock, c’mon baby” he brings four of his fingers to rub your clit with urgency, and you can’t help but arch your back as your orgasm hits you again, screeching as you feel your walls tightening on him, squeezing him for what he’s worth. “F-fuck ah, y-you’re so- Fuck” his heavy weight falls on you as he fills you to the brim with his milky seed, forehead pressed against your shoulder as he rocks his hips against you, pushing more of his load inside before slowly pulling out, gaze flutters down to where your bodies were once joined, seeing your mixed arousal seeping out of your hole and he has half a mind to push it back in with his fingers.
But he flips you over effortlessly, the sight of your crossed out eyes and wet cheeks squeezing his chest at the realization he might’ve been too rough on you, so he wipes your cheek with the palm of his hands and revels in the way you lean towards him, turning your face to kiss his palm. “Say it again.” barely a whisper, as you flip his hand and kiss the back of it as well, and he almost repeats himself, thinking you didn’t hear him, but your hands reach up and cup his face, bringing him towards you. “I love you Katsuki” and goddamn if that wasn’t the most beautiful thing you’ve ever spoken. “Again,” “I love you, Katsuki” “Again,” you giggle, and he knows that's probably what angels sound like.
Your thumb brushes over his warm cheeks, red from showing vulnerability, and you pull him even closer, “Happy birthday, ‘Suki.”
“Yea,” He breaths out, his lips barely brushing against your bitten and bruised ones. “It really fuckin’ is.”
Tumblr media
aaaaaaaaah! Hope you enjoyed it! Lemme know what you think of the smut, I also changed my writing style from past tenses to present tenses or tried to at least
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bakhoe · 8 months ago
first date + kiss w/ the aot boys
modern! headcanons my brain requested while trying to fall asleep w/ little college major details i wanted to include hehe, also all these boys are extreme simps so, lol 
includes: armin, connie, eren, jean, levi, and reiner
(a/n): pls don’t clown me on connie’s manga panel, could not find a good one for the life of me (◡﹏◡✿)
Tumblr media
Armin would definitely be a man of culture, he’d most likely be an anthropology major with some kind of STEM minor! I can totally see him just loving the idea of language development and social issues like gentrification. He just loves educate and involve himself with anything surrounding human behavior and culture.
After some weeks in the same sociology lecture you two share, he would ask you out on a date and for sure be super nervous. 
“Hey (Y/N)! Wait up!” he’d say while trying to collect his items, and himself to be honest. “I was thinking, maybe, we could go on a coffee date? Maybe enjoy some evening music this weekend? Only if you want to, obviously!”
“Now why wouldn’t I want to go on a date with you Armin?” 
After his shocked expression he invites you to meet up with him at a local coffee shop near the university you two attend. The small shop would be super cozy, fairy lights dangling from one side to the other with dim lighting. There’s plenty of filled bookshelves along with loud sounds of expresso machines but it just has good vibes.
“I usually come here to read and people-watch, I’ve never brought anyone here before,” he’d confess while sitting you down near a window to look at the city street. 
“How come?”
“Like to keep this place a secret,” and you can’t help but swoon that he lets you in his little secret. 
After the coffee is done with and the macaroons on the table are non-existent, he takes you to a jazz lounge nearby. You two sit near the bar at a small table that was far enough for you two to chatter but close enough to watch the band play. He recounts the time he stumbled in one day because he thought he was at the bar his friends were at but to his surprise, he was greeted with a sly saxophone. He tells you how ever since that day, he has been in love with jazz music. 
When the bread pudding is gone along with some white wine, you two decide it’s late. He’s gathering his things and slings his jacket over his shoulder as you two are heading out but the band starts playing their own rendition of ‘These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)’ and he just has to stop and watch the woman on stage sing. 
You can feel yourself have a butterfly brawl in your stomach at just watching how beautiful he looked in the red mood lighting as he sways slowly. He would turn to you and wrap his arm around you. 
“This was the song that made me come back the next weekend,” he confesses. 
And the mood just feels right! So he leans down to give you a nice kiss, and you two just walk out as soon as the singer finishes her song, hand-in-hand. 
Tumblr media
I’m going to say that Connie would go into something around the lines of computer science as his major. I feel like he would just know how to do math, ya know? So, when he sees little ol’ you crying in the library because of some calculus problems, he casually introduces himself to you and puts his homework aside to help you figure out what’s going on. 
“Can’t be a jerk and leave a girl crying by herself,” he’d say. 
After that night, you ask him if you two can continuously meet up through out the semester and to your surprise he agrees! So a friendship is born and it includes multiple midnight study dates, laughs, snacks, and fifteen minute power naps. He’d gradually grow to be more flirtatious and confident with you (even though he was already pretty confident). 
While walking you back to your dorm after a usual study date, he’s just tired of not using his game with you so he’ll shoot his shot on a random midnight of the week:
“I was thinking I should treat you to an actual date, maybe this Friday? Since you did pretty well on that last unit exam.” 
“Yeah, totally!” 
“Good! Wear something nice, okay?”
And after hours of freaking out with your roommates on what ‘nice’ even means, you two pull up at a Dave and Buster’s. And this man just thinks this date is luxurious, and to be honest, it is. 
Because he’s on that college boy budget he buys both of you one power card to pass between each other, but you obviously don’t mind, because you two spend the night intertwined with laughter and playful teasing, something that definitely was not the usual boring calculus. 
He’d make sure to collect as many tickets as he could, eyeing a medium-sized Pikachu that was just taunting him from the other side of the room and as soon as he was sure he collected enough to get you the gift, a little kid snatches it before he can. Heart, actually, broken. 
“Man, fuck that little kid!”
“Connie, hush! The parents probably heard you!”
But you just laugh and Connie turns to face you, admiring how beautiful you look in the pink and purple neon lights. And something just clicks inside of him, so with the arcade machinery humming and a kid sobbing in the background, he pulls you in for a kiss. And it’s just magically the embodiment of him.
Tumblr media
This sweet boy, I just know he would use all that determination to advocate for something he truly believes in, but for now, I’m going to say he would focus on becoming a social worker due to his interest in working with orphan children. I feel it in my gut, it makes me sob. 
Eren would be so excited for his date with you, after asking you out in the student dining area one morning. Though excited, he’d be a little nervous to mess things up so he’s constantly checking his hair in the rearview mirror and making sure that the picnic basket he had in the back hadn’t fallen to the ground without a sound to indicate doing so. 
You’d be surprised to see him driving such a large truck genuinely thinking he would’ve showed up in an Audi for no particular reason. After you climb in, you are also caught in surprise to see so many different colored pillows and blankets piled up in the back seat. 
“You ready to fall in love with me?” he’d joke, but little did both of you know that it would end up happening. 
As soon as you two enter the main entrance of the college town you two live in, he drives into the grassy area to park backwards to face the street. You’re so confused until he nicely asks you to help him place all the blankets in the truck bed-- and all you can see in the back is the flower field and the beautiful scenery in front of you. 
“I thought a picnic would be nice as a first date,” he’d sheepishly say as he would haul the heavy picnic basket he had brought. 
“Eren, this is a beautiful idea.”
After laying out the blankets and placing the pillows in the correct place, you two would finally cozy up together. Music would be playing from inside the truck while you two ate the food he claimed to have made, just getting to know each other. 
When the food is all gobbled up and all the clouds faded into the now-clear blue sky, you plop yourself down to the flower field to pick a few different fresh flowers. He watches from the corner he’s pressed against on how quickly your fingers moved to weave a small crown for him. 
And this man literally feels butterflies in his stomach when he sees your toothy grin as you lean in to place it on his brown hair. And he can’t help but place a hand on your cheek and whisper out a small question:
“Could I kiss you right now?”
You would nod and lean in to his almost aggressive head bump but the dull pain is practically non-existent because both of you are finally kissing after swooning over each other from across the dining hall. 
Tumblr media
B U S I N E S S  M A J O R
No one can ever change my mind on this, Jean would 100% be a business major. No doubt about it. He’d be a little lazy, constantly going to parties, and on the verge to become an alcoholic by how much he drinks but by sophomore year he would really turn around. He’d become more serious about his career and show leadership growth, and it impresses multiple people he talks to later on.  
Jean wouldn’t really know you before asking you out on a date. The only exposure he had of you was from lecture when you sat two rows in front of him and when you would send funny messages to the GroupMe the lecture had. This boy would constantly think of you during class, wondering if you were as funny as the messages or if you had a significant other. 
So, he decides to wait. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself in the middle of the semester so he just waits for the last official day of lecture before finals to ask you out. 
“Hey! Sorry to bother, I know you don’t know me but I was wondering-- Oh! And I also know finals are coming up but I was wondering if you would wanna go on a date with me? After finals of course!”
“Jean, right? I guess it would be a good idea to treat myself to a date after our final exam.”
The way this man would be so giddy after you said his name would be too cute, but when he reaches over for your phone to put in his number he can just feel himself shake in nervousness and he begs to whoever is above that you can’t see it. But even if you could notice his shaking, you wouldn’t even pay attention to it because he is just so attractive. 
He would text you beforehand to tell you to dress formally, so you are naturally shitting bricks because where the hell was he planning to take you? So you pull out the best clothing from your closet and just hope for the best. 
Jean would be so slick, pull out the entire nine yards when he shows up in his tight formal pants and red tie with flowers in one hand to your dorm. You would quickly put them in a vase before heading out, an arm already wrapped around you. 
“You’re really attractive, you know?”
Of course you would be like, woah buddy, because you two barely know each other but you freak out even more when you two pull up to some apartment complexes. You’re questioning what you got yourself into until Jean opens his door and candles, flowers, lighting, and soft music greet you. 
He shows you the food he has in his fridge, telling you the plan of cooking together and having a candlelit dinner in his living room, and you instantly melt that he even thought about all of this. 
“So, how does that sound?” 
“Jean, it sounds amazing!”
And after cooking, eating, and chatting, you two can feel each other slowly getting to really like each other. He stands to ask you to dance with him in his living room, the only lighting in his apartment being offered by the flickering candles on the kitchen table. 
And you just feel comfortable and happy, and I can see that he would not offer the first kiss because he’d be afraid to overstep a boundary or even make you uncomfortable so you would lean up and place a little kiss on his lips, smiling against his chest afterwards. 
Tumblr media
Homie would already be out of graduate school. I like to think that Levi would go into forensic psychology since it works with crimes, I just can’t see him as a police officer. He would focus his energy on Erwin Smith’s private lawyer practice, alongside Hange Zoe. The three would be an iconic trio pulling up to the court house, let me just say that. 
That being said, he’d know you as Erwin’s part-time secretary who still goes to graduate school. And even though you were smart enough to qualify to get your Ph.D., you are completely oblivious to the lingering stares the stoic man would throw at you. Hange, on the other hand, catches him staring more than a couple of times so after a ton of pestering from Hange, Levi finally agrees to giving it a shot. 
He was an early thirty-something year old, Levi had to remind himself that he was not some kind of brat that was afraid to express his attraction to someone, so he goes for it. 
You aren’t going to lie though, Levi is kind of scary. So when he was stalking directly to your desk with an intense glare and stern face, you were certain he was going to yell at you for your dirty workspace. 
“Dr. Ackerman, sir?” You would be completely shitting your pants at how he was looking down at you, but a side of you couldn’t help but think about how handsome he looked right now. 
“I understand it might be unprofessional to bring this up now, but I want to take you out on a date.”
And it sounds more like a command than a question, but you are happy to say yes, nonetheless. So he slides you his number in a slip of paper, telling you that he would send you more details over the phone and walks away so cool-like while you are just left in absolute shock at your desk. 
The amount of shock you felt as soon as you pull up to the address he gave you: a boba tea place, out of all places, this was the last place you thought he would bring you. But he’s sitting so cutely near the door, scrolling through his phone waiting for his date. 
You two drink the boba, chat between each other, and you laugh at his bluntness. It was nice to get to know him like this, one-on-one, without Erwin, Hange, or the other employees possibly eavesdropping. So when drinks are over, he asks to take you to a secondary location the botanical gardens. You, of course, say yes because you don’t want the date to end.
 “I like to walk around here during the winter,” he would say to you, while walking through the garden. 
“I like walking with you,” you say, smiling at the older man next to you.
He would feel his heart warm up at that comment, loving how shy you were. So it takes a while for him to give you a kiss, after multiple dates actually. He doesn’t want to seem like he’s pressuring you into anything, especially since you are a little younger than him. So after the fifth, you would have to lean up to him and place a kiss on his lips as a thank you so he can finally take the lead. 
Tumblr media
Out of all the characters in the show, Reiner is the only one I can see going into the medical field. Not because he wants to but because after years of training to become a professional athlete, he quits his goal after constant critique and discouragement about his ability, so he’d continue his education to become a physical therapist. 
You and Reiner knew each other after a couple of general education courses you two took together, constantly being roped into assigned project groups and study sessions but even though he thought you were stunning, he never made a move because you had a significant other we stan a respectful king.
But as soon as he knows you broke up with them? He’s on the move, making sure to bring an extra coffee for you to the study sessions and walk you back to your dorm. He’d invite you over to his dorm to watch some shows on his television from time to time, and would offer endlessly to pay for meals when you two got Panera after class. So, after a few weeks of warming up to you, he finally asks you:
“Hey, let me know if I’m overstepping okay? But, I wanted to ask you out on a date?” He would have a big hand on his neck with a cocky smile decorating his handsome face. 
This man would drip with charm, I can practically smell it. He just knows how to impress the ladies, and though he can’t call himself a lady-killer, he’s had his fair share of first date experiences that went well.
So he decides to take you to the museum in the city you were in, and he’s excited to show you around the building he visits frequently. He is like your personal guide, showing you different pieces he has stared at in the past. You start to notice that most of his favorites are murals or portraits of cherubs, or angels. 
“You have a thing for angels or something?” You would ask, teasing him at the seventh artwork involving an angelic woman as the centerpiece. 
“That’s why I’m on a date with one, isn’t it?” He’d flirt, smiling at how you visibly shut down. 
After scanning the traditional pieces and pottery, he leads you to the kids area, making sure no kids were actually using the space. He’d collect all the crayons from around the room, two sheets of paper, and pencils. You obviously have no clue to what he’s doing but as he sets down the material and sits on the ridiculously small seat, he finally reveals that you both are going to redraw your favorite art piece you both saw. 
A few minutes pass, both extremely concentrated on coloring and remembering the piece you saw until you two could present the projects you were working on. And as you two turn them around, you can see that he drew you, and it’s wonky looking but the thought of him considering you art? Made your heart flutter. 
So, you wrap your hands around his broad shoulders in a loving embrace, cooing on how much a beautiful man he was, and he can’t help but blush. So when you two part from the embrace, he pushes your hair behind your ear and places a kiss on your lips before being kicked out by a parent that had two icky children at her side. 
thank you so much for reading! have a nice day/night! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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adoringhaikyuu · 6 months ago
you’re horny on your period 
Tumblr media
characters: aone + atsumu + kageyama + kenma + (gn!reader) 
request: hey babes, can i request hq boys (of ur choice, but with tsumu on it pls) with a fem s/o whos on her period and very horny? lol, if ur uncomfortable with it i'll totally understand • by anonymous
warnings: horny tings, suggestive tings, period sex mentions but nothing actually happens <3
notes: everyone is 18+ in this !! the reader has their period obviously but there are no pronouns used so technically it’s gn :) i actually rly like this one!
Tumblr media
you tried to get over it, but it was no use
it’d been an hour and you were still needy, an unsatisfied ache in the pit of your stomach and between your legs, not just because of your cramps
you were debating telling aone because you didn’t to bother him and period sex could be messy and some might even say gross
but of course, like the observant boyfriend he is, he noticed something was bothering you
aone walked into your bedroom, immediately sensing your discomfort. he stopped in front of the bed where you were sitting. his voice was gentle, despite his serious exterior but you could tell he was worried. “cramps?” 
you paused, deciding to speak before you changed your mind. “yeah, but that’s not really what’s bothering me...” 
he raised his brows, silently asking you to explain so he could help you.
“i...” you rubbed your thighs together, shuffling on the bed nervously as you focused your eyes on the sheets rather than his curious eyes. “i’m just feeling kind of needy?”
he stayed standing, “oh...would you like me to help?”
“yes–no?” you looked up to see him tilting his head at you, confused. “i just know some people find it gross and it can be messy, you know? don’t wanna be a bother.” 
“your issue is the mess?” 
you nodded and he hummed before leaving without another word. you sunk down a bit. you were fully prepared for it to go either way, but the rejection still kinda hurt a bit. you were about to go to the shower to take care of yourself when aone came back into the room, a towel and wipes in his hand. 
you looked up at him shocked, “what––”
he put the towel down and set the wipes aside, “for the mess.”
you immediately got up and pulled him in for a kiss, making his eyes widen slightly before he gave in, holding you by the waist. you mumbled against his lips, “i love you so much.” when you pulled away, you noticed the light blush and subtle smile on his face.
he licked his lips. “i love you too.” 
Tumblr media
normally when you were on your period, you wouldn’t let tsumu touch you tbh
period sex was a hassle
and normally you could control yourself or just take care of yourself on your own time in the shower or while he was out
but today for some reason, you needed him 
well you knew the reason actually––
as soon as atsumu came home, drenched in sweat from the gym, his grey tank top practically glued to his torso. you could see his neck shining and even his hair was wet, which you saw once he took off his cap. 
he set things down and immediately ran over to you on the couch to give you a quick kiss. “hey babe,” he grinned and stood up straight, stretching his arms behind his head, which wasn’t helping you at all. “damn that workout was intense, i’m beat. i’m gonna head to the shower, okay? then we can cuddle.” 
you opened your mouth but didn’t say anything, nodding instead. he smiled and headed towards the bathroom but he only made it about three steps before you stopped him with a call of his name, the sight of his back only furthering the feelings you had.
he turned back, “yeah?” 
you paused, “i um...” you sighed, “i need you.”
you could see a smile forming it’s way onto his face slowly, not wanting to get his hopes up too soon. he always wanted to help you out on your period but you’d never let him. 
“like need me need me?” 
you nodded “but we’ll only do it in the shower!” 
the smile finally burst on in his face. he made his way over to you again and planted a big kiss on your lips, groaning happily when you moaned lightly. 
“on second thought another workout doesn’t sound too bad.” he winked and smiled cheekily before throwing you over his shoulder and running to the bathroom, ignoring your yelp. 
“what got you so worked up anyway?” he asked casually, stepping into the bathroom. 
he set you down and you looked up at him sheepishly, “you...”
he grinned smugly, his hands reaching for your shirt. “oh i am so blowing your back out–”
Tumblr media
you tried to ignore what you were feeling, not wanting to ruin the moment since you and kageyama loved to do this every week
have a movie night and just relax
and you now he’d been working really hard lately so he deserved some rest
but you had a problem
you kept fidgeting in your seat next to him, trying to either relieve yourself slightly or make it go away, you weren’t too sure
and to be honest you weren’t really paying attention to it and kageyama could tell
after twenty minutes or so into the movie, he asked you what was wrong but you waved him off, assuring him it was nothing
but you couldn’t help but focus on him, the sharp cut of his jawline, the curve of his lips
then he put his hand on your thigh and you got to thinking of the feeling of his hands on you
and that sent you down a tunnel of unholy thoughts
kageyama felt your fingertips tracing the veins in his hands and tried to ignore it at first, keeping his eyes trained on the tv. but when you let your fingers trail up along his arm as well, his hand subconsciously squeezed your thigh and his eyes widened when you let out a quiet moan.
you both paused and kageyama turned his head slowly, eyes wide and looked at you, his lips parted. “are you–” he swallowed, trying to calm himself down. “okay?” 
you looked over at him, trying to act innocent. “mhm. just tickled, that’s all.” 
he nodded and turned back to the screen, and you tried to as well, but you kept glancing back at him, debating with yourself about whether or not you should say something. you didn’t want to be selfish and disrupt the movie, but you also couldn’t ignore what you were feeling, it was too intense. 
it lasted about five minutes before he looked at you from the corner of his eye. “you know i can see you watching me, right?” 
you felt your cheeks heat up and you huffed. “i’m sorry i just...” he turned to face you fully, curious and a bit concerned. his hand trailed up to your inner thigh, completely innocently and that’s when you decided you couldn’t hide it anymore. 
“i’m horny tobio.” 
his eyes brightened and he stuttered for a bit, “o–oh. well––do you want me to help?” he started to move closer but you looked to the side and he stopped. 
“it’s just––i’m on my period.” when he didn’t say anything for a few seconds you looked back to find him staring at you blankly.
he tilted his head and looked from side to side. “and?” 
you opened your mouth and closed it. “well...i’m, you know...bleeding...doesn’t that bother you? it’ll take more like effort and i know you’re tired––”
he cut you off, placing a hand under your chin, a shy smile on his face. “i don’t care about that. plus wouldn’t it help with your cramps?” 
you nodded, “well, only if you make me cum.” 
his brows furrowed, offended. “i always make you!” 
“yeah you do.” you laughed, taking his hand in yours, making him smile at you. “but are you sure you want to do this now? it might get messy.”
he leaned in and kissed your cheek before pulling back to look at you earnestly, his eyes a shade darker. “i don’t care.” he kissed you on the lips, “all i care about,” his hand tilted your head and pulled you closer, whispering against your lips. “is making you feel better.” 
Tumblr media
kenma could tell something was off about you
he knew you were on your period but there was something else that he couldn’t figure out
he was waiting for you to tell him but you never did
the thing is, you’d just moved in together a few months ago and while you’ve had a couple periods in the same house 
(which he’s totally normal about) 
you haven’t done anything while you were on your period
normally you’d take care of yourself, but you felt a little self conscious about doing it in your shared house for some reason 
and kenma like never left the house
sure, he had his headphones on a lot but still––
so you were a little tense and though you thought he was distracted, he definitely noticed
kenma stepped into your room and you smiled up at him before going back to your phone, thinking he was switching from the ps4 to the pc set up in your bedroom. but he didn’t, he came and stood next to your side of the bed, making you look up at him in surprise. 
“oh hey ken,” you sat up, your legs pressed tightly together. “what’s up?”
he looked at you for a moment before speaking up. “nothing...what’s wrong with you?”
your brows furrowed, “what do you mean?”
he sighed. “i can tell something’s wrong...” he looked down, a bit shy. “i was waiting for you to come to me about it but you never did. was it something i did?”
your eyes widened, he’d noticed? “no––no you didn’t do anything wrong babe.”
“oh.” he nodded, crouching down beside you, resting his chin on the mattress. “then what is it? i can tell it’s not nothing.” 
you swallowed and set your phone down before looking down at him. “i just...” you sighed, “i’m kind of worked up...and i was too nervous to do something about it.” 
his eyes widened this time. “oh––”
you looked away. “yeah.” 
“well you don’t have to be nervous about that.” he stood up, a small smile on his face. “that’s perfectly fine.” 
you looked up at him, “oh, really?”
he nodded, “of course.”
you smiled, “oh thank you. so how long are you staying out for?”
his brows furrowed, “what? why would i leave the house––”
“wait you wanna stay?––” you paused, “well can you at least put your headphones on and close the bedroom door on your way out?” 
he blinked at you. “how can i help you if i’m not in the room?” 
you blinked back. “you want to help me?” 
he blushed and nodded sheepishly, “yeah...why wouldn’t i?” 
you stuttered a bit, “well i just––you know i’m bleeding, that could get messy...” 
he paused and glanced around the room seemingly in thought, and you figured that he was rethinking the whole situation until he spoke up again. “well i want you to be comfortable and the shower isn’t the best place for how about i just get a towel to put here instead?” 
you stared at him for a few seconds, “each day i fall more and more in love with you.” 
he blushed even deeper and tried to hide his smile as he turned around, “shut up––i’m going to get the towel.” 
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zachsreaderinserts · 8 months ago
sleepy boys inc x gn!teen! reader headcannons
trying something new! i like bbs and all, but i wanted to write for other youtubers! lemme know if yall wanna see more content like this lol.
this takes place in a minecraft au!!! also, mentions of bad parenting/abusive parents
wc: 2,319
okay the sleepy boys
chaos incarnated, all of them. you can’t deny it
so, when tommy invites a friend from a local village, at first, everyone else is skeptical. since when has tommy made a friend who didn’t hate him within 20 minutes from all the screaming and insults he spewed?
unlike his friends, phil is more excited than anything. though he isn’t tommy’s dad, he feels like it sometimes, so he really wants to meet this new person who has caught the youngest’s attention
techno is very much not on board. he has a hard time trusting people at first glance and having been friends with tommy for the longest, he knows that tommy readily jumps the gun and attempts to befriend literally anything just because he can
and wilbur? indifferent for the most part. yes, he feels the need to make sure tommy is protected and cared for, but he also recognizes that this situation is out of his hands. the best he can do is hope that their friend isn’t an absolute asshole
so, it’s saturday. all three men are sitting on the couch in phil’s cottage, talking amongst themselves as they wait for tommy to come back. techno makes a joke about murdering them, which leads to phil scolding him about his violent tendencies
“you haven’t even met them yet, techno, what the fuck.”
wilbur is simply adding fuel to the fire, making little remarks here and there and watching the whole thing escalate to phil lecturing the piglin hybrid.
because of this, not one of them had noticed that tommy returned, with his newest friend. they both stopped at the sight of phil in dad mode, tommy considering just turning around and taking his friend as far away as physically possible
too late, since techno’s sixth sense made him whip around and stare at the newcomer. this made phil stop lecturing and wilbur quit giggling long enough for tommy to introduce his friend
after saying their name, the friend lifted their hand shyly, face burning from slight embarrassment. their other hand was latched onto tommy’s, feeling intimidated.
can you blame them? the fucking blood god looks like they wanna skewer them and cook them over a campfire.
tommy took notice of their shyness and cleared his throat, “we were planning on going to the carnival in their village if you three assholes feel like tagging along.”
like there was any way they were gonna let tommy and his friend go out without chaperones.
tommy turned back to his friend, “give me a second, i’m gonna go grab my sword just in case.” and proceeded to run up the stairs and towards the guest bedroom in phil’s house that he claimed.
the millisecond he was out of earshot, techno grabbed his friend by the front of the shirt.
“what are your intentions with tommy?”
the friend blinked once, twice, then bit back a smile. “you’re asking that as if i’m about to date that motherfucker.”
this time, it was wilbur who bit back a grin of his own. who would’ve expected the originally shy kid to have replied like that????
techno’s brain short circuited and his grip on their shirt loosened slightly. did.... did this kid just brush off his question???
“can you put me down? you’re gonna stretch my shirt.”
techno’s brain blinked back into focus and he gripped the kid’s shirt harder, shoving them against the nearest wall. “i asked a question, kid.”
“you know, tommy told me something like this would happen. i’m glad i came prepared.” and then, tommy’s friend sucked in a deep breath. techno leaned back, expecting the worst...
oh god, this was far worse than anything he thought of.
he dropped the teen out of disgust more than anything, reeling backwards. if there was one thing that haunted his dreams, it was uwu-speak.
phil started howling of laughter, clutching his stomach and hunching over. originally he was going to stop techno from threatening a literal child but this outcome was so much better than anything he was anticipating
wilbur was no better, already tearing up from how hard he was snickering. he started choking on his own spit at one point, smacking his arm against the couch.
tommy was so fucking confused when he came back down the stairs, seeing the mayhem that was, for once, not caused by him. he glanced at his friend, who had the world’s biggest shiteating grin.
yeah, they were gonna fit in just fine.
and they did! phil took them under his wing (both physically and metaphorically) and allowed them to come visit his home whenever they wished. and whenever they did, phil was the first to ask how they’ve been and what they were up to
to phil’s surprise, the kid was overall calm in their choice of activities. things like playing soccer or drawing or figuring out how to learn instruments in their free time. it seemed like they were desperate to get their hands on anything and everything just to learn
he found it funny, though, when their chaotic side shone through. they easily were on tommy’s level when they got into that headspace and it was so hilarious to him.
his favorite memory of the kid was when they walked into the house and marched right up to where techno was reading idly in the corner. planting their hands on their hips, they spoke.
“if you were to fuck a clone of yourself, would it be masturbation or would you be considered gay?”
phil, who was washing the dishes six feet away from them, just about crumbled into a ball on the floor from how hard he was laughing and sobbing.
of all questions, that was the one that came out.
but he had no idea that the chaos was a coping mechanism. he just thought they were naturally like that in their free time.
he soon found out the truth when they came home with tommy, who was cursing up a fit, visibly angry. his friend was slumped over, as if trying to hide themselves from the world
when phil asked what had happened, tommy exploded.
“their fucking dad took all their money from their savings! said he needed it more than them and when they asked for it back, he called them a fucking disappointment! that fucking bitch--”
phil can count very few times when he felt true anger and he can confirm that when tommy had told him what had gone down, he saw red.
but he knew better than to outwardly show it. judging by how hunched over and defeated the kid was, what they needed was a stable support system
so he walked over and shut tommy up with a hand on his shoulder, “why don’t we take the rest of the night to build up that game room you wanted in the basement. i’m sure if we knock it out before techno and wil are supposed to be back, we can all play something like monopoly.”
seeing where phil was headed, tommy nodded and brushed away his anger. he knew that what his friend needed was a serious cheering up. tommy ran towards his guest bedroom, claiming that he was going to find his blocks.
phil crouched in front of the teen, tilting their head up to look him in the eyes. “you’re not a disappointment. you’re an amazing person with a chaotic joke machine going 120 kilos over the speed limit in your head and you are talented. your dad doesn’t know shit about what you’re capable of doing.”
oh boy, the kid’s crying. those are tears, full on tears.
that night was one of the best nights of their life, however. they enjoyed the entire three hour long game of monopoly where they watched the light leave everyone’s eyes. it was funny when wilbur lunged across the table when he landed on a railroad, out for phil’s blood.
speaking of wilbur, he enjoyed every minute in the kid’s presence. they often asked creative and random questions and went along with the abstract jokes he made, the two of them laughing heartily the entire time.
when the kid first mentioned wanting to learn how to play the guitar, he practically burst through the wall of the room next door, breathing heavily and exaggeratedly.
“did someone say guitar”
yeah, he’s feral. that’s canon.
they proceeded to spend the entire day in phil’s garden, each of them equipped with a guitar. despite their outwardly smooth brain and stupid demeanor, the teen was a fast learner and could play the most basic chords by the time the sun was setting.
wilbur’s favorite moment was the first night they met, when they went to the carnival. there was the game where you shoot the water and fill up the balloons and the kid was going head to head against techno and tommy.
it was when techno won that the teen turned to techno with murder in their eyes and spoke in a deadpan tone of voice,
“you’re lucky you won this time, you gentrified mayo monkey.”
wilbur’s jaw dropped, as did techno and phil’s. tommy was already in hysterics, smacking his hand against the counter that held the guns.
needless to say, wilbur found his favorite, not-quite sibling in a heartbeat.
techno was the last to come around with the child. can you blame him? every time he tried to threaten them or had beaten them at something, they would respond in a cryptic threat--
“i’m going to pee your pants if you don’t let me win”
or just brushed him off. without a second thought.
“anyways, i was murdering a chicken the other day, and the fucker had the audacity to ribbit at me.”
to say he was confused was an understatement. he was terrified of the fact that a literal child held so much power and disinterest in things like their own life. so for the first few months, he avoided them.
but he had seen past that when it was around midnight on a weekday. tommy was hanging out with tubbo and ranboo in their village miles away from the area. wilbur was out drinking with schlatt, niki, and fundy, and phil was already asleep.
techno wasn’t too far behind, sitting in front of the fireplace and staring out of the window that showed the front yard. it was only then when he saw the flash of a familiar face and looked closer as the teen walked up to the house quietly. their head was down and they carried a small bag with them.
techno opened the front door with a long creak as they reached the porch steps. it was only when they jumped and looked up in surprise that techno had noticed a deep bruise on their left cheek in the moonlight.
despite the fact that he kept away from them, techno was very protective and territorial of tommy, phil, and wilbur. and since they were attached to the teen, he became protective of them as well.
so all the voices in his head went quiet for a second. before exploding into a mixture of screams and threats, all leading back to protecting the child in front of him.
without thinking, he reached forward and cupped their face for a better view of the bruise. at the warm and soft touch, tears slipped down the kid’s cheeks and they sniffed pathetically.
the voices quickly took a 180, all screaming to take care of them. make them feel better. so, techno led the kid inside and let them spend the night in his room, with them falling asleep on the bed and him falling asleep on the rocking chair in his room.
phil did not hesitate to officially declare himself as the teen’s official father, saying that their biological father was a “little bitch”
now somewhat living with the teen, techno found an appreciation for their quieter moments, when they were reading or simply daydreaming. it was cute, in his eyes. but he also grew to enjoy when they were absolutely feral, especially toward tommy.
his favorite moment with them was when they had gifted tommy a music disc for his birthday. it was sweet and sentimental and tommy just about burst into tears when he saw it.
all of the sappiness quickly vanished when tommy put it into a jukebox.
tommy had let out the most terrified scream and it practically engrained itself into techno’s brain. it was the first time he ever laughed at something the teen had done and the teen felt proud of themselves.
and finally, tommy. he was already happy to call himself a friend of the teen’s. they were like peas in a pod, working together.
tommy came to them when his insecurity felt heavy and they came to him whenever their dad’s words got to them. they had a nice system of dependency on one another and neither of them would trade it for the world.
tommy’s favorite moment of being friends with them was during their first birthday living in phil’s house. it was a birthday befitting their personality, with brightly color streamers hung and confetti all over the floor. he knew that they enjoyed it severely and once the cake was cut, the kid turned to phil.
“phil, where’s the big tiddy strippers i requested?”
tommy was GONE
he all but choked on his slice of cake and walked away, shaking his head while trying to stifle his giggles. but when he heard phil’s scream of “WHAT”, he just lost it.
all in all, his friend had made a fine part of the sleepy boys. they were a happy face in an otherwise somewhat bleak and dangerous world. and all four men appreciated it.
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miggiisdumb · 3 months ago
Breathe…. I can’t breathe… because I just woke up a-and… my mind is plagued with……… jock bully Sero
cw: mentions of manipulation, bullying, thigh fucking
Jock bully Sero who isn’t as aggressive as jock bully Bakugou or as deceiving as jock bully Kirishima. His bullying boards more on teasing than torment, the kind of teasing that is pushy and overbearing, but makes you sound crazy if you voice any discomfort about it because Sero is the most laid back and friendly guy ever! He doesn’t pick on anyone! His popularity easily muffles the little mind games he plays on you.
He doesn’t let you walk two steps without being by your side, somehow always cornering you into an isolated spot, prying into your secrets and thoughts (nothing scandalous, but definitely the type of things he shares and laughs about with his bros). He makes you cave from his overwhelming smooth talk that’s borderline cynical and manipulative.
Jock bully Sero always has a hand on you, squeezing your shoulders, your arms, your waist, sitting too low on your back or skims too high between your thighs. Try to leave and he’ll push you back against the wall, not enough force to knock the wind out of you, but his body flushing on yours definitely does the trick.
“Why the rush, sweetheart? I thought you were spending time with me?”
“We’re just talking! I’m not doing anything wrong am I?”
“N-no, but-“
“Good.” He cuts you huff with a squeeze of your cheeks, puckering your lips out for him to place a light kiss on, one that would’ve been sweet if it didn’t twist your guts for all the wrong reasons.
Jock Bully Sero who’s also a fuckboy, and his fuckboy tendencies still shine through when he picks on you, “innocent” touching finally turning into gropes on your plush body, feeling you shiver in his hold as his blunt nails scrape on your skin.
What? You’re running late for your next class? Too bad, jock bully Sero won’t let you go- not unless… you show him your panties.
But of course, he won’t force you to choose, he’s not like that! You get to make your own choices- no matter how little you actually get to pick.
So you prioritize your gpa, swallow your shame as your bully steps back and bites his lip as you slowly, shakily lift up your skirt, white cotton panties snugged on your crotch. It doesn’t matter how many times Sero makes you do this, he never gets over having you at like this- his scared and meek princess flashing her panties in broad daylight, lecture hall’s door open enough for any passing student to see you being a little slut for one of the jocks.
“Don’t forget to meet me after practice.” He whispers, breath minty and herby on your lips and you gasp on his when a finger drags up the middle of your panties. “Wanna see you again the second I’m done.”
Translation: jock bully Sero wants to hold you against the lockers and not let you go until you flash him your panties again.
Day by day, it gets worse. Seeing them doesn’t suffice, Sero wants you to pull your undies down. Then that isn’t enough either, he wants you to give him your undies and slap your ass on the way out of the bathroom.
And then you don’t know how you ended up like this, the men’s locker room filled with your muffled whimpers. Your digging your nails into your own cheeks as you flatten your palms harder on your mouth and your poor attempt of stifling your moans is completely disregarded as jock bully Sero drags your hips forward, the roll of his own hips nudging his cock further between your thighs, gliding with ease from your arousal dripping on him.
The friction on your clit has your eyes crossing, the light slap of skin and Sero’s airy moans have your head falling back on a locker with a weak bang. His fingers snake further behind you, massage your ass checks before gripping them roughly, spreading them apart and handling you faster on his dick, laughing at your squeals.
“C’mon, princess. Focus on me-“ his nose nuzzles yours, groans when teary eyes finally blink open in delirious haze. “There she is. Fuck, you’re gushing all over my cock, baby. You gonna cum, huh? Love having my dick rubbing on your cute little cunny for the first time?”
Lips follow yours as your mouth falls open, tiny moan wobbling at the end when he pressed firm circles on your clit, pussy squeezing and spilling on him.
“Think this tight little hole can fit me, sweetheart?”
But of course, he didn’t stick it in right away, you’re a virgin and jock bully Sero can’t take that away from you! Not without your consent!You gotta make that choice for yourself because he’s a good guy and he’ll wait for you. Until then, he’ll use your pillowy thighs to get himself off, as many times it takes until you finally cave and beg him to fuck you, ruin you, paint your insides with his cum and makes you go cock drunk for him snap photos and send to his group chat.
Jock bully Sero will never force you to chose- even if his words play a big part in your final decision.
But if you take too long and pick too late… well, it’s entirely your fault when his fellow jock bullies Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari degrade you as he fucks you dumb from the back like the squad’s personal breeding bitch.
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jkstompers · 7 months ago
passing notes | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jeon jungkook x female reader
summary: a year of crushing and jungkook’s finally asked you out on a proper date. 
genre: classmates to lovers??!, established friendship, they go on a date <3, jk is so stressed out, !fancy restaurant warning!, jk is A GENTLEMAN!! but wbk, oc is a nerd but is BOLD AF!!
warnings: mature!! (18+!!), SMUT,...they make out, LOTS of built up tension is let out tonite!, fingering, praise kink, handjob, backseat action, semi-public sex?? very strong language, jk overuses the nickname ‘baby’
word count: 9k
author’s note: pt. 3 of seatmate!jk. WE’VE GOT SOME FILTH TODAY PPL!!!!!!! this is my first time releasing a piece of writing that has smut in it so pls!! let me know what u think!!! i’m open to criticism but i cry easily so… pls pls be nice (T▽T) LMAO!! i also completely made up the program for ocean scientists that oc talks about LMAO i just needed her to ramble for a bit hahahah
additional note: also pls imagine jungkook looking like this in class and then wearing this for their date. also if ur curious, this is what i imagined oc’s dress to look like :)
okay enjoy!! thank u ( ˘ ³˘)
Tumblr media
it was the end of the semester and of course, the only time jungkook would be running late to class was when he was finally going to ask you out on a date. so far, everything seems to be going against the idea. his alarm didn’t go off on time, the shower took way too long to warm up, and his car was low on gas. now he’s speed walking, almost running, to lecture to make sure that his seat next to you isn’t taken. 
he wants to make sure this goes perfectly. he spent the past two weeks stressing over the plans. asking for recommendations for nice restaurants in the city in almost every group chat he was in. his friend (the one with parents as ceo’s, eunwoo), helped him and got him a reservation at this one five star restaurant that jungkook’s never been to. eunwoo told him that it was the prettiest place he’s ever been to, said it would be perfect for a first date. 
jungkook specifically remembers you telling him that you’ve never gone on an actual dinner date. ice cream dates, movie theater dates, and amusement park dates were what you were used to. there was nothing wrong with that, it’s just that you’ve never experienced a candlelit dinner at a restaurant, that’s it. jungkook just wanted to be the first one to experience it with you. 
so when his morning starts off this shitty, he wonders if his plans are falling apart. he tries to keep a good, positive mindset, but he’s already so nervous and the universe seems to be telling him: don’t do it, she’ll reject you, you’re gonna look stupid in front of her. 
meanwhile, you’re early this lecture. it was the last class of the semester and you were hoping that you could get a nice conversation with jungkook in before it started. the two of you have gotten a lot closer since you last hung out. the chain of events starting with you apologizing for being so embarrassing, 
[12:44 pm] you: jungkook!!! oh my god i am so sorry for last night 😭
[12:45 pm] you: i don’t take alcohol very well 😖
[12:50 pm] jungkook: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
[12:50 pm] jungkook: no need to apologize! are u feeling sick? hungover? 
[12:52 pm] you: omg no not really
[12:52 pm] you: ur a great drinking buddy, i owe u one 🥺
[12:53 pm] jungkook: it’s alright cutie
[12:54 pm] jungkook: just happy ur feeling okay :) 
[12:56 pm] you: let me make it up to u 😭 i’ll buy us lunch one of these days? 
[12:57 pm] jungkook: ah no can do cutie 
[12:57 pm] jungkook: have to buy u dinner first 
the thought of the conversation makes you smile. that one conversation starting the domino effect of the two of you talking almost everyday for the past two weeks. you couldn’t help but expect jungkook to at least be here, but if he didn’t wanna come, then he didn’t have to. 
you sat in your seat, patiently waiting for the one next to you to be filled by him. the hall was starting to fill now and class was about to start. you look around one last time to see that jungkook is still nowhere to be seen, and that a familiar brown-haired guy was beginning to walk up to you. 
“hello, ___! is this seat taken?” taehyung smiles brightly, you look down at the seat next to you. your bag saving the spot for jungkook. maybe he skipped this lecture, since it was practically for nothing anyway, you’ve already taken the final and there was no other material to learn, it was more so to wrap things up and see if anyone still needed to understand something. 
your brain comes to a conclusion. you remove your bag and say, “no, go ahead,” to taehyung with a small smile on your face, one that hides the disappointment riddling your mind. 
it’s about five minutes after the professor starts talking when jungkook finally walks in. he looks up to try and find you as he walks up the steps of the auditorium. his eyes land on you and taehyung, chatting amongst yourselves. he can’t help but feel a slight twinge of jealousy, that’s his seat. even though there were no assigned seats, the place next to you was always his, that’s just how it was, and seeing someone else sitting there, especially taehyung, makes jungkook’s green monster pop out. 
you feel a presence step behind you while you were talking to taehyung, and before you know it, jungkook is sitting in the seat next to taehyung. “oh! good morning, jungkook!” you’re smiling to him. he doesn’t grant you one of his regular vocal responses, rather he gives you a tight-lipped grin before he leans back into his chair and focuses on whatever the professor was saying. 
maybe he was jealous. witnessing you and taehyung having a wonderful conversation, one that makes you smile and laugh like he does. you didn’t even notice him when he came up the stairs, only greeting him when he sat down. no, he was definitely jealous. 
you’re stealing glances his way, pretending to be interested in whatever taehyung is talking about. he’s wearing the most boyfriend-est outfit in the world. a white long sleeve with grey sweatpants, his long hair tied up in a ponytail. you’re unconsciously biting your lip as you stare at him, he’s just so cool. he’s not even doing much other than looking straight forward. but this angle lets you see his sharp jawline and his side profile perfectly. 
you felt bad, one hundred percent. you should have told taehyung that the seat was taken, because now he was talking your ear off and you didn’t mind it, but you wanted someone else to be talking your ear off and it was the guy sitting next to him. 
when taehyung changes his focus to your professor talking about a summer he had in paris. you steal another glance at jungkook. you catch him staring at you, your eyes meet. he doesn’t keep the connection, cutting it off by moving his head and looking straight ahead. his jaw clenches, arms coming over and across his chest. he seems angry, you pick up on the energy now. an idea pops in your head to try and make him feel better. reaching into your bag to find one of your index cards, writing a message on it. 
feeling okay? 
you scoot your chair back a bit, pretending to stretch as you tap jungkook’s shoulder. he turns his head to you, eyebrows raised. you hand him the paper. he stares at first, eyes flickering between you and the paper. reluctantly, he takes it, unfolding his crossed arms to receive the note. you scoot back into your seat and lean into the table, lowering your chin onto the desk. 
jungkook tries to hide his smile as he reads your little note. how could he ever stay mad at you? it wasn’t your fault he was late. so he replies, his black ink has a stark contrast against your green highlighter. he can already feel his bad mood brightening. 
yeah, didn’t save me a seat? :( 
this time he folds the note, handing it to taehyung and telling him to pass it to you. “really? you’re passing notes? we’re in college, jeon.” taehyung snickers as he slides the paper towards you. 
you let a small laugh, reading the note. taehyung’s scolding continues as you write your response on the index card. you changed your green highlighter out with a blue pen. 
i came super early :( waited 20 mins for u </3 but i didn’t think u were coming so i let taehyung sit here 
you send it back and watch jungkook’s somewhat straight face contort into a smile. there it is, the smile that you know and love. 
jungkook on the other hand could cry. you came early. you waited for him. god, had he royally fucked this up. he makes his mind up now. 
i’m sorry :( let me make it up to u? can i take you out on a date tonight? 
check: ◯  yes ◯ no 
jungkook keeps the paper for a good minute, reading the note over and over again, thinking about how childish this way of asking is. but at the same time, jungkook knows that if he talks to you about it after class, he’ll gloss over the words and never ask you. letting the reservation and plans he made weeks ago render themselves useless. it was now or never. 
so he fully sends it, tapping your shoulder and giving it to you directly. you open the note and scan the words, sending him the sweetest look he’s ever received in his life. he thinks that would be a yes. he hopes. you write something onto the card and pass it back to him, your hand grazing his for a second. 
⚫ yes :) ♡ ◯ no 
the rest of the class passes pretty quickly. not that you were paying any attention. jungkook had emailed you a link to a game that the two of you could play, a weird version of snakes. jungkook kept cheating, you swore it, but in all honesty, you knew you couldn’t compete when it came to jungkook and his computer games. a clap from the professor breaks your attention from your screen, “alright, that was the last class of anatomy 101!” he then goes on a two minute long speech thanking the entire class for their great work this past year. he ends his ment with, “good luck and make good decisions! have a fun summer!” 
you take your time packing your things, a little too long for someone that just has a laptop to put into their bag. taehyung says goodbye to the both of you and leaves first, the seat in between you both empty. now it was just the two of you. a small blush creeps onto your cheeks. you were well past your high school crush phase, but jungkook makes you feel so shy again. 
you try to hide it by speaking first, “so, a date?” 
he sends you that award winning smile that makes you swoon. “yeah, did you change your mind?” 
you shake your head. “is it casual? fancy? want me to wear a dress again?” you tease, finally pushing your computer into your bag and standing. 
jungkook gulps. you looked so pretty that night in a dress. “fancy,” he answers, “you can wear a dress if you want, pantsuits are cool too— whatever you want.” he finishes packing as well, standing next to you as you both begin to walk down the stairs. 
“okay then,” you smile. “what time should i be ready?” 
“i’ll come and pick you up at seven, is that okay?” he replies, hand in his pockets. you both make your way out of the room and start to move towards the parking lot. 
“sounds good,” you nod, approaching your car. jungkook walks you to your door, his eyes focused on your sweet smile and your eyes. if jungkook didn’t know any better, he would have thought you were leaning closer towards him. a small laugh leaves your throat. “see you later, kookie.” 
he sends you a smile, the nickname tugging at his heartstrings. the realization hits him after you’ve already driven away and he’s sitting in the driver seat of his car. an embarrassing blush covers his face, he takes a deep breath and laughs to himself. finally. a year of crushing and he’s finally asked you on a proper date. 
Tumblr media
jungkook is quite frankly, freaking the fuck out. he isn’t sure what to wear and his hair isn’t working with him. the long strands seemingly out to make his life a living hell when he tries to style it. one strand always looks out of place, or the way that it parts doesn’t sit right. he’s pacing his bathroom, debating if he should just shower again and take all the stupid fucking product out of his hair. 
he gives in after ten minutes of deliberation. a quick shower removing all the wax and gel from his hair. the ends of his hair dripping when he goes to check his phone, the time reading: 6:45. he was gonna be late to pick you up. now he’s full on panicking. he has no other choice then to skip the hair product all together and just let his hair dry and part on it’s own. he slides on his all black fancy outfit he had planned out just in case the first one didn’t work out. he steps out of his apartment after grabbing his car keys, wallet, and the flowers he bought earlier in the day for you. 
a friend of his works in a flower shop. jungkook remembers you saying  that you like all flowers and that you couldn’t choose if you had to. so his friend asked what you were like, trying to figure out a way to style the bouquet without knowing your favorites. jungkook said the general things; you’re sweet like an apple, probably sweeter, like candy. you’re so pretty, it’s blessing that he’s able to lay his eyes upon you. you’re smart, too smart for him to flirt stupidly like he always does, ‘cause you outsmart him and flirt with him back in a wittier way. you’re— that was enough information, his friend told him he was babbling again. jungkook only had to wait ten minutes for his friend to finish fixing up a beautiful bouquet for you. 
the bouquet is placed on the passenger seat as he starts his car, texting you when he realizes it’s almost five minutes until 7. 
[6:54 pm] jungkook: fuck 
[6:54 pm] jungkook: i’m gonna be a little late
[6:55 pm] jungkook: i swear i’m not standing u up
[6:55 pm] jungkook: ok i’m putting my phone down to drive to u now, sorry cutie!! 
[6:57 pm] you: ah okay! 
[6:57 pm] you: i was getting a little worried haha
[6:58 pm] you: see u in a bit <3
jungkook drives safely, but efficiently to your apartment. the drive only taking about five minutes because the stop lights were gracing him with green lights his entire way to you. he parks right in front, grabbing the flowers and hopping out of the car. when he knocks on your door, he starts to feel his nerves work against him. the adrenaline from rushing here gave him enough energy to hype himself up, but now as he’s standing here at your door, waiting for you to answer, his throat starts to dry and his hands start to sweat. 
the metal door slides open, revealing you. in your silk dress, draping over your body in the most flattering way. the neckline deliciously hangs down to reveal your cleavage ever so slightly and the slit on the dress, displaying your thigh teasingly. jungkook is speechless at his first glance at you. his eyebrows raise and his mouth drops open, catching himself drooling once you step out from your apartment. 
“h— hi, you look— wow,” he stumbles over his words, taking a step back to admire you once again. “you’re fucking stunning.”  
you brush your hair back behind your ear, your hand covering the blush covering your cheeks. “thank you, you look very handsome, jungkook.” you reach out and play with his black tie. he looks down when you do, remembering that he was holding a bouquet of flowers for you. 
he holds them out, “these are for you.” like a kid giving his crush a dandelion he picked from the grass. 
“these are gorgeous, jungkook! thank you.” you look up to him with your signature sweet eyes, the ones that never fail to make him melt. “just give me one sec, i’ll put these down and then we can go?” you ask, holding onto the bouquet and waiting for him to respond. a quick nod is all you need to open your door and place them in the fridge. you come out a few seconds later, locking your door and standing by jungkook again. 
“that was fast,” he comments. he holds his arm out for you to hold, which you gratefully take. 
“i just put them in the fridge, my grandma showed me the trick, it helps them live a little longer,” you explain. the two of you walking out to his parked car. he never lets your hand touch the handle, always opening the door for you. 
“when they die, i’ll just buy you new ones.” closing the door for you and making his way to the drivers seat. 
you scrunch your nose. when he comes back and joins you in the car, you voice your worry. “it’s kind of a waste, don’t you think?” 
he shakes his head, “if it’s for you, nothing’s a waste.” 
jungkook was a professional with his words. always rendering you speechless. 
with that he starts the car and begins driving into the busier part of seoul. he makes his way into the restaurants parking garage, the building looks to be about five stories. the architecture itself looks expensive, you wonder where jungkook is taking you tonight. he parks the car, turning off the engine, and moving to open the door for you. he takes your hand and you hold onto your dress, fixing it once you get out of the car. god, you’re so pretty. he was so nervous. 
“ready, my lady?” he smiles, his arm out for you to hold. 
it makes you laugh, a snort almost. “i’ve never seen you so proper, mr. jeon.” 
“only for you,” he winks. your heels click against the concrete floor as he leads the two of you into the building. the high ceilings and multiple chandeliers are what greet you first, the brightness of the place giving the sun something to rival. jungkook brings you over to the waiting area, telling you to wait for a minute as he checks you guys in. 
this was crazy to say the least. the last time you went on a date, it was to the movie theaters. you’ve never been in a place like this; a doorman greeting every guest as they walk in, checking in to eat, multi-story, etc. the more you look around, the cooler it is. “let’s go?” jungkook’s voice makes you turn your head. you stand, taking his hand. 
the two of you follow a man wearing a black and white suit, with a long tail jacket. he brings you to the elevators, holding the doors open for you both. you step in and he presses the fifth button, which was the top floor. you squeeze jungkook’s hand. he repeats the action, looking to you and silently asking if you were okay with the look in his eyes and the raise of his eyebrows. you nod, a smile on your face. 
with that the elevator doors open, the metal doors sliding apart to reveal a private terrace. only a couple tables on the entire floor. a few people sitting down and enjoying their dinners. beautiful greenery surrounding the perimeter, the night sky only making it prettier. your mouth is left agape, you’re stuck in the elevator, speechless. jungkook gently tugs you forward, following the suit man to the table. 
jungkook pulls your chair out for you. you could cry at the chivalry. you sit and he pushes the chair in, jungkook follows soon, sitting in the chair across from you. the man hands the two of you the menu and moves away from the table, standing back near to the elevator, waiting until you are both ready to order. 
“this is fucking crazy,” you whisper-shout. the terrace was lit by these bright fairy lights that were hidden in the plants and were above the tables as well. it looked like little fairies and fire flies were in the air, roaming around. 
“i know right!” jungkook looked as surprised as you were. “i asked my friends for some help and holy shit!” 
“they know you’re on a date with me right now?” you ask, raising your eyebrows. 
to this he furrows his eyebrows, “of course they do, i talk about you all the time—”but he stops himself from exposing himself any further. you can’t help but giggle. “i mean, i asked them to help me make this special, and here we are.” 
you swoon. he’s so sweet for planning all of this out and wanting to make you feel special. the two of you look through the menu, jungkook warns you not to look at the prices, telling you to get whatever you want because the price doesn’t matter. but of course, your eyes stray to the numbers, the meals costing a pretty penny for a simple spaghetti plate, the cheapest thing on there. you were craving pasta anyway, you didn’t mind. the two of you order and wait for the food to arrive. 
the city of seoul was just below you, not too high but high enough to turn people into smaller figures of themselves. the night lights look gorgeous from up here. the warm summer night only complimenting the gorgeous atmosphere. 
“the view is so pretty,” you gaze out into the city. the pretty colors from all the lights of the different stores and restaurants complementing each other so beautifully. 
jungkook was in awe, he knows that the city below you is gorgeous, but he can’t seem to get his eyes off of you. your chin resting in the palm of your hand as your eyes search through the streets. “yeah…” he agrees, “very beautiful.” he smiles, only looking at you. 
the food comes and you both dig in. the two of you enjoy some conversation with each other as you eat. the topic of growing up comes up, both of you explaining the occupations you wanted, and you said something that sparked curiosity in jungkook. “your childhood dream was to live in california?” he smiles, chewing on his steak. most of the time kids dream about going to the moon or finding atlantis, but you wanted to go to america? 
you nod, “sounds funny right? when i was a teen, i watched a lot of 90210.” 
“is that all though? you only wanted to go because of a tv show?” he asks. there’s something you’re hiding, and jungkook can see it in the way that you hide your smile. 
at first, you hesitate, but you open your mouth to speak, “well— there is— no, it’s embarrassing.” you shake your head, changing your mind and reverting your eyes down. staring at the plate of pasta in front of you. guys you talked to didn’t wanna hear about it, they thought what you were into was boring, embarrassing almost. a part of you feared that jungkook would feel the same. 
you feel his hand on your chin, tilting your head up. “i wanna hear about it.” his face telling you the truth, the sincerity in his eyes as he patiently waits for you to explain. 
“there’s this science program in california, they explore new ideas for researching the ocean, like trying to see what lurks in the deep blue, helping fix the rising oceans, everything-- oh my god, and they like go on field trips to different countries to see the coastlines and historical sites—” you cut yourself off when you realize that you’re talking at the speed of light. “i’m rambling.” you were terrified to see his reaction. 
but when your eyes finally meet jungkook’s, they’re full of light. and his smile is so big. “dude, that’s so dope!” he grins, “i didn’t know you were so into the ocean!” 
it was the bare minimum, being nice, but that was hard to find when it came to the majority of the male species. obviously, jungkook is above average, he only proves that the more time you spend with him. 
“oh, i love it! my parents would bring me to the beach and i would cry every time we would have to leave, aquariums too, and the fish section in the pet stores.” you gush, leaning into the table to tell jungkook more. he leans into his hand, resting his cheek against his fist as he listens to you spill your knowledge and love. 
he notes that the next date should be at the beach or an aquarium. it was a great time for him to learn this, especially since it was summer. the weather in favor of the cold ocean waves. jungkook swears he can listen to you talk until the end of time. your sweet voice can be the narration to his life, he’d never get sick of it. 
the food on both of your plates had been cleared, the conversation sizzling into a comfortable silence before the man came back to give you the bill. jungkook doesn’t let you see it, instead just sticking his card in the black folder thing, and giving it back to the fancy suit man. it wasn’t long before he came back, handing jungkook back his card and giving the both of you a lollipop with gold flakes encased inside. 
you gasp at the piece of candy, now that was ridiculous. you weren’t one to reject a lollipop though, gratefully taking the candy and popping it into your mouth. jungkook does the same. it tastes of blueberry. at this point he stands up, moving in front of you and holding his hand out to you. “let’s look around? i heard they have a cool museum on the second floor.” 
you take his hand, “i love museums!” the two of you make your way to the elevator, the man (he never told you his name) kept the door open for you both. he presses the second floor button when jungkook asks him for the museum. the elevator landing on the second floor, the doors slide open to show a completely empty art hall. this place shocking you every chance it gets. you didn’t think it could get better, but it did. 
when the two of you exit the elevator, the man leaves you to it, taking the elevator down and leaving you alone. your eyes scan the place, huge paintings on the walls, small paintings in collages, some sculptures on the floor, it felt like a pop-up museum. you both make your way down the enormous hallway, both sides of the room’s wall displaying works of art. you stop at one specific painting, the familiar work has you spewing random facts. “these are the lovers! i had to analyze this once,” you speak. the art displaying a couple kissing, both of their heads covered by a white sheet. “the real one is in australia, i think.” you laugh, tapping the lollipop against your lips. 
jungkook listens intently, but he doesn’t pay attention to the painting on the wall. everytime he does, his eyes always revert to you. the art doesn’t stand a chance against you in his book. you, yourself, were a piece of art, one that was rare in this world, one of a kind. 
he can’t seem to resist. taking your hand and raising it over your head, the way that they do in ballroom dancing. if a twirl was what he wanted, then so he got it. “beautiful,” he compliments, pulling you in close for a hug. the two of you swaying in the middle of the hall of this stupidly expensive restaurant. 
you look up to him, making full eye contact as the two of you lean on one foot to the other. probably looking like a lovesick couple, getting lost in the moment. which, you were. your eyes flicker from his eyes down to his lips, he seems to do the same thing. his hand moves to caress your face, the swaying ceased. now the two of you are centimeters apart, noses brushing against each other. if jungkook doesn’t kiss you now, he thinks he’ll combust. so when he feels you pushing forward, he does the same, meeting you in the middle. your lips connect. the kiss almost identical to the painting in front of you. 
jungkook swears he felt himself levitating. your lips are sweet, the blueberry flavor of the lollipop lingering on them. he’s had his fair share of kisses in his life. makeouts, pecks, cheek kisses, all types of kisses. but something about this one tells him that he’s in for it. he’ll never be able to get enough now that he’s gotten a taste. 
neither of you want to take it too far; swallowing each other's faces in a distinguished, five star restaurant’s museum didn’t seem very proper. so the two of you make your way out of the building, thanking everyone at the front desk, especially the man that helped you out today, and walking into the parking garage where jungkook’s car was. 
when you get to his car, he moves to open the passenger door for you but you stop him with a hand on his arm. you reach to open the back door handle and his eyes almost bulge out. everyone knows what happens in the backseat, and jungkook did not prepare himself for something like this. 
you look up at him with the most innocent eyes, but there’s something devious hidden in your smile when you ask, “do you wanna talk for a bit longer? in the backseat? it’s more comfortable than sitting in the front.” 
jungkook never took you for someone this bold. it’s either you didn’t know the meaning of the backseat (which was totally fine) or you knew very well, and had plans to devour jungkook (which was also totally fine).
he chickens out, his hands starting to sweat. “do you want to just go for a little walk or something?” it’s not like jungkook didn’t want anything to happen, it’s that he did. if he starts, he doesn’t know if he’ll ever recover from it. he walks a tightrope around you when it comes to his self control. one wrong move, and he’s terrified that he’ll fuck everything up. 
“oh, it’s just my feet kinda hurt from these heels.” you pout, lifting you foot up to show him the almost stiletto heel. 
his eyes widen. why didn’t he think of that? “oh— oh shit, i didn’t even— yeah, let’s sit.” he tugs on the door, letting you slide into the back seat. he follows, leaving a good amount of space between you both to make sure that there was nothing too suspicious going on. you hope your bold moves hide your nervousness, despite your confidence, jungkook’s unsure looks make you want to curl up into a ball. did he not want this? 
the air was different now. in the restaurant the two of you had been so carefree, slow dancing in the museum, and landing a sweet kiss on each other’s lips. but now, an uncomfortable silence tears at the two of you. your hesitance makes you speak, trying to see if a conversation would ease the tension in the air. “i had a lot of fun tonight, kookie, thank you.” 
it seems to comfort jungkook, he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in. with a small smile on his face he replies, “me too, i was really nervous you wouldn’t like the food.” 
“oh it was good! i’ll eat anything really, it’s just—“
“you didn’t like the place? was it too much—“
“no, jungkook, oh my god— i loved it, it was just really expensive, i still feel really bad about you paying for all of it,” you look to him seriously. “let me give you at least my half?” 
he shakes his head, “i asked you out on this date, it means i pay, don’t worry about the price.” 
you roll your eyes playfully, “big spender huh?”
a pretty laugh escapes his lips. “hard worker too.” 
to this you smile, you stare at his impossibly-perfect face, noticing a stray eyelash on his cheek. you see a chance to strike and you take it immediately. you lean forward to swipe it off. jungkook almost leans into your touch. he’s so terrified that he’ll embarrass himself right now, so he’s been holding back tremendously. but the way you pick the eyelash off and place it on your thumb with a smile on your face, it eases most of the tension in his chest. 
“make a wish!” you hold your thumb up to his lips. his eyes cross to look at the piece of hair on your finger, but nevertheless he obliged. shutting his eyes tight, making a wish, and blowing the eyelash off of your thumb. 
you let out a small cheer before you ask him, “what’d you wish for?” 
“if i told you then my wish wouldn’t come true, right?” he boops your nose. suddenly, jungkook doesn’t feel so nervous. his nerves calming at the feeling of your soft hands against his face. you make him so nervous, but at the same time you make him so comfortable and make him want to be himself. it seems as though the two of you were staring at each other for a while. jungkook was thinking about how much he likes you, the same ideas run through your mind. the thoughts make you wish for something more. 
“can i kiss you again, kookie?” 
he stares at you, weighing his options. if he kisses you now, then he has to strategically only give you a few kisses, he absolutely cannot make out with you, or else, jungkook will succumb to his desires.
but he takes a little too long to respond. the both of you overthinking the fuck out of the situation. it makes you draw back. “it’s okay if you don’t want—“ 
“no, no, please, kiss me,” he brings you back, moving closer to you. licking his lips in anticipation as you slowly push forward, closing the gap between you both. the kiss is so sweet, like the one in the museum. jungkook can still taste the blueberry lingering on your lips. he doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of kissing you. 
you pull away first. your eyes scanning his face to see any expression of regret. there’s none. his hand moves to the side of your face, caressing your face and bringing you to him once again to meet your lips. he can’t get enough. “tell me what you wished for, please,” you speak against his lips. 
he smiles into the kiss. he wasn’t going to tell you, but since you were asking so nicely, he gives you a kiss on the cheek when he answers, “i wished for a second date.” 
“oh, didn’t you know?” you kiss both of his cheeks before speaking again, “i grant wishes,” with wink.
“fuck, you’re so cute,” he thinks out loud, it makes you blush. pink cheeks out for show and jungkook thinks you look even cuter. he dives in for one more kiss, telling himself this will be the last one, but when you make sweet noises against his lips, it has him wanting more. hands moving down to your waist, pulling you in and letting you climb onto his lap. he pulls away first, trying to get a hold of himself. “i uh— actually, didn’t plan for this to happen,“ he mumbles against your skin, tripping over his words. 
you look down, arms wrapped around his neck. “hm? what did you plan?” 
“we were supposed to kiss on the next date i take you on and i didn’t think— we’re just ahead of schedule, that’s all.” jungkook tries to explain that he didn’t want to rush it, god no. he wanted to take his time, make sure that you didn’t feel pressured to do anything. but now, it seems like you’re taking the wheel and jungkook doesn’t mind it one bit.
“oh so you had like a real plan? like times and everything?” the thought of it makes you laugh, and the way that jungkook flushes makes you want to pinch his cheeks. 
he pouts when you giggle, “don’t laugh, i just really, really wanted to do it right, you’re just so amazing and i didn’t wanna fuck it up.”
you smile at his concern. the fact that you have the uni heartthrob planning dates in his head down to the details and wanting to be sure he does it right makes your head spin. you hope jungkook doesn’t notice the way that your heart is beating three times the normal rate when you go to kiss him again. the only sounds in the car are labored breaths and your lips smacking together. it doesn’t take long before you’re grinding into him. his growing bulge rubbing against your soaking core. a groan leaving him when you grind particularly harder, his hands moving to your ass to grip it. you melt in his arms, small whimpers leaving your throat as jungkook drinks them up
you pull away from his lips, giving his cheeks attention then leaving a trail of kisses as you make your way to his ear. one final kiss is planted below his earlobe before you whisper, “am i ruining your plans, kookie?” 
jungkook tries his best to conceal his groan, tries his best to ignore his incredibly hard dick in his jeans, but you’re so pretty and you’re on top of him, kissing him. it feels like a dream to jungkook. it is quite literally a dream come true. 
he was already playing with fire, your body a flame in the cold, he moves closer and closer until he burns. “fuck plans,” he breathes. a hand comes back to caress your face once again. filthy thoughts flooding his brain. he wonders what being in between your legs is like, what you sound like when you cum. he wants to make you cry and beg for his cock. but he holds himself back, knowing that you’ll have time to try everything out, if you wanted of course. he leans the both of you forward, his large hands splayed on your back to secure you on his lap. your lips find each other once more. “can i touch you?” he asks so sweetly, a hidden poison weaving through that you can slightly hear through the deep rumble of his voice. 
you’ve never wanted anything more. “please,” you nod. your lips chasing his when he pulls further away. 
jungkook smiles at the action. “lay on my lap, baby.” he instructs, tapping your thigh. the nickname rolling off his tongue, his voice seemingly dropping an entire octave. you raise your leg and move it over to sit on his lap, sideways. your back against the car door and his right hand rubbing your thighs ever so gently. 
“like this?” you ask, looking to him for reassurance. he looks to you with eyes that you’ve never seen, lusted and dark. 
“mhm, perfect,” he nods. “good girl.” the praise goes straight to your belly, your panties flooding from how much you want him. his hands move slowly down your inner thighs as he goes in to kiss you again. 
you’re absentmindedly spreading your legs, making room for him. he smirks against your lips when he realizes. he knows what you want, so his fingers move to your panties, lightly putting pressure over your clothed bud. you whimper at the feeling, biting his lip in the process. he moans in response, putting a little more pressure against your bundle of nerves. 
“jungkook,” you whine, pulling away from his lips, “please.” 
“please what, baby?” he kisses your cheek, “tell me what you want.”  
“please touch me, please.” you beg, making eye contact with him. jungkook’s dick twitches at the sound of your begging. he wanted to string you along a little longer, but you’re being so good. 
“since you asked so nicely, baby,” he obliges. bunching your dress up around your waist and noticing the pretty black lace underwear you were wearing, “for me?” he asks. you nod, your teeth taking in your bottom lip. he groans at the thought, you getting ready and picking out these cute, risque panties out just for him. it’s just too bad they’re gonna be on the floor on his car. he’s gonna need to ask for a rain check on admiring you and your cute underwear later.  
you lift your hips to help him, underwear coming off to reveal your soaking pussy. “oh, fuck,” jungkook murmurs at the sight of it. “you’re so wet baby.” he almost starts drooling, he can’t wait to taste you, but he’s still hesitant, only wanting to do what you want to. next time, he can eat you out. right now, he’ll admire the delicious sight and make you cum on his fingers. 
your eyes travel to the window directly in front of you, suddenly feeling insecure. thighs closing, thinking about how someone could look in and see. “what about the windows—“ 
“they’re tinted, no one can see from the outside in, i promise.” he reassures, giving you another sweet kiss on the cheek before asking, “do you still want to do this? we can stop now.” he’s so lovely, his concern and change in demeanor only making you want it more, knowing that he wouldn’t want to push you to do something you were uncomfortable with. sweet was sexy on jungkook. you never thought there would be a day that jeon jungkook fingers you in a parking lot of a five star restaurant, but here you are. and you wouldn’t have it any other way. 
so you shake your head, taking his hand, and placing it back in between your legs. “please.” 
“anything for you.” he whispers in your ear before running his middle finger up your slit, collecting your wetness, and spreading it around your clit. he continues making tight circles on your clit, the sensation drives you crazy. you lean your head back against the window, moaning out. it was almost humiliating how reactive you were, you hadn’t indulged in this kind of intimacy in a while, almost a year to be specific. 
it wasn’t helping that jungkook was a fucking pro. the right amount of pressure and the placement of his digits against you has you dripping onto his nice, dress pants. you hoped nobody else was in the parking garage, else they would hear your cries of jungkook’s name. “more, kookie, more— fuck.” 
“more baby?” he questions, the sound of your moans going straight to his already hard dick. he thinks he could cum just to the sound of your voice. he’s one hundred percent fucked when it comes to you. he dips his middle finger into your hole, you gasp in reaction. “like that? hmm? ” 
jungkook knew was he was doing, he had you spread wide in the backseat of his car, already on the verge on an orgasm. he had a few years of experience on his belt, a ‘retired fuck boy’ he was, but he’s never wanted to please somebody more than he does right now with you. you just looked so pretty like this, so eager and begging for more. 
he adds his ring finger now, his thumb against your clit. “oh, god—“ you mutter, the feeling of his fingers and his thumb on your clit is too good. his fingers fucking you better than anyone else’s dick ever has. you found yourself bucking your hips against his fingers. “kookie, kiss me, please,” you look up to him with the eyes he can never fucking deny. so he kisses you, drinking up your moans as you fuck yourself up onto his fingers. 
“i didn’t know you were such a dirty girl,” he murmurs against your lips. your walls clenching around him, “letting me touch you like this in the backseat of my car?” his usual sweet demeanor now contorting into this cocky guy with an ego. it makes you even wetter. the squelch of your pussy every time his fingers push in is loud, the sound is music to jungkook’s ears. 
“only— only for you, jungkook,” you whimper.  you feel a familiar knot in your stomach tighten. he looked so hot like this. eager to please. his bottom lip caught in his teeth and a strand of his long hair dangling in front of his eyes. 
“good girl, all mine,” he kisses your neck. it may seem just like something you say during sex, but jungkook wanted it to be true. wanted you and only you. all to himself. he makes his way to a sweet spot, the feeling makes you tilt your head, giving him more access to kiss and suck along the sensitive skin. the discomfort of your back against the hard door was the last of your worries. your orgasm creeping closer and closer, juices leaking all overs his fingers. “so wet baby,” he growls, “i know i could just slide in, fuck you so good.” 
“p-please, i want it.” the thought of jungkook fucking you senseless, oh, you’d go crazy. begging wasn’t something you did when it came to sex, most of the time it was quiet, moans and breaths were the only things that you’d hear, no dirty words or praises. it was a good change, you never thought that you’d be so into being talked through it. 
he smiles at your eagerness, “patience baby, gotta take you on another date, yeah?” kissing your pursed lips. always so sweet and lovely. 
you feel his fingers push a little deeper, curling to find that sweet spot inside of you. your reaction does something to him, makes him hit the exact same spot, over and over again, in a slow, torturous beat just so he can draw those delicious gasps and moans out of you. jungkook feels close. he’s never felt like this before, so wound up. he ignores it, pushing it to the back of his head to focus on helping you reach your climax. 
lucky for jungkook, he didn’t have to wait very long. his fingers were longer and a thicker than yours, his efforts making you get there faster than you ever could. the consistent deep strokes of his fingers make the warning signals go off in your head. you speak a verbal warning before, “fuck, i’m gonna cum,” your voice pitches a little higher than usual. 
“gonna cum all over my fingers, baby?” he gives you one last sloppy kiss before you’re moaning out and coming onto his fingers, eyes screwed shut as your walls convulse rapidly as his fingers fuck you through your orgasm. “fuck, you’re so hot, ___.” 
you feel a smile break on your face. “you’re not so bad yourself,” you wink, still trying to catch your breath. a laugh slips from his mouth, small smirk on his mouth to match. he slips his fingers out, your body twitching at the over stimulation. 
 “i’m sorry, baby,” he apologizes. inspecting his fingers, your pale almost-white cum coating the digits. he brings them to his mouth, sucking on your sweet sap. you’ve never seen anything hotter in your life. “sweet, just like you,” he smirks. you shrink in his stare, hiding your blush. like you totally didn’t just cum on his fingers. 
you’re distracted by the feeling of something hard resting under your thigh, it’s then that you realize, “what about—“ you start but jungkook cuts you off quick. 
“no, no, it’s okay, it’ll go away soon.” he shakes his head, but you furrow your eyebrows. 
you pull on his black tie, making him lean forward and make eye contact with you “can i?” you ask, so sweetly. 
he stares at you with the most sexed eyes you’ve ever witnessed. “you’re driving me crazy.” 
“you’re always so sweet to me, jungkook,” you kiss his cheek. readjusting yourself in his lap, straddling him once more. “took me on this amazing dinner, always treating me like a princess.” your lips travel down from his cheeks to his jawline, then to his neck. he shudders at the feeling of your lips against his sensitive skin. your hands move from around his neck to travel further down, to the latch of his belt. his breath hitches. “let me return the favor, kookie.”
“i—“ he laughs, the embarrassment evident in the pink tint on his face. “i won’t last very long.” 
you didn’t mind, just assuring him with a sweet kiss on the cheek before you start removing his belt. jungkook leans his head back on the headrest, his neck exposed for you to kiss and suck. you unbutton and unzip, pulling his pants and his boxers down at the same time. his size makes your eyes bulge. he was huge. your mouth waters at the sight. 
“you’re so big, kook.” you egg him on, fueling his ego because he just looked so hot. your hand moves to hold him at the base, he lets out a shaky breath when your soft skin meets his. jungkook’s head is in the clouds, he could cum right now if he let go, but he’s holds himself back, not wanting to look like a fool in front of you. your hand moves up his dick, your thumb collecting the precum dripping from his hole, your thumb running over his slit as he groans. 
his hips buck up, “shit, baby.” he just sounds so good. you could just lick him up. you collect some saliva in your mouth, letting it drip from your mouth onto his dick to lube your hand. he groans at the sight, “you’re so filthy, baby, holy shit.” 
you smirk at the admission, the spit making it so easy for your hand to glide against his cock. the feeling makes him throw his head back again. his chest rising and falling.  the picture of him with his eyes screwed shut in pleasure and his mouth agape makes your lower belly light up once more, you clench around nothing. leaning in as you pump his cock to whisper in his ear, “wanna fuck me so bad? have me crying on your cock? you want that, don’t you, kookie?” 
jungkook twitches at your words. that’s exactly what he wants. was he that easy to read? was that what you wanted too? the thought of it makes him want to explode, “oh— god, ffuck— fuck,” he sputters. his hand coming up to hover above his head, your hand still pumping as the spurts of his cum shoot out. you smile at the action, knowing he didn’t wanna fuck up your dress. instead just making a mess of him and his hand. he takes deep breaths before speaking, “there’s a little box of tissues in the center console, could you hand it to me, baby?” 
you lean back, opening the console and reaching for the small box that sits in the center. before you give it to him, your eyes flicker to the sticky mess all over jungkook’s hand and groin. a sudden urge to lick takes you over, holding jungkook’s hand and bringing it up to your mouth. you lick the dripping cum from the palm of his hand as he watches, maintaining eye contact the entire time. 
jungkook shivers, a smile creeping on his face, “you— you’re evil.” the remark makes you laugh. 
“sorry, just wanted to help clean up.” you smile, swallowing the cum you collected on your tongue. 
“yeah, yeah, you’re not the sweet girl i thought you were,” jungkook quirks a brow. 
you roll your eyes playfully, “you don’t like it?” 
“nope, i love it, you’re perfect.” jungkook wipes off the remaining mess from his lap and his hand. you help him clean up tissues and he picks up your panties that were discarded on the floor. the two of you fix yourselves before stepping out of the back seat, jungkook opens the passenger door for you before he goes to a trashcan and throws away the soiled tissues. 
he joins you back in the car, starting the car and pulling out of the parking lot. you were rambling about how happy you were that no one was around and how there were no security cameras in the parking garage. jungkook blabbers too, telling you about how embarrassed he is that he barely lasted a few minutes. before the two of you knew it, his car parked in front of your apartment complex. 
he stands outside of your front door, leaning against the doorframe. all dreamy and not like he just made you cum in the backseat of his car. “text me before you sleep?” he smiles. 
you nod, “of course,” reflecting the same smile. you wave before closing your door. the date being more than you ever expected. there was no way jungkook was real. he had to be a figment of your imagination, he was the absolute dream guy. 
you lay in bed, staring at the stars on your ceiling. a blush creeping up to your cheeks once more when you think about the events that took place tonight. 
[11:02 pm] you: thank you for tonight, jungkook 
[11:02 pm] you: it was magical <3 
[11:03 pm] jungkook: no problem cutie, i had an amazing time with you
[11:04 pm] jungkook: feeling okay? 
[11:06 pm] you: i’m great!!! more than okay
[11:07 pm] jungkook: 😂
[11:07 pm] jungkook: i’m glad cutie
[11:08 pm] you: lunch on me next time? now that you’ve taken me for dinner :) 
[11:08 pm] jungkook: sure, i’m down :) 
[11:09 pm] you: i’m rlly tired kookie 
[11:10 pm] you: gonna head to sleep now 
[11:10 pm] jungkook: alright cutie 
[11:11 pm] jungkook: sweet dreams! 
Tumblr media
。゚(゚^O^゚)゚。 tag list: @giadalin @ggukkieland
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itsdanii · 7 months ago
Because I’m an angst-addicted ball of misery, is it okay if I request drabbles of Fuckboy!Atsumu and Fuckboy!Oikawa being the crush of the reader but she knows of how they treat other girls and doesn’t want to end up heart broken and since she’s shy and introverted, the boys barely know her aside from her being a classmate?
She tries to keep a simple distance away from them until said boys randomly show an interest in her and they start showing her attention, love, and treating her better than the girls they messed with until after a few weeks she overhears from them or their teammates that it’s out of pity/they were bored because Y/N seemed easy to mess with.
Y/N doesn’t let them know she overheard them, instead a switch is flipped and she’s emotionless around them and avoids them. When they ask why she’s like that, she simply says “I won’t let you hurt me like the others.” She basically treats them like they don’t exist (she’s friendly to everyone but them) and said f!boys regret it and bust their asses to fix everything between them (I read how you felt about full angst, so the reader just blocked their number, social media’s, and treat them like the plague until they prove that they truly love her or regret messing with her :) )
Tumblr media
Hey, bub. Sorry for the slight delay! I hope you don't mind me making slight adjustments about the plot for my comfort 🥺 And uh... this drabble turned out to be a oneshot because I got carried away. I only did Atsumu's part which went over 3k+ works 👁️👄👁️ Anyway, I hope that you still like it. Have a good day, stay safe and hydrated! ♥️
Tumblr media
Karma's a b*tch
genre: angst to fluff
warning/s: rude behavior (resolved), cursing, self doubt and insecurity(?), do message me if I missed any
a/n: please do read the warnings before you proceed. warnings have been put there for a reason
ft. fboy!atsumu miya, f!reader
never play with a girl's feelings. wanna know why? just read the title.
Tumblr media
You stared at the back of Atsumu's head dreamily, your elbows propped on your desk as you basically ignored the world around you.
Contrary to the belief that noisy students always sat on the back, Atsumu and his twin were actually seated in front. Despite being in the middle of a class discussion, the two kept on chattering as if the teacher didn't exist. The teacher basically gave up already trying to shut them up since they never listened anyway.
You knew that she could've just sent them to detention but of course, who would do that to the miya twins? People almost worshipped them and your teacher wasn't excluded. Everytime she entered the room, you noticed how she would always cast a glance at the Miya twins and smile "politely."
The two, of course, took advantage of it. If it meant being able to get away with their noise by just simply smirking at the teacher in front of them, they'd do it. They already did anyways. They never did anything more than that though, and for some reason you were thankful that they never crossed that line.
You jolted up slightly when the bell suddenly rang, a loud yelp slipping past your lips out of shock. With your eyes widening like saucers, you felt your cheeks heating up when majority of your classmates turned their head towards your direction, some having a grin on their faces while the others having a look of displease.
However, their stare didn't matter as much as a specific person's did. A pair of brownish eyes stared at you intensely, his gaze so intense it was enough to make you almost squirm in your seat.
Feeling your heart rate picking up along with the shiver running down your spine, you looked down at your lap, successfully cutting your eye contact with Miya Atsumu - the guy you secretly liked despite being hailed as your school's certified f!ckboy.
"Make sure to finish all your requirements this upcoming weekend. You're all seniors so I have high expectations on your outputs, understood?"
With a series of "Yes, ma'am," the class was dismissed.
The room was filled with different noises - subgroups gossiping with each other, the footsteps of students hurrying their way out, the rustling of papers, clanking of chairs and the voices of the class representatives reminding the assigned people to clean properly.
It was lively, for them at least.
As for you, you preferred being alone. No, you weren't some weird nerd kid who acted as if they hated the world. Instead, you preferred categorizing yourself as one of those people who were naturally shy and introverted.
You don't really like crowds nor socializing. You've always opted on sitting by the corner, just enjoying the calmness silence brings you.
Grabbing your books from your desk, you stood up and made your way to the door, head casted a little downwards to avoid making eye contact with people, knowing that doing so will result to interactions, and who has time for interactions anyway? Certainly not you.
With the lack of paying attention, you failed to notice someone who was rushing their way out. Like a cliche movie, your body collided with them, the impact causing you to stumble backwards, loosening your grip on your books as they fell on the floor.
Luckily, the person behind you managed to catch you on time, their hand gripping the small of your back to keep your bum from meeting the floor.
"Whoa, there. Ya alright, princess?" spoke the familiar voice just behind your ear, his breath against your skin giving you small goosebumps.
Instantly, you jerked away. Turning around to face him, you bowed down while muttering continuous apologies. "Miya! I didn't mean to bump into you, I.. I swear. I was just walking out and then somebody j-"
Chuckling, Atsumu placed a hand on top of your head, giving your hair a small ruffle which eventually made you look up at him. "Calm down, I ain't mad at ya. No need to be so flustered."
With a stiff nod, you mumbled a small "Okay," before bending down to pick your books off the floor. You didn't fail to notice how your hands were trembling and you silently prayed to whoever diety was watching over you that Atsumu won't notice it.
"Yer y/n, right?" Atsumu asked as he bent down as well, one hand clutching your book as he let his finger trace over the name written on it. "A pretty name fer a pretty face like yers."
You wouldn't be surprised if he'd ask if you were doing okay because by now, you were a hundred percent sure that your face must be looking like a red tomato. "Thanks I guess," you said, giving him a shy smile before taking the book from his hand.
The small encounter was cut off by someone calling for Atsumu's name. Turning your head to the direction of the noise, you noticed Osamu walking towards you with a small frown on his face, one hand gripping the strap of his bag as he went on how they're going to have to run extra laps again if they ever got late for practice.
Atsumu only chuckled at Osamu before turning his focus back on you. With a cheeky smile, he booped the tip of your noise fondly. "Guess I'll see ya around, pretty thing. Careful not to stumble again, alright? Don't want another man catchin' ya."
With that, Atsumu went on his merry way, turning around one more time to send you a wink, chuckling as you gave him a slow wave before his figure disappeared from your vision as a mere dot.
"See ya later..." you whispered on thin air, lips unconsciously curling up as you stared at the direction he went off to. Once you snapped out of your daze, you bit your lip to stop yourself from squealing like a school girl in love.
Well, technically, you were a school girl in love, right?
That night, as you laid on your bed staring at your ceiling full of glow in the dark stars, you thought that maybe it wasn't so bad making conversations with people every once in a while.
The days went by pretty quickly.
At first, you thought that everything will be back to normal. After all, you never tried associating yourself with people. Your high school life was basically nothing but waking up early for school then going back home after class and then repeat.
However, something was strange. In fact, it was very strange. Not only were people trying to befriend you but the one and only Atsumu Miya was actually making an effort to talk to you, and to say that you were confused would be an understatement.
He basically didn't pay attention nor spared you a glance before, until that day you bumped into him.
You knew that it wasn't a good practice to judge someone based on what other people say but he wouldn't be called as your school's f!ckboy for nothing. He'd change his girlfriend almost every week as if he's only changing clothes, cruelly dump those who did not meet his certain standards and doesn't care even if a girl cries infront of him. Those are exactly why you tried not associating yourself with him nor his twin.
But there was something about Atsumu Miya that kept on drawing you in. You didn't know if it was his annoying piss colored hair, intense gaze, or the aura surrounding him. You couldn't help but wonder how someone like him, the exact type of person you swore you hated, managed to keep you attracted like a moth on to a flame.
It was weird.
And yet you loved it.
"Ya know y/n, ya kinda wound me," Atsumu said, plopping himself down beside you on the cafeteria.
With your hand clutching the chopsticks mid-air, you surveyed your area, noting how some heads, specifically the Inrizaki VBC's, turned to your direction. "Sorry, what do you mean?" you muttered as soon as your eyes met Atsumu's.
"I literally thought we're already friends when I saved yer ass from falling backwards," Atsumu answered before stuffing his mouth with an Onigiri, no doubt made by Osamu.
Placing your chopsticks down, you wiped your lips with some napkin before speaking up. "I'm sorry for asking this but... what's with the sudden interest, Miya?"
You were aware of how snappy you sounded, but in reality, it was your own defense mechanism acting up. Just how were you supposed to ignore him when it's he himself who kept on clinging to you?
"Hm, what do ya mean? Is it so hard to believe that I'm trying to befriend ya?" Atsumu tilted his head a bit to the side, his lips curling up into a smirk. "Why not try givin' me a chance, princess? That isn't so much to ask for."
You organized your now empty bento, placing it on the side before focusing your whole attention to the man in front of you. "I've seen how you treated girls before," you said with a low voice, averting your gaze from him to avoid melting into a puddle.
Damn stupid feelings.
"I see..." Atsumu said with a slow nod. "Then I guess that makes it more of a challenge."
Your eyebrows immediately furrowed upon hearing that, your curiosity spiking up at what his words meant. "Challenge? What do you mean?"
Instead of answering you, Atsumu just stood up, his bento in hand with the side of his lips curled up. "I'll see ya around, princess."
With that, you were left alone in your table, eyes still trained on Atsumu as he made his way back to the Inarizaki VBC's table. You watched as most of his friends chuckled while patting his back, some even sending a glance towards your direction.
Deciding that pondering over it would only be a waste of time, you stood up and made your way back to your classroom, failing to notice a grey haired Miya watching you.
You let out a small squeak as someone behind you reached for the same book you've been trying to get for almost 5 minutes now. Tilting your head back a little, you were met with an upside down vision of Miya Atsumu's face.
With your arms still raised in the air, you spun around to face him, your back flush against the bookshelf keeping you basically trapped. "Miya," you mumbled while looking up at him, one hand fisting the side of your skirt to release some pressure.
"Here," he simply said while handing you the book, obviously holding back from laughing at your flustered expression. "Don't worry, I ain't gonna try anythin' that would make ya uncomfortable. I was just passin' by and saw you strugglin'."
"And he even tucked my hair behind my ear!"
"He did that?" your cousin spoke from beside you.
Both of you were seated on top of your bed, legs crissed crossed as you gossiped about your interactions with Miya Atsumu.
For the past few weeks, you've been having encounters with Atsumu - in the cafeteria, in the library and even outside of school where he claimed that he was out to buy some ingredients for Osamu and only managed to bump into you "coincidentally". Name it and he'll be there.
With these constant encounters stirring up your feelings, you had to resort on calling your cousin for some girl time in order to save your sanity. Luckily, your parents had no objection. They were even happy that you were actually trying to open up to other people. It was only your cousin but according to your parents, "A small step is still a step."
Plopping your back on your bed, you grunted as you placed both of your hands on your cheeks. "Mhm. I just don't get it you know? He's basically this popular guy that plays volleyball, has a group of girls swarming over him and has the face and body that looks like it's been sculpted by God himself, and yet he's wasting his time on me."
You looked at your cousin with a small pout, one hand reaching out to poke her thigh. "Am I just overthinking things?"
With a breathy chuckle, your cousin laid down beside you. "Maybe? I can't really say for sure since I don't know this Miya guy except your description of him, but what I think is that you should give him a chance."
Hearing that, you laid on your side to face her, elbows propped up against the mattress as you rested your cheek on your palm. "Aila, have you been listening to me? He is a f! ckboy. Dangerous, treats girls like shit, and undeniably sexy. What if his sudden interest is only a one time thing? What if he's just messing with me?"
"And what if he isn't?" Upon hearing no reply, your cousin took your silence as her cue to continue. "What if people just labeled him as this so called 'f!ckboy' because that's what they perceive him to be? What if inside him is just someone who's vulnerable, trying to protect themselves from getting hurt by people so they end up hurting others first to save themselves from the pain? What if he's just waiting for someone who wanted to really know him, the real him? Would you really deprive him of that opportunity just because of what you hear from other people?"
"I... I don't know.."
"Miya isn't here to defend himself and I'm not trying to defend him, but don't you think you should at least give him the benefit of the doubt?" Aila smiled as she settled herself on a comfortable position. "Give him a chance, y/n. Everyone deserves to get one. It's up to him to prove whether he's worth the chance he was given."
You sighed deeply, letting her words sink in as you also shifted yourself on a comfortable position, raising your comforter up until it reaches just below your chin. "Then what happens if he isn't worth the chance he's given?"
With a hum, your cousin just shrugged. "Then you either forgive him and let it go or... give him the finger and tell him 'f!ck you' for messing with your feelings," she said with a short giggle.
"It's something only you in the future can decide. Goodnight, y/n."
With a thankful smile, you turned the lamp off as you whispered, "Mh, goodnight, Aila."
"Let's be friends," you said as you slammed a box of onigiri in front of Atsumu, a smacking sound resonating in the air making the rest of the boys look at your direction.
Even the sound of balls whooshing in the air stopped, replaced by the sound of them dropping suddenly on the gym's floor.
With his lips parted, Atsumu shifted his gaze from the onigiri, Osamu, Suna and you. "Ah..." he muttered as if he was just as shocked as you for having the guts to come inside the gym in the middle of their training.
Feeling your cheeks heating up out of embarrassment due to his lack of response, you looked down and started to fiddle with you fingers. "You said you wanted to be my friend and I kept on keeping my distance from you so I thought you might appreciate those onigiri as my peace offering." You scratched the back of your head before giving him an awkward smile. "A-anyway, that's all! I'll see you around, Miya!"
Atsumi could only watch you as you dashed out of the gym. Snapping out of his daze, he looked down at the box of Onigiri, smiling unconsciously as he noticed the sticky note posted on top with "Good luck on your practice, Miya! :))" written on it.
"Interestin'," Atsumu whispered before standing up, Kita's voice filling the air as he called the team back for practice.
It's safe to say that after that embarrassing moment, you became friends with Atsumu. You even became close with his twin because they were always with each other. It wasn't long then when the usual duo became three - Atsumu, Osamu, and you.
It was hard to adjust at first. Your female classmates would always glare at you and spout out some nasty remarks but the twins were always there to defend you. In fact, you even met the whole team and hanged out with them when you didn't have some academic tasks to finish.
It was fun, and you were thankful for your cousin who gave you the advise of giving Atsumu a chance.
But there was a downside on the situation.
Your feelings which you kept hidden for a long time was only growing day by day, and you were afraid that it was slowly showing signs.
Everytime Atsumu was near, your heart would beat so fast that you felt like you just finished a 4 kilometer run. Your hands would become clammy, breath would hitch, and face would heat up whenever he teases you, and don't even forget to add that one time you literally froze when you spun around, only to come face to face with him - nose almost touching, lips ghosting against each other with only an inch keeping you apart.
You were playing a dangerous game and yet you had no intention of stopping, not knowing that it wasn't only you who had a secret.
Because Atsumu Miya was also playing a game - something much more dangerous than yours.
"Where's 'Tsumu?" you asked as you peeked your head inside the gym.
Kita, who was about to walk out, gave you a smile before opening the door wider for you to come in. "Atsumu's in the storage room. The twins made a mess again so I told them to go clean up before we start practice."
"Typical," you said with a short giggle. "Anyway, I'm just going to drop off Atsumu's hoodie that I borrowed last week. I'll watch over them while you do your business."
"That would be great. Thank you so much, y/n-san. Call me if something happens," Kita said, giving you a small nod before leaving.
As you entered the empty gym, you grimaced upon seeing something that looks like spilled milk on the floor. With a shake of your head, you made your way near the storage room sneakily in attempts of scaring Atsumu.
However, as you got closer, you heard two familiar voices. It was Atsumu's and Osamu's voice, and basing from the way they were speaking, it seemed as if they were in the middle of an argument.
"The fuck did ya say?" It was Osamu.
"I said I was only playin' with her. I mean, she's so easy, don't ya think? It basically only took me a couple of weeks and she came runnin' to me with that box of Onigiri, claimin' she wanted to be friends," Atsumu said, followed by a chuckle. "As if I didn't notice the way she acted around me. I'm telling ya, that girl is in love with me."
"And so, what if she is? That's not an excuse for ya to play with her feelings, dipshit."
Hearing Atsumu huff, you slightly backed away from the door, only to freeze when you heard his next words.
"Y/n is nothin' but a toy to me, somethin' I can dispose of when I got bored."
Biting your lower lip, you clenched the handle of the paperbag you were holding before running out with tears streaming down your face.
You ran as fast as you could, ignoring the worried looks you're getting from the people you were passing by. Even Kita was shocked to see you yet he didn't bother calling out, thinking that you might be needing some alone time for yourself.
You skipped class.
Throughout your whole Highschool life, this was the first time you skipped your class and it was a bummer that the reason was Atsumu Miya.
Stirring your strawberry milkshake from a nearby cafe, you thought about Atsumu's words, another batch of tears streaming down your face as you realized how pathetic you were for believing that he isn't what others say.
Maybe your cousin was wrong.
Atsumu Miya wasn't worth the chance he was given, because he only proved that once a f!ckboy, always a f!ckboy.
You blocked Atsumu's social media accounts.
In fact, you even blocked and deleted his number to stop getting in contact with him.
Even in person, you didn't bother paying him any attention unlike before. You stopped coming to their practices, stopped giving him food and stopped talking to him.
You basically acted as if he didn't exist.
It was hard because you knew that your heart belonged to him, but you had to endure it. You didn't want to give him the satisfaction for playing with you. You know your worth and there's no way you're going to let some f*ckboy ruin you.
"Y/n, would ya stop?!" Atsumu said as he grabbed your wrist, effectively stopping you from walking away from him any further.
"Get your hands off me, Miya. I don't wanna talk to you." You struggled against his hold, trying to take your hand back, only to fail when he tightened his grip.
"The hell's yer problem? What's with the sudden attitude? Yer basically ignorin' me and I don't have any idea what I did. Just tell me what I did wrong instead of actin' like a little brat." Letting go of your wrist, Atsumu groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair out of frustration. "I.. I don't like this."
You laughed, eyes squinting as you let out a fit of giggles before pointing at him. "You don't like this? Why not, Miya? I'm just a toy for you, right? So, I don't really get why you don't like this. Is it because you're not bored of me yet so you're not willing to dispose of me?" Crossing your arms over your chest, you looked at him with a serious expression. "Well, I'm sorry to say this but I'm not going to let you hurt me like the others. I'm not a plaything nor am I desperate like those girls pining over you. Have fun looking for a new toy. You're not worth playing with anyway."
That being said, you turned your back on Atsumu, ignoring the whispers that suddenly filled the hallway as the students parted some space for you, leaving Atsumu with his lips parted and feet frozen on the ground.
Serves you right, Miya.
Atsumu felt hollow.
With every passing day that you're ignoring him, conversing with people whom you never bothered associating yourself with before, the more he regret taking advantage of your feelings.
It was only supposed to be a game, nothing but a pass time and yet why did it felt like something was missing?
"I wasn't supposed to care," Atsumu said desperately while clutching his head in his hands, elbows propped on the table as he opened up to his twin. "F!ck...I think I like her, 'Samu."
"No shit, idiot," Osamu answered without taking his eyes off the stove. "I told ya several times to stop messin' with people's feelings and did ya ever listen? No. That's what ya get for bein' stupid."
Groaning, Atsumu rested his cheek against the table, facing Osamu's back. "Help me."
Slowing down from stirring the pot, Osamu looked at Atsumu through his shoulder. "Why would I do that?"
"Well, I'm yer twin. Aren't ya supposed to help me? Plus... y/n acts fine around ya." Atsumu sighed before sitting up properly. "I won't bother ya fer a week if ya help me out. I already did everythin' I could. Flowers, chocolates, even payin' attention in class just to impress them! Nothin' worked."
Osamu chuckled at the desperation and frustration in Atsumu's voice. "Deal." He turned the stove off, covering the pot before making his way to Atsumu. Sitting down, he crossed his arms over his chest while staring at the brokenhearted Miya. "Y/n is actually kind. Well, not until that moment she found out about yer stupidity. Have ya tried showin' her that yer willin' to change?"
Atsumu nodded. "I did. I even gave her the usual things girls like."
"I asked if ya showed her that yer willin' to change, not tried winnin' over her through bribery." When Atsumu didn't respond, Osamu let out a 'tsk' before continuing, "Just stop botherin' her and prove that ya regret what ya did."
"Easier said than done," Atsumu grumbled which earned him a smack on the head.
"Will ya stop bein' a sad boy already? I have a plan."
Its been two weeks.
Two weeks of no Miya Atsumu trying to apologize. Two weeks of no Miya Atsumu following you like a lost puppy while holding either chocolates or flowers.
Instead, what you were getting were these random post it notes on your locker, your desk, everywhere. Wherever you go, there would be random post it notes with various messages. Some contained cheesy quotations, the others short apology letters.
And despite how mad you were at Atsumu, you wouldn't be able to deny how cute the act was. Not only did he gave you space but also exerted an effort of silently letting you know that he'd be willing to wait for you.
You noticed how he stopped acting like a boss in class, opting to jot down notes instead of chattering with Osamu like usual. You also noticed how he stopped having a random girl beside him during breaks. Everytime you would pass by, no longer would he try to block your way and flick your forehead, but instead give you a hopeful smile before proceeding on his way wordlessly.
But what made you realize that he indeed regret what he did was that one time.
You were walking back to your classroom after forgetting your umbrella. The sound of the heavy rain tapping on the ground resonated on the empty hallways, the cold wind making you shiver as it whooshed in the air.
Wrapping your arms tightly around you, you entered your classroom, eyes widening as you saw Atsumu trying to fit something on the space below your desk while mumbling something.
Clearing your throat, you noticed Atsumu jolting up slightly before turning around to face your direction.
He smiled sheepily before scratching his nape. "I know it's yer birthday tomorrow so I was tryin' to fit this here. I guess there's no point hidin' it already since ya caught me anyway." Sighing, Atsumu picked up the fox stuffie and handed it to you. "Happy Birthday, y/n. I know yer still mad at me and ya probably hate me but I still wanted to give ya a present."
You stared at the fox in your hand, your fingers poking the fluffiness of the material as you fought back the urge to smile. "Thanks," you answered with a dismissive tone.
For a split second, it was silent, and you were aware of the intensity of Atsumu's gaze burning on your forehead, yet you refused to look up, knowing that once you did, you won't be able to hold yourself back and might just forgive him there and then.
"I like ya, I really do. I know I messed up big time fer taking advantage of ya and I'm sorry fer that. It was stupid and childish of me to think that the people around me are nothing but mere toys fer me to play with. I regret hurtin' yer feelings and I'll be willin' to wait until ya forgive me. Just know that I won't stop until ya do."
Hearing something rustling, you looked up and noticed Atsumu taking off his jacket. Within a few steps, he was already infront of you, draping his jacket over your figure. "I'll see ya around, princess. Don't get sick, alright?" Smiling, Atsumu gave your cheek a small pinch before heading out.
You were left in the empty classroom with nothing but the fox stuffie serving as your company. Atsumu's scent was swirling around you from the jacket you were given and at that moment, you haven't notice the single tear sliding down your cheek.
Because of all people, you never expected for Atsumu Miya to be the first one to greet you without having to remind them.
He was the first person you knew outside of your household to ever remember your birthday.
You hugged the stuffie close to your chest, burrying your face on top of its head as you let the comfort it brings envelope you.
You stared at the empty space infront, your head swirling as you thought of the possible reasons why Atsumu haven't been in class for three days now.
It's currently your last subject and throughout the whole day, you've been doing nothing but wonder where he was. You haven't asked Osamu about it yet since he was excused from the class due to the preparations for the upcoming match.
And so, the moment your class was dismissed, you rushed your way out, making your trip to the gym. You were thankful that they were in the middle of a water break so you had the chance to call out Osamu's name without having to worry about Kita.
"Y/n?" Osamu's eyebrow shot up upon seeing you. Suddenly, a knowing smile made its way to his lips. Standing up, he walked over to you. "He's sick," he said without even waiting for you to say something.
"Oh.." you muttered, shifting from one foot to another nervously before tugging at the hem of Osamu's jersey. "Do you... uhm, do you think it would be alright if I visit him after your practice? I wanna see if he's doin' alright."
"Alright. I think 'Tsumu would appreciate that. Why don't ya sit on the bench and wait a little for us to finish practice then ya can visit our house after?"
Upon hearing that, your face instantly lit up. You smiled at Osamu as you nodded.
Osamu only chuckled at you and fondly ruffled your hair, a habit he and Atsumu shared.
You waited patiently, and it wasn't long then when their practice finally finished. After Osamu took a shower, you both went on your way to their residence.
As you entered their house, Atsumu's voice immediately met your ears.
"'Samu! Cook me somethin', I'm starvin!"
You looked at Osamu who only shrugged as if he was already used to it. You took your shoes off and wore the slippers you were given before placing your bag on the couch.
"Our room is on the right. Go ahead and talk to him." Osamu said as he pointed on the door at the end of the hallway.
With a nod, you slowly made your way to their room, knocking softly before sliding your way in.
The first thing that greeted you were the mess of opened junk foods on the floor. Roaming your eyes around, you grimaced at the sight of empty water bottles littered around along with the volleyball laying on the ground.
Averting your eyes away from the trash, you looked at Atsumu whose back was facing you, his shoulder raising up and down evenly, indicating that he must be asleep.
Carefully, you walked claser and sat on the edge of his bed, your hand immediately feeling his forehead. "You're burning up," you mumbled, brushing his hair away from his face.
Suddenly, Atsumu's hand gripped your wrist, his eyebrows furrowed as he squinted his eyes. "Am I dreamin' or are ya a ghost?" he asked with a raspy voice.
"I'm not a ghost, 'Tsumu. I'm really here."
You watched as Atsumu slowly nodded before letting go of your wrist. "What're ya doin' here? I thought ya were still mad at me." Sitting up, Atsumu held the comforter close to him as he shivered.
"I heard you were sick. I'm no longer mad at you. I guess I'm still upset but I just can't hold a grudge against you forever, can I? That's not something I can do," you said with a shake of your head. "I really like you, you know? Despite your title of being a f!ckboy, I still fell for you. You were the first person I tried opening up to aside from my cousin. It's just a bummer that you ended up taking advantage of that vulnerability."
You felt Atsumu reaching out for you, his hand enveloping yours as he gave it a small squeeze. "I know, and I'm sorry. I really am."
"And if I give you another chance, will you prove me that you deserve it?" you asked as you looked at him, "I'm still hurt about what happened so I hope that if I give you this chance, you won't waste it."
"Yes. God, yes," Atsumu answered breathlessly, "I promise it won't happen again and I'll try to be better."
Suddenly, Atsumu wrapped his arms around your figure, pulling you on his lap as he settled his head on the side of your neck. "Thank you," he mumbled repeatedly against your skin, his arms tightening around you as if he was afraid of letting go.
And he never did.
Indeed, there was something about Miya Atsumu that kept drawing you in, and despite the bumps and dangers that came along your way, you didn't withraw.
Because as you closed the last page of your photo album eight years from then, you realized how right your cousin was alll along.
Atsumu Miya was worth the chance he was given, and he proved it to you every single day, sealing it with the diamond ring now resting on your left hand.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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hold on tight || b.c (m)
"hi! can you write something about streetracer!chan x f reader where things got heated up 🥺🥺 i really like your works by the way, kiss yourself really is one of my jisung’s fav fic !!" - anon
a/n: holyashjdljzhldsa just the thought of streetracer!chan makes me... omg i don’t even KNOW, i'd actually go crazy... and omg tysm! that means so much to me :,( and you're gonna have to excuse me since there's so many things heated could mean i'm just gonna make it angsty and smutty,, also kinda went off for a fluffy ending because it's bang chan, the christiano bangnaldo, how can i not???
● pairing: bang chan x (fem) reader
● genre: a lil bit of fluff at the beginning | angst | smut (mdi!)
● warnings: chan acts like a dick but he really isn't | illegal gambling/street racing | established relationship | angry sex | (of course) car sex | hair pulling | degradation + praise | dom!chan, sub!reader | fighting :( | semi - public sex | profanity | suggestive dialogue | reader slaps chan once :( | unprotected sex (please be safe!) | choking | kind of a quickie???? | super happy ending because i'm sappy like that
● requested? yes!
● words: 8.7k
→ summary:
You’ve never known about your boyfriend’s secret and very illegal job, if you could even call it that.
Tumblr media
"Shut up, buckle up and hold on tight 'cause it's gonna be one hell of a night for us, darling."
It’s a cold, rainy night. You’re waiting comfortably on the couch, sitting there wrapped up in one of Chan’s blankets, waiting ever so patiently for his return. He’s not usually out this late, neither did his job usually end this late. Your mind was getting the worst kinds of ideas as you held your phone in your hand, more worry than anger coming over you. You couldn’t be mad at him, really, you were just worried something happened to him, since he wasn’t picking up your calls or even looking at your texts.
It’s around midnight, and you swore you wouldn’t sleep until you watched Chan, in all his glory, walk through the front door of your guys’s shared apartment. You’ve been dating Chan for years, ever since high school. And, now, even after graduating college and finding a stable job and apartment, Chan still tended to keep things from you. It was a bad habit of his, yes, but you couldn’t really be too mad at him for it. Besides, you’ll be able to help him out of that habit. Once he comes back, at least.
To wait, you decided to watch a bit of television to let your mind wander from the thought of something bad happening to Chan. Of course, the subtle thought of him cheating crossed your mind a few times, but Chan’s only ever been the most loyal and dedicated boyfriend, even past his pretty hard shell. He acts pretty tough sometimes, but you know that he’s just a little bit insecure about himself on the inside. Which, to you, is completely normal. Everyone’s at least a little bit insecure. You couldn’t blame him for that.
Getting with Chan was actually very difficult at first. You both had a rocky start before you started dating, since Chan was kind of like the cliche popular bad boy, and you were the snarky book nerd. You both started off arguing and bickering about everything. But, when you both got closer and closer, you began to see a softer, kinder side to him. And, like magic, you two started dating. You don’t really remember how it happened. It might’ve been just Chan saying, “Wanna date me?” or something like that just ‘cause it’s simple. However, getting it past your parents about your relationship with Chan was the most difficult in the world. They did not approve of him whatsoever. Even today, they’re still cautious of him even though Chan’s already proven his loyalty to you and swore to your parents that he’d never lay an aggressive finger on you.
You’re parents didn’t really like him because of his choice of outfits and friends, which was a stupid way to judge somebody in your opinion. So, no matter how many times they tried to break things off or distance you from Chan, you two always found your way back to each other. Though it was fun, all the sneaking out at three in the morning, saying you’re going over to a friends house when you’re really going to go see Chan and all the late night calls in a hushed tone, you’re glad you can finally relax about it and live peacefully with Chan without the need to sneak around.
But, your mind hasn’t been so peaceful these last few hours. There’s still no sign of Chan and no opened messages. You gave up on calling him after the fifth call had gone unanswered, and just decided to wait. Clutching your phone to your chest in case he were to call or text. Your eyes switch between the screen and the front door (which led into the living room).
You nearly jumped out of your blanket when your phone started ringing obnoxiously loud. Your heart beat loudly as you scrambled to look at the caller’s I.D. And, thankfully, it’s Chan. You’ve never answered so quickly.
“Chan?” Your excited voice squeaked out when you brought the phone close to your ear, a bright smile etching over your lips. Just happy that he’s in contact with you.
“Hey, darling,” Chan’s voice was husky and tired, and a little deeper than you remember. He must be exhausted, and you wondered if he had to stay late at work, “I’m so sorry for being out late. I’ll be home soon.”
“Alright… Is everything okay? What were you doing out so late?” You ask carefully, wrapping the blanket tightly around you.
“Work. My boss had me work over time. I would have texted you, but I was pretty busy,” in the distance, you can hear the sound of his car’s engine. He must be driving pretty fast. Chan also has a really nice car he saved up for and worked really hard for. It’s a smaller, good looking and really, really fast car. You could recognize that engine anywhere.
“Oh… I’m sorry about that,” You respond after a moment.
“It’s alright. Nothing to worry too much over,” you can hear Chan’s smile even through the phone, “And, by the way, could you do something for me before I get home?”
“Could you make me something small to eat? I didn’t have the chance to eat dinner at work. If you could do that, that’d be so great, baby.” Chan says, and you get up off of the couch. Already heading for the kitchen.
“I could make you some jjajangmyeon? We have all the ingredients,” you say, surfing through your pantry.
“That’d be great, (Y/N). Thank you,” Chan sighs through the phone, and you pull out the ingredients.
“Of course. When will you be home?” You ask before he could hang up.
“I’ll be home in the next ten to fifteen minutes, at the least.” He says, and you can hear the engine get a little bit louder behind him, “I have to focus on the road. I’ll be home soon. I love you, baby.”
“Love you, too, Chan.” You respond, and hang up. Now with the satisfaction and the relief of knowing Chan’s coming home, you separate the ingredients out and start cooking (thank god you took that home economics class back in high school. You couldn’t cook for shit before that). Since Jjajangmyeon is a pretty slow cooked dish, you try your best with temperature control to fit it into the timeframe for when Chan gets home, wanting it to be ready for him.
You had your hair tied back as you cooked, occasionally looking up to watch the television, which was still on the random news channel from before. It talked about things you weren’t too interested in, so you only kept it on for background noise.
You were so immersed in cooking, you didn’t even notice the door slamming open and closed and a pair of heavy footsteps walking up to the kitchen. You jumped when Chan’s arms wrapped around your waist, his chin planting itself on your shoulder. He laughs tiredly at your reaction, and you turn to give him a subtle glare, but your smile deceived you.
“Hey, baby. I’m sorry for coming home so late. I promise it wasn’t my intention,” Chan grumbles out, his words low and slightly slurred, mostly because he’s tired.
“It’s alright, don’t apologize,” you chuckle softly as you arrange two portions of the jjajangmyeon into two different bowls. Chan watches silently over your shoulder, “I’m just glad you’re home. You worried me. Please text me next time, before you stay overtime and don’t bother texting me. I worry a lot, you know?”
“I know, (Y/N). I know you worry too much for your own good,” Chan smiles softly, chuckling tiredly, “It’s one of the reasons I love you so much.”
You smile, flustered, and raise a warm hand to press against Chan’s cheek, turning your head to press a loving kiss to his temple, which is cold, even in the warm kitchen. “Dinner’s ready. Do you want to eat in bed?”
“Not if you’ll make me do the dishes directly afterwards,” Chan lets go of you to take his dish, and you take yours.
You cock a brow at him, “I was going to make you do them anyways. You’re not getting out of it that easily.” You giggle and tap his nose with the tip of your finger. “Come on. Take mine, too. I’ll shut everything down.” You hand your bowl to Chan, who takes it quickly as you scurry around, turning off the television. Turning off lights and putting the dishes in the sink.
Once Chan’s changed into more comfortable wear and you’re both comfortable in bed, watching some show on the TV while eating. Time at home was usually like this; relaxing. You’re cuddled up to Chan while he ate slowly. Once you both finished, you placed them on the nightstands for the time being.
Chan was asleep instantly. You were up a bit longer, still a bit run on adrenaline from worrying so much earlier, despite knowing you have to be up early for work. Chan didn’t have to work till the afternoon, but you had to be up early since you’re a librarian at the local public high school. Chan’s an assistant producer and works under a decently big entertainment company. It’s quite the drastic difference, but you being a pretty big book worm yourself, you decided it would be fun to be a librarian (mostly using your literature degree), even if it’s stressful at times. Chan’s work, however, is much more tedious than your own. Where you can usually go at your own pace, he has more strict deadlines and sometimes more difficult work.
So, you let Chan sleep on your stomach. His arms wrapped around you securely as his face nuzzled into the soft fabric of the oversized shirt you were wearing. You were up a bit longer, watching the TV while running your hands through Chan’s soft hair. Enjoying the moment for the time being before you, yourself, drifted off into a deep sleep.
You were the first one to wake up the next morning, per usual. You woke up to your alarm that Chan thankfully slept through. You got ready as quickly and quietly as you could. Since you work in a pretty professional environment, you wear something modest, but fits well with the fall weather and your fashion style. You wore a white long sleeved shirt and a pair of black slacks under a jacket with your university’s logo on it and a pair of sneakers. They weren’t too big on dress code for the teachers at the school, but the students still had to wear uniforms.
Before you left, you made Chan lunch for the day and yourself a lunch. You even bothered to wake him up briefly to give him a kiss goodbye and that you’ll be back early afternoon, although he’ll probably be at work, then. Chan, although three fourths asleep, gave you a tight hug and a kiss with a slurred ‘Love you’ before plopping back onto the bed and instantly falling back asleep.
Although Chan had quite the expensive car, he wasn’t quite fond of you driving it. You have your own car, and it’s fine. Mostly used to drive to and from work and nothing more, since most other things you were with Chan, so you both usually took his car. It’s not so much a matter of richer and poorer, his car just had more little trinkets and things that are just more convenient. You’re not completely sure what model his car is, all you know is that it’s expensive.
The school isn’t too far. It’s actually a ten minute drive from your apartment. You have to make it there pretty early, so the roads aren’t jam packed like they would be when Chan has to drive to work. So, you have a bit of an advantage there. When you get there, you’re met with the people in the front office, who bow respectfully to you, and you make your way to the library.
You set up at the large, round desk. You especially like being a librarian, because it’s quiet. You don’t think you’d do too well as a teacher, so you settled for a librarian since it was a good and easy way to use your literature degree and put it to good use, other than the fact you’re writing a novel, but that’s a whole other story (hehet).
It’s about half an hour before some students pile in, bidding you good morning and sitting down at the tables to study for whatever assignment or test they have, or to finish homework. Some of them go around to look at books, but most just sit by their lonesome and work on whatever while blasting profane music into their poor ears.
You were busying yourself going through overdue books, and emailing parents about student’s overdue books. You were immersed in your work, so you were somewhat shocked when someone tapped your shoulder. When you turned, you were met with the smiling face of your coworker. A middle aged, pretty woman named Jung Migyeong, who gave you the permission to call her ‘unnie’. She’s considerably your work - best friend. She’s the only person who really delved into conversation with you, unlike most of the other teachers who only talked to you about whatever book they’re class reading or for book suggestions (and you just choose the first book in the library that comes to mind).
“Oh, you scared me!” You giggle in a hushed tone, and Eunmi smiled brightly, her motherly aura giving you a sense of calmness.
“Sorry, sorry!” Eunmi sits on your desk, more leaning against it. Eunmi is really a pretty lady. Her hair is cut short to her shoulders, and she never wears makeup. Her natural tone is without blemishes or acne. She always wears pretty dresses to work, and she always carries around her purse for some odd reason. “I wanted to catch up with you. I didn’t realize you were so immersed in your work. I should’ve known, you’re more responsible than half the teachers here.”
“I try, I really do,” You respond, leaning back in the chair and smiling up at her, “Do you have a free period for the first hour?”
Eunmi nods, “Yes, I do. They switched it up just ‘cause of something wrong in the student's schedules. But, that’s past the point. How have things been going? In the home life?”
You shrug a shoulder, your smile dropping, “It’s… going. My boyfriend didn’t come home until, like, twelve - thirty last night. He said he had to stay late for work, but I don’t get it, Eunmi. He wouldn’t answer my calls or texts, and I don’t think his job prevents him from at least opening a text until he gets off, you know?”
“You said he’s a producer, right?” Eunmi asks, her head tilting down to look at you more clearly. You nod, “Well, he might’ve been busy with the idol. It’s pretty difficult work, I’m surprised he’s been able to keep up with it well.”
“Well, he came home hungry and tired,” you sigh again, “Which is weird because if he stays late he usually grabs something from the kitchen at the company building or fast food and eats it before he comes home. But, he was hungry… not super hungry, but I made him jjajangmyeon.”
"Jajangmyeon?" Eunmi’s head tilts, and one brow lifts and she scoffs, “That’s like a fifty minute dinner.”
“Not if you toy around with the temperatures, no,” you smile, and Eunmi shrugs a shoulder, “Eh, I was the one who suggested it to him. It’s one of his favorites, and he sounded exhausted and overworked so I though, you know, might as well. But, after eating, he was out like a light. You wouldn’t think that producing would make someone so tired.”
“You never know,” Eunmi reassures, “You seem to be really worried about this. You don’t think he’s cheating, do you?”
You quickly shake your head, “No, no! I know him, and I know that he would never do that to me. I think he’s just trying to hide something from me. I’m not mad at him, I just don’t want him to keep anything from me.”
“You’re not mad… yet!” Eunmi corrects, and your lips purse, “If he’s really hiding something from you, it must be pretty big. I would personally be surprised if you were able to keep your temper if you found out whatever it is he’s hiding. Cheating or not.”
You’ve never really been one to get extremely mad or even start arguments. As said before, you and Chan did have petty arguments back in high school, but since then, you’ve both matured. Chan always shut down a fight if you were getting too agitated, and you were usually never the first one to start up an argument, since your patience isn’t as thin as before. You will admit, though, you’d be decently upset if you found out Chan really was hiding something from you. You trust him so much, you thought there should’ve been nothing to hide.
“I suppose you’re right,” you lean your head against your hand, resting your elbow on the desk, “If there’s a good chance, I’ll talk to him about it tonight. If I want things to really work out with him, then there has to be complete trust and honesty with each other.”
“That’s the spirit,” Eunmi proudly says, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder.
“I want to spend the rest of my life with him, unnie,” you admit shamelessly, and Eunmi smiles wistfully, “I want to grow old with him. But I don’t want to live waking up every day at four in the morning and coming home to no one for hours on end. And, sometimes he won't come till midnight or morning.”
“Well, my husband and I used to have a lot of secrets, too. That we kept from each other,” Eunmi admits, reassuring you that you’re not the only one going through something like this, “The only way we were able to sort things through was by sitting down and talking to each other. Just telling all of our secrets to each other, even if they’re embarrassing or stupid. Just knowing the fact that we can trust each other with everything gives us that reassurance that we’re meant to be. Honesty is everything.”
You look down, thinking about the advice Eunmi had just given you, and you swallow down the growing lump of frustration in your throat, “Thank you for the advice, unnie. It means a lot to me.”
“Of course. I’m always free to talk, and you have my number if anything happens,” Eunmi smiles fondly, “And my doors are always open to you. I’ve spoken to my husband about you and he said that he’s always willing to keep our doors open. Just in case anything happens. You can’t be too careful, right?”
“Right,” you smile, flustered by Eunmi’s kindness, “Thank you so much. I’m… you’re right. If the worst of the worst happens and I’m booted out of my own apartment, then I’m at least glad to know that there’s some place I can go to that’s not three cities over.”
Eunmi laughs softly, and you laugh along with her, “I’m glad. Anyways, it’s about that time. I’m going to start heading back to my classroom. Let Chan know that I said hello, and that I wish you both well. Good luck, (Y/N).”
“Thanks, unnie. I’ll call you later,” you wave briefly as Eunmi makes her way out of the library, students bowing briefly to her as she passes.
You’re glad to have a friend like Eunmi. You’re lucky to have someone open their doors to you. Sometimes, you wonder if Eunmi views you as a younger sister, since she constantly rambles on and on about how she loves being called unnie or noona by her younger coworkers, even if she’s among the younger teachers. She’s like the sister you’ve never had. Sure, things had to be professional, but you’d like to spend more time with her out of the workplace. That would be fun.
The rest of the day is pretty slow. You had a few classes come in to pick up literature books, math books and to check out some books, but that was really it. You didn’t see Eunmi again, and left a few hours after the school closed. There was a bit of traffic on the way home, but it was mostly cleared up.
When you got home, you weren’t surprised to be met with an empty house. No sign of Chan, except the lunch you made him was gone, meaning he took it with him, thankfully, and he left a cute little note on a sticky note saying his thanks to you for making it for him. Which he usually did for you (you never bothered to throw them away. You actually kept them all in a little cigar box for safekeeping. Why? You didn’t know. You just felt like it.)
Like every day when you come home, you change into a pair of more comfortable clothing, which was just one of Chan’s hoodies you took out of his side of the closet, and a pair of ripped jeans. Since Chan didn’t do the dishes before he left, like you thought he would, you decided to do them to pass the time. In doing so, you turned on the TV for some background noise as you rolled up your sleeves to start scrubbing the dishes.
However, your attention was soon caught by the TV when the regular news anchor started talking about crime. At first, it was just about a robbery that took place in uptown, and that didn’t really suit your interest. What did catch your attention, enough to turn off the faucet and ignore the dishes to watch the TV, was when an all - too familiar black car with tinted windows and no license plate appeared on the screen, and there was a red car, too, but you didn’t recognize that one.
You turned up the volume, “Today, police are trying to look for these cars with no license plates caught on camera last night. They were suspected to be illegally street racing and gambling last night at around eleven o’ clock at night before being caught on security footage of a hotel nearby. If you can identify these cars, please contact the police immediately. One has been identified as a black Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The other has yet to be identified. If you see anything suspicious on the streets, please contact authorities. Here’s a clearer picture of both cars.”
And, that’s when it sparked you. One of the pictures of the black Ferrari was of the front. Despite the tinted window, you could clearly see a black ice Little Tree air freshener hanging from the mirror and a familiar hand gripping the wheel tightly. How could you recognize it? Despite the low quality, you can see a familiar ring on the middle finger. A celtic design Chan loved so much.
“Oh… my fucking god,” your mouth drops open as realization hits, and you immediately dash to the bedroom to yank open Chan’s dresser drawer, one left vacant for paperwork to “keep things safe”, and you pull out his insurance for his car. And, there it is, in plain sight. Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Color; black. Windows; tinted. At first, shock pools through you. Doubt climbing up. There’s no way Chan’s a criminal. There’s no way that he’s the one in the Ferrari. It has to be someone else.
But, there was only one way to find out. You had to be sure it was him.
So, you grabbed your purse and your keys and threw on a pair of slip - on vans. The sun was already setting, and you nearly forgot to lock up before running to your car. Barely unlocking it before you throw yourself into it, not even bothering to buckle your seatbelt before driving off to god knows where. Your gut leading you, immediately driving towards the area shown on the news. You pull out your phone, trusting the wheel in one hand as you pull up Chan’s profile and call him, pressing the phone to your ear.
The ringing carries on and on until the familiar voice of Chan speaks up, telling you that he’s not available and to leave a message after the beep.
“Oh, fuck off!” You scream at your phone before trying to call him again. Again and again it led to voicemail. Voicemail after voicemail. You couldn’t text him, not with you driving.
After the tenth call, you let out a frustrated yell, hitting your wheel with your palm and trying your best not to cry. You might be overreacting, since there’s a large chance that it isn’t Chan. But, for some reason, you believed it. You believed, at least somewhat, that it was Chan’s car. That it was Chan in the car. You didn’t want to believe it, but you did.
And your questions coursing through your mind were soon answered when you pulled up to the spot from the news, it now twilight, the sun just being set over the city’s horizon. You pulled onto an empty freeway, and parked in an alley between two buildings. There’s a group of people and a ton of expensive cars around the freeway. There were people crowded around a table. Some girls sat on top of cars, talking and laughing to each other while wearing vulgar and revealing clothes. Your brows furrow, deciding to stay low for a while. You turn off the engine to your car and watch carefully, gripping your phone in your hand. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, popping beer bottles, laughing and talking amongst themselves.
But, it’s when the sound of a loud engine came into earshot, and everyone, including you, turned to see the source of the sound. The moment the crowd of people see who it is, they start to cheer loudly. Throwing up their hands. However, your mouth falls open once more as the black Ferrari SF90 Stradale with tinted windows and a black ice Little Tree air freshener hanging from the rear - view mirror. It pulls up to the crowd, and they all part to make way for it.
Instead of shock or sadness, anger and rage begins to boil inside of you, and you grip your steering wheel tightly as you watch Chan, Christopher Bang, step out of the car. People pat his shoulder, and he smiles widely at them. Giving a few people hugs and even smiling to some of the women, who tried to steal a hug from him, too. He’s wearing clothes you don’t ever remember seeing. He wears a black leather jacket over a white button up and black skinny jeans. You’d be impressed by how good he looks if you weren’t so upset.
You didn’t even have to look at your phone as you pulled up Chan’s profile and called him, pressing the phone roughly to your ear.
“Pick up… Pick the fuck up,” you grumble under your breath as you watch Chan. He pulls his phone out of his pocket, and looks at it briefly.
Not even hesitating to hang up.
As you heard the familiar sound of Chan’s sweet voice telling you he’s not available at the moment and to leave a message after the beep, you finally have enough courage to get out of your car. Slamming the door shut and making your way out of the alley. They’re not too far, but it's a long enough walk for you to catch the eye of some people. You don’t even pause to rethink your decisions when a girl taps the chest of one of the guys, who glares at you with a raised brow.
The man that glared at you stepped away from the crowd, and you could barely see Chan over the people. He walks over to you, and you stop when the man is right in front of you, peering down you. The smell of cheap beer oozing off of him.
“And who the fuck are you?”
“Chan’s girlfriend, now get the fuck out of my way,” you try to push past him, but he grabs you by the arm. Tightly, too. Probably tight enough to leave a bruise after a while. “Hey! Let go of me.”
“No can do, princess,” the man says, smirking mercilessly down at you, his grip not loosening one bit, “Whether or not you’re Chan’s bitch doesn’t matter to me. It’s either you leave or I take you home and we have a good time. Well, I will, at least.” So, you tried to yank your arm from his, trying your best not to use your free hand to punch him in the face.
“Where’s Chan? Bring him to me.” You demand, and the man scoffs, chuckling.
“Fine, have it your way,” the man turns his head towards the crowd, a few people watch, and he says, “Grab Chan. This chick says she’s his girlfriend.” A few of them laugh at him, thinking it’s a joke. But, you stand your ground, glaring through the crowd. One of the people that laughed pushed through a few people. It takes a minute, and there’s a tense silence between you and the man as you try to pry his hand off.
But, as you suspected, a smiling Chan pushes through, but his smile instantly drops when he sees you.
“Hey, Chan. This chick’s babbling on about being your girl. Should I kick-”
“Get your hands off her right now before I shoot you in the face.” Chan interrupts, anger lacing his dark, deep voice. The man holding your arm instantly lets go and steps away, his hands rising in defense. Mumbling something about just ‘trying to keep things safe’. Once the man is away, Chan walks up to you, now being the one tightly gripping your arms. Leaning down so his face is close to yours.
“Why are you here, (Y/N)? Why the hell are you here?” He asks harshly, his voice full of surprise and desperation. He even shakes you slightly.
“You seriously thought I wouldn’t find out?” You snap, ignoring his question all together, “You thought I was dumb enough to let this go under? Well, I’ve been dumb for too long, Christopher. I’m not going to be like that anymore.” You know he’s not too big a fan of being called by his real name, but you do it anyway.
“Go home (Y/N). I’ll explain everything to you afterwards.” Chan says, placing a hand on your shoulder, trying to turn you away.
“No!” You yell, pushing his arms off you, “I am not going home, Chan! I am staying with you. I need to know what the hell all of this is. Right. Now.” You demand, and Chan shakes his head.
“No. You’re going home, (Y/N),” Chan tries to push you away again, his hands gripping your shoulders tightly and trying to turn you from the curious crowd. However, you weren’t going to be let off so easily. You swiftly turned around, letting your flying hand come in contact with Chan’s cheek. Smacking him. You made sure not to backhand him, knowing how much that could hurt. Besides, you don’t want to hurt him too much, you just want to get your point across, and he wasn’t listening to your words. He lets go of you again, his head flinging to the side because of the impact.
“I said no. I’m staying here,” You repeat yourself, and Chan’s eyes no longer lace with aggression, but worry. He doesn’t seem upset that you hit him. In fact, he seems to gloss over it. “I need to know what’s going on-”
You weren’t able to finish your sentence until Chan grabs you by the wrist and pulls you into the crowd. They part to make way for him, and you aren’t able to muster out a sentence before Chan unlocked his car and shoves you forcefully into the passenger seat.
“Chan, what -”
“Shut up, buckle up and hold on tight ‘cause it’s gonna be one hell of a night for us, darling,” Chan snaps, and your lips clamp close at his harsh words. You didn’t expect that out of him. You could nearly cry right there. Chan backs away and slams the door shut, and you quickly scramble to put the seatbelt on as Chan yells something at the crowd, and they erupt in cheers. A few people scramble to get into different cars, and the rest stay back, keeping their distance. However, Chan didn’t seem too pleased as he walked around the car and into the passenger’s seat, locking the doors.
“Quiet,” Chan snaps, revving the engine of the car. You can faintly hear the cheer of the onlookers behind as Chan pulls alongside the other three cars. A young woman wearing small shorts and an exposed shirt too small for fall walks ahead, and pulls a red cloth out of her back pocket. Her red lips smile bright as she lifts her red cloth. She holds up one finger, and Chan’s engine growls from behind, the car shaking along with it. Your hands go to grip the first thing, which is the cup holder in the center console and the door. Bracing yourself for what’s about to happen.
“I said quiet!” Chan yells, sparing you a glance and your brows creased with worry as the woman holds up a second finger, and Chan’s hand grips the wheel as the other rests over the buttons.
She doesn’t hold up a third finger. Instead, she throws down the red cloth, and the moment she does so, Chan is off on the road. His foot slammed against the gas as he pushed his back against the seat and used one hand to effortlessly steer. You feel so impossibly scared in the car. A small part of you was debating whether or not you should have gone home, but you knew that it was the right decision to stay. To truly understand what’s been going on and what this is all about.
You try your best not to scream as the loud engine nearly bursts your eardrums.
“Chan… Chan, stop the car!” You scream, the need to vomit creeping up, even though you try to gulp it down.
“I can’t, (Y/N). I really can’t right now.” He says loudly over the engine.
“Please, Chan, just stop the car…!” You yell out again, and Chan finally glances at you, seeing your distressed look before his head snaps ahead again.
His hand swiftly reaches over to grip your thigh, as if trying to prove that you’re secure, “Calm down, (Y/N). You’ll be fine. We’re fine. I’m not stopping the car. Sorry, but I just can’t.”
“I should hate you for this, Chan!” You say, and you can see the way his knuckles turn white from gripping the wheel. “But I can’t… I just… Goddamn it, why!?”
“I can’t tell you that right now!” He yells back, looking over briefly before making a sharp turn, making you clutch onto the seat belt for protection, his hand now back over the buttons, “You just need to sit there until this is over, got it? I don’t care how scared you are, you’re gonna get through it like the strong woman you are, (Y/N), and I’m not taking no for an answer.”
You look over to Chan, and his lips are downturned, his brows furrowed and his eyes glossed over, as if he could cry right there.
“But why didn’t you just tell me?! We wouldn’t be like this right now if you just told me, Chan, and that’s the truth.” You yell over the engine, and Chan bitterly and breathily chuckles, shaking his head as an angry smile casts over his lips.
“You wouldn’t have stayed with me if I told you, (Y/N), you know that.” His voice is a little softer. If any softer, you wouldn’t have heard him. “You would’ve left me.”
Your mouth falls open, and you shake your head, “Never… Never! Never, ever, accuse me of that. I would never leave you even if you killed a man, Chan, and that’s the truth!” He doesn’t respond. He doesn’t even look at you as he turns another sharp corner, and you can see the other cars following behind, closing in. He sees it, too, and he presses some buttons you didn’t bother reading and slams his foot on the gas again. You let out a deep breath, still clutching the seat belt, “I just want to know why, Chan. Why are you resulting to this even though you have a stable job at the entertainment company, I-... I just want you to be honest with me.”
“I’ll tell you later, (Y/N). Just sit tight and keep your mouth shut. I need to focus or we’ll fucking crash, you got it!” He yells, and you flinch at his harsh tone. Finally keeping quiet.
The race seems like it lasts forever, when it was probably only five minutes. With sharp twists and turns and screeching of the engine in wheels, it feels like torture. You hate this, but there’s no backing out yet.
Chan doesn’t utter a word. Only cursing at the other cars when they do something that they weren’t supposed to do, or somehow start catching up to him. You let a few tears slip as you watch his hands and Chan as he focuses solely on the road. The lump in your throat is growing bigger and bigger, and swallowing it down seems to get more and more difficult.
But, it’s over at some point. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and Chan finally slowed down after reaching a pathetic excuse of a finish line. Your trembling hands grip the hem of the hoodie you were wearing as Chan comes to a steady stop. People come cheering as the other three cars pull up behind, being careful not to bump into anyone from the crowd. You breath heavily, and look over to Chan, who rolls down his window, plastering a triumphant smile on his lips.
“I don’t even get why I race against you, mate. You always win. Just take the money and get outta here,” says one of the racers playfully, tossing Chan a briefcase through the window.
“Thanks man. Good race,” Chan says, “Now, I have business to attend to. If you’ll excuse me.”
He rolls up the window, and the man who handed Chan the briefcase smacks the window playfully as Chan rushes off, his smile instantly vanishing as he goes through backgrounds to try and get to a main road without drawing too much attention. Chan’s smile drops, and he hands you the briefcase.
“You want to know so badly? Open it and be careful. It’ll be hell to clean up if you drop it,” Chan grumbles, looking over as you look to him for reassurance. He only gives you a cocked brow as you look back to the case in your lap before unlocking it and opening it. Your jaw falls as you look at the thousands of bills stacked on top of each other, rubber bands holding equal stacks together, and you gawk at just how much money Chan won from one race.
After a minute of you staring at the money, Chan slams the case closed in your lap, locking it with one hand and tossing it in the backseat making you jump at how hasty he is.
You both sit there, Chan driving to god knows where in tense silence. You're holding your head in your hands as Chan shifted his gaze between you and the road.
It’s about fifteen minutes until you look up, surprised that he’s still driving and nowhere near home. It’s an emptier city, but Chan seems to know the area well.
“Chan, where are we?” You ask, but Chan gives no answer. Only driving a bit further before pulling into an alley between two old buildings. “Chan, I said -”
You were quickly by Chan yanking off his seatbelt and leaning over the center console to firmly grab your face and pull you into a rough kiss. It isn’t too rushed, but it’s not at all gentle. You’re caught by surprise at first, but couldn’t help melting into it. It’s almost instinct at this point to kiss him back, but you push him away after a moment. “What… What the fuck are you doing?”
“Kissing you,” Chan answers briefly before grabbing locks of your hair at the back of your head and pulling you into another kiss, his other hand creeping down to unbuckle your seatbelt, and you let it slam against the car as it flies off you.
“No, Chan… We need to talk,” You grumble out as you try to pull away, and he presses wet, sloppy kisses to the side of your mouth. His eyes are fluttered shut, and your’s are half lidded. You will admit, you love this. The kisses and how unnaturally aggressive Chan is being. But, you knew that you have to talk things out, or you’d never get to figure out how the hell things turned out like this, “Chan, I’m serious right now.”
“Then relax, baby,” Chan breathily whispers out, and your thighs squeeze together, “Let me make things up to you, okay? I’ll fuck you so good, baby.” He pulls away for a moment, and he stares at you with a teasing smirk, “Think of it as my apology, alright?”
“Chan, I’m… I’m - ah! Chan!” You gasp when Chan’s lips come in contact with the side of your neck. Your neck is already tilting to give him more room, despite trying pathetically to push him away. There’s no getting through to him anymore. You’ve passed the point of no return, and there’s not much you could get past him without slapping him again. And that didn’t seem like a very good idea to you. Your hand flies up to grip the back of his neck, the other loosely clutching the hem of his button up.
“You know that… ah… that we are going to talk about this at some point…” you groan out, and Chan only groans against your neck, sucking on the sensitive skin. “You can’t get out of it like this…”
“Shut it, (Y/N),” Chan snaps, and your head falls back. Chan leans his seat back, aggressively grabbing you by the thighs to pull you over and sit on top of him. Straddling his waist despite it being such a tight environment. He pulls you down by the hoodie, into another kiss. You could feel how frustrated Chan is by the way he grips you tightly, as if you’re going to magically vanish, and by how he talks to you.
It’s rushed, too. Chan is impossibly quick to pull up your hoodie, his hot, sweaty hands creeping up your warm back, caressing it with a different, quick sense of gentleness. His lips connect with yours once again. His tongue already pressing against your lips. The quick, sloppy kiss all too lust filled. The erotic sounds coming from the both of you almost making you gloss over the fact that you should still be very mad at Chan. But, you just can’t find the need to pull away from him. You need to let off the steam, too.
You flush your body firm against him, one hand on his chest and the other by his head, holding onto the head of the seat for support. Breathing as slowly as you can through your nose to savor the air Chan so selfishly takes from you from the heated kiss. Your thoughts begin to vanish and your worry and concern for Chan’s life choices begin to falter for the time being. So immersed in the heated kiss to forget about it entirely. All your focus is now on Chan. You can tell how stressed he is, and the loving part of you wants to help him let off that steam. But, now, you’re in the same boat. So, he’s going to have to do so much for you as you’ve been doing for him.
Chan’s hands don’t bother to hesitate before they loop underneath your jeans, not caring to unbutton them as he tries his best to pull them off by himself. Because of how restricted you both are because of the size of the car, you had to do it yourself. You parted from the kiss and pressed your head against his shoulder to unbutton your jeans and pull them down as quickly as you could before throwing them in the back (along with your shoes and socks. You can already see how hard Chan’s gotten as his rough hands massage and knead your ass, only covered by the thin, black cloth keeping you at least somewhat covered. But, if this was like any other time, they’d be gone quicker than you’d imagine.
Your hands fly up again once your pants are thrown to the back, resting on either side of Chan’s head as he grips your hips, grinding your womanhood against his clothed hardon (you’re also clothed, but it’s so wet from your juices that it basically attaches itself to your skin). His head throws itself back, his eyes closing and a pleasure filled smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. You press yourself against him, now propped up to be looming over him, sitting on him.
When you do press against him, his head snaps forward again, and his dark eyes glare up at you, “Don’t start getting proud, (Y/N). I’m gonna fucking break you.” His hand crawls up to grip your face in his hand. One of your hands weakly comes up to grip his wrist. His hand moving down to grip your throat, and your lips part blissfully as his fingers press into the sides of your neck, still allowing airflow through you. “Oh, fuck. You like being choked, huh? You like being choked like a slut don’t you?” You don’t answer, too nervous to and too caught up in the pleasure to actually let something other than a moan escape your lips.
“Talk to me, (Y/N). Use your fucking words,” Chan growls, and you swallow. The lump in your throat pressing painfully, yet blissfully against Chan’s hand.
“Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me…” You utter out his name, and Chan’s brow raises. But, he smirks nonetheless and lets go of your neck, and you let out a breath as he undoes his jeans and pulls them down to his feet. His hand palming his clothed cock briefly before pulling it out. His hard dick already leaking with precum.
“Condom…” You mutter, and Chan shakes his head. You look up to him with worry.
“Trust me, baby,” he mutters, and you sigh, leaning against him, pressing your body against his as Chan moves your panties out of the way before he aligns your throbbing cunt with his dick, and slowly pushing himself into you, raw. As his raw cock slowly becomes engulfed by your heat, Chan lets out low groans. Your face nuzzles into the side of his neck as Chan slowly guides you down until you’re sitting on his cock.
At first, he stays there like that. Not moving. You suspect it’s because the sane part of him wants you to get used to the feeling of his cock so deep in you without a condom, but Chan seems to keep you there for a few moments just for the sake of how good it feels without a condom. The way his head is leaned back, his lips slightly ajar and his eyes fluttered shut.
But, it doesn’t last long before Chan’s strong arms wrap around your waist, holding you up and starts ramming into you. His hips move so quickly, yet so efficiently as he burns your wet walls. You erupt in a series of loud moans, mixtures of Chan’s name and curses spilling out, too. Chan groans sometimes, right next to your ear. The sound of skin slapping against the fabric of Chan’s boxers echoing through the air tight car.
Your pussy burns from how fast Chan thrusts into you, keeping you at a steady position so he could have an easier time ramming himself into you without the difficulty of it being such a confined and restrictive place in the car (especially in the driver’s seat). The burn is so good for you, though. It’s such a numbing, euphoric feeling that you’ll crave later. A type of burn you could never provide yourself, only Chan.
Chan’s hands go from gripping your body to sliding up your side to gripping your hair and yanking your head back so he could look at you. A judgemental, sexy smirk adorning his lips as he sees how fucked out you are. Your mouth open as you moan, and your half lidded eyes occasionally closing from the bliss.
“Fucking hell… you’re so good for me, (Y/N). You take my cock so fucking well, don’t you?” You let out a choked moan as Chan’s hand grips harder on your hair, craning your neck. “Mmm… Baby girl can’t even talk to me… I know I said to shut it…” he laughs darkly through his moans, and your moans get louder when Chan lets go of your hair, letting your face fall back onto his shoulder as his hands grip your ass. Kneading them as he fucks himself into you. You clench helplessly around his cock.
“Oh… fuck, you’re gonna cum, aren’t you? You wanna cum around my cock, baby girl?” You nod frantically, your climax climbing up as you push your body back to meet with Chan’s aggressive thrusts. Your overstimulated cunt only being destroyed by Chan’s cock as he thrusts harder into you, his hips staggering slightly as you clench around him. “Mmm! - Cum for me, baby. Cum for me.” Chan growls out as his hand grips your face again, forcing your head up as your eyes roll into the back of your head, a loud string of moans escaping your lips as you cum all over Chan’s cock, and he pulls out just quick enough to spurt out a string of cum along your ass.
He lets go of your face, and you breath heavily as you rest your head on Chan’s chest, closing your eyes to catch your breath. A burning sensation still resting in your core as you relax, your womanhood’s muscles contracting every now and then from the orgasm.
Chan cleans you both up with a napkin he had in the center console and helped you put your jeans back on (deciding to toss your soiled panties) and he slipped his jeans back on silently. It’s not until you’re sitting on his lap, resting your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat when he speaks.
“You know I love you so much, right?” Chan mumbles out, and you look up to him. “I was so mean to you today… when you must’ve been so confused.” His head falls back, and he looks out the window with a longing look in his eyes, “I’m the worst boyfriend in the world, aren’t I?”
“No, you’re not. Don’t even think things like that. Yes, I am still a bit upset, but you know what? We’re going to get past this because I love you, too, Channie.” You stare at him with an adoring expression adorning your sparkling eyes (trying to ignore the burning in your core).
“You… You want to know the real reason I’m a street racer, (Y/N)? Why the fuck I'm doing this?” Chan asks softly, his hand stroking your hair.
“If you could… I’ve been asking all day,” you chuckle softly, and Chan smiles bitterly.
“Well… I… I’m doing this all for you.”
“What do you mean?”
“No job will pay for the things I want to give you, (Y/N).” He turns over, reaching into the center console to pull out a black box, and your eyes widen as he opens it. You can’t see it, but you can barely see the sparkle of a something reflective. “I… I couldn’t pay for this myself. I knew I couldn’t. I hate how this is how I’m asking you… but, (Y/N), will you-”
“Oh my god, yes!”
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chxsingparadise · 5 months ago
[pt. 2] genshin gamer boy hcs x reader {except you meet them irl} // xiao, albedo
A/N: part 2 since you mega simps love them so much (who am i kidding? i’m just as much of a simp for them as you all are combined). and im SOOOOO SORRY MY FELLOW ALBEDO LOVERS THAT HIS is shorter aaaa i got carried away with xiao and kinda rushed teehee. i’ll probably edit it or compensate by making an entirely separate albedo thirst post because ya hoe loves this blond fella
anyways part 3 maybe??? kiss kiss
⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆
genre ; fluff
warnings ; none
word count ; 1.7k
⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆
after countless months of calling late into the night and gaming with xiao, when you finally ask if he’d like to meet up during one of his overwatch streams, he misses his shot and dies instantly. 
though he appeared calm on the outside, his stomach was doing backflips from being so flustered. needless to say, you both got dusted. xiao just couldn’t focus the rest of the time because he was too caught up in thinking about the prospect of meeting you
it seemed like you were the only one completely oblivious to his sudden love-struck behavior, because his chat did not fail to pick up on it and go crazy
turns out, you two live in the same city (you know what that meansss wink wonk)
when you decided to finally meet, xiao was nervous. so nervous. even he was surprised at how out of character he was feeling. 
he leaned against the window outside his favorite restaurant, avidly scanning every person who walked passed in hopes of spotting your h/c head and happy grin.  
he switched between staring aimlessly at his explore feed (though he wasn’t looking at anything in particular, to excited from the anticipation) and searching the crowd.
the moment he heard your voice, he snapped his head up so fast he nearly gave himself a cramp. 
you bolted to him and practically ran into his arms, trapping him in a tight hug that he did NOT expect, but after being frozen under your hold for a second, he melted into your touch and wrapped his arms around you.
you began gushing to him all of your excitements and warm wishes, all while he had trouble focusing on your words from being lost in your eyes. 
he knew you were beautiful, but he didn’t realize how beautiful you were in person. 
“wanna go inside and grab something to eat?” he asked you after a while of chatting outside. you happily agreed and linked arms with him, practically dragging him inside.
(the two of you bond happily while sharing a plate of almond tofu)
xiao learned that the both of you lived about a 20 minute walk away from the restaurant, so you were a lot closer than he initially assumed. it was shocking how he never thought of the distance between you two before, and how you were always so close.
you take him back to your place and give him a tour, proudly showing off your setup and the entirety of your room he had only caught glimpses of from the set angle of your webcam. 
he was awestruck. 
you were even more amazing in person than on call, and not in just the way you looked, but your personality was even more prominent when you were able to stand there next to him with glee
when you start dating, you can’t even remember the day he asked you out. you wouldn’t be surprised if he never did. all you know is that after repeating the cycle of streaming and hanging out at each other’s apartments, one day, you off-handedly let it slip that you two are in a relationship. 
it all happened so naturally, you didn’t think twice when you called him your boyfriend on one of your streams, and OH MY GOD NEVER HAD YOU SEEN YOUR TWITTER TL AND THE CHAT BLOW UP SO FAST
xiao was dead asleep when it happened
when he woke up, he was greeted with HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of notifications about it. both of your fandoms were flipping out.
he vaguely read something about bet on who asked who out first (ha, jokes on them, that’s a trick question, because neither of you did... it just happened.)
xiao called you in confusion and you explained
the two of you laughed about it happily
the thing about xiao is, he loves horror games. he loves to claim that they don’t scare him in the slightest, but he always refuses to play them when you invite him to.
thus, you asked to come over to his apartment one day, planning on installing amnesia in secret and then convincing him to play it with you.
“C’mon Xiao, are you afraaaid?” you tease him with a grin, pinching his cheeks, as he looks at you with an unamused expression. 
“Not in the slightest.” 
“Suuure... okay, okay, well, since you’re such a scaredy-cat, I’ll go first so I, the professional, can show you the ropes.”
He hums skeptically in response while you hop back into his desk chair, swiveling it around to check the download status of the game. 
“Aha! Almost done. Amnesia is the best horror game ever created! It’s a classic, has a fantastic story, and has overall satisfying gameplay,” you gush, spinning in the chair and waiting eagerly for the game to launch.
“You sound like an advertisement...”
“That I am!”
In minutes, the game has launched, and you’re already playing through the beginning part of the game with nervousness clearly written all over your face. Xiao finds it nothing short of cute, though he won’t admit it (He’s still rather shy when it comes to showing affection). You don’t make it very far before the first jumpscare of a door opening makes you leap out of the chair with a shriek, clinging onto an unamused Xiao and squeezing him while giggling with giddiness. 
“Really? You got scared from a door opening?” he rubs your arm in silent affection.
“Don’t make fun of me until you try it,” you poke his side, “I’d like to see you make it through the castle straight-faced.”
He shoots you a disapproving glance. “That doesn’t sound like much of a challenge to me.”
“I’ll stay the night if you do...”
He’s at his desk faster than you can blink. You try not to laugh as you stand up and lean against his chair, running your fingers through his hair while watching him play with interest and waiting for him to break his confident demeanor. Minutes pass, and those minutes turn into almost an hour. He sits through scare after scare, and even avoids the first encounter with one of the monsters without so much as a comment. You’re almost disappointed. He’s almost done at this point.
“Wow, Xiao, I didn’t expect you to actually make it this far,” you say. Then, a thought pops into your head, and a sly grin grows on your face.
“Mmm,” he hums back, too focused on his screen. 
You recognize when the next jumpscare is coming and right as it plays, you grab his arm and scream, “Boo!”
He flinches and alt+f4′s the game, staring wide eyed at his computer home screen. The two of you sit in silence for a moment, before you burst into laughter and wrap your arms around him.
“That was priceless!” You heave, swaying back and forth with him in your embrace. You let him go and he sighs. 
“There’s no way that counts.”
“You’re right. I guess I’ll have to spend the night anyways...”
Xiao smiles softly at you, and you lean down to kiss him on the cheek.
the day you two met was one you’d never forget, as cliche as it sounds.
he texted you one day and asked if you’d like to meet him for coffee at one of the shops downtown after you both discovered that you lived in the same city
you happily accepted
your fanbases knew something was up because you were BOTH inactive, aside from a couple of vague lovey dovey tweets from you hinting about “meeting someone you’ve wanted to meet for a long time”
albedo arrived ten minutes early
he’s normally rather reserved about everything, but today, he was understandably lively
he sat patiently at a table for two, eagerly looking up from his phone every time someone walked through the door
finally, the door clicked open, and he looked up to be met with a pair of elated e/c eyes and the biggest grin he’d ever seen.
you practically flew over to him, greeting him with many “hi’s” and “oh my god ive been so excited to meet you”
you accidentally let it slip that his eyes are even more beautiful in person, and you soon retreat into your seat with a blushing face
he smiles at your adorable behaviors, giving you the most endearing gaze ever. 
oh how stunning you looked in person. 
after you two met, a few weeks of hanging out at each other’s places passed, and albedo eventually asked you out.
you, of course, said HELL YEAH
it was no surprise to your fanbases that you two were a thing now.
they congratulated you and even created a server for you two to have your minecraft wedding on.
at this point, you lived with albedo, always spending your nights and days at his apartment with little to no regard of the time
“I’m tired,” you say, rubbing your eyes and flopping back onto the bed. It’s nearly 2am, and Albedo’s room is completely dark besides the light of his PC. You’ve been relaxing with him all evening, and were working on a new hardcore world in Minecraft before you got tired and went to lay down. He looks up from his desk with a smile.
“Then sleep.”
“But I wanna finish our water fountain... meh. You should come keep me company...”
“I’ll get off once I’m done with our farm. Your new house looks nice, by the way.”
“Thanks,” you mumble, rolling onto your side and curling into a ball.
He chuckles at your antics and turns back to his screen. 
You lay on the mattress with your eyes closed, allowing yourself to slowly succumb to the burden of sleep. The sound of Albedo’s chair creaking and his computer shutting off brought a smile to your face as you feel the bed dip behind you. He lays down next to you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into his chest. He rests his chin on top of your head and lets out a contented sigh. You nuzzle into his warmth and your breathing slows to match his. 
It’s peaceful like this -- the soft LED lights bringing a faint glow to his room that’s littered with neatly placed video game posters and shelves of figurines. You smile as he traces circles in your back.
“I love you,” you whisper.
“I love you too,” he murmurs back, “Goodnight, Y/N.”
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writteninkat · 5 months ago
Envy | Megumi x reader
summary: "You've been spending a scary amount of time with Itadori, haven't you? Are you trying to make me jealous?" His eyes narrow accusingly at you, making the corner of your lips twitch up, "Is it working?"
word count: 2.3k
warnings: jealous sex, rough sex, manhandling, oral (f!receiving), tied up, overstumulation
• 100 followers celebration
Tumblr media
You block Yuuji's fist with two of your wooden katanas, closing one eye when you feel a gush of wind follow after the punch. You back is drenched, your chest is rising and falking heavily, your throat is parched and your limbs feel like they might break at any second.
You push Yuuji away from you with the last bit remaining strength you have before falling on your knees. "Y/n!" Maki yells in worry, immediately running after you. The rest of the second years follow in suit as Nobara kneels beside your exhausted body.
"She's been pushing herself too hard lately, after that fight she had with Megumi..." Nobara's upper cheek flinches at the memory. You and Megumi fought so bad to the point that the two of you were already screaming at each other's faces.
Your heart breaks at the memory and you feel a tear stream down the side of your head. Megumi had left Tokyo that day, and it's been a whole week since. You know he's been trying to contact you, probably to apologize, but being the petty bitch that you are you never answered nor read any of his messages, wanting this to be treated as a lesson for him.
You feel strong arms snake under your back and the rear part of your legs, scooping you up in one sweep. At first you think it's Megumi, your heart races at the possibility as you force one of your eyes open. The small strand of hope dies when you see the same pink-headed boy you've been spending your whole week with ever since Megumi left.
Before you can think of anything else, darkness envelopes you in its arms, forcing you into a deep slumber you never thought you needed.
[9:12 PM]
Your entire body feels light. You expected some sore muscles hete and there, maybe even neck pain? Your eyes slowly flutter open, orange, soft light coming into view.
"Is this what you do while I'm away? Misbehave?"
Your eyes widen at the sound of the voice, your head immediately whipping to the direction from where it's coming from.
There he is, standing in all his glory. Megumi Fushiguro.
Black hair, so soft and smooth. Milky white skin, so plush and void of any blemish. Your favorite part of him were his eyes, surrounded by beautiful long lashes and those dark blue eyes that always manages to capture you in a prison-like headspace.
He's wearing a buttoned-up long sleeve, its sleeves were folded right below his elbows and a silver watch decirates his left wrist. The shirt is tucked in his black pants, a black leather belt hugging his hips just right as his hand rests comfortably inside one pocket.
Your thighs clench together at the sight of him, he looks so grown up and mature. He looks absolutely... sexy.
"Hey." Megumi takes your face by your cheeks, forcing you to look up at him. "Let me rephrase my question." He slowly bends his knees, lowering himself so he's in face-level with you. He looks deep into your eyes, "You've been spending a scary amount of time with Itadori, haven't you? Are you trying to make me jealous?" His eyes narrow accusingly at you, making the corner of your lips twitch up, "Is it working?"
Megumi pushes you back onto the bed, pinning your arms above your head. "Every time I call you, he picks up." Megumi seethes, jaw clenching. "Reading his replies instead of yours has my head spinning. I couldn't focus on work because of you."
"You're mine, and no one else's."
You keep your thighs clenched together as you catch your bottom lip in between your teeth. "Prove it."
Megumi doesn't waste a second in pressing his lips on yours, his free hand slowly going down your sides as you lift your legs, wrapping them around his hips. Megumi roughly shoves your legs apart as he lets go of your hands, his hands making quick work of taking off his belt. Once off his hips, he pulls either side apart, creating a whipping sound before inserting the end inside the buckle, wrapping it around your wrists tighlty, making sure you're not getting it undone.
He gets on his knees, looking down at you with his eyes shaded darkly with lust and jealousy. The sight has your cunt throbbing and pooling, dampening your cotton panties. Your spread legs giving your boyfriend a perfect view of the way your slick turns a part of your panties darker.
"I'm going to mark you as mine. And while I'm doing that, you'll referring to me as," He leans forward, lips feathering over the shell of your ear. "master." He whispers, two fingers pressing against your wet pussy.
You mewl at the contact, back arching having caught off guard. Megumi hooks his thumb on your panty, moving it aside to give himself a good look at your shiny, slick-covered cunt. He presses a finger on it, teasing you by running his finger right over where your two folds meet. He watches attentively as he lifts his finger and watches as your juices create a bride between your wet sex and his finger.
"Look at you, all wet for me." Megumi mutters under his breath, smirking after he brings his finger to his mouth, tasting you. "You taste amazing, baby. Wanna have some more of you." He slowly lowers himself, eyes on you. His lips press against your cunt, one lick from his tongue has your eyes rolling to the back of your head and your mouth opening as you let out an audible gasp.
Megumi pushes your thighs even further apart, his tongue shaoing circles around your clit as he sucks on it every now and then. He buries his face even further deeper between your legs, his hot tongue oushibg through and against your walls, lapping up your dripping slick. The sound of his mouth sucking on your pussy and his tongue messily and loudly lapping you up has you squeezing your fists tightly, nails digging into your skin.
"Mmmhhmmff- Megumi-!!" You moan loudly, your hips moving on their own as you feel an orgasm tickling you.
Suddenly, Megumi pulls away from your needy cunt and before you could react, he slaps your cunt, catching you and your orgasm off guard. Your eyes widen as your back arches at the feeling of your orgasm hitting you ten times more than it usually does.
You heave, your eyes darting to Megumi, questioning his actions. He smiles at you, mouth and chin covered in glistening slick as he runs his tongue over his upper lip, "What did I tell you to call me?" His voice is a few octaves lower than usual.
"M-master..." Your lips quiver.
He chuckles darkly, fingers moving to undo the button and zipper of his pants. "Remember how that orgasm felt just now?" He asks, pushing his pants along with his boxers down, letting them pool around his ankles. He returns on the bed, pulling you towards him by your hips. He crawls his arms forward, placing your hands on either side of your head. "I'll have you cumming like that the whole night, so be prepared, princess."
He shoves his entire length inside you, causing you to open your mouth without a sound leaving your lips. "Fuck, you're so fucking tight princess." He curses in between his teeth, looking down at where the two of you are connected.
"Too big- so fucking big, Master! Too much!" You mewl loudly, toes curling at the feeling of being stuffed to the brim of him. "That's it, princess, just keep taking all of me just like that. Good girl." He sings into your ear, slowly pushing himself into your tight cunt until his hips are touching the beck of your thighs.
The two of you take deep breaths, calming yourselves before Megumi begins thrusting his hips. He begins slow and soft, making sure you've adjusted to him. His hands are on your hips and your legs are elevated to the air, giving him more access. When he feels you fucking him back with your hips creating circles, he pushes you away by your hips before quickly pulling you back and thrusting his hips along with the movement of his arms. This has him deep inside you, his tip pushing on the bundle of nerves that has you gasping audibly. Megumi snaps his hips into you roughly, his sac slapping on your ass, creating lewd noises as he fucks into your dripping cunt relentlessly.
"Ugh- oh fuck.." Megumi moans out, throwing his head back with his mouth open as he continues impailing himself inside you. The bed creaks at every thrust Megumi does and along with it slowly creeps your orgasm.
"Master! Mmmmhhhfff-fuck, Master! I'm close!" You moan loudly, eyes rolling to the back of your head as your toes curl, anticipating the orgasm that's about to hit you. Megumi lowers his head, arms pulling your tummy onto his chest as his tongue laps over your hardened bud. When he traps your nipple with his teeth, your back unconsciously arches itself, your tongue lolled out as you rock your hips back and forth, riding out your orgasm.
Megumi hisses as he feels you clenching around him. He pushes himself off you, eyes widening and heart dropping to his stomach at the sight of your fucked-out expression.
Your eyes are crossed as they look up at the ceiling, glistening with tears. A hot flush is spread across your face, over your cheeks and nose and your tongue is lolled out of your smiling mouth.
Megumi bites on gis lower lip, thrusting into you with your expression embedded in his head. Who would have known you could make such a face?
It fuels Megumi's want for you- he pulls you by your arm as his other hand takes you by your lower back. He sets you on his lap as he fucks you relentlessly, watching as you bounce on him. He chuckles, playing with your bouncing tits as he feels you shake on top if him and clench around him once more, your broken moan telling him you've once again hit another orgasm.
"I'm not yet done with you." Megumi growls, pushing you off his lap as he presses your restrained hands on the matress, his free hand pushing one leg further back, giving him even more space to work on your pussy. Squelching and slapping noises fill the room and Megumi closes his eyes, focusing on the sounds like he's listening to an orchestra. His eyes snap open at the feeling of your pussy yet again, tightening around him. "How many times was that already? Four? Five?" He asks, watching as your head limply drops to the side. He watches as your bare chest rises and falls, your fucked up expression light on your face as your tears create marks on your cheeks.
"Princess." He demands for your attention, and you give him exactly that. You open one eye lazily. "We're not stopping until I cum."
You've already decided to let him do whatever he wanted with you anyways, so you nod your head, feeling his stupid smile.
He undoes the belt around your wrists, pulling both of them towards his lips as he presses soft kisses over the red marks around your sensitive skin. "Widen your legs." He orders, pressing your hands on either side of your head. You do exactly as he says, feeling him kiss and leave marks all over your neck and chest as he has his way with you- hips snapping even faster and much harder than before. He continues hitting the same spot- the particular bundle of nerves that has you seeing stars.
"Mmmff- Master!" You yell, biting on your lips as you feel him finally reaching his end as well, the thrusts of his hips getting sloppier every second.
"Oh God," Megumi growls onto the side of your neck, "Cumming- cumming!" Megumi tries to pull out, but your legs hook around his waist, keeping him buried inside you as he spills his hot seed inside you.
For a moment, the room is filled with nothing but deep breaths, the two of you waiting for the events of the night to finally hit you both. Before it does, you feel darkness once again wrap itself around you, pulling you into another slumber. The last thing you see before passing out is Megumi walking away from the bed.
When you wake up, the strong feeling of deja vu hits you, except this time, you can definitely feel muscle pain as well as your throat being so dry. You open your eyes, heart clenching at the sught of Megumi reading a book silently. You can feel his arm around you and his scent soothing the pain all over your body.
Megumi turns to you, smiling softly as he presses a kiss on your forehead. "I already asked Gojo sensei to give you a day off today. Rest all you want." He says softly, the complete opposite of how he acted last night.
You reach over to cup his cheek, eyes catching sight of the bandage wrapped around each of your wrists.
So he did take care of me right after.
"I'll be your butler for today." Megumi closes his book and places it on his nightstand at his side. "Just relax, anything my princess wants, I'll go get it for her."
"Mmmm, I just want cuddles for now. And maybe a little snack." You smile, raising your eyebrows at the sight of your boyfriend's frown.
"You said-"
"I know what I said, but I'm giving you a complete meal. We fucked after you woke up after passing out, I'm so sorry for being so inconsiderate..." He pouts, pressing his forehead on yours. You smile, coming to a conclusion that you love every single side of this boy. His dominant side, his soft and caring side, even his envious side.
"Let's talk about that jealousy problem you have while I eat."
Megumi flushes, "I wasn't jealous!"
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luvrinnie · 3 months ago
when she writes watersports 😩😩
also idek what this is? like is it a request, is it a thirst? no clue bc i get nervous asf sending in asks
i always have this on my mind HHH but omi who knows your schedule so well, so well in fact that he knows when you use the bathroom.
he’s been scheming for awhile now, getting you into the habit of drinking a ton of water before your shift at work. he’s been doing this because he knows since you’re so busy at work, you never have time for a bathroom break. you always come home and rush to the bathroom before even greeting him.
you complain to him about needing to use the bathroom before your date, but he just ushers you out quickly, “you can go at the restaurant. since your shift ended late i don’t wanna miss our reservation,” he said, placing a guiding hand on your back.
all he can focus on in the car while he’s driving is how you’re squirming, pressing your legs together and shuffling into different positions to alleviate the pressure in your bladder.
he snakes his hand across the center console over to the hem of your pants. he grips the steering wheel tighter as he toys with your cunt.
“omi, you can’t,” you whine, “gotta pee.”
you can decide whether omi lets y/n go or not alfjkfjsh
Tumblr media
hhhhhh, draven ur killing meeee !!! dont be nervous ill indulge in anything u send (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ◡ˆc)
tw PISS KINK (lowkey humiliation kink too) YES BITCHES IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT tbh i’d also say a pinch of dark content
Tumblr media
i feel like omi’s a MEAN DOM. like absolutely, he’s a menace. i’m not arguing that.
so that being said, i feel like he’d definitely just play with you till you absolutely can’t hold it any longer. and only, and i mean ONLY, after you’ve begged and sobbed to piss, he’ll let you.
not without calling you a nasty little slut tho 😵‍💫
(even though he’s the nasty slut who wants u to piss on him >:( )
i imagine it’d go a little like this:
you clench your thighs together tightly to stop him for moving his hand, “o-omi, s-stop—“
“open your legs, now.” he orders. “or else i’m just gonna make you sit there and whine like a bitch about it,”
you whimper, opening up your legs.
he’s relentless, rubbing quick circles into your clit and you feel like you’re going to fucking burst. tears falling from your eyes because you need to piss so bad that it’s starting to hurt.
“o-omi,” you sob. “please stop! ‘m gunna make a mess!”
he’s a clean freak, yes, but omi could care less if you make a mess. sure he’ll call you nasty and dirty, but he’s the culprit. he wants you to make a mess. he wants to feel the warmth of your piss all over his hand. he wants to hear you cry about how humiliated you are after pissing all over him.
“you can hold it,” is all he says to your tears, nearly careless, but the twitch of his cock reveals that he’s actually so turned on right now.
the bump in the road omi hits has you gasping and you almost let go, but you’re holding on to the little strength you have left, not wanting to make him mad.
“please!!! please, fuck, omi. pull over, i needa go!”
“yeah? you wanna go that bad?” he asks, but he knows the answer. “if you wanna go, you gotta beg.” he smirks, taking quick glances at your facial expression.
your furrowed brows and mouth hung open as your head was thrown back against the leather seat of his car. he suppresses the growl in his throat opting on rubbing your clit faster.
“omiomi, fuck, i’m begging you! please, ‘ll do anything! please pull over n let me go,” you cry and cry and at this, omi smirks and pulls the car over into the closest gas station and parks the car.
you sigh in relief, but before you could leave the car, he locks the door.
“omi?” you question, meekly.
“you wanna go, right?” he questions lips pressed to your ear, putting his fingers back on your clothed clit, using his free hand to push on your stomach. “go ahead,”
“o-omi!” you sob, the pressure his hand is putting on your bladder becoming too much.
you try to hold on as long you can, but you just can’t, the warm fluid leaving your body, soaking through your panties and dripping all over his hand.
you let out an embarrassed whimper, cheeks heating up at the fact that you were literally pissing all over the leather seats of his car.
“that’s it, nasty little slut,” he coos, kissing your cheek. “yeah, how about we forget the reservation?”
let’s just say that he’s a nasty mf and that he does that to you more often than he should, but you like it too so there’s no big deal <3
when omi tells u to piss, u piss, no questions asked :$
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© all works belong to @luvrinnie 2021, please do not repost, modify, or translate any of my works on any platform
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evansweaters · 7 months ago
satisfaction guaranteed.
Tumblr media
summary: your super soldiers hear there’s a new contender in the bedroom; they intend to learn all about it.
pairing: stucky x reader.
notes: ok, i’ll admit it - this is so outrageously self-indulgent and fully inspired by a recent, um, purchase. i was hoping to get it out in time for valentine’s day, but then work kicked my ass - so consider it a delayed love letter to y’all heh. my apologies in advance to the manufacturers of the sex toy featured here; please don’t sue me? borders from deathlyrph!
warnings: nsfw / 18+, threesome, sex toy, implied & light overstimulation
He doesn’t mean to listen in - scout’s honor.
There just isn’t much that Bucky’s super soldier hearing misses and the raving of some very giddy --- and very drunk --- Avengers is nowhere near that list. He’s actually pleased to hear the way you, Natasha, and Wanda are carrying on when he rounds the corner. Missions have been taking a toll lately, keeping everyone on the team on edge and up late. You, in particular, have been distant, putting on a facade that never quite reaches your eyes, and he and Steve have been on wit’s end trying to perk you up.
The ladies, it seems, have it all figured out.  You’re laughing freely for the first time in weeks, and Bucky’s grateful that no one (particularly Sam) can see the way the sound makes him utterly lovesick. His adoration keeps him still a few seconds longer, basking in how free you seem, but he doesn’t intend to stay much past that. In fact, he’s a half-step into leaving when he hears it:
“So, wait -- have you tried it yet? The Satisfyer?” 
Confusion brings him to a full stop. Satisfyer? 
That feeling only grows, knitting his eyebrows, when you’re the one to answer with an emphatic, and damn near dreamy “Yes.”
Bucky’s an intelligent man and the name alone is a pretty effective context clue. Still, he doesn’t really put it together until Wanda squeals and Nat (who he can see in his mind’s eye, clear as day, leaning into you with that cheeky smirk) pushes you for more.
“It’s kind of...overwhelming,” you continue, pausing to refill your glass, “but in the best way. Like in a ‘How did I ever masturbate before this’ kind of way. My knees literally buckled when I got up after. Can you believe that? Buckled! I was fuckin’ woozy! ” He can tell you’re animated just by the way your volume starts to rise and whatever you’re doing must be endearing because even Natasha is chuckling.
Bucky still loves it, don’t get him wrong. In fact, he adores you excited like this, especially after all the darkness lately. But, there’s something genuinely puzzling about so much excitement around a sex toy. He hadn’t even known you’d bought something new. When had you tried it? Where were he and Steve?
His thoughts start to swirl, intrigue and curiosity mounting in a wave that he pushes past with a step, then another, as he reminds himself that he has somewhere to be.
No chance he’ll be forgetting about this, though. 
Tumblr media
Steve hears about it from Bucky. 
Secondhand stories can be tricky; full of exaggerations and misunderstanding. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe it. He just doesn’t comprehend the implications of it until he experiences it for himself. 
That happens on a Saturday afternoon. 
You’d been tense in training, taking hits you’ve dodged a thousand times and fumbling moves you’ve done twice that. A bad bout typically doesn’t do you in, but Steve can tell by the way your attacks grow more and more stilted, that you’re overextending just to make blows meet. 
It gets so bad that he breaks one of his few cardinal rules -- never pulling rank with you or Bucky outside of missions -- to get you out of the spar, and your frustration with it is as clear as the exhaustion that sags your limbs. You’re out the door before he can apologize, or explain.
An hour later, he’s showered and changed, seeking you out in your corner of the compound with peace offerings at the ready. This time, they come in the form of your favorite snack and a promise to spar with you himself the next time you’re scheduled - no holds barred. 
But, when you pull open the door at his knock, he’s surprised to see that he may not need them.
You’re completely...sated. The tension you’d had in your shoulders when you left the gym is nowhere to be found and in its place is a sheen of satisfaction. It’s all over you: in a dopey smile, lidded eyes, and the faint whiff of your cunt he gets when he leans into you.
In an instant, he puts two and two together, and Steve feels his body warm at the realization that you’ve just finished touching yourself. And not just that: it had been so good that your entire mood’s flipped and you’re beaming at him, no walls or reservations.
He makes his apology all the same, though, and your smile widens as you reach for him and the snack in a tease: “Better not back out on that fight, Captain.”
He grins back, pleased you’re feeling better, but making a mental note to speak to Bucky as soon as you let him go.
I think we need to check out this ‘Satisfyer’.
Tumblr media
They ask you about it on Valentine’s Day.
You’re running on the high of a beautiful evening: dinner in DUMBO and drinks in Brooklyn Heights. The latter -- a couple cocktails for you, white wine for your boys -- finds you buzzing as you let them into your room back at the compound. You feel eyes on your hips from behind, heavy gazes that sear the curves, and you sway pointedly, smiling at the sharp breaths that follow. 
You know where the night is going ---- know the way a good date makes them handsy. So the attention is no surprise. Neither is the cool press of metal to your back and the kiss to that spot under your ear. “Bed, pretty girl,” Bucky drawls against your skin, intent pressing -- and growing -- against your hip as he settles against you.
Steve rounds you from the other side, not touching but so close you can feel the rise of heat from his body. You look up just in time to catch him watching you back, blue eyes darkening with each step into your bedroom.
Your dress is easy work, pooling at your ankles with a few good pulls, But, Steve and Bucky take their time with everything else. You’re in something special, after all --- pretty lace and dewey colors that deserve an extra look, an extra touch. They’re on you the moment it’s revealed to them, thumbing the fabric with murmured praise through the lips all over your skin. 
The daze it sets follows you all the way to the mattress where you lay back against Steve’s chest (still clothed, to your chagrin) with his arms settled around you. His hands end up bracing your thighs, naturally at first, then deliberately as Bucky starts to kiss trails up and over your calf. With the latest string of missions, you can’t remember the last time you had their mouths on you and the anticipation as Bucky’s creeps closer is almost crippling. Your body tenses with each point of contact, eyes lidding as they watch him rise, inch by tortuous inch. 
“Sweetheart.” Steve’s voice pulls you out of your focus with a rumble you can feel in your back. “We wanna try something new with you tonight.” You turn just enough to watch him, answering with a hum to urge him on. “Can you tell Buck,” he continues, dipping to run his nose along yours. You feel tiny when he bears down on you like this, and he can see the way it affects you just in the flutter of your lashes. “--where you keep your ‘Satisfyer’?”
In a split second, you’re sobered up, no hint of the lust or buzz that’d been following you for most of the night. Bringing toys to bed isn’t new by any means, but they have never, ever referred to one by name like that. Nor requested it specifically. It’s so startling that you don’t know what to say for a moment, mind utterly blank until you feel Bucky’s hand tighten around your thigh to bring you back.  “You -- my what?”
“Satisfyer,” Steve echoes, hand resting on your tummy. From below, you can feel Bucky’s eyes burning into the side of your face, expectant. “Buck’s heard you mention it before, and we’d like to know what all the fuss is about. ---- If you’re willing, that is.”
You look back and forth between them, mouth gaping for a second before you swallow your shock down whole. Two super soldiers can be a lot to manage on their own -- adding a toy that’s knocked you on your ass a few times over now seems like a very dangerous game. But, you can feel Steve hardening against your back and can’t deny the slick that’s seeping through your panties at the thought alone. So you nod, lip pulled between your teeth, and direct Bucky to the left side of your bottom drawer. 
When he’s back between your legs, it’s with the rose gold toy in hand. The mere sight of it makes you clench; something he doesn’t miss when he’s that close to your core. “Someone’s excited,” Bucky muses, brow arching before his gaze returns to his hand. The Satisfyer is unlike any toy he’s ever seen, shaped more like some alien gadget than a vibrator, and no amount of Google sleuthing could’ve prepared him for what it feels like in person. The smoothness of it in his hand, the unique curves along his palm. You bite back a giggle at how intently he inspects it, turning it over this way and that to get used to its weight.
“Hmm.. that’s definitely different,” Steve chimes in, as focused on the toy as Bucky is. It isn’t hard to work out how it’s used from the design alone, but what they’re still itching to know is what it does. How it unravels you so well, until your knees buckle even. And it doesn’t take long for that anticipation to trump their curiosity and you’re brought back to the moment when Steve ducks his head to your shoulder, pressing kisses to the skin there as he smooths hands down your inner thighs. He draws his palms back and forth a few times until they suddenly still, and he’s holding your legs -- and you -- wide open. “How about we give it a go, pal?” 
Bucky says nothing in return, but he probably doesn’t have to. The toy clicking to life is enough, a rhythm that fills the room with anticipation. Your tummy tightens at the sound -- another reaction neither man misses -- and the tension stays put, coiled tight until the Satisfyer closes over your clit.
The first pulse knocks air out of you that you hadn’t realized you were holding. The ones that follow unfurl you, melting your anticipation in favor of a soft, thrumming pleasure that coats you head to toe. It’s odd, having someone else use it on you, but in a good way. The best way. 
You surrender to it, relaxing into Steve’s hold as Bucky holds you open with two fingers.  So far, that’s no different than normal --- you’re always this pliant for them, putty beneath their fingers once they get to work. But, tonight, they’re greedy. Tonight, they want more from you; want whatever this toy has been able to draw out in their absence.
Bucky kicks things up a notch, turning the pulse up two speeds. The change is subtle to them, clicks coming just a smidgen faster and louder. For you, it seems to make all the difference. Immediately, you react, back arching up from its place against Steve’s chest with a sound that makes the Captain purr behind you.
“Mm...must feel good,” he notes, a hand gliding along your tummy until he can palm your breast. “Can you tell us, sweetheart?” He punctuates the question with fingers around your nipple, tweaking lightly.
Your lips part, but no words follow; not at first. It’s like your body and mind are disconnected, static in the places where they usually go together. The fuzziness is welcome, but hard to speak through, and it’s all you can do just to whine when Steve gives your nipple an urgent pinch. Bucky joins in with a cool finger pressing at your cunt, the light whirring from his arm giving you something concrete enough to focus on. ‘S good,” you finally pant, twisting to tuck your head into Steve, “so good.”
Bucky huffs out a chuckle and your entire body goes tight; with his face so close, you can feel every breath. “That mean you’re gonna let us finish you up, just like this?”
It’s a rhetorical question --- has to be, the way he presses the toy tighter to your clit. Still, you answer with an eager nod, legs widening some as if to give him the go ahead. “Please, Buck, ‘m close already, it -- right there, I-I’ll--” Your pleas are pretty, a desperate melody, and they appease every base instinct Bucky has. He’d wanted to keep you on edge a little longer to explore the toy more, but he’s a sucker for his girl; always has been. You win him over without even trying. 
Steve isn’t far behind, cock leaking in his dress pants seeing you so desperate. He hasn’t gotten his hand on the toy yet, but even he seems to feel its effect. The hand that isn’t cupping your breast spreads over your tummy, delighting in the way the flesh underneath tightens and spreads. You’re certainly close --- he knows your body as well as you do. And the thought of it makes him hungry, makes him press teeth into the skin behind your ear as he urges you on: “Go on, honey -- make a mess for us.”
Your peak comes fast after that, punching you in the gut with its intensity. The first wave of orgasm runs right through you, leaving a tremble in its wake, and your hips twist instinctively to escape the toy. Bucky, however, isn’t so forgiving, metal curling around your hip in a vice. Ride it out, he seems to say with a dark, lidded glance from between your legs. 
You whimper in response, head tipping back against Steve’s chest as you fumble for purchase in the warmth of Bucky’s free hand. 
Something tells you this will be a long night. 
Tumblr media
Forty minutes later, you can’t see straight.
Your first orgasm had been gradual, as tentative as the men watching this new toy work you. But, after that, it’s like a flip switches in Bucky and Steve, making them greedy for as many more as they can get.
The second one isn’t long after the first. Bucky turns the Satisfyer up to the highest setting, the other end of the spectrum that you hadn’t even gotten a chance to try on your own yet. The first contact lights fire through your sensitive body and you’re on the brink in just minutes.  Toes stretching and curling into the sheets by Bucky’s hips, you’re practically squirming with need and it only takes one good twist of the toy for you to crumble all over again. They give you a break after that, but most of it is spent kissing you too long for you to catch your breath.
You don’t mind that too much, though.
The third orgasm is Steve’s fault. Ever the strategist, he starts thinking through the ways they can play with frequency and angle to make you cum again. You don’t notice it in your foggy comedown, but he’s fished his phone out and flicked through to a page he’s looked over more times that he cares to admit. And when Bucky settles between your legs to get you going again, he finally speaks up. “Buck, I found this review online---” Both you and Bucky turn to him, curiosity in the way you gape, but he’s making a face back that’s loud and clear:  ‘do not ask’. “---that said they were able to cum in a couple minutes with this alone. Had some interestin’ suggestions about how, too.” He grins around a Brooklyn drawl, that handsome face stirring something in you when it looks so devious. “You think we can get our girl finished faster than that?”
They pull it off -- embarrassingly easily at that -- and it’s in the pale of that third climax that they finally, finally press inside you. 
Your cunt is soaked, supple and warm around Steve as he sits you down over his cock. After so much play, the stretch is nothing, a pleasant burn in the pit of your belly that makes your eyes flutter closed. 
“Tell us how you feel,” Steve asks for the second time that night, his voice strained around the effort to keep from fucking you. Even if you’re taking him well -- easier than ever before, in fact -- he’s cautious not to lose his head, no matter how much he wants to. 
No matter how much the urge to plow you into your mattress dizzies him.
Your eyes are still closed when you respond, tongue over your dry lips as you part them with a needy sound. “S-Still good…,” you sigh, mind swimming. You want to move, start to move in a mindless search for some friction. But, the rocking doesn’t last long, stuttering to a stop when you hear the toy click to life  and try to focus through the haze of your pleasure with eyes darting for answers.
You find them in the smug grin on Bucky’s face as he palms the Satisfyer in one hand and works his cock out of his pants with the other. “What,” he purrs, voice lilted in a taunt, “you didn’t think we were done with this yet, did you?”
Oh yeah --- this’ll definitely be a long night.
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maybepointlessthoughts · 7 months ago
Little Black Dress (part one)
Summary: Steve meets the woman of his dreams at one of Tony’s galas. She’s witty, confident, caring. She’s perfect. Too perfect. (kind of) Based off of ‘Little Black Dress’ by One Direction.
Warnings: Choking, sexual tension, mentions of killing, alcohol, guns
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader & Hitwoman!Reader/Sociopath!Reader
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, brief Natasha Romanoff, mentions of all Avengers
Word count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
“How much longer do we have to stay here?” Steve whispered to Sam.
Sam sipped from his whiskey and looked over to the super-soldier with a shrug. “Maybe another hour. God, I do not get how all these people are smiling right now. This is so boring.”
“You think Tony would mind if we ditched?” Steve tried, pleadingly.
“Very tempting, but he’d probably find some kind of petty way to get back at us,” Sam sighed. 
“Sounds about right,” Steve muttered, his eyes flickering around the crowded room of rich investors. A few other Avengers scattered around, wearing designer clothes that Tony had forced for a good image to these… politicians? Steve wasn’t quite sure who they were. 
“Ooh, wait, I think this hell-hole of a night might’ve just gotten a little better,” Sam said, tapping Steve on the shoulder hurriedly.
“What do you mean?” Steve wondered.
Sam very unsubtly pointed to the back of a woman who had just entered wearing a little black dress and impressive heels. “Who is that?” Sam whistled.
Steve shrugged. “No idea. Can’t see her face. Try not to fall in love with her behind, Sammy.”
“Too late,” Sam joked. “Alright, she is either…” Sam paused, thinking about it. “A trophy wife to one of these old white guys, or she’s here completely on her volition looking for a one-night stand. Either way, one of us is gonna talk to her.”
“Or, better idea, neither of us talk to her. And we go ahead and talk to Senator Martin over there who’s giving us a death stare,” Steve said with a fake smile as he nodded over to the Senator on the other side of the room, raising his glass before downing the soda.
Sam rolled his eyes. “Come on, how much do you wanna bet that the carpet matches the drapes?”
“That has a completely different and much vulgar meaning to it than the context you’re putting it in,” Steve corrected, disgusted.
“You know what I mean,” Sam sighed. 
“Well, in that case, I’m not betting anything. In case you’ve forgotten, that’s a human being,” Steve mentioned sarcastically.
“One wearing a little black dress that would like much better on-” Sam began.
“-Scotch, please,” Your voice interrupted, talking to the bartender between the two men.
Both Steve and Sam were taken aback by your impromptu appearance, quickly making sure their gaze went to the room as if they hadn’t just been talking about you. 
“Neat,” You said.
There were a few moments of silence.
“So, which one of you were checking out my ass?” You sighed, not bothering to look up at either one of the men, focused on the bartender giving you your drink.
Sam choked on his whiskey, Steve chuckling at his reaction, entertained. Sam placed his glass on the bar and cleared his throat. “Sorry?” He croaked.
“I have a sixth sense, I can feel when someone’s trying to see through my clothes to get a glimpse at something they’ll never get a chance to see,” You shot to Sam.
Sam’s eyes went wide at your response. “It was him,” Sam pointed to Steve in a childlike manner.
Steve raised his brows, mocking betrayal. “Real mature, Falcon,” Steve scoffed.
You looked at Steve and Steve was the one choking on his soda now. Definitely not what he was expecting. Steve coughed a little, surprised by… well, your beauty. Sam smirked at that, amused by his reaction.
“Right. The Falcon, and Captain America,” You remarked, looking between the two of them. 
The bartender placed your drink on the counter, you said a small thank you and took a sip from it. 
“You here with anybody?” Sam asked, making conversation.
“That depends. Are you gonna hit on me if I say no?” You pondered.
Sam stammered, not sure if he wanted to answer honestly. “Do we get a name?”
You glanced at Steve and then back to your drink, shrugging. “Maybe he does.” You motioned to Steve with your glass.
Steve's eyes widened a little, surprised as Sam nodded slowly. “I’ll see you around, little black dress,” Sam tantalised, picking up his drink and giving Steve a wink.
Steve almost wanted to beg Sam to stay with him. He wasn’t exactly experienced with women like Sam. He was already gone, snaking through the crowd with a bogus smile to the congressmen awaiting for him.
“Little black dress?” You thought out loud, giving Steve a curious look.
“Well because of your-” Steve began.
“-I got it. Not much of a wordsmith are you?” You joked. Steve beamed a little at that. “I’m Y//L/N. Y/N Y/L/N, I mean.” You greeted.
Steve nodded. “I’m Rogers. Steve Rogers.” He put his hand out.
You shook it and returned the smile before you took another sip of the scotch.
“So, are you here with anybody? And I promise I won’t hit on you, unlike my good friend over there,” Steve reassured.
“Nobody, I’m alone,” You sighed. “And you?”
“Yeah, me too,” Steve replied.
“Really? A guy like you, a hero, here at some dumb gala by yourself?” You mused, curious.
“Well, not just me. I’ve got my team,” Steve gestured to the crowd. 
“So, you’re single then?” You asked, tilting your head up at him.
Steve gulped, not used to someone so outspoken. “Yeah, yeah I’m single.”
You smirked at him and nodded. “If it wasn't obvious, I am too. Trying to focus on my career, that whole thing." You chuckled.
Steve hesitated, glancing over to Sam who was giving Steve two major thumbs up. “In that case, can I buy you a drink? A second one, I mean.”
“I’d like that,”
The rest of the night was a blur. Steve couldn’t remember the last time he had talked to somebody so candid and bold. You were perfect. 
Too perfect. 
Like you had come out of a factory called ‘Steve Roger’s Dream Girl’. Stunning, ambitious, outspoken, flirty, respectable, thoughtful, and… everything he looked for in a woman. 
Steve didn’t trust you for a second. 
He wasn’t a lucky guy, angels didn’t just appear out of thin air. As you spoke, you spoke like everything was planned, scripted maybe. The occasional flirt, the occasional questions that seemed side-tracked, or irrelevant. 
“I have to use the lady's room, do you think you could point me in the direction?” You asked, picking up your purse.
Steve nodded and pointed down the hall. “Take a right, it’s the second door on your left.” 
You smiled at him. “Thanks, Cap. Don’t miss me too much while I’m gone.” You put your hand on his forearm, his eyes glancing to the action and then back to you.
“I’ll try,” Steve replied, a fake smile on his face.
You walked past him and down the hall. Steve looked behind him, his face dropping as he watched you go before someone interrupted his thoughts.
“Who’s the hottie?” Tony asked, raising his brows suggestively.
Steve looked at the billionaire with a grimace. “Do you know who Y/N Y/L/N is?”
Tony thought about it for a few moments, opening his mouth and then closing it. “I’ve never heard of her before.”
“Isn’t this an ‘on the list’ kind of gala?” Steve went on.
“It is. She must’ve snuck in. Gotta admit, Rogers, she seems a little young for you don’t you think?” Tony joked, raising his glass in appreciation. "Then again, everyone's a little young for you,"
Steve shook his head. “No, Tony, I think she might be a spy or something. She’s too… good. Too perfect. I can’t find one flaw.”
Tony rolled his eyes at that. “You sound paranoid, Steve.”
“I’m not paranoid. Something’s off about her. I’ve got a gut feeling, alright?” Steve sighed. Saying it out loud, he did sound ridiculous. “What do you think?”
“I think you’re coming up with reasons not to get laid tonight,” Tony replied, his tone laced with sarcasm.
Steve clenched his jaw and shook his head. “I’m gonna find out. I can't just stand here and wait for her, she could be HYDRA.”
Tony furrowed his brows. “No, Steve-” He began.
“-I’ll be right back,” Steve cut him off, already making his way to the direction you went. Tony sighed and sipped from his bourbon, watching him leave. Steve walked down the empty hall, hearing a faint voice talking around the corner. 
Steve glimpsed to see you with a phone to your ear as you keep your back to him. Steve pressed himself against the wall, listening to the conversation.
“Yeah, yeah, I’ve got him,” He heard you say. “Don’t worry about it. His fine ass is wrapped around my finger.”
A few moments of silence passed.
“What method would you prefer? He’s not exactly easy to kill,” You sighed. “I want a bonus. Bullet to the head isn’t fun to clean up.”
Another moment.
“Oh, relax. Captain America will be dead by dawn. Everything’s going according to plan,” You finished.
Steve felt something snap inside of him and in an instant he rounded the corner and put his hand on your neck, shoving you against the wall. Your eyes were wide, your phone hit the floor as you struggled against him.
“Who are you?” Steve seethed, looking down at you.
You didn’t respond, gasping for air as you calmed down, assessing the situation you were in.
“Answer me.” Steve tried again, hitting you against the wall once more.
You groaned in pain and coughed a little at the pressure. “Never took you for a choker, you’re a sick puppy aren’t you?” You chuckled, the façade gone now.
Steve almost hated how he was right. He inhaled deeply. “Who wants to kill me?” 
You were smiling. Smiling. You were amused by this. “More like who doesn’t want to kill you, pretty boy.”
“I’ll ask again, who are you, and who do you work for?” Steve continued, narrowing his eyes on you.
You simply shrugged underneath him. “My name’s Y/N, I never lied about that.” 
“What the hell do you want?” Steve asked.
“Maybe I’ll talk to you once you get your paws off my neck,” You glanced down at his hand. “Not exactly hero-like is it? Shoving and strangling women against walls.”
Steve’s fingers loosened around your throat, realising what he was doing and he gulped. He took a few steps back as you breathed heavily, putting your hand to your neck as you felt the bruises form. 
“I want an offer, then I’ll tell you anything you wanna know,” You told him, your voice slightly raspy. 
“An offer? Of what? Money?” Steve wondered, scoffing.
“And a lot of it,” You remarked. 
Steve opened his mouth to speak, about to argue until you lifted your dress and you were suddenly pointing a gun at his head. A small Glock that once sat in a holster on your thigh. Steve hesitantly raised his hands, keeping his eyes on you.
“Tell me the truth, Captain, how much do you think Stark would be willing to pay for your life? Twenty grand? Fifty? Let’s guess, a hundred?” You mused, satire. “Last time I checked, you’re not bulletproof and you’re not wearing your precious suit.”
“You’re making a mistake, Y/N,” Steve warned.
“I don’t make mistakes,” You stated coldly.
“Who are you?” Steve asked once more, his tone confused.
“Someone assigned to kill the almighty Captain America. I’ve been watching you, taking notes. Finding out what you look for in a woman. Where did I go wrong? Was it the dress? Too slutty?” You mused, seemingly indifferent.
“So you’re a hit-woman then?” Steve queried, ignoring your question. “Money, assignment, stalking. What was your plan with me?”
You smirked at Steve. “Well, I’m quite famous in my ‘community’ for making my victims all in love with me. I nearly got you, didn’t I?” 
“Nowhere close, doll,” Steve replied, shaking his head. He knew what love felt like. It doesn’t happen over the course of a single night. 
“A shame. If my boss wasn’t such a pain, I would’ve made sure to keep this running for at least five months,” You sighed, mocking remorse. “But I settled for getting you in a supply closet and giving you the time of your life right before I killed you.”
“How much are you getting paid for this job?” Steve asked.
“Two million dollars. Another million if I make you suffer,” You answered. “I can tell you who hired me if you can up that.”
Steve nodded, getting a better idea of who you were. “You’re not gonna kill me if I can get you three million dollars then?” He took a step forward, cautiously.
“Four million. I was planning on getting that bonus,” You shrugged, clicking your gun to signal the safety wasn’t on.
“You’re a sociopath,” Steve stated.
“And you’re a insecure narcissistic with a hero-complex,” You shot back, quickly and apathetic to how you held a gun to one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. “Now, are you gonna get my millions, or do I have to get the grim reaper here?”
Steve glanced behind you, seeing a confused Natasha Romanoff enter at the other end of the hallway. 
“I don’t like negotiating with killers,” Steve said, looking back at you.
“And I don’t like wasting my time on men like you. I don’t have a lot of patience, Captain. I can shoot this whole joint up and there’ll be a hell of a lot more casualties than your buddies,” You went on.
Steve saw Nat slowly creeping up behind you, her gun in her hand as you keep your eyes on Steve, blissfully unaware of the spy behind you.
“I’ll get you five million in cash if you tell me everything and decide never to come near me or my team ever again,” Steve suggested, slowly putting his hands down.
“Make it six and I'll consider it,” You remarked.
Suddenly, Nat hit you in the back of the head with the bottom of her gun, effectively knocking you out as you fell to the ground. Steve let out a breath at the sight of your unconscious body. 
“You should’ve just let me set you up with Emily from accounting,” Nat commented.
“I like the adventure,” Steve replied sarcastically. “Get the others and call the police.”
“On it,” Nat sighed and looked down at you for a moment before walking off.
When you woke up, you found the Avengers standing around you with red and blue lights coming from outside. Police took you away as Steve observed, his hands folded over his chest as you kicked and screamed against them. 
It wasn’t until you got near the police car you had calmed down, still struggling against the cuffs and two men who pushed you.
“Hey, Rogers!” You yelled with a sinister grin.
Steve stood at the entrance of the compound, his team by his side. 
“Why don’t you get that stick out of your ass and come give me a real send-off?” You shouted.
“Don’t, Steve. It’s exactly what she wants,” Tony told him.
Steve didn’t seem to have his usual logic at that moment, instead choosing to walk over to you. 
“It’s alright,” Steve told the men.
They both let go of you, carefully and opened the police car door. You panted, out of breath as you shook your head at Steve. 
“So what’d you tell ‘em?” You wondered.
“Everything,” Steve replied, his tone clipped.
“You’re pathetic. Why don’t you do what you’ve been wanting to do all night?” You chuckled.
Steve knew what you meant. He bit his lip and nodded, taking a few steps closer to you. You smiled when his face was only bare inches away from you. “You’re a killer.”
“I prefer the term businesswoman,” You shrugged, leaning in close to him.
His lips hovered around yours, brushing against them. His hand lifted to your jaw, slightly lifting your head up right before- 
“Enjoy prison,” He said, pulling back abruptly and leaving you slightly dazed.
“Prison?” You scoffed. “I won’t make it to the goddamn station. One thing you'll learn about me? I keep to my contracts. I’ll see you soon, Cap,”
The men put their hands on you as they slowly pushed you into the car. 
“That’s a promise.” You finished, getting the last word before they slammed the door.
Steve narrowed his eyes at you, the tinted windows displaying as you sat comfortably in the seat. The police cars drove off, Steve left watching you go. 
Thirty minutes later, once everybody had calmed down and finished berating Steve with questions, they all sat down in the living room - out of their dresses and suits - and tried to relax. 
“Breaking news, apparent serial killer Y/N Y/L/N was identified and arrested earlier this evening,” The news anchor began. “Sources have confirmed that Y/L/N has been suspected of being romantically involved and murdering at least fourteen men in the past decade.”
“Can’t believe little black dress wanted to kill you, dude,” Sam remarked.
Steve didn’t respond, focused on the television.
“We’ve just gotten in that she has escaped custody. Reports say she persuaded an officer to pull over to use the bathroom. Things went sideways when Y/L/N apparently used a nearby rock to beat the officer before running away. That officer is currently in hospital, healing from sustained wounds,” The anchor went on.
Everybody’s eyes went wide. Steve remained completely frozen, staring at how your image now graced the screen. Your mugshot. There only remained one question. 
When would you be back to uphold your promise?
A/N: I tried something y’all. I’ve always wanted to write a villain(?)/hero trope so here it is! Also I’ve been listening to way to much one direction lately, sue me, I miss them. I think I’d be interested in doing a part two for this, but idrk. I hope this is okay, I spent a while trying to get this right and constantly rewrote it (not shocking lol). Alright, that’s all for now. Posting Dancing With Our Hands Tied soon! Keep an eye out for that x
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gogywasfound · 8 months ago
Did you just trademark my words.. 🧍‍♂️(talking about the "horny gang").. Well i know I'm amazing so It's okay, I'm going to let this one slide. Hope you're doing good! But I need to be fed like a baby bird so momma gogy may I get Karl Jacobs teasing you in public while acting all innocent? I SWEAR I'M NOT HORNY I JUST.. I JUST- YOU KNOW... LOVE KARL??? - 👹
yes i did trademark, credit to you. of course.
momma gogy? i love it. that’s my new name now.
it’s official i’m creating a family now, anons claim your spots quickly.
kinda feeling a female reader on this one.
warnings: exhibitionism, dom/sub, language, nsfw.
“honey, are you ready?” karl asks from where he’s standing at the front door. you’ve been invited to lunch with the feral boys and the dress code was formal, dreams request of course.
“yep, i’ve just finished putting my heels on now” you walk out to where he’s standing, leaning against the wall. upon your entry, he shoves his phone in his pocket and takes slow steps towards you. he places his hands on your hips and a passionate kiss on your lips.
“you look stunning, baby. the royal blue colour suits you so well.” you can feel your cheeks heat up, placing a hand on his chest. you giggle as he pulls you in for another kiss, this one more heated and sustained. you pull away and pat his chest, grabbing your purse from where it sits at the front door you turn back to look at him and he has eyes on your ass, watching it as it sways with every step you take.
“come on, we’re going to be late.” karl breaks his gaze, nodding and walking out the front door. he opens your car door for you, before getting into the drivers seat, almost immediately placing a hand on your thigh. he pulls out of the driveway and you start your journey.
“how far away is the restaurant?” you place your hand on top of his, looking over at him. his bottom lip is tucked in between his teeth, his expression shows that he’s ‘thinking’.
“uh, i think it’s only, like, fifteen minutes..” you nod and look out the window, getting lost in your thoughts which you are quickly pulled from when you feel karl’s hand slide up your thigh, moving closer and closer to your clit.
“what are you doing?” you watch his hand move away quickly, laughing when he clears his throat and holds your hand instead.
“um, nothing.” he shrugs off your question, smiling at the sound of your laughter. he runs a hand over his face, being stopped at a red light. he looks over at you, his eyes travelling down your body while you go back to getting distracted by the scenery.
your dress is really cute, it’s a royal blue, satin dress. it hugs your curves perfectly and it shows off a little too much cleavage, you have to wear a jacket over the top because according to karl ‘nobody is allowed to see my baby like that except for me.’.
“we’re here!” karl shouts, startling you. you place a hand over your heart and take deep, exaggerated breaths. you open your car door to find karl already standing there, holding a hand out for you to take which you do. he helps you out of the car, wrapping an arm around your waist, placing another kiss on your lips. karl groans when his phone starts ringing, he grabs it from out of his pocket, sliding his finger across the screen to answer the call. he holds one finger up to you, signalling that he’ll only be a minute as he steps away from you. you watch him as he talks to the person who you’re assuming is sapnap, talking about how you guys had just arrived. he mumbles a few “uh huh” and “okay” before ending the call with an “alright. see ya.” he walks back over to you and grabs your hand.
“they’re inside already, but sapnap said that dream was gonna come out a greet us.” you nod and walk with karl to the entrance of the restaurant. a person with blond hair walks out in a dark emerald green suit and you smile.
“hey dream!” you wave and walk over to him giving him a quick hug, karl following your actions afterwards. he takes your hand in his again and follows dream to the table. lots of smiles and greeting were exchanged before the two of you sat down next to each other. you were in the middle of a conversation with quackity when karl makes an exhausted noise, fanning himself.
“lord, it’s hot in here” he unbuttons his two top buttons on his top, flaring his collar. your thighs squeeze together as you clear your throat softly. karl notices your change in demeanour and let’s out a breathy laugh, placing a hand on your knee. you shift around in your seat, under his touch.
“y/n. you okay?” george looks over at you, you’re flustered. karl looks down at you a ‘worried’ look on his face.
“yeah, you look at little hot and bothered, babe.” you almost roll your eyes, looking over at george. you smile and nod.
“yeah i’m okay, karl’s right, it is getting a little hot in here. i think i’m just gonna take off my jacket.” you shimmy your jacket off your shoulders, reaching behind you to pull the sleeves down your arms. you look up at karl noticing that his jaw is clenched and his grip on your knee got tighter.
“anyway, are we ready to order?” the chatter dies down as everyone agrees, as dream calls the waitress over karl leans down to whisper in your ear.
“you’re just asking for it now, aren’t you?” you look at him ‘confused’ asking him what he means by that.
“oh you’ll see” he grumbles, looking up at the waitress when she arrives. everyone orders then proceeds to fall back into a conversation. dream asks about your schooling and how college is going, while your in a conversation with him, karl’s hand moves form your knee to your inner thigh, his fingers brushing over your clothed clit yet again.
your breath hitched as you grab his wrist, looking up at him with a shocked expression. but he isn’t looking at you, instead he’s conversing with sapnap about the plans for the next couple of streams. you look back over at dream trying to focus on what he’s saying. but your mind is hazy and focused on karl’s movements.
you feel your panties being moved to the side, his finger rubbing your clit softly. you’ve always stuggled to hold back your noises during sex so this was hell for you.
the waitress walks back over to the table with your food. you let out a breath of relief as karl moves his hand away, patting your thigh.
once your lunch had been served you behind eating, watching as the boys fall into conversations with one another, leaving you to talk to karl. you look over at him, giving his cheek a quick peck, resting your head on his shoulder.
“you’re a bitch.” you mumble and karl smirks.
“mm yeah? i bet you fucking love this, you’re already so wet. you probably get off on the thought if me making you cum in front of my friends huh?” he holds his fork up to your lips and you lean foreword, taking a bite of his food.
“that’s really-“ karl cuts you off with a stern demand.
“i want you to go into the bathroom and take your panties off, then i want you to put them in your purse and hand them to me from under the table. you reckon you can do that for me?” you nod and excuse yourself from the table, walking towards the hallway that leads to the bathroom.
once you’re out of sight, you bite your lip and run your fingers through your hair. you push the bathroom door open and lock yourself in.
you walk over to the sink and splash some water on your face before leaning down and taking off your underwear, doing as karl said and placing it in your purse.
you look at yourself in the mirror and sigh, smiling slightly. you wait for a bit to make your bathroom trip believable. when you feel that you’ve stalled for long enough, you unlock the bathroom door and exit, walking back to the table.
“hey, baby, welcome back!” karl smiles, you return the smile and sit down in your seat. you reach into your purse and hand him your panties underneath the table, watching as he shoves them in his pocket. he returns to rubbing your clit, waiting for you to take a sip of your drink. as soon as he watches the liquid enter your mouth, he shoves two fingers deep inside you, causing you choke on your drink.
“jesus, y/n, you okay? what happened?” karl asks, acting as if he’s not knuckle deep inside you now. quackity pts your back as you calm down from your coughing fit.
“sorry, sorry, it went down the wrong pipe” you joke, listening to everyone laugh. you try to laugh with them but you almost groan when karl rapidly repeats the ‘come hither’ motion inside you and you’re honestly surprised how the boys haven’t noticed.
you rest your head on karl’s shoulder, your thighs squeezing around his wrist.
“karl i’m gonna cum” you whisper, your voice squeaky and breathless. karl laughs, continuing his conversation with george.
“go for it” he mumbles loving the way you grip his arm tightly, clearing your throat as you try to suppress your noises. he feels you spill your juices onto his hand and he waits for you to come down from your high before pulling his fingers out.
“hey, babe, you look a little pale, are you feeling okay?” you glare at him and nod wanting to punch that smirk off of his face.
“yeah i think it’s just a little headache. but i should be fine” he nods slowly and goes back to focusing on sapnap.
once lunch has finished everyone bids their farewells, all walking to their respective vehicles. you shut karl’s door and glare at him.
“problem?” he questions, watching as you sigh.
“what the fuck was that in there?” you groan, crossing your arms.
he starts the car and pulls out of the car park, laughing and running a hand through his hair.
“well, look at how you’re dressed, i just couldn’t help myself. i can’t keep my hands off of you.” you groan and look out the window, grumbling about how ridiculous that was and how you guys could have been caught.
the ride home felt quicker than the ride there because before you knew it, you were pulling into your driveway.
“now when we get inside, i want you in our room, on the bed. you know the drill baby. i wanna reward you for being so good today.” karl puts the car in park and turns the car off, getting out of the car and unlocking the door to your house.
“and this time, you can be as loud as you want.” you smile eagerly and practically run up the stairs, excited for what he has planned.
and you definitely did get noise complaints the next day.
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domjaehyun · 10 months ago
crybaby →, l.dh,
Tumblr media
PAIRING: hyuck x mark x jaemin x fem!reader
GENRE: smuuut, it’s smut, seriously stop reading this line it’s smut that’s all there is to it, jk a bit of fluff surprise!
CONTENTS: dacryphilia, sadistic doms, choking, manhandling, brat taming, light daddy kink, overstimulation, oral (receiving & giving), foursome, degradation, some praise kink, reader’s kind of a lil hoe but it’s okay because we love her anyway, hyuck favoritism (because...come’s hyuck), uh...the 00 line has been aged up one year (or Mark’s been aged down) so they’re all the same class year!
SUMMARY: When Donghyuck, Jaemin, and Mark find out they aren’t the only ones you’ve been talking to, they decide to take matters into their own hands.
Tumblr media
AUTHOR’S NOTE: JK Rowling is a pathetic excuse for a human being, so we’re gonna pretend she didn’t write this series. It’s also totally fine if you don’t know Harry Potter stuff; I do my best to explain everything for you!! If you still have questions, you can always Google them or send a message to my inbox! This is also...kind of...a (late) birthday present for Raya @gohyuck​ 🥰 I hope you like it, Raya! Happy birthday; I hope your day was filled with love and light and happiness like you deserve! I love you! Also, everyone: please leave feedback if you liked it! It really means a lot to me when I check reblogs and see things in the tags or I get messages about my works!
Tumblr media
You roll your eyes and focus on stirring the liquid in your cauldron. Your potion is supposed to be a lovely scarlet shade, but right now it’s a murky grey. You sigh and pour in the suggested amount of dittany, a pleased smile forming on your face when the potion bubbles and fizzes and turns the appropriate shade of red.
“Hm. Well done.” Professor Snape says with an air of reluctance in his tone as he walks by your desk and peers into your cauldron. A proud smile takes over your face, and you keep stirring your cauldron, humming softly to yourself. The sun filters through the foggy windows–you can’t recall the last time you or anyone else saw Filch cleaning them, honestly–and brightens up the dreary classroom, made all the drearier by Professor Snape and his no-nonsense, downright hostile ambiance. 
“Pretty girl, are you sure you want me to raise my voice and have everyone hear what I’m about to say to you?”
Sucking your teeth, you shoot the offending intruder a glare.
“Donghyuck, shut up.”
“I just need something from you!” 
“What do you need?” You whisper, annoyed, and he doesn’t reply. You turn to look at him, and he’s holding out an empty vial with a smug grin on his face.
“What supplies could you possibly need that you don’t have at your desk, Donghyuck?” Your voice is laced with disdain as you rake your eyes over his frame. Standing tall and proud, the golden-skinned male smirks at you, poking his tongue into the inside of his cheek as he wiggles the vial in his hand expectantly.
“I need a lock of your hair.” He explains, and you shoot him a mortified glance.
“Why?” You whisper back, and his grin widens. “What potion could you possibly be making that needs my hair?”
“Making Polyjuice Potion.” He answers simply, shaking the vial again.
“What?!” You hiss incredulously, and he gestures to his cauldron as if to say, “Don’t believe me?” You look up and around suspiciously to see Snape attending to a struggling fifth-year girl from Slytherin as she slaves over her cauldron, and let your gaze drift back to Donghyuck, whose eyes are twinkling playfully. You sigh heavily and move closer, peering in his cauldron. Sure enough, a mixture looking dangerously like wet cement rolls and bubbles in his cauldron, and you gasp in surprise, looking at him. “How did you get all those supplies?”
“Swiped ‘em from Snape’s closet.” He replies proudly, reaching a hand up to twirl a lock of your hair around his finger. You eye him suspiciously, half-expecting him to yank and literally rip the hair out of your head to achieve his goal, but he eventually releases the strand of hair, his hand returning to his wooden spoon as he stirs the thick liquid created to transform the drinker into the person whose hair, nails, or other DNA remnant has been dropped into the mixture. “Are you gonna give me your hair or not?”
“Not.” You reply with a teasing smile, playing with a lock of your own hair. “Why do you want to become me, anyway? I don’t even want to be me some days.”
“You really wanna know?” His voice is lower than it was before, an alluring lilt to his voice that has a small tremor running through your body. 
“Yeah, duh.” You reply, clearing your throat in an attempt to clear the thickness of desire that managed to build up alarmingly quickly. You and Donghyuck have always had this sort of flirtatious relationship that built slowly from your fifth year when he was in your Defense Against the Dark Arts class; Donghyuck liked watching the concentration in your face when you cast your spells, and you had to admit that the fire in his eyes when he performs spells was–well, if you’re being–more than a little enticing.
Now, you two are in your final year of Hogwarts, and the tension has built up to an all-time high ever since he convinced you to kiss him in the hallway during the Yule Ball in your fourth year. You remember the day so very clearly; the cologne he was practically drowned in, the way his clammy hands left damp imprints on your dress, and the way he looked at you; it was like you had hung every star in the endless black of the night sky; like you were his Patronus memory; his happiest, most vibrant recollection from his past that issues forth a spectral form to protect from Dementors. 
Time has passed since then, and Lee Donghyuck has more than grown into himself. Stunningly handsome with beautiful bronze skin and a wickedly dazzling smile, the seventh-year male has managed to charm his way up the social ladder, smooth-talking girls into practically dropping their robes for him with a flick of his eyebrows. 
Yet, this whole time, his sights have been set on you. You, the sassy little Ravenclaw born to a witch mother and Muggle father; you, the girl who, when sorted into Ravenclaw, cried because you didn’t want to be labeled as a nerd. You, the silver-tongued Ravenclaw who rose to the top of your class and stayed there as early as your second year. You, the girl with the quick wand and the even quicker mouth, who casted a Bat Bogey Hex on the unsuspecting Hufflepuff from your year, Lee Jeno, when he tried to enter the Ravenclaw dorms in the middle of the night without permission in your fourth year. Donghyuck has been pursuing you for the past three years, all to virtually no avail. You give him the time of day, entertain his flirting, but never let him get any farther than that, always making an excuse to slip away with a wry smile. 
So imagine his surprise and excitement when you two got placed in the same Potions class in your final year at Hogwarts. He was over the moon, excitedly talking Renjun’s ear off about how this was his chance, his opportunity to get to know you better. 
“Donghyuck?” Your voice cuts through his reverie, and he startles slightly, his gaze refocusing on you. “Thought I lost you for a minute there.” You chuckle, and his dazed, slightly lost expression is replaced slowly with his familiar smirk.
“Aww…did you miss me?” He coos, his voice sickeningly sweet, and you look around innocently before blinking at him with a blank expression.
“Nope,” You chirp, popping the p, and he clutches his chest tightly just over his heart, as if he’s been wounded. “I just want to know why you’re even entertaining the idea of turning into me.”
“You want me to be honest?” His voice is lower, a teasing lilt to it, and you raise your brows suspiciously. 
“Then honestly, I want a chance to see you naked.” He wiggles his eyebrows, and you gasp, smacking his arm with your ladle. He snickers mischievously, and you glare at him, quickly maintaining a neutral expression when Professor Snape looks your way. You offer a small smile, but the notoriously grim professor just blinks impassively before sliding his gaze elsewhere. 
“You’re such a–”
“Handsome, charming individual who you definitely want to hop in bed with?”
“Weirdo. You’re a weirdo.” You hiss, and he smirks.
“That may be,” He muses, leaning closer to you to murmur in your ear. “I think you like it, though.”
“Why do you say that?”
“You’re smiling.” He points out, fingers tapping the corner of your mouth, and you realize with an inward curse that you are smiling, a bashful little quirk of the lips alerting Donghyuck to your true feelings.
“Start to clean up your cauldrons, because class is about to be dismissed.” Professor Snape drawls, and you lean away from the frustratingly charming Slytherin next to you to start pouring your potion down the steel basin. You keep a small vial of your potion, a devious plan forming in your head. 
“Need that lock of your hair, pretty girl,” Donghyuck reminds you, and you raise an eyebrow.
“Too bad,” You sing-song, and he huffs, pouting at you petulantly. “Also,” You hum, turning fully to face him and resting your hip against the table, “if you want to see me naked…”
He leans closer, intrigued, and you mirror his movements, bringing your lips to his ear. 
“All you have to do is ask.” You whisper, and his eyes blow wide, a derisive snort leaving your lips.
“Oh, yeah?” He murmurs, his tone far more seductive than you’d expected. “Can I–”
“Gotta go!” You chirp, picking up your bag and breezing past him. His awkward spluttering and floundering in your wake is just enough distraction for you to slip a couple of drops of Babbling Potion into his water bottle. The red clouds briefly, but fades into clear, and you smirk as you wait outside of the classroom, easily blending in with the throngs of students migrating to their next classes. Just as Donghyuck walks out with Renjun, who’d been regrettably separated from him during class by Professor Snape, he takes a swig from his bottle mid-sentence and shudders slightly before continuing to talk. 
“So I was saying–buh, b-buh ba, ba boo, buh. W-wuh? Buh buh-bah?” Donghyuck’s face of confusion and Renjun’s cackle of amusement are completely and totally priceless, and, satisfied with the temporary mayhem you’ve caused, you sneak away in an approaching crowd of fourth-years with a bounce in your step.
Tumblr media
“Now, I want you to firmly grasp right at the base of the stem and quickly pull your Mandrake out. Try your best to soothe it before you re-pot it, as it will prosper when its temperament is good.” Professor Sprout instructs loudly, and you all heed her orders, your hand wrapping around the stem of the plant and getting ready to tug it free from the soil. On her call, you pull your heavy root baby from the soil of its previous pot, and the room is filled with wails and cries as the earthy toned babies cry in distress. You cradle it in your arms, shushing it gently and stroking it carefully, the Mandrake’s cries dying down quickly. You continue to rock it almost fondly, and sneak a glance over to the ever-flirtatious Hufflepuff in your year, Na Jaemin.
He is, to put it lightly, struggling. His silver hair looks a bit all over the place as he tries to calm his extremely grumpy Mandrake down so he can re-pot it. The earth baby wails and flails and cries and even snaps at his finger when he attempts to touch its face. You barely hide your giggle, and he shoots a playful glare over at you, his expression slightly anguished.
“Angel,” He purrs, and you raise an eyebrow at him. “Wanna help me out?”
“Not really.” You reply simply, and his face falls as he looks at you helplessly.
“Please? Mine might wake yours up if it keeps crying.” He points out, and you sigh in defeat, knowing he has a point. 
“Fine. Pass the Mandrake.” You say, and he stops cradling it like a baby, holding it instead by the base of the stem. The baby’s wails increase, and you glare at him. 
“You dolt, you’re supposed to hold it like a baby! Would you hold a baby by its hair?” You hiss incredulously, swooping forward to scoop up the extremely fussy baby in your arms. You make room in your other arm for the previously rooted infant and start to rock it from side to side, shushing it gently. Its mood change is immediate, the baby promptly calming down and even cooing affectionately at your fingers as you dangle them over its head. 
“Cute little baby,” You hum sweetly to the small soil-covered infant, and you could swear it smiles at you. “See?” You turn to look at Jaemin to prove your point, only to find that he’s staring at you adoringly. “What’s that look for?”
“You’re so good at taking care of them,” He sighs dreamily, and you snort in amusement. “Wonder how you’d take care of me…”
“...Do you want to be cradled like a baby and cooed at affectionately?” You reply with a small, amused smirk, and he narrows his eyes at you.
“No...but I was thinking you could take care of me in other ways.” He smiles dazzlingly at you, and you roll your eyes before gently handing him his now sleeping Mandrake. He takes it in his arms and re-pots it carefully, covering it in soil and tapping the dirt down snugly. You follow suit when you’ve had enough of cuddling the surprisingly endearing Mandrake and dust your hands off, heading to the sink to wash your hands off. Jaemin follows after you and sidles up next to you in front of the sink, your hips and inner arms brushing against each other. As you two wash your hands, you peer up at him curiously.
“Why are you pretty much on top of me?” 
Smiling wickedly with an upwards flick of his eyebrows, Jaemin answers, “Trust me, angel; if I were really on top of’d know.” 
“Oh, get away from me,” You laugh, spraying his face with water. He gasps and sprays you right back, making you gasp and glare at him. 
“What’s wrong? Are you all wet now?” He asks, the glint in his eyes hinting to his double entendre. 
“You’re insufferable.” You scoff, and he just chuckles, rinsing his hands free of the lathered-up soap and drying them on a paper towel. He hands you one, and you take it gratefully, patting your face dry before tending to your hands. “Go kiss Professor Sprout’s ass so she won’t dock Hufflepuff points because you were being a disturbance in class.”
“I’d much rather kiss your ass,” He murmurs in your ear, darting away with a cackle as you turn to swat at him. Jaemin has been pestering you ever since your sixth year, flirting shamelessly in every class you two happened to share. From lingering touches, intense staring competitions with you and your lips, and flirtatious remarks slipping from his lips with ease, you can’t honestly say that you’re opposed to the attention; sometimes, if you’re being very honest, you’ll return the flirtatious banter, never failing to make his eyes light up with glee. As you look around the room, you catch Jaemin’s eye once more, the platinum-haired male chatting with Professor Sprout. His gaze lingers for a moment, drops down to take in your figure, then drags back up to shoot you a surreptitious wink that happens so quickly you think you may have imagined it.
His following smirk tells you that you didn’t, and you sigh in faux annoyance, a small smile tugging at the corners of your lips as you go to check on your Mandrake.
Tumblr media
“Today, class, we will be practicing the Patronus spell,” Professor McGonagall announces to the room full of sixth and seventh year students, and a wave of excited, hushed whispers fills the room. “Silence.” She orders calmly, and her authority is so elegant yet powerful that the class obeys, immediately quieting themselves down. “I want you to pair up with someone and take turns attempting to conjure a Patronus. It may come as a silver wisp at first, and that’s quite alright; it is a difficult spell, and you may struggle to find a happy enough memory to trigger it. Just keep trying, and your efforts will be rewarded.” At the end of her announcement, the class starts to buzz with excitement as everyone stands up and gravitates towards their preferred partner. 
You stand up as well, making your way to the front of the class, and tap your target on the shoulder. Mark Lee–Head Boy, Gryffindor legend at this point–stares up at you curiously before his face breaks out into a wide smile.
“Partners?” You ask, and he nods eagerly, standing up and following you to an unoccupied spot in the room. You pull out your wand and twirl it between your fingers as you think of your happiest memory. After thinking for about ten minutes, you’re startled out of your deep thinking by Mark waving his wand excitedly.
“I got it!” He chirps, and he waves his wand purposefully, saying the incantation, “Expecto Patronum!” A strong burst of silver issues forth from his wand, but doesn’t take any sort of shape, instead just remains floating around him in a protective mist. His disappointment is adorable, his face falling and a small pout forming on his very cute lips. “Why didn’t it work?” He whines, and you snicker at how very cute he is.
“What was your memory?” You ask curiously, and he shifts from foot to foot awkwardly.
“When I got appointed Head Boy,” He mumbles, and you raise an eyebrow.
“If that’s your happiest memory, that’s kinda sad, don’t you think? Dig a little deeper, Lee.” You chuckle, and he rubs the back of his neck as he smiles bashfully.
“You’re right. Okay, you give it a try, then!” He suggests, and you shake your head.
“Mm-mm! Haven’t found my memory yet.” You dodge the invitation, and he rolls his eyes jokingly before he enters deep thought again. 
“Okay, I think I got it,” Mark says after another moment of silence, brandishing his wand again. You step back and he recites the spell once more, a strong gust of silver wisps issuing forth from his wand and swirling around until it takes the shape of–
“A lion. Dope,” You gasp in awe, suddenly inspired. You wave your wand and recite the incantation, beaming when a silver tiger bursts forth from the tip of your wand and lands in a crouching position, its tail swishing from side to side playfully. You stare at it, enraptured, as it eyes Mark’s Patronus, its bottom wiggling before it pounces at the unsuspecting lion, who topples under the sheer force. You and Mark watch in amazement as the two fierce felines tumble around and wrestle like playful kittens, and barely notice when Professor McGonagall comes up behind you two.
“Spectacular job, both of you,” She says proudly, smiling in approval. Her praise means the absolute world to you, your eyes lighting up as you look at Mark excitedly. You both thank her eagerly, and she nods before walking away to check on other students.
“So,” Mark breaks the comfortable silence with a gentle, playful nudge to your side, and you turn your head to look at him curiously. “What was your memory?”
“Mm...what was yours?” You dodge the question, and he gets a playful, secretive glint in his eyes.
“That’s top secret.” He murmurs to you, and you snort in amusement. “Tell me yours and maybe I’ll tell you mine.” 
“, mine is even more top secret.” You hum, shrugging nonchalantly, and he rolls his eyes.
“Fine.” You chirp.
“Good,” You muse, inspecting your nails, and he narrows his eyes.
“Are you done, Lee?” You chuckle, and he huffs in response, his gaze turning back to your Patronuses which are still playing with each other.
Tumblr media
“Call me crazy, but I think Lee Donghyuck is looking at you…” Doyeon whispers in your ear. It’s almost hard to hear her, what with the wind whipping around your frames as you sit in the stands on the Quidditch field. The vast majority of the student body is packed into the stands as they watch Slytherin and Gryffindor compete, and as you squint up into the bright sky at the players zooming around, you lock eyes with Donghyuck who is, in fact, staring directly at you with a frustratingly attractive smirk on his face. 
You blink impassively at him before looking away with a small smile you failed to hide, and you can practically hear his chuckle of amusement.
“He is! He is staring at you!” Doyeon’s voice screeches in your ear, and you wince, jolting away and clapping a hand over your ear protectively. “Wait a minute...why is he staring at you?”
“He’s in my Potions class,” You answer smoothly. “He probably just recognized me in the crowd.”
“, that can’t be it. Recognizing you in the crowd is entirely different from staring at you until you meet his eyes and look away with a smile that you thought I didn’t notice.” She replies sharply, and you raise your eyebrows. 
Damn, she’s more observant than you thought.
“Okay, so maybe he’s the guy I kissed at the Yule Ball…” You trail off, and Doyeon jumps up and down excitedly, whacking your arm violently and repeatedly. “Fucking ouch, Doyeon!”
“Sorry! I just—oh, my God, he’s flying this way.” She squeals excitedly, and you drag your eyes up skyward to lock once more on Donghyuck’s playful gaze.
“Can I help you?” You mouth, fully aware of all the eyes on you; it’s not hard to track where his gaze is pointed towards, and you’re starting to feel very small in your skin.
“Just enjoying the view,” He calls out, and your eyes widen before you burst into slightly nervous laughter, mildly embarrassed by your impromptu audience. “You gonna cheer me on?”
“I don’t know,” You reply slowly, and he rolls his eyes. “What? I have friends on the other team, too!”
“So we’re friends now?” His eyes light up with mirth, and you narrow your own eyes at him. “I didn’t expect a promotion so suddenly.”
“Will you shut up and pay attention to the game? I can’t cheer for a losing team, you know.” You huff, and he grins, poking his tongue inside his cheek.
“You got it,” He chuckles, steering his broomstick back to the main area of the playing field. After the announcers are done explaining the rules that you’ve heard for the umpteenth time, the players start to move around the open space, the ever so violent Bludgers and the Quaffle flying through the air. You try your best to watch all the members you care about; there’s fifth year Park Jisung who you’ve somewhat adopted as your younger sibling or son, who flits around the field quickly as he fulfills his role as a Chaser for Gryffindor, waiting to catch the Quaffle and throw it through one of the hoops. There’s Mark Lee, the charming and handsome Gryffindor from your year and your usual partner in your Defense Against the Dark Arts class who’s calling out orders as team captain as he flies around, catching the Quaffle and sending it hurtling through Slytherin’s center hoop. 
And then there’s Lee Donghyuck, the Seeker from Slytherin who has been living in your mind rent-fucking-free lately. No matter how hard you try to ignore him, your gaze keeps sliding back over to how gracefully his form glides across the field on his broomstick, his dark eyes canvassing the sky for the evasive golden Snitch. You watch his eyes narrow at something in the distance and feel excitement tingling at the base of your neck. He looks so determined, so intense—like nothing can get in his way of what he wants, and you can’t shake the niggling feeling that you want him to be looking at you like that. 
It takes you a second too long to register that his gaze has flicked over to yours briefly, the male shooting you a sly wink once your eyes refocus on him before he flies off quickly. You watch him with stars in your eyes, and unbeknownst to you, Jaemin watches you from across the stands, more than a bit disgruntled by your blatant adoration of Donghyuck.
There’s screaming, a rush of wind, a flash of dark green and scarlet, and the two Seekers emerge, fruitless and empty-handed. There are groans of disappointment from everyone around you, but your sharp eyes are trained on something glinting nearby. 
“DONGHYUCK!” You whisper-shriek, and, among your fellow audience members, he turns to face you immediately, eyes panicked until he sees what you’re seeing. He whizzes by you, the resulting wind blowing your hair back, and snatches up the golden Snitch, less than five feet away from you. The sea of dark green consisting of Slytherin students erupts into cheers, and you find yourself standing to cheer with them, most of the audience on your side joining you. 
As the announcers announce that Lee Donghyuck has caught the golden Snitch and therefore ended the game with a victory for Slytherin, he beams at the crowds of people before locking eyes with you and licking his lips slowly. Your face heats up embarrassingly quickly, and you look down, fiddling with your robes. 
“Okay, something is definitely up between you two,” Doyeon mutters, intrigued, and you scoff, unconvincing in your feigned nonchalance. You look up finally, avoiding Donghyuck’s gaze, and notice Jaemin staring particularly hard at you from across the stands. You beam at him and wave excitedly, and his brows raise in surprise, the male pointing to himself in confusion. You nod, waving harder, and his face lights up before he’s returning your gesture.
Unseen by either of you, Donghyuck zeroes in on your wordless exchange and furrows his brows in mild annoyance, before shaking it off and flying down to the ground so he can change out of his Quidditch gear.
Tumblr media
Sookyung nudges you surreptitiously and you look up from your mouthful of scrambled eggs with a puzzled look on your face. “Mark is staring at you.”
“Wha?” You mumble around your food, and she scowls disapprovingly. “Sorry,” You mutter shamefully, chewing and swallowing your food before looking back at her. “What did you say?”
“Mark? Mark Lee, Gryffindor, Head Boy? He’s staring at you.” Sookyung repeats, and your eyes widen slightly as you lift your head to look around. Sure enough, past Hufflepuff’s table, you spot Mark Lee sitting with his fellow Gryffindor, staring intently at you. When you two make eye contact, his eyes widen and he chokes on his food, sending him into a spluttering, coughing fit. Your eyes go even wider as he struggles with the food lodged in his windpipe, and his friends frantically thump him on the back. You can’t help but stifle a giggle as you wait for him to recollect himself. 
When he’s recovered, he looks up at you bashfully, cheeks blazing red, and you smile sweetly, wiggling your fingers at him in greeting. You can practically hear the squeak he emits from across the room, his eyes widening in shock before he ducks his head down. You chuckle and return to your food, completely unaware of Jaemin’s watchful eyes on you once again.
“What are you staring at?” Jeno asks Jaemin, curiously moving his head to get a better glimpse of where Jaemin’s gaze is directed.
“Not what. Who.” Jaemin mumbles, fitfully pushing around the sausage links on his plate. 
“My bad, my bad. Who are you staring at?” Jeno asks, but Jaemin doesn’t give him a response, too lost in his thoughts about what all these glances and interactions could mean.
Tumblr media
“Donghyuck, will you pay attention?” A gangly boy, most likely a seventh-year, hisses to Donghyuck as he stares off into space with bright eyes and a dreamy expression. 
“Sorry,” Donghyuck mumbles in a daze, snapping out of his reverie about you and your smile and your laugh and your–
“What were you thinking about anyway?” His friend asks, and, heaving a heavy, wistful sigh, Donghyuck almost slips back into his thoughts, sighing your name as an answer with a warmth to it that could flutter anyone’s insides.
At the sound of your name, Jaemin’s head perks up from the table over, and he decides that enough is enough and that he’s going to get to the bottom of this mess concerning you, him, Mark Lee, and Lee Donghyuck. Stuffing his quill in his book like a bookmark, he closes it and strides over to Donghyuck’s table, tapping him on the shoulder. 
Donghyuck turns slowly and raises an expectant eyebrow. “Yes?”
“I heard you mention a girl’s name.” At Donghyuck’s unblinking stare, Jaemin clears his throat and continues on. “Who are you to her to be sitting here sighing and swooning over the thought of her?”
“Who are you to her to ask me that?” Donghyuck counters smoothly, both eyebrows arched now. “Because if you’re her boyfriend...well, then I have some bad news for you.”
“I’m not her boyfriend,” Jaemin is quick to correct him, and Donghyuck’s expression morphs into a startlingly impassive one. “We’ve been...talking.”
“You’ve been talking?” Donghyuck asks incredulously, and Jaemin nods, suddenly feeling defensive. “We’ve been talking.”
“Well, if you’ve been talking…” Jaemin starts, brows furrowed, “and we’ve been talking…”
“She’s talking to both of us, then.” Donghyuck finishes his sentence for him, and both males have a peeved expression on their faces.
“I can’t believe this!” Jaemin grunts in frustration, and it seems like Mark Lee materializes out of nowhere beside him.
“Can you keep it down? You’re getting noisy, and people are trying to study,” Mark whispers loudly, and Jaemin almost jabs an accusing finger into Mark’s chest before remembering that he doesn’t know Mark all that well.
“And you!” Jaemin settles for pointing at Mark dramatically, the older male just staring at him in confusion. “You’re talking to her, too! I saw the looks you two were giving each other in the Great Hall the other day.”
“Wha—who are you talking about?” Mark splutters in confusion, and when Jaemin and Donghyuck say your name in unison, Mark’s eyes go wide. “...I mean, I wouldn’t say we’re talking, but there’s definitely something going on there.”
“God, so she’s been flirting with all three of us.” Donghyuck scoffs incredulously, and Jaemin and Mark nod slowly. A devilish smile takes over Donghyuck’s face, and both Mark and Jaemin look at him, alarmed, then at each other in confusion, then back at him curiously. “I have an idea.”
Tumblr media
You probably should have suspected something when Donghyuck smiles a bit too sweetly at you as you two walk into your Potions class. 
You definitely should have suspected something when he hesitates to see where you’re sitting before taking the seat right next to you.
You absolutely, 100%, should have suspected something when he scoots even closer so your thighs are brushing against each other.
But you didn’t catch on to any of the glaringly obvious signs, and now Donghyuck’s hand is sneaking up your leg as Professor Snape drones on about Amortentia, the most powerful love potion there is. 
“What the hell are you doing?” You whisper frantically, glaring at Donghyuck out of the side of your eye. 
“Touching you,” He breathes in response, his fingers splaying out over your thigh—you curse yourself inwardly for not wearing trousers today and instead opting for a pleated skirt—and squeezing the flesh indulgently. “Duh.”
“I know that, Donghyuck—”
“Then why are you asking stupid questions?” He counters quickly, and you shoot him a venomous look. “Just relax and enjoy it.” He purrs in your ear just as his fingers bunch up your skirt and slip under it.
“This is—oh, my God,” You shudder as his cool fingers make contact with the seat of your underwear, the pads of his index and middle finger trailing up and down your clothed core slowly. “What if someone sees?”
“We’re in the back of the classroom, and you’re covered by a whole table which, last time I checked, wasn’t see-through. We’ll be fine.” He assures you, now rubbing quick circles around your clit. He makes an embarrassingly quick job of getting you wet, your abdomen clenching as he stimulates your sensitive bundle of nerves.
“This is such a bad idea.”
“You won’t be saying that in a couple of seconds,” He hums teasingly, pushing your underwear to the side with ease.
“What’s gonna happen in a couple of seconds?” You ask, simultaneously nervous and tense, yet also excited and more than a bit curious. He doesn’t answer you, just pokes his tongue into his cheek as he grins and shoots you a wink before pushing two fingers into you slowly. You grip your textbook and suck in a sharp breath that, thankfully, no one seems to notice, and Donghyuck chuckles as he starts to pump his fingers in and out of you slowly.
“Doesn’t that feel good?” He breathes in your ear, nipping at the lobe lightly, and you whimper into your fist, nodding vigorously.
“So good,” You whisper, and he chuckles, speeding up and curling his fingers as best as he can, given the slightly awkward positioning of his hand between your legs.
Your face is on fire at this point, cheeks blazing with heat as you whimper and huff into your palm, your teeth sinking down into the flesh in an attempt to ground yourself. Donghyuck’s hand busies itself in your underwear purposefully as his lips dance over your neck, pressing soft, teasing kisses to your jaw before dragging his teeth down your neck lightly. At your broken moan, he sinks his teeth in deeper, biting down on your collarbone before his tongue darts out to soothe the dull ache of the bite mark.
Professor Snape is still talking, going on about how Amortentia smells like what you find most attractive, and you can’t find it in you to care about a word he’s saying; not when Donghyuck’s slender, sinful fingers are bringing you so painfully close to your climax. 
“You gonna come for me, pretty girl?” He purrs sweetly, and you nod, the sensations so damn good that tears almost spring to your eyes. “Good. Come on my fingers in class like the naughty little thing you are.” Your expression is nothing short of bliss and ecstasy as you tumble over the edge, shuddering into your hand as his fingers drive into your core rapidly and unrelentingly. You clench around his fingers, Donghyuck hissing at the feeling, and your head tips back involuntarily, the pleasure sending warmth flooding from your head down to your toes. When he’s sure he’s milked your orgasm for all it’s worth, he retracts his fingers, making sure to meet your gaze before taking his fingers into his mouth and sucking them clean. 
“Oh, fuck.” You whisper, and his jaw clenches before it relaxes and he turns his attention to the front of the class. The rest of class passes without a hitch, Donghyuck drawing small patterns into your leg with his fingers absentmindedly, and before you know it, class is over, your fellow students quickly jumping up and filtering out of the room to their, hopefully, far more interesting classes. Donghyuck leaves before you do, grazing his fingers across your leg in a lingering, searing touch combined with an intense, smug smolder that has your heart pounding. 
As you stand up, a piece of ripped paper flutters to the floor, and you stoop to pick it up, recognizing Donghyuck’s handwriting.
Meet me in the Room of Requirement tonight at 10:00pm. - DH
You roll your eyes and crumple the paper in your fist, stuffing it into your skirt pocket—yes, it has pockets—and heading out of the classroom to your next class.
Tumblr media
“Are you sure you’ll be okay going out in the castle at night?” Doyeon asks worriedly as you double check your hair and brush imaginary dust off the cute skirt you borrowed from Doyeon—being friends with Muggle-born witches has its perks, truly.
“I’ll be fine! What’s Donghyuck gonna do—eat me?” You snicker, and Sookyung snorts from her spot on the chaise in the Ravenclaw dormitory.
“If you’re lucky,” She sing-songs, just barely dodging when you chuck a hair clip at her. “What, like I’m wrong?” She retorts, cackling with laughter before she yelps in shock as the pillow you threw makes contact with her face.
“Listen. I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me. If I’m not back in the morning...start a search.” You say seriously, and Doyeon looks absolutely horrified.
“What?!” She shrieks, and you chuckle.
“You’re evil,” Doyeon mutters, and you smile sweetly at her before bidding them goodbye and slipping out of the dormitory.
“Sneaking out after hours?” The painting at the entrance says with a sly grin, and you jump in shock, clutching your chest in fright.
“Yes, and please don’t make a fuss about it.” You whisper pleadingly, and she pauses to think, her hand on her chin.
“Okay. Have fun, little witch.” She teases in a sing-song voice that reminds you far too much of Sookyung’s line she just uttered. You shudder at the uncanny resemblance and make your way up the staircase to the seventh floor, taking the path you remember to the Room of Requirement. When you reach it, you take a deep breath and pace back and forth in front of it three times, thinking about the same thing the whole time. 
I need to meet with Lee Donghyuck. 
On your third pass by the door, there’s a soft creaking sound, and a wooden, mahogany door has appeared in the previously empty wall. You take a couple of calming breaths to quell your nerves before opening the door and stepping inside, shutting it behind you.
The room is spacious and completely empty, the walls made with white brick that matches the two white pillars standing near the center of the room. The floor is carpeted with a dark grey fabric, moonlight streams in from the windows to your left, and for a moment, you think you’re alone.
“Donghyuck?” You ask, your voice smaller than you’d like it to be.
“Over here,” His voice calls, and he appears from behind one of the two pillars, inspecting his hand casually. You could almost swear you saw a shadow move long after Donghyuck had vacated his spot behind the pillar, but you chalk it up to your nerves and overactive imagination.
“You had me worried I’d entered the wrong room or something,” You chuckle nervously, and he pouts at you, shaking his head.
“No, no, no, don’t worry about that. You’re exactly where you need to be.” He circles you, pausing behind you, his fingers trailing down your arms as he exhales softly on your neck, marveling at the goosebumps that appear in the wake of his warm breath. “Hope you don’t mind—I brought some friends.”
“F-Friends?” You splutter in confusion, your whole body going still when Mark and Jaemin emerge from two separate columns, both males making their way over to you. 
“Hi,” All three males chorus in unison.
“Oh, shit.” You mutter to yourself. 
“I’m sure you remember them, right?” You turn to look at Donghyuck, and his expression is downright evil, mischief glinting in his eyes as a smirk curls his lips. “We had a good little talk the other day.” He remarks offhandedly, and your blood runs cold.
“A...About what?” You ask nervously, and he raises an eyebrow as if the answer were obvious–and, honestly, you suppose it is, the answer you’re dreading on the tip of his tongue.
“You.” The answer is instantaneous and, even worse, comes from all three of the males standing in front of you.
“Well, fuck.” You mumble, and Jaemin snickers, stepping closer to you and trailing an hand down your arm.
“See, we figured out that you’ve been talking to all three of us.” He hums, his fingers trailing back up your arm to twirl a lock of your hair around his finger. “Which must mean–”
“You want all three of us,” Mark finishes, stepping closer to you and pinning you in place with his intense gaze. “So we figured–”
“Why not have you take all three of us at once?” Donghyuck finishes for Mark, his hand reaching out to grasp your hip, fingers curling around it as he tugs you closer. “Unless you can’t handle it,” He remarks offhandedly, and you frown.
“I can handle it.” You counter, and his eyebrows lift up in intrigue.
“Oh, yeah?” He breathes, tugging you closer. Jaemin’s hand falls from your hair as Donghyuck pulls you into a searing kiss, his other hand dropping to grab your hip and yank you closer until you’re flush against his body. You can feel every inch of him, every ridge, and you’re alerted to his length pressing insistently against your thigh. A small moan slips from your lips that seems to propel him forward, his hands sliding down to cup your ass, squeezing and kneading the flesh. 
His kiss is hot and heavy, the male pushing you back and into Jaemin’s arms as he presses his body up against yours. Jaemin serves as a wall for a moment until his hands move to replace where Donghyuck’s hands were on your hips, his head dipping down so he can kiss your neck. Another sound of pleasure leaves you as the two males touch you, Donghyuck’s teeth nipping at your lower lip and tugging before he moves lower and kisses down the other side of your neck, both sides now being covered with slow, open-mouthed kisses. 
Your head tips back in ecstasy and you manage to open your eyes to see Mark watching with a fire in his eyes, one hand shamelessly palming himself. When your eyes connect, Jaemin rakes his teeth over your collarbone, eliciting a soft gasp from you that seems to cause something in Mark to snap as he steps closer and turns your head to face him, capturing your lips in a slow, passionate kiss. Donghyuck kisses down your front, sinking to his knees and flipping your skirt up, and hooks his fingers into your underwear before tugging them down your legs slowly.
“Step out,” He murmurs, and you oblige, holding onto his shoulders so you don’t fall. He and Mark switch places, Mark breaking the kiss to drop down in front of you and pull you closer. He lifts your skirt up over his head and starts peppering kisses along your thighs, sucking and licking as he nears your core. Finally reaching the apex of your thighs, he licks a hot, wet stripe up your slit, parting your folds with two fingers to trace little circles around your clit. A sharp gasp leaves you and your head tips back as your knees buckle.
“C’mere,” Mark murmurs, lying down on the floor on his back and blinking up at you expectantly. “Sit.” He orders firmly, pointing at his chin, and your brows practically fly up into your hairline in surprise.
“You heard him.” Donghyuck coos in your ear, placing his hands on your shoulders and pushing you down onto your knees. You land abruptly, shuffling up Mark’s body until you’re hovering over Mark’s mouth. He loops his arms around your thighs and pulls you down lower so he can lap at your folds. You cry out and he just amps up the actions, groaning as he takes your folds into his mouth and sucks roughly. Two fingers are tucked under your chin and your head is turned to face Donghyuck’s hips, his hand gripping his length. It hits you a moment later, as he’s pulling down his pants, that his hand was gripping something particularly large; your thoughts are confirmed when his cock is freed from his pants and its size just about takes your breath away. 
“Oh, God,” You moan, and you can’t tell if you’re moaning because of how Mark’s tongue teases at your entrance or because of the sheer anticipation of taking in Donghyuck’s length. You look up at him and let your tongue hang out, the underside of his cock thudding heavy on your tongue.
“Take it in your mouth, baby.” He purrs sweetly, pushing his cock between your lips and up until you physically can’t take anymore. “That’s it,” He grunts, his head falling back. He looks utterly beautiful, his tanned skin somehow glowing in the moonlight and his jawline prominent as he clenches it, and you’re so mesmerized you forget your surroundings, only brought back to reality when Mark grazes his teeth against your clit. You snap out of it with a yelp, your hips starting to slowly roll against Mark’s face as he licks and sucks at your folds.
“You having fun, Mark?” Jaemin chuckles when the male under you moans for what feels like the millionth time as he ruts his hips up against nothing, Mark’s actions speeding up as your entrance leaks more and more arousal for him to taste. 
“Tastes so good,” Mark grunts, and you whimper at the compliment, the sound coming out muffled from around Donghyuck’s cock. You focus as much of your attention on him as you can manage, bobbing your head up and down his length and letting your tongue drag along the underside of his cock. 
“Feels good, pretty girl,” Donghyuck mutters breathlessly, and you’re getting so wound up, so overwhelmed, that you whine when Jaemin brings your hand to his length, wrapping your fingers around the base. “C’mon, baby; you wanted all of us, you’re getting all of us.” 
“I don’t think she can even handle it,” Jaemin snickers derisively, and you pull off Donghyuck’s cock to turn and shoot him a glare which he responds to with raised eyebrows, his expression amused and intrigued. “You think you can?”
“Yes,” You snap, still staring him down, and Jaemin smirks. 
“Greedy little slut,” He hisses, pushing his cock against your lips. You stare up at him challengingly, and he chuckles darkly, gripping your jaw. “Stop being a brat. Take it in,” He groans, pushing his cock past your lips as you finally yield and open your mouth. “Knew you were greedy for cock, just look at you; sucking my cock with that pretty little mouth like that’s all you were made for.” 
“That pretty little head of yours is just begging to get fucked stupid, isn’t it?” Jaemin taunts, and Donghyuck snickers as he pulls your mouth off of Jaemin and guides you back onto his length.
“She’s too smart to get fucked stupid. We can fuck her senseless,” Donghyuck suggests, and you nod eagerly before you even know you’re doing it. “God, she’s so fucking pretty but a slutty little thing.”
“Hey!” You protest, but you’re muffled by Donghyuck thrusting his hips forward, his cock hitting the back of your throat and making you gag. 
“Can’t even take all of my cock and you think you can handle three?” He teases, and you bristle at his words, the sentence sparking your defiance. You open your mouth to retort, moving to pull off of his length, but he pushes your head back down onto his cock abruptly, sighing in relief as you choke unceremoniously around his girth. “Choke on it, baby,” He coos, and you glower up at him before your face contorts in ecstasy as Mark’s lips and tongue bring you painfully close to your climax.
All you can manage is a muffled moan of encouragement, and Mark seems to get the message as he sucks on your clit harder, running his tongue over and around the bundle of nerves quickly, not stopping until you’re pulling off of Donghyuck’s length and almost falling forward as your body curls in on itself tightly, a loud moan leaving your lips. “Oh, fuck—shit, oh, my God.” You whine, the sound cutting off with a strangled cry as Mark pulls you lower down and closer to his mouth, now absolutely ravaging your core with his tongue. The wet muscle glides through your folds expertly and you’re quivering on top of him, barely able to focus on the two cocks waiting not-so-patiently to feel your mouth around them again.
As you let Jaemin slide into your mouth, the male pulls out to the tip and thrusts in suddenly, smiling when you gag around him. You suck on his cock eagerly, trying to stifle your overwhelmed moans as Mark teases the tip of his tongue at your entrance. Your attempts to silence yourself are thwarted as Mark pushes two fingers into your slick heat, a broken cry leaving your lips as you pull off of Jaemin, focusing on pumping both males’ lengths up and down in your hands. Your thighs are quivering as you hover over Mark’s face, and the male beneath you pumps his fingers in and out of your hole relentlessly, curling them experimentally and keeping them curled when you hiss in satisfaction, another climax quickly approaching.
“Gonna come for me?” Mark rasps, and you nod vigorously. “Look at me when you do; I wanna see those pretty eyes glaze over.” You’re so overwhelmed from the feeling of Mark’s fingers moving quickly inside of you that you barely even notice you’re close until you’re climaxing with a cry of his name, a sob leaving your lips as you ride out your high for as long as you can handle. “You can take another one, right?” 
“What?” You ask incredulously, breathless as he doesn’t let up in fucking your entrance with his fingers. “No—you—oh, fuck, I can’t,” You whimper, and he smirks up at you, his round eyes alight with mischief.
“So she can’t handle the attention,” Jaemin mutters to Donghyuck, and you glare up at him once more, only for him to stare you down, his gaze dark.
“Pathetic,” Donghyuck chuckles sinisterly, fingers cupping your aching jaw and using his free hand to pry your mouth open and pinch your tongue between his fingers, pulling it out until it’s hanging out of your mouth. Both males standing over you shuffle closer and rub the heads of their cocks against your tongue, occasionally slapping your cheek lightly with their length before pushing into your mouth quickly. 
You’re experiencing so much, everything so much that your eyes fill up with unshed tears, and Jaemin coos at you when the first teardrop falls.
“Aw, angel,” He pouts mockingly, swiping the tear away with his thumb. “Why are you crying?”
“Feels—so good,” You cry, and Donghyuck smirks down at you before stepping back, pumping his cock languidly. 
“So pretty when you cry,” Donghyuck growls, leaning against a nearby pillar in the spacious room and watching as Jaemin fucks your mouth slowly, teasing himself, and Mark brings you to a third, tear-inducing climax, your body going almost completely limp. Mark taps your thighs as a sign that he’s done, and you climb off weakly, your legs feeling like jelly as Jaemin pulls out of your mouth and Mark lies you down on your back, the coldness of the floor seeping through the carpeted surface to send chills down your spine.
“Geez, you couldn’t dream up a bed or something?” You joke, your voice now raspy from the abused state of your throat. Donghyuck sneers mockingly at your words and gestures towards Mark.
“I think you should focus on Mark,” He chuckles, and you’re about to ask why when Mark positions himself in between your legs, the thick head of his cock pressing against your entrance teasingly. You gasp and shy away from his length, simultaneously tense and buzzing with anticipation. 
“Don’t run from it,” Mark murmurs, half soothing, half teasing as he pushes into you slowly. A slow, shaky exhale sounds out from your lips as he bottoms out, your walls gripping him so tightly that you can feel every ridge of his cock as he pulls out and thrusts into you. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” He groans, starting to build up a pace that has you whimpering and groaning weakly. “And wet, fuck, your tight little pussy is sucking my cock right in.”
“Mark–feels–so good,” You stammer, your eyelids fluttering shut, and Donghyuck taps your cheek, smiling sweetly down at you once you’ve opened your eyes. 
“Watch him,” He urges, lowering his head down to your level and kissing down your neck. He lifts you up, your body feeling weak from all the stimulation, and lets your back rest against his chest, his hands slipping under your shirt to cup and squeeze your breasts. “Watch how he disappears inside of you,” Donghyuck whispers in your ear, and you mewl softly, your fingers curling on his upper thighs as he presses wet kisses to your neck. His tongue traces circles and patterns on your heated skin while his fingers tweak your nipples, rolling the hardened buds between his index finger and thumb. 
“Doesn’t that feel good, angel?” Jaemin wheedles from his spot beside you, one hand lazily stroking his cock. Mark’s brows are furrowed in concentration as he focuses on delivering powerful stroke after powerful stroke into you, and you’re doing your best to keep your eyes open and watch as your core takes his length in and out, but it feels so good that you can’t help but shut your eyes, screwing them tight in your overwhelmed state.
“So good, holy fuck,” You gasp, crying out when Jaemin uses his free hand and reaches over to start rubbing quick circles into your clit. Your hips jolt back in surprise, but Donghyuck just keeps you in place, rendering you helpless to the onslaught of pleasure brought to you by all three males.
“Gonna–” You moan, and your climax hits you before you can even finish your sentence, the fourth orgasm of the night even more overwhelming than the ones before it. Your body trembling, a series of whines and moans leave you as Mark keeps driving his hips into yours, leaning in to kiss you fervently. Your lips mold together sloppily as he grunts with every thrust, gradually coming to a stop before he spills his release inside of you with a low groan of your name. His warmth fills your walls, his cock throbbing inside of you deliciously as it releases spurt after spurt of his cum. “Fuck,” You shudder as Mark pulls out of you, your muscles screaming in protest as Donghyuck positions you on Jaemin’s lap none too gently, Jaemin aligning his tip with your entrance and guiding you down onto him with a breathy groan of relief. 
“Angel’s so tight,” Jaemin marvels with a grunt of appreciation as he guides your hips up and down before he stops abruptly when he’s only as deep as the head of his cock in you and leans back on his hands, watching you with a smirk.
“Why’d you stop?” You whine, and his grin widens as he gestures to where you two are connected, his eyes bright.
“Ride me.” He orders, and you whine and huff and grumble under your breath at the prospect of putting your muscles through any more torture, but Jaemin raises an eyebrow and tsks in disapproval before moving to lift you off of him completely.
“No!” You complain instantly, sitting down firmly and tensing slightly when he’s once again buried inside of you to the hilt.
“Does the little brat want to be fucked or not?” Jaemin asks, and you frown slightly before answering.
“I do.” You mumble, and he beams at you, the smile on his face dazzling. 
“Then ride me,” He insists, and you whine briefly before lifting your body up and starting to bounce up and down on his cock, shaky breaths leaving you as the arousal builds in your system. “That’s a good girl,” He purrs, pulling you closer for a kiss. “Knew you were a greedy little slut.” When you huff in protest, he moves one hand from behind him to pinch your thigh, causing you to yelp in shock and glower at him. “Stop talking back and maybe I’ll let you come.” 
You begrudgingly oblige, soon letting out a choked squeak as his cock hits a spot just right along your inner walls and you feel your next climax hurtling towards you. Moans can’t seem to stop spilling from your lips, and Jaemin stuffs his fingers in your mouth, smiling in satisfaction when you suck on them instantly and swirl your tongue around the digits.
“Good girl,” He praises you, and you can’t help but preen under the compliment. “That pretty mouth just needs something in it, doesn’t it? You talk back and huff but you turn into the sweetest little angel when there’s something occupying your mouth.” You would protest normally, but something about the way his fingers press against your tongue has you holding back and you think for a second that he might be right.
“Close,” You whimper around his fingers, and he sits up so he doesn’t need to brace himself anymore, moving his hand previously on the carpet to lift up your shirt and push the cups of your bra down. With a lingering look at your lips wrapped around his fingers, he lowers his head and sucks one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking and licking eagerly. The dam inside of you breaks with a sharp gasp and you can’t even believe you’re climaxing again, stars exploding behind your eyelids before you get more than a little lightheaded and sway on top of Jaemin momentarily, his fingers slipping from your mouth with a trail of saliva connecting your lower lip to the tip of his middle finger. 
“Oh, shit,” You pant, your chest heaving as you try to catch your breath. Jaemin dots lazy, slow kisses up your chest and neck until he’s capturing your lips in a languid kiss, his tongue tracing the seam of your lips before they part to allow him access into your mouth.
“Okay, enough of the soft shit,” Donghyuck interjects abruptly, curling his fingers around your hips and lifting you up and off of Jaemin’s cock, ignoring your slight wince of discomfort as you’re left feeling empty, your walls clenching around nothing. None too gently, Donghyuck sets you down on your knees, pushing between your shoulder blades until you’re falling forward, barely managing to catch yourself on your forearms in time to stop your face from hitting the carpet. You’re about to turn and glare at him, but he pushes into you without so much as a warning, causing your head to drop down to rest on your clenched fists. “Don’t go passing out on me,” He says teasingly, kneading your asscheeks as he pistons his hips in and out of your fluttering entrance.
“Oh, my God,” You sob, tears spilling past the brim of your lower eyelids and dripping down your cheeks. As you sniffle and whimper, every sound coming out staccato with the force of Donghyuck’s thrusts, the male relentlessly pounding into you lets out a dark chuckle.
“You sound so fucking pretty right now,” Donghyuck hisses in satisfaction, sliding his hand up your back and gripping the base of your neck. “My pretty little crybaby.” You don’t even have it in you to argue as he pulls you up so your back is pressed right up against his chest, and he bites down on your earlobe as his fingers wind around your throat, squeezing tightly until you gasp out loudly, your hand reflexively flying to rest on top of his.
With every thrust, you’re driven positively more insane for his cock, his name leaving your lips in breathless whimpers of pleasure, and it’s right when you’re about to climax for the, unbelievably, sixth time tonight that Donghyuck brings his lips right up to your ear and hums so nonchalantly you could almost–almost–forget that he’s balls-deep inside of you right now.
“You love the way I fuck you, don’t you, baby?” He practically snarls, and you nod desperately, your vision clouding over as your breath supply dwindles. “Yeah, I know you do. This greedy little pussy is gonna take all my cum, isn’t it?” 
“Yes,” You cry, and he chuckles. “Yes, Hyuck–”
“Oh, Hyuck?” He teases, and you whimper feebly. “Who said you could call me that?”
“S-Sorry,” You choke out, and he presses a deceptively soft kiss to your cheek before he speaks next.
“That’s Daddy to you.” 
“Sorry, Daddy,” You gasp, tears pouring freely down your face at this point.
“That’s okay, baby. I bet you want Daddy’s cum nice and deep in your pussy, don’t you?” He purrs, and you can barely speak, your mind and body completely drained of energy as he fucks you closer and closer to your release, your body practically collapsing in on itself as you nod vigorously.
“Yes, Daddy, fill me up, fill me up, please–” You beg, and he makes a sound somewhere between a moan and an appreciative grunt as his hips speed up, your walls flexing around him and bringing him closer to his own release.
“Anything for you, baby,” He groans, his movements erratically coming to a halt as he spills the third load of cum of the night into your eager entrance. When he releases your neck, the rush of cool, fresh air coupled with the pleasure of his warmth filling you is enough to send you toppling over the edge, freefalling into the abyss of ecstasy. He hisses your name through gritted teeth, and you marvel at how beautiful and sinful he’s managed to make your name sound. After his cock has stopped spilling into you, he pulls out of you gently, helping you lie down on the carpeted floor gently. 
Utterly spent, none of you say anything, and once you’ve collected yourself, you open your eyes (which you hadn’t realized were closed) and peer around at the tired but satisfied males surrounding you. Jaemin meets your gaze and smirks softly before sitting forward slightly.
“So…” He starts off, and you manage to summon just enough energy to sass him as you raise your brow expectantly. 
“What is it now?” You mumble tiredly, and he frowns, a look of fake hurt taking over his lovely features.
“Who are you choosing?” He asks curiously, and you scoff once, twice, and a third time before laughter bubbles up from your chest. “What’s funny?” His expression is beyond confused as you laugh for what feels like ages, laugh until your sides ache almost as much as your jaw and your thighs do.
“I’m not picking anyone.” You say simply, and Donghyuck and Mark practically break their necks when they turn to you in shock. “Why would I pick one of you when all three of you gave me the best sex I’ve ever had?” 
“Well, you can’t date all three of us!” Mark points out, and you shoot him a funny look.
“Who said anything about dating?” You reply slowly, and he frowns deeply, his brows furrowed in disapproval. You look over at Donghyuck, who’s staring at you with a knowing smile on his lips, something very clearly on the tip of his tongue. “Got something to say?” You ask, and he shakes his head as his smile widens.
“Nope.” He answers easily, and you can’t help but wonder what he’s thinking about. It seems as if you won’t find out tonight, as he suddenly climbs to his feet, reaching out a hand to help you up. You take it gratefully and he pulls you to your feet, helping you put your clothing back in place. Mark rises next, tucking himself back into his pants, then Jaemin, who does the same. Mark and Jaemin say their, albeit reluctant, goodbyes as you’re pulling your underwear back on and leave the Room of Requirement, leaving you alone with Donghyuck.
You fix your hair blindly, fluffing it up in the hopes that it doesn’t look too crazy, and head for the door, already anticipating the hot shower you’re about to take to relieve your aching muscles and rid yourself of the incredibly dirty feeling covering you. You barely manage to breeze past Donghyuck before he catches your wrist and whirls you around so you’re facing him. You don’t even get a yelp of surprise out before he’s backing you up against the nearest wall, which happens to be right up against the door, and kissing you heatedly.
“Please tell me you’re not still turned on.” You manage to exhale when he breaks the kiss, and he chuckles softly, tilting his head forward until his forehead is resting against yours lightly. 
“I just wanted to say...choose me.” He says softly, sincerely, and you’re surprised by the rush of warm affection that floods your body.
“I mean…” You trail off, pretending to think, and he nibbles at his lower lip anxiously as he awaits the rest of your sentence. “...I guess you’re not all that bad.”
“Yeah?” He starts to smile, and you can’t help but mirror his expression, a somewhat secretive glee lighting up both of your faces.
“And you’re pretty good in bed,” You continue. “Daddy.” He chuckles, clearly amused, and you tap your chin thoughtfully. “Okay.”
“Okay?” He says excitedly, and you nod, trying (and failing) to hide the extremely fond smile that breaks out on your face.
“Okay. You can take me on a date, I guess.” You hum as nonchalantly as possible, and he beams at you, his smile lighting up your insides and sending butterflies swarming around in your stomach.
“Cool. We’re going to Hogsmeade this weekend,” He announces proudly, and you smile enthusiastically.
“Can’t wait, Daddy.” You tease, pushing him off gently and opening the door. 
“Don’t call me that when we’re not having sex,” He groans, and you snicker.
“What should I call you, then?” 
“Besides yours? Hyuck works, too.” He answers, draping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you in closer. 
“God, that’s so cheesy.” You scoff, and he shrugs shamelessly.
“Whatever. Come on, I’ll walk you to your dorm.” He offers, and you take his offer gratefully, the two of you walking to the staircases with a light, warm feeling in your hearts.
Tumblr media
(“I knew she was gonna pick him,” Jaemin complains to Mark in a hushed whisper as the two of them watch you and Donghyuck walk past their concealed figures around the corner from the Room of Requirement.
“Will you shut up? They’re gonna hear us.” Mark snips back, and Jaemin huffs petulantly, crossing his arms as he slumps against the wall nearest him. 
“...What are the chances he’d let us do that again if they’re dating now?” Jaemin asks, and Mark just stares at him blankly. “What?”
“You’re something else, Jaemin,” Mark sighs in a mix of defeat and disbelief. “You’re really something else.”)
Tumblr media
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