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#my friend started a job at spirit yesterday and immediately this huge thing fell on her foot
insidetheacademy · a year ago
Say You Love Me || iv
Tumblr media
pairings: peter parker x reader (both peter and reader are 18+!)
summary: Peter found out that reader is moving away
warnings: angst, explicit language
gif credits: tomholandd
part i part ii part iii part iv part v 
you were sitting on a stool just painting on your perfectly laid out easel. envisioning the scenery that you had in your mind. frank ocean was playing in the background, basically you were just vibing to the whole scene that you’re in right now. brushes were gently dragged across the canvas while you sing along to frank ocean.
as you were about to drag your brush that was covered in purple paint, someone had rang your doorbell. it was odd as you dont usually get visitors ever. you think it wasnt appropriate to bring guests over since your place looks like it belongs in a dumpster– you dipped your brush in your jar that’s filled with water and walked over to your door. you opened it slightly to take a peek at who it was
and there he was in all of his glory; Peter Parker. you opened the door wide and greeted him, “Parker, hey. didnt know you were coming over,” you said nervously, his lips curved into a smile “yeah! thought i would surprise you,” it was shocking, yes, you hadnt even told him whats your apartment number. he must have stalked you when he’s being Spider-Man.
you invited him in and turned the volume of the radio down so it wouldnt be noisy. you walked over to your small kitchen to make some tea for the two of you. “so, what brings you here, Peter?” you curiously asked him, “i was just about to ask you out for lunch. i didnt know you were busy,” he said while looking around your cozy apartment.
you took out the teabags from their container and dunked it in the teapot. you then took out two cups and pour the tea out. “i wouldn’t say i’m busy. plus you should’ve called me before coming over,” you handed him his tea. he took a sip and shrugs his shoulder
the next few hours, he hung out at your place, you ordered pizza for the two of you while he was sitting on your couch watching a movie that you had put on. “so, what are you up to nowadays?” you asked Peter, he swallowed his pizza and said “well, i’m just doing superhero stuffs, you know?” you raised your eyebrows and laughed at his statement “as in what?” he crossed his arms and said “i’m actually working with Happy now. believe it or not, he gets on my nerves,” the both of you laughed
“ ‘kay, I’m gonna go to the bathroom” you put down your tea cup and your phone on the coffee table and headed to your bathroom. your phone dings and Peter couldnt help it but to take a small look on who it was, it read “congratulations y/n, on getting a job in Paris!! your father and i are so proud.” Peter heart drops as he read the first few lines. he felt as if he had been betrayed.
you walked into the living room “hey, so what do you wanna do for dinner? i can make mac and cheese,” you stopped in your tracks when you saw Peter holding your phone, “what are you doing with my phone, Pete?” you asked calmly trying not to burst, “y-you’re moving?” he asks almost heartbroken like, you nodded to his question which lead to him being furious. Peter asked yet again “when are you leaving?” , y/n looks down on her feet and said “tomorrow,”. he kept bombarding with questions not planning to stop until he’s got all the answers that he needs, “were you not planning to tell me?” he said you walked to him and snatched your phone away, “it’s not a big deal, Parker! what the hell were you doing looking at my phone anyways?!” you shouted at him
“its not a big deal? this could change your life, y/n! where am i gonna fit in after that?!” Peter scoffed, you were offended at his words, “where are YOU gonna fit in? let me remind you, Parker, you are not my boyfriend so stop acting like one!” you spit at him. as if he wasnt satisfied he shoot back “so you dont even think of me as a friend anymore?!” you rolled your eyes, “for God’s sake, Parker, you stopped calling and texting me when you fucked Jane! you were the one stopped being there! so, no! i dont even think you are a friend. what kind of friend ditches their OWN friend for a girl?” you tried swallowing it but tears just rolls down your cheeks,
the world then fell into this huge awkward silence. what you said to him really went through his head. you were right, he was the one who left you to fend on your own. he could’ve just rejected you and still be friends, but why did he had to ignore you altogether? you sobbed into your hands and said “I think you should leave,” Peter tried to hug you and say sorry “leave.” you said at him with anger and sadness in your voice.
he took his jacket and said “thanks for the tea,” and left. you were shocked, what kind of human being just say that after they had a fight?! you took one of the cups and throw it at the front door wishing that it would hit him. on the otherside, he didnt walk away easily, he stopped to think about his actions in front of your door and was startled to hear a shattering noise. he punched a wall to let out his frustrations only to realise that this isnt his apartment. he ran out as fast as possible before he got caught.
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
what the hell were you thinking?! Peter thought to himself. he continues to make you distant from him without even trying! he wanted to be happy for you but everything seems impossible only because of his stupid actions. he lies on his bed in the dark just hugging the life out of his pillow, getting everything out of his system.
the next morning, Peter woke up with swollen eyes and dry throat. he heads into his bathroom and splashed a bit of water on his face. words from yesterday creeping on his mind, replaying like a broken record. he walked to the kitchen to get something to eat. maybe a pop tarts for breakfast? he sat down and thinks to himself, what the hell am i gonna do? should i apologise? suddenly there was a knocking on his door, he gets up to open it, “May!” he exclaims with surprised in his eyes, “hey! did you forget that i was supposed to come over today?” May asked raising her eyebrows,
May walked inside and took a good look around Peter’s apartment, “I thought you were planning to decorate it?” she asked, Peter crosses his arms and said “I-I’ve been busy, May” May gave Peter a weird look as he moved out two months ago and he’s still sleeping on the floor. May walked to Peter and cusped his face, “have you been crying?” Peter nodded only to break down infront of her, “shhh.... shhh... tell me what happened,” May said trying to calm Peter down
Peter told May the whole story, “what do you think I should do, Aunt May?” he asks desperately for an advice, May took Peter’s hands into hers, “she’s leaving today right? go and send y/n off. don’t let her go knowing that she ended things badly with you.” May smiles. Peter stood up from the couch to get ready.
May was right. Peter cant let you go to Paris without apologising to you. this was his fault for acting out and he’s going to make things right. he kissed Aunt May on her cheeks and made his way to your apartment.
Peter is now at your front door just fidgeting with his fingers. he went ahead and ring the doorbell. he waited for a few seconds hoping that you were still sleeping in. he pressed the doorbell yet again but there was no answer. suddenly he heard a voice, “are you looking for Y/n, dear?” she asks in a most loving voice, Peter nodded “I’m afraid she’s already gone to the airport,” Peter’s face drops even more knowing that you had left. “Oh, thank you then,” he walks by her.
“though, you might still can catch her at the airport,” Peter stopped and turned around to face her, “I talked to her this morning and she said she doesnt get on the plane until its 1:50pm,” the old lady smiles at Peter. Peter swore he could feel his own spirits lifted, he thanked her with the hugest grin on his face. He drove right down to the airport. not trying to waste any moment more.
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
You had just arrived at the airport, the cab driver was kind enough to lend you a helping hand. You smiled and bid thank you. Suddenly there was a big commotion, people were honking their cars and screaming “hey!”, you turned back to see that it was Peter. You tried walking away from him damn it he’s too fast,
“Y/n, wait!” He shouted, “what do you want, Parker?” You asked in an uninterested voice, he took a deep breath and said “I cant let you go. Not like this. I am so sorry for what happened between the two of us. The truth is, I missed you. At nights, I think about the words you said to me when you confessed. I have been a dick and I am so sorry. I know nothing can erase my actions but let’s start this over again?” You were shocked to say the least, you couldnt believe he came all the way to the airport to say that.
You pulled Peter in for a hug. “I forgive you,” you mumbled against his neck, you let go of him and said “I’m sorry too.. for not telling you any sooner,” he wiped the tears on your cheeks, “hey, its okay. I was the one who had no rights to get mad at you,” you smiled at him and he smiled back.
For the next 40 minutes, he had helped you checked in your plane and carried your baggages around. You were both now sitting in Starbucks just trying to forget about what happened. “I have something for you,” you spoke, Peter was excited to see what it was, you took it out from your backpack and showed him. It was a painting. A painting of him as Spider-man. Peter took it in his hands and admired the painting, “this is awesome, y/n!” Peter blushed knowing that you had spent your time making a potrait of him on top of a building.
“Don’t think I had never saw you looking at me when you’re on the building thats infront of my apartment window,” You sipped your coffee, Peter was embarassed to know that he was caught stalking her. “How long have you had this?” Peter asked, “A month ago when we met again. I knew immediately that you were gonna, quote on quote, keep me safe, like you used to,” you winked at him. You were right, Peter sometimes do that to people he loves. Just lingering near their houses to keep them safe.
40 minutes has gone by so fast and now it was time for you to go. “So this is it!” You said with nervous laced in your voice, “I’m gonna miss you,” Peter smiles at you. You leaned it and gave Peter a kiss on the cheek, you then took your bag from him, “I’m gonna miss you too, Spider-boy,” you smirked at him and went to the gate.
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
a/n;; hii i am so sorry for the late update, my phone is fucked ;w; and i cant do anything about it since the whole world is in lockdown but here’s an angsty part 4 to make it all up! thank you all for waiting patiently!
say you love me taglist
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nameless-ken · a year ago
BRING ME TO LIFE | Harry Styles FanFic
Tumblr media
What the hell am I suppose to do while she is at work? I feel weird just sitting on her couch in her apartment watching her tv. Aster is having the time of her life. The only time she gets to watch cartoons or a tv at all is when I have enough money for us to stay in a motel and those don't even have the best channels.
I don't want to take her away from this, but I can't sit here all day.
"Sweetheart, let's take a break from the cartoons." I grab the remote and switch the tv off.
"But what are we gonna do?" she looks up at me with a pout.
"Let's go to the park. It's a nice day out." I lift her up in my arms and walk to the guest room.
"Can I get new clothes?" Aster asks me quietly once I sit her on the bed.
"I'll see what I can do, okay darling?" I kiss the top of her head before grabbing the clothes I had on yesterday that Lelana kindly washed for me.
"Okay." I hear Asteria mumble. I look over at her kicking her legs back and forth while looking down at the floor. I let my head fall to my chest and close my eyes for a moment.
It breaks my heart not being able to give Aster everything she wants and needs. I feel like a failure. Actually, I know I'm a failure. I can't even keep a job for more than a month. I'm the worst dad possibly ever but I'm trying.
"Come on darling." I help her jump down from the bed. She grabs my hand and we walk out of the room. I help her with her shoes that are sitting on a rack by the front door. I grab mine and slip them on. I look up and spot a note resting on a table by the door. I pick it up and read it.
Harry, please use this for anything you or Asteria need. It's not much but it should cover the basic needs. Don't worry about paying me back either. -Lelana
How is this woman real?
She left fifty dollars. For me and my daughter. Who she barely knows. I don't want to use it because then I feel like I owe her something. I can't use it.
I leave the money on the table and sigh before picking Asteria up and walk out of the apartment. I step out of the building and look around. I'm not completely sure where a park is so we'll just walk around until we see one.
"Daddy." Aster whispers against my ear. She currently has her arms tight around my neck.
"Yes, sweetheart?" I ask her.
"Where is she?" she questions me.
"Who?" I turn my head looking at her confused.
"My mom." Once she says that, I instantly come to a halt. She's never asked me that before. I always knew I'd have to explain it to her but didn't think it'd be so soon. I'm defiantly not prepared.
"She is in a good place and loves you very much." I tell her not wanting to try to explain everything to her on the side of a street.
"Why haven't I ever seen her?" She wonders.
"She too far away right now." I tell her quietly.
"Why won't she come back?" she keeps asking. I look up at the sky and take a deep breath.
"One day, okay darling." I kiss her forehead. She nods her head.
"Look, there's a park!" She points to the other side of the road. I look at how big her smile is.
I look before I cross the street and set her down on the sidewalk. She starts running off into the entrance of the park.
"Asteria please be careful." I yell after her. She runs straight to the playset and starts climbing on it. She has so much energy for a three-year-old. I make my way over to her. I stand to the side of where she is watching to make sure she doesn't hurt herself in anyway.
There aren't too many other people here. A few kids and their parents. I try to take Aster to a park as much as I can so she can hang out with other kids and get some social interaction with someone that is in her age range rather than just her dad. I don't know what I'm going to do once she actually starts school.
"Daddy, I wanna swing." She rushes over to me before grabbing my hand and pulls me to the swing set.
"Do you want to use the big kid swing or the baby swing?" I ask her.
"I'm not a baby anymore." She says walking to the big one. I help her on it.
"Hold on tight love." I tell her before pushing her softly.
"Higher daddy." She laughs which brings a smile to my face.
"Just a little bit." I say pushing her slightly higher but not much.
She decides she is finished swinging and rushes off to do the next thing she sets her eyes on. I love seeing her like this. She looks so carefree and adventurous like nothing can stop her. She's always so timid and shy everywhere else we go but when she's out here, she's happy.
I let her play with the other kids while I sit on a bench, keeping my eye on her.
My mind keeps going back to those questions she asked me earlier. She's only three and wants to know everything that I'm not ready to explain to her. I thought I'd at least have until she was five to try and come up with what I would say to her. How am I suppose to explain her something that I haven't even come to terms with yet? Something that still causes me so much pain and has left me with the biggest hole in my heart that I don't think could ever be filled again.
Maybe it's Lelana that has sparked her curiosity. She's never had a woman figure in her life before. She only knows the few things I've told her about her mom. I hate this. Her mom would know exactly what to say. She always did.
My head snaps up when I hear loud sobs. I immediately rush over to find Asteria on the ground holding her arm.
"Baby what's wrong? What happened?" I scoop her up onto my lap.
"I fell off and tripped on the step." She cries. I wipe her tears before looking at the scrap on her arm.
"Let's head back and patch it up. You'll be alright darling." I kiss her cheek. She wraps her arms around my neck and hides her face in my neck. I carry her all the way back to Lelana's.
I get to her building and take the elevator to her floor before remembering that I don't have a key.
"Shit." I mumble to myself. Asteria is asleep in my arms. I rest against her door. I don't even have a watch to check what time it is. I gently sit down beside her front door and lay my head against the wall. Aster stirs slightly but cuddle into me. I wrap my arms tightly around her.
Why am I such a fuck up? We should have just stayed in the apartment today. I wouldn't feel like such an idiot right now and Asteria wouldn't have a huge scrap on her tiny arm.
It feels like hours later when I open my eyes from hearing a voice.
"Harry." I open my eyes fully and find Lelana crouching in front of me.
"What are you doing out here? Come on. Let's get you two inside." She stands up, grabbing the bags sitting at her feet. I slowly stand up with a still sleeping Aster in my arms. I follow Lelana into her apartment, laying Aster on the couch before walking into the kitchen.
"Sorry, uh, we went to the park and I forgot I didn't have a key." I run my hands over my face.
"It's okay. Nothing to be sorry about. I can make you a key tomorrow." She tells me. I stare at her in shock.
"Do you actually trust me that much?" I blurt out. She stops putting away the groceries to look at me.
"I do. I usually don't trust anyone, but it feels different with you. Plus, you have a daughter who I know you would do anything for so how bad could you possibly be?" She smiles softly at me.
"I just don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything like that." I rest my body against the counter.
"You aren't. I enjoy the company." She continues putting away the food she bought.
"Did you see the note I left you?" She asks me, placing her reuseable bags under her sink.
"I did." I cross my arms over my chest.
"You didn't use it?" She turns around to face me, mirroring my stance. I shake my head.
"Why?" She presses.
"I don't want to spend your money. I really appreciate it, but it doesn't feel right." I explain to her.
"Oh, that reminds me. A friend of mine, her husband is hiring right now. Would you want to apply?" She tells me.
"What's the job?" I ask.
"It's for his construction business. He's just looking for extra help." She informs me.
"That'd be great." I say.
"Amazing. I'll let her know and she'll get in touch with her husband."
"Wait, who will watch Asteria?" I question.
"There's a daycare at the school I work at." She tells me.
"I can drop her off and pick her up every day. It won't be a problem." She smiles at me.
"What is that you do?"
"I'm a third-grade teacher." Lelana answers.
"So, you love kids?" I wonder.
"I do. They have so much life and spirit inside of them. I enjoy getting to help them in any way I can."
"I don't know how you do it. I can barely handle Asteria at times." I joke. She laughs.
"I think you've done a great job so far." She compliments.
"I'm going to start dinner. Tacos alright?" She asks me.
"Perfect. Can I help with anything?" I offer.
"Oh wait," She says before walking out of the kitchen and reappearing with a bag in her hands.
"These are some clothes for Asteria. My sister had a little girl and I got some stuff from her. Also, a few pairs of shirts and jeans for you that were my dad's. Not sure how they will fit but hopefully they will hold over until you get your first paycheck." She hands the bag to me.
"Thank you. Seriously, you are the most generous person I've ever met."
"I just think treating people with kindness is the best act of who you are as a person." We stare at each other for a moment.
"Daddy?" My eyes break away from Lelana's to see Aster walking into the kitchen.
"Hi sweetheart." I crouch down and she makes her way into my arms.
"My arm hurts." She tells me. I hold her arm to see the bright red scrape.
"I have some band aids and cream." Lelana says before walking off to get them. She comes back and hands me the first aid kit. Aster stands in front of me while I rub some cream on her arm and put two band aids over the scratch.
"There. All better." I kiss her cheek.
"Thank you." She hugs me before turning around to face Lelana.
"I have something for you." Lelana tells her.
"What is it?" Aster asks her curiously. Lelana grabs the bag resting on the counter.
"I wasn't sure what you really liked but I got you a few coloring books and some crayons." She bends down to be eye level with Aster.
"So you have something to do since it's so boring here." Lelana laughs. Asteria giggles before grabbing the things from Lelana.
"Thank you." Asteria murmurs.
"You're welcome." Lelana smiles at her.
"Why don't you go start coloring a picture for daddy while we make dinner, okay?" Lelana says.
"Okay." Asteria nods her head carrying her new things into the living room.
"You didn't have to do that." I tell her.
"No big deal. I'm sure she is bored just sitting there. I don't have kid things here. All that stuff is at my sisters." She laughs.
"How old are you?" I ask her randomly.
"25. What about you?" She gets a pan out to cook the hamburger in.
"28." I answer the question.
"How long have you been teaching?" I continue.
"Two years." She says.
"Do you have a boyfriend?" I ask her.
"Nope. Not since college." She casually answers.
"And you?" She glances at me.
"Nope. I have Asteria to look after. I think that's all the female I can handle." I joke.
"Yeah, I'm more focused on my career right now." She tells me.
We continue our question game between each other while we make dinner. After dinner, I give Asteria a bath.
"Are those new?" She asks excitedly.
"They are." I smile at her and help her get dressed.
"What is it?" She points to her shirt.
"It's a unicorn." She stares at it with a big smile on her face.
"You have to thank Lelana for them." I tell her while running a brush through her wet hair. She nods her head. I open the bathroom door for her and turn the light off. We walk back into the living room. Lelana has changed and taken her makeup off. She looks beautiful. I smile to slightly to myself before following Aster.
"Thank you Lelana for the new shirt." Asteria fumbles with the end of her shirt.
"It looks so adorable on you." Lelana tells her. Aster smiles at her and hops onto the couch next to her. I take a seat on the other side of Aster.
"Since it's Friday, which means no work tomorrow, how about a movie night?" Lelana suggests.
"Can we watch Toy Story?" Asteria asks her quietly. A small smile creeps onto my face thinking back to last night when she asked about that movie.
"Of course we can. How about some popcorn too?" Lelana stands up before heading to the kitchen.
"Harry, I think I have it one dvd. It should be in the cabinet underneath the tv." She shouts from the kitchen.
"Got it." I yell back. I open the cabinet, looking through her huge movie collection before finding it and putting it in the dvd player. I settle back onto the couch. I grab a blanket and throw it over myself and Aster. Lelana walks in with two bowls of popcorn and hands one to me then switches the channel for the dvd player. She sits back down, and Aster pulls some of the blanket to cover Lelana too. Lelana smiles down at her and sets the bowl of popcorn on Asteria's lap before pressing play on the movie.
Asteria falls asleep towards the end of the movie. During the movie she tried so hard to stay awake because she was so excited to see it. She eventually gave up and laid her head on my leg.
The movie ends and Lelana stands up grabbing the bowls and takes them to the kitchen. I grab Aster and take her to bed. I lay her down gently, kissing her forehead before heading back to the living room.
"Anything else you'd like to watch?" Lelana asks once I walk in.
"Whatever you want is fine with me." I sit back in the same spot as before.
"I'm currently watching The Office." She tells me.
"Never seen it." I say.
"I've actually watched it like two times already. It's a really good show." She switches the channel and the show starts playing.
"There's nothing else to watch so you're starting the same show three times." I laugh.
"Hey, it's amazing. Don't knock it till you've actually seen it." She snaps.
"Okay, okay." I hold my hands up in surrender.
We don't talk for the first couple episodes. Okay, she's right. The show is pretty funny.
"I was thinking we could go to lunch tomorrow and then head to the shop to make a key for you." Lelana suddenly speaks up.
"Yeah, sounds good to me." I turn my head to look at her. She stares back. I fidget slightly under her gaze.
"What's wrong?" She asks.
"What, nothing." I answer.
"I'm not going to push you to talk to me but I'm here to listen whenever you want." She comments.
I turn my head to face forward, leaning my elbows on my knees, my hair falling into my eyes. I need a haircut.
"I just want you to know I'm happy to have found you two that night and that you took my offer." Lelana says softly. I stare down at the ground not saying anything back.
"And you have nothing to feel guilty about. I mean, I just want to help you and you can tell me not to or whatever if you want but I'm going to be here until you tell me to go." My head snaps up to look at her.
"I'm so grateful for your help. There are just times where I feel like the worst father." I mumble.
"You're not." She moves a little closer to me. "You actually remind me of my father." She tells me. Our eyes meet.
"He raised me and my sister by himself. My parents got divorced when I was two and my dad took me and my sister and moved away. I never grew up knowing my mother. I still don't. My father wasn't always the greatest dad, but I know now that he tried his hardest at everything when it came to raising my sister and I." She explains. I lay back against the couch, not looking away from her. She is sitting with her legs tucked up against her chest leaning against the couch too.
"I didn't grow up having much. I went through some hard times, but I learned from those and became a stronger version of myself. My dad isn't perfect. He made a lot of mistakes. but I use what I learned from his mistakes to make a better life for myself." She continues.
"Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is, you can't beat yourself up wondering how well you're raising Asteria. She knows that you love her and that is the most important thing." She smiles at me.
"Her mom would have been better at these things." I murmur running my hand through my hair.
"I know what it's like growing up without a mom. And I will tell you that she will be curious at times, but you just have to tell her the truth. I never asked about mine because I was too afraid to know but once I did, I was able to move on. I think you are doing great so far." Lelana says.
"She asked about her today." I tell her. "She asked me why she hasn't seen her and why she won't come back. I'm not ready to explain it to her. I'm not even fully okay myself." I sit up and put my face in my hands.
"What did happen? If you want to tell me." I feel Lelana rest her hand on my back. I take a deep breath.
"She died when Aster was born. Complications at birth. It was the happiest and saddest day of my life." I truthfully say.
"I can't even imagine the pain of losing the one you love. I'm so incredibly sorry." I look over at her.
"I had the hardest time when she was just a baby. I had days where I thought about giving her away because she'd be better off without me. I hate myself for ever thinking those things because she is the most important thing in my life and everything I do is for her." I speak honestly.
"You should be proud. She loves you very much." Lelana smiles softly at me.
"She deserves better." I mumble.
"Harry," she pauses and rests her hand on my arm. "You are the best thing for her. She looks up to you. You raised her right. She is growing up into a smart, caring, and beautiful girl. You are the strongest and bravest father I've ever known. Not many men would have done what you did. You should be extremely proud of yourself. I know I am." Lelana enlightens me.
"Thank you." I smile from her words.
"You also have to remember to look after yourself too and I'm here if you ever need to talk to someone. I don't know what it's like to lose the one you love but I'm an excellent listener." She gives me a half smile.
"How did I get so lucky to have met you?" I whisper.
"I wouldn't call it luck. It's more like fate."
- -
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