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#my gifs: the songs collection
fashion · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Designer Spotlight: Nell Kim, Kate Spade New York
The first Kate Spade New York bag Nell Kim fell in love with was a 3D clutch in the shape of a car—it was unexpected, perfectly crafted, and just made her smile. Now a designer at Kate Spade New York, Kim works with her team to bring unimaginable pieces to life, creating functional, joyful handbags that continue the brand's rich history of novelty designs.
This summer brings us Hoppkins: Italian leather molded in the shape of a frog and printed with a bold gingham print, this little guy is the perfect accent piece for a special event or unexpected pop for the everyday.
Can you describe the design process for the Hoppkins bag?
Novelty is an important brand code at the heart of Kate Spade New York. When we started on concepts for the Summer 2021 collection, we were drawn to a wicker frog handbag from a past season that we all loved. So we decided to reimagine it—this time in both wicker and leather, with an updated shape. We worked with gingham across product categories for Summer. It’s an important print for the season, so we thought it would be fun to do Hoppkins in a colorful gingham print instead of just solid color. Brainstorming and research take the longest when working on novelty bags, but things became easier once we solidified the overall idea. Finally, with the help of my team and cross-functional partners, Hoppkins came to life!
Where did you pull inspiration from when designing this bag?
We took a lot of inspiration from actual images of frogs and all the different frog species but also looked into vintage products that had showcased frog decorations of all kinds. Between those, we were able to form the design.
What were some of the tactical things you wanted to achieve when the team was dreaming up this frog? 
It was important that the Hoppkins bag be fun and stylish but also fully functional. We wanted to make it realistic, but not too realistic— there’s a fine line between bold and cartoon-ish. We also focused on making sure it was big enough to carry everyday essentials, like your phone, wallet, lip balm, etc.
What elements of the frog did you have to problem-solve/come up with a solution for? Did those ideas come from anywhere unexpected?
Inspiration can come from anywhere! One day I had a Zoom call with my team and saw the older wicker bag sitting on a shelf in the background of one of my coworkers’ screens. I thought it was just a cool decorative object at first, and then he told me it was a Kate Spade New York bag, and my mind went racing from there. I took some inspiration from the original bag but updated it to have a rounder belly so it could sit upright on its own. The very first sample was an abstract side-view of a frog, which looked nice on paper, but the actual sample didn’t have the dimensions that we wanted. It took some trial and error, but we finally got there!
Tumblr media
Once the initial sketches are done, what milestones happen between that sketch and final product? 
After completing the initial sketch, we worked with the 3D team to put together a full 3D rendering of what the handbag would look like in real life (I’m absolutely amazed by 21st-century technology!). Then we continued to work through multiple rounds of sketches and physical samples to perfect it.
What do you listen to while designing?
Music is so important to me, and I like listening to the right song at the right moment. When I’m designing Spring and Summer collections, I listen to a lot of uplifting, summery songs such as “Space Song” by Beach House, “Polarised” by Cosmo’s Midnight, “Starry Night” by Peggy Gou, and “Saint Tropez” by Post Malone—just to name a few!
What is your favorite part about being a designer?
I love every single moment of being a designer, especially at Kate Spade New York, but my favorite part is when I see designs that I worked on in our stores. Turning an idea that was just in my head into a physical product is pretty amazing. I also love seeing people wearing our designs on the street or a train. I always have the urge to go up to people and tell them I helped design a piece they are wearing, but I’ve never actually done it. So if you see someone looking at your bag and secretly smiling on an NYC subway, it is probably me!
What advice would you give to young designers starting out in the industry?
Work hard, be humble, and just be nice to people. It’s a small world, and the industry is even smaller. You never know who you’ll bump into or work with in the future.
Tumblr media
If you had to use three words to describe the bag, what would they be?
I hope that Hoppkins brings joy to everyone who wears it. The handbag adds an unexpected pop to your wardrobe and immediately puts a smile on your face!
Shop the Hoppkins bag right here. 
GIF Credit: Daan Habets  
This interview has been condensed for clarity.
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whumptober2021 · a year ago
Whumptober 2020 - Updated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to Whumptober 2020! We’re doing things a little differently this year so please make sure to read the Event Info carefully. We are also excited to announce the addition of an AO3 Collection, which can be found here.
We hope you’re as excited as us to watch the Whump Community come together once again for a month of bone-crunching creativity and collaboration!
(All 31 Themes + Prompts, Event Information, and FAQs are posted below the cut!)
No 1. LET'S HANG OUT SOMETIME Waking Up Restrained | Shackled | Hanging
No 2. IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY  "Pick Who Dies" | Collars | Kidnapped
No 3. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY Manhandled | Forced to their Knees | Held at Gunpoint
No 4. RUNNING OUT OF TIME Caged | Buried Alive | Collapsed Building
No 5. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING? On the Run | Failed Escape | Rescue
No 6. PLEASE.... "Get it Out" | No More | "Stop, please"
No 7. I'VE GOT YOU Support | Carrying | Enemy to Caretaker
No 8. WHERE DID EVERYBODY GO? "Don't Say Goodbye" | Abandoned | Isolation
No 9. FOR THE GREATER GOOD "Take Me Instead" | "Run!” | Ritual Sacrifice
No 10. THEY LOOK SO PRETTY WHEN THEY BLEED Blood Loss | Internal Bleeding | Trail of Blood
No 11. PSYCH 101 Defiance | Struggling | Crying
No 12. I THINK I'VE BROKEN SOMETHING Broken Down | Broken Bones | Broken Trust
No 13. BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT Delayed Drowning | Chemical Pneumonia | Oxygen Mask
No 14. IS SOMETHING BURNING? Branding | Heat Exhaustion | Fire
No 15. INTO THE UNKNOWN Possession | Magical Healing | Science Gone Wrong
No 16. A TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY Forced to Beg | Hallucinations | Shoot the Hostage
No 17. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING Blackmail | Dirty Secret | Wrongfully Accused
No 18. PANIC! AT THE DISCO Panic Attacks | Phobias | Paranoia
No 19. BROKEN HEARTS Grief | Mourning Loved One | Survivor's Guilt
No 20. TOTO, I HAVE A FEELING WE'RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE Lost | Field Medicine | Medieval
No 21. I DON'T FEEL SO WELL Chronic Pain | Hypothermia | Infection
No 22. DO THESE TACOS TASTE FUNNY TO YOU? Poisoned | Drugged | Withdrawal
No 23. WHAT’S A WHUMPEE GOTTA DO TO GET SOME SLEEP AROUND HERE? Exhaustion | Narcolepsy | Sleep Deprivation
No 24. YOU’RE NOT MAKING ANY SENSE Forced Mutism | Blindfolded | Sensory Deprivation
No 25. I THINK I’LL JUST COLLAPSE RIGHT HERE, THANKS Disorientation | Blurred Vision | Ringing Ears
No 26. IF YOU THOUGHT THE HEAD TRAUMA WAS BAD... Migraine | Concussion | Blindness
No 27. OK, WHO HAD NATURAL DISASTERS ON THEIR 2020 BINGO CARD? Earthquake | Extreme Weather | Power Outage
No 28. SUCH WOW. MANY NORMAL. VERY OOPS. Accidents | Hunting Season | Mugged
No 29. I THINK I NEED A DOCTOR Intubation | Emergency Room | Reluctant Bedrest
No 30. NOW WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? Wound Reveal | Ignoring an Injury | Internal Organ Injury
No 31. TODAY’S SPECIAL: TORTURE Experiment | Whipped | Left for Dead
Alternate Prompt List
Alt 1. Punctured
Alt 2. Falling
Alt 3. Comfort
Alt 4. Stitches
Alt 5. Stoic Whumpees
Alt 6. Altered States
Alt 7. Found Family
Alt 8. Adverse Reactions
Alt 9. Memory Loss
Alt 10. Nightmares
Alt 11. Presumed Dead
Alt. 12. Water
Alt. 13 Accidents
Alt. 14 Shot
Alt. 15 Carry/Support
Event Info
WHUMPTOBER is a month-long, prompt-based creation challenge (think: Inktober, but whumpier). There are 31 Official themes this year - one for each day of the month - which can be used, skipped, or combined in any way you’d like. They are meant to serve as inspiration without being taken literally (e.g. you don't have to include the exact wording into your work). Additionally, there are 3 prompts for each theme.  These are optional suggestions and can be used in conjunction with the theme, or as options/alternatives.  We want to give everyone as much creative freedom as possible, as well as increase event accessibility for folks with triggers and squicks.
Creators can PRODUCE work in any media they choose, including but not limited to: writing, visual artwork, and photo/video/audio edits. Creators can PARTICIPATE as much or as little as they want (i.e. you don’t have to do ALL the prompts if you don’t want to) and prompts can be used in any order. They are also free to use even after the event ends.
When uploading Whumptober content to your blog, be sure to tag the with:
#whumptober2020 …..(the event tag)
#no.1, #no.2, #no.3, …..(theme number)
#bruised, #stabbed,  …..(the theme or specific prompt you chose)
#fandom or #OC
#medium …..(gifs, fic, podcast, art, etc.)
#teeth, #etc …..(trigger warnings & any additional tags. Keep in mind not to add “tw” in front but only use the word/trigger itself, because tumblr sucks)
#nsfw, #nsfwhump …..(only for nsfw content)
PLEASE BE DILIGENT WITH YOUR TAGGING. Only properly tagged posts are considered for archiving on the official @whumptober2020​ blog. They must be tagged in the order above.
Unfortunately, due to the sheer number of participants in recent years, we cannot guarantee your work will be archived. A random selection of properly tagged posts from all genres will be reblogged each day.
Whumpers who produce content for 31 total theme days are considered event completionists and will be tagged in a masterpost at the end of the month.
Questions not addressed below can be directed to this blog as well.
Thanks for reading, and happy whumping!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What kind of content can I make? Can it be NSFW?
This is a MIXED MEDIA event! You can write fic, post meta, doodle or paint, create a gif set or photo edit, link a song, or get crafty with video - anything goes. As for NSFW, make what you like, we just hope that you’ll tag your work accordingly so that others participating in the event can stay safe :)
Q. Do I have to do all 31 Days? Can I post early/late?
Participate as much or little as you like, and post whenever! Just be sure to tag your posts properly (ex. #no.11, #psych101). Combining prompts into one piece of work is okay, and posting late is as well so as long as it’s in October.
Q. What if I don’t understand a theme?
Send us an ask! We’re happy to help clarify. That said, the themes are entirely up for interpretation :)
Q. Can I combine Whumptober with other creation challenges?
Absolutely! That’s like shooting two whumpees with one bullet :)
Q. Can I upload/repost my whumptober content to other social media platforms?
Of course! We’ve created an AO3 Collection to archive any fics posted there. The archive can be accessed here. The blog is the official archive, so please respect the boundaries of any closeted whumpers in your social circle :)
Q. Can I use prompts to write a new chapter for an existing fic?
Q. An existing fic I am currently writing contains many of the Whumptober prompts, can I use it?
If you are actively writing this fic at the moment with the whumptober prompts in mind, yes. If it just conveniently checks the boxes, then please don’t. You can, however, add new chapters answering one or more of the prompts.
Q. What kind of characters can I write for?
Fandom characters, OC characters, human, furry, alien, cyborg, whoever you like.
Q. Can I use a prompt multiple times?
Yes,  but it only counts once
Q. If I’m not comfortable with one day's prompts can I use a prompt of a different day as a substitute and still be a completionist?
Yes, but please do not use a specific prompt twice. We have also created an alternate prompts list that you can draw from [here].
Q. Where can I post my work?
Post where and how you want. You don’t even have to (cross)post it to Tumblr. Just keep in mind if it’s not on Tumblr we will not be able to add it to the blog archive.
Q. Can I start posting early?
You can, but this is an October event and wouldn’t it be more fun with everyone doing it at the same time? That being said, you can post early, but we won’t be reblogging any work predating October 1st.
Q. Do I have to finish a fic I started/can I post WIP’s.?
Yes you can post WIPs. And you’re not obligated to finish it in October for it to count towards being a completionist.  
Q. Is co-writing allowed?
Yes, absolutely, and it would count towards being a completionist for both/all of you :)
Q. Do I have to create 31 standalone pieces to be considered a completionist or can I write one continuous story?
One continuous story is fine.  The challenge is to write something for 31 prompts. If that’s spread over 31 fics or just one, you are still considered a completionist. (The same goes for every other media you choose.)
Q. Is there a min/max limit on word count?
There is no limit
Q. Can I combine prompts? Is there a limit on how many?
No limit and combine as many as you’d like.
Q. Is a hc/angst focus ok?
Of course!
Q. What’s considered nsfw?
See this post
Q. What's whump?
See this post
Q. My interpretation of the prompt isn't whumpy at all, does that count?
No, sorry, but keep in mind that whump [see definition] is something very nuanced and different for everyone and emotional whump/angst is just as much part of it, as is physical whump and torture. So before you dismiss your idea, think about this.
Q. Can I start working on the prompts before October?
Absolutely! That’s why we posted the prompts a month in advance. We recognise how difficult it can be creating for 31 days in “real time”.
Q. How do I tag triggers?
tw at the end of the word, ex. emeto tw
Q. Do I have to use your tags?
Yes, if you want your work archived on the blog. If not, feel free to use whatever tags you want.  
Q. Does combining prompts count towards completion?
Q. Can we @ you?
Yes but we mostly rely on the whumptober2020 tag
Q. Is there anything we are absolutely not allowed to write?
There are no rules, just be sure to properly tag your trigger warnings. And keep in mind Tumblr’s policies if you are posting it here (or the policies of whatever site you use).
Q. Where can I go for brainstorming help?
Here on Discord
Q. My characters are minors, is that ok?
Yes, but as with everything else, tags are your best friend.
Q. Can I cross post on other blogs?
Yes, multiple platforms and blogs are perfectly acceptable. You can also post different works to different accounts under different names, without posting them everywhere at once.
Note: This is a creation challenge, please don’t repost your old work under our tags (unless it’s been changed or edited for the event).
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marvel-diaries · 5 months ago
Black T-Shirt
Captain America and The Winter Soldier
Pairing; Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Summary; Bucky in that black and tight T-Shirt has you in desperate need to have his dick in your mouth.
Word Count; 1588
Warnings; NSFW, 18+, Minors DNI, cursing, language, dirty talk, pet names, oral (male receiving), masturbation (female), Daddy!kink, face fucking, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note; sorry that the beginning is literal trash! I just didn’t know what in the hell to write leading up to the big event lol. I hope you all enjoy regardless <3 Minor spoilers to TFATWS 1x04!
Main Masterlist || Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Sign up HERE to join my taglist!
Credit @ brucelangley for the wonderful gif
Tumblr media
Watching Bucky in that tight, black t-shirt all day had your mind in other places than the mission. Places of sin and pleasure as your mouth was watering in need to have his dick in your mouth at the way the shirt clung to his muscular body. But the busy day of finding Karli and the Dora Milaje threatening to come for Zemo gave you no time to pull him somewhere to the side for him to bring you to your knees and to suck him off.
Until the Dora Milaje arrived at the place you were staying, and all hell broke loose with spears and arms swinging everywhere, which resulted in Zemo’s escape.
“Get your stuff. We're leaving in 20 minutes to find him,” Sam ordered the two of you. 20 minutes? That was more than enough time to get what you wanted out of your boyfriend.
“Come here.” You took his hand and rushed the two of you into the bedroom where you could carry out your little mission. “What is it? Where's the rush?” Bucky questioned when he saw the rush you were in.
“I need you.”
He caught on pretty quickly in what you needed when your hand was placed just above his bulge. Your soft and pleading eyes were begging for him. How could he ever say no to a face like yours?
“Get on your knees, and I'll give you what you want so much doll.”
There was no trace of hesitation in your soul as you sunk to your knees in front of him and looked up as innocently as you could muster.
The belt buckle being undone by him was like sweet music in your ears. When he pulled down his jeans with his underwear, you came face to face with his throbbing cock that was full and erect for you only. The need for him to be in your mouth was just as great as your need for him to use your mouth to the fullest. Fuck, he looked so beautiful as you peeked up at him through your lashes.
When he went to pull off his shirt as well, you stopped him immediately. “No, keep it on.” The way the shirt clung to his muscular body had your core scream in need. The print of his abs could be seen from how tight it was. His biceps teasing to burst out any second from the tightness of his short sleeves had your tongue peek out to wet your lips.
He traced your lips with his thumb, and you gave it a light kiss before you allowed entrance for him. Hollowing your cheeks, you sucked and swirled your tongue on his digit, making a groan emit deep from within him at your mouth being so obedient to him.
“Let's put that mouth to good use, shall we kitten? Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy?” He asked as his hand found its place at the back of your neck to encourage you on.
Oh, Daddy? So he was in that mood now. Then you knew he was going to use and abuse your mouth to the fullest.
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Good girl.”
Your hand wrapped around his base as you looked up to him for permission to continue. The slight nod of his head was the signal you were looking for.
You opened your mouth to let your tongue trace his throbbing vein on the underside of him. The feel of you on his most sensitive part had him shudder at the feeling your tongue was giving him.
Your tongue swirled at the head of him. It ended with a light suckle to his mushroom tip like it was a delicious and tasty lollipop.
That was enough teasing for him. He needed more, so his hand at the back of you pushed your mouth more on him. All the way until your nose met his base, your tongue teasing his length as you managed to take him in fully. The feeling of him so deep in your throat made you cough around his entire cock. The vibrations felt wonderful on him as it made him shiver down his spine.
He needed more. With his hand holding your head in place, his hips thrust quick and sharp into your mouth, taking all it had to offer.
“You take me so well, doll. Such a good girl for me.”
He kept his dick deep in your throat at all times, fucking it to his liking, bruising and abusing it to the fullest, until you showed signs that you needed a break which he kindly let you have.
He couldn't help but hiss out at the loss of you around him, already missing having you on him. It was something he never could get enough of.
Your lips were swollen from the actions Bucky laid on you, and your eyes were watery at him tickling the back of your throat with every thrust of his hips. All in all, you were a beautiful mess for your Daddy, and he couldn't stop praising you for being so good to him.
The saliva from your mouth was trickling down his length, and it made you hungry to taste him again and again. You could never get enough of him in your mouth—the place where only he belonged.
His cock twitched when you looked up at him through your long lashes, and he couldn't help but wrap his fist around himself, making quick strokes to hurry up the process of cumming in your mouth.
“Show me that pretty tongue.”
Sticking it out for him like he asked and giving it a wiggle, he laid his head on the tip of it. Switching between tapping his head on it and making sinful strokes on himself.
The image of him looking so in control and dominant where he was standing tall and towering over you had your clit tingle in delight. You couldn't help yourself when you undid your pants some so you could snake your hand in your panties and give it the attention it so desperately needed.
“Look at you. Such a needy little thing. Needing to touch yourself while you suck me off.” His movements ceased to a halt. It was his way of saying it was your turn now to continue where he left off.
You took him in your hand to jerk him off as he did just a moment ago. The focus was on his red and sensitive tip. Your other hand was working on yourself to bring you to orgasm as well.
“Does it feel good, Daddy?”
“So good, kitten. Keep going.”
His eyes were closed shut, and his head leaning back some at the pleasure you were bringing him with your expert hand.
When you felt like he had enough, you let him in your mouth again for him to do as he pleased. His sounds of pleasure increased in volume as he fucked your warmth.
Encouraging flicks of your tongue were given to him as he fucked your face raw to his liking. Using your mouth for his pleasure, and you loved every second of it.
He was going to cum in your mouth; you could feel it, see it, and you wanted nothing more than have him shot his delicious seed down your throat. He twitched in your mouth and his muscles tensed up in preparation to let himself go. You were close to finishing as well as your hand was working on your clit.
He pulled himself out again, much to your disapproval, as he once more wrapped his fist around himself, making quick strokes.
“Open your mouth and show me that tongue.”
Doing as told, you opened wide for him to empty his cum on your desperate tongue. Your eyes were large and innocent when you looked up at him.
He was so close. His hand was losing the steady rhythm that he had. His vibranium one went in your hair to pull hard, making you emit a yelp at the pain.
“Fuck, I'm cumming, kitten. Cum for Daddy as well.”
The coil in your stomach snapped as his loud, and heavy grunts filled the air as he came all over your tongue and lips. Ropes of him decorating it so beautifully like an expensive artwork at the museum.
Once both of you came down from your high and he emptied himself entirely on you, he took a second to admire his work. Proud of how beautiful it looked.
“So pretty baby girl, Now swallow all of it.”
You closed your mouth and swallowed his load with no second thoughts. It was ingrained in you to do so. Like it was second nature. You showed him your empty mouth, which made him let out a satisfied groan of approval.
His thumb traced your lips to collect some of the remaining cum and pushed his digit into your parted lips for you to suck him clean.
“Such a good girl for me.”
A few seconds later, there could be heard a knock on the door and Sam's voice speaking from outside.
“Look, I don't know what the hell you guys are doing in there, but we need to leave, like right now.”
You and Bucky stifled a laugh at knowing that Sam most likely knew what was up with the two of you.
“Come on.” He helped you to stand up on your feet. “Let's get cleaned up, and then we have to leave.”
Tumblr media
Credit @ firefly-graphics for the wonderful divider
Thank you for reading <3 Feedback through a comment is highly appreciated if you liked it! As well as a reblog to share it with others!
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cxddlyash · 6 months ago
My Betrothed
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Words: 1400+
Author's Note: Okay, so, I recently watched Crimson Peak and found this bloody gif. My god. 🥵 and wanted to write a Loki fic on it. Now, I'm gonna have two of them! One that's pre-avengers, which will be this one, and one that's post-avengers! I hope you enjoy 🥰
Your eyes meet Loki's from across the room and you give him a small wave. A smile comes to Loki's lips and waves back to you. A giggle leaves your lips as you take a sip of your champagne. King Odin and Queen Frigga are currently celebrating their two children. The Princes of Asgard. You're slowly dreading when Frigga announces the two women who are going to be betrothed to Thor and Loki.
You've had feelings for Loki since the two of you were kids. The raven-haired man was never really invited along with Thor and his friends, leaving him to his own devices in the palace. That's when Loki met you. You're the light of his life and if he could choose who he wants to marry, it would definitely be you. Frigga noticed the affection Loki had for you almost immediately, since she is the Goddess of Marriage. The only thing is neither you nor Loki knows about the other's feelings.
Loki walks across the ballroom and gets closer to you, seeing your eyes trained on your friend as you intently listen to her speaking. The raven-haired man can feel his heart pumping in his chest as he grows closer, deciding that he's going to ask you to dance.
A smile comes to your friend's lips as her eyes are looking over your shoulder. You furrow your eyebrows, wondering what she's looking at and you glance over your shoulder to see Loki standing behind you.
"M'lady," he greets with a smile, holding his hand out to you.
A blush covers your cheeks and glances down at his open palm. "Your highness," you mumble while standing up. You gently place your hand on top of his and Loki brings your hand to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of it.
Your cheeks heat up more as your heart pounds against your chest. You've never seen this side of Loki and you're not complaining, but your heart won't take much more before he's ripped away from you.
"May I have this dance, darling?" He asks and you chuckle, nodding your head in reply.
Loki leads you onto the dance floor, his smile never faltering as you rest your free hand on his shoulder. The two of you begin swaying to the music, your eyes staring into one another's the entire time. You felt like the world around you slipped away as you and Loki danced.
"Who do you think your mother chose for you?" You suddenly ask and Loki looks down at you with a small frown.
"We shan't worry about that. This is about the two of us," he mumbles and you nod slowly while taking deep breaths. You rest your head against his chest, feeling the coolness of his metal armor beneath you.
"You'll always be my favorite, Loki," you whisper and Loki smiles softly, his hand on your hip squeezing you gently.
The Prince's eyes meet his mother's, seeing the look of admiration on her face. "And you, mine, darling."
Odin gathers everyone's attention as the song finishes and Loki slowly pulls away from you. You can see the sadness in his eyes as the mighty All-Father calls his two sons up to join him. His blue eyes meet yours for a few seconds as his hand slowly drops from yours.
You swallow the lump in your throat as your friend stands beside you, her hand coming into contact with your lower back. "It'll be okay," she whispers to you and you nod your head in reply.
Frigga walks up to her husband, laying a hand on his shoulder before taking over. "I thank you all for coming tonight. It's a big night for the Princes of Asgard," she smiles as everyone in the room begins clapping. You cross your arms over your chest, your fingers fiddling with the fabric of your dress. "First, I'm glad to announce the betrothed for my firstborn, Thor Odinson…"
You clap with everyone else as one of your mutual friends gets her name called out. You smile softly as the blonde runs towards the God of Thunder, seeing his face light up before collecting her into his arms.
Your eyes meet Loki's once more, giving him a pained grin as Frigga gathers everyone's attention once more. "And now, the betrothed for my second son…" she trails off and you almost debated leaving the ballroom so you didn't have to hear who it was. "Y/N L/N."
A sudden gasp leaves your lips as you grab a hold of your friend’s arm, squeezing tightly. Me?! She said my name?! You think to yourself as Frigga motions for you to come up to them.
Your heart pounds a million miles a minute as you walk towards them, not believing that this is happening. You can see unscheduled tears in Loki's eyes as both of you feel incredibly grateful for her decision. "Thank you," you whisper to the Queen and she grabs a hold of your hands, smiling widely.
"You bring so much happiness to Loki there was no way I couldn't pick you, darling."
You and Loki excuse yourself as the raven-haired man leads you to his chambers. Your heart's beating wildly in your chest as you're beginning to feel nervous. The man glances back at you and gives you a soft smile, squeezing your hand gently.
"Nervous?" Loki chuckles softly and your cheeks blush, hating that he can read you like a book. "Don't be nervous. It's just me, darling."
You smile softly at the God as he opens his chamber's doors before motioning you to head inside. You lean on your toes as you begin to walk past him to press a kiss to his cheek.
Loki's hands grip your hips as he presses himself against the back of you. A growl leaves his lips and he kicks his door shut before you feel his teeth nibble against your neck. Your eyes roll back into your head, suppressing a moan as Loki leads you to his king-sized bed.
The God spins you around and you let out a gasp before his lips connect with yours. Your hands move to his hair, combing your fingers through it as your tongues dance with each other.
Loki cradles your face in his hands as you suddenly spin him around before pushing him onto the bed. You pull away from him and his blue eyes look up at yours, seeing the lust and admiration in his eyes. Your fingers graze along his well-sculpted cheekbones as Loki's hands glide along the back of your thighs.
"I love you," you whisper while kneeling on the bed, feeling his silk sheets against your legs.
You drape one of your legs over his, getting comfortable beside him. "I love you, darling," Loki whispers against your skin. His free hand pushes your dress off of your shoulders before dragging his lips across it.
"Can I…?" You ask in a whisper while bringing your right hand down to his crotch. Your other hand gently stroking the back of his neck.
Loki shivers under your touch as his left-hand grabs a hold of his sheets. "Go ahead, my love," he breathes out as you undo his pants.
The raven-haired man rests his forehead against your shoulder while his other hand strokes your back. His eyes flutter shut as you reach into his pants before grabbing a hold of his cock. You can feel your cheeks blush as you slowly jerk him off, not believing that this is actually happening right now.
"Feel good, my king?" You whisper and Loki lets out a moan.
You can feel his lips against your skin as your fingers go into his hair, gripping it in your hands softly. "So good, my queen," Loki breathes out while you begin to stroke him faster.
Loki leans back a bit before kissing you once more, your eyes fluttering shut while moving your lips against his. Butterflies twirl around your stomach as your betrothed bucks his hips up, thrusting himself in your hand.
He suddenly pushes you onto the bed and hovers on top of you. You breathe heavily as you look up at him through your lashes, your hands slowly trailing down his chest. "Make love to me, Loki," you whisper softly while adjusting the dress you're wearing, wrapping your legs around Loki's waist.
Your betrothed smiles at you before pressing a gentle kiss to your lips as his hand glides up the outside of your thighs. "With pleasure, darling."
Taglist: @poweredbyghostadventures @valentine5sos​ @deephideoutmilkshake @noisynightmarefest​ @albinoclifford @jessalyn-jpeg​ @suchalonelysunflower​ @maddz-world​ @queen-of-mischief​
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Fine Furry Friends
Tumblr media
Summary: How the Reid family grew by a few paws. (This is a stand-alone one-shot of my completed ‘Rebuilding Family’ series)
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Content/Warnings: pure fluff, brief mention of pet death (doesn’t actually happen)
Word Count: 1.8k
A/N: i imagine season 15 spencer but this is the only gif with him and an animal
Spencer was doing dishes when he heard you pull into the driveway. He looked up to see you rushing so much that you almost hit the trash can with your car.
You practically leapt out of the car, grabbing your purse but managing to spill the contents all over the driveway. After a few futile moments of trying to collect the things, you gave up, running inside with only your phone.
“Spencer!” you yelled.
“In here, love,” he called back, wiping his hands on the dish towel.
He heard the quick clicking of your heels as you sped walk into the kitchen. You were on the verge of tears as you unlocked your phone.
“What’s wrong?” Spencer asked.
You silently showed him a picture of an old black cat with gray streaks of hair as your lip quivered.
“I know I used to ‘mind-read’ for a living but I’m going to need a little more than this,” Spencer spoke.
“They’re going to kill her, Spence,” you cried.
“Who is her? The cat? And who is they?” Spencer patiently questioned his distraught wife.
“This is the last day to adopt Ms. Whiskers or the shelter is going to put her down,” you wept, “She’s perfectly healthy but no one wants her because she’s old.”
“Y/N, we’ve already got 3 young children, do we really need a cat in the mix?” Spencer sighed.
“Cats practically take care of themselves,” you explained through sobs, “Unless you’re saying you don’t want her too because she’s old. What is wrong with you, Spencer? Are you going to throw me to the curb when I’m old with gray hair too?”
“No, no, how could you even think that, love?” Spencer pulled you in for a hug.
He knew you didn’t really mean that but you were just very worked up about this.
“I just saw it on instagram today and I really don’t want this cat to die,” you sobbed into his chest.
“A cat is dying?” Jo stood in the doorway to the kitchen.
You wiped your eyes, pulling away from Spencer’s chest, “At a shelter, yes,” you decided it was better to just tell her the truth.
“But why?” Jo began to form tears in her eyes as well.
“Sometimes there is no longer room at the shelter for all the animals so they have to let a few of them go,” you knelt down to her level.
“But I don’t want the cat to die,” Jo, not even having seen the picture of the cat yet, was already attached.
“It may be out of our control, sweetheart. I don’t know if it’s possible to-” you tried to console your crying child.
“Nope,” Spencer grabbed his keys, “Everyone load up, we’re going to save a cat.”
Jo wiped her tears away, “Really, Daddy? Do we get to keep them?”
“We can keep them until we find a nice owner, how about that?” Spencer offered.
You and Jo nodded enthusiastically with puffy red eyes.
Despite Spencer’s deal, no posters were ever hung, no texts were ever typed, no social media posts were ever made. As soon as you got home, that cat had already found its owners and it was the Reids.
That’s how you ended up with pet number one who had been renamed to Willow after Jo’s favorite Taylor Swift song.
She was later renamed again to simply “Kitty” because Willow was a bit of a mouthful for the twins.
“Spencer…” you wrapped your arms around him as he was folding laundry, “You know how you are just the best husband ever and I love you so much.”
“What did you do?” he chuckled, amused.
“I can’t just remind my husband how much I love him?” you pouted.
“You can and you already do but this,” he motioned to your excessive sappiness, “this is weird.”
“Christmas is coming up and I think I know the perfect gift for the kids,” you grinned.
Spencer leaned back against the washing machine with his arms crossed, “I’m listening.”
“A puppy!” you exclaimed.
Spencer turned back around, “I’m no longer listening.”
“You know how much they adore Kitty and as much as I hate to admit it, I don’t know how many more years that cat has left in her. I think they could benefit from another pet,” you explained.
“Puppies are a load of work, it’s essentially another child. They need to be potty-trained, fed, washed, and exercised. I already have to vacuum all of Kitty’s hair and change her litter box,” Spencer replied.
“I’ll make Jo promise to help out more and give her daily pet chores,” you pulled out an index card, “I did my own research and did you know dogs can lead to a lower level of stress, a better immune system including a decreased risk of developing asthma, AND they’re adorable.”
Spencer sighed, knowing he could never say no to his wife even if he tried, “Where would this so-called puppy even come from?
“The Fitzgerald’s 2 doors down have a pregnant golden retriever who has about a month left in her pregnancy.”
“Fine,” Spencer relented.
You jumped up and down in glee.
“I swear to god though, Y/N,” he warned, “I’m not picking up any pee or poop in the house. That’s somebody else’s job, I’ll leave it there.”
“You won’t,” you promised, “I’ll even let you name the puppy for being such a good sport,” you kissed him.
And that was how Spock, named after one of Spencer’s favorite Star Trek characters, became pet number 2 in the Reid household.
It was a few days after Christmas and true to your word, you and Jo had taken complete care of the puppy, cleaning its messes, taking it outside, and feeding it.
Spencer had tended to avoid the puppy just because everyone else was all over him so he didn’t feel obligated to give it more affection. After all, it was really just to make his family happy.
Spencer was the first to wake like usual, it was starting to flurry outside in the wintry air. He made his cup of coffee and perused the bookshelf for a good book to reread. He sank himself down on the couch, patting his lap for Kitty to settle herself in.
After about 20 minutes, Spencer heard whining at the front door. He glanced up from his book to see Spock gazing at the doorknob intently.
You and Jo wouldn’t be up for another half an hour or so but it was time for the twins to wake up.
“One sec, Spock,” Spencer stood from the couch, patting his head as he passed by the door.
Spock dutifully followed him up the stairs on his paws that were too big for his little body, tripping occasionally.
Ophelia and Ollie had just begun to stir in the morning light.
“Good morning, my little love bugs,” Spencer bent down to kiss them both, “We are going to go on a little morning walk with doggy before breakfast.”
“I wuv doggy,” Ophelia cooed.
“I know you do, love bug. Sometimes a little too much, remember what we said about gentle pets,” Spencer reminded her.
“Kitty come too?” Ollie babbled.
“Kitty stays inside all the time. But, Doggy likes to be both inside and outside,” Spencer explained.
He picked Ophelia up and set her down on the floor to slowly make her way downstairs on her own. He lifted Ollie onto his hip because although he could walk, he didn’t love to as much as his sister and Spencer was more than happy to carry one of his little love bugs in his arms forever.
Spencer started to work on getting Ollie all bundled up in his jacket, boots, snow pants, and pom-pom hat before doing the same to Ophelia.
Spencer clipped Spock’s leash to his collar and stepped into the cool air with a toddler on his hip and a puppy and another toddler on his heels.
“I hold,” Ophelia pointed to the leash.
“You can hold too but Daddy is going to keep holding so Doggy doesn’t pull you too hard,” he replied.
Ollie, suddenly feeling left out, squirmed to get down and held on to the leash as well.
One of the older ladies on the street was shoveling her steps as they passed by on the sidewalk.
“Well, isn't this just the cutest little scene for a Sunday morning?” she smiled.
“Good morning, Mrs. Peterson,” Spencer greeted, “Do you need any help shoveling?”
“You’re very kind but no thank you, dear. You’ve already got your hands full. Bill should be up later to help me,” she waved as they continued their walk down to the end of the road.
They stopped at the snow bank where the plow had pushed all the snow, creating a massive pile. The twins frolicked happily, creating little snow sculptures and forts.
Spencer, whose attire was flannel pajama pants, a thick cardigan, and fuzzy moccasins, opted to stay on the sidewalk with Spock where the snow was less abundant.
Spock brushed up against his pant leg.
“Your paws getting cold, buddy?” Spencer asked, scooping him up into his arms for the first time.
Spock curled up into his arms just like the twins did when they were newborns. Spencer loved it, just the feeling of someone or something depending on him for affection. Maybe he could get used to this whole dog dad thing.
Eventually, the twins got hungry so they headed back towards the house. Spencer could smell the baking muffins as soon as he opened the front door.
“Blueberry?” he asked hopefully, setting down Spock and unclipping him from the leash.
“Yes, sorry you had to take Spock out this morning. I can set an alarm to take him next time,” you spoke.
“It’s okay, I actually didn’t mind,” Spencer smiled softly.
“Daddy, can you start a fire please?” Jo asked from where she was sitting at the kitchen counter.
“Of course, Princess. Do you want to help?”
Jo nodded, hopping off the stool and starting to stack logs in the fire. Spencer crumpled up some old newspaper into balls, tossing them into the fire as well before striking a match and lighting it.
The oven timer went off for the muffins just in time and you plated them. Everyone took a seat on the couch to enjoy their delicious breakfast in front of the cozy fire.
Spock wandered over, hopping into Spencer’s lap next to Ollie. Next thing you know, Ophelia was throwing a fit because there was no room for her. Kitty looked confused as to why her normal spot was filled.
“We've been taking care of Spock this whole time and you take him on one walk and suddenly he clings to you. Unbelievable,” you smiled
“It’s called the ‘Reid Effect’,” Spencer stated with a grin, “Animals and children love me.”
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one-shot only taglist: @strawberryspence @fbivestreid
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HIHIHI I HAVE A REQUEST IF YOURE UP FOR IT KASJHDASKD i was wondering if you could do tsukishima, akaashi, and kageyama (you dont have to do all of them if you dont want to) with a s/o who loves giving affection but doesn't really take it *seriously* when they recieve it? like they think that the character is joking bc they could never actually be that amazing? (sry if this made absolutely no sense just ignore it if you want kaskjasd)
Warnings: potentially some swearing, Akaashi saying “good girl” which I do think deserves a warning, Y/N having some insecure moments, but all fluffy endings promise!
Characters: Tsukishima Kei, Akaashi Keiji, & Kageyama Tobio, all with a fem!Reader
A/N: okay @lucyheartfilias-wife i know this took foREVER for me to finish and I’m so sorry xD but i kept going back and forth between ideas so this is what we ended up with! I hope they’re decent enough!! <3 Not of the following gifs are mine! Creds to the original creators :)
Haikyuu Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei
If Tsukishima knew one thing, it was that he was a lucky boy. Somehow he had managed to make a girl who was probably made of sunshine and rainbows, like him back and somehow figured out how to keep you around.
Although he always had an annoyed look on his face when they did, anytime the team asked about you or mentioned you to him, he was always happy to subtly brag about you.
“Our little Tsukishima has grown up hasn’t he?” Sugawara laughed, slapping pats to the back of the tall first year. “You’re not blackmailing her are you?” Tsukishima just rolled his eyes in response.
“It must be nice to have such a pretty girl around!” Noya whined loudly, punching the wall angrily.
“It is,” Tsukishima smirked, enjoying the immediate anger that Noya tried to turn on him. Daichi held the wild libero back with an exasperated smiled, shaking his head.
“She’s really smart too isn’t she?” Hinata gaped, having only really heard of this girl that Tsukishima was dating but Yamaguchi said it was a girl in their class so she had to be smart.
“Anyone’s smart compared to you,” Tsukishima scoffed but shrugged. “She’s the top of our class.”
Everyone made sounds of excitement and surprise, the upperclassmen nodding in approval, “Who knew this salty bean pole could find someone smart and pretty to like him back?” Tanaka snickered and Tsukishima just rolled his eyes.
You hadn’t meant to overhear the conversations happening in the club room but you were just waiting for your boyfriend against the railing. To say you were a bit embarrassed was an understatement. And that embarrassment was probably written all over your face because when Tsukishima finally came out, his cheeks turned pink seeing your expression.
“What?” He asked after a beat, avoiding your eyes as he started to walk towards the stairs.
“You know you don’t have to lie to your teammates right?” You asked him eventually, giving him a small smile. “I’m sure they know you’re just being nice.”
For once, you had actually surprised Tsukishima. Normally he could tell exactly what you were thinking but this time, he actually stopped in his steps and looked at you like you had grown a second head in the last few moments.
“Lie?” He asked, tilting his head up in thought before scoffing a bit, “What part of what I said was a lie? For that matter, how much of that nonsense did you hear?”
The word nonsense rang in your ear repeatedly, echoing all your insecurities further into your subconscious, “I dunno, how much were you saying?” You retorted, glancing at him with a shrug. “Come on, I wanna get home before it gets too dark,” you decided when he didn’t answer right away. The two of you started walking, Tsukishima clearly deep in thought because for once on your way home, he wasn’t complaining about the boys or listening to music. He was just… walking.
“When did I lie?” He finally asked at your doorstep, as if realizing if he didn’t ask now, he never would. He grabbed your wrist before you could turn away and leave without answering him, tugging you closer so he could look right into your eyes (he could always tell when you were lying to him).
“What?” You squirmed a bit. You knew exactly what he was asking but did you really want to admit it?
“You said I lied to my teammates. What did I lie about?” His frown was tight, eyes as serious as ever. “I’ve been thinking about everything I said to them and I can’t think of a lie that I told. Was it about everyone being smarter than Hinata? Because I really was telling the truth.” The little smirk at the end made you feel like he was trying to keep this lighthearted. But the topic weighed so heavily on both your shoulders.
You could feel Tsukishima keeping your gaze right on him, and knew if you looked away, he might just get more upset. So you were forced to just look at him awkwardly, as if he was looking through your very thoughts.
“I asked you out didn’t I?” He continued when you didn’t respond right away. “Doesn’t that make you my girlfriend?”
You let out a little laugh, surprised that that’s what he had come up with after that very silent walk home. “Yeah, I suppose so,” you smiled, finally pulling your eyes away from him and staring at your hands as you fiddled with your fingers.
“So what-”
“They’re just being nice,” you tried to tell him awkwardly, cutting him off from asking one more time. “I’m not… I’m not everything they’re pretending I am. And you don’t have to keep up the charade with them.”
Tsukishima’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, what charade could you possibly be talking about.
“I know I’m not as pretty as your managers,” you explained quietly. “And I’m sure being surrounded by them all the time has got you having some high expectations and standards for girls. That’s why I was surprised when you asked me out… but I know it’s probably just cause we’re always together and we study together. I know I’m pretty helpful when it comes to schoolwork so-”
Tsukishima started laughing. Like genuinely, throwing his head back, from the bottom of his belly kind of laugh. Your eyes widened as you watched this normally cool and collected idiot snicker himself practically to death.
“T-Tsukishima?” You blinked, poking him a little to make sure he wasn’t just having some sort of weird seizure.
He finally ran out of breath, standing back up straighter than ever and hitting the top of your head (not as gently as he should’ve, how rude), “Listen here, shortie,” he huffed, leaning down slightly so you were forced to look at him. “I have high standards for anyone I even keep around me. The only one who’s exceeded my standards for dating though, is you.”
You watched him, blinking nervously as if he was going to laugh in your face again and tell you it was a joke.
“I didn’t lie to them, idiot,” he shook his head, flicking your forehead. “You’re way too pretty to be as self-conscious as you are.”
Words would never solve your self-consciousness, you knew this. But if there was ever a moment that would ever come close - it would be this one.
“Go inside alright,” he grinned at you, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead and shoving you closer to your door. “And the next time I compliment you, you better accept it.”
You couldn’t even retort anything back before he ushered you inside, gave you a cheeky wink, and started to head home.
You were still very bad at accepting Tsukishima’s compliments and almost felt tortured with how much he could try to get you to understand how much he loved you. So naturally, Tsukishima just did it more and more.
Everything you did became a compliment, just to make you all hot headed and make him chuckle. He would praise you for being one of the smartest people he knew after a test or assignment, he’d say you were the cutest person up on the stands after his volleyball games, would just shower you in aggressive amounts of affection (well aggressive for him).
And then one day…
One day you day you didn’t fight back as much. And Tsukishima just smiled because he would never say anything to you he didn’t mean.
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keiji
Akaashi was literally an embodiment of everything that someone could want. He was calm and wonderfully humble, his voice was like a mellow song that you could fall asleep to and he had the most amazing biceps that just made your heart flutter every time you saw them.
He was everything you could ever dream of which was both incredible… and not at the same time. It almost hurt to know that he was this unobtainable boy standing near you. Sure, you were dating - but how long until he realized you were beneath him? How much longer would it take him to realize that there was better.
You couldn’t hide these thoughts from Akaashi and more often than not, he’d give you a look like I know what you’re thinking, stop that, and then tell you he loves you before you just nod and smile and try to focus on something else. He’d let it go there, but he’d probably spend the rest of the day with you trying to convince you he really meant it.
But today he wasn’t next to you to read your face. Today, he was going to be down on that court, showing off his incredible reflexes and sports ability, and you would be up here. Blending in with the crowd. You were a filler character - something to fill the stands with and not be noticed. Unoriginal. Boring.
“Y/N!” Bokuto ran to you, grinning as wide as ever. “Look what I brought you!” He held up Akaashi’s jacket happily, waving it over his head as he jumped up and down in front of you.
You tried to put on a smile, as if you hadn’t just been spinning in your insecurities a few seconds ago. Your eyes focused on the jacket that Bokuto was trying to put on you, blinking as you came to the realization that he had 100% stolen this from your boyfriend without his knowledge, “Bokuto, won’t he need this?” You offered with a small laugh.
He shook his head with a grin, “He practically discarded it somewhere. I thought I’d come bring it to you! It would probably make him super happy to see you in his jacket! And you look so cute in our colours!” Bokuto declared, patting your head. You tried to start telling him that he should bring it back and that you weren’t really sure Akaashi would want you wearing it, but suddenly you could hear his coach on the court screaming from him to get his ass back down there. “Whoops! Gotta run! Cheer hard for us!” Bokuto gave you a thumbs up before running down.
You stood there for a moment, face feeling hot as you start to smell Akaashi’s scent on the jacket. How did he manage to smell this good all the time?
You could hear whispers from people in the stands, some people wondering who you were or if you were Bokuto or Akaashi’s girlfriend, since it was Bokuto who gave you the jacket.
All the ruckus from his coach made Akaashi actually look over, smirking a bit while Bokuto was getting scolded. He sheepishly made his way over, trying to seem all innocent to his best friend.
“Where the hell even were you?” Akaashi asked, throwing him a toss as the boys warmed up.
“Oh! Just dropping something off to Y/N for you!” Bokuto grinned, nodding in your direction as he received the ball nice and high.
Akaashi shouldn’t have looked over. But he did. His eyes locked onto you and saw you in his jacket and for a moment, he definitely spaced out. His whole brain was just thinking about you and nothing else and he didn’t knock himself out of it until Bokuto’s pass knocked him right in the head.
“Akaashi! Are you okay?” Bokuto laughed, knowing the pass had been pretty soft. Akaashi’s cheeks turn a bit pink as he shook it off, running after the ball.
You were wearing his jacket. And you looked so good in it.
After a complete win for the game, Akaashi was so hyped up to see you. You had worn his jacket the whole game and he had to avoid looking at you because you were just so distracting.
But now that it was over, he wanted nothing more than to swoop you into a hug and admire you. You gave him a huge grin when you caught up with the team, excitedly cheering them for their win and giving Bokuto high fives.
Akaashi watched you with a small smile on his face. You glanced over at him and gave a nervous sort of smile, noting there was a difference in how he was looking at you. “Oh! Here, you’ll get cold soon when your adrenaline stops pumping,” you said, pulling the jacket off.
“It’s alright,” he insisted, smirking a bit down at you. “You look gorgeous, I don’t want you to take it off,” he admitted with a smile, patting your head adoringly.
Your face gets all hot again, avoiding his eyes quickly, “Alright alright, Mr. High Off Of A Win,” you laughed nervously, poking at his chest gently. He raised an eyebrow at your dismissive behaviour.
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t go spreading stuff that isn’t true,” you shrugged, shoving your hands in the jacket pocket. Sure, you liked the jacket but there was no way you were as pretty as he was making you out to be. Gorgeous? No way.
Akaashi’s eyes darkened slightly hearing this, taking your chin into his fingers and tilting your chin up so you were forced to look at him, “You think I’d lie to you?”
The question made you shrink inside, noting his hardened expression. He didn’t like it when you were hard on yourself, always made you notice all the little great things about you. But this wasn’t a private conversation, and people were starting to stare, which just made your face go even warmer. “N-No,” you mumble out shyly, trying to look away but he kept your gaze.
“Good girl,” he smirked at you, tapping your nose gently, “Now take the compliment. And wear my jacket more often, alright?”
You couldn’t help but nod at that point, Akashi smiling in his satisfaction before dragging you off for the team’s celebratory meal. The pit in your stomach that liked to tell you you were a filler character was slightly less intense now, after talking to your boyfriend. Akaashi had such an effect on you and there was no denying it. How could a guy like that be with a girl like you, you would never understand. But there was such an honesty in his eyes, and he was right after all, he wasn’t the type to lie about these things… so maybe. Just maybe. There was some truth to it.
Tumblr media
Kageyama Tobio
Kageyama wasn’t the best at noticing hints and subtle things, and honestly, he’d rather if people were just blunt and to the point with him. But with you, he knew that he would have to learn between the lines. It wasn’t because you weren’t great at communication (and let’s be honest, even if you were bad at it, Kageyama was in NO place to call you out on that), but rather, Kageyama understood that at some point in relationships, it was important to see what the other person wanted.
So when he started really trying to read you, he found himself almost discouraged by a reoccurring instance.
It was real subtle at first, and in that moment, Kageyama probably wouldn’t have noticed. But he probably just smile at you and press a kiss to your forehead, thanking you for always thinking of him.
“You’re always so thoughtful, Y/N. I appreciate what you do for me,” he told you, almost like he was thanking a teacher for their help on homework which just made you laugh.
“Don’t be silly, Kageyama, it’s just a milk box,” you insisted, giving a little wave to his teammates before he left.
But it wasn’t just a milk box and even Kageyama could see that. He had forgotten his lunch today and you had shared yours with him. But he always had a milk with his lunch and you didn’t have one, but he didn’t have the chance to actually buy one before he had to head back to classes. He didn’t think he had mentioned anything about the milk, or even hesitated to eat without it. But you had still gone out of your way to buy one for him and bring it to him after classes.
You had even apologized that it was later than he usually had his milk, as if you should’ve known to get it earlier. Kageyama was amazed that you even went and bought him one. He held the box in his hands for a moment before getting called over to start practice, promising himself to have the drink right after practice.
It wasn’t just that you brushed off his appreciation for what you did for him. Kageyama always felt something was wrong when he complimented you. So much so, he had to awkwardly ask his upperclassmen for help.
“Oh our little Kageyama needs help with his girlfriend hmmm?” Tanaka laughed, hands on his hips like he was some sort of relationship expert.
“I dunno why you’d come to us,” Daichi admitted with a smirk, leaning against a nearby wall as he considered the question. “It’s not like any of us are really all that experienced with girls.”
“But you know how to… communicate,” Kageyama explained, playing with his fingers as he shyly stared at the floor. “I’m just worried I’m… doing that thing that Hinata says I do. Where I think I’m complimenting her but I’m actually hurting her.”
Sugawara chuckled and threw his arm around his first year’s neck, fluffing up his hair playfully, “Aw! Little Tobio is growing up!”
“What kinds of things are you saying to her?” Asahi asked, offering Kageyama a smile as the blueberry boy tried to fix his now messed up hair.
Kageyama thought about it for a moment, not having to think that far back to remember an example. “This morning, she was wearing her hair differently,” Kageyama told them, gesturing towards his hair as if to act out how her hair was. “And I told her she looked very pretty.”
The boys just looked at him, as if expecting for there to be more. “Okay and?” Noya piped up, shrugging.
“That’s it,” Kageyama blinked. “Should I have said something else?”
“Why would you say something else, Kageyama?” Daichi raised an eyebrow, noting the distress in the setter’s eyes.
Kageyama huffed, remembering how you awkwardly turned away, as if he had said something brash, “She just said ‘you don’t have to do that, Kageyama’ and changed the subject. But I don’t know what she meant. Was… Was I not supposed to tell her? She did look very pretty but should I have kept that to myself?”
Sugawara gave him a sympathetic smile, “I think you did fine, Kageyama, don’t worry! Maybe she was just embarrassed.”
The others agreed, Tanaka explaining to him that some people were bashful when it came to their appearances.
“But she’s the most perfect being in the whole country!” Kageyama burst out, his forehead creased with concern. “Why shouldn’t I tell her?”
“Just in the country?” Asahi chuckled and Sugawara smacked his arm.
“Don’t tease him, I don’t think Kageyama has ever left the country!”
“Maybe she’s just not used to you complimenting her. Like how you weren’t too used to holding hands with her at the beginning of your relationship,” Daichi offered, remembering how red the boy’s face was you first took his hand at a tournament. He didn’t even know he had to hold your hand back and just had his hand staying there stiff.
Kageyama nodded slowly - he could understand that. It just took some time and then he was okay with it eventually. Now he would grab your hand out of instinct and it wasn’t something foreign to him.
After talking to his upperclassmen, Kageyama felt a little better. Perhaps it wasn’t his words then, maybe he just had to do it more.
But after a week of trial and error, Kageyama still couldn’t understand why you still seemed so uncomfortable. The day after consulting the second and third years, Kageyama had told you he really liked the way you hummed and that you had a really nice voice (he really did like it, it was his favourite thing to listen to).
But you just flickered your eyes away from him, offering a nervous laugh, “It’s nothing,” you mumbled before quickly asking him about his practice schedule.
So Kageyama thought maybe you just didn’t like talking about your singing. So when the two of you were studying, you noticed his laser focus wasn’t on his work but instead on you. His eyes were so trained on you, it was like how he was on the volleyball court.
“Kageyama?” You blinked in surprise, catching him staring at you. “Are you alright?”
“You’re really smart, Y/N!” He blurted out, a firm nod afterwards like confirming what he was saying. “I appreciate you always coming to help me work!”
But you just squirmed in your seat, turning your eyes back to your work, “I really don’t know all that much.”
It had been a week of this back and forth, Kageyama desperately trying to find what was going on. Was it him? Was he just not using the right words? Could he actually be being really rude and didn’t realize it? Was it his face? Was he supposed to smile more?
Finally, Kageyama felt like he was at the end of his rope. He didn’t know what to do now.
“The sunset is really pretty today!” You beamed as the two of you walked home from his practice. He glanced over and noticed the brilliant colours in the sky. It looked nice sure, but how could you understand that that looked pretty and you didn’t?
“I think you’re prettier.” He stated simply. Kageyama didn’t really know what lines were cheesy and what weren’t. But you did and your face just overheated immediately in response.
“K-Kageyama, don’t say things like that!” You insisted, staring to walk ahead.
“Wait!” Kageyama yelped, grabbing onto your wrist and pulling you back to him. “What am I doing wrong?” he asked you desperately, his eyes wide and searching yours for some sort of answers.
You stared at him for a moment, confused by his words, “Wrong?” You repeated softly, noticing how upset he looked.
“I…” Kageyama’s voice faltered as he watched your eyes. “I keep trying to tell you how amazing you are. You do all these things for me, you help me when I’m upset and you always help me train. You throw balls for me and Hinata, even when you’d rather be at home. You call me during my jogs just to keep me company. You bring me milk when I forget mine. And you always compliment me when I’m feeling like I’m not 100%… so what am I doing wrong? Because everything I say to you… it doesn’t seem to work.”
Something in you clicked. Is this why Kageyama had been acting so weird this week?
“Kageyama… I do all that because I like you and I want you to be your best,” you explained softly. “And I compliment you because I mean it! Not because I’m trying to make you feel better. Or try to boost your self-esteem.”
There was something in your tone that Kageyama couldn’t place. What was that in your voice?
“Why are you sad when I try to tell you things?” Kageyama was practically begging you for an answer. He didn’t understand how to read things from your tone, he wanted to desperately to understand but he just couldn’t grasp it. “Sugawara told me that complimenting people on things makes them feel good… am I doing it wrong? Please just tell me, I’ll be better! I’ll be the best boyfriend!”
Your smile was almost sad and Kageyama’s heart tugged a little in his chest, “I don’t want you to say things because you feel like you have to say them,” you sighed softly, now avoiding his eyes. “I know my hair is a mess most of the time, I know that my singing isn’t some professional level shit, and I know I’m not the model kind of girl or those gorgeous girls who come to your games. I don’t need you to try and convince me otherwise…”
Kageyama’s mind felt like it was blowing up. What were you talking about?
“Don’t be so stupid,” Kageyama whined, huffing at you and poking your forehead, “You think I’m lying about these things? You think I say them because I feel like I have to?” Kageyama shook his head, taking your face into his hands. “I’m not the best with words, I know this. But you are…” Kageyama’s face twisted into a funny expression as he tried to find the words he wanted, “the most perfect thing. You’re like when I make a perfect set and the spike goes right past the blockers!”
You couldn’t help but smile as he went on talking about volleyball. You weren’t surprised - he often related things to volleyball to understand better.
“You… are the perfect jump serve. Seeing you is like I’m winning full sets at Nationals!” He expressed, looking at you with wide eyes in hopes you were understanding. “I’m not trying to make you feel better about yourself, Y/N. You are everything I could possibly want. You make me feel like volleyball isn’t the only thing that matters anymore. I want to hear you sing all the time and I love your hair no matter how you think it looks.”
Your eyes were welling up with tears as he spoke dramatically, looking up at the sky as if that would help him figure out his sentences better. When he finally looked back at you, he jumped back almost immediately in fear.
“N-No! Don’t cry! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have brought up volleyball again! I-”
You laughed and quickly shook your head, grasping his hands in yours, “Happy tears, Kageyama,” you explained softly, almost immediately burying your face in his chest as you drew him closer for a hug. “Thank you,” you whisper.
Kageyama wasn’t really sure what you were thanking him for but he hugged you tightly anyways. He hated seeing you cry and he would squeeze them all out of you until there was none left if he had to. “You are very pretty.” He stated, pressing a kiss to your head.
And this time, you didn’t argue. You just stayed there in his arms, and listened to the genuineness in his voice.
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mostlycompetentwriter · 6 months ago
Wow, he’s hot
“Pairing: Fem!Reader x Seo Changbin (SKZ)
Word Count: 8K
Genre: Neighbors to Lovers? Lol
Warnings: Aged up characters (Changbin is ten years older than the reader), explicit sexual content, language, drinking
Summary: You were a fresh college graduate, returning home for the summer before starting a bright, shiny new position in the city, but you certainly weren’t expecting to fall hard for your neighbor. 
A/N: I hope at least one person gets my reference/pun at the end....But seriously? Oh, what have I done...
Tumblr media
Your roommate was hungover again, dressed to the nines in a purple bathrobe and pink fluffy slippers as she attempted to move huge boxes of random shit between her bedroom and the foyer of your shared apartment. 
It was priceless entertainment, at least in your opinion, especially after witnessing your roommate in rare form the previous night dancing from one frat boy to the next, draining entire bottles of alcohol like she needed the liquid encouragement. 
From what you had observed, she was determined to embarrass you at all costs, and under normal circumstances, you could’ve avoided her rather inappropriate behavior in exchange for your regular hook-up, Joshua. But he decided to remain mysteriously absent for the entire evening, which meant that you had been stuck watching over your roommate, hoping that she wouldn’t get you kicked out again....
“I know what you’re thinking, Y/N,” Laura huffed, pausing next to the counter-top where you sat. “What did you expect? It was my last night of freedom before going back home.”
“Yeah,” you snorted. “It was mine too, but I wasn’t plastered face-down in the shower last night.”
“Whatever,” Laura grimaced. “Did you sign off on the lease yet?”
“I did it earlier,” you replied. 
“Our bitchy landlord’s been complaining all week,” Laura said. “I’m tired of her late-night phone calls, plus my mom’s been really annoying about the move.”
“Oh?” you questioned. “When is she coming?”
“In like an hour,” Laura huffed. “Why do you think I’m busting my ass to pack everything?”
“I don’t know,” you said. “Maybe you needed a distraction from thinking about puking in the bushes behind the frat house last night.”
“Oh, shut up about that!” Laura hissed, slapping your arm as you kept laughing. “Isn’t you brother coming tomorrow?”
“Ugh, yeah,” you groaned. “He said he has to come super early because of work, but my ass doesn’t start functioning until at least 8:00.”
“Well, at least tell Chan ‘hi’ for me,” Laura said, giggling like a love-struck teenager because she had been infatuated with your older brother for years.
“If I remember to tell him,” you grumbled, stretching out your arms and deciding that it might be useful for you to start packing as well, especially since the most you would be able to accomplish tomorrow morning at the ass crack of dawn is following Chan around the apartment in a zombie-like state as the two of you loaded your belongings into his car.
“Don’t forget that I’m coming to visit next week,” Laura said, and you perked up a little at the idea of having your friend come around, especially since the two of you had just graduated together and those long days and nights of being glued together at the hip were coming to a bittersweet end.
“Sounds good,” you agreed, checking your phone one last time to see a weird gif from Chan (as you had come to expect from him) before joining your roommate in packing up the remainder of your former college life.
Tumblr media
Chan had always been prompt when it came to his familial obligations, and the two of you spent two hours loading all of your stuff into his car before starting the long drive to your old childhood home. A place that you hadn’t ventured to since leaving four years ago to start undergraduate school.
“Looks the same,” you remarked, sunglasses perched low on your nose as you allowed the window to roll down to take in some fresh air.
“What did you expect?” Chan asked, humming away to whatever shitty metal song he had playing over the radio.
In a totally random and last-minute decision, you had decided that for the next three summer months while you were stuck in an in-between phase, you were returning home for a while before you were set to move into a new apartment in the city close to where you would be working full-time. It seemed logical to save money, and there was a small part of you that did miss your family and old friends. 
Of course, despite Chan’s dismissal of your earlier nonchalant comment about the unchanging surroundings of your hometown, you were startled when you realized that the old house next door, which used to be occupied by an elderly couple until they moved away during your senior year of high school, was missing it’s familiar ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard, and there was a black Mustang in the driveway.
“Home sweet home,” Chan sighed when he stopped in the carport attached to your former two-story staccato, opening the door with a grumble. 
You frowned, following him around to the back of his car. “Someone bought the house next door?” you asked, dragging your eyes away from the sleek, shiny sports car to look at your brother.
Chan grunted as he heaved your suitcase from the trunk. “Yeah, they moved in last month. I think the owner is a lawyer and he lives there with his daughter.”
“Huh,” you remarked. “That house has been vacant for years.”
Chan shrugged. “Yeah, well, the guy who lives there now is really nice. Mom and dad babysit for him a lot when he’s working.”
“Great,” I muttered. “They’ll rope me into helping.”
“S’ not so bad,” Chan said, growling in frustration when your suitcase fell over to the side with an unpleasant crash. “Can you help or what?”
You laughed at your brother’s outrage, reaching back to pull your hair into a messy bun. 
Meanwhile, you noticed the front door of your house opening from the corner of your eye, smiling when your mother shrieked and rushed down the sidewalk to meet you halfway in a long-winded embrace. “Y/N!! I’m so glad to see you.”
“You’re crushing me,” you heaved through constricted lungs, accepting your mother’s open arms even if it was a little over-eager.
“Oh! I’m sorry, dear,” she said, pulling back just enough to allow oxygen to circulate once again, but not enough to pull you away from her mushy kisses. “You look so healthy and beautiful!”
“Yeah, thanks mom,” you said, slowly beginning the untangling process of removing her arms from around you while Chan struggled in the background to carry your suitcase up the front steps. “I should help.”
“Of course!” your mom agreed, but a distant tug of curiosity had you turning back to look at the house next door once again.
“Hey? Do you know anything about the new neighbor?”
“You mean Changbin? He’s wonderful, darling. So polite, and his daughter is so funny.”
You wrinkled your nose, never having been a huge fan of kids. “Chan said you babysit for him sometimes.”
“It’s always nice to help someone out,” your mother tsked, and you could recognize her patronizing tone from anywhere. “Such a shame that he divorced his wife. Heard it was kinda nasty.”
“It’s not any of our business,” you reminded her.
“Oh, I didn’t say it was!” your mother sighed. “He doesn’t talk about it much.”
“Jeez, how much do you guys talk?”
Because from the sound of it, Changbin had to be as old as your mom to make this much of an impression. You grinned as you briefly imagined the two of them on the front porch drinking tea together and gossiping about the rest of the neighborhood.
“He’s far more friendly than Mrs. Jones was,” your mother remarked. “I think you’d like him, Y/N.”
“I don’t know about that...”
“Well, you’ll get the chance to meet him tonight,” your mother said, smile full and wide. “I’ve invited him over for dinner!”
Oh, great.
“Can’t wait,” you forced out between clenched teeth, rolling your eyes when your mom clapped her hands together before grabbing your hand to drag you inside, feeling only a distant shiver roll across your spine as you walked onto the porch as if someone was looking at you from afar....
Tumblr media
Your mother was hardly the type to run out of conversation, and you eventually were forced to leave her downstairs to argue with Chan over some menial thing that he forgot to do for tonight’s big dinner while you trudged upstairs to find some peace.
Unsurprisingly, your childhood bedroom remained untouched, and you circled around the perimeter, studying old pictures of yourself playing sports and hanging out with friends. Fingers dusting over your collection of old trophies and high-school yearbooks that recalled long-ago days of feeling carefree - with the future wide-open in front of you for the taking.
But you were well off in the present, allowing yourself to indulge in the nostalgia of looking through old diaries and journals before your mother’s voice called you downstairs for dinner later that evening. “Coming!” you called back, pausing next to your mirror to check your reflection.
The smell of your mother’s cooking had your stomach rumbling from the hunger of only stopping once on the way home to eat cheap fast-food with Chan, and you forced yourself to walk like a normal person even though every instinct was screaming at you to find the source of that delicious odor.
You were nearly salivating at the idea of your mother’s homemade cooking, and your hand caught the rail of the bannister to turn the final corner, but the sounds of voices from below forced you to pause at the top of the stairs, eyes growing wide as you took in the sight of the unfamiliar man standing in your foyer, talking to your mother like they had known each other for years. “Oh, Y/N,” your mother said, and you shivered when the man turned to look at you. “Come meet our neighbor, Changbin. I think you’ll really like him.”
You held back a snort at the ironic comment because it only took you a few seconds to come to the conclusion that Changbin epitomized the phrase “just my type.”
He was on the shorter side, built like he had literally spent his entire life working out, arms bulging beneath his t-shirt and chest straining the material tight to his front. So much so that you could practically see his nipples through the fabric. 
His hair was jet-black, ruffled from the wind outside, and his eyes were equally as dark, lips contorted into a self-satisfied smirk that you found exceedingly hot.
“Hi,” you mustered without much thought, nearly tripping over your own two feet on the way down the stairs.
“This is my daughter, Y/N,” your mother said, inviting you closer so that you were standing directly in front of Changbin.
“Nice to meet you,” he said in a deep voice that was slightly rough around the edges.
“Y/N just graduate from college,” your mother gushed. “We’re so excited to have her back.”
“I’m home for the summer,” you explained, shivering at the dark look in Changbin’s gaze. “I’m starting an internship in the Fall.”
“Y/N will be working in publishing,” your mother explained, jumping in while you and Changbin continued to stare each other down - something intense and provocative.
“Really?” Changbin asked, eyes making a leisurely stroll of looking you up and in down in a way that had you feeling extremely self-conscious. 
“Oh! Give me one second to check something in the kitchen,” your mother said, excusing herself with a smile before leaving the two of you alone in the foyer.
You inwardly cursed your mother for leaving you both in an awkward silence. Say something!! You screamed to yourself.
“So,” you started, clearing your throat and forcing yourself to stop swaying back and forth. “Chan told me you practice law.”
“Yeah,” Changbin agreed, and you swooned at his crooked smile. “It doesn’t sound as interesting as your work.”
“I don’t know about that,” you countered politely, but Changbin was unrelenting.
“You looked surprised to see me earlier,” he remarked.
You swallowed hard. “Oh, well when Chan mentioned a neighbor with a kid, I just wasn’t expecting someone so....”
“Yes?” Changbin prodded, encouraging you to continue.
Someone so fucking hot, you thought to yourself, someone who was literally made inside my best fantasies, but those explicit thoughts belonged exclusively inside your head. “Young,” you eventually finished, and Changbin seemed disappointed for some reason.
“I’m 32,” he said, and your eyes widened perceptibly, realizing that he was ten years older than you.
“I would’ve never guessed,” you said. “I mean, not that it’s a bad thing-”
“It’s alright,” Changbin interrupted, and you were relieved to hear him chuckle. “I know what you mean.”
“I’m sorry,” you said. “I can be a little awkward.”
“No,” he shook his head, coming to stand a little closer. “I think it’s nice.”
Oh? What was that supposed to mean?
“I used to have a boyfriend who looked a lot like you,” you went on, freezing when you comprehended what you had just blathered without thinking.
But Changbin didn’t seem bothered at all. “I bet he wasn’t as old as me.”
“He was my age,” you said. “But I kinda like older men...”
Fuck. Did those words really just come out of your mouth?!
“Y/N,” Changbin said, and you trembled at the huskiness of his tone. “You should be more careful.” He leaned in then as if trying to keep whatever he was about to say a secret for just the two of you. “I can be a very dangerous man.”
“O-oh,” you stuttered, finding yourself two seconds away from literally melting at his feet when your mother suddenly re-entered the foyer with a dusting of flour across her chin. 
“Dinner’s ready!” she announced, and you were fleeing behind her without a second thought, escaping the intoxicating hold of Changbin’s presence before you did something you might regret.
Tumblr media
For whatever reason, you found yourself sitting next to Changbin in the dining room for dinner that night. 
“I made chicken,” your mother said, gesturing to each dish sitting in a line down the center of the table as she explained tonight’s menu. But you were barely cognizant of what your mother was saying because the close proximity to Changbin was doing very strange things to your head.
“So, Y/N,” your father started when everyone had been served. “I hope your brother was helpful with the move.”
Chan rolled his eyes, but you grinned at your father’s words. “Yeah, I was a little out of it though because of the time.”
“Like I said,” Chan huffed. “I couldn’t get there any later.”
“Let the bickering commence,” your mother said. “Changbin, you wouldn’t believe the fights these two had when they were young.”
“I can only imagine,” Changbin said, and you were wondering how someone could be even more attractive by the sound of their voice alone.
“Do you still need us to babysit for you tomorrow night?” your mother asked. “We would be more than accommodating.”
“That would be great,” Changbin said. “I’ve got a late conference call.”
“It’s no problem,” your mother continued. “Your daughter is just the loveliest.”
“Well, I’m glad to hear that,” Changbin replied.
“Y/N,” your mother said, catching you with a mouthful of chicken. “Changbin’s daughter is such a peach.”
You quickly forced down the food in your mouth when you felt Changbin’s gaze rest on you. “Oh? How hold is she, Mr. Seo?”
“She’s six,” Changbin said, and he shifted in his chair, causing your knees to brush together in a move that you knew wasn’t intentional, even if it didn’t stop your legs from wrapping together. “And you don’t have to be so formal with me, Y/N. Only my clients call me Mr. Seo.”
“O-oh,” you exhaled, reacting to the brief contact under the table, hoping that nobody else was noticing your strange behavior.
“Maybe Y/N could help watch Lucy when you’re gone,” your mother suggested, always the first to rope you into these things.
“Sure,” you agreed, even though the idea of pulling babysitting duty was less than appealing, and you could hear Chan snickering from across the table. He knew perfectly well your attitude when it came to kids. 
“I think Lucy would like that,” Changbin agreed, and you started to nod along until you felt Changbin’s hand move to your thigh.
Just that single move had your entire form frozen in place. 
While your mother continued talking about whatever subject caught her attention, you were left wondering how you should react to the very obvious posturing of Changbin’s hand moving decidedly against your bare skin.
“I’ll probably head back into town tomorrow morning,” Chan said. “I wasn’t able to get much work done.”
You knew it was a playful jab at you, but at that moment you were incapable of coherent speech.
“How is work, Channie?” your mother asked, just as ignorant as the rest of them to the situation unfolding beneath her table. “Anything interesting?”
“Not really,” Chan replied, and you nearly choked on the food you were swallowing when you felt Changbin squeezing your thigh. 
“Try to chew it first, Y/N,” your father chuckled, and you forced a smile which you hoped wasn’t as strained as it felt.
“What about you, Changbin?” your mother politely queried. “Anything interesting happening lately?”
“Maybe,” he said with a tone that was far too knowing.
“Hmmm?” your mother smiled. “You aren’t seeing anyone, are you?”
You knew the question was invasive, but Changbin handled it in stride. “I think it depends.”
“Sounds scandalous,” your mother joked, and you couldn’t have possibly been imagining it, feeling his fingers reach so high under the opening of your shorts that his fingertips touched the outline of your panties. 
You reached down to cover his hand with your own, bringing awareness to the fact that you weren’t ignoring what was happening, and he had every opportunity to pull back.
But he didn’t. In fact, Changbin’s light, playful touches only continued, and you were left reeling for what the intention could possibly mean.
Tumblr media
Early the next morning, you were supposed to be cleaning the pool as a favor to your mother, but how could you be blamed for sneaking peaks at your neighbor working out in his backyard? 
“Holy shit,” you cursed under your breath, failing to do a very good job of pretending to be occupied with your current task while ogling the man across the lawn who was in the middle of another round of push-ups, biceps flexing while the rest of his body practically glowed under the sun. 
You knew it wasn’t a crime to permit the occasional glance, but your hardcore staring could certainly be qualified as spying at this point (especially in the direction of a lawyer) - making it blatantly obvious that you were very appreciative of the male form at the peak of performance.
Was Changbin seriously 32? And a father?
The questions boggled your mind, and in your distracted state, you clearly forgot to keep a firm hold on the handle of the pool’s leaf skimmer, huffing in annoyance when it splashed beneath the water.
It was enough to attract Changbin’s attention, and you were sure that your face was just as red as the towel draped over the back of your mother’s patio furniture when he stood to his full height before walking in your direction.
“Were you watching me?” Changbin asked, sauntering over to you with black mesh shorts hanging tantalizingly low on his hips, shirt foregone in exchange for a delightful sheen of sweat coating the skin of his thick upper torso in dripping rivulets. 
“Uh...” you trailed off anxiously, realizing that Changbin wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for your half-assed excuses, especially after what had happened between the two of you last night. 
“You’re not planning on lying to me, Y/N?” he asked, raising one eyebrow in question.
“N-no, Mr. Seo,” you said, shaking your head quickly, barely keeping a firm grasp of your bearings as he abruptly leaned in closer, musk hanging heavy in the air between the two of you. 
“I told you not to call me that,” he said, lips lingering far too close to your ear for a simple neighborly exchange, and you could feel the body heat emanating from him in waves, holding you completely hostage as you briefly entertained the idea of falling to your knees right then and there. 
“What should I call you?” you asked instead, fisting your shirt between your hands because you were desperate for something to ground you in that moment. 
You could practically feel his smirk, holding in a gasp when his hand settled at the low dip in your spine, fitting into the space there as he pulled you tight against his front. “You can always call me daddy instead.”
Your heart skipped several beats at the scandalous words. Either that or you had just entered cardiac arrest.
But before you could muster a response, you found yourself leaping out of Changbin’s hold when the backdoor opened, and your mother was screaming out your name while waving like a maniac. “Oh!” she said when she realized that you weren’t alone. “I didn’t mean to interrupt!”
“We were just talking,” you quickly inserted, glancing at Changbin from the corner of your eye to see him smirking. 
Tumblr media
For a while, the very strange flirtation between you and Changbin simmered down, and you tried your best to avoid him when you could, even if he made that very hard to do since he insisted on doing his morning workouts outside in direct line of your bedroom.
It was during the following week that you brought the divine glory of Changbin to your friend, Laura’s, attention, ushering her into your house when she parked on the side of street. “What the hell, Y/N?” she complained when you started practically dragging her up the stairs. “I’ve been driving for hours.”
“Oh, hush,” you said. “You’ll thank me later.”
“Thank you for what, exactly?” Laura questioned, but your response was to simply push her toward the window, standing side by side as you looked through the blinds.
“My new neighbor.”
“Holy fuck!” Laura gasped when she finally joined you, and you could only nod your agreement as the two of you continued to watch Changbin through two narrow breaks in your blinds, wondering how the image of your sexy neighbor simply mowing his grass could make you so wet. “That man is huge!”
“I think he does it on purpose,” you remarked, feeling your heart palpitate inside your chest when Changbin took a moment to pause his chore, reaching down to remove his shirt and tuck it into the waistband of his shorts.
Laura’s gasp was almost outlandishly laughable. “He’s ripped! Like, Sports Illustrated model worthy.”
“I would buy every last copy of that edition.”
“I’d even go a step further and tape the pictures to my wall.”
You both stopped to look at one another, nodding in your collective agreement. “Not here, though, my mom would freak.”
“Yeah, but how can your mom expect you to just ignore...that!” Laura exclaimed, gesturing wildly to Changbin. 
“She thinks he’s a fucking Saint, but I swear to god, Laura, he’s provoking me on purpose! The other night at dinner? He came over and put. his. hand. on. my. leg,” you said, emphasizing the last line with what probably looked like a comical widening of your eyes. “And he works out every morning in front of my bedroom? What the hell am I supposed to think?”
“No think,” Laura sighed dreamily. “Just enjoy the view.”
“Do you think I’m not?” you snorted. “I’m serious about him doing those things!”
“So what?” Laura grumbled. “Why are you actually worried that your fucking super model neighbor wants to make a few moves on you? I would be honored.”
“I’m not worried,” you huffed. “It just feels like he wants something from me.”
“Well, if it’s a good fuck, then send him all the signals you can, girl.”
“Really?” you muttered. “You know I suck with flirting. That’s why I only hooked up with Joshua at those stupid frat parties. He didn’t care that I was an awkward mess.”
“Well, neither will your neighbor,” Laura said. “Especially if he’s as interested as you say.”
You pursed your lips, considering her comment, but the sudden and unexpected sound of your door opening sent both you and Laura jumping nearly ten feet into the air as you hurried away from the blinds as fast as humanely possible to take up some form of normalcy.
No, mom, of course we weren’t staring at Mr. Seo.
“Girls,” your mother inquired as she walked inside, and you prayed that your mother hadn’t caught the two of you taking sly peaks at Changbin outside, but she seemed completely ignorant. “I have a question for you.”
“Hmmm?” you inquired, innocently enough, trying to act like the position that you had forced yourself into on the bed was totally not uncomfortable.
“Changbin needs someone to watch Lucy tomorrow night, but your father and I already made plans,” she said. “But I told him you would be more than happy to come over and help him out.”
You winced when Laura elbowed you in the side, giving you one of those looks that you knew quite well from countless nights of barhopping as sophomores. “Yeah, I don’t mind.”
“I’m sure you don’t,” Laura snickered, but you payed her no attention as you hurried to close the door behind your mother’s retreating form, breathing a sigh of relief to hear her walk back down the stairs.
Tumblr media
In all of your years of existence, never had you questioned the appropriateness of an outfit to wear to someone’s place to babysit.
“Fuck it,” you eventually decided, settling on regular, well-worn jeans and a college t-shirt.
After all, it wasn’t like Changbin was staying for very long. He claimed he had something to do at the office, and you would be all alone inside his house with only his kid for companionship.
Still, after your conversation with Laura from the previous afternoon, you couldn’t help but feel more mindful about how he might look at you, and you forced yourself to wear your most professional smile when you rang the doorbell to his house, counting slowly from one until he opened the door.
“Hi, Y/N,” Changbin said, and you tried not to blatantly check him out; although, you couldn’t help but linger on the tight fit of his shirt across his pecs.
“Hello,” you nearly whispered, cursing your hormones as you followed Changbin inside.
“I actually have something to tell you,” Changbin said, leading you into the living room so that you could sit down while entered the adjoining kitchen.
“Oh?” you queried, as politely as you could, waiting for him to return.
It didn’t take him long, and you found yourself sitting up a little straighter from where you had made yourself comfortable on the couch. “So, I actually found someone else to watch Lucy,” Changbin explained, coming around to land next to you on the couch with two glasses of wine. 
“You did?” you asked, surprised and taken-aback. 
Why were you here then?
As if he could read your thoughts, Changbin smirked. “Thirsty?”
“Sure,” you agreed, taking one of the glasses and bringing the rim up to your lips. “I’m sorry, I just thought you wanted me to watch her.”
“I did,” Changbin said, and he seemed contemplative as he sipped his own drink. “But then I kinda wanted you for something else.”
“Something else?” you repeated because your mind was spinning those simple words in a thousand different directions, and you were only able to settle on one likely outcome when Changbin’s hand dropped to your thigh, reminiscent of your first dinner together from several evenings ago. 
He suddenly moved in closer to you, allowing you to smell the subtle cologne that he was wearing. “You’ve been watching me,” he said, and you shivered, feeling both hot and cold at the same time as you looked at him.
“Don’t play coy,” Changbin continued, and you found yourself observing the way his throat bobbed as he drank. “I don’t mind the attention.”
“You don’t?” you replied, a rather useless question considering the circumstances, and Changbin took your glass and sat both alcoholic selections onto the side table.
“Why wouldn’t I like it?” he asked, tracing little nonsensical patterns on the covered part of your thigh. “You’re a very beautiful girl.”
What. The. Hell?!!
“Mr. Seo, I don’t think-”
“Y/N,” Changbin interrupted, and you were so frazzled and disjointed by the sharp grip he took on your chin, forcing eye-contact that was so intimate, you could feel yourself grow a little bit wetter. “I told you not to call me that.”
It was the only precursor you got before Changbin was delving in, gripping your chin firmly as he connected your lips in a deep, sensuous exchange that had you reeling from the sudden 180 degree turn that the night had taken. 
In one word: everything was rough. Teeth meeting teeth, and tongues rolling in a messy glide against one another. Wet and warm. Silky and smooth. It was everything you needed in a kiss to get your gears turning, feeling your pussy positively throbbing in response.
“That’s right,” Changbin eventually said when he pulled the two of you apart - very much still in control. “We shouldn’t ignore this tension between us.”
“No,” you eagerly agreed, diving in once more for another earth-shattering kiss that rocked you to your very bones, taking the initiative to crawl into his lap, grinding yourself shamelessly against the tight bulge in his jeans while your fingers dug their way into his thick, dark hair. 
“Eager,” Changbin whispered between feverish kisses, keeping your mouths locked together at all costs, even if that meant growing a little bit light-headed from losing too much oxygen.
But you couldn’t get enough of him, not after all this teasing and tension. 
You didn’t care anymore, consequences be damned, and there wasn’t a single part of you opposing his intentional touches, giving him enough space to unbutton your jeans before sliding one hand beneath the waistband of your panties. In response, you moaned into his mouth, bracing your hands against his shoulders as he found the delicate folds of your pussy.
“Do you want me to touch you here?” Changbin asked, and you were feverishly nodding, sweat forming at the top of your forehead, trying your best to hold back your loudest moans when he slid right in with little resistance, moving his fingers around the inside of your cunt, stretching and filling you in a way that you imagined was nothing compared to what the thick cock beneath you could do.
But you would take anything from him, savoring the glide of his fingers since you were practically drenching him in sticky arousal, jerking forward every so often when his thumb pressed down a little too hard against your clit.
All the while, you could feel yourself start to break apart from the heated contact between the two of you, aching and wanting for the release that the look in his eyes told you he had every intention of providing.
And you were enjoying every bit of the journey to get there, bathing in his attention, groaning when his fingers curled up just right to tease your g-spot, and grinding down against the erection confined tightly in his jeans. 
Everything was suddenly so much louder, the sounds of his palm smacking against your cunt, fingers gliding through wetness, and the joined harmony of your combined moans and grunts. 
It was a rapid uphill ascent into the clouds, and you could feel him start to move even faster, pulling against the fabric of your jeans, and there was hardly any time for your mind to truly comprehend what was happening. Lost in a sinful haze of lust and divine rapture, wanting nothing more than to just lose yourself in Changbin.
Except he wasn’t letting you simply drown in the pleasure he was giving you, tugging at your hair to bring you back to the present, to the final string keeping your orgasm just out of reach. “You don’t think I haven’t noticed,” Changbin growled into your ear, keeping one hand tight around your waist to stop your squirming as he continued plunging his thick fingers between the tight walls of your pussy. “I see you looking at me because I want you to look.”
You moaned at the explicit expression of his desires, closing your eyes and returning your head against his shoulder, hips titillating according to the way he moved his fingers inside of you. 
“Cum for me,” he said, and you were more than willing to let go of everything, including the moans you had been trying to hold back, filling the house with the loud raucous of your screams as your orgasm snapped and unleashed a molten hot thrill along your spine.
You were gasping for breath, returning from the highest peak of satisfaction, but Changbin hardly gave you anytime to recover before he was removing his hand from your jeans and forcing you into the floor.
“My turn,” he grunted, and the sound of his belt unbuckling triggered some semblance of rationale, and you were practically salivating over Changbin’s cock, eyeing the red bulbous mushroom head and wondering how deep you could take him. “Well?” Changbin prodded, grabbing the base of his thick erection to brush it across the pout of your lips. “Open wide.”
You whimpered, but obeyed, allowing your tongue to stick out just enough to taste the drop of precum leaking from the tip. It was bitter and unappealing, but since it was from Changbin, you couldn’t resist trying more of him, going further and further down until you felt him at the back of your throat.
Your jaw was already aching from the extension, and a distant thought had you thinking, damn, you were gonna be sore in the morning. But it was completely worth it to hear him moan from above you, fingers tightening in your hair as you allowed him to set the pace, rolling you up and down his cock, tongue sweeping the sides and tip and digging into the little slit where you discovered he was the most sensitive. 
At the same time, you were all but humping his leg, desperate to get off again as he used your mouth for his own personal cocksleeve, hitting the back of your throat repeatedly, sending you gagging around his impossible length.
“You take cock like you were made for it,” he remarked, eyes glossing over in a way that had you feeling rather proud of your skills. 
It only lasted for a moment, and he abruptly held himself all the way down for one, two, three seconds until you were whining for him to let you free just long enough to take in another deep breath. 
“Finish me off,” he groaned, and you were working overtime to bring him to the edge, bobbing your head up and down the full expanse of his length, all gorgeous and velvety smooth skin. And you braced your hands against his knees, an anchor to reality, when he finally released down your throat, heavy and warm, causing you to nearly choke as you struggled to swallow every last drop.
“Good girl,” he whispered, petting your head softly as you whined and continued to rub yourself against him, jumping off the brink of orgasmic bliss right after him, allowing your head to fall down between his spread legs.
It was a quiet for a while as you both fought to catch your breath, but then he was moving again, rising from his position on the couch. 
You sat back on your heels at the jostling, whimpering when he stood over you with a menacing sneer, grabbing your face between his hands, forcing your gazes to meet somewhere in the middle even though you still couldn’t completely concentrate. But you were cognizant to at least understand his next words: “Lucy won’t be here tomorrow night, either.”
“Changbin,” you gasped, understanding the implications of his request and shivering at the effect they could still have on your worn-out body. 
“I’ll leave the door unlocked,” he whispered into your ear, keeping eye-contact as he brought his fingers still coated with your arousal into his mouth, sucking while you grew faint at the sight. Then, he pulled them free and knelt down to sear your lips together so that you could taste the riveting combination of your releases on his wicked tongue. 
Tumblr media
You returned home that night in a daze, immediately heading for your room after assuring your mother that everything was totally fine with the babysitting, even if you probably appeared a little out of sorts. 
In the meantime, you landed on top of your bed with a sigh, opening your phone contacts to pull up Laura’s name, placing the call without any mind to the late hour.
She answered on the third ring with a curt grunt. “This better be good, Y/N.”
“Oh?” you replied with a nonchalant tone. “I thought you might be interested in hearing about my latest dick appointment.”
There was a sharp intake of breath on the other end. “You didn’t.”
“I did!”
“With your neighbor?”
You laughed at Laura’s shrill tone, rolling over onto your stomach with your feet dancing in the air behind you. “I totally sucked him off.” 
“Shit! How big is his cock?” Laura whispered over the phone as if anybody could possibly overhear your conversation. 
“Let’s just say he’s well-endowed.”
“You absolute slut!” Laura exclaimed. “Did he at least return the favor?”
“Oh, he’s a gentleman,” you explained. “He took care of me first.”
“He just fingered me,” you said, even as your mind sprinted with images and sensations; Changbin’s sultry gaze, defined muscles, and the burning desire he had planted deep in your core. 
“That’s hot though,” Laura said. “I can’t believe you actually did anything with him.”
“What? I told you he was sending me signals!”
“Yeah, but I was only halfway assuming that those signals might lead to his fingers in you!”
You couldn’t help yourself, laughing at Laura’s incredulous tone, and spending the next several minutes doing your absolute best to provide a heavily detailed play-by-play of your evening tryst with Changbin. 
“Lucky bitch,” Laura scoffed at the end of your long-winded tale. “I’d kill for someone to fuck me.”
“Well, we haven’t gotten there yet...”
“Yet? Are you planning to go back to him?”
“Obviously,” you said. “There’s unfinished business that I need to take care of.”
“You think he wants to fuck you?”
“I think he wants to do a lot to me,” you purred, smirking at the sounds of Laura’s outlandish squeals from the other end.
Tumblr media
Still, you didn’t think those explicit fantasies would come to fruition so soon. But the next night when you returned to Changbin’s house under the guise of babysitting his kid, there were no formalities between the two of you because you both wanted each other in a way that should be considered improper. 
Fortunately, you were tired of caring about other people’s opinions, and it only took Changbin a moment to pull you into his house before his lips were crushing against yours, holding you around the waist as he started working at your clothes.
If whiplash was a thing in moments like these, then you had it bad, trying to follow the taste of him as he backed you both into the bedroom, closing the door and enveloping you both in the gentle glow from the lamp.
“Get on the bed,” Changbin growled when he finally pulled away, reaching down for the hem of his t-shirt. You swallowed hard at the sight of his broad, toned upper form, stumbling backward along the floor, hopping on one leg to finish removing your jeans for him, leaving you completely naked as you lowered yourself onto the mattress. “Good girl,” Changbin cooed, and you shivered at the huskiness of his voice, rubbing your thighs together in anticipation as he blatantly traced the outline of his cock through his jeans.
“Changbin, please,” you panted, already so worked up from just kissing and feeling his hands all over your body that you were desperate for something more.
“What do you want, gorgeous?” he asked, walking slowly around to the front of the bed as you watched him with eager eyes.
“Want you to fuck me,” you said, heart thundering against your chest when he started working apart his belt, pulling down his jeans and boxers and allowing his thick cock to slap up against his abdomen, already so hard for you even though you had just started.
“Hands and knees,” Changbin ordered, and you were surprised by your quick compliance, supporting yourself on shaky limbs as you felt him climb on the bed behind you, tensing when the head of his cock grazed your wet opening. “Look at you,” Changbin rumbled, teasing you even more by running his fingers down your spine, allowing his other hand to reach around to grope your breast.
“Hurry,” you practically begged him, and it was like the metaphorical band had finally snapped, and you moaned when Changbin took a firm hold of your hips, manhandling you back into position. 
“Good girls say please,” he snarled, and your entire form light up at the abrupt command.
“P-please,” you stuttered, and there was an unholy line of curses that left your lips when he directed his cock inside, penetrating you so slowly that you could feel every inch of him until he was snug against your ass.
“Since you asked nicely,” Changbin chuckled, and you had never been so turned on before in your entire life, heart racing and blood pumping, bracing yourself against the mattress when he started thrusting, gentle at first, but then faster and faster as you egged him on, wanting him to go so hard that he split you in half around his cock. 
“Oh, fuck,” you gasped, struggling to maintain any sort of grip on the headboard. 
“You’ve been holding out on me,” Changbin purred into your ear, sounding perfectly put-together despite the fact that he was literally drilling his cock into you. “All those guys you’ve fucked before, I would think your pussy wouldn’t be this tight.”
“You’re just too big,” you managed, crying out when he grazed a sensitive spot. 
“Oh? Is that why this little pussy is leaking so much?” Changbin asked, and you had no response for him, clearly fucked out of all rational thought as his hips slapped against yours in a bruising meeting of skin-on-skin. 
It was undeniable: you had never felt this full Changbin’s cock was somehow reaching all the way to your guts, and you reached down to place a hand over your stomach, imagining feeling the bulge of his cock against the distended skin.
“How does daddy feel?” Changbin whispered into your ear, and if it was possible for him to literally destroy you, then it would be from that heavily suggestive question.
“So good,” you sniffled, tears falling inhibited, leaving your face just as wet as the place where he was crushing himself into you, repeating the same motion of leaving just the tip before re-entering you with added urgency, cock forcing its way between the slick walls of your cunt. 
It was a beautiful melodic song after that (or, perhaps, hard metal would be a much better genre), the rhythm of his hips rolling against your own, hard and then softer, bruising and fleeting, stuffing your pussy on every upstroke, holding you in place by his pure strength. 
You could feel that strength everywhere, the force of his cock squelching between your pulsating walls, the way you moved up and down the bed by his control, and, when you reached back with one hand to feel his arm, the flex of his biceps as his arms worked to move you however he pleased.
“What will your mother say, Y/N?” Changbin asked. “When she finds out that her daughter fucked the man next door?”
Your mother would absolutely lose her shit if she found out that you were willingly spreading your legs for a divorced 32-year old man who had a daughter you were meant to be babysitting. She would be even more taken aback to discover that you loved and craved every second of Changbin’s cock tearing you to pieces, stretching you so good that you imagined that you would still be gaping in the morning, desperate to have him fill you again. 
“Her little girl screaming like a slut for me,” Changbin hissed. “Say my name, Y/N.”
“C-Changbin,” you whimpered, feeling him roll to a slower pace, merely grinding his hips in circles as if teasing you for the answer.
You flinched and nearly cried when he smacked the fleshy part of your ass, trying to look back over your shoulder to see what you had done wrong. “Try again,” he said, giving you a meaningful look that your poor, fucked-out brain still managed to decipher; although, you were burning in your own skin at the thought of saying it out loud....
“Daddy!” you moaned, and Changbin suddenly reached down to catch a fistful of your hair, pulling your head back and forcing your back into an even deeper arch. 
“That’s right,” he sneered. “And Daddy’s about to ruin this pussy, fuck it so full of my cum that you’ll still be feeling it when you go back home tonight to your parents and lie about what you’ve done.”
Your next moan was the loudest of the night, overwhelmed by the nasty things he was saying to you, feeling your orgasm gaining speed and traction the longer he kept fucking you, cock moving at a neck-break pace, and fingers wet and hurried over your clit.
The combined friction of his cock and fingers had you reeling, struggling to keep yourself up as he pummeled you into the mattress. Taking great liberties in the screams he was forcing out of you, realizing that if he angled his hips with one of your legs stretched higher around his hip, then he could somehow reach even deeper, kissing your cervix and threatening to steal the breath from your lungs. 
More and More. Faster and Faster. Until the breaking point was right under your nose...
The next thing you remember is a release that was so intense, you managed to black-out when it was all over, pussy fluttering around the distinct waves of pleasure, barely coherent as Changbin continued chasing his own release until he fulfilled his obscene promise to you. 
Tumblr media
Three Weeks Later
You had gotten awfully good at keeping Changbin a secret - a dirty and scandalous whisper at that. 
For a while, your mother questioned your insistence on going over to your neighbor’s house to babysit, especially considering your history of being less than willing to interact with children.
“She’s not like most kids,” you lied, waiting for your mother to relent before grabbing whatever bag you needed consisting of your overnight clothes, trying to appear as nonchalant as possible when you walked over to Changbin’s house.
Your mother watched you, at first, standing on the porch as if ensuring that you made it the dozen or so feet separating your yard from that of your neighbor’s. Eventually, she gave up on trying to catch you doing something you weren’t supposed to, but you still kept up appearances, ringing the doorbell and taking a few steps to the side to leave enough room for the screen to rotate on its hinges, offering you the irresistible view of Changbin standing there in all his glory. 
“You’re early,” he remarked; although he seemed to take great pleasure in seeing you as early as possible.
“Is that okay?” you asked with a knowing look, and Changbin chuckled while giving you his most arrogant smirk. 
In return, you smiled back at Changbin, watching him open the door just a little bit wider in invitation.
It was all you needed before surrendering yourself to whatever delicious and mind-blowing ecstasy awaited on you the other side.  
Summer of 69 indeed.
Tumblr media
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pappydaddy · a month ago
Enchanted (j.m)
A/N: Hello lovelies! To wrap up my 300 follower celebration, I am posting this! This was submitted by someone who I love to interact with - obx anon. They requested a blurb based off of Enchanted by Taylor Swift with the enchanting JJ Maybank. However, this did not turn out to be a blurb, it was a full-out fic because I could not help myself. What else am I supposed to do with Taylor Swift songs as prompts? But, yeah, this is like nine pages which isn't too bad, but still not a blurb. While I was writing I was thinking about doing a part two, but idk. If y'all want a part two, just let me know. Like I just need one person to tell me and I will do it. I already have ideas.
I've also been listening to Speak Now on repeat since I got this ask. Also, this, Wedding Crasher (re-write) and Part Two of A Lumberjack and A Mullet (and a rewrite of that) (these two fics are available on Stragner Things Masterlists) will be part of the eventual Speak Now collection once the album is re-released and after Folklore/Evermore + Fearless + Red collections are done.
Anywho, obx anon, I hope you love this lovely💛!
Pairing: JJ Maybank x fem!reader
TV Show/Movie: Outer Banks
Taglist: @rottenstyx
part i - you're here! | part ii​​
AU where the treasure hunt did not turn into what it is in the show. No Bahamas, no Ward/Rafe psychopathy, etc. Just a harmless, fun little adventure that brought Sarah and Kie together again.
Requested as part of an event by the lovely obx anon
Warnings: idk if there is any? Fluff? Some angst? Just someone falling in love with someone they just met. Mention of socio-economic levels, social status, etc.
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- not my gif -
Tumblr media
One would think the life of a rich kid would be easy, a dream within a dream - and for some it is. Y/N never was one to overlook the advantages and privileges she had in life thanks to her parent’s wealth, even if they weren’t all that wealthy. The L/N family sat comfortably in the upper class of life, they had the fancy house, the social status, but there were definitely richer families - particularly her mother’s best friend’s stepfamily. Rose Cameron was one of Y/N’s mother’s closest friends since their realtor’s course way back when and was the whole reason Y/N was forced to move to the small island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Missing the California lifestyle, Y/N found the incessant welcoming parties people have been throwing them a bit overwhelming but unavoidable. Part of being on the lower part of the upper-class scale was putting on the show.
So, here she was, faking a laugh as some stranger clutching a champagne fluke made some horrible joke. Dressed to the tens, almost all of the Kooks of the island were gathered in the Cameron’s extravagant house, having just finished a fancy meal and currently waiting for the patio to be reopened to allow them to meander back out to the bar. One thing Y/N noticed about Rose and the Cameron’s - they loved to show off their wealth. “Y/N, dear, why don’t you tell everyone about your shot at a prestigious scholarship- actually, I’ll tell them.” Her mother boasted yet again, her gentle hand being placed on her shoulder blade that was exposed by the thin, crisscrossing straps of her satin dress. Faking a smile, Y/N stayed quiet as her mother tried to up their social standing to the group of adults.
“Say, Mr. Carrera, we should get together for a round of golf, I’ve heard the course at the Country Club is amazing. Perhaps we can get the wives and children together the same day, give us a bit more freedom, am I right?” Her father laughed with one of the other men in the small cluster, branching from the others.
“Please, call me Mike,” The man corrected him politely, before tipping his champagne fluke towards her father slightly. “And I think I’ll take you up on that offer, maybe your daughter could help set an example for mine, we’ve been having problems with her lately,” Mike whispered the last part to Y/N’s father quietly as if it were top secret information. “Actually, she’s here somewhere, she’s probably outside helping her friends, some of them are working the party-” Mike cut himself off, looking over the heads of the crowd gathered in the base floor of the Cameron’s house. “She’s walking in the door now, Kiara!” He yelled her name, waving her over.
“Y/N, come here for a moment please,” Her own father spoke softly but with a harsh tone daring her to not comply. She did as he asked, her heels clicking against the expensive tile for the few steps it took to approach the two, another pair of heels joining them seconds later. “This is Mike and his daughter, she’s about your age.” He gestured to the man and (presumably) Kiara as she settled at her father’s side rather reluctantly.
“This is Kiara, Kiara, this is Y/N,” Mike introduced the two girls, prompting them both to smile politely at each other. “Maybe you two could hang out and talk for a little bit?” Her father suggested, giving Kiara the same tone Y/N’s father gave her seconds before. Forcing a smile onto her face, Kiara agreed.
“Sure, come on, I’ll introduce you to Sarah.” Kiara nodded her head towards the crowd, leading Y/N away from the stifling conversation of adults trying to kiss up to one another. The pair walked in awkward silence. Y/N could tell Kiara didn’t take too well to her parents using her or these parties to climb the social ladder either from the way her back flexed as she pushed her way through the crowd.
“Just so you know, I didn’t suggest that. They forced it upon me as well,” She let her know as the crowd started to thin, the two girls approaching the outskirts of the party. Kiara nodded, humming in understanding as she led them into another room with fewer people. “I didn’t even want to come to this, but my parents are determined that we need to be highly regarded in the eyes of these stuffy people - no offence, your parents seem nice-” She ranted, not even noticing that Kiara had stopped.
“None taken, my parents force me to these places for the same reasons and they are no better than any other parent at this party,” Kiara told her earnestly, making Y/N nod, thankful she understood what she was getting at. It seemed Kiara knew the tiredness and loneliness Y/N often found herself battling thanks to her parents' incessant need to appease people. “I think Sarah is outside, they just opened the doors to let everyone out so you should stick close to me, it’s like a feeding frenzy once the bar is open.” She advised, grabbing Y/N’s hand before she started pulling her towards the large glass doors of the room they stood in, following the stream of people searching out the expensive alcohol stashed behind the bar.
Y/N stumbled slightly, looking at the vast difference between what the outside patio was when they ate and what it was now. It was alive with string lights wound around the canopy and the lanterns littered through the grass. With the silver moon and the glow of the artificial light, it looked like a scene from a romance movie, but Y/N highly doubted the presence of some dashing stranger at a party primarily attended by middle and old-aged men. “Hey, Kie,” A girl's voice spoke from ahead, pulling Y/N’s attention from the setup. At the end of their small path, stood a blonde girl with her dress and her hair flowing in the summer breeze - making her look like a goddess, the lights creating a halo on her head. Her round cheeks became rounder as she smiled such a gorgeous smile Y/N was almost awestruck. “Who is your friend?”
“This is Y/N, the same Y/N this party is for, correct?” Kiara looked back at her for confirmation.
“Uh- Yeah, that’s me. Y/N L/N.” She confirmed with a startled nod, reaching her hand out for Sarah to shake. Gently and almost royally, Sarah shook her hand, the smile never leaving her face. Y/N had to take a moment to take her in. She looked so beautiful, it was almost like she was a princess - the main character of the romance movie they appeared to be in. While she was welcoming to the invitation of this beautiful girl into her night, Y/N couldn’t help but feel ridiculous that she let herself believe she would be the main character for the night.
“Sarah Cameron, Rose and your mom are friends,” She asked, earning another confirming nod from Y/N who found herself at a loss of words. She hadn’t expected to meet people who would actually want to talk to her, let alone people who she would actually want to talk to. She had assumed that everyone close to her age would be pompous, arrogant and self-righteous. “Rose hasn’t stopped planning this party or talking about your family moving here for at least six months. I welcome it since that means she’s distracted.” The blonde noted as the flowing music from the live band started to weave through the crowd. Y/N couldn’t help but look around. The backyard was practically flooded with people. Very few people were squeezing through the crowd with trays held high and most were the guests.
“So, this place, is it all rich people,” Y/N asked nervously. Leave it to her social status chasing parents to move her to a place filled with out-of-touch snobs. Sarah and Kiara started laughing, making Y/N brows furrow in confusion. “What? What’s so funny?” She pressed, looking between the two girls as they leaned against each other, their laughter fizzing out. Heat crawled up her cheeks as they wheezed for air. Had she misjudged the two? Were they really just like everyone else at the party? Or did they two feel the same dread and exhaustion she did at these parties?
“It’s nothing to do with you,” Sarah reassured her kindly, almost reading Y/N’s mind entirely as she righted herself, fixing her dress. “But I can see why you would think that since all you’ve gotten to see so far are parties trying to out-do each other. The island is much more than that.” She explained, her voice calmer now as she tried to wipe her eyes of the tears that were forced out by her laughter.
“It’s not all rich people who live here, but most of Figure Eight wishes it was just rich people - trust me on that-” Kiara was cut off by Sarah pointing off in the distance.
“My brother, over there,” She paused, making sure Y/N found the right person. Following the line of her finger, she spotted someone about nineteen standing around with a bunch of other guys, all nursing a scotch that didn’t appear to be sipped from yet. The group of them, they were exactly the type of guys she would suspect to be here. All sporting expensive coats and watches in such a flashy way it almost blinded her. “He’s one of those people so it might be best to steer clear from him the best you can.” She advised, letting Y/N take her attention away from the dirty blonde.
“Our friends are from The Cut, they are all working the party,” Kiara spoke again, rolling onto the balls of her feet, trying to see over the loud crowd. “Pope, he’s the smart one, is on the grill helping his dad.” She pointed over the heads. Peering around some people, Y/N spotted the boy almost completely hidden behind the open cover of the grill, only his backwards hat sticking out over the silver cover. He worked frantically from what she could see, his elbow poking out from behind the cover every few seconds making her assume he was wiping his forehead.
“John B is bussing tables, he’s my boyfriend.” Sarah smiled dreamily, pointing over to a boy swiping empty glasses from the tables already. Y/N could see him a lot better than Pope. He was tall, with sunkissed skin that she wasn’t sure was natural or from spending time at the beach, all matched with flowing brown waves on his head. Noting how Sarah gazed upon the brunette, Y/N could tell that their story was a great one that would be told time and time again and this was just another scene in their epic love story.
“I’m not too sure where JJ is right now, probably off somewhere hitting a blunt,” Kiara shrugged, searching the crowd for her other friend. “I’m sure you’ll meet him soon enough, you’re gorgeous and he’s JJ, he’s bound to flirt with you at some point,” She waved her hand, not concerned about her friend’s disappearance. “Hey, my parents are flagging me down for some stupid shit, I’ll find a way to keep in touch with you, Y/N, you seem cool!”
“Thanks, you too!” Y/N called after her, a bit shocked about being called cool, but Kiara was too far. Cringing when she saw a few people turn towards her, their noses in the air in disapproval. Sarah, having watched Kiara begrudgingly make her way to her parents, looked back at Y/N, a wide smile back on her face. Opening her mouth, she wasn’t even able to make a sound before an older blonde with a huge headpiece came rushing over to her.
“Sarah, you need to go find Wheezie, she’s MIA yet again and the Buchanan boy is looking for her. If we manage to get closer to them, they might hire me to sell their summer home in Peru.” The woman pleaded rudely, making Sarah send an apologetic smile towards Y/N as she was dragged away - leaving Y/N alone with her own thoughts once again. Sighing, she slowly turned to face the party once again. Spotting Kiara with her glowing complexion and white dress, she watched as the Carrera’s introduced her to some wealthy couple as if she were a show dog.
“So much for me actually enjoying the rest of this party.” She mumbled dejectedly as she grazed over the dance floor, almost completely occupied by people just standing there talking. With a warning glare sent from her mother, she stood up, plastering a fake smile back on her face, a facade of happiness and contentment being built back up. She had assumed by meeting Sarah and Kiara, it would open the door to actually having a decent night, but of course, for rich parents, it wasn’t a decent night unless they used their children to boost their egos and position within society. Suddenly, she found a boost of morale when her eyes spotted another busboy. On the other side of the sea of fancy dresses and suits, stood the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. Clad in the vest, crisp white shirt, and slacks that every other caterer wore, his blonde hair was perfectly styled in a way that told her it was normally a wind-tousled mess. Just by standing there, he had her completely speechless.
It was when he turned his face slightly towards her, his magnificently bright eyes landing on her, that she felt every ounce of vacancy, insincerity, and loneliness leave her body. Gone was the need to flick her eyes over the crowd, hoping that Kiara or Sarah would find their way back and rescue her. Now, all she wanted to do was stare at this boy and take in all of him. From how the yellow-tinted glow from the bulb lights reflected off his tanned skin to the way his eyes whispered to her from across the lawn. For the first time the whole night, she didn’t have to hide her true emotions and feelings. Instead, the awe and the smile she was feeling and showing were one-hundred percent real. Reaching across the dance floor, the words his eyes were trying to convey reached her like a message in a bottle. ‘Have we met before?’ The (what appeared to be from this distance) azure blue eyes asked her.
Heat rose in her cheeks once again, dusting them a noticeable pink that appeared to be a good enough answer for the wondrous boy. In a blink of an eye, she saw his silhouette weave through the crowd, his eyes locked on her frame no matter how many twists and turns he had to make around people. The bus pan originally clasped in his hands was left abandoned on the table, but it appeared that he didn’t care. When he finally stood before her, his chest rising and falling, slightly breathless from the trek to her, she found herself not worrying for him anymore. Shifting her eyes to accommodate the new view she had of him, her eyes locked with his yet again. The same eyes she once believed to be a light shade of azure were really a captivating cerulean. “Hello.” She breathed out, her breath being fully taken away by his presence.
“Hello, lovely lady,” He flirted, his eyes drifting from hers to flick around her face, taking in the features he hadn’t been able to see from across the lawn. “I haven’t seen you around, I would have remembered a face like yours.” He flirted so shamelessly and boldly. It didn’t even matter that Y/N had heard that exact same line thousands of times before - it was almost like a whole new line as it dripped from his lips but she couldn’t let him know that; not yet anyway.
“You would think that someone with a face like that would have a better line prepared.” She quipped, letting her eyes freely roam around his face. A smile tugged on one corner of his lips, growing into a smirk as he let her take him in.
“I was too overwhelmed by your beauty, all I knew was that I had to get to you before anyone else. I can't lose my chance to some rich mommy-boy with ten pairs of Sperrys in his closet.” He winked, playing into the scene they had set. Y/N, unusually bold and flirtatious in this moment, shrugged, her eyes floating to the crowd behind the boy for a split second, almost like a trick to see if he would try to get her eyes back on him - which he managed to do instantly by reaching his arm up to scratch his ear lobe, his muscles flexing under the tight sleeve of his button-down.
“That almost makes me sorry to tell you that you’re about an hour late, I was already flirted with by three men,” She sucked in a breath through her teeth, mocking sympathy. It was true, part of having rich parents is dealing with their distorted morals. They would rather sit back and watch their teenage daughter get hit on by old married men than have to network themselves. “But, if it makes you feel better, you’re the only one out of all of them that I actually want to talk to.”
"So I’m not out of the running yet I see,” He hummed, laying his palm out towards her, her eyes dipping down to look at it for a second. “Care to have a dance with me?” He asked when her eyes reached back up to look into his. He felt the weight of her hand sinking on top of his, making his eyes drop this time.
“I’m Y/N, just so you’re not dancing with a stranger.” She introduced herself before he could start to lead her to the dance floor.
“Ah, the guest of honour, the lady of the party, we finally meet,” He bowed to her, making her let out a laugh. She cringed when she heard it, knowing it wasn’t a dainty little giggle like expected in the situation, but she couldn’t help herself but to laugh, he was bowing to her as if she were royalty. The boy didn’t seem deterred by her less than cute laugh, instead, there seemed to be a flicker of sparkle in his eye at the sound. At that moment, Y/N could have sworn she had fallen in love. “I’m JJ.” He returned the introduction, standing up, her hand still wrapped in his. Kiara had been right, he did find his way to Y/N and she didn’t mind one bit.
“Pleased to meet you, JJ.” She nodded, giving a little curtsy before she could stop herself. Fighting the urge to cringe yet again while her cheeks flared, she was grateful that JJ simply started to lead her to the dance floor. Stepping onto the small deck platform which Y/N couldn’t even begin to guess it was used for when there wasn’t a party. It was even brighter, with the outer perimeter of lights on top of the ones that lined the dance floor alone, it was bright enough to land an aeroplane.
Once the next song, a slower song, started to play and JJ led her in the dance, Y/N seemed to blackout. She could feel the heat of JJ’s hand on her waist, the other one holding her hand as if they were truly at a ball, waltzing the night away. She could feel his back flex from where her fingertips lightly touched his shoulder blade, the muscles rippling with every move he made. She barely registered the way the skirt of her dress billowed as he twirled her, her hair fanning out and her eyes closing with laughter only to be pulled into his body, flush against each other - her breathing hitching as she felt his warmth and abs, his face inches from hers despite the height difference between them.
“Maybank,” A shout dissolved the fairytale land they had plunged themselves into, making Y/N gasp, pulling out of JJ’s grasp just as his face had dropped an inch closer to hers. “Back to work or you don’t get paid!” The man gruffed aggressively before looking back at his clipboard, talking into his earpiece.
“Don’t worry, my lady, this shall not be the last you see of me tonight.” JJ reassured her with a wink, running back off to the side as the man started to approach like an angry bull. Y/N, still a bit shocked, watched him, hoping and wishing with all her might that he was right - it isn’t going to be the last she sees of him. Slowly, the crowd morphed, blocking her view of the blonde who bewitched her mind and soul to only think and need him, as if he was Elizabeth Bennet and she was Mr. Darcy.
Lo and behold, JJ had been right, it wasn’t the last Y/N had seen of him. With every shift of the crowd, she managed to find him on the other side of the room, his eyes watching her just like when she first saw him. Every time, a swirl in her stomach and heat in her cheeks plagued her - a side effect of his gaze. Though, as happy as she was that he hadn’t managed to forget about her, she still wished for him to find his way to her yet again instead of his eyes whispering to her across the lawn. It wasn’t until now, as she was nodding along half-mindedly as Rafe Cameron talked that he did. “The restaurant in the Country Club is the best. My usual table looks right over hole nine of the golf course which is also where I got a hole-in-one.” He yammered on, bragging.
A gentle tap on her shoulder ceased the conversation, making her turn her head only to see the blonde she was waiting for all night. Extending his hand to her, she noted a piece of folded-up paper between his fingers. “Excuse me, I was instructed to give this to the Lovely Lady.” He clarified as Rafe seemed to breathe fire at JJ’s presence, his eyes burning dangerously into him.
“Thank you,” Y/N smiled brightly, her eyes seeming to sparkle as she plucked the paper from his hand. Turning to Rafe, her smile became less authentic. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to see what this is.” She dismissed herself, walking off to the side of the party once again, unfolding the paper. It looked like paper from a waiter's pad, ripped hurriedly. ‘Lovely Lady, I sensed you were in need of rescuing.’ The note read. Even without his name and with just meeting him, she could tell it was from the messenger himself. Lifting her eyes from the note, letting them drift over the crowd until they landed on the sharp blue eyes watching her as he walked through the crowd yet again.
“We meet again.” He breathed out once he stepped up to her, standing only inches from her.
“Looks like it,” She nodded, amazed that he kept coming to her. She wasn’t used to that kind of treatment from people who looked like JJ. “Thank you for the note and thank you for the lovely night-” She wanted to tell him about how he managed to chase away any darkness clouding over her this whole party, or at least tell him how bewitched she was with him since the first moment she laid eyes on him - but her mother and father swooped upon her, sensing any shred of happiness she felt and crushing it.
“Come now, Y/N, you don’t need to thank the staff and it’s time to leave.” Her mother grabbed her elbow, pulling her from JJ before either of them could say anything else. Stumbling slightly, Y/N hiked the long, flowing skirt of her dress up, wide eyes watching JJ in shock and disparity - wanting more time with him because she knew too well that it wasn’t guaranteed that they would see each other again.
“We will meet again, Lovely Lady.” He mouthed to her before the crowd once again separated them, too thick to see through. Being dragged by her mother into the darkness of the night, the shining lights of the party disappeared as they rounded the house, but the magic never left her. Especially when she saw the blonde hair step to the side of the party, watching her leave. Too preoccupied with the blush filling her cheeks as she thought over the night, she barely registered her mother dropping her arm, the three walking silently towards their house next to the Cameron’s.
It was as if the entire world around her was sparkling as she floated after her parents, her mind consumed by snapshots of the night. From the shared glances to the way their fingers grazed each other when she took the note from him. It was purely whimsical and so magical that she was convinced it was all a dream she would be woken from any second. “You should go to bed, we have brunch with the Cameron’s tomorrow.” Her mother advised, but her words went in one ear and out the other as Y/N stumbled up the stairs, her dress balled in her hands carelessly. Biting back a smile, she tried her best to hold in her squeals and excitement until she was safely in her room, high above the ground and extravagant beyond necessity.
With a click of her door and a twist of the lock, she nearly bounced to her bed, squealing all the way. Her body felt like it was consumed by light, shining through the dark of her room, rivalling the moonlight and glow from the party next door as they glowed through the windows. She felt like she had spent the entire night fusing and bonding and now, she was burning a bright light just like the stars in the sky, only continuing to shine brighter and brighter as she thought back to the night.
Sighing dreamily, she flopped down upon her large bed, nearly being swallowed by the fluffy comforter and heavenly soft mattress. She was completely and entirely enchanted by meeting JJ. Her head was spinning as she imagined what it would be like to date him. Imagining him showing up to her doorstep, proclaiming his love for her as he told her that he was also enchanted and bewitched by her. Letting out yet another loud squeal, Y/N rolled onto her stomach, kicking her legs out of pure excitement and romance as she buried her face in her pillow, the wide smile on her face hurting her cheeks.
But, just like with every star, it is destined for demise. The burning, the growing, the bonding, and the brightness of her happiness weakened before finally bursting like a supernova. Shooting up in the bed, she rushed to one of her many windows, looking out over the party, watching as it died down. From above, she could barely make out who certain people were, but she could spot the blonde who took up most of her night easily. Standing off to the side with two more workers (she could guess were Pope and John B), along with Sarah and Kiara, all standing and talking as people bid thanks to the hosts. “What if he has someone else? What if he already met his own Elizabeth Bennet?” She whispered.
She gazed upon them, watching as they conversed. Sarah and Kiara seemed to be ordering JJ to do something from what Y/N could see. She furrowed her brows, leaning closer to the window, trying to figure out what was going on. Sarah’s arm flew out to the side, her finger pointed right at Y/N’s house, the group turning to it. Even with her room darkened other than the light through the window, she didn’t want them to know she was spying, making her fall to the ground quickly with a thud on the hardwood floor. Gasping, she laid flat, her heart pounding and racing. Flopping onto her back, she blinked up at the ceiling, looking at the distorted shape of the window filled in by light from the moon. “Please don’t have someone else. Please don’t let this night go.” She whispered, clasping her hands to her chest as she pleaded with the universe.
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alpacaparkaseok · 7 months ago
Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself
pairing/genre: Taehyung x reader, idol!reader x idol!taehyung
premise: When you lock eyes with your soulmate, you’re immediately teleported to them. So, technically it’s not your fault that you ended up in Kim Taehyung’s lap for all to see.
word count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
requested by @marianeamine​ - thanks for the fun request! a picture of your request will be at the bottom of the post! (also, can we just enjoy Yoongi’s tiny clapping in the background of this gif? lol)
The lights are nearly blinding as you move across the stage, basking in the fan-chants you can hear around the giant venue. You don’t claim to be anything like EXO or BTS...but still, you would be lying if you didn’t get some sort of satisfaction at the considerable amount of fans that made it to MAMA this year.
You watch as one of your group members takes the center as you’d practiced, the other two of you flanking her and pushing hard through the final notes of the song. 
Your little trio, while new to the competitive world of K-pop, had an amazingly successful year. When you were invited to perform not one but two of your hit songs on stage at one of the most prestigious award shows of the year, you were floored.
Now, locking eyes with your other bandmate as all three of you hit the final note - which is nothing short of a miracle, considering how hard you’re breathing right now - you can’t help but smile.
What a year it’s been. 
Together, the three of you sink to the floor, keeping those smiles on your faces until lights fade and the cameras go elsewhere. You were instructed to remain sitting on this portion of the stage for about a minute after the performance, due to the hosts coming out on the opposite end of the room and needing to rearrange this corner. It was deemed too dangerous for you all to get down just yet, but you don’t mind.
Now that you don’t have those blinding lights focused on you, you can actually see out into the crowd. Your heart swells as you spot all of your fans with signs and lightsticks, a few of them still trying to see your group through the darkness. It’s tempting to wave at them, but you refrain, not wanting to draw attention away from the hosts. 
“Dude,” Jiwoo scoots closer to you, Ari leaning over as well to hear what she’s whispering, “Is it just me, or did Yeonjun just get like...1000 times hotter?”
You refrain from laughing, instead craning your neck to get a look. “Where’s TXT?”
Jiwoo gives you subtle directions, not daring to point at him for fear of some fancams picking up on her newfound obsession. That would be a PR disaster. 
“They’re kind of hard to see from this angle,” Ari explains, having already found them. “They’re sitting right behind BTS though.”
Well, you know where BTS is sitting. Everyone, whether they like it or not, is automatically tuned in to where the biggest band in the world is sitting. 
You look over at them, eyes jumping over them to see TXT behind them. You grin. “Yeah, they all look really good.”
“Yeah,” Jiwoo huffs. “But Yeonjun looks sooo good, right?”
Squinting your eyes in an effort to get a better look, you’re a little shocked when certain BTS members sense your stare.
You watch with utter embarrassment as Jimin chuckles at your group, nudging Taehyung and mumbling something to him.
“Er...guys...” you begin, praying that Taehyung won’t look this way. How embarrassing, they probably think that you’re gawking at them not TXT.
You don’t get to finish your sentence as you see Taehyung glancing up, saying something to Jimin as he locks eyes with you.
The darkness from your corner of the stage suddenly becomes absolute, wind whistling in your ears as you gasp for air. The strange sensation doesn’t last long, and soon you’re slamming into something solid and warm.
Peeking one eye open, you’re met with fluffy dark hair, and arms that wrap around your waist to keep you from slipping off. 
Before you’re even able to understand what’s happening, you hear it. People whispering, a few even crying out in distress. Did something bad happen?
Straightening up, you let out a little squeak at you find yourself staring straight into the cocoa-dipped eyes of Kim Taehyung. His lips have parted, making it seem like he was gasping just a moment ago. One of his earrings glints in the light, casting him in a diamond-like glow.
Overall, he doesn’t seem to be faring much better than you, but as you go to move away because you’re on the man’s lap, he instinctively tightens his grip. 
“Let her go, Tae,” Namjoon grounds out from the other end of the seats, and it seems like only then does Taehyung begin to hear the obvious uproar and excitement from fans and idols. He gives you an apologetic smile, loosening his grip. 
You fail to return the smile, too dazed to even register what just happened. Rising to your feet, you suddenly become ultra aware of all the cameras that appear to be pointed in your direction.
“Hyung...” Tae murmurs, noticing the cameras as well. Before anything else can be said, you’re nearly tackled as Jiwoo and Ari come rushing over, eyes wide.
“Are you alright?” Jiwoo pants, looking over every square in of your body as though expecting to find a gaping wound. You give her a shaky nod, still struggling to find your voice. 
“...what...what just happened?” You croak out.
Staff from both Bighit and your own agency rush over, forming a packed circle around your trio and BTS. There’s a collective groan that goes around the building from those who’s view is now obstructed, but you pay them no mind.
“Hello,” one staff member says with a gentle smile that immediately puts you at ease. “You’re probably feeling a little strange, right?” You nod. 
Staff are in the process of speaking to Namjoon and the other members, Jiwoo and Ari joining them. Despite the situation, you can’t help but giggle at the fact that Jiwoo is still attempting to discreetly get a look at Yeonjun.
Taehyung comes to stand across from you, eyes flitting between you and the staff member. 
“We’re going to take you guys backstage, alright?” She asks, and the two of you mutely nod. “Stay in the circle, keep your heads down.”
She goes over to check that the other members are alright to stay at the award show or come backstage. They all want to come, but Namjoon looks around the room and comes to a decision.
“We’ll go back in a little while,” he says, ignoring Jungkook’s pout. “I think it might be best for us to stay and act normal. Maybe it’ll help people calm down.”
You don’t bother telling him that it probably won’t do much, you do appreciate the intention.
“Alright! Let’s go!”
Surrounded by staff and bodyguards, you feel like you’ve been swallowed up. Shuffling forward, you turn to look for Taehyung and are shocked when he sidles up next to you and laces his fingers through yours. He gives you a smile, making sure to keep his head down as instructed.
“Hey,” he mumbles, practically making you melt.
You blink up at him, unconsciously sliding a little closer. “Hey.”
“You did really well up there,” he nods to where the stage must be. 
“T-thank you.”
He grins again at your shyness, giving your hand a little squeeze. “Are you excited?”
You frown. “For what?”
Holding up your intertwined hands, Taehyung chuckles. “For this.”
“Ah,” you take a moment to look at your hands, marveling at how perfect they look together. “Definitely.” Then, getting a bit of courage, you grin. “Actually, could you do me a favor?”
He immediately nods, eyes never leaving your face. “Anything.”
“You need to introduce Yeonjun and Jiwoo.”
Taehyung immediately bursts into laughter, the sound echoing off the walls now that you’re backstage. “Really?”
Before you can respond, the same staff member from before rushes past you with a shocked expression. “What just happened?” You ask the people surrounding you.
An older bodyguard takes his hat off and scratches his head, laughing quietly to himself. “Another pair of soulmates made eye contact.”
“Again?!” Both you and Taehyung asks, caught between shock and amusement. “Who?”
Your answer comes in the form of the door to backstage flying open, a second group of bodyguards and assorted staff rushing toward you. Taehyung pulls you closer to him to keep you from getting trampled. As the sea of staff parts, your jaw drops open and you can’t help but laugh.
Because there’s Jiwoo and Yeonjun, staring at each other with reddened cheeks and sheepish grins.
“Well,” Taehyung whispers down to you. “That was easy.”
masterlist || pt. 2
Tumblr media
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