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#my grandparents too who are in their 70s
kaijuno · 3 years ago
I was going through old files and stuff from my grandparents and I’ve found SEVERAL interesting documents including, but not limited to:
Letters, postcards, and pictures from my great great grandfather’s time in WWI
A speeding ticket from 1967 to the tune of $18
Letters from my aunt from the early 70’s, who apparently was spending 2 years in prison after being kicked out of the army for... some reason?
A physical copy of my family tree from some Royal Scottish Historical Archive, dated 1922. (Apparently genealogy was around back then too)
Two bulletins from the Geological Society of America. One is of Tazewell County, Virginia dated June 1 1943. The other is of Pinckneyville, Alabama and is dated February of 1945. Both are in perfect condition and contain fold out, full color geological maps.
Bunch of antique books
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