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#my guy

i remember back when i was first getting into


I was watching this wh*te woman on youtube doing a dumb “I Lived Like it was the 50’s For a day!!!!” challenge

and she described what she was cooking her husband and three children for the day and it was literally. One chicken breast, grilled. no seasoning. a summer salad made with greens, craisins, and almonds on the side. and water. for both lunch and dinner.

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I’m trying an app that’s basically just LGBT tinder and so far everyone I’ve seen falls into a few categories:

Large hairy man

Beard chad

Ugly, visibly and grossly horny man


Polyamorous couple that only has a picture of one person.

Trans women

Trans men


Really sweet and nice seeming person that is exactly your type who isn’t in your state.

And my favorite, shitty John Wick:

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If your ace, why do you reblog so many painting of naked women

I think flowers and my leopard gecko are beautiful but i dont want to fuck them. Come on, anon, think a bit harder. I dont see the female body as inherently sexual. I see beauty.

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