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#my headcanons
genshin-collection · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Dainsleif is now OFFICIALLY a muse here!
I will save attempting to make icons for him until I have actually had some proper sleep - so I can focus and not have an attention span of a spoon while trying to match them with the icons I already have. 
But I want to make something clear with how I will be portraying him until Mihoyo gives us more canon material:
I do NOT ship Dainsleif x Kaeya ~ If Kaeya is INDEED the final Prince of Khaenri'ah ( by means of time travel ) then he was a CHILD and Dain failed to protect Kaeya, the Royal Family AND the people of Khaenri'ah... I seriously doubt Dain would want to have a romantic/sexual relationship with a survivor of a civilization he failed to protect?
If ( or when ) Dain meets Kaeya, chances are HIGH that he would attempt a fresh start of being the ‘Twilight Sword’ as final respects the Royal Family and people of Khaenri'ah. ( More in a head canon )
Dain is cursed with immortality so he has had a lot of time to THINK ( 500 years ) and the FACT that he opposes the ABYSS speaks volumes that he does not wish for a new war to break out. Attempting to crush it before it has a chance to start ( specifically targeting Abyss Heralds ) even at the expense of a former travel companion’s DREAM.
I will be writing out some headcanons for Dain so if you’re interested and wish to be tagged in those then PLEASE comment?
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matsusimp · 17 minutes ago
Here have this thought that just popped in my head talking to my drunk friend because she's an Aizawa simp and I love flustering her.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aizawa putting you in a mating press and cumming right up against your cervix to make sure he gets every single last drop in there deep. He wants to make sure you're feeling his cum drip out of you for hours, letting it trickle down your leg. Hehe. He'd call you a good girl for taking him so well. Letting him abuse your tight little hole.
Tumblr media
@tetsunormous I thought you might like this 👉🏻👈🏻
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nightbeat-cat · 20 minutes ago
Yoruichi’s Parents II
While some of my stances on my previous headcanons have shifted somewhat, to build on Yoruichi’s Parents and Story:
Tumblr media
四楓院陽介 — Shihōin Yōsuke
Name Meaning: Armored Sun
Face Claim: Lee Geun-Tae, Akatsuki no Yona
Notes: Owing to distant Yōkai ancestry, some ≈90–95% of descendants of the Shihōin inherit the characteristic skin tone, eye color, and iridescent hair characteristic of the lineage. Yoruichi obviously got these from him.
Tumblr media
四楓院美夜子 — Shihōin Miyako (née Ukitake, 浮竹)
Name Meaning: Beautiful Night Child
Face Claim: Hitsugi Sayo, Triage X
Notes: An Ukitake by birth, like all the others Miyako doesn’t have the stark white hair of Jūshirō (that being particular to him due to his illness) but has similar-colored eyes and hair like what Jūshirō’s would’ve naturally been. (I used his eyebrow color.) Yoruichi inherited many of her physical features, to include the way her hair curls.
Tagging for Possible Interest: @strcngered, @ice-cold-shihoin
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an au where mineta isn’t just short he’s Tiny and the running joke is that he keeps getting stepped on by everyone else. except, would he stick to their feet bc of his sticky hair? so like gum
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literallyjustmhaheadcanons · 28 minutes ago
dad vlad king headcanons because i have brainrot (my friends and i are split between dad king and vladad king for his official dad name so dad vlad king it shall be for now)
- everyone chipped in to buy him a world’s best dad mug that he uses every day (midnight teases him about that. he doesn’t care, he brags about it any chance he gets)
- he ended up using it so much that they got him another one so he didn’t have to wash the first one as often
- when the dorms were implemented, he fought tooth and nail to get komori and shiozaki a gardening area 
- when the class found out he had a dog they were extremely offended that they had not been told before
- they constantly pester him about meeting his dog until, one day, they come into class and the dog is just chillin at the front of the room
- nothing gets done that day and vlad marks it off as a mental health day
- when he has the time, he helps pony with her japanese
- setsuna overexerts herself a lot during training, especially when she needs to train her regeneration, so when she goes too far vlad will make her training assignment for the day ‘take a nap’
- because he needs iron for his quirk to work, tetsu obviously needs to have a lot of it, but if he doesn’t burn it off by using his quirk, it leads to a whole bunch of health issues (namely hemochromatosis). vlad is very aware of this and takes it into his hands to make sure tetsu understands all the problems that might happen if he isn’t careful, and offers some advice (because he’s got some iron stuff going on too and you can’t change my mind about that)
- he personally reviewed the internship positions that each of his students wanted to take to check and make sure that it was a good match and that his students would actually learn something valuable 
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toymvker · 31 minutes ago
The warg fang that dangles from his ear, and sometimes catches an eye or two, if he’s really lucky, has its own story. Though what the truth of that is, well, that is something that remains uncertain. He has dozens of stories he’s told about it, frequently while in a tavern and regaling other dwarves with his travels. It’s no bad thing to add a little flair, dramatics, to his life. 
The truth, though, the real truth wasn’t something that he let slip. 
It was a memory that Bofur had never forgotten, nor would he. 
He’d been traveling with a small band of dwarves - fellow merchants, like himself and Bifur. Though he much preferred the comforts of a mountain, it was the only way to ensure that their family had enough to get on. He had to support Bombur and his neices, nephews... in truth Bofur would do anything for them. It was unlikely that he’d ever meet a dam (or really, anyone) and have a family like his brother did. That was okay, if it meant that he got to be their favorite uncle. 
They’d been traveling, stormclouds rising behind them. It was bit of a trek between Ered Luin and Bree, and even if the Shire lay between them, the halflings weren’t very keen on their appearances in their lands. Not that he’d seen a halfling do much more than spit venomous words, so it wasn’t as bad as dealings with Men, but it was clear that they weren’t entirely welcome. 
That wasn’t anything new. 
When he’d heard the shriek, it had startled all of them but he’d watched Bifur spring into action. They weren’t equipped with weapons, really, and all Bofur had was his mattock, but they were dwarves, and they were fighters. 
The scene they arrived to wasn’t one that Bofur had been expecting. A stray warg, cornering what took him a moment to realize was a halfling lass. His eyes took in the scene, before a realization came upon him that the halfling lass had a babe, tinier than a pebble!, in her arms. 
It was a blur from there.
All Bofur knew was after, the warg was dead, his mattock covered in dark blood and the halfling lass was sobbing in relief. And as it turned out, a mattock to the head let loose a good few of the warg’s fangs. He taken them, folding them into a piece of fabric. Bofur wasn’t the type of dwarf to consider trophies like that, but he didn’t want to forget what had almost happened that night. 
Least of all when the halfling had hugged him and even let him hold her babe. 
That, though, that truth was something he kept closely guarded. It was just for him. 
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that-yandere-shit · 40 minutes ago
hey shadow, can I please request general misa relationship hcs? not yandere btw just general :) ty in advance if you write this
Tumblr media
Lol no problem I just kinda assumed it was supposed to be hc’s, it’s been a hot min since I’ve seen death note so these might be shit.
Warnings ⚠️: possible tw for mentions of sexual harassment
Tumblr media
This girl loves with her whole being.
She might be clingy and extremely touch starved but her heart is so very big.
On the topic of clinginess she will call you after every event she has, during every break.
She really just loves being able to hear her s/o’s voice
She worries a lot that you’re only with her cause of her fame.
You’ll have to tell her otherwise anytime she gets all sad. She thrives off of your validation.
Misa lost her parents at a young age and the only form of contact she’s had since is with makeup artists and people touching her without consent.
Which actually happens quite a lot with her being a model, be her knight in shining armor and beat these scum up.
You’ll receive a kiss from her in gratitude every time this happens.
When you touch her for the first time it was cause you saw her crying out of stress, being a model is hard and she’s too sweet for that industry sometimes.
You cupped her cheek and wiped a tear away which actually made her cry more cause it was the first time she has gotten actual affection/comfort from someone since her parents died.
She’s super into kissing, and hand holding. She doesn’t really care if you two are out in public she’ll just suddenly peck your lips.
You’ll secretly love it and she know that she can get you to do anything she wants with a simple peck.
“Come on it’s only one more store,” she says that as if she’s the one holding the 5 giant shopping bags from the other stores you’ve been to. Cue puppy dog eyes and when you still won’t give in she’ll kiss you so softly you won’t even realize it happened. And off you go into that store she was begging to go into just a few seconds ago.
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yxlxna · 43 minutes ago
how would Tamaki and Hawk react to an s/o that is holding its breath due to stress? She doesn't even realize she's doing it until she starts to choke
a/n: if this happened to me i’d panic
warnings: yandere, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy mindsets, unhealthy behavior, toxic relationships, anxiety disorder insinuated but there’s no real detail
amajiki tamaki
♡︎ i can kind of see him doing the same thing, he’s super anxious and often finds himself doing odd things like this as well. tamaki isn’t one to call his darling out, but this is something that seriously bothers him, if they have anxious tics like that he’s just plain worried and he tries to prevent things like this from happening because he’s a sweetheart like that.
♡︎ he’s not very involved with his darling usually but this is completely different for tamaki. he’s shy, but he’s protective as well, so seeing his darling do something that might potentially get them hurt. he’s just very… hypocritical in this kind of situation because he does the same thing. baby boy just wants them to be safe, so he wants them to cut this tic.
Tumblr media
hawks | takami keigo
♡︎ he seems emotionally repressed to me so i can’t see keigo experiencing things like this for himself, it’s just never happened to him, not unless he was caught by a seriously strong villain. he’s not very interested in overly emotional things like anxiety and is quite good at regulating these kinds of things when they do end up happening to him.
♡︎ hawks doesn’t like seeing this happen to his darling, though, and he most likely overreacts when he sees them struggling to breathe. he probably looks at them wide-eyed before slapping them roughly on the back, making them breath and cough, it isn’t pleasant but it gets the job done. it’s definitely got a part in his savior complex, but he’s pretty worried about them, too.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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maidragoste · 49 minutes ago
They discover their girlfriend does ASMR
I was writing a Soulmate AU of Dabi and Shoto but out of nowhere this came to my mind and I couldn't stop thinking about this
Warning: a little nsfw bc is dabi.
It is the first time that I do nsfw also that not having English as my first language could make it worse hahaha
Katsuki Bakugo
❖ You started making the videos out of sheer boredom. Then over time, you started recording them to distract yourself from the daily stress.
❖ The truth is, you ended up having more recognition than you expected. Your videos began to appear in recommendations on YouTube so you knew that sooner or later one of your colleagues would find you.
❖ Anyone would think that he discovered your videos thanks to Denki. But not. It was Mina.
"LOOK GUYS" screamed the girl running with her cell phone in her hand to where the Bakusquad was.
"Mina, you will leave me deaf" Sero complained.
"Shh, guys, listen up" she played the youtube video.
"I'm not interested in your stupid videos," Bakugo growled.
"What's wrong with me? I'm jealous." said the voice from the video. Bakugo feels that voice was familiar.
"What the fuck, Mina?" Sero questioned not understanding why she was showing him this.
"Shut up, I want to listen" Denki complained nudging him.
"Why do you always have to be around girls? I hate it!"
Luckily Bakugo knows how to control her emotions but the rest would have realized that he recognized the voice from the video. By how you exclaimed the "I hate him" he managed to confirm that it was your voice. It reminded him of when you confessed to telling him that you hated him for being making you nervous and insecure around him.
"Bakugo, doesn't that sound a lot like Y / n's voice," asked the other blond in the group.
"Exactly! That's why I showed them to you"
"Hey now that you say it I can note"
"It's definitely not her. Stop fooling around. We have to go to training, you idiots" Bakugo said, finishing the topic.
❖After training, he went to her room and after showering he spent the whole night listening to every ASMR that you uploaded to your channel.
❖ The next day, when you saw his dark circles, you asked him "what happened" and the only thing he told you was "it's your fault" leaving me confused and worried for the rest of the day.
❖Once classes are over, the two of you go to your room and the first thing Katsuki does is show you one of your videos.
"Are you upset?" you asked with some fear. You didn't want to fight him over your videos but you didn't want to delete them either.
"No, I just want to know why you didn't tell me"
"I thought you weren't interested in that kind of thing."
"No...but you're my girlfriend. I'm interested in everything you do."
"Aww, Katsuki" you hugged him happily.
"Just don't make audios NSFW" he ordered and kissed your neck.
I had not seen any such video on your channel but I preferred to clarify that issue now rather than have a discussion about it later. I couldn't bear that any idiot could hear your moans and whimpers. Those precious sounds belonged to him and no one but him.
"I promise"
❖ Since he found out that you do ASMR, he likes to be with you when you record. He loves to see you lose your concentration just because he was looking at you.
"Katsuki, stop it. I still have to finish recording this to edit it and upload it tomorrow."
"Baby, I'm not doing anything"
"You're looking at me a lot"
"Can't I look at my pretty girlfriend now?"
"Suuuuki!" you complain blushes
❖ If by recording a lot you run out of voice, he scolds you but still takes care of you. He makes you drink a lot of water and even makes you tea. And if you're not a brat, he buys you honey and lemon candy.
"Aww, thanks Suki" you tried to say when you saw that he brought you tea again.
"Idiot, you don't talk. That way you won't recover" I scold you.
Bakugo rolls his eyes and kisses you on the forehead.
❖ You started doing ASMR just for money. The League was short of money so your way of helping was that. It was something easy and fun, you loved reading the comments they left you.
❖ The league was most grateful for your contributions. They could buy good food and sometimes even a few whims thanks to you. But they couldn't help wondering how you get the money. Toga believed you were a hacker and stole bank accounts.
❖ And Dabi was beginning to believe that you had another Daddy. One that could really support you and pay for your whims. Just thinking about it makes her blood boil and she wants to go find that guy and burn him alive.
❖ You knew that the League would be out today so you decided to take the opportunity to record an NSFW audio for Patreon.
❖Surprise. You weren't alone in the hideout. Dabi had just woken up when he started hearing your moans to the song of "Daddy". So he got up and went to your room. He expected to find you accompanied but you were alone.
"What a nice view, dollface," he said when he saw that you were with one of his shirts and with your fingers inside your panties, almost transparent, so he could see how you move them. Your face was red and your chest heaved. "Do you want help, dollface?"
"Daaaabi" you whimper "I was recording"
On another occasion, you would have been delighted to have her fingers or, better yet, his cock filling your pussy and end up fucking silly. But you're a lazy bitch so when you record you try not to mess up and record everything in one take to avoid having to edit.
"Record? Were you sending that to your other Daddy?"
You take your fingers out of your pussy and clean yourself with one of the tissues you have on your little bedside table.
"Another Daddy?" You ask clearly confused and seeing that silly expression on your face makes Dabi want to stick his cock in your pretty mouth to show you that you don't have to play dumb with him.
"I heard you moan" he replied approaching your little figure "Besides it is obvious that he is the one who is paying for all the things you get"
"I don't have another Daddy!" You quickly got up and walked over to him. You took his face with yours hands "I don't want someone other than you, silly" you kiss him but he barely moves his lips "Stupid, I get money doing ASMR"
❖Then you showed them a couple of videos.
"I want you to delete them," he said referring to the NSFW videos.
Only he should have the right to hear your pretty sounds. Only him you are supposed to call Daddy. You should only cry and beg for his cock, not for that of strangers. He was sure there must be more than one guy jerking off just by hearing your voice.
"But with those, I get more money"
❖ Dabi didn't like that answer so he ended up fucking you and making you scream over and over that you only belong to him. Although of course he first didn't torture you by eating you over and over again he always away when you were about to have your orgasm. You whimpered and begged, telling him that he was the only one you needed, that no one could ever fuck you better, and that you would die if you didn't have him, non-stop until he finally filled you with his cock and you ended up making cream.
❖In the end, Dabi accepted that you continue doing ASMR +18 as long as he recorded them with you. So you practically end up filming yourself while Dabi fucks you up. In this way, videos such as:
"Pov: Sugar Baby sucks your dick"
"Pov: You punish Sugar Baby"
"Pov: Sugar Baby rides you"
❖And your patreons are more than happy with the quality of your audios and how you improved.
❖Until Dabi's bastard leaks an unedited audio of the two of them fucking, nothing new, while yelling his name, that you're his dollface, his cock toy, and that you only belong to him.
❖In defense of Dabi, I was tired of seeing how dirty things were said to you in the comments.
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kazumi-mha-hcs · 51 minutes ago
Their Pokémon team (featuring the boys!)
Izuku likes to main with fire-fighting types they generally fast and mimic his fighting style in his opinion. But he also leans to the small psychic types. He befriends everyone he can and makes friends with all the Pokémon as well. He cries whenever the faint.
He mains on fire types like no mixing beyond Meowth, just because he found it one day and it sound so cute as he won’t admit it. It can make it easy to battle Katsuki but he is super smart and it takes a lot to take him down.
Typhlosion (mainly because it sounds like explosion)
He loves fairy and electric types the electric types gravitate to him due to his quirk. He bonds deeply with his Pokémon and loves to duel other trainers.
Pikachu (he’s got a everstone, no evolving!)
He actually based his team to be able to pretty much tackle anything. He only fight if necessary, leveling by catching wild Pokémon versus battling trainers. Only battling trainers to get a badge.
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coderowena · an hour ago
ro loves her uncle @aimtrick and no one can make her feel otherwise
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dabiboy · an hour ago
yo, smut hc? 👀
I hc that hawks really, really loves dry humping his s.o
the gentle rolling of his hips into theirs while he hums deeply in pleasure, whether he's spooning them or laying on top/under them cuddling. he likes the desperation of it, the slow build, the want, the chase. loves it when his s.o throws a leg over his strong hip and matches his pace. sleepy rutting against them while they play with his hair. maybe it'll lead up to something, maybe not. its hypnotizing, watching his hips roll against them while he lowly whispers sweet but lewd sayings near their ear.
" feel so good against me, my baby is so good for me"
"..god, you're so sexy like this, babe.."
"'ll make me cum like this. keep going, baby, 'm near"
he loves the sounds his s.o moans softly back, too. maybe every now and then, he'll break his rhythm and thrust into them a little harsher, deeper, just to hear his s.o's surprised gasp. he chuckles darkly, drinking up the sound.
maybe he and his s.o cum together, maybe not. its more of the journey, than the destination.
I may have a thing for this
THIS IS PERFECT, I LOVE IT HSJDKSFKKS. Just some lazy dry humping before waking up, or when the two of you are feeling way to lazy as to have sex. It starts as cuddles, but it turns into that whole needy session of panted sounds and words of appreciation and of course horny words, yes. I WANT THIS😭
Where is Hawks anon when you need them🥺 FJDJKSKDSK
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atricksterproblem · an hour ago
Hi-di-ho! If you’re feeling it, do you have any head cannons about Sarah and Jareth? Either what would have happened if she had stayed, or if they met again after the movie ended. I’m so torn about them. I know it was a coming-of-age movie and she needed to save her brother (and, realistically, the dynamic between them probably wouldn’t have been the healthiest), but the romantic in me wishes she’d stayed or at least was reunited with him when she was older.
I’m in total agreement with you there. When I first saw the movie I thought that she was being ridiculous, but then if I’d known what self-shipping was at the time he’d have surely been an F/O of mine.
Relationships between humans and fae often end poorly. There are a number of things that get in the way: vastly different lifespans, the inability of either partner to feel at home in the other’s world for long, different cultures and expectations. Because of this, I tend to think it probably wouldn’t have lasted between them. 
Sarah herself would probably not have been the ideal choice for him anyway. She was really very young, and it seemed to me that she never really saw him for who and what he was. She was only invested in seeing him as The Villain, at least consciously. I think that to some extent that shaped all their interactions, which he practically tells her outright at the end of the movie.
But then, I have This Thing about complex, supernatural, misunderstood characters who just need to be appreciated and loved for who they truly are. 
Thanks for asking!
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artsyturtle16 · 2 hours ago
Another random Genshin headcannon:
Some of the characters in Monstadt have...interesting names (Iron Ingot, Nimrod, etc.) What if some of the citizens of Monstadt pray to the anemo archon to give them a name for their child, and Venti, in all his infinite godly wisdom, always panics and blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.
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artsyturtle16 · 2 hours ago
Random Genshin headcannon time:
According to her voice lines, Sucrose tries to hide her ears in her hair bcuz they’re different from everyone else’s. I could see her secretly wanting to use some sort of plant-related neopronouns but not telling anyone because she doesn’t want to stand out/draw unwanted attention.
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starrynightdeancas · 2 hours ago
if cas pulls the little blade out of dean's back pocket with ease as if he touches dean that way all the time, then we deserve to see a scene where dean ruffles through the inside pockets of the trenchcoat pressed right against cas' heart and he pulls out an angel blade or cas' phone or even little first aid supplies cas starts carrying around for dean's benefit. maybe even a little keychain dean had bought cas at a gas station years ago and it lives in that inside pocket and dean plucks it out one time, blushes, and gives cas this soft little smile because not only did cas keep the keychain but he carries it around in the pocket closest to his heart
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childhoodblanket · 2 hours ago
denki had a fish but accidentally sneezed while touching the water, killing it, and now he is always kinda worried it'll happen again but with his friends
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