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#my headcanons

Sure!! I don’t talk about them as often now but I still love em

  • Whenever his leader duties are done, Eph makes it a habit to go see Player, who’s just about done their missions, and they go on mini dates almost every day
  • Eph is the one who talks more between the two of them, but he also makes an effort to be a great listener, hanging onto everything Player tells him
  • Player’s a bit shy about them being together and Eph respects that. Though he has his moments where he can’t help but introduce them as his lovely partner
  • Eph went to Lauriam once to get his opinion on what kind of bouquet could suit Player best and Lauriam was happy to put one together
  • Player on the other hand also likes to bring back little souvenirs for Eph, usually a book from a different world, or something unusual they bought
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Just to clarify here: you’re asking me to make headcanons of Sonic receiving hugs, correct? I think that’s what you’re asking me. Alright, let’s see what I can come up with here for you😊❤️:

  • The first time Sonic received a hug from someone other than Longclaw terrified him. For years he had been on his own, he had to form barriers around his heart and mind in order to keep himself safe. Because of the trauma of living on his own, always being on the run, the thought of anyone laying a hand on him terrified him greatly. Having Tom or Maddie hug him for the first time in ten-odd years did upset him, but he grew to adjust rather quickly.
  • After getting over that fear, he loves to receive hugs. He likes to give them, but is afraid to ask for the due to sounding clingy. When he needs one, he announces it out loud and comes to give you one. No “ifs, ands, nor buts” about it.
  • Tom and Maddie also like to announce to him when they’re giving him hugs. They do so often and hug him for as long as he needs it.
  • Sonic Wachowski is a natural hugger in his sleep. If he snuggle close to you while he sleeps, you’re more than likely hugged close to him the whole time.
  • Surprisingly, if you’ve been friends with him long enough, he usually greets them that way and purrs the whole time.
  • Everyone in town agrees that when he is comfortable with it, he gives the best hugs that warm the heart.
  • For each person he hugs, he has a different ritual that he does with them. For example, if he hugs Tom, he gives him a pat on the back and chirps happily. If he hugs Maddie, he hums softly to himself and purrs.
  • Group hugs from Tom and Maddie on the couch are his favorite. He will crawl in between them when they least expect it and hugs them close to his person.
  • Overall, he tries his hardest to open up to others. It’s hard. He will not deny that, he tries very hard to go above and beyond. If something terrifies him, he knows deep down that his fears need to be conquered. And when he does, he squeaks with joy when a hug is rewarded to him.

I forgot how fun it was to make headcanons! Aw, I missed doing these! Great suggestion! Love it!

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Ok lemme see if I can find one I haven’t shared yet…

Nova is very good at remembering the names and faces of people he’s met. This can come off as a bit startling to some if they’d only ever met him briefly, so he sometimes acts like he has to think about it a moment before remembering to try and avoid freaking anyone out.

In general he tends to put the comfort of others above his own, and he isn’t the best at setting his own boundaries. Given half his existence is built around him not being able to say no, you can imagine how that might bleed over into his personal life. Luckily, he has a few friends who are helping him with it.

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Lewis headcanons bc im in a mood

Most of these are gonna be about him when he’s a ghost.

-He has a hard time using small electronics, like cell phones and tablets and stuff like that. They tend to glitch out and overheat when he tries to use them. He can use stuff like desktop computers and landline phones though, if he’s careful. Consoles with wireless controllers can be used without much caution.

-He interferes with most ghost hunting equipment, especially electronic instruments. This has ended up being okay because he’s more effective at finding fellow supernatural entities than most equipment is.

-Pleasantly warm almost all the time. Only gets hotter when he’s stressed or angry, though even then he usually has enough control to not burn things.

-Can’t technically sleep but he can go dormant. He basically just disappears leaving only the anchor behind, like he did in Freaking Out.

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Been havin’ the cute thought of how young witches behave ever since my sister got our family a new kitten from our cousins (to my annoyance as we already have 5 critters as is)

Watchin’ the little furball mew and purr literally every time someone touches him just has me imaging witchlings doin’ the exact same thing, from mewing for their parents to just constantly purring from touch

I mean, I can just imagine little Amity mewing for either her parents’ attention and it just cuts to her snuggling up to Edric and Emira just purring away like a little motorboat (alternatively, there’s thought of little Amity being so happy when she was still friends with Willow and she just can’t help but purr every time she’s with her)

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I’ve been seeing headcanons on the connection between a nation personification and their people (or lack thereof) and I wanted to write some of my thoughts on the subject out. Before I start though, I want to make clear that:

  1. I do not follow Hetalia canon (do not cite the deep magic to me).
  2. I know nation personifications are inherently problematic.
  3. I am not obligating anyone to follow my ideas (you do you, friend).

Headcanon time:

I think nation personifications have major connections to both their people and government, and so I disagree with the idea of nations being completely independent of both (or even just one).

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December Prompt Challenge - Day 2: Drinking a hot drink.

Even for December, London was greyer, colder and wetter than usual. It was damn right miserable and everyone was feeling it even if the warm confines of the building. Still, it didn’t mean everything was completely bland. Decorations had been sporadically dotted around the large room, a tall, real Christmas tree full with lights and ornaments stood in a corner. Tinsel had been laid over the dividers of the desks and on the banisters leading to the upper level. Each desk had got their own mini light up tree as well, simply to bring happiness to their occupants. 

Emily might admit she had gone slightly overboard with the decorations, but then, no one would ever know it had been her in the first place. To her unit she was mysterious, level-headed, someone who didn’t take shit from anyone and possibly a little terrifying as well. They’d admit, Emily Prentiss was a good leader and chief, but she was also an enigma and that’s exactly how she liked it to be. They knew of her time in the FBI and patches from her old Interpol days but apart from that, nothing. Her private life was a complete mystery. 

Which was why Emily had decorated the large room at two in the morning when everyone had gone home. The Christmas before hadn’t been that cheerful, and she had wanted to change that this year into something everyone could enjoy. Even if they didn’t celebrate the holiday, who didn’t love trees, lights and tinsel? (Sergio hated tinsel, but he was on the other side of the Atlantic. Oh did she miss him). 

Acting oblivious to the sudden decorations the next day with everyone else had been a silent delight for her and the mood in the room had heightened. Her secret plan had been a success. 

If she was thinking about getting everyone Santa hats, it was nobody’s business. 

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I don’t recall this character? Could be having a brain fart moment. Wiki turns up a guy named Paul who is a bartender in the Whore of Babylon episode, but I haven’t watched that one in a while and don’t really remember him so I have zero headcanons. Sorry.

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this is….part 3? theyre getting longer. im throwing this out while i go work on some scarecrow stuff

Arkham riddler

  • Chronic nosebleed sufferer. probably because hes had it broken so many times.
  • did gymnastics as a kid and is still pretty bendy but has literally none of the core strength he had as a kid/teenager. 15 y/o riddler could kick 32 y/o riddlers ass. 
  • has playlists for EVERYTHING. taking a shower? shower playlist. being an evil genius? broody playlist with lots of pipe organs. building his robot army? hes blasting daft punk in the background.

blacklight riddler 

  • Likes to be little spoon. will fall asleep on your lap or with your arm across his back in bed.
  • is one of those people who makes a cup of coffee, forgets about it till its cold and then rather than reheat it, just makes another coffee. you can usually find him by following the trail of half full cups he leaves behind.
  • is in his 30s and still has braces. has had is teeth broken at least once and replaced with veneers.

btas riddler

  • likes yoga but has TERRIBLE balance.
  • type 1 diabetic. got sick of taking insulin injections and built himself a little custom insulin pump that bleeps out blood related puns/riddles when it needs refilled
  • Likes to sleep curled up in a ball with 90 blankets and pillows rather than on an actual mattress 

original riddler

  • loves flowers and walking in gotham central park but has bad hayfever even in autumn. 
  • metabolises like a house on fire. could eat his weight in food and never gain anything.
  • looks at the other riddlers suits with a little envy. wishes he could change his but its iconic at this point. 

Zero year riddler

  • the only riddler that cannot cook at all. he thinks he knows better than the recipes( he does not.)
  • terrible sweet tooth. almost always has a cavity despite trying to take care of his teeth
  • Little bit of a firestarter. always has a lighter on him that he likes to flick while he’s thinking. 

part 1

part 2

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It wasn’t the supernatural she couldn’t handle - it was Dean’s obsession with his baby brother that he was never able to let go of. And when he showed up with his baby brother in tow, she knew she’d made the right choice in breaking up.

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And here’s kinda how they work.


     They aren’t actual wings! SkekZok has elongated secondary arms that when they were feathered, looked almost angelic. But as he grows old they atrophy and become useless and decrepit. Showcasing his true nature. I was inspired by the bible verse: 2nd Corinthians 11:14  “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” Kinda giving off that false god thing that the skeksis portray themselves as. SkekZok even more so. This unique trait is exclusive to him however. But it is a gene that he can pass on if he should have skeklings… Which in my AU, he does!


CC: Why Does SkekToh have wings?
SkekToh has elongated secondary arms that he inherits from his father, SkekZok the Ritual Master. Featherless, they seem somewhat uncanny. Although with plumage they resemble wings. Giving off an almost angelic feel.

    As they are not true wings and are useless for any form of flight, this rare genetic type has been dubbed the “Pseudo-Wing.” SkekZok the Ritual Master is the only Skeksis who possesses this phenotype. Only skeklings who share his DNA will possess this trait.

    Hands can look terrifying without the coverage that feathers provide. The thumb and first two digits are used to hold objects when they can but aren’t as useful as the primary arms due to the elongated pinky finger. As a plus however, the pinky has more joints allowing for more emotion and flexibility.

    At their best, Pseudo-Wings can be an intimidating display of beauty and vitality. Although as a downside to their extravagance, they are much harder to fit into clothes or conceal. They also require lots of care due to their unique form. Intense growing pains are also an unfortunate side affect in skeklings with this secondary arm type. Lotions and ointments should be applied to areas that hurt.

   Pseudo-Wings are utterly useless for flight despite their appearance. At most, the Pseudo-Wing may allow the Skeksis to glide a short distance if they’re light enough. Much like how young Skeksis used their large decorative fans they proudly carried in their prime. Unlike fans, since the arms are a part of the body they give more of an edge than man-made gliders. As the user doesn’t have to worry about holding them in their secondary arms constantly like a normal Skeksis would with their fans.

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idk if they’ll do trans vanya in tua now that elliot has come out (it’ll probably be based on whether he feels comfy playing a female character) but I have ftm vanya headcanons :)

- he wanted a name close to his birth name so he goes with victor !

- him and klaus bond a lot because klaus canonically uses he/they pronouns

- allison is really supportive!! but sometimes she’s too supportive that it becomes weird but she has good intentions

- five and luther are both supportive but also a little confused because they spent a lotta time away from humanity

- diego tries to teach victor “masculine” things but victor isn’t focused on that because he doesn’t really care about being masc? and diego is a bit confused about that but supports his decisions

- ben may be dead but he still supports victor and educates himself on trans issues because he’s dead and not a dick

- the others call victor their brother a lot and he appreciates it :)

- grace !!!!! she’s great with it all !!!!!!!

- victor has unhealthy binding habits and his siblings hate that so they get him surgery as soon as possible

- the siblings will physically assualt someone if they misgender or deadname their brother

- uhhh sissy!!! she’s a bit confused about victor’s transition but she’s supporting because she loves him :)

- allison becomes active on trans issues and because her platform is big it helps get a lot of other people invested in issues

- all the siblings do whatever they can to make victor feel good in his body !

anyway yeah ftm vanya

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Nedcan is literally everything to me. It’s a historical, reality based ship with almost 0 angst. Also I like getting stepped on by tall ladies and OOh boy the dutch are tall. anyway, they’re not a perfect fit. Jan can be a bit dense maybe a bit too practical and Matt can be a moody french bitch but this is requited, whole, communicated love, okay. 

Matt, who has always been second best and last regarded in his family being thought of first by Jan? Fuck me right up. Jan finding a partner who is genuinely and casually generous in a way that doesn’t wrinkle his pride? Be still my beating tit. Jan coming into a peaceful stage of life with someone who has similar values and life experience but really none of the European pessimism and claustrophobia? Yes. Matt, who has bled and strained his entire existence to do the bare minimum of what empires demanded of him being unconditionally told ‘you’re enough,’? I’m weak in the knees.

It’s a long term, peaceful relationship born out of an era where a nation on its knees was treated by another with genuine kindness and good will and where that decency was returned with love

The Dutch Crown Princess Juliana took shelter in Canada and gave birth to her third daughter while in Canada. The flying of the Dutch flag upon the birth of Princess Margriet was first and only time a foreign flag has flown over Ottawa. The Dutch saved dozens of shot down Canadian and allied pilots smuggling them across the north sea back to the safety of England. Canadian pilots dropped tonnes of relief supplies over the winter of 44 and 45. In 1945, Canadians soldiers were court martialed for stealing army owned building and food supplies because they were furious that official aid programs were taking so long to get going and get feeding the Dutch and rebuilding their lives. Upon Liberation Dutch churches asked Canadians what song they should make the bells sing across the land and insistited not on the songs of the British Empire, but on one that represented Canada and O Canada rang out as a benediction of peace across a country still smoldering from the most destructive war in modern history. And this is just what I can think of off the top of my head. 

Just after the war, the Queen of the Netherlands, on behalf of the people of the netherlands, with little else to give from a razed nation still licking its wounds, sent 100,000 tulips on to Canada and 10 thousand every year since. They are the prize of the Netherlands a piece of national pride gifted from a place of deep gratitute and that’s so, so meaning meaningful but to top that off… We Canadians are the children of a nation of long, dark winters. The tender stems of flowers peeking up through muddy snow as spring finally comes to end our seasons long suffering is a sigh of relief. When paired with the sentiment with which they are gifted? That is the strongest declaration of love a Canadian can ever hear. 

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