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Not mine I found it in a book I’m reading on Wattpad

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Está canción me recordo a Mina. No sé porque pero ella me da una vibra así.

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I believe that Momo visited or was going to visit all her badly injured colleagues, I do not believe at all that Todoroki is the only colleague who was going to visit. But I do think it’s important that the mangaka has decided that Momo will make an appearance just when she is in Todoroki’s room.


Because something that is seen in the manga is that most of the mundane or less relevant interactions between Todoroki and Yaoyorozu, tend to accumulate and be important in the end for the development of Momo. (This is not necessarily romantic but it is important.)

At the beginning of the manga Momo was the one who observed and admired Todoroki openly and very obvious. This is also because the early version of Todoroki was more solitary and closed with his companions, the way in which Todoroki showed what he admired and observed Momo was more subtle. This shows when Momo becomes vice president, that Todoroki the first person he chose for his cavalry team was Momo, and after the sports festival that Todoroki was seen observing Momo before the exam against Aizawa. These things seem irrelevant at first glance

Like I said the early version of Todoroki is more closed, is also more competitive, more impulsive and more rude. When it was the exam against Aizawa, Todoroki was still in a stage of change, it is normal that even if he saw Momo more apt to be a leader, he continued to be in command of the team because people do not change overnight but the fact is that all the mundane and seemingly unimportant things that he did, were relevant in the end when Aizawa caught Todoroki in the exam, he made it reveal that he observed, admired and see Momo as a leader from the first chapters, it was never a coincidence that Momo was vice president or that he chose her on his cavalry team or that there was a scene of him watching her.

Roles are reversed

I feel that the same thing happens again, several things that seem insignificant are accumulating. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the roles have now been reversed.

Now the person who most actively remembers the exam against Aizawa and shows his admiration and concerned very openly is Todoroki towards Momo


And now the one who is more subtle observing is Momo, Momo has been observing how the family problems that Todoroki has with his father affect him a lot.


and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Momo now knows Todoroki’s brothersand that she comes out in the chapter right where Enji comes out, I feel like there is going to be an arc where Momo is the one to help Todoroki

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Want To Keep You Part 4

Kirishima: peeks into Bakugo’s room before walking inside. “Okay, I get it now. Everyone gets pretty cranky if they’re hungry and what was I thinking bringing you a measly sandwich.” He walks over to Bakugo who was sitting on the mattress with his back to the door. “How could I think THAT would be good enough for you.” Sitting on his milk crate, he holds out a plate with meat on it. “Here THIS is what I should have brought in the first place.”

Bakugo: Glances over his shoulder to see what Kirishima was offering him now. Seeing the… food?, he glances towards Kirishima. “What is it?”

Kirishima: looks at the plate. “Meat.” He looked back at Baukgo. Maybe he did hurt Bakugo more than he thought when he slammed him down.

Bakugo: “Well, yeah…” he turns to face Kirishima. “Why’s it look like that? What kind of meat is it?”

Kirishima: Now the question made sense. “I chopped it extra fine just incase I had hurt your jaw when I grabbed your face.” He seems to examine Bakugo’s face. “It’s beef.”

Bakugo: “It looks like you put it in a tree shredder.” He takes the offered plate and takes a small bite.

Kirishima: smiles watching Bakugo eat. Now for sure Baukgo wouldn’t angry and try to blast him again. The blonde had to see that all he wants to do is take care of him.

Bakugo: “Is it only you here?”

Kirishima: “That’s a silly question.”

Bakugo: “Then humor me.”

Kirishima: “How can I be the only one here when I have you here with me now?” He reached over to pet Bakugo’s head, but the blonde jerks away. “I’m not going to hurt you. Look, not stone.” He shows his hand.

Bakugo: “I’m not some dog.” He furrows his brows at the comment.

Kirishima: “Of course you’re not, but it feels good to be pet. I always enjoyed it, but I hardly received pets.”

Bakugo: “What the actual fu-” he stops as if thinking. “You keep saying shit like that. Do you really not think this is wrong? What you’re talking about? Keeping a human as a pet.”

Kirishima: “You’re not a pet.” Looks at the other confused.

Bakugo: now looking confused himself.

Kirishima: “We’re friends and I’m your protector. I want to keep you. I’ll be a good owner.” Pets Bakugo’s head.

Bakugo: “You’re fucked up.”

Kirishima: “And you didn’t pull away.” Strokes blonde locks.

Bakugo: realizing Kirishima was right, he stares back at the other.

Kirishima: “I told you it feels good.”

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rude awakenings

↳ domestic drabble / / hawks x reader

↳ no warnings

a/n: i swear i must be ovulating or something bc i’ve been thinking marriage and children nonstop the past few days. also i’m experimenting with some formats for my tumblr posts so the next few fics may look different. enjoy this mess brought on by my sappy feelings. also i wrote this on my phone so sorry in advance for any mistakes.


Mornings with Keigo were soft. His body against yours kept you warm and sated. His large, crimson wings draped over the both of you as an extra layer of warmth and safety. His face was buried in the crook of your neck, allowing you to listen to the low, incoherent mumbles of him sleep talking.

It was almost enough to make you into a morning person.



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Jirou is deffo a band kid


The latest chapter of bnha ✋😳 please stop this horikoshi 😌 thanks


I have so much to say, but all I can say is “😡” and where are kaminari and hawks😢

Anyways, here’s some fanart of the lovely jirou:

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Dogs vs cats students edition

Fandom - Boku no hero academia/My hero academy

Pairing - None, headcanons about characters - Bakugou, Denki, Tamaki, Shinsou, Kirishima

Type - Headcanons

Warning - Curses

Author’s note - I know I don’t write for Tama and master- I mean Shinsou, but idgaf. Also I’m having a existential crisis while choosing decor for my room ;-;


- Bakugou -


Originally posted by sukifics

• Dogs

• He’s basically Pomeranian, but I don’t think he would get one, probably some mix he found on a street, he wouldn’t want to get a dog, the dog had to get him

• Make dog, because he’s a tough boi and his dog needs to be tough boi too

• He won’t share his food, nor would he give him too much treats

• The dog is probably really nice and wants to cuddle 24/7, but Suki is a bitch and is tsundere even to his dog

• He doesn’t let him sleep in bed with him


- Shinsou -


Originally posted by spearbeans

• Cats, boi can’t be more obvious with his pet play kink

• Probably some normal cat from street, that he rescues

• Male cat, they kinda co-exist, he doesn’t need cuddles 24/7

• He’s pretty much the same as Aizawa

• He shares food with him (cat, not Aizawa) and spoils him with treats

• He won’t get him that much cat beds and trees tho, he sleeps on his pillow


- Denki -


Originally posted by fyodcrs

• Cat

• Probably British cat, for how silly they are and he got her for free from somebody

• Even tho he seems like somebody really hyperactive and very compatible with a dog, his gamer and streamer life is better with a cat

• Female cat, they’re more affectionate

• She’ll sit on his lap while he plays games

• She’ll sleep in bed with him

• He’ll share EVERYTHING with her, she’ll get as much food as she wants

• She doesn’t have that much toys and everything, Denki is broke student


- Kirishima -


Originally posted by moodyvoid

• Dog

• Probably husky, he needs dog as friendly and energetic as he is and she’s from shelter

• It’s a female, he has dog lady, because he just felt like it’s better

• He trains her and he raises her really goodly, even tough he still shows love to her

• He’ll give her few treats a day, he won’t spoil her too much, because it’s not good for her

• She sleeps in bed with him 100%


- Tamaki -


Originally posted by bokenoboke

• Cat

• He’ll get Russian blue from Mirio for his birthday, the breed because he has blue hair, so he needs blue cat Mirio logic 200%

• It’s cat boy, Tama is busy so he needs cat that sleeps a lot

• Tama doesn’t share food, the cat gets only cat food and some milk

• Sleeps in Tama’s bed

• He goes meowing and cuddling every time he sees Tama is anxious and he’s huge emotional support for Tamaki

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HC mini’s #2

Seros hair is actually slicked back/down. Why? Because in reality he has super fluffy hair. He looks like a sheep…. Sheep wolf cut….

When he doesn’t slick it down it fluffs up to the point where it gets in his eyes and he literally can’t see.

Of course it still curls up at the bottom but it goes around and kinda hugs his neck before going POOF.

The only one who knows of this is Iida.

And it kinda went like this:

Sero had quite literally rolled out of bed before taking a trip to the kitchen. He’d bump into walls and trip over things but he’d only respond with a tired “mmf.”

Hanta just wanted to get a glass of water with ice to munch on but he didnt except anyone to be there….. Considering it was 3am. However, a tall muscular figure was standing right there. Sero, in a complete daze, bumped right into him.

“Sorry, man. Didn’ see y'u” He mumbled with a sniffle.

“Sero? It’s very irresponsible to be up at this hour. You scared me, also. I didn’t even recognize you.”

Oh. Oh it’s Iida. OH SHIT.

And after a long embarrassing talk about insomnia and his hair I will give the iisero fans a crumb of food. Just a crumb.

“So you use gel? Why? I think it looks fine like that. Personally, I prefer it. It looks nice, Sero.”

Oh…. Wait- oh???

“Aw man… You don’t have to flatter me or nothin’…” Aaand cue anxious laugh, “Thanks though… I guess.”

He’s never been more flustered in his life. Iida??? Saying HE looks nice??? AND HE PREFERS WHAT HE DOESN’T???? woah. Nice. (*´﹀`*)

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Okay I hate to be this person, but…

The existence of blood quirks activated through drinking implies the existence of a cannibalism quirk…

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Kurogiri: ok everyone, it’s time to sleep.

Y/N: but it’s only 6:00pm?!

Kurogiri: I have a headache from you all being stupid, now sleep!

Y/N: still it only-

Kurogiri: Sleep!

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There should be a suppOrr group for anime and movie charachters that adopt too many kids

“hi I’m tony and I adopted an alien assassin and a spider”

“hi I’m Oda and I adopTed five orphans and a suicidal teenager”

“ hi I’m din and I adopted, uh, well, I actualy don’t know what he is exactl, but he’s a Jedi”

tony:“it’s ok, we’ve all been there”

gintoki: “yes, I have an alien too, along with my other kid”

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Want To Keep You Part 3

Kirishima: stares at the door he just locked. He runs a finger along the door before placing a soft kiss on the wood. “Will protect you.” He walks down the hall, dragging his stone fingers down the wall as he does.

Two years ago

Kirishima: plays with a chain dangling from his collar, making soft clanging noises. He turns his head to the side as footsteps approach him.

Deep voice: “You have to be kidding, putting a child in here to fight me?” The voice laughs, “poor thing doesn’t even have a chance.”

Kirishima: looks up at the owner of the voice. He doesn’t want to fight this guy. He wants to get out of this life. On one hand if he loses badly, there is a possibility that his owner would kill him, but most likely not and he’ll just have a very long night. Then again, if he wins this fight he’ll get to eat. Oh. That is something. “If I take his head off in one hit, I want meat.”

Bored voice: “Yeah sure. Just do it.”

Kirishima: starts spinning the chain. “Yes sir.” The figure in front of him throws a punch at him. Kirishima hardens his skin, taking the hit to the face then whips the chain at the other’s head. His eyes watch as the other turns his face and looks at Kirishima.

Deep voice: a grin spreads across his lips. “You’re not the only one with a hardening quirk kid.”

Kirishima: he sighs “fuck, I guess I don’t get meat tonight.” He groans, dodging the next punch thrown at him and jumps on the other’s back. He wraps the chain around the neck of the other. “You’re too soft to claim a hardening quirk.” He starts pulling on the chain, cracking the other’s hardened skin. He doesn’t stop until his opponent falls to the ground and was no longer snuggling to escape.

Bored voice: “You took too long.”

Kirishima: he unwraps the chain and carried the chain in his arms. He was really looking forward to having meat. He stops as the owner of the bored voice puts a muzzle on him and takes the chain from him.

Present day

Kirishima: “I’ll show him I’m a good owner. I’ll cook him some meat. A sandwich isn’t enough to show that. Not on the first day.” He nods. “That must be where I went wrong.”

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Aizawl Shouta and the warrior series

Alright look, we all know eraserhead loves cats, right? I def head cannon that he would love the warrior series.

That being said, this can either go three ways. He either:

1. Found it himself

2. His son (shinsou) found it for him or

3. (My favorite one) I hc that kaminari is a literature nut, and the warriors series was relatively popular with pop culture as well, so I see him just ask Aizawa if he had read it, and upon learning that no, he did not, he just leaves and then promptly returns with the first book of the series.

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