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Bakugou Katsuki x F!Reader – Man on a mission.

Summary: Reader is an exchange student at UA for a year, Bakugou exists, love happens, but they have to face the difficulties of parting away. Angsty? Fluff? I don’t know, man.

Word count: ~3k.


When they first met neither of them cared about each other. The girl, too focused in eating the world and showing everyone her worth, barely gave him a glance the first day of school. Having transferred from the most prestigious American School for the year, working so, so hard to get there through a scholarship, [Y/N] was ready to kick ass, take names, get mediocre grades in Japanese History and get the attention of the top heroes of the world for her next internship. So, they just didn’t care about each other.

But over time, as she got close to people in the 2-A class, even 2-B, her attitude and determination caught his attention. At first the girl pissed him off, being just an extra that will disappear in a year and will never see again, yet why was he *staring* so much? How come his eyes followed her figure as she walked away with Round-Face? How come he focused his attention on her too adorable giggle as dumbass Kaminari tried and failed miserably to flirt with her. And how come his friend pissed him off when he did that anyway? Oh, and let’s not talk about how he never ever looked at her train, obviously not admiring her moves, her quirk, that look in her eyes. How he tried so fucking hard to not smile when she messed up a Japanese word and asked anyone around her how to pronounce it, giving no shits and only caring about getting better. He definitely didn’t care about how she complimented his food that one time and Bakugou, the snake that he is, somehow manipulated Mina into convincing [Y/N] to cook with them, neither girls noticing him puppeteering the whole situation. So the [h/c] girl ended being part of the Bakusquad in record time, cooking and studying started to be a norm to do together. He didn’t care that he got a whole zoo on crack in his stomach as she taught him how to cook food from her home-country or how good she smelled when she leaned closer to his frame, both sitting in his room, books spread around them as she questioned something about grammar. He definitely didn’t lose his breath when she casually asked him if she could call him Katsuki, earning a grunt and a *Do what you want.* from the boy, ears flushed.

But Bakugou was hesitant. Of course he was, she was going to leave at the end of the year yet after the first internships started he realized that he’s gonna miss that giggle. Her everything actually. And maybe they’ll never see each other again. The boy had his own goals, he wanted to reach number one, he wanted to be the best. Was she a distraction? Because he never considered her one, daring to say he’s more driven now… Was it a stretch to consider her made for him? Because that’s what he thought all the time and these feelings were eating him alive. In a cool manner, he still had to maintain his reputation, excuse you.

[Y/N] [L/N] had a crush. A big crush on a rather abrasive young man. The moment she realized an overwhelming feeling engulfed her, taking away the very needed sleep as the following day she’d intern with *the* Hawks. Yet getting zero sleep that night, reality slapped her so hard she didn’t even feel fatigue for 36 hours afterwards.

Bakugou Katsuki stole her heart and it was doomed for heartbreak. So separation and moving on was the plan.

Although it seemed like something went over her head. She fell in love with a stubborn motherfucker, yet neither of them knew at the time the lengths he’d go just to be together.

After some time of avoiding each other everything felt wrong. Studying wasn’t the same, food didn’t taste as good as before when she wasn’t half moaning half praising his efforts, her cute way of pronouncing things actually turned into a good accent and even if a time came for the girl to ask for correction, [Y/N] decided to ask anyone else but him. Both were getting stronger separately, finding other training partners and things started to slowly go back to what it was at the beginning of the year, leaving a sour taste in Bakugou’s mouth. How come *she* stole his heart? And how come now she was breaking it without noticing?

And here they were, together sitting outside their living quarters, just staring at the darkening skies, both lost in thought. Once strangers turned into friends and now back at the beginning. Yet the air was calm as it always was between them, like old friends meeting after years of not seeing each other even when they met every day.

“I’m gonna miss this place…” she muttered, gulping down the uneasiness rising in her throat. One more month and she’d leave. One more month and whatever they had would be erased forever. “I’m gonna miss you…” she whispered, deciding it was the time to take this burden off her chest once and for all. For herself, her well being, to explain her shitty attitude although his wasn’t better. “I’m… I’m gonna miss your stupid face…” came out in another whisper, lips trembling as she avoided his eyes but when she heard a broken chuckle, strained and forced, her eyes snapped towards him.

His palm was covering his eyes, heart in his throat, not believing that everything lead to this moment.

“You spent too much time with me, dumbass.” she blinked stupidity, precious orbs watching him carefully not even trying to hide the shine of tears appearing. “You sound like me now.” she chucked too, bitter and quiet.

“I didn’t spent enough time…”

And everything just turned back to what they had. As when they were alone in one of their rooms, sharing stories, watching movies, listening to music, each doing their own thing in harmony. So they talked, curfew approaching rapidly but there were many things unsaid. There was no clear confession but her little moment of truth opened a door that has been closed for both of them for a long time now. Actually… Not only the door, all the windows and doors were now wide opened, barricades and walls demolished down and everything flowed naturally. *Who would’ve thought?* Katsuki told himself while walking her to her door. He was soft, he has forgiven her in an instant for all the zig-zagging around him, feeling relieved since he felt guilt for doing the same. The stupid dancing around somehow ended when they reached her room, silence filling the air.

“You’re a dumbass…” he said yet didn’t know if it was thrown to [Y/N] or to himself. The rich laugh earned from her made him smirk. God, how much he missed it.

“You’re the one to talk?” she pushed his shoulder gently, yet for the love of god, none knew what the fuck this conversation was really about. Before she could retreat the hand thought, he grabbed it, palms sweaty, fingers surprisingly gentle.

“[Y/N].” he responded, that zoo on crack in his stomach seemed to take life again. They didn’t have much time anymore.

No verbal confession was made that night, both scared, terrified of voicing out anything that would instantly throw them back towards their concerns. Yet the sweet, slow kiss they shared got imprinted in their memories forever.


Her third year passed rather quickly, yet this time she was more glued to the phone. Many of her old friends noticed, inquiring who was the boy that she was talking to so much, all in teasing manner, none noticing how her lips would flatten and her expression fell for one second before answering back in a similarly teasing way too. Training, studying, going out with friends but never looking at another guy the way she looked at Bakugou Katsuki. Time flew while they both found a way to stay in touch, as limited as it was through the time zones and goals they individually had to reach.

Memories of their last month reconnecting and stepping up into a new world together, almost together but not official, sneaky kisses stolen from time to time, teasing each other but always with a hint of uncertainty, hugs that lasted a little bit too much yet none caring, cuddles and whispers when alone. But nothing else. Oh, how she regretted it. Not kissing him harder, not hugging him longer. Not telling him clearly that she loved him. Not crying when they parted ways because she sure as hell felt like doing so. They only promised to stay in touch when finally getting a time alone on that last fateful day. Being surrounded by her new friends crying around her, saying their goodbyes and promises of meeting somehow someday. That’s when he snatched her for their final time alone. That’s when she told him to not forget about them, yet again, never addressing their feelings. And he grunted at her, stoic, constipated looking, a face she’d normally make fun of if it weren’t for the gravity of the situation.

But they messaged at odd times, they’d create inside jokes and they’d talk on the phone, his voice always doing things to her.

“I’ve seen the fight, you were amazing!” she said while carefully picking his face in the voice call, re-learning his expressions, remembering caressing the same cheekbones that now were bruised after a big fight in his internship with Endeavor that could all be seen online.

“Course I was, woman.” he said, small yet boyish grin on his face. [Y/N] wanted to laugh, tease and be normal around him in this limited time together but Jirou’s words stopped her.

*“It’s insane. The Bakugou Katsuki has a fan-base now! Like… Girls confess to him every week, he gets love letters! Kirishima makes fun of him but we all know he’s jealous–” *

Keeping in contact with the people from UA was a blessing and a curse, the latter because of those words. He changed so much, people were starting to see him for what he really was and a selfish voice inside of her was screaming that only her could know this side of him. And at the same time feeling she’d never deserve him.

Without being able to bite her tongue, she inquired.

“So I heard you have fangirls now.” bright smile way too shiny, her discomfort was so obvious even through the screen.

“Hah?” was his only answer, leaning closer to his Webcam with a frown.

“A little birdie told me.” she shrugged, playing it cool, perfectly knowing she’d never be able to play anything cool to save her life.

“And who gives a shit ‘bout that?” *I do…* almost was her reply. But no, she had to squeeze her own heart and milk the pain out of it.

“I mean, haven’t you thought about it?”

“Think about what?” he rasped rather angrily.

“You know, having a girlfriend and so on…?”

“What…?” his disbelief clear on his face, suddenly morphing into anger, now clear and raw. “What the fuck are you even saying, [Y/N]!?” he shouted, breathing heavily. “Are you trying to tell me somethin’? Cuz if you are, you better say it clearly!”

“I–” I’m jealous, you deserve someone by your side, I love you. Please, don’t look at someone else. Please, don’t kiss someone else… Please, be mine.

“Yano what, I’m done for today, fuck off, will ya?” and with a growl, he finished the call.

The promise she made herself about not crying was slowly breaking, her reflection in the now dark computer screen showing her idiotic self about to burst in tears but she clearly didn’t reach that point when an incoming call interrupted her self pity.

“Like fucking shit I’d let go of what we have, dumb woman.” is all she needed to hear that day and she did.


“So it seems I need to work a year in America before I could have a contract with any other Hero Agency. Hawks made it clear that he wants me back as his side-kick with Tokoyami but…” It hurt, stupid laws and contracts and scholarships and feelings. Stupid life and stupid everything.

“Only a year, huh?” he said on the other side of the line.


Looking for a roommate was tough. Wanting to put an ease on her rent and to save money for a future she was starting to see more clearly, the woman had some interviews with some potential roomies but none were convincing. Maybe she was picky, but she got this apartment first, picked the best room and her landlady gave her full permission to pick anyone for her. Which was a blessing, really.

So the cat girl with 4 cats was an option. The guy that eyed her a little bit too much was out of the equation. There was another guy scheduled to come see the apartment that afternoon and, the best part, she was getting a package from Katsuki. He offered, actually. Said something about new house gift, brushing it off casually with his trademark snide remark about how he’d send her some cleaning shit. What an asshole, but hell, even if he did send her cleaning products, she’d cry out of happiness.

The guy talked to her through messages, asking basic questions and nothing more. Time to give another tour and talk about rent was coming yet she silently decided to give this guy a nice brief chat, throw him out and look for a girl roommate, even if Bakugou said it didn’t matter and should interview both. “You know, to get it over with.” little voice still screaming she’d mind if he had a woman as a roomie, but then again, they were nothing…

As 3 P.M. approached, she got a message.

From [Random dude #2 David]:

I’ll be late, hope you don’t mind.

Of fucking course he was going to be late. The first impression? Annoying. What if she had things to do? Like wait for a package and then call Katsuki to open it with him there. Random David was pissing her off already.

Half an hour later the doorbell interrupted her thoughts as she stared blankly at her phone. The last messages she sent her… friend didn’t actually reach him. And it’s been 10 hours? Maybe he was called on a mission. But already? Endeavor surely didn’t waste time, huh?

With a sigh she opened the door, ready to greet Random David when her eyes landed on a suitcase in front of her door. Her ears perked at the sound of another suitcase rolling towards her door, basically making her freak out because Random David was definitely not going to live with her now. And slowly, a guy came in her field of vision and the world stopped functioning.

Bakugou Katsuki, with a box over one of his shoulders and as she guessed, another suitcase in hand, reached her door, elevator ding snapping her out of her… uh… dream? Fantasy? Back shirt, dark jeans, messy hair and The Look™ he always had for her.

“Well, I’m here to look at the apartment.” he grinned, about to burst into an ugly laughter at her dumb face. Everything until this point was worth it because that face? That face was all he needed. Yeah, the dumb mouth opening and closing, eyes big as plates, frozen in place.

“If you…” she muttered. “If you fucking tell me you’re David, I will end you…”

“Ya better not call me that, woman.” he said, taking a step towards her, putting the baggages down.

“Are you really here…?”

“What does it look like, huh? Now let me in, I need to sit down, I fucking hate long flights.”

Rushing him in, hands trembling, words stuttering, [Y/N] [L/N] was in awe at the man in front of her. She knew, she definitely knew he was absolutely amused by her reaction but there was no helping it.

“You’re here…” pulling him inside by his hand, it was so warm, just as always. “Holy shit, you’re here.”

“Aha, but don’t get used to it, woman.” he said, leaving the suitcases behind him, arms just wrapping loosely around her waist.

“Huh?” he touched her face, the scent of nitroglycerin invading her nostrils. Same scent she missed so much in the past year.

“Only for a year, then I’m taking you back home with me, understood?”

Although she didn’t reply, she couldn’t, as she only pulled the collar of his shirt towards her, ready to make up for all the time they threw away. So their lips met and their new life started.

Endeavor worked closely with various hero agencies in America and Bakugou Katsuki asked to be sent there for a year, or more so demanded, leaving the older man speechless. Yet with a single word from Shouto, everything was set running and Bakugou knew he’d have yo return the favor to Icy-Hot someday, but for now she was all that mattered. So when he helped her apartment hunt (even long distance), when he told her to look into this or that Hero agencies (knowing they’d work close to his), when he’d tell her to not mind male roommates (even if he minded, he minded very much), it was all towards the surprise for her.

Bakugou Katsuki was a man on a mission and he realized that in his third year at UA. He was going to be number one. He was going to be the best hero ever. And he was going to have [Y/N] by his side. Always.


Notes: I’m leaving this here since idk man, I had too much coffee and wrote this without blinking. Correlation with the notes? Don’t question it. Anyway!! Pretty please, tell me what you thought of it and if anyone here knows how to add the Read More mark on phone, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d explained me how. I’m way too old for this, I swear, lmfao. Thank you for reading, seriously. Hope you enjoyed and have a great day! ♥

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So, I was looking at drawing challenges on Pinterest, thinking about doing some at some point in the future and got the idea to make some of my own drawing challenge memes.

I wasn’t sure I would be any good coming up with responses and memes but it was actually really easy and fun once I got down to it. I kept getting ideas, especially at night when I was trying to sleep.

If you use it, send me the link so I can look at it, please.

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My sister and I have this mutual agreement, I will give her art requests (I just asked her to paint me a pic of Katsuki Bakugo) and in return I write her Spider-Man fan fictions. When I get it done I’ll post it here! This time it’s a drunk!Peter Parker fic in which Tony and the rest of the Avengers find out and chaos ensues

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The toxic seeps through

Genre: angst then fluff

A katsuki bakugo, hitoshi shinso and denki kaminari x reader

A/n: couldn’t think of different plots so its just the same plot but in different circumstances lmao (don’t worry i gave different symptoms). I also chnaged it from bully to ex-friend! Requests are open with 9 slots so please request anything! Let’s get on with it!

Katsuki bakugo


Originally posted by bokenoboke

  • Bakugo invited you to a new ice cream parlor that opened up, you happily obliged!
  • You stopped to look at the parlor and all the people, when you caught a familiar face.
  • You froze, causing bakugo to look at you with a scowl.
  • “let’s go (y/n). If we keep waiting here we’ll never get your ice cream.”
  • “r-right!”
  • When you reached the front of the line, you see your ex-friend at the counter, serving customers. When she sees you, she started to smirk.
  • “hey (y/n), been awhile… What flavor do you want?”
  • “u-um… Strawberry-”
  • “i’ll get vanilla.” bakugo said without emotion.
  • “okay…” she smiled, an unnerving smile while she got their ice cream.
  • What you both didn’t see your ex-friend put something else in your ice cream.
  • Bakugo paid and sat you down at one of the chairs.
  • You hesitantly took a couple of bites of your ice cream, thinking about that smile that your ex-friend gave you.
  • Your boyfriend looked at you, you looked paler, you looked into his eyes and he saw your eyes dilating and your breathing becoming shallow and faster.
  • “(y/n)? (y/n)? Dammit!” he shouted, standing up and supporting your body up, your arm over his shoulder.
  • That was last thing you heard before you blacked out.
  • You woke up back into your shared bedroom, bakugo over by the desk, seemingly writing an email to someone.
  • He looked back and sees you staring. He stood up and sat at the edge of the bed.
  • “that face you made while we were ordering looks like you know that bitch who made that ice cream. Don’t worry, they’ll be fired soon enough. I’ll make sure they’ll never get a job again, got it?”
  • He gave you his signature smirk and laid down next to you, nuzzling into your neck.
  • Soon enough, the news broadcasted a girl getting fired from work after ground zero revealed what she did to you.
  • You first thought she didn’t deserve it. But the way she treated you, made you think she really did deserve that.

Hitoshi shinso


Originally posted by lummophoenix

  • Shinso asked you out to the movies that day.
  • He knew how much you loved this franchise you guys were about to watch.
  • Once you walked in, and went up to get popcorn, that face immediately hit you.
  • “(y/n)! Been awhile! How about some popcorn on the house yeah?”
  • Shinso was abit unnerved by this girl with a very creepy smile as she talked to you but he didn’t question it.
  • You nervously smiled as she handed you some popcorn with a bit of a greasy sheen on top and sent you on your way.
  • You took a couple of bites before entering the theater when you the world started to spin around you.
  • You dropped the popcorn and held your head. You saw the distorted face of shinso before the world faded to black.
  • You come back to shinso carrying bridal style as he was shouting at your ex-friend by the counter.
  • Shinso storms off, calling someone on his phone with one hand while he carries you with the other.
  • He gets a cab and takes you both home.
  • Once he sees you awake on his lap, he starts to comb his fingers through your hair.
  • “that girl isn’t going to bother anyone else anymore. I promise you that okay?”
  • He kisses your head, you didn’t have to worry about her anymore, not after she lost her job.

Denki kaminari


Originally posted by himaeart

  • Kaminari took you to his favorite old diner.
  • You loved to explore new things so why not right?
  • Right?
  • Yep that didn’t go to plan.
  • You enter the diner and sat down at a booth where a server came up.
  • That server was your ex-friend.
  • She didn’t say anything, just the usual pleasantries exchanged and the orders repeated,
  • But she had that smile that could scare anyone away.
  • You really should’ve taken that as a sign.
  • Once your orders arrived, she gave you once last glance before both of you guys digged in.
  • After a couple of bites, denki starts to see you gagging and keeping in something. you could feel the bile going up your throat.
  • You ran to the bathroom and threw all your guts out.
  • Denki takes your food and sniffs it. He calls on your ex-friend.
  • When you came back you saw denki shouting at your ex-friend, holding your food. the manager watching intently and seemingly fuming at your server. He was considering on throwing the food at her but he used every inch of his control not to.
  • He sees you walk back into the room. He drops the plate, stood up and started to walk both of you out of the restaurant.
  • Before both of you could leave, he turned back one more time.
  • “next time, make sure you’re messing with the right person. Maybe you should start packing your stuff up too.”
  • He pulled you outside and then pulled you tightly into a hug.
  • “you aren’t going to be treated like that. Not now. Not ever again.”

Hopefully anon, you enjoyed and you didn’t mind the changes i did. And i hope you guys also enjoyed! I accidentally made bakugo longer than the both of them, oops 😣! Requests are open with 9 slots so please request something! Thanks so much for reading, love you guys 😘❤❤

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