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Originally posted by cowcat44


Pairing: Toshinori x Reader

Summary: Detective Toshinori hunts down cannibal

Request: “Would you mind writing a yandere All might hunting down a serial killer (highly suspected to be a cannibal and more than likely actually is, gotta get rid of evidence somehow. Also food is expensive) reader who is hard to track because during the day she’s literally just like everyone else, to the point where people don’t believe it could possibly be her?- Anonymous”

Notes: Fair warning, the request says this, but just to be safe, this story deals with yandere themes as well as murder and cannibalism. I made this hella short and I’m sorry for that, I just didn’t want to go into too much gory detail and I figured it fit nicely to keep some mystery to it.


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Baking (Tamaki AmajikiXReader)

this is my first collab/request ever and im so excited to post it!!! @onyxiana-is-obsessed is the writer i did this whole thing with and honestly shes the sweetest, nicest and most talented person eVer!! theres nothing she cant do and odbdhwv you have to check her out, really!! shes awesome (she also made this banner and idbdk im so grateful!!! it looks so so so awesome!!!!)

warnings: extreme fluff, flustered tamaki and a reader that teases too much


It was a calm sunday morning in your and Tamaki’s apartment. The both of you had finally a day off and planned to spend every second together.

The soft music that could be heard from the kitchen set the perfect mood for the both of you. You still were in your pajamas, dancing around your boyfriend as he stirred the dough for your favourite cake. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, just his loose pajama pants that he wore lower tham he usually did.

A shiver went down his spine as you softly dragged your hands over his shoulders. “Do you come here often?”, you whispered in his ear with a huge smirk on your face. You could see his cheeks becoming a soft red. A little snort escaped him before he turned to look at you.

“W-we live together, B-babe,” he stuttered while slowly putting his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him. He smiled softly as you laughed, the red disappearing from his face.

Your hands found their way behind his neck, gently playing with his hair. Your bodies swinging to the music, thoroughly enjoying the attention from each other. It had been quite some time since you could just be with each other with no one else interrupting or bothering the two of you. He came home late from work, you had to leave early for work. Weeks upon weeks you couldn’t even sleep together right, so this time you could spend together without any worries was very precious for both of you.

Tamaki leaned down, kissing you gently. His thumb drew small circels against your waist as his other hand moved up to cup your cheek. It didn’t feel real, being so close to each other, touching each other.. It felt like heaven, finally being together again.

You slowly pulled away from him, looking at him with a teasing smile while his confused eyes fluttered open. Why did you pull away so quickly?

“Excuse me, I have a boyfriend,” you said, one of your hands slowly pushing him away from you, your eyes glowing with amusement. He blinked surprised, his whole face turning a bright red.

“I-I am y-your boyfriend!”, he huffed louder than he wanted to, because he turned even more red. A small whine escaped his lips, “Please d-don’t tease m-me so much, my s-sweet..”

“Love, it’s just a joke! I only love you,” you mused while ruffling through his hair. “Come on, let’s get this cake finished. Then we can cuddle or do whatever you want.”

A small huff escaped him again as he pulled you closer and turned around with you, caging you between himself and the counter. He continued stirring the dough as if nothing happened, his cheeks still a little red. “I-i’ll make you p-pay for t-t-teasing me..Just y-you wait…”

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links to fights will be added over time :D

10- Infernape vs Electivire (Ash vs Paul):

The nostalgia factor is present to position itself on the list, I still remember the first time I saw this fight, I was sitting in front of the television having lunch while watching Ash’s infernape showing Paul who is in charge. It is ironic that the pokemon you abandoned took you out of the league GG.


9- Shichika vs Emonzaemon:

During the entire ascent to the castle, Shichika is serious even with the sad events that had just happened to his, and he eliminates everything he had fought for in the entire series, he eliminate all the wielders along with all the swords that had been so difficult to gather, except for the last one, held by Emonzaemon. They both have a final match for their respective princesses, Emonzaemon with the power of their pistols (a weapon never seen in their world), and Shichika using his body as a sword just as he has always done. Both literally destroy both themselves and the battlefield, blood rains everywhere until finally one does not know who has caused more fatal injuries to the other.


8- Luffy vs Katakuri:

In the manga, the fight seemed wonderful to me, and also in the anime, surely more than one has become a fan of Katakuri after seeing the result of the fight (including myself), even though Katakuri literally destroys Luffy with his fists, latter had the new version of Gear fourth hidden under the sleeve, which turns out to be fast and powerful enough to beat the donut-loving commander, the animation is pretty good and relatively faithful to the manga. And speaking a little more about Katakuri … What has not been said about this man?.


7- All might vs All for one:

Of the entire series, this has been my favorite so far, the end of an era with the fall of All Might, but also the birth of a new era darker than the previous one, adding this to the incredible animation by Studio Bones. , the amazing soundtrack, and above all, a discourse and a plot importance with such a dramatic level, make it one of the fights that have most moved me.


6- Reg vs Bondrewd

This battle could be defined with the word “Cruel”, it is only three children fighting against a monster with infinity of attack relics and with the power to change bodies using his Soul-Slave Machine, all the effort put in by Reg only for in the end they cannot rescue the person they were fighting for, this fight accompanied by the excellent drawings of Akihito Tsukushi make it a visual delight for the viewer. I’m waiting to see her animated.


5- Gintoki vs Jirocho:

A conflict between two people who had promised basically the same thing to a single man, but who, on the contrary, had taken different paths. Gintoki’s rage against Jirocho has become my favorite, seeing Gintoki silent in the middle of the rain with his broken feelings for seeing Otose leave, that woman who although she was the annoying old woman who had to protect to pay her debts, in the end it turned out to be much more than that, she was part of his family, and seeing her lying next to her husband’s grave makes Gintoki explode causing my favorite rage in the anime so far.


4- Roy Mustang vs Envy:

The anime is not afraid of being graphic and raw, having Envy lying on the ground screaming in pain when he burned alive, mixed with Mustang’s feelings of anger and rage, they make the fight spectacular along with the wonderful work done by the seiyuus and the studio. Bones GOD level animation (although this confrontation is more of an execution).


3- Gon vs Neferpitou:

As Netero said: “Do not underestimate the human potential to do evil”, it only takes a catalyst for a being to compose himself and allow himself to be consumed by its shadow. In this fight Gon leaves his humanity aside and turns into a monster only to destroy his enemy, with a spectacular transformation scene with a brutal soundtrack. Throughout the fight we see Gon destroying Neferpitou with fists to the point that he even uses his own amputated arm to pierce her chest with a blow, and later, finish destroying she next to the whole mountain where they were fighting, simply masterful. The arch of the chimera ants, where the monsters had humanity and the humans became monsters.


2- Luffy vs Doflamingo:

It was because of this fight that I started to watch One Piece, by accident I saw a scene on YouTube and that is why I really wanted to see the anime. After finishing seeing the Dressrosa arc, Doflamingo became my favorite antagonist in the anime, his past and personality caught me. For me Doflamingo is a representation of human madness and all the anger and resentment in the world. The battle of Luffy vs Doflamingo is extremely symbolic, practically in it we see the future of One piece, to Luffy destroying the threads that create a fragile reality of happiness, showing the darkness behind the light, and Luffy sending from heaven to earth to a heavenly dragon.


1- Gintoki vs Takasugi:

One of the most anticipated fights (Or the most anticipated) by all Gintama fans. We are presented with the dilemma that Gintoki had in his past, a promise with two different people, two things that he wanted to protect, but if he didn’t get rid of either one, he would end up losing everything, it is a fight without power ups taken from the sleeve, without the power of friendship involved, only two men fighting to face their past, the blood, the quick animation, the excellent work done by the seiyuus, without a doubt some gintama knows how to give very good action scenes , and in this case they knew how to perfectly capture each feeling with each fist and each clash of swords, I also love the fact that both Jirocho and Takasugi see in Gintoki the ghost of their past, without a doubt one of the best sword fights in the anime.

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Hi, sorry in advance if it's silly or awkward to right and you have all the rights to ignore this but can you do Iida X S/O angest and fluff please and thank you!

Sure thing sweetheart. I already have like a story ready because of my oc so it will be based on her, get ready for some angst. 💖💖💖


-It all happened during your battle with Stain.

-You were called in because of the Nomu attack and got sidetracked when you saw Iida running down the alley.

-You followed him to check on him and because you had a huge crush and wanted to keep him safe.

-Your quirk was called sun angel which gave you the ability to heal others with energy you had stored in your body during the day and could produce a sunbeam which served as an attack. 

-Your special attacks were separated into two parts.

-First was angel which gathered the energy to your back and created powerful white wings while the second part was energy absorption which let you take others energy by touching them.

-You found him getting ready to attack Stain and of course you went into full attack mode as well. 

-You guys fought for some time until Stain knocked Iida down.

-The world literally stopped moving for you the moment you saw him raise his sword above Iida’s shoulder.

-You were already exhausted from the fight but you managed to summon your wings and flew right at him tackling him to the ground.

-He out powered you rather quickly since your wings took away a lot of your strength and slammed you onto the wall.

- “Won’t you look at that, the false hero is accompanied by a true hero and an angel at that. Too bad I’ll have to hurt her, can’t have you blocking me again little angel.” 

-And with that he brought his sword down on your wings, slashing them from were they met your shoulders all the way to the tips. 

-Your screams were heart wrenching to Iida and he couldn’t do anything but shout at Stain and watch as he completely destroyed your wings. 

-Stain removed his words and let you slump to the concrete. 

-Iida was livid.

-He could see the blood coming out of your wings and how pale you looked.

-This was all his fault.

-You were unconscious and unimaginably hurt because he wasn’t strong enough.

-When Todoroki and Midoriya arrive and help him get free from Stain’s control, he goes all out on him.

-He was sick and tired of seeing people he cared/loved getting hurt by this villain.

-Once the fight was over, he scooped you up and desperately called out to you trying to wake you up. 

- “Come on L/n wake up! Just wake up, open your eyes! Please Y/n, please.”

-The medics had to rip his arms off of you.

-Todoroki and Midoriya kept reassuring him that you would be alright and that everything would be back to normal in no time.

-It took two days for you to finally wake up.

-Iida was one of the last people to visit you.

-His arms were covered in bandages and he looked so worn.

-He sat beside you,not meeting your gaze, and began asking you the generic questions of ‘how are you feeling’ etc.

-He quickly filled you in on what you missed and then went silent.

- “You could’ve died, you know. Your wings haven’t fully healed and the doctors said that it will take some time before you can use them again.”

-You went to speak but he stood up, finally meeting your eyes.

- “This could’ve ended much worse than it did. Why did you tackle him? You could’ve gone to get help!”

- “Iida please -”

- “You would’ve been safe! Why were you so reckless! Why did you even-”

- “HE WAS GOING TO HURT YOU! I just couldn’t let that happen…”

-He stared at you before sitting back down beside you, bringing you to his chest for a hug.

- “The moment he slammed you to the wall I wanted to kill him. I couldn’t stop him. I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry Y/n.”

-He buried his face in your hair and you could feel his tears wetting your hospital gown. 

- “You’re too important to me. Please don’t scare me like that again.”

-You wrapped you arms around him, slightly wincing at the action and kissed his forehead.

- “Iida Tenya, did you just confess?” you whispered into his ear.

-His grip on you tightened and you couldn’t suppress your giggles.

-You pushed him off gently, cupping his face in the process and giggling some more at the blush on his cheeks.

- “Took you long enough. I was beginning to consider making the first move!”

-He gasped at the thought only making you laugh further.

-You brought him back into a hug, loving the way his arms wrapped around you.

- “I guess I’m an idiot for making you wait then.”

- “A good-looking idiot, Tenya.”

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Everything is the same but... Nana and AFO were together, like, husband and wife and even had a child together (I think his name was Kotaro..?) that means Tenko is AFO's grandchild

that would make family dinners awkward if AFO is still a villain…

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what kind of little quirks or habits (no pun intended) do you think some bnha characters have ?? I think Occhako has a habit of messing with her cuticles but can't afford a manicure, so she tries to hide her hands as much as possible ): poor baby

She totally does!! Poor bb!!! She does it during class all the time, but will sometimes forget she’s doing it and quickly slide her hands under her desk

but ok for some other habits hMM

Bakugo talks non-stop in his sleep and it’s super embarrassing so don’t mention it to him or it’s an immediate k.o

Sero picks at his pencil eraser during class until it’s virtually gone, so now he has no eraser to use on the test rip

But that’s okay, Midoriya always brings a few spare. He developed a habit of bringing extra school supplies because he gets literally high on helping students in need. He’s like classroom Santa 

(Yaoyorozu of course takes pause when asked if she can make “just one pencil”, or “just one eraser”, or “just one whole textbook because I forgot mine at home”. But at some point she gave up the hapless crusade against betraying capitalism and now she’s like her own little Office Max in the back of the room– whenever anyone forgets anything she’ll whip something up quick all while convincing herself she ISN’T hurting the Japanese economy she is just being a GOOD friend and the financial gods will forgive her

(Midoriya is depressed bc now he is no longer the classroom plug)

Mina buys a cute student planner every year with the intention of using it but never does and probably never will

Iida has the loudest sneeze of any mammal on earth and absolutely WILL NOT sneeze in class. Ever. Even if he were to excuse himself and step outside to sneeze, you’re still hearing that bomb drop through the walls. Poor guy

Monoma has this dumbass habit of confusing his dreams with reality. Like, one time in his dream, Tetsutetsu pissed him off so much that Monoma ignored him for an entire week and no one knew why

Mirio is a secret alien nerd. He’s spent hours online looking at dumb fake videos and rewatching all the best alien movies. He’s on all the alien reddits. HE WANTS TO BELIEVE

Kaminari loves the smell of cleaning supplies. If there’s a newly Windex-ed table in front of him he’s snorting that shit like coke. Probably why he has so little brain cells to begin with

ok how about some pro heroes bc my mind is working

Mic will find ONE roach in his house and run like the wind. He refuses to go back inside until Aizawa comes over and squishes it for him. Mic also memorizes every single spot that he’s seen a roach, and now has a routine that lasts almost an hour where he comes home, tip toes around the house, and checks every roach spot before he can soundly go to bed

Midnight has horrible road rage. Aizawa drove with her once and had high blood pressure by the end of it

Snipe still takes the crust off of his sandwiches. Pls don’t make fun of him he’s embarrassed 

Ok but the villains 

Twice chews with his mouth open like he doesn’t realize he has lips and Dabi hates it when people chew with their mouths open. This obviously causes problems

Toga has extremely vivid and violent dreams (in her opinion, those are sweet dreams) and often times she’ll actually growl—or on occasion, maniacally laugh—in her sleep and it freaks the fuck outta the rest of the League. Twice always wants to wake her up because, “SHE’S HAVING A NIGHTMARE!! SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE’S IN PAIN!! POOR TOGA!!” but everyone else is like dude she’s clearly enjoying it leave her alone 

Spinner can’t tie his shoes and everyone else emotionally batters him for it. Twice usually ties his shoes for him. A little too tight tho. The League once got him velcro Skechers as a joke 

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