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Presents from the League

i know, i know, its the presents again but this is the last one i swear


  • in terms of fanon shiggy, he’s into games so he’d probably get you a new game for you to play together
  • and i can’t imagine he bought it, he most likely sent someone to go steal it, though you would never need to know
  • “This is the one you were talking about? It looks good.”


  • i’d say he was pretty indecisive and got you a few things
  • the first being a serious present; a weighted blanket, because he knows it’ll help you sleep when he’s not there
  • the last two are only small; a candle and mini fire extinguisher
  • “You almost burnt the place down last time you had candles, and well I can’t have you stealing my brand, now can I?”


  • she gave you a set of throwing knives that match hers
  • they’re made of tungsten so they’re strong and even dabi would struggle to melt them
  • “Aren’t they just so pretty?! So sharp and shiny!”


  • he gets you one of those reversible octopus plushies
  • you really liked his one so he wanted you to have one of your own
  • “See! Happy, angry, happy, angry. It’s so cute. And furious.”
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Old fan art of Todoroki Shouto from the “My Hero Academy” (Boku no Hero Academia) anime/manga series


14.8×21.0 cm

Paper for graphics, graphite pencil


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