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#my hero academia

🔥 Please Share around🍀 My insta: @asuka_young. Deku and Asta! When I first watched Black Clover, I thought Asta was similar to someone. Now I know it was Deku! They’re both without power that everybody else normally has, and had to work hard to get to where they are. ❤️😭

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Do you think the portal gun from portal could work as a quirk?

I think something like that could work. I see it working as an Emitter type Quirk that allows the user to fire out red and blue bolts of energy from their right and left hand respectively. If one bolt hits a surface, it will create a human sized oval of its color on the spot it hit. When the other one hits another surface, it will create another oval connection to the last one, making a doorway between the two as if the two portals were right across from one another. With the long range of the Quirk, both of the darts and the portals, the user will have plenty of unique ways to move around. The user can quickly get around, redirect opponents, attack in unorthodox ways, quickly transport people or objects, or leave a portal somewhere to make a quick escape. Besides the fact the Quirk needs a non-living surface to activate on, the user cannot close if anything or anyone is inside the portal. A possible name for the Quirk could be “Doorway”.

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