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Hey! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything story wise, so I wrote a practice piece for a villain Mic thing I may or my not be working on. Also, this is just practice to get me in the game again and get  a feel for how I want to write this, so don’t take anything seriously. Feedback would be appreciated though. Also, no beta. I die like dumbass hero

WARNING! Rated M for cursing and um, “crude” context. Mostly language. (I’ve seen worse here, but still)

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a/n, Hi nonnie! I understand- school is ruff rn! I added Bakugou too, so I hope this can lift your spirits a little bit❤︎ thanks for requesting!

summary, the endless amount of assignments start to overwhelm you, Shouto and Bakugou (seperate) notice.

type, headcanons

warnings; NONE


Shouto todoroki!

  • At first, Shouto would be really supportive! Bringing you snacks, gently kissing your cheek in passing.
  • He’d be so proud that you’re putting so much effort into your work, expect praise to leave his mouth at random
  • “You’re so smart, loves” and “I’ll give you a reward once you’re done” ( that last one is up for interpretation )
  • But, he’d notice that you were working non-stop
  • Shouto would probably be hesitant to confront you about you over working yourself…
  • Afterall, studying was important… And he wanted nothing more than for you to be confident on what you bubble in on your tests, but it would get hard for him to watch you destroy yourself
  • He’d try to gently nudge you to come to bed, or to take a break, he’d even ask if he could help you study so maybe you’d finish faster.
  • He’d see that you were turning into a studying zombie, and he knew that it was time for something a little more effective than nudging.
  • He’d say very bluntly that working yourself to the bone isn’t helping you… If you got offended, trust me, Shouto can out-argue you.
  • Shouto is very stubborn, and more than usually, he gets what he wants. Especially from you.
  • Shouto would be very convincing as he whispers in your ear how much he misses you, and how you need to rest
  • His lips brushing against your neck sending shivers down your spine, it’s reason enough to finally give in.
  • He’d be pretty pleased. He won’t outwardly show it, but he has an effect on you and he knows it. Uses it to his advantage a lot more than he probably should.
  • I rate Shouto a 9.9/10. I know that’s a high rating and why not just put a 10/10, but his awkwardness makes it difficult for him to really confront you.
  • But overall, he did a good job taking care of you

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Uh uh- Bakugou isn’t with that.
  • Bakugou pays a lot of attention to you, you just don’t notice it. He stares and analayzes your facial expressions
  • It would be almost creepy. But you knew bakugou was just overprotective, and he knows you inside out.
  • He can come off passive aggressive when he tries to give you advice though… It might elicit your rolling your eyes, or scoffing yourself.
  • Which would make him scoff aswell…
  • Seeing you all tired and miserable and stressed, would make his eyebrows twitch.

“Damn moron. Listen to me, you need to rest or else you’ll end up failing the damn exam anyways.”

“Just five more minutes…”


  • You made the mistake of thinking Bakugou is gonna approach you anymore calmly than he already has after continually denying him.
  • In fact, he’d be very aggressive. He’s less persuasive than Shouto, and more pushy than anything.
  • Bakugou is a studier himself, and he makes sure to study almost as much as he trains physically.
  • So, he would be kinda proud of you that you’re trying so hard. It’s admirable at least.
  • But then the rage returns, and Bakugou is screaming shitty woman, his voice bouncing off the walls
  • Now, this can go two ways. If you don’t give up, he’ll eventually just throw you over his shoulder, onto the bed/floor, and lay on you. You’re not going anywhere ❤️
  • Now if you listen to him, you’ll definitely reap the rewards. Bakugou can be very giving when he wants to be, and when he thinks you deserve it.
  • Honestly, Bakugou is gonna make you study with him on his own time anyways.
  • It’s actually more helpful to have him there with you, supporting you, and helping you!
  • Overall I rate him a 7.6/10. Not the gentlest, or the most persuasive, but he gets the job done.
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“In any case, we’re just glad you’re alright,” said Momo Yaoyorozu, another of Ochako’s friends. Pretty much all of the 1A students were at the very least happy to see Ochako return to UA in some way or another. Some had their suspicions but those faded from their minds fairly quickly.

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✯characters: bakugo katsuki, tamaki amajiki, kaminari denki

✯prompt: telling you they’re b*rny

✯note: characters are aged up! also, no thots, head empty, only hoshi’s HORANGHAEE

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Random update on my writing. Still can’t fucking write the last chapter of What Happens Next, I have been trying to but I have hated every version I’ve written lol. I’m considering a part two for Do Your Worst. In the mean time, I was gonna attempt to write some My Hero Academia stuff?? Maybe some Bakugo smut?? Also if y'all have literally any suggestions for the last chapter of What Happens Next please throw them my way I want y'all to like the ending lol.

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Here’s an angsty lookin thing I made.

Here’s context: Kuroi’s mother was a villain (An A-Rank villain), her mom kept that a secret from the family until her dad found out.

They separated not long after, Kuroi was significantly young at the time.

She inherited her mom’s quirk (Jinx), she was only told the details about the separation when she got older.

Growing up, her quirk was always perceived as villainous, so Kuroi decided to become a hero not only to dissociate herself with her mom but also to prove that a quirk like hers can be used by a hero.

(I pray that the word diarrhea you just read makes sense)

In the post I added a mini vent about something people with siblings face often, being compared/associated with who you’re related to.

Like if you go to the same school as your sibling you’re always asked “Hey are you ____’s sibling?” And they expect you to be just like them. I thought that would be an interesting thing to add for this.

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Hopital Visits

Taishiro Toyomitsu/Fatgum x Reader

Summary: you and your daughters rush to Taishiro’s side when you found out that he had been hospitalized after one of his missions



Soft clanging could be heard from the kitchen along with the ‘old hits’ hour blaring softly from the radio station that switched on the old radio that sat at the open window of the kitchen. Though those old hits melded in with the laughter of your daughters as they rolled upon the soft grassy hills in the back yard, chased each other around, and danced to the music that they could also hear. It brought a soft smile to your face as you bent over, oven now being opened to now carefully remove a cake pan from inside, though you stopped to listen as the song that was currently playing was interrupted, though you could barely hear what was being said over the laughter of your daughters.

“You 4! Quiet down!” You called out, which they all did, soon running up to the window to now stand on their tippy toes to look to the radio expectantly, all curiously listening to the news reporter’s voice that now hurriedly spoke out.

“Fatgum and other pro heroes are now being hospitalized after a fight in the….” though you only took in a quick inhale of breath, the cake pan that was once in your hands now quickly and clumsily being tossed onto the counter, your phone now already blaring, your daughters now frantically scrambling into the house.

“Get whatever you need now!” You shouted out to them as you finally grabbed ahold of the phone. “Oh please tell me my husband is alright!” You shouted out as you accepted the call, already shoving a few things into your bag and shoving on a jacket.

“Mrs.Fatgum, there’s no need to worry, he’s just been checked into the hospital as a normal percedure, though I would recommend a lot of carbs for your husband…” the voice soon explained, which you gave a sigh of relief, a hand pressed to your heart that still quickly fluttered against your chest. Soon the other on the phone gave you his location, quickly hanging up, car keys jingling in your hands as you ushered your daughters out of the house, locking the door and soon racing down the streets, heart pounding within your chest.

You and your daughters rushed down the hospital hallways, clutched onto each other’s hands like a chain, eyes darting to each room number before finally your eyes landed on the right door, hand letting go of one of your daughters to hurriedly open the door.

“Daddy!” Shouted out your daughters in delight as they saw their father sitting up in the hospital bed, already running forward into the room.

“My girls!” He shouted out excitedly, eyes already wide and mouth stretched out in that iconic grin as he opened his arms up, his 4 daughters already hopping up and onto the hospital bed, all piling into his opened arms to be squished by a hug as he snuggled his face up against the tops of their heads. “I love you all so much!” He spoke out, smothering their faces with kisses as they giggled away. “And you?” He said with a sigh as he looked to you, you leaning to down to press a quick kiss to his cheek “Have I ever told you that you are absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world?” He said with a little laugh as he leaned back onto the elevated hospital bed, daughters still snuggled away in his near hug.

“But look at you!” You said as you sat down in a chair beside the bed, setting your purse on your lap, hands already digging around within it.

“Yeah…I had to use all my energy in our mission.” He said with a sigh, a frown already stretching down his mouth as he stared off into space, hands absentmindedly playing with the hair of his daughters that snuggled up into his sides, arms, chest, any available space next to or on him. “And the food here? They said they can’t provide me with the amount that I need to start building back up…” he mumbled out sadly as he looked down to you with a little shrug of his shoulders, though a grin spread across his mouth once more as you pulled out a whole bundle of bananas, setting it down on your lap in place of your purse that was now at your feet. “This is why I’m married to you, you know?” He said as he took hold of the banana you broke off and peeled for him.

“It was the only thing I could grab while trying to get everyone out of the door when we found out the news.” You said with a little laugh as you watched him offer pieces of the bananas to his daughters before beginning to eat it himself, already holding out his hand for another one.

“It’s perfect, thank you!” He said through his mouthfuls of banana, already tossing away the peel from his first banana in the garbage bin next to the bed, once again offering pieces of the next peeled banana to his daughters first before beginning to eat again, a sigh of content being released through his nose.

“I’m thankful you are ok though….but what about Kirishima? And Amajiki?” You asked quietly, a worried look now back upon your face, your daughters soon nodding their head.

“Yeah! What about Amajiki and Kirishima?” One of his daughters asked as well, the others shouting out their ‘yeahs!’ In agreement, all now looking up to him expectantly.

“Calm down! Calm down!” He said with a little rumble of laughter as he gave his girls another hug to reassure them. “Those two are gonna be ok. They got knocked up a bit, but it’s nothing those two boys can’t recover from.” He said, his girls and you giving sighs of relief upon the good news. “Actually, why don’t you girls go visit them? They are in the room next to mine, to the right when you walk out.” He said as he watched his girls quickly scramble down from the bed to rush out the room, a smile upon his face as he watched them leave, but it quickly fel as he looked to you.

“Sir Nighteye didn’t make it…” he muttered out as he tossed away the banana peel that rested in his hand, already grabbing the next one from your hands, trying to avoid the shocked look upon your face. “We managed to save the young girl that they were using to make weapons to erase people’s quirks, Eraserhead is going to be in charge of taking care of her.” He continued on with his explanation. “We were a likely candidate, since we already have experience with girls, obviously.” He said with a little laugh, you rolling your eyes as you gave his arm a playful slap. “But, the poor thing doesn’t know how to control her quirk, so Eraser is best suited for that.”

“Poor girl…” you muttered out sadly as you were once again handing over a banana, this time taking away the peel from his hands to toss it away. “A little girl? She must be so scared right now.” Though the door opening caused the both of you to whip your heads to see who had just entered, Taishiro grinning upon seeing his daughters helping Amajiki and Kirishima into the room. “Uh…? Is that even allowed?” You worriedly asked as you helped Amajiki and Kirishima sit on the edge of Taishiro’s bed, daughters already crawling up beside them.

“Come on, don’t tattle on us…” Karishima said jokingly, daughters now laughing along with them, Taishiro soon joining in, Amajiki even letting out a few weak chuckles as you only looked to them all bewildered, though you couldn’t help but let yourself admire the scene before you.

“Oh….you are all too cute…I can’t be mad…” you said as you let out your own laughs “Hold on though.” You said as you took a few steps back, phone now out. “Come on, smile!” You said with a little laugh, Taishiro leaning in, arms gently gathering everyone up with a grin upon his face, daughters laughing along with Kirishima, and a ghost of a smile upon Amajiki’s face once the picture was taken.

“Send that picture to me!” Taishiro said said as he let himself grab ahold of the last banana from the bundle of bananas that you had left upon the chair, you now sittin back down once he grabbed it.

“I will Taishiro, don’t worry.” You said as you reached to grab ahold of his free hand, letting your eyes admire your daughters and the two young heroes talk about random things, Taishiro joining in every now and then.

The beautiful scene before you was all you need to know that everyone was going to be ok…

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