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ミルコ by こばじ@xiao_lin_GT
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figure skater! touya (based on a thead by @/rumoonie on twt)
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♡ so… are you single? - [bakugou katsuki]
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bakugou has his own unique way of loving. while you wouldn't trade his cautious touch and deceptive eyes that you know hide all the adoration he has for you. it's hard not to admit that you're having the time of your life watching him as he flirts with you with all the confidence in the world.
his cheeks are flushed a pale pink and he knows deep down that it has little to do with what he drank, and entirely to do with how pretty you look tonight. he just can't help it, the way you look up at him with the sea of party lights reflecting in your amused eyes, you're everything to him. but are you really? are you really his? he finds himself questioning.
in his tainted mind he fails to realise that you are indeed his. he's instead confused by the way his heart longs for you as if it's been chasing you all his life. the only thing he's certain of right now is that you're the most stunning person he's ever met. which is probably why he had completely lost control of his own mouth minutes ago and blurted out ‘wow, you're so beautiful’
now, he grins at you in confidence, running his hand through his blond hair, “so… are you single?” he studies your reaction as your features pull together in confusion. oh no are you dating someone already? is he going to have to fight them? well, he reasons, he’d obviously win so that’s hardly a problem, but he’d hate to disrespect someone else’s relationship.
“you’re literally my boyfriend, katsuki,” you sigh as his eyes widen with each word that he slowly processes. he points to himself and then to you, “us? we’re together? you mean you’re already willingly going out with me?” his words are a little rushed and erratic but they make you smile nonetheless as you nod, “yes, you and i.”
his astonished smile quickly melts into a smirk as he approaches you, his hands reaching out to firmly pull you towards him by your waist. “damn right we’re together,” he says, “i knew from the moment i saw you no one else deserves to be your boyfriend other than me.”
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【ヒロアカ】葉隠透 by こばじ@xiao_lin_GT
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Full set for my 80s AU!
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Journalist Bakugou Katsuki has been tasked with finding out whether or not the rumours surrounding the front man of Red Riot are true. Hopefully the fact the guy looks that good in leather trousers won't be too much of a distraction.
Now to draw the band members of Red Riot 😏
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suffering from poly brainrot AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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Todoroki: Now that I have your attention-
Bakugo: You don’t have my attention.
Todoroki: Deku.
Bakugo: I’m listening…
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Not even ship talk, but the fact that Bakugou said he knew Shoto would win just goes to show how much he developed! There was a time he wouldn't even consider them friends and now he's just praising Shoto! And how hasn't Bakugou changed again???!!! He doesn't care how???!!! Like???!!!
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Not the person who sent that ask but I just saw your response and Oh my god I am so excited for the dabix inexperienced reader chapter I have been obsessively rereading it for MONTHS
dabi becoming obsessed with inexperienced!reader (final part)
tysm!! the amount of support i got from this series?? holy shit. thank yall so much!! it's a shame i started it during the last half of my christmas break and had to take a big break during the semester. but neither the army nor my uni owns my ass for this summer, so i'll have time to write !! requests are opening soon so think about what characters/situations yall wanna see :)
Tumblr media
warnings. nsfw, dubcon themes, unprotected sex
details. fem!reader / lov recruit!reader / inexperienced!reader / corruption!kink dabi / healing quirk!reader / overstim / degradation / praise / quality jealous-clingy action / lots of d. piercings / creampie / face sitting / grinding / dacryphilia / dabi getting sober / dabi's tears / yandere!dabi / words
🤍 scenario series. dabi p.1 + p.6 and full list here.
more links. my ao3 / dabi headcanons / requests open!! my tip jar.
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There were no follow-up questions before he first stripped your dress off, then scooped you up, and plopped you onto your back-- it left you terrified at your own declaration of consent while he rid himself of his pants.
Sure, it was great to rub on, but there was no way it would fit. If it did, how could that even feel remotely good?
Dread built in your tummy as he adjusted a pillow behind your head and shared the taste of your pussy onto your drying mouth.
You flinched at the sensation of his jeweled cock on you.
He stalled at the trace of fear in your voice, "What's wrong, baby?"
"It's-- it's gonna, like, hurt, right?" You swallowed.
Pity; true, genuine pity covered his face for the first time. That was a yes.
"It hurts worse when ya don't like the other person," He spoke softly, thumb brushing away a tear he somehow missed earlier, "But you're nice and wet for me, yeah?"
You nodded, looking between his softened eyes.
"If I could change how big I am for ya, I would," A handsome smile made you grin.
His face was so close to yours, he could rest his forehead on your own with closed eyes, "It only hurts a little, 'till ya get used to it."
It was downright shameful how much your fear turned him on. Your uneven breath, constricted pupils, trembling hands on his face, and fuck, those tears strained his cock.
Still, he also loved comforting you, reassuring you he'd be gentle, despite knowing it wouldn't last long.
He lined himself up -the firm metal on his tip a useful aid in the first part of such a delicate process- and pushed, slack-jawed, past the resistance waiting for him.
It bordered on too tight, uncomfortable for even him, but your nails in his shoulders and little pained whines kept him moving further, one frenum piercing after another.
The stretch you felt on his tongue was incomparable to this.
"Mm-mm," You trembled, sick and sweaty under his heavy body, "Take it out."
Every muscle in your body was locked, squeezing in opposition to this brand new sensation. You couldn't even feel bad for the marks you dug into his skin. He was hurting you so much worse.
"Baby," Dabi cooed, "It'll be okay, just relax."
His tone was too nice, like he found your pain funny, or less legitimate, while he mansplained how to start relaxing around his monster cock. A knife to the gut would feel better than this because at least there was a little dignity there. The smile on his face made you irritable.
"Take it out," Your voice was wobbling on ice, and you couldn't look him in the eye because your own stung so much, but you meant it, you were sure that you could not do this, "Now."
When his face dropped, and his soft facade shattered in an instant, your blood ran cold and you felt so, so tiny.
"I'm doin' ya a huge favor right now, doll--,"
He grabbed your chin and the force knocked a few salty tears free. It did nothing more than instigate the long pent-up emotion in him, "I've wanted to rip ya in half so fuckin' bad for too fuckin' long."
Those words were a paralyzing venom on you. Who was this person?
Weaker hands clawed at his forearm, but it had no effect. What did inspire him to shift was the panicked movement from your aching hips, despite not having a way to get away from him in this position.
There was a falter in his pissed-off expression and a sharp exhale. He dipped his mouth to kiss away your tears and all of a sudden, his kindness was reset.
"I'll take ya as slow as I can-- but I'm not pullin' out."
At that moment, when he let go of your chin in favor of your hip, kissing you like he always did, you couldn't think to do much other than let him stay, tearing you apart.
A nice, smooth tongue brushed over your burning bottom lip, reminding you of the nicer parts of him that you liked better. His free hand lowered between your legs, a rough thumb prodding against your ignored clit.
You sucked in a trembly breath and had to part from him. That was a lovely sensation. It almost got rid of the tummyache he fucked into you.
"Feels good, yeah?" His voice was sick-sweet and tingly against your temple.
He chuckled at the pitiful, whimpery 'yeah' that caught on your tongue. It helped that he gave you a good view to enjoy-- your mind was circling around the fact that he wanted you so bad that he could be mean about it.
The sugary-sweet prodding of his thumb became the subject of your attention between viciously needy glances up to his stone-cold, hungry stare.
Drool coated his bottom lip. Your own felt cold when he took tiny breaks from suffocating kisses.
Whenever he got worked up, his tongue would get sloppy, reaching deeper into your own mouth. It was funny and endearing for such a sex veteran to do something as goofy as stick his tongue down your throat. It made you pull away and giggle every time. It didn't even matter that he was so deep inside of you.
"Shuddup," He slurred with a smile, forehead against yours, heavy eyes shut.
If it wasn't for his uneven mouth-breathing, you'd think with a face like that, he was about to fall asleep. The usual line of stress on his forehead, between his brows, was gone.
He looked like a different man. Save for the scars, piercings-- everything else, of course.
Rising waves of pleasure started to distract you from your admiration, though. The big stare you held was unfocusing, blurring with some rised salt-less tears. 
The transition from painful, to uncomfortable, to addicting, was so much quicker than you anticipated. Numb nails let off of his back and pulled his face into the crook of your neck.
His eager tongue darted over your sweat-slick skin and made you squirm, hugging him in harder.
How was this the same guy from two minutes ago? You supposed you liked his unstable nature, to an extent. He always kept you on your toes. He certainly loved you, and for sure fucked you like he did.
Big, veiny hands pried your sticky, surprisingly resistant thighs from around his waist and pushed them up. Your legs dangled over his shoulders, toes curling as he weighed down on you and hit a spot you never knew existed.
"Aa-h!"  You nearly choked on your own ignored spit, and when you closed your mouth to swallow, he took advantage of the chance to fold you further into the mattress and steal your breath.
His piercings zipped deliciously easy against your sore and needy walls.
The stretch was too good on your hips, the relief your thighs got from the freedom of not having to squeeze, and the deeper, unmovable angle had your nails sinking into his shoulders.
"Fucck, yes--," Dabi sighed, shaky and grinning.
His hips smacked forcibly into yours as he fucked his load deep into your guts. Unrestricted, broken curses, vaguely about you and your pussy, carried his groans.
The hand shoving your head into the mattress, covering your loud mouth, kept you from telling him you were cumming, but he got the message through the new deep trenches you dug into his neck.
Almost right away, the sleepy buzz of oxytocin replaced your mind-shattering high. It worked with Dabi's shushes, his gentle kisses, and slow adjustment of helping you through your hard twitches and shakes.
Predator-like eyes tracked every little movement and noise you made, with almost no room to hide the damage of your orgasm and absolutely none for any trace of elegance.
"You did so good, doll," He nudged his nose into your cheek, "Felt so fuckin' perfect..."
Cold staples on your temple distracted you from the hot and foreign feeling of his cock still in you.
His praise and trembling arms set another fire in your weak tummy.
It became apparent just how much energy he lost when he settled your legs back around his waist to scoop you up and squish you under his sweaty and shaky body. He didn't pull out but you didn't mind. You didn't want to feel empty yet.
"Thank you," He muttered into your hairline, hands kneading your slippery back.
It was a struggle to find your voice, and once you did, it came out uneven and scratchy with the accompanying laugh, "For what?"
He was quiet for a minute. An odd, sobering sound that made your quicker mind race through the possibilities.
"For my-- for my first?" You heard yourself ask, distant and small.
Was that what he was after? Would he leave you now that he had all he needed? At a moment's notice, his weight didn't feel comforting anymore; it was suffocating. But his quiet voice cut through your premature panic.
"No," Dabi rolled his cloudy, stinging eyes but you couldn't see it, "Just... everything. I've never been with anyone that-- that cares this much."
A small sniffle warm acted as the precursor to wetness against your forehead.
His breathing became conscious and slowly evened back out, but you lingered on the admission, this change, throughout his usual pillow talk and soft kisses.
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Husband Katsuki who holds your thigh when your anxious to stop it form bouncing. Thank you. That is all.
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Anime Fall season 2022 in a nutshell
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Bakugo, barges into the dorm: Screw you, nerd! Have the extra if you want to!
Izuku: You’re being over-dramatic, you idiot!
Kirishima: What happened?
Izuku: We were at Starbucks, and I accidentally held hands with a random dude because I was on my phone.
Izuku, yelling to make his point: AND I THOUGHT IT WAS KACCHAN!
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Shoji: Can I tell you a secret?
Mina: I wouldn't recommend it, no
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Bakugou being proud of Shou is all I have wanted this entire manga since their friendship started to get stronger
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Shinsou: They look like a real handful. How do you deal with them?
Sero, watching Kirishima screaming, Bakugou trying to set a sleeping Denki on fire, and Mina choking on air: I don't know either.
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Art by  ライタ
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
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