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#my hero academia

I have 60 followers now ((66 now)) and by tradition, I made more digital art to celebrate it! Today it’s on genderbent Izuku or Izumi as the fandom calls her.

I couldn’t decide on how to make the art in color or a manga style so I just made them both.

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Night, walking into the house with Aderyn: Dad (All Might)!!! Tell mom that I’m not bi!

Aderyn: yES, YOU ARE!

Night: NO, I’M N O T!



Aderyn, blasting I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry: 

Night, singing: I Kissed a Girl and I liked it, I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it…

Night, realizing what she’s done: SHIT-

Aderyn: S E E!

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havokwreaker said: Please keep anti ship posts in their correct tag! That’s what their for- sifting content you want to see vs things you don’t. If you don’t want to keep seeing Dekumight posts, then you should stop commenting on the tag and on works. All you’re doing is telling the algorithm that YOU are the one who wants to see this content by interacting with it.

Who the fuck are you? Why do you ship kids with adults? What is wrong with you??? How far back into that tag are you digging that you pulled my post out of the fucking ground and decided to comment on it about something as bullshit as the “correct tag?” No, I’m not going to “correctly tag” something because you’re mad someone’s talking shit about your pedoship.

Stop Shipping Children With Adults.

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Series Masterlist


  • He either has super messy writing or super neat
  • If it’s messy than you have definitely helped him rewrite his journals on The Pro Heroes 
  • You also help him type them into an online medium so he has access to them
  • He tries and fails to stay awake on movie nights and falls asleep on your shoulder
  • He’ll also let you fall asleep in him
  • Writes notes on the fridge each morning before work
  • Weekly dinners at Inko’s
  • Spoiler alert She loves you
  • Dekusquad gets together twice a month at yours and Izuku’s house for a game night
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*Midoriya walks in to see Todoroki laying on the floor, doing nothing*

Midoriya: Babe, what are you doing?

Todoroki: I don’t know. What are you doing?

Midoriya: I don’t know.

*a few minutes later, uraraka comes in to see midoriya and todoroki laying on the floor together*

Uraraka: What are you guys doing?

Midoriya and Todoroki: We don’t know.

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BNHA characters and my first impression of them VS. what i think now



First Impression
Rude and annoying, puts importance on the wrong things. Don’t really care for him. 0/10

Smart. Single-minded. Violence as a love language, don’t really get it, but okay. He’ll make a fantastic life coach as soon as he learns anger management. 7/10

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Kaminari: So you’re telling me, when you think of Kirishima, your chest gets tight and your face gets hot, and you think that means you’re angry?

Bakugo: Yes.

Kaminari: Do you feel like that when you’re mad at me?

Bakugo: No. 

Kaminari: Do you feel that way when you’re mad at literally anyone else?

Bakugo: No. 

Kaminari: So what you’re feeling about Kirishima isn’t anger. It’s more likely….

Bakugo (light bulb going off): Super Anger!


Kaminari: *walks away*

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Being a Shigaraki kinnie is so funny because so many other people headcanon him as horny, so my projectful ass is over here headcanoning him as grey-aromantic and asexual giving all the horny Shigaraki accounts a thumbs up from the back row of the theatre like “🍑🍆???? 🍩🥒?????????”

Love yall though, yall are funny as hell and your headcanons are pretty cool

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Imagine if someone in MHA had the quirk to hear the music from the anime

Like, they’re minding their own business, when suddenly a full out orchestra comes in and they’re like, “aw crap, somethings about to happen.”

Their friends are just there like, “what??? why do you say that????”

And five seconds later a screaming, broken-limbed, mid-monologuing Deku is thrown out of a building by a villain

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howdy seroroki nation i want yall to know i joined tumblr solely to share my writing and i’m really super ecstatic that yall like it so much :,,,) seroroki means the world to me and i’m honored to be able to share my own form of art with yall.

i’m probably gonna be busy these next few days BUT… i wanna write more seroroki. naturally. i have a few ideas, and this is just a test to see if it’ll actually work, but if yall have anything specific you wanna read, any ideas or anything like that, lemme know and i can try and write little one shots or sometbing like that. one shot ideas or headcanons or whatever you wanna see, lemme hear it and i can try to write about it. all i ask if no nsfw please!!

we’ll see how this goes lol, anyway thank yall for loving my stuff so much <33

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im watching mha with my baby brother AJ (who is literally 3 years old)

todoroki is his favorite character, and every time he comes up on screen he goes “that’s him that’s my favorite!!” he’s adorable

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Request Rules:

The Fandoms i’ll write for

  • Obey Me! One Master To Rule Them All
  • My Hero Academia
  • Seven Deadly Sins

Be Specific- I don’t want to mess up your request so being specific is good for both of us. Specify if you want headcannons, scenarios, or a fic. My max characters at a time is 7
Respect the things I won’t write which is:

  • Incest (this includes Simeon x brother for Obey Me)
  • Any nsfw with an underage mc/y/n
  • ddlg/ddlb
  • Omorashi and other piss related thing
  • Abuse
  • Suicidal Mc/ y/n( unless it’s about NOT committing s*icide) this is a sensitive topic for me so there’s no guarantees that i’ll even write that
  • Anything that even brushes on homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny or misandry

Be Patient- things take time, you can always look at Renaissance Era art while you wait tho :)

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I was working on a perfectly self-indulgent piece when I got hit by the 2x4 that is @myheadinthecloudsnotcomingdown​‘s Discord server. That is my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

What is this you may ask? Someone said that Toru Hagakure must be a descendant of famous pro-wrestler “You Can’t See Me” John Cena. Yes. How do you think she passed the entrance exam?

This idea would. not. leave. my. brain. Now it cannot leave yours. You’re welcome!

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I really like the second season of BNHA, it’s just so nice and fun. Like I know the Stain Arc happened, but jfc season one’s animation is weird, and after season two, the shows takes a darker turn. I love the show!!! But sometimes I just want a little bit more soft characters interacting :)

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Okay so the fact that the biggest two headcanons for Sero are that he’s Hispanic and smokes weed? Like,, i can’t be the only one who’s a little weirded out by that?

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My biggest issue with Villian!Deku is that y’all draw him in a whole suit. Like my mans canonically cannot dress. Please he’d wear a shirt that says “not a serial killer”.

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