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Okay… So I’m going to post another Aizawa picture again… I can’t really help it but I do not regret it!


Source: Pinterest

I think it was originally posted on Wattpad in the book named “Aizawa Shouta” by badwitch99

So, credits to the original artist or owner of this picture.

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Fav thing: she’s a chaotic gremlin queen that’s smart as hell

Least fav thing: she needs some help socially with boundaries and giving a shit about humans besides profit

Fav line:


brOTP: Deku, Shinsou, Uraraka, Bakugou, Power Loader, Melissa

OTP: Iida and maybe Deku or Shinsou

nOTP: none really

Random headcanon: by the time she’s graduated, tabloids have blacklisted stories about her unless they have to do with her accomplishments or are especially insane cause there are only so many times you can write about her nearly burning down McDonald’s again before people are like “what else is new???”

Unpopular opinion: honestly, she and Gentle have the same energy to me

Song associated with them: Sweet but Psycho

Fav pic:



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So I was thinking lately about Aizawa x Bakugou ship.

It’s a rare ship but I think it has a lot of potential and could be really sweet and fluffy if written the right way

So I came up with a name ship


And I really like that name a lot. I’m proud of myself lol

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📑 Table of Contents

  • Genre: Fluff, Romance ☁
  • Word Count: 952 ☁
  • Pairing: Reader x Izuku ☁
  • World: Anime, Boku no Hero Academia ☁

☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚: *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: . ☁

“Umm, Y/N?”

You glanced up from the manga you were reading. Izuku stood before you, hands fiddling with the bottom of his shirt as he stared intently at the ground. His cheeks had turned a rosy red. “Yes?”

He shifted, chewing on his bottom lip nervously. “I, umm… I was wondering… would you like to… I mean, if you want…”

You smiled, reaching out to unclasp his hand from the cloth. His cheeks darkened, but it seemed to give him more confidence. “Will you go out with me?!” His words were rushed and loud, so it took a moment for you to realize what he said.

Keep reading

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hello, everyone. i’ve been mulling over this piece for a while now. guess i finally put the time to write it down and hurt myself in the process lmao. this was originally supposed to be a readerxbakugou smut piece, but i got carried away (extremely) and ended up writing a whole angsty backstory to it inspired by the latest bnha chaps. what do you think? should i continue writing?





The word was a relentless thrumming inside Bakugou’s head. He scrubbed some shampoo on his hair until it lathered, some of the substance pouring down his face. In front of him, the shower head was left open, steaming hot water raining down the cold tiles below.

When is the end?

Bakugou leaned his arm to the wall, the water from the shower falling down his body in cascades. His breathing was rough, each exhale emitting a puff of steam inside his small shower. Their small shower.

He thought about his mentors. Best Jeanist was missing. Hawks is wanted after escaping from his imprisonment sentence. Word around says he conspired with the League of Villains — now called the The Paranormal Liberation Front. Eraser Head is confined at the hospital in a comatose state, brought by an intense fight with Shigaraki Tomura, and Endeavor —

Bakugou stopped that train of thought. He turned his head down, teeth gritting hard. The villains were worthless, the whole lot of them. Probably thought everything was just a game. Lives lost, a fun activity. Cities damaged, people drowning in poverty — an entertaining past time. It’s been five months from the devastation already, and Bakugou couldn’t count the amount of heroes found dead. Murdered on the streets by villains or even the angry citizens of Mustafa. Gone were the days of systematic governance and disciplined living. Now, it was a hellhole. The rules were simple: it was a survival game of the fittest.

He guessed Endeavor wasn’t the fittest after all.

The day the number one hero fell was as clear in Bakugou’s mind like it just happened yesterday. Five months ago, him and Deku rushed to the disaster scene like the dumb fucks they were, and ended up being pushed away by Gran Torino.

“Run away, you fools!” Gran Torino yelled.

Little did they know, those would be his last words. Five months later, and his body still hasn’t been found.

Eraser Head rushed to the scene and engaged in an intense battle with Shigaraki Tomura. From the sidelines, Bakugou could do nothing but watch as his teacher fell to the ground from a strong blow by the monster. He fell so hard that the ground beneath him cracked. Bakugou never saw him breathe, and despite the hot anger that was building up in his core, the cold feeling in his hands were evident.

Still, he didn’t stop staring at staring at Eraser Head’s chest. No movement.

“Kacchan, we have to go.” It was Deku, pulling him away. This was unlike him. Deku was usually the type of person to act idiotic and go rogue, but it seems like Gran Torino’s words got to him. They must know something Bakugou didn’t. He saw Deku’s eyes tearing up from the sight of their teacher, yet he still wanted to flee?


“Fuck off.” Bakugou violently shrugged his hand off before heading towards their teacher. Suddenly, Shigaraki Tomura landed on Eraser Head’s stomach, giving one final kick to his face. Bakugou saw their teacher’s head jerk to the side, seemingly lifeless.

Deku’s screaming in the background was nothing more than a whisper to Bakugou’s ears as he ran towards Shigaraki Tomura, seeing red. His mouth opened, letting out an angry shout as all the events rushed back to him: the kidnapping, the Nomus —

All Might.

Bakugou lunged for Shigaraki Tomura, right arm pulled pack and poised for a strong explosive blow. The latter merely stared up at him, face morphing into his signature smile.

And then it came.

Numbness. Pure, undiluted numbness, like a part of Bakugou’s body was submerged in deep water — and then nothing.


An onslaught of white-hot searing pain wrenched over his body, literally ripping and cracking him apart. It came too fast that Bakugou couldn’t even make a sound. He only stared wide-eyed at his opponent’s face, the last thing he would see before the void.

“When I come back, everything turns to dust. It ends then.” Those were Shigaraki’s final words.

It ends then. It ends now.

This —

Bakugou remembered thinking.

— is Decay.


Bakugou woke up a few hours later in an abandoned building. He was propped up on the coarse wall, sitting. His body was so heavy, and somehow his eyesight was worse. Squinting, he made out a figure — Deku — sitting squat on the ground, facing the opposite way.

“Oi.” Bakugou grunted. He noticed the weakling’s shouders were shaking. “Are you deaf or something? Oi, Deku!” He kicked him in the back, forcing him to look his way.

“What the hell happened?” Bakugou groaned. Speaking hurt him so bad.

Deku’s lower lip quivered, not replying. It took all Bakugou had not to punch him. He was about to shout again at him when the latter spoke in a whisper.

“I’m sorry.”

It was so soft that it was hard to catch.

“What are you on about?” Bakugou began. He saw Deku hitch his breath. “Sorry about what?” He shouted, making him flinch.

“Your arm, Kacchan. Your arm—“ Deku was crying so much that snot and saliva were dribbling down his chin. He scrambled to his knees and put his forehead to the ground.

“I’m so sorry.”

Bakugou then realized he couldn’t feel his arm — the right one, to be exact. He had just dismissed it earlier when he woke up, because his whole body was hurting so bad there wasn’t much distinction. A hollow, tingling feeling was running from his shoulder onwards.

With a sharp intake of breath, he looked down.

It was gone. His arm was gone. Nothing left but a rotten, cracking dry stump.

In all of his existence, Bakugou never doubted his quirk. It helped him immensely. It was strong, and its raw power gave him the comfort he needed as a young boy. It told him what he had was something the world needed.

But for Bakugou’s quirk to work, arms were required. Looks like the world will have to make do with just one.

Bakugou leaned his head on the wall behind him, looking up at the grey cement roof of the building. He didn’t breathe. Breathing felt too much like living.

“After you rushed over to Shigaraki, I used my quirk to get you out of the way.” It was Deku. He stuttered along his sentences. “It wasn’t enough. I’m so sorry. It wasn’t enough.”

“How bad is it?” Deku looked up and saw Bakugou staring down at him. An extended silence passed between them.

Why didn’t it end then?

“I couldn’t stop it… before it reached your face.”

Maybe it could still end now.

With Deku’s statement, Bakugou collapsed to the ground, slowly breathing again. Wisps of dust floated around him as he grinned, staring at the blank cement roof. He thought he was crying, but he felt no wetness down his cheeks. Maybe the decay got to his eyes and he couldn’t cry anymore. Maybe he was, deep inside, but who knows.

So he laughed.

Bakugou laughed while Deku screamed. Laughed as his friend stood up screaming, flailing and kicking rocks around them as he wailed like the crybaby he was. A piece of rubble flew and hit Bakugou in the face.

That’s what they were now: pieces of rubble in this crumbling society.


Bakugou turned the shower faucet until the water slowly dissipated, leaving arrhythmic drips on the floor and the occasional wisp of steam due to the heat. He stepped out of the wet floor, grabbed his towel and hung it around his waist with difficulty. He walked to the mirror, sliding his palm over it to remove the fog.

His image stared back at him, disoriented. The mirror they had was cheap but it was the only one they could afford. Nevertheless, it still served its purpose. Bakugou picked up his toothbrush and laid it on the sink, squeezing some toothpaste on it. He ran it under water and started brushing his teeth.

He was evidently getting skinnier as the days passed. The huge scar on the right sight of his face was turning an ugly grey color, and he was now half blind. His hair was a bit longer and quite dead, and of course the absence of his right arm brought an odd feeling to his body. A phantom limb.

He spit froth on the sink. He was past the stage of wishing it grew back now.

After him and Deku left the building five months ago, they passed by a local convenience store that played live news on their old television. A bunch of people were gathered around it, a nervous chatter among them. He remembered Deku who stopped in his tracks, eyes wide at the broadcast.

“It’s Endeavor!” He shouted. Bakugou looked over his shoulder and saw that it was, indeed, Endeavor. But he was in bad shape.

“Citizens of Mustafa, as of now you can see our number one hero fighting it out with the head of the League of Villains!” The announcer spoke. “He is in critical condition — numerous injuries can be seen in his body and his movements have been slowing down since earlier, but we still hold high hope for our new symbol of peace! Everyone, let’s support him!”

The people around them had mixed emotions. Some were cheering and some were muttering. Bakugou couldn’t help but frown as he stared at the ongoing fight. It was hard to believe that he was the one there earlier, almost dead. He saw Endeavor avoiding a fatal blow from Shigaraki Tomura, and furrowed his eyebrows.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

The fight went on for a long time, and things weren’t looking good for the hero. Bakugou knew that if he looked at Deku right now the green-haired boy would be standing rigid, chest taut, and fists clenched. His eyes would be shining with hope.

The same hope that Bakugou still holds stupidly.

As always, death comes at an unexpected time. Bakugou knew that firsthand. He knew, yet couldn’t predict it. Nobody in the city could. That’s what made the system so fragile, so easy to break at any given moment.

All it took was a rock.

As Endeavor stepped back, ready to deliver another strong blow, he stepped on a particularly odd shaped rock and threw off his balance. With baited breath, Bakugou saw his own self in the number one hero, who held pride in their own self and quirk, get snuffed out by the waiting hands of injustice.

Bakugou and Deku were stuck on their feet. They weren’t the only ones. Everyone in the whole city were probably the same at that moment — standing, dreaming —


Shigaraki Tomura smiled, and grabbed Endeavor by the wrist.

Bakugou could feel exactly what the number one hero felt at that moment. As he stilled, not able to do anything but watch as decay ran in a current from his arms, to his shoulders, to his throat, and to his head.

In just a second, Shigaraki Tomura managed to destroy a whole nation.


A few minutes after the broadcast shut down suddenly, the news switched to a live press conference. All Might was there in the center, holding a microphone. Numerous journalists were around the room, clicks and flashes of their cameras in a frenzy.

“We declare a nationwide surrender.” He began. “The villains have managed to dominate the heroes in such a short amount of time, and with the fall of our current number one hero—“ His voice cracked. “We cannot ensure that the heroes have the capability to ensure safety of the citizens. We don’t know what they are planning, or what they will do next.”

An onslaught of questions were shouted in his way, but he held up a hand to them, silencing the room immediately.

“All we are asking for is for the people to fend for themselves momentarily until the heroes can establish a new system to follow. That’s all. Thank you.” The statement was so absurd, so stupid that it left more questions than answers. The whole room erupted in chaos, but All Might calmly put the microphone down on the podium, and walked out.

Two symbols of hope down in one day.

This was it? Was this what Bakugou’s whole life led to? War?

Bakugou eyed Deku who was right beside him. His head was hung down, and no emotion could be deduced on his face. He just saw All Might — his god, his father figure, and his mentor, selling all of them to the villains like pig meat and running away.

It ends then.

By the time the tears fell from Deku’s eyes, Bakugou was gone.

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‪i joined all the fandoms i’m in because i need queer representation, even though i haven’t gotten any. the reason i’ve stayed in most of them is because i got attached and/or got representation through fanfic. now i hate basically all of them. this includes but is not limited to;


-be more chill (rich barley counts because he’s bi for like 5 mins before the musical ends)



-good omens

-my hero academia

i just want an interesting story with a character/s who just happen to be gay. all of the interesting plots are heterosexual, and all the representation is boring.‬ sometimes the “representation” is homophobic. the plots to the media i just named would be effected too much by making a character LGBTQ+. like in the MCU, if Steve was just bisexual and showed to be bisexual, it wouldn’t effect anything besides the final scenes of Endgame. Fanfic isn’t enough for mine and the rest of the LGBTQ+ community’s representation because a lot less people see it. if a young LGBTQ+ person saw someone like them in a movie or tv show they would feel more accepted. But if that representation was in boring or too adult media they wouldn’t watch it. if a queer youth saw any of the aforementioned media they wouldn’t see it as gay, and if they did i’d be queerbaiting. i just think we need more interesting LQBTQ+ representation that anyone could go and see, where the main focus isn’t the fact that the character is queer, but the fact that this is just a cool character who happens to be gay.

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