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Each letter is made for you so please include (if you want) little facts about yourself / hobbies/ anything really.



  • I wont do duplicate kinks for characters,/example : kirishima with a bite kink.ill only do it once so please make sure to look to see if its been done already! Or feel free to ask !
  • These will be short little letters
  • Ill be posting them through October
  • Reblogs are loved! ♥️
  • Every Post will have the KinkyLoveLetter tag

How it works ♥️

  1. Pick a character from these fandoms—>My Hero Academia,Haikyuu! Obey Me!
  2. Pick One kink to go with the character.
  3. What name you would like to be referred to if you do not want Y/N since it is being made just for you (pet names) & if you want M! F! GN! Reader. If you do not specify a pet name i will use Y/N
  4. Send it in. 🥰


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A snippet from the upcoming Ch 7 of The Blood We Share snippet. AU Midoriya and Bakugou being good friends.

Yesterday had been royally fucked up day. First Ponytail and the Pervert had beat him on the math test. Then Disney Princess of all people had beat him twice during the hero training. It had been tracking and evasion and apparently Princess’ little friends were actually good for something. When it had been his turn for evasion, Princess had used them to make noise and false paths to send him in the wrong direction. When he’d done tracking, the furry fuckers (Koda: “Scaled, Bakugou-kun. They don’t like being compared to mammals.”) had found him within five minutes.

It had been fucking annoying. Made even more so by the fact he hadn’t seen it coming.

So naturally, he had decided to unfuck himself by picking the Nerd’s brain during today’s run. 

“That’s a tough one” he had said between breaths. “Given the number of different animals Koda can talk to, he’s got access to senses that are way better than ours.” 

“Come on, don’t be such a deku, Deku,” Katsuki needled. The Nerd loved a good brain teaser. “That monstrous brain ought to be good for something.”

“Tricky, Kacchan.”

After all these years, a part of Katsuki still bristled at the cutesy nickname. But fair was fair. They had long come to the agreement that he could call him that provided Katsuki called him ‘Deku’ and vice versa. Besides, the occasional indignity was worth it. Even as they had jogged along, Izuku’s face gained that familiar faraway expression and he started mumbling.

Meanwhile, Katsuki did his normal job of watching out for him. This problem must have been harder than normal, because Katsuki had to elbow him multiple  in the ribs to stop him from running into stuff–in this case two signs and four people–and grab him by the back of his shirt to stop him from face-planting when he didn’t notice a curb.

No doubt one of these days, the Nerd would forget to breathe between all the muttering and Katsuki would have to perform CPR.

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Kai knows the worth of the Boss, the man who saved him, even if the rest of the world is too blind to see it. Therefore, he intends to make sure the man gets everything he deserves.

Whether the Boss wants it or not.


Mother’s hands are on him, molding the boy’s appearance like an artist molds clay. The pain is excruciating but he doesn’t scream, doesn’t fight. As Mother says, the process is necessary for them to grow and thrive. To be better.

Besides, it makes no difference if he does

More on AO3

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Katsuki Dating Headcannons

  • First of all, he would trust you fully.
  • Like, he knows how much there is to risk in relationships and he actually still wants to date.
  • This man would ADORE you. Even though he would never admit it.
  • Always says he “hates you”, even though you both know he loves you so much.
  • While half asleep, he would whisper sweet nothings into your ear, saying how much he loves you. Seriously the only time that happens.
  • If you’re ever feeling insecure, expect to get a “Don’t be fucking stupid, you’re gorgeous.”
  • You will be the only very lucky person to study with him. And Kirishima If you don’t understand the problems, he will help you until you understand.
  • Nicknames: Dumbass, Beautiful, Gorgeous.
  • Nicknames for him: Angry Hedgehog, Angry pomeranian, Bakuhoe.
  • I’m biased but 10/10 boyfriend. (I love my tsunderes)

Izuku Dating Headcannons

  • Such a cinnamon roll.
  • Like
  • If you hold his hand,

  • he will turn into a literal tomato.
  • Constanty gives you affection.
  • Does not matter if you’re in public, he loves you.
  • You constantly tease him, he gets so red. Give the sweet boy a break. He can’t take it, he’s too pure.
  • If you’re sad, he’s sad. He’s doing everything he can to support you.
  • The perfect boyfriend for periods.He will give you heat blankets, your favorite snacks, chocolate, and cuddles.
  • Honestly probably knows your cycle like the back of his hand.
  • Nicknames: Honey, Sweetie, Puppy
  • Nicknames for him: Broccoli Boi, Cinnamon roll, Izukuwu
  • Overall a great boyfriend. 9/10
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Pretty Blue Bird Chapter One.

. A villain is forcing quirks on regular people with plans to sell them to villains as weapons. Reader is forced to accept a quirk that resembles Hawks and he finds her and saves her. He helps her with the quirk while trying to ignore his bird instincts

Full Nest Chapter Two. (All current parts)

The story so far. Hawks has found Reader with a quirk like his except she has pretty blue wings. He takes her in after saving her from a villain that is forcing quirks onto people and selling them. He helps her with the quirk while fighting his instincts at the same time only to realize how important Pretty Blue Bird is

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hi everyone ⭐️

i’m new to the anime writing scene, and i’d love to take some requests. i’m really open to all characters, but if you need a gauge i love:

- seven deadly sins

- jojo’s bizarre adventure

- my hero academia

- fire force

the list goes on really. if you want to see some of my previous marvel or supernatural work, feel free to check out @bionic-buckyb or @winchesterenthusiast. ill probably start writing for ban tbh (🥺) i’ll take requests for smut (for of age characters only) too! i love doing head cannons etc. if i haven’t seen the anime, i’ll let you know.

please feel welcome to reblog this & spread the word, and maybe give me a follow? 😉

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Part 1



It was just a regular fight, just like all the rest. Get the bad guy and arrest them. A typical day for Bakugo, except this villain was just standing around, not doing anything. And since Bakugo thought he was being mocked he charged at the villain not thinking clearly or looking where he was going.


The hell? What happened? Where’s the villain? Why am I so low to the ground? Bakugo looked around, hearing everything around him. He took a step and fell in some dirt falling all over himself. Oow!! Dammit!!! He staggered around growling and stepping into a puddle. He shook his head looking in at his reflection. Oh dammit, dammit DAMMIT IM A DAMN DOG!! The blond poofy pomeranian yowled running in circles barking at the sky till someone shoo’d him off the sidewalk into an alleyway.

What the hell. I’m a dog, what am I gonna do now? I can’t go to the agency everyone will laugh at me. Dammit.

So Bakugo spent his day in that alleyway; Growling at everyone who passed by and having the angriest look on his face. His fur was dirty and rain clouds were rolling in . Thunder struck and dumped water down on him, flattening his fur like a proud lion’s mane. OH COME ON. He ran in circles barking again.

You had just gotten out of work and put your umbrella up to dodge the rain. It was a long day and not the easiest and now you had to dodge the rain. You sprinted to the parking lot just about to jump into your car when you heard growling and barking. “Huh..? Is that a dog?” It was hard to hear over the hard rain drops on the umbrella but you were pretty sure it was a dog. “Poor thing is gonna get sick…” You couldn’t just leave it , all wet and alone.

You followed the growling out of the parking lot down the street to the alleyway. And there he was, sitting at just the entrance looking very grumpy and very upset and very.. wet. “Oh my goodness.. you’re a big dog.. how did you get here?” You crouched down holding your umbrella over his head.

Who the hell ar’ you? Im fine, I don’t need any help. He growled at you and you gave him a sweet smile. “You must be a stray huh?” You asked him. EXCUSE ME?! He got up stomping his paw at you growling. A stray?!? I’m Katsuki Bakugo!!!!

You held your hand out to him and his scowl flatlined, he sniffed your hand , caramel.. candy. He sniffed again and you pet his wet head. “I can help you, if you’ll let me.” You offered sweetly. Dammit.. I guess I have no choice , and I don’t want to be wet anymore. Bakugo leaned into your hand signalling that he trusted you.


When you got Bakugo home he couldn’t help but have a smug look on his face. Ground Zero merch huh? I see the blanket and my gauntlet pillows. Cute. Real fan huh? Got the couch all decorated.

“Cmon cmon” you pat his head. “Lets dry you off okay?” You pat your side walking to the restroom. Bakugos ear twitched at your little gesture but followed you anyway. You sat down on the floor criss cross with your hair dryer and Bakugo sat down with a thud staring at you. The hair dryer turned on and you set it to warm and started to dry Bakugo off.

Aaaughhh.. dammit this feels … soooo gooodddd. He leaned on you resting his muzzle on your shoulder making you giggle. “Feels nice i bet” you said, still drying and fluffing his fur . It took about a half hour to get the fur all dry and brushed out . “Okay. Let me see what I have for a snack, okay?” You pat his head waking him from his trance . He shook his snout looking at you , eyebrows touching.

You got up leading him out and to the living room where you clicked on the heat . “Hmm..” slowly you walked to the couch looking at it then Bakugo. “You can sit on the couch ,” you crouched down . “Just please dont ruin my Ground Zero merch, hes my favorite.”

Bakugo smirked, tail wagging. Well i am pretty great, cutie, he trotted over, chin high, fur poofy . Quickly he jumped onto the couch laying his head on a gauntlet. You pat his head going to the kitchen looking for something he could snack on.

I wonder what everyone at the Agency is doing. Probably freaking out cuz they cant find me. He rolled over to his side. Its very quiet here, this woman is nice too , He yawned looking over his body. I’ poofy…gawd.. i dont have my quirk either. His eyes got heavy. Whatever.. i’ll enjoy my time here. No one to bother me, no one to give orders too… he closed his eyes . Whys this couch so comfortable …. He shifted around letting out a low groan , digging his head into the gauntlet.

You had made some dry bones after some help from Google and what little you had in the kitchen. You put the bones in a bowl and brought them to the living room. “Hey i made you..” you couldn’t help but chuckle at him . “Must be tired.” You set the bowl down and sat down on the couch lifting the gauntlet and placing his head on your lap, scratching his neck.

Mmmmmm….. His leg kicked and you leaned back on the couch reclining it , you pulled the blanket off the couch putting it on yourself and fell asleep. One hand on Bakugo , the other hugging the gauntlet.

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It’s been a while, huh? I hope everyone’s still doing alright!

I’m so sorry for not posting much of Siren here or on any fanfiction websites. To be honest, I probably won’t be able to write much of it anymore just because I’m always busy with school and other projects. I know I said I would post old shorts I found not too long ago, and I still plan to do that, but I just kind of…misplaced them? lol I know I have them I just have to rummage around a bit in my bags and such to find them again. Once I do though, I’ll be sure to post them here for you guys as that’s just about as much writing as I can do for Siren.

I have been drawing a lot more lately since I’m an illustration major and all, and I’ve been wanting to draw anything involving Siren just so that I can give you guys something for sticking around so long. Both for those who were with me from the original siren and those who came later. If there’s a particular scene or anything from the story (old and new) or just somebody you want to see with Yoko, drop a suggestion in my inbox and I’ll do my best to draw it for you guys. Even if nothing comes my way, though, I’ll still try do keep this blog somewhat alive after so long.

Love you all, and thanks again for those who’ve stuck around so long. ^^

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Misty’s POV:

It’s been a week since Toshinori’s friend died and he, understandably, has been really upset about it. I’ve been trying to make him feel better, and he’s been sleeping in my room. It’s so hard to see him this way I know that I’m supposed to bring him down and this is a perfect time to get close to him and become important to him in order to do so. But seeing him here like this, almost broken, it makes me sad, and I just want to help him. I can’t, no I refuse to let them use this against him. But what kind of person am I? With one touch, with one thought I can make all his pain go away. But why don’t I?

“Toshinori?” I ask handing him some tea. “I can make your pain go away. If you wanted… I can use my quirk to make it go away.”

“No. Having the bad memories serve as a reminder of why I’m doing this. I want to help people that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do with my life. That’s why I helped you when we first met, I don’t like being the person on the side line not being able to help.” He says all of this staring into his tea cup.

Why do I have to do this, he is probably the nicest person I have ever met. I am telling them tonight that I can’t do it, not anymore. They need to get someone else to do this. As if on que I got a text from my “handler” asking for an update.

“Hey Sunshine I’ve got to make a call. You can stay here while I go to the roof.”

“Ok.” He just slumps back onto my bed and sips the tea as I go up to the roof.

I call my “handler”. “What do you want?”

“I need updates. What’s going on since we killed the girl?”

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y’all i hate to be a killjoy, but why are all the bnha blogs recommended to me nsfw?? i don’t read that and i’m not into it, tumblr you need to chill. if i don’t support aging up kpop idols to fit in nsfw situations, why would i support aging up anime characters? just because they aren’t “real” or minors engage in sexual activities still doesn’t give YOU the right to sexualize them. do you have their consent? i didn’t think so, good-bye.

*aging up anime characters does not make it okay to sexualize them*

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“_______, I’m home!” Toshinori called out, making his way into the kitchen of the home you shared. After he finished setting down a few bags of groceries on the counter, he still hadn’t heard you respond to his call. This of course concerned him slightly. “_______? Are you home?”

Abandoning the groceries, Toshinori began to search his home for you, wondering why you weren’t responding to him. You were here when he left for food, and he wasn’t gone that long either. Checking his room, the living room, closets, and spare rooms, not a trace of you could be found. Confused, he leaned up against the wall in the hall and sighed in frustration.

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