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#my hero academia iida

Iida x reader with a bunny quirk

Pronouns: they/them

When iida first saw you, he was impressed of how fast you can go with your bunny legs.

Loves to pet your ears when lecturing his classmates. Everyone finds it abouslty cute.

If iida is jealous, he will never admit it. But he will poke you in the tail to get your attention. Never leave this poor man.

Iida loves to cuddle with you. He loves to stuff his face in your ears while he sleeps. He loves how fluffy they are.

Loves to play with your little cooten tail. He likes how it bounces when your happy. He loves to bop your bunny nose to.

He thinks its kick-ass when your fighting villans with your quirk.

His nickname for you is cotton tail.

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Tenya Iida with a blk bby momma


Originally posted by hot-wiings

  • Okay first of all, he still don’t understand how you two met
  • i mean he never visits “the ghetto”
  • Obviously ignorant at first.
  • But the more you teach him, the more he’s willing to learn.
  • Low-key is letting your family take advantage of his money
  • but you don’t ask cause you knew you’d hit him for whatever answer he had for that.
  • Extremely respectful to the point that everyone is sightly concerned.
  • When the media find out about you, he didn’t deny not a damn claim.
  • He was proud of you and he’ll be damned if you thought otherwise.
  • Was a little too excited when you got pregnant.
  • “Sometimes contraceptives don’t work all the time y/n”
  • was there for you the whole way.
  • Bought a house as soon as he got the news.
  • has a breeding kink so this would not be the last time.
  • Got horny from simply seeing your big belly.
  • A helicopter dad before the brat was even born.
  • House proofed the whole place.
  • Would sing to your belly.
  • I feel like you’d end up with “bambam kids” on accident from his over the top spoiling.
  • Would take them for rides whenever he got his “ankle pipes” cleaned.
  • To his surprise only one of his kids got the leg engine trademark.
  • But they were all just as fast with other quirky add ons.
  • Proposed after the announcement of bby number 2.
  • He’s the type that doesn’t want you to work and rely on him
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The Bigger They Are // Iida Smut

Warnings: smut, size-kink, gagging


Originally posted by whats-her-quirk

Iida grunted, his glasses slipping due to the sweat forming on the bridge of his nose. You laid beneath him with a heaving breast and your hands grasping wildly at his forearms. It was so hard to stay quiet when your boyfriend was balls deep in your guts. His cock stretched your walls to their limits and reached everyplace. He had three fingers shoved in your mouth, drool dripping down his hand.

He had to keep you silent. His brother was just a few doors down. He had come home early from work but Iida was already balls deep. He was sure his brother would understand. You were looking at him like he was an angel walking.

But damn, his cock was sinful.

He had other reasons to be confident. He was a top student and had an amazing quirk. What he never expected to love being praised for he most, is his penis. You started drooling at the first sight of it. Iida was embarrassed at first but the more times you dropped to your knees and worshipped it, the bigger his kink grew.

His favorite was when you would yell at the pressure to put in your cervix. “Please sir, please be gentle you’ll tear me apart.” He knew he would never do such a thing but your blushing face and tearful eyes drove him closer home. He pinched you cheeks and rattled your head back and forth.

“You can take it. You’ve trained so much for this, to feel my cock all the way in your stomach.” Your eyes rolled back at his comment. You strangled back a moan that had Iida hissing a quick “shut up” in your ear. Footsteps approached his door and the only thing Iida did was wrap the blanket around his hips. If his brother decided to come in, he’d definitely get a show but it wouldn’t be as embarrassing as seeing his brothers naked ass.

The footsteps stopped right in front of Iida’s bedroom door but the man didn’t slow his pace. Iida wasn’t known for taking ANYTHING slow. The rocking of the bed and your needy moans let his brother know exactly what was happening behind the thick door. Iida smirked down at you and held his hips tight against your pelvic bone. His cock was straining to reach your cervix at this point. The pure pressure sent you spiraling.

Iida grabbed his school tie from the headboard and stuffed it into your drooling mouth. You coughed once or twice but Iida flicking on your clit had you singing a different tune. It felt so dirty to have something that he wore everyday inside of your mouth. Now every time you saw this damn tie you were going to be horny.

Iida but his lip in concentration, wrapping your legs to encase his hips. He loved watching your lower tummy bulge with his cock. It made him feel a type of way that could only be described as proud. You were a slave for his dick and nothing was ever going to change that.

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•welcome to my blog•

So this is the new welcome.

I hope you have a good time and have fun. Like share comment and most of all stay safe 🙏🏼


All request are accpted and I will try my best to write how you wanted it.


All may not be written or will be late because,

I could have no inspiration to do it and

I can’t think of a good plot.

Some times I will ask you personally how you want it to go


Rules ( don’t worry it’s not many)

• please be specific in the ask, tell me some details and don’t leave me hanging with something like “ character nsfw fic” I can’t do those

• no character shaming please and thank you, keep your opinions to yourself. I don’t want a war in the comments please

• please don’t give me hate because the writing didn’t come out how you wanted, I write based off the ask so if you aren’t specific than I can’t make it specifically how you want

• of you actually like the writes do please heart it, I get confidence and motivation when I know people like it.

do not take my writings and repost it without giving me credits and do not change it to make it your own


•What I do•


- yandere








-depending on character


-depending on the ask

-depending on the character

•multiple character ask

-limit is four depending


•ask the character

-I’ll give my best impression of them

•anime confessions


-child anything

-animal anything

-piss ask

-skat ask

•What I write for •

My hero academia


food wars

seven deadly sins


Master lists ( still under construction)


•my hero academia

food wars

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Yes of course :))I love this idea (and I’m a massive simp for iida so 😌). I’m drinking water 😌 so you better drink your water also 💕

Also quick authors note: I really am so so sorry to anyone whose followed recently or sent in a request. I was kinda on a hiatus and lacked motivation to write. With the new year I hope to stick to writing more. Even though I have a bunch of requests from my hiatus please, if you have a request send it in so I can write more and have more motivation 🥺

Iida x reader who’s also his childhood crush scenario!


Pairings: Iida x reader

Scenario: Iida and the reader are childhood friends and iida isn’t so subtle about his crush.

Warnings?: none fluff!


“Long term lovers” ~~ Iida imagine

“Alright everyone… I’m tired today so I’m gunna let the class rep decide what you guys do today” you hear suddenly as Aizawa walks in the classroom as he’s saying his famous “I’m tired” excuse. “Aren’t you always-…. and he’s asleep” you hear Momo say from the back of the class. Without even a second to spare everyone starts having their own conversations. Kirishima and Denki were trying to have a conversation with Bakugo who looked like he was going to throw one of them (probably Denki) through the window. You turn your head a little to the back of the room, opposite of you and see Momo, Tokoyami and Shoto. All seemed to be doing class work. Tokoyami was reading a huge book, well over a couple hundred pages. Shoto and Momo were talking but they looked like they might of been comparing notes? Shoto had his notebook on his desk but Momo was leaning towards Shoto with her notebook in her hand. Both were reading from Momos notebook with a puzzled look. Uraraka who was to your right leaned diagonal from her desk to talk with Midoriya who was right in front of you. It seemed they might’ve been talking about different Pro hero’s with Froppy occasionally butting in but you didn’t care enough to listen.

Iida loudly stood up from his seat behind you and started to the front of the class. You knew Iida, you’ve known him since you both were toddlers, you knew he was going to make you do work. Unfortunately for you today was a big day. A new game was being released and you were hell bent on buying it. So you brought your switch to school with hopes Aizawa would be tired (like he always is). As Iida walked by you grabbed his uniforms sleeve and tugged a little. This was your way of telling him you wanted to say something but there was either too many people around or you didn’t want others to hear you, kind of like a toddler with an adult almost. He looked down at you kind of puzzled with a little hint of worry when you did this then he leaned down so he was at face height with you and turnt his head so you could speak. “Iida im not feeling great today… do you think we could have a chill day?” You whispered in his ear, anxiety already rising. Apparently he could tell because he looked down at you hesitantly then sighed. You were so tunnel visioned on getting Iida before he had gotten to the front of the classroom you hadn’t realized all eyes were on you and Iida apparently everyone was waiting for Iida instructions.

As Iida walked behind the podium everyone’s eyes quickly followed him (to your relief) “okay… this is a one time thing” Iida said sternly. “Today we’ll just have a “chill day” I suppose we could tell funny stories” he says questioning himself almost. From your peripheral vision you saw everyone looking around the room, some were nodding or shrugging. Everyone seemed content with that. Out of no where Denki yells “WOAH LETS -“ he didn’t get far before Bakugo knocked him on the head. You quickly turn your gaze to Iida expecting him to start scolding Bakugo but you noticed he was looking at you. Quickly he changed his gaze to in front of him and coughed, you could’ve sworn he was blushing a little. “Well I guess I could start…” he sounds unsure. “Why don’t you tell us about your favorite memory?” Momo asks encouragingly from the back, you looked back and saw a small smile on her face, seemed she was genuinely interested. When you focused your attention back on Iida he looked so happy, his eyes were bright and he was smiling the biggest smile. You reached in your bag and took out your console to start it up. “I think I’ll tell you about the time me and y/n went trick or treating when we we’re probably 12 or 13!” He said cheerfully. Not taking your eyes off your console you smiled a soft smile.

“God we’ve been friends since we were born” Iida chuckled “ the first time our parents let us go trick or treating by ourselves we thought we were so cool” Iida said shaking his head ignoring the scoff that came from Bakugos desk. “ anyway we prepared the whole day, we forgot to sleep. When it came time to trick or treat y/n was tired… we probably didn’t walk a block before they were complaining so I had them get on my back haha I basically gave them a piggy back for miles before I realized they fell asleep” still looking down at your console a blush of embarrassment filled your face, you were glad your hair fell around it because you definitely felt some eyes on you waiting for a reaction. “That’s so precious” you hear Momo whisper from the back of the room “of course as soon as I realized I brought them back to my house, my parents wound up calling their parents and they just stayed the night in my room and I was forced to spend the night with my brother but I didn’t really mind” Iida smiled “of course you wouldn’t care , no ones going to complain about their crush sleeping in their bed” Bakugo leaves a snarky comment. When you heard that you stopped looking at your console but didn’t stop looking down, you were trying to listen.. as if looking at your game impacted your hearing. “I- crush? Well I don’t know about that..” Iida stammers “oh come on Iida, the way you talk about them and the way your face glows..” Momo cheers, hands clasped in front of her. soon your face was beet red and you now kind of hoped you had paid attention to Iida instead of play a game. “That’s enough….”Aizawas sleepy voice croaked from the ground. “Stop tormenting the class rep” Aizawa said Getting up from the ground, his nap was over and he was about to start something but you knew Iida and you were going to have a conversation after school. When no one was around

Post Authors note: I’m not a fan of this tbh, im so disappointed in myself for this one. I’m trying to get back into writing after a long break so please forgive me. Also if you have any requests my ask box is open and if you liked this considering giving it a heart?🥺

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I’m Such A Simp For This Man, So Have Some Headcanons! <3


-(Anime Iida) Iida Has Red Eyes, But He Wears Blue Eye Contacts To Look Like His Older Brother, And So He Seems More Approachable. 

-When Iida Starts To Get Closer To Someone, He’d Definitely Research, And Learn More About Their Hobbies/Interests! He’d Probably Even Listen To Audio Books/Podcasts About Them While He Works Out Too. All This Effort So That He Can Truly Understand His Friends, And Be Able To Carry Out Longer, More Meaningful Conversations With Them!

-Tenya Will Bawl Like A Baby If You Make Him Feel Special. I Feel Like Since He’s Always So Driven To Be Something His Family Could Be Proud Of That He Often Sets Goals Out Of His Reach, And Loses Himself In His Goals. It Truly Means So, So, So Much To Him If People Let Him Know That He Really Is Amazing, And That He Shouldn’t Have To Push To Work For Something That’s Impossible. 

-Tenya Is Very Bad At Noticing If Someone Likes Him/If He Likes Someone. He’s Never Thought Too Much About Relationships, Or Romantic Feelings, And Is Completely Oblivious To Such Feelings. Someone Would Have To Tell Him That He Has Obvious Feelings For Someone, Or If Someone Has Feelings For Him.

-Tenya Won’t Go Easy On His Friends, Or Significant Other When Training With Them! He Believes That Both Should Give It Their All In Order To Learn From It.

-Tenya Knows How To Waltz/Ballroom Dance! It’s Rare He Actually Gets To Dance, So He’s Very Rusty!

-He Carries Around A Small Notepad In His Pocket. He Might’ve Picked This Off Of Deku. Tenya Mostly Just Jots Down Notes, Things To Remember, Or Just Simple Reminders For Later!

-Tenya Doesn’t Really Keep Up With Memes Or Trends, But If His Classmates/Friends Tend To Pick Up On Something And Genuinely Enjoy It, He’ll Try To Also Get Into It, And All.. Most Times It’s Just Him Awkwardly Laughing At A Pepe Meme Or Something, And Over Analyzing Things. 

He’s Trying!

-If Someone Was Having Trouble Doing Something Simple (Example Being Maybe Taking Gross Cold Medicine, Or Maybe Doing Something In Training That They Consider To Be A Little Scary/Risky) Iida Would Not Hesitate To Do It First To Show Them That It’s Not As Scary, Or Hard As They Make It Out To Be. He’d Even Cheer Them On While They Finally Attempt It.

-Tenya Would 100% Stand In The Rain For Someone. Give Them His Umbrella And All.

-Tenya Has Somewhat Of Thanatophobia..  Iida Does Have Nights Where He Is Up Very Late, Or Where He Doesn’t Sleep At All Due To Vague Thoughts Of How He May Die. It Makes Him Feel Very Uneasy, And He’ll Struggle With Settling In For Bed. It Doesn’t Help With The Whole Tensei Incident Being Fairly Recent As He Fears The Same Things Might Happen To Him As Well, But With A Worse Outcome. He’s Actually Rather Calm About These Thoughts Though. He’ll Usually Just Sit Up, And Zone Out For A Bit, Try And Calm His Thoughts Maybe With Some Music, Or Going Over Some Things He’d Like To Accomplish During The Week. 

-Tenya Likes Lofi Instrumentals, Bonus Points I They Have Rain, Or Nature Sounds In The Background!

-Tenya Plays Piano! He Took Some Lessons When He Was Younger, And It Eventually Grew On Him. He Personally Prefers To Play More Dramatic Pieces Like Moonlight Sonata!

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Iida nsfw alphabet

People do sleep on him, yes he’s stiff but he looks good and cares for others

Here you go my iida lovers


A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)

He’s going to do everything in his power to make you feel comfortable because he’s treat you like the queen and king you are. Want some water he got want to bathe with him - let him run the water, just wanna cuddle he’s down for the it. Anything and everything to get you happy and comfy.

B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

He really likes your eyes, all the emotion and truth that hides in them. He likes the way you look at him the way they squint when you smile.

On himself you should know is his legs- he loves how fast they make him and how strong they are.

C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)

His cum would be thick and since I’m sure he puts himself on a steady diet it wouldn’t taste bad at all- either that or it taste gross because of the engines.

D = Dick size ( self explanatory)

Absolutely packing giving you ten inches soft and almost eleven inches tall hard. Be careful while riding and please do use protection. Even though I’m sure he has condoms just like he has his glasses - back ups for when they break .

E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)

He’s been with no one but you, he knows what to do with it but has never done anything with it, ya know.

F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)

He actually likes doggy, has a kink for seeing your ass giggle and he like how his dick disappears inside of you, he likes to see you dripping with him.

G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)

Not at all- you might think it’s funny how clueless he is. But he doesn’t try to be , so encourage him instead of laughing

H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)

Sparkling clean and trimmed evenly, he does this once a month and isn’t above shaving it all off if you like.

I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)

Yes he loves showing his feeling for you and being close with you, he might not say he loves you all the time but he loves to show you how much he does

J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)

He did, just to see what the hype was about- he’s a fan but not a huge everyday type of fan BUT he is a fan.

K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)

He could be an under cover kink BUT I think he’s a normal type of guy doesn’t have to many outgoing kinks.

L = Location (favorite places to do the do)

His place for sure, that way he knows that he doesn’t have to worry about people hearing the both of you in any way.

M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)

Dirty talk to him, he’ll be shocked for the first time but it’s a good way to turn him on, even more so when you sit on his lap and whisper in his ear.

N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

He isn’t into noncon anything roleplay and he doesn’t like public sex.

O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)

He’ll give sometimes it’s rare and he doesn’t really want his dick sucked, he prefers cock warming over sucking

P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)

He’s both fast ofcourse can be rough but like to take things slow with you too

Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)

He isn’t a fan, he wants to take his time and not worry about how fast he has to hurry up and cum or anything like that.

R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)

He’s a pro hero, he doesn’t do well with risk and doesn’t like it either, the feeling of getting caught makes him nervous and turns him off

S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)

Four tops cause than he’ll go on and on about how you should get sleep because you both have places to be .

T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)

He didn’t even know how any of them work very much like a potato peeler . But if you asked him to he would have no problem using them on you.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)

Nope he isn’t a tease , he gives you what you want because he doesn’t understand the reason to tease.

V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)

Low moans you can almost hear him but not to muc, he loves when you moan his name though

W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)

Isn’t above using vibrating panties in you in public - or out with friends just not often or every time you both go out.

X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)

He has a natural skin color dick his tip is a bit darker and he only has on big vein on the side

Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)

It all depends it’s not low but he isn’t always craving it either.

Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

After he’s done with his after care than he’ll hold you tight and sleep with you.

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So for my request, can you write Izuku, Ochako and Tenya in an Aladdin AU please?- @princeasimdiya12

Green= Izuku

Blue= Iida

Pink= Uraraka

Purple= Tsuyu

Princess Uraraka was finally turning 18 and on the day she shall become the Emperor of (Where Ever) but for her to claim her title from her father she must find a spouse or spouses 😏.

This all takes place on an Arabian Afternoon, the day of the future queen’s ball. Princes and Princesses are invited from all over the land in a chance to become the next Emperor alongside Uraraka. ( Yes I did make All Might a Monkey)

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rating (and justifying) the relationships i think i would have with the my hero academia boys (class 1A)

idk whats the use of this, so you can comment how your relationship with them would be… :)

  • Shoto Todoroki


  • we would be best friends, but act like dating
  • i know it bc of the “i’m not here to make friends” my mind would go…. oh is that a challenge??? (3 of my best friends hated me before we talked and they literally ignored me when i tried to approache LMAO but i really like winning the challenges i put myself into)
  • i’m the extrovert that adopts an introvert, i always do this 💀
  • i also love conspirancy theories and i would be sooo into the “is midorya the all might secret loved child?” thing omg
  • “if we didn’t find anyone till 30 let’s get married”
  • kissing and holding hands, but as “best friends”
  • i’m not that of a todoroki simp, but i think he is the most likely to match with me, being a endgame thing.

  • Katsuki Bakugou


  • love and hate relationship
  • i would totally yell back at him
  • and i would beat him
  • but he obviously fights back and we end up fine
  • we would make out.
  • bitch, i wanna be number one too, you better be prepared 😘

  • Izuku Midorya


  • friends.
  • this man could never stand my sarcasm, he would be like 😐😐😐
  • i would be holding myself everytime around him, all the dirty jokes and the mean thoughts….. i feel as i would like him but keep distance bc i’m not totally comfortable
  • we still have the same beliefs and this make the friendship exist.
  • i’m also a workaholic, i would probally sneak into his dawn training and say something as “i already finished my training and i cooked this… take some, also it’s time to rest, let’s go”

  • iida tenya


  • we both loud.
  • i would hype him up everytime “YOU TELL EM” and he would be “STOP, THEY WILL NEVER RESPECT ME WITH THIS”
  • we can study togheter and have fun <3
  • i would make things to drive him mad, and he would actually be LOL that’s the thing

  • Tokoyami Fumikage


  • besties. but REALLY besties this time (cof cof shoto you only dream cof cof)
  • another introvert that i would adopt
  • he is so cool, i would pay to be his friend
  • he would stop me from doing stupid things
  • emos team — chilling and listening rock togheter
  • 2 of my bsf kin tokoyami, that alone says everything

  • Denki Kaminari


  • i love him in the show, but i feel like if i was in 1A i would judge him sooo bad — “why is this dude hanging out with mineta???”
  • but he is also so funny so we would talk sometimes
  • classmates thing more than friendship……

  • Kirishima Eijiro

4/10 (i’m sad with this)

  • also love him and want to protect him at all costs, but i could never stand him being so silly
  • we could never team up, i would be SO mad if he just jumps into without thinking
  • we wouldn’t have that much in common :(((

  • Hanta Sero


  • he is one of the best persons on entire class 1A, how could i not be friends?
  • funny duo
  • gossiping togheter
  • smart at fights, we could get work well
  • mature to balance my childish ways 💀




  • our friendship would be based on: be lgbt and loud
  • i would hype him so much
  • the bright and the emo dynamic
  • i’m not that into cheese, but let’s just ignore that

in conclusion: i’m a bitch.

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𝐹𝓊𝓁𝓁 𝐹𝒾𝒸𝓈





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Christmas Cannons: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” #19 (Iida x Reader)

Taglist: @lunityvirus @cosmiclvsh@gemini0234@thelifeof-nae​ @closetedweeb02​ @lovebtsfangirl03love @spineyferns@michikomalandrosworld​ @brooki333​ @lonelyfangirl453@thatgoth-bitch@jubilee40@yikesssrin@memekingofwwiii@tgohs-goddess@yamichxn​ @loveincandy @rintomoj@niylight @manubirdscreeches @xapillari @vegaolive @sugarrae20@devon-devvie​ @diablothespider @kenmas-xbox​ @daddy-daichis@anime-forever23​ @fantasticbageloperahorse @sarahrichey01​ @mo0n-hawk​ @atsumumu​ @cheetosandcheese @thesadghost13 @rosa-gamer@island03@ohnosiren@ho3anime@jokenotfunny @shine-himelove

Words: 213


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