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#my hero academia season 5

A Letter to Future Me:

Bitch you are never going to be ready for My Hero Academia Season 5 (or onwards)

I’m not fucking ready. And you never will be.

Love, Past you who has been pacing the living room for 5 minutes now because fuck chapter 271 and fuck this arc

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I went a tiny bit crazy with my obsession of the week, in that I looked up a manga scan in language I don’t understand, just to see…


I saw this picture in Twitter and wasn’t sure was it really from the manga or really good fan-art. Also…


This is previous pic of Hawks’s face we see, going to the hospital and thinking, notice his eyeline.


Hawks freaking cried!

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Biggest regret(atm): Not seeing My Hero Academia Heroes Rising in theatres before everything shut down 😔

I wasn’t caught up with season 3 or 4 yet so I didn’t bother to see it when I had the chance 😭

I’m anticipating that it’ll be a year before I can finally see the movie. I’ve heard good things about it, so I’m just a little impatient 😅



Originally posted by giorno

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So, the next arc that will be animated is the class 1A vs 1B training. I’m sure that will get a very action-packed and fun opening.

…THEREFORE, I hope The Meta-Human Liberation arc gets something with a bit more of a somber tone to it (although it has a lot of potential for a hype OP as well).

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