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#my hero academia x reader


Okay, so you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to but assuming that you write for Aizawa I was thinking what about him meeting a student could be a transfer or on the first day of class with the rest of class 1-A but they have like the exact same scar as him like same place, length everything and they like form a bond (platonically) or something. You can chose how they got it if you want to mention that. Thank you if you do it!! 😊

Type: fluff and platonic 


Originally posted by giorno

To be honest, you weren’t really sure what you expected of your first day at U.A. 

There had been an incident at your old school and your mother had decided that it would be best if you transferred–not that you minded, you wanted to be a hero and, based on what had happened, that school wasn’t the best. Your mother, of course, had a rather good relationship with some of the teachers there and, while you didn’t have to compete with the rest of the students, you still had your own evaluation that you had to get through. 

Unsurprisingly, you did great. Sure, there were a few blips here and there, but you did it and that’s all that really mattered. 

You had already spoken with the secretary and gotten your papers. She assured you, not that you really cared that much, that your class was extremely kind and accepting, and that you would fit in perfectly. It was odd how, in such little time, such a small disfiguration could cause adults to hyper focus on you. 

Of course, as stated earlier, the incident at your old school hadn’t left you unscathed. It had been a rather odd incident, too. One of your classmate’s, an overly cocky boy who had, ironically, super strength, had been tossing around a glass container your science teacher kept in the classroom. You were sitting across from him and, well, he happened to grasp the glass a bit too hard. It shatter, his hand and the underneath of your right eye, getting cut and sliced as a result. 

The scar, which wasn’t exactly large but also wasn’t quite small, wasn’t something you let bother you. When you first got it, you couldn’t help but feel… disgusted. All your life you had grown up with images of people with flawless skin and even the superheroes managed to keep their faces perfect. For a moment in your life, you doubted if you’d be… well, attractive and if this injury would effect your future as a hero. 

But, as time passed, you realized that you were being ridiculous. As cliche as it sounds, you learned that it truly matter what was on the inside. Heroes weren’t loved because they were attractive, they were loved because they did what was right and they wanted to help people. Your insecurities didn’t leave you right away, but you learned to grow past them and to embrace your scar. 

Plus, it made you look badass. 

Taking a deep breath, you knocked on the door and waited until you heard a gruff, “Come on.” 

So, steadying yourself, you pushed the door open and entered the room, pushing past the feeling of the thousands of eyes on you and the not-so-soft murmurs of your new classmates. 

Taking a short, quick deep breath, you looked up to greet your new teacher and your felt yourself freeze for a moment. 

There was no fucking way. 

“Everyone,” Your new teacher carried on, but you swore you saw his eyes widen when he saw the scar the mirrored his own, “This is Y/L/N Y/N, your new classmate.” 

“Where’d you get that scar?” A voice called as soon as Aizawa, your teacher, finished introducing you, and you turned to see a purpled-hair boy drooling in your direction. Pink hearts were practically bursting from his eyes. 

“What does it matter.” Aizawa responded, “It’s not my business.” 

Giving him a quick smile and nod of thanks, you headed towards your seat–which was behind a guy with two-toned hair–and pulled out your notebook. 

It was nice to know that if Aizawa could make it this far, so could you. 

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May I request a ❤️ text with Mirio?

❤️ - a loving text


You have 3 new messages!

[Mirio ❤]: Hey Sunshine!!

[Mirio ❤]: How have you been doing? You’re doing okay? Eating and drinking?

[Mirio ❤]: Don’t forget I love you!






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Originally posted by yyh-archive

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

If you tell him you miss him? he will be so utterly happy.

A short little morning text of “I miss you <3” will fill his chest with such fuzzy warmth he feels ready to combust, he stands there staring at his phone with a watery smile so truly Happy he can’t take it!

Then he has to show everyone, the squad first, and poor Ojiro who happened to be walking by, all get his phone quickly shoved in their face with him excitedly rambling that you miss him! you miss him and sent a heart too!!

It’s only when he shoves it into Bakugo’s face and gets a “Tch. All this and you don’t even fucking reply, nice.”

He screeches, how did he not think to reply to you, it’s been forever! (in Denki hyperdrive time)
His hands are trembling while he tries typing out how much he misses you and loves you and wants to see you later or text if you’re busy and he’s so lonely without you- his typos are 70% worse than usual from being so emotional and fast.

He accidentally shocks his phone while typing out “I luv u <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <-”
and he shrieks, begging it to turn back on ignoring the threats around him to quiet down, did it send? he’s praying it sent, what if it didn’t and you don’t think he loves you?

You told him his ‘i love yous’ are your good luck charm!

He’s panicking so much until Sero or Kiri finally take pity giving their phones a sacrificial chance and let it be snatched by Denki to finish texting you with So many more apologies.

Once he’s done freaking out though, your text stays in his mind the entire day.
He’s just sitting in class with a dreamy look on his face, smiling into the distance picturing your little text bubble and maybe your voice saying you miss him.

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Izuku Midoriya having a crush headcannons:

  • He’s a bit more fidgety around the person of his affections. Whenever your presence is mentioned or whenever he can feel your presence in a room, Izuku unconsciously rubs his index fingers together. If he’s really anxious about you, his legs will start to fidget as well. Then it’s highly noticeable for everyone around him including yourself. If you feel the same, that’s your cue to ask him out.
  • Even though he has precisely detailed notes about each and every one of his classmates, the notes he has about you are a bit more detailed. Izuku doesn’t mean to be creepy, but he cannot help himself. When he has you on his mind while going through said documents, he’ll scribble your favorite color or something related to that topic. Once he notices he what he had written in his daze, he’ll blush furiously and immediately erase it.
  • Unfortunately, his fondness of you is entirely obvious to others. That includes Ochaco and Iida. Ochaco will immediately be curious and supportive, while Iida might give him a lecture about how his studies should come first before affections such as these, but the boy is supportive nonetheless. Ochaco might push him to tell you, but she wouldn’t literally. She’d probably give him advice that it’s best to tell you, even if you reject him.
  • Occasionally Izuku will forget about his feelings for you if he’s on the battlefield, but if you join along with him, those feelings will hit him like a truck. He’s super impressed with you, all the time and every time you two are partnered up. Izuku swears that he finds more to love about you when he watches you fight. However, because of his crush on you he’s a bit more protective and will internally panic if you’re injured.







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Reader: Gender Neutral
Character: Keigo Takami/Hawks
Rating: G
Summary:  You were a tattoo artist and your favourite client keeps trying to ask you out.
Warning: Tattoos
A/N: Hawks is in the anime now!!!
Tip Jar 🍸 (Saving up for a new binder) | Ask Box: Open


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You, putting honey in your tea: Hell yeah, get in that leaf soup, you sexy bee sauce.


Momo: Hey, do you take constructive criticism?

You: I absolutely f*cking do not.


Bakugou: Did it hurt?

You: When I fell from heaven-?

Bakugou: No. When you fell on your face coming down the stairs. I saw that. Everyone f*cking saw that.



Present Mic: I’m not gay, but you look hot in that jacket.


Aizawa: Hizashi, we’re married.


You: Who ate my fries? I swear I’m gonna kill-

Shinsou: I did.

You: -kiss you, and buy you some more, you beautiful human being. Have you been eating enough, lately?


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His past was of no real consequence to you.

If this lie was to be exposed, the very fabric of your sanity would unravel.

That quiet, near-expressionless boy had flourished so handsomely. Yet, in your sordid line of work, sentiments like these were simply a hindrance. Your research wasn’t wasted, however; delving into his background had yielded some interesting information. As it flooded your mind, sorrow-soaked vines clawed at your heart, threatening to unleash all the sympathy trapped within. You couldn’t allow it, lest your job be compromised. Your client had promised thousands for this hit! Maybe if success was achieved…maybe you’d be able to live comfortably, gifting your younger siblings more food and toys than they had ever dreamed of. Maybe after this…you could stop?

Steeling yourself, you aimed the gun. I have eyes on the target. All I have to do is take the shot. This should be easy - he’s just standing around! So…why am I hesitating?

Beads of sweat trickled from glove to metal, as you tried desperately to reshuffle your thoughts. The harmony between your senses of morality and self-preservation was fraying. White noise resonated in your ears, swimming into your very essence and exploding your nerves. It was destined to be dangerous, when your innermost feelings, after having been repressed for so long, grappled for purchase on your heart-strings, tugging in time with the death-clock. If you idled for another moment more, your target would disappear, and so too would your hopes for a taste of rapture. The result of this hit…The livelihood of everything you embraced with a gentle, loving heart…it all rested upon this one menial task. If it became impossible to provide for yourself and two minors, for the sake of a secretive man - a hero - with whom you weren’t even familiar…

…Did you truly deserve these blessed sun-rays, the smiles and the laughter directed towards you in the daytime? Did you even deserve to live, anymore?

No, that won’t happen! I promised (B/n) and (S/n) that I would make money, and I would keep them safe. I can’t do that if I fail this - much less if I’m dead.

Though…the difficulty was stomaching something as horrendous as assassinating a man whose life, since his immaculate conception, had been fraught with hardship. You didn’t wish to imagine what you were cutting short, all the pleasantries he wouldn’t ever experience. The chains binding those marvellous, crimson wings to the Safety Commission had no time to shatter. Not even this lamentable fate could liberate his soul. Death might wrap its opaque cloak around him, but true freedom would still be unattainable. You decided that once this play concluded, you would mourn until your lungs caved in. Grief was already beginning to pool in your eyes, but you wiped it away.

The gun trembled in your hand.

A brighter future loomed beyond the horizon, if only you could take a proper aim.

As you watched him loosen his playful façade, you gulped. That image alone, that half-torn husk of a man, was filling you with regret…and he wasn’t even trying! You remembered flicking through the pages upon pages of notes collected on his past, gaze landing on some pictures of an adorable little child, clutching an Endeavor plushie. With his family’s alcoholism, with their violent temper, all the shards of glass from sickening-looking bottles…

That type of environment couldn’t ever offer security for such a young chick. It was neglected, dirty - the exact opposite of your home. Then, the route chosen for him surely wasn’t the correct one. He had a tragic history, one moulded for villainy, or perhaps the more skilled profession of a hitman. You despised the feeling of malaise which had encircled you, when first hearing of your target. Why him? Why you? A wretched sob caught in your throat.

You pointed the muzzle towards him, praying to any gods that cared to listen, to be forgiven.

The gun, slick with sweat, slipped from your palm.

What…? The world seemed to move in slow-motion. No, no, no! I need to catch it, quickly! It can’t end like this, I won’t let it!

Amidst the frightened, hasty jerking of a woman attempting to save her position, still veiled from the target, and her means of income, a second gun lay tucked within her pocket. Forgotten. To be captured now…it would almost certainly evolve into a trip to the gallows. You wouldn’t be permitted even a word of commiseration to your siblings. How would they survive out there, on the nasty, criminal-riddled streets? You couldn’t even begin to fathom the inevitable hardships awaiting them. In your panic, you missed the ledge. A second later, you too were plummeting down, to the cold, hard ground below. You couldn’t bluff this one, you couldn’t grab on to anything. You couldn’t re-spawn. Once Hel had coaxed your soul deeper into its foreboding wasteland, you would never return. You wouldn’t get that happy ending, after all.

Yet…your heart pleaded with the wind, with the earth, with the gods.

And someone answered.

A series of delicate, but strong, scarlet feathers snaked around your wrists and back. Hawks, no…Keigo, was carrying you alongside him. A knowing smirk enveloped his perfect features, and you surrendered to the newfound warmth in your chest. Not a single thought more was spared for that gun.

No…your mind was fully occupied.

[Word Count: 901]

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Mezo Shoji - Quarantine (NSFW!!)  (bnharem collab!)

Hey guys, Sky here!  As I announced the other day, I am participating in the bnharem discord server collab event!  Our topic was being quarantined together and things get kinky, and I ended up with everyone’s favorite arm man.  I really enjoyed writing this and I think it’s the best thing I’ve written in a while - but not the best of the bunch!  You can read the rest of the collab pieces for different characters here!  I hope you guys like it!

Kinks included are: Role-Play, Bondage, Edging/Orgasm Denial, Masturbation, and Biting

The world had been launched into chaos.

With the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 going around, people were in a panic.  Stores were closing, restaurants were closing, and everybody was told to go into quarantine for two weeks.  Even your boyfriend was told to stop doing his daily patrols; Only the more experienced Heroes were patrolling the empty streets of Japan.  

As soon as the quarantine had been announced, you ran to the local department store to stock up on items you and Mezo would need for the next two weeks.  There was hardly anything there, though, as you had gotten there rather late.  You sighed, picking up the few frozen toaster pizzas and boxes of gluten-free pasta that were left on the shelves.

You had no idea what you were going to do for the entire quarantine.  You were excited to be spending so much time with your boyfriend, but you knew you were both going to get bored of just sitting on the couch watching movies all day long.  

You began to browse the other sections of the store until you hit the clothing section.  You spotted a blue dress, the same colors as Mezo’s Hero costume.  You walked over to it and examined it, grinning as you noticed the very low cut and short skirt.  You checked the rack for your size and grinned when you found it, throwing the dress into your shopping cart.

You knew exactly what you and Mezo would be doing.

~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~     ~~~~~

It took two days until you got tired of watching movies on the couch.

You’d honestly thought it would have lasted longer, but by the time you were on the tenth movie of your quarantine you were going to scream if you had to watch one more opening sequence.  You decided it was time to break out your present for Mezo and excused yourself to your bedroom to get an extra blanket.

You pulled the bag with your outfit in it from the back of your closet and raced into the bathroom attached to your bedroom.  You locked the bathroom door before beginning your work; Shaving your legs, brushing and styling your hair, make up, etc.  Once you were ready, you picked up the bag with the clothes as a knock echoed through the bathroom.

“y/n?” Mezo asked from the other side of the door.  "Are you alright in there?“

"All good,” you said as you looked at your reflection in the mirror, a smile creeping across your face.  "I’ll be out shortly!“  You opened the bag and first took out the fishnet tights you’d bought, taking off your underwear before putting them on.  The cool March air made your exposed area feel cold, and the wetness already pooling within you was not helping.  

Next you slipped on the dress.  It was a simple dress: Skin tight, off-the-shoulder, blue on the top that slowly turned into a black at the bottom.  Once you had it on you turned to look at yourself in the mirror and saw that the dress just barely even covered your ass.  You smirked before putting on the final article; knee-high black boots.  

You gave yourself one last look in the mirror, making final adjustments to your hair before you reached for the doorknob.  You unlocked it and slowly turned the doorknob, only pushing the door open slightly.  You poked your head out of the doorway to see Mezo laying on your bed, watching the television.  "Babe,” you said, but immediately retracted your head before he could see you.

“y/n?” he asked, and you noted the worried tone in his voice.  "You’ve been in there a long time, is everything okay?“

"Everything is fine,” you said, hand gripping the doorknob tightly.  "Just close your eyes for a second, okay?“

You could hear the hesitation in his "okay”, but believed him as you opened the door all the way.  You stood in the doorway with your hands on your hips, finally exposing your whole body to the room.  

“You can look now.”

His eyes opened and turned to you, quickly widening when he saw what you were wearing.  He practically jumped up off the edge of the bed and ran over to you.  "y/n?!“

You shook your head as you reached your arms up to hang around his neck.  "There’s no y/n here, Tentacole.  I’m your new sidekick, Desire.  Didn’t the agency tell you I was coming?”  You furrowed your eyebrow and cocked your head to the side in confusion as you looked up at him.

He took a deep breath.  "y/n, I’m gonna be cumming if you don’t-“

"Shh,” you said, moving one of your hands from around his neck to cover his lips over his scarf.  "I don’t know who this y/n is, Tentacole, but I’m sure she’d want you to enjoy yourself.  Unless…“  You pulled your arms away from him and took a step back, making a pouty-face as you looked at the ground and used one of your hands to grab the opposite arm.  "Unless…You don’t want me…?”

Within a second, he was upon you.  Hisips crashed against yours, real hands cradling your cheeks while his dupli-arms pulled you closer to him.  He pressed his crotch against your leg to show you how big of a boner he had.  

“See what you’ve done, Desire?”  One of his dupli-arms had formed a mouth, and it was whispering directly into your ear.  "It’s never good to upset the Pro on the first day, you better take care of this.“

You grinned as you looked up at him.  "Oh, I was planning to.”  You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss, noticing that his scarf had already been discarded.  You connected your lips to his as his hands landed on your nearly-bare ass, squeezing it ever-so-slightly.  

“Jump,” he whispered against your lips.

You did as instructed and jumped up, wrapping your legs around him as he pushed you against the wall.  Two of his dupli-arms had formed mouths and began attacking both sides of your neck, sucking and biting on all of the exposed skin.  Your eyes fluttered closed as your head leaned back, you could’ve finished just from that.

He started grinding his crotch against yours, pushing you into the wall.  "Who’s a naughty little sidekick, getting me all worked up on the first day?“ he growled as his dupli-arms began pulling the sleeves of your dress down.  "Huh?  Who do you think you are, getting me bothered like this?”  He pressed you against the wall harder, you could practically feel his dick against your slit through his thin pants.

“My apologies,” you gasped out as your eyes opened up to look at him.  "I-I’m sorry, Mr. Tenta-cole!“  Your tone jumped in surprise when you felt something pinching your ass, and turned to see he had a dupli-arm with a mouth on it right next to the afflicted area.  The pattern of your tights had been ripped open.  You didn’t know what he’d just done, but it felt so good you wanted him to do it again.  "Do that again,” you panted into his shoulder.  

He smirked and pulled you away from the wall, still keeping you on his waist.  "You liked that, huh?“  You looked down at your ass and watched as the dupli-mouth bit down on your ass, moaning quietly as it began to suck on and lick the skin.

"Ah-” you moaned as you ground your hips against his to create some friction.  "Ah, if you keep doing that-“

Your sentence was interrupted when you went flying through the air and landed on your bed.  You sat up with wide eyes, watching Mezo as he towered over you and licked his lips.  

"You’ll have to be punished, Desire,” he said as his hand rested on your lower calf.  His hand slowly slid up your leg as he crawled onto the bed, until he reached the hem of your dress.  Directly above the spot where you desperately needed him.  You reached for his hand and grabbed his arm, trying to pull it down to where you needed him, but he proved stronger than you in holding his arm in place as he shook his head.

“That won’t do,” he said as he pulled back from you and got off the bed, walking over to his closet.  He opened it up and pulled out two neck ties as he grinned at you.  "Naughty girls don’t get to use their hands.“

Your eyes widened as he approached you again, grabbing your hands and tying them to the bed-frame so you couldn’t move them.

"Mez-Tentacole,” you whined as you struggled against your restraints.  "Don’t do this.“

He lifted his shirt over his head and deposited it on the floor behind himself as he crawled back over you.  "You’re being punished, Desire,” he growled as his dupli-mouths went back to work on both sides of your neck.

You groaned and pushed your hips upward, just wanting him to pay attention down there.  You watched as he lifted himself above you and slid his pants and underwear off, so he was completely naked above you.  "Tent-oh-cole!“ you cried out as one of the mouths bit down extra hard on a certain spot.  "Oh, oh please - fuck me!  Punish me!  I’ve been a bad sidekick!”

He chuckled above you, staring down at you with lust-filled black eyes.  "Yes, you have,“ he said as the mouths retracted from your neck.  "And you will be punished.”  He grabbed the hem of your dress again, flipping the skirt up so it sat over your chest.  He pressed his face into your crotch, against the fishnets, and hummed lightly as he gave your slit the tiniest lick.

You pulled against your restraints with all of your strength, just wanting to push him harder against you, but to no avail.  You instead watched as he pulled his face from your crotch and smirked.  

“You’re already so wet for me,” he said as he took the waistband of the tights in his hands and pulled them down your legs.  Once they were discarded, he placed himself between your legs and looked into your eyes.  "You tell me when you’re going to cum, you hear me?  I’m your boss, that’s your order.“

You nodded, breathing heavily and excited at the idea of finally getting some action down there.  "Yes - Yes sir,” you gasped out.

His head ducked back down between your legs, taking your clit between his lips.  Your head fell back against the pillows as you pushed your crotch closer to his face, trying to get him to suck it harder.  He got the message and obliged, using his hands to grab your ass and pull you as close to his face as he could.  You let out a loud moan, pulling yet again at your restraints as you wanted nothing more than to push him even closer.

With your closed eyes, you didn’t know he was inserting something into your cunt until you felt it.  You opened your eyes, straining to see what he was now pushing in and out of you so rapidly.  You couldn’t get a good look at it, though you weren’t too focused on it.

You felt it coming.  You felt that familiar coil inside of you getting ready to snap.  "Ah, I’m so close-“ you moaned out, hoping that would encourage him to go harder and bring you to orgasam.

Instead, he stopped.

He pulled his face away from you and watched your eyes widen as he licked his lips.  "You’re being punished,” he reminded you as he sat up on the bed and readjusted himself so his dick smacked against his stomach.  He began pumping his dick with one hand, the other gripping onto your leg so tightly you knew there were going to be marks on it.

“You dirty, naughty girl,” he panted as his eyes shut, fist moving faster around his dick.  

“That’s no fair!” you yelled as you tried to sit up, but your restraints didn’t allow you to.  You could already feel your impending orgasm dying down, and a stronger hunger filled you as you watched Mezo pleasure himself.  

He didn’t respond to you, his head leaning back as a dupli-arm began to fondle his balls.  "Oh, y/-Desire!“  You could tell he was already so close.  "Baby let me help you-”

“No,” he cut you off.  "You’re being punished.  You’re lucky you even get to watch.“  

You watched, helpless as your cunt throbbed with every stroke of his hand.  When he finished, he moved his hand up to your mouth.  

"Lick it clean,” he said in the sexiest, most commanding tone you’d ever heard from him.

You nodded and took his fingers into your mouth, sucking them each clean before you licked his palm and swallowed it all.  "Please, Tentacole, can you please fuck me now?“

He smirked and shook his head, returning to his place between your legs.  He took up the same exact position as before, hands pulling your ass closer to his face as he shoved something in and out of your cunt.  Your eyes closed yet again as you laid your head back, imagining it was his dick that was filling you up.  You imagined him hovering over you, sweat pouring down both of your bodies, your hands clawing down his back-

"Ah-!” you cried out, and he immediately pulled away again.  You were about ready to smack him across the face.  "Please, please stop,“ you begged as your eyes met his.  "Please, Tentacole, please make me cum.”

He climbed further up your body, giving no warning before shoving his dick deep into your cunt.  He didn’t move a muscle as his eyes locked with yours.

He bent his head down to capture your lips with his in a surprisingly gentle kiss.  When he pulled away his face hovered only inches above yours, a loving smile on his face.  "I love you so much.  You’re so perfect.“

You smiled back up at him.  "Then untie my hands.  Please, let me touch you.

His malicious smirk came back, and you knew the moment was over.  He began to move inside of you, pulling almost all the way out before slamming himself back into you.  You screamed at the sensation, moving your hips with his as he finally gave you the fucking you’d been dying for.  

You pulled at your restraints again, and to your surprise the knots gave in.  A huge grin broke out across your entire face as your arms flew around Shoji’s neck, sitting both of you up as he continued pounding your cunt like a piece of meat.  He didn’t say anything as you connected your lips to his, digging your fingernails into his back and clawing your way downward as he kept going.  Once you’d reached the bottom and were sure you were going to leave a bright red mark, you quickly readjusted yourself so you were sitting over him.  

You pushed him back against the bed, your hands gripping the sheets on either side of his waist as you bounced up and down on his cock.

“Ah baby that feels so good,” he groaned as he thrusted up to meet your thrusts.  "I’m not gonna last much longer.“

You thought about denying him his orgasm like he’d been doing to you, but that would just deny you of yet another.  You decided to let him have it as a dupli-arm rose up to your breasts, forming a mouth and going below the neckline of the dress you were still wearing to attach to one of your nipples.  You gasped, causing another to quickly follow and attach to your other nipple as something began rubbing against your clit.

"Baby I’m gonna cum!” you yelled as your thrusting became sloppier and sloppier until he switched back to your previous position, him pounding into you with your back arched against the bed.

With only a couple more thrusts you felt him release into you.  You moaned loudly, you were so close-

It washed over you as soon as you felt the bite on your ass.

You rode out your orgasm before dropping yourself down onto Mezo, not bothering to wipe off any of the sweat that was pooling all over both of you.  You laid like that for a while, both of you panting and sticky as you caught your breath.

“Where did that come from?” Mezo finally asked after a few minutes, breaking the silence.

You turned over so you were laying on your stomach, staring up into his eyes.  "Not sure.  I saw the dress at the store, figured it would be a good quarantine activity.“

He smiled, planting a light kiss on the top of your head.  "It definitely was.”  He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you tightly against him.  "I think that was the best sex we’ve ever had.“

You giggled as you nodded and leaned up to connect your lips with his.  The kiss was abruptly ended when you yelped, realizing Shoji had used a dupli-mouth to bite your ass again.

"Round two?” he asked.

You smiled and blushed slightly as you nodded.  "I’ll meet you in the shower.“

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milk tea and coffee for toga please? and can I also request lemon tea and rosehip tea for hibari from Reborn if its not too much to ask 🙏🏻

Toga’s border on sounding yandere because she technically is, didn’t go as extra in the yandere department though.

Toga Himiko


milk tea; what are their kisses like?

Depends on her mood/state of mind, they can range from sweet and short to intimate and bloody. It’s not really a kiss with Toga if there isn’t just a little blood involved, she tends to bite - to her your blood is one of the best.

coffee; do they get jealous easily? how do they show it?

Toga doesn’t do jealous - she does murder.. friend or family she doesn’t like those feelings bubbling up. If she can’t kill them and get rid of the feeling she’ll cling to her s/o and try to direct their attention away from said person, going as far enough to literally drag them away.


Hibari’s can be read as teen or adult, they were written with adult in mind however.

Hibari Kyoya


lemon tea; what are mornings like with them?

Hibari is an early one to rise so it’s unlikely you’ve spent a morning properly with him - unless you rise early as well. Morning’s are quiet and simple before work/school. On the slimmest of chance you can get him to stay in bed a little longer he’s noticeably more cuddly, however move too much and he’ll quickly get annoyed.

rosehip tea; how romantic are they? how do they show affection?

Hibari tends to forget about showing affection, he wouldn’t be going out with his s/o if he didn’t love/care for them - why does he have to continuously show them? That said he’s not entirely heartless, every so often he’ll treat his s/o to a fancy dinner or gift them flowers as a reminder but also to spend time with them.

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A/N: Have this thing I wrote while being super thirsty last night because of HAWKS DEBUTTTTT this is smut but not a lot of it most of it is you and Hawks bein’ sassy 

“You should just let me do it.”

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Imagine Them Learning You Participate In Beauty Pageants

Bakugo Katsuki

  • He would think it’s stupid originally not seeing the point of why you bothered with it
  • You would ask him to accompany to one of your pageants which he begrudgingly agree to until you got there, where he saw just how competitive it could be
  • Behind the sugar coated smiles of the contestants was a fierceness that Katsuki could relate too. The more he watched the more he wanted in on it
  • After the pageant Bakugo would ask if he could help in anyway for your next one which surprised you but you were more then happy with him joining you in these competitions
  • Katsuki and you would practice your talent together, he would try to give you his tough love training but end up reassuring you that you were doing great
  • He was surprisingly good at make up as he had offered to do it for you some times when you were to jittery to do it yourself
  • Some the other contestants would complain about him helping you and make snide remarks about you. This would not go unnoticed by him as he started cussing out anyone who dared to try do it in front of him or you
  • Bakugou would root you on from crowd, boasting about you being his girlfriend every time you came onto stage. Some people would tell him, he’s being disruptive but he didn’t care as it was all worth it to see your smile

Todoroki Shoto

  • Shoto would be surprised when you told him but would be supportive of it sense you really seemed to enjoy it
  • He liked going to your pageants as it was a chance to see you in a new environment, one where you held dignity and grace against the other  contestants
  • He was beyond taken by the show and wanted to aid you in the competition, if you would allow him to which you of course accepted
  • Todoroki would buy you whatever you needed, let it be dresses, jewelry, or shoes he would buy it without a second thought. You would tell him that’s it not necessary but he insist that he do it as he loved to how happy it made you when you wore them
  • He would offer to help you train for your show but would get so lost in how talented you were and instead praise you for your skill
  • Some of the other contestants would mock you for being try hard which would brought you down until Todoroki stepped in reminding you how perfect you were
  • He clapped every time you were on stage and give you a reassuring smile whenever he saw you were nervous, making you smile back with more confidence then before
  • After the show was over Shoto would greet you with flowers and tell you proud he was of you and how happy he was to be apart of this experience with you

Midoriya Izuku

  • Izuku would be in awe after learning about. He had heard some things about and thought it was really cool. he thought that he would never meet someone to took part in it so it was exciting for him to learn
  • He’d be happy about the prospect of going to one of you competitions and was looking forward to going
  • Midoriya was in absolutely amazed by you and other contestants. From the talent to the presentation it was all so wonderful to him, but most of all how happy it made you
  • He really wanted to help you as he saw how passionate you were for it. You wouldn’t hesitate to let him help you as you knew he would try his best
  • Izuku had already taken notes about what the judges liked and what didn’t like so he already ahead of helping you by telling you all about it so you could be better prepared for your next pageant
  • He would learn more about your talent so he could better help you train, until he was properly able to give you good tips
  • Most of the other contestants thought that they were better then you and would try to make you feel bad, but he stood up for you telling them that you were ten times the person they’ll ever be
  • Midoriya would cheer you on from the crowd, clapping the loudest whenever it was your turn, grinning madly as he saw in your eyes just how much having him there meant to. He would hug you after it was all over and tell you that he hoped you enjoyed yourself and expresses how he wished to continue helping you with it


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Request for anon: can you write some fluff and nsfw (if you want) headcanons for a poly bakudeku/reader? the reader is a girl, bakudeku are pro heroes and a hero duo and the reader is a sidekick because she’s younger than them [they are 28 she is 20] however they live together because their already dating ;; if you’ll write it thank you ;;


• Izuku and Katsuki have genuinely NEVER been happier. You’ve completed them.

• There’s been some backlash based on the age, but the fact that its 3 of you, all together, there hasnt been much based on that.

• You’ve been with them about a year and a half, they’ve been together almost 4.

• It can be a little intimidating, sometimes you feel like you dont have much of a place in what they have, but they always make sure to squash that as soon as the thought comes up.

• You met them through enrollment in their agency. They really had no intention of falling in love when you were accepted, but you were just so full of fire and love that it was impossible not too.

• The difference of personality in normal life versus on the battlefield was incredible. You were normally bubbly, smiley to an extent. You made loads of jokes and laughed whenever you could. Of course you occasionally had those bad days, but everyone does. When it came to the battlefield, you were filled with focus. Tou were serious, harsh, and did whatever you could to reach your goal. You were like 2 different people. However, it usually took you time to get over that after a fight, but you were real good at faking it to the public.

• If you’ve learned one thing, it’s that Katsuki likes physical contact a lot more than he let’s on. He’s always finding some way to touch you, unless he’s at work. Sometimes it’s small brushes, other times its holding your hand or hugging you from behind.

• Izuku just loves affection in general. He has no problem being obvious with his affection, less so at work, but it’s still there. He’ll kiss your forehead and hold your waist, he’ll hold your hand- basically however he can touch you, is what he’ll do.

• Bakugou likes horror movies, so do you. Izuku does not. He stays in the middle to keep himself secure. Both you and Katsuki enjoy it.

• You’re considerably younger, so they’re very protective you, not so much in a fatherly way but in a way that makes you feel loved and important. You secretly thrive on the attention you get from them being protective.

• They deadass get a dog for the soul reason of extra protection if they weren’t there.

• Expect a lot of dinner dates and cheesy notes (mostly from izuku) and stuffed animals/flowers (supposedly from Izuku but really from Bakugou)

• They gladly feed your indoor plant obsession. Their previously bland apartment had been transformed aesthetically. It was now an indoor jungle. They loved it.

• ahaha the domesticity that came with you loving in was actually amazing. Izukus favorite part (besides you) was the new dishes

• you usually sleep in the middle. You have no problem sleeping on the outside though. Really however they feel like arranging it, you’ll go with.

• They have no problem cooking but they like your cooking best, so you cook a little more often then they do. Not that you mind, you really enjoy cooking, especially because that means they do the dishes.


• Izuku Midoryia is a bottom I do not care what anyone says. He has his dominant streaks every once in awhile (and when he does, good LORD) but this man is a bottom.

• Katsuki is a top. 100%. Loves it. He also has his submissive streaks but those are EXTREMELY rare.

• For you, its complicated. You’re a switch for the most part. Bottom when it comes to Katsuki, A little more dominant with Izuku (power bottom that shit baby)- but who knows.

• Sex that involved you, is fairly recent, with the 3 of you only being together for about a year and a half, the relationship is still young. You weren’t comfortable with sex period until 8 months in. Hell you were too scared to kiss them the first 4 months. You weren’t comfortable with sex between the three of you, all together until 12 months.

• They were unbelievably patient with you. They let you take your time, they let you get accustomed to them individually before bringing it all together. They reassured you that you didn’t need to feel bad for taking time.

• You’re pretty vanilla, Katsuki and Izuku aren’t overly kinky so it’s not a big deal regardless, you just want to be fucked against a wall at least once.

• Katsuki is happy to provide and Izuku is even happier to watch.

• Lazy morning sex, aka, Izuku and Katsuki wake up first the start doing it next to you while you’re asleep and you wake up half way through bc Izuku is loud. Or vice versa.

• Ahahaha Shower sex

• O R A L

• Izuku LOVES oral, he has no problem giving or receiving but he relishes in the pleasure when you’re giving him head. He swears up and down he could survive on just your blowjobs alone. He’ll run his fingers through your hair, tug at it gently, and praise you into next week.

• Both they’re tongues do fucking WONDERS.


• Shut the fuck up you all love it when your hair is played with or tugged at.

• Izuku likes his hair straight pulled, like yeet that bitch, in bed. You and Katsuki like more soft rugs and threads.

• One time, while Izuku was on a trip, Katsuku was really frustrated at work, both physically and mentally.

• So

• :)

• the MOMENT you stepped inside the apartment with him, you were pinned against a wall, his thigh between your legs and his lips pressed against yours. This lead to mind blowing ‘angry(?)’ Sex.

• Stemmed your love of just completely getting wrecked :)

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AN: This one’s got a lot going on! Normally, I have the reader’s synopsis (like age, quirk, and hero name) at the top, but this time, I’m gonna put it at the end of the story!
Pronouns: She/her.
Length: 4.3k words.

WARNINGS: Anxiety attack, gore (I describe a murder in detail) POOR TAMAKI TT^TT I’M CRUEL.


Summary: Mirio and Nejire find Tamaki during a panic attack and he tells them it’s your fault! But you’re innocent and your own boyfriend won’t believe you.


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IDK maybe some Shōto x Reader inspired by First Burn from Hamilton? And the part of

“I know about whispers

I know how you look a my sister brother”

referencing Natsuo or Dabi…


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Somebody should do it because my writing skills are pretty shitty

Please tag me if some amazing writer do it.

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💔 text for midoriya or ❤️ text for midoriya either one is fine im so sorry for being indecisive 😔

We in an angst mood boys 😔👊

💔 - a yearning text

You have 5 new messages!

[Deku]: Hi (Y/n)

[Deku]: I know it’s been awhile since we’ve talked…but…

[Deku]: I still love you!!

[Deku]:I know that was a bit low huh?

[Deku]: I can’t hold it in anymore, though. Feel free to reject me, I just needed to tell you.






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💯 with Shinsou?

💯 - an unintentional text

You have 3 new messages!

[Hitoshi💕]: Hey Aizawa, I’m still confused about how your scarve works.

[Hitoshi💕]: Wait.

[Hitoshi💕]: Oh whoops, sorry kitten.






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❤️ with Bakugou? ^_^

❤️ - a loving text

You have 2 new messages!

[Katsuki🥰]: Do you have to send those lovey dovey messages while I’m in the middle of a damn meeting?

[Katsuki🥰]: Love you too, I guess




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I did it! I finally made my masterlist of all my fanfictions! Or rather all my reader insert stories… so yeah! Ya’ll are free are to use the fast links to read all these stories without all that browsing about!

P.S This will be gradually updated if I make anymore stories or if I forget that I wrote one from earlier this year!  :3


Class 1-A

Izuku Midoriya

Katsuki Bakugo:

Young Love and an Episode of Friends Series: (Kacchan) 

Out of My League Series (Deku and Kacchan):

Shouto Todoroki:

Tenya Iida:

Hitoshi Shinsou:

Dusk Till Dawn Series (Shinsou):

Eijirou Kirishima:

Denki Kaminari:

Fumikage Tokoyami:

Lights Will Guide You Home Series (Tokoyami):

Yuga Aoyama:

Hizashi Yamada:

All Might



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❤️ For my dandelion Shōto?

❤️ - a loving text

You’ve recieved 3 new messages!

[Shouto💕]: Hey

[Shouto💕]: Don’t forget to study for the test in English today

[Shouto💕]: I love you.





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