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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#my incorrect quotes

Tim: “So we have to fight each other, got it. Can we use our weapons?”

Generic Bad Guy: “You may use any weapon you desire.”

Tim: “Any weapon?”

Generic Bad Guy: “That is what I said.”

Tim: “…can I have a lightsaber?”


Kon, watching Tim swing a lightsaber around: “You know, you don’t have to make the noises.”

Tim, having the time of his life: “Yeah, I do.”

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wayv as things my profs have said:

kun: my voice sounds kinda crispy

ten: I love this very horny description and I think we should read it together

winwin: let’s come back simps

lucas: is the womb different than the belly?

xiaojun: if you are extremely depressed, call me

hendery: I have never been stimulated by jyp’s nude photos

yangyang: I have a picture of a tunisian pop star. everyone thinks he’s a middle eastern dictator so I have those in the kitchen

part 1/?

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Hendery, shoving food in his mouth: garlic bread is my favourite food. I could honestly eat it for every meal. or just eat it all the time without even stopping.
Kun: you'd get fat.
Hendery: no, why would I get fat?
Kun: bread makes you fat.
Hendery, shocked: bread makes you fat?!
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Tim, with one arm wrapped around Jason: “No, don’t move.”

Jason, trying to shake his brother off of him: “Why not?”

Tim: “I think I broke my ankle. You’re the only thing holding me up right now.”

Jason: “So what you’re saying is that if I decide to move out of your reach, you’re going to fall flat on your face?”

Tim: “Yeah.”

Jason: “Okay.”

Jason, immediately after: *steps off to the side*

Tim, after falling and slamming his face into the ground: “I really should’ve seen that coming.”

Jason: “You think?”

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Bruce, on speakerphone: “You left a message?”

Dick: “Yeah, I’m glad you called, Jason is being a little bitch again—”

Jason, also on speakerphone: “I’m on, Dick.”

Dick, awkwardly: “What’s up, man?”

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[loud thud]

Wei Wuxian:

Nie Huaisang:

Wei Wuxian: there’s a very logical explanation for that

Nie Huaisang: tell me quick

Wei Wuxian: this place is haunted

Nie Huaisang:

Nie Huaisang: thanks a lot

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