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#my kinks
gooddd i fucking love serial killer au when one of them is just batshit murderously insane and the other one’s like, just not, but they go along with it because that’s how twisted and codependent and in love they are.
like. if dean’s just regular dean. and he’s like oh well sammy wants to murder ppl now so i guess that’s what we’re gonna do i mean it’s not like i can say no to those homicidal puppy dog eyes.
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Next on Other Parts of Henry Cavill That I Would Like to Bite: TIDDIES
Tumblr media
I am a firm believer in the fact that men often have their tits ignored when it comes to bedroom action, which should be illegal. Men's tiddies are hella sensitive, and i'm pretty convinced that Henners has super sensitive nip nops. Also, dem tiddies are the perfect handful for a' squeezin' and a'teasin'.
These are by far the best tits in showbiz.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonus footage: jigglejigglejigglejiggle
Tumblr media
Feel free to follow the tag #Cavill Anatomy for more body parts posts.
Cavill Anatomy Masterlist
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ziander · 2 months ago
Just a little basic leg tie 🥺
Anyone want to see a specific tie?
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skntoxic · 3 months ago
you’re a freak? hold a loaded gun to my head as you rail me then.
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A post nobody asked for because i'm feelin' some kinda way today - Henry in profile mainly because of this bit:
Tumblr media
I have a thing for necks and that bit on a guy always smells So. Fucking. Good. I've also found that 9 out of 10 times is a spot on theit body that makes they're legs go wibbly if given the right attention.
So here, have some more pics of That Body Part
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cavill Anatomy Masterpost
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beberosey · 12 months ago
I wanna be tied up so that my arms are behind my back and my legs are wide open. I wanna have a blindfold on and a ball gag in. And as I squirm and whimper, you force me to orgasm over and over until I’m crying and shaking. I could really use that right about now.
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arlerted · 2 days ago
Big ass alpha Bakugou that omegas and even betas flock to. He just sneers at everyone and continues on with his day, only having eyes for his pretty little omega assistant that takes such good care of him and even shows up at his house to cook for him from time to time. It never got official, but it's almost like an unspoken rule that you're his, and he's yours. You stand by him on the train, and practically have to be in his lap when in the backseat of cars because he's so big and takes up so much space. He gets so angry when your heat hits and you don't come into work that he goes to your apartment, and he can smell you. He can smell it from down the street, and all the way up the staircase, and your hallway is practically drowning in it, so much that he has to swat away other's from outside your door just so he can get to you. He's trying so hard not to drop into a rut from the overwhelming smell of you, panting and sweating while he taps on the door and drools when you get closer. He almost tells you not to open the door... but you can smell him, and you need your alpha, but the second the lock clicks he's practically ripping the door off the hinges to get to you. It's not his fault you smell so sweet and so strong and put him into a rut, no... but it is his fault that you're walking around his house in one of his shirt with a round tummy filled with his pups a few months later.
i'll actually cum in my pants. he’s so hnnnnggg... fuck. 
wc: 847
cw: a/b/o, alpha!bakugou, power dynamics, dubcon (boss / employee), knotting, pregnancy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bakugou, who is usually so disinterested in omegas that people rumored the pro-hero to only date betas. he just... never showed a real interest in them. it actually gave him a bit of a nasty streak because, unlike most alphas, bakugou didn't have a soft spot for pretty little omegas. until he met you, of course.
you caught him by surprise the first time you walked in, answering his add for an assistant to help keep the home and keep his papers organized. he knew you'd be an omega, it said so on your application when you applied, but you were more than qualified and he's never been too concerned with second genders. but when he opened the door to let you into his apartment, your scent hit him like a truck. bakugou had never once had to pause in his stride because of an omega, but he did with you. and he did it every time, taking a deep breath before he let you into his apartment to cook and clean for the day.
bakugou rarely let you accompany him to work, but when he did, people whispered about the pretty new omega working under him. they asked about you to others, whispered about how good you smelled and how fucking pretty you'd be under them.
he put a stop to that shit as soon as he heard it. bakugou didn’t know why but he was protective over you and it didn’t take anyone very long for anyone to figure out that you were fucking his. it’s not like you minded either. bakugou was... desirable to say the least, big and strong and smelled so good that he nearly had your knees buckling each time he walked near you. you had no qualms with being claimed by him, though you swore up and down that your relationship was strictly professional. 
you both knew it wasn’t, especially after the first time you called him when you were in heat. it was a delirious choice, whining for him to come over so he could take care of you through the receiver. bakugou should have hesitated, should have told you that he’d drop some medicine outside of your door, but instead he found himself indulging you and heading to your place, blood boiling with the thought of how you’d look split open on his cock. 
you smelled him before you saw him, opening the door to your small apartment and letting that primal desire take over as you drank in the sight of him. he was sweating, chest heaving at the door before taking your hips in his big hands and pushing you backwards. 
fuck, you smelled good, so fucking sweet. bakugou swore he could smell you from down the street, the way you cunt ached for his knot. he could barely contain himself as he whispered promises of taking care of you, telling you that he was gonna give it all to you. it’s what you deserve. you deserve to be stuffed with my cum, yeah? that’s what he said while he plugged you up, big hands holding your knees to your chest as he broke you open on the thick stretch of his cock. 
he almost couldn’t pay attention to the way you keened for him, back arching as you tried to kiss and lick at his neck to taste some of the intoxicating smell that you wanted so badly. you begged bakugou to knot you, begged the pro-hero to stuff you full. you wanted it to hurt, wanted him to be so deep in you that you couldn’t breathe. who was he to deny you that? such a pretty fucking omega begging for him like that, it made his cock twitch inside of you. 
bakugou gave you everything you asked for, biting at your neck before pulling away to watch your face contort as his cock started to swell. you felt the pop, the way it plugged you so deep as he flooded your body with him, knot soothing the delirious high your heat left you in as you writhed under him. he cooed for you to take it, to take all of it just like you wanted. and you nod, listening to your alpha with furrowed brows and a mewl that could have brought anyone to their knees. 
it became a regular thing after that. things strictly professional until they weren’t and he had you plugged up with his cock to quell your heat. it became official when you took time off, only occasionally visiting the office to drop paper work off until your visits became all but nonexistent. people wondered if you’d lost your job, asking bakugou about his omega assistant and her whereabouts. he only scowled at them, telling them to mind their fuckin’ business before returning to whatever he was doing. 
finally though, he’d had enough of the whispers, bringing you into the office in one of his oversized merch shirts and a round belly swollen with his child. that sure as hell shut them up. you’re fuckin’ his and this proved it. 
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honeybabybea · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wanted to show you my best side 🍑
Tumblr media
interested in custom content? click here for more info!
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arlerted · a month ago
thinkin bout bakugou fuckin’ you nice and slow
wc: 629
tw: breeding (as always), slight size kink, overstimulation, multiple orgasms
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
those rare nights, when bakugou is feeling romantic, generous even, and he fucks you slow. so slow that it fucking hurts.
he’s got your leg up, hand splayed at the bottom of your thigh, doing all the heavy lifting for you. he prepped you so well, rubbed your puffy clit and stretched you with his fingers until you were soaked and shaking.
still, the stretch of his cock never fails to burn, never fails to make you feel like you’re choking on it as he slips the head past the ring of your tight cunt. n he’s cooing in your ear, voice low and smooth, telling you how you’re bein’ so good for him, his good little girl.
he just wants to feel you, pulling his cock nearly out of you and all the way back in again, breath trembling at how fucking good your overstimulated cunt feels.
bakugou loves when you whine for him, the little gasps that break from your lips in short bursts make it all the more overwhelming as the head of his cock brushes against your cervix.
god, he’s so deep, deeper than anyone’s ever been before. he hits all the right spots, fucking into your sweet spot that has you reaching another delirious high. but he fucks you so slow that it’s frustrating, that you can feel the burn in your gut and can’t tell if you want more or can’t take it.
bakugou’s so sweet like this, takin’ care of you while your tremble under his thick fingers, free hand rubbing gentle circles against your nipple and palming your breast. so pretty like this, he’ll tell you, bottoming out again at an achingly slow pace.
he knows when your close, when your cunt starts to tighten around his cock, making it even better when he feels himself brush against the place that drives you crazy. he snakes his hand down to your clit, calloused fingers working the bud ever so gently.
“y’gonna cum?” bakugou asks, voice teasing and sweet.
you can do nothing but nod and mutter a soft mhm as he keeps fucking into you, nice and slow, the sound of your skin slapping against his is barely audible, like a metronome.
“go ahead, cum for me, sweet girl.” n he places his lips against your neck, nibbling at the skin.
he loves to feel you tremble against him like this, orgasm washing over you in a wave and a shaky whimper as it rolls through your body with the steady beat of his thrusts. bakugou’s hands are so gentle over you as you do, working your clit softly until you’ve come down, running his palm over the fat of your thigh and tummy until it meets your neck. even the hand supporting your other leg, lifting it into the air, feels gentle despite his brute strength and the way his bicep if flexed with your weight.
when you start to whine, overstimulated and shaking, squirming in his grasp, he subdues you. bakugou pulls you back to him and groups you in his grasp.
“doin’ so good f’me.” he grunts out. “wanna take care of my pretty girl, my good girl.”
n he chases his own high, pulling you as close to him as he can, encouraging you to keep going, make him feel good.
then his hips are against yours and he’s filling you with him, hot ropes of cum spilling into you, filling your deepest crevices. you practically melt into him, so relieved to be bred, to be made a bitch even in this romantic moment. n he stays seated in you, hands running over your body as he grunts through his orgasm, biting at your neck, telling you how good that pretty pussy feels stretched around his cock.
Tumblr media
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skntoxic · 3 months ago
i want to be an alpha sub for some dom.
i want him to take one of his normal subs and force her to pleasure him with her mouth, and she will be trying so hard to do it right, but it’s still won’t be enough. he will get irritated and angry because she’s so fucking useless, but then he will call me, he’s favourite little toy, to serve him how he should be served and he’ll tell this dumb bitch to watch me doing it. and i’ll do it, perfectly, without any problem, because i know how to take care of his cock and how to be a perfect slut for my master. and as i’m giving him exactly what he needs after that stressful day that he had, he will pet my head and say „that’s my good girl” “and you, you dumb whore, look and learn how to do it right”.
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rat-zuki · a month ago
would you wanna write some bakugou pee stuff o.o or deku if you don’t wanna write for bakuhoe
WARNINGS : smut, piss kink, consider.. how dogs mark their territory, definite urinary tract infection in the making, lots of “puppy” usage, exhibitionism.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s one of those special evenings at you and Izuku’s shared flat. A Saturday, a rare, free Saturday with as many free-friends invited over and sprawled across your comfortable living room.
Ochako’s the closest to you, snuggled up with Tsu on the opposite side of the sofa. Shouto and Hanta on the other couch with Denki on the floor between them. While Katsuki sips at his beer from the stubborn comfort—or lack thereof—of the kitchen table.
You rise from your seat when Izuku makes his way from the bedroom with some fucking VHS, you could care less, really. You’re not in the mood to watch some dumb movie but alas, here you are.
He tosses the tape to Denki before snaking his arms around your middle and pulls you to his lap despite your obvious fuss—the way you claw at his forearms and turn away from the kiss aimed directly for your forehead.
“You okay, pup?” He pouts, thumb catching your chin to hold you still, pressing a kiss to your temple, “You wanna go lay down?”
You scoff at the question. Like hell you’d leave him alone on the same couch as his ex-girlfriend. Not that you’re insecure or anything. You’re just.. smart. Smarter than that, than her. Little minx tries her way every now and then, thinking you won’t notice. You always do.
Even now, she thinks you don’t notice the way she ogles at the fat veins forking on his arms at his grip, or even his arms, his biceps—your biceps—whorishly presented in that ridiculous, new Katsuki-esque tank top of his. God.
You breathe a sigh of relief when the lights dim and the movie begins to play, curling yourself further into Izuku’s lap as his fingers mull over the skin of your thigh.
It’s not even halfway through the film that you find yourself immeasurably bored, and even more so than before, fixated on the longing gazes from a certain brunette. So, you twist yourself around, letting your skirt ride up until you feel the silky material of Izuku’s athletic shorts rub against your cunt before you lean up and whisper,
“Wanna pee.”
He nods, lips tugging up in a smile, soft and kind, all too annoying to you though, “Wanna pause the movie?”
His eyes drop from the screen for the first time, catching your fluttering lashes and that all-too-familiar grin on your face that spells one word. Trouble.
You nod your head in agreement, shifting around until you get both of your legs around his waist, fingers clinging very, very securely to his shirt.
“Gotta pee.”
His brows furrow for a moment, something churning in that too smart of a brain of his, except, not smart enough, “Want me to take you?”
You sigh, a groan loud enough for Shouto to glance your way, meet your gaze, then you notice her.
This entire time, huh?
With her stupid brown eyes trained on you, you slip your hands beneath the blanket and tug at Izuku’s until the pad of his thumb ghosts over your thin panties.
“Gotta pee, Izu. Make me pee.”
His breath staggers in this throat, eyes glinting in the dim, colorful light as they widen and he finally catches onto you, nonetheless, blissfully unaware of the.. audience.
“Right here, puppy? Now?” He curses something under his breath as you softly roll your hips into his touch, eyes shutting as you stifle a moan.
“Fuck, you wanna piss all over me? Get me all dirty in front of everybody?” He whispers, leaning in to brush his nose along your ear, quiet enough for only you and one other to hear. You nod, pulling your knees together to trap his fingers against your cunt.
“Gotta pee so bad, can I? Please?”
His breathing grows labored, muscles of his arm straining and pulling as he fights the urge to give in, fight the uphill battle that is you and your irresistible pull. He can never say no to you, never, never has, not even such a shameful act, not even in the presence of your friends—his friends. He’s not strong enough for that.
Instead, he tucks the blanket around you tighter, wraps it around you as much as he can before he spreads his thighs and leans back. You snuggle closer, hips flush with his as your face falls against the crook of his neck.
You peak through the cast of your lashes across the couch then: a visibly flustered Ochako, while the rest of the group remains unaware. Slowly, as slow as you can be, you begin to rock your hips against Izuku, the feeling of his heavy palm coming to rest against your thigh spurring you on.
Izuku’s free hand secures itself to your head, holding you steady for him to brush his lips over your face, your nose, your lips. Small, careful gestures that contrast with the predatory, lust-driven flame within you.
It’s not enough. You’re greedy and you want more, want to prove more, want to show that bitch what you do—what you’re capable of doing to Izuku, what she isn’t.
As Izuku shifts his hips, spreading them wider for your pleasure, you manage to yank the slippery material of his shorts down, his heavy cock springing free. Before he can protest, you seal your lips to his, let his fiery head brush along your slit, dripping with invitation you know he can’t resist, and sink down.
You swallow any and all fallen sounds from him, let your tongue explore what’s yours, eyes casting sideways occasionally to ensure that the purpose of this experiment is still present. Now, her face is entirely flushed, her own blanket pulled to her chin as her eyes force themselves to the screen. But you know better. She does too.
“Izu..” You mewl, pressing your lower belly to him, the pressure against your bladder dizzying you, “Please.”
“Wh-What do you need, puppy?” But he already knows, fingers already moving on instinct, from your ass, down your slit stretched around his cock, finding your swollen bud just the way you’ve trained him.
You hiss, nip at his chest through his top as you nod, “Y-Yeah.”
It’s careful, this part, the way you roll your hips in circles, rising ever so slowly, holding him down so you can fuck him without being too obvious. And he’s good, for the most part, the occasional whimper against your hair when he rubs your clit just right and has you bearing down on him. It’s good. You know you’re good.
When your movements start to stutter and your fingers begin to tug at his curls, Izuku knows you’re close, his thighs shaking in anticipation for the moment you release over him. Just the thought has his jaw tightening, flexing as his mind races to piece the sensation together before it ever happens.
“Izu, m’gonna..”
“Yeah?” His voice comes out too quickly, too needy, “Yeah, you’re gonna? Please, baby.”
You’re shaking, cunt squeezing him uncontrollably as the feeling, the urge, takes over you. It’s mind-numbing, really, the way your vision goes white, spotting over and heating your skin.
Your entire body tenses up, sends waves of pleasure all over as the other half lets go, lets your sweet nectar flow.
And you make such a mess of Izuku, covering him in your warmth as you vibrate, and you feel him coming loose soon, as well. A strange feeling, something runny and something thick, all coating his nasty cock as you continue fucking him. You can feel it all go back in, and out, then back in—stuffing your cunt full like it shouldn’t.
“Fuck, puppy.”
You take one final look over your shoulder, notice the obnoxiously loud music rolling over the end credits, the room significantly darkened as the majority of your friends lie asleep.
All but one staring back at you.
To she who lays her claim.
Tumblr media
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Last stop on the arms for today's Other Parts of Henry Cavill That I Would Like to Bite Anatomy Class, its the one many of you have been waiting for: The Hands
Tumblr media
The hands are made up of many parts, some of which are the following: phalanges, metacarpals, carpals, ligaments, synovial lining, volar plates, tendon sheaths and blood vessels. As we can see here, Henners clearly takes excellent care of those paws: neatly cut nails and soft looking skin. For someone with a heavy oral fixation, I would very much like to get those fingers in my mouth immediately.  If done right, lavishing attention on hands can be extremely erotic. I suspect that Henry has highly sensitive hands, so giving them the right amount of attention could make him extremely flustered.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cavill Anatomy Masterlist
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sweetheartsabina · 7 months ago
i wanna fall asleep with you inside me and wake up with you gently thrusting into me
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Following on from this post, please find another set of pictures entitled: Other Parts of Henry Cavill That I Would Like to Bite.
This time: The Upper Trapezius Muscle
Tumblr media
One of my favourite parts of the body to sink my teeth into (yes, i'm a biter). Its just right. there and perfectly mouth sized.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cavill Anatomy Masterlist
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books-and-catears · 20 days ago
I love how you wrote my asks! Thanks so much for doing them! I wanted to request something for the brother's separately where MC is already together with them. The brothers mention a kink they are into and MC says they'll think about trying it. Then a week later during a student council meeting with Diavolo, MC holds their hand under the table and leans over and whispers to them "My heart, tonight lets do what you mentioned a few days ago."
OwO. Alrighty then, hop on 18+ folks. The Spice Train is about to leave the station.
Warning: N/S/F/W. Minors don't worry the Fluff and Angst Trains will be arriving soon, please don't board this one okay?
Tumblr media
It was during one of your late night music sessions that he first brought it up. You were curled up in his lap, eyes closed and fidgeting with the sleeves of his coat.
You looked so fragile and vulnerable in his arms, he could hardly control his thoughts. How can you allow yourself to be this defenseless in front of him? And then you dare tease him? You whimper amd moan at every touch of his, a slave to his charisma - and yet you dare urge him further?
He looked at his red gloved hands and your hand enclosed within them. Red was such a pretty color on you. He imagined you all tied in his bed with red velvet ropes, pretending to want to break free all the while pleading him to touch you, while he takes his time, sipping his tea, palming your legs with one hand and watching you squirm in all your glory....
"Lucifer?" Your voice breaks his thoughts. "Haha you spaced out pretty bad. What are you thinking of, hmm? Your face is completely red."
He composed himself. Even though you both had been dating for a while now, he was still embarrassed about his innermost desires. He didn't want to scare you off.
"Come on Lucifer, I know you're hiding something!" You said promptly standing up.
He sighed. Well you're adamant as hell, there's no winning against you.
"I was thinking how lovely you'd look in ropes, MC. Tied to the bed and calling me master." Lucifer said, running his thumb over your wrist.
"You have a BDSM kink? Well should have seen that coming. Okay then, I'll think about it...Master." You teased and left the room.
Great. You just gave him a boner on the way out.
Around a week later, while Diavolo was meeting was barely ten minutes in, you lean towards him and whisper when noone is looking.
"I think I'm ready to submit to you like you asked, Master."
Lucifer banged his hand a little too hard on the table in excitement, startling everyone. "Ah I apologize. It was a bratty little insect."
He squeezed your thigh underneath the table as punishment for making him restless for the rest of the meeting. And you sure as hell are getting dragged and used mercilessly once you're out of there.
Mammon was leaning on your shoulder as you were explaining the class notes you had taken for him that day. And everytime he nodded or got a question right, you'd rub his hair and nuzzle against his cheek. It was thing you did for him even before you started dating.
It always drove him CRAZY.
You thought it was adorable and cooed at him jokingly while giving him headrubs, "Baby boy, you're so cute you know that?"
And now his cheeks grew red hot and his imagination ran haywire. He glanced over his bed and pictured you entangled with him, pressing kisses on his cheeks and lips, your hands pulling him down at his hair while he thrust into you over and over while you praised him and held him close...
"Mammon? Are you running a fever? Your face feels too warm.." You said, checking his temple and neck for symptoms. Every touch from you made him crave more.
"No it's nothing! You worry too much, ya stupid MC!" He says, hiding his face in your chest. "Also that make sure you rub and pull at my hair.. in bed...and call me that..."
You sat there confused for a minute before you understood what he meant. " you perhaps have a kink? Maybe something regarding praise and being pampered and loved in bed...?" You chuckle, squeezing his cheeks.
Why did this stupid human know so much about him?!! Not that he's complaining!!
"Yeah maybe so what?! You don't wanna do it, don't do it!" He pouts.
You laugh, "I'll consider it and think it over , my baby." You kiss him deeply and he's a mess for you.
After a week or so, in the middle of Diavolo's meeting, Mammon was almost half asleep, barely listening to what was going on. That's when you reached over and pulled at his ear,
"Baby boy, now is not the time to sleep."
Mammon's shot awake and he let out a little yelp. "MC!"
"Oh look you're awake now! I'll reward you tonight for it, okay my good boy?" You hinted. After that point he was restless, constantly grabbing at your hips all day long.
He could barely wait till night, but your reward made it worth the agony he faced all day.
Leviathan sometimes couldn't even believe you were dating him. Sometimes he'd just get distracted mid game, suddenly realizing that you have your arms linked with his and that your his partner now. And he'd randomly combust.
He especially lost it when you did cosplays. Even the simplest cosplays or the bad imitations of his favourite characters would have him drooling.
So the day you entered his room in a full fledged Ruri Chan cosplay, he yelped out loud and grabbed a bunch of pillows to hide his crotch.
"Damnit Levi, forget that Ruri Chan pillow already. The real Ruri is here now." You joked as you crawled into his lap. His jaw dropped, his nose looked like it was about to burst with blood.
"M-MC...MC, MC, you're too close. Are you trying to kill me??! I can't handle! I can't handle this moeness please, MC!" He pleaded.
"Why is that Levi? Did I get you excited? Just by wearing a simple costume? Oh you little pervert...rurin" You teased, sitting down on his lap.
His head was overwhelmed with thoughts about his tail wrapping around you and holding you down while he stripped you slowly and lose himself in every crook and crevice of your body. And you moaning and calling him a nasty pervert as he thrust into you over and over, his tail and hands groping at your body.
When he didn't say anything for a while, you understood he meant it. "Oh this your fetish? Did I unlock something?"
He hid his face with his hands, but still nodded. You laughed at how cute he was.
"Alright then...I'll think about how to grant your 'secret' wishes...rurin" You chuckled before you left.
Around a week later, while Diavolo's meeting was on and he was trying his best not to be distracted by the Ruri Chan cap you were wearing today, you decided to have more fun with him.
"Great Lord of Shadows, I wonder if you wanted these?" You said, slipping a pair of your spare panties into his open palm.
Levi almost squeaked like a mouse, his whole body trembling in excitement. His fist tightened around the cloth as he hurriedly stuffed it into his pockets. This is just like that hentai he was reading two nights ago!
"M-M-MC! What are you-"
"I'm Henry. Who's this MC now? My my, who knew you are so fickle? Just one of us isn't enough for you? Well you are so cute, I suppose I can indulge you this once, Lord of Perverts." You wink at him after you finish your little roleplay.
Oh were you expecting a bottom Levi after this? Oh no. You have awakened the Great Admiral of the Navy of Hell. And by the grip of his hands and his tail already swishing around impatiently, you know things are going to get rough pretty fast.
Satan is a demon of rather particular interests. And another thing about him is that he has VIVID imagination.
So anytime you curl up in his lap while reading together, or if you choose to sit near his feet while he tutors you before exams, he pictures you sitting there with a collar around your neck, cat ears on top your head and a tail swishing in excitement. And his pants would suddenly feel too tight at the these thoughts.
He was a master of controlling emotions and yet here you were toying with them so easily. Especially since you had now developed a habit for meowing near his ear at any point of the day. And of course you were his partner, he couldn't resist your cuteness.
"Satan Nya!" You pounced on him out of the blue right after he woke up after an afternoon nap.
The way you were on your knees, your thighs on each side and arms clutching at his chest just amplified his fetish.
"What if I wasn't awake enough to catch you, kitten? You could have seriously hurt yourself." He scolded holding you close.
And that moment he wanted to punish you. You were a bratty little kitten and he would put a leash on you and press you up against his bookshelf, making you cry out his name as he roughly thrust his fingers inside you.
"'re hard. Down there." You said trying to sit up on his lap.
Fuck. He imagined it too hard and now all the blood had rushed down there. He tried to flip the situation around onto you.
"Yeah, and I don't see you trying to move away, kitten." He teased, palming your hips.
"Yeah that's the point." You teased back before leaving "...bratty little kitties turn you on don't they? Well maybe I'll let you teach me how to behave...Master."
You ran out before he could catch you. And his door stayed shut till dinner time. All that was heard were heavy breathing noises and groans.
You were planning to tease him during Diavolo's meeting but job was already half done when he saw you walk in with a tail and a bell attached to it. You even wore a collar with a name tag.
He spit out the milkshake he was drinking making a mess all over himself and started coughing out apologies.
"Don't worry I'll help clean it up..." You offer cheerfully and bend down help clean up. In the middle of it all, you place yourself between his legs looking up at him playfully. "...and I also want to play with you today, master."
"MC... You better be prepared for your consequences." He said with a reddened face and gritted teeth.
Rest assured, you did not come out of his room for the next two days. You were glad Satan had picked the weekend.
IS THERE ANY KINK THIS DEMON DOESN'T HAVE?? The correct answer is no. And you learn that within two months of dating him.
It seemed almost everything about you turned him on. And the thing that turned out to be his kink was completely unexpected.
You were holding him snugly in his arms, running your hairs softly through his gorgeous hair, peppering kisses on his face. And strangely he wasn't even handsy with you. His hands were still on your waist, holding you close while his lips were on your cheeks.
"Oh Asmo I love you so much... You sweet and gentle thing." You said smiling and coddling him. But that had a very unforseen reaction. Shimmery tears emerged from his eyes, falling on your shoulder.
"MC..." Asmo managed to croak out, his grip growing more needy.
"ASMO!? Baby what's wrong?!" You grew panicked. He only tried to regulate his breathing, holding back his cries. You hurriedly tried to kiss his tears away.
Seeing you worry made him smile and fall deeper into you. "I'm sorry MC... I just.. I can't remember the time anyone held me like this...Demons are rather rough you know..."
"Oh Asmo..." You cupped his face and kissed his forehead. "I won't hurt you ever. You can trust me."
You were so kind and gentle to him, it made him lose control. He wanted so bad to just lay you down and spoil you. Slowly stripping you and caressing and kissing every inch of your skin. He'd have you begging and singing his name by the time he was done with you.
He was planning to hold these feelings in but his body betrayed him. Buried deep between your thighs, his member grew. And you grew wary of him.
"Does this pleasure you Asmo? Does this softness do things to you? Is this what you really like?" You said, running fingers up and down his chest. He bit his lip and nodded, his fingers digging into your back.
A week later, you held his hand under the table as Diavolo and Lucifer discussed the budget cuts. It was a thing you both loved to do.
You sneakily decided to run a single finger up and down the back of his hands, tracing his veins, trying to reach up his sleeves.
His breath hitched and he smiled smugly, "That eager to please me, MC? Ah you're so earnest, I cannot resist."
And after you drove him crazy, it was his turn to steal your mind and sanity. And he took all of it.
Beel was the just the most pure and gentle demon you'd met in Devildom. How can one not fall for this absolute unit of a himbo?
When you both started dating, it mostly eating out at both of your favourite places, then working out together in the morning to remain healthy and lots and lots of cuddles.
Kink is not something you expected from him..but alas there it was. You found out rather unceremoniously when you accidentally exploded a whole bottle of whipped cream on yourself. His mouth watered at the very sight of you.
He eyed you up and down hungrily, practically ravishing you with his relentless stare. He wanted to pin you down and lick you clean. He remembered each time he licked your fingers clean after you fed him dessert. He swears everything tastes better when he's eating it off your skin.
"Beelie, you look so hungry. Is there something you want? I can make it after I clean up." You ask.
"If you're offering like that... I'd like to have you MC. Don't bother with the shower yet I'll clean you up." He said inching closer, his tall frame towering over you.
With one quick lift, you were up on the counter, with him licking at your face and collarbones. You giggled at the sensation of his hair. "That tickles Beelie, slow down. I'll make sure to prepare a better meal of myself next time." That only sped him up.
The week after that, during Diavolo's meeting you decided to spill Beel's favourite soda all over yourself. The berry lemon fragrance was too strong for anyone to ignore; so it did wonders on Beel and his strong sense of smell.
"MC did you spill the soda on yourself? Here I'll help." He was already grabbing tissues and napkins to help you wipe as much as he could.
You even felt silly for teasing him like this. You were sheepishly walking back to your room when he appeared out of nowhere and dragged you to the showers.
Oh he was teased. And he was eager to show it.
Two words : Somnophilia and Corruption. He adores your sleeping face. He loves how you are completely at his mercy, unaware of how he wants to defile you completely.
And when you hold his hand and nuzzle into him, he loves how innocent and open you look. He feels himself grow down under just watching your chest rise and fall against him, your heartbeat under his palms. But of course he never pushed it beyond relationship permissible norms.
Oh but how much he wanted to. Sliding his hands on your warm skin and teasing you in your sleep. Make you whine and beg for things that you don't even know he's doing to you. He'd corrupt you inside out, making sure every part of you is tainted by him.
"Belphie..." You whine at him for attention on one night. "Closer.. please... I'm still cold."
"Don't blame for what I might do MC. I can't hold back if you keep being this needy. It's already hard keeping my hands to myself when I watch you sleep."
"You want touch me don't you?," You smiled cheekily, "When I'm asleep? You want have me all to yourself don't you?"
"So you're allowing me, MC?", Belphie said, slipping his hands into your pajamas. You nibbled at his nose and pushed yourself away. "Hmm maybe someday..."
Belphie was dozing off at Diavolo's meeting as usual when you tilted your head towards him and looked at him with your cutesy tired eyes.
"Can I nap on you for a while?" You ask as you lay your head on his shoulder."You can do whatever you want to me."
He stiffened at the contact and your words. You sure are bold today MC, careful he might use that against you.
After the meeting was done, there was not another word from him. The next thing you know you were in the planetarium with him, bouncing on his lap, making you see double the stars that were in the sky.
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