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#my life

Helped to paint a whole entire room today. A whole entire room. My arms are going to be killing me in the morning. Helping to paint another whole entire room tomorrow. I could do this for a living. It’s a possibility. Now I know why builder’s tea has so many sugars.

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You know those rackets with a ball on a string that bounces back?

Because same, except my head is the racket in this scenario and I am repeatedly getting hit in the head. Thoink.

When will I learn how to manage time? To make somewhat good estimates?


Either I learn to catch that ball before it hits my head or grow tougher skin.

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Hypocrisy is the absolute worst.

I don’t care if you want to pull me up on my mistakes, I’m not perfect after all, but don’t then do exactly the same thing I did and not get pulled up on it.

It puts me in a position where I have higher standards to live up to and it’s not fair.

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I was a funny kid.

I once played I was Poor™ and sat in a wooden box and plain white half a loaf of bread (well Aladdin made it seem like a treat, u know!)

Also once in the daycare we were asked to choose profession’s, I guess the carers were expecting everyone to choose something fun and cool, astronauts, rally drivers, what not, well guess what I chose?

I wanted to be a French poor laundry woman. Carers were like ya sure? Ya don’t wanna pick something more fun or idk normal? But nah I was very set on choosing especially a poor and a French laundry lady. Little me thought that washing other people’s clothes in Seine with one of those metal things was the best option.

Of course I also played to be native American person a bit too (small town in the 90’s, u kno how it is), WELL I really didn’t know what native American people actually did, so my playing was usually hiding to avoid cowboys (which was bit boring to play alone) and drinking from ceramic bowls instead of cups.

Like I said, I was a funny kid.

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They were disappointed.

As they came closer, my instinct was to run

I always did,

“What do you want in life?” They asked,

I did not respond but averted my gaze 

“What do you want in life?”They sounded more frantic,

Yet still I did not respond

“What do you want in life?” Disgust in their eyes,

I opened my mouth to whisper

“Nothing and everything”

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Przywiązuje się do głupich rzeczy kubka, zegarka, książki, zdjęcia czy rysunku, a ludzie mi mówią abym się nie załamywał po staracie bliskiej osoby… Łatwo mówić


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Devi credere in te stesso.

Anche quando tutto sembra inutile, quando vorresti mollare la presa, scappare il più lontano possibile, arrenderti… Non lo fare, credi in te stesso.

Non abbandonare niente, per nessuno, non lasciarti ingannare dalla malinconia istantanea, pensa in grande, pensa il Grande.

Credi in te stesso, perché se non lo fai tu, nessuno lo farà al posto tuo.

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