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Day 5 of self isolation

Me: spills half a can of drink all over myself

2 hours later

Me: Realises I water damaged my phone during the spillage and phone thinks headphones are inserted when they are definitely not

Me: frantically tries to fix my phone with the horrifying prospect of 9 more days in self isolation with no speakers

Me: actually rescues my phone from an eternity of silence 🙌

Thank god for cotton buds!

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

  • Thessaloniki, Greece

I woke up at 14.00 again. It was great. I went in the kitchen and saw that my grandma had left us cannelloni filled with meat. I grabbed a plate and sat in the salon watching “Konstantinou kai Eleni’s”.

After eating dad went to my sister’s room and mam was staying in the master bedroom. My sister and I sat on the salon and watched “The Shining”.

George called me and we spoke a bit but soon after my and dad got out to eat so I hang up and texted him that that’s why I hang up. I’d call him later.

Once man and dad got back in I rolled a cigarette, sat by the fireplace and called George again. He wasn’t ok at all. He had his nerves with his father again. He wanted to hang up. He wasn’t in the mood to talk.

We continued watching “The Shining” with my sister and Hermione texted me. We said we’d meet if it wasn’t raining too much.

I had a bath. Hermione called me and told me she had arrived.

I was a bit late coming down since I couldn’t pick what to wear. Anyway, I went down and we sat on the front steps of old store we had in our building. We talked about last episodes of “Sabrina”, our news in general and we decided to take action as far as my present is concerned. We asked the four girls that hadn’t replied. They told us that they would either pay in person or were not interested due to the whole circumstance.

We started getting cold so we went upstairs. We created a group chat with the ones that had National Bank and we sent Xenia the ones who have Pereaus Bank to make a group chat so that we’d ask them if the had a problem over making it from 9€ to 12€. They all said yes in Hermione’s and soon after she left.

George called me again and told me that they argued about something again with his dad. That he wants to go back to Kozani. We talked and talked until he was calmer. We sweet talked for a while and we hang up.

I watched “Kafe tis Haras” and went to the bathroom. After that I went to prepare my milk and cereal and then went back in my room and continued watching while playing Sims 4.

I started working out at 23.45.

That was all…

Thank you for reading if anyone did.

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Dear universe,

Teach me how to be selfish because I don’t know why i just want to sell fish


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Tuesday, March 24

Day 11 of self-quarantine.

I really need to start writing my NYT editorial because I only have about a week before it’s due, but I really don’t want to invest the time or energy to do so. Instead of being productive and starting it today, I played Minecraft for a couple of hours straight.

Because I have nothing else entertaining to do, I’ve been watching a lot of TikToks since the quarantine started. The last couple of days, I’ve been seeing this guy, Mike Panero, on my FYP. I really like his videos so I followed him the other day. I’ve watched a bunch of his videos and now I lowkey kind of like him. My personal rule, though, is that I’m not allowed to crush on people that are over one year younger or three years older than me. I wasn’t sure how old he was, so I had to do some investigating. It took some professional detective skills to look up his birthday on Google. Coincidentally his birthday is two days after my own (not in the same year, though). I did the math and he’s almost exactly two years older than me, so according to my rule, I’m allowed to crush on him.

I’m not the type of person to really genuinely like someone that I don’t know personally, which is why I don’t really have any actual celebrity crushes. So, even though I think he’s cute and I love his content and his energy, I’m not ever going to be like a fangirl or anything.

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She’s a pin up girl, enchanting her beauty through every sensual desires of the man she loves.

Her fleshly charm is an eyeful for others, and I cherish her smile when she notices her onlookers.

But I’m here to tell you what a Belle Ame she is, which will take me forever.

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Sunday, March 22

Day 9 of self-quarantine.

Instead of watching a live stream today for the liturgy this morning, my family ended up reading some prayers ourselves.

Once we were finished, I decided to finally make a serious effort to start my APUSH notes. It was so boring. I got through a good portion, though. If I do twenty pages a day, I’ll be almost completely done by the end of the week.

Oh, also, I had a really weird dream last night about one of the guys I know from Edison. I’d only ever been around him twice and we met at one of my other friend’s birthday parties. He asked me out, and we went to the movies and mall with a couple other friends. It was really awkward and neither of us really thought it would work out so we just gradually stopped talking. We still follow each other on Instagram, and I saw a video of him, which must have been why he was on my subconscious mind when I fell asleep.

Anyways, so yeah. The dream was pretty random, but it was lowkey a good dream. Also, he dyed his tips pink sometime semi-recently, and it looks really good. But anyways, yeah… That was that.

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Saturday, March 21

Day 8 of self-quarantine.

My church has a teen group thing, kind of like a club, called GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth Association). We decided to meet up on Zoom while we were all quarantined. We had our first meeting today. We played some games and participated in some “real talk.” It was a strange experience to use Zoom with all of them. A little bit crazy, even.

It was fun, though, and definitely better than laying around the house doing nothing. There’s another meeting next Saturday, and I plan to go again.

Also, the Sunday church service tomorrow was cancelled, as well as all following services. Now my mom wants us to watch the services being live streamed online, which I don’t particularly like the idea of, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

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