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iprefertheterminsane · a year ago
Okay. I don’t think said it yet, so I guess it’s up to me.
look, I remember when I first heard of the Good Omens fandom, and naturally, Aziraphale’s name, I was struck frozen like, “Wait, I know that name. Israfil, that's a first. Which is what reluctantly pulled me in
(I’m a Muslim)
See, growing up, we have this nursery rhyme for the 10 most important angels that you have to know, and Israfil’s name was right up there (if you want to know, the other nine are Jibril, Mikail, Mungkar, Nakir, Raqib, Atid,Ridhwan, Malik andIzrail)Christians to mention some of them in movies, I mean, you guys have versions of them too, right? So I’ve naturally heard the mentions of Jibril (Gabriel), Mikail (Michael) and Izrail (Azrael), but I was kind of stuck at the mention of Israfil of all angels, so throughout all 6 episodes  I kept trying to remember what his main purpose was, in the nursery rhyme (you know that thing that you can’t think of something purely due to the reason because you’re looking for it?). As the story progressed I began to recall that he was a pretty big deal for starting Doomsday, but it wasn’t until this scene happened;
Tumblr media
that it occurred to me what Israfil’s purpose was, in Islamic terms-
He blows the Sangkakala
Tumblr media
Right, you guys don’t know what the Sangkakala is, of course. 
The Sangkakala is basically this musical instrument that Israfil was tasked with to blow to start Doomsday, nothing can begin without it. In fact, the blowing of the Sangkakala basically does half of the job.
Tumblr media
is basically what it looks like, and what could possibly be the approximation of its size. There are, even, entire theories circulating to whether or not the blowing of the Sangkakala was also behind the Scientific theory of the Big Bang. The closest I’ve ever heard of another mythology or religion that has someone that more or less has someone tasked with this is Heimdall, in the Norse mythology (thank Magnus Chase for that one). Basically, In Islamic terms, At the Beginning, and the End of All Things, the Big Star of the show is, and always has been, Aziraphale. 
That, my friends, is how big of a deal he is.
Which, by the way, makes this scene all the more hilarious and scandalous, to me at the same time;
Tumblr media
because to me, what it looked like is basically that these angels, irritated by Aziraphale’s behavior and fraternizing with a demon and whatnot, had decided to, against God’s rule, just give the job to someone else. And if that wasn’t crossing a line, I don’t know what is. I genuinely thought this, which makes his look of scandalized offense, after the sound of the trumpets, make much more sense. Doomsday, the End of All Things, had been tasked to Israfil (Aziraphale) since before the Beginning of Time. He was one of the earliest angels to have been created, due to this fact. Which meant, that God said, in the Beginning, Doomsday won’t start until Israfil says so. It wasn’t until Israfil says so, that things can proceed accordingly. I really think that this is why God made it so that he, Crowley and Adam
Tumblr media
had managed to avert Doomsday so successfully. And why Death, when the Them had managed to beat the other three Horsemen, went peacefully. He knew his place. Aziraphale/Israfil said ‘no, Not Today,’ so Izrail/Azrael/Death just went ‘Fine. Hit me up when it is.’ He remembered his place. The other Angels did not. Aziraphale/Israfil just did his job-God would probably contact him personally should the End Times were ever to come about-so he wasn’t punished. What is there to punish? I wager God probably thought that the resulting Chaos and Humiliation on Both Sides were enough of a punishment to just let things be, after that.
Tumblr media
Which, you know, ends my take on why God let Aziraphale and Crowley get away with living the rest of their lives on Earth like the hedonistic, naive Ethereal and Occult creatures they are. 
Tumblr media
End Scene
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dappermouth · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
// F I E R C E  B O Y //
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an-island-of-bunnies · 3 years ago
Thinking about boys? Or just a special one?
A video for celebrate 170k on Youtube and 28000+ followers on my tumblr blogl! Thank you all so much for making this happen, aa!!! This video was TOTALLY out of the field for me but I had a lot of fun making it and learning throughout the process! Hope you guys like it and I hope I can continue to improve!
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Love you all! Thank you for supporting me, aaa! Now I gotta start planning on the reveal of their stories! Hope you’re all as excited as I am! <3
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