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Happy Birthday Biebs can’t believe you’re 27 already😭 I love you 💜

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAPNAP. Words can’t even describe how much I appreciate this man. Have a good twentieth ❤❤❤

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It’s so weird when you’re not the core alter but you have some of their memories. Like, Ryan asked me what my fav thing that he got is (he went through his dead uncles shit and got to keep some of it) and i said i like the clock. I’ve never really felt a connection to clicks before? At least with my memories and the memories I can access. I was like “apparently I like clocks lmao” and he probs didn’t think anything of that interaction but yeah. It’s weird when you learn more things about alters. I’m p sure Tate liked the clock? But maybe Leith did to. It’s hard to tell. Hmmm, I might tell him about Tate tonight, but maybe I should wait. he was suicidal earlier and called a hotline (and no one fucking answered???!!) so I don’t want to overwhelm him y’know. I should ask how he’s doing now but I don’t want to remind him of it. Aaaaaa.

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to [ mujercita ] : vera
to [ mujercita ] : VERQ
to [ mujercita ] : hi :)
to [ mujercita ] : i misw uuuuuuu
to [ mujercita ] : i wanma cudfle
to [ mujercita ] : comw over

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Watch “Motionless In White - Eternally Yours: Motion Picture Collection (feat. Crystal Joilena)” on YouTube

Good night

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my boyfriend is the absolute sweetest i was texting him earlier about my new cat and i was like “i know i’m biased but isn’t she a beauty” and he said “just like her mama” and i’m still riding that high

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