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#my mind sometimes
buddie4ever21 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2x01 / 5x05 Parallel
Yes I know Hen is in the Episode 5 one, but it’s basically the same. Buck and Eddie just switched sides.
P.S. why is BOBBY ALWAYS in the middle of BUDDIE.
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anna-hawk · 6 months ago
When you think you've just found an amazing fic only to realize that it contains one of your hard limits... Clicking out of it like "Nope, no, nu uh, bye!"
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bigerians · 9 months ago
my friend from high school just came out on ig AAAAHHHH i always know i always know
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piecebypeace · 2 years ago
that satisfaction you get when you feel like something is gay/queer and then it is validated, confirmed, verified, signed, sealed AND delivered straight from the source-iest of sources that it is...
never gets old. *chef’s kiss*
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axelwolf8109 · 2 years ago
Yall I'm listening to A Little Priest from Sweeney Todd and I about bust a gut laughing thinking the offended look on Rafael Barbas face when he hears the line about lawyers in the song
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moonlightobrien · 2 years ago
im literally thinking about being at a dance club, and just having the time of my life not thinking about anything, just living my best life. also, dylan is there hehe.
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diptychs · 3 years ago
young keanu vs ezra miller fighting to death. just some visuals for u girls and gays
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insaneoldme · 4 months ago
I don't think fic writers know how much they matter
Do you know how many times you distracted me when I was hurt or lonely? Do you know how many times a line or a scene from fanfic marked me so much that I remembered years later, even though I can't recall my own phone number? 
Even if the fic isn't perfect or popular or multi-chaptered... Sometimes there’s just one sentence that changed me.
You, miles and miles away, changed me.
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sahara4k · 7 months ago
this reddit post quite literally floored me:
“dream is playing a game of chess. he needs other pawns to make sacrifices so that he gets what he wants, every move is planned out. 
wilbur is playing solitaire, a game that needs patience and only one player, he doesn’t need other people to get what he wants, all he needs is patience. 
quackity is playing a game of poker, a game where you take risks, and where you improvise every single move, quackity knows his goal, he just doesn’t know got to get to it, but he’s taking huge risks to get to that goal.” 
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pixievixen · a year ago
You know what?
I am annoying sometimes.
And that’s okay. It’s not the death sentence I was led to believe. People will love me even if I can’t read their signals sometimes. Not understanding is forgivable. I don’t have to hold myself back so I don’t annoy anyone ever.
The people who love me know I get excited. And I am still loved.
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pencilscratchins · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes this is austin powers as obi wan! no i will not explain it! [ID: tweet thread from op's twitter pencilscratchin. the first says "wait everyone shut up i'm forming a thought" the next tweet is "okay nevermind actually! the thought should have stayed in my head!"
two drawings are attached to the tweet: the first is Anakin Skywalker against a blue cityscape, looking over his shoulder. He says seriously, "the dark side... it seduces me." The next, Austin Powers, dressed in Jedi robes and a tan cravat makes a fruity gesture, saying "oh, beee-have, Anakin!" /END ID]
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sky-scribbles · 3 days ago
I’m continuing my Campaign 2 rewatch and something in ep 71 made me sit bolt upright going ‘holy shit.’ It’s the moment where Dairon and Beau reconvene in the Xhorhaus, and Dairon asks Beau to introduce them as a ‘trusted ally’ to one of the Nein’s contacts in the Dynasty.
And Beau refuses. She doesn’t think she could do it without arousing suspicion, and she doesn’t want Dairon’s activities to jeapardise what the Nein are doing. So instead Dairon starts masquerading as the Nein’s housekeeper.
But if Beau had agreed... the Nein only really had two contacts at this point. There was Waccoh, who probably wouldn’t have been much use to Dairon... and there was Essek.
Essek. The literal traitor Dairon was searching for.
So if Beau had introduced Dairon to Essek in the way Dairon wanted... would it have led to a plotline where Dairon realised what he’d done, and the Nein helped end the war by revealing Essek’s actions to the Bright Queen? Maybe. But that didn’t happen. Dairon obviously got close - I’m convinced that Essek showed up exhausted that one time, talking about a break-in in the Bastion, because Dairon had been snooping around. But Dairon didn’t get close enough to the truth before Essek was baring his soul to the Nein and pledging his loyalty to them.
Beau probably saved Essek’s life and soul without realising she was doing it. All because she’d come to trust herself enough to be certain that her approach, and the Nein’s approach, would be what put things right.
And she was right, wasn’t she?
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