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#my mom spooked her and she just SHRIEKED
boxofbonesfic · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: Talking Bird (Chapter three)
Chapter 2
Chapter 1
Summary: Sometimes when you stare into the dark, the darkness stares back in kind. You’ve been living in hell the past three years, so you’re familiar with the look of devils—so you think. They see darkness in you, and they’re determined to make you embrace it. As soon as your good-for-nothing husband is out of the way.
Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky
WARNINGS: DUBCON, Murder, violence, General criminal activity, Manipulation, Abuse (past abuse, but still), Abuse victim reader
A/N #2: This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! Enjoy 😘
Chapter three: The longer you think, the less you know what to do...
You felt the air leave your lungs like someone had hit you. It was like seeing a monster from your nightmares in real life—if the monster was six feet and looked like he was sculpted by one of the greats themselves. He ran a hand through his sandy blond hair, and you saw your mother sputter, completely taken with him. 
  If only you knew.  
  “You gonna come say hi, or do I have to come up there?” He joked, smiling charmingly at you. You felt your body move jerkily like a machine as you made your way around to the stairs. His eyes had physical weight, and you could feel them on you, sliding over every inch of your body. Suddenly, you felt exposed in your shorts and button up. 
  Your mother cleared her throat as she led the two of you into the kitchen. “Something to drink…?”
  “Steve. And yes, thank you, water would be wonderful.” He flashed her a winning smile, and she blushed, busying herself getting cups out of the cabinets. “So… you’re here to pick her up?” She asked, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow. The way her eyes moved between the two of you, you were sure she was picking up something, though there was no way she would know what it meant. 
  “Oh yeah. I spent the weekend up here with some friends, and now I’m headed back for work.” You swallowed thickly. You weren’t sure if he was lying or not. Had he been here? Watching you? His eyes flicked up to yours, and you couldn’t read them. 
  “And what do you do for work?” 
  You choked on your water. 
  “I’m in finance.” 
  “Maybe you could find something for my daughter,” She joked, clapping you on the back. “You did say you were looking for something new,” She added, and you nodded stiffly.
  “I’m sure I could find something .” He purred, the corners of his mouth quirking into a sly smile. “I’ve got a number of open positions.” Your face flamed, and you silenced a shriek of surprise as his hand came up behind you to caress the skin of your thigh just below your shorts. Your mother was on the opposite side of the table, oblivious. 
  You cleared your throat, moving away from him. “Um, mom, I’m going to go grab my stuff.” You sped from the kitchen, your own pulse roaring in your ears. You didn’t feel any better when you practically jumped up the steps and closed the door to your bedroom, locking it with a soft click. How was it possible for someone so brutal to be so… charming? And where was Bucky? You peeked out the window. There was a red convertible with the top up parked in your parent’s driveway, but there didn’t seem to be anyone else inside. Had he come alone? 
  You were startled by a soft knock on your door. Thinking it might be your mother, you approached, but stopped short of opening it. “Who is it?”  
  “Open up, doll.” You shivered. 
  “I’m… I’m packing.” You said softly, your voice small. “I’m doing what you want.” 
  “And now, I want you to open the door, doll. Please don’t make me ask again.” His voice was polite, but you knew that there would be a lot more explaining to do to your parents if he kicked it down. Somehow, you knew without a doubt that he was capable. You unlocked it, and slowly peeked around the door to see Steve, leaned against the doorframe on the other side. 
  He didn’t say anything, just put his hands on your shoulders and gently moved you out of the way as he entered, closing the door behind him. He looked around your room, walking over to the wall where several of your pictures hung—polaroids, clipped onto a string of long burnt out LED lights. 
  “Cute.” He murmured, before pulling one down and inspecting it. “Buck’s in the city, in case you were wondering. He wanted to come too, but I thought both of us might spook you.” 
  “I won’t tell anyone.” You said quickly, your voice a whisper. He chuckled. 
  “I know, doll. I’m not here because I think you’re going to tell.” He tucked the picture into his pocket and turned to face you. You swallowed loudly as he took a step closer. You mirrored the movement, keeping the distance between you. 
  “Why me?” You asked, your brows knitting together in confusion. “I’m just—” He moved quicker than you thought possible, placing his large hands on your shoulders. 
  “I’m not going to listen to you talk bad about yourself, doll.” He warned. “Why you?” He ran an appreciative hand through your curls. “We see potential in you, doll. And now that Greg is out of the picture, we can make you feel like the queen you are.” His hands continued to massage your scalp, coming down to cup your face. You whimpered. 
  “His name was Glenn.” You said softly, and he laughed derisively. Why weren’t you fighting him? Why did his hands feel so right when he touched you? 
  “That’s the last time you’re saying that name around me.” He growled, smashing his lips against yours roughly. It was like your body was on autopilot, your mouth molding to his as you moaned. It was wrong— so fucking wrong, Glenn isn’t even cold yet— but you couldn’t stop. He growled again, his hands cupping your ass roughly and kneading it through your shorts. He sucked on your tongue roughly, chuckling darkly against your lips when you mewled, pressing yourself closer to him. You could feel him, half hard against your belly through his clothes and your own. 
  He pulled away, panting, his pupils wide and dark. “Let’s get out of here,” he said after a moment, straightening his clothes. Your head was still fuzzy, and you cocked it at him, your eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “Don’t look at me like that, doll.” He groaned, cupping his cock through his jeans. “Otherwise I might have to do you right here.” He smoothed his thumb across your bottom lip, and without thinking about it, your tongue darted out to brush against the tip. He bit his lip and let out another ragged moan. “You’re killing me, doll. For someone who’s so afraid of me, you respond so pretty.”
  Your face flushed as you fumbled to get your bag together. Steve watched you the entire time, and when you glanced over your shoulder at him, he winked. 
  “I’m ready,” you said, straightening up as you slung your bag back over your shoulder. You weren’t, of course, and you didn’t think you ever would be. He led you back downstairs, and waited patiently until you’d said your tearful goodbye to your mother before ushering you out to the car. It was nice, one of the luxury models you didn’t see often on the street. He got the door for you, helping you inside. 
  “Y-you don’t have to,” You stammered awkwardly, and he shook his head, closing the door as he leaned down into the open window.
  “I know I don’t, doll. I want to.” His eyes went hot again, and suddenly you found you could look anywhere but at them. He spoke again, so low you could barely hear it. “And I always get what I want.” He waved to your mother as he slid into the driver’s seat, and you watched your childhood home grow smaller and smaller, and eventually disappear into the rearview. 
  You felt like a rabbit left alone with a hungry fox. Steve glanced at you, and licked his lips. “You like road trips, doll?” He asked. 
  “Yes. I mean, that’s how me and Gl—” His face tensed when you began to mention Glenn, but you caught yourself. “Me and my ex… met.” You finished lamely. It was true—you’d been on a post-college road trip with the girls, and met Glenn in Florida. It had been a whirlwind romance, and eventually he’d moved up to New York to be with you—bringing all his problems with him. Steve looked pleased at this. 
  “What say we take one?”
  You choked. “N-now? I thought we were going home,” Anxiety colored your tone. You’d already skipped one day of work, you didn’t think your boss would be lenient with another. “Steve, I can’t…” 
  He clucked his tongue at you. “Can’t or won’t, doll?” His blue eyes locked onto yours in the mirror. “Take the week off. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of, I promise.” He wheedled, his stern voice taking on a whiny quality. “Please, doll, you’re killing me. I’m trying to be a gentleman here.” 
  “I don’t know too many gentlemen who try to move in on someone after killing their husband.” The words slipped out of your mouth unbidden. You’d been holding them in all day, and he laughed tonelessly when he heard them. 
  “Do you miss him?” He asked, his grip tight on the steering wheel. “I wouldn’t miss someone who did that to me.” 
  “I don’t miss him.” You agreed. You didn’t—there was nothing in you that felt anything for Glenn but anger, perhaps pity. You didn’t understand why he didn’t get it. Knowing that he was capable of visiting that sort of brutality on someone… it sent a shiver down your spine. What sickened you more was that it… didn’t really bother you. Had Glenn deserved it? Maybe. You’d always been taught that judgement wasn’t yours to pass, but all the times you’d cried out for a God, none had ever answered you. 
  And no one else had either. Even your family, who you loved dearly, had left you in Glenn’s clutches with little fight. Steve and Bucky weren’t good men, you didn’t have any pretenses about that. But they had freed you from Glenn, and you supposed in a twisted way, you were… thankful. 
  Steve smirked, and you caught it out of the corner of your eye. “Oh doll. I see now. You’re upset because you’re not upset.” He placed a hand you assumed was meant to be comforting on your thigh. “It’s okay, sweetheart. You’re not a bad person because you don’t feel bad we dropped your abusive husband in the Hudson. Saw those divorce papers in your desk too.” He mentioned, and you tensed at the mention of them in your apartment. There was nothing about their supposed courtship that was normal. You felt like you were walking a tightrope, and the wrong decision would send you plummeting to your doom. “We sent them in for you.” 
  “If I do this, and I say I don’t want you—either of you—you’ll leave me alone?” You asked, all too aware of the heat of his hand on your leg as he drew lazy patterns on your skin. “You promise?” 
  You both knew he was lying, but it still calmed your rapidly beating heart when he nodded. 
  “I promise.” 
  You fell asleep after the first rest stop, and when you woke again, Steve was on the phone. You kept your eyes closed, and focused on your breathing, listening intently. 
  “No, I’ve got her.” You couldn’t hear the other person, but you peeked up through your lashes to see Steve looking at you. Your heart skipped a beat. Did he know you were awake? He looked back at the road. “I’m on my way.” He rolled his eyes. “Look, I’m already doing fucking 90. You want me to get pulled? Then we definitely won’t get there until tomorrow.” The sun was already beginning to dip some in the sky, and you wondered how long you’d been asleep. You had to be long past New York City by now, and as you peeked past Steve’s head at the rolling hills outside the window, you wondered where he was taking you. 
  What would your mother say, if she knew you were going on a trip with the men who’d put Glenn in the dirt? No, not the dirt. You thought to yourself, a cold shiver running up your spine. I don’t think they left much to bury. 
  “Well, maybe you should have called heads, then you’d be here, and I would be waiting. I’ll be there in an hour, Buck.” He tossed the phone into the cupholder. “Sleep well, doll?” He asked, reaching across the center console to stroke an affectionate hand down your cheek. 
  You fought the strange urge to nuzzle your face into his warm palm. You couldn’t help it—it had been so long since anyone had touched you kindly, let alone with real affection. It was like turning water away in the desert. He hmmed, and dropped his hand to your thigh, massaging it. It was the same one that Glenn had bruised, and you saw Steve’s bright blue eyes darken when he saw it. 
  He muttered something under his breath, but you didn’t catch it. “The Hudson isn’t deep enough for that asshole.” 
  “Where are we going, Steve?” You asked, and his lips curved up into a smile. 
  “Buck and I have a place in Martha’s Vineyard. It’s gorgeous this time of year. You’ll love it. Private beach, the works.” He squeezed your thigh. 
  You couldn’t remember the last time you’d been on a trip with Glenn. Had you ever? You felt overwhelmed. You weren’t sure whether to accept this kindness or not—you’d been thoroughly trained in the past three years to feel like that was a trick. “I don’t… I don’t have a swimsuit.” 
  “That’s okay baby. We’ll take care of it.” 
  It was strange, you’d spent so long being what amounted to a third parent for Glenn—single handedly taking care of the bills and rent as best you could, buying all the groceries, fronting him money for his never-ending addictions… You were afraid to let someone take care of you . 
  It seemed like Steve was taking the back roads, weaving through the hills of the countryside easily. Like he was used to driving them. You gasped as the countryside gave way to the sea, sparkling in the late afternoon light. “Beautiful.” You murmured, leaning forward in your seat to get a better look. 
  “Yes, beautiful,” Steve agreed. You were so focused on the view that you didn’t see he was staring straight at you. “We’re going to catch the ferry in town,” He said. “And then we’ll be there.” 
  You were surprised to see how many other cars drove across the rickety ramp onto the boat, and for a moment you feared it might collapse under the weight of his sports car, but it didn’t. Steve parked easily, and sighed, folding his hands behind his head. 
  “I’m going to go out and look,” you said, unbuckling your seatbelt. You couldn’t help but feel a little excited—you’d never been there before. The only ferry you’d ever taken had been from Manhattan to Staten Island, and the view had been lacking at best. Steve gripped your wrist, yawning.
  “Don’t get into any trouble, doll.”
  You could feel his eyes on you until you were out of sight. It took a few minutes for your legs to adjust to the rocking motion of the boat as you made your way up the damp stairs to the top deck. There were plenty of people already up there marveling at the view and taking pictures. The salty air smelled amazing, and you found yourself smiling. The wind whipped your loose hair into a frenzy, blowing it all around your head as you tried to keep it out of your eyes. You could see the island in the distance, growing larger every moment. 
  “Excuse me,” A young man tapped you on the shoulder, and you yelped, gripping the railing hard “Woah, woah, don’t fall over!” he gripped your arm, helping to steady you. You placed a hand on your rapidly beating heart. He rubbed the back of his neck embarrassedly. “Sorry, I really didn’t mean to scare you. I just.. I was wondering if you could take a picture for me?” He asked, and you let out a surprised laugh. 
  “No, it’s.. it’s okay. I scare easy,” You joked, your hands still shaking a little as you held onto the railing for dear life. “No problem.” He handed you his phone, and you took a couple of shots of him against the ocean background. “I hope one of them is okay,” You said, smiling a little. “I’m not the best cameraman.” You handed the phone back to him. He took it, grinning. He looked like he was about to say something else, but the look on his face went from friendly to unsure as the back of your neck heated up. You turned to find Steve, his eyes locked on you as he strode across the deck. 
  “Hey doll. Making friends?” he asked curtly, his arm going quickly around your waist as he tugged you to his chest. Your hand came up to fist in his shirt as you steadied yourself. 
  “Y-yes.” You stammered. “I mean, I just was taking some pictures for him,” You hated the reassuring tone your voice took on—Glenn had never been all that jealous, he was far too content making you feel worthless to care if other men took an interest or not. Steve’s entire presence seemed hostile and he glared at the other man, though his face remained the picture of friendliness. 
  “That sounds like fun. Maybe he could take some of us?” He replied. He didn’t wait for the other man to agree before handing him his phone. “Nice ones, yeah?” He hoisted you up onto the railing, forcing you to wrap your arms around his neck as he settled between your legs. It was intimate though not completely inappropriate, but that didn’t stop you from burying your face into the collar of his shirt in embarrassment. “Hold on to me tight, doll.” He murmured into your hair as his hands smoothed over your back. “Wouldn’t want you to fall. Smile for your pictures.” He instructed quietly, bracing one hand against the small of your back as the other crept up your thigh. 
  “Um, I th-think I got enough,” He stammered, shoving the phone back into Steve’s hands, clearly eager to be away from him. He fled into the crowd of other passengers as Steve continued to stroke you. 
  “What did I say about getting in trouble, doll?” He said lowly, pulling back just enough for you to slide your feet down to the ground. 
  “I didn’t—”
  “I won’t have you making eyes at other men,” He growled, his fingers sliding under the hem of your shorts. “I’m a jealous man, doll,” He said softly, dropping a hungry kiss against your open mouth. “I don’t share.”
  Emboldened by your public presence, you retorted, “Except with Bucky, right?” He chuckled at your ire. 
  “Right.” You gasped as his fingers moved against your panties, and you squirmed, sass forgotten. 
  “No, wait, Steve someone will see—” Your heart was pounding, and your senses were on fire. There was tightness in your belly that wasn’t there before he’d kissed you, and you squeezed your thighs around his hand, trying to assuage it. From the outside, you looked like a couple locked in an embrace, though all it would take was a closer look to see just how intimate it was. You felt both fear and the pleasurable thrill of excitement you were afraid to give in to. 
  Was this what Steve and Bucky had planned for you? To drive you absolutely crazy until you had no choice but to take everything they had to give you? 
  “They will if you keep wriggling like that,” He chuckled. “Baby let me make you feel good,” He cooed, his touch becoming more insistent. “You said you would give us a chance.” There was a petulant note in his voice, like a child who wasn’t used to being denied anything. 
  “Yes, I did, but Steve—” Your protests devolved into a quiet moan as he slipped his fingers past the embarrassingly wet barrier of your panties to slide against the too-slick petals of your pussy. He dropped his forehead to yours, his breath coming in harsh pants. 
  “Oh god-fucking-damn , you’re so wet.” His voice cracked a little as his fingers moved lower, prodding at your entrance and then back up to your clit. Your thighs shook and you pressed your heated face into his chest. 
  “Please,” You begged quietly, not sure what you were asking for. Did you want him to let go, to stop? Did you want him to continue? You were lost. 
  “Please what, doll?” He asked, clearly amused as he circled your throbbing clit with his thumb. “You want me to make that sweet pussy cum, don’t you, huh?” His voice invaded all your senses, wrapping around you like a shroud. You felt like your thoughts were swimming to you through syrup, your mind was so foggy. “Mmm, fuck, you’re so creamy, baby.” He thrust a finger into you without warning, and you keened, the sound only slightly muffled by his shirt.
  Your legs were barely holding you up, and if not for the weight of his body pressing you to the railing, you doubted you would have remained upright. Your hands fisted in his clothes, tugging at them as he ground the heel of his palm into your clit. 
  “Shh, doll. You’re gonna get us found out.” Steve whispered against your cheek, and you could feel him smiling. He bent his finger inside of you, pressing it against the rough patch just above your pubic bone and your knees buckled. “Is that what you want, baby? To have everybody here see me stuff you full of my cock while you beg for it?” You didn’t, but his words made you clench down hard on him and he groaned. “So fucking tight , doll… you sure you were a married woman?” He joked, his voice raspy. You could feel yourself getting close, the haze of pleasure blocking out everything else, the people, the boat—it was all nonexistent. 
  “Oh god,” You panted, your voice trembling. You were so close— and then Steve slipped his fingers from you easily, his arm around you keeping you from sliding bonelessly to the ground. Your pussy was still twitching, your insides trembling and you cried out at the loss. “Wait—!”
  “What’s wrong, doll?” He asked mockingly, as though he didn’t already know. “You have to ask for what you want, you know.” He held your gaze as he lifted his fingers to his lips, still shining and wet with your juices. He licked them clean as he regarded you. “You want me to make you cum, sweetheart?” 
  “Ask nice.” 
  “Please make me cum, Steve,” You whined, feeling something break inside you. You weren’t sure what it was, and Steve didn’t give you much time to examine it as he growled, pressing you tightly to his body as he plundered your mouth again, sucking your already abused bottom lip into his own mouth, worrying it with his teeth. One thing was for certain—the woman at the end of this week would not be the same person you were now. For better, or for worse. 
  “Anything for you, doll.” He dragged you down from the deck, making a beeline for the car. You weren’t sure if there were other people in their own vehicles, but it was clear Steve didn’t care as he pressed you against the passenger door, his fingers going for the button on your shorts. You realized he meant to do it here, and he tugged them down your hips just enough to expose the curve of your vulva to his hungry gaze. Steve tore your panties aside and plunged his fingers back into you, groaning when you yelped. “So fuckin’ wet for me,” He growled. “Can’t wait to get my cock in here, doll. It’s gonna be like this all week, want you wet and begging for it…”
  You whimpered, your head lolling back against the car as he fucked you mercilessly with his fingers. You barely registered the obscene sounding sucking noises echoing through the darkened parking area. “Gonna be just ours,” He snarled, licking at the side of your throat before sucking the skin into his mouth hard enough to bruise. “Come on and cum, sweetheart, let me hear it. Give it to me right now—” 
  You did. You came with a loud, broken cry, soaking his hand. Hour hands were curled tightly in his shirt, and your eyes stared unseeingly at the ceiling. You could feel Steve moving you, his hands gentle as he pulled your shorts up and tucked your shirt back into them. You tried to stand away from the car, and your legs wobbled. Steve gave a pleased chuckle, reaching behind you to open the door. You practically fell inside, still drawing air into your lungs in gulps. 
  Steve knelt in front of you stroking the side of your face with the back of his hand. “Good girl.” His voice came out in a low purr, and though you’d just cum, your insides clenched hungrily. “My good girl.” 
  You could barely look at him. What had you done? What had you allowed him to do? Steve dropped a kiss onto your forehead, and made his way around to the driver’s seat. You felt good—like he’d promised, but your head was spinning as rational thought returned. The same hands he’d used to bring you pleasure were the same hands that had brought uncountable others so much pain. Could you live with that? You weren’t sure you wanted to find out. 
  Steve slid into his seat, just as another car door slammed. The sound made you jolt upright. You’d thought it was empty down here… You saw a familiar looking figure speeding through the parked cars over to the stairs, and your face went beet red as you ducked further into the seat, pressing your hands to your heated face. 
  “I hope he didn’t see,” You moaned in embarrassment. It was the same man who’d asked you to take pictures earlier, and suddenly you were seized with the suspicion that Steve had done that very much on purpose. “Did you… you did that on purpose, didn’t you?” You asked in a small voice. 
  “Let’s just call it a happy accident.” Steve replied noncommittally. “I’m not really in the habit of giving free shows,” He squeezed your hand affectionately. “But if it gets other men to back off, then…” He shrugged. You were still embarrassingly wet, and you were reminded of it when your panties slid against you, and you shuddered. It looked like he was going to say more, but his phone rang. He fished it out of his pocket, squinting at the screen before answering. 
  “Hey Buck. No, she’s here. Say hi, doll.” 
  “Um… Hello, Bucky.” 
  “Yeah, that’s our boat. Okay.” He ended the call. “Bucky’s gonna meet us at the dock. He missed you too.” You pressed your thighs together at the thought of how Steve had expressed his feelings about your absence. 
  You weren’t sure what was worse, knowing that you were about to be alone with the two of them for a full week, or the disturbing realization that it wasn’t as scary as you’d thought. 
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oneshot-wxnderland · 2 months ago
Cliff Dive | Percy Jackson
Summary: Being mortal, Y/n has no clue what dangers lie in wait in the water.
Category: fluff
          “You guys sure this is safe?” 
          “Even if it’s not you’re not backing out after we drove all the way here.”
          “But this is a much bigger jump than we’ve done before.”
          “You’re the one who got bored with our usual spots, and my brother says he comes here all the time.” That didn’t really help you feel better since your friend’s brother was on a first name basis with the nurses at the ER. And standing on the edge of the cliff that looked a lot smaller when you were in the car, the unfamiliar creep of doubt tugged at your mind.
          “Kendal, what happened the last time you trusted your brother on something he said was safe?” You looked over your shoulder at her and watched as she shifted her weight to her good ankle. 
          “It was only a sprain, nothing broke,” she defended. “And since when did you worry about stuff like that, you’ve done way worse than this jump and walked away without a scratch.”
          “Yeah, I’d say Devil’s Peak was way rougher terrain than this,” Jack piped up once he reached the platform you and Kendal were on. 
          You turned back to face the water, the full moon lighting up the far off horizon and the deep blue water. Even though the waves were calm, the way they hit the face of the cliff below your feet was more astutely described as less of a “splash” and more a “crash”. 
          “If you’re chickening out move over,” Jack called. “But you’re buying snacks for the way home.”
          “I’m not chickening out,” you threw back at him. 
          “Then what are you waiting for?” 
          A few more seconds and your gaze leveled at the water. You nodded and started to take off the clothes you had on over your swimsuit. Kendal and Jack cheered. 
          “If I die, tell my mom it was from studying too hard.” Which was the lie you had told your parents about what you would be doing tonight. 
          The pound of your feet against the rocks began before your brain commanded it, the edge of the cliff was behind you before you could stop them. Air rushed past and all trepidation flew away with it as a shriek of exhilaration burst from your lungs. In a blink you were submerged in the icy water.
          The shock wore off quickly and you gasped for air, hearing distant hollering from your friends high above. 
          “Come on!” You shouted up to them, starting to swim a safe distance away from where they would land when something brushed past your foot. You had been swimming in this ocean for too long to let some fish spook you, but then it wrapped your ankle in a vice-like grip and yanked you below the surface. 
          The surprise had made you cry out the air you had and scramble back up to break the surface just long enough to gasp in a breath and hear the cheering from your friend’s turn into concerned shouts. But you couldn’t make out what they were saying before you were pulled under again, this time you were too far down to reach the air again, and you were plummeting at an alarming rate.
          Turning your attention instead to the reason for your descent, you barely contained the scream that threatened to expel the last of your air when you saw a writhing mass in the dark depths. You couldn’t make out anything more than a faint glimmer of moonlight on scaly tentacles and yellow eyes. Your best efforts to pry and kick yourself free were fruitless as your head grew light and your lungs burned. You were just at the point of passing out when a disturbance in the water to your left caught your attention and in your fading consciousness you imagined a boy with a sword swimming towards you. 
          Percy was hoping to simply ignore the thrill seeking cliff jumpers who were ruining his quiet night away from camp. This was usually his alone-time spot when he needed a break, but he sighed and resigned to the fact that this night wasn’t going to be as “alone” as he had hoped. He watched with passing interest as the first one jumped, disappointed when they didn’t do a flip. 
          Then the shouts from the others turned distressed and Percy looked over to see the one in the water struggling to stay above the surface before falling below and he was on his feet. A tentacle flailed above the waves and he was running.
          Percy didn’t know the name for this kind of monster but it was an ugly one. He focused on dodging and slicing the tentacles attacking him and willed the water to carry him faster to the struggling girl who was passing out. Unfortunately, the monster noticed Percy aiming for its prize and wrapped another tentacle around her abdomen, pulling her closer to its body. 
          He tried to dive down after her but a mass of viscous tentacles were now focused on him and he divided his attention between hacking at them with his sword and pulling together an air bubble around the girl’s head. 
          Your lungs noticed the sudden air available before your mind did, and your eyes opened expecting to be on the shore out of danger. Only instead you woke to find yourself still deep underwater, and a crushing weight against your abdomen. 
          Apparently when fighting for life, a person’s brain can cope with a giant tentacle monster and being able to breathe underwater rather quickly. Instead, you switched your focus to escape. 
          The sword boy must have been real after all since he was still there fighting the monster. Wishing you had a sword of your own to cut the tentacles, you searched your surroundings and settled on a sharp rock on the sea bed. The monster let you swim closer to it, considering it better than you swimming away and as you reached the sand, your hand wrapped around the rock. Holding it tight, you bashed it against the tentacle around your waist. 
          The monster was surprised enough to release you and you made a mad dash to get back to the surface before it recovered its senses. Which unfortunately didn’t take very long. Now both of your legs were trapped in it’s grip around your thighs and you didn’t have the rock to free yourself. And on top of everything else, your magical air bubble was fading fast.
          “Hold still!” 
          The boy, who’s voice you somehow heard underwater, was now next to you. You ceased your struggling long enough for him to cut your legs free from the tentacle. By now your air was gone and you held in the last of it. He wrapped one arm around your waist and the other he thrust out in the direction of the monster, distantly you wondered where his sword went or if you had imagined it the whole time. Your head was getting foggy again and you couldn’t be sure of anything other than the hard body that you were pressed against.
          Percy was finally able to use the currents to push the beast far away now that the girl was no longer in its grip. He could’ve finished it off if he wasn’t so worried about her air running out as she was already falling unconscious in his arms. He’d have to kill it later.
          Percy held her to his chest and willed the water to bring them to the surface, she didn’t wake up right away and he cradled her head in his hand.
          “Hey, open your eyes, look at me,” he coaxed her gently and felt relief rush through him when her eyelids fluttered open a crack. “You’re ok, I got you.” 
          She nodded weakly but he could feel her breathing even out. Now he needed to get her dry and warm.
          He debated whether or not to use his powers to get them back to the shore. On the one hand, she needed to be out of the water asap, but on the other she might have a few questions if he just sped through the water like he was David Hasselhoff. He landed on swimming but like a Micheal Phelps on crack swimming. 
          When the water became shallow enough he carried her over to where he was previously sitting and grabbed his jacket from the ground. 
          “Here, put this on.” He guided her arms through the sleeves and then rubbed his hands up and down them to get her warm. “How do you feel? Are you hurt?”
          He scanned for injuries, noticing bruises forming on her legs but there was no bleeding. 
          “What was that?” You found your voice again when your brain began to process what had just happened. “A giant squid?”
          Percy could hear the oncoming panic attack in your frantic questions.
          “No, no, it was just seaweed. Your foot got caught in it,” he persuaded, willing the Mist to set in soon.
          “What are you talking about, you saw it too.” Percy could see the inner battle she was having as the Mist began to make her doubt herself. “You had a sword…”
          “A pocket knife I used to cut the seaweed–.”
          “I know what I saw!” She grabbed Percy by the shoulders, almost shaking him to get him to admit that she was correct, her eyes searching his desperately. Percy hated trying to convince her she was wrong but he knew it was for the best, a minute of confusion was better than a lifetime of knowing the truth. 
          “... And what did you see?” 
          “I… there was…” Her eyes clouded over with the Mist and her grip on Percy’s shoulders lessened. “Really strong seaweed.” 
          As the Mist drained the panic from her, she looked about ready to collapse.
          “I’m so tired,” she muttered and Percy let her rest her head on his shoulder. His hands returned to rubbing warmth back into her arms and they sat there in silence until her friends finally found their way to them. 
          There were a million questions directed at you and just as many “thank you”s directed at the boy. But you were bone tired and just wanted to be warm, dry, and asleep, so your friends gave up their interrogation. You had no idea how your body could be so sore from some seaweed but you were limping back to the car. 
          The one time you looked back, the boy was still standing there watching you. His dark hair was already dry, or had it ever been wet? You couldn’t recall seeing it wet but it must have been. Also, you were drifting in and out of consciousness at the time but you were sure that he had swam back to shore – while carrying you – in under a minute. 
          As you fell asleep in the car, you only thought of the strange boy who rescued you. And hoped you would see him again to exchange his jacket for his name.  
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shorkbrian · 10 months ago
We’re on mobile again lads, too tired to commit to getting my laptop out. Shoutout to the anon that taught me how to do the readmore thing on mobile ty.
Anyways, Bakugou and Kirishima being professional Creeps
(Warnings - dead dove, do not eat. NSFW, graphic rape. Disassociation. Vomit mention (no actual vomit), one weird, incesty comment made by Bakugou)
You’re walking down the street, groceries in hand. It’s dark out, but you aren’t worried. You’ve taken this way home so many times before that you could walk it with your eyes closed, today you had just gotten sidetracked by a cute dog while getting your groceries, so it was a bit later than you were used to. But you had your mace in your pocket, your phone in your hand - you’d be able to call for help if something were to happen
You’re pumped to get home - you had bought a new flavor of your favorite brand of ice cream. Something new and exciting, you were going to put on a movie, sit on the couch, and do a little taste test.
You’re passing a side street, the one with the tiny sand which shop on the corner, where you sometimes stop for lunch. Maybe you’ll go there tomorrow, it’s been a while since you’ve had a hefty sandwich.
Where they came from, you don’t know. But one moment your walking along, minding your business, and the next moment your being dragged to the side, a hand over your mouth, muffling your yell of suprise.
There isn’t even time to scream. You hear a car door open, and then you’re being manhandled up and into the back of a van. At least, you think it’s a van.
Hands are all over your body, holding you down, pressing over your mouth, wrenching your arms behind your back, shoving your face into the floor of the van. Far too many hands for one person.
“Rope? Give it here.” A rough voice sounds behind you, and everything’s happening so fast, you’re not even sure what’s happening.
Someone’s looping rope around your arms, tying knots, tightening them until yours arms ache at the uncomfortable stretch, and the rope is biting painfully into your skin.
You struggle briefly, trying to push your head up, shake free of the hand over your mouth, tell them to wait, to stop.
The man behind you is hauling you into his lap, kicking your legs apart and keeping them spread with his own. He has a hand over your mouth - he’s the same one who grabbed you - and his other hand is kneading at your breast. He punches it through your shirt, and you shriek.
“Stay still, don’t wanna cut you sweetie.” There’s a flash of something sharp being waved around in the darkness. It’s so dark inside the van, you can hardly see. There’s a man in front of you.
Two men, one behind, one in front.
The man before you is stocky, big - you can feel his size as he moves between your spread legs, as his hands grab at your clothes.
You hear the snip of scissors, everything’s moving too fast, you can’t think, you can’t breathe.
One moment you’re safe, the next moment you aren’t.
Clothes are being cut off, it feels weird being bare like this, and it’s wrong, and you grab onto that thought. As soon as the scissors stop moving, you thrash in the first man’s hold, but a quick slap to your naked thigh has you spooking like a rabbit, going deathly still.
There’s fight, flight, or freeze.
“Ei, grab the vibe.” The first voice, the rough one, grumbles from behind you.
The large man in front of you, Ei, leans to the side, still wedges between your thighs. He roots around for a second, before straightening, holding something.
There’s a click, then a buzzing sound, and then you’re crying.
He’s holding a vibrator against your cunt, rubbing it up towards your clit, and it feels good but it’s so sudden.
It’s overwhelming, and you don’t know how you ended up like this.
You arch, a whine bubbling out of your throat, muffled by the calloused hand clamped tight against your mouth. It hurts, but it feels good, but it’s too much.
The man, Ei keeps moving it, following your body no matter how you try to shrink away, wiggle to the side, try to buck his hand off. There’s no escape.
You don’t know how long it takes you to cum. Have you been in the van long?
“Hah, I think the little whore liked that.” The man behind you taunts as Ei turns the vibratory off, tossing it to the side. You’re boneless in the rough man’s arms, exhausted by your orgasm.
Still, there’s so much adrenaline and fear coursing through your body that you feel keyed up. But the fear is muted, soft, unreachable. There’s only what’s happening, and you can’t do anything about it.
Everything feels so weird.
“Kat, here.” You’re being handed over to the soft man, Ei, and the man behind you, Kat, shuffles around.
“Her mouth looks so fucking soft... can’t wait.” You can hear Kat’s grin as you’re laid flat on your back, arms trapped painfully behind you.
You try to say something, but your throat’s dry, and your head feels fuzzy, and maybe this is just some twisted, sick dream.
Your upper half is wrenched to the side, shoulders pulled onto Kat’s lap. Something soft and fleshy taps your face, and you cringe away.
“Bite me, and I’ll end your shit.”
“Kats, chill.”
“Awh, shut up softie. I know you’re fucking aching to get inside her little cunt. Look at how hard you are, damn Ei.”
Kat snickers, and you finally make the connection that the velvet tapping roughly against your lips is a cock.
“The plush ones always make you cum in like, two fucking seconds. It’s cause you’re a mommas boy, ain’t it?”
The man easing your thighs open shrugs. “Guess so.”
“Your mom was fucking hot though, makes sense.”
Ei huffs out a laugh, and you feel pressure ashe eases into your cunt. But you can’t focus on that, not when Kat is growling at you to open up.
You get the feeling that if you don’t open your mouth, something bad will happen.
You open your mouth.
The next few minutes, you don’t even really know what’s happening. Ei’s fucking your pussy, hands gripping your waist as he uses you like a living fleshlight. Kat is thrusting into your mouth, groaning and hissing when your throat closes up around him.
You feel like you might throw up.
Ei keeping groping your flesh, slapping at your tits, pinching and stroking and his hands feel so gross. Your skin is tingling, but yet it somehow feels numb. Kat keeps slapping your face around, and you’re choking on his cock, and this all feels too weird to actually be happening.
You can’t stop thinking about your ice cream. Had you dropped the groceries when Kat grabbed you? Hopefully the ice cream hadn’t opened up.
It feels like they take forever, but at the same time, you don’t think any time has really passed. You were outside carrying groceries just a few seconds ago.
Then Kat is pulling out of your mouth, shoving you fully onto your back so he can jack off onto your tits. You don’t feel his cum splatter across your chest, but you feel the wetness as he rubs it into your skin, chuckling darkly.
Ei is still going, and it hurts. He’s big - if you weren’t loose from the orgasm pulled out of you by the vibe, you think he probably would’ve torn you open.
He pulls out, and then there’s warmth striping over your stomach, and Kat’s rubbing that in too.
Both men are a little breathless, and so are you, but you think you actually might be hyperventilating.
“Where’s the wipes?”
A package thumps next to your head, and Kat grabs it, muttering our a “thanks” to his partner-in-crime.
Cool, wet baby wipes swipe over your skin, cleaning up the mess. Your arms are still tied behind your back.
“Kat, where’re the clothes?”
“Underneath the passenger seat, where I always put the damn clothes.”
There’s shuffling, and then the sound of a ziplock bag being undone.
A baby wipe swipes over your pussy, scrubbing. You’re sensitive, and when two fingers enter you, stuffing a wipe against your walls, you whimper.
“Stop being so rough, you aren’t an animal.”
“Shut the hell up, I’m the one making sure we don’t get fuckin’ caught.”
The fingers pull out of your entrance though, taking the wipe with them.
You’re being sat up, a shirt roughly yanked over your head. It’s soft, smells like detergent. Ei’s lifting your legs, tugging sweatpants onto your body. They’re too big, but they’re comfy.
You realize you still have your shoes on.
“All done, let’s get her out.”
“Wait-“ Kat says, and thenyour jaw is being wrenched open, and a hand is shoving a baby wipe into your mouth. You retch, pushing at Kat’s wrist, but the man is stronger than you, holds you still while he rubs at your mouth.
“Kat, she’s gonna throw up.”
“Nah, she’s fine. Besides, even if she does, all the better right? No swab’ll be able to find anything after she blows chunks.”
Ei sighs.
Finally, the hand pulls away, and you cough, doubling over as you splutter. The taste lingers, and you want to throw up.
“All done. Let’s go.”
A hand pats your cheek “Bye bitch, it was fun.” Kat laughs, before climbing towards the front of the van.
Ei pushes you towards the back doors, opens them, helps you get your feet under you.
He doesn’t say anything as he pushes you towards your forgotten grocery bags, your dropped phone.
His hands leave your back, and you hear him shut the van doors, hear him walk around to the drivers side.
The van starts, and then it’s driving away, and you’re all by yourself.
All you can think about is the ice cream.
It’s probably melted by now
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frost-queen · 5 months ago
Scarlet wing (Reader x Félix Graham de Vanily)
Requested by: Anon, Forever tag: @grey-girl​, @missmelodramatic​, @spxce-frxckles​, @theletterhart​, @elllie-does-the-posts​, @coupsnflower​
A/n: I imagined the reader having her supersuit like Wanda’s halloween outfit without the cape. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With a deep huff, you placed the cardboard box down. Moving your hand over your forehead, you were glad you could put it down. – “Two down, two to go…” – you said to yourself. – “What’s in them anyway, Y/n?” – Ulu your kwami came swirling around you. You opened the first box, moving the flaps aside. Ulu came hovering over the box, shocked to see what was in it. – “That’s what you have been carrying all along?” – he called out, shaking his head. – “Their negatives.” – you responded, holding your hands out to your kwami. Ulu came floating over to your hand, seating himself down. Ulu made a soft owl sound, tiling his head to the side. – “Negatives are very important in photography. These are already developed so we won’t be needing the negatives at the moment.” – you explained it a bit more, hoping your owl kwami would understand it better. – “You humans are a funny kind...” – he hooted out, flapping with his wings. Shrugging your shoulders, you closed the box again. Ulu came flying after you as you made your way to the stairs that leaded you down. He quickly hid in your pocket, hearing the voice of your mother. Just as you were coming down the stairs, you encountered your mother in the hallway. He touched her back after putting down a box on the floor.
“I took the liberty to carry this one up for you, darling.” – mother spoke, using a small hand gesture. – “Thank you, mother!” – you answered back, walking over to her. Your mother laughed loud as you gave her a kiss on her cheek. – “I’m so glad you wanted to help us out in the workplace. I know you would rather hang out with your friends on a Saturday, but I’m very proud of you.” – she patted your head, making you squeal loud. She was making her way down again, pausing at the top of the stairs. – “I’ll bring the other box up here as well. Your father has a sudden customer come in today.” – you nodded, moving over to the box with negatives in it. – “Family photoshoot?” – you called out to her.  You could hear call back from down the stairs. – “A headshot!” – chuckling soft, you lowered yourself to pick up the box. Ulu appeared again, hovering near your shoulder. – “Your mother is right; we should be doing something fun on a Saturday! Like… like…” – Ulu came flying over to your other shoulder as you turned towards the take-out stairs that leaded you up to the attic. – “Like doing absolutely nothing or… or…” – Ulu excitedly said, flying around you overexcited. – “Bake those cookies I so adore.” – giggling soft, you held your one hand out to hold the railing. With the box balancing on your other hand, you made your way up to the attic.
“Speaking of cookies…” – a smile curled up as you could hear Ulu’s tiny stomach growl. – “Do… do you happen to carry a …” – Ulu begged, flapping closer to you. He hadn’t finished begging yet as you held up a cookie to him. – “I always have spares.” – you laughed out. Ulu happily started to munch at his cookie. You placed the box down, taking a short breather. You never minded helping your parents at their workplace. Your father was a photographer and your mother a developer. So basically dad took the pictures and mom edited them into gorgeous frameable moments. The family studio was known all around London. Many people came in to take a family photo, a baby photo, friends that wanted to capture their moments or even just people who needed a simple headshot. Father also did outdoor photography. School pictures, events, just people that want great pictures, you name it. – “You know…” – Ulu was still chewing on a last bit of cookie, crumbles falling down. – “I could make this all go easier… or… or Scarlet wing?” – turning sharply to your kwami with a gasp, you knew he would do it without thinking. – “Ulu.” – you started with a soft sigh. – “Our powers are for the use of good…” – holding your hands out, let Ulu float himself into the palm of your hand. – “Not for carrying old boxes…” – Ulu crossed his wings, turning a shade redder than he usually is. – “Besides it’s only one more box.” – Ulu flew up again, disappearing in your pocket as you went downstairs again.
Just like your mother had promised stood the last box in the hallway. You carried that one upstairs as well, glad your work was done. Running down the stairs, you found your mother in the workplace. – “All done mother, can I see my friends now?” – you pointed giggly at the door. – “You may.” – she replied as you already hurried for the door. – “Just be sure to be home for dinner, Y/n!” – she called out to you, hoping you had heard the last bits of it. Taking in a deep breath, you were glad to be outside. – “Now let’s have some fun.” – you heard Ulu say from his hiding place. Whistling loud, you held your hand out for a taxi. A yellow cab came driving over to you. You got inside, smiling. – “Big Ben square please.” – the cabdriver nodded as you turned your attention to the window. Gasping soft at the ringing of your phone, you sheepishly glanced over to the driver. You unlocked your phone, immediately greeted by a loud familiar voice and face. – “Hey girl where are you? Where are all at Big Ben square!” – Zora, your best friend screamed at you, waving excitedly through the phone. – “I’m on my way.” – you replied, keeping your voice down for the cabdriver. – “Everyone is already here!” – Zora stepped aside, revealing you your other friends. A boy came in sight, smiling wide with his hand behind his back. – “Yo, Y/n where you at?” – he called out. Zora came in sight again, ruffling her hand through his brown curls.
You moved the screen closer to your face, noticing something behind Zora and Ben. – “Is… is that… Félix Graham de Vanily and his mother on a stage?” – you shrieked out, clutching tight on your phone. – “Oh yeah.” – Spoke Ben, taking the phone from Zora’s hands. He pointed the camera on Félix, standing on a stage, miserably waving at a small crowd. – “Turns out there is some kind of charity event going on. The Graham de Vanily’s have donated a great deal of money.” – Ben’s face came back on the screen, closer than you ever wanted to know. – “He looks so miserable.” – Ben laughed out, getting pushed aside by Zora. – “Y/n where are you?” – Zora moved the screen as close to her face possible. – “Save me from Ben’s stupid jokes.” – she begged through the phone making you laugh loud. Looking up for a moment, you tried to see how far you were from it. – “I’ll be there before you can say London tower.” – holding your two fingers up to her, you hung up. You got spooked when the cabdriver honked loud. Moving to the center, you noticed a great deal of cars in front of you that stood still.
“Looks like going to Big Ben square would not be so easy.” – the driver sighed out. – “No worries. I’ll just get out here. Thank you.” – Paying the man, you got out of the car. It wasn’t much further now; you could easily run to it. – “I hope there are cookies there.” – you heard Ulu say while you were running through the streets of London. You could already see the Big Ben and the Golden eye. Your friends were already waving at you, seeing you run up to them. – “Girl you took a run for it?” – Zora laughed out, holding her hand on your back while you caught your breath. – “It was… faster… then getting here by cab…” – inhaling deep, you had restored your breathing back to normal. – “So!” – you began, opening your arms. Ben and Zora shared a quick glance before pulling you close for a three-hug. The three of you started to walk towards the charity stage to get a better glimpse of what was going on. Amelie Graham de Vanily was waving happily at people in the crowd. – “What’s up with them?” – you whispered to Zora, who shrugged her shoulders. The mayor got on stage, clearing his throat deep. Félix moved aside for the mayor to come and stand in the center. Amelie had a perfect smile on her lips, resting her hands on Félix’s shoulders.
You caught a glimpse of Félix looking your way. He pulled his chin up, snarling at you. Swallowing soft, you moved your gaze to somewhere else. – “Ladies and gentlemen!” – the mayor started, speaking into a microphone. – “Thanks to the lovely donation of the Graham de Vanily family.” – he held his hand out to them for people to clap. Zora, Ben, and you clapped shyly along, knowing this was probably just another stunt. It ran in the family as you heard tales of Félix’s cousin Adrien Agreste also doing things like this with his father Gabriel. – “We can proudly fund our works at the national museum!” – you hummed unamused to Zora. – “Didn’t think they were so invested in the art?” – you kept your voice low, a soft whisper. – “Anything for the publicity I guess.” – Zora whispered back. The mayor was smiling proud, showing the camera’s his good side. Félix and his mother joined him, taking pictures with him for the papers.
“Come on, let’s go.” – tugging Zora and Ben at their arm, you had enough seen of this charade. Ben and Zora started to follow you through the crowd, pushing your way out. – “I was thinking we could get some ice cream and ride the Ferris wheel?” – Ben suggested, stretching his arms forward. Zora with her funky pink hair, shook her head. – “I thought!” – she started, coming to jump in front of you. – “We could…” – Zora’s words got lost in her mouth as at the same time, you heard a loud explosion. Gasping loud, you turned around to look what had happened. You saw the Ferris wheel lean sideways as cable snapped. The lights on the wheel started to flicker from the impact. Screams filled the square as people were pointing at the Ferris wheel. – “If that things falls it would hurt so many people!” – Ben stated in a slight panic. – “Not to mention if that thing falls sideways, it lands in the water, sending a flood through the streets of London.” – Zora shrieked out, pointing at the water.
Clenching your jaw, you knew exactly what to do. – “Ben! Zora! I need you to help these people of the square.” – they both nodded firmly. The Ferris wheel may be across the square with a channel between it, but it could still do some damage here. Another cable snapped, making the Ferris wheel lean dangerously sideways. The little cabinets were swinging back and forth. Zora and Ben started to lead people away from the square as you lost them in the crowd. A swarming group of people in panic, started to run in every possible direction. You avoided elbows and bodies, making your way for an alleyway. No one noticed you leave the crowd, hiding in an alley. Taking a quick breather, you moved your pocket open. Ulu came floating out, yawning soft. – “Is it time again?” – he hooted out, flapping with his wing before his mouth. You nodded firmly, your hands in a firm fist. – “Ulu! wings out!” – you called out, opening your arms. Ulu got swirled into the brooch that hung near your heart. The moment he got sucked into it, your clothing started to change. Around your body appeared your red costume. Around your face came a red mask that lined down your cheek. Two pointy ears sticking up like an owl. Then before your eyes a smaller mask to hide your identity.
Ready for action, you had now transformed into Scarlet wing. Your eyes turned scarlet red as you held your hands near your body. Moving your fingers, came a magic red energy around them. Looking up, you set yourself off, using your powers to levitate around the streets of London. You flew right over the stage where Félix looked up, gasping loud. Landing on your two feet near the Ferris wheel, you heroically looked up. Squinting your eyes, you saw above the Ferris wheel a young man laughing loud. Clenching your jaw, you knew he was the cause of this. He was hovering above the Ferris wheel, a cane laying on his shoulder. He spotted you, moving his cane with the tip at you. – “Scarlet wing! The girl I was waiting for.” – his voice firmer then before. You readied yourself to launch yourself at him as another cable snapped. – “Tick tock, Scarlet, tick tock.” – the man tapped with his cane on his wrist as if there would be a watch. You knew you couldn’t battle your archenemy and save those people at the same time. You had to set your priorities. You heard the Ferris wheel crack and squint at every little blow it received from the wind.
Moving both hands aside, the red energy emerging from your hands separated. Your eyes gleaming red as you focused your powers on the Ferris wheel. At the same time came a wall of your energy against the wheel. Gritting your teeth, you used all your strength to push the Ferris wheel back in place. The Ferris wheel got in motion, slowly moving back to it’s original place. – “Scarlet wing!” – a worker called out, making you turn your head to him. – “I can fix the cables. I just need to get up there.” – “Say no more!” – you answered back, releasing one hand of your focus on the wheel. You pointed with your hand to the man, surrounding him with your red energy. With a wave of your hand, got he send on top of the Ferris wheel. You kept the wheel in place as he strapped it back down. – “All good!” – you heard after a while, seeing him in the distance wave at you. With a flick of your wrist, opened the first cabinets on the ground. People screaming in tears, coming out, thanking you for your help. – “Can you handle it on your own?” – you asked the machinic that operated the Ferris wheel. He nodded firm with a hold up of his thumb. – “Good! I have some business to attend!” – you lifted yourself off again, in pursuit of your archenemy.
Every superhero had to have an enemy. Yours was the terribly, charismatic performer of a sly man. A guy that happed to get his hands on a kwami as well, using it for evil purposes. Luckily, the people of London had a superhero like you. Scarlet wing, reporting for duty. You saw him hovering above the roofs, cackling loud. – “Give it up Grand Maister!” – you shouted at him. He shot you a wicked smirk, adjusting the top hat on his head. He chuckled devious, pointing his cane at you. On top of the cane was an orb like boll. It started to light up blue as it was aiming for you. Gasping loud, you freaked out when out of the orb came blasts of blue energy. To avoid them, jumped you from side to side, each time having to act quickly to not get shot. Grand Maister kept laughing loud as he tried to hit you. You managed to keep avoiding his blasts of energy. You to retreat for a moment, jumping over a car to hide there. You smacked your back against the vehicle, hearing a sudden voice beside you. – “Hello Scarlet wing!” – Gasping loud, you saw Félix Graham de Vanily, crouched beside you.
“Félix!” – you shrieked out, looking panickily around you. – “You aren’t supposed to be here!” – A blast hit the car; you were hiding behind. – “Pleasure seeing you as well Scarlet wing.” – Félix grinned out. Sighing soft, you let the palm of your hand slap your forehead. Above you, you could hear Grand Maister cackle loud. – “Come out wherever you are little bird.” – he mocked, feeling his ego grow by the second. You started to look around for save ways to get Félix out of harms way as he snuggled closer to you. – “May I say you look dashingly gorgeous today, Scarlet.” – you squealed soft, eyes wide open. Facing him, you saw him look all smug at you. – “Are… are you flirting with me?” – you asked as Félix curled up a smile. – “Don’t mind if I do, Scarlet.” – he took your hand to leave a kiss on your knuckles. You pressed your lips together trying not to squeal loud at THE Félix Graham de Vanily flirting with you or rather your alter ego Scarlet wing. You decided to go along with his flirtatious behavior. – “If I didn’t know any better, I would say you are a man of danger Félix.” – you sassed out with a flirty wink. Félix swooned at your wink, thinking you were absolutely a goddess.
Grand Maister hit the car you were hiding behind a few more times, making you feel the vehicle push in your back. – “We can’t stay here.” – you whispered out. – “Especially you.” – you pointed brief at him as he came in leaning closer to you. – “I can handle myself, Goddess.” – he replied with a flirty tone in his voice. – “I’m not doubting that pretty boy.” – you turned around to peek around the car. Grand Maister was shooting energy blasts at anywhere he could, causing chaos in the streets. Taking a hold of Félix’ wrist, you pulled him with you. The moment you came from behind the car, noticed Grand Maister you immediately. He started blasting your way as you held your hand up. The red energy formed a shield before you, rejecting his blue hits. – “Head for the other side!” – you shouted at Félix, letting go of his wrist. Félix ran a bit before pausing. – “What about you Scarlet?” – he called back, a flash of worry in his expression. – “I’ll be fine!” – you answered, holding a shield before him with your other hand. Félix nodded firm, running over to an alleyway where he could hide. – “There is our little birdie!” – Grand Maister cackled out, pointing with his cane at you.
“I’ve had enough of you terrorizing London!” – you hissed at him. Moving your hands, you could feel the red energy around you. Your hands were glowing red from the energy swirling around it. Sharply moving your hand in front of you, you shot a blast towards him. Grand Maister dived to the side, missing him by a hair. The hat on his head was tilted forwards, making him adjust it right on his head. Snarling in agony, he started to fire more at you. They kept coming at a firing rate, making you jump from point to point. You couldn’t stay still at one spot or you would be hit. – “Scarlet!” – you heard Félix call out, making you turn sharply to him. He was running towards you, determination on his face. Just then a blast of energy was heading your way. You noticed it too late, preparing yourself to receive the impact. Then you felt two arms around you, taking you with them to the ground. Félix had grabbed you, rolling over the ground with you in his grip. You came to a stop, Félix laying on top of you. – “Are you alright, Scarlet?” – he asked, touching your cheek brief. – “What were you thinking?” – you called out to him, moving your head up. – “I was thinking of you!” – Félix firmly spoke back. Looking up, you saw a flash of blue light in your vision. Gasping loud, you wrapped your arms around Félix, rolling to the side with him. Now you were the one on top, looking down on a blushing Félix.
“Does my presence make you blush dear Félix.” – you found the time to tease him with a tiny smirk. – “What can I say, I like what I’m seeing.” – he fired right back. You saw another flash of blue come your way, making you hold your hand up to cast a protective shield above the two of you. – “How much I adore are little flirts, I still have to deal with Grand Maister!” – you started to get annoyed by him. You moved back, allowing Félix to sit down as you were sitting on your knees, the force field still around you. – “I’ve had enough of his games.” – you hissed out, glaring at the man in the sky. – “Take him down, Scarlet wing!” – Félix clenched his fist, giving you some encouraging words. He crawled closer to you, pressing a surprising kiss against your cheek. – “You got this, Scarlet.” – Félix smirked at the upcoming blush on your cheeks. You lowered your forcefield, feeling confident to take him on. Félix hid behind a trashcan as you slowly rose to your feet. Your eyes flashed red as your hands started to light up. You slowly got lifted up in the air, your hands beside your waist, bursting with energy. Grand Maister gasped in shock, seeing you in killer mode. Your entire body started to light up with the same energy inside of you, making you look hauntingly powerful.
“Your terror is over!” – you slowly said, intimidating him. You could feel the energy around you as you screamed out loud, moving your hands before you. A wide blast of red energy got fired at Grand Maister making it impossible for him to avoid. He hit got in the chest, blasting him into the channel. Félix came from behind his hiding place, gaping at your powerfulness. You closed your eyes, focusing on the damage Grand Maister had done. With the use of your powers undid you whatever he did. London was back to normal, once again freed from that wicked man. – “You were amazing.” – Félix complimented you as you were floating down again. – “Thank you.” – you shyly said, hearing your brooch flicker. – “Whoops time to go.” – you sheepishly laughed out. You were about to run as Félix took a hold of your wrist. – “I will be waiting for your presence, Scarlet wing.” – you smiled back at him. You moved closer to him, holding his cheek. – “See you around Félix.” – you whispered before leaving a soft kiss against his cheek. Utterly flustered watched Félix you leave.
In an alleyway returned you back to normal. Ulu felt a bit dizzy, collapsing into the palms of your hand. You quickly handed him a cookie to restore his energy. – “Who knew Félix had a little crush on our superhero?” – you joked out, hearing Ulu chew happily. When Ulu had his energy back, you tucked him away, running towards your friends again.
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amjustagirl · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Chapters:  one. ~ two. ~ three. ~ four. ~ five. ~ six. ~ seven.
Masterlist link here
AO3 link here
Akaashi Keiji catches glimpses of another life in his dreams. He dreams of fields of endless gold, of constellation of stars that light up the night sky. He hears echoes of birdsong in her laughter, her songs to the gods in the wind.
Wordcount: 1.9k
Author’s note: This fic is a little different from my usual work, so I’m a little nervous about publishing it. If you do like it, would love if you leave a comment / reblog / anything!
Pro tip: Italics denote scenes in Akaashi’s dreams / past.  
If you’d like to be included in the taglist, do drop me a msg/ask!
Tumblr media
But then his dreams start to take a dark turn, though he doesn’t notice it at the start. 
There is light dancing on the edge of his eyelids, and when he blinks he finds himself in a field of never-ending gold.  ‘You’re obsessed with flowers ’ he teases her, leaning on his hands to allow the breeze to ruffle his hair and whisper long lost secrets in his ear. 
‘But they’re so pretty. It’s like they were put on this earth by the gods to remind us that life can be beautiful, after all.’
‘Now who’s being poetic, hm?’ 
‘Don’t tease! I’ll give you a more prosaic reason then. I’ve loved flowers ever since I worked for a florist after mum died to earn a little money on the side and ended up falling in love with the look on people’s faces when they buy flowers for themselves and the people they love. ’
‘Why don’t I see you work at the florist shop then? ’ He frowns, thinking of the bustling, cosy little shop in the town square owned by Hana-chan’s mom. 
‘It didn’t work out’, she says simply. ‘Well, never mind that. Just shush and bask in the sun, let the sky gods weave rainbows into your dreams’. 
Her words linger in his mind, and he foolishly finds himself searching for rainbows in the sky the next day.
Tumblr media
‘Listen to the sky, Keiji ’, she calls, her laughter like birdsong. ‘ Do you think the wind will answer our prayers today?’ 
‘You answer my question first ’, he grumbles. ‘Hana-chan cornered me at school to scream at me to mind my own business again. Does that have anything to do with the bruises I saw on your arm last week? What kind of trouble are you getting yourself into when I’m not around? ’ 
‘Nosy, nosy Keiji  ’, she teases, and he knows she’s just deflecting his concerns again. ‘You’re just overthinking things again’. 
‘Promise me you’ll be careful’, he pleads.  ‘Promise me you’re not doing anything stupid‘. 
‘Stop worrying, silly boy, I promise I’ll be fine’, she murmurs, her voice lost in the wind. 
Tumblr media
‘You need to tell me what’s going on, you can’t go on like this at this rate’ , he hears himself say, desperation laced in his words. 
He looks down. There is a tapestry of mottled bruises and angry welts on her arms, paint strokes of yellow and blue and purple and red that is gut-wrenching in the violence it implies.
‘It’s not my secret to tell, Keiji’ , she says, unwavering.  
He wakes up, the pit in his stomach slowly filling up with dread. His dreams are turning out to be less like a shojo manga, more like a thriller that he suspects will give its protagonist a terrible end. 
Tumblr media
'Have you been a good friend to Hana-chan these days? ’ the man asks, an unfriendly smile playing on his lips. 
Akaashi (or rather, him in her – though she’s in here somewhere too so it’s a little confusing) frowns, but accepts the box of vegetables and eggs held out to him anyway.  ‘I suppose’, he answers, the load heavy in his arms, and the man seems to accept his response, humming an offbeat tune. 
‘Well, I hope you can keep a secret, sweet girl’  the man laughs, tossing his cigarette butt on the grass before walking away. Sparks smoulder in the dry grass, and Akaashi hurries to balance the box on his hip before stamping them out. 
‘That’s Hana-chan’s father, Nakamura-san ’, she tells him, voice strained. ‘I need you to act normal around him, got that?’ 
‘Might need you to find me the definition for your normal’  he says drily. ‘That word’s lost its meaning to me these days ’. 
He hears her chuckle, but she doesn’t sound amused. 
Tumblr media
Hana-chan corners him when he’s in her body and he’s stupid enough not to notice the fist that swings his way. 
‘I told you, you little creep’, she snarls, her nails digging into his arms.  ‘I told you to stay the fuck away from me, but did you listen? No! I saw you last night, creeping around my family’s house with that stupid phone of yours – did you really think I wouldn’t notice you? I’m warning you to stay away or I will fucking end you, got that? ’ 
And she spits in his face, and he’s still left trying to make sense of the sting of cold liquid on his cheek when burning hands shove down the stairs. Concrete and human flesh clashes, the victor already predetermined, his body wracked with pain as he lands heavily, face down on the floor. 
‘Last warning to stay away, you creep’, she shrieks before turning on her heel. There are no other students in the deserted hallway – not that anyone would come to help, not from his experience.  
‘Are you finally going to tell me what’s going on, or do I have to piece your secrets together myself?’ he demands, when he scrapes himself off the floor, body aching from bruises in full bloom. 
He can hear her breathe a sigh.  ‘It’s a long story’ , she finally says. 
‘Right now, all I have is time’ he answers drily. ‘Try me ’. 
So she tells him about taking a part time job with Hana’s mom, the town’s florist for some extra cash. She tells him about the noises she hears whenever Hana’s mom steps out of the store, faint echoes of  whimpers and sobs and broken cries for help, and how she puts two and two together when she sees the bruises on her classmate’s arms and legs. Her voice shakes when she tells him what she saw when she stole upstairs towards Hana’s bedroom one cloudy afternoon, how Hana’s dad gets off on hurting his teenage daughter, how she tried to report what she saw -  but who’d believe the words of a teenage girl over the town mayor .
‘And now he’s taking it out on Hana-chan, which is why she hates me but I’m not going to let him stop me’, she tells him stubbornly and he can hear his past self gulp.
‘Are you insane? You shouldn’t get yourself involved. Tell someone, anyone. If you continue like this, you’re going to get yourself killed at this rate’. 
‘Stop being a worrywart, Keiji! ’ she laughs, but the sound is hollow. ‘I’ll be fine, I promise’. 
Tumblr media
She’s back at the forest shrine, holding her hands together in prayer. The mangled remains of dandelions lie beside her knees, decapitated flower maidens sacrificed for wishes that they both know won’t ever come true. 
‘I told you no one will listen to me, Keiji’, she cries, her face buried in her hands. ‘They all think I’m a little child who’s making up stories for attention ’. 
‘There’s nothing you can do unless you have a record of it. Just keep your head down, or he’ll come after you next. How many times have I told you not to set yourself on fire to keep others warm? ’ 
Her head shoots up, and a feral grin ignites like wildfire on her face. ‘That’s brilliant, Keiji! ’ 
‘Wait no - that wasn’t meant to encourage you – that was meant to be metaphorical!’
‘If it all works out, it’s because of you! ’ she runs off, throwing her head back as she laughs, challenging the wind to catch her if it dares, before disappearing further into the woods. 
Tumblr media
‘You have got to be kidding me  ’ he groans, kicking off the blankets to stare at his or well, her legs in horror. Dried blood is still caked into the deepest scrapes on her legs, and he can feel the ache from the bruises deep in his bones. ‘What on earth did you do?’  
‘I may or may not have slipped when I was scaling Hana’s drainpipe’ . 
He can feel the vein in his temple start to throb.  ‘You what?’ he bites out. 
‘They didn’t see me, I swear!’  
He groans in despair this time, dropping his head in his hands. What is he supposed to do with someone so ridiculously obstinate?
‘If anything happens – ‘ she begins to say but he cuts her off before she can complete her sentence. 
‘You promised me you wouldn’t do anything remotely risky and I refuse to let you put yourself in danger again. ’
She sighs, and worry flickers like a flame in his heart. 
‘Fine – just. If anything happens – ‘ 
‘Which it won’t, not on my watch’ , he tells her firmly. 
Tumblr media
The smell of smouldering ash hits his nostrils. 
His eyes fly awake. He’s back in the old wooden house again, but he chases his curiosity to the front yard, where he finds the letterbox razed to the ground. 
‘A warning to stay out of his business ’, he hears her say, her voice determined.  ‘But I’m not going to be spooked just by that. ’
‘You promised to be careful’ he shouts, properly angry this time. ‘Look at what you’ve done! ’. 
‘I refuse to be a bystander to his madness’, she screams back. ‘I'd be tarred by his sins if I choose to do nothing about them. ’
Tumblr media
His shirt is soaked in cold sweat when he stumbles out of bed, slapping his palms against his face to reassure himself that he’s not back in the dreamscape. 
‘It’s not real. It can’t be real’, he tells his reflection firmly, but his mirror self only stares back at him. 
In the morning, he skips class to make a trip back home, intent on leaving the  omamori  where it belongs, back in his childhood bedroom, so he can look forward to adulthood without these  ridiculous dreams clouding his way. He stops by the florist on the way, as is his usual practice these days. 
‘Flowers for your mother?’ the florist asks, when she opens the shutters to greet him, her first customer of the day. 
‘Yes’, he answers shortly, and on an impulse he adds (because he needs something to fill the newly empty space on his desk) - ‘and maybe  a houseplant. Something that’s relatively easy to take care of would do the trick.’
She hums in thought, fingers busy tying ribbons in the bunch of yellow roses for his mother. He doesn’t need to ask to know that the baby’s breath she includes is on the house. 
‘What about rosemary?’ she suggests. 
‘For remembrance?’ he asks, wrinkling his nose at the reference to Hamlet. The sudden thought of poor, mad Ophelia, floating dead in a stream, water lilies in her hair hits a chord that’s a little too jarring. ‘Um. Maybe a cactus might be better instead.’
He wonders if he’s imagining things, but he catches a flash of disappointment on her face before she replies easily - ‘sure!’, bending down to pull out a grumpy looking bulb full of thorns. Then she waves him off, his purchases packed in a neat brown bag. ‘Please come again!’ 
The cactus replaces the omamori, sitting neatly on his desk. It refuses to die even when he forgets to water it for weeks at a time. 
Tumblr media
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jeremygilbertss · 9 months ago
Outer Banks Series Rewrite - Spy Games
Tumblr media
Warnings: mentions of abuse, swearing
There’s a moment in every kid’s life when you feel like anything’s possible. When you feel like you’ve got the total mojo. You could, I don’t know, free-climb El Capitan, land on Mars, or get elected president, I guess. The whole world’s there for the taking if you’ve got the sack to go for it. And then, when you least expect it, some Kook shows up and tells you there’s no eternal mystery. And then all that talk about free-climbing and Mars and the president… complete and utter bullshit. Magic gets cancer and dies. 
🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌  🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌
There was no gold on the merchant, surprise surprise. JB still insists it’s out there and at this point, we’re all pretending to believe solely for his sake. Even JJ, who believes anything you tell him, is starting to lose hope. 
And the week from hell was just starting there.
JB and I trudge up the steps of the Chateau, only to be greeted with Cheryl, the social worker spawn of Satan. 
“Hey, kids,” Cheryl says in a calm voice, almost like she’s trying not to spook us into running. 
“This is a really bad time for a check-in.” I glare at her, brushing past her and making my way to the kitchen. 
“Not a check-in.” She fixes her cheap blazer, perching herself on the threadbare couch arm. “We’re here to take you.” 
“Today? Really?” JB sighs, running a hand through his hair.
“It’s just a few weeks until your hearing.” Cheryl offers like that means anything to JB and me. 
“No, no, no. Cheryl, look, we’re not going into foster care, okay?” I growl. “We’re not going to be part of your precious little system.” I give JB a look, starting towards the back door before running face-first into a mountain of flesh shoved into a deputy’s uniform.  
The blockhead grabs me by the shoulders, turning me around. 
“Kids, this is Deputy Thomas.” Cheryl smiles like the Cheshire Cat. “He works with juveniles for the sheriff’s department.” 
“Oh, yeah…” I grunt, squirming in his grasp. “He looks like he works great with kids.”
“Look, I know Uncle T is down in Mississippi working at a casino.” Cheryl stands up. “He hasn’t been here in months.”
“We want emancipation!” John B frowns, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Emancipation from who?” Cheryl scoffs. “There’s no one here but the two of you.”
“Asylum, then!” John B panics. 
“On what grounds?” A messily drawn-on eyebrow shoots up on the she-devil’s face.
“On solid ground! On holy grounds!” I huff, kicking against Deputy Thomas’s hold before he lets me go. I hurry to JB’s side, looking at him. “Look, we feel real… real prosecuted by you right now and… especially Mr. Ham-For-Hands over there.” I look at him, giving him a once over. “What are you lookin’ at, bro? What’re you gonna do? You gonna tase me?” 
🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌  🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌
The thing about getting shoved into a cop car is… it's not as glamorous as actors make it look on tv. Especially with a guy like Deputy Thomas manhandling you. It's all sweaty hands and heavy grunts as they force you to contort your body into the backseat that is conceivably too small for the average person. 
“You understand that you’re ripping us from our home?” I flop in the backseat, sitting up quickly as John B gets shoved in next to me. “Where his… our dad… told us to stay?” 
“It's the law, Y/N.” Cheryl rubs her temple like I’m somehow the biggest cause of her headache. 
John B scoffs, staring out the window. “Fuck the law.” He mutters under his breath as he pulls a picture of Big John out of his pocket. 
Before I realize what he’s doing, JB lets go of the picture, watching it flutter out of the window before starting to panic. “No! Stop, stop, stop. Please stop! My picture! It's the last picture of my dad. Please.” He pleads with Cheryl and Deputy double-chin. 
“Not gonna happen, kid.” The deputy grunts. 
“Come on.” I sigh. “Just stop the car.” 
“Tom.” Cheryl gives him a pointed look. “Just pull over.” 
Before the deputy can even stop the car, JB and I leaping out of the backseat, searching for the picture. John B scoops it up, saluting me before running off. 
🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌  🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌
John B and I have an unspoken rule. When something happens and we get split up, we meet at JJ’s. It's still unknown how exactly this rule came to be but as long as I can remember, we always meet at JJ’s house. 
Which is where I ended up after avoiding Cheryl and her thousand-pound lap dog, Deputy Thomas. JJ always does his best to keep us from coming over to his house, which is understandable. His dad is a huge asshole. He didn’t use to be that way. JJ and his dad were as close as could be when he was younger, his dad even taught him everything he knows. That was before JJ’s mom left. No one really knows why exactly she left but JJ and Luke woke up one morning to a note and two empty beds, seeing as she took JJ’s little sister as well. 
JJ took it about as hard as any six year old would. He lost his mom and sister and didn’t even know why. He did his best to take care of his dad and make sure they would be okay. After Luke started drinking, JJ stopped wanting to take care of him. 
JJ’s house is not unlike every other pogue house in the OBX. Basically a rundown shack, the house sits on the edge of the marsh, seconds away from sliding into the water. The screened-in porch leans at a forty-five-degree angle, the door hangs from one hinge. JJ’s bedroom window is about head-level off the ground, easy for me to climb in. 
Knocking on the window first, I slide it open, shimmying into his room. “DCS,” I mumble in response to JJ’s raised eyebrow. 
He nods, humming. “John B got away too?” 
“We split up, he’ll probably pop up here tonight.” I flop down on JJ’s small mattress. 
🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌  🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌
“Welcome to the summer movie series!” The voice blares through the speakers, feedback radiating through the air. 
“Back to OBX life.” Kie sighs happily. “Aren’t you glad I made you come?” She smiles at JJ and Pope.
“Ecstatic.” JJ gives her a look, linking his fingers with mine. 
“My couch was pretty comfy, I’ll be honest,” Pope mutters before slowing down to walk next to JJ. “We’re out of the green zone, man.” 
“Dude, tranquilo, okay?” JJ whispers, giving Pope a pointed look. 
“We’re in the middle of Kooklandia. This is the last place I wanted to be.” Pope huffs, setting up his lawn chair. 
“Shut up, Pope.” JJ and I say in unison as we sit down on an old beach blanket. 
🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌  🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌
Summer movies in the OBX are a lot harder to enjoy when the threat of Rafe, Topper, and Kelce looms over you. I feel JJ tense every time someone walks past us, which isn’t too unusual for him, but he was extra on edge. Pope keeps looking around like a crazed methhead and Kie rolls her eyes each time he moves. 
“I gotta wring it out,” Pope mutters to JJ. “Come with me.” 
JJ and Pope stand up from their seats, making their way to the trees behind the movie screen. 
Five minutes pass and Kie and I glance at each other. “Do they just really have to go or do we have to go save their asses from kooks?” 
“Door number two.” Kie pushes herself into a standing position, running towards the trees. 
I hurry after her, watching as she grabs the back of Topper’s shirt, trying to tug him off of Pope. I rush towards JJ, shrieking when Rafe grabs me. “Get off me, Rafe!” I struggle, kicking at his legs and clawing at his arms. 
“Just admit you did it, Pope!” Rafe growls, holding me tight. 
I open my mouth, biting Rafe’s arm, sprinting away when he drops me. “Kie! Lighter!” I shout, catching the small lighter as she throws it to me. I quickly flick it on, holding it up to the movie screen. 
The screen catches fire, going up in flames in a matter of seconds. Topper, Kelce, and Rafe drop JJ and Pope, running off.
🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌  🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌 🏄 🌊 🚌
The aftermath of Pope sinking Topper’s boat and the fight at movie night was a shit show. Deputy Shoupe came by Heyward’s to arrest Pope, talking about how the Thorntons wanted to press charges. 
JJ took the fall for Pope, which we didn’t know but his actions would set off a chain reaction of events that would happen in the days to come.
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rosileeduckie · a year ago
Bunny Bros
The bunnies are in so little of this, but they’re still my favorite part. 
Kōta spends an afternoon with Midoriya, but it’s not. babysitting. Thank you very much. XD For @wertzunge! 
SFW. Potential warnings: none. My Hero Academia tickle fic.
Word count: 2,020
“Thank you so much again for watching him today, Deku,” Mandalay said, her voice pitched low enough that Kōta, who dropped his duffel by the couch and wandered in feigned boredom around the Midoriyas’ living room, didn’t hear. But, even if he did, his maternal cousin hadn’t used the word ‘babysitting,’ so there was little for him to bristle about. He had a whole afternoon, though, and he was a determined kid; he’d find something to bristle about.
“Yeah, of course!” Midoriya beamed. During middle school, he’d had lots of opportunity to gain experience and some extra spending money by babysitting for families with kids that shared his and his mom’s apartment building; moving into the UA dorms full time had brought about the end of that business venture. Still, Midoriya had thought, from all that time spent with kids, that he was pretty good with them in general and especially at keeping them safe and entertained for a few hours. Kōta punching him in the crotch upon their first meeting had somewhat dampened Midoriya’s confidence in the first part of that theory, but Midoriya was nothing if not hopeful. And Kōta actually asking his cousin if he could spend a Saturday with Midoriya while Mandalay was working nearby had done wonders for Midoriya’s hopeful spirit and confidence.
“You’ve got all my numbers in case of emergencies, otherwise I’ll be back by ten to pick him up.” Mandalay smiled to Midoriya, looking over his shoulder and calling into the apartment, “Bye, Kōta!”
“Bye!” came the reply from one of the rooms in the hallway deeper in. Midoriya chuckled how quickly Kōta had gone adventuring.
“Bye, Midoriya,” she said with a fond roll of her eyes.
“Bye!” he responded with a wave before shutting the door after her. Then he turned to walk down the hall and find where Kōta had gotten to.
Midoriya found the boy with the spiked cap in his own room. Most of the things that had been staples of Midoriya’s room—his All Might posters and memorabilia, his desk and computer, his favorite books—had all gone with him to Heights Alliance where he lived now, leaving the room mostly bare, with just a bed and some low shelving. The only thing of interesting, and the thing that had gotten Kōta’s interest, was the one shelf with a large cage on it. In the cage were Midoriya’s two rabbits: Haru, a tawny bun, and Hana, smaller and with grey splotches on her otherwise white fur.
“Where’s your mom?” Kōta asked, staring wide-eyed at the whiskered pair.
“She’ll be at work until dinner,” Midoriya replied, sitting on the bed and watching Kōta with a smile. “That okay?”
Kōta nodded. He lifted a hand to touch the cage, his small fingers able to breach the gaps in the grating enough for Hama, the younger and more curious of the rabbits, to hop closer and sniff him. The boy was faced away from Midoriya, so the green-haired teen couldn’t see the way his eyes lit up with a rare smile, but he could hear the quiet giggle the boy tried to stifle. Kōta schooled his features back into a frown, balling up his hands in his pockets and turning to Midoriya, peeking at him from under the brim of his cap. “I like your rabbits.”
“We can take them out, if you want,” Midoriya said, his smile growing when he saw Kōta’s eyes widen excitedly.
And so they came to be on the living room floor, leaning against the couch with Haru in Midoriya’s lap and Hama in Kōta’s. The two boys had elected to play each other in some handheld video games, but most of Kōta’s attention was dedicated to running his hand gingerly along the smooth fur of Hama’s back and watching her ears twitch. Midoriya didn’t mind; it was really a heartwarming sight to watch the normally grumpy boy with such a gentle smile as he carefully cuddled the bunny.
While his invitation to battle was being understandably ignored, Midoriya worked on farming some in-game resources, keeping a finger under Haru’s chin to scratch lightly and an eye on Kōta to make sure neither he nor the rabbit in his lap got spooked by anything. “Do you have any pets, Kōta?”
The boy shook his head. “Mandalay says Uncle Tiger is enough to take care of.”
Midoriya chuckled.
“But I like your rabbits,” Kōta said again. “Maybe, when I’m bigger, I can have my own rabbits. Why didn’t you bring them to school with you if you live there?”
“They need more attention than I can give them at school,” Midoriya replied. “Plus, my mom likes to have them for some company. So they stay here.”
“Oh,” Kōta said, only half listening in favor of watching Hama shift in his lap.
Midoriya smiled behind his handheld game. Kōta was sort of like Bakugō, but smaller and less enraged. Bakugō could be pretty docile until someone spoke to him, looked at him, or generally occupied the same space as him, when he would then go off like a rocket, snapping and swearing and sarcastic. Kōta had a similar tolerance, but, instead of angry, he became withdrawn. Midoriya didn’t want to embarrass him and make him feel shy for having been seen happy. “If you want, you could ask Mandalay to let you come visit Haru and Hama until you have a pet of your own to take care of, if you want.”
“If she says yes, sure!” Haru nosed Midoriya’s hand for head pats, and the green-haired boy obliged, still focusing mostly on his game. He only looked up, realizing a half second too late that doing so would surely embarrass Kōta but doing so anyway, when he heard his companion giggling. Hama had taken to nuzzling Kōta’s hand as well, her furry cheeks and whiskers rubbing against his palm and making his arm stiffen and his face scrunch up in poorly stifled titters. “You ticklish, Kōta?” Midoriya asked, mercifully looking back to his game.
Kōta pulled his hand away from Hama’s nose, going back to petting her back. “No,” he grumbled, twisting his face into a frown and shadowing the pink in his cheeks with the brim of his hat. “Being ticklish is for babies.”
The teen chuckled, pausing his game and setting it on the shelf. He lay back and set Haru on his chest to sit as she liked. “That’s not true,” he said. “I’m ticklish, and I’m not a baby.”
Kōta rolled his eyes. “Maybe. But you’ll be pretty easy hero to beat if you just go around admitting things like that.”
Midoriya shrugged, petting Haru’s sides. “Maybe.”
“I can prove it,” Kōta said, crossing his arms and holding his breath when Hama nuzzled up against his stomach, impatient for more snuggles.
“Oh, really?” said Midoriya. He had his doubts about that claim, but he couldn’t recall a time he’d heard Kōta make such a playful threat. Gathering one bunny and then the other into his arms, Midoriya rose, gently depositing them both in their living room playpen. Then he turned back to Kōta, hands on his hips and smile wide. “Let’s see.”
Kōta nodded, standing as well and setting his hat on the arm of the couch. He assumed a stance Midoriya gathered the boy had gotten from a fighting game, bouncing in place lightly with his fists up and feet wide apart. Midoriya tried not to chuckle; he probably would have faced a fight the same way at Kōta’s age. Before he could offer advice, Kōta had run at him, shoving the older boy back onto the couch, utilizing the element of surprise as well as the fact that Midoriya put up little fight against him. The green-haired teen let out an ‘oof’ as his back hit the couch, the sound followed immediately by bright laughter as Kōta dug his fingers into Midoriya’s stomach.
“See?” the child leered in preemptive victory. “Easy!”
“Only if my opponent isn’t as ticklish as me!” Midoriya declared, his hands springing to life to wiggle his fingers into Kōta’s sides. Shrill, happy laughter tumbled from the dark-haired child’s mouth, his face going pink and bearing a grin that was like sunshine on an azure afternoon compared to his usual blustery grey day attitude. Midoriya pulled Kōta onto the couch, following him when the boy fell onto his back and tickling his feet and behind his knees.
“Shut up!” Kōta howled through his laughter, kicking at Midoriya’s hands and chest but not dissuading him at all. Midoriya is kind still, keeping his touch light and giving Kōta plenty of freedom to break away if he wants.
“I can’t; I’m a talker,” Midoriya grinned. “Are these Edgeshot socks, Kōta? So cool! Is it worse when I tickle over Edgeshot’s face or his hair?” Midoriya tickled over one colored section of the sock in the middle of Kōta’s foot, then on the pale silver section nearer to his toes.
Kōta shrieked through his giggles, unable to answer Midoriya’s teasing question. The boy flopped off the couch, yanking his legs from Midoriya’s grip. Before Midoriya could be concerned, Kōta was clinging to the bigger boy’s leg and tickling one of his feet with scribbling vengeance. Midoriya fell back into the couch, cackling and pressing his grin-split cheek against the couch. He pointedly did not kick, knowing his attempts at defense will be more likely to hurt than the thumps of Kōta’s heels upon his stomach. Unfortunately, that meant all he could do was suffer through, head thrown back against the couch and laughter loud and high-pitched.
“Not even gonna fight back, hero?” Kōta scoffed, switching to cleave to Midoriya’s other leg and tickle that foot, too. He knew well that Mr. Deku would never hurt him, and using that against him is mean, borderline villainous. But Kōta never got to play like this. He wasn’t social with kids his own age, and his cousin who looked after him was always busy. It was nice to play video games with Mr. Deku and talk about rabbits and have tickle fights. Kōta hoped Mandalay would let him visit Mr. Deku and his rabbits again for easy fun days like this.
Kōta yelped when he was picked up under his arms and lifted back onto the couch, pinned to Midoriya’s chest as the teen scritched at the boy’s belly. “You want me to fight back? Huh?” Midoriya said, laughing along with the wriggling Kōta. “See, Kōta, when you underestimate a hero, you’ll always be surprised when they get back up and win!”
“I get it already!” Kōta chortled, pushing weakly at Midoriya’s hands, and, when that didn’t work, resuming his earlier tactic of turning around to face him and tickle him back. The boy knew, too, that Mr. Deku was stronger than him, both for being older and for being in training to be a prospective hero. But Mr. Deku was nice; he didn’t immediately pin Kōta or tickle the snot out of him even if that would have been easier. He gave them both a chance to have fun. Like a big brother. Of course, Kōta had no prior experience to know what having a sibling, older or younger, was like. But, he decided, if he had an older brother, he’d want him to be like Mr. Deku.
That was how Midoriya Inko found the two when she got home, her son on the couch with the younger boy pressed into his side and both their head bowed over their handhelds. Kōta would taunt about how Midoriya fought like a baby, and Midoriya would retort with equal eager playfulness and a pinch to the boy’s knee. She almost couldn’t bear to disrupt their little bubble of fun and joy, but she did have to call them to come to dinner. Their smiles stayed big through the meal, and Kōta was even smiling sleepily when Mandalay came to pick him up, holding her hand and mumbling about rabbits when they both waved goodbye to the Midoriyas. Beaming back, Deku waved in reply.
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theladysexpistol · a year ago
Can i get Josuke, Polnareff, Formaggio and Narancia trying to jumpscare their s/o but they were holding a kettle with boiling water and they spilled it on themselve and getting a bad burn ?
Hi anon! So my character limit is 3 unless it’s a team, I hope you don’t mind me just doing Polnareff, Josuke, and Narancia 🥺 don’t get me wrong i like Formaggio too (I’ve got a veryyyyy spicy WIP for him on the side), but I think him and Polnareff might be pretty similar anyway.
Also awww this kinda fluffy angst, the poor reader!
Tumblr media
I cannot for the life of me remember what ep this is from lmaoo Pol you just really look so funny
To say Polnareff was devoted to you was almost an understatement. In the months he had been gone, investigating something for a friend he wouldn’t tell you about, he made sure to smother you in affection from afar. Love letters, flower bouquets ordered from vendors down the street you weren’t quite sure how he did it. You knew he missed you terribly, and you missed him too.
Especially on mornings like these, with the sun so bright and warm, not a cloud in the sky. You smiled to yourself at how cheesy it was to think of Jean Pierre just over a normal, sunny morning, but you imagined he would make a morning like this anything but mundane. You made yourself a cup of tea and went out to the front porch of the little cottage you lived in.
Polnareff wanted to surprise you when got back. It was incredibly difficult for him not to call you instantly when he was finished investigating. He wanted to hear your voice, to see you, to hold you and catch up on the months of time he had lost with you. He made his way up to your house with the widest grin on his face, and the largest bundle of roses in his hand that he could possibly afford.
Both of you had the perfect reunion set up in your mind. You reached for the door at the same time Polnareff swung it open.
You jumped back when the door appeared to come alive, spilling your tea all over yourself. The boiling liquid burned your arms, and as if you wouldn’t have already started crying upon seeing him, you burst into tears.
Polnareff’s smile fell and the roses were discarded to the ground as he lunged forward toward you, putting his arms around your back to steady you.
“Mon cherie, what happened? I am so sorry... I didn’t mean to frighten you mon amour! Let’s get that treated right away.”
Despite his hulking frame and rather large muscles, Polnareff was gentle and tender as he helped treat your minor burns. Eventually your tears gave way to laughter. He had just been trying to surprise you and look what you had done. Any sort of romantic reunion was completely thrown out the window as the two of you had grown worried, spent the first hour together again trying to fix your stupid mistake.
He gave you a very confused look when you started laughing, and his face almost made you laugh more. Finally, you gathered yourself enough to bring your hand to his face, and pull him down into a kiss.
“Not what I had planned but...” you smiled as you finally got a good look at his face again. “Welcome home.”
Tumblr media
“Oh! Hello Josuke,” your mother greeted him after he’d knocked on the front door.
“H-hello, ma’am... uh, I mean Mrs [L/n],” he bumbled, internally flinching at his own trip up. It didn’t matter how many times he talked with your parents, it made him incredibly nervous. There wasn’t even any reason to be! They were incredibly kind to him; and if he could deal with his own mother, he should be able to deal with anyone. He sighed, ran a hand over his pompadour habitually, and gathered himself. “Is [y/n] free? I was hoping we could go together to meet up with our friends at the cafe.”
“Hm? Oh yes, [y/n] is awake in the kitchen. Go right on ahead, Josuke.”
As he stepped past your mother, however, he noticed she had a coat and her purse thrown over her shoulder, as if she was leaving. She seemed to notice him staring, because she smiled once more at him.
“I’m just running to the grocery store. You two kids better not get up to anything while I’m gone!” She said before stepping outside and closing the door.
Even though he knew she was teasing, Josuke felt a blush crawl across his face. He heard that all the time from his own mother, but there was something different about your mother saying it to him.
Now that he knew the two of you were alone though, he wasn’t embarrassed to give you a little surprise kiss. Purposefully, a miscue IOU’s grin crawled on his face as Josuke snuck toward the kitchen; for someone of his height and stature, one might think this was impossible, but Josuke had learned by now the art of stealth in order to play video games while his mom was sleeping down the hall.
He peeked his head around the wall, where he found you standing at the counter, humming a song to yourself. He was so overcome by the thought of how cute you were that he didn’t notice the kettle of boiling water in your hands as he lunged forward.
“Gotcha!” Josuke gleefully yelled as he seized you by the hips, but his lips did not make their way to your face.
You, aware that Josuke may be stopping by today but assuming you were alone when your mother left, shrieked upon the feeling of someone grabbing you. The kettle in your hand went flying, as did the cup of tea you had already poured in the other. By the time you realized it was Josuke, and that your mother must have let him in, you were already crying as the hot water burned you.
“Wha- shit! Shit!” Josuke immediately grew agitated when he recognized you were hurt, it then took him several moments later to realize it was his fault.
If there was one thing Josuke was devoted to, it was protecting the people he cared about. That was the basis behind the restoration ability of Crazy Diamond. And he was the one who had hurt you.
You didn’t flinch when he reached for you, that much was reassuring to him. He took both of your hands in his and manifested his Stand. It never mattered to him in the moment when people who couldn’t see Stands realized he had healed them somehow; all that mattered was taking away the pain, making it anew. And he wanted nothing more than to take the pain away from you. Even if Crazy Diamond’s ability made him feel the pain instead, he’d gladly take it. The burden belonged on him, it was his fault.
A minute passed and you passed your fingers over where the burn had been, mesmerized and stunned. You had no idea how Josuke had healed you. In fact it was somewhat of a miracle. But you didn’t want to think about it now, pushing it from your head as you looked up toward him.
“I’m sorry,” your boyfriend muttered, looking utterly defeated.
“It’s okay Josuke,” you cooed softly, wanting nothing more than to see his smile in that moment. “It was an accident, that’s all.”
As you pushed your head into his chest and hugged him, Josuke tenderly wrapped his own arms around you too. Right, an accident. And Crazy Diamond had healed you, restored your skin without fail. So that the only thing left of the incident was the dripping countertop where the kettle had spilled, and the guilt already weighing heavily on his spirit.
Tumblr media
Waking up in your arms was what Narancia lived for. You werent living together yet, but it was something you discussed often; especially considering how much time he spent at your place anyway, and how much he slept over. He had an extra bag left in your apartment just in case he got called out to a mission while in your home.
But when Narancia woke up to an empty bed, he found something he like even better - the smell of breakfast wafting from the other room. You were cooking for him?! It was like every day, you got more and more perfect to him.
Narancia hastily got dressed, pulling on much of the clothes he had been wearing the previous day. He assumed that in all his fumbling and swearing, you would have heard that he was awake from the open bedroom door.
He stretched, mussled his hands through his bedhead hair to make it more of an even unruly mess, and bolted out of the room straight to where you were standing in the kitchen.
“Buongiorno!” He yelled as he wrapped his arms around you tightly. His eyes were closed and a big grin was over his face, delighted to spend another morning with you.
But when Narancia heard you gasp, felt something hot drip ever slightly on his arms, he opened his eyes and his wonderful morning shattered.
“What happened?!” He growled immediately, as if he thought someone had attacked you. You were clutching your arm against your chest, gasping over and over again. But then Narancia’s eyes wandered over the stain on your shirt and the liquid on the floor, the shattered cup, and Narancia realized exactly what happened. Espresso was one of his favorite things, but right now he hated it more than anything else in the world.
“Cosa ho fatto? Damn it! Oh god, [y/n], I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to spook you!”
He couldn’t help but panic a bit, upset that he had caused this. All you had wanted to do was make breakfast for him and he repays you by burning you? Eventually, Narancia calmed down enough to bring you a wash cloth of cool water to wrap the burn in and guided you over to the couch. Your voice helped calm him down too, assuring him over and over that it was an accident.
Of course, how much more pathetic could he be? You were in pain, you were the one who had been hurt and yet you had to comfort him? Narancia was visibly upset as you brought him down to sit next to you, and cuddled into his side. Narancia was tense, but wiped the tears on your cheeks away and watched as you fell asleep with him. He was surprised by this trust; the anxiety that you might not feel safe any longer in his arms would keep him wide awake at night from that moment on.
[A/N: so like I spent a long time trying to come up with these and liked my ideas... but after writing them idk how I feel. I feel like I made the Polnareff one too lighthearted and the Narancia one too serious. But I put so much effort into them that I can’t see them coming out any other way. The Josuke one turned out exactly how I planned though. I hope you like them all anyway!]
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yelena-bellova · a year ago
Don’t Be Afraid: Poe Dameron x Solo!Reader - Chapter Eleven
Tumblr media
Chapter Eleven: Two Roads Diverged
Series Masterlist
Plot: Y/n and Ben confront each other after years of not seeing each other.
Warnings: Language, minor character death, violence, angst but that’s fairly obvious.
Word Count: 5.5k
A/N: Without a doubt, this was the hardest chapter to write so far. I had to take periodical breaks because I was hurting my own heart 😂 The title is also inspired by the Robert Frost poem. The next chapter will be the last one that takes place during TFA and then it’s onto TLJ! (Excuse the uncountable amount of typos)
“Come on, Ben, where are you?” Y/n mumbled to herself, Yavin 4 was large and she was looking for one person. She didn’t know where her uncle had built his training academy and the pitch black night sky didn’t help her in her search. She wasn’t near giving up though, she’d fly the entirety of the planet to make sure that her brother was safe.
Use the Force, Y/n…
She almost steered the Falcon into a clearing of trees she was so spooked by the voice she’d heard. She turned around to see who had stowed away on the ship, yet found no one. 
Use the Force to find him, Y/n
She shook her head and turned back around, “I’m going insane, I have to be.”
Let it guide you to where you need to go...
Y/n growled, she’d seen and heard more ridiculous things, “Okay, Force entity or whatever the hell you are, we’ll do it your way.”
She shut her eyes, as she’d seen her mother do several times, and tried for the first time to let the Force guide her. Her hands rested on the controls of the Falcon as it hovered above an empty field, waiting for her captain to tell her where to go. Y/n breathed deeply as she tried to picture where Ben was, after a moment she saw the temple’s structure clearly and opened her eyes. She turned the ship left and sped towards where she needed to be. She couldn’t explain the intricacies of how she knew that she was near it, she just knew. 
Her dreadful suspicions were confirmed when she saw the flames.  
Y/n landed the Falcon far enough away that it wasn’t in danger of being catching on fire and booked it down the ramp. The smoke caused her to cough but she ran towards the collapsing building regardless. 
“BEN!!” she screamed, “Ben, where are you?!” 
Littering the ground were dead bodies of Padawans, the stench of death covered only by the overwhelming scent of the fire. Y/n began to panic as she checked the lifeless faces for Ben’s. She turned in circles, frantically scanning for any sign of her brother, or anyone still alive for that matter. After a few minutes of searching, a shriek rang through the air that caused her to whip around,
A young girl was running towards her as if her life depended on it, “Run!!” 
Y/n looked around confusedly as to what she was supposed to be running from, but found nothing. When she turned back to the girl, she was suspended in the air clawing at her throat manically. She looked like she was trying to scream for help, but the life drained from her face before Y/n could try and aid her. The girl’s eyes closed and she crumpled to the ground to reveal the culprit of her murder.
Ben stood behind her with an outstretched hand and a menacing glare.
Y/n stood frozen, shock overtaking her body as she watched her brother drop his posture at the sight of her. He jogged over to his sister, a concerned look on his face,
“Y/n, what are you doing here?”
As Ben approached her, she took a step back from him and held a hand up in self defense, “Ben, what the hell was that? What’s happened here?” 
“Luke,” he stated, “He sensed my power, he tried to kill me. He turned most of his students against me too.”
“W-What?” Y/n stuttered, “How is that possible?” “He’s afraid of what I can do,” Ben stated, full of pride and anger, “I’ve discovered more power than him or any other Jedi could ever dream of having. And he,” he pointed towards the burning wreckage “Tried to kill me in order to stop me from fulfilling my destiny.”
“Ben, that can’t be true. Y-your destiny is to be a Jedi, why would Uncle Luke want you dead?” 
“No, the Jedi are a dying breed, as they deserve to be. I’ve put an end to them, and Luke received what was coming to him.”
“Ben,” Y/n whispered, “What did you do to him?” 
Ben’s eyes bore into Y/n’s, adding to the intensity of their moment, “I killed him.” Y/n stumbled back, her hand shakily reaching up to cover her mouth. Her brother, her best friend, had killed their uncle and his students. She couldn’t even recognize the person standing in front of her, this wasn’t the Ben she’d grown up with. And while she hadn’t been there to witness what had transpired, she knew that he was telling her a distorted side of the story. It couldn’t have been that simple as Luke trying to kill his own nephew.
“Did you do all of this?” she raised her voice while pointing to the burning temple, “The fire? How many other Padawans did you kill? What am I supposed to tell Mom when she finds out you killed her brother?”
“Don’t go back, come with me.” “What are you talking about?” “Y/n,” Ben stepped towards her, she was in just enough shock to not back away from his presence, “We both know the gift you have, the power you hold if you just gave into it. Snoke could teach us both, if you come with me.” “Who’s Snoke?” Y/n asked.
“He’s wise, he’s opened my eyes to the true nature off the Jedi. He’ll take us both as apprentices,” Ben urged as twisted joy rose in his voice, “You and I could bring order to the galaxy together.” Y/n couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She knew that the Dark Side now surrounded her brother, she could see it in his darker than usual eyes. The way he spoke of murdering their uncle and the power he contained, it wasn’t Ben. But she refused to believe that he was completely gone.
“No,” she said, worry audible in her voice, “Ben, whoever this Snoke is, he-he’s messing with your mind somehow. This is not who you are,” she took his hand, “Come home with me, I’ll help you. Mom can help you. Just come back home.” Ben’s brows furrowed, his face hardened and he yanked his hand out of Y/n’s grip, “You’re turning into one of them, a Jedi.” He spat the last word as if it was poison, Y/n shook her head quickly, “Ben, I’m not a Jedi, I’m your sister and I don’t believe the things you’re saying. This isn’t my brother-”
“Your brother is dead!” he yelled. 
Y/n’s breath caught in her chest at Ben’s words, he looked like a mad man. Hair untamed, pupils blown in the worst way, jaw clenched and a threatening stance. Tears began to flood her eyes, there was no way to reason with him. 
“If you’re going to go down this path,” she cried, “Do not expect me to follow you.” She didn’t make it more than three steps when her brother took hold of her arm with a vice like grip, keeping her in place.
“If you’re not with me, you’re against me.” Ben whispered ominously.
Y/n looked up, taking in the possibilities of what might happen next. There was only one if Ben was only dealing in black or white choice making, and Y/n was sure it was going to break her heart. “Then I suppose I’m against you.”
The siblings stared each other down much like they had when they were bickering children, the temple’s flames spreading around them. Y/n had stupidly left her blaster in the ship, she had no weapons on her while her brother had his clipped to his waist. She looked down and saw her brother’s hand slowly move to his saber, as if to not alarm her to his plan. Ben didn’t give his sister enough credit for how attentive or quick she was, her eyes flickered again to his movements and snapped into action. She shot her hand out and summoned the freed lightsaber to her hand, igniting it quickly and raising it. Ben’s eyes swelled with rage, she’d been practicing using the Force while he’d been away and she wasn’t going to make it easy on him. Though he could see the anguish in her eyes at the though of fighting him, he could try and use her emotions against her to catch her off guard. 
His opened his free palm behind him, the lightsaber from the deceased Padawan flying from her hand and into his. Y/n saw it zoom through the air and as he ignited to raise the blue blade, she pried her arm from his grip and turned to meet it with her own. She’d only held a lightsaber once in her life, when she was a child and Luke let her try his out, much to Han and Leia’s chagrin. She didn’t have the training or skill that Ben did, but she was determined not to let her brother hurt her. She had to fight him, the person she loved most in the galaxy, even if it almost killed her.
Ben spun around with his blade with the goal of hitting her torso, but Y/n moved fast enough to block his hit. She walked backwards in fear as Ben moved towards her with an animalistic look in his eyes, like she was prey to be slaughtered. He raised his saber above his head and slammed the blade against hers with so much force, Y/n thought she might drop her weapon. She held tight to it and took a clumsy swing at his leg, which he easily dodged. He aimed again at her abdomen, a hit he almost made if she hadn’t thought quick and spun to her right, just as he’d done a moment before. Ben was her teacher, he was showing her how to fight without him even realizing it. Though the strikes he was trying to make were to kill, the ones she made were to block. Ben’s vision was compromised, the only end goal he had at the moment was to eliminate anyone who objected to his twisted endeavors. In that moment, Y/n realized that she may not be exempt from his delusions simply because she was family.
Ben growled as he swung his saber towards her legs, Y/n sprung into the air and crouched down when she hit the ground again to dodge the swing he took in the air above her. Ben swept her legs out from under her, Y/n fell on her back and watched as Ben lowered his blade towards her neck. He was going to kill her. She raised her lightsaber up to meet his and let out a cry as their eyes met, she’d never thought in a million years that they’d be in this position. She pushed the blade away and rose to her feet quickly, tears began to hit her cheeks. She began moving backwards again, closer to the flaming temple as they twisted their wrists to block each other’s hits. The heat that surrounded them was harsh, sweat began to bead and stream down their faces. After dodging another hit from Ben, Y/n kicked him in the stomach and caused him to fall back, but she made no effort to try and run from him. She’d seen what had happened to the helpless Padawan. She stood there amongst the flames, awaiting her brother’s next move,
“Don’t do this, Ben,” Y/n yelled, “I love you.”
He snarled as he stood up and came charging towards her, Y/n spun around and raised her blade to meet the one that come crashing down against it. They were facing away from each other, back to back and weapons raised, the flames closing in on them with only a tight path left to escape. Y/n was putting all the strength she had into pushing Ben’s saber away, but he was much stronger than her and she felt her body giving into it’s sadness.
“Don’t do this to me, Ben,” she whined, the lump in her throat practically choking her, “Please don’t make me do this.”
“There is nothing,” Ben hissed from behind me, “You could possibly do that could hurt me.” Y/n groaned as she tried to continue pushing Ben’s blade away from slicing through her chest, when suddenly a memory came into her mind,
“Wanna bet?” Summoning all the strength she could, she shoved up and pushed the saber away from her. She ran through the flames and they licked at her legs, she could hear Ben’s cry of anger and that was her cue to stop running. She turned around to see her brother sprinting towards her, a few hundred feet away, lightsaber drawn and furious. Y/n raised a hand up towards him and used the Force to shove Ben backwards, he flew through the air and landed painfully after slamming into a tree. 
Y/n’s eyes pooled with fresh tears as she waited a few seconds to see if he would rise, when he didn’t she ran to his limp body. She knelt down next to him, he was knocked out cold. She shakily placed her fingers against his neck to feel for a pulse, holding her own breath until she found his. Was she supposed to be relieved? Ben had fallen to the Dark Side, had tried to kill her in his manic state, yet it was her innocent brother that lay helpless in front of her right then. She took a few seconds to sob over him, thinking of their parents, their home, all the memories she cherished with him. He’d been the one to bring her to Han and Leia, she owed him everything for what he had done for her. He had given her a new life, one he would now be absent from.
“I’m not going to give up on you,” she promised, “One day, I’ll bring you back home.” With that, she gently touched his hand, deactivated her lightsaber and ran towards the Falcon. Once she was in the air, she set course for a return to Chandrila and jumped to lightspeed. She wept furiously in the pilot’s seat at what her brother had done, what she’d done, how their lives had just taken two very unexpected turns. And while she had promised to bring him back, she knew it would be a long time before she ever saw him again. Y/n had thrown the lightsaber on the co-pilot’s seat when she’d entered the cockpit, she hesitantly picked it back up and examined it. Ben had committed horrible acts with the weapon, he’d slaughtered their uncle and his students, he’d tried to kill his own sister. She should have left it there, but something in her compelled her to take it. She had no intention of picking it up ever again, unless she needed to, though she felt safer holding onto it. She hid it in a deep pocket of her coat, and vowed to never show it to anyone. For the rest of the journey home, she sat with her knees to her chest crying.
Han and Leia were waiting outside when she returned. After making sure she was okay, they were both furious with her. They demanded to know where she’d gone, she lied and said that she hadn’t been able to sleep and decided to take a flight. She apologized, went inside and locked herself in her room for the day. 
A few days later, she planned on telling them the truth. But before she could, an X-Wing showed up outside the Solo homestead. It was Luke. He had survived somehow and broke the news to their family that Ben had turned to the Dark Side. Han yelled, Leia sobbed, but Y/n stayed silent. 
Han and Leia separated soon after that, Y/n chose to stay with her mother. Han had agreed she should, he was planning to return to a life of smuggling and didn’t want his daughter caught up in the business. Han took Chewie, Y/n and Leia took C-3PO and the Solos abandoned their home. 
Luke went into hiding.
The First Order rose to power.
The Resistance was formed.
For the rest of the galaxy, the war began at a certain point in time. No one knew that the war truly began on Yavin 4, the night that a brother and sister aimed their weapons at each other. —————
“You’re a monster!”
I stood silent, my tears freezing to my face as I stood face to face with my brother. There weren’t enough words to describe how I was feeling at the sight of him…Furious for having just killed our father, heartbroken over the fact that he had slipped further into the Dark Side, and determined to protect Finn and Rey from his wrath. 
“It’s just us now,” Ben’s eyes flickered to me, “Han Solo can’t save you.” The remark hit home, but he was about to learn that we could defend ourselves quite effectively. Especially after the events that had transpired through the day. 
Rey grunted and raised her blaster towards him before I could tell her to drop it, Ben raised his hand and she flew through the air screaming. Finn yelled her name just before she hit a tree and fell to the snow covered ground. I stood there watching in horror, Finn raced to her side and cradled her head in his lap.
“I thought you might appreciate that,” Ben said, causing me to flashback to six years ago when I’d done the same thing to him, “Irony can be cruel, can’t it?” I turned to him, a new wave of anger sweeping over me as I examined my brother’s state. His injury from Chewie’s shot was bleeding, turning the snow beneath his side to a red dotted pattern. “I didn’t believe it when I felt your presence,” he remarked, “I didn’t think you’d be so foolish as to come here.” “It was foolish of you to think I wouldn’t try and stop what you’re doing here,” I retorted, my tears had stopped for now to be replaced by rage, “If you think I’m going to let you get away with what you did, you’re insane.”
He took a slow step towards me, looking me over, “You’ve been training, you’ve kept your powers hidden, you don’t want anyone to know the truth.”
“Get the hell out of my head, Ben,” I growled, stepping towards him.  
“You hide it from your mother, you’re afraid that when she looks at you, she’ll see her son.” “Stop it.” We were circling each other, glaring and waiting for the other to make the first move.
“You don’t want your precious pilot to know, or else he may be afraid of you.” “I swear, if you don’t stop-“ “He was here the other day, you know. I searched his mind too, and the first thing I saw was you.” “You’re going to pay for what you did to him.” “And the one person who believed in you, the one person who saw what you could do and didn’t fear you-“ “Shut the fuck up or else-“ “Is dead!” I let out a cry, unclipped my lightsaber and ignited the blade. I surged forward with every intention of silencing him, but he’d been expecting it and met my saber with his own. We attacked and blocked each other’s hits at a dizzying speed, both of us had grown in our skillset over the past six years. We began to move through the forest as we fought, a few tree branches becoming collateral damage. I swung furiously, much like he had attacked me years ago while he stayed more calculated. I let my anger guide me in my attack, Ben had fucked my life up long ago but now, he had gone way too far. He’d captured Poe, he’d probably tortured him, he’d taken Rey, he’d injured her, he was planning to kill everyone in the Resistance and he’d murdered our father. I had every right to what I was feeling. We spun around each other, our sabers hit and we pushed into our stance, face to face,
“How are you going to live with yourself after what you did in there? You killed our father,” I snarled.
“Our father?” Ben grunted, struggling to hold his position for a fleeting second, “Ben Solo is dead. And he was never your father, you’re a worthless orphan who your brother should have left to die. You were never really a part of their family.” 
“FUCK YOU!” I exclaimed, shoving Ben backwards and sending him stumbling for his footing. He regained it quickly as I launched myself at him, me expertly swinging the blade and him perfectly dodging them every time. The worst part was, he looked almost pleased when I’d come at him. It was like he wanted me to keep attacking him. 
At one point, he slammed his blade down on top of mine above our heads and we grasped onto one another’s forearm. We looked like mirror images of each other with our jaws clenched and strained sounds escaping our throats.
“You want to kill me, don’t you?” he taunted, “I can feel your anger, you want to avenge him.” I groaned as we pushed against each other, putting all my strength into holding my stance,
“I should.” 
Ben panted, “That anger, you need to give into it. Y/n,”
The eye contact we made was softened at the mention of my name, for just a second we felt like siblings again. I saw him hesitate and felt his genuine need for my presence back in his life. It may have been six years since we’d last seen each other, but he’d trained with our uncle for years before that. It had been 12 years since we’d simply been Y/n and Ben.
“Join me. Don’t be afraid of who you are.” 
His words were, ironically, like waking up from a bad dream. I realized the position I was in; ready to kill my brother in a fit of rage, breaking the promise I’d made that night amongst the flames. This wasn’t me, this wasn’t going to be how I avenged my father. He’d been the one to inspire me to stop fearing the gift I possessed, his words had been what had swayed me. In no way was I about to let Ben’s blow me in the other direction. 
I did the unthinkable and deactivated my blade with Ben’s only a few inches from my face. He stumbled forward a bit but caught himself and stopped his saber from slicing my throat. I stepped back, breathing heavily as our eyes met again, he was expectantly waiting for my answer,
“No, I’m not this. Dad did believe in me, just like he believed in you and I won’t let what he did for me be done in vain.”
Whatever softness I’d seen in Ben’s eyes disappeared as soon as I’d mentioned our father. His scowl returned, the same one that had scared me the last time we’d fought. He let out a growl and came charging towards me, saber drawn. I barely had time to raise my weapon before an identical blue blade clashed against Ben’s from our side. I turned, coming face to face with Finn,
“Get to Rey.” Finn put all of his weight into pushing my brother’s saber away before drawing him away from me. I listened and ran back to where we’d started, back to where Rey still lay unconscious. I knelt down in the snow and lifted her limp torso into my arms,
“Rey, wake up,” I shook her lightly, ”Rey, Finn and I need you, c’mon, please wake up.”
After a few more seconds of pleading, she moaned quietly and her eyes fluttered open. I exhaled in relief, she quickly sat up and looked around,
“Are you alright? Where’s Finn?”
“I’m okay, but Finn’s in trouble, we’ve gotta go.” I replied, standing up and pulling her with me.
She looked down at my other hand and saw the deactivated lightsaber, “Y/n, you’re a-“ 
“Yeah, we’ll talk about it later,” I rushed, barely having finished my sentence when we heard Finn’s scream.
We ran through the forest until we were closer to Ben, his back was turned to us. Finn lay face down in the snow and I could see Poe’s jacket ripped up the back. I spotted something in the distance, the handle of Uncle Luke’s saber was sticking out of a pile of snow. In sync, mine and Ben’s hands went forwards to summon it but it didn’t budge. I strained a little harder, there was no way I was going to let Ben take it. It finally began to wiggle before flying through the air towards me...
And landing in Rey’s outstretched hand.
I dropped my arm and gaped at her, she looked equally surprised as she stared at the weapon. My shock turned to happiness as we looked to one another, I nodded to let her know it was okay she’d been the one to catch it. She returned the gesture and just like on Jakku and on the freighter, we were a team. Ben looked more surprised and confused than both of us combined. Rey gripped the lightsaber with both hands, raising her arms up and I did the same. Ben activated and spun his expertly, we activated ours, and it became a blur after that.
We charged toward him, our blades fitting awkwardly together as we danced through the forest. Rey was a bit more aggressive in her fighting, accidentally cutting through a few trees as she swung at Ben. It was shocking at how good she was considering she’d never used one, to my knowledge. We moved backwards as Ben attacked both of us, stumbling through a thin path surrounded with rock formations. When there was a brief second where Ben was determining his next move, Rey and I leapt onto the rocks and ran as he swung wildly at them. I jumped off when they reached their end while Rey somersaulted off as if it was as natural as walking. She was undeniably skilled and when we survived this, she and I would be having a long talk.
Rey cut through a tree (no doubt one we’d probably slammed through earlier in the Falcon) to distract Ben and we continued running. I could sense Ben’s frustration towards Rey, I didn’t know if he’d interrogated her or not but there was something strange between them. I struck Ben’s blade and shoved him backwards, only angering him further. He spun the weapon in his hand before coming at me, Rey was there to block his aim. As we moved deeper into the forest, I caught a glimpse of what was behind us. The base’s destruction was now reaching the surrounding land and the planet itself was beginning to crumble. Anxiety began to course through me as I realized that we may not be getting off the planet. 
Ben slammed his blade against ours and backed us up until we reached the edge of a now cracked piece of earth. The rest was falling into the core of the planet. Ben had both me and Rey pinned, one wrong move and our lives would come to an end. We both groaned as we pushed against the the crackling red saber, Ben moved his face closer to Rey’s,
“You need a teacher,” he stated loudly over the sounds our blades were making, “I can show you the ways of the Force.” Rey’s face changed to confusion, “The Force?” “Rey, don’t listen to him,” I grunted, “He’ll lead you to the Dark Side.”
She looked between the two of us and closed her eyes, concentrating on something. I was perplexed only momentarily until I realized that was probably how I looked when I meditated. I closed my own eyes and reached out to her through the Force, trying to pull her from going down Ben’s path. 
She reached back out and met me with no hesitations.  
We both opened our eyes and both ducked away from Ben. He turned to meet us and we both began striking his blade continuously, he was trying to calculate his next move but it wasn’t much use. He was outnumbered and outmatched, his hopes of winning were extremely slim. Rey struck and sliced off a piece of Ben’s clothing, before I jabbed him in the shoulder causing him to groan. He began walking backwards away from us, we didn’t let up as our blades crashed into each other’s again. I kicked him in the chest and he fell against the snow, Rey and I stood waiting for him to either stay down or try again. He moaned as he stood up and lunged towards Rey, leaving me surprisingly out of his attack. He grabbed ahold of Rey’s wrist and she cried out, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Rey forced Ben’s red blade into the snow and I took the opportunity to give Rey some insurance. I spun around and slammed my blade against Ben’s, making it almost impossible for him to even have a shot at hitting her. He growled in frustration just before Rey overpowered him and slammed her saber down against the hilt of his. It sliced through and the red disappeared, he was without a weapon. I backed away and Rey swung upwards, hitting Ben in his face and chest. My heart stopped as I waited for him to rise, Rey stood with her blade ready to strike again if he did get up. He looked up to us to reveal an ugly bloody gash across the right side of his face. Out of reflex, I almost went and knelt down next to him to help him. His dark eyes bore into both of us, but settled on mine, “I will find you, wherever in the galaxy your precious base is hidden, and I will kill you and put an end to your pathetic Resistance.”
I fought back my tears at the sight of him, he may have looked like my brother but Ben Solo would never do or say what he had. I’d held out hope for years that I could bring him back, I’d promised my mother I’d try…But it was more than apparent that Ben had made his choice a long time ago.
“Then I guess you were right all those years ago,” I replied, “My brother really is dead.” As we held eye contact, the earth began to crack and it split the three of us apart. Me and Rey on one half and Kylo on the other, injured and defenseless. I took one last look at him, committing the image to my memory before turning to Rey,
“Finn.” We deactivated our sabers and ran off into our half of the forest. It didn’t take us long to retrace our steps and find where our friend still lay. Rey cried out his name before we rolled him over, specks of ice decorating his face. We both began to weep over his body, it was unlikely that he would survive an injury this extreme. Then again, it didn’t matter. We had no way off of the planet. Rey rested her head on Finn’s chest and I put a hand on her back, feeling tremendous guilt for having dragged them into this. 
We were going to die at any moment now, my mother would lose both her daughter and husband on the same day she was reunited with them. I’d never see Poe again, never get to hold him, kiss him, love him when I’d just been given the chance. As I cried, Rey took my hand and squeezed tight, reminding me that I wasn’t alone. She was with me and I’d never been more thankful for her.
Just then, I heard a familiar set of thrusters and bright white lights washed over us. I looked up from Finn’s still form to see the most beautiful sight I could have seen in that moment.
The Falcon in all her glory with Chewie in the cockpit.
I joyfully sobbed and looked to Rey as Chewie landed near us. We couldn’t lift Finn between the two of us so we waited impatiently for the Wookie to exit the ship. He ran out and lifted Finn carefully in his arms, Rey grabbed the blasters that had been dropped while I handled the lightsabers. We rushed onboard and I began calling orders out,
“Rey, you stay with Finn,” I said, she didn’t need to be told twice, “Chewie, you fly and I’ll co-pilot.” Me and Chewie ran to the cockpit ad began frantically flipping switches and adjusting controls. The earth began to crumble beneath us and we took off at just the right time, one second later and we would have fallen in. We flew through the destruction and I had to bite back the tears at the thought of never getting to bury my father. His body in a matter of seconds would cease to exist, just like the planet. I was leaving him there in a sense and it crushed me.
I looked at our radar, “I’m picking up X-Wings behind us, job’s done. Now let’s go home.” Chewie growled his approval and sent us safely hurdling through lightspeed. It was then, and only then, did I close the door the cockpit and fall apart. My knees hit the ground and I sobbed, Chewie knelt down and wrapped his arms around me. The two of us sat there crying into one another, mourning my father in a way that only a few in the galaxy would understand. 
A/N: This is the chapter that changes the entire story, it sets a lot of things in motion too. Things that will be explained and explored in later chapters. GAH I’m so excited!! Also, every chapter going forward will have Poe in it. Hope you liked it! Let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist.
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swordladywritesthings · a year ago
 From the outside, Patton’s life seemed completely normal. His parents were happily married, he had a younger brother that he got along with fairly well, and they lived in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Heck, they even had a golden retriever named Champ. His life was pretty perfect, all things considered.
   Except there were two secrets that he was keeping from everyone.
   One, that he was gay. Two, that there was a kid living in his mirror.
   He had just kind of showed up one day. Patton had rolled out of bed to get ready for school, and was in the middle of getting dressed when he glanced over at his mirror to see a pair of dark blue eyes staring at him from his mirror.
   He let out a high-pitched shriek, one that rivaled Roman’s. In less than a minute there was rapid knocking at his door. “Patton, honey?” his mother’s voice called out from beyond the knocking. “Are you okay?”
   “Uh, fine, mom!” He responded hastily. “I thought I saw a spider.”
   He could have sworn that he heard his mom release the panic that she had latched on to. 
“Alright, sweetheart. Hurry getting dressed, the bus will be here soon.”
   He listened carefully for her footsteps to recede, and let out the breath that he hadn’t even noticed he was holding. Cautiously, he walked over to his mirror, inspecting it. “Hello?” He called quietly, not wanting to spook the owner of the eyes.
   The eyes reappeared, along with the rest of the person. It was a young man, around Patton’s age. His dark eyes squinted at him suspiciously. 
   “Can you hear me?” Patton asked, then realized how stupid of a question that was if he couldn’t. To his relief, the boy nodded, his black curls bobbing.
   “My name is Patton. It’s nice to meet you.” He gave him a small smile, doing his best to show him that he wasn’t a threat.
   “I am Logan,” the boy spoke clearly and sharply, like he was used to people hanging on his every word. “How have you possessed my looking glass?”
   Patton giggled a little at that. “I could ask you the same thing, Logan. I don’t remember inviting you to peek on me while I’m getting ready.”
   Logan’s face reddened behind his dark tan. “My apologies, I was not aware of your state of dress.”
   Patton was about to respond, but was cut off by his mom calling for him from downstairs, saying that he was going to be late. He cursed under his breath and turned back to the boy in the mirror. “I have to go, but I’ll be back later.”
   Logan nodded, not really questioning it. “I must go as well. My presence is requested at the court, and I must not keep the king waiting.”
   Patton looked at him strangely, the gears turning in his head faster than he could keep up. “King?” But before he could ask any more, his mom was yelling again and he had to dash out of the room.
   Patton came flying up the stairs as soon as he got home from school, tossing his backpack on the floor and slamming his door. He threw himself onto the floor in front of his mirror, and tapped the surface. “Logan?” He called curiously. “Are you in there?”
   Logan’s face appeared soon after, seeming significantly more tired than he had been that morning. “Ah, so you are still possessing my looking glass.” He said curtly, sounding annoyed.
   Patton looked at him curiously, tilting his head to the side like a confused puppy. “Possessing? You’re the one who showed up in my mirror without warning.”
   Logan glared at him, sending shivers up Patton’s spine. “I have no time for witches and liars.”
   “I’m not a liar!” Patton protested. “And I’m not a witch either! I had nothing to do with this!”
   “If you did not cause this, then who did?” Logan questioned, putting his hands on his hips.
   “I don’t know! But it wasn’t me!”
   Logan scoffed and turned away, returning his attention to the book on his lap. Patton sighed. He didn’t know what was happening, but he figured that if there was gonna be a boy in his mirror, they could at least be friends. “I think we got off on the wrong foot,” he said hesitantly, trying to earn Logan’s attention again without annoying him. “Can we start over? Hi, my name is Patton.”
   Logan looked at him in annoyance, and sighed before putting his book away. “Greetings Patton, I am Logan, personal tutor to Prince Roman of Aashirya.”
   Patton giggled to himself. Who did this kid think he was. “Nice to meet you, Logan,” he smiled and stretched his hand out for a handshake, forgetting the fact that there was… you know, a mirror between them.
   Logan looked at him, puzzled. “What is that?”
   “It’s a handshake! Here, pretend to grab my hand with yours.”
   Logan looked doubtful, but he did as Patton asked. Except when he brought his hand to the mirror, he didn’t stop. Patton stared as Logan’s hand came through his mirror and into his room. Unsure what to do, he grabbed Logan’s hand and shook it twice. Then everything went black.
   The first thing he felt was cold wood against his back. Then his head started throbbing. He let out a groan and opened his eyes to stare up at a wooden ceiling that definitely wasn’t his. He sat up, clutching at his head. Once the room stopped spinning, Patton nearly fainted again.
   This wasn’t his room.
   And there was a strange boy laying on the floor next to him, passed out.
   He appeared to be in a medieval style building, with a floor of rough wooden planks and a low ceiling with wooden beams. The walls were smooth stones, and there was a thick oak door to his left. 
   He looked over at the other boy as he groaned and stirred. “What happened?” He asked frantically. “I am unsure. It appears that you have come through my looking glass.”
   Patton looked at where he had woken up, and sure enough, it was exactly parallel to a piece of dirty glass that served as a makeshift mirror. “Send me back!” He exclaimed, beginning to panic.
   “I do not believe I can,” Logan grumbled. 
   “But you have to! My parents will be so worried about me!”
   “I do not know how to open the connection. It appears that you are stuck.” Logan said flatly.
   Patton started hyperventilating, then everything went black again.
   The next time he woke up, he was laying in a stiff bed covered with an old blanket. He groaned, and he felt a cool hand on his forehead. “Good. You do not appear to have a fever. If that is the case, I am unsure why you fell unconscious.” Logan said, and Patton suddenly remembered where he was. He tried to sit up, only for Logan’s hands to move from his forehead to his shoulders, gently pressing him back down to the mattress.
   “You must rest. You must be very distressed. Once you are reasonably calm and rested, then we shall attempt to find a way to send you home.”
   “No!” Patton exclaimed, trying to sit up again. “I have to get home right now!”
   “Think logically, Patton,” Logan said soothingly, trying to calm him down so he didn’t pass out again. “I require time to research this issue and come to a conclusion. There is nothing for you to do at this present time.”
   “But…” Patton trailed off, feeling tears pricking at the edge of his eyes. “I just want to go home.”
   “I am aware.” Logan spoke softly now, like he could relate to Patton’s pain. “But you must wait. We will find a way to send you home, but it will take time. While we are trying to find a solution, you will stay here with me. Is that alright?”
   Patton nodded sadly, and Logan looked at him sympathetically. “I am sorry, Patton.”
   He laid back down on the bed and pulled the covers up to his chin, turning on his side to face the wall. “I’m gonna try to get some sleep.” He mumbled, mostly trying to find an excuse for Logan to leave him alone.
   “Very well. I shall begin my research.” Logan stood from his chair and went over to the door, pulling it open and letting sunlight spill into the house. “Rest well.”
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itmejado · a year ago
Touch- Sean Roman
My first Sean Roman imagine! I really hope you enjoy reading this!
-xoxo faithie
Sean watched from afar as Detective y/l/n bounded down the stairs carrying a rucksack. Platt looked up at the energetic detective and smiled. “Heya Spooks.” She greeted.
y/n ‘Spooks’ y/l/n was one of Platt’s favourite people. Mainly because she always got her coffee and lunch orders right and wasn’t so damn annoying like the rest of the people she worked with. She smiled at the older woman and Sean felt his heart skip a beat.
“Hey Sarj. I need to borrow a patrolman. Got a lead I’m chasing.” She shrugged, picking up a pen and fiddling with it.
Trudy arched a brow. “Where’s your partner?”
Spooks scoffed. “Oh Screwzek? He made the mistake of pissing Voight off and Linstead are being forced to clean up after him.”
Trudy chuckled and cast a glance around the reception, eyes falling on Roman. She fought the urge to smirk. She knew you had a thing for the blonde patrolman, and it was pretty damn obvious he had a thing for you two, the only difference between you two? You weren’t exactly hiding it.
“Roman!” she called, beckoning him over with a hand.
Sean walked over nervously, one hand in his pocket. “Sergeant Platt.” He greeted, standing next to you. He then looked at you. “Detective.” He said nervously.
You smirked. “Officer Roman.” You replied flirtatiously.
“Detective Spooks needs an escort. You’re to go with her wherever she needs. Protect her, Roman. If she doesn’t make it home tonight, you’ll be floating down the Chicago River at dawn.” She growled.
You snickered, eyes flickering down to the black combat boots you wore before looking up at Sean. “Come on.” You said, walking out of the doors.
Roman followed you out to your car and prepared to get in the driver’s seat. You slapped his hands away from the door handle. “I don’t think so big guy.”
He blushed. “Yes ma’am, sorry ma’am.” He stammered.
“Call me Spooks. You can save the ma’am for the bedroom.” You winked, causing the blonde’s cheeks to go even redder.
“oh happily…” he muttered
You drove from the 21st to a quiet suburb north of the city, pulling up at a white house with a blue door. “Wait in the car.” You ordered Roman before hopping out and walking to the door.
You knocked twice and were met by a middle-aged woman with hair styled into a bouffant cut to just below her ears and a black t-shirt saying “Live Laugh Love”. You took a quick glance at the rest of her and your suspicions were confirmed; lularoe leggings and platform sandals. This woman was dangerous. This woman was… a Karen.
“Mrs Shaw?” You asked.
She scoffed, taking in your appearance. “It’s Mrs Major Shaw to you. My husband is in the army and you will address me by his rank.” She glared.
You resisted the urge to face palm, but thanked god Jay and Mouse weren’t here or else there’d be a blood bath.
“Mrs Major Shaw, I’m looking for your daughter, McKinLeigh. My name is y/n y/l/n, I’m with the Chicago Police Department. My badge number is 53371.” The second those words were out of your mouth, the Karen was digging her phone out of her pocket and recording you.
She IMMEDIATELY went on the defence. “Why are you looking for my daughter she’s done nothing wrong?” she demanded.
You tried to speak again. “This woman, has knocked on my door, demanding to speak to my daughter, who has done nothing wrong. I want your name and badge number.”
“My name is Detective y/n y/l/n, badge number 53371. Your daughter-“ The bitch cut you off. Again.
“My daughter has done nothing wrong.”
You lightly inhaled. Come on, Spooks, you’ve dealt with the Taliban and Al Shabaab before, you can handle a Karen. You thought to yourself. “Your daughter is-“
She cut you off again. “This woman is accusing my daughter of a crime!” she shrieked.
“You are evil and vile! You are accusing my sixteen-year-old daughter of a crime! I am live on facebook right now!”
Decorum be damned. “Ma’am-“ she cut you off. Yet a fucking gain.
“Ma’am, your daughter-“
“Mom! For crying out loud! Let the damn woman speak!” A boy shouted.
You silently thanked the boy. “Ma’am, did your daughter come home last night?” You asked.
Karen whirled on you. “Ugh of course not! She was at a friend’s house studying! And here you are-“
“For fuck’s sake Susan she’s just trying to ask where your daughter is!” Yelled a neighbour.
Roman got out of the car and approached you. “Is everything alright?” he asked.
Susan shrieked again. “There is now a male officer with his hand on his gun! He is acting aggressively!”
Once again, you thanked god that Jay wasn’t here, because this woman would be on her way to the district by now. The neighbour approached you and Roman and whispered in your ear. “Look, officers, if you’re looking for McKinLeigh, she might be down at the skate park near Jones Avenue. It’s right next to a gym. Artie’s it’s called. Some of her Dad’s friends work there.” You nodded and placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder.
“Thank you, ma’am.” You smiled gratefully.
The bitch shrieked again. “And now, my own neighbour is telling lies about me! Get off my property! Officer, do your damn job and get that woman off of my property!” she demanded, pointing a finger at Roman.
Roman stepped forward to stand beside you and looked at the neighbour. She was still on her own property, not even a toe over the line. “Ma’am, this woman is not on your property.” He said calmly.
Karen scoffed, eyes glaring at the three of you, cheeks burning red. “And now this police officer is lying!”
You couldn’t take anymore. “Ma’am, your daughter-“
“Mom you’re so embarrassing! They’re here because I’m helping them with an investigation!” Came a voice.
McKinLeigh pedalled up to you and waved. “Hi Spooks.” She smiled kindly.
“And now she has my own daughter lying! This is how corrupt our police force is, ladies and gentlemen! My poor innocent baby has been manipulated by these monsters-“
Karen was cut off by a nerf bullet bouncing off of her head. “Hey, Braxtynn! Nice shot!” The girl cheered.
McKinLeigh looked at you again. “Do you have the photos?” She asked.
You nodded and dug your phone out, before swiping through them. “That’s him.” She confirmed.
“Andrew Smith?” You asked.
She nodded. “Yeah, he’s the go to guy for Molly here. Known for being a creep. Doesn’t understand the word no, if you know what I mean.”
You nodded. “Thanks, kid.” You grinned.
McKinLeigh high fived you. “Anytime. I’m studying Criminology at DePaul in the fall, I’m gonna be a cop like you.”
You went to reply but Karen cut you off. “This is harassment! Your name and badge number now and I want your bosses name!” She raged.
You shrugged. “My bosses name is Hank Voight. My badge number is 53371. And my name is y/n motherfucking y/l/n.” You sassed, before grabbing Roman’s arm and dragging him back to the car.
Once you started driving you burst out laughing. “Oh my god… I haven’t had that much fun since Mouse and I shaved off Jay’s eyebrows off in Vegas.”
Sean laughed as well, the sound warming your belly. “You guys are close, huh?”
You nodded. “Yeah we are. They’re like the brothers I never wanted but got anyways you know?”
He nodded. “Yeah, I’m close with some of the friends I had in the academy. What about your fiancé, what does he do?”
You arched a brow. “What the hell gave you the impression I was engaged?” You asked, turning right.
Sean began stammering. “It’s just… I saw you wore a ring on a chain around your neck… I thought-“
“It was my Ma’s…” You said quietly.
Sean looked at you with a guilty face. Your mother was one of the first female detectives in Chicago and had been killed in the line of duty when you were nineteen. She was something of a legend, the stubborn, kind-hearted and compassionate detective was shot in the neck while executing a search warrant. And while her daughter was away in a war zone. Everyone knew the story. How you didn’t find out until two weeks later due to a non-contact order. And your father hadn’t been the one to tell you. Voight had. Because your father had disowned you after joining the military. And when you’d come home, you’d broken his jaw in two places along with his nose, forcing Jay to pull you off of him as you screamed, you’d kill him.
He died three weeks later.
A week after what was being referred to as “The Karen Conundrum” things had changed between you and Sean. You’d begun flirting with each other a hell of a lot more. He was less shy. And you? Let’s just say Mouse had made a passing comment about the “Old days” to Jay about you and he’d spat his beer out. Meaning you were up to your old tricks of getting ANY man into bed with you. And if Sean Roman was your prey, he’d be in your bed and your heart within a month.
Why weren’t the boys keen? Well… you currently shared a three-bedroom house with them… and things with you could get… loud.
You walked out of your room and made your way into the kitchen, adjusting your top. Today you were wearing a low-cut sweater that was fairly see-through, the lace of your black bralette visible through the white material. You’d also tugged on a pair of tight black jeans that lifted your derriere and accentuated your waist and thighs perfectly, over which you’d pulled on a pair of black knee-high boots. Mouse walked in holding his tablet and looked at you.
“You need a necklace, preferably a shiny one.” He advised.
You arched a brow at your friend and passed him a cup of coffee. “What are you on about?” You asked.
Mouse took the cup and set the tablet down. “That sweater is lower cut than usual and you’re wearing a bralette that’s done wonders for your cleavage, but he’s not going to notice unless there’s something that piques his curiosity. Go for the silver locket. It’ll complement your skin tone.” He explained.
“Jeez Mouse, since when did you become so informative about women’s clothing?” Erin quizzed, walking into the kitchen wearing an outfit similar to yours, minus the boots.
“I have sisters. And my mom works for a fashion magazine.” He shrugged.
Erin hummed and looked at you. “He’s right.”
Mouse scoffed. “Of course, I’m right. Where’s Jay?”
“Probably arguing with Will.” Erin replied, watching as you rooted around in a cabinet for a jewellery box. You pulled out the silver locket and put it on, before checking your appearance in the mirror in the dining room. Mouse was right.
All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it!” Mouse yelled.
He opened the door to find Roman in uniform and quaking in his boots. “Spooks! Your boyfriend is here” He yelled.
“Shut the fuck up, Mouse! He’s not my boyfriend!” You yelled back, before shooting him with a nerf gun.
“WHAT THE FUCK, Y/L/N!?” He screamed, dramatically.
“YOU’RE A TEAPOT!” You screamed back.
“BITCH I’M A PSYCHOPATH WE COVERED THIS-“ You screamed, before being cut off by Jay.
Erin wandered into the hallway smirking. “NO ONE CARES, JAY!” She responded before giving you a wink.
“Aight I’m outta here. Sean, honey where we goin’?” You asked.
Mouse made a kissy face at the two of you, earning a slap on the back of the head. “Stop. Slapping. Me!” He exclaimed.
You rolled your eyes before grabbing your bag and making your way out of the door. Roman arched a brow. “Does that happen often?” He asked with a grin.
You chuckled. “Most mornings. Can we get coffee before we go to wherever we’re needed?” You pleaded.
“Of course.” He smiled politely.
Whilst Roman drove you placed a gentle hand on his arm. He slid you a glance before taking your hand in his own and giving it a squeeze, causing you to blush.
“You look beautiful today, if I may say so, detective.” He stuttered, cheeks going red.
“Not that you don’t look beautiful every day... you do! You always do, its just that uhm… your makeup really brings out your eyes!” He continued.
You gave him a soft smile and leaned over to kiss his cheek, the nude gloss leaving a perfect kiss print on his cheekbone.  
“Thank you, Officer Roman.” You replied.
You both stopped by a small independently owned coffee shop on the Southside. It was ran by two teenagers in college and you always made a point in supporting small businesses. Roman had been shocked to say the least; he’d thought you were a Starbucks girl. But Starbucks in your opinion wasn’t worth the hype.
That kiss on the cheek would be the first of many that week. You maintained appearances, low cut tops, skinny jeans, flawless make up and kept up the flirting. But you soon realised you were maybe trying a little too hard. So, you went back to the regular t-shirts, but kept the eyeliner.
One evening, you were having drinks in Molly’s when Roman walked in. His eyes immediately went to you. You and Erin had just finished an undercover op at another bar on the other side of town and were still wearing your UC clothing. For you, it meant a pair of dark red leather trousers and a top that barely covered your chest along with a pair of heels that were sky high, a matching jacket was thrown over your shoulders.
He forced himself to tear his eyes away, but couldn’t when a man approached you. You began flirting with him as his eyes raked over the exposed skin of your chest. When you giggled at something the man said, Sean felt the poisonous sting of jealousy. He wanted to be the one to make you giggle like that, be the reason you smiled. Hell, he wanted to feel your body writhe under him as he-
He cut himself off with that thought, realising there’d be no way he could conceal his erection in the jeans he wore.
You eventually grew tired of what the man, who’d introduced himself as Chad was saying. He was an investment banker, whatever the fuck that was and the giggles out of your mouth were faker than Kim K’s ass. Helplessly, you searched around the bar. Mouse was flirting with a girl, and Jay and Erin were making out in the corner. That left Adam- who was pining over Kim or Sean. You ran your tongue over your teeth and smirked.
“I’m really sorry, Brad-“
“It’s Chad”
“Whatever. My boyfriend is over there and I haven’t seen him all day so I’m going to go. It was great talking to you!” You exclaimed before hopping off of the bar stool and sauntering over to Sean. Once at his table you sat down next to him and kissed his cheek.
“Hey babe.” You greeted, loud enough for Chad to hear.
You nudged him twice and he got the message. “Hey beautiful, how was your day?” He asked, pulling you into his lap.
“It was great, thanks. How about yours?” You replied. The two of you continued the conversation, but it was pretty obvious it was no longer an act.
You were still sat on his lap, laughing at something he said, when he leaned forward and kissed you. Passionately. Fiercely. And a thousand times better than what you had imagined. You moaned into the kiss as his hands trailed down your torso.
Before he pulled away. “Oh my god… I’m so sorry… its just-“
You kissed him again, gaining a few wolf-whistles in the process. “Get some, Spooks!” Mouse screamed, causing the girl next to him to look at him strangely.
You arched a brow at Roman. “My place or yours?” You grinned.
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bssaz97 · 11 months ago
Meeting Xing and Citrine Part 2
Part 2 of a collab I’m having with @tanakaclinkbeard, hope you all enjoy this as much as we did. 😊
(Last Time)
(Present Time)
Xing pulls his prosthetic hand, a bit surprised. Citrine jump up in fear as well at Yang yelling.
Xing: Huh?
Yang: Your arm! Why do you have a prosthetic? Did something happen? Did someone hurt you? Who did this to you?!
Ruby: Yang, please calm down, you’re scaring them.
Xing: Oh. Uh. I was born without my arm.
Yang: ....oh.
Ruby facepalmed at her sister’s response.
Xing: Sorry. *looks down*
Yang: Oh no, nononono, there’s nothing for you to be sorry about lol guy. I’m sorry, I just got spooked is all.
Ruby: *whispers* Yang!
Citrine: ...But it's cool right?
Yang: Um, yeah! It’s like super cool! Look we even match, see?
Yang shows off her own prosthetic arm.
Citrine giggles a bit.
Citrine: Mama told me Auntie Yang thought that her lost arm was why Xingy didn't have one!
Yang: Wait is it?
Ruby: Yang.
Yang: Sorry. So... Xing, do you wanna come inside?
Xing turns to Citrine who nodded Xing turned back to Yang.
Xing: Okay.
A few minutes pass by since the two children were welcomed into their small home, Yang is seen in the living room with the boy and girl.
Ruby then walks in with a plate of sandwiches in hand.
Ruby: Here we are, I’m sure you two must be very hungry.
Citrine gasp and went to grab a sandwich.
Ruby: I hope you like them, I know I might not know your taste buds, but if you’re like your brother and sister I think you’ll like it.
Citrine looked up a bit confused.
Citrine: Brother and Sister?
Ruby: Oh right! You haven’t met them. *takes a frame from the fireplace* Here they are sweetie, this is Rowan and this is Summer, they’re fraternal twins. Or twins that are not a bit different.
Citrine takes special attention to Summer.
Citrine: She looks like me!
Ruby: That’s right, isn’t she pretty?
Xing: How old are they?
Ruby: Well, they’re a bit older than you two are. They’re both thirteen years old.
Xing looks at them more.
Xing: They look nice.
Ruby: Thank you. Do you have any siblings Xing?
Xing: *shakes head* No ma'am.
Ruby: That’s ok sweetie, I’m sure Citrine loves to spend time with you though.
Citrine gives a cheer and runs up to Xing and gives him a kiss on the cheek, resulting in bits of the sandwich staining his face. He wipes it off and grabs a sandwich for himself.
Xing: Gross Citrine.
Ruby: So cute… 🥺
Citrine: Where Uncle Zwei?
Ruby/Yang: ...Uncle Zwei?
Xing takes out his scroll and shows a pic of himself, Citrine and someone around 17-18 with Silver eyes and similar red and black hair to Ruby's wearing a white cloak smiling into the camera.
Xing: Him. *pointing at the third person in the image*
Ruby: *stares in amazement* Whoa…
Yang: Yeah…
Xing had a basic idea of what’s happening but Citrine still looked confused and repeated her question.
Ruby: Um, he’s a... he’s currently on a mission! Right Yang?
Yang: Yeah! He’s gonna be away from home for a long time.
Xing stares at the sisters clearly not believing them, while Citrine goes back to eating more sandwiches and toning them out.
Xing: ......
Yang: So Xing, what do you two like to do for fun? Any games that you play?
Xing: ...I play soccer. My mom said dad use to play it.
Yang: Your dad? ...I see, well then. You kids wanna play some soccer?
Xing shakes his head and turns to look at Citrine.
Xing: She's a sore loser then it comes to Soccer. It's weird.
Citrine: I'm not a sore loser!
Xing: Sore loser.
Ruby: Awww, that’s ok sweetie. What games do you like to play?
Citrine: ...I like Sonic and Pokemon.
Ruby: *gasp* Me too!
Yang: She’s a sore loser too, just so you know.
Ruby: Am not!
Xing smiles and laughs a bit.
Yang: ...Say, I’m gonna go get something, and I’ll be right back. Ok lil man?
Xing: Kay mom.
Yang makes her way upstairs, after a few minutes pass, Yang comes back holding something behind her back.
Yang: Hey Xing, guess what I got?~
Xing: Hm?
Yang: *shows off a soccer ball* Ta-da!
Xing eyes light up and he jumps up and speed-walks up to Yang. He does yell but it goes above his usual quietness.
Xing: Ball?
Yang: Yeah, ball ⚽️
Xing: Can I hold it?
Yang: You sure can 😁
Xing grabs it and begins to juggle it between his feet.
Yang: Say, nice moves.
Xing: *continuing to juggle the ball and then bounce it on his head* Thank you!
Yang: ....Huh, so this is what motherly pride feels like.
Ruby: Yup, it’s great ain’t it?
Citrine stopped eating her sandwich then walks over to her mommy and began to climb her.
Ruby: *tilts her head down* Hm, where are you going missy?
Citrine: Up to your head!
Ruby: *giggles* You wanna see up high?
Citrine: Yeah!
Xing: She climbs everything.
Yang: Oh so she’s a lot like you were sis when you were her age.
Xing: Uncle Zwei was also like that.
Ruby: Must be a Rose thing I guess. Sweetie, you wanna go really high?
Citrine: Yes Yes!
Ruby: Ok, but you better hold on tight, this may get a bit bumpy, Kay?
Citrine: Okay!
Ruby: Ok, here we go!
She activates petal burst and she uses her semblance to fly around and go outside to fly high above the trees.
Citrine shrieks in joy as they fly around.
Finally Ruby settles back to the ground, deactivating her semblance and returning to her physical form, carrying Citrine in her arms.
Ruby: Did you have fun?
Citrine hugs her tightly.
Citrine: Yeah! So much fun!
Ruby: Glad you did... wanna go again?
Citrine: I wanna tell daddy first!
The smile on Ruby’s face begins to gradually fade and her smile slowly falls. Her... daddy.
Xing stops bouncing the ball when he say the look on his face.
Xing: ... Auntie?
Ruby: Daddy... he uh... he’s not here right now sweetie.
Xing once again catches on faster than Citrine who only looks at her mom in confusion and tears begins to form in his lilac eyes.
Citrine: Is he on a mission with Uncle Zwei?
Ruby: ...Yes, Yes! They left on a mission together, so he’s not going to be here for a while.... I’m sorry sweetie.
Ruby hugs her new daughter tightly, kissing her forehead.
Xing turns away from them and begins to walk off so Citrine couldn't see his face and sat on the floor pulling his knees up to his face as tears started to fall desperately trying to hold them in.
Yang sees him wandering off, deciding to follow after him. Once she finds where he was sitting, she sits down beside her new son, hesitating a few moments before wrapping her prosthetic arm around his shoulders.
Yang: Hey lil man, what’s got ya blue?
Xing: ‘sniff’ He's dead, isn't he?
Yang: ....Yes, he is I’m afraid.
Xing could stop himself from letting a quiet sob as the dam broke and a stream of tears began to fall. He couldn't control himself despite his attempts to stop himself.
Yang brings her other arm to wrap around the boy, rubbing his head and whispers sweet nothings to him.
Yang: Shhh, I know baby I know.
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tobswrites · 9 months ago
Shut Up, I’m not Scared!
Hey! I just finished, a certain part of School Briefs, (pretty sure it was Chapter 13 in the way the site I use is formatted) and turns out, Bakugou hates scary stories, or so it’s implied, so I wrote this real quick! 
“She dropped me off just at the end of the street,” Mina continues with her storytelling, or for that matter, an actual ghost story that has been following her for years now.
Usually Bakugou wouldn’t be one to join shit like this, he won’t admit to himself, any less his friends, but fucking stories like this, scary ones, horror and ghost a like just didn’t suit well with him. They always gave him an unwanted thrill, a fear that prickled him.
But he stayed goddammit, first it was for that shitty red head, who begged for Bakugou to come join the rest of the ‘Bakusquad’ in the lounge area, using those famous puppy eyes of his, like what the fuck. At times those eyes of his reminded him of a Shiba Inu, a little dog with little eyebrows just like Kirishima’s own.
Kirishiba, he huffs, laughing at his own pun.
That’s beside the point, Kirishima had stuck to his side for the beginning of the night before he scooted closer to Mina to hear her story better, so there was no real reason for him to stay since his only incentive had left him.
Though if he walked out now, he would probably be called a sacredly-cat for leaving in the middle of Mina’s stupid story. Sure, he could always act cold, brush it off, but he was sure that Kaminari would mention it, and fuck that idiot knew his weakness, he’ll tease him and try to do that reverse psychology shit.
“As I passed the first house, the darkness seemed to get thicker, heavier even, it felt like I could climb on top of it, walk on it.”
He had no real reason to be afraid, a lot of the shit they were spewing was load of bullshit, exaggerated to make the story more enticing.
They pull all the tricker, using the fact they’re all going to die one day, darkness, even fucking shit like bugs are enough to pull anyone to fear and anxiety. They use the darkness, something that relates the brain to rest and sleep, relaxation, using your comfort against you. Throwing you into the unimageable in pure darkness when you’re greatest sense is gone, sight.
“And I could feel like someone was walking behind me as soon as I passed the second home, I did the trick with the makeup mirror, opening it up and looking at the reflection behind me. And there was no one, not a single person, but as soon as I was about to close the mirror, I swear on my life a black shadow moved.”
“It was just your fucking shadow.” Bakugou comments, stiff in his words as he was tensed.
Mina shakes her head rapidly, “Na-uh, I swear, there was no lamp post or anything, but I swore there was this like, black mass or something.”
“Someone was pulling a fucking prank on you with their quirk.” He says next, trying to calm his own nerves.
“What a shitty person.” Jirou says, calmly as she twirls one of her earlobe jacks.
“Guys!” Mina pouts, crossing her arms, “Let me finish!”
Bakugou groans, but waves his hand nonetheless, letting her finish as he falls back on to the sofa, looking at Kirishima who looked completely entranced with this sort of shit.
“Anyways!” Mina quickly says before anyone else has anything else to say. “I was almost home, I could see my neighbor’s house, so I started to walk faster, taking larger steps and all, I was practically running.”
She fastens her speech, like she was losing her audience and wanted to get the story to end, which thank fucking god.
“And as soon as I got to my doorstep, key out and all, I felt safe, I made it, I remember thinking but as soon as I entered the key into it’s whole, I felt my entire body freeze up, chills on my spine, and for a second I swore I could feel a hot puff of air on the top of my head.” Mina gives the audience an example, puffing once before continuing on.
“I shrieked and swung a fist, uppercut style,” she says proudly, but soon slumps her shoulders, “but there was no one.”
“Please tell you had it all video tapped.”
“Yeah! Security camera’s bitch!” Mina snapped her fingers, “it even records a separate video using infrared! You know, for those invisible using quirks? Well guess what? There was absolutely nothing caught! No body, no heat signature! No nothing!”
“Not even the puff of air on your head?” Kirishima as, flattening down a hand on the newly washed hair.
But Mina shakes her head, “None, I thought for sure I would catch something…but holy shit I thought I was gonna die, because the next thing I knew, I felt…” she shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t know, I felt free, the darkness didn’t look to dark anymore either, and that feeling of being watched? It was gone.”
“It was your brain cell kicking in.” Bakugou jokes, which Mina simply glares as Kaminari and Sero were the only one’s snickering.
“Sorry about that, I was sure it was my day to use it.” Sero joins in, causing Bakugou to even snicker.
“Okay, okay my turn!” Kaminari stands up, shooing Mina from her original seat.
“What? Go tell it from there!” She points from where Kaminari came from, but the blond wasn’t having it, pushing Mina causing her to fall to the side.
“My turn.” He says, plopping himself down while Mina whined about being injured, Kirishima gave her a smile of reassurance before the girl decided to take a seat next to Bakugou and away from the other idiots.
“Kaminari this better not be I thought I was home a lone but guess my mom was there story.” Jirou leans back, arms behind her as she smiles at the blond who only pretends to laugh at Jirou’s joke.
“Very funny, but no, okay, get this guys, I was visiting my gramps on the country side,”
“Oh hell no.” Mina says, shaking her head and throwing her arms cross one another several times.
“What?” Bakugou glances at her, confused.
“That’s where all that real shit is, tell him Kirishima, tell him that’s where the real shit is at.”
“That’s where the real shit is at.” Kirishima confirms, nodding his head in affirmation at Bakugou, and soon after smiling at the blond with a quick wink.
“Well, then buckle up Mina, because you know this shit is about to be even more real.” Kaminari says, looking stupidly serious.
Bakugou then tenses, already feeling the fear from the hype the two were giving it. Fucking shittt.
It was during the summer, so the nights weren’t as cold as they usually were. Crickets and frogs could be heard left and right, yet not one in sight to be seen.
He was a kid, he explains that it was late, but his mother, auntie and cousin had stayed up to talk, play and keep them entertained since they, the kids, were having a hard time sleeping.
“Then out of nowhere, I got hungry,” he laughs, patting his stomach, “And I begged my mom over and over to take me to the kitchen to get some food, since we lived in those separated room homes? Where the bedroom was it’s own building…”
“Like fucking courtyards? Open air yards?” Bakugou comments, not realizing that he’s speaking more often than usual.
“Yeah!” Kaminari smiles in graditide, “Well anyways, my mom told me to shut it but my auntie felt bad for me, and told me she’ll take me. So she picks me up.”
“Wait hold are you?” Sero stops him, creating a curious crowd.
“I was like, uh, probably seven? Six?”
“This could have been a dream!” Mina groans in annoyance, “are you sure this is real?”
“Yes! Yes it’s real!” Kaminari says, irritated now, “guys come on! I didn’t interrupt you Mina!”
Mina hums, asking for forgiveness and as soon as Kaminari accepts, he continues on.
“She was holding on to me, and as soon as we walk into the pathway to the kitchen there was this little thing by one of the walls. Just standing there, looking at us. It had a little ball on his hands, I’m pretty sure it was a football my cousin and I were kicking around earlier that day!”
The creature was hunched, or so says Kaminari, looked at both him and his aunt with a looking spooked like it didn’t expect either of them to come out so late. Before Kaminari could even figure out what he was looking at, his auntie had grabbed a baseball bat, another toy the kids had left around and started swinging it, yelling out words Kaminari couldn’t understand.
The creature then straighten it’s back, looking even more shocked than before, but the ball was still in their hands, holding it tightly, just a moment away from popping from it’s sharp claws.
Kaminari’s badass aunt had started marching towards it, Kaminari’s young brain still not yet comprehending what he was seeing, or even understanding why his aunt was so scared as she started swinging harder and faster.
It seemed like the creature finally got the hint his aunt was gonna beat his ass, as it turned around and started the attempt of climbing what Kamanari said was a concrete wall. The ball was now passed in one of his hands, trying to climb with it, but when it realized it couldn’t he had to let the ball go.
It climbed to the very top, turning back around on it’s fours to look at the two before jumping to the other side.
“After that, I got my snack and we made it back inside no problem, turns out my mom had her own adventures too! Said they found a nasty looking spider, like good thing I wasn’t there! I would’ve passed out!”
“Wait,” Bakugou backtracks, not at all noticing he was holding in a breath before talking, “what the fuck was the thing?”
Kaminari took a second to think before shrugging his shoulders, like it didn’t matter. “I dunno.”
“Dude!” Kirishima pipes up, “how could you be so chill? That’s creepy!”
“Hey man, it was years ago, and I haven’t seen or experienced any weird shit since then!”
“It could have been a hyosube.” Jirou had her phone out, the only light source causing her face to be luminated. “You could be cursed for life buddy.”
Kaminari playfully plays her off, “Come on Jirou, don’t say that.”
“Fucking stupid is what this is, I’m going to sleep.” Two scary stories were enough right? He doesn’t need this shit, and he’s sure if he hears another one of those fucking stories, he wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight.
Kirishima nods in affirmation, “Yeah guys, Imma call it a night too!” he hops up from his seat and trails behind Bakugou.
The remaining four watch the two go, and as soon as they walk into the elevator close, Mina quickly whips her head back to the other three.
“Tots saw how Bakugou was hella tensed right?”
Jirou hums in confirmation, “Dude wouldn’t stop talking, he was totally nervous.”
“Come on guys leave him alone, the dude can’t be all perfect.”
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blushie14 · a year ago
Scaredy Cats [Skephalo]
So, this will be interesting, heh. The two are gonna watch a horror film in this one. I basically summarized/created the "horror film" in this story -w-. Heads up, there will be small mentions of gore during the "film." I swear after that it's not that bad. o-o (Or is it? I honestly don't know. Enjoy :P)
"Aw, come on!" Zak whined.
"No! I'm not doing this! I refuse!"
The two of them have been bickering about this for more than a few minutes now. It all started when Darryl visited Zak for today. It was a long, but fun day.
They did a lot of random things together. They played a few games, including a bit of Minecraft. They challenged each other to do dumb things, even placing bets. They also decided to cook something together, which started off serious until... let's just say that a lot of food has been wasted today.
Time flew by, and the both of them didn't realize it was already dark out. Zak really enjoyed the other's company and didn't want him to leave. In fact, he asked him if he wanted to stay and have a movie night.
Now, Darryl definitely has no problem with watching a movie with Zak. He also had no problem with staying over (Zak kept insisting). The real problem was that Zak chose a horror film. A horror film!
"But Darryllllll!" Zak continued to protest.
"No buts!" Darryl started to whine. "You know how much I hate scary things!"
"Oh come on!" Zak put on a frown, starting to fake cry. "Do you not wanna watch a movie with me?"
Zak of course got him wrapped around his finger. Darryl stuttered and tried to reason with him. "I- No! Look I-I want to watch a movie with you! Can you please pick something else?"
"But.. I wanna watch this one.." Zak held the movie case with the creepy looking cover in front of him, looking at Darryl with pleading eyes. A few seconds of silence passed before Darryl gave in.
"Okay, we can watch this one." Zak perked up and started to prepare everything while Darryl was already feeling uncertain about this. "Do you promise that this movie isn't that horrifying?"
Zak raised an eyebrow as he started to microwave some popcorn. "Hmm, I don't know. I haven't watched it yet."
"You what?!" Darryl's eyes widened. His uncertainty was starting to turn into full on regret. He sat on the couch putting his hands on his face, and groaned.
"Oh my goodness, this is such a bad idea.." He heard low rumbling thunder outside and let out wince. "Did we have to watch this during a dark and stormy night?!"
Zak put the popcorn and some other snacks on the table. "Yes! This makes it so much better!"
"That doesn't make it better! This makes it even worse!"
"Darryl, it's not even raining that hard yet. Come on, I bet that the movie isn't going to be that scary! This is gonna be so much fun!" He smiled as he finished setting everything up, and sat next to Darryl. "Now do you wanna watch the movie or not?"
Darryl pouted, being a little indecisive. He wouldn't want to, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad watching it with Zak. It might be a little fun.. He sighed. "Fine... but we're keeping the lights on!"
Zak giggled at him. "You're no fun."
Darryl immediately got defensive. "Hey! I'm just saying that.. that much darkness isn't.. healthy."
"Okay, how about this? I turn off the living room lights, but I'll get one small lamp so that we won't be completely surrounded in darkness."
He paused a moment before sighing again. He nodded. "I guess that's good enough."
As it was lightly starting to drizzle outside, the two boys got themselves comfortable. There was a small desk lamp set up on the floor, dimly lighting up the living room. The movie started, opening with eerie yet depressing piano music.
The overall mood of it all started off as depressing. As the title sequence started, a single car was driving down a long road. While listing the cast and production members, a family is seen in the car. The family consists of a single father and two teenage daughters. None of them were smiling.
Zak glanced at Darryl for a moment and then completely turned to look at him and groaned. "Dude, seriously?! Stop trying to hide!"
Darryl had his face planted on a small pillow from the couch. He didn't budge as his muffled voice spoke up. "You didn't say I couldn't hide my face."
"The movie hasn't even-!" He stopped, facepalming in disbelief. "Don't hurt my brain! We've literally just started! When has something scary ever happened right at the start?!"
Darryl looked up, slightly embarrassed as his voice got a tad higher in response. "I- I don't know! You never know, okay?!" He squishes the pillow tighter, nervous laughter pouring out. "I don't like this at all Zak."
Zak lightly giggled and scooted closer to him. "Come on, we got this. We are not gonna be scared because of some stupid movie, okay? We are ducks, not chickens."
Darryl couldn't help but smile a tiny bit, becoming a little more relaxed. "You're the duck, you muffin top."
- .
It turns out the story started off a bit more melancholic as the two of them expected. The family moved into a new house because of their mother mysteriously disappearing. The father wasn't able to support the family and the house on his own.
Admittedly, Darryl did get drawn into the lore. The two sisters were comforting each other, obviously distraught over their situation and were nearly convinced that their mother was dead. They were looking for ways to either find her, or communicate with her.
Darryl was distracted when they took out many creepy looking books to help them, which gave Zak the opportunity to scare him. He slowly and quietly leaned into Darryl's ear, and blew.
"WHAT THE MUFFIN!?" Darryl screamed and spazzed out as the sudden gust of air sent tingles down his spine. He looked at Zak laughing his head off. Fear quickly turned into anger.
"YOU LITTLE-" He let out incoherent noises, lightly slapping Zak's arm a tiny bit. "DON'T. DO THAT!"
Zak took deep breaths as he calmed down from his laughter, still giggling a bit. "I'm sorry! I'm so so so sorry!"
Darryl pouted in order to keep a smile from creeping up to his face. He huffed and turned to look at the screen, crossing his arms. "No! That wasn't funny!"
Zak snickered as he hugged Darryl's arm. "It was kind of funny!" Darryl felt his cheeks heat up as a small smile eventually appeared on his face. He couldn't stay mad at him for long.
- . .
Things were now starting to get eerie. After the girls performed a ritual they found in one of their books in hopes to bring their mother back, they went to bed and woke up to find that their mother came back.
The two girls and their father were so happy that she came back, but the two boys who were watching felt that something wasn't right. She was overjoyed when she greeted them, but acted like she wasn't even gone for a couple months.
In fact, she was aggressively dismissive about it. It was unsettling to say the least. "All that matters is that I'm here now... right?" The father was really worried about this, but the two daughters figured that their mother's behavior was a side effect from the ritual they performed.
A little later in the movie, one of the sisters began to hear a strange voice. It was coming from her mother's door. Whatever that voice was, it was very deep, menacing, and didn't sound like it belonged to a person. Suspenseful music started to play as the girl slowly reached for the door knob as the voice became louder.
Darryl felt Zak shrink into his seat as both of them were practically preparing for a jump scare. Zak groaned. "You think that if anyone heard noises like that they would just run out of the house, right!?"
The door opened and the music stopped as the girl sees nothing. Zak stared intensely at the screen, and Darryl took the opportunity to spook him back. His hands quickly touched his shoulder and let out a small scream.
"jESUS Christ!" Zak jumped, and put a hand to his face before laughing a little. "You're not funny, Darryl!" Darryl only let out squeaky giggles in response, both of them looking back at the screen.
The timing couldn't get any better as a disfigured looking face resembling her mother popped up in front of her, letting out an ear piercing shriek.
Darryl let out a startled shriek, suddenly clinging onto to the smaller boy. Zak did the same, wrapping his arms around Darryl as he screamed as well. The girl sat up from her bed and screamed until she realized that it was a nightmare.
"OH MY GOD!" Zak shrieked out, letting go of Darryl. "WHAT WAS THAT? WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?!" Darryl still had his arms around Zak, and wrapped him into a closer hug. He sat in silence for a moment until his quivering voice spoke up
"Oh my goodness. I'm just gonna... keep you like this for a while, o-okay?" Zak felt a warm blush appearing on his face and smiled, saying a soft "okay.." He hugged his scared muffin in return, both of them feeling a little calmer.
- . . .
Zak was on the edge of his seat while Darryl was wrapped like a burrito in blankets. They were near the end as everything was going horrifically wrong. The two sisters were desperately trying to escape the house as they figured out that their mother was a demon in disguise.
"YOU IDIOT DON'T JUST STAND THERE! RUN!" Zak shouted, as one of the girls started to cry in front of the twisted looking version of her mom. The movie switched into the girl's perspective. She was looking at the creature's hand, holding her father's decapitated head.
The tall demon screeched as she quickly scurried towards the girl, bones crunching with every movement she made. Her long neck twisted around as she gave a sinister grin and kept crawling. "HOLY SHIT!" Zak shrieked out as Darryl stares in horror, too terrified to call out on the other's language.
The movie switched into third person again as the demon's long and sharp fingers grabbed onto the girl's face, dangerously close to her eyes. Darryl quickly pulled the blankets over his face. He couldn't look.
He didn't dare look up as he heard the girl's bloodcurdling scream along with a sickening crunch, with a squelch. Zak on the other hand, was so shocked that couldn't take his eyes off the screen. He didn't say a word as he hugged Darryl, reminding them both that this wasn't real.
- . . . =
The movie ended with one of the girls escaping, and the credits rolled. "Oh my goodness.. it's finally over." Darryl let out a sigh of relief while Zak nervously laughed to lighten up the mood. "This movie wasn't ...that bad."
Darryl poked his head out of the covers and pouted. "What no! This movie was awful, I hated it. Never again!"
Zak giggled in response. "But it was a good horror movie!"
"Yes, and that's why I hated it! It was so scary.."
"It wasn't THAT scary."
"Yeah right! It was so scary! You were screaming so loud that your neighbors probably heard you!"
Before Zak could argue back, a bright flash of lightning along with a loud boom of roaring thunder happened. The hairs on the back of their neck immediately raised up, Darryl letting out a startled yelp as Zak practically could've jumped out of his own skin.
Suddenly the TV turned off. The small lamp that was dimly illuminating the room shut off. They both sat in complete darkness, coming to a chilling realization.
This was a blackout.
- . . . =)
Darryl was shaky. Normally being in the dark wouldn't be that much of big deal, but he was already starting to get paranoid. "Oh my goodness Zak I can't s-see anything.."
Zak tried to shake the feeling that he was secretly freaked out too. They both knew the fact that they just finished watching a horror film made this situation a hundred times worse.
"Okay, calm down. I'm going to look around the house so that we can find something like.. I don't know, a flashlight." Zak turned on his phone and cursed to himself when his phone was a little low on battery. "Here, I'll even let you hold this."
Darryl held Zak's phone and turned on its flashlight. The rain was coming down hard as more thunder was heard. They both stood up until they suddenly a loud crash was heard from the kitchen, freaking out the both of them.
Zak mumbled "oh my god" repeatedly while Darryl clung on to his arm. "What was that? Zak?! What was that?!"
"I don't know. I don't know. I'm actually getting sacred. I don't know."
Darryl's heart raced, trying to calm down. "It.. sounded like something heavy fell in the kitchen. Should we check it out?"
Zak was hesitant in checking the kitchen out, but he needed to go there anyways. What if there was something useful in the kitchen cabinets? "Okay, lets go."
Darryl slowly walked towards the kitchen with Zak following closely behind. He froze and swore his heart stopped when he saw something on the kitchen floor. "Zak, w-what is..?" He pointed at it, and Zak also felt his heart stop for a moment.
There was a huge mess on the floor. A smeared, watery, red mess on the floor. Before anyone could jump to any conclusions, Zak leaned closer to get a better look at it, and glad that he did.
"It's just the tomato sauce from earlier." He looked at the huge pot on the floor, stood up, and sighed. "How did that ended up falling? I thought I put it away"
Darryl shook his head and replied with urgency. "Nevermind that. Let's just search for a source of light, okay? Your phone is starting to die."
The two of them searched the drawers and cabinets. The most useful things they could find were batteries and a single lighter. Zak groaned as they couldn't find anything else. "I guess we also have to look in.. the basement."
Darryl gulped. "The basement?" Zak opened the door to the basement and froze. It's so dark, nobody can see a thing. "Why do basements always have to be so creepy?!" Zak thought to himself.
Zak pushed Darryl forward, mostly joking about it but also a little scared to go down there. "Hey! No! Zak don't you dare! I'm not going in!"
Zak laughed a little but also begged him to go down there. "You're the one with the flashlight! You go first!"
"No! I don't wanna go down there!" He handed Zak his phone back.
"Okay fine! I'll go down there.. by myself." Zak started to walk forward trying not to be intimidated by the darkness.
"Waitwaitwait." Darryl suddenly hugged Zak from behind. "Let me go with you."
Zak laughed and turned around. "What the heck?! Make up your mind!"
Darryl whined. "I'm sorry! I don't wanna be left alone!" He paused, looking away as his face turned pink. "I also didn't want to leave you down there too, you fatty."
Zak lightly giggled, already feeling less scared. "Alright, here." Zak grabbed Darryl's hand and smiled. "I'll lead the way, so that way I can protect you."
They both walked down the stairs as Darryl pouted. "What? No, I will protect you."
"No way, I'm the one who will do all the protecting."
"No you won't, I will!"
The stairs creaked as they made it to the basement. There were many boxed stacked against one another. A chill went down Darryl's spine. It was pretty cold in here. Zak already started to look through a bunch of boxes.
"I know that there has to be a flashlight somewhere. Let's keep looking."
Darryl opened up a box and searched through it, trying to adjust to the dark as Zak had the flashlight. He gasped as he found candles. "This could be useful!" He thought. He was about to tell Zak what he found, until he heard something.
He turned around, and felt his blood run cold. He saw something in the corner of his eye slipped through a few boxes. A figure that looked white...
Darryl frantically started to talk. "Zak we need to go! Now!" Zak looked up, alert and confused. "What? What's wrong?"
"I-I saw something! Something white that went in between the boxes! Something white!"
Zak gulped. He knows that Darryl wouldn't make that kind of joke, but he desperately wanted it to be a joke. "Darryl p-please no- don't do this. Not now."
Darryl's voice only became desperate. "I'm being serious Zak we need to leave!"
Just their luck, Zak's phone battery became too low and the flashlight turned off. They could hardly see each other. As if the situation couldn't get any creepier, they heard rustling somewhere in the pile of boxes. Were they even alone?
The rustling suddenly became louder. Whatever was making that sound was getting closer as boxes started to fall over.
"Y-You know what, you're right. Forget the lights, let's just go. GO!" They both ran for the stairs until Zak shrieked. A lot of boxes just fell on top of him, knocking him to the ground.
"Oh my gosh, Zak!?" Darryl lifted a few boxes away. "Are you okay?! Za-" He stopped talking when he saw him, surprised to say the least.
"ROCCO?!" Zak shouted in bewilderment. The two stared at the dog at a lost for words. Rocco was on top of Zak as he started to lick his face. He was slightly covered in... tomato sauce.
That was when Darryl started to put two and two together. Rocco knocked over the tomato sauce in the kitchen. Rocco was the white thing he saw in the corner of his eye. Rocco was the one that knocked over the boxes.
Rocco was behind everything this entire time.
Darryl broke out a grin, letting out a laugh of disbelief as his anxiousness faded away. "Zak, I think your dog has been the one scaring us."
Zak lightly grabbed his dog's head, taking a closer look at him. A look of realization hits and he laughed when he saw the mess on his dog. "You have got to be kidding me! What?!"
Darryl giggled and kneeled down to pet Rocco. "He's such a good boy yesh he is!" As Zak tried to stand up he felt something on the floor and gasped. "Dude! A flashlight!"
"Oh my goodness, really?" Darryl beamed. The battery compartment was open, but empty. Zak grabbed the batteries in his pocket and put them in his flashlight. It worked, brightening up most of the basement.
Darryl let out a little "yay!" and clapped a little. Zak looked like he could breathe at last. "Oh my god I can finally see!" They both stood up and looked at Rocco. Darryl smiled sheepishly. "Aww, maybe we should clean him up a little."
Zak brought his dog out of the basement while Darryl held the box of candles he found and the flashlight. While Zak was giving Rocco a bath, Darryl decided that he would clean up the tomato sauce in the kitchen. It took longer than expected, being that Zak had the flashlight while Darryl was slightly in the dark, but he didn't mind.
Darryl finished up and went to check on Zak. He just finished up cleaning Rocco and was trying to dry him up as much as he can with a towel. "Stupid blackout won't let me use the stupid hair dryer." Zak pouted.
Darryl lightly laughed at his childish muffin. "Here, lemme help." He grabbed another towel to help dry Rocco's fur. They made some progress as Rocco was almost completely dried up. Darryl got an idea.
"Ooh! Zak, what if we put Rocco in one of your hoodies?"
He gave a confused look and laughed. "What, why?"
"Because it would be adorable! He would be all snugly in a hoodie!"
Zak chuckled. He did like the idea of it. "Okay. I'll finish up here. I'm sure you can find a hoodie in my room, so take the flashlight."
Darryl was hesitant to take the flashlight. "You sure you'll be fine without any lights?"
"Yeah I'm fine! Besides, it was your idea. Plus, I got my doggo!" Zak smiled while hugging his dog.
Darryl smiled back at the two being cute. "Alright then."
Darryl went to Zak's room with the flashlight and searched in his closet. As he searched, he eventually found a Skeppy hoodie. "Perfect!" He went out to see that Zak and Rocco weren't in the bathroom anymore. "Zak? Where'd you go?"
"Over here!" Zak's voice was coming from the living room. He walked over there and took a moment to observe the atmosphere.
The room was dimly lit with small candles placed around. It was still raining outside, but the storm seemed to have calmed down. Rocco and Zak were on the couch with a lantern next to him. Darryl sat right next to him and smiled when Zak wrapped a blanket around him.
"Where did you get that lantern?" He handed the hoodie over to Zak.
"It was in the box of candles you found. I figured I could use it too." Zak managed to put the hoodie on Rocco. He held the lantern and giggled a bit as Rocco snuggled up against him.
Darryl felt his heart flutter at the scene, and smiled. These two were being adorable, but he couldn't help but admire the raven haired boy for a moment. The glow from the lantern made his smiling face look brighter and more radiant. He would take his picture right now if he could.
Other than his adorable looks though, he was taking a moment to adore him just being... him. Tonight was pretty terrifying, no doubt about it. And yes, sometimes he would be such a ragamuffin and scare him even more. But despite all that, Zak also managed to make him feel happy.. comfortable.. loved...
"Earth to Darryl? Why are you staring at me you weirdo?" Zak laughed. Darryl barely snapped out of it and murmured out loud.
"Zak, have I ever told you that you're the light of my life?"
Zak was caught off guard as he felt the heat rise up to his face. "Wh- How-" He started laughing at the flirtatious pun and looked away. "Since when have you learned to talk like that?!" He usually wasn't the one to be a smooth talker.
Darryl beamed when he realized he successfully managed to fluster him. He was proud, but also a little embarrassed that he managed to say that out loud. He decided to push a little further.
"Since I realized how much I loved you."
Zak brightly laughed a little more. "Okay, no." He smirked as he pulled Darryl closer to him. He cupped his face as their noses touched, instantly making the taller one's face go red.
Darryl went completely silent as he wrapped Zak into the blanket with him, hiding his flustered face into the other's hair. Zak faintly giggled, hugging him closer.
"Stick to being cute..."
Typing the creepy bits while listening to eerie music in the dark was intriguing :D ...
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frost-queen · 5 months ago
Goodbye’s (Fem!Reader x Theo Putnam)
Requested private by: @audreyjensenghostface​, Forever tag: @grey-girl​, @missmelodramatic​, @spxce-frxckles​, @theletterhart​, @elllie-does-the-posts​, @coupsnflower​
Summary: Reader’s parents have to move out of Greendale because of a new job. Reader doesn’t want to tell Theo to break up, cause it will hurt them both. They decide to try the long game. 
Tumblr media
How on earth were you going to tell him. Tell him that you needed to part with him… not by choice.
It was Friday evening when you were sitting on your bed with headphones on. Your favorite upbeat song that put a smile on your face, was blasting through the speakers. You were humming along while scrolling through your phone. Scrolling through old pictures of Theo and you. Wobbling with your feet, you moved to the beat of the song. You were so invested in the song that you didn’t hear your father knock on the door and enter. You didn’t notice him asking you something, till he came over to you and nudged you on the shoulder. Surprised, you pulled your headphone down, hearing the song faintly continue. – “Can you come downstairs? I have something to tell you.” – your father asked. – “Sure.” – you happily replied. He made his way back to the hallway as you staid in bed for a moment. You stopped the music, unplugged your headphones, and tugged your phone in your jeans pocket before heading downstairs. A nice warm feeling swallowed you whole when you came down the stairs. The fireplace was crackling, giving the house it’s warmth. At the bottom of the stairs, went you straight to the living room, knowing they might be there. They were.
Your father was sitting at the table across from your mother. She had a nice cup of coffee before her, smelling the aroma. When your father noticed you in the door opening, he invited you over. – “Take a seat dear.” – he pushed the chair at the head of the table back while you walked behind your mother over to it. Taking a seat, you noticed several documents on the table. Neatly placed by your father’s hands. Moving your chair a bit closer to the table, you were ready to hear them out. – “Alright, what was it that you wanted to tell me.” – folding your hands, you glanced back and forth between them. Father and mother shared a quick look before smiling. – “Honey…” – your mother started, placing her hands on top of yours. – “You know your father and I have been struggling to find a new job…” – she reminded you of it. You nodded, knowing indeed it was hard. Ever since the economic changes within the company, lost your parents their job. To afford living, they took on some smaller jobs to keep the money coming in. You helped as well, washing people’s car, or asking to babysit, small things that could help the family.
“Well…” – your mother continued, looking up to your father. – “We have excellent news.” – she didn’t need to tell you; you could already guess. – “You have found a new job?” – you exclaimed. She nodded, making you squeal loud. – “Mom I’m so proud! I told you things would work out again!” – you congratulated her, knowing how hard the past few months were on her. – “I also found a new job.” – your father called out, happy for himself. – “What?” – you excitedly said, not believing your ears. – “Dad! That is amazing!” – you hugged him, thrilled that your parents have found a job again. – “What is it?” – you asked, calming a bit down. Your mother started first, moving some hair behind her ear. – “I got a job in accounting.” – she told you, making you smile at her. – “Your father got a job as a salesman.” – you clapped happily, glad to see them thriving again. – “Theo would be excited as well when he hear the news.” – you said, taking your phone out. You couldn’t wait to tell your loved one the news. Your father slowly pushed your phone down, making you look up. – “There is more we need to tell you, Y/n.”
“What is it?” – your happiness started to fade in suspicion, seeing the look in their eyes. – “The job we got…” – your mother started. She sighed soft, hesitating to continue further. – “The job…” – your father tried, swallowing his words back in. You kept looking back and forth between them, feeling the anxious crawl up your skin. – “What is it?” – you called out, slapping your hands against the table. You couldn’t stand it that they didn’t speak further. – “The job requires us to move.” – your mother finally, carefully said. – “To another house?” – you tried to rephrase the question, panic written all over your face. – “To another town.” – she clarified, making you gape at her. – “Out of Greendale?” – you shrieked out; your voice terrifyingly high. Your parents both nodded, nervously. – “But my whole life is here!”
“I have Theo here! Roz, Harvey! Sabrina! Baxter high! I have to give that all up?” – you couldn’t control your voice anymore. It was shaking, trembling, going up and down. It went all directions, making you sound terribly unstable. Your father tried to reach out to you, but you slapped his hand away. – “Don’t!” – you hissed at him. Some tears rolled down your cheek, making you sniff loud. Both your parents gazed shamefully at each other. Flapping your hands before you, you tried to cool your little meltdown, down. – “I’m very happy for you.” – you cried out, trying to sound sincere. You were, it might just be uncertain with the tears. – “I truly am… but I …I…” – you felt a sudden knot in your throat, blocking the words that you wanted to speak out. Sobbing loud, all you could do was surrender to your tears. – “Darling we know…” – your mother comfortingly said, moving her hand over your back. – “We wished it was different… but finding a job here in Greendale was impossible.” – your father tried to ease the situation by stating facts. Sniffing loud, you knew he was right. – “I guess we can manage…” – you sobbed out, hoping Theo wouldn’t drop you. Theo and you had something wonderful going on, you didn’t want it to end.
After texting Harvey, you sighed loud, tugging your phone away. Swallowing deep, it spooked you to tell Theo the truth. Tell him about the move out of Greendale. His house felt strange in this light. In this state of mind. Like a weird taste in your mouth that suddenly popped up. Everything you ever felt or endured with Theo in there, felt like a foggy dream. A dream, you didn’t fully lived. There were suddenly a million more thoughts in your mind. So many activities you wanted to do with him. You felt like you hadn’t done enough with him as you did. Your head was messing with you, mixing the sour apple you had to go through with your love for him. Shaking the thoughts away, you forced your feet to go in motion. With shaking knees, you went up to the door. For a second, you forgot how to knock, your fist hovering mid-air. Then like the instructions popped up, you knocked loud, twice.
A smiling face greeted you, excitingly calling out your name. – “Y/n!” – hearing Theo’s voice, you couldn’t help yourself but smile. There was nothing he couldn’t do that wouldn’t make you smile. Theo threw his arms around you, hugging you warmly. – “Come in, come in.” – Theo invited you, pulling his sweater better near the waist. Shaking your head, you didn’t want to tell Theo it inside. You didn’t want to crush the memories you had with him inside the house. – “Can we go somewhere outside?” – you suggested, tugging your hands in your jeans pocket. Theo nodded curiously, telling you to wait a second. You saw Theo grabbed the sneakers, hopping on one foot to put them on. Chuckling a bit, you wished you could frame this moment in your heart. Like a picture, wanting it to be frozen in time forever. Out of breath came Theo back at the door. – “Ready!” – Theo called out, wiping his hand over his forehead. You offered Theo your arm, Theo took it, shutting the door behind him. – “Good to see you, Y/n.” – Theo paused you for a moment to give you a kiss. You swooned inside as you tried to feel the love from it. The kiss felt bittersweet. Sweet from the love you had for Theo, bitter for the sour decision you were about to tell Theo.
The two of you walked towards the pumpkin patch. It wasn’t that far from Theo’s house. No one would disturb you there. It also gave you familiar feeling of home. Greendale in autumn, it’s finest season. Theo let go of your hand, helping you up a hay bay. He then jumped on the hay bay beside you, taking your hand in his. – “Like the old days.” – Theo laughed out, remembering your first harvest season together. – “Like the old days…” – you whispered in repeat, sorrow crawling up your face. Taking a deep breath, you knew you couldn’t avoid the inevitable. – “Theo I am going to tell you something and I want you to listen and don’t interrupt me…” – Theo blinked shocked at you but nodded reassuringly. – “Please…” – you added, looking like a lost puppy at them. – “I’ll listen Y/n…” – Theo moved his fingers through your hair, pressing a kiss against your forehead. You took another deep breath, searching for the words that laid on your tongue. – “Theo… my love…” – you started, turning your gaze before you. Turning it towards the growing pumpkins in the field before you. – “My parents have found a job.” – you explained. You felt Theo squeeze your hand, trying hard to control his enthusiasm. With one glance of you, pressed Theo his lips together, not forgetting your request. – “It is indeed exciting…. Yet that is not the only problem. Their new jobs require for us to move… not just another house, but another town. Out of Greendale.” – you felt Theo squeeze your hand again, a bit different this time. – “I’ll have to leave everything here at Greendale behind. Baxter high, Roz, Harvey, Sabrina… you…” – you turned your gaze to him, the sadness engraved in your look.
“I don’t… don’t…” – the words were harder to found as you actually had to use a lot of effort to speak them out. The knot in your throat, the sour apple was unbitable. The words laid somewhere deep down your throat, but your heart didn’t want to speak them. You didn’t want to know what would happen between the two of you. You didn’t want to lose Theo. You didn’t want to break up with Theo. He meant to much for you to simply do that. Yet keeping a false charade of this would work out, wasn’t going to work out either. Sighing loud, you hoped Theo would catch the hint. He did, moving his head on your shoulder. – “Then don’t say it…” – Theo whispered, holding your hand firmly. – “It’s a minor change…. We can make this work Y/n.” – The hope in Theo’s voice made the sour apple taste a bit sweet. – “Theo are you…” – you wanted to ask him if he were sure as Theo shushed you. Theo pulled his head up, stroking your cheek. – “We are Theo and Y/n. Of course we can make this work. We’ve been through a lot. We’ve fought demons, ghouls, and monsters. I think we can handle a little separation.” – you smiled at Theo. – “You are amazing.” – you whispered out, feeling tears come up. Happy tears this time. Theo was already sniffing loud, pinking a tear away. – “Vacations and Holidays we can spend together.” – Theo suggested, making you nod. The two of you kissed, feeling confident of the outcome.
The goodbye felt strange. Your friends had gathered at your house, wanting to say goodbye. They waited for the last box to be put in the car, before approaching you. Harvey was the first one to come, pulling his hand out of his vest’s pocket. He hugged you tight. – “I’m going to miss you.” – you could hear his voice crack a little, letting you know he was having a hard time with it. – “I’ll miss you too, Harv.” – you replied, sniffing loud. You had hugged the first one and were already tearing up. – “For you.” – Harvey handed you a little box, that you curiously opened. It was a plectrum. His favorite that he used with his guitar. – “But it’s your favorite!” – you exclaimed. – “And now it’s yours. I have many more at home. It’s a reminder of our times in the Freight gang.” – you wiped some tears away, throwing your arms around Harvey. Roz was the second one to take her time with you. – “I’ll miss you very much Y/n.” – you hugged her tight. Roz handed you her favorite book from when she was little. – “To always remind you of our sleepovers.” – You nodded with a smile, trying to keep more tears at bay. Sabrina approached you, already crying herself.
“Who will come up with such great plans when we get into trouble again?” – you laughed between your tears, telling her to come close for a hug. – “You will, you brilliant witch.” – you whispered to her. – “I crafted this specially for you.” – Sabrina pulled out a hand-crafted bracelet. She placed it around your wrist. – “Ambrose did the protection spell on it.” – she let her thumb go over the back of your hand. – “May it protect you and keep you save wherever you go, Y/n.” – the two of you hugged again, smiling between the tears. Then it was Theo’s turn. Theo had been crying quietly, kicking some dirt to cope with the goodbye. Sabrina took her distance from you, leaving Theo with more space. Theo and you just gazed at each other, not needing many words to tell each other how you felt. – “Till very soon.” – you called out, hugging Theo to death. – “Very soon, Y/n.” – Theo responded. – “I didn’t bring you anything, but I can give you this.” – Theo stroke your cheek, giving you a passionate kiss on your lips full of love. You felt it in your bones, the love he had for you. You memorized the kiss in your brain, letting yourself be consumed by it one last time. You waved your friends goodbye one more time, before getting in the car. It all felt real suddenly. You were leaving Greendale.
You were gazing at the stars while talking on the phone with Theo. – “I see the north star, do you?” – you asked, twirling some hair around your finger. – “I do…” – Theo replied over the phone. – “That is where I am. No matter how far we are… we are still under the same sky.” – you said, staring at the brightest star in the night sky. – “Only a few more weeks till we see each other.” – Theo answered. You could hear from his voice that they were happy about it. – “Look at us… making it work.” – you laughed out, touching Sabrina’s bracelet for a moment. – “No force on earth or beyond could break us apart, Y/n.” – Theo laughed out. The two of you staid on the phone till morning. Just talking, listening to each other’s voice. Sometimes you didn’t speak, just listening to his breathing, knowing he is on the other side of the phone. It was going to work. Theo and you could do this long-distance relationship. Your love for each other was too big for it too end. The long distance just made you plan more your future together.
Check out my Masterlist for more CAOS imagine’s and many more.
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chimswae · 11 months ago
BTS Caretaker CH22
Tumblr media
Summary: She may think she has Bangtan Sonyeondan wrapped around her fingers. She may think it is easy to love the members equally without hurting any soul. She may think the boys wont fall head over heels for her. She assumes it is okay to show a little love and affection towards the boys, what if she gets it all wrong? What if it only brings more complication to her already complicated life? Can she survive their charms? Will she be able to resist them? What if they just wont let her go?
- Pairing: BTS x Oc ( Yoongi x OC, Jungkook x OC)
- Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst, Romance, Idol!au
- Word Count: 4, 225
- Author Note: I have been busy working from home :< apparently third wave of virus really hit us hard here, stay safe everyone xx
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Chapter 22 
“What should I wear” Seul rummaged through her closet finding a perfect outfit for her to wear to this so-called date with Yoong. “First of all, why should I pay attention on my outfit? It is just Min Yoongi. Doesn’t mean he is going to show up” she plopped on her bed with sour face.
“It couldn’t be a prank, right? Is he planning to embarrass me?” Seul talked to herself letting out a dramatic gasp in process.
“So, you have a date with Yoongi” her mother voice spooked her a little, causing her to sit up immediately. Mrs Hwang was leaning against the door with a teasing smile on her face. She made her way inside taking a seat beside her daughter “When is the date?” Seul turned crimson red.
“It is not like what you think. He asked me to accompany him to do this stupid bungee jumping” she scowled in annoyance “And it is random” Mrs Hwang gave her hand a soft pat. “Once in a while I’m glad you are living the life like a normal girl at your age” her mother smiled affectionately.
“Living the life like a normal girl at my age, yes. But not with Yoongi” she sassed earning a soft chuckle from the older woman. Seul’s eyes scanned the clothes scattered on her bed trying to spot the best outfit to wear, but it failed her again. Groaning in frustration, she turned to face Mrs Hwang “If I wear this white blouse and skirt, I am not overdressing myself, right?” chewing her lower lips, Seul hoped her mother could be a great help.
As Mrs Hwang soothed the soft fabric, she shot her daughter a bewildered look “Who wears skirt to bungee jumping? You got to be kidding me Seul” realizing her mistake, Seul slapped her forehead scolding her short-minded thinking. Why was she acted all silly today? Was it because of Yoongi? Not this issue again, she had enough.
The older woman pulled out blue skinny jeans underneath piles of clothes and handed it to Seul “Wear this with that blouse you picked earlier, don’t forget to bring your jacket. It is still cold outside” beaming cheerfully, her heavy breathing normalizes. She had no idea choosing an outfit to go out with Yoongi would be this hard, alright maybe she’s the one who complicate things.
“Mind to tell me, what happen between you and the boys? To be exact, Yoongi. You two seem friendly” her expression was unreadable, not even Seul could read what’s on her mind.
“Nothing much, we become friends. The boys are friendly and relatable. I like having them as my friend. As for Yoongi and I, do not have any weird idea because we both are just frenemy? We are not even friend or that is what I thought” her confident level deflated at the thought of Yoongi.
Mrs Hwang eyed her girl with a disapproval look. She was sure there’s more of the story that Seul tried to hide from her. This girl had been showing her resentment towards Yoongi since day one making it appeared suspicious to her.
“Mom, don’t you think Yoongi is a complicated man?” the question had been playing in her head for quite some time, it was matter of time to express it aloud.
“He is a complicated man. But he has the softest heart of all. Seul, Yoongi-ah has been going through a lot of thing in his life. Are you aware that he had depression before?” Seul’s eyes widened in pure shock. It never occurred to her a rough man like Yoongi would have that kind of illness because from her eyes, Yoongi has the strongest character in comparison to others.
“How is it possible? He looks fine to me..I mean…from the way he acted around me, he looks quite strong” she murmured.
Mrs Hwang shook her head “He appears to be strong, but he is a broken young man inside. He too has insecurity. Never trust what they show to you. It is how they mask themselves. What I am trying to say, try to see the other side of them instead of judging how they acted around you. Those boys are still kids to me. Poor kids to experience such thing at this age” she sighed deeply.
Seul forced herself to smile yet it came out bland “It must be hard to live their life as celebrity” she empathized them.
“It is not easy. The only reason why I insist on preparing meals for them because out of all things happen in their life only that makes them feel normal. They work hard all day, shielding their pain and tiredness from the world to chase their dreams. Those boys deserve to be treated like some normal boys, who crave for normal life” her mother’s words got Seul to reflect her attitude towards them back then. She felt small and disgusted of herself. How could she be selfless and refuse to see other point of view? She is not the only one with issues and problems, there are other people outside have awful fate as compared to her.
Her mother stroked the top of her hand and flashed a motherly smile “Do not be too hard on them and yourself. Serious relationship can wait, as for now focus on what makes you happy. Don’t feel burdened by it” her eyes were brimming with tears now. Mrs Hwang could read her like an open book without she needed to tell her everything that had been haunting her these days.
“Aw, why are you crying?” she cupped Seul cheeks, stroking away the tears that started to stream down wetting her cheeks. Seul chuckled softly “Thank you, mom. You are the best” pulling the love of her heart into a tight embrace.  
Will it be harmful to follow the flow of life?
What if someone gets hurt in the end?
What if she needs to make a choice?
Seul shuddered at the though of making a choice when she was not sure of her own feelings.
Bad move, Ji Seul.
Tapping her feet anxiously, Seul was getting annoyed of waiting. The more she anticipated Yoongi’s face to appear before her, the slower the time moved. It was 5PM and he was nowhere to be seen. Not even a text from him, Yoongi stood her up for sure. She shouldn’t have trusted that guy. Grumpy Seul decided to leave the scene before she made fool of herself. Hugging her jacket close to her body to seek warmth, she stood up from where she sat and left the area.
Sound of heavy footsteps behind her along with faint hollered put her steps at halt. Turning her heels to the source of the voice, she was greeted by the image of Yoongi sprinting for his life towards her direction. Eyeing the guy carefully, Seul grew concern “Yoongi are you alright?” he held his palm out while panting heavily.
The weather was cold, yet she could see bead of sweats on his forehead that started to trickle down his milky skin. She felt guilty. Judging from the way he dressed, he did not even bother to put his black mask over his mouth. Thankfully, his signature bucket hat was enough to cover half of his small face.
“Lets sit down, you look dead” she reached out to touch his arm, leading him to the bench nearby. Yoongi leaned back in his seat, steadying his rapid breathing. His heart was about to jump out soon. Seul on the side couldn’t stop worrying over Yoongi condition, she feared the guy might pass out there by any second now.
She used the end of her jacket to wipe off the sweat on his face gently. The small gesture flustered Yoongi but a soft smile was evident on his face as he enjoyed this little attention that he got. “Calm down your breathing, you will be fine in few minutes” she whispered.
Yoongi took the chance to watch how she puffed her cheeks in and out while dabbing the sweats on his face dried. Even to this extent, Seul knew how to shake the deepest core of his heart. How ironic for someone who’s madly in love. Was he in love?
Inhaling a deep breath, Yoongi held her hand down while smiling softly “Thank you Seul. I am fine now. Sorry, for making you wait” he muttered.
“I thought you stood me up. I was about to leave” she grimaced. Not that it was something to be upset of, but she was freezing. Today’s weather was not helping her either. Yoongi chuckled upon his eyes landed on her Rudolph nose, and gently rubbed it with thumb. Her heart pounded madly at this slight touch, causing her to pull away slowly giving a little space for her to normalize her breathing.
Yoongi softened “I won’t do that because it is a date after all” he winked. She cleared her throat allowing the redness engulfing her cheeks. Seul would never get used to Yoongi sudden change of attitude around her and some more to see Yoongi in different perspective was hard for her. It came to her realization, this softened her as she learnt to accept Yoongi’s rough side. She no longer had negative thoughts on Yoongi well unless he annoyed the hell out of her.
“Are you ready, lets go?” without giving her time to digest, Yoongi had already dragged the clueless girl to the counter. After flashing their admission ticket, one of the workers led the couple to elevator, making their way up to the 24th floor. Her mind started to get dizzy just by hearing the numbers. Just, how tall it would be? She rubbed her sweaty palms against her jeans.
“Yoongi, I am here just to watch you jump right?” she gulped showing off her fear. Yoongi looked at her in disbelief, his forehead creased into a frown “No way, I am dragging you down with me” she shrieked.
Yoongi laughed “I don’t know you are a scaredy-cat” Seul let out a low disapproval scowl, glaring her way to playful Yoongi. “I value my life, so I am not going to jump especially with you. Hell no. You are going to cut off my wire and let me die!”
“That sounds like a good idea. Plotting your murder sounds easier than I thought” he fired back with playful smirk on his face.  
“I KNEW IT! You are planning to kill me since start” she hissed. Bemused, Yoongi swayed his body to face pale Seul, like a reflex she pressed her back against the elevator “Wait, wait. Don’t come close. I know what you have in your mind” she squeaked.
Clicking tongue inside his mouth, he trapped her between his body, tilting his head with an amused look, “You can lean on me. You will be fine” he whispered dangerously close to her ears. Seul felt extremely high right now. Yoongi quickly pulled away when he heard the ding sound opening the door not long after. Seul walked after her with flushed face, as her mind diligently spout curses after curses.
The staffs greeted them warmly assisting the couple to get ready with the safety gears before their jump. Seul kept on pestering Yoongi about not wanting to jump with him but to her dismay, the stubborn guy won’t budge and pretended like her cries never existed. He insisted of bringing Seul down with him which was sounded absurd to her.
What was his motive?
Yoongi walked over to Seul as he noticed how she appeared scared and panic, making it hard for the staff to put on the safety gears on her. He motioned the staff to let him take over the task which he gladly complied. The staff left not long after giving the space for the couple. Her gaze who at first diligently scanned the area seeking for some sort of strength were now on Yoongi. His hand found its way to her waist, clasping the gear near her torso. The closeness of their body was killing her heart instantly.
“Relax Seul. It will be fun and as soon as you open your eyes, you will realize it is already over” fiddling with the clasp on the other side of her waist, he whispered. “It is never too late to back off now” he exclaimed.
“You should have said that sooner!” she gasped in delight. Yoongi rolled his eyes at her response knowing how unpredictable this girl could be, what did he expect from her again.
She is Ji Seul for pete’s sake.
Yoongi shot her disapproval look upon seeing Seul showing her agreement on his words “So, you are planning to waste my money and just watch me jump?” he teased her in hope this stubborn girl would find even the slightest guilt in her heart. Which appeared to be none.
“I didn’t ask you to spend your money on me. In fact, who brings a girl to bungee jumping on their date!” he heard her protest as her lips was tugged into a small pout. He’s going crazy over Seul, everything that she did was either too cute or sexy to him. Insane.
He snickered “You consider this as a date then?” she found herself being cornered. As much as she felt like smacking the sense out of Yoongi, she was trying to contain her annoyance and anger at once. If an only she could smack Yoongi hard. She would gladly do that.
“That is not the point. The point here is no one brings their date to a 24-floor building to do free jump. THAT IS NOT ROMANTIC AT ALL”
“Missy, it is not a free jump it calls bungee jumping for a reason. I have no idea that you want to do romantic thing with me, I will schedule our second date as soon as possible” he sneered sarcastically.
“Whoa hold on! No more dates with you! Your definition of romantic would involve scary thing like this one” she knocked Yoongi’s head over his helmet causing him to groan in frustration. Did her nasty remarks weren’t enough now she’s using her fist to harass him? Great, he had to put up with her weird antic, again.
Yoongi put on the small helmet over her head, squishing her face just to annoy her “That is up for me to decide, now let’s get ready. We are going to do the free jump” he gave her cheeks last squish, pulling the girl with him to the platform.
She could feel rush of fear in her blood stream, as she gulped upon her feet landed on the platform. Her grips on Yoongi’s arm tightened as soon as she saw the dizzying image beneath her feet. Seul felt like bursting into tears right now, and Yoongi sense the girl trembling hand.
“Are you ready?” one of the staffs stood at the edge gave them an encouraging smile.
Seul took a small peek at the image underneath her again, and quickly hid her face in Yoongi’s soft arm. “Yoongs…I don’t think I can do it” her inaudible mutter was crystal clear in his ears. He softened and told the staff to give them a moment. Yoongi released his hand from her strong grip and cradled her head in his hand “Do you trust me?” his sugary smile melted her heart. Her fear earlier on starts to subside, even though she was not confident whether she could handle the aftermath of the jump.
“If anything, happen you will be responsible. But what if you let go my hand” she blinked her tears away. Seul’s biggest fears were height and she had never been good in coping with it. Yoongi awed at her change of attitude in contrast to Seul sassy and fierce side, she could be a baby sometimes.
He encircled his arm around her body, embracing her tight “I will not let your hand go, trust me alright? Let’s do this” he stroked her waist. Yoongi slid his hand underneath her thigh, lifting her up causing the girl to squeal.
“MIN YOONGI WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck in reflex.
“So, I won’t let your hand go?” he said with a cheeky smile showing of his gum.
“This is your plan?”
“Let me down. It is even scarier this way. I am like one floor higher!”
“Just hold me tight Seul. Stop complaining!”
“How can i-YOONGS YAH-“ she screamed loudly when he purposely dangled one of his legs of the platform. Seul could feel his body wobbled to regain balance making the girl to clutch onto his back shirt tighter.
“I fucking hate you” she spouted some vulgar words out of annoyance.
Yoongi let out a low chuckle “Language, Seul” he signalled the staff that they were ready to jump, “Ready your heart, this is going to be the best jump!” he whispered softly. Her nervousness doubled as soon as she felt he moved slightly closer to the edge of the platform.
“Oh my god, this is bad idea. You are dead meat min yoongi” she buried her face in his shoulder, biting it slightly to ease her nervousness. It came out really naturally not that she wanted to flirt him in the middle of their life or death.
With a last smile, Yoongi pushed his body completely off the platform while holding onto Seul closed to him “OH GOD” she squeaked upon the cold breeze hit her already freezing skin. Yoongi pushed her upwards a little causing the latter to squeal fixing her position so she was more comfortable.
Both of them bounced a little following the tightness of the wire, a wide grin never left his face since then. He had fun holding onto Seul in his arms. The happiness that he never felt before.
When she opened her eyes, she found Yoongi was staring into her dark orbs. Confusing as it sounded, Yoongi was using his eyes to communicate. Ugh, only if she could decode it. His gummy smile was back on his face “I told you it would be fun and I won’t let you go” he leaned closer, however Seul buried her face at the crook of his neck shyly.
Why was she feeling embarrass and affected by this?
Biting his lower lips, Yoongi stroked her back as they waited until they descended safely on the ground. He set her down as soon as they feet landed on ground. He helped Seul to take of her safety gears, and she thanked him, avoiding his gaze at all time. Yoongi liked to see her shy side, for some reason he looked calmer than her fierce side.
The couple bowed politely as gratitude before leaving the site with mixed feelings inside. Seul and Yoongi walked side by side in total silence. They seemed to enjoy the cold breeze and the empty street. It was calming this way. To her distaste, her belly gurgled loudly as she patted it to quell its sound from being heard.
His brows quirked in amusement “Someone is hungry. Let’s find something to fill that empty tummy” Seul looked down embarrass with her own weird antic. Out of all day, her stomach acted weird only to throw shades on her face.
“Any idea where to eat?” his lips were pressed into thin in a deep thought.
“Fish cake and ramen?” she suggested.
It was his turn to protest “Who eats those on a date?” he scoffed.
“You consider this a date?” she teased.
“Yes I am. Unlike that someone” his response made her pout slightly.
“Killing yourself is not a good date!” she disagreed.
“But you survive. Thanks to me” Yoongi intertwined his hand with hers before she could say something nasty again. “Let’s get your fish cake and ramen” Seul swore to god, one day she would definitely straggle this man for dragging her around without her consent.  
The couple ended up walking further along the river, and Yoongi’s handsome face alight with merriment as his eyes fall upon the small convenience store. Coincidently, just beside the store there was a small stall selling their hot fish cake. They entered the store selecting their favourite ramen, and Seul insisted on paying the food considering Yoongi had spent his money on the force free jump. Even though he never agreed on it yet who could stop Seul?
Exiting the store, Seul set her ramen on the table “You take a seat, I will purchase the Eomuk!” she exclaimed in excitement. Reluctant, Yoongi sat down watching the girl swaying her body happily purchasing her favourite food.
“Aigoo, young lady. Why are you out in this weather without extra jacket?” the old lady shook her head showing her concern. Seul rubbed the back of her neck with a sheepish smile “I was in rush, so I forgot to bring extra sweater with me. Don’t worry, I am fine” the old lady handed her the fish cake in a cup.
“Are you on a date?” her eyes travelled to Yoongi as the corner of her lips was tugged into a meaningful smile.
Seul smiled nervously “He is a friend of mine. It is not like that”
“You two make a great couple. Be happy” she thanked the old lady and made her way to Yoongi. She sat across him, placing their food on the table “What took you so long? Did the ahjumma know me?” he asked with curiosity.
She cringed “Why would she? You are just Min Yoongi” “BTS Suga” he corrected.
“Yes, bratty BTS MIN SUGA” she rolled her eyes. Seul ignored the guy in front of him and started to dig in. Ramen and fishcake are the best combination for this cold weather. At least her empty stomach now was well fed. Occasionally, she would steal a glance at Yoongi. He was struggling with his food as it appeared to be too hot, yet he insisted on pushing the noodles inside his mouth.
Their humble dinner was quiet and calm without their endless banter. For once, Yoongi and Seul could sit together in one place without throwing shades on each other. That was a huge improvement.
“Can I ask you something?” Yoongi put down his chopstick, resting chin on his palm. It made him even cuter than he already is. Seul tried to focus and stopped herself from ogling the man in front of her.
“Go on”
“This is quite personal though” she gave him an assuring nod letting him to continue. After the talk that she had with her mother this morning, she was determined to change her attitude and treated Yoongi better if he didn’t pick any fight with her.
He gulped the heavy lump on his throat “Do you like Jungkook and Jimin?” he questioned. The questions were rather unclear to her, yet Yoongi was dead curious of this. The mere thought of it made it hard for him to fall asleep.
“Of course, I like them. They are kind and friendly”
“You do realize they like you more than just a friend, right?” Seul froze at his question. Not this again, she thought no one would question her this after that night. “I know Yoongi. They told everyone about it” her palms started to get sweaty again. She disliked this intensity.
“Have you given it a thought? Whether you are going to accept them or reject them?”
“I can’t sort my feelings right now. Everything happens so fast. I never thought of this to happen even, so I am sorry if I appear selfless. However, I have made it clear to both of them that i don’t have the answers with me. I can’t stop someone to fall in love. Love is too subjective. What I know now, I am giving them a chance. A chance for them and for me to discover my feelings further” sighing deeply, Seul looked disturbed.
Yoongi gazed at her face longingly “You are reconsidering their feelings?” she nodded in response. He ran his hand along his neck, giving it a little massage as he continued “There is still a room for someone in your heart, am I right?” she threw a weird glance at his way.
“Of course. I haven’t made up my mind, it is still available. Now, why are you asking me this?” she examined his expression with so much interest.
“Just wondering if I have the chance. Seems like I do have the chance” he muffled.
“Excuse me?” her eyes rounded staring at him blankly.
Realizing his foul mouth had said something that he was not supposed to, Yoongi arose from his seat “Lets head back! I must get to the studio in an hour. I will walk you back” he started walking away leaving dumbfounded Seul in her seat.
“YAH!” she strutted behind him following the guy quietly. I swear I heard him said something about him having a chance. Was it just me? Seul moaned mentally not liking this game that he played with her.
Don’t be weak now Yoongi. This is not right. Yoongi mentally scolded himself.
  This work belongs to  Chimswae © 2020. All Rights Reserved
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redhairedwolfwitch · a year ago
The Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do - Legacies x Noralise!Daughter!Reader
There’s a Mummy on Main Street
“Dr S.” Kaleb began as he walked into where Alaric was.
“Kaleb, we just spent 6 hours in a van together-”
“I can’t find MG.”
“What do you mean?” Alaric asked in confusion.
“I just checked in with his hall monitor but he missed curfew. Monitor said he tried calling you.” Kaleb explained causing Alaric to check his pockets.
“Ah, that guy from Triad Industries took my phone.”
“Ah, right, whatever. We gotta find him. This ain’t the night for vampires to be walking around unchecked.” Kaleb stated.
“Have you seen Landon? I thought he’d be down here with Raf for moral support? Also, Y/n’s nowhere to be seen but I thought she’d be with Lock.” Hope explained.
“Lock and Raf aren’t here.” Alaric stated, staring out at the night sky.
“Wait, what?” Hope exclaimed
“The supervisors said neither of them checked in. And now MG and Y/n are missing too.”
“But it’s a full moon.” Hope stated, the howling of all the school’s werewolves echoing throughout the corridor.
“I don’t know why my locator spell didn’t work. Also Y/n’s GPS tracker is down so her phone’s dead...”
“You know it means someone’s cloaking them or-” “They’re dead. I know.”
“What possessed them to leave campus? Why would they be so irresponsible?-” Hope cut Alaric’s ranting off. “They wouldn’t. Something must have happened. Y/n usually barricades herself in her room on full moons before Lock came. Something about her nightmares as a kid-”
“Hope!” Alaric exclaimed as the torchlight landed on Raf on the ground, panting.
“Raf! Raf? Are you okay?”
“MG... Landon... Y/n... Lock...” Raf rambled, panting hard.
“Hey, what’s going on? What happened?” Hope asked but Raf just turned to look at her, droplets of blood on his chin.
“I can’t remember.”
“Something caused you to shift back before the full moon was over...” Hope began to realise causing Raf to panic.
“What kind of something?”
“Usually trauma. Something bad happened.”
“We don’t know that.” Emma responded, turning to Hope who looked terrified.
“Five of them left and only one came back. Something bad happened.”
“For the record, I didn’t know grand theft auto was part of the plan.” MG grumbled, covering his face from view as you walked with Lock behind them.
“It’s not stealing if you return it...” Landon began but you just tutted.
“It’s stealing if we’re caught before it’s returned.” You grumbled, wrapping your arms around yourself as your thoughts took over. 
“They’re bound to get caught if they don’t get back before the full moon is out.” Nora exclaimed, glaring at Landon and his stupid ideas.
“Maybe Raf’s right, maybe this is a mistake.”
“No, the truth is never a mistake.” Landon began but you cleared your throat.
“Whoever fed you that fortune cookie is an idiot. Just because the truth is never a mistake as you put it, doesn’t mean it won’t hurt like hell if you’re told what you don’t expect to hear.” 
“Okay, thanks Miss Pessimist.” Landon replied sarcastically before pressing the doorbell.
“After everything Y/n’s gone though, sometimes I wonder how she’s still standing...” B/m/n remarked causing Mary-Louise to chew her lip. The foreshadowing was intense right now... she had to admit internally...
“Uh hi mom...” MG began causing you and Lock to exchange looks from where the two of you were standing at the gate to the house to avoid overcrowding.
“This isn’t going to end well.” You whispered to Lock who frowned.
“Why? What’s going on?”  “When MG first joined the school, arrangements were put in place... I think there’s something about his father and vampirism that doesn’t mesh well... his dad isn’t supposed to know he’s alive... but obviously, if I tell them that, Landon’s going to go hell metal and try get answers anyway...just be ready to call Alaric if this gets too out of hand.” You explained causing Lock to frown.
“How’d you know about the arrangements?”
“Y/n should just tell MG...” “It’s going to crush him.” “I think he’s going to end up crushed, either way, MG is gonna end up with this coming back to bite him.”
“I spent a large chunk of the semester MG joined, last year, practicing spells to make me invisible... it’s a speciality to Gemini witches, siphoner or not. I overheard the conversation Alaric had with MG’s mother, chunks of it, at least, anyway.” You elaborated causing Lock to just nod, glancing at the door.
“You were right. This was a really bad idea.” Lock mumbled as Raf managed to nudge MG and Landon away from the door.
You and Lock sat in the back of the Salvatore School car as Landon and Raf conversed outside. The two of you were silent as MG stared into space.
“I’m sorry MG.” You whispered causing him to just grunt.
“Hey, Raf’s right, my dad’s not gonna want a vampire in the family, it is what it is.” MG stated as he hung out of the car window. Lock just let out a quiet growl, turning to press her face into your neck as you hugged her.
“Family sucks.” She whispered causing you to just sigh, swiping the tear away that had trailed down your cheek.
“They’re cute together... Landon isn’t going to give this up, is he?” “No, I don’t think he is...”
You were staring into space but by the time you saw the newspaper Landon had, it was too late.
“We can do both.” Landon stated causing you to glare.
“Landon, don’t be a dick, if we don’t make it back in time, it puts a lot of people at risk.” You growled causing Lock to shift and glare at Landon.
“Fine, you two go back.” Landon stated causing you to glare more.
“Hope asked me to keep an eye on you three. I’m not breaking my promise. Just know, I will spell you all if this goes to shit, well, even more shit than it already has.” You snarled back causing Landon to just step back slightly from the car. 
You shivered as you stared at the church, Lock tensing next to you as Landon guided MG to the open doors.
Your blood ran cold as you realised.
“He doesn’t know.”
“Doesn’t know what?” Landon asked causing you to look at him.
“He doesn’t know MG is a vampire.”
“Oh shit.” Raf mumbled, exchanging looks with Lock as the four of you watched Terrance Greasley hug his son.
You swore under your breath as you siphoned your ring, making sure the chains tying Lock to the tree were secure as Landon helped Raf.
You rolled your eyes as Landon and Raf began to argue, Lock sitting on the ground against the tree as you sat by the campfire, slipping Lock your ring to help her stay calm as her breathing went intensely fast.
“And I hate seeing you in pain-” Raf’s scream spooked Landon as you flinched, watching Lock’s body begin to contort.
“What the hell was that?” Landon asked causing you to stand up.
“Something’s here... Landon, we need to go. MG is in danger the longer that we’re here.” You began, eyes on Lock as she growled at you, eyes glowing bright yellow in the moonlight.
“Landon, we can’t let them loose, stop it!” You shouted but Rafael’s arm snapped back, an elbow sending you flying into the dirt. Lock snarled at Raf for this causing Landon to pause as he jumped back at Raf’s screams.
“This is like a horror movie, but much, much worse...” B/m/n exclaimed as Noralise watched in horror.
“This is the place Hope talked about...” Alaric mumbled, the lights on the car illuminating the forest as Kaleb began to question Alaric on the arrangement Veronica Greasley made with Alaric when MG transitioned.
“Do you smell that?”
“Okay, what is it?” Alaric questioned Kaleb who had a frown on his face.
“Stay away from me, Dr Saltzman I can’t control it. Mouth burning like drinking acid... too damn sweet, it’s toxic... demons, demons all around me.” MG began to ramble. “What the hell is wrong with him?” Kaleb panicked as Alaric realised.
“He’s delusional, which means only one thing... he’s been bitten.” Alaric began.
“He’s a vampire. We do the biting!”
“By a werewolf. Make that two werewolves, he’s got two bites..” Alaric added causing Kale to seeth with anger.
“Rafael and Lock. They weren’t attacked by a monster. They are the damn monsters!”
“Hope’s blood is the cure. The blood of the tribrid. I just hope she can get here soon.”
“I’m still your boy, pop. The boy who sat here and watched you practice your sermons, the boy who still has a lot of good to do. Mom was right, you’re better off thinking that I’m dead...” MG cried causing your heart to break.
“MG...” You whispered before turning away to get Lock into the woods.
“Oh god...” Nora whispered, her hand over her mouth as tears brewed in her eyes.
“You’re wrong. I’m a killer.” “What is he talking about?”
“I bit you...” Rafael realised as he began to remember.
“This is all my fault, Raf, Lock, I’m so sorry...” MG began to ramble.
“Where the hell are Landon, Y/n and Lock?” Hope asked causing Raf and MG to grimace in pain.
“I remember who the monster was.” Raf announced, staring at the suffering MG on the ground.
“Landon, we need to go!” You shouted as Raf snarled at the two of you to run.
“Y/n, GO!” Lock screamed, another bone in her body snapping which made you wince.
“I am not leaving you alone!” Landon shouted, picking up a branch as a weird hissing noise echoed throughout the woods.
“Landon’s going to get them killed!” Mary-Louise screamed as Nora gasped as she saw what you were about to do. “Y/n doesn’t have any magic! She can’t protect herself! No, baby, no!” 
You put your hand up, ready to siphon your ring when you realised you weren’t holding it. Lock had it to focus on for her transformation to keep her calm.
You were screwed with nothing to siphon from.
“Dammit, MG!” Landon exclaimed, throwing the branch to the ground as MG trailed over, his hands in his pockets and his trainers crunching the ground beneath them.
“It’s not safe!” Raf shouted at MG.
“For whom? Because I’m about to kick both their asses.” MG growled causing Landon to look confused and you just gulped.
“I can’t watch this!” “Ahhh, we can’t do anything but watch!” B/m/n shrieked, wishing she could reach out and pull you from the danger. She froze as your eyes made contact with hers...if that was possible.
You flinched as MG vamp-sped over, shoving Landon to the ground before rushing at you and shoving you down next to Landon.
“This is all your fault! You made me come here. You showed me that paper. You put all your crap on me. Then you! You knew and didn’t tell me! You could have stopped all of this but you didn’t...” MG growled, pointing his finger at the two of you as you both scrambled up.
“Landon let me out of these chains.” Raf snarled as Lock began to try get your attention.
“MG, what happened?” Landon asked but he was punched in the face instead, falling to the ground.
“MG, I’m so sorry...” You began but MG’s hand wrapped around your throat, picking you up before his eyes went to Landon’s blood on his fist.
“He’s a ripper, like Lily and Stefan...” Mary-Louise whispered causing Nora’s blood to run cold.
You landed on your ass on the ground as Raf tried to get MG to not focus on the blood.
“MG you can fight this, you have to!” Landon began but MG was crying.
“You don’t understand, I don’t have anything left to fight for! My dad was right, I’m a monster!” MG snarled, the veins around his eyes prominent as he vamp-sped as Landon before you could even move.
“NO!” You screamed as Raf let out a howl, trying to say that it was enough but it was when Landon’s body hit the ground that you knew you were next.
“NO, NO NO!” All three of your mothers screamed but it was no use.
“You’re no angel, you’re a demon, just like me...” MG growled, vamp-speeding towards you. You didn’t have time to siphon as his fangs delved into your neck, everything fading to black as MG screamed in pain.
“What’s happening? Why is he screaming?” “Y/n’s Nephilim blood... it’s too pure, it’s basically toxic.” B/m/n realised before her heart stopped.
You didn’t know your angel blood was toxic to vampires but MG kept feeding until the pain was too much, dropping your body to the floor infront of a now fully transformed Lock who was howling in horror.
You didn’t hear Raf’s scream of despair or know that Raf had been freed from his chains or that with your death, the spell holding Lock in place was broken as she went directly for MG, both Raf and her managing to bite MG before Raf ran into the night and Lock returned to your body, passing out from the trauma next to you.
“She’s coming... it’s too soon but she’s coming...” Mary-Louise whispered, glancing around the afterlife for your ghost.
Hope fell to the floor as the panic and despair ran over her.
Her boyfriend and her best friend had been murdered the night she left.
“When you finished your turn, you got loose and bit MG... Lock was freed as Y/n’s spell was broken when she died... she went for MG too... the trauma reversed you between your wolf and human side... Lock’s with the bodies... her abandonment issues will have made it so she’s too traumatised to leave Y/n and Landon, even as a wolf...”
“I don’t want to remember any of this... Landon’s body is out there with Y/n’s... I’m gonna go find them...” Raf managed to speak before walking away.
Raf kept walking until he stumbled across Landon’s body first, then he spotted yours. Lock was leaning against the tree she had been chained to, she was awake but not entirely there, the path of many tears dried on her face.
Hope’s crying got worse which woke Lock up a little but it wasn’t enough as she trailed over to Hope, staying within your body’s proximity too as Lock moved to pick your body up so it was near Landon’s. 
“Oh god, no...Hope....Lock...” B/m/n whimpered, reaching out to touch their shoulders but her hand drifted through.
The two of you had your eyes open. Like you were staring up at the stars even if there was no light in the eyes of either of you. Hope let out silent screams as Raf held Landon, Lock held your hand with hers whilst your ring was in the other hand before she paused, slipping the ring back onto your finger.
She blamed herself. If you had your ring, you could have siphoned it, protected yourself. Saved you and Landon. Now you were both dead.
Hope hurried to stop Rafael from hurting MG.
That meant nobody was standing near Landon or you as Landon’s body set on fire. The flames hid your body causing Lock to let out a silent scream as Alaric held her back.
“Y/n’s not here, she should be here by now... something’s changed...” Nora realised before the flames ignited higher than before.
A flash of bright light flickered through the flames as they burned brighter around Landon’s body.
As the flames went out, Landon’s body was covered in ash whilst... feathers covered your body?
“I don’t think it’s over... for either of them...”
“What is he talking about?” Nora whispered in confusion as B/m/n had a far away look in her eyes. “Angelo...”
“What’s not over?” Hope demanded, tears falling.
“We’ve been wondering if Landon was supernatural... and Y/n isn’t just a witch...” Alaric explained causing everyone to exchange looks.
The ash began to crackle as Landon began to move. Hope gasped in shock as Landon broke out of his concrete cocoon.
“What’s going on?” Landon questioned before jumping as you spoke.
“Little help here.” 
“She’s alive... our baby is alive...” B/m/n whispered, turning to Noralise who both stood there, tears down their faces and hands clinging to each other.
Lock scrambled forward but Landon turned to help you up, eyes widening at the large wings that now prodded from your shoulder blades before you moved them to behind you. Your arms wrapped around your torso before Lock quickly covered you in her denim jacket.
Your shirt was shredded and she didn’t need anyone seeing you in a bra in the middle of the woods.
“You ever heard of the legend of the Phoenix?” Alaric questioned causing you to let out a breath.
“Or Nephilim falling and rising again?” You added, shivering before Lock’s lips met yours momentarily before she began to cry again.
“Dang...” Kaleb muttered under his breath, his eyes on the cocoon.
“Thank god...” Nora whispered as Mary-Louise nodded in agreement.
Tumblr media
Let’s Just Finish the Dance
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xdischordia · 11 months ago
everything belongs (10.31.20)
( @sugvrpink )
Tyr’d been planning this for months. In fact, it was the longest concentrated amount of time in recent memory that any of Tyr’s friends or family saw him dedicated to one idea without frantically changing his mind over it at least seven times in the process. But this, this was different. This was going to change his life permanently, and he had made sure that it would be as flawless as possible. After all, you can’t redo a proposal, and it’s not like he’s done one before to work off of. 
On paper, everything seemed to be ok, but even now Tyr would catch himself wondering if it was too much, or, worse, not enough. It finally took a brief conversation with Laura to knock some sense into him. ‘Tyr, you could ask her over breakfast while she’s half asleep and still in her pajamas and she’d say yes, don’t get so wrapped up in the aesthetics. Just remember what the end goal is.’
It still needed to be perfect, though. Magical, even. Natalie deserved that much.
When the quarantine first had hit, Tyr’d managed to get a few of his friends to all design some stencils for jack-o’-lanterns, and had already ordered the ring back in February. He’d known from almost the beginning that she was The One but needed to time it right, and Halloween seemed like the right time, for them at least. They’d first spoken the day before Halloween, they both loved horror movies, they’d be in Salem… it landed on a Saturday, it was a full moon - a blue moon, even better - and that way Tyr could use all of his possible resources to make this perfect. Or as close as possible, at least.
His mom had suggested taking Natalie out on a ‘girl’s day’ that morning, for brunch, manicures, and who knew what else, so that would give Tyr and the rest of his family and friends the time to get the yard set up. Caleb, Rhiannon, Rhiannon’s girlfriend Lindsey, and Twig all took turns setting up the lanterns and jack-o’-lanterns leading from the backyard into the clearing out in the woods, with even Audrey making sure that there were enough happy and spooky faces mixed in. Laura had worked on a pretty simple meal that could easily be tossed in the oven without any major prep work, which Tyr was still massively impressed over her ability to handle this while also wrangling an almost-3 month old and a 4 year old on Halloween. The neighbors next door agreed that once they’d get a text from Tyr’s mom that she’d just dropped Natalie off, they’d work their way down the line, turning the electric candles on inside every lantern. It should all go off without a hitch.
Hell, even Liz had taken part in all of this, helping Tyr to pick out a dress for Natalie to wear for their ‘date night’. As he held up the dress, taking a quick look at it before laying it out on the bed, he internally thanked Liz one more time before he heard the chirp on his phone that was the signal from his mom that they were on their way back. The plan started, essentially, now. He finished getting ready himself, tucking the ring box in the pocket of his leather jacket, hidden from sight enough that it wouldn’t be too obvious what tonight was about, and he made his way downstairs.
For as anxious as he’d been the whole day, wanting to finally reach this point, he thankfully didn’t show it, as he greeted Natalie at the door, showing the flowers he had bought for her already on the table, before telling her to head upstairs to get changed into the outfit he laid out for her. It was all going to plan, blessedly, even though part of him still wanted to scream incoherently. From there, it all seemed to be in a blur: dinner was ready before he knew it, and their romantic night in wasn’t even interrupted by the trick-or-treaters, who had been left a generous amount of bagged treats out on the front porch this time around. Natalie seemed none the wiser, and finally, the nerves in his stomach turned into anticipation more than anything else. For all she knew, it was just a nice date night at home, thus the choice of dress for her and how he was in the nicest outfit he could be in that wasn’t a suit: new-ish dark jeans, a black button down shirt, and his jacket. He didn’t want to be dressed too nicely, that would give everything away, right?
So far, it appeared as if she hadn’t caught on to the more elaborate plan afoot, and for her, the greatest surprise was the new dress and the fact that Tyr had taken one of her favorite meals out of the oven. Breathing a sigh of relief that he hadn’t telegraphed everything clear on his face with his nerves wound tightly, he asked her about her day, making jokes and every now and then peeking outside through the window to see the neighborhood kids shriek when they went to grab their trick or treat candy to be spooked by whatever automated decoration they had set off. That seemed to calm him down, slightly, remembering that it was his favorite day of the year, one of the holiest days in his faith, nothing could go wrong.
Clearing the table after they’d both finished eating, Tyr pretended to step outside for a smoke, actually using the time to snap a few pictures on his phone of the set up in the backyard, knowing he’d never remember to do it after the fact. He’d be too distracted for one reason or another, plus it gave him the time to steel himself, and to take a breath. It was also just enough time for him to shoot off a text to the group chat that had been formed earlier that day to everyone who had been involved, to let them know that it was about to happen. Stepping back inside, Tyr walked up towards Natalie, grabbing her hand. “Hey, c’mere for a second, wanna show you something.” It was now or never.
“Ok, cutie, whatever you want.” She laughed it off, thinking it was something Halloween related, which wasn’t wrong, but she knew the importance of today being a major holiday for him, and went along with it, not knowing what was in store. To be fair, she’d do just about anything he asked of her, which should have eased the nerves in Tyr’s body mostly, solidifying that he already knew the answer, but all it did was make his stomach twist in knots even more.
As he led her out the back door onto the porch, the audible gasp from Natalie at the sight of the fairy lights in the trees and the lit up trail of lanterns and jack-o-lanterns leading towards the woods made him smile softly, knowing that this was hitting all the right marks. He hesitated to call it perfect, because he could still trip over his words, or drop the ring when he went to ask her, he was dumb enough to do all of that. One step at a time, they were almost there.
Keeping their hands clasped, he watched as she looked around in awe at the lights, the soft glow illuminating the reds and oranges of the maples and oaks that were peppered throughout the woods behind their property, both above her and below, the crunch of the leaves beneath their feet speckled with the flicker of candlelight. When they reached the clearing, finally, there was the final cap off of the pumpkins, cast-iron lanterns and chrysanthemum bushes, the backdrop for what Tyr knew would be the biggest moment of his life. Moving to wrap his arms around her from behind, Tyr rested his chin on Natalie’s shoulder, gently placing a kiss on her neck before sighing.
“Baby, this is gorgeous, but what’re we doing out here? Is it witch stuff?” Her voice was gentle, soft, still awestruck at everything she’d seen in the prior moments heading out from the back porch.
He hummed to himself, leaving one more kiss against her neck. “Mm, not exactly. It’s vaguely related. You know what Samhain is, right? That it’s the Witch’s New Year, it’s basically the most important holiday?”
He felt Natalie nod before he continued, moving one of his hands away to rest comfortably in the pocket that the ring box sat in, a touchstone to keep him grounded while he let himself speak freely, knowing that if he over thought this, it wouldn’t be Right.
“Sure, yeah, it’s spooky and associated with death and all, but that’s like… the death of your old life. A chance to start brand new. And the fact that I first started speaking to you literally a year and a day ago, right before Samhain… no better way to start a new life, a new year, now is there?”
Feeling more confident in his words, whether this was the Gods helping him to weave the right phrases together or if it was his ancestors spurring on, or if he just actually was using all of his brain for once in a blue moon, he kept going, moving now to face her, glad for the small clearing of the trees that let a sliver of the large full moon glow down upon them. Here it was. This… this was perfect.
“I would never have expected that in a single year, I would find, truly, my other half. My best friend, my soul mate, my North Star. I realize that the detours I made in my life were just the universe and the Gods getting me to find my way back to you, because I know deep down that we’ve been together in past lives. Loving you feels… natural.
“Loving you is continuing. It’s picking up the novel with the bookmark you haven’t touched in years but remembering the plot vividly, like you just read it. It’s the unfinished song whose melody or lyrics reveal themselves at 2 in the morning that you can’t understand why you never saw it before, it just makes so much sense, it was right there. It’s like the warmth of a favorite hoodie, the sip of coffee to start your day from your favorite mug, it’s… everything. Just fitting into place.”
He could already see the tears forming in her eyes, the awareness of what was happening settling in, and it took everything in him to not start crying himself. Sniffling quickly to avoid giving himself away as much as he could, Tyr gripped tighter onto the small wooden box in his pocket, knowing that in just a few short breaths, that ring would be on Natalie’s finger, finally, after months of it staring him down.
“It’s magick. You, everything about you, is magick, is heaven sent, is just… the universe correcting its course. I can’t begin to repay you for it because it’ll take several lifetimes, but fortunately, I think I’ve told you this before, so once this lifetime ends, I’ll catch you in the next one, and I’ll continue the work. Because there is no one else I want to spend this life with. It’s you, it will only ever be you. You’re the only person I want to wake up to every morning and fall asleep next to every night. No one else I want to raise dogs with, watch cheesy Hallmark movies with, plant gardens with, foster baby raccoons with, just… be truly happy with. I love you, infinitely.”
Now. He swore he could feel people watching but he knew that for physical bodies in that clearing, it was just him and her. But he knew that, spiritually? There was a massive audience in attendance. He had to do this right. Pulling the box out, finally, and bending down on one knee, almost as if he’d done this before, in another life, in multiple lives, and in lifetimes to come, he opened the ring box to reveal a natural black diamond ring set. The sound Natalie made sounded somewhere between a laugh and a sob, and he couldn’t help himself either, laughing in joy that he actually was able to do this. With a deep breath, and already a smile on his face, he finished his thoughts.
“So, with that in mind… Natalie Marie Nelson, will you marry me?”
They both knew the answer, which is why when the only response he received was her vigorously nodding her head in approval while sobbing, he felt his face start to hurt from smiling, taking the engagement ring out of the box and slipping it on her finger, her hand shaking from a mix of the late night autumn chill and the excitement of what just happened. Placing the ring box back in his pocket, now closed, Tyr stood back up, immediately pulling Natalie to him for a kiss, murmured ‘I love you’s passing between their lips, the ambient noise of the woods and of Salem in Halloween the backdrop for, yet again, another new year full of change for them both.
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kittinoir · a year ago
You can read this fic on Ao3
Since becoming Ladybug, Marinette did not spook easily.
But when the doors to the lobby of the Grand Paris slammed moments before she reached them and the ground started to violently shake, she did scream. A trap. It had been a trap. The empty lobby should have been a dead giveaway. God, she felt so stupid.
“Marinette? Marinette! Run!”
Marinette whirled from the sealed doors as she felt someone grab her hand. “Adrien?”
And then he was pulling her along after him as he sprinted towards the elevators in the lobby of the Grand Paris. The floor pitched and rolled beneath them. It only worsened as they ran, parts of the floor literally buckling and heaving under them. Jagged pieces of marble rose up like broken sky scrapers. Adrien pulled her around one, narrowly avoiding catastrophe.
And then they were ripped apart as she fell, scraping her palms on the ground.
“Marinette!” Adrien skidded to a stop and came back for her. “Come on, Mari, stand up. We have to go.”
He pulled her back up, and they were running again for the open elevator doors across the lobby. She gasped for breath as they careened around the shattered floor. The two of them bounced off the back wall of the elevator. Adrien whipped around, slamming the close-door button.
Past him, Marinette could see the windows shatter. The shards hovered in the air, then rotated until their sharp ends were pointed like javelins at the elevator doors. Marinette’s heart leapt. “Adrien!” Even as she gasped his name, the glass shot for them. Adrien whirled and grabbed her wrist, yanking her to the ground and covering her body with his.
No. She braced herself for the impact, eyes closed, trembling. With fear, with rage, with desperation, she didn’t know.
But instead, all she heard was the sound of glass shattering as the shards from the window struck the elevator doors and tinkled to the ground.
She risked opening her eyes and found herself face to face with Adrien. Those impossibly green eyes were searching her face. “Are you hurt?” he asked, leaning back.
Marinette shook her head. “I don’t think so…” She concentrated as Adrien slid back against the opposite side of the elevator and she slowly sat up. “I’m ok. I’m fine.”
“Good,” Adrien said. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed. He wasn’t even looking at her. Tension limned his body. His shoulders were tight. She’d never seen him like this before. “What are you doing here?”
“What am I…?” Marinette ducked her head. She couldn’t tell him the truth: that she’d been cornered by an akuma after patrol one day. That Hawkmoth had offered her a trade: the butterfly miraculous, the peacock miraculous, and the guardians book against Ladybug miraculous, winner take all. She could even bring Chat Noir if she wanted, but no one else. He’d stipulated the Grand Paris at six pm in three days time and agreed to a stalemate until then. It had been a strange encounter, and for the first time, Marinette hated her stupid rules, because getting a hold of Chat Noir in that time without an akuma attack would be next to impossible.
And in fact, as it had been her turn to patrol, she hadn’t been able to make contact. She’d left messages, but they hadn’t been returned. She knew it was risky, but she couldn’t let the opportunity slip through her fingers.
“Wrong place, wrong time,” she finally said. “I was supposed to meet Alya and her mom here when everything went…crazy. By the time I reached the doors, they were sealed. What about you?”
Adrien crossed his arms. “I was supposed to meet a friend.”
“Any idea what’s going on?” she asked. She had a pretty good guess, but she didn’t want to risk being the one to say it.
“My money’s on Hawkmoth,” Adrien said.
“Do you…think it’s safe to try to leave?” Damsel-in-distress was not a role Marinette relished playing, especially with him, but she couldn’t risk him associating her with Ladybug in case he was still around after she transformed. It would be a close call.
But she needn’t have bothered, because no sooner had she asked the question than the elevator jerked into motion. It rose at an irregularly slow speed, though none of the buttons had lit up.
“I guess he wants us to stay,” Adrien muttered as he watched the floors tick up.
“You mean you think he’s here?” She wasn’t faking her fear that time. She’d always imagined when she faced Hawkmoth, it would be on her terms, not his. That she’d be prepared. That Chat Noir would be with her. And though Adrien had never truly factored into how she imagined it, she’d always assumed he’d be far away, somewhere safe. Definitely not beside her right in the thick of danger. “I - ow!”
Adrien whipped around to face her. Marinette was staring at the palms of her hands. Blood was smeared on the mirror beside her where she’d braced herself on the wall.
“You are hurt,” he said. He closed the space between them, taking her hands in his, palms up. They weren’t bleeding badly, but it was worse than a scrape.
“It’s nothing,” Marinette said, yanking her hands back.
“It’s not nothing,” Adrien said. He slid off his jacket and tore two strips from the bottom hem. He held out his hands once more, his face softening when she hesitated.
Slowly, Marinette gave her hands back. Adrien quickly wrapped them up and seemed satisfied when the white fabric didn’t immediately turn red.
“Thank you,” Marinette murmured.
Adrien twisted to lean beside her against the wall. “It was the least I could do,” he said.
Marinette looked down, letting her hair hide her face. Did Hawkmoth know who she was? Was this some elaborate trap? Would she have time to transform when they reached…wherever they were going?
“Marinette.” Something about Adrien’s voice sent fear fluttering through Marinette. “When we get to the top, I want you to hide, ok? Stay in the elevator, or duck behind a pillar or something.”
Marinette’s heart skipped. “What about you?”
Adrien’s hands fisted at his sides. “I’ll be fine. But I need to you to stay safe, ok?”
“What do you mean you’ll be - ”
Marinette broke off as the elevator jerked to a stop. The suddenness of the movement nearly sent her flying, but Adrien reached out to steady her. Both of them looked up at the floor display. They’d stopped at floor forty-nine, one down from the top.
Adrien frowned. “What - ?”
A roar erupted above them as the elevator rattled again. Both Marinette and Adrien braced themselves against the walls, grabbing the other as they shook.
“What is that!” Marinette shouted above the noise even as an answer raced through her mind. It didn’t matter. Whatever it was, it was coming fast, and this high up, they had no chance, and no hope. Except…
No. The instinct was so deeply ingrained in her that her heart started to pound in panic. She couldn’t do it, not with Adrien there. She couldn’t expose her identity like that, especially not after…
But if she didn’t, then there wouldn’t be an identity to protect. Ladybug could rip those doors open with her bare hands. Ladybug could save them.
“Marinette,” Adrien said. There was a fierce determination in his eyes she’d never seen before, and it left her breathless. “I’m sorry for - I’m sorry. It’ll be ok. Just, trust me.” He took a deep breath. “Plagg, claws out!”
Marinette stifled a shriek of surprise as Plagg burst from Adrien’s jacket and disappeared into his ring, a green flash erupting in the cramped space. She staggered back across the elevator, pressing herself as far away from him as she could as Chat Noir’s mask flared across his face. It was over in less than three seconds.
The light hadn’t even fully dispersed yet when Adrien started pulling on the elevator doors. They slid open with a groan of protest. Marinette barely registered they they were actually caught between floors, with a small sliver of light shining through the bottom, just big enough for them to slip through one at a time.
“You first!” Adrien said, turning to her, but she was frozen in place. All this time… All this time, it had always been him. Sitting in front of her in class, fighting by her side. She couldn’t…she couldn’t…“Come on!”
He didn’t wait for her to process. He grabbed her by the wrist like he had in the lobby and pulled her to the door. How had she not recognized those eyes? “Go!”
But she hesitated. “You should - ”
“I said go,” he snapped. Marinette steeled herself then, and nodded once before slipping through the crack. Adrien dove after her just as that thingcrashed into the elevator. She heard the cables snap, felt the wind from the metal as it sailed by them, missing Adrien by inches as he tucked and rolled across the marble floor.
Marinette climbed to her feet, wincing. There was nothing but a black hole in the shaft where the shining gold and mirrored elevator had been moments before. Gouges had been torn from the shaft as far up as she could see, accompanied by scorch marks and the smell of smoke. She winced as a crash wailed up the shaft as the elevator finally met the ground level.
“Marinette.” Marinette whipped around to find Adrien - Chat Noir - watching her, his eyes as guarded as she’d ever seen them. He kept his distance, as though afraid to spook her. He’d been impossible to get a hold of, but here he was. And hadn’t that always been the case? The right place. The right time. “Are you - ok? You’re not hurt?”
“I’m fine.” The words came out quieter than she meant them to, but she couldn’t seem to find her voice just then. “I’m…fine.”
“I’m sorry,” he said. He raised a hand as though he might try to reach her, but dropped it. “I’m sorry. No one was supposed to know, but - ”
“I get it,” Marinette said, cutting him off. And she did. They were her rules, after all. “I understand.”
He smiled, and looked like he was about to say something else when a blast shook the room, knocking them both to their knees.
She saw Adrien leap for her, only to get knocked out of the air. “No!” Marinette reached for him, but another shockwave rolled through the room. She felt something sharp strike her temple, and everything went dark.
* * * *
The first thing Marinette became aware of was the stabbing pain in her head. She winced, groaning as she blinked at the light of the setting sun. The last thing she remembered was coming to the Grand Palais…
The sealed doors. The bucking lobby. The elevator. Hawkmoth. Adrien.
Marinette moaned again. Were those…voices? She turned her head towards them, trying to make sense of the scene.
They were on he rooftop of the Grand Paris. Chat Noir was just a few feet in front of her in a defensive stance, his staff out.
“This is between you and me,” Chat Noir was saying. “The girl goes unharmed.”
“The girl is of no concern to me,” Hawkmoth said.
“Swear it,” Chat Noir hissed. “Guarantee her safety.”
“You have my word, Chat Noir” the villain said. Marinette shuddered; she’d seen that vile grin more times than she cared to count in her nightmares. She tried to move, but her body ached. What had happened? “Though I must admit, I didn’t expect Ladybug to send you in alone.”
“What are you talking about?” Adrien’s grip tightened on his staff. “Ladybug isn’t even here.”
“Yes,” Marinette said, pushing herself up, “I am.” She winced as her body protested, but she forced herself up until she was kneeling.
“Stay out of this, Marinette,” Chat Noir said. She could hear the panic in his voice. He hadn’t registered what she’d said, but Hawkmoth… She could see his eyes lighting up, drinking in her civilian face, her name.
“Tikki,” Marinette said, struggling to her feet. “Spots on.”
Marinette met Adrien’s eyes as her kwami disappeared into her earrings and a pink flash lit the rooftop of the hotel. She saw them widen behind his mask as tell-tale tingles raced over her skin. She didn’t miss the shock, the hurt, or the fear there. But in the seconds it took her transformation to take place, they were replaced by warmth, trust, and love. She could see them as clearly as if her own heart beat to the rhythm of him. She felt like her world, which had been tilting off its’ axis for so long now, had suddenly, perfectly, righted itself. And she knew, though it wasn’t something either of them would have chosen, that he had been made for her, as surely as she had been molded for him.
When it was done, Marinette made sure her back was straight as she walked to her partners’ side. She felt better with her Miraculous lending her strength, but an ache still throbbed dully throughout her body.
Adrien was silent as she stopped beside him. She knew him well enough to recognize the bravado as it slid into place, an act she recognized as innately Chat Noir. A smirk lit his face, one brow raised in amusement. Their revelations would have to wait. “Always a pleasure to have your company, m’lady,” he said, turning back to their opponent. “Although a heads up might have been purr-referable.”
“You’re incredibly difficult to get a hold of,” she quipped back. “But your timing remains impeccable.”
“Just lucky,” he said, the words gentle.
“Too bad we can’t say the same for you, Hawkmoth,” Marinette said. “I’m ready to end this. How about you?”
“Looking forward to it, Miss Dupain-Cheng.” Marinette’s skin crawled at her name on his lips. He knew her then. “As agreed: your miraculous for the peacock and butterfly miraculous, as well as the guardians book.”
She felt Adrien stiffen beside her as the deal was laid out. “Those are some high stakes,” she heard him mutter. “Are you sure?”
“I wasn’t,” Marinette admitted as she shifted into a fighting stance. “But now… I am now.” She risked a glance at him. She didn’t know how she hadn’t seen it before. How could she not? But now she could see him plainly, as though some veil had been ripped from her eyes. He trusted her. He believed in her. He believed in them. He knew they could win. He knew she could lead them to victory, and he was willing her to follow her straight into Hawkmoth’s lair if that was what that meant.
“I’m with you, m’lady,” he said with a nod. “Until the end.”
“Until the end,” she echoed. As one, they leapt for Hawkmoth. For their future. For each other.
And that night, the sun set on one world and rose on a new one, as fresh as the dawn and just as hopeful.
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askbittyerror · a year ago
      The little bell above the front entrance gives a small ting as Moose opens it, the box of belongings heavy in his arms. He looks around the shop, pushing the door open the rest of the way and stepping through.
 This... this is finally it, the orca-like monster gulps. It’s his. Zoteara's Bitty Center. Or Moose's now, he supposes.
 Moose sighs, dropping his things by the door and shutting it with a swing of his tail. He flips on the light and walks over to the counter, pulling out the chair behind the register and sitting with his head in his hands.
 Stars, why was he even here? Why couldn't Aunt Anya had picked someone else to run the place after she retired? He was the worst monster for the job! He couldn't be bothered to change out of his pajamas most days, he panicked attacked himself out of college, he still flinched at raised voices, and every plant he'd ever tried to take care of had died! He was an absolute mess! But she still picked him! And he only accepted because-
 The bell rang again and he looks up, a smile on his face.
 That's right.
 Because Mom wanted him to.
 "Hey, sweetie." The white dog monster says, putting the box she carried on top the other one. "How are you holding up? Still nervous?"
 "Yeah..." Moose says, the long, red-tipped fins on his head falling slightly. "How could I not be? I've never done anything like this before."
 "Sure you have." His mother says, coming over to pull his head down and give his forehead a kiss. "You've helped me at the rehabilitation center your whole life."
 "'Helped' is a strong word..." Moose grumbles, pouting when his mother shushes him.
 "Nonsense, dear. You've always been a great help. The bitties love you and you're always so careful with them."
 "I tripped while carrying that Blueberry and fell on my face."
 "But you still kept him safe." She smiles, looking him in the eyes. "You tucked him close to your chest and broke your snout instead. He refused to leave your side until you healed and you two were bound at the hip until he got adopted."
 "And I cried for weeks, just like I always do when someone gets adopted. I'm not gonna be able to help customers without turning into a huge mess!"
 "That's what Huitzi’s for. He'll handle customer service and all you have to do is take care of the bitties." She says, giving him a gentle hug. "You two will make a perfect team."
 "Huitzi hates me!" Moose whines into her fur.
 "No he does not." His mother scowls, pulling back. "He's just bad at showing his emotions and-"
 The bell rings again and Moose tears himself away, relief on his face.
 "Papyrus!" He shouts, tightly hugging the humongous skeleton and tugging him down to whisper in his ear. "She's about to do the Huitzi lecture again, help."
 "Nyeh-heh-heh!" Papyrus whisper-laughs, squinting deviously behind his glasses. "Have no fear my friend, the Great Papyrus will protect you!"
 "Madame Dame!" He says, standing up straight and almost hitting his head on the ceiling in the process. "Might I regale you in my recent adventures in cookery?"
 Dame gives Moose a look of "I know what you're doing and you're not going to get away with it mister" but nevertheless nods.
 "Of course, Sugar." She smiles. "I always love hearing your stories. Why don’t we put Moose's things up and you can tell me all about it."
 Papyrus smiles enthusiastically, the braces on his teeth shining, and picks up both boxes, jogging up the stairs to the apartment without even breaking a sweat.
 Dame gives Moose a pointed look before following.
 "Huitzi will be here soon. Go check on the bitties."
      Moose nods and sprints to the back, not wanting to upset his mother any further.
 He unlocks the door to the backroom and swings it open, flicking on the light to a chorus of tiny groans.
 Moose smiles to himself.
 People? No thank you, people suck.
 But bitties? Bitties he loved.
He slips his bag over his shoulder and drops it on the table in the center of the room, the Tupperware box filled with breakfast thudding inside. There was food here for the bitties sure, but it was his first day on the job! He wanted to make a good impression, even though this was far from the first time he’s been here. And, he was feeling pretty good today, so he made breakfast! The really good kind that was so sweet and fattening that it left you feeling sick afterwards! He really hoped they liked it. He knew he did.
       Moose comes to the first little cubby set into the wall, reaching in and gently rapping his knuckles on the floor. He’s careful to avoid touching any of the strings. He knows what those little blue strands lead back to and he does not want a repeat of what happened the first time he was here. The lacerations and punctures wounds on his hands scarred, and even though the marks are faint against the deep blue of his skin, he doesn’t want to end up with more.
 “Excuse me, Error, Jay? Its eight a.m., time to get up. I brought breakfast.”
 “YAY, FOOD!” A blur of bones and blue feathers shrieks, launching himself at Moose’s face and hugging his snout. “I LOVE YOU NOW FEED ME!”
 Moose giggles, gently prying the bitty off while a pair of mismatched eyes watches him from the darkness.
 “I will, I will!” He says while Jay stares up at him with the cutest look he can muster. “I gotta get everyone else up first!”
 “Aw, come on!” The bitty whines, hugging his thumb. “Pleeeeeeeeeease?”
 Moose laughs again, shaking his head.
 “Go sit at the table, food’ll be served soon, I promise.”
 Jay pouts but jumps from the monster’s hand, spreading his wings and landing on the table with only a few flaps.
 Moose looks back at the cubby.
 “It’s chocolate cake pancakes.” Is all he says to the watcher, but that’s more than enough for the eyes to widen and then vanish.
 A delighted squeal, a tackle and glitchy screeching follow shortly after and Moose grins, moving to the next compartment in line.
       “Sup.”, Luke greets him, leaning casually against cubby’s side with his orange wings closed behind him. “Seems my bro’s excited this morning.”
 “He’s excited every morning.” Moose says back, smiling wider at the Swap Papyrus’ ensuing chuckle.
 “That he is.”, Luke says, glancing over his shoulder when he hears swearing and thuds. He looks back at Moose and shrugs. “Zack’s tryna find his pants. We’ll head to the table once he’s got ‘em.”
 Moose gives him a thumbs up and nods. That Edgy could never find his clothes in the morning. It was frankly concerning how often it happened, but as long as he didn’t have to think about why, he wasn’t too concerned.
       He moves on to the next cubby, grinning at the sight of Paladin pulling on the last arm of his jacket, carefully balancing his snoring brother on his other shoulder.
 “He up late again?” Moose asks, receiving a sigh in return.
 “He was doing something on the internet. Kept watching videos and cackling to himself.”
 “You fear for your safety?”
 “I expect to be pranked as soon as he regains consciousness.” Paladin says with an exasperated but fond look on his face.
 Moose laughs and steps to the side, gesturing behind him.
 “Well, you know where the table is, head on over when you’re ready.”
 “Of course.” Paladin says, dismissing him with a nod.
       On to the next pair then.
 “Hey, taxi’s here.” Moose says, holding out his hands to a very awake Dream bitty and a very not awake Nightmare bitty.
 “FUNK you.” The Nightmare grumbles, rubbing his eye and yawning.
 His brother smacks him upside the head and gives Moose a bright enough smile for both of them.
 “Thank you, but I think I got it today.” He says politely, grabbing one of the now very awake and very angry Nightmare’s tentacles and shortcutting them to the table.
 There’s a whole mess of yelling for a few seconds before it gets silenced by a soft kiss and Moose sighs, shaking his head. Nightshade and Thistle… Were a weird pair to say the least. Nice on Thistle’s part, but still weird.
      He moves on to the next one and-
 “WIGGITY WIGGITY WHATS UP BRAH?” A feathered bitty made of neon and enthusiasm yells, making Moose flinch.
 “Well, dang, sorry brah, I forgot you spook easily.” Fresh grins, both of them well aware that he’s not sorry in the slightest.
 “It’s fine.” Moose sighs, rubbing the bridge of skin between his white eyespots. “Just… Just get Drake and head to-”
 “The table, yeah, I know broski. Same dealio as always.” Fresh says, waving his hand dismissively.
 Moose sighs again and for a brief moment, the bright colors fade away to a more sedate navy blue, the Sans that makes up Fresh’s host giving him a genuinely apologetic smile before being overtaken by the eye melting garishness and infuriating smirk of his passenger.
 Fresh shoots the monster some radical fingerguns before heading back to get his host’s Papyrus and Moose sighs again, deciding to go ahead and move on to the large terrarium sitting against the back wall.
       He gently taps the glass enclosure, making a soft crooning sound and beams as he’s answered in turn, the shy smile of a Dust Lamia Papyrus looking back at him from the undergrowth. Moose picks up the wide scoop hanging off the side of the tank and holds it against a branch, patiently waiting while the bitty slithers up and coils on the plastic.
 “Ready to move, Ghost?” Moose asks, his voice gentle and soft.
 “Please wait f-f-f-for-” Ghost starts to say when his brother flings himself off a rock, Moose catching him easily with his free hand while the purple-tailed lamia cackles.
 Ghost gives his brother a dirty look and Moose just shakes his head, letting Dusty fully coil himself around his arm before taking the pair back to the table. He lays the scoop down so Ghost can get off, trying not to move as Dusty quickly navigates from one arm to the other and climbs down next to his brother. They both give him a smile, although Dusty’s seems more predatory than friendly, and Moose takes the scoop back, hanging it on its hook and letting the plastic tink against the glass.
 Moose just stands there and takes a deep, steadying breath.
Just one more.
 Then after that…
       Moose tries not to pick favorites. Easier said than done, because he always likes one bitty over another no matter how hard he tries, but not picking least favorites…
 Now that was pretty much impossible.
 It’s not his fault, not really. That bitty was just so… weird. He was creepy!
 But also…
 He frowns, fins drooping.
 Really, really sad.
       He knew… He knew something had happened, before he came around. There was a period of time that his Ma just wouldn’t tell him about, no one would! He had asked and asked, but from his Aunts to his Uncle to the bitties to everyone-
 No one would say a thing.
 They would just look away and sigh.
 Moose didn’t know what happened.
 But he knew it left them different.
 And none more so than Rogue.
 From what he’d been told, Rogue wasn’t that great to begin with.
 He was dangerous, evil, didn’t care for anyone beyond what he could make them do and was just horrible in every way-
 But now it was like he had been broken.
 He didn’t move, he didn’t talk, he barely even ate-
 He just sat there.
 In this old, battered crate with dented walls and bent bars, painted with rust and filled with the shattered remains of a home.
 He would just sit, his back to the entrance, staring at this old star projector.
 Waiting for it to turn on.
 And when he did move, when he finally seemed alive-
 He was feral. A rabid, corned animal who screamed and thrashed and attacked anyone that came near with teeth and claws and everything he had.
 He would cry and wail and if he couldn’t go after someone else…
 He would go after himself.
 Moose had patched him up countless times after the other bitties had to practically beat him into submission, bandaging Rogue with delicate hands and wrapping where the bone had been clawed at and chipped with extra care.
 The bitty would always watch at him.
 Watch him with those tired, glitch filled eyes.
 And he would sometimes ask, his voice quieter than a whisper,
 “Kill me. Kill me, please.”
 Moose would always call it a day after that.
 Text Papyrus, head over to his place, pun with Sans, watch some MTT, get strong armed into making an emergency therapy appointment.
 And then life would go on.
      “Hey, hey buddy?” A voice shakes him from his thoughts.
 It’s Ink, staring at him from his little dollhouse on the floor, looking at him from the roof with his brows furrowed in faux concern.
 “You alright there, pal?” He asks and Moose sighs, kneeling down and holding out a hand.
 “I’ll be fine.” He says, smiling weakly.
 Its clear Ink doesn’t believe him, but it’s not like he cares either.
 He just climbs aboard and points dramatically with his brush, proclaiming, “Onward!” and Moose drops him off at the table and ignores the looks, the questions of “Are you okay?” and “What’s wrong?”.
 And walks over to the crate.
      It sits on a low table and Moose crouches, balancing on his toes, his elbows on his knees as he looks inside.
 It’s dark.
 It’s dark but he’s there, he can see him.
 And he knows Rogue can see him too.
 He’s… Looking out for once.
 Looking directly at Moose-
 Looking beyond Moose. Looking at something that isn’t there.
 And he’s grinning.
 Grinning like he won the lottery
 Like he saw something amazing.
 Like all his dreams have finally been achieved.
 Like someone he loved has finally come home.
 Moose doesn’t move.
 Neither does Rogue.
 Error yells from the table.
 “Excuse me, I was promised chocolate cake pancakes! If you don’t introduce me to what exactly that is right the FUNK now I’m flipping this DIGGITY DARN table!”
 And just like that, the spell is broken.
 Moose coughs, his shifting his weight to his heels.
 “W- well, uh…” He says, hands clenching and unclenching, looking anywhere but ahead. “I’ll bring you some pancakes later, okay?”
       He doesn’t wait for an answer and stands, almost running back to the table to dish out food, shivers running down his spine.
 The bitties eagerly dig in and Moose sits, cramming his own portion into his mouth.
But he sees him still, out of the corner of his eye.
 And Rogue’s just there.
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