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Keep quiet, keep quiet, keep quiet

Carlos’ words keep ringing through his head as he does his interviews, reminding him to not talk back, to agree with the journos pressing their microphones under his nose. Well set up their microphones and step back 6 feet. To not blame Seb, to not blame the team. Basically to not blame anyone but himself.

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Ouran Moodboards!

Hello, everyone! So I really enjoyed making a moodboard for the OTP and I’d be happy to make some more if people are interested! 

Just send me a host or other character, include a theme and/or color if you want, and I’ll get right on it! 

-Canon OHSHC characters only, please! No crossovers, OCs, or reader insert. 

-For the moment I won’t be taking ship requests. 

-I won’t make gore, NSFW, inc*st, or anything that romanticizes mental illness or abuse.

-I have the right to refuse any requests for themes I dislike, don’t know enough about, or don’t feel comfortable making.

Thank you! 

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I love all of Ama’s @itsanerdlife​ MC series and I felt it was time to do another moodboard for a MC-series. This is one of my favorites.. To be honest. I love all of Ama’s series. But I reread the series (for like the 20th time) and did this moodboard. I hope you like it. 

Storyline: You don’t date and always put your daughter Adeline first. But then you meet Peter, a gorgeous tattoo artist, when you are at your daughters preschool Family Day. Peter is the uncle to Ade’s best friend Sarah and there are sparks between the two of you. But you have secrets. And they are the reason you don’t date. Peter is determent to get to know you and be there for you. So what is a girl suppose to do? 


You can read the story here: Ama’s first MC-series

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Lmfao Linds, I love that you know me well enough to know that my focus changes frequently. But I decided to do the fashion for Randy and home for Wren.


It’s awesome when you can find pics of your fc with the same style as your OC (sometimes). It makes it fun.


Yeah…so I know that no one asked for it, but I’m gonna go ahead and explain the weirdness of Wren. Her style (fashion wise) is typical dark and bold, with a bit of an edge. That ends with her clothes, though. Wren is eclectic, especially with her home. Yes, she lives in a cabin much like the one shown in the middle, bu the inside is a mixture of…well, everything. It ranges from modern to outdoors to vintage to bohemian. And then some. Her decorating is one of the most personal things she does, so if she invites you over, that’s a huge sign of trust, because well…she doesn’t like sharing herself in that capacity. But imagine plants, cozy living room where she reads and watches TV, vinyls hanging around a record player, a fire place, plaid blankets, and fairy lights in her bedroom with a cool ass bookshelf. I tried my best to capture it, but well…it was pretty hard.  

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Fifty million ‘round the world and they say that I couldn’t get it
I done got so sick and filthy with Benjis, I can’t spend it

kris wu ceo aesthetic

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Bring Me Back To Life (Fic Tease)


A/N: Prequel to the Dragon’s Wrath; how Jon and Dany met and fell in love. Basically. When I get around to writing it. Back to work at the end of the month so my writing will be massively curtailed.

Summary: There was something about the mercenary that drew her to him. His barely contained anger. The rage that was simmering beneath his careful constructed armour. Standing in front of him, it was like he could see deep inside her through her eyes. Like she was an open book to him, begging her to save him from the nothing he had become.

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