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How to Read Manhua on Bilibili: Legal, Free, and in English
In my posts on this blog, I keep sharing screen caps from manhua I've read on Bilibili, along with the link to read it yourself, but I know:
This blog doesn't have all that many followers.
It's one thing for me to post the link and quite another for people to realize just how easy this is to do.
Considering how often I see English-speaking MXTX/c-novel/c-drama/donghua fandom peeps screaming and begging for more content, I'm now begging you in return:
If you want more danmei content, fully legal, entirely free, already translated, you literally c.a.n.n.o.t. do better than using the Bilibili app to read manhua. That's not to say this is a perfect method - their translations are...um...wanting sometimes? (Shout out to the four pages in a row I recently read where someone broke in to a residence and every time the breaker-inner was mentioned they were called "the intrud") But it's still ALL THERE, FOR US, ANYTIME, and the more eyes the manhua in the apps gets, the more content we'll get, so please, PLEASE, if you're out there thirsting for danmei content, DO THIS.
Wondering how?
Well, I've got you covered.
WAY 1: The Bilibili Manhua Website
I know I said "get the app" but honestly you don't even need an app to do this! You can read on Bilibili using any web browser.
The website is Bilibilicomics.com.
It looks like this:
Tumblr media
Yes, you're reading that right: there's an entire section of BL.
Tumblr media
There's also an entire section of GL!
Tumblr media
There are 38 titles in GL and 121 titles, yes ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE titles, in BL.
AND there's het stuff, and non-romance stuff too!
New episodes general come out weekly or biweekly, though a few things are daily. The website is often a few chapters ahead of the app (which I actually didn't realize until just now - Chapter 55 of Legend of Exorcism, for example, came out today on the app, but it lists 60 episodes as available on the website. Which, considering the cliffhanger I just read... *eyes emoji*...though apparently in other cases there are more chapters on the app than on the website, so ymmv.)
The best-known title available (again: FOR FREE. OFFICIALLY. LEGALLY. IN ENGLISH) is Tian Guan Ci Fu. When you go to a specific title's page, you get this...
Tumblr media
...and reading it is as simple as selecting the chapter you want, clicking it, and et voila! Just scroll down and read to your heart's content!!
WAY 2: The Bilibili App for Android
I personally have been reading primarily from the Android app, since I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and a lot of time sprawled on my couch while my kids watch cartoons.
You can download the app from the Play store - here's a link, for what that's worth.
It looks, essentially, like this (I'm logged in so mine looks a little different than non-logged-in, I made an account even tho you don't actually need one):
Tumblr media
If you don't want to make an account, you don't have to. If you choose to, as you see it'll try to guess what other titles you might like. tbh I have no idea how good these recommendations may be; I'm still reading/catching up on the specific titles I wanted to read so I haven't had to try their recommendations yet. But, there's definitely some stuff that looks interesting (that top middle one definitely looks up my alley...)
You can also "favorite" things (again: EVEN WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT) and it'll store them in your library and make a red dot (like you can see on the above screen cap) when something has an update you haven't read yet. For example, here's my Favorite list, which helps me keep track of what I'm reading and enjoying (or, well, in one case I'm more "wtfing" than "enjoying" but hey that still counts).
Tumblr media
There's even a weird, like, "dress up" side game??? So like, every chapter you read there's a chance the app will drop a "card" and you can use the cards to dress your avatar up, and there's a whole crafting system built in? It's. A little odd. But, considering I recently quit my Love Nikki addiction after 3+ years, it's nice to get a small hit of pointless dress up.
Tumblr media
Yes, my avatar is currently wearing San Lang's shirt.
The point is, again: this app is free to download, and incredibly easy to use, and even has a fun pointless side game.
BUT. There is one "but" here. See the Coins: 0 Top Up right below my randomly assigned username?
There is an optional pay system. What does it do? It reduces wait times.
Some titles, but not ALL, have a "built in delay" that kicks in at some point. On some, it seems to start when you're "within 5 chapters of the most recent" (that's what's happened with Global Examination and TGCF, for example). For others, it seems to be arbitrary - for A Single Strike of Shimmering Frost, it kicked in at chapter 40 even tho there are, like, 80 something chapters up. Regardless, it always works the same.
The system functions using wait times, and it has 5 tiers that are always the same.
Tier 1: You must wait one minute before you can read the next chapter. This tier is rarely an issue; the count down sometimes (but not always??? it's weird) starts when you start a new chapter, and it almost always takes more than one minute to read a full chapter, so this tier is often "satisfied" before you even get to the next chapter.
Tier 2: You must wait six minutes before you can read the next chapter.
Tier 3: You must wait one hour before you can read the next chapter.
Tier 4: You must wait six hours before you can read the next chapter.
Tier 5: You must wait twenty-four hours before you can read the next chapter.
I initially thought this system functioned as "once you reach Tier 5, you're just stuck there and can only read a chapter a day" but it's turned out that's not the case - A Single Strike of Shimmering Frost having 40+ semi-locked chapters has given me the chance to actually test this a bit. In fact, what happens is:
The first time you hit a "wait delay" chapter, it puts you at Tier 1 and you have to wait a minute. The next chapter, you up to Tier 2, the next to Tier 3, then Tier 4, then Tier 5...and then it cycles back to Tier 1. So, with a little care and planning (which I almost always fail at) I can time reading something with many wait-delayed chapters such that I can read 5 chapters in one day, then I have to wait a full day, then I can read 5 more chapters.
Here's how it looks when you've done your waiting in purgatory and can now read on...
Tumblr media
...and here's how it looks when the sad trombones play...
Tumblr media
Now, I mentioned I'd circle back to the coins? THE TIME HAS COME! Because, look - for 17 coins, you can read on instantly!! Alternatively, if you're willing to share on social media, you can also skip (I have no if that's something you can do over and over, or just once, cause I haven't tried - you can skip the wait time once for free). This begs the question, then...is 17 coins a lot?
And the answer is...
Tumblr media
...eh not really, no. Ten bucks will get you the ability to pay 17 coins many, many times (58, to be precise), but honestly? I haven't spent a penny yet and I've caught up on 7 different titles and am steadily reading through two more (one of which hasn't had wait times kick in yet, I just can only read so fast).
All of which is to say: yes, there's a pay system, and tbh, I'm probably going to throw them a few bucks not because I care about the wait times but because I'm getting so much enjoyment out of reading these titles and I want to support them a little (I also bought the print version of the TGCF vol. 1 and will likely buy the other volumes, and I once-upon-a-time paid to watch TGCF s. 1 streaming as they came out). With a little patience there is absolutely zero call for spending even one penny to read as much of this cornucopia as you want.
WAY 3: Download the Bilibili App on Apple
I don't have access to an iPhone and don't feel like grabbing my tablet rn and I've hit the Tumblr image limit anyway, but the Apple app looks about the same as the Android app, and you can download it HERE.
Basically: use the website, or download the app for whichever platform you're using, and READ, READ, READ!
So, what is there to read?
(okay, cutting to a read more)
I've been reading on the app pretty regularly for like two months (prior to that I was only reading TGCF, and only when I remembered, which was rarely), but I'm juggling a lot AND reading other stuff too so I am far from having explored the wide range of options. I can, however, highlight a few I think are likely to be of interest to a danmei-reading audience. Note that of these, I've only read the novels for TGCF, TYQHM, and Daomu Biji, which means that I only know as far as the manhuas have covered for the rest - I haven't read farther than that yet.
A. Tian Guan Ci Fu by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. The one, the only - this is the official manhua with art by Starember. It tells the story of newly ascended god Xie Lian trying to navigate the intricacies of the heavenly bureaucracy, figure out his place in the world, and understand why a sexy guy in red keeps showing up in his life. (Worst synopsis ever award goes to: ME!). The English translation is currently on episode 77, which has Xie Lian and Hua Cheng in the gambler's den. A volume just ended, which means it's on hiatus temporarily - there's usually a month or two break between volumes - so it'll be back soon!
B. Global Examination by Mu Su Li. Based on the book Global University Entrance Examination, featuring art by E Zi. Global Examination is a story set in a dystopian near-future about a world where groups of people are randomly selected (read: kidnapped and forced) to participate in an "exam" where they have to answer extremely complex puzzles. If they succeed, they get to live and become one of the people who administer the exam. If they fail, they die. Despite the premise sounding dark, it's really not been so bad and I've been reassured it won't become so. The story itself focuses on You Huo, a recently selected examinee with amnesia, the other people in his examinee group, and Examiner 001, who clearly has some kind of history with You Huo. If only he didn't also have amnesia, we might even know what that history is...
C. Dinghai Fusheng Records and Legend of Exorcism, both based on the books of the same names written by Fei Tian Ye Xiang. The art for Dinghai Fusheng Records is by Qianerbai (who has also done a lot of work for the Mo Dao Zu Shi audio drama) and for Legend of Exorcism, it's by Warp. These stories are set in the same 'verse, at least several hundred years apart; it's a xianxia high-fantasy setting, and the main enemies are resentment monsters and demons (...or are they? dun dun duuuun). Dinghai Fusheng Records takes place, chronologically, first, and occurs a couple hundred years after a calamity caused all qi to fade from the world - there are only mortals, and no one can cultivate. It follows Chen Xing, a young man born with a gift, as he seeks his protector - Xiang Shu - and others, and they encounter (surprise!) unspeakable evil. Legend of Exorcism takes place in the "future" of Dinghai Fusheng Records, and focuses on Kong Hongjun, a half-demon boy who has received a summons to join the Exorcism Department, as he explores the mortal world for the first time and gets to know the others who have summoned to join the Department, especially the mortal leader Li Jinglong.
D. Daomu Biji titles, originally by Nanpai Sanshu. There are two DMBJ titles on Bilibili right now, though both only have a few chapters, and the website lists them as "on hiatus." I've read them both, and am not entirely sure what's up with one especially, but... Grave Robbers' Chronicles starts where Book 1 starts, with changes of course but it's quite recognizable as the initial "Wu Xie is brought a silk scroll and gets curious and then Wu Sanxing gets involved" plot line. The Grave Robbers' Chronicles Seven Dreams is...odder...and as far as I can tell is an alternate canon/AU which starts with a "what if" of "what if the Zhang's were incredibly abusive, raised child!Zhang Qiling themselves, and Wu Xie and he met as kids." It's. Um. Extremely weird. And not for those sensitive to kids getting beaten bloody. But I'm still hoping they'll release more than 9 chapters, if only because I'm curious.
E. A Single Strike of Shimmering Frost, based on the novel A Sword of Frost by Yu Xiao Lanshan. This one opens with the Prince Ji Yanran approaching Sect Master Yun Yifeng, who runs a sect of spies and information collectors, to ask for help finding an item that has been stolen from the palace. In exchange, he promises to give Yun Yifeng the cure to an ailment that plagues him. Problem 1: he doesn't actually have this cure. Problem 2: everywhere they go people start dying. Problem 3: catching feels for the pretty Sect Master. Despite having the trappings of xianxia, this story has actually thus far been a sequence of murder mysteries with politics-related causes.
F. Saved the Public Enemy By Mistake by Liu Muqiao. If this is based on a novel, I haven't been able to track it down. It's xianxia; demon immortal cultivator Liu Jianghe shows up, nearly dead, on the doorstep of famed doctor Lu Jiu who is just trying to live a quiet life in seclusion. Not knowing who Liu Jianghe is, Lu Jiu saves him, and thus stumbles into a mess of politics and history he doesn't understand...but nothing is actually how it seems, there's amnesia and hidden back stories galore, there's a heavy side plot of sword lesbians, and honestly I've read like 50 chapters and I'm still a little lost but the art is pretty and I really need to read the reveal on the two MCs history together so I'm sticking with it. Warning that it's got a fair amount of blood and gore.
G. Those Years in Quest of Honor Mine by Man Man He Qi Duo. A historical (non-cultivation) setting focused on politics, machinations, and the long history and deep love between Zhong Wan - former top-scorer on the national exam who lost his position when his adopted father was accused of treason - and Yu She, of dubious parentage and believed by most people to be the bastard son of the Emperor. I loved the book for this, and finding out that the manhua was on Bilibili is a lot of what drove me to download the app.
So - that's everything I'm currently reading: 6 titles inspired by explicitly BL danmei titles, 2 based on other books I like that aren't BL, and 1 BL that just looked interesting and my taste.
There's SO MUCH MORE, seriously. I'm going to be reading on this app for months and still finding more, I'm positive of it.
But unforth, I hear you say, there's some other manhua I want to read! What about Mo Dao Zu Shi? What about Erha? Are those on Bilibili? Can I read them? And the answer, sadly, is no. Those two are published by Kuaikan, which does not offer free legal English translations at this time. But! I am holding out hope that if the audience for Bilibili grows, other manhua publishers will see the profitability in emulating them. I cannot guarantee that anything we do will result in this happening, but I do feel pretty confident that if we don't read with the options currently available, we sure ain't likely to get more options.
I'm begging. GO READ MANHUA!!!
(and signal boost this post to get other people to do the same!! help the small fandoms grooooow! I really just wrote all of this so I'd have someone to scream with about the current awful that is the recent chapters of Legend of Exorcism PLEASE WE ALL NEED SQUEEMATES COME READ!!! THE THINGS! THEY'RE GOOD! WITH PRETTY ART!)
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muryoujapanese · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
\(´。• ᵕ •。`)/
This is our first lesson, and will mainly cover the basics and the foundations you will need to learn vocabulary. I will however include ten words or grammar concepts each lesson, and there will be a directory set up in the pinned post on this blog by the time the second post comes out!
These lessons will be all completely written by myself, your new sensei (meaning teacher). I will also include resources regarding history and other further reading, and at the end will provide links to a variety of websites, Youtube videos, and mobile apps to practice what you've learned. Every source linked will be free, as it will be forever!
Now, it is time for the lesson. Click "keep reading" to get started.
What Makes Up The Japanese Writing System?
Well, a lot of things. Mainly three things. Three writing scripts in fact. They are called Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. In the next section, we will go over why there are three scripts and how necessary it is to learn each of them. For now, let's focus on recognizing them.
The first one you usually learn is Hiragana, and it is the basic Japanese script. Not only is it derived from Chinese 'cursive', it has a history of being a simplified way for women to write in Japanese during Feudal Japan, as women weren't deemed as worthy to learn Kanji. For further reading, click this link.
Hiragana is the squiggly, round-looking script. It is used for native Japanese words, seen over Kanji for teaching purposes (in which it is called Furigana), and is used in place of the Kanji version of a character in an attempt to have "cuter" writing. Here is the entire Hiragana alphabet with my favorite learning tool, mnemonics, courtesy of Tofugu (click here for other versions of this chart):
Tumblr media
Although this seems like more letters than the English alphabet, it's actually significantly fewer sounds than English. Hiragana is phonetic, meaning each symbol will always make the same sound, whereas in English "A", and most other letters, can be pronounced two or more ways even without counting dialect differences. Also, each hiragana represents a syllable and will be pronounced for the same amount of time.
The only exception is with compound Hiragana. Although we will see examples of this, I will explain this quickly: きゅう and くゆう are different. See how ゆ in the first word is smaller? That is because its sound is compounded with the first letter, so instead of being pronounced "ki yu u" it is pronounced "kyu u". As a general rule, when Hiragana is compounded the first character drops its vowel and is combined with the smaller character next to it. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧
We will cover Katakana in a later lesson, however, I would like to mention it is treated much like the italics version of Hiragana; for sound effects, titles, foreign words, and exclamations. It has the same exact sounds and mostly similar-looking characters that are usually blocker, straighter versions of their Hiragana counterparts.
Finally, we have Kanji. Kanji is the largest and most complicated part of the Japanese writing system.
Do We Really Need Kanji?
Short answer: yes. A lot of new Japanese learners feel overwhelmed with Kanji, whether it be learning how to write them or the sheer number of Kanji. Especially since every word in Japanese can be spelled using Hiragana, why learn the rest? However there are tricks to make Kanji easier to learn, I would like to go over the why of Kanji, although if you are curious here is a common theory of how Kanji started, as explained by Tofugu.
When you write in Japanese, there are no spaces between words. How do you tell words apart then? By context, of course. But also, by using words spelled in Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji. Here is a sentence written in just Hiragana:
When written out like this, it is hard to tell where each word begins and ends. Here is a sentence written out with Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji:
Once you recognize the difference between the scripts, this becomes easier to read. ケーキ is written in Katakana, and the word before it (これ) is written in Hiragana. We can tell these words are separate now, without spaces, because it's written in a different script. The same goes for the word written in mostly Kanji (美味しい). Now that the start of the word is in Kanji, knowing this word previously means we can tell the difference between the word before it and this word itself. Using different scripts helps to break up the sentence, and knowing those words can help us tell where other words start and stop using the context of the words we can decipher. Neat, huh?
As time goes on you will learn all of these words, but for the sake of brevity just know this example sentence says "This cake is very delicious".
How Am I Supposed To Remember All Of This?
For one, through repetition. I know, not fun. Unless of course, you make a game out of it! Today's "homework" involves going to websites or downloading apps that will help you drill Hiragana, and in the future, I will implement similar for Kanji or grammar. Although as mentioned before, there is a trick to memorizing Kanji:
What is a radical? It's the building block of Kanji. When we start to focus more on Kanji, there is a free ebook put out by JapanesePod101 that contains all of the radicals, their meaning, and common Kanji. But for now, just know that certain "pieces" of a Kanji can be radicals, and can tell us what the Kanji means.
One common radical is 木. On it's own, it's the Kanji for "tree". However, when a certain Kanji is written out with three tree radicals, it becomes 森, meaning forest. A group of trees make a forest, see? Not all of them are as straightforward as this, but for the most part, radicals are great to learn as they will help you remember what a specific Kanji means, especially within the context of a sentence.
Hiragana Practice Time
Now, it is homework time. Above there is a link to 27 downloadable Hiragana sheets, feel free to pick your favorite, and either print and reference it when studying or write them down somewhere to reference. After that (or instead of, if you are limited on time), here are some websites, Youtube videos, and apps to help you practice Hiragana.
Tanoshii Japanese (for quick recognition and practice if you have already memorized Hiragana)
Kuma Sensei (for learning and easy practice)
Youtube Videos:
All Hiragana in 20 Minutes - JapanesePod101
A I U E O Song - JapanesePod101 (this is a children's song but it helped them stick in my head!)
How To Read and Write Hiragana - Japanese Calligraphy Takumi
Apps (aside from Duolingo and Memrise, which you might already have if you've been thinking of studying Japanese for a bit... if not, go get them, both are great!)
Drops (five minutes per day on free account, which is all you need for daily practice / Apple / Android)
Japanese Dungeon (rpg themed, unlimited time / Apple / Android)
Kana Pond (pixel art froggy Hiragana practice / Android)
Japanese Language Quest (cute story-formatted lessons / Apple)
Have a great day! If you would like, either send me an ask or a private message and tell me which “homework” you chose, which ones were your favorites, and why!
- Stormie Sensei / ストーミー先生
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thelightkeepersjournal · 28 days ago
For Today’s Newer Dominants
In the days before everyone had navigation on their smart devices, many comedians joked about how men would be reluctant to admit they were lost when driving and even more unwilling to ask for directions once they confessed to being lost. While being new to the D/S lifestyle is completely different than taking a road trip without GPS, some of those old jokes caused me to think of what it must be like to be new, exploring the dominant side of life, and have to do so without any real guidance. Sure there are blogs, websites, Facebook groups, and subreddits galore but what is good guidance, what is hogwash, and how on earth would someone with zero experience be able to recognize the difference? So this question caused me to think about some of the bad behaviors that drive me a bit batty. What I am thinking does not justify or make any of these poor choices acceptable but as I thought through some of these common occurrences, I wondered if some of the folks who are behaving badly are doing so because they lack a kinky GPS thus having no idea how far off the charts they are. So I did my best to step back, look around, and attempt to visualize the online lifestyle as it might appear to a very inexperienced dominant.
I am going to start with the Booby Bandits and Balony Pony Pilots. These are the folks who attempt to start a conversation by leading with unsolicited pictures of their naughty novelties as though the sight of their schlong or vajayjay would make someone swoon into submission. Please take a minute, close your eyes, and imagine what a new d-type is inundated with online. How many of you thought porn, okay, maybe not hardcore biscuit in the basket porn but that coupled with a metric poop ton of let’s call them sensual images. Lifestyle sites are awash in boobies, butts, and boners. I am not saying this is a bad thing because D/S should be a place that is sex-positive, body-positive, and if you want to show yourself off, go for it, do what makes you happy or who makes you happy but if you can imagine how all of this might appear to someone coming in with zero experience, perhaps one can see how people get confused on which “headshots” to share. Just point yourself to fabulous FetLife, flutter around a bit, and note what people of all genders and roles use as their profile pictures. The sheer number of people that we have no idea what color their eyes are but if they ever stuck their private parts in our face we could say, “Oh, you are so and so from FetLife”.
Up next are the purveyors of pet names and submissives I am sure you know exactly what mean. Without so much as even a quarter of a conversation, these d-types are dropping princess, prince, sexy, cutie, babe, and, as a bonus, slut in place of your name when gosh darn it, they do not even know that yet because you have not shared it. This is not meant to be an excuse, but when I strolled through places that advertise their group for newbies, I see a lot of s-types using pet names to refer to themselves. It should be common sense to ask before calling someone a nick or pet name, I wonder if common sense is indeed common anymore but take a moment, imagine you are brand new, reading a post where Sally Submissive calls herself ‘babygirl’ and Nate Newbie reaches out using her term since he has no idea her name is Sally. Is it wrong, yes indeedie but with all the different and uniquely good ways people in the lifestyle describe themselves perhaps things such as this exacerbate the pet name problem.
Finally, I want to talk about the hasty honorific hoarders. These are the d-types that demand to be called a title for a variety of reasons. Speaking of reasons, I have to share my favorite bad reason for a d-type to demand an honorific…Drum roll please…”Call me SIR. Because I said so” and it flashed me back to Cameron on the phone in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Alright, that is off my chest and it is not just new d-types who have yet to grasp that titles must be earned but s-types do it as well because occasionally a message will hit my inbox from someone that I have never or rarely spoken with that starts with “Hi Daddy” or “Hey Daddy”. I also understand that some places, for example, the American South, Sir, and Ma’am are commonly used when engaging in a conversation but here in the lifestyle I believe there needs to be a correlation between title use and earned respect. Once again though, if a person is new to the d side of life, I think it could be very easy to misunderstand that honorifics are merited by actions rather than simply expected.
I am not sharing my thoughts today as an excuse for these behaviors nor are they an attempt to justify them. My goal here is to simply try to open minds to the fact some of the crappy conduct that happens, especially online, might simply be from potentially good people who are just swept up in a sea of porn, pet names, and proper positions. I know that I have been guilty of eye-rolling mixed with a little face-palming shaken, but not stirred, with a healthy dose of snarkcasm when I have encountered these actions, however, I never stopped to think what was behind it all. Certainly, some donkey people are doing these things but as I thought about it, there could very likely be some amazing people who just have been taken down paths of bad lifestyle education. Going forward I am going to work to do a better job of offering positive advice when confronted with a poor choice by someone because they could simply be a misguided person and I want to ask others to join me in teaching with kindness rather than assuming asinine actions are attached to an ass as I have often done in the past.
As with all of my writings, please see this disclaimer.
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animecreator3000 · 7 months ago
About the Boueibu iceberg
@delphoxqueen asked me to explain about my list for the iceberg so here it is. I might update this from time to time with links and stuff if I stumble across the original posts. This is all from what I know so feel free to add new info. Also, spoiler warning for RobiHachi and the Boueibu manga and novels. (This is like a masterpost it’s very long)
1. There’s a theory in tumblr about which decade the series is set in, using data like the friday the 13th calendar in s2 ep11. In HK we got a second number for when the next monthly Pretty Boy Contest was happening and using the one from Love it was theorized that around a decade had passed since then, which ended up being true.
2. The stage play had a few original songs and characters exclusive to it so unless you watched the full performance, you probably weren’t able to witness all of them. One of the characters is called “Robato Deniro”, as romanized in the stage play booklet I own.
3. The nurse and the cafeteria staff from the s1 mobile game appear in the background in around the first half of s2 ep3.
4. S2 had an unfinished manga that was only available online and was never released on physical format; it was centered around the defense club and sometimes the conquest club and Beppu brothers. All that’s left from what I know are the scans linked on magicalgirlsandcerulean’s blog.
5. This isn’t that obscure because it’s talked about in the anime, but I’m mentioning it because I think many people dropped it before the ova, where right at the beginning it is revealed that the alien that resucitated Mr. Tawarayama twice was, as described by Io, a “mulberry-colored naked mole rat-looking thing”, and was nicknamed “Moley-san” by Yumoto. At least in the anime, we had never heard before of who this was and it never appeared on screen nor was mentioned again.
6. In HK ep8, Karurusu promises the knights to grant a wish if they show him how earthlings spend summer. Kyoutarou reveals at the end of the episode that he wished that summer lasted one more day so he could spend it doing nothing, which prompts Ichiro to theorize that it’s the 32nd of august, and the next day is the second 1st of september.
7. The stage play was was held from march 10th to 13rd, of which the latter is Ryuu’s birthday. There’s an additional recording of a small celebration with cake focused on Ryuu and Io.
8. Atsushi mentions his older sister in the flashback at the beginning of s1 ep4, but she never appears or is mentioned again.
9. There’s a few posts on tumblr theorizing about what happened to the Hakone parents since Yumoto only says in s2 ep3 that according to Gora, “they are busy with their hot springs tour”. En mentions that it’s a bit suspicious, but it’s all the information we have from the anime. Posts talk about the parents perhaps passing away from an accident or an illness, thus the reason why Gora was so worried about Yumoto’s cold in s1 ep10, but from another post I think it’s implied in the second novel that they actually left their home when Yumoto was still a toddler.
10. It’s no secret that the surnames of the characters are all real onsens in Japan that even the seiyuus have visited, but apparently the Arima onsen has two different kinds of water, “kinsen (gold hot spring)” and “ginsen (silver hot spring)”, with different properties each, and the Kusatsu onsen water also has certain properties, both that were used to build the characters. Additionally, Ryuu’s favorite food are Sato Nishiki cherries, which are grown in the same prefecture, Yamagata, as his onsen, Zaou.
11. The press club lose relevance after s1, with only Kinosaki and Tazawa reappearing briefly in s2 ep2 to interview the Beppu twins after they arrive at the school. Tazawa doesn’t even have lines. Hireashi is mentioned by Zundar in ep11.
12. What the heck
Tumblr media Tumblr media
13. Exclusively in the manga we see that Arima met Kinshiro and Atsushi when they were little and they were good friends, but when they met again as adults, Kinshiro seemingly didn’t remember Arima. Atsushi, however, stated that Kinshiro’s talent is remembering people’s faces and names, so Arima wonders if he’s just trying to distance himself from him. He also explains to Akoya that he follows Kinshiro and obeys him because as a child, he was fascinated by his radiant smile. This is never talked about in the anime.
14. Like the previous point, the anime never shows Akoya being bullied, at most just a slight dislike of his full name, but the manga shows that he was made fun of for it and how he actually hates his surname, to the point of introducing himself formally to the president and vicepresident of the student council as “Holy Angel Akoya”.
15, 16, 17, 19. Batonama lives were the livestreams done through the franchise by the defense club seiyuus on youtube and niconico. They’re all on youtube, without any kind of translation.
Love-ko is a girl with a shell bikini drawn on a piece of cardboard that was used as a girlfriend in the Batonama Love! lives, acted by the seiyuus themselves.
RobiHachi has one episode full of official Boueibu artwork and a parody of the series too, a Love-ko doll appears, and Wombat appears as well, named “The Don”. It received an english dub, so for a bit, people were excited that Wombat was going to speak in english too. Also, various mechas appear in both Boueibu and RobiHachi.
18. The director of Fairy Ranmaru (Masakazu Hishida if I’m not wrong) revealed in an interview that he was inspired by Boueibu and aimed to make a show like that.
20, 21. The website super-groupies.com has results for defense and conquest club lingerie sets, dc and VEPPer tote bags, the Beppus’ scarf rings, dc bath sets and the pumps magicalgirlsandcerulean mentioned. I’ve found the s1 Loveracelets and Caerula Adamas’ ring on different sites, the True Loveracelets on TheChara’s twitter and the Happybraces (apparently called “Hapibure”) on broccoli.co.jp but I’m not sure where exactly they were all announced and sold, so I’ll just drop that.
22, 33. Boueibu was originally pretty much a copy of Sailor Moon, I think they were all going to be called “Lackluster Moon” and that stuff and be literally Sailor Moon genderbent. They were all different from color palettes to physical features (except Yumoto’s), and Ryuu was a shota, even smaller than Yumoto. Their names were also very reminiscent of the five Sailor Senshis’. Even if they made it more original, the show is still clearly inspired by Sailor Moon (just look at Caerula Adamas lol) and Pretty Cure. It has also referenced, very blatantly, animes like Doraemon, Detective Conan, Aikatsu and even Vocaloid, when Kyoutarou tries to guess what Karurusu is saying with ““Just Google It, Asshole”?” in ep1.
23. Wombat’s real name and the name of his planet sound like gibberish to the earthlings and ends up being named after the Earth animal, but Zundar, Dadacha, Karurusu and Furanui all have original names. And I think Hireashi means “goldfish”?
24. If you google “zundar technology”, it’s actually a company in Shanghai, China. Aren’t Wombat and Zundar always talking about “advanced alien technology”?
25. Zundar and Dadacha are siblings, so are Karurusu and Furanui, and so are their father King Kamopapa and their uncle minister Wao, but neither are the same species and, except the first two, not even the same color. But they are supposedly related because they share birthmarks or something like that...
26. Everyone who’s in this fandom knows about the pixel blur and voice pitch censor from s1, but I’ve added it anyway because it’s so rare for mahou shoujo and shounen animes to explain why the heroes aren’t recognized when transformed.
27. A good while of s2 ep11 is spent discussing Zundar’s ex-wife and his problems to give child support. Naturally, he gets mad at this.
28. “Money doesn’t betray” (s1 ep6) and “The despair hidden behind your smile that comes from not being understood” (s3 ep11) are sentences that came out of nowhere and implied that the people they were said by (Io) or about (Taiju) respectively had some kind of angst going on but were never explained at all. They’re famous for just that.
29. The Beppu twins’ house in Andromeda shown in flashbacks had strange green circles that apparently are from another anime I don’t know but honestly I didn’t get it very well... It was revealed on a tweet from Takamatsu.
30. Alien language mostly appeared in s2 due to the many flashbacks of Aki and Haru in Andromeda, but in Boueibu s1, it appears on the Zundar Needle before it is shot on the human. It appears a lot through RobiHachi as well, due to being a story about travelling through space. There might be an alphabetical chart somewhere, but I can’t assure it exists, I might even have dreamed it.
31. Hikaru Midorikawa as the melon monster, Kousuke Toriumi as the bishounen monster, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as the kotatsu and panda monsters and Takuya Eguchi as the remote controller monster in s1 and 2, before going on to voice the main cast in HK. Keisuke Koumoto voiced Hatchi Kita in RobiHachi as well as Akihiko in Boueibu, and the characters look similar.
A new addition is that so far Boueibu is the only anime I’ve seen where children weren’t voiced by female seiyuus, but by actual children. Personally, it’s charming and makes it so much more realistic, specifically since no women appear in the franchise at all either (not counting Protag-chan in the game).
32. Speaking of seiyuus, Can I Destroy The Earth? had a dub shown in ep11/12 (?) that made Gora the villain that wanted Earth to stay the same and not progress, against the monsters that supposedly wanted to bring good things to earthlings. Aki and Haru quickly dismissed this dub as fake. (I made a mistake in the title in the previous post btw)
34. As seen in the glossary in the Boueibu Mook (I think, but might not be the mook), Caerula Adamas’ speeches are based on an old japanese detergent commercial that went “Gold, silver, pearl, gift”.
35. In the manga there’s a short parody of the first chapter of Sailor Moon with “Pretty Boy Guardian Gakuran Akoya”. The conquest club manga was released before the anime, so I remember reading somewhere that a fake website appeared for the Gakuran Akoya manga, before turning into the conquest club manga website in the day of its release.
36. Cgi was used a few times in the anime: s2 ep10 for a short sequence of the defense club on a rollercoaster and the carousel monster, ep11 for a cenital shot of the Battle Lovers singing, and HK ep12 for the Honyalaland soldiers and the Wao mecha.
37. The toothbrush incident in s1 ep7. (It’s definitely well-known but it’s so weird lol)
38. “We hope we can see each other again someday!” Something along those lines was the last text to appear in the last episode of HK, implying a s2. We all know how that went.
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brandstifter-sys · 18 days ago
Okay so there are a lot of new people on Tumblr, right? I could take the time to rant about likes vs reblogs and how this site can’t afford an algorithm, but there is another thing that I noticed: blog customization.
Why should you customize your blog? Mainly so people don’t assume you’re a bot. This website has had a problem with bots for years, and the first instinct for most people is to block a bot. If you still use the default icon, don’t have a set theme, and only a couple reblogs, you might be mistaken for a bot.
Now that the “why” is out of the way let’s talk about how to customize your blog and icon. The following step-by-step guide is under the “read more” link. If this is all obvious stuff to you, great, you don't need this.
The icon is the first and most important part. Since art theft is a no, what can you use for your icon?
Screenshots of your favorite character or celebrity
some artists have free to use (with credit) icons that you can google (because tumblr search is...not great)
creative commons licensed images (google images, click on the usage rights filter)
make your own
ask if you can use someone’s art as an icon (and give credit in the description)
The next thing that isn’t as important is the header image. It’s basically the same rule as above, don’t steal art, and you can use most of the sources above, except pre-made icons and picrews (they won’t fit in the header image space properly)
To edit your icon (and entire blog) on desktop
Tumblr media
Go to the top right corner and click the little dude, and then select settings from the drop down list.
Once you reached the settings page, there will be a column of options on the right, and if you scroll down there is a subsection called “Blogs”
Tumblr media
Click on your blog name. It should lead you to a screen similar to the one below (my example is a sideblog, not my main, but it works for demonstration) Click on the edit appearance button.
Tumblr media
When you click that button, you should notice square translucent boxes on the header image and in the center of your icon. Clicking on either will lead you to your files, where you can upload an image.
Tumblr media
When it comes to the header image, you can zoom in and move it around to fit how you want it.
You might also notice the title and description that you can edit, including hiding the block of text and changing the font and color of the title, and the color of the description.
Clicking on the background button will open a list of colors to choose from, as will the accent. That one is for underlining the title and description.
Save it and you’re golden, and you can edit it at any time.
It's just as easy on mobile, if not easier
Just tap on the dude in the lower corner
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Click the little paint palette in the upper right corner
Have fun!
There’s more advanced stuff if you decide you really want to go all out with customization (and I highly recommend it, because it’s your blog, you have the power)
And if you think this guide might be useful, please reblog it so it gets to someone who might need it
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marvelsdc22 · a year ago
High School Reunion
Intro: Hello lovelies!! I hope you guys are having a good day/night!! I just came up with this and like two others, so enjoy this one!!
Note: Y/N goes back to their hometown for a class reunion, seeing all the faces they once knew, then seeing their old crush, this was gonna be an interesting night.
Word Count: 1444
Tumblr media
Coffee shops… They were your favorite place to be when you wanted to take some time to yourself and finish a good book, staring out the window as the snow piled up outside, even though you hated the damn stuff, you could appreciate it’s aesthetic side, it really did look beautiful out there, although you dreaded driving in it to go back to your hotel room for the night, you were only in your hometown again to go to your class reunion, it had been nearly 15 years since you’ve seen most of them face-to-face, some of them being on your facebook, but otherwise there was no interaction, you wondered how most of them were doing… Especially Lena, she was your high school sweetheart, she was everything you weren’t, but she was nice to you while others weren’t, you dealt with your fair share of bullies growing up, but you couldn’t complain, you enjoyed your time in high school, you made good friends, played sports, even joined the anime club.
Coming back here was a weird thing, you hadn’t been back here since before your parents moved to a different state, there being no reason for you to have come back, but it was interesting to see how the small town had grown so much “Y/N?” You heard someone ask, pulling you out of your thoughts and turning your head toward the voice, your eyes widening slightly when you saw your high school best friend, Emily, standing there, her son standing beside her and looking a bit awkward, which made sense, you were a stranger to him “Emily?” You asked, smiling as you set your warm mug down and stood up, pulling her into a hug “It’s been so long! You look good!” You said, pulling back and looking at her before offering her son a small smile and a wave which he returned “So do you! This is my son, Wyatt, Wyatt this is Y/N, they were my best friend back in high school” she introduced, looking between the two of you before you gestured for them to take a seat.
“So, how have you been? What’s new?” Emily asked, helping Wyatt out of his heavy coat when he climbed into the booth beside her “Well, I have my own business now in Seattle, I’m planning to move on and expand it somewhere else, I just haven’t decided where yet” you said, pulling up your website and showing it to her “Wow, I knew you could make it” she said, smiling as she scrolled through the site, this business having been something you’d been wanting to do since high school “Thank you… How about you? How are things?” You asked, taking your phone back when she handed it to you, the two of you catching up and it being like nothing ever happened between you two, no long period of not talking, just two best friends catching back up.
Later that night, you had told Emily that you would meet her at the school, you got back to your hotel room and sighed as you slumped down in the chair by the table, you wondered how tonight would go, how much everyone had changed… If you would see her, getting lost in your thoughts until your phone pinged, it being Emily reminding you to not be late and you couldn’t help but smile as you replied back to her, pushing yourself out of the chair before you got changed into your outfit of choice, it just being some nice black pants, with shiny black shoes, a nice button-up, and a tie, making sure the rest of yourself looked good before you grabbed you things and headed out.
The snow had turned to mush and ice by the time you got to the school, carefully getting out of your car, you made your way towards the entrance, almost making it without incident until you stepped on a patch of ice and lost balance, bracing yourself to hit the ground when you felt arms wrapped around you, small but strong, opening your eyes, you looked behind you and saw Lena there with a small smile on her face “You okay?” She asked, chuckling some as she helped you stand up and you felt your face burning at her adorable laugh “I’m fine, seems the ice had it out for me though… You look amazing, Lena” you said, looking at her and seeing her wearing a gorgeous black dress with heels that could stab someone’s eyes out if she wanted to, her long, black hair pinned back in a waterfall braid down her back and black lipstick with some eyeshadow that made her green eyes pop.
“Thank you, you look great yourself, Y/N” she said, smiling at you and you couldn’t stop the surprise that appeared on your face when she said your name “Wait, you remember me?” You asked, rubbing the back of your neck anxiously and laughing nervously as she nodded “Of course I do, we worked on all the science projects together” she chuckled, you smiling as you remembered all the times she came by to work on the project since you guys always seemed to get paired “Right, we did, didn’t we” you chuckled, smiling at the memories before you realized that she was shivering “We should-we should get inside” you said, offering your arm to her without thinking and her taking it with a smile before you both headed inside.
Once inside, you brushed some snow out of your hair and smiled at her “Hopefully I’ll see you again tonight?” You asked, looking at her as she dusted some snow off her dress “Of course, can’t wait” she said, giving you a smile before she headed inside, you watching as she walked away before you took a deep breath and headed in yourself, the music loud like you were at one of the dances and the lights flashing throughout the gymnasium, looking around you saw a few familiar faces, but everyone had changed… Well, except Rodger, he still seemed to be the cocky airhead he was in high school, seeing him already surrounded by people, probably boasting about some sport thing that he did or something.
After a few moments of walking around, you spotted a few of your old friends with Emily, so you approached them “Hey guys, long time no see” you said, shaking their hands and even roughly remembering the handshake that you and Sam made “Y/N! How are you?” Jess asked, smiling at you as you shoved your hands in your pockets “I’m good, how are you all?” You asked, smiling as you guys seemed to fall back into the friendship you guys had years ago.
“So, I saw you walk in with Lena” Sam said as the two of you made your way to the snack table “Yeah, I nearly faceplanted outside, but she caught me before I could” you said, raising an eyebrow at the hum that Sam gave in return “What?” You asked, looking at them and watching as they shoved a cracker and cheese in their mouth “Oh nothing” they said, giving you a look that you couldn’t read until you heard a slow song come on and Sam groaned “Guess I owe Jess that dance” they said, sighing before they looked at you and nudged you “Looks like you’re getting one too” they said, giving you a wink before they headed off to find Jess, leaving you confused until you felt someone tap your shoulder.
When you turned around, you saw Lena standing there “Would you like to dance with me?” She asked, giving you a small smile and you couldn’t help but smile back and nod giddily, letting her lead you out to the dancefloor after you set your empty plate down before she turned towards you and wrapped her arms around your neck and yours wrapped around her waist “I heard you run a company now” she said, looking at you and you nodded “Yeah, in Seattle… I’m looking for new places to go with it” you said, trying not to stutter as you tried to respectfully keep your distance from her, but she just tugged you closer “Well, I could help with that… We should get dinner after this, catch up” she suggested, looking at you and you nodded “Dinner, yes… Dinner would be nice” you stuttered, biting your lip and mentally scolding yourself as she chuckled “You’re cute when you stutter” she said, giving you a smile. The two of you dancing and sticking close to one another the rest of the night, not that you were complaining.
Permanent Taglist: @rianncreates / @natasha-danvers / @youngandwildx7 / @hopingforbarnes / @xxxtwilightaxelxxx
Supergirl Taglist: @aznblossom / @stop-drop-and-drumroll / @worlds-in-words
Lena Luthor: @life2-live​ / @wlw-in-space​ / @ianarec​ / @thelonewriter247​ / @kalistory-blog​
End Note: I hope you guys enjoyed!! If you’d like to be added to a Taglist, shoot me an Ask or a DM!! Have a good day/night!!
Requests Open
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kooktrash · a year ago
revenge romance | kim taehyung FWB
Tumblr media
summary: a Hoe Phase in the office.
warnings: workplace au, smut, angst, mentions of cheating, writer Taehyung, cumming, panty sniffing, big dick Tae, cocky Tae, slight rough Tae, clothed sex, multiple orgasms, FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS. Rutting. Destroying pussy in minutes. Dom Tae. JOURNALISM STORY
- It was early, the computer screen in front of you strained your eyes. As much as you wished words could just flow out of you that was not the case. You couldn’t for the life of you find yourself to write your first column. It was amazing, being able to work for a magazine, seeing the magic behind the shoots and articles. And you were blessed to have gotten this opportunity. It was a new article you were working on, ‘Revenge Romance’ it was supposed to be a sort of helping hand blog for people coming straight out of a break up. At first you were a bit embarrassed, considering your boss had sort of outed you for being an emotional wreck while in her office. But the idea was pitched and it stuck. It was easy at first, writing the pains of how you felt and how you tried getting over it, but it was missing something.
“It’s coming along, isn’t it?” A voice asked from behind you. You were surprised to find Kim Taehyung, one of your favorite coworkers, standing behind you. He had a small cork board in his hands, showing you the setup he had for the images and writings. His head tilted waiting for you to say something. His hand was on the back of your desk chair, leaning forward until you could feel his warm breath against your exposed collarbone. You would never admit to it, the attraction you had toward him, it’d only make you feel like an idiot. Everyone had an attraction to him. He was by far the best looking man in the building and he carried himself professionally. His hair dark and thick brows with a perfect T-bone. He was the epitome of a perfect man. But you were merely just his friend, his colleague, the person he’d invite out for drinks every now and then, nothing more and nothing less. Plus, you were almost positive any chance there could have been between the two of you was completely blown out the window when he saw you hysterically crying in the break room from your break from he-who-should-not-be-named, and no it wasn’t Voldemort, though you kinda had an attraction to him too.
“What’s going here?” You asked, pointing to the blank space toward the bottom. His brows furrowed looking down at the space, “Um... some new article. It’s one of those advise pieces, I’m not sure they didn’t exactly say what. Something about relationships?” You tried keep your shocked expression to yourself, turning back in your chair to the blank website opened. “We’re going for drinks later. You should join us for some barbecue,” he said, hand grazing your shoulder as he looked down at your screen, “You, me, a few of the photography guys and some of the marketing dudes.”
You looked at the restaurant. It was small and dimly lit but it looked comfortable nevertheless. You could already see the group inside laughing about. The door made a ringing sound hitting the small bell hanging above as you came inside. “You came!” Taehyung came to you quickly, hand coming to your lower back as he pushed you forward gently, “Y/n I’m sure you know Jungkook and Jimin. That’s Hoseok from the marketing team, and Namjoon, Yoongi, and Jin. Jin’s actually a model but he doesn’t mind hanging out with us despite his popularity.” The man rolled his eyes as they greeted you, “Listen, I’m handsome enough for all seven of you so don’t worry.”
Taehyung pulled your seat out, helping you shimmy out of your coat, “I hope you don’t mind that you’re the only woman right now. There should be more from the office coming by in a bit. We’re going out dancing after, if you’re interested that is.” You just nodded your head looking at all the food and drinks already on the table. Jimin handed you a clean glass, pouring Soju for you. Jungkook gave you a polite smile, your eyes widened, slowly leaning toward him, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you. I really enjoyed your piece on how to get your shit together, the part where you explained how to declutter your mind and create a more organizing atmosphere. Amazing, seriously. Unfortunately I am shit so I’m still working on it but it was a great read.”
His cheeks tinted a light red, “Don’t worry I’m a hypocrite myself. My life is not together but I pretend like it is. But thank you so much, I enjoy your writings too more specifically ‘Fuck Forgiveness, What About What I Want?’ I shouldn’t have to apologize for holding a grudge, if I was done dirty then why should I be the bigger person?” You nodded your head listening to his points.
“Are we ready to get to dancing?” Hoseok asked, shaking his shoulders as he rose to his feet. You looked around the group, they were all already making their way up. Taehyung tapped your hand, “Well are you ready?” You actually weren’t sure if you were. To even bring yourself out of your house was too much, and the thought of continuing the night further almost had you shaking. You nodded your head, no, you were going to do this. Why the fuck did Seungjin—your ex by the way—get to walk around like he didn’t give a shit while you wallowed in self pity. If he was able to go out and drink to his heart’s content like he posted on his Instagram then you should too.
The club was crazy packed. It was a Friday night so you weren’t exactly sure why it surprised you. Your coworkers were all in two booths in the back. You were a young bunch, actually a good chunk of the employees at the magazine were millennials. It was a newer brand and it was forever following the new trends. “I’m going to go get a drink,” you informed no one in particular as you left the large group. To be honest, you’d never been the type interested in work friends. You weren’t there to make friends and bringing your personal life into things was never something you were fond of. It would bring drama to the workplace and you had absolutely no time for that. In reality you didn’t consider any of them your friends, maybe Taehyung but even that was pushing it.
“What are you doing here?” Your heart dropped. The glass in your hands so close to crashing back down on the bar. You didn’t want to turn around, too scared to be faced with reality. Of course. Of course this just had to happen to you, because why on Earth would you ever be graced with good luck when it was such fun to pick on you? You turned back, lump forming in your throat at the sight of him in front of you, “What?” He shook his head taking a step closer. You could see the gang of losers behind him you once considered your friends. He sighed, “You hate clubs. Remember?”
“Well maybe I’ve changed,” you took your drink pressing it to your lips and letting the strong liquor spill down your throat in one chug. He looked to you, brows scrunched together, “How are you?” You couldn’t hold in the chuckle, “Why do you care? I thought you were tired of me.”
“Don’t be like that,” he sighed looking down to the floor. “Like what? Please if you’re just here to pity me or see if I’m not over you yet, leave me the fuck alone. Why don’t you go find the girl you fucked in my bed? Or did you get tired of her too?”
He looked at you, no words coming from him. You scoffed, grabbing your things and attempting to storm off. He gripped your arm, pulling you back. You were completely caught off guard. His lips coming down on yours roughly. You couldn’t help it. You were weak and a little tipsy. You let your hands wrap around his neck letting him kiss you hungrily. You shouldn’t be doing this, you knew that. But it was so fucking hard not to. You dated since your second year at University. How were you supposed to just let all the feelings go away like that? But it wasn’t right. You watched him moan and groan on top of a girl who wasn’t you in your damn apartment. He was a piece of shit. And what did that make you for letting him kiss you again? Your hands came down on his shoulders, pushing off, “Stop.” He looked at you, eyes blown out. You didn’t say anything, hands running through your hair. And with that you left, heading back to where your coworkers were, drink in your hand now empty yet again. You put it down on the table, looking for your coat.
“What are you doing?” Taehyung’s appearance was a bit out of the ordinary. Hair a jumbled mess and shirt a little wrinkled. You shook your head clearing your thoughts away, “I’m going home. I’m not feeling well.” “Did something happen, are you okay?” His eyes trailed up your body and face, noticing the flushed expression you had yet firm jaw. Your lips looked a bit swollen and the fabric around your waist was creased. You nodded your head, clearing your throat awkwardly, “I’m totally fine. It’s just late and I should get going before it’s too late or dangerous to leave alone.”
“No I’ll take—“ “No, I’m fine, thanks though.”
You sat in bed, hand against your lips in disbelief. God you were such a fucking idiot. You opened your laptop, page started as you began typing away.
“Have you ever seen a child taste something awful and they’d make a face in disgust? Yet when it was offered to them again, they happily took it before making the face again? They’d continue to try it completely forgetting the feeling before? They wouldn’t understand the first go-around that they kept making that face and reacting in that way because they didn’t like it? Well, I am currently feeling like that child.
For a woman intent on getting over her cheating and toxic ex, who did nothing but gaslight the hell out of her, I sure did love running back to him. It’s not even like I don’t know that what I’m doing is wrong. I’m very much so aware of that, yet someone explain to me why I was completely fine for a moment letting him kiss me at the club tonight?
And before the judgemental looks—well further judgemental looks—no, I did not go to the club with him tonight. Funny enough my excuse for going out was to prove to myself that I didn’t have to cower away in my home so I didn’t have to run into him. I told myself that I was going to be alright and I had absolutely no problem drinking to forget the douchebag. Yet, here I am completely mad at myself for letting myself be distracted by how much I missed him. I let him approach me and start conversation, I even let him kiss me.
So, if there is any sort of explanation out there as to why I’m such a big idiot? Someone please point me in that direction because I can’t understand it myself. Why do I let myself run back to someone who hurts me nonstop? And if you’re just the same as me, I want you to ask yourselves these questions with me:
1. Why isn’t love good to me?
Well the answer is, it is, or it should be. It’s not that love isn’t good to you it’s that the person you hope to find it in is the one not good for you. You’ll never be able to feel enough or loved enough if you let an imposter manipulate you into thinking what they’re giving you is love. Because it’s not.
11. Should I change myself for them?
No, well maybe, but that’s okay. It’s hard to explain really where I stand in this topic because well part of me would like to change for him. I’d like to become the type of woman he likes, someone submissive and understanding. Someone he can rely on for things and be like the girls he cheated on me with. Then it hits me, why do I have to change for him to love me? Does that promise me he’ll stay? I have to remind myself, I am not his mother to try and baby him and treat him like he can never do anything wrong.
The reality of it is that sometimes they’re not asking you to change because there is something wrong with you. They’re asking you to change so that you fit into this tiny box of what they consider to be ‘the Perfect Partner’. This goes without saying, if it is your partner that is the problem. I’m very aware of the fact that I’m a bitch, that’s it. But I also know that our arguments over him coming smelling like perfume weren’t my fault like he claimed they were. I wasn’t picking a fight just because I’m bored —though that is something I’d do—I was doing it because I felt wronged. And I was right, because not even two days later was he in my home with another woman.
111. How can I get my mind off them?
Easy enough. A rebound. I am no stranger to the ‘hoe phase’ and I’m very excited to at least get to the chapter of my post-breakup crisis. Though, if that’s not your thing there’s other alternatives. Try and find a new hobby, or pick up something old you haven’t done in a while. Open up a book, do yoga, try working out or painting. Hell, do something you’ve always wanted to do but there was no time to do so between your relationship and other things. Think of this as an opportunity to better yourself for your mental health.
Now, personally I will be attempting to find someone to get under, or on top, of me because I am just that type of person. Keep these three questions in the back of your mind and ask yourself, how is this good for you? How would a change be good for you? Don’t be shy, feel free to be selfish.”
The escalation. Jesus Christ was there absolutely no middle ground for you. You went from crying over your cheating ex boyfriend, to making out heavily in a cab with your coworker. You were absolutely dumbfounded. Your article was published not even two weeks ago. It didn’t take Taehyung long to know you wrote it. The way he stormed to your desk asking about it. He even embarrassed you a bit by reading a few parts out loud to you, as if you hadn’t written it. “A Hoe Phase? You want to have a Hoe Phase?” His words exactly actually. So it went like this, a simple dinner outing. He claimed it was just to discuss further but you knew the two of you had ulterior motives. And you take back what you said, maybe he was a little into you. Or at least that’s what his hands gripping your waist tightly told you.
The cab ride was too long. He couldn’t keep his hands off you, fingers tugging on your too tight dress and holding a grasp on your hair. The elevator was no better, your back pressed against the wall as he assaulted your neck. You let out a small squeal, completely caught off guard as he lifted you up with ease placing you on the entrance table, mirror behind you. “I need a taste pretty girl,” he sighed into your lips. You were surprised to see how aggressive he actually was, pulling you with ease to the edge of the small table as he dropped to his knees. Your hand immediately came to his hair, he looked up at you with lust filled eyes, gripping your thighs with both hands. He placed small kisses along the inside of your thighs, inching closer to where your panties stuck to your heat. You let out a small whine, back lifting as he took in a deep breath, “Mmmm you smell so good.” Your breathing grew heavy, watching as his finger hooked into your destroyed underwear, pulling it to the side. You could hear him take another big breath, nose pushing against your clit making a shiver run down your throat.
You couldn’t hold back the moan that slipped out when he suddenly licked a long stripe down your entrance. “Mmm,” he groaned, arms coming around your thighs again to press you harder into his face. Your mouth drew open as his tongue slipped out, pressing wet messy tongue filled kisses into your heat. Your hands squeezed at his hair, he threw your legs over his shoulders lifting your bottom half off the table and aiming it up to his face. “Ngh,” you whined, hips rutting against his face. You were positive you were smothering him at this point but he was relentless. He gripped you like you had no place to go, smiling up at you, he let his hand trail up your dress, his fingers touched your chin. Your hand went to grip his wrist, dragging his hand upward until they pressed against your lips. You let his fingers in, swirling your tongue around them moaning. You tried swallowing them further. His other hand came down on your thigh softly, dragging his wet fingers away from your mouth. His index finger was the first. He trailed it up your slit, thumb immediately rubbing gently against your clit. “Tae,” you moaned, “I need more.”
He smiled from between your legs, finger pushing in slightly, “And I need words baby. Need you to tell me exactly what you want.” You let your eyes roll watching as his finger teased your entrance, “Your fingers Tae, give them to me.” His finger pushed in more, quickly adding another at the sound of the small whine that left your lips. He continued his minstrations on your clit, licking and sucking it and your squeals, “You know, I’ve been wanting to do this since we first met. But you were a taken woman then.” You pulled his face closer to your heat, “You’re lying.”
Actually, now that he was between your legs you could see how oblivious you were to his attempts. He would always make his way to your space, inviting you out or offering his help. His constant flirting that you took as him being friendly. Even when he had told you, ‘You have no idea what this dress is doing to me’, it went in one ear and out the other. It came all too quick, well more specifically you did. Your legs trembled as he let them squeeze around his head, high coming too soon and bubbling in your stomach. “Let go pretty baby,” he urged, sucking much harder on your clit letting his two fingers open and close while inside you. And that you did. It came flooding out of you. You haven’t had your pussy eaten out properly in almost a year. Seungjin was ass at it and had completely given up on the subject. He rushed up, capturing your lips in his, moaning at the gaze of yourself. Your chin was beginning to get wet, your slick glistening against the bottom half of his face. You let your hand slide down, reaching for his pants. You fumbled with the belt, wishing to just pry his pants off with ease and take his dick in your hand. He clicked his tongue, “Nuh uh baby, the only way you’re getting this dick is in your pretty little pussy.”
“B—“ he shook his head, cum drenched finger pressed against your lips as his hand slid behind you gripping your waist, “I’ve waited too long to not dive straight in. We can worry about me next time.” He lifted you off the table easily, lips attached to your neck as he carried you off. He found his way around easily, kicking his bedroom door closed as he threw you onto his bed. You watched in awe as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, staring straight down your slightly parted lips. He didn’t started his pants yet, too eager and reaching for your hips sliding you to the edge of the bed. He reached underneath your dress, fingers gripping your underwear as he slid them off, the coldness making you wince. He smiled watching as they stuck to your core. He yanked them down your legs, holding the lace thong with his index finger. He raised them to his face. You instantly felt more wetness spill out as he brought them closer, inhaling deeply. He gave you a menacing smile, clearing his throat as he shoved them into his pocket, “I’ll buy you a new pair.”
You watched as he finally unzipped his pants, not taking them off as he lowered the front to pull his aching cock out. You could feel drool piling your mouth as he pumped it lazily. He reached between your legs, gathering your wetness and applying it to his stiff member. You threw your head back, watching as he let out a small growl at the coldness. He stepped forward putting his knee on the bed, slowly pressing down until his dick rubbed against your folds. He was big, you could see that and now you were instantly wishing you had gobbled him up in your mouth. But he said there’d be a next and you were beginning to agree. His mouth fell open, “Soft.” He chuckled looking down at the sight of your wet pussy covering his hard cock with your juices. “Ready?” He asked teaching a hand down to align himself. You nodded your head, watching closely as he eased himself in. You couldn’t moan the way you wanted to. Not when the sight of your mouth falling open had him leaning down to tongue at you as he sank in fully. You needed to adjust, but he didn’t give you much time for that either. Covering your moans with soft thrusts, hands crashing down on your hips. “So good,” you moaned, head pressed into the pillows as he sat up, forcing more of himself into you greedily. You could feel him shake, tremble, and groan at your tightness, “Tight little cunt, pretty girl. Squeezing me so good.”
You smiled lazily, entranced by the way he pounded into you. No part of this was romantic. Not with the way you both still wore your clothes and heels. Not with his hands gripping you so tightly as he rammed into you relentlessly. You couldn’t hold in the whine when he pressed his hand on your stomach firmly, he could feel himself from inside you. “Do you like the way I’m fucking you?” He asked, head tilting to the side in curiousity like he did so many times. You nodded, he shook his head, “Use your words or I’m not letting you cum. Don’t you want to? Want to come around my cock?”
“Fuck It’s so good,” you answered, head lolling to the side. His hand came up gripping your chin roughly until you were looking at him. “You’re so big, need to cum Tae.”
“Already?” He chuckled though he couldn’t hold in the moan as his hips stuttered hitting your cervix, “That fast baby?” You nodded unashamed, “Haven’t had good dick in a while. You make me feel so full.” He moaned, speeding up to chase his own release he’s had building up since dinner, “Okay baby, cum. Cum on my cock.”
His hand came down, rubbing at your clit experimentally. You couldn’t hold in the loud moan, cumming instantly at the touch. He growled, watching as you creamed around his cock. Immediately he pulled out, shaking as he came into his hand, collapsing onto the bed next to you. He chuckled, out of breath as he spoke, “Goddamn I love your pussy.”
You trembled, “Next time, you’re letting me suck that big dick of yours.”
He laughed, reaching for his abandoned shirt and pressing it against your legs watching you wince as he cleaned, “If you promise to let me fuck your tits too.”
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riversofmars · 7 months ago
Heyy, I'm still a bit new to the doctor who fandom, but i love it already and you are one of my favorite dw blogs!! Im just wondering, where can i find the audio/podcast thingies, like big finish, or the diary of river song and do you by any chance know where in the nuwho storyline i should listen to them?
Btw i really love all of your fanfics, especialy the 13xRiver ones :))
Oh thank you so much, that's very sweet of you 🥰🥰
Well, diary of river song is also big finish, that's what the production company is called. You can buy and download the audios on their website! You can get some bits for free but over all they're relatively expensive unfortunately. Some of them Doom Coalition are definitely worth the money though. Feel free to drop me a private message and I'll see what sort of free content I can point you towards!
In terms of where to listen to it in the NuWho timeline: most of The Diary of River Song is set in between The Angels Take Manhattan and The Husbands of River Song from River's point of view anyway. She obviously encounters many past doctors during those adventures but in her timeline (and relation to the NuWho timeline), that's where they take place. It doesn't really matter when you listen to them though. Doom Coalition is set in between Darillium and the Library from River's point of view. DC is an Eighth Doctor adventure but it ties in neatly with NuWho cause River is there for most of it!
I've got a lot of fics coming up for Whumptober (including River/13) so there will be more content coming soon! Thanks so much for reading! ❤️❤️❤️
Tumblr media
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Daminette Rough Layout AU #1
Warning- This is a Salt AU, it contains Lila salt, Adrien Salt, Alya Salt and Class Salt. Some of the Salt is dramatized, pkease read at your own digression.
Note- Changing things up a bit-they are in high school now-Damian 16 and Marinette 15 and juniors, obviously things are different from canon. Gabriel gave up both miraculous after Adrien dies in one of the akuma fights, he has Nooroo and Duusu bring them to the guardian. Marinette helps heal Duusu so that if he is ever used again the holder will not start to die. Soon after Master Fu takes back Adrien's miraculous and names Marinette the guardian.
He doesnt lose his memories but he does pass away a week later. Marinette also deletes her original website and makes and entire new one under MDC designs after Lila threatens to leave bad reviews.(This happens before she meets Damian, right when they are entering high school.)
They met online after Damian got tired of his brothers making fun of him for talking like an old man. He found Marinette on Twitter, (She has a very popular Twitter blog where she Tweets in English and is considered a meme god.) and after reading her tweets decided that she'd be a good teacher.
After reaching out they agreed on how much she'll be paid and a time that works best for both of them. Every Monday & Wednesday the video chat when Damian has his lunch and study period. For Damian it is 12 to 1 pm, and for Marinette it is 7 to 8 pm. After two months Marinette has successfully made Damian her friend, and he has began opening up to her more. Meanwhile Damian begins to mess with his brothers using memes.
Tim to Jason- I will die if I don't get coffee soon.
Damian passing by the kitchen on his phone- Then perish.
Jason-...Did he just?
Tim- Impossible.
Dick over the coms while on patrol-I really want candy right now.
Damian drops down next to him and pulls a tidepod of of his belt giving it to Dick before continuing on.
Dick-What the fuck...
Tim having seen from a distance-What did Damian give you candy?
Dick- He gave me a tidepod.
Jason-Your shitting me Goldie.
Jason-What are you eating Damian?
Damian taking a bite of a pop tart- Ravioli...
Jason-Im going fucking crazy.
Alfred-Language Master Jason.
They now text each other durning their free time, Marinette loves receiving pictures of Damian's pets and silly pictures of Damian's friend Jon. Damian loves seeing pictures of her newest designs and Paris at night.
Jon is the only person who knows about Marinette and thats because he crashed one of Damian's classes. He gushes over the fact that Damian is talking to his favorite person on Twitter, then full on fanboys a second later when she follows him back on Twitter. Soon after she becomes friends with Jon too, Lila comes back. After two weeks of fighting her she stops after both Damian and Jon point out that if her classmates were really her friends they wouldnt believe someone they just met over her. Marinette stops doing extra things for the class no more free pastries, banners, clothes or anything. She spends majority of her time on school work, her comissions and talking with Damian and Jon.
Madame Bustier at one point asks her to stay after class. She tells her she is disappointed that Marinette is distancing herself form the class so much. Marinette just tells her that she is done, that if she wants a perfect role model then she should use Lila instead and leaves. The next day she tells Madame Bustier she is stepping down as class president, everyone in the class except for Chloe and Marinette vote for Lila. Marinette has had more free time then she has had in a while and is thriving. She is able to take more and more commissions and even allows Jagged and Clara to give other celebrities access to her website. With a push from Jon she also sets up a Twitter and Instagram account under MDC Designs. With in no time everyone is trying to get an MDC original.
At one point she gets a call from Jon asking her how much it would cost for a MDC original for his mom. Marinette smiles softly telling him to just get his moms measurements for her. When he argues she finally agrees to accept payment but gives him a family discount. Jon agrees with a huff, a month later Jon sends her a video of his mom opening his gift.
Lois-Oh Jon love you know you didnt have to get me anything.
Jon-And let Connor out do me this year? No way.
Connor laughing-Oh shut it Jon!
Jon-cone on open it already mom!
Lois lauging before unwrapping the box- Is this? Jon is this a MDC box?
Connor looking at him with wide eyes.
Jon-open it and see!
Clark-So thats why you asked me for her measurements.
Lois pulls a beautiful knee length navy blue pencil dress. It had a classy V neck and flounce bell sleeves Jon is this and MDC original?
Jon-weeell if you look at the inside of the right sleeve your see her signature marking. Thats not all though mom theres another box!
Lois grabs the other box and unwraps it opening it quickly to find a pair of white lace up Oxford pumps with matching navy laces, MDC hand stitched on the back in navy.
Lois-How did you-how did you get MDC originals?
Jon laughing-I'll never tell!
Marinette saves the video on her phone and tells him he wants a photo of her in it for her website. A week later he send her pictures of his mom in the outfit posing with his dad and the next day he send pictures of her posing with Bruce Wayne on the red carpet. She quickly posts them on Instagram and Twitter tagging Lois, Clark, Bruce and Daily Planet.
'I knew Mrs. Lane would make this one of a kind outfit look beautiful! I was happy to make the dress and shoes as a surprise from her son! Mrs. Lane your son has my number, if you ever want another original talk to him! 💋'
Lois immediately responds to her tweet thank her for the amazing gift, while also asking how her son got in contact with MDC.
Marinette- ' 🤫🤫😘😘💋'
Jon-'You'll never know!!'
Lois, with her bosses approval, writes an article joking about the mystery that is MDC at also an interview where she grills her son on how he knows MDC.
Its a blows up and part of Jon's interview becomes a meme. This part;
Jon-Superman, please come save me from my mom!
Marinette being the meme godess she is decides to quote it on Twitter, but she messes up and posts it on MDC desgins.
MDC-Superman, please come save me from these deadlines!
Half an hour later
MDC-That was meant for my personal Twitter...
Now everyone is also talking about MDC memeing.
After talking with the Kwami Marinette decides to tell Damian and Jon about her time as Ladybug, and how she still goes out and patrols to stop muggers. In return one day Damian and Jon flies him and Damian to paris and they finally meet in person and they tell her their own identities. They leave Gotham at 7 am in Gotham and make it to Paris at 3 pm and wait for her outside of her parents bakery. Marinette flips out and practically tackles the both if them in a hug. She pulls them inside happily introducing her parents to her American friends. After they tell her they decide to spend the rest of the day together. Marinette also takes their measurements telling them its for a surprise. Damian tells her that his brothers are obsessed with MDC and how the wouldnt stop hounding Jon when they found out he had gotten in contact with her.
They go out and Marinette shows them Paris while Jon is slowly pushing them together. He is ecstatic when Marinette wraps one of her fingers around Damien's finger and he respond by grabbing and holding her hand. They are all immensly happy until they are passing by a park and notices her class having a party. At first she doesnt care and just shrugs it off, until the class notices them. Alya accuses Marinette of trying to start drama, she rolls her eyes telling Alya she didnt even know about the party and was just showing her friends around. Damian frowns glaring at the class when he feels Marinette hand start to shake and releases her hand wrapping an arm around her waist in support. Jon is also frowning but simply reminds Marinette that they were going out to eat. Marinette nods and begins telling them about the restaurant they were going to while leaning into Damian's side.
They turn leaving the class behind only for Adrien to hurry after them. Adrien tries to convince Marinette to return and spend time with the class saying he missed his friend. Marinette tells him that they arent friends anymore, that friends dont allow lies to be spread about their friends. She takes the boys and they finally make it to the restaurant.
Damian pays refusing to let Marinette or Jon touch the check. They spend the rest of their time at Marinette's house watching movies until they leave at 9pm wishing Marinette goodnight and making it back to Gotham at 3 pm. When they get back to the manor Bruce confronts Damian asking why he got notified that Damian's card had been used in Paris. Thats how Bruce finds out about Marinette.
Bruce- shes been teaching you memes?
Bruce-...well at least your making friends.
Damian-dont tell the others, they'll want to meet her and Id rather not be embarrassed
Bruce-I wont say anything until they catch you then.
Around the end of Marinette's junior year Lila accuses Marinette of theft and she is once again expelled. Only this time Marinette gets the school board involved and she is quickly cleared of charges. once again. However she decides not to return to the school tired of their treatment. Instead with the help of Jagged and her parents permission she enrolls at Gotham Academy and doesnt tell Damian to surprise him. Jon does know that way he could help her.
Within the week Marinette is in Gotham in her new penthouse apartment with her new gaurdian, a maid/nanny that Penny had recommended. Her name is Margaery she is in her 60s. The next day Marinette is dropped of at school by Margaery, Jon is already there early and helps her get his schedule and everything. Then they wait for Damian to arrive hiding until the see him open his locker Jon distracts him while Marinette hides behind the locker door. The school is very surprised whe. Damian smiles brightly at seeing her. Within the day she is known around the school as both Sunshine and Gotham's new Goddess.
Soon enough Damian Marinette and Jon are never seen withiut tge other except in classes. Many teachers see Marinette as a blessing classes have been calmer shes always willing to volunteer and shes even started tutoring some of the students. Even though she entered late in the year she starts to help the student council and things were more organized and running smoother. What everyone is really happy about is how she seems to bring out the teen in Damian and encourage him to act his age. The only reason they havent posted about her and Damian's relationship is because Damian made it clear he didnt want his family to know.
He starts calling her Angel and Red Bird. Marinette starts calling him Dove and Birdie. They slowly start going on dates while also making sure to hang out with Jon so he didnt feel left behind. Its the beginning of summer when Marinette gets invited to a Wayne gala by Bruce himself with a little note.
'Miss Dupain-Cheng, I would like to meet the girl that has stolen my youngest's attention. Please do not inform him I invited you, I think it will be quite the surprise for him. -Bruce Wayne
She tells Damian to wear a seafoam green tie because it will bring out his eyes, in a sly way so that they will be matching. She then makes a seafoam green Asymmetrical A-line off the shoulders dress adding layers of tulle that forms teirs and finishes with horsehair hemlines. The MDC signature is stictched on to the second layer of tulle.
The night of the Gala she is dropped off by Margaery and Jon leaves his parents to meet her. She tells him that Damian didnt know either and Bruce wanted to surprise him. Jon starts laughing causing Marinette to dissolve into giggles. This catches Jon's parents eyes and they walk over. Jon wuickly introduces her as one of his best friends. Lois and Marinette quickly hit it off and enter the gala together with Jon and Clark following behind them. After 5 minutes Damian spots them, and discreetly hurries over to them.
Lois and Clark are surprised at the nickname and that Damian is smiling even more surprised when he hugs her and holds her hand gently. They stare into each others eyes for a moment until Lois coughs catching boths attention. Damian greets them as he lets go of Marinette's hand wrapping an arm around her waist as she does the same. They stand talking with each other until Lois spots someone she wants to interview and hurries off with Clark. The three of them share a look before all saying food at once. Jon walks ahead of them as Marinette and Damian follow talking to themselves.
M-'Your father wanted to meet me so Im afraid I will no longer be a secret.'
D-'Of course he did, I was hoping to keep those embarrassments known as my brothers away.'
This causes Marinette to laugh leaning her head on his shoulder.
M-'I am sure they arent that bad.'
They spend a good half hour talking with Jon and eating before Bruce finds them and introduces himself to Marinette. Five minutes later she notices Damian's brothers starring at them in shock. She starts giggling and points it out to Damian who groans. Soon after the boys rush over to interrogate their brother dragging him away from Marinette Jon and Bruce.
While Damian is dealing with them Jagged and Penny both find Marinette. Eventually the boys force Damian to introduce them to Marinette. She hits it off with all of them promising to visit the mansion. Jon convinces Damian to ask Marinette to be his girlfriend. He asks her to dance with him and asks while they are dancing. That night Marinette Damian and Jon leave together for an impromptu sleepover at Marinette's. Margaery picks them up greeting both parents and assuring them that there kids will be safe, and they will be camping out in the living room.
Marinette surprises the boys with handmade pjs once they get to her house and Margaery surprises them with cookies. The next day she goes to the mansion with Damian and gets to know his brothers more piecing together who is who of the Batfamily. At one point Jason insinuates that Marinette couldnt fight so she challenges his to a spar. Jason being cocky holds back and gets his butt kicked, he asks for a rematch and doesnt hold back this time, still gets his butt kicked.
While Damian and Marinette are saying goodbye she jokes about how long its going to take his siblings to realize shes a hero not a civilian. Damian finds it hilarious. When Marinette gets home she tells Margaery that she was going up to the roof to look at the stars for inspiration. Margaery allows her making her take a blanket, hor chocolate and some cookies with her. That night Nightwing lands on her roof and 'startles' causing her to throw her cup at him hitting him in the gut
Robin chuckling-That bitch empty,
Mari and Robin together-Yeet!
Marinette laughs offering him a cookie as Nightwing gets up
Nightwing-Nice throw.
Marinette laughs harder her eyes twinkling.
Mari-Sorry you startled me I must have lost track of time I should head back home now. Have a safe patrol Birdies!
She says before passing other of them leaving the plate of cookies behind for them. Over the summer Marinette and Damian visit her parents for two weeks before returning to Gotham. The rest of the summer is filled with dates between her and Damian the Gotham Gazette is having a field day with them.
They're referred to as the Goddess and the Prince and every date is talked about the next day. When summer is over Marinette Damian and Jon are back for their senior year. Marinette decides to run for student body president and Jon runs as her vice president, they both tease Damian about being the trophy boyfriend and he responds that he is fine with it as long as hes the trophy boyfriend to Marinette. Marinette and Jon win with an almost unanimous vote. It is half way through their senior year when Damian's brothers realize she knows. Bruce and Babs already know. Jason teasingly jokes about Damian outing them to a civilian and Marinette jist goes
Marinette-Jayby(This is her nickname for him), I have beaten you in spars 9 out of 10 times and you still think Im a civilian.
Marinette sighs before calling Tiki out and transforming. (She has a different outfit. Period. Her hair is pulled into a high ponytail, held by a red ribbon. It has a completely black mask, her top was sleeveless and was a deep red. She had gloves that stopped at her elbows the same deep red but with black poka-dots. Her pants were completely black with a red belt holding her yoyo. Her outfit was finished with red combat boots with black soles.) Everyone is silent as they taken in her outfit.
Damian-God your so beautiful.
Marinette-Aw Dove
Que a sweet kiss where Jason gags jokingly before Tim flips out about her being Ladybug. Marinette jokingly says that he didnt react that way to her being MDC.
Dick-This time your oulling my leg.
Marinette-You didnt know? I was always giving you guys family discounts.
Tim-Your MDC...my favorite fashion designer is my future sister-in-law. Thats why your commissions always seemed cheaper than others. Im chalant right now.
This causes Dick to burst out laughing.
Dick-Really becuase Im whelmed!
Bruce smiles slightly remembering when his eldest would use to his 'Unwords' all the time.
That night Marinette patrols with them and Gotham gains a new hero LadyBird. With a little shove from Damian and begging from Tim, Marinette begins to grow MDC even more by partnering with Wayne Enterprises. Marinette and Damian are the power couple of the school, they have majority of their classes together both being in AP and Honors classes. As the school president Marinette is notified that during the last quarter of second semester a French class is doing an exchange program at Gotham Academy.
Her and Jon have to escort them around the school the first week. Marinette argues a bit at first.
Mari-I understand that it is important but Jon and I are still heavily working on Prom, Senior's Last Peprally, Senior Awards, Senior vs Freshman Football, Prom King and Queen vote and The Senior trip.
Jon-Mari is right is there anyway we could pick someone else to show them around. There are a few other people in student council that speak French.
They both convince the Principal to allow the Secretary of the Student Council, Candy St.Cloud, to show them around. Marinette, Jon and Damian avoid them, none of Marinette's old class knows Marinette is there until votes for Prom King and Queen pops up and Marinette's name is on the ballet.
Lila bursts into tears claiming her Dami promised her she'd be on the ballet since he goes to that school. They all try to hunt her down and give her shit for booting Lila off. However majority of Gotham academy has noticed their attitude towards Gotham's Goddess and everyone makes sure Marinette is unreachable.
They pretty much only see glimpses of her until Senior's Last Peprally when she and Damian are announced Prom King and Queen. Their boos are covered up by the school's cheers. Marinette and Damian share a quick kiss which causes more cheers as the teachers roll their eyes calling out Pda. Then both her and Jon announce whats going to be happening at the peprally.
At the end of it all the seniors get together for one last class photo in the front is Jon Marinette and Damian. Damian and Marinette are wearing the sashes and crowns and Marinette is in the middle of them. Bustier's class is upset they cant be a part of the picture because they arent actually seniors at the school. The next night is Senior awards the class doesnt go but the trio does.
Marinette and Damian get best couple.
Damian gets the award for best grades.
Jon gets the award for most likely to secede in life.
That night all three are on the news and trending on Twitter when they go out to celebrate at Bat Burger, videos and pictures are posted off Marinette and Jon dying of laughter as Damian cuts his burger with a knife and fork. At the hotel Lila is crying claiming that Damian is cheating in her with Marinette. The class continuously message Marinette even when they get a response saying that the person is not Marinette amd that they've had the number for two months.
The next day at lunch they confront Marinette, they followed Jon to the room the Student council eat lunch in. Que them berating Marinette infront of everyone including the teachers. Marinette just rolls her eyes not wanting to give them the time of day.
Alya-I cant believe you tricked Lila's boyfriend into dating a bully like you!
This causes Jon to launch to her defense, he steps in front of Marinette glaring at the class.
Jon-Lila's boyfriend?? You mean Damian, so Lila was dating Damian first?
Lila-Yes! And Marinette purposely seduced him!
Jon-Really tell me when did you firat meet Damian?
Lila-oh he was so sweet! It was when we were 6 and we met at a gala here in Gotham! A older women was being incredibly mean to me and he stood up for me telling me that he'd have his dad kick her out. We were always meeting up over the summer and started dating at the beginning of senior year!
Jon-Oh so you know Arabic?
Jon smirking-Well Damian didnt learn English until he was 8, his first language is English. Also you couldn't possibly have met Damian here when he was 6 because Damian didn't come to Gotham until he was 10. When his dad was informed that he had a son. On top of that Damian spends every summer with his family and closest friends. Actually he usually spends a few weeks on my family's farm, this summer he didnt because he went to Paris with Marinette. Also at the beginning of senior year? St. Cloud, when did Damian ask Marinette out.
St. Cloud- Beginning of the summer at Mr. Wayne's first charity gala of the summer, he asked her while they were dancing. It was really cute and Marinette looked amazing in her MDC dress!
Mari-Thank you St. Cloud, I could give you her number if you'd like a dress
Lila runs away embarrassed the class starring at Jon and Marinette in shock.
Alya-who-who do you think you are?!
Mari-Alya do you really not recognize your idols son?
Marinette is disappointed as she introduces them to Jon Kent, after that the teacher finally forces the French class out, while also telling them how kuch trouble they'll be in.
The class starts trying to get on Marinette's good side for the rest of the year but she ignores them. Prom comes and goes and when its finally time for graduation Damian is valedictorian. He gives a fairly inspirational speech and at the end he smirks finishing it with.
Dami-And lastly I would like to thank my eldest brother, without him Id never be able to give this sappy inspirational speech, he is really good at them.
When they throw their caps in the air Damian finds Marinette and dips her pulling her into a deep kiss.
That night while they are all celebrating at the Wayne Mansion Marinette finally lets go of Paris, she decides that her place is in Gotham with Damian.
Lets do a time skip!
Marinette is the top name in Fashion, Damian is Co-Ceo of Wayne enterprises with Tim. They are both married and living in Marinette's penthouse together with Margaery, I am to emotionally invested to kill off her or Alfred even if it is do to age. They visit the mansion almost every day, and family dinners are common.
Jon started going out with St. Cloud and are engaged, he has also taken up the mantle of Superman.
Damian has taken up the mantle of Batman with his Robin, Johnn'i Thomas Grayson-Wayne, Richard and Koriand'r's second child that did not inherit his mothers powers, and his partner Ladybird. That is until Marinette discovers she is pregnant. She surprises the family while they are getting their family portrait redone, with only Kori and the photographer knowing.
All the girls are in chairs with the boys behind them. Seating goes.
Babs, Kate, Selina, Marinette, Kori, Stephanie, and Cass. For a few of the pictures Marinette holds up a sign saying, "Another Wayne is on the way!" Then they hide the sign so they have a regular family portrait.
A few days later when the entire family is gathered to see the photos they are surprised when Bruce stars at them in shock. Alfred and Margaery merly smile offering congratulations, everyone is confused until Bruce turns the picture around.
Damian is looking at the pictures in shock until he jumps up and picks up Marinette spinning her around. Soon everyone is screaming and cheering offering congratulations. While Damian and Marinette hold each other close crying softly.
Mari-Your gonna be a Daddy Dove.
Damian-I love you so much Marinette. So much.
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zhowongli · a year ago
Tumblr media
hello! i started a new thread because the other one (+ this one) got really long, so sorry! but i guess this is my love letters to you guys because you’ve made my tumblr experience so, so much better && i’m grateful for all of you guys + all of my mutuals and followers!!
first of all, @himawari-senpaii thank you so so much for your kind words! meggi, i love your sunflower motif because it suits you so well! sunflowers make me smile whenever i see them, and it really brings me so much joy to see you on my dash/notifs. your tags are always so fun and sweet. thank you for tagging me in this 🥺 
@animoozies connie, where do i even start? you were my very, very first tumblr mutual on this account! i’m so thankful you reached out to me before, and you’re still checking up on me even now. words can’t describe how much i adore you + how appreciative of you! when i see you on my dash with your stories, i always end up cackling because you’re so fun. idk how you do it working all those hours + going to nursing school, but you is a mf boss ass queen!!
@hoekaashi ash, my queen!! my tag for you is my day is blessed because ash ✨exists✨ because that’s honestly how i feel about you. i am truly blessed with your kindness, your humor, your friendship, you. thank you for always keeping me company through our struggles in pharmacy school! you are one of the realest people i know, and i feel so honored that you always send me random kenma pics & fics you think i’d like 🥺
@kanao annette, the other half of my soul, my whole heart, my literal soul sister. you are one of the biggest blessings i’ve received this year, and i honestly don’t know where i would be without you listening to my dumb shit and supporting me through all my mess LOL. thank you for validating me all the time, even if it’s just stupid stuff like enabling me to buy all the random stuff that i’ve been thinking about LMAO. i love how we are always ✨speaking✨ and  ✨manifesting✨ good things in our futures together. i literally feel like i can talk about any and everything with you, and i love that about us 🥺 i am manifesting that beach vacation 2021 for us, okay!!! 💖
@sapphitedreams leo, my cutest menace in the kitchen 💖 thank you for reaching out to me when i was too shy to reach out to you uuuu. you’re such a chaotic calm in my life, and i love your energy. i am constantly in awe with how adorable, supportive, and creative you are! even though you bully me sometimes and only make things for characters’ birthdays, you are so so talented and it floors me every time i see your creations because they are so amazing idk how they’re real. i hope you are able to get some rest even if you have to work during your break (& i hope you don’t accidentally fall during work anymore smh HAHAH)!
@onefortyninecm danielle!! my love!! i know i mention this before, but i am always so so inspired by you. you’re so tiny, but you have such a big heart and soul. you’re so beautiful inside and out + your humor is god tier. i’m so glad you were the very first person i’ve ever commissioned from (& spiraled me into comissioning indulgent kenma art HAHAHA), and i’m still amazed by your talent and kindness every time you post something new omg. i still can’t believe you DREW ON YOUR PHONE what the heck!! you’re so talented it’s crazy HAHA. i’m always thinking fondly of you + dandy wedding in a pumpkin patch 2021, okay thanks. 
@p-irozhki rissa!! i am so blessed with all the gifs you create and all your content on my dash! whenever i think of you, i think about all the smol icons you use because to me, you = cuteness = i wanna hug you so much!!! i think i already said it, but i’m always so thankful when you read all my self-indulgent fanfics and leave kind comments on them 😭 thank you for culturing me about mangoes HAHAHA. there’s never a bad time with you, and i’m thankful we got to meet this year!
@hoshino-a lena lena! you actually have so much bde that i am in constant awe by you. you are such a baddie & i have this like clear imagine in my head of you with crisp and clean vibes + the skies from your pfp on discord, hehe. i love you and all your brain rots about your exes. at this point, every time i see semi, my first thought is “ah it’s lena’s ex” and whenever i hear some sad song, i would be like “omg it’s lena ab her ex semi eita” LMFAOIOAGJDLA. i love talking to you because your energy is just immaculate + i just love your presence 💖 also please get some sleep because do you even sleep 😭 
@myelocin nic!! you’ve painted my world in so many iridescent shade so life, i can’t even begin to describe how much you mean to me. you works are just so beautiful so imagine how much i shrieked when i saw you followed me LMFAOOADIGDALJ i love that your blog is your safe space because it has become a place of comfort for me as well (and i’m going to miss you so much when you leave 😭😭). your makki brain rot is so strong, and sometimes i think about makki and you making dinner and teasing each other and throwing flour at each other or something idk. this is nic’s world now and we are all living in it tbh. 
@tsu-kiss nina!! you are someone i find such comfort in. i’m not really sure if that even makes sense LOL. but your blog and you are a source of comfort for me. in my head, you have such an older sister vibe even though i’m older than you LMAOOADGHDAKJ. i hope life is treating you well because you deserve all the best!! seeing you thrive makes my heart so full 🥺 i love you so much!!
@souheii lisa!! i kid you not, the first time you dropped an ask in my ask box, my heart skipped a beat because you told me you love me and i love you and you are so cute and i cri!!!! i know we don’t talk often, but every time i see you on my dash or in my notifs or when we do talk, it’s like a little shot of serotonin every time :”) thank you for being such a lovely human being mrs. iwaizumi hajime, 27, althetic trainer😭
@ultkags​ cas!! my first child 💖 i know you’re on a hiatus right now because school really, really sucks BUT you are seriously one of my biggest blessings. you are literally my ray of sunshine because every time i talk to you, i gain so much warmth and energy from you. every time i see your edits, it absolutely AMAZES me because i literally don’t know how i am able to see all your edits FOR FREE?? all your thoughts behind the composition and symbolism for each piece is CRAZY. please remember that i’m always your biggest fan + i love you so so much. please take care and remember to drink water and get some rest!! your grandma is always here to send you love + forehead kisses because this grandma can’t bake :(
@u-make-my-heart-tsumtsum​ ree!! hi, i know we’ve only started talking recently but i love how open and warm you are. our love was so strong that even tumblr tried to stop us 😭 conversations with you are always so easy and lovely, and you are just such a cool person!? i love reading all your thoughts (& i can’t wait to dive into your masterlist after school ends because we live for fluffy tsumu content 😭). i’m not sure why you even follow me, but i adore you so much!!
@neonghxst​ el, where do i even begin!! you are such a lovely person, and i literally have no other words to say because you always leave me speechless. your writing is so so gorgeous, and you are so so beautiful. i love reading all your stories because they truly leave an everlasting impact on me, and i love reading your interactions + just seeing you on my dash. you are so thoughtful, and you take care of everyone around you so well. i hope that you are also giving yourself the same treatment because you deserve all the best as well! remember to drink water in between your coffees and get some rest as you go into your final 2 weeks of the semester!! 
@und3lla​ maliha! hi love! i know we haven’t spoken much or in a while, but i really do always think of you randomly. you were one of the first mutuals i made && you are such a sweet soul. i love how every time we talk, it really fills me up with happiness. thank you for just being such a lovely person && you truly are one of the softest people i’ve met. thank you <3
@deadontheinsidebut angel, my dumb ham, my queen, my hoe (heaven on earth), my everything. i know you are also on a semi-hiatus right now because everything that’s going on, but i hope you are properly taking care of yourself >:( i’m always here to remind you to drink some water in between your coffees and teas and to GET SOME REST. you are so so driven, and i really admire how open and friendly you are. you truly are your namesake because you are literally an angel, and i always feel so blessed to be in your presence (even if you bully me sometimes for being a boomer 😔). words can’t describe how much i love you and care about you && i hope that you are able to find what you’re looking for during your break! 💖
@rumprich​ ananya! hello! i am so thankful to see you and all your content on my dash. you have so much creativity, and all your edits are so aesthetically pleasing to look at? like it’s so light + pretty!! i’m so so grateful that we are mutuals somehow because ahhh i really don’t deserve you. you are so adorable, and i truly am blessed to see your presence! 
@yuki-souma​ vee! i know we only started talking very very recently, but you are so much fun to talk to! i love how diverse our conversations are, and i love that we have similar favorites, and even when we don’t, it’s always a fun conversation that i look forward to! i love how open and inviting you are, and i’m really grateful that we are mutuals + i love and appreciate you so so much! 
@owlywrites​ owly! hello! you are seriously one of the most supportive souls i’ve met on this website. your kindness and drive to learn always leaves me speechless because you’re so amazing. thank you for being so kind to me, and i hope you extend that same kindness to yourself! don’t be so hard on yourself and remember to take breaks and take care too. you are such a beautiful soul, and i hope you’ll remember that i’m always here to support you!! 
@graphicstills-in-motion hi arianne! thank you so so much for always being so kind to me. i don’t know what i did in life to deserve you, but i must have done something right to have someone so kind like you in my life! thank you for being such a sweet soul + always boosting everyone around you up. your kindness is definitely contagious! i love seeing your edits and reading our conversations because there are always so many thoughts put in. thank you <3
@applepienation​ justine! thank you so much for always checking in on me whenever i post random shit on my dash. i really do appreciate you and all that you do for not just me, but also for everyone around you. you are such a ray of sunshine, and i’m so thankful that you’re in my life! i know uni is crazy for you right now, but i hope you’re still taking time to take care of yourself! sending you lots of love and positive energy!!
@touyax​ drake! hi love. i absolutely LIVE for your tags LMAOOADJGALD. they are literally my thoughts but you just typed them out HAHAH. i’m so thankful that i get to see your beautiful content on my dash, and i’m always in awe by all your edits! thank you for always being such a fun person + never leaving me feeling like a fool whenever i post ask games LOL. i love and appreciate you so much! 💖
@kagehjna​ ilayda! my kagehina supplier 🥺🥺 i love seeing your presence on my dash because you truly post all the best things! you are such a lovely person + i love reading your tags HAHA. you are truly a joy and we will definitely have matching kagehina icons one day okay 😭😭 12/7 is finally here/coming SO I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! thank you for always blessing me <3
@sadaharus hi mei! you are literally the definition of softness to me. all your content and edits are just so soft and beautiful, and i love seeing everything you post. you are my main gintama supplier HAHA. i really appreciate how kind you are + how you’re always so sweet to me. 🥺 i know it’s kinda funny how i started following you because of a random ask game, but i’m so so glad i did because i always feel so thankful you’re here! 
@fake-charliebrown charlie! my little sprout babie!! i have so much admiration for you because you have so so much talent! your style is so distinctive, and i love that!! it’s so soft + vibey, and i’m honestly so so amazed by it all. not to mention, you have the best haikyuu thoughts! thank you for sharing all of that with me! i’m thankful for you, thank you <3
@itachihaa​ ay! my froggy princess 🥺 thank you for always being so kind to me + having the patience to deal with how slow i am to responding!! i’m really appreciative of you always because you make/have so much beautiful content and you are so so sweet as well!? and the way you call me miss starlight 🥺 that makes me so soft like!! uuu i love you. 
@stardust-make-a-wish​ star! you are so so adorable!! i LOVE reading your tags because they make me feel so fuzzy and soft but also relatable HAHA. your presence is such a joy + thank you for always interacting with me even though i just spam random stuff LMAO. i love how thoughtful your answers are + how much you love cake/sweets (very suiting because you are so sweet 🥺). thank you for being interested in me even though i am the one asking you questions! 
@karasu-hoes​ daisy! hello! i have so much admiration for you because you have so much creativity and kindness! like your events are so cool and unique + your writing is so beautiful! i love reading your feral thoughts + all your work. i also really love reading your witching hours!!! thank you for blessing me with you 🥺 you are always so kind + i love how much you care about your friends and the people around you. i hope you’re taking care while renewing your teaching certifications! 💖
@frailuta nico! hello love! i know we haven’t really spoken before, but i just want to know i love you so much. you make the most beautiful gifs + i truly am in awe every time you post something. life is tough sometimes, but you are tougher! sending so so much love and positive energy to you + please remember to take care! <3
to all my mutuals and followers: thank you so so much for sticking with me and my mess of a blog. i honestly don’t really contribute much to anything, but i’m so thankful you guys are still here! thank you, thank you, thank you! i love and appreciate all of you guys + my ask box/messages are always open if you want/need someone to talk to 💖 thinking fondly of everyone today + so much love to you guys mwah mwah!
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unmaskedagain · 2 years ago
Oh Lady Luck (How I miss you so!)
Okay; first off. I hated this. I had a massive case of writer’s block while doing it and lost inspiration near the end.
Oh Lady Luck (How I miss you so!)
           Bustier’s class was the luckiest in school, everyone knew it. They got to go on the most amazing trips, win contest after contest, competition after competition, met all sorts of celebrities, frequently got to meet Ladybug, through the best dances and school plays, and always seemed to have a pep in their step. Anything any of the students went after they always managed to get. Everyone knew Bustier’s class was the luckiest in school. Then one day that changed dramatically.
“You’ve changed,” Alya accused Marinette after the class voted her out as Class president. “You become a bully.”
           Alix snorted, “More like a jealous bitch.”
           There were nods from the other students in class. Lila smiled at Marinette; happy that her promise to ruin the girl was coming true.
“You’re always so mean to Lila,” Rose added. “It’s not nice.”
“You’re worse than Chloe now,” Kim glared.
           Juleka frowned, “We miss the old Marinette.”
“You should’ve chilled out like I told you to, dudette,” Nino said with a shake of his head, clearly disappointed.
“We can’t be your friends anymore,” Alya crossed her arms.
           Marinette had listen to them quietly as they relayed reason after reason why they were ending their friendships with her; all to do with Lila. She didn’t bother to look at Adrien. He had warned her what was going to happen; Nino had told him. There had also been a group text apparently. Adrien made it clear he stood with Marinette. Even more so, when he chose to sit with her in the back of the class, a fierce glare on his face at the other students.
The bluenette placed down her pencil, closed her sketchbook and said, “Fine. Then we’re not friends anymore.”
“That’s counts double for me,” Adrien hissed. “Lose my number. In fact, don’t bother; I’ll just change it. That goes for every last one of you. I’ll be informing my Father and Nathalie that only Chloe and Marinette are on my visitors list.”
           The class blinked in shock. Not expecting that reaction from the blond boy who was usually so amicable and nice.
           Chloe watched with amused eyes. She had been sentenced to the back of the room not long after Marinette. “We’ve never been friends but consider all extra little perks you’ve gotten used to: dead and over with.”
           That was it. None of the other students knew what to say or do. They hadn’t gotten the reaction they expected. Marinette didn’t seem to care. Adrien seemed ready to set them on fire. Chloe looked rather pleased at the idea of seeing them burn. Most shrugged it off; figuring at least two of the three (Marinette and Adrien) would come crawling back in no time.
           They didn’t.
           Things started to change for the students in Bustier’s class the next day.
           Lila woke up in the morning to an email confirming that she would no longer being a model or any type of employee for the Gabriel Agreste brand. Or as Nathalie put it when the sausage hair girl called her, “We will no longer be needing your services, Miss Rossi. Do not contact us again.” Click.
           That was when Lila realized her plan of using Gabriel to get Adrien under her thumb had went up in flames. She hoped that Adrien wasn’t informed so that maybe she could still use his father as a threat against the boy.
           When she go to class, the blond model sent her a vicious smirk. Lila paled. She knew without a doubt that Adrien didn’t just know Lila was fired, he was the one got her fired.
           Nino woke up to the news that the gig he was due to play, his big break, had replaced him. It would’ve been huge for his career.
Oh well, he thought, back to DJ-ing for birthday parties.
           Alya accidently dropped her phone in the toilet; ruining hundreds of videos and pictures for the Ladyblog.
           Alix took a dive while skating; broke her ankle and the watch her dad gave her.
           Max broke his glasses.
           Kim got food poisoning.
           Ivan’s dad ran over his drum set while parking in the garage.
           Rose tried to call Prince Ali and found out he changed his number.
           Nathaniel spilled coffee all over his Ladybug comic strips. Marc had been pissed.
           Juleka’s mom accidently put bleach in with a load of her laundry; it ruined everything.
           By the time they had all got to class, all the students were in a terrible mood. However, when Marinette walked in with a box full of delicious smelling breakfast pastries; they perked up. The bluenette always seemed to know when they needed a pick me up. And there was nothing like a treat from the Dupain-Cheng Bakery.
           Marinette didn’t acknowledge any of their presences. She walked straight to the back of the classroom, sat in her seat between Chloe and Adrien. “Morning!” She beamed at her friends. “I brought treats for the three of us.”
“Awesome!” Adrien smiled, quickly opening the box and snagging a chocolate croissant. “Delicous, Thank you” He said. Or least they thought he said that. His mouth was full and it was mostly garbled.
           Chloe rolled her eyes. She grabbed a mixed berries and cream cheese pastry, “Perfect way to start the day. Thank you, Marinette.”
           Marinette took out her favorite: a berry and jasmine scone. Then she promptly through the box away; making clear that she hadn’t brought any for anyone else. “Anything for my friends.”
“We’ll do lunch at Le Grand Paris,” Chloe said. “On me of course. The chef there is to die for.”
           The other students visibly wilted. Alya in particular who loved going to Le Grand Paris as her mother was the head chef.
           It all went downhill from there.
           Over the next week things went from bad to worse for the students.
           Bustier told the class their trip the Presidential office was cancelled due to an unexpected flooding incident. The plan had been for the class to tour the office and have amazing picnic on the beach afterwards
           Lila’s mother, who had been busy nearly 24/7, officially went on vacation, meaning she plenty of time to spend with her daughter. Her daughter was panicked when her mother inquired about visiting her school.
           Alya discovered that the hits to her site had started to declined dramatically. She didn’t have time to worry about that as her internship with a local new studio had been cancelled; something about realizing Alya didn’t have enough experience. So her summer plans were cancelled.
           Nino’s Dj equipment sparked or shorted out or something but nothing would work anymore. He had cancel the rest of his gigs until he could buy new ones.
           Kim lost a swim match against Ondine.
           Markov got a virus and broke down causing Max to break down in tears.
           Nathaniel lost the expensive sketch pencil he won in a contest.
           Alix’s grandmother brought her a new dresses; frilly monstrosities that Alix’s forced her to wear to school for the entire week.
           Rose, Ivan, and Juleka were heartbroken when Luka announced he was going Solo.
           It didn’t help anyone’s mood that every day Marinette, Chloe, and Adrien walked into class with big smiles on their faces and pleasantly discussed their amazing plans.
           On Wednesday, Adrien invited Marinette and Chloe to come with him to meet the Prime Minister.
           Apparently, Adrien’s dad had called in favors so the three would tour Palais Bourbon, where the French Parliament meets.
“He said I could invite all my friends!” Adrien smiled.
           Marinette had been shocked at this. Until Adrien explained that his aunt had threatened to reveal to the world Gabriel Agreste’s neglectful behavior, his tendency break child labor laws, and his need to isolate Adrien. Thanks to his aunt, Adrien had a much free-er schedule and Gabriel had been in therapy for weeks. “I’ll bring food from the bakery. We can have a picnic!”
“Beach day!” Chloe cheered.
           No one else so much as smiled at the news. Even more so when pictures surfaced on Friday of Marinette, Chloe, Adrien, Ondine, Marc, Mireille, and Aurore with various members of Parliament; including the prime minister.
           Thursday, Chloe loudly invited Marinette and Adrien to an event for her mother, “It’s a fashion show! It’s tonight. Adrien can relax behind the scenes, while Mari and me model on the run way. Mama’s lost a few models so I told her I could recommend a few friends.”
“I’m modeling!” Marinette paled so much, her friends were sure she’d pass out.
“I get to do nothing!” Adrien grinned.
           Pictures of Chloe and Marinette modeling exploded across the internet; multiple fashion websites and online magazines deeming the girls’ Style Queen’s secret weapon and modeling next big thing.
           Most of the guys in class shrugged it off. But a few of the girls turned greened with envy; Lila in particular.
           On Friday, Marinette invited Adrien and Chloe to meet her uncle and her cousin, “He’s back in town on Saturday and he wants to meet all my friends.”
           No one else in class paid too much to that. Who cared about Marinette’s uncle? Or her cousin? They were probably just as stuck-up and nasty as she was.
           Then on Saturday, picture of the same group who went to Parliament, plus Luka, with Jagged Stone and Clara Nightingale started trending on the internet. Jagged Stone posted a tweet about how awesome his honorary niece was, with a picture of him and Marinette. Clara posted a pic with her favorite little cousin, Marinette.
           Alya couldn’t believe her eyes and immediately started texting Marinette for the deets. She received a text back saying; new number; who dis?
           Nino flat-out called Adrien only hear that the number had been disconnected.
           The rest of the class faced the same issue.
           And then one by one, they each remembered that they weren’t friends with any of the tree Ostracized students anymore.
           Monday, Alya found out that BugOut, a competing Ladybug blog, had been officially endorsed by Ladybug and Chat Noir. Something that hadn’t happened with the Ladyblog.
           Max lost the science fair. For the first time. He had to go see the school guidance counselor.
           Kim got kicked off the team for his poor grade.
           Lila’s finally called the school to schedule an appointment. Lila was Akumatized within the five minutes.
           Alix’s grandma brought her more clothes; some which were tacky sweaters with cats all over them
           Nathaniel misplaced his new sketch book, with his redone Ladybug comic strips. He never found it. Marc wasn’t happy.
           Nino got a call to dj a huge event only to have to decline as he hadn’t bought new equipment yet.
           It was Adrien that brought in breakfast for the other two; Mcdonalds. Much to the Chloe and Marinette’s dismay, but they didn’t say anything as the boy was clearly happy about being allowed to eat it for the first time.
           Marinette unwrapped her sausage Mcgriddle, wondering who she hurt in a past life, “Jagged is doing a private concert. You two want to come?”
           Adrien nodded, his mouth full of fried hash brown and bacon. “Count me in,” They think he said.
           Chloe held the egg mcmuffin in her hand like it was physically hurting her to do so, “I’m in,” she said. “And I’m bringing breakfast tomorrow.”
           The class was dismayed at missing at meeting Jagged Stone again.
“Are you going to invite us?” Alya asked with a huff.
           Marinette didn’t even look in her direction, “Sorry Uncle Jagged said I can only invite my friends.”
           Over the course of the next few months, things continued to fall apart for the class. They tried planning one of their usual amazing dances, only for everything to crash and burn. Then they remembered that Marinette planned everything, and before her, Chloe.
           The class never made enough money fundraising so nearly all planned class trips were canceled.
           They had to deal with seeing pictures of Marinette, Adrien, and Chloe and all their friends meeting all sorts of celebrities.
           Ladybug disowned the Ladyblog; causing Alya to burst into tears.
           No matter what any of the students tried, did, competed in, they never won. They practically failed at everything.
           Rose tried to bake cookies for the class; her kitchen caught on fire.
           Max applied for science camp; all spots were full.
           Nathaniel who had lost his comic drawing for the twelfth time in a row was finally told by Marc to take a hike.
           Nino lost his hat, broke his glasses, a dog at his homework, and he tripped landed face down in the mud; all on the way to school one morning.
           The students were constantly late, frustrated, and always seemed to have something accidently spilled or thrown on their clothes.
           Lila’s  mother, who finally decided to just randomly drop by the school after being told repeatedly by her daughter that it was closed so she couldn’t do the appointment for months, was shocked to say the least when it was clearly opened and active. She had a long talk with the Principle and all of Lila’s lies were revealed to class.
           Class was very apologetic to the three ostracized students after that but it didn’t matter. The three made it clear they weren’t interested in renewing their friendships.
           By the end of the year Bustier’s class went from the luckiest in school to the unluckiest kids on the planet.
           The students of Bustier’s class couldn’t help but wonder aloud why they lucked changed do much.
           Tikki, Plagg, and Pollen, hidden away in their chosens’ school bags just smirked.
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skywingknights · 10 months ago
"Anything, But" by Rena Redhead (For RobStar Week 2021)
For @robxstar 's RobStar Week 2021. I decided to revitalize an old, unpublished piece for Day 7's prompt "Together". Previously did “Ikebana” for Day 1, “Pretty” for Day 3, and "Slow Dancin'" for Day 6, all with their intros posted on my tumblr. All 4 stories will have writing insights on my blog on my website (www.skywingknights.com) hopefully soon too! ("Ikebana"'s is already up! :D) .
So sad that the week is over. Was really happy to have caught word of it early this year so as to prep a bit and be able to participate. Major thanks to robxstar for putting this together - was a REALLY welcome break from my chaotic life.
Took a bit of a different approach with this last prompt. So get ready for feels. Ultimately, I really hope you like it. I think it's my favorite of the 4 I've posted. There's also a little bit of BBRae in there for those of you who enjoy that ship too. ;) Much love and looking forward to RobStar Week 2022!
Anything, But
Her favorite memory wasn't really one moment. It was a collage of moments. All strung together. Of him. Smiling. He had the most genuine smile. And when he smiled at her, when they were together... she knew.
She knew he was her home.
That's why, when he said good bye, it hurt.
It hurt so much...
It hadn't occurred to him that he'd be stopping a gang war that night. Nor had it occurred to him that it would be on his way to New York City and on the outskirts of Gotham. Furthermore, it hadn't occurred to him that he would end up fighting alongside one of his hottest friends this side of the planet.
Red Hood couldn't be happier.
Or more trigger happy.
"Nice of you to show up, Star!" He called up to his alien friend, who seemed intent on blasting every gun into a melted mass of indiscernible material.
"I am surprised you showed up at all," She said, her voice abnormally monotoned.
He momentarily raised an eyebrow before finding himself dodging an attacker with a knife in hand.
"That was rude!" He yelled, kicking the knife out of the thug's hand and smashing the back of his heel into the guy's face.
He half expected Starfire to correct him. Saying that if anything, he was being the rather 'rude' one. But there was nothing. Just silence from her as she continued to focus on the task at hand and blast away.
Shrugging off the indifference, he picked the guy up and shoved him into another one of the no-good punks coming at him. He always found it amusing how he would call these kinds of criminals 'thugs' or 'punks' when he was pretty sure that's what Tim and Dick would call him 99% of the time. They needed to lighten up a little. In fact, everyone here did. Jumping up onto a crate, Red Hood let loose a couple rounds.
"So what brings you out this way?" He asked.
Starfire said nothing and Red Hood groaned in annoyance at their attackers before jumping off the crate and knocking out a few guns from the hands of several more goons.
"Hey, I'm talking to you, gorgeous!" He specified, noticing she hadn't replied, possibly not noticing he was talking to her, and trying to get a light hearted answer out of her.
Looking at him quickly before letting loose a couple starblasts from her eyes, it appeared he was right as Starfire seemed to just now realize he had been talking to her, "Cyborg asked me to check in on this place on the way back from San Francisco."
Red Hood kneed a guy in the jaw before replying, "Coming back from the West Tower?"
"Yes..." Starfire told him, "It was just an errand, dropping off some of Beast Boy's things."
"Can't Raven teleport him there to get it himself?"
"He did not," She punched a guy jumping up towards her into the ground hard and continued, "Want to ask her."
"Geez, are they fighting again?" He said, dodging another round of bullets.
"No, I..." She replied, "I do not know what is going on."
Red Hood kicked a trash can over and down in front of him, sending garbage flying into the air long enough to create a distraction to get to the three that were wielding the machine guns that had just entered the fray.
"You okay?" He called up.
"I am fine," She said. But her tone was blank, without any hint of joy, which he was so accustomed to hearing in her voice. It seemed eerily unnatural to him.
Red Hood pulled the triggers on his two hand guns and effectively disabled several of the machine guns.
"You don't seem fine," He said, rolling over, "Something happen?"
Starfire continued to focus on the targets in front of her. But her eyes seemed to be glassed over, like her mind was off somewhere else...
The story continues! Read the full story here:
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fishmongeringstudies · 11 months ago
twenty four: in which the author absorbs only the desirable parts of the painting of sadness and cheerfully discards the rest
in mochizuki jun's ongoing manga series vanitas no carte we are introduced to every character and their respective set of traumatic childhood experiences, memories, or parental figures in such quick succession that the two appear almost to be bound to each other in holy union. if a new character is introduced it is essentially guaranteed that their blood-soaked backstory will emerge within the next few months, if not in its entirety, then at least in a large enough chunk that the reader will be left thinking: wow, that's rough buddy.
the 'wow, that's rough buddy' effect is the result of driving a car too fast through a particularly scenic stretch of the countryside. it is the effect of not looking hard enough. turned on its head, it can also be thought of as the after-effect of not painting enough strokes onto the canvas, of leaving your audience grasping at something to tie themselves to, of placing a half-formed religion in the hands of a newborn baby. you ask it to eat. but there is nothing there. you have given it a dream.
the last time i opened one of those horrible manga aggregator websites it was seven o'clock in the morning and washington dc was slowly sinking beneath a blanket of snow outside my friend's living room window. prior to that, it was the february before the world went to hell in a handcart, in between applying to universities i didn't want to go to and praying that the ones that weren't on that list cared enough to call back. three days ago i couldn't sleep or didn't want to. and so i pulled up the old vices: magic, mystery, misogyny.
the interesting thing about stories that are serialized or released over an extended period of time is that they bestow the creator with the opportunity to subvert expectations. this opportunity stems from the fact that given enough episodes, chapters, or years, your story can change focal points as many times as it wants. this is something less easily granted to novels and movies, whose comparatively shorter runtimes necessitate tighter, more singularly-bound narratives. after lobbing all of these unexpectedly technical sentences at you, i turn around with a blue shark gummy sticking out of my mouth. 'basically,' says faux-me, who knows how to convey information in a manner that won't put people to sleep or burn their houses down. 'you can do a lot of things with a lot of time and still do all of them very well.'
the only problem with creating a beautiful sushi roll is that you must then make the difficult decision of how you will cut it into pieces. given the artistic liberty to set several gambits in motion, how will you keep track of them all simultaneously, and when the time is ripe, how will you end them with grace?
today i am thinking about history. what is the best way to dispense the past, and when? how do you establish the relationships necessary both within the confines of your story and between the characters and your reader that will ensure that when you drop the other shoe, it makes a sound as it hits the ground? mochizuki jun's vanitas no carte hits high octane note after high octane note, each character emerging from the annals of time with a label tied around their neck that reads: i killed/tried to kill/failed to kill/was killed by someone. but when every bottle is being strangled by the same set of hands, at a glance they all seem ordinary.
last night i slept five very bad hours. you will have to forgive me for sounding like your least favorite tutor in junior college.
one of the many things i have learned to do over the years is to offer translations of words that i use for people who did not grow up with their eyes glued to the sky outside the window so as to make myself intelligible to them.
this morning i took the elevator downstairs. vomit again. do i want to be a college student, or do i want to be a college student?
i am trying to find a way to make this pain mean something. after all pain in other people is literary, exquisite, divine; pain in me is just pain. so, seeing how i am creating a doll that will carry more pain than i am capable of imagining, i must make sure it weighs more than i am capable of imagining as well. it must be unforgivable. it must be so heavy you cannot lift it with your bare arms. it must be so bold, so cruel, so imposing, that when it plunges out of the sky like an angel knocked out of heaven, everyone's eyes are drawn to it instantaneously, and when it hits the ground, we feel our bones shiver under our skin.
i am trying to make meaning. one day i will look back on this blog and i will be like what the fuck? i cannot read.
for now, we keep plowing the earth with the same broken hoe. 06.13.21
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demiurge1138 · a year ago
COVID-19 Reading Log, pt 18
Man, this past month has been a heck of a year, hasn’t it? I’ve still been reading books, but my pace has ebbed and flowed, and I forgot to update this for a while. So here’s my thoughts on ten of the most recent books I’ve read.
Tumblr media
91. The League of Regrettable Sidekicks by Jon Morris. I had no idea this book existed until I was doing image searches for this project for the other “League of Regrettable X” books. This one covers the sidekicks, minions and goons of comic history. Unlike the other books by Jon Morris, the spread is more even of Gold/Silver/other ages of comic books. After all, the 70s is when Jaxxon the green rabbit appeared in Star Wars, and the 80s had a shape-shifting penguin named Frobisher in the Doctor Who comics. It also feels like it’s a little looser about what makes a character “regrettable”. Some of the sidekicks in its pages, like Woozy Winks and Volstagg the Voluminous, are legit great characters.
Tumblr media
92. Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were by Michael Page and Robert Ingpen. I wanted to like this book; I really did. For one thing, it was recommended to me by @listmaker-lastcity​, who I was working with on commissions. For another thing, it was fairly pricy used. Thirdly, to its merit, it is gorgeous. Michael Page, the illustrator, is credited first, and rightly so. But for an “encyclopedia”, it makes up a lot of stuff. It opens with a disclaimer that “the creators of this book have… unlocked their own fantasies”, which means that it invents Arthuriana and Greek myths wholeheartedly. Several of the entries do not exist outside this book, and others are so distorted that their actual folkloric origins have been clouded and obscured by people using this as a source. For material I’m not familiar with the primary sources of, like Gulliver’s Travels, I have no idea if it’s reflecting the source material accurately, or making things up whole cloth. As a fantasy, it’s intermittently fun; some rather nasty misogyny does sneak in and the book is wildly anti-science. As a reference work, it’s useless to the point of actively harmful.
Tumblr media
93. Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh. I was a huge fan of the “Hyperbole and a Half” blog back in the day, and knowing Allie Brosh’s history of mental health problems, I was worried when she seemingly dropped off the face of the earth. Her release of a second book was a pleasant surprise, but also showed that some worry was appropriate. This collection of essays, cartoons and heavily-cartooned essays is sadder than the first collection, as it was written during and after a series of family tragedies. It is still very funny in parts, however, and has an overall message of self-care and love that turned out to be extra relevant in the nightmare year that is 2020. It’s the only book for this project that I read in a single sitting. Highly recommended.
Tumblr media
94. Mozart’s Starling by Lyanda Lynn Haupt. This book is half memoir, half biography. The composer Mozart owned a starling during some of his most productive years as a composer, and even wrote an elegy to it when it died. The author used this as a launching point to adopt her own starling, and to examine how this invasive species is seen in American birding culture. The writing is humanistic and charming, and very self-aware (the author worries that her starling is going to die, because that’s what always happens in “this animal changed my life” books). The message is one of respecting all other creatures and of valuing the lives of animals, which is not much of a surprise from the author’s other books (I covered The Urban Bestiary earlier in this project.
Tumblr media
95. The Butchering Art: Joseph Lister’s Quest to Transform the Grisly World of Victorian Medicine by Lindsey Fitzharris. The subtitle says it all; this is a biography of Joseph Lister, focusing on his research into antisepsis and promotion of sterile technique in surgery. It takes ample digressions to talk about other major surgeons of the time, the state of hygiene and disease theory in Victorian England, France and the United States, as well as things like labor conditions and women’s rights. These bits and pieces are woven in successfully, so they feel like appropriate context setting. Fitzharris is empathetic despite the often grisly subject matter, but readers with a sensitive stomach and a low tolerance for gore might want to skip this one.
Tumblr media
96. Twice the Thrills! Twice the Chills! by Bryan Senn. This is a big book, 400 pages in full sized paper. It is an overview of the horror/SF double feature, covering every movie released initially in that format between 1955 and 1974 in the United States. As such, it reviews more than 200 movies, with behind-the-scenes anecdotes, critical opinion and box office, and general coverage of trends and themes in genre cinema at the time. I enjoyed this book greatly, especially since it covered some movies I’d never even heard of. The timing is perfect, too, as I read this book just before @screamscenepodcast​ covered the first entries in it, Revenge of the Creature/Cult of the Cobra. My one complaint is that the author seems biased against Japanese films. He discredits the special effects and monster suits in kaiju movies compared to even movies like Attack of the Giant Leeches and The Killer Shrews, and complains about acting and scripts in Japanese films much more than he does for other dubbed films. He also consistently refers to Ishiro Honda as “Inoshiro Honda”, which is how his name was misspelled in the 60s. That level of disrespect for some of my favorite genre pictures is a constant low-level irritation in what is otherwise a fine resource.
Tumblr media
97. Cursed Objects by J. W. Ocker. This is a fun catalog of objects said to be cursed, including the whys, supposed effects and current locations of these artifacts. The book is sorted into categories, like “cursed objects in museums”, “cursed furniture”, “technological cursed objects”. It takes a skeptical, folkloric look at the topic, being more interested in the stories than in any legit supernatural powers. It even talks about things that “should” be cursed because of their odd appearances or eerie provenances, but aren’t, like the Crystal Skull forgeries. The book is a pleasant and breezy read, and the author has a good sense of humor on the topic. He curses the book itself with an epigram against thieves, and buys a cursed dog statue on eBay that sat on his desk throughout the writing process.
Tumblr media
98. Death in the Garden by Michael Brown. This book is wildly misnamed, being light on both the “garden” and the “death”. It’s supposedly a social history of poisonous plants, but is more interested in English herbals specifically. It refers to the authors by name extensively as if we should have all of these memorized, and the only place where the prose has any energy is in the biographical section for these herbalists. There’s very little information about the actual plants and their poisons. I would use the word “doddering” to describe the prose style, which is simultaneously rambling and boring. The photography is pretty, though.
Tumblr media
99. Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! 1929-1930 by Robert Ripley. IDW puts out lovely volumes of vintage American comics, and this is no exception. Being a kid into weird facts and trivia, and an adult who is still into them, the Ripley franchise was a major part of my childhood. This is the first modern collection organized chronologically, covering the first two years the strip was in national syndication. The strips cover the typical Ripley mix of sports trivia, weird facts, word riddles and puzzles, misleading statements and the occasional outright lie. The book has a warning about the racial attitudes of the time, which is fair, but it’s not nearly as bad as I feared. Ripley’s habit of drawing from photographic references means that people in ethnic minorities look like real people. But the language is decidedly “of its time”, with slurs used to identify foreign ethnicities (particularly Asian ones). So be warned.
Tumblr media
100. Unlucky Stiffs: New Tales of the Weirdly Departed by Cynthia Ceilan. I’m ordering material to pick up from my local library again, which is great! This book was actually recommended by the library website based on the morbid slant of some of the other books I was putting on hold. Unfortunately, this book sucks. It’s pitched as a “weird deaths” book, something like a more literary version of the Darwin Awards. But the deaths are often not all that bizarre, instead being typically sad accidents or murders. It just comes off as mean spirited and misanthropic. Not recommended.
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lavendersage · a year ago
i saw that post from the girl who's girlfriend isn't quite ready to be out. if ur blog didnt seem to celebrate love of all kinds (and i'm not talking straight vs gay, i'm talking happy vs sad) i would have kept this to myself, but between ur response and the op's story itself, i think im going to take this chance of sharing a burden on my heart, maybe to help someone else, or just for the shot at becoming at peace with it. a couple weeks ago, when u asked for everyone to send u stories of their lovers, i wrote most of this out but didnt send it.
i (21F) am a college student (god, is this reddit?). my entire life, i have cultivated the cleanest good girl image that i could. my parents sacrificed so much for my sister and i to grow up far more comfortable then they did, so i have tried to honor them with a little golden child they could brag about. straight As, never missed school, did community service, perfect SATs. i worked tirelessly to be on-paper perfect.
one of the reasons i've worked so hard to earn Good Noodle Stars is to make up for the fact that i am terminally homosexual. i realized real early that i could literally cure cancer and the first comment on the news video will be, "okay, she cured cancer, but at least I'm not gay like she is." i could raise thousands for charity, and my aunts would still say, "our kids may not get off the couch but at least they have sex correctly." so they dont know. few people do, none outside my closest circle.
in walks Mars(21NB). Mars is an anachronism. they are both a romantic with and without a capital R. be still my Dark Academia heart.
we got very close before school broke for Covid. Mars wrote me a letter every other week, encrypted and folded so that the only way to open them was to rip a paper seam that would show if someone had tampered with it. it was intoxicating. it was the first time i felt able to communicate freely about anything. i dont know - i didnt hold back my emotions, emboldened by writing in cipher. i spent all summer waiting for those red sealed envelopes, filled with stories and poetry and honeyed nonsense, and i refused to not respond with mirrored passion.
it was all great until it set in that I was going to have to face Mars again, in person. i prayed our school would decide all students had to stay remote. of course I wanted to see Mars, i want to do much more than just see them, but i knew it would only be a matter of time between us being reunited and them asking me out.
this was a person who crafted a puzzle where the answers were flowers that were a declaration of fidelity in Victorian Flower Language. of course i ate that up with a spoon. u would have too. listen, i know all aesthetics are fads and all fads age badly, but if the cottagecore girls get to learn to sew and bake and grow, i owe dark academia for teaching me the vocabulary and actions of my most treasured relationship yet, and giving me permission to be earnest and vulnerable in this life for 10 goddamn minutes. Mars is handsome and a genius and i was not used to feeling connected to anyone. but for all that joy, i was also drowning with the thought of having to break their heart by explaining i cant date anyone AFAB.
so the semester starts. Mars asks me over for a homecooked meal since restaurants don't exist here at the end of the world. they made me a beautiful dinner with all my dietary needs in mind. just like everything else i ate it up. and i made no effort to stop them from inviting me over for food and conversation again and again and a fourth time just to make sure it really hurt.
they kissed me after the last dinner. and I kissed them back, before stopping. they apologized for moving too quickly, but i explained that they had moved at the perfect pace, just with the wrong person.
there is no nice ending to this. it's real life. Mars took it as a breakup and didnt reach out to me again. i sobbed from halloween to christmas, i swear. i'm the villain in this story.
i started this post off as a sign of solidarity to the other young lady, but now im realizing that this letter would be better read by her fearful beloved, not her. it is 4am where i live, so i apologize if this has all gotten away from me.
love is a garden u have to water yourself. ngl, my favorite part about this blog is all the posts about learning to love yourself, learning to see ur intrinsic value dispite the core facets of u that have been deemed flaws, and trust the relationship between me, myself, and i.
i started out telling myself i was writing this to help the high school kid, but i havent shared this with anyone. writing this out has helped me process a thing or two, or at least start to. i like this idea of lavendersage being a kindly cryptid who will alchemise ur heartache into calm.
i hope you dont mind if i try to make this a thing.
my story is in the shape of a love letter. its tearstained before it even hits the water. i drop it in your river and watch it float away.
y’all are breaking my heart with these stories this week 🤧i feel so sad to read them and so helpless to respond, because i know how deep that pain must run and i don’t know if there’s truly anything i could say or do to take it away. but if i can lessen it from 100 to 99, well, then i’ll have fulfilled my goal of existing on this website. at the very least, i’m glad that writing this message helped you process some things on your own, but i’m happy to share my thoughts anyway.
your mars sounds like a top tier human being. victorian flower language? i’m swooning. it’s no surprise to me that you fell for them, and they were clearly head over heels for you. folks don’t make grand gestures like that for just anyone, that’s for sure 🥺
and i’m very sad to hear about the way things ended. but, anon, i can’t help but wonder if it is indeed over, or if hope exists on the precipice of a great act of bravery performed by you--something i know from experience is much easier said than done, and something i’ve failed to do in the past, so i’m not trying to be a hypocrite here. the ball is definitely in your court, though.
also...it doesn’t sit well with me to hear you call yourself a villain. i understand why you see it that way, as it’s clear that you deeply care for this person. but for many folks...the fear of what our family will say or think or do weighs so heavily on us that it robs us of any possibility of happiness with someone who isn’t the kind of person our family wants us to end up with. i’m sure plenty of folks, myself included, can empathize with this. and i’m sure on some level, mars does too.
my love, as with all things, i hope whatever happens next works out for the best, and that you don’t let this experience darken your heart. if things change between you and mars, please feel free to drop me a note. i’ll always be here to listen 💚💚💚`
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katierosefun · a year ago
Heyho, I really enjoy your writing and your tumblr blog in general. How do you make sure that your work is coherent and grammatically correct? I’m new to writing and I really struggle with editing the stuff that I have written. Do you maybe have some tips for things to look out for? Because I don’t know where to start :)
hello!! thank you for the kind words and for dropping by!! i’m always super happy to give any advice i can! 
so, in the case of making sure your work is coherent and grammatically correct, there’s some free websites that can do that for you, like 
- grammarly (my mom, who doesn’t know english, uses this a lot, and i’ve checked it out--it really is incredibly useful, and corrects your grammar so that it sounds natural, too!) 
- and hemingway editor, which is one of my personal favorites (hemingway editor checks the readability of your writing/catches if you have too many adverbs/in general just have really confusing sentences). 
besides that, you should try reading your writing out loud! i know--i know--it’ll feel incredibly awkward and strange, but more often than not, you’ll be able to catch your own mistakes/identify which sentences are kind of incoherent/clunky. for example, if you find yourself constantly out of breath there’s a chance that you probably have one too many run-on sentences! (of course, sometimes run-on sentences are a stylistic choice, but!! at the same time, you might not want to over-do them for readability’s sake.) 
and, of course, make sure you have spell check on! i know you didn’t identify spelling as something you need to work on, but when you at least have your words spelled correctly, that makes less of a headache when editing! 
and, last but not least, edit with fresh eyes. what i mean by this is do not edit as soon as you’re finished writing. chances are, your brain’s already a little frizzled and frazzled after writing already--you’ll be a little drained, and you’ll miss mistakes much more easily. so take some time away from the piece--take a nap, listen to some music, watch tv, read a little bit--and then come back when you’re feeling refreshed and ready to work! 
i hope that helps!! happy writing!! 
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thepropertylovers · 6 months ago
A Fresh Site Design & Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!
How was your week?
After fours years of the same general layout and design, I’m so happy to debut a new look for PJandThomas.com today!! While I liked the simplicity of the old design (more of a standard blog look), I really love the feel of this new one. The new landing page that you come to when you first get to our site allows you to see more posts all at once, along with letting older posts (and our most popular ones) stand out.
For reference, here’s what's it looked like before:
Also after four years, the orange is officially gone, and in its place a more sophisticated red (which feels especially appropriate as we welcome the holidays) takes over as the main “meta data” color on the site. We don’t have a website designer (which is probably blatantly obvious 😂), which means it’s just me. I’ve learned so much about web design over the years and playing around with different templates, fonts, layouts, etc. has been a lot of fun.
And speaking of red, Taylor Swift’s re-recording of Red comes out today!! And you better believe I stayed up until midnight last night to listen to the 10 min version of All Too Well as soon as the album dropped. So incredibly good and nostalgic and beautiful. Highly recommend giving this album a listen if you haven’t already!!!
And speaking of the color orange, we probably have about a week left of fall foliage in our area, so I took them in as much as I could on our walk around the neighborhood yesterday. If I could somehow make fall last all year long, I would in a heartbeat. I don’t think I would ever tire of these colors. Would you?
Today is for picking up the house (which has never been messier, I’m sure of it), taking a trip to the grocery store with Anna, and shooting a fun holiday campaign we’re both really excited about. A busy day to ring in the weekend but those are secretly my favorite days anyway.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new design, dear reader. Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!
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quotes-of-dreamland · a year ago
my last ask for the night:
i am the one who made the "least fav" joke. this was COMPLETELY lighthearted, and it was just making fun of the idea of favorite mods
i then replied with "don't worry, ..." thinking there might have been a mixup or something, but i guess it just made it worse
lastly, i replied with "was NOT ..." for the same reason
i have not sent any other asks on this topic, so in case it isn't clear, i do not have a favorite or least favorite or any other view of the mods
frankly, i always enjoy seeing content from the less active mods because i think they all should be recognized for their contributions
of course no amount of explaining will change anything, as usual im misunderstood, but i guess it doesn't matter, so
I'm sorry.
Mod Taranza:
Thank you for coming forward and being honest. We don’t accept your apology, or at least I sure as hell don’t. I never will. Call me cruel, but I’m putting my foot down on this. It wasn’t even funny as a joke. In what universe would that be a funny joke? I’ve been bullied with that kind of implication before. I’ve had to seriously fear my friends forgetting about me before and feeling like the odd one out. I cannot stress enough how inappropriate that was. You weren’t making a joke, you were just being the thing.
SECONDLY, you don’t come back saying sorry to begin with and clearing up the mistake, you just add onto it and adding further stress onto it when we set a boundary on “don’t do this kind of talk please”
But that didn’t stop there either! You just kept fucking going long after you should have taken the initial post as your warning and stop. This isn’t just being socially inept or ignorant, this was straight up unacceptable. Do you have any idea what kind of fucking panic you caused? Just how frantic everyone was tonight trying to keep calm in this? You caused one of the mods, no not just that, one of my best friends to feel absolutely horrible. They felt so horrible they wanted to scream, and I had to sit and scroll through all this bullshit.
Normally, I wouldn’t be so bothered. Normally I could just let this all slide off me and continue on! But this. This was fucking unacceptable. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care whatever issues you have. You should have known better. If you’re old enough to be using the internet and talking with people, you should have known better by now not to do this ever.
So please. If you’re really sorry. If you hold any true shred of regret. Don’t talk to us ever again. I don’t want to see your kind of talk here again. Let us try to get over this in our own time and grow to trust our own followers and audience again for the fifth time this god damn year. Because if this were up to me you would be blocked from ever interacting with anything we do ever again. Good fucking riddance.
Bandana Moddle Dee: Honestly, it sucks that I have to drop the persona that I like to be for this, but fading away is something that I fear nightly. To essentially be told that I’m a side character hurts. I usually don’t butt in on these since I don’t think what was done was that bad. This is an exception. I’m not sorry. The door is that way.
Mod Susie: Your first ask was an opportunity for us to set a boundary that was overdue to be set. That was me saying 'this is not an okay thing for you to say.' That was strike one. THEN, you came back by digging yourself a deeper hole, trying to defend yourself. Despite this not being the opinion you held, you still tried to defend it. Strike two. Then you pushed the issue ONE MORE TIME. Strike three. I'm glad you apologized. Let me be less vague: This is a boundary. This is a boundary and we will not tolerate it. Thank you. Have a good [timezone].
Mod Lor: I'm like Moddle Dee in that I usually stay out of this sort of thing, but this is too much for me to simply ignore.
Do you have any fucking idea how this makes us all feel?
I don't care what the hell kind of justification you have. I don't give one damn single electron-sized flying FUCK if you thought what you were saying is funny or uplifted the mods you're putting on a pedestal. In the very best case scenario, it was a backhanded compliment. Putting a few of us up on shiny special pedestals, ignoring the fact it implies the rest of us are lesser or inferior. Our activity on this blog isn't a fucking contest.
Now, let me speak about myself for a moment. This is the first group of friends I've had in literal YEARS where I DIDN'T feel like an outsider or extra or third wheel. I've lived practically my entire life feeling like the permanent new kid in school with every group I've been a part of; like I was never part of them really. Sure, people said they were friends with me, but were they really? Or was I just the extra unwanted person that they were too scared to tell to leave? Yeah, just imagine living like that for over a decade..
Things have been different here. I actually feel like one of the members in this group, not an extra.. Do you think for one millisecond that it's ok to invalidate that? To once again label me and others as just side characters among their own friends? Because if you do, here comes a reality check!
This isn't a game. This isn't a fucking TV show, or a book, or a play. We are REAL PEOPLE. We are REAL FRIENDS who run this blog because we wanted to share our enjoyment of a series with our followers. We have REAL FEELINGS. So if you're going to stomp all over that just to make some shitty, unfunny, underhanded joke?
Get the fuck away from us, get the fuck away from this blog, and get the fuck away from this entire god damned website.
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mythvoiced · a year ago
MORE QUESTIONS FOR HYUN BECAUSE WE CAN'T GET ENOUGH: Does he have a favorite dish or type of food? Does he prefer colorful drinks or goes for those with neutral hues? Does he have a favorite flavor? How does he feel about fancy/elegant anything? What type of jewelry does he enjoy the most? And finally, how would he react if Boram sneaked behind him and suddenly kissed his cheek? 👀 HAVE A NICE DAY, LOVE YOU LOTS ♥️♥️♥️
Tumblr media
-. Does he have a favorite dish or type of food? Even though he spends a lot of time trying new dishes, usually from all over the world, going as far as spending hours on extensive research just to make sure he finds authentic recipes from people of the culinary culture he’s dabbling into, his palate isn’t as varied. Not that he’s a picky eater, au contraire, he’s most likely to cook something different every day than stick to any sort of ‘type’ for prolonged periods of time, but there is a difference for him between food he cooks for the practice and then eats, and food he just cooks specifically for eating. And the food he cooks specifically for eating is usually Korean and taken from a ‘Grandma’s original recipe’ website. He likes ‘traditional’ food, if you will, recipes he might have already been eating before the internet existed, usually the opposite of ‘gourmet’ and preparable with stuff any Korean grocery store has available. He’s no stranger to fast food, and unlike some avid cooks, he doesn’t feel superior to them, even though he does prefer healthy meals (and unhealthy snacks, kind of balances it out, really). And... he likes meat. And sweet berries, to eat while he’s watching something. Raspberries. Blueberries. He loves magnolia berries and feels somehow connected to them... spiritually, almost. I don’t know what that means, this is Hyun’s blog, I just write in it.
-. Does he prefer colourful drinks or goes for those with neutral hues? He’s genuinely not too fond of coffee, or chocolate, two common dark-toned beverages so that already makes him more likely to opt for more colourful choices, that and the fact that he likes fruity things (because he likes fruits in general, to be honest). Often times he’ll order colourful drinks purely because of how colourful they are: he’ll land in a place with pictures in its menu and won’t even read the drink’s name, if it’s got a spunky colour of which he can’t guess the taste/ingredient with certainty, he’s ordering. It’s all about curiosity.
-. Does he have a favorite flavor? To be honest, not really. He’s really just too fond of too many combinations or dishes or drinks for him to really stick to one thing he likes above everything else. He loves spicy food and he loves sweet drinks and he loves sour candy and he loves salty snacks. He has a least favourite flavour, though, and that’s bitter. Just doesn’t do it for him. He also likes the listed flavours the most when they’re in the contexts used to mention them.
-. How does he feel about fancy/elegant anything? Frankly? Bit of a bore. He understands when circumstances kind of ask for something fancy/elegant, but he’s not particularly into it. He is deeply impressed by elegant interiors... in museums, or offices or... well, honestly, if you asked him directly, he’d most likely voice his confusion in regards to those who live in elegant ‘modern’ interior designs or wear fancy clothing on the regular as casual wear, as to why they would willingly surround themselves with things commonly associated with work or public events where you usually have to pretend, lie through your teeth, or speak to people you don’t even know (all the while also making sure you don’t incriminate yourself). He mostly associates fancy/elegant things with... contexts in which they’re frequently found, which are, not so coincidentally, contexts you most likely won’t find him in... as long as he can avoid them.
-. What type of jewelry does he enjoy the most? Earrings and rings. He likes dangly earrings, long ones, silver chains, one end in his lobe, the other on the tip of his ear. He likes how the light bounces off of them if he turns his head just right and he likes to wear multiple ones at the same time. Hoops are fantastic too, small and silver, slightly larger and black, never big enough to become those hoops, but never solely piercing-size either. Studs, with white crystals, fake gems on them, anything that looks to be made of glass, but that kind of adds to the charm of them, sparkling on each of his ears. And rings, usually with similar things to showcase. He likes them monochromatic and if there are coloured gems, then pastel, lilac, pink, or light blue. 
-. And finally, how would he react if Boram sneaked behind him and suddenly kissed his cheek? 👀 Ah, yes... Now we shall talk about the circumstances leading up to Ji Hyun’s death- NOT KIDDING, I think he’d just shut down. The ‘sneaking up’ part, depending on how good at it Boram’s being, would either end with momentarily startling Hyun, or him standing there and listening to Boram approach, trying so hecking hard not to have his big, lovey-dovey smile split his face in half. And no matter how sneaky sneaky Boram is being, the kiss to his cheek will lead to the same result: you’ll have Hyun having a regular day with some tiny, innocent heart palpitations, to then witnessing Hyun’s face gradually turn the shade of one of those magnolia berries he likes so much, while his heart is trying to beat at the speed of light, and he loses all thinking capabilities and any and all functions possible related to that. He’ll most definitely try to play his reaction of if they aren’t anywhere in their relationship where it’s clear to Hyun that Boram is reciprocating his heart palpitations (although, lowkey, if he doesn’t start considering it after this, we have a new dense simp on board). Will probably lightly smack Boram’s chest (and by lightly, I mean he’ll just... brush his shirt, or something, he’s got Dokis-) and call him silly or anything like that, insinuate he ‘shouldn’t fool around’ (Hyun, you’re breaking my heart here buddy), absolutely laugh (but it will sound kind of wobbly as if he’s trying not to die on the spot or say the big L word right then and there). If this happens at any point in time in which, well, mayhaps, maybe, forse, perhaps, vielleicht, possibly, there’s something going on already, Hyun’d just... grow slightly pink instead, grab Boram’s face and drop a kISS SMACK DAB ONTO HIS LIP-
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