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#my obsession is unhealthy
characterintheback · 5 days ago
How I find my favorite characters
Me, watching literally ANY show:
My brain: “That’s them.”
Me: “Who?”
Brain: “That character, there in the back.”
Me: “What about them?”
Brain” That’s them, that’s the person we love.”
Me: “What?! That guy has the least amount of screen time on the show!”
Brain: “Yes.”
Me: “He barely gets any lines!”
Brain: “Yup.”
Me: “They never write him any good plot lines!”
Brain: “Exactly, we are now his champion!”
Me: “That will only end in frustration!”
Brain: “Probably.”
Me: “Please don’t do th-“
Me, to anyone who will listen: “So let me tell you why Malcolm Reed deserved better than he got…”
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Xie-er is too cute; he’s going to be the death of me and my already loose definition of morality.
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dammitjosten · 27 days ago
i’m making an andrew minyard playlist send me some song recs!!!
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tanjianci · a month ago
Are any of my followers watching Killer and Healer (恨君不似江楼月)? Is it good? I’ve read mixed reviews, and some people said there were issues with plot/character behavior not being reasonable. Is it a continuous problem, or does the show get better?
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Me? Using Artbreeder to make visuals for characters I’m writing about in Fishing in Alaska using PJO descriptions? Yeah lol. Mainly to... wait for it... avoid writing four (or editing chapter 3). Anywho. Here is some of the cast for our fave underwater dysfunctional family:
Tumblr media
Percy! Wish he could be a smidge darker like in my head, but alas. I’m not very good with Artbreeder and whenever I make him darker the green eyes go away. That being said...
Tumblr media
It’s Triton! The man of the hour. He’s in his mortal form here. Love that for him. He does not love that for himself, but that’s okay too lol. Also, I could NOT figure out how to do this ponytail look. Sorry. His hair down is glorious anyways.
Tumblr media
Poseidon smh. Couldn’t find a way to illustrate the pain in one’s eyes when one of your children runs away and so you turn the other mortal to go after him... I decided it’s subtext. We’ll be hearing more from him soon.
Tumblr media
AMPHITRITE!!! I’ve been asked if she will make appearance and the answer is... not to be revealed. THOUGH, idk if anyone has realized this yet, but according to legend this woman was the OG badass to run away from Poseidon to the godless lands so she definitely has opinions (in the myth she does it to avoid marrying him). She’s also in her mortal form here. Love her so much, she seems like a real lit lady.
And two Bonuses!
Tumblr media
Kym because she also has parent issues lol. Couldn’t get her eyes completely white like in the books, but we’ll say they darken a smidge in her mortal form. I am not 100% sure if she’s gonna be included in the fic or not... maybe her or Rhode. Probably her though for...reasons.
Tumblr media
This is Rhode! She is in her mermaid form and not her mortal form like everyone else... mainly bc I wanted to play with the glowy features lol. She’ll be mentioned in passing once since she’s Triton’s sister, but idk if we’ll meet her.
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jasonpraetor · a month ago
Leo is the type of person who’d somehow construct a huge stone castle in like an hour; his door operates through a code and some difficult redstone, he has a vault under his house where he keeps his chests and it is made of obsidian and needs a lever code to get into. Overall, it’s just really impressive.
Meanwhile, to the left of his castle, Jason is still trying to figure out whether he needs to left click or right click to mine wood and Piper has constructed a 4x4 oak shack that has 7 creeper holes outside
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weirdwitch24 · a month ago
I just started humming random notes and it turned into Food, Glorious Food I think I have a problem
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ohlittlelove · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the anchor in my throat connects me to you, @laythe
here it is, the main reason i made a new blog -- writing <33. uhhh loosely inspired by when we two parted by lord byron except i cut like three paragraphs lol.
for @kalliopeian​ since bestie told me it was too good to keep hidden in my docs, so i made a whole new blog
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honey-stalk · 2 months ago
oh hi yeah btw I play genshin impact and yesterday I got both Xiao and Beidou in the same 10x roll and I only care about Beidou.
 Yes i am posting this to make Xiao stans jealous
Yes Beidou is level 60 now
Yes Xiao is still at level 1
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keykikel · 2 months ago
Still a WIP but skeleton hands are hard---doing this for Valentine's tho---
Tumblr media
@readwithimagination THANKS FOR PROVIDING ME WITH DUST CONTENT THAT I SO DESPERATELY NEED---this is in reference to one of your one-shots that one-shotted my heart and the sharpnels of emotions even popped my lungs---I'm now lungless
I know I said I'll be drawing something for your version of Edge but...Dusty boi is stealing my heart, and I---
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zenits-u · 2 months ago
Ok i honestly really need to get my shit together
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