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#my oc

Working on something for my honors thesis and I love how this face turned out!

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I’m just going to go ahead and drop the last 4 cats of my cat stickers. Big Love, Runway, Plum and Buttons. 

Big Love – A BIG floof with floof for brains, but lots of love <3 

Runway – A high-fashion pop-art painter living in a loft apartment in Paris with his owner who is a fashion designer. 

Plum – The youngest of the bunch. Sugary sweet with a love for the outdoors, as long as it’s not gross.

Buttons – An animated handsewn Cat doll and faithful familiar to his witchy owner. Can use himself as a voodoo doll for revenge. Careful! Don’t tick him off!

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maybe someone other than me will know the context of this. maybe 

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Can you turn the lanterns on?
I don't have to, you're the only light I need in my life
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Este es el oc que les decía que lo saque de mi pesadilla, decidí hacerlo como si fuera un tipo “sombra” para que concordara en la historia, a él o ella no le molesta para nada que para hacer que se vaya lo tienes que apuñalar en el cuello y así desaparece ¿Le duele? Pues si xd desgraciadamente pero así es su vida, pueden decirle código nada más le gusta que lo llamen así

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I like to think that Bud and Kimbra watched The Bachelor/soap operas and stuff together and bonded over hating one specific person/character and just making fun of them.

And like,, Bud doesn’t really even LIKE those kind of shows, but he always asked Kimbra if he could watch them with her bc he liked bonding over it and just spending time with her bc he loves her. (And then he gets too invested into hating one person and keeps rooting for them to get booted off.)

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sigh my babies are here 🥺

just an au please don’t hate that i ship my oc with todoroki o3o todonori

anyone reminds you how beautiful you guys are?

❤️ bark

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Y’all remember when I said I was trying to paint Skip? Well guess what. It worked out. I’m So happy with how he turned out ;0; my precious little ray of sunshine now forever lives on a canvas

Also gotta give credit where credit is due. Thanks @masterfuldoodler for helping me figure out shading you are literally the best :)

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💗Heartscale Fairy Sylveon💗

Pokedex Entry: 
“This Variant of Sylveon lives in canyons, valleys, and near rivers. After excessive exposure to the treasures it dug up as gifts for others it cherishes, it took this form upon evolution. Researchers believe Eevee collected dust build up of heart scales around the base of it’s claws as it dug them up. Resulting in this evolution. In some regions, this Pokémon is given as a gift to symbolize how much one treasures another.”

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Starting my morning off right by getting a kiss from Theron for Carande. Best Disaster Spies. <333

They’ll be husbands before too long if I have anything to say about it.

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i have something to show you 👁️‍🗨️

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