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spookyboywhump · a month ago
Lmao a follow up to Last Night’s drabbles. Half Wren caretaking half Cain punishment.
CW: Pet whump, hand/finger whump, brief very nonsexual nudity
Nicholas came back to find the room a mess, Wren locked in the bathroom, and Cain curled up in a different corner of the room, seemingly waiting out his inevitable punishment. Wren thought he’d hear a lot more yelling and crying, but instead, he just heard a soft knock on the bathroom door.
“Love? Will you open the door?” Nicholas asked gently. He didn’t want to do it, he almost feared he’d be in trouble for what happened, but he was also dizzy and covered in dried blood at this point. He weakly got to his feet, unlocking and opening the door, shaking on his feet as he stared up at the man with big, tear filled eyes. Nicholas scowled when he looked him over, the blood and tear stains on his face, the torn dress. For once, all the anger and defiance and fight that Wren had was gone, instead he was just tired and scared.
“I-I’m sorry...” He whimpered, already trying to hold back more tears.
“Don’t apologize. Come on, I’ll get you cleaned up.” He sighed, stepping inside with him. He helped him out of the remains of the dress, looking over his injuries. He had Wren sit down on the edge of the bathtub so he could get at his back, gathering supplies and gently cleaned up the blood. He flinched and let out a sob when he had to use tweezers to pick out a few stray pieces of glass, but thankfully it wasn’t a whole lot.
Once his back was cleaned up and bandaged, he had him turn so he could get at his face. He very gently tilted his head up, wiping away blood and shushing him when he whined or cried.
“There there, love, it’s alright...” He said softly. “I know it hurts but you’ll be okay...” He was as careful as he could as he bandaged up the last of the injuries. He momentarily left to get him a change of clothes, which he helped him into, before leading him out of the bathroom and helping him into bed. Once he was laid down and comfortable, that was when he turned his attention to Cain.
“I don’t know what has gotten into you but I’ve had enough of this.” Nicholas said sternly, dragging Cain down the stairs by his arm. His grip was tight, Cain knew it would leave a bruise. He had already prepared himself for the impending whipping, he knew he’d be punished for this, and he’d made his peace with it.
He didn’t try to run when he was thrown to the floor, sitting up on his knees as he watched Nicholas, but he quickly realized something was off. He wasn’t grabbing the whip, wasn’t even looking at it. There was a table against one wall where he usually kept different tools and supplies but there were straps on it too for ‘just in case’. He pushed stuff aside, grabbing a chair and setting it in front of the table before looking at Cain, fury in his eyes.
“Sit down, now.” He ordered, pointing to the chair, and he shakily got to his feet. He wasn’t scared at first, but the change was making him nervous, his heart pounding in his chest. “Now!” Nicholas snapped when he didn’t move fast enough, prompting him to stumble over and drop into the chair. Nicholas immediately grabbed his left wrist, slamming his hand on the table and securing it with one of the straps.
“W-wait- what- what are you doing?!” He looked up at him with wide eyes, wanting to pull away, but he was stuck to the table for now.
“Punishing you. This has gone too far darling, you need to learn.” He said, stepping away to grab something. He came back, handcuffing Cain’s freehand to the chair leg to keep it out of the way, and dropping two more items on the table while he was there. A hammer, and a box of nails.
“But- but why this?! I-I thought you- you would-“
“Shut up!” Nicholas yelled at him. “Shut up you stupid, worthless Bitch! Keep your hands off my love, I’ve had enough of your tantrums!” He grabbed one of the nails, positioning it over his index finger, and as he picked up the hammer Cain finally broke down crying.
“N-No, no please, sir, please I’ll take- I’ll take anything else, d-don’t-!” He didnt get to finish, Nicholas wasn’t listening, he brought the hammer down as hard as he could and the nail went straight through his finger, pinning it to the table. He shrieked in agony, his eyes screwed shut and face contorted in pain. Tears streamed down his face as he sobbed, and it seemed like for once, Nicholas was so angry he didn’t even get any joy out of it, simply grabbed another nail and moved onto the next finger.
“This is the least of what you deserve you stupid mutt. Your pathetic jealousy doesn’t give you an excuse to behave like this!” He said, bringing the hammer down again, Cain screaming as he did so.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m- I’m sorry, please!” He begged, trying to remain as still as possible as he cried, even the slightest twitch sending sharp pains through his fingers. He howled in pain as he nailed down the third finger, and finally held a nail over the forth.
“You’re lucky this is all I do to you.” Nicholas snarled. “At this point I should break both your hands entirely!” He said, hammering down the nail as Cain shrieked again. Nicholas seemed satisfied with this, dropping the hammer and starting to walk away, to leave Cain there like what just happened was nothing.
“Don’t try going anywhere, darling.” He said, not even looking back at him as he said, “You need to think about what you’ve done.”
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esm673-exskjlqh · a month ago
Tumblr media
made a weirdcore edit :]
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p0rkguts · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m not even gonna add her braces she stays like this 😤
Sketch under the cut U - U
Tumblr media
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mariposa324 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Late MerMay au concept with my oc’s Clyde and Mary from crystal project (working title)
✨commissions are currently open✨
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oblivionsdream · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sun and moon sticker designs I made of my OC’s 😄
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shelby83 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Sorry to my Spanish speakers, .__. It’s my version of the spirits in Circus Baby! : D
Enjoy uvu
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pezh-u · a month ago
Primer dibujo porque ya tenía unos días desde que creé tumblr pero no había subido nada xd
Y este dibujo sinceramente, será mi preferido por un largooo rato, aunque dudo que pueda volver a hacer un dibujo como este qwq, y de poco a poco empezaré a subir más dibujos con el tiempo (* ᴗ ᴗ)
Tumblr media
Y aaa estos son unos Ocs míos que les estoy creando una historia que publicaré algún día(* ॑˘ ॑* ), estos dos se llaman Amber (la de la izquierda) y Notte (el de la derecha), y pos con esto me despido ( ⸝⸝⸝⁼̴́◡⁼̴̀⸝⸝⸝)
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spookyboywhump · 2 months ago
CW: Drugging, kidnapping, forcibly stripped (non sexual), branding, human trafficking
He had panicked at first, still struggling against his restraints, but at some point one of the men hit him over the back of the head with something, stunning him long enough that he could feel a pinprick of pain in his neck, not even given a chance to be scared before he slipped into unconsciousness.
When he came to, things were moving too quickly for him to make sense of it. He was still dazed as his restraints were being cut, but he didn’t have the strength to make an escape attempt. Even as panic set in when his clothes were being torn off him, he couldn’t fight, only whimper pathetically, unintelligibly mumbling his protests.
“He’s a scrawny thing, but he’ll probably fetch a good price.” Someone was saying, he flinched as he was jabbed in the ribs. His face was bright red with embarrassment, but thankfully he wasn’t left unclothed for long, he was helped into plain shorts and a tank top, and from there he was being led somewhere else. When his legs were too unsteady to keep up he was picked up and slung over somebody’s shoulder, carried to his next destination. He was slowly starting to regain control of his body, and just as he could’ve made an effort to get away he was dropped and his wrists were grabbed, shackled in front of him. His eyes widened, and he frantically looked at the men handling him, who hardly seemed phased by what they were doing. He realized they’d probably done this several times before.
“P-please, let me go…” He whimpered softly, but he was more or less ignored.
“Should’ve done this while he was still sedated.” Someone said, and he was grabbed again and held down, it seemed like it took two people, one to hold his body down and one to hold his head down, turned to bare the side of his neck. He hadn’t even had a minute to look around and figured out what was going on, he saw somebody approach him, standing at his side, and before he could even ask what was going on, something was pressed to the side of his neck, an agonizing, searing pain that caused him to shriek. His attempts to jerk away were useless, and though it didn’t last long, he was still left shuddering and sobbing, shocked by the sudden pain.
“Poor thing, you could’ve at least warned him.” One of the men said with a laugh as he got off him. He was pulled to sit up again, squeezing his eyes shut and trying to ignore the embarrassment he felt over crying in front of these people. The next time somebody tried to pick him up he went completely limp, trying to make this as difficult as he could.
“No!” He wailed, tears streaming down his face. “I don’t- I don’t want t-to, please let me go!”
“Fucking hell, just pick him up so we can get him muzzled already.” He sobbed louder when he heard this, but he was smaller, weaker, and easily picked up again. He was so distraught he couldn’t even struggle, as though he already knew he didn’t have a chance here.
He was carried through a door, into a bigger space, and his eyes widened at what he saw through his tears. There were other people in the room who seemed to be in a similar situation as him, they all sat on the floor, hands shackled in front of them and cuffs around their ankles connected to the captive next to them, keeping them all in place. They weren’t gagged- they were muzzled, muzzled like animals. Some of them were crying, some were desperately trying to escape, and seeing them only caused him to panic more. He was dropped next to one young man, who watched sadly as a cuff was locked around his ankle. He was still begging and pleading when a muzzle was forced onto his face, finally muffling his voice. The straps were secured behind his head and they finally stepped back, talking among themselves about “finally being ready” and “having a busy day tomorrow”. Now that he wasn’t a problem they seemed to have forgotten he existed, not even sparing the boys a glance as they spoke.
He was still sitting there crying when they left, and at some point the man next to him reached over with his shackled hands to grab one of his, and though he was a stranger he was still comforted by this. He glanced up to look at him but the man was staring blankly at the floor. He realized he also had a burn on his neck, a brand of the number 23. He wondered if his neck had the number 24. The more he thought about it, the more he didn’t want to know.
At some point, when it was only the captives left in the room, the lights shut off, but it never quieted down, the sound of chains, muffled crying and swearing, and soft whimpers still filled the room. He didn’t sleep during that time, but he wished he had, if only for a brief escape from this sudden nightmare.
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rllybritrlly · 11 months ago
Does Tae or Gyatso consider themselves the greatest airbender in the world? If so, do they fight over who’s better?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aang: I don’t know if that’s any better
(In other words it’s a constant debate)
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smolboiremy · 28 days ago
Pg 7 of ‘Wonder’ is here!
Tag list below ‘read more’ line
First page
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Tumblr media
@mottinthemainpot @gabbydafurry
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tangerinesdream · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oc art by @issatheartist. wanted poster from here (clickable). please do not save, use, or share picture outside of this post.
three drabbles of three groups reactions to smalls’ (my oc’s) first bounty
ft. my other oc, tsurumatsu
Tumblr media
smalls gets her first bounty post enies lobby. that one dude from the franky family who’s name evades my mind is like: “shorty smalls, 115,000,000 berries!”
and the straw hats are like:
“smalls-chan! i’m falling for you all over again!” sanji swooned.
nami on the other hand, looked like she was on the verge of a heart attack, “115,000,000 berries!?”
“what a pleasant portrait,” robin nodded, with a smile.
“they think... i’m... a pet...” chopper sulked.
“your name is elfie? you never told us that,” said zoro.
smalls shrugged, “you never asked—“
“oi smalls! why’s your first bounty so high?” luffy shot up, crossing his arms and looking at her accusingly (maybe feeling a sprinkle of jealousy.) the rest of them looked at her with a mix of shock, amusement, and a little fear.
“i don’t know, maybe it’s a typo,” she shrugged with a straight face, but she knew. one of the perks of having a resting resting face—she was quite adept at lying. if anything, she was surprised there hadn’t been a bounty over her head sooner.
but she wouldn’t tell them. if enies lobby taught her anything, it’s that luffy was truly fearless... or a reckless rubber-head. either way he’d beat up just about anyone for those he considered his friends. the world government was one thing, but she couldn’t risk him making an enemy out of the world nobles; self-proclaimed gods who held absolute power.
the celestial dragons were her enemies, and hers alone.
“more importantly,” the crew’s attention weighed like a pile of anvils on smalls, “why is my epithet shorty?”
—around the world—
“oh. my. nin! koala look at this!” a wanted poster was shoved in her face, courtesy of one (1) tsurumatsu.
“eh? smalls d. elfie,” koala grabbed the paper, looking over it with a careful eye, “oh! this is your little sister right?”—she whistled—“that’s one high bounty.”
“who has a high bounty?” sabo leaned back in his chair, hijacking their conversation.
“smalls. and look at that, they called her shorty! isn’t she so tiny and adorable?”
“oh, so this is the girl i heard so much about,” sabo came up to tsu, placing a casual arm around his waist as he looked at the poster, “whats with that picture?”
“um rude, she looks amazing.”
“um yeah, it’s a wanted poster. she’s not supposed to look good.”
“but you said i look good in my poster.”
sabo grinned, “yeah you do.”
“ugh, i miss when you two were rivals,” koala groaned, abruptly leaving her desk to go anywhere else but by the lovesick simps in their honeymoon phase.
—elsewhere in the world—
“captain... she looks exactly like esme.”
“i know.”
“how long has it been since—“
“nineteen years.”
silence weighed between the first mate and his superior, the captains eyes glued on the name before him. in all capitals.
he once knew a girl with a similar name, and a similar face. an old flame. or should he say splash? (sorry advanced inside joke) no one would forget their first lover. for him, it was a summer fling, a teenage dream. they were two young, free souls without a single worry or a thing to lose. then one day, she disappeared. no note, no trace. just vanished, like a waves spray in the wind.
he never thought he’d see that face again in this way.
“do you,” the first mate paused, leaning forward uncomfortably, trying to find the right words to a question that had none, “could she be your daughter?”
fun fact: smalls has never met her dad! she doesn’t care that much to meet him either but will she? 👀 (who knows, i have yet to write out that scenario)
Tumblr media
tag list (clickable): @ochizokulevy @luffydono @bekky06 @jesssobs
likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated <3
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gardengrotto · a month ago
Tumblr media
it’s a very odd time to post this but here’s some art i finished last night.
close ups under read more if ya want it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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