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#my ocs

No, I will not take any constructive criticism regarding my tendency to make countless OCs, thank you.

Quasar the Pegasus is a princess from outer space, hailing from a planet billions of lightyears away. She was sent to (whatever the name of the planet is in the Sonic universe, Earth I guess) when something bad happened on her home planet. Her mother created a wormhole to a far away planet with similar conditions (atmospheric composition, temperature, gravity etc.) so she can stay safe. Unfortunately on the her way through the wormhole she got seperated from her personal guard and ended up alone.
She can not return to her planet either until the situation gets better and her parents can get her, or she learns to control her powers and get home herself.

She gets homesick sometimes and wonders if her home galaxy is one of the many lights she can see at night.

It’s not very visible with her pose in this pic, but she has space buns

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is that a shitty title? likely! does it give away any plot tho? no! and that’s the goal here!

boy oh boy this one sure is a thing

trigger warnings: electrocution, seizures, dehumanization and all the things that always happen when its clement and cathal tbh

tags: @stxckfxck @rato-o @haro-whumps @insanitywishes


Clement had been gone for hours, and Cathal was so, so lonely. He wanted to be allowed outside, in the fresh air again. He wanted to see the sky and feel the sun warm his skin.

Of course, that wasn’t allowed. He could get found out that way. A missing person strolling through town was a risk Clement couldn’t take. 

Cathal hadn’t been outside since the incident with the boat, that he was trying so hard to forget. He was good at forgetting, good at pretending his memories were fake and rewriting them to fit what he had been told. It was better that way. 

He had been told to stay in the living room, even given permission to watch something on the TV if he wanted to. But nothing there interested him, he wanted more. And so he wandered, knowing Clement had things to do and wouldn’t be back until after the sun had set. He stayed out of rooms he was forbidden to go in, the kitchen, Clement’s studio, the upstairs bathroom. But he wandered regardless, enjoying himself and admiring the house. 

He let his mind wander as he did, running his hands along the walls of the hallway while he walked. And he stopped, outside of a doorway. 

Clement’s bedroom. He wasn’t allowed in there alone. But… he was lonely, and… a couple minutes couldn’t hurt, right?

The door creaked as it opened, and Cathal flinched. Obviously, Clement had no way of hearing him. But the sound still scared him, and he was quick to slip into the room, leaving the door ajar behind him. 

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