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#my ocs stuff

Omg ignore the art lol 😭


Here is some context on my OCs

Their names are Kiara and Oliver they come from another universe where they have the LB and CN miraculous and while fighting some scientists that could open portals they got thrown into one and ended up in Marinettte’s universe


•Her full name is Kiara Garcia-Kyoko she holds the LB miraculous

•As Kiara I draw her in different outfits but her original one consists on a pastel green crop top with three buttons and flounce sleeves high waisted jeans with converse(lol)

•She is crazy in a funny way and loves to talk it’s hard to shut her up she is really nice and kind but only for those who deserve it she can be a little dramatic sometimes and is always hugging people it doesn’t matter who it is(except for Lila and Chloe).


•Her superhero name is mariquita which means ladybug in Spanish because I suck at superhero names and she is half Hispanic so it fits.

~There’s a picture of her suit~

•When she is in her superhero persona she is more serious since she is saving the city she will probably kick the living crap out of the Akuma if they hurt Sombre Noir she still talks a lot but to help defeat the villain and will use lucky charm if it is necessary otherwise she leaves the job to Lb and she is pretty much the mom of the team


•His full name is Oliver Basortti and he holds the Black cat miraculous

•As Oliver I do the same with Kiara and draw him in different outfits but his original one is a jacket with a hood with a white shirt underneath and black jeans with converse lol

•He is super chill and is also really nice and patient it’s hard to annoy him(unless you are Lila) and loves to tease Kiara he is also a sweetheart he loves to help people and also helps Adrien rebel in some ways lol

Sombre Noir

•Don’t ask me I have no idea it just came to mind and it sounds good again I suck at superhero names

•His superhero outfit looks kinda weird now but I’m still working on it 👌🏽

•As his superhero persona he is way more serious and doesn’t talk a lot he still always trying to help the people running from the Akumas and is most likely to not just kick but make sure an Akuma doesn’t hurt mariquita again(they are really protective over each other)he also helps chat distract the Akuma whiles the bugs work on how to defeat it.

So this kinda long lol but if anyone has ideas I will more than happy to hear them I’m still working on them and an Au that includes them and would love the help 🥺🥰

P.s excuse the art and the spelling it’s almost 12 and I’m dying 😂

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worldbuilding: the imperial palace


The Imperial Palace of the Holy Alexandrian Empire is the center of political life, second only to the Senatorial building.

Boasting hundreds of elaborate rooms, the Imperial Palace is the grandest on the planet. It is home solely to Concordia de Soleia, Holy Imperator and Oracle of the HAE.

Political intrigue, scandal, and gossip surround this place like vultures on the hunt.

Tags: @inky-duchess @anomaly00 @writing-in-rain @writingfromthestormdrain @the-starborne-prince @saxoniowrites @sancta-silje @songsofaleria

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Full Name: Blackberry River Calina

Age: 11

Birthday: April 18

Some fun facts:

  • He’s openly gay to his family, in which they support him.
  • Loves to read BL (Boys Love) books.
  • Is bullied at school due to his sexuality and eyes.
  • He’s a Cherryberry (Blue x Fell) fanchild
  • His best friend is Moondust and his twin.
  • He’s sweet, caring, loving and kind.
  • Is shy with new people and with those he barely knows. Very much open to those who are close to him
  • Wants to be a police officer when he’s older.
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The next part of Happy Coincidence, Ethan got more from Nate than just his number. Stress and germs tag team Ethan, but his older sister steps in to help. Thanks again, @sneezytomatochild for drawing him! It made me want to write about him more.

Ethan G. W. Carver:

Cis Male, 21. Black, close-cut/almost shaved hair, warm brown puppy dog eyes. Black, 6'0" Broad shoulders and trim, but not skinny. Huge dork, loves comics and movies. Works as a barista part time. Overly critical of himself and has anxiety issues. Outgoing and tries to stay upbeat, but regularly bites off more than he can chew. Currently being prodded into getting his law degree by his father, but his dream job is to sing professionally. 1 older sister.

“Nate” Nathaniel Edward Wagner:

Cis Male, 20. Pale platinum floppy blonde hair, gray eyes. Wearing glasses. 5'10" Loves to play basketball and reads a lot. He works at an animal shelter. He is still “in the closet” with most of his family and friends. Nate’s mother can be really harsh and unsupportive. His dad is sympathetic and kind but absent due to work. He doesn’t really show his emotions much and can bottle his problems up a lot. 1 younger brother.



Ethan sniffled wetly and scrubbed his nose with a loose fist. He stared with bleary eyes at his laptop’s screen, rewriting his notes for the rebuttal for his civil procedures class. It was almost 2 am. He had to open the cafe in 3 hours. He was completely wiped out. 

He had been burning the candle at both ends for about a week. Between classes, exams, the cafe, and the extra study his dad kept pushing him to get in, he was starting to wish that he had stuck to his guns when he was 7 years old and told his mom that he was going to run away and join the traveling carnival. He grinned at the silliness of the memory.

He was in law school… and that was that. He sighed and pushed himself up and away from his desk. He pushed a bit too hard and accidentally knocked his books off his desk and they hit the floor with several muffled thuds.

He sighed. He knew what came next. A minute later, there was a knock at his door. It opened to admit Ethan’s older sister, Rebecca. She clearly had just woken up and rubbed her eyes.

“Are you okay, Bucket? I heard something fall?”

Ethan sniffled and grinned at her use of his childhood nickname. It was good having Becky home from her residency at the big hospital in the state capital. He had missed her. She drew a lot of their dad’s attention and took some of the pressure off of him. 

She was 23, 2 years older than him, and going into her 2nd year of residency for neurosurgery. She was brilliant and graduated early from high school as Valedictorian. She was always there for him by text or email whenever he needed to vent or advice. She also was raised in the same house, by the same parents, so she understood the pressure of living with their father. 

Stanley Carver was a former Marine, who demanded the absolute highest level of performance from his two children, in school and in life. Most people only saw him as the dedicated family man and breadwinner of a modern family. His children saw a drill sergeant, who pushed his children to their successes and careers through strict schedules and discipline. He expected the best and not meeting his expectations was just not done. He wasn’t physically or verbally abusive, but his word was law.

Ethan smiled at Rebecca and whispered hoarsely, “Just dropped mby books… I'mb a little tired.” He sniffled, his nose running a little. He grabbed a tissue from the box on his desk and wiped his nose with a small groan.

“No kidding?” Rebecca rolled her eyes at him, “Bucket… it’s 2 in the morning! You need to sleep, you sound exhausted.”

Ethan nodded and bent to try to pick up his books. He stumbled, feeling lightheaded. Rebecca was instantly at his side. 

“Whoa! Geezus, are you okay?” She pressed her small hand to his forehead, “Shit, you’ve got a fever again… Ethan…” She said reproachfully. He sighed, but the sigh quickly turned into a hoarse cough.

“I’ll be fidne, ’s judst a cold…” Ethan said, turning his head and pressing the tissue to his face, muffling a soft: “Ut'Shoo!” into it. He sniffled, and felt 2 more follow the first. “UHSHoo! AH'TShoo!”

Rebecca frowned at him and tsked. He smiled at her and shrugged. She pulled him to his feet and dragged him to his bed, pulling the covers over him. Ethan shivered as the cool disused sheets covered him. Rebecca removed his glasses, setting them on the bedside table.

“I’ll be fidne, Becky.” Ethan repeated. His voice sounded thin and rough to his own ears. He felt pretty bad but he could nap tomorrow afternoon between classes.

Rebecca shook her head. “You are killing yourself like this. Your body is trying to tell you to slow down. You need rest. You aren’t working tomorrow morning.”

Ethan chuckled at her diagnosis and mandate. She frowned, the lines in her young face more pronounced. "Ethan George Washinton Carver! I am Not joking. You will stay in that bed tomorrow until that fever is gone or I will tie you there and issue a bedpan order. You are sick as a dog. You are not running around in the snow between work and school with a fever like that!“ 

Ethan gulped, wincing at his sore throat,

"Becky, I opedn tomborrow and… I… Uht'Choo! AH-Shoo! <snff>” He covered the sneezes with the battered tissue. “I have Civil procedures adnd Torts tomborrow, I cadn’t mbiss work adnd class! Dad… Dad will…” He looked down at the covers and clenched his fist around the tissue. 

“I will handle Dad… Bucket, look at me…” Rebecca’s hand was soft on his. Her brown eyes, so like his own, were worried and zeroed in on his face. He looked up reluctantly, his anxiety skyrocketing as his brain supplied his father’s likely reaction to him lying in bed for a whole day, neglecting responsibilities and skipping classes.

Rebecca’s eyes were sympathetic as she watched his eyes dart around the room and felt him tense up as his anxiety took over.

“Breathe… Breathe Ethan, you’re holding your breath. Breathe.” She spoke softly and pressed his hand tenderly. Tears came to Ethan’s eyes. The stress, the pressure, and the hours of illness finally pushed through his emotional armor. He threw his arms around his sister and sobbed silently, his face buried in her shirt. 

“Easy… That’s it. Cry it out, Ethan. You’re safe. I will help take care of everything. You just need to rest so you don’t get sicker, okay?” She soothed, rubbing his back.

He gradually calmed down and shivered, his fever climbing from the breakdown. He slowed his breathing and whispered,

“Thanks Becky.”

“Always, baby brother…” she smiled, laying his head down onto his pillow. “Now, let’s text your manager, so they can cover your shift and then we will send an email to your professors so you can make up the lecture or quiz or whatever, okay? One step at a time." 

Ethan coughed into his elbow roughly and sent a text to his manager, Jan. She would be in at 4:30 am and would probably cover his shift herself, but he felt bad about not going in. 

Rebecca sent an email to each of his professors from his laptop and ensured that the professors would notify Ethan that the email was received and read. She went over to him and said gently,

"I’m going to get you some water and some vaporub. You are in for a long night, Bucket." 

Ethan smiled up at her tiredly. His phone buzzed, his manager told him not to be silly and feel better. His eyes went to the message he had gotten earlier from another person. He blushed faintly and smiled at the phone’s screen.

"What’s that for?” Rebecca asked with a knowing smile of her own. Ethan blushed and told her about what had happened a couple of days ago in the cafe and about Nate: the handsome guy who had flirted with him and probably gave him this cold. 

The text message from Nate had been an invitation to go to see the latest superhero movie that had come out in theaters over the weekend. He claimed that he was feeling better and would stop by the cafe to see him soon.

Rebecca plugged in his phone and gave his hand a squeeze. “I’m happy for you, but you need to get some sleep first… I’ll be right back.” She got up and left the room. Ethan picked up his phone and texted his reply:

[I’d love to go! I’ll have to bring tissues though, I think I caught your cold. 🤧😊 But as long as you don’t mind me being sniffly, I’ll be there. Good night. See you soon.]

He was asleep before Rebecca returned, but she saw the phone light up with the reply:

[Sorry, I got you sick, but at least I won’t have to feel bad about asking for a kiss this time. 😉 ~ Nate]

Rebecca smiled, her little brother deserved some actual fun for a change. She would take her parents out to dinner Saturday to help run interference. She was determined to let Ethan have the best chance at a good 1st date. He looked much younger and smaller asleep. She leaned over and kissed his forehead. 

“Good night, Bucket.”

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character introduction #iv: aesop caesar


[full name/title] Aesop Maximus Caesar, Legatus Legionis

[base description] As the son of the Revered Senator, one would think his life would be full of happiness. However, Aesop’s father Maximus had his sights set elsewhere. As the infant Oracle had arrived at the Imperial Palace, Maximus devoted his time to doting on and spoiling her, leaving Aesop, his only biological child in the dust. Aesop took to the military path, becoming the Legatus Legionis of the 1st Legion to the Parthenian region.

[tags] @the-starborne-prince @inky-duchess @songsofaleria @anomaly00 @ladywithalamp @writing-in-rain @writingfromthestormdrain @saxoniowrites

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(Small writing thing idk)


May 19


There he was.

“Damian? Damian it’s me! Damian look here!”


His jet black hair was soaked in a liquid that is either blood or water, there’s no point distinguishing. “Damian of Man Made Maid Inc. is expired.”

Jason shook his head.. “Stop toying around.. Atleast you’re home.”

“Damian of Man Made Maid Inc. is expired.”

Red, blue, green, distortions and faces cut off was flashing in Jason, as if he weren’t human.. at this point.. was he? It was debatable. Were they? “I..I can't—” Jason grunted. Panting, his heart was beating fast, his body was stiff.. as if it were frozen.

“Damian of Man Made Maid Inc. is expired.”

Jason tried to disregard his words but he know what that meant. Yet he’s not dead.. he can’t be. He’s not. He’s not. “Shut up, I’ll get you.” he finally set both feet unto the platform and there Damian was.. still saying the same things. His eyes were different. They weren’t human. They weren’t gone. They weren’t demonic or from a animal. They were perfect in the worst way possible, stable like all living things live towards.


“Damian of Man Made Maid Inc. is- LE- Hmh Tmfee- Can’t br- metl eye- lu- no.. I..” A string of incomprehensible words leave Damian’s mouth, he couldn’t breathe. He was on the verge of fainting, yet luckily Jason caught him. He cried, he cried in the midst of the storm. “Don’t leave me again don’t.”

“Damian also known as Class F- #4378-1280 expired on 2106, Febraury, 18.”

“Expired? What do you mean? You’re not dead- You’re not..”

A different voice came out of Damian this time, and well.. Jason wasn’t sure if it was alive, “Submit already Class F- #4378-1279.”

“Pull yourself together.. Damian.. snap out of it.” He continued saying the same things over and over before finally Jason yelled.


Damian did. He cried too, but no tears were there. His eyes had no water. He whimpered, “I’m sorry Jason.. I’m sorry I..”

“Shh.. Shhh.. It’s okay.. It’s okay.. Calm down.. it’s alright.. you’re okay.”

“What am I? What am I Jason? What am I?”

“You’re my best friend..”

“I’m not me.”

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character introduction #11: julius claudius


[full name/title] Julius Claudius “The Ruiner”

[base description] Julius was born in Parthenia, Alexandrios as the son of a teacher’s apprentice and a midwife. His family fell on hard times, and, when he was just five years old, Julius was sold to Senator Parthenus’ family as a domestic servant. Now forced into the gladiatorial battles, Julius vows to win his freedom, no matter the cost.

taglist (applicable from my other wip, @heartofasvar): @the-starborne-prince @inky-duchess @songsofaleria @anomaly00 @sancta-silje @saiko-tsuki @ladywithalamp @writing-in-rain @writingfromthestormdrain

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wow it’s been years since i really did stuff with my ratchet and clank ocs but i have this idea i’m gonna dump out then never think about again

so i’ve got ash velour, my darling, he’s a failed robotic husband prototype, certified unlovable. &i’ve got liam vinculum, a supervillain that i could never really make work. his gimmick is bioterrorism, spreading a ‘love disease’ but god was he lazy and honestly i never really gave him a great motivation for doing this

anyway i was thinking about sly 2, which plenty of people crossover w/ rac. about the bait and switch villain at the end and the entire concept of clockwerk/clockla and how uhhh it kinda fits ash and liam perfectly why didn’t i think of it before ??

liam’s a wannabe supervillain. he doesn’t really have the motivation to really acheieve his goals he just thinks it’d be cool, I guess. i’ve mused before about making ash more villainous. it makes sense for liam to perfect a love potion, then for ash to obtain it and reverse engineer it into a hate potion. like neyla & arpeggio, he aims to use the power of hate to achieve immortality. he also loves pissing off other villains and stealing the thunder of everyone else by having all the notoriety to himself would be ideal.

liam would fight back but he’s evil and dumb, he wouldn’t try to make a cure, he’d just try using his love potion on sacrificial lambs in the hope that ash would stop if someone loved him. ash would feel justified in what he’s doing because with the galaxy focusing their hate on him they’re not fighting with each other for the moment. i mean, ignore the casualties lying outside the fortress he’s hacked himself into, of course.

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