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“Now, Stephen, you have to be nice. She’s my friend!”

“And I never wanted to go on a date with her, but here we are.”

“And you’re going to have a wonderful time!”

Stephen fiddled with his tie, glancing at his shoes for a moment.

“I’ve never been on a date and.. I don’t even know who Georgia is, Macy. I know nothing about her.”

“You know her name,” she cheerily replied, grabbing at Stephen’s arm. “She’s a chef and she was my best friend when we were kids and she’s single and super nice and you’re going to have a wonderful time!”

Stephen didn’t like waking up so early, but Georgia was shaking him away. He moaned and turned on his side, though Georgia shook him again, sniffling and running a hand over her tired eyes.


He pulled his pillow over his head, squeezing his eyes closed.


“But there’s someone out there… he said it was important ‘n that you solved a case for him and he needs to talk…”

“But it’s seven..”

Steven slowly sat up, carding a hand through his very tangled brown hair. He’s tired.. it’s early.. the sun has just barely risen..!

“So… You’re Macy’s detective boss?”

Georgia smiled from behind her water glass, peeking around it and at him. She was wearing a long sun dress, yellow in color, her brown hair pulled up in a bun with a yellow flower pin peeking from it.

Yellow. Stephen could tell that she loved the color yellow. But he was wearing a gray button up and slacks and a — surprise, surprise — yellow tie that Macy had given him ‘for good luck.’

He nodded, taking a sip out of his own glass.

“Yes.. yes, that would be me. Just.. just a detective.”

“Not just any detective,” she exclaimed, a laugh escaping her pretty lips, covered with a faint pink gloss. “No! I’ve heard the stories about you! You’re good — Macy adores you!”

He could say ‘Macy adores everyone’ but he wouldn’t do that. Macy was his.. ah.. friend. Friend. He was still getting used to that word. So, he mustered a faint smile up, sitting back in his chair.

“Yes.. she’s wonderful. Very smart. I think she’s incredibly capable and.. she’s a great woman. I’m proud to know her.”

Stephen slowly crawled out of bed, abandoning the warmth and safety beneath the covers. He rubbed his eyes, glancing toward Georgia after yawning a big, loud yawn.

“D-.. did the guy give a name or-.. what did he look like?”

Georgia picked at her nightshirt, looking toward Stephen.

“I mean.. he was like.. your height.. crazy gray hair and a gray beard and .. I mean, he just looks like your average old guy.”

Stephen closed his eyes for a moment. Perhaps Mr. Whittaker from the East Point case…? That was the only person that came to mind, and the old fellow was a decent man.

“Alright… but I’ll let him know that today is my day off. And then I’ll be ready to help you with a little something for breakfast.” He liked having something to do with his hands and to occupy his brain .. looking at recipes and learning to cook the way she taught him.. it kept him occupied. And he couldn’t think about the fears that made their homes in his brain.

She nodded, standing and crossing to the closet.

“Sounds good. I’ll come with you and go downstairs.. get some stuff out of the fridge and whatnot.”

“You know,” Georgia sat back in her seat, poking at a piece of baked chicken with her fork, “this food really isn’t that good.”

Stephen looked at her, then at his plate, which was also barely touched. But that was because he still didn’t eat too much in one sitting.

“Well,” he nodded, “you would know.” This is.. a good talking opportunity. “How could you fix it, if you had a chance to?”

She laughed softly — it was a very pretty sound — and she looked down at her plate.

“Well,” she crossed her arms. “I’d bake it at a low temperature, slowly, but with all natural juices so that it keeps absorbing and it’s tender and juicy when served. I’d put paprika, poultry seasoning, and seasoning salt on top and bake it with only a little bit of cream of chicken soup. That way, it will have more flavor. Depending on the actual size of the chicken breast, maybe I would add a few sprigs of asparagus and a bullion cube.. but really I would be more keen on chicken stock instead of the cube..”

All of that.. made zero sense to Stephen. Food stuff.. he doesn’t get it! But he nodded along pleasantly, closing his eyes for a short moment, tapping his foot on the tiled floor beneath him.

“Well… I don’t know what a lot of that was, but it sounds much better.”

Stephen sleepily descended the stairs, with Georgia tagging along behind him. She went right to the kitchen, he went straight for the door. Tucking a hand into his pajama pants pocket, he reached with his other to grab the brass doorknob, turning it and pulling the door open with another tired yawn.

“Mr. Whittaker,” he started, “good morning. It’s uhm.. it’s my day off and.. I didn’t work directly o-”

There was a cold feeling against his stomach and he looked toward the figure outside. A face, older, but familiar. It made his stomach flip and twist.

“How could you not invite me to the wedding?”

That voice sent chills running down Stephen’s spine — he dared not look at what was pressed against him, though he knew it to be a gun. He wanted so badly to reach up and push it away, though he knew it was best to stay very still.

“Winston Archer,” Stephen kept his eyes locked on his father. Why not invite him? Well, he has a very practical list! At the top are the words ‘childhood trauma, you’re a serial killer, you’re wanted,’ “to be honest, I thought you were probably dead.”

They had ditched the awful food for a more pleasant walk around to look at all the downtown streamers for an art festival. Georgia was most interested in the yellow tapestries .. she was debating which one on the street was the best.

“So…” she narrowed her eyes, hands resting on her hips. “… I’m thinking that the one in the window of that shop over there is my favorite.”

Stephen’s eyes drifted there, and he nodded as if to agree. “I don’t have a very creative mind,” he admitted, “but I’ll concur — that is quite lovely.”

“Concur?” She raised an eyebrow. “You really are very interesting.” Of course, everyone from around here knew about the tragedy of the Archer family. She was familiar with Stephen’s name, mainly because the news had just highlighted a story about Winston Archer.. the serial killer that got caught trying to poison his family.. that didn’t succeed… and wasn’t ever found again. She folded her hands behind her back, whistling a light tune. “You’re like… a thesaurus. But not in a bad way! I like hearing words that people don’t usually use.”

Stephen knitted his eyebrows together, hands resting in in pockets. “Like… concur? People don’t use ‘concur’?” He nearly laughed, a quiet sound escaping in a breath out of his nose. “I think it’s a rather useful word, myself.”

Georgia gently elbowed him.

“Of course you do.”

Stephen slowly raised his hands as if to say ‘I’m not trying to harm you so don’t harm me.’ But his heart was pounding. Georgia-.. she was so close! He was praying that she didn’t come back to the door.

“I need the book,” his father snarled, pressing the gun harder into Stephen’s side. As if he wasn’t awake then, Stephen fully snapped to his senses. “A book? What book?”

If he can try to get Georgia safe…! Get his father away…!

“The book! You know!”

Stephen slowly shook his head, swallowing and trying to calm his breathing. A book.. a book… a book.. he knew about a lot of books! “I don’t know. I need you to tell me so that I can help you to find it.”

His father growled under his breath and sneered and drew back.

“The book,” he mumbled. “I need it back. Need the book.. and you’re as useless as ever if you can’t give it to me.”

There was a click. Stephen almost immediately reacted, a hand flying up in defense. A loud pop.. a fizzing sound.. pain exploded through his hand and stomach. It was like a fire that erupted out of nowhere. Then another bang and the same fire flew through his shoulder, burning relentlessly as he stumbled back with a gasp. His knees buckled and he fell back, hitting the floor, which blew all the breath out of his lungs. That left him gasping, not aware of the stickiness of the blood that was soaking through his shirt.

But all he could think was Georgia. If he keeps going in.. he will get her! Hopefully, she had the sense to run at the first loud pop…!

“I had a lot of fun,” Georgia smiled, leaning against the hood of her beat up car. “It was really nice getting to know you.”

Stephen sheepishly smiled, looking down at his shoes. Fun.. well.. he’d had an enjoyable dinner and it was a nice walk.

“Yes,” he nodded. “It was nice to meet you, as well.”

She was digging around in her purse, pulling her phone out finally and tapping at it with a determined expression on her face. Finally, she turned the lit up screen toward him, a big smile present on her face.

“Put your information in! We should definitely do this again, sometime.”

The sirens woke him up. His eyes rolled into the back of his head before managing to focus on the light over his head.

“He’s awake!”

“Check his pressure!”

“…-oing down.”

“Mr. Archer? Can you try to follow my finger with your eyes? We’re getting you help, okay? Just keep trying to focus.”

But focusing wasn’t easy. All he could think about was-..

“Georgia..” his voice was a rasp.. a quiet, hoarse tone. Where was Georgia? His wife? What happened? What happened to her?

“She’s alright — has a hit on her head but she’s okay, Mr. Archer,” the paramedic assured, turning to look at the heart monitor. “Just keep talking to me, okay?”



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Two more of the requests done + A (sad) Teen Ninja Aron.

I made a head canon awhile back that Aron and says and does the most weird things after he’s drank too many root beers, and him singing “O’ Nigel” is definitely one of them XD

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Quince flowers are known for their orange hue. They are the symbol of temptation, whatever shape it may take. 
Kaiser is quite the fitting example of temptation: he is the head of a huge gang in Japan, and he is known for his tricks, especially when it comes to trapping people in his web. In his youth, he was quite a player, which helped him to understand human mind and the way he could deceive people.

Well … Huevember is almost done, but I had great troubles for scaning my drawings hence my delay! 


Kaiser Wellsburth © Neoko

Do not repost/steal without asking and credits.

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Pride and Prejudice: What’s your OC’s dream job?

Ri— When Rick was 7 he wanted to be an astronaut and see space. When he was 17 he wanted to be a rockstar. When he was 27 he didn’t want to be anything at all. When he was 37 he vowed that if he ever got a Morty his dream would be to make his Morty’s dreams come true.

Ti— Morti didn’t have dreams or aspirations as a kid because everything and everyone just seemed boring to him. When he was a teen and his original Rick abandoned him that changed. His dream job became to help any Morty in need. He does that now with the save haven café he and Ri built in Morty-Town where all proceeds go to the Morty Academy and the Morty Shelter.

Lord of the Flies: What’s the easiest way to annoy your OC?

Ri— Repetition. Don’t repeat yourself he heard you the first time. Especially don’t repeat yourself if you’re asking an idiotic question or giving an unwanted opinion especially if it’s a Ricks opinion about how his Morty or any Morty should act.

Ti— Morti’s biggest annoyance is when people touch, mess with, or take his things. Especially Ri. It is never a good idea to take something that belongs to Morti.

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Natalie: And I love you too! 🖤


But just in general, thank you to those who’ve been supporting me and showing love to my work. You don’t know how much it really means to me✨🖤

~Numbuh 333

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Nearly!! Janna does have wings, Ri’s specific power is that she can’t get hurt from any kind of blunt force trauma — so something sharp can still cut her, but falling or hitting her with something doesn’t hurt her at all. Their world is very, lots of different fantasy creatures and species, think DND-esque, there’s just a ton of different kinds of fantasy species and magic users all living crammed together. Ri actually grows up in a human-only place that’s outlawed magic (a cliché, I know, but I’d like to think I’m doing some interesting things with it :D); because magic is sometimes recessive or even random within families, depending on exactly what kind of magic it is, no one else in her family was like her and she had to run away from home to protect herself. I keep changing my mind on how they actually meet, haha, but I do know that Janna grows up elsewhere — in the places where magic is common and accepted — and Ri meets her after she runs away. Janna’s wings were actually vestigial when she was born but then Plot Happens and they start working, so they’re a bit inverse of each other: Janna growing up surrounded by magic but (initially) unable to use it, Ri growing up with magic in a place where she’s not supposed to have it.

I’m so glad you like them!!! Maybe I’ll post more snippets of them in the future ^-^

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