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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I didn’t find much of what I was looking for on my list but still got quite a few things to read that I should have probably already by now lmao

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It’s hot af outside and I’m sitting smoking a cigarette having to keep my door propped open in order to get some air flow since I’m parked on an incline.

Why ask “does the carpet match the drapes” when one could ask “does the nail polish match the paint job” instead?

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LITTLE MISSY (because she has super short legs!) resting in my gladiolus bed - a pregnant stray I’ve started feeding top-of-the-line can/dry food, because she’s pregnant & because I noticed really bad upper-respiratory sniffles/wheezing about a week ago (which seems to be all better now TG!) She’s getting more & more trusting & this morning was waiting on my porch table for me to feed her 🤗 Her sides are no longer sticking straight out like a pregnant horse - the babies are dropping down toward her belly making her look sway-backed, so I’m guessing she’s about ready to deliver? I’m hoping/praying we can develop enough trust someday to get her fixed & hopefully get the kittens adopted out, or at minimum fixed?

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