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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I’ve been struggling with my first goal of consistently working to improve myself, mainly because I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. 

So how can I deal with that?

  • Notice the warning signs
    • ‘collapse days’; distraction and trying to escape; being clingy while wanting to isolate myself; teary often; find it harder to help others with even little things; healthy choices and habits become hard; mention that I’m struggling often without ever actually asking for help (e.g. I’m tired, I’m feeling meh, etc.)
  • Awareness of causes (merely observe)
    • Being overwhelmed means that too much is going on, probably both emotionally and physically 
    • Try journalling, using listicles, talking to people, counselling
  • What is due to my choices and what do I have no control over?
    • Realise I don’t have to do anything –> what am I actively choosing to do?
    • What agreements (with myself and others) do I need to renegotiate?
    • What can I drop without serious consequences
    • Share the burden of what I can’t change 
  • Be kind to myself 
  • Adjust my plans accordingly 
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Ya know I’m so upset that I didn’t think of this earlier…. Cuz since I redid my hair yesterday I more or less match Vain’s hair (obviously mine’s just shorter). I could of literally done a small cosplay that’s a matching him outfit!!!! I know I wanted to make his mask cuz ya know it would be great.


But look at me! I’m that much of a simp for Vain that I subconsciously dyed my hair to match his (I have used this color in the past before he even appeared in game but that’s not my point). Did I pretty much throw myself under the bus and call myself out… yes

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Hohenheim, he’s probably between 4 and 5months here. Sooo cute, but… he did end up growing out of letting me put the hat on. We actually just got him fixed the other day, and now he’s sisters are being super mean((they are just scared of the cone and the new smells)). Poor guy just wants to cuddle with his favor sister and she’s not having it lol

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