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I’m slowly redecorating 145 Cannery Row for Bob and Eliza. I’m going less primaries and more Florida pastels, thanks to inspiration from the Bees Knees palette by @frubynoo (I’m going to need more things in this palette, all I have at the moment is their Color Pop tiles, but as luck would have it some of the colours are reasonably similar enough to some from my Copicish palette).

I’ve not changed the layout, but I’ve changed some internal bits and bobs, made a lowered shower nook using platforms upstairs (which meant I had to raise the whole upper floor one platform notch to allow for a lowered shower nook, which then in turn leaves a gap around the cutout for the stairs - I’ll see if I can find anything to hide it). I made a weird lowered area for seating in the living room, because the whole ground floor is open and I wanted a way to separate it off a little. I created a new centre piece to close off the living space, and changed a lot of the fixtures and fittings. I’ve still got lots to do, but I’m happier with it now than I was before. 

In my game, Bob and Eliza are rich hipsters. Bob made his money with a couple of pop up cafes, and now has a swanky restaurant in Whiskerman’s Wharf, up the road from where they moved into a huge renovated factory. They’re the worst type of gentrifiers. Eliza likes to do a bit of DJing, painting, and writing, but doesn’t have to work because of Bob. She’s one of those ‘I’m a totally free and cool creative’ types. They think they’re more radical and rebellious than they are. In fact, they’re just rich arseholes. The type that flirts with the idea of Bernie to seem cool but is actually all ‘more women ICE enforcers’. 

[my ts4 screenshots in hd]

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02.12.2020 || my weekly spread

I really like how this weeks bujo spread came out!

Day 2 of @myhoneststudyblr ‘s Winter Studying Challenge

❄️  2nd December - What is your favourite thing about winter? ❄️

I’m such a sucker for Christmas lights and music hahaha! It just makes the entire month feel so special and magical, seeing it all lit up with cheerful tunes playing in every store! Apart from holiday decor, though, I really love that I’m able to wear my favorite fluffy socks and oversized hoodies lol! I live in a very hot climate, so most of the year even wearing pants is killer. I’m a very cozy person by heart so I really do live my best hermit life in winter, sipping warm tea and huddled in a soft blanket ^^

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Das letzte Bild auf unserer Tafel


- 📸 by Marina M. Moschberger / Ina [01.12.2020]

Das hier ist das letzte Bild, was wir auf dieser Tafel gemacht haben. Kurz nachdem ich das Foto gemacht hatte, kamen zwei Herren in den Klassenraum, die uns mitteilten, dass wir gleich den Raum zu verlassen hätten, da die Tafeln ausgetauscht würden. Wir rissen Witze wie ‘Rettet die Tafel!’ oder 'Lasst uns an die Tafel ketten!’. Jetzt habe wir ein Mix aus Whiteboard und Smartboard und die Scheiße läuft nicht wirklich, weil unsere Lehrer einfach überfordert sind. Das ist wirklich ein Punkt, den ich nicht verstehen kann: Man vernachlässigt die Investition in die Digitalisierung an Schulen (wie generell in die Bildung), schafft es dann doch diese Mittel zur Verfügung zu stellen, aber das Personal, welches im Frontalunterricht versucht uns das Wissen zu vermitteln, scheitert kläglich an der Bedienung der Gerätschaften. Am Ende sind die Schüler dazu genötigt dem Lehrkörper die Handhabung nahezulegen. Aber es ist immerhin ganz schön, keine Kreide mehr an den Fingern leben zu haben und den Tagesdienst nicht mehr ausführen zu müssen.

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01.12.2020 || hello december!

here’s some pleasing shots of my room that I just thought looked cute ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Day 1 of @myhoneststudyblr ‘s Winter Studying Challenge

❄️  1st December - Do you like winter? ❄️

I absolutely love winter!! I look forward to it all year and it’s my favorite season— apart from fall! what can I say? The atmosphere of the music, spending time with friends and family, sweaters and warm drinks, how could I not love it! I’m particularly fond of the holiday season solely because I love how beautiful my city and many stores will decorate for the holidays. It just feels so magical and special!

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