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#my poetry
loreleiv · a minute ago
With illicit thoughts and sidereal looks I punish you for the undeserved love you offer me
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overthinkingitalex · 3 minutes ago
My true feelings have been unfolded, but still seem to be pushed aside, i guess that’s what i’m used to. Nothing i seem to say matters to anybody and it’s been that way for as long as i can possibly remember. I feel trapped in my mind, i’m not okay and i haven’t been for a long time and i don’t think anybody understands. Just when i thought i was digging myself out of this hole i was once in, i fell even deeper. When i drive through town i hope one day i get to see your car driving on the road at the same time as me, even if it is for a split second just so i can see your face and wave at you one more time so you know my feelings haven’t faded.
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lilian-blue · 9 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I'm still hurt
by the way you silenced me
by the way you left me behind
the way you pretend like I died
I never forgot about you
I even tried so hard to
the pain of feeling so insignificant
and treated with maliciousness
summoned all my demons
the only beings left that know how
to comfort me
you felt like home
and now it's cold
won't you let me in
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ta-logia-pou-pote-den-eipa · 14 minutes ago
Έχω καιρό να σου στείλω.
Έχω καιρό να σε ρωτήσω πως είσαι, τι κάνεις, πως ήταν η μέρα σου.
Να σου πω τα νέα μου
και εσύ να μου πεις τι έφαγες.
Να σε ρωτήσω αν κοιμήθηκες καλά
και εσύ να με ρωτήσεις αν θέλω να κάνουμε τίποτα το βράδυ.
Να σου πω οτι έχω καιρό να σε δω
και εσύ να μου πεις οτι σου έλειψα.
Έχω καιρό να σου στείλω.
Πώς είσαι;
Τι κάνεις;
Πώς ήταν η μέρα σου;
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literarylunar · 24 minutes ago
-Seize the day-
Means nothing if you squander the night.
Yes, go feel gold sun rays and freckle up your skin.
But do not forget the moon glow that paints you blue and pallid.
Yes, go race beneath clear skies and suck in sweet spring air.
But also sit beneath the stars and feel the cosmos pressing-
Pressing against the whites of your eyes and making those pinpoint pupils much wider.
Cape Noctem.
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quillwritten · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
transcript under cut
One elephant, two elephant, three elephant—
Hold your breath and step silent, violent panting gives the game away,
you stay as small and shadowed as you can 
while hands turn your world around
with no sound whatsoever.
It’s clever how they work it,
but no time to lurk and watch;
your watch is set to fifteen seconds to transform
and it is normal, but you’re still half-dressed
in the wings and stressed because you sing 
in the next number.
The number of buttons on your blouse
is astounding, has there always been this many? 
Trapped under trembling fingers,
a display of nerves you can’t avoid—
The noise of clapping dulls to murmurs
and the song begins to play.
There’s a riot in your chest but you stay quiet,
and make a mad dash for your place
before lights up.
Pose and smile and all the while the audience will never know
how close you came to falling out of time.
- c. p. m. b.
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secretumpoeta · 29 minutes ago
The words in my head a jumbled mess. This quiet and desperate longing for you to be here, to be by my side, has grown by the day. Incessantly I think about you and I can only find relief when distracting myself. The nights are most cumbersome for my heart. The silence allows my thoughts to stray and, no matter how hard I try, they always turn to you. I miss your smile, our quiet conversations at 2 am, your lips upon my neck, and touch upon my brow. I want your laughter and random observations brightening my existence. My world is far too grey without you in it. ~ B.T.
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kociepyszczki · 30 minutes ago
and this dog howls again
life is so sweet that my teeth hurt
I do not complain about the lack of support.
I could write
a book about identity crisis
but I don't want an autobiography.
I could graze sheep
somewhere in the mountains
but I guess that's not what I was born for
I could even
weld ships in Norwegian shipyards
but was I born for it?
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jonaswpoetry · 48 minutes ago
Ticks (passing by)
If only the clock would share
some ticks — I need to feel
a moment passing by, or else
they all are wasted — not unlike
hoarded fruits held in disregard
until fully rotted, and withering
while famine rubs at his palms
with such glee revealed solely
through most wicked patience
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chapstick-addict · 55 minutes ago
Dear Ansel,
Slip my kung-fu grip
On your pumpkin stick
I'm no one-trick trip
Gentle-witch with a wicked lick
Casting devious eyes
Down to your hip
When I slide on, his broomstick
Really does fly on
Our Love is more than any
potion could dictate
Our fate is what we create
No fickle b🌼tch could break
The bond between us
Is deeper than flesh
Nothing you could mesh
Together would ever waver
Our hearts from each other
Love, you better fetch this cat
Or catch her in your lap
Give her your best pat-pat
You got my sticky honey on tap
Missing you boy 💋
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tamzin-leicester · 58 minutes ago
Angsty Poem
I know who I am 
I am strong
I am independent
Until you give me a little bit of attention
Suddenly, you are the thing that I’ve been missing my whole life
Suddenly, I need you to breath
Because  I don’t know who I am
I become weak
I become dependent
Once you’re finished giving me your attention
You become all that I think about
You become the thing that I need to live
Once I am whole again
Another version of you breaks me
Another version of you takes a piece away from me
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sadsquishi · an hour ago
I am not at the beginning of this.
I have been fighting for years, and now I am tired, burned out, and numb.
Tips, tricks, and motivational quotes from posters lining office corridors fizzle before they reach me here.
I wish I was as hopeful as I once was.Confident in new solutions.
But now I just want to know the name of the room that keeps me here. And why nothing I ever do seems to work.
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scriptedsilence · an hour ago
Tumblr media
* encumbered *
I mourn your words ; your presence  
all which effortlessly entered
lowering walls 
touching all corners
my mind feels to be in the space between here and there 
thrashing in the air
you were the first drop of rain that seeped 
through my cracked landscape which was in a drought
you curled in, over and around
dripping, slipping, unwinding dried layers
gasoline, a match to my unknown worlds 
setting ablaze all hesitations and boundaries
breaking chains ; crushing masks
staining my insides, as you burned across my rib-cage
a silent masterpiece buried in my bones
tattooed into my skeleton
I continue to tongue the ache that'll obviously never heal
silently drowning weightless in the graves that was
stitching myself to phantoms 
humid whispers that never leave
forsaken hollowness ; the empty spell that holds shadows
clashing noises , a chemical burn to my skin
crying out memories, vomiting echos 
its teeth and screams and broken blood vessels
screaming out ache
aching between each of my ribs as they crack 
under the pressure of you as gravity
my days pass as storm clouds
a state of restlessness
desperation scraping
living in the pit of my stomach
pounding walls, disrupting sleep
gorging ,feasting upon drained veins
covered in silent prisons
if ache is my constant fate
so be it
then let me break here
©ScriptedSilence. All rights reserved
Pic credit - Fabio Selvatici
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yonderly-toska · an hour ago
"I've realized in my pain that nobody will help me but myself.
No one can save me from drowning.
i gasp and i plead but the only one there to witness is me.
i scratch and scream my way out
throat raw, arms bloody
messy hair, eyes devoid of the liveliness it once used to store.
walls around a barren heart where it once stood in an empty courtyard.
nobody saved me,
so i saved myself."
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lifeinpoetry · an hour ago
This shit gets tiresome putting so much effort into what doesn’t last, sometimes I want to retire shave my head be a nun or a monk,
just so I can forget all the years time bludgeoned so I could look like somebody else swimming around in their own pallid wheel of tears.
— Nikki Wallschlaeger, from “This Body Keeps the Keys,” Waterbaby
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