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#my poetry

Love should be a good thing, so why am crying?

_ don’t leave me

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in the morning the rising sun lays down in stripes against your skin. the sheets are twisted tight around your body, around mine. there are no words to place here, in this silence, stillness, softness. when you finally open your eyes and meet mine, i speak in colours instead of sound.

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Blushing shades beneath

You elicit heartbeats

I caught a breath

Of fever running wild

Fingers walking up my thigh

This slow torture

Where I pretend to look away

And you find your way home

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a moment lingers

into eternity

in my mind

round and round

until there is

nothing else

left to be found

into my mind

forever it festers

until there is

no one

left around

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I don’t want to stop missing you

Your memories are part of my present

They will always be part of my future

They make me who I am today

It’s not about you and trying to keep you alive

It’s about me , how you are a part of me

and will always be.

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<div> —  hw2004 </div><span>Poetry: a raw feeling plastered on paper to keep for yourself or to be shared with the world</span>
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The Back Side of the Rainbow

When looking for the bright side

One tends to go one pace

But looking at the problem

There’s facts you have to face

Not everything will be alright

Happiness comes at a cost

And if one is not careful

They often find they get lost

It’s easy to think brightly

When life says you should not

Your friends all give you advice

But its harder than you thought

The grass is always greener

On the other side

But no one stops to realize

That their friends just may have lied

So sit and drink your coffee

Pour out another cup

The grass is only greener

Because They don’t fuck it up.

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Why am I stuck here? In this everlasting darkness. Overwhelming me with my sense to over react and over think? Why do I focus to much into the unknown? I do not know yet. But I will fight with my strongest abilities to beat this internal devil. 

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I hate the pain you put upon my shoulders, wanting to move on but with weight of it like boulders it made it hard to do. Every touch made me jump, every feeling made me shake. I’ll be walking on eggshells until my final wake. You made me lose the feeling of wanting to be loved. Nothing really helped except when this bottle became more empty. I’d forget the parts you stole from me, that wasn’t yours for taking.

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a soothing letargy,

eyelids the weight of clouds

suspended in equilibrium

ready to fall and moisten the ground.

Numb legs already useless,

Guts tickled by the grass

arms wrapped by lichen

impossible to move.

lungs filled with dew

soon to be gems of hoarfrost

and a skeleton soon to be traveler

aided by its canids dismemberers.

A crateric crack

in which fungi prosper

engulfed the cranium

and mutilated it’s profile.

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Feeling so empty like every feeling every emotion has been pulled out of me.

January’17 4:16am

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That Sweet sound

The sweet sweet melody
That paralyse me

The sweet sounds of passion
That won’t let me sleep
That pains me to hear

The sweet sweet sound
That hurts me so deep

That Maddening song

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Almost all my spoons have been used

And I’m too tired to do the dishes

So now all I have left to use

Are knives

Il'l cut anyone who comes near

I cant handle the noise

Feels as if I’ve stuck the knives in myself

Lile this pain was my choice

Maybe it is

Maybe I did this

But I guess

It’s not my choice

To make it go away


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It’s a bad day

Today is bad day.

He said to himself.

He wanted to post it ,

For someone to help.

He thought for a second,

What’ll this do?

It’s not gonna help me.

And neither can you.

He posted it anyway.

- @s0mewhere-only-we-know

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