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J/C June: Day 6

Q: J/C Scene that Made You Smile

A: The Voyager Conspiracy

C: “Seven was malfunctioning. We don’t have that excuse.”

J: “You’re right. We’ve been through too much to stop trusting each other.”

C: “… You didn’t poison the coffee, did you?”

J: “Not anymore than I usually do.”

God there were so many moments for this day I could’ve chosen. I had trouble picking just one.

This episode is filled with such good exchanges between the two, but nothing gets me like some good old playful banter. Even after nearly coming to blows, the two are still able to laugh and enjoy the rest of the evening. That’s true love and no one can tell me otherwise.

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day 6: do you binge? if so, why?

i most definitely binge. i have ednos. sometimes it can be triggered by stress and other negative emotions like that. usually i binge because i have a hard time dealing with life and that’s just the response my stupid rat brain comes up with. it can numb all the feelings i don’t want to process.

it’s the same with starving/fasting for long periods of time, it just manifests differently when i binge, obviously

and i love food, as does everyone else with an ed. it’s addicting. i don’t know how to deal with it.

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Throwback to year 6/7 where I was a fucking weeb in the worst way possible.

I’m talking using Japanese words completely wrong and then getting pissed at people for not knowing what I was talking about.

I’m talking about Naruto running around school when I was later.

I’m talking getting really into “yaoi” ship but being disgusted by real gay men and hating lesbians all together.

I’m talking only playing anime OPs and nightcore when I was with my friends and refusing to let them play anything.

I’m talking about harassing random creators when they didn’t do something I liked, specifically anything ship related.

I’m talking shipping paedophilic ships because I was too young to realise how fucked up the power dynamic was.

But hey look at me now, I only butcher my native language, I can now run like a new born deer, I’m fucking gay for women, and I hate paedophiles. I’ve changed

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an audio concept: that first little bit of music that plays at the beginning of a spotify ad, and then it leads into the “shawtys like a melody on my head” song

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