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You’re fine!!🖤 They are:

Moona- a lunar moth Fae who specializes in lunar and sleep magic. She is my magical advisor! She can help with anything dealing with magical questions

B-a brownie Fae who enjoys cleaning a lot! He helps me with “every day” magic and mundane things.

Aaron- a hellhound who can figure anything out for you! He has helped me through many things and secretly watches over everything

Hank- a demon floating eyeball, who is “papa” and will give advice for anything

J- a fallen angel who is very, very wise and will help figure out any problems you may have as well as give advice to get through the problem

Dawn- a Selkie who acts as “momma”, she specializes in sea and water magic. She gives advice towards mind/spirit questions!

Dara is still too young to help out with this stuff, but he is a toddler fae!!

I have posts made for Dawn, Hnak, and Dara if you are interested in learning more!🖤 they can be found under the “my companions” tag!!

If you have any more questions, please dont hesitate to send them!! I love talking to you all!🌻✨🌙

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my favorite parts of Silent Reading include:

  • the running joke about Luo Wenzhou being the Emperor and Lang Qiao being the Eldest Princess
  • Lang Qiao vs. cilantro
  • every time Fei Du tries to be edgy but Luo Wenzhou ruins the moment
  • Fei Du accidentally hitting on Luo Wenzhou’s mom and then Panicking
  • the subtext and development of Fei Du becoming comfortable around animals, specifically Yiguo
  • the investigation team & Luo Wenzhou’s parents all knowing that he’s gay and being cool with it
  • every time Luo Wenzhou is considerate towards Fei Du, even (especially) when they don’t get along yet
  • characters having faith in each other (and it’s earned)
  • [lovingly but firmly enforces self-care]
  • “these brazen heterosexuals”
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Congratulations for getting into the astral on your first try! Dont worry if you’re not able to get into the astral the next time or next few times! Developing our subconscious abilities is very hard and takes a lot of work!! I’m so proud of you for getting in on your first try!!!

Yes, it could be your animal guide! Upon entering the astral the next time you are able to, say “I wish for my spirit and animal guides to come forth and reveal themselves to me” and if the Elk is there, it is!! Another way of confirming it’s your guide is through divination! Take a pendulum and ask “is the elk I saw my animal guide?” And you’ll get a clear yes or no.

Also, do your research on animal and spirit guides!! This will help tremendously in figuring them out. Our animal guides are us in animal form. Their personalities, their traits, etc show up in ourselves too! So if you definently have a connection with Elk somehow, it could most likely be your guide!!

Good luck on your journey, my dear!! Please dont hesitate to ask me if you have any other questions!!

Many blessings and love upon you🌻✨🌙

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its nothing personal i just think that if you don’t like mushrooms you’re out of your mind

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I get really mad about those posts that criticize and essentially police how people interpret books, interpret characters, basically how they do book fandom. Like when people are like “I hate when fandom does x-thing” like even if I also don’t personally like it either, I get mad that people have to make a whole post about it??? Like why can’t people just move on and let people do fandom however they want to??? I just couldn’t figure out why it upset me so much

But it clicked. That’s exactly what sports bros do to non-traditional fans.

“Why can’t people just let people enjoy things” has been so ingrained in me as something associated with the bad parts of sports, and the fandom policing posts are the exact same thing in a different flavor.

So congrats, when you go off about how fandom is wrong, fandom is OOC, fandom just doesn’t get it the way that they’re supposed too – you’ve got the same energy as the gatekeeper sports fucks ope

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ARIES: Today I had a mini crisis. It was awesome.
TAURUS: I am deficient in hand-holding. Meanwhile [my bf] is having fun with giant TREES. I would LEAVE him for a giant tree.
GEMINI: It will be easy cheese and ketchup, it will be a masterpiece, and I will eat it afterwards, unfortunately.
CANCER: Jones (BBQ and Foot Massage) is a talented man, and he is not to be questioned.
LEO: Corgis are known for having voluptuous booties.
VIRGO: Whatever the question is, the happy running man is the answer.
LIBRA: Okay bye, I'm going to arrive in a different location.
SCORPIO: I had an emotional venting night, followed by 100 squats and passing out in my underwear on the floor.
SAGITTARIUS: I'm gonna cry. I think I AM crying? But my tears are stopped by all the lotion.
CAPRICORN: Yeah we were negotiating about lizards.
AQUARIUS: Men statistically live shorter lives than women, and let me tell you one thing: [my bf]... IS A MAN.
PISCES: He once rode a bike into a frozen lake, for the price of one oreo. And he STILL said it was worth it.
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ARIES: I'm basically always on the hunt for Capri Sun.
TAURUS: Friends don't let friends look like Lord Farquad.
GEMINI: I came out the janky tube.
CANCER: If I give you a fun fact about Pez, will you give me a Pez?
LEO: Why did the loaf take its heels off? Because it was breadtime!
VIRGO: Honestly, if someone mailed me a single tootsie roll, I would be overjoyed.
LIBRA: It's not HARD—all I need to do is literally anything, but I just don't think I can.
SCORPIO: Like, there's no way they're not ON something. And there's no way that something isn't crack.
SAGITTARIUS: Also, slight problem: my nose is squishy.
CAPRICORN: There was not a second where I wasn't taking off or putting on clothes.
AQUARIUS: Like, I think they all just did crack by mistake.
PISCES: That's the solution—sniff the cheese.
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