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cant stand when a gay reddit post pops off on tumblr no one on here knows how to fucking act normal the notes are always full of shit like “UUUUUUU FANFIC SCENARIO UUUUUU” god like shut the fuck up you annoying cunts can men experience romance without people instantly fetishizing it and saying some shit about fanfiction lol

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Anglerfish for the SOMA terrarium is done! I took some liberties with the design but I did my best to keep the spirit of the terrifying WAU infected anglerfish. It was a delightful and terrifying surprise in the abyss.

This is built entirely from scratch. The body is clay and the teeth are melting plastics. I couldn’t find an old man toy for the face but a dollar store Barbie rip-off came to my rescue, even if my roommates were horrified to see me pulling off her head and cutting up her face. Skeleton hands are Halloween decorations.


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Murder on the Orient Express (2017) is an amazing movie for many reasons from its characterization to its aesthetics to its pacing and I could write several different essays on this but I’m also just really really gay for Daisy Ridley as Mary Debenham

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Still looking back on all those dumb and dangerous interactions I made as a kid. Still hurt, still conflicted, but glad to be severing it off from who I am now and learning to be a better person, one step at a time.

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i was tagged by @sarahsjeffery, thank you Kat!! 💕

Name ten favorite characters from ten things, then tag ten people

1. Druck (Matteo Florenzi)

2. Ragnarok (Isolde)

3. Anne With An E (Matthew Cuthbert)

4. Merlin (Arthur)

5. I Am Not Okay With This (Stanley Barber)

6. Dark (Jonas Kahnwald)

7. The Society (Grizz)

8. Skam (Even Bech Næsheim)

9. Teen Wolf (Stiles Stilinski)

10. Supergirl (Lena Luthor)

tagging: @brokenhearts-5, @istillbelieveinsoulmates, @the-haunted-pencil, @matteoflrnzi, @247-series, @florenzim, @mia-ami, @bistan, @lyrasilvertounges, @youleavebehindmemories, @a-chorus-of-storytellers, @druck-in-love (only if you want to do it, of course!! 🌸)

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