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lnniter · 12 hours ago
philza seeing the mcc update video: haha look at the arrows on the ace race map. OMG that is my minecraft skin!! this is hilarious!! i am actually crying laughing this is so funny. what a good joke. hahaha. awesome
wilbur seeing the mcc update video:
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captainkirkk · 18 hours ago
Captainkirkk's Shared Google Doc
We're going to attempt to write fic together! Everyone is welcome, just remember that this is a public and live doc. So please don't include:
Any distressing descriptions or images - includes gore, extreme violence, bigotry, any possibly triggering imagery, etc.
Any nsfw content
I would also ask that people don't delete other people's content. This will be no fun if people can't even get a sentence out!
Other than that, go wild! And let me know if there is any issues.
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earthgirl-sunshine · 11 hours ago
the doctor & donna saw the worst of each other right away- the doctor saw how absorbed donna could be with the shallow things in life & donna saw the doctor literally drown children. & yet !! they still wanted to travel with each other.
it took some time for donna to make that choice, but once she did, she chose the doctor over & over again- to the point of choosing to travel with him forever. she saw that he was in need of a friend, & so she made sure she was that friend- she shut him up when he needed shutting up & she knew when he was staying silent, pretending to be alright. in the end, she saw everything he had stayed silent about- all the horrors of his past were in her head & she still wanted to stay with him until her dying breath.
in return, the doctor showed donna the wonders of the universe, & just how special she was in comparison to it all. he made the mistake of telling her that she wasn't important when they first met, so he made sure to tell her she was brilliant at every chance he got. & he listened to her- even when she wasn't shouting, even when what she was saying was small & human & seemingly inconsequential.
they made each other better. & there's something about two people who understand each other so deeply & go through hell together & support each other unconditionally & have fun together & take sheer delight in each others' company- something about that is so compelling & beautiful to me <3
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im-still-watching-anime · 16 hours ago
sakura, talking to someone: yeah we all really miss sasuke ever since he left the village
naruto: exactly. everything feels so difficult without him here it’s hard to even breathe without him everyday i wake up and go to sleep thinking about him wondering if he thinks about us. i wonder what’s going on in his heart and—
sakura: okay i just meant i sometimes wish he would come back i have no idea what the fuck naruto has got going on
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lnniter · 12 hours ago
ranboo making the choice at the end of life is strange: this is the most agony i have ever felt in my life. what would i do if i were in this situation, with someone i love and my hometown? i don’t know how i could ever choose. i am fucking bawling my eyes out right now. this is the peak of emotional turmoil. it will take me at least 30 minutes to make this decision
tubbo making the choice at the end of life is strange: tornado lul
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bmblboop · 11 hours ago
Let Yang wear her hair up and Ren wear his hair down 2021
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effable-as-f · 15 hours ago
This exchange fucking killed me oh my God
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edgeworth IMMEDIATELY changing his tune and objecting against ending the trial after this, oh my God, it’s like he sees something’s up and realizes Phoenix is upset for reasons other than what he knows is at stake here, and he doesn’t know what’s going on but he knows Phoenix is desperate for more time and he immediately starts stalling
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queer-cartoons · 15 hours ago
You know what, I guess everyone's already moved on to hyping up Raine's appearance next episode, and that's totally fair. But I just realised that Hunter's fight with Kikimora was literally the first time we've actually seen him properly fight.
Like, narratively that whole scene was fantastic, and a huge sign of growth. But objectively the battle also.... really sort of showed him off. Like, his reputation as a young prodigy may not be as family-biased as we think - even if it is 'just' artificial magic, his fighting technique and his skill with the staff are frankly pretty great. And there's the fact that he could best Kikimora - granted, not at her strongest, but she IS still incredibly powerful, especially seeing as she's third-ish in command to Belos at all. I'm glad she got to shine in this episode as well, but that's a separate post.
Anyway, having a battle like that on full display - for both the viewers and for Luz herself - against one of the most powerful witches on the Boiling Isle, was absolutely intended to drive home Hunter's own talent, imo. It suggests that he may be just Hunter, may be just a troubled and redeemable kid struggling with a system he's trapped in, but at the end of the day he is still not to be taken lightly as a threat. To at least some extent, he's definitely earned his reputation, and 'humanising' him (for lack of a better word) doesn't make him... defenseless. Or soft.
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deus-ex-knoxina · 13 hours ago
dan is a cuddler and she does have a ranking of best to worst cuddlers on the team and here it is
1. matt. duh. his arms are very long it’s ideal. best way to do this is sitting on his lap, 15/10 for comfort
2. renee. took them some time to be close enough to cuddle but it’s sooo worth it, renee always lets dan play with her hair
3. nicky. the man is so touch starved but he gives great hugs, it’s a tragedy and dan’s going to remedy it for her own gain
4. kevin????? look dan was surprised too. again, same thing as with renee, it took some time for them to get to this point. 10/10 team bus nap buddy because kevin can fall asleep anywhere and dan can use him as a pillow
5. allison. only really a good cuddler for sleeping because she fidgets, although dan has had success with leaning against her side while they’re awake because then allison can leg bounce to her heart’s content
6. aaron. literally always busy but ok with being used as a backrest while he’s studying. attempting to do this while he’s playing video games is a bad idea because he’s one of those ppl who plays with his entire body
7. neil. bony shoulders. also just not a big cuddler in general. kind of how dan expected kevin to be ngl
8. andrew. duh. she can’t cuddle someone who’s going to hate it and/or be supremely uncomfortable the entire time. however she does fist bump him occasionally and that is the limit of their physical affection
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y0itsbri · 10 hours ago
hi bri! 📱 and/or 🫂?
hi mel! 💛💛💛 family content was calling to me today sorry 'bout it lol
📱 text message/phone call headcanon
mickey was such a little shit for the one week that ian had a job at the amazon warehouse while he stayed at home on his honeymoon. their days apart looked something like this.
mickey (8:37am): might go back to bed while my husband is hard at work 🖤
mickey (8:56am): ur pillow is cold fuckin finally
mickey (9:42am): u think judge judy is gettin sum on the regular?
mickey (10:04am): *image attachment*
ian (11:23am): mickey is that really just u smoking in ur underwear
mickey (11:26am): 😏😏😏 see something u like?
ian (11:27am): go away
mickey (12:38pm): picked lil red up from preschool. im definitely winning the favorite uncle competition in case u were wondering
ian (1:34pm): i wasn't. send me a picture of fran so i know she's still alive with ur dumbass
mickey (1:47pm): made sum mac&cheese
mickey (1:56pm): *image attachment*
mickey (1:57pm): *image attachment*
ian (3:31pm): *liked an image*
ian (3:32pm): how did u force her to dress up like u?
mickey (3:35pm): dont act like u dont know she didnt beg to. the matching sunglasses was her idea
mickey (4:23pm): debbie picked her up now. had to practically pry the crying kid away from me
ian (4:45pm): sure i totally believe that
mickey (4:52pm): why would i lie to u loverboy
mickey (5:03pm): lip wants us to come over 2nite btw
mickey (5:04pm): should i tell him to fuck off
mickey (5:06pm): maybe i'll turn tami against him to. that could be fun
ian (5:32pm): jesus christ mickey chill out i'll be home soon
mickey (5:34pm): better hurry the fuck up 😏
🫂 hug headcanon
it's no secret that mickey wasn't as free with his physical affection as teddy-bear ian gallagher was. franny was the only exception for awhile. she hadn't known any other version of mickey than her fun-loving uncle mickey. he had too much of a soft spot for little red -- the girl practically throwing herself at him whatever chance she got. what was he supposed to do? tell her no? not that he wanted to, either. he loved the little bugger, even if her mom could be a pain in the ass sometimes.
what came as more of a surprise was liam. liam had always been the baby, but he also knew how to read a room and when to keep his distance.
one night, liam had come home late after an evening of frank shenanigans, and begun his homework at the kitchen table. ian was already passed out upstairs, and mickey came down for a late night snack.
he unscrewed the lid to the jar of processed yellow cheese, dipping round tortilla chips straight into it -- crunching loudly.
"whatcha workin' on?"
"gotta study for my math test tomorrow. frank kept me out most of the night."
"oh, i could help you with math if you wanted."
"i thought you dropped out of high school?"
"don't need a high school degree to do 4th grade math, nerd. 'sides, i practically ran my house and family businesses -- i could do this shit in my sleep."
"yeah, kid, whatchu got?"
they studied together, eating almost the entire jar of cheese and bag of chips between the two of them, until liam was yawning so much he was making mickey tired.
"go get some sleep, man, i'll clean up."
liam nodded sleepily before trudging up the steps.
the next evening, mickey was standing in the kitchen, sipping on a beer and watching ian and lip argue about the stupidest shit when the front door flew open.
"mickey, mickey! i got 100% on my math test!" liam nearly knocked mickey over with the speed that he hurdled into him, hugging him tightly for a moment before his eyes widened. "oh, shit, sorry mick!" he began to pull away until mickey wrapped his arm around the kid.
"hey! good job, einstein, 'm proud of ya," mickey smiled down at the boy.
"thanks," liam said sheepishly as he ran upstairs to discard of his backpack.
the following week, they were having a movie night. it was some war movie shit that ian likes but liam would hate. the kid wanted to watch anyways. mickey plopped down on his corner of the couch while ian was digging through the cupboards to find his secret stash of twizzlers. liam sat on the cushion directly next to mickey, a plate of tortilla chips with cheese in hand.
"we can share these if you want," he murmured quietly, unsure.
"oh, sweet! that sounds fuckin' great," mickey shoved a chip in his mouth.
ian stood in the doorway frowning at the kid that took his spot on the couch next to his husband. mickey just nodded his head to the empty cushion on the other side of liam. ian sat and reached over the back of the couch to poke mickey's neck with a twizzler, just to be annoying.
about halfway through the movie, plate of chips now empty save for a couple crumbs, liam began drifting off, bobbing his head. mickey pushed the kid a little bit so he was more comfortable leaning against mickey's shoulder.
ian silently 'awwww-ed' and mickey just proceeded to flip him off. but it felt good to have kids around that actually liked him.
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rogue-gryfon · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RAMPART AHAHAHA The way she hops down the stairs and taunting Bangalore back to the lava 😂
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lnniter · 12 hours ago
oh so tubbo chooses the individual over the town when it comes to life is strange but not when it came to tommy’s exile 🙄 i see you
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poetic--blog · 9 hours ago
يتقيأ أيامه.. شخصٌ إلتهم عمرًا فاسدًا وحياةً منتهية الصلاحية.
- علي الكحلاني
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hell-propaganda · 4 hours ago
Hey, I recently read the post you and others debated on about how god is basically an abusive father. How he lets disasters happen and people suffer. For every point made, my mother would say that it’s not god doing any of that, but Satan. Do you have any wise words? I can’t get her to even consider listening to me about this.
I am not a wise person but I do have words
1. The only reason to believe Satan is the cause of all evil is because God says so in his memoir, and he has a vested interest in both shifting blame away AND in alienating people against his main political opponent
2. God is all-powerful, ain’t he? By definition and his own admission, it is impossible for anything to happen that he doesn’t allow
3. He wrote the rules. He was the one who decided sin was inheritable, that death was inheritable, that Hell would exist, that Jesus would have to die to wipe out the “debt” of sin. He decided that one sin was enough to corrupt the world. His decisions directly led to the full corruption of the world, and he knew that would happen. And further his motives for that were highly questionable
4. About his motives: so far everything that has ever happened in the history of the world has been about settling the issue of universal sovereignty. God wants to prove his right to rule, Satan wants to disprove it. God has allowed Satan full control of the world and taken his hands off the wheel in order to prove that humanity needs him, that other leadership isn’t a viable option. Even if Satan truly is causing every bad thing, he’s doing it with God’s blessing
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Tumblr media
gartic phone started very wholesome and ended in horror. everyone yelled at tyler for drawing cursed mater but nobody blamed me for purposefully setting him up :)
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