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tomgreggss · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she looks so good no one is doing it like her!!!!
3x08 - Chiantishire
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lnniter · 2 days ago
tommy frantically describing what has happened to him over the past week almost entirely without missing a beat but then stuttering when talking about ranboo being killed
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rf-times · 2 days ago
Thinking about how the difference between men and women's suicide methods are talked about: the only factor ever discussed is effectiveness: "men choose more effective suicide methods." and within that there is always the layer of "well women must not really be suffering as much then, it must just be a bid for attention, otherwise they'd be more effective." I rarely see the main difference discussed: that women care about what happens after they die (who has to find them, how hard it will be to clean up, etc) while men do not consider these as important factors, to the point of using murder suicide.
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whywoulditho · 2 days ago
what people dont understand about asexuality is that asexuals can get horny. we can. we do. maybe not all of us but we do. and that doesn’t make us any less asexual because asexuality isn't about sex drive, it's about sexual attraction. imagine you're kinda thirsty and there's a mud puddle in front of you. do you wanna drink it? yeah, it's like that
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godsprettyprincess · a day ago
lullaby method
Tumblr media
ੈ ♡ 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡 𝐚𝐝𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐲, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬‧₊˚— [♡] ;
┆       ┆        ┆       ┆⋆
┆       ┆        ┆જ    ✾
┆    ° ♡ • ➵ ✩ ◛ °
˗ˋˏ°✩ Lullaby Method •°ˎˊ˗ ;
“A most effective way to embody a desire is to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and then, in a relaxed and sleepy state, repeat over and over again like a lullaby, any short phrase which implies fulfillment of your desire, such as, Thank you, thank you, thank you, until the single sensation of thankfulness dominates the mind.” – Neville Goddard
steps »
assume the state of the wish fulfilled. know your desire is yours.
get into a drowsy state, not too tired to sleep immediately but not too awake.
find a phrase that implies fulfillment, like "Thank you" or "Isn't it wonderful." a phrase can be anything because it's helping to imply fulfillment.
repeat this phrase until you fall asleep.
❝Never sleep in the consciousness of failure. Your subconscious, whose natural state is sleep, sees you as you believe yourself to be, and whether it be good, bad or indifferent, the subconscious will faithfully embody your belief.❞ - Neville Goddard, Feeling is the Secret
(creds/ref ♡)
·    ·    ·    ·     ·     ·     ·    ·     · ·    ·    ·    ·     ·     ·     ·    ·     ·
——❥[➤yes] [❏no]
go create!!
♡˗ˏ✎*ೃ˚ ◛ :;
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blackmoonmusings · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pablo Neruda, from The Poetry of Pablo Neruda; “Land And Man Unite”
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unvexes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
seabling doodles i forgot to post on here
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silverdreamscape · a day ago
Don't imagine Dream lying in a pool of his own blood as Quackity leaves his cell.
Don't imagine Sam coming in to clean everything and shove healing potions down Dream's throat. Erasing all of the evidence.
Don't imagine that on the really bad days, Sam just throws Dream into the lava, forcing him to respawn with a fresh body.
Don't think about how a part of Dream starts to look forward to those days.
Because when there is no trace of what Quackity is doing to him, that's when Bad can be the one who drops off his potatoes. Bad's short visits are the only bit of kindness that Dream experiences anymore. He treasures the little snacks that Bad brings him, even though he can't eat them without throwing up.
Bad will sometimes ask if he's okay, but Dream knows that he will never risk telling him about what is really happening. Because what if Bad didn't care? Or worse, what if he did and tried to stop it? Bad has been kind to him, he doesn't want to lose that.
So Dream pushes the pain down deep and doesn't try to talk for fear of screaming.
(all roleplay)
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hell-propaganda · 2 days ago
Pop culture lurks and stalks me menacingly
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lnniter · 2 days ago
“i’ll be throwing in some more streams throughout the week. you can expect lore streams weekly” see you next month tommy
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dear-nighty · 2 days ago
/rp I might be insane but I don’t think it’s Dream tbh, like, what he theatened to do to Tommy was essentially reisolate him, this is so clumsily done it’s allowed him to get help from some people. He left evidence that didn’t need to be left if he really wanted torment Tommy like something is off I feel
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kittomykat · 10 hours ago
Just Too Curious
Tumblr media
🔞 Sub Viktor, ear nibbles 😚 handjob 😏 body worship 🥰 3K words
G/N reader! No reader anatomy discussed ♥
A/N: I love the soft dom Vik we’ve been getting but I wanted to try something different ♥ Been working on this for the past few days, thank you for your patience friends! Tagging @dicax-asina​  ♥
Like waves, her tongue pushed in and pulled back, tasting every soft inch of his pretty mouth. He tried to replicate her movements, quick to want to learn. His grip on her hips grew stronger the more she toyed with his tongue. As much as he wanted to take control, he succumbed to her touch, letting her hands smooth out his tee and wrap around his neck.
You pored over this novel in your hands, not expecting such a scene to pop up when you're sitting in the lab just a few feet away from where Viktor was working quietly. You peer over the top of the pages to see if he's anywhere near you, fingers ready to flip to another page out of embarrassment.
Viktor's been your best friend for years. When you first met, you had told him he had the most beautiful eyes you'd ever seen, and poor Vik, he thought you were making fun of him. Your enthusiasm soon quelled his fears and although you still think he's gorgeous and charming, you suppose you could deal with being friends for now.
While you have no background as a scientist, Viktor invites you to the lab every so often. He never says why, and you've never asked, though you'd like to think it's because he likes being near you, it's so hard to tell with him. Perhaps it's just as simple as having a friend to co-work with.
You had no work to bring with you today, so you brought along a novel you've been reading. Curled up on the couch in his lab, you read quietly. The air was filled with Viktor's tinkering and tools being picked up and placed down. The novel was incredibly interesting to you, so much so that you didn't notice the silence that fell in the workspace. You didn't hear the clinking of a metal cane coming toward you, and you certainly didn't notice the air moving around you as Viktor leaned down over your shoulder to sneak a peek at this fascinating novel that's been keeping your attention so effectively.
"What's this you're reading?" His voice, however gentle, made you jump and raise your shoulders. His words had brushed over your cheek, you turned your head to face him, and in both of you noticing just how close the other was, you both leaned away a touch.
"Didn't mean to scare you, I apologize," he started with a nervous smile before sitting down with you. With eyes still wide and a smile creeping onto your lips, you let out a weak laugh.
"It's okay, I guess I forgot where I was." Still smiling, you smoothed out your novel in your lap. You looked back up at him, remembering he had asked you a question. "It's an adventure novel, my second favorite genre."
"She could feel his muscles tense under her touch as she straddled his lap and began kissing the shell of his ear," he read from memory. You all but combusted. Sensing the wheels turning in your head, he laughed. "What kind of adventures are you reading about again?" Whether or not he noticed how flushed you had become, he said nothing about it and leaned back against the couch.
"It has a romantic sub plot but that's not why I'm reading this series!" You spouted, just a bit more defensively than you may have liked. He threw his hands up and laughed again.
"Oh don't let me stop you, go on and read about kissing ears or.." he stopped and a puzzled look overtook his features. "Is that supposed to be... sensual?" He asked to himself, hand on chin. It was your turn to be puzzled. Did such an idea perplex him so much so suddenly?
"Well, yes," you began, "I guess it sounds strange if you haven't tried it." You almost couldn't believe the topic of conversation was reaching this stage so suddenly. You'd always wondered what type of things Viktor found pleasure in and having as much trouble as you did being able to read the man, you hadn't a clue where to begin. Given that he's pondering over having his ear kissed, you could guess maybe he hasn't ridden as many trains of thought as you had.
"That just sounds like it'd tickle, or be very wet. Hm," he whispered to himself and you weren't sure if he had even heard you.
"Viktor," you sighed, getting his attention once again. "That's kind of the point. That's what makes it sensual." He stopped, letting his hand find it's place back onto his lap. He wore an unreadable expression before glancing over his shoulder at the closed door behind you both.
"I'd like to ask something of you," he breathed, leaning closer to you, hands once more becoming animated, "you're completely free to refuse, I won't speak another word of it if you choose." Thoughts began forming in your head. What would warrant such an explanation? Was he going to ask you about your experiences? Ask you to describe it to him so he could understand? You almost wanted to laugh and tell him not to worry so much. You're friends, aren't you?
"Would you..can I ask you.. to demonstrate?" His eyes couldn't keep to yours, hands wringing and gaze shifting from you, to your hands, to the floor, to the door. He was nervous and for a split second you were so caught up in just how adorable he was being. Asking you, his best friend, to demonstrate the actions of the characters in your book because he was just too curious. Reality set back in and every inch of your body was in flames. Not wanting to keep him waiting, you replied.
"Are you sure it's okay? With me?" You didn't want to sound too desperate, but your body gave you away as you found yourself leaning just a bit more towards him. You wondered if he could feel how warm you were getting.
"Yes," he whispered immediately before blinking, catching himself and continuing. "Of course, I trust you."
"Alright," you swallowed thickly, and settled yourself comfortably on his right side. Tongue swiping over your bottom lip, you took a deep breath and looked down at his lap. His hands were still wringing together, and you smiled to yourself. Why's he so nervous? Slowly, you reached for his right hand and rubbed circles on the back. You caught his eyes and gave him a soft smile. "Relax," you found your confidence in watching him, maybe this could be fun. After all, he did ask. You wanted to treat him well, and since he asked so nicely, you wanted to deliver.
"Remember," you sighed against his cheek. His breath caught in his throat. "It's supposed to tickle." You grinned, kissing just below his earlobe. Soft at first, chaste and light. Moving closer to him, you tightened your grip on his hand slightly, making sure to feel for any reaction. After a moment, you tilted your head upwards, and traced your tongue around the dip of his earlobe. He gasped, and you could hear him wet his lips so closely next to you. Taking that as a good sign, you continued tracing your tongue upwards, around the edge of his ear, being careful with your own voice threatening to spill out. He squeezes your hand tightly, and you pause, retreating.
"How is it?" You question gently. His breath is heavier, eyes shut tight.
"Good, it''s great," Viktor sighs, his voice coming out in somewhat shallow breaths.
"Do you want me to stop?" It was a genuine question. You didn't want to overwhelm him too early-
"No, please." His eyes open, finding yours. "Please continue" You smile warmly, and smooth your hand over his to touch his thigh. His eyes close once more, slowly and his lips part. Being so close to him, you can observe every tiny detail. It's such an invigorating feeling to be so close and have such a hold on him, running the tip of your nose along his jawline and drinking in his scent.
Deciding to step it up, your tongue slips around his earlobe and you suckle delicately. He gasps again, and you feel his muscles tense under your touch. Your hand snakes up his chest and around his neck to settle with your fingers carded through his thick, wavy hair. Pulling him gently towards you, you let go of his earlobe and kiss near his sideburns before softly brushing his hair farther behind his ear. Moving your tongue up and around the shell of his ear, you tighten your grip in his hair. That's when you heard his first moan. It came out softly and it was obvious he didn't mean for it to be so clear. But he moaned, and because of your closeness, it was almost in your ear as well. His hand shoots up to cover his mouth and he whispers an apology. Lips still on his ear, you whisper his name. Viktor's eyes flutter shut and you can feel him relaxing.
"Feels good, doesn't it?"
"Yes, oh yes," he brings his hand down onto your thigh, "May I...? Could I try as well?" He still has nerves, but you can tell he's beginning to open up more. Letting your fingers through his hair and down to his shoulder, you meet his eyes and smile sweetly.
"Yes Viktor, please." He, as you did before, took a deep breath as your eyes shut in anticipation.
He starts gently, kissing your sideburns and squeezing your thigh. Viktor wraps his arm around your shoulder to hold you closer, nibbling on your earlobe. It's adorable, and he's so diligent, you can't help but to praise him.
"Yes, right there," you sigh, and after feeling him perk up, you continue.
"Oh, that feels so good, please," he traces his tongue slowly around your ear and it's genuinely making your heart race. He's a quick learner.
His arm around your shoulders lifts up and begins playing with your hair. Twirling and petting. He's just so cute, but you remember that it's his turn to seduce you, so you focus on his tongue and the way it feels against your skin. The wet noises he's making and the open mouthed kisses he's leaving behind your ear. It's intoxicating.
"Please, I need to kiss you," he breathes gently into your neck. It tickles, and the hand he had on your thigh is rubbing smoothly against your clothes, groping tightly.
You're grinning at this point. Between his sweet words, his sweet petting, and his even sweeter tongue, you can't help but want to tease him even more.
"But Viktor, you are kissing me," you giggle. He pouts a little, and you surprise him by capturing his lips first. He lets out a groan and inhales deeply, both hands coming to cup the sides of your face. You deepen the kiss, sliding your tongue against his and Viktor releases a whimper. The fabric of his trousers feels taught against your palms, and you want nothing more than for Viktor to offer even more of those delicious sounds.
He breaks away, his eyes fall before catching your gaze sincerely.
"I'm sorry, it wasn't supposed to be like this." He says, cheeks flushed. You pause as his hands fall down and wrap around your own.
"What do you mean?"
"I wanted to tell you properly, I wanted it to be special." You give him a knowing smile.
"And this isn't special?" Giving his hands a squeeze, you bring one up and leave a kiss on his knuckles. "Things never really play out the way we imagine them to, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that." Viktor returns your smile and laughs under his breath.
"Yes, you're right, you're right," his grip on your hands tightens.
"Now, what would you like to do, Viktor?" Your voice was soft, but firm. Leaning forward, you practically purr into his ear. "Be honest." Try as you might to be polite, but you couldn't help but notice his excitement. He shudders, and his breath picks up once more.
"I... I want you to touch me," his voice trails off into a whisper. Your heart races at his words.
"And how would you like me to touch you?" Running your hands up his chest once more, your fingers brush through his pretty hair. "Like this?" He leans into your movements, eyes squeezing shut in anticipation.
"Yes." You stop, fingers curling into a grip like before and his lips part, gasping. "Please, kiss me more." Obliging him, you press your lips to his sweetly while one of your hands fall back to his thigh and travels upwards. Whether he meant to or not, you feel Viktor hastily open his legs wider and you grin against his parted lips. Taking great care, you maneuver him between your legs, his right side against your chest, and swiftly hoist his right leg over your knee.
Viktor pants as your lips leave his and traverse to his neck. Shuddering, he grabs your hand on his thigh.
"Please," he starts, muttering a curse as you kiss behind his ear.
"Please what, Viktor?" You tease, still smiling. "Just tell me what you'd like, and I'll do it, anything."  He takes your hand and places it against his growing erection, softly rolling his hips against your palm.
"Oh Viktor, use your words darling," you whisper, entirely aware the way you say his name made his cock twitch. He's getting frustrated, and it's exciting you to no end.
"I want you to use your hands and make me cum, please." His eyebrows furrow and you kiss him sweetly on the cheek. With a satisfied hum, you gingerly unfasten his trousers and guide him out. He drops his face into your neck and sighs when you wrap your fingers around the base of his shaft. Trailing your fingers up his length, you feel just how hot and hard he's become, and all because he was just too curious. You let go of him and he rises to your attention.
"Open up, darling," your fingers trail along his bottom lip and he obeys, allowing your digits to slide along his hot tongue. Viktor surrenders yet another sweet moan at this, and you find your eyebrows arching in response. He's positively ethereal like this, and you want to elicit this sweet music at every chance you get.
Satisfied with the amount of lubrication Viktor gives you, you delicately brush the underside of the tip, moving upwards and collecting the gorgeous pearls of precum, covering the tip with this mixture. Viktor hisses and you capture his lips roughly while setting a firm pace.
He's fully moaning into your mouth, hands finding purchase in your hair and bucking his hips.
"Behave," you all but growl, and Viktor calms his motions. You kiss him once more before looking down at your hand around his cock. "Look at you, you're so pretty, Viktor." His eyes follow your gaze and he watches intently as you jerk him, mouth forming a perfect 'o' shape.
"Does it feel good?" You ask against his ear, he keens and nods. "Do you like it?"
"Yes, ah.. I love it," he grabs onto his own thigh and squeezes as you trace your tongue around the shell of his ear. Viktor gasps and you whisper even more delightful things sweetly into his ear.
"You're so gorgeous, you know that? I've always thought that, ever since I first saw you." His breath picks up even more at your praise, and you hasten your pace, flicking your wrist and pushing the head of his cock between your thumb and forefinger. "But you already knew that, didn't you?"
"Please, faster," his eyes are shut tight but you press your forehead against his.
"So greedy, Viktor," you taunt, but you oblige and listen as his staccato breaths grow louder. "Tell me when you're going to cum, darling."
"I'm close, fuck," his head dips to your collarbone once again, and you let out a laugh.
"I'm so happy I can make a good boy like you curse like that." You pause and release him as he lets out a whine. "Patience," you raise your hand to your mouth. Viktor's eyes are wide, watching as you do this.  As you drop saliva from your tongue, his hungry eyes concentrated on each of your ministrations. Resuming your service, Viktor dives for your lips, ravenous for the warmth of your sweet tongue. He's quick to continue his breathy sighs against your lips, and you're welcoming every single one.
"Please please please please.." Viktor cries into your mouth.
"Are you gonna cum? Am I gonna make you cum, Viktor?" Teasing him is probably the most wonderful feeling in the world, having him exposed between your legs like this. Viktor threw his legs open on his own accord, you didn't even have to ask him. You wonder how long he's been wanting this, wanting you to hold him and tease him and press your lips against every inch of his perfect form. He's been so good. He asked so nicely. How could you deny him?
You feel Viktor's muscles tense sharply, he releases a tender, drawn out moan as he cums. He spills out onto the stone tiled floor and you slow your pace to a stop, being sure to let him ride it out as graciously as you can. Your hold around his shoulders tightens as you press your lips to his temple.
"You're so perfect, Viktor," muttering into his hair as his pants become more controlled. He takes a deep breath and meets your gaze.
"I didn't know.. I didn't expect..." he starts, and you chuckle.
"I know, didn't I say earlier?" He smiles and presses a kiss to your forehead.  "Don't worry, I'll clean everything up, go get washed up, darling." You help him fix himself and fasten his trousers. Viktor reaches for his cane as he stands and looks to you.
"I want to hear you call me that for as long as I live."
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miyakuli · a day ago
Tumblr media
** Permission to post it was granted by the artist Do not repost/edit the art without permission Please, support the artist on their pages too **
Artist : Anderain@Raven_Segal
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captainkirkk · 2 days ago
Is it just me or has there been a noticeable uptick in Major Character Death fics lately? Are you guys GOOD?
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angelieships · 22 hours ago
your f/o knows when you miss them. when it's late at night and all you want to do is be held by them, they feel it. they want to hold you. they miss you as much as you miss them. they wish they could be there for you when you feel sad or lonely. they want more than anything to wipe away your tears and hold you close to their chest. they love you more than you could ever know, they love you more than anything.
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hell-yeah-destiny · a day ago
The Dawning is close so I thought I'd make myself a better quality version of the dawning symbol - so in case anyone else needs/wants it here you go! (It's Bungies of course, I only made my own version ^^)
Tumblr media
Also because it's me I decided to put some light stuff in there and then some more! Feel free to use it (I'd just love to see what you do with it)!
Tumblr media
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