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#my ps froze so many times while making this
harryisart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry Styles does mundane things
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sweetlilhoshi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Words: +1,8k
Symbol: 𖧵໋݊
Implies: Angst, mutual pinning
A/N: um, first post here??? I'm genuinely so scared lmao. just so you know, English isn't my native language, otherwise, I'd be glad to receive any constructive criticism!<3
Ps: read this with a sad song because truth be told, I suck at making shit sad no matter how much I enjoy writing it🧍🏽‍♀️
Part 1 (you're here) | part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Tumblr media
"Did you know that they were dating?" A voice dazing you out of your musing, from behind, looking over dumbfounded, to find Hange leaning against the very edge of your shoulder - taking a curious gander at your figure.
You put down the glass almost full of fresh water on the table and retorted "Dating? Who?" Your eyes narrowed their movements as they froze; glancing at you once more as they started "oh? So you don't know as well? That's strange! You and Levi normally confide to each other so I thought..."
"What the hell are you talking about Hange?" Your interest infiltrated the line, quite troubled at the mention of dating and Levi.
"Well apparently, some rumors are going around about Levi dating some girl." They stopped- looking over to see your reaction which was completely unreadable, you cocked your head to the other side.
"and how do you know they're dating?" Your lips grazing the cup, taking a hefty sip before dashing to the kitchen while Hange followed behind you, preciously holding your response.
"Well, they spend almost all the time together! Even if they're not from the same squad, the only one who he enjoys spending the most time with is you!!"
"That's because I'm Squad Leader, it's normal. Otherwise, let him be, can't y'all just leave him be for once?"
"Come on... i'm just asking for your thoughts about this!"
You didn't utter a word, your slender hand carefully took a white piece of cloth and tossed it to the core of the cup, slowly scrubbing it.
You cleared your throat, placing the clean cup so it can dry from the water, you searched for a towel to wipe your wet hands as your glimmering orbs gaped over at hange and let out a deep exhale, knowing that they won't leave you unless you give them a satisfying answer "my thoughts are that you should let him be, dating or not, I don't care, as long as he's happy, in other ways, this is probably just some stupid rumor."
"Oh, so you think it's fake?" Their eyebrows slowly morphed into a frown, as you just shrugged "I don't know, ask him, but still, he would have said it to me."
"What if He was indeed hiding it?"
"His life, just so he knows, actions have consequences." And with that, you just left without a second word, leaving them to smolder your back with empty stares- most importantly, perplexed at your wording.
Part of your begged to differ, to believe that he wasn't hiding something like this, the two of you shared so many adequate memories; on the off chance, you undoubtedly developed some secret feelings for him, yet, you never dared to tell him one bit about it; perhaps, you were just dreadful of rejection.
"my thoughts are that you should let him be, dating or not, I don't care, as long as he's happy, in other ways, this is probably just some stupid rumor."
Hell, of course, you cared.
Not just because you loved him, it's because he was still one of your closest friends.
And then, there's this part of you that knows there is nothing more real than this, as long as you get good vibes about this certain someone; you'll leave him alone.
Maybe this is just a rumor.
Tumblr media
Weeks passed as the day you last had a true conversation with Levi began fading from your mind, it was becoming harder for you to remember.
Now That all the interactions you had with him became hellos, work, and goodbyes. Which was usually something very unlikely for the talkative himself; he seemed distant, avoiding the stares and glances hosted by you.
The more time passed the more the two of you grew distant.
And the more you began believing these selfish rumors, this girl. Her shining, luxurious hair strolled from side to side every time she rushes towards Levi, flashing him the most beautiful smile your eyes had ever encountered. Even the tight, uncomfortable uniform of the military looked good on her, hugging every single curve of her body and hell, her eyes, a shimmering sage green filled the corners of her orbs; sparkling every time her vision meets the Corporal; The most beautiful woman was standing right in front of Levi, you certainly didn't miss the slightest upward tug in the corner of his lips.
Who could blame him? You even found yourself smiling at their figure, now blurred as they stepped forward, away from you.
You sighed exhaustedly to yourself, standing on your feet once again as your rear separated every single attachment from the lumpy bench, you sauntered towards the vast door of the Headquarters, abruptly feeling your hands clench into a fist, digging your nails through the skin of your palms.
This feeling.
No matter how much you tried to deny your agony, you couldn't help but feel quite jealous that he had never looked at you with the present softness in his eyes every time he glimpsed at the new girl. You would never let your anger take the lead of your limp body, thinking with your emotions wasn't going to make anything better.
Neither was thinking with your brain, you care for his happiness more than you care about your mental health.
You were just... lost.
You continued this path.
No matter how much you were furious at him for leading you on, you won't try anything that you would regret; so you distanced yourself, you gave up on even trying to have a decent conversation with him.
He had started it, and you were going to end it; he chose to end a stable and healthy friendship...
...And this didn't go unnoticed by the others.
"What happened between you and Levi?" -Erwin
"Y'all don't even talk anymore!" -Petra
"Captain (Y/N)? May I ask what happened with Captain Levi?" -Armin
"What happened for our ship to sink like this?!" -Connie and Sasha
You looked up to find Hange, the door partially open, enough for them to peek from the entryway and have full vision of your figure. "...can I come in?"
"Sure" you nodded in agreement, returning your attention to the pile of paperwork, placed neatly over your desk. They hesitantly approached you and took a seat on the couch-- eyes still fixed on you.
"This can't go on like this."
"Huh?" You raised one eyebrow in turmoil, glancing up to see the absent cheerfulness in their facial features.
"If you love Levi that much then pursue him, tell him about your feelings. You can't keep them locked! If you want to let go of them then you'll have to release them instead of bottling them up in your chest." Your eyes widened, freezing your every movement.
"I don't love him Hange..." how did they know...
They clenched their fists, stood up, and made their way towards you while you averted your eyes, they grasped firmly onto your shoulders-- forcing you to look at them.
"Look, don't pull out that shit again, tell that to anyone and they wouldn't believe one bit-" you tried to look away but they grasped your chin once again "-I love both of you, okay?! It hurts to see one of the closest friends I knew, always together suddenly drift apart for no valid reason!"
"It hurts to see you like this!" They snarled, examining your emotions through your eyes while waiting for a reply. You couldn't, the words were caught up in your throat, unable to make it past your parted lips. They looked cautiously for any more indication, a sign that you would try to make things better.
Just one sign.
For the first time in their life, they gave up on trying, letting their hands hazily slip away from your shoulders, they sighed and added to their previous words "...I hope you think about this (Y/n), try to make things better. Your order as your Section Commander."
With that, you saw them swiftly close the door, leaving you alone with the four rocky walls around your body-- along with your thoughts.
To think of it, all of this is just ridiculous, there's this feeling within you, something indescribable, rocking in your heart every once in a while making it even harder for you to breathe.
You were drenched with everyone's reviews about a broken friendship, which you didn't even get to realize how things were called quit in seconds.
Every time you tried to take a step towards the love of your life, you were simply greeted by worries and anxiety garnishing you in an invisible cloak, as if there was a wall between the two of you. 
Was it him?
Or was it you?
Your heart shredded one single piece every time you wander past him, his elegant scent filling your nostrils while you continued straight forward in the crowded halls.
Such bitterness and irritation gathering in your chest, no clue to who it was caused by exactly.
This acrimony you were feeling was all against your choices, you let someone so dear slip away from your fingers while they were right in front of you.
That's when you understood, you weren't mad at him.
You were mad at yourself.
Of course, he wasn't an idiot, every time you walked past him without a single glance, he would just stop right on his tracks and secretly steal a peek of your figure, your hair reflecting the glowing sunlight penetrating from the vast windows of the castle.
He, himself, didn't know what caused this separation, he was scared. Dreadful of the fact that he could lose you at any moment, cutting all ties with you and locking himself up in the walls he once has let you through them seemed the only way available.
It looked like the best option available, but he didn't consider the backlash to it. The guilt he would feel every time he left you in the middle of discussing something other than work weighed on his heart.
His feelings for you were immense, and he had to admit, he fell hard.
Tumblr media
He was infuriated, the night he found out he had some similar feelings for the new girl, he had decided to chop the attachment he had with you.
But this girl... The day he tried to prevent himself from getting any closer, was also a complete failure.
Something about her was special, and he felt guilty for replacing you.
He considered himself a fool whenever he was around you.
Maybe this world was just not put out for words such as 'foolish love.'
One wrong step and you're gone with the flow.
Maybe in another life...
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i-need-air · 7 months ago
"You promise?" Bakugou Katsuki x PS!Reader;
Tumblr media
Word count: 3.3k;
Warnings/tags: nsfw; smut and then some plot happened; no beta, we die like men here; f!reader; plus-size!reader; aged up Bakugou; implied Pro-Hero Bakugou;
Notes: So I have decided to write more stories about plus size readers because I can't find many and that's discouraging. This one is me testing the waters, but expect some more. Thank you for reading! 💕
Tumblr media
You gasped as he turned your body around, manhandling you with ease and pushing your chest hard against the messy and undone bed. He was breathing hard, trying to calm himself up as he pumped his cock in one hand, the other grasping the curve of your bare ass with force.
You whimpered, desperate to get filled again as he took you away from your increasing need to orgasm, cunt clenching into the air, feverish and needy.
When his palm collapsed into your bum, your whole body shook and a lewd, desperate and almost crazed moan left your mouth.
"Shit—" his fingers dug back into your ass, shaking it as he licked his lips. "—you're so fucking sexy, princess." God, his voice was delicious. So rough and somehow still sounded like honey into your ears.
"Katsuki, please..." you glanced back at him, momentarily taken back by how intense those ruby orbs of his were already expecting yours. Sweaty, naked, chiseled chest luscious, panting heavily, one hand still pumping his cock in slow manners. His expression was delicious to say at least, desire written all over him. Your soaked core spasmed involuntarily when his wet tongue licked his lips, grinning at you.
"Fuck me, princess—" the tip caressed your entrance slowly and you mewled, trying to back into it and get any sort of friction. "—that fucker was an idiot to let you go." The tip went in, just barely, and you bit your lip in anticipation.
Hell, you forgot about that idiot. Just a flash of his idiotic face came through your mind before Katsuki pushed inside, slow, pleased with himself as you opened your trembling legs to welcome him yet again.
"Katsu, please, fuck me already..." almost ashamed you said, but your body craved him like it never craved anything or anyone else. So thick, so big, you swore you could feel the large veins running over his cock as he dipped in more.
"Fucking—" he groaned, leaning over and grabbing your plump hips, fingers dipping into your soft, malleable skin. "—perfect—" his first real, deep trust made your eyes roll in pleasure. Yes, yes, yes was all you could think. "—begging for my cock like that." His raspy voice suddently sounded by your ear before he bit down into your shoulder and you moaned, already half gone.
He filled you so good, so well with each trust. Your body shook, his chest glued to your back, sweat mixing together. The sound of skin slapping skin drove you mad and the audible wetness of your pussy didn't even make you ashamed.
Katsuki started almost destroying your cunt with each increasing moan of yours. You whimpered as he still manhandled you with no problem, adoring how strong he was to be able to lift all your top half and still pump into you without pause.
Cloudy mind, thoughts all gone, only the fact that your lowel stomach was on fire remained. And those fucking hands of his, so incredibly big were grabbing your breasts, molding as he groaned.
"—tsuki!" You needed it. You needed him. Your body begged for its release with fervor so without realizing it, your hand moved to rub your clit as you panted loud. He grabbed your wrist just as you were about to reach your destination.
"No, princess—" just to make the point clear, with another hand he locked your neck in place, pulling just enough to curve the small of your back into him. The new sensation made you whimper again. Hard enough to keep you locked in place but not enough to blurr your vision. Not that it was needed, since his continuous rhythm straight into your core did it anyways. "—'m gonna take care of you." He whispered into your cheek, lips glued to your skin. Katsuki almost sounded desperate but you couldn't tell much as he started rubbing your clit just above it with jerky, unfocused movements and you screamed a moan, clenching around his cock.
He was losing his mind, he couldn't think clear. His own moans, grunts and growls accompanied your sweet voice and this was heaven for him. For how many nights he dreamed of fucking your pretty little pussy? How many fucking times he jerked off to the image of you? And here you were, spread opened for him, mewling his name like a prayer, any other words forgotten. Bakugou threw his head back in a silent thank to the heavens as your cunt clenched yet again against him.
The moment he pushed your body into his member, that's when you trembled. Close, so fucking close. You forgot how to talk so you just begged as you were slammed again and again into him, feeling so small and weak in comparison to his brutal strength.
"I'm gonna— nngh— I'm—" you attempted but the sound of your squelching pussy distracted you. God, you were so, so wet, and God, he was fucking you so, so good.
"You gonna come, baby?" He gritted his teeth, pushing himself into your body, meeting you half-way. "You gonna cum on my cock?"
"Mmm—y-yeah." Almost. Almost. More! "Fuck! Harder! Please, please, plea—"
He didn't hesitate. If you thought he was rough, rhythm unforgiving into your tight pussy before, the way he thrusted his hips roughly, brutally into you made you instantly spasm. Eyes rolled back, mouth opened and lewd, desperate cries never as loud, your vision blackened for a second as you came. His fingers were still on your over-abused clit, rubbing and prolonging the orgasm as it came in waves.
He groaned into your neck, hips movements jerky as he chased his own release, feeling you milk him tightly as you came and came. The way you moaned his name drove him to the edge as he almost said it. The three words he felt for more than a year now. How he fucking wanted to break you as he swore them, but not yet.
As you rode your orgasm, you felt his approach. His strong fingers left your nub, instead he opted to wrap his whole arm around you and push his final, jerky moves before he groaned your name loudly into your ear. With few pumps left, cum filling your cunt and painting your walls white, you tilted your head to moan for him as your skin tingled under his touch. Your lips met in a slow kiss as he still rubbed against you until he finally stilled.
The palm of his hand pulled you closer by the cheek, deepening the kiss. You were both breathing heavily, throwing sloppy mouth opened kisses and trying to recover from what just happened.
"Fuck, princess..." still inside of you, he kissed and kissed, from your lips your jaw and back again to your mouth. With a hiss, he pulled from you but didn't go further back, instead he opted to turn you back towards him and gently lead you to lay down on the bed before he landed on top of you with a grunt.
"Holy fuck..." you muttered absolutely dazed while looking at the ceiling, feeling him rub himself against your ample chest and wrapping his arms all over your body. Did that just happen? You thought. It earned a snicker from him immediately.
"You can say that."
Handsy. Even if he was still panting, his hands grabbed flesh, palms dragging from your ass to hips to your shoulder blade, back to your chest to mold with it. It felt so natural, like you've done this countless times before, but no. This started as an unfortunate night and turned into perfection.
Tongue ran between your breasts, licking the sweat away and making you finally look down at the Adonis of a man plastered over you. He was giant, enormous. Big muscles, tanned and scarred skin, a head of fluffy ash blond hair and mischievous and dazy eyes. He looked drunk, you thought at first with a giggle, to which he raised a brow at you as his tongue reached upwards into your collarbone but your hand grasped the hairs at the back of his neck to pause him.
"Behave." You scolded. It was taking a while to recover from that earth shattering orgasm and he seemed to enjoy seeing you still attempt to regain all your senses.
His teeth ran over the bone before he left open mouthed kisses, long and watery. You tried to push him away gently but the shockwave of pleasure ran through your whole body and you gave him more access.
"Can't fucking expect me to behave—" he mocked, touching everywhere; so warm and heavy on your body, leaving a trail of lava. Not even noticing it, his thumb ran over your hardened nipple as he palmed your chest and Bakugou smirked into your collarbone when you arched into him, craving move. "—when you practically beg me to fuck you again like that, hmm?" It came out slurred as he licked your skin clean, then bit and licked again.
Katsuki wasn't going to let this opportunity waste. He was going to mark you and make you his again and again until all you knew was his name, his face and his cock burried inside of you. For so fucking long he waited...
His knee parted your tights as he grabbed your face into a forceful kiss. He dragged his lips long and hard against yours and grunted into your accepting moan. The way you pushed back into the kiss with the same strength sent a jolt down his body straight to his dick, loving how needy you were for him, adoring how you wanted him as much as he wanted you.
Feverish and again desperate, you rubbed your tight into his hardening member just to feel his breath tremble and fan over your face, satisfaction running through you.
But you halted and froze when his palm moved down, rubbing over your stomach casually. He wanted to reach lower and make you whimper again in his mouth, just as he fastly learned to adore, but your sudden change in attitude made him snap his eyes open and freeze in place as he waited for you to say anything.
He blinked worried as he caught your in guard expression, but your orbs didn't meet. You just looked down at the placement of his hand, lips pursed.
Images of your ex boyfriend flashed again in your mind, but this time the whole scenario took over. How he berated you, how he insulted you. How disgusted he looked as he gave you an up and down, calling you all sort of names in relation to your weight.
He saw it. The hurt in your eyes was so clear it almost made him bolt out of bed to go punch a mother-fucker. But no, at least not at the moment. Even if his guts turned with rage, all he wanted to do was to finally make it right. To finally make you his, something he should've done the moment he firstly met you and knew you were perfect for him.
Bakugou Katsuki was finally ready to talk and not let another opportunity waste ever again. He almost lost you once to a piece of garbage. It was time.
"I meant it." He ran his hand towards your hip to bring you back to reality. Your furrowed brows showed confusion as you really did try to hide under him. From his own gaze.
God, Katsuki wanted to kill someone. "You're perfect. You better fucking know that." He growled, lowering his face to yours again as he read your expression thoroughly. There was no escaping him once he made his decision. He was a stubborn asshole and planned to be your stubborn asshole after this.
A grin washed over him as he noticed how flustered you became but it didn't satisfy him. The look of bashful uncertainty, the millisecond it appeared and dissappeared from your expression was enough to make him know he'll always make sure to remind you that, in fact, you are perfect.
"You don't fucking get it, hah?" He growled into your lips before landing a strong peck. "You don't see how fucking beautiful you are." Another one. "How sexy and amazing you are." He growled into you this time, tongue invading your mouth as he layed all his body weight on you.
Iron grip parted your legs as he mindlessly positioned himself between them, fingers digging into your tight for support. But he stopped himself to place his forehead against yours, leaning on his elbow and hand into fist by your head.
"I had to watch you date that fucker for months." Your mouth went dry as he closed his eyes, not knowing he was trying to erase the memory of you kissing someone else; the memory of the bitterness on his tongue when barely a month prior to you dating that trashbag he finally realized just how deep he was in love with you; the dullness in his heart when you started fading away from your friendship to be with what ended to be a shit stain of a man.
"I had to watch the woman I fucking loved be with someone else—" his jaw clenched and he still had to open his eyes. It was hard to open up. His throat burned and he knew, if he dared to open them, he'd fall again into your spell and would forget how to talk. "Shit, [Y/N]—" he started cussing and the following kiss was so different, fragile even.
Meanwhile, the growing butterflies in your stomach started revolting as you observed the man that stole your heart a year ago struggle to confess that all that time he felt the same way. You didn't miss his trembling lip, or how he masked a sniffle with a sharp inhale as he breathed you in for a slow, needy kiss. Encircling him into your arms, you pulled and grasped his back muscles until you were almost one.
"I can't— I can't lose you again." He confessed. "Let me—" any attempt to talk got stuck in his throat. The moment he opened his eyes to ultimately seek you in, all he found was you tearing up under him. God, he almost panicked violently, about to jump back and regret making you uncomfortable with anything he word vomited but that was until he saw your smile, the corners of your lips shaky. Why did you look broken though?
"You loved me?"
"Love." Not even a moment to breathe he gave you, just corrected your sentence with no second thought. "I love you."
"You love me." You gaped at him, smile widening and tears falling freely. Bakugou did not know what the hell to do anymore so he opted to curtly nod, his heart playing the drums in his chest, same chest that was now colored red.
The same guy that fucked you roughly just to make you forget of a piece of shit ex that made you feel less than adequate, the same man that forced a kiss into you and somehow managed to get you into your own bed to make you feel like a goddess, the same ridiculous idiot that made you experience nirvana was now getting red of embarrassment.
But we're also talking about the same man that also did not know how to say what he truly felt unless he threatened to obliviate someone. The same man that took it upon himself to tell you he in fact loved you.
"I always loved you, Katsuki." Your lips trembled as you covered your eyes to wipe the tears threatening to fall like a cascade.
"You—?" How could you miss his choked up expression? "You... always loved... me?" The rush you felt at his cracked voice made your heart break. "Why didn't you— And... why the hell did you fucking— Why the hell did you start dating that fucking asshole then?"
Ah, that. It wasn't easy to remember those days. The way he ignored everyone, the way he always focused on his hero work, the way he snapped at you and treated you just as an annoyance at times, not much different of how he treated the others that managed and succeeded to somehow befriend him. You were friends, somewhat good friends, but that's it. Bakugou Katsuki would've never looked at you that way anyway. Impossible. Not when he had fangirls swarming over him every day. He payed them no mind but you knew it wouldn't take long for him to find someone. Your poor heart would've broken at the mere sight of him final finding a person truly deserving of him and you did not want to be there whenever it happened. The sea of absolutely beautiful women that started surrounding him just as he got more famous threatened to thicken day by day. It was only time...
"I wanted to move on because..." Your ex asked you out, plain and simple. And you launched yourself at the opportunity with desperate claws, all just to get away from an imminent heartbreak. To forget about...
"I never thought you'd ever be with someone like... me..." His soul left his body momentarily. Blank red eyes just stared at you until an ugly scowl washed over him.
"The fuck is that supposed to mean?!" But you just sighed and looked down at your plump and curvy body, signaling with your hand as if it was obvious yet got another blank stare. "That supposed to mean something?"
"Oh, for fuck's sake, Katsuki. Like you never heard people commenting about us whenever we went out. It's fucking weird!" You attempted to push him off you but he did not bulge, just scowled. "It was weird when we were friends— I'm so fat and you're just so—" you push again but don't attempt to finish the sentence. "They all whispered how the fuck can you be around m—me!"
"Who the fuck dared to say that?" The icy tone made you freeze.
"Everyone. Everywhere we went."
"HAH?!" Your wrist was in his grip as he tried to catch your attention. "And who the fuck cares what they think?!"
"I did..." You mumbled, giddy and ashamed at the same time, feeling so out of place arguing after you both confessed. "I thought— I think that too."
"Fuck no." He deadpanned.
"What?" You stupidly asked, confused.
"I said fuck no. You don't get to fucking think that about the woman I love, dumbass." There he is. You blurted out laughing at his random remark. The way he easily made your chest burn with love, straightforwardly throwing such words without care. "The fuck you laughing at? I'm serious. I will break you, woman." You giggle some more because he sounded dead serious. Tension washed off his shoulders but he did not sound teasing, just matter-of-factly.
There was more to talk about, but your eyes stung, your heart went through a tsunami in a single day and you just now remembered how awfully naked both of you actually were. As if suddently shy under the memories of rushed sex, kisses and confessions, you bit your lip and batted your eyelashes at him. Maybe it was time to meet him in the middle.
He finds himself enthralled at the sight under him. Specially at how your lips curled deliciously before you said: "You promise?"
And that's how Bakugou Katsuki groaned and barely surpressed a cuss before falling back into your arms, ready to show you that indeed you two are made for each other. To imprint in that pretty head of yours that you're perfection to him.
Tumblr media
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allys-creative-bubble · 5 months ago
Long Way From Home (5)
- A New Twist
Summary : After reader's father went missing, she'll approach cowboy Dean Winchester for help. Read along as the love blossom between them during their journey.
Ship : Cowboy Dean x Reader
Warnings : angst, mentions of kidnap, fluff
Square Filled : Free space
Word Count : 2622
Characters : you, Dean, Jody, Alistair, Lisa, mentions of few ocs
Created for @acrosstheuniversebingo
A/N : This is also my entry for @deangirl93 writing challenge where my prompt was over the hills and far away by Led Zeppelin. @that-one-gay-girl thanks for being an amazing beta. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Ps, catch up with the series here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dean's POV
To say he was shocked to see the sheriff there was an understatement. He was expecting anyone but the sheriff, he turned to look at Y/N and she was practically shaking. 
Dean had to make sure that he's alright. He touched his neck to see if he's still alive and he was glad that he was alive. “Y/N, it's okay. He's alive...we have to take him from here” he said slowly rubbing her shoulder. But she didn't respond, her eyes were glued to her dad and she looked like she just saw a ghost. 
“Y/N!” he yelled and she finally came to her senses. “We have to take him to a healer as fast as we can. Can you hear me?” Dean yelled and she nodded. 
With all the strength they had they carried him to the horse. Dean sat in front as he was going to ride the horse, they made the sheriff sit in the middle and Y/N sat in the back. 
He wasn't sure if any healers will actually be available at this time of night but he knew he could call in some favors. There’s Jody, his old friend, who can check on him right now. 
He made his way to Jody's home quickly, to ask her to check on the sheriff. Almost an hour later they arrived at Jody's. 
They both got down with her father and Dean carried the sheriff on his shoulder while Y/N went to knock on the door. The door opened and his old friend looked at Y/N in confusion. 
“Who are you? What are you doing here at this time of night?” Jody questioned Y/N. 
“My dad...he got hurt...he needs to be checked.” Y/N stuttered through her answer.
“What? Sorry, I don’t understand” Jody replied in confusion. 
“It's the sheriff Jody, the one that always told me to change my ways. He’s her father, you really need to check on him right now.” Dean informed her standing in front of Jody's door with the sheriff on his shoulder. 
“Okay” Jody quickly agreed and let them in.
Your POV
You were shocked to see your dad lying there in the fields. You didn't know what to do, you froze for a few moments but thanks to Dean, he made quick decisions and brought your father to a healer just in time. 
You were so thankful to him for that. You watched as Jody took care of your father's wounds. “Is he gonna be okay?” you asked with concern. 
“His situation is a little critical right now but I think he will be fine. You got him here in time” she informed you and gave a reassuring smile which you returned. 
Dean threw a comfortable arm around you and you rested your head on his chest. “There's a little room upstairs, you guys can stay there for the night. While I take care of him, Lisa will help you. I will wake her up if you want me to” Jody informed you two.
“No Jody that's okay, we will be fine” Dean assured her and got up. You followed him to the room upstairs, just like the previous day there was only one bed available. 
You made sure the bed was comfortable to sleep in. “Jody is a really good healer around here. Your dad will be alright in no time” Dean assured you. You nodded and gave a weak smile. 
Dean held you to his chest and planted a kiss on your head. “I can leave if you want me to. Considering your dad is back.” Dean stated and you looked a little taken aback with that.
“No, don't. Stay,” you said with a pleading look. 
“Are you sure? Sweetheart, I know you hate me-” Dean began.
“I don't Dean. I want you to stay, sleep next to me. I want to be with you” you requested. 
“Alright.” Dean gave you a little smile and laid on the bed. You laid next to him and Dean fell asleep quickly. You should tell him, you know you should but you were really disheartened with how he can't take at least a single hint that you had kept dropping all day. 
You shut out your thoughts and slowly fell asleep. You woke up to find the space next to you empty. You were worried that Dean might have left. So, you quickly made your way down stairs and looked for him. “Is Dean here?” You asked Jody. 
“He is. He went to take care of his horse.” Jody answered. You took a breath of relief and went to see him. 
Dean stood there near his horse talking to a woman, it felt like he was flirting with her and you couldn't get more angrier in that second. You quickly walked towards him, rage filling you. 
“Hey, didn't know that you woke up. This is Lisa, Lisa meet Y/N” he introduced you to the woman standing in front of him. Lisa looked at you and held her hand out and you shook it.  
You turned to look at Dean, “Shall we get inside now?” you asked, arching an eyebrow at him. 
“Sure,” Dean smiled and came in with you. 
You both sat down in the hall alone. “You were flirting with her weren't you?” you questioned him. 
“Yeah,” Dean shrugged. You turned to glare at him. “What's wrong with that?” he questioned you. 
“Nothing. I just didn't want you to flirt with her.” you answered with a hint of anger in your voice.
“Why do you care?” Dean questioned in return. 
“Because I…” you took a deep breath as you didn't know what to say. He arched an eyebrow at you. 
“Because.. what?” Dean questioned. You bit on your bottom lip not knowing how to express how you really felt.
“You don't get it do you? I dropped all these hints but you couldn't even see one!” you shouted at him. 
“What am I supposed to see?” Dean whined. You just didn't know what to say, but then an idea crept into your head. 
You grabbed him by his collar and pulled him close. Your eyes met each other before you pressed your lips against his. You slowly entered his mouth with your tongue but you quickly pulled away after that and got up from there. 
Dean just froze where he sat and you left the hall. 
Dean's POV
Dean didn't know what to do or say when Y/N kissed him. There were many moments where they almost kissed. He never thought he would get the chance to do it, but he just did. He should've kissed her back he thought to himself after he came out of his shock. 
Dean didn't understand why she kissed him but then he remembered her words. It was then he understood why she was acting the way she did since two days. Y/N likes him in return. Dean felt his heart flutter at that thought. 
“Is everything okay?” Jody asked coming towards him.
“More than okay actually,” Dean said with excitement and hugged Jody. 
“Woah, slow down. What's going on?” Jody asked him. 
“Uh- nevermind. How is the sheriff doing?” He asked her. 
“He is alright. He shouldt wake up anytime now” Jody answered. Dean took a breath of relief and went to find Y/N. Walking around the corner Dean found her in the sheriff’s room. He found her lying on her fathers chest. 
“He will be okay. Jody said he should wake up anytime now” Dean assured her. She nodded and got up to leave. Dean wanted to stop her but he didn't know what to say to her at the moment,so he just let her go.
Y/N has been closed off with him all day. She doesn't even look at him. She kept helping Jody when patients arrived. Dean decided to confront her about this. He saw her sitting in the hall talking to a patient. 
Dean made his way to her. “Y/N, can I talk to you for a second?” he asked standing in front of her. 
“Later” Y/N said and didn't even turn to look at him. 
“Y/N I want to talk to you right now!” he demanded. Y/N looked up to face him and got up from where she sat. 
“Fine, what do you wanna talk about?” She asked, crossing her arms over her chest. 
“Not here” Dean grabbed Y/N's arm and took her outside of the house. 
“What is it?” she asked, raising an eyebrow at him. 
“It's about the way you were with me all day. You kissed me Y/N, you just kissed me and left me hanging.” Dean replied, raising his voice at her. 
“Well what else am I supposed to do huh? You never opened up about your feelings and when I did. You did nothing!” Y/N shot back. 
“How do you know about what I feel?” Dean asked her. She rolled her eyes at him and placed her hand over her face. 
“I heard you and Benny the other night. I heard what you told him...about me” Y/N confessed. Dean looked up at her.
“I should have's my fault. I just thought you do and...” she licked her bottom lip and left without listening to him. 
He should have said something to her but he didn't, he couldn't. Dean always had trouble talking about his feelings, he never expressed them much. He knew that if he doesn't open up about his feelings, right now he might lose her. And so, Dean went searching for her. 
Y/N wasn't in the house, so he went out of the house to look for her. A bunch of people sat around the campfire nearby. This happens every day, some cowboys and cowgirls hang around drinking whiskey and playing songs. There were some of his old friends sitting in there too but his focus was completely on looking for Y/N.
Dean walked towards the campfire and found Y/N sitting next to a cowgirl. She was silently staring at the campfire and swayed to the song that was being played by one of his old friends and cowboy called Alistair.
“Y/N” Dean called while approaching her. She looked up at him but turned away. “Y/N please talk to me for a second” he requested of her. 
“Alright, what?” She asked while getting up from the log she was sitting on. 
“I just wanted to tell you that...whatever you heard that night is true…” he silently admitted the truth. 
“Oh yeah? Then why didn't you tell me this before.” She asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I just...didn't know…” Dean stuttered.
“Huh?” Y/N slightly raised an eyebrow at him. 
“I just didn't know how to say it okay!” he said out loud but she just rolled her eyes at him. “You don't believe me do you?” 
She just stood there in silence and didn't bother to answer his question. Dean glanced at the group sitting around the campfire for a second and an idea crept into his head. “Now you will.” he replied and ran back to the group. 
Y/N didn't understand what he was doing so she just stood there in silence. Dean took the guitar from Alistair and made sure the strings were good to play. He cleared his throat and turned to the group.
“It's been a while since I practiced singing. So, excuse my voice today.” he told the crowd sitting around the campfire. “There is this girl I really like and she asked me to tell her how I feel like it's the easiest thing in the world to do.” The group went in awe.  
“So, Y/N this is for you” Dean said before starting to play his song. 
He started to play the starting tune of the song and cleared his throat to sing. 
‘Hey lady, you got the love I need
Maybe more than enough
Oh darling, darling, darling
Walk a while with me
Ohh, you've got so much, so much, so much’
Dean glanced at Y/N before picking up the tempo and he noticed how she blushed at him but stopped when he noticed him looking at her.
‘Many have I loved, and many times been bitten
Many times I've gazed along the open road’
‘Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings
I live for my dream, and a pocket full of gold’
Dean continued with his song and saw her walking towards him. 
‘Many is a word that only leaves you guessing
Guessing 'bout a thing you really ought to know, oh, oh, oh, oh
Really ought to know (oh, oh, oh)
I really ought to know
You know I should, you know I should, you know I should, you know I should’
Dean finally finished the song, he took off his hat and went near Y/N. “I guess that answers your question princess” he said with a playful smirk. Y/N bit on her bottom lip and came close to his face. Dean didn't need to be told what to do now, he grabbed her waist and closed the gap between them with his lips. 
“I love you princess” Dean whispered after slowly breaking the kiss.
“I love you too cowboy” she grinned and rested her forehead against his. 
“Are you going to stay with her all night or gonna spend some time with us Dean?” Alistair asked him. “Come on man it's been a year since we all last met.” 
“Y/N I-” Dean began but Y/N cut him off. 
“It's okay...I can wait, meet me in a few.” she suggested winking in his direction and left.
Dean approached his old friends and some unfamiliar faces. He sat with them for the old times sake, they talked and shared some stories with each other. 
Dean heard some strange noises in between but shrugged it off as nothing. Alistair got up from where he sat and informed him that it's time for him to leave. And so Dean got up and wished them good night.
Dean went back to the house thinking Y/N was in it. He started looking for her but he couldn't find her again. “Jody, where's Y/N?” he asked, approaching the healer. 
“Y/N? Didn't you go looking for her?” Jody questioned in return. Dean didn't understand what was going on for a second. “Is everything okay?” Jody asked with concern.
“I'll be back in a minute,” Dean said and went outside looking for Y/N. His eyes wandered around for her but she was nowhere to be seen. He searched for some tracks or anything that might lead to her and found some blood marks on the fence near him.
Dean's mind froze for a second and his breath quickened. He went back to where the group was sitting till now and there were none. He turned to leave but he noticed something on the ground. It was a little paper, he picked it up and flipped it around to read what's in it.
‘If you want her then bring the sheriff to me, you know where to find me
Dean clutched his head in his hands, he didn't understand what to do. He didn't even understand how he was foolish enough to not to doubt Alistair, Crowley's loyal follower presence there.
With no choice left he went into the house and saw the sheriff practice walking with Jody. He didn't even know how to face him at the moment.
Tumblr media
**A/N : If your url is crossed out then it means Tumblr wouldn't let me tag you for some reason.
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writingoneshots · 6 months ago
Hello :D I really liked your last story with Law and the other with Killer!! I would also like to request something and if you don't wanna write it that's fine too. Idc about the scenario in general but how about Kid and reader fighting about almost everything daily and Kid gets pissed off and breaks up with reader. Then he finds out that she's pregnant and suddenly feels bad. You decide if they get back together or not :D
Hi :) ! I had way too many ideas with this, which is why I randomly decided to just let my brain write what comes to its mind first. This is the result. I really hope you like it! Also.. I got a little carried away. Let me know if you don't like it, I can re-write it any time (for example: if you want a bad ending).
Ps: I tend to use names from my personal FF's because it's sometimes too strenuous to write 'Killer's girlfriend' or 'xy's partner'.. might happen in future stories as well but I will always announce it in the description first!
Have a nice day!
- Kid x reader (I also added 'Bella', who is Killer's girlfriend - I needed a name, sorry) - 2,492 words - drama, fighting, swearing, lots of thinking, SFW
Tumblr media
The nights were almost as painful as the rest of the day lately. Kid couldn't stand not talking to you and for more than two weeks, you two have been barely speaking. The only sort of communication you two have is screaming and make-up sex, followed by another fight in the morning after. Kid loved you with his whole existence but he just couldn't take it any longer. If there was nothing fixing it tomorrow, then he would have to end it since even his crew has been in constant fear of getting killed by their own captain because he has been in a bad mood since your first fight. In the next morning, you took a quick shower and put on some clothes for breakfast. You tried your best not to think of Kid, even though you didn't know why. When you arrived at the restaurant, where the crew had been meeting up in the last couple of days, the ship's doctor patted at the empty seat next to him to offer you a seat.
He immediately used that chance and handed you some fresh fruits, "(Y/N) we really need to talk about your blood results from last week." "I know it's bad. I barely had any sleep in the last few weeks and I also have constant pain in my stomach.. could be because your captain is pissing me off lately. Stress and blah blah..", you rolled your eyes and grabbed the food before he could continue talking. "Oh, I see. This is my fault now too?", Kid came out of the bathroom and dried his hands on his little towel, which he carried around tied on his belt. You looked at him startled and didn't expect him to be here already. With a soft headshake, you just began eating the fruits, which the doctor handed you and sighed a bit. The table was quiet when Kid sat down, which was unusual. Kid ate his breakfast slowly, trying to figure out what to do or say. He looked at you, watched you eating silently and got lost in his thoughts. Should I give her a compliment? She looks good today.. But she doesn't deserve it. She didn't even want to have sex yesterday. Not even cuddling or making out.. Bitch. But if I don't say anything, she'll be mad as well. I really don't want her to leave. Fuck. Stupid woman. Suddenly a burst of loud laughter appeared from a table nearby and Kid couldn't help but take a look. A group of women was laughing about something funny that a guy has said, who was sitting with them. They were all having a good time. Kid was jealous. His table was usually the loudest one and now nobody was speaking at all. Again. His eyes wandered to the woman, who had a similar outfit as you when you once roleplayed in bed. This whole night suddenly played like a recording in his head and he couldn't help but spark a little interest again. You realized that Kid had stopped eating and when you looked at him, you realized that he was completely lost into something. Following his gaze, you didn't need too long to figure out what it was. Another woman. Kid was never interested in anyone else but you and didn't even dare to stare at someone else. But this was more than just staring. He was longing for her. "Why don't you just go and ask her to spend the night with you?", you looked at him angrily and pushed your plate aside. Kid frowned at that statement and looked confused at you. "What?" "So now you're also staring at other women? Why are you even with me? Always fighting with me, not having sex with me, staring at other women, and just being a complete idiot!", you tried to hide the tears in your eyes but it was all just too much for you. His eyes widened. He was really about to lose his mind and he had no idea how he managed to control his inner self from not exploding. "Are you fucking kidding me?", he whispered and his knuckles turned white as snow because of how hard he made a fist. "I have no fucking clue, why you're fucking mad at me. So you better shut the fuck up, before I do something that I will regret." "Oh really? And what would that be?", you crossed your arms at your chest and leaned back into the chair. "(Y/N), I am asking you now for the last fucking time. Shut. The Fuck. Up.", Kid looked down at his plate and closed his eyes right after. The metal around him began to vibrate and you raised an eyebrow at this reaction. "Guys.. please.. I can help with-" The doctor didn't have a chance to explain himself. "No, come on. Say it, Kid. What is going on in that mind of yours? Are you going to fight me again? Ignore me again? Hm?", you wiped your tears away and took a deep breath to prepare yourself for whatever he would say. "We're over." Silence. No one in this crew dared to say a word. Even Killer froze and hated himself for not interfering. You couldn't comprehend what he just said but your brain somehow understood. After taking a deep breath, you stood up without saying a word and left the restaurant. A few minutes have passed before the first one spoke up. Killer waited for the metal to stop vibrating and gave Kid a few more seconds to breathe. "You know what you just did, right?", he talked in a soft tone
and watched how Kid was slightly shaking. He could see the regret in his eyes but had no idea how to help him. "I couldn't stand this any longer.", was the only thing that Kid has said that day. He disappeared until the night has covered the skies and came back to the crew helping to carry a few things into a different cabin. Apparently, a few arrangements have been made while Kid was gone. His head was completely empty and he couldn't care less about what has happened during his absence. He just wanted to lay down and wasn't even sure if he wanted to be alone or not. Bella, Killer's girlfriend, carried your things into the girls' sleeping room where she had already spend her nights with Heat's girlfriend as well. Kid couldn't help but think of the good times when the ship only had men on board. Life was much simpler back then he would do anything to get back to it. Killer approached Kid slowly and eyed him carefully. "You seem.. calm?" Kid gave him a short side-eye and turned his attention back to the crew re-decorating his ship. "She's going to leave the ship on the next island.", Killer commented and took a deep breath. "Are you still sure about this? That you don't want to be with her?" He wasn't. But he also didn't know how to work this out. This was the first time in his life that Kid had no idea what to do. "C-captain.. I tried talking to (Y/N) but she keeps avoiding me. May I talk to you instead?", the doctor of the ship was holding some papers tight in his hands, dithering slightly. "You really think that now is a good time to talk?", Killer scratched his head and wasn't sure if this doctor was smart or stupid as hell. "Get out of my sight, man. I don't have time for bullshit right now.", Kid pushed the doctor away and walked right past him. The doctor couldn't take it any longer. "IF AT LEAST ONE OF YOU WOULD LISTEN TO ME, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!", he screamed out of his lungs. When he suddenly realized what he just did, he wanted to jump off the ship. The whole crew went silent and stopped in their current motion. Even Killer went a step back and someone in the background started praying. Kid turned around and made two large steps towards the doctor, grabbing him by his shirt and lifting him without any struggles. His eyes were glowing in anger and his muscles were tensed, focused not to kill him within two seconds. "You have only one sentence to save your life, asshole." "(Y/N) is pregnant!" The doctor spitted that out, faster than a gun's shot. Kid froze. His grip on the doctor's shirt loosened and he stood still like a statue. The doctor got pushed to the side and Killer asked him several times if he was sure about this. The doctor nodded and showed him the results. "The mood swings, the pain in her stomach, her sex drive and the morning sickness. The blood results are proof enough.", the doctor showed it to Killer but it was worthless because Killer didn't understand any of these things. Kid let his arm slowly down and turned around, facing the corridor to the cabins. She is pregnant.. That's why she was behaving like a bitch and hated the fact that I was existing. Pregnant.. Shit. I am going to be a father? I am going to have kids.. A Kid having kids.. I can already hear the jokes. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Why am I so shocked? I never used any condoms with that woman. It's my fault. But also hers. Just because I stopped asking her to swallow.. For fucks sake. Is that bad? Can't we get rid of that? I could just leave it on an island.. but then (Y/N) would kill me or even leave me to be with that child and- Wait.. no.. nonono.. she's not even mine.. she can't leave me because I- I- .. I broke up. "Killer.. I have never seen Kid like this.", Heat looked more sad than usual and didn't know what to say. "Is he broken?" "No, he's probably just trying to think. You know.. he's barely doing that, which is why he is in this situation right now.", Killer shrugged and didn't let Kid out of his sight. This stance always meant that Kid was battling his inner self and Killer knew that his best
friend could have a mental breakdown right afterwards, which usually ends up in a killing spree every time. But this time, Kid just shook his head and went straight to the ship's corridor. He pushed away other crew members and entered the women's cabin without knocking. Heat's girlfriend was unpacking your things, while you were in the bathroom throwing up. Kid took a deep breath and approached the bathroom, now knocking softly. "Give us a second!", Killers girlfriend screamed and opened the door right after. She shrieked at the sight of Kid, not expecting to see him here. "She's not feeling well, Kid.", Bella explained carefully and blocked the sight to you. "I know. Let me talk to her." "I don't think-" "It's alright..", you sighed and washed your face right after cleaning your mouth. Bella looked at you to make sure you're okay and nodded before leaving you two alone. Kid entered the bathroom and locked the door afterwards. He wasn't sure how to start this conversation but he couldn't stop looking at you. The thought of not being the one, to own you and actually being the reason why you're feeling sick, made him feel uneasy. "If it's about me being here then I-" "Shut up." You looked at him confused and didn't know what to do now. After drying your face with a towel, you watched Kid carefully as he approached you. "What are you doing?" "Stop talking.", he commanded and took a deep breath when he stopped right in front of you. His arms wrapped around you as well as his one metal arm allowed. But his flesh arm pulled you closer to him and kissed your head. "I am sorry for causing you pain. This is all my fault.. A little bit of yours too but mostly mine.", he whispered because he was more than just sure that Bella and Heat's girlfriend were listening on the other side of the door. "What has gotten into you? Are you drunk? You do remember that you broke up, right?", you frowned but didn't move away. Your cheek rested on his chest but you didn't hug him back. "(Y/N).. please forgive me. I was a dick. You can do anything to me.. hit me, scream at me, I don't care. Just please be mine again.", he mumbled against your skin, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. Tears were building up in your eyes and you hated yourself for it because you didn't know why you became such a crybaby. "Are you sure about that? I don't want you to hate me!" "I could never hate you.." "But something is going on with us and I don't want this.. I want it to be like before.", tears were running down your cheek and you tried to wipe them away but new ones were rolling down right after.
"It will be.. after our child is born.", he kissed your head once more and waited for your reaction. "Wait... what?", you froze and sniffed against his chest. When you looked up, your eyes met his' and you didn't talk for a few minutes. Then it hit you. It suddenly all made sense. "I.. I am pregnant..", you took a deep breath and couldn't believe it. There was nothing in this world that could have prepared you for this moment. But you and Kid are going to be parents. You two didn't have a bad relationship. You were just too emotional and Kid wasn't used to it, which is why you both started fighting all the time. You weren't quite sure if knowing this fact would change anything in the next few months but you felt better. "We are going to have a child..", tears were rolling down your cheeks again and your heart was beating fast because of how excited you were. "Yea.. I would celebrate this with a kiss but you just threw up.. Disgusting.", Kid shook his head and pulled you tight to him again, lifting you up softly. "Also, I won't change a single diaper. Telling you right away." "I will squeeze a giant baby out of your favorite part of me. You don't have a say in that.", you chuckled and shook your head.
"Did you just laugh? I haven't heard that in weeks. Sounds like make-up sex to me.", Kid smirked and let you down on the bathroom sink, already ripping off your clothes. "I guess Daddy has a new meaning for you now?", you teased him a little and had to laugh at how he suddenly cringed. "Add this to the forbidden words in the bedroom."
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bakugoukatsuki-rising · 9 months ago
I'm. The new covers, op. The new covers. Gosh. Both of them hold so much symbolism. And technically they both are canon, they are both original ideas that could perfectly be valid. Horikoshi simply found something better. But anyways, I'm going to go ahead and ramble about it because Im- Op, prepare for a long ask! Hope you like it!
On the one where Katsuki's the one in the picture, he's not on his knees like he is in the other two covers. Instead, he has his face down, body forward, one hand on one leg, the other one holding out for something...He's bowing. Bowing in Japanese culture is a pretty big deal. Hes not just tilting his head a bit, his head and body are on full on commitment.
Such a tilted bow means a LOT, specially from THIS guy, Mr dont let anyone walk in front of me. Even more when hes not just bowing, but accepting such an open display of given help, Mr shonen anime lone wolf. Accepting something he always has trouble admitting to. Accepting the past, accepting the wrongs. Accepting Izukus help means so much, and that's what these three covers have in common.
His hand is sctretching out. He's ready to say yes to that hand out in the air.
(Ps. I wonder if he's watching his own reflection on the water in this panel, as well?)
Tumblr media
Hes in middle of the picture with those childhood friend at the back, which means audience. It means letting people see what hes done, what he's sorry for. He is being open and exposed and vulnerable. That's no fighting stance.
Remember guys, in case you haven't noticed before, Horikoshi puts lots of metaphorical value in his manga and on his covers. Sometimes you've got to dig in deep and think to get the bigger picture. And in this case, the bigger picture screams regret and wanting to make things right from the start.
This cover occurs in the past, at the moment where everything started, and Katsuki fully remembers this. Katwuki has thought of this, is thinking about this. He's had eye bags for gods sake, he's clearly troubled by all of what it means.
These three covers are the visual explanation of what's going on inside Katsuki's head, because this is clearly focused on him and his perspective.
(Ps. Rivers symbolise the massage of time. If that doesnt add to everything else, I dont know what to tell you.)
So! Next!
Tumblr media
Wow, if this isnt one of my favourite things ever. Okay. Christ.
I have two options here. Scratch that, three options. Scream into the void, scream into this post, or actually make a good presentation of my inner turmoil. I'll have to go by the third option. (Haha. Just like horikoshi did. Dont # me, I'm funny in my head.)
This cover melted my insides, froze them all over, and hit me with them like a hammer.
I know they're kids, but let me get this straight-so kids seriously look at their friends with these looks in their eyes and think "ah, yes. This is my very good friend. This gentle smile and kind look I'm giving him as if he was my whole world? Well, hes just a very good friend."
I looked at my childhood crush this way, I dont know what to tell you.
Anyway, let's actually jump to the information at hand.
This panel seems like it's making a reference to what Katsuki wishes could have been. And if that's not absolutely soul-crushing...this cover is Katsuki's feelings, guys. These are probably his very thoughts. This scene has gone through Katsuki's head at some point.
We've got Izuku in his stuck up pose all over again, in just an awkward angle. It's like katsuki isnt looking AT this katsuki right now, but at the spot where the actual past Katsuki, at some point, was. As if this Isuku is frozen in time. Dont believe too much in this paragraph, I still have my doubts about that, but I feel it's a possibility. Izukus eyes seem to be focused on the water, while Katsuki is just the tiniest bit back, reaching for Izukus hand. And gosh.
I dont think I've ever seen older NOR child Katsuki have this look plasted into his face before. He's...sheepish. Kindly, awkwardly sheepish. No hate, no anger, no shame, no nothing. His face is clear and sweet and has this "Whoops. You got me. But thanks." kind of expression on.
The hand behind his head, just the tiniest but embarassed? That little smile? It's all so soft.
Rambling about softness though- I really liked the hand scene in this particular panel. If you close up your view, you realise that theres no effort to pull anyone out of nowhere. In this panel, they are simply holding hands in frozen time for no purpose at all.
Katsuki has his hand around Izuku...simply holding there.
Again, because the angle is awkward, it's kind of messy, but you get the point.
It's all simply beautiful. Horikoshi clean likes give me life.
And lastly. The actual cover.
Tumblr media
I screeched so hard when I saw this. My first instinct when seeing this for the first time was to straight up go trigger happy fingers and write about it to my friends. Christ.
Everything is so...SOft. horikoshi made a good decision by mixing both previous drawings in one. We have parts of the two covers in one, which is amazing. In this one, Katsuki isnt alone, as Izuku's there too. But we dont have the audience either. Probably because the main focus on this panel is no one else except them two.
Again, Katsuki looks like he's bowing, but instead of looking all the way down, he's in the middle. Not looking at Izuku nor looking at the ground, like it shows in the previous covers. Instead, Horikoshi found a middle ground. He's looking at his hand. At the gesture.
Hes not holding hands quite yet, but his hand is there. At arms reach. Not close enough but there. Wanting.
Theres so much regret and again, softness.
Again, like you Op said a bit bad, the angle is off here. This is present Katsuki remembering his past. The angle is off because this Izuku isnt holding out for our Katsuki. This is a memory. A wish. Katsuki's wish.
(Ps. Izukus trousers drenched in the rivers water. This detail was so nice. It's a subtle action that describes Izukus characterization so much. Izuku went in the river with Katsuki in mind, not caring if he got his clothes soaked in the process too. For Izuku, only Katsuki was there. And for Katsuki, only Izuku is.
As a plus, I can't believe the cover of this is literally called Bakugou Katsuki rising. They named the entire thing after that one chapter. Actually, I very much, totally believe it. It's the moment so many people have been waiting for, after all. The moment so many scenes have been amounting for, little by little.
*dreamy sigh*
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little thing, I had to get it out of my system and dont want to bother my dear friends anymore than needed.
Have a good day, OP! I'll stay updated!
You kinda just...took my heart and curb stomped it, not gonna lie. Your observations are so beautiful and so accurate. The sketch with little Bakugou taking Izuku’s hand is so...raw, and yeah, that expression is definitely one of love. Those eyes, the way he is HOLDING Izuku’s hand, not TAKING it. He isn’t taking it to stand up, he is literally just...holding it. 
Tumblr media
That isn’t the way you take someone’s hand when you’re trying to pull yourself up. It’s an awkward angle and just...wouldn’t work right. No, he is literally just holding his hand, and that’s exactly what Bakugou wishes he did all that time ago. He wishes that he not only took Deku’s hand, but held onto it. Held it as if it were something precious, something to be cared for and protected. 
These are Bakugou’s true feelings expressed in these drawings, and I think Horikoshi released them on purpose, to show us more of what he wanted Bakugou to be feelings through all of this. Since after all, we know that Bakugou expresses himself in action, not so much words. And because Horikoshi is an absolute genius, he thought to give us these other glimpses in how he feels through these actions. 
And the other sketch with him bowing his body to Izuku, and the way the log looks like it’s on his back with his ‘friends’ on top of it. 
Tumblr media
The pressure of needing to be the coolest, the strongest, the best. Those kids put that kind of pressure on him, even if they never realized it. They encouraged his behavior and fed his ego, and it never allowed him to see how he was wrong. But now he is realizing it, and he is bowing himself in light of that acknowledgement. He is lowering his head and putting his pride away, so he can get back what he lost all those years ago; the opportunity to take Izuku’s hand.
To take the hand of the only one of those kids that ever loved him unconditionally. Who never pressured him or expected him to be invincible. Who saw all of his flaws and was completely prepared to support him despite all of it. The only one. 
I’m just a mess over all of this, and I am so incredibly thankful to Horikoshi for creating this beautiful relationship. AND IN A SHOUNEN MANGA, NONETHELESS!!  
Thank you friend, for your beautiful thoughts. I think they’re spot on, and I am so emotional all over again because of this. 
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saphirafoxgirlspost1 · 7 months ago
(Open Rp) Winter, Romance, Drama, And Sci fi X Fantasy Crossover in "Love Of Utopia"
It was a night of Febuary 16th At Bromwich Town, Saphira was Waiting Her "Future Husband" Who is in arrange marriage by his Family name Duncan James Draco, She was Waiting for him at the Costellos restaurant..She sits there and waiting for him But her Patience is really grew thinner while feeling abit angery and Neglectful by his absense.. So She gets up and took her car and Drives to her home to Find out whats taken him So Long to come.. But then..She hears the Feminine Laughter and giggles, It was a Huge Shocker on saphira..She realized that Duncan is Having an affair with someone else.. So She Slammed the Door open and Saw Duncan and the other Woman Made beast with two backs on the couch all naked but covered in sheets..Saphira gasp so loud even Duncan froze and saw Saphira in a Shocking expression...Then Saphira's Blood began to boil like a volcano ready to erupt With a Wrathful Look on her face..and Then She exploded with anger Expression and said,,
Saphira: DUNCAN JAMES DRACO!!! What in blazes Do you think your Doing with her!?
Duncan: S-s-saphira! I-its not what it looks like!
Saphira; Oh Wonderful! It Looks Like my "Future Husband" Who is Making Beast With two backs with another woman!! *notice the womans belly and gasp* A PREGNANT WOMAN!! Explain yourself mister!!
Duncan: Look I know what it looks like.. It's not my fault.. *pointed at the harlot* She planned this!
Another Woman: WHat! it was your idea to have a child with me!
Saphira: *Slammed the Door* SHUT THE HELL UP BOTH OF YOU!! *turns to Duncan* and you Duncan, I should've Known that you've been cheated on me with another woman but you Knocked her up!! Thats it!! Your parents was right about you!.. I want you to get your Stuff and get out of my life! *turns to another Woman* And you! You can Have him! I don't want to waste my Damn time Planning to Kick BOTH of your asses!
*Duncan enters with his stuff*
Saphira: As For you! Mister Horn Dogged bastard! I will Call your parents and tell them what You've done! and I will call off the wedding..and you can have that damn harlot and your bastard child!
Duncan: Saph please! not my parents! *fell on his knees* Anything but that.. My mum will be Furious at me.. please!
Saphira: Oh I will! And your mother will go Bat out of hell At you when you get home!
When she called and told His parents what he did to saphira for the past 2 years..and then..She kick Duncan and His Knocked up girl out from her home and her Life for good...2 weeks later, She was Strong enough to get over Duncan for good..and even got rid of his pictures too..But For The past Almost 3 Months..Everytime When she dates a Different Suitors just to move on.. Duncan always has his ways to Sabotage Saphira's love Life...and then One day..Thats How She's Decided that Enough Is enough, It was One Afternoon when She dates a Sweet guy but Severely Allergic to Seafood...But lets just say That duncan has his plan all worked out.. And then When the food arrives...Suddenly, Saphira saw her Dates face swelling up as he is gasping to breath.. Good thing that Saphira got the injections for him and she jabbed it by the neck as he is cured and swelling down.. and then.. her date got upset and left..while She sees Duncan laughing so hard like he did the Sickest Prank.. Then Saphira's Faces Turns red as she is Pretty LIVID at Him and then She gets up to storm at him..then "SLAP!!" She Smacked Duncan right on the face and she said...
Saphira: THATS IT DUNCAN! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR! I've Had Enough! I am going to Do Something that I Should've Done a long time Ago!
Duncan: And..whats that?
Saphira: I am Going to Leave this town For good!! You've Ruined and Sabotaging my Dates For the Last time!! Goodbye Duncan!
Then Saphira Storm out of the restaurant and head back home, Packing her Stuff and all that into her Package..She use her Spells to Shrink her whole house stuff in one Luggage..and She got out from the Door and Left a Note and it says...
"Dear Duncan, If you read this that means I've had it from the tip of my head because of you destroying my love life...Now its time for me to leave town and Start fresh.. With out you in it.. I don't want Anything to Do with you! Don't call me,, Don't Find me.. and Most of all.. Don't ever Come near me again! I am Leaving Bromwich For good! thanks to you..and Ps.. I called your parents about this.. They gave me The Heritage of your money..and also I called your Whore wife of what you did.. so be prepared to get your Life miserable again because I Don't want you in my Life anymore.. Good bye Forever, Saphira"
When Saphira began to head to the bus station to the airport.. Saphira has Decide to Live in Peru..they called this nice Simple town called "Novis"  It's a nice big Town just got neared a beautiful Rainforest..Saphira was So happy that she can Settled in to her Luxurious home right near that town..She lives near the Water fall lagoon..She unpacked and Settled in..She sits down and sees her Kitsune Fox  Servant/friend/ nanny name Siren and she said
Saphira: Siren my dear Friend, We are in paradise.. No more Duncan...No more troubles.. This is a new life *pours two glass of wine and handed to siren* To Us and To The fresh Start of new life
Siren: Cheers *clash with saphira's glass and both drinks wine*
Saphira was so happy.. then the next day, Saphira began to Tour of this Nice lovely town..until She sees the science Convention place..where the Tour was take place..When the tour began.. the Scientist Behind the glass was Escorted the "Experiment" it was a Creature with a colorful (Your favorite color) Slime..its alive and it has a good Knowlege of a human.. But.. this creature Spotted finds her as a beautiful Fox Woman..Then they experiment of what this Slime creatured was Feed onto.. so they decided to try out the milk.. when they fed the creature milk.. it expands shortly.. so they try another was a breast milk which expanded so began to break the cylinder Glass Prison as the Scientist was in the panic.. it escapes but It follows saphira right throught the was shrunk after the escape about a Size of the Kitten..But as the Tour ends with many huge Cylinder canistor of Different type of milk.. Saphira was pretty amazed about it but suddenly.. She saw this (your favorite color) Slime creature Slither out of the pipes and began to drink the breast milk canister out from the faucets..and it began to expand and saphira said," umm Madame...Did you umm" pointed at the creature behind it.. when the scientist saw this creature..they begna to panic as the creature expands and saw saphira.. Saphira began to run like hell and head to her home.. but then it got out and began to chase her.. Now it has a Knowledge to Speak.. Then the Creature said...
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jae-daddy · 8 months ago
jaebum and jinyoung au   fantasy!au royalty!au 
Tumblr media
your blessed highness played by park jinyoung
pair: jinyoung x jaebum x reader genre: fantasy, royalty, romance, mature a/n:  I haven’t posted anything in a while and this isn’t duff or red rose lol, but I thought why not just share it with y’all. its like a super duper loosely not thought out at all, like I was bored so wrote this kinda of story. it was like the first chapter of a book I would like to write, but I think my writing isn’t on that level yet, but -- okay - alright. hope y’all enjoy it. not edited.<3
ps: the Blessed is played by Park Jinyoung! Blessed is bless-sed the whole story, not blessed <3 don't steal this plz, y’all.
A small yellow butterfly appeared in front of you. You got ready to flinch and step away in fear, but you weren’t scared. It felt as if it was looking at you, and suddenly you could see it’s eyes.
It blinked at you, flying in closer, making you crossed eyed before flying back away from you. It flew a few steps away and stopped, turning back, almost telling you to follow. 
You walked in its direction and it continued, going slow at first and then slowly speeding up. You chased after it, feeling a bubble of laughter leave your chest as you asked it slow down. It teased for a few more seconds, before slowing down and then coming to a stop completely. 
You watched its beautiful golden wings flutter, staying a float in the winter wind. It looked out of place with all the snow blanketing the mountains behind. You took in the scene, the haunted looking house further up the path of the fence in front of you. The melting wooden fence wasn’t a good deterrence to keep out anyone or anything, but the falling apart house matched the aesthetic and gave a clear warning not to enter. 
“Why here?” You softly asked the butterfly. It kept fluttering, keeping afloat. It’s big eyes watching you expectantly. 
And then you heard it. 
And you remembered you had been here before. 
The scream tore through the silence, once again.
It was familiar. 
And then again. 
The voice cut through your skin, crawling into your flesh. You began walking towards it; past the rotting fence and towards the cement stairs of the ageing house. 
Your hand reached out, about to push the hanging door open, when it all disappeared.
It was all dark, there was nothing. 
And then a voice; his voice. 
“Y/n.” It whispered. 
You breathed a name you didn’t know as you searched for him in the chocking darkness.
You woke up to the sound of your aunt screaming downstairs. Your night dress clinging to your body, as your skin glistened with sweat. 
You closed your eyes, sighing as you sunk back into your bed. 
It was an odd dream to have. You knew that, but you couldn’t really tell anyone about it. You had tried telling your little sister once, and she looked at you as if you were mad. 
She found having dreams in itself strange. She said she only dreamed sometimes, and they were simple. Dreams about her in a meadow, reading. Dreams about her missing the latest ribbon price-downs at Diana’s. Dreams that reflected her normal every day life. 
Nothing of this sort; nothing strange or horrible like hearing a strange man’s screams of agony. 
Never nothing out of the ordinary, just normal every day dreams. 
But you, you had the strange dream again.
Once again, you were back at that little old building. The wood damp, rotting, almost falling apart. The snow covering it and the land around it as far as your eyes could see. And that strange little butterfly. 
But this time you found something new. You had gotten something new, a name. 
You opened your eyes, staring at the planks of wood. Your eyes tracing the vines of flowers your sister had painted on to them. The purple, pink and yellow blooming delicately across the slanting ceiling. Your lips pursed as a nervous feeling pricked your heart. 
“Wake up and help me, will ya?” Your aunt’s loud voice shouted through the floor beneath you. You closed your eyes once again, but this time in frustration.
You had just woken up and she had already started. “Your mother, Mother bless her soul, if she had been alive she would be disappointed to see such a lazy bird as her dingy. I’ll tell ya that, y/n.” 
You groaned as you sat up in your bed. You stared blankly at the wall as you wrapped your hair into a bun before securing it with a clip. You walked towards the bath, contemplating if you should clean yourself now or after doing your chores. 
“The pigs are changing colour from living in all that filth, girl,” your aunty spoke loudly. You sighed, turning around and walking towards your bed. You picked the dress from last night, putting it on before walking to the basin. 
You watched yourself in the mirror as you brushed your teeth with the herbal paste your little sister had whipped up. You weren’t really looking at yourself though. You were watching your eyes instead, and then trying to see any difference between the girl in the mirror and yourself. 
Lilith, your little sister, always called you mad, “If anyone knew you as well as I do sis, you’d be burned on a stake yesterday.” 
You spat out the paste, rinsed your mouth and looked at yourself once again. 
You bit your lip as you saw your eyes glisten with curiosity. 
It was foreign, for sure. No one in this town had that name, no one’s name was even close to sounding like it. 
You froze, your chest heaving as a new sort of excitement rushed through you. You held your gaze, a terrified feeling in your gut, but a smile on your lips as you tasted the name on your tongue, “Jaebum.” 
You gasped. 
You gasped at how that simple word made you feel. You felt a sadness rip through your heart and tears come to your eyes. You felt a sort of mourning ripple through you from that name. Your tongue savouring the taste of it as if it missed saying it already. 
“Jaebum,” you breathed once again. A tear fell from your eye, but you were smiling so brightly you were sure if someone were to see you’d be taken to the Giver this instant. But you couldn't find it in yourself to worry about that, not when such happiness and sadness sore through your body at once. 
You bit your lip, scared to say it again. You wiped the tear from your chin, as you stared at yourself. It didn’t look like you. 
The girl in the mirror didn’t look you. You leaned in, so did she. Her actions matching yours, but it wasn’t you. Your burrows furrowed together, your face less than an inch away from the reflection. 
“Keep on admiring ya’self all day then doll,” your aunt walked in, banging the door open as she stood outside your room. She was a fierce thing for a woman her size. Even when you towered well over her, she still intimidated you as she stood there with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face, “Don’t ya worry. Ya little sis and I will get it all done and sorted. You rest and spend the day in front of the mirror.”
“Aunt,” you sighed, already tired. You walked towards her, your shoulders tightening as you rolled your eyes. “I was just getting ready-”
“Oh, don’t have me disturbing ya then,” she cut you off, as she began walking away. “I’ll just do everything. What is the point of having young children in this house when they can be of no help. I’m better of living alone, at least then I only work and feed myself.” 
“I didn’t say I wouldn’t help,” you groaned loudly. You knew she could hear you by the scoff that left her, before she mumbled something about the changing the water for the pigs. “I’ll do it. I’m coming.”
You were almost out the door when you turned one last time. 
She was standing there, looking back at you too; the girl in the mirror. 
“Did you hear?” Lilith walked into the barn as you shovelled a heap of pig waste into the wheelbarrow. You were cursing yourself for wearing yesterday’s dress. A pant and shirt would’ve been much suited, especially in this heat. 
You rose an eyebrow at your little sister in question. She shrugged with a knowing smile as she sat on the wooden frame of the fence surrounding the pen. 
You tried not to think about how much she looked like your mother, but failed once again. You didn’t have many memories of her, she passed away when you were three, during Lilith’s birth. But the lack of memory was made up by the photos and paintings your aunt had saved off her. 
She would never let you forget your mother. 
There was a photo of your mother in your aunt’s treasured box. You were reminded of it suddenly as you saw your sister perched on the ledge, smiling at you secretively. She looked just like her in the moment, only a few years younger. 
“Oh, come on. Spit it out already Lily, or else the suspense will kill me before the heat does.” You groaned as you lifted another heap into the wheelbarrow, but the pile was not lessening a bit. “This stupid dress is suffocating me, and seems like all these pigs do is just shit all day.” 
“That is all they do,” she replied mocking. Her dimples deepened as you shot her an annoyed look. 
“If you’re just here to be a nuisance, leave. I’m already upset enough.” 
“Always such a lemon,” she clicked her tongue, before she let out a dreamy sigh. “Lucas just told me the Hallow has a new master.” 
You looked up at her, with raised brows. “Is Lucas a trusted informant?” 
“He is if his father is helping with the opening ball next Sunday,” she smiled back. 
“O’Mother, has aunt got wind of this?” You bit your lip praying she hadn’t. Your aunt, like every other older women who has nothing better to do is determined to have you married and settled. 
Just then, your heard the hooves of the carriage splatter against the muddy path. Your aunt smiled almost viciously as she spotted you, “Off to steal ya the most divine suit, y/n.” 
Before you could complain, she was off. 
You gave your sister a tired look, which she returned with a humoured smile. 
“She’s only looking out for ya,” she told you, taking the flower from her book and putting it behind her ear. 
You wanted to ask her if that was from Lucas but you stopped yourself, and instead sighed, “I don’t need looking out for. I don’t need to get married. I just need to be left alone.”
“You can’t be alone forever.”
“I won't,” you pouted as you looked at her, “I'll always have ya.”
“I’ll go away and do my own thing one day.” 
“Will you get married?”
“I plan to.”
“Have child?”
“Perfect, I’ll be their Governess and Aunt.” You gave her a smug smile. 
“I would have to decline, sis,” she chuckled, shaking her head. “I want children not animals.”
Lilith only laughed, and you rolled your eyes before you got back to shovelling. 
“So the Giver finally found someone?” She said after a moment, her voice quiet. You peeked up at her, your face falling from the serious look on her face. 
“I’m afraid so,” you gave a joyless smile before continuing, “but it’s got nothing to do with us, Lily. We’re normal people, just keep ya head down and we’ll be fine.” 
“Lucas told me Maem also got a Blessed and now they have nothing to eat, and their winters are colder than the Cave,” Lilith insisted, her voice filled with conviction. You kept your eyes low as you empty one more load. 
You had heard of the rumours too. But you knew they were true. 
You had seen members of the Maem Court in the market over the past few months. Each of them looked tattered as if they had gone through hell. It was a knowledge passed down through centuries; the pain, poverty and torment that came with a Blessed. 
“This is all because of that damned Zein,” Lilith spat with anger that looked displaced on a girl like her. “If only she didn’t push for Vennesse to be registered.” 
“It’s Nightfall now, Lil,” you reminded her, softly. 
“Precisely!” She exclaimed, getting up from the bench and marching along the soil. “What sort of a horrendous name is that? It makes us all sound like them.” 
“Just ignore it, Lilith.” You sighed, putting down the tool and reaching for her. “We don’t need to get caught up in this. All that has nothing to do with you, or me, or us. We don’t need to do anything.” 
She pouted about to fight back, but you placed a gentle hand on her cheeks. 
You saw the embers of the fire inside those bright eyes, and it scared you.
It frightened you. 
You sent a silent prayer to the Mother and wished those embers blew out before they got any brighter. You gave her a smile, your eyes desperate, “We are okay like this. This is all we need to survive.” 
“I’m afraid I cannot simply survive if the world outside is burning into the ground,” her gaze held strong as she looked at you. 
“Lilith,” was all you could breath as you hugged her tight. 
You looked up at the sky, where the powerful beings used to live. You tried searching for them, but there was no sign of them. But still, you closed your eyes and prayed, you prayed that no harm should ever come to your Lilith. If something was to happen, you prayed it all upon yourself. 
The week flew by in a blink of an eye. You hadn't felt the days as they passed by. It all got lost in the endless cycle of work and trying to get the orders ready for the ball. 
You couldn’t truly believe a ball would have brought this amount of money into the house. You had thought the people of Darkfall would’ve resented and run away from the Blessed and his ball, but it was quite the opposite. 
It felt as if new life had been breathed into the court. Zein was utmost proud of herself as she strutted around the houses, checking in. When she stopped over at your aunt’s place, she looked at your aunt expectantly. 
Your aunt didn’t realise it at first, but when the silence grew too long during the payment, she had realised. Zein expected the whole town to be grateful to her and kiss her feet for bringing about this change. She wanted to be treated like our saviour, and how can you charge the court’s saviour for her pig orders.
The only reminder of the ball was the countdown till the orders were due. And you kept on working until the last order, the early morning of the Sunday was picked up. Once all was finished, once the rush had died down, you were ready to have a long bath before getting into your bed and not coming out until the sun came up again. 
You walked out of the barn and into the house with heavy steps, ready to march up the stairs and strip when two tiny arms attached to a tiny lady blocked your pathway.
“And where are ya off too?” Your aunt lifted a brow, quizzically. She tilted her head towards her room, where you could hear Lilith already walking around. You turned to your aunt, pouting. She just shook her head sternly, her wild curls slapping her face, “Look at the state of ya, y/n. You need attention if any suitable male is to look towards ya.”
“I think I can live without a suitable male looking towards me,” you gave her a tight smile. She peered up at you, her face turning red as she grabbed your elbow and you pulled you towards her room. “Aunt, I assure you, another beautiful fresh dress won’t change anything. Every male within our proximity is horrid.” 
She moved behind you, unzipping your dress, and pushing you towards the bath, “All luck to ya then. Whispers say there are men coming from far away to meet the new Blessed.” 
Before you could complain, she was already scrubbing you down. You scowled at her, telling her you’re not a child anymore. She just hit the back of your head and told you stop acting like one then. 
Lilith dried your hair, steaming it with perfume. You gave in eventually, putting on lipstain and powder on your cheeks and eyelids. You turned to Lilith who looked at you approvingly. 
Your aunt sighed happily in approval, before hobbling off and bringing in two long bags with the dresses. She opened one first, a beautiful white gown with soft coloured flowers along the bottom. She handed it to Lilith who looked at it in awe. 
“This is beautiful, aunt,” she breathed, hugging the older lady before kissing her cheek. “Ya truly done amazing.” 
“It’s nothing doll,” she smiled at your sister, watching her twirl around the room. “It was on price-downed, and I managed to steal it since I went so early. Ya pretty thing will make it look better anyway.” 
“Thank you,” she sang, happily twirling with the dress on top of her.
“Now, ya turn,” your aunt looked at you with a grimace. “I couldn’t find nothing worth stealing for ya. You end up hating it no matter, just a waste of precious coins.”
“But you obviously got something for me?” You pointed to the dark bag she laid on the bed. 
“I didn’t steal it, I found it.” She turned back and looked at you. Lilith walked towards the bed, clinging onto the bed post as she peered at the bag. You walked up towards the bed, as your aunt began unzipping it. “It was ya mother’s. Zeenat was a sight in the dress.” 
She unveiled the dress and the first thing that came to your mind was the night. The dress was made of the darkest blue you had ever seen; so dark it almost looked black at first sight. You touched the dress, the softness of the dress like feathers against your skin. 
You turned to your aunt, her eyes glistening with tears as yours did, “This is...”
She just nodded, understanding. 
“Stop the sobbing. ya old ladies,” Lilith wiped her eyes before she jumped into action. “It’s almost evening, I want to get there before the ball ends.” 
You had never seen the Hollow from this close. It was always from a distant, it had always been a small building at the top of the hill a good distance away from the rest of the town. But you were only realising how truly enormous it was. 
Your old house wasn’t even half the size of this. Only the first level of the mansion was dwarfing your house already. 
The Hollow was dark, brooding and enchanting. It was exquisite and intriguing in a way that made your heart beat. As if the golden walls, paintings and delicate designs all had secrets, all were hiding something sinister and you were a good look away from finding out and being trapped in the place forever. 
You had seen a crowd before, but you realised you had never truly known what a crowd was. The coming together of the twenty big families of the town was not a crowd. 
A crowd was this. 
Endless streams of horses and carriages lining up the ride up to the Hollow. The halls, the waiting rooms, the ball room, not a single space in the open areas was empty. Every room had people, and noise, so much noise. 
You had lost your aunt after her introduced you to the fifth male within an hour of entry. Lilith had disappeared instantly as soon as you arrived. She had spotted Lucas waiting for her by the door, and since then they had been dancing and chatting all night long. 
You caught the stares of your aunt and Lucas’ mother towards the pair. They both seemed a bit taken back, but none objected. Both pleased and turned away, focusing on the daughter they had bought to show today. 
“Yes, Mister,” you gave the man next to you a tight smile, trying to be polite and not poke your eyes out with a fork. “It is interesting.”
He was talking about the way the orchestra was set. 
You were enjoying the music, you thought it was tasteful, beautiful and uplifting. But you had never thought hard about how an orchestra was set out. You didn’t think it made a difference, but it did. 
Apparently, it made the whole performance sound much better. 
“We should do this at every function in Venesse,” he commented as he took a sip of his dark coloured drink. 
“Nightfall,” you corrected him. He paused as he turned towards you, his eyes widening in question. You gulped as you said, “It’s Nightfall now, Mister.” 
He held your gaze for a few moments before nodding, “Right.”
You nodded, looking off into the distance at the crowd trying to find a familiar face. 
“I’ve found someone I know,” he turned towards you giving you a smile. He continued, his voice no longer interested, his body already walking away. He bowed slightly, “I’ll find you again.”
“Of course,” you replied, not bowing. He stared at you, taken aback once again before walking away. You sighed, finding a wall and leaning against it. 
You sipped on the strange bubbly drink being served around the room. You liked it, it was refreshing. 
You finished the whole glass in one big gulp. You sighed, annoyed, as you looked around for a server. You finally spotted one and began making your way towards them. 
You had almost reached them when a hand gripped your elbow making you turn around. Her sharp eyes looked at you with a forced smile, “Where have you been, dear niece?”
You smiled at her words and tone, and her grip only tightened in return. You held up the empty glass, “I was just going to get another-”
She snatched the glass of you, and placed it on the server’s plate as it passed, “How many of those have you had?”
“Around ten,” you shrugged. You drank two with every guy your aunt had made you talk to. 
“Well, stop it, and follow me.” She began leading you up to the front of the room. As you walked behind her, her grip disappeared, but you continued to follow. The closer you got to the front, the more the people changed. 
There wasn't noise this far up the hall. People talked quietly, holding conversations, laughing softly. You could hear the music, the sweet richness of the bass strings vibrated here. People also looked older up here. 
Your eyes met a few on the way as you followed your aunt, and they looked away as if they hadn’t seen you in the first place. You frowned. 
Where was your aunt taking you?
She stopped suddenly making you bump into her slightly. You looked down at her, as she peered back up at you in anger. She turned to the front, her face calm and polite. 
“Your Blessed Highness,” she bowed, you followed her bowing. “It is an honour to make your grace.” 
She stood, and you followed her straightening. But kept your eyes down.
“Lady Hera,” a smooth voice greeted her. You heard your aunt gasp in surprise, before bowing her head slightly. 
“Your Blessed Highness,” she breathed, breathless. 
“Thank you for making an appearance,” the voice spoke again. His voice smooth and velvety. It was deep, graceful and attractive. It was familiar. “I hope to one day be able to purchase an offering from your farm.” 
“Anytime, Your Blessed Highness,” she replied, graciously. “We are at your disposal.” 
“You are too kind,” he only chuckled. 
You knew that voice. 
“Forgive my forwardness, but are you not to dance tonight?” 
You glared at your aunt, your eyes still cast low. 
He chuckled once again, graceful and controlled, “The night is still young, Lady Hera. Would you do me the honour if I decide too?”
You pursed your lips hiding the chuckle as you saw your aunt’s knees weaken. 
“Your Blessed Highness,” she gasped, and you could imagine a hand on her your chest in surprise. 
“I am too old. My bones ache from walking simply. But in my stead,” you saw her body turn as she held out a hand for you. You looked up to her startled. You would have glared if this was home, but you decided not to in front of the Blessed. “I present my oldest niece, Lady y/n.”
You placed your hand in hers, and let her guide you to the front. You swallowed nervously as you lifted your gaze. Your breath got caught in your throat as you saw the most handsome male sit in front of you in his throne. 
His dark eyes looked at you taking you in. The corners of his rosy lips lifting into a smirk as he tilted his head slightly to the side, studying you. 
“Lady Y/n,” he tested your name on his tongue. His voice soft and intimate. You felt your cheeks get hot as his eyes remained on you. He stared at you for a long moment before turning to your aunt, “A true beauty, right after you.” 
You bowed once again at the compliment, getting ready to walk away. 
“Save me a dance, my lady,” he stopped you, his gaze burning you once more. You bowed again, daring to look up once more. You look away instantly as your eyes meet his dark ones. 
“Your Blessed Highness,” you nod, before walking away. Your aunt follows, her hand squeezing yours tightly as you both rush away. 
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octupus-on-the-moon · 5 months ago
A plan
~Yeah, took longer then expected, but i´ll update regulary from now on. The ending is bad i will change that later. Anyway i hope you guys enjoy it~
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Sixth part of a nightmare
Word count: 1566
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Mental health issues 
Bucky and y/n spend the rest of the day planning how they would get to the documents of Mr. Belove. They seemed to start enjoying each other’s company. With every laugh and teasing comment, the loneliness that surrounded both faded.
“Wait a minute, won´t your father… Belove… whatever, won´t he suspect something if you don´t come home tonight?” Bucky asked from the floor. He was sitting in front of a hand painted ground-plan, looking up to y/n. She was sitting on the kitchen counter, childly swinging her feet, chewing on a lollipop.
“No, he isn´t that overprotective. I told him I met some old friend from high school and that we have a lot to catch up. Then I wrote Lisa, the woman that helps me out in the house, to pack some things and bring them to me. Don´t worry I told her to wait for me three blocks from here” y/n explained proud of her foresight.
“You really thought of everything?” Barnes praised her, tilting his head a little to the side. “I like that. You can have the bed by the way. I sleep on the floor anyway” Y/n feet stopped “Are you okey?” He frowned. Her proud expression froze. “Did I say something wrong?” Bucky added, surprising himself with a worried tone in his voice.
“No. No. It´s fine. You just reminded me of someone” She excused herself hasty. Followed by a broad smile, that didn´t reach her eyes “However, do we go over the plan again?”
 The first problem, was that her father never left the house. He spends most of the time in his office or in the library, near the office. The only moment the bureau was completely unsupervised, not counting the security system, was while breakfast, dinner, late at night or on Friday afternoon; The only day of the week he would leave the house to play golf for a few hours. Barnes and y/n decided to do the-not-actually-a-break-in that day.
The second problem only concerned Bucky. It consisted in him needing to ask Sam for another favor…  
 “It´s easy.” Barnes began “You come home from your lecture at 12 pm, then you take lunch with him. He goes off to play golf at 1:30 pm. I turn of the security system at 1:40 pm. You slip into his office and get the documents of the vault. Then we meet at the gate 2 pm sharp. If something goes wrong, we meet at 3 pm here.” He finished with his everlasting, impenetrable face.
“Sounds solid.” Her phone vibrated. “My package arrived” Y/n announced while looking at her phone. “I´ll go get it. I´ll be back in 20. Don´t do anything fun without me” and she left.
 Barnes sat still for a few moments. He was thinking. Since she arrived this morning, something inside him had changed. But what was it? Bucky questioned himself. Then he realized that he had not thought of his anger about Sam, Steve and the shield. Also, his Yori-problem, all the guilt, slid into the background. Today Bucky had laughed and smiled more than he had since 1944. Now that he was there all alone, the silences came back. He felt the void, with all his worries, slowly approaching him.
“It’s the quietest most personal hell” Dr. Raynor´s voice echoed in his mind. Maybe she was right, he thought.
Someone knocked. Barnes rushed to the door. Anything was better now. Better than that awful silence. He threw the door open, just to find Yori standing right in front of him, with a pretty displeased face.
“What about dinner James? We said 6, it´s almost 7” Nakajima complained immediately.
“Oh. Dammit. I am so sorry. I forgot. It´s just. I had a crazy day. And I have a guest.”
“A girl?”
“No! Yes. But not like that. You know what. Just come in” Yori was all smiles as he passed by Bucky, who was desperate by his sudden change of mood.
“Who is she?” Nakajima queried. He was calmly crossing the short corridor, while Barnes closed the door. Bucky´s face went blank, as it occurred him. The report was laying on the counter.
“Ehhh. She. I mean. We” Bucky stuttered as he hurried into the kitchen to collect all the papers “We are coworkers. But she has a problem in her house and is staying a few days with me” He lied after stuffing the papers into an old black backpack, casually leaning against the sink. “She should be back any moment, then we can decide over dinner” Yori looked disappointed, but his face lit up a little after a second.
“You only have one bed” a suggestive smirk appeared on Nakajima´s face. If you looked close enough you could watch Barnes´s cheeks turn red. What did he do to deserve the day of today? He asked. Probably annoy his therapist and not follow the three holy rules, Bucky answered himself, but he won´t change it in the future.
“I will sleep on the floor”
“That´s not comfortable.”
“I know but I can´t share the bed with a stranger Yori”
“Did not mean that. I have two thin extra mattresses. You can have one, till she´s home again” Nakajima offered all serious again. Barnes first reaction would have been to reject his suggestion, but if he did that, he would need to explain why he wanted to sleep on the floor so bad. Or Nakajima would misinterpret Bucky´s intention with y/n.
“That would be great, thank you”
“No problem.”
Silence. Again. But it did not last long. Although Yori preferred not to talk, he felt that something was up. James was usually a very calm guy, but now he was wriggling around impatiently. So Nakajima started to tell about his day. Barnes listen attentively, while making some tea. Grateful not to be surrounded by silence.  
 “James? I´m back” y/n interrupted them. “I thought we could order pizza” Her voice lowered at the end of the sentences, as she turned around the corner seeing Barnes and Nakajima. “Oh! Hello, I`m y/n.” She introduced herself, reaching her free hand towards Yori. The other one was holding a grey sports bag.
“Yori Nakajima a pleasure to meet you” The little grey man replied, accepting her hand.
“The pleasure is all mine Mr. Nakajima. I didn´t know you were expecting someone today” Y/n said, first addressing Yori and then Bucky.
“Yori is my neighbor. We eat sometimes together, but I forgot that we agreed for dinner tonight” Barnes explained a little insecure, because he didn´t know if it was okey for her, sharing dinner with Yori. Nakajima was silently observing the interaction between both.
“Oh, but he can stay for the pizza don’t?” y/n asked Bucky with pleading puppy eyes. Something about that look made him feel warm inside.
“Yes of course.” Barnes agreed with a little smile, that only Yori seemed to notice. Approving whatever kind of relationship these two had, with a knowing look.
“Mr. Nakajima, what kind of pizza do you like?”
 Mr. Nakajima liked the classic New York-style pizza and enjoyed the red wine, Barnes found in one of the mostly empty cupboards of his kitchen.
“James you are really in need of some furniture” Y/n commented from a wooden chair. Yori was comfortably seated on the little armchair, even though he struggled a little reaching for his wine glass on the floor. Meanwhile Bucky was standing near the counter.
“I never planned to have people over and I´m almost never at home, so what´s the point of buying furniture”
“I live alone, but at least I have a table to sit on” Yori added while he balanced the plate on his knees reaching for the glass on the ground.
“Yeah, where do you eat usually? On the floor?” Y/n teased him grinning, before she took a bite of her pizza. Barnes shifted his weight on the left side, uncomfortable with all the questions.
“I never eat at home, cooking for myself isn´t worth it and if I order something I just sit on the floor or in the armchair” Bucky justified his meager living, shrugging and nodding towards Yori. Who just shook his head, amused, about the poor argument. This drew y/n attention to him.
“Mr. Nakajima you said you lived alone. Do you not have any family? Children?” She asked curiously. Regretting once again talking so thoughtlessly, as Yori´s face turned expressionless. Scared of breaking the silence. Y/n looked up to Bucky for help. But he was starring down at his pizza, lost in his own thoughts, which didn´t seem to be pleasant either. “I´m sorry if I did say something wrong. I didn´t know…” Nakajima took a deep breath, so she interrupted herself.
“It´s fine, as you said, you didn´t know. My wife died many years ago giving birth to my firstborn son.” Yori started talking calmly. “My son died a few years ago in a shooting. Since then, I´m alone. James moved here some months ago and spends some time with me. A girl, from the sushi restaurant around the corner, also keeps an eye on me, but that´s it.”
It took a while and an empty wine bottle to restore the relaxed atmosphere. The day ended with a more or less intense card game. After Bucky brought the mattress from Yori´s apartment to his empty livingroom. 
All rights reserved.
Ps. Yeah, i broke my own heart with the dinner scene
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queen-of-demons-and-hell · 5 months ago
(and it dies) a million little times
Part 1 of 2:
For you I would ruin myself
I have to post something so I still feel like I'm accomplishing things while I write (what was going to just be the other half of this) the second part of this. And also while I wait for inspiration so strike for Protect You or Skate Into My Heart because I promise I haven't given up but I have commITMENT ISSUES LEAVE ME ALONE
ANYWAY this is for@the-love-yourself-journal (or I guess @perseusjackson-jasongrace) who is the literal queen of Jercy idc. She got me to ship them in the first place so thanks babe
Ps Percy isn't white because canon Percy isn't white fight me
It felt wrong, hiding such a secret from her. He and Annabeth had always been honest with each other, it was why they had been drawn together from the moment they met.
She was definitely the best marriage option he had seen. Despite that, despite being able to converse with each other in a way that most married couples they knew could not, there was something missing.
When he’d met the blonde-haired boy, he realized what it was.
Percy had struggled his entire life with this. This sickness. It had always been drilled into his mind that people experiencing what he was experiencing was wrong, sinful, in fact. So he never spoke of it. Never spoke of being attracted more to the boy next door than the girl. Never spoke of the fact that aside from his wedding night, years ago, he’d never had sex. He couldn’t. Not with her. Not with any her.
Laughing blue eyes, annoyingly perfect teeth.
He couldn’t tell her. At best, she’d laugh, then ignore it. At worst, she’d tell everyone, and he couldn’t imagine what would happen to him then.
A horrific death on the street, most likely, followed by a long, agonizing stay in Hell for his sins.
A small, faded scar on his upper lip from his childhood.
Percy was sitting at his desk in his office, pretending to work while actually waiting for him to appear. As always before he actually showed up, Percy’s mind ran rampant. His own brain spat insults at him, his gut twisted at what he was doing. What he was doing to Annabeth. His heart screamed at him for not being able to stop himself, from not fighting harder to go back to being in love with Annabeth, despite knowing he’d never been. His soul longed for its other half.
The way his nose would scrunch when he laughed, the laugh only Percy could draw out of him.
Percy shifted in his chair. His tie was too tight around his neck, he was going to suffocate. Maybe he should. The clock continued ticking, as it always did.
The feel of his hands, on his face, his hips, his back.
“He is here to see you, Mr. Jackson.”
“Send him in.” Voice professional, practiced, despite the lurch in his gut. His brain, his heart, his soul all screamed louder, arguing their own points. Waging their violent war within him.
As always, the sight of him quieted them all.
Percy stood, adjusting his tie, and made his way over to the man leaning against his now closed door. His throat bobbed as Percy approached.
Percy lifted a hand and traced that scar, his voice barely above total silence, “I’ve missed you.”
Jason Grace’s breath was hot on his hand. His voice matched Percy’s, “You will be my ruination.”
“You are already mine.” Then Percy lunged forward, capturing his lips.
Looks like his soul had won this one. Again.
Piper McLean fidgeted uncomfortably with the hem of her skirt. She’d ruined many perfectly good skirts like this. Sitting. Waiting.
“Sooner or later you’re going to completely unravel one of those.” Piper looked up and was met with gray eyes. The same gray eyes that had been staring at her all day. She’d been staring right back.
“The children’s break is short,” Piper murmured back, standing from her stool.
“Indeed,” Annabeth replied, moving forward to take Piper’s hands.
“What are we doing?” Piper’s voice was hoarse, scratchy. “We have husbands.”
“Indeed.” Was all Annabeth said again, her grip on Piper’s hands tightening.
“I love Jason,” Piper said, mostly to herself.
Annabeth’s lips pursed, “I love Percy.” She took another step forward, Piper was almost completely pressed against her teaching desk. She dropped Piper’s hands to cup her face, and Piper’s eyes fluttered closed in response. “But not like I love you.”
Piper opened her eyes, “We are going to destroy each other.”
“I would gladly destroy myself for you, moya solnishka.”
“Don’t you feel bad?” The distress in Piper’s voice forced Annabeth to pull back. Her eyes held a level of concern that made Piper’s breath catch.
“I do,” She conceded after a moment of silence, “For lying to Percy. For lying to everyone in my life. For having to hide you. For having to hide us. But I do not feel bad for loving you.” Her voice held a note of desperation, she was begging Piper to understand. “Do you?”
Piper didn’t respond for a beat too long, Annabeth pulled further away, her face flushed.
Their time was up, the laughter of the children echoed through the schoolhouse as they returned.
“I’m sorry,” Piper said.
Annabeth shook her head, “No, Piper. I’m sorry.” Her eyes were miserable, “Forgive me.”
For what? Piper tried to ask but the lump in her throat stopped her.
“I have ruined you,” Annabeth said simply. “I am forcing you to go along with my sins.” Her back was straight, her face was empty, but Piper could see how hard she was fighting to keep it that way.
Piper shook her head but Annabeth didn’t see it, she was walking out of the door already.
Oh, gods. What had she done?
“How was your day?” Jason asked his tone the same forced lightness it had been for months.
“It was good! Nothing out of the ordinary.” Her tone was the same.
Jason nodded from his seat at the couch, “Good. That’s very good.”
“What about you?” Piper’s hands were shaking as she laid the plates on the table.
“My day was the same,” Jason said as he slid into a chair at the table.
Piper looked at him for a long moment and came to a decision.
“Jason?” She asked, clutching her fork tightly.
“Yes?” He looked up from his plate.
“I would like to visit a friend after dinner.”
Jason nodded, “Of course. I’ll invite over one of my coworkers while you’re gone.”
As they resumed their meal, they seemed lighter than they had all evening.
Piper knew she couldn’t very well just appear on Annabeth’s doorstep, so after she washed the evening dishes she called her.
Her fingers were heavy as she slid the ring to dial the numbers she had long ago memorized.
Piper’s hopes were answered when Annabeth was the one to pick up the phone.
“Annabeth,” She was breathless. “I-” She remembered Jason and her voice dropped low, “I need to see you.”
Annabeth was speechless and Piper wished she could see her face, “May I see you?”
Annabeth’s voice was just as low with an edge Piper couldn’t name, “Yes. Yes. Meet me.”
She didn’t have to say where. Piper knew. The place they’d always meet at. That secret place, filled with their sin. Their secrets. Their agonized love.
Piper hurriedly stuck the phone back in its place and pulled her coat over her shoulders. She kissed Jason on the cheek and was out the front door before he could respond.
Jason sat, bouncing his leg until Piper had been gone for long enough. (It may not have even been long enough, it was just until he could not wait any longer.)
He raced to the phone and dialed the number engraved on his heart.
“Hello?” Percy asked. Thank god. Jason hadn’t thought of a decent excuse to give Annabeth if she’d been the one to answer.
“Can you get away tonight?” Jason asked.
Percy waited for a beat, as if in thought, before responding. “Yes, I can.”
Jason smiled, “Piper is out for the evening. You could come here.”
“I’m on my way.” Jason laughed at how quickly the words fell out of his mouth and the hurried click signifying he hung up.
Annabeth trailed her lips up the column of Piper’s throat, and breathed deeply through her nose, “Is that a new perfume?” They were in their spot, a dark, shadowy corner in between two factories, hidden away from the rest of the world.
Piper dug her fingers into Annabeth’s shoulders, “Yes,” She knew what Annabeth wanted to ask, but knew she wasn’t going to put Piper in that place. “It’s for you.”
Annabeth froze and pulled an inch away from her spot on Piper’s jaw. “It smells good,” Her voice was hoarse and she resumed her ministrations along Piper’s jawline.
“Annabeth, about this morning-” Annabeth cut her off, shaking her head.
“No. It’s alright, sweetheart. You don’t need to apologize for your feelings, ever.”
“The rest of society would disagree.”
Annabeth understood her meaning and ducked her head to hide her face. “How long can we keep doing this?” Desperation.
“I don’t know,” Piper wrapped her arms around the other girl’s shoulders and pulled her flush against her.
Piper breathed deeply, feeling the warmth of Annabeth’s body, a stark contrast to the metal of the factory wall at her back. “All we can do is live in the moment.” Piper pulled Annabeth’s face away from her neck. “Damn the rest to hell.”
Annabeth nodded, “Damn the rest to hell.” Then they were kissing again.
When the doorbell rang Jason raced to answer it, feeling like an excited puppy.
Percy was leaning against one of the pillars on the porch. He was beautiful; Jason had yet to see a time where he wasn’t. Shining green eyes, so painfully alive, that black hair Jason knew he frequently fought with to make it ‘work appropriate’. The lean, toned body that Jason often found himself staring at, or thinking of.
Percy was surveying the neighborhood, the picture of unruffled aside from the tightness in his lips. When he heard Jason open the door, that tightness vanished, replaced instead by the grin that Jason had fallen in love with in the first place.
Whoa. Reel that back in. Calm down, Grace. No love here. Just a drug that always gave him the high he needed. No love. That makes it too serious. This is harmless fun. Well, not harmless.
“Jason?” Percy interrupted his spiral and Jason realized he’d been staring silently, that he hadn’t let Percy inside.
He shook his head, “Sorry.” He stepped back, opening the door wider. Percy walked in and threw himself on the couch, looking perfectly content and at home. As if what they were doing wouldn’t result in pain, physical and emotional.
He could always go back, he reminded himself. There was always an out. He was addicted to the poison that was Percy Jackson, but he could always escape.
The click of the door closing was a death sentence.
He could always get out, right?
It had been a few days since Annabeth and Piper had seen each other, the two women were teachers at the same school, yet they always seemed to miss each other. In the hallways, the break room, before and after classes, they could never catch more than fleeting glances and the swish of hair and hips around a corner. Annabeth was determined to change this.
She saw a flash of brown hair that she immediately registered as Piper, glancing at the clock to make sure she had enough time before her students were expecting her, she nearly sprinted after the other girl.
Piper was leaning against the wall when Annabeth found her, grinning. Her eyes, shards of multicolored glass Annabeth always found herself drowning in, were glittering in the harsh light. Annabeth stalked closer and Piper’s grin didn’t fade.
“Oh no,” She drawled, leaning enough to rest a hand in the curve of Annabeth’s waist, attempting to tug her forward. “You caught me.” Annabeth couldn’t resist Piper’s smile and met it with her own, the smile she only gave Piper. “What will I, this poor damsel, do?”
This was risky. This was really fucking risky. They were basically out in the open, where another teacher or staff member or even the students could easily find them.
Piper reached up and drew the pad of her finger against that crease in Annabeth’s brow and Annabeth knew she was done for. Piper smiled, this one soft and adoring, and Annabeth melted through the floor.
Annabeth gave up on trying to stay as unaffected as possible, pressing her lips to Piper’s. Piper pressed herself closer as if she was trying to mold them into one person. The soft, smooth contours of Piper against Annabeth’s sharp, hard edges of Annabeth was like some kind of poetry. It was probably a metaphor about who they were as people, blah blah blah. She didn’t have time to think about damn metaphors. Not while Piper was here, kissing her like she actually wanted this. Like she’d do anything to keep this. Annabeth knew it wasn’t true, knew Piper wouldn’t ruin her life for this. (She didn’t blame her, but it was nice to pretend sometimes)
Piper smiled into the kiss and mumbled, “This is nothing like how the fairytales normally go.” Annabeth let out a surprised laugh.
Piper pulled away, staring unflinchingly into Annabeth’s eyes, the storms she was responsible for keeping at bay. “Gods,” She turned her head and Annabeth had no idea where this was going with this. “This is better than any of those fairy tales.” Then she moved, winding her hands into Annabeth’s hair, and kissed her again.
Gods, she’d fallen for this girl. She had no idea when it had happened. Maybe 30 seconds ago, maybe the first time they’d met, three years ago. Maybe it was when Percy was on business trips, which meant that Annabeth could work without anyone to make her sleep, eat or anything ‘healthy’ and Piper would come over. Make her take breaks from her work. Listen to Annabeth rant about things she knew she didn’t understand. Annabeth had so many plans, to escape this hell town, fight for her rights, build something permanent somewhere she loves with someone she loves and be unafraid to live. She also had even more impossible dreams; to build something. Piper humored her, always listened to her, attention never wavering. It was more than Annabeth could ever ask for.
She was more than Annabeth could ever ask for.
Annabeth pulled away, telling her as much and something flashed in those kaleidoscope eyes but she didn’t respond.
“Piper?” Hazel’s voice echoed into the hallway they were in. Piper leaped off of her, hurrying to straighten herself.
Hazel rounded the corner right as Piper and Annabeth had gotten themselves together.
The woman smiled at them and looked at Piper when she spoke, “Leo needs to see you,” Piper opened her mouth but Hazel cut her off, “I have no idea why.”
"Okay, thanks," Piper said, definitely too out of breath for it to be anything but suspicious. Piper hesitated a second longer, fighting to not look back at Annabeth but finally, she walked off.
Annabeth smiled awkwardly at Hazel and the other girl grinned but it quickly turned somber, "I don't know what you're doing, Annabeth." She shook her head, "I don't want to know. But I want you to know this," She stepped forward and clasped the other girl's hands in hers. "I care about you. I care about Piper. Be careful, please." Her wide gold eyes were begging, "Be careful, Annabeth."
"I'm trying," Annabeth tried to say but it came out a choked whisper. "I'm trying."
Hazel nodded and leaned forward so they were touching foreheads. "I'm scared for you."
Annabeth wanted to reassure her, but the words got caught in her throat. They both knew Annabeth couldn't promise anything.
Percy was staring at Jason.
This wasn't a rare occurrence, the opposite, actually. Percy could often be found staring at Jason.
But there was something about Jason Grace under the moon and her stars that was absolutely breathtaking.
His head was tilted back, eyes closed, breathing deeply, a small smile on his lips. The starlight seemed to wrap around him, shielding him from the world, announcing him as one of them. His blonde hair was damp from their earlier shower and the moonlight danced through the silky strands. Gods, Percy thought, taking him in, he's ethereal.
He was leaning back on his hands, ankles crossed over the edge of his porch.
They were in Jason's backyard, sharing a smoke; Percy took a long drag, trying to ground himself. Piper would surely be back soon, he didn't have much longer. He needed to come back to earth and distance himself from the star that was Jason Grace.
When Jason's eyes fluttered open and he turned those crystal-blue masterpieces on him, his smile growing into something wide and soft and fond, Percy knew he was done for. Fuck coming back to earth.
Jason reached over, and plucked the cigarette from between Percy's lips, and brought it to his own. He leaned back to stare at the sky again and Percy leaned sideways until his head was pillowed in Jason's lap.
Jason kept one hand on the deck to prop himself up and ground the cigarette out, dropping it to comb his free hand through Percy's hair.
"We should leave," Percy said suddenly, breaking the peaceful silence.
Jason's hand stilled briefly. "What?"
"Leave town, together."
"Where would we go?" He didn't sound angry (thank the gods), he kept his voice soft, but Percy could hear that note of disbelief.
"Anywhere," Percy replied and Jason huffed a laugh above him.
"That's not much of a plan. Besides, we have lives here."
"You're all I need," Percy said, way too sincerely, tracing a pattern on Jason's knee with his index finger.
Jason's hand stilled again and Percy cursed himself and everything that existed to make him say that. Now I've scared him away, Percy thought bitterly and got off Jason's lap.
Jason was staring at him with a look Percy couldn't decipher, his lips parted slightly. Percy wanted to kiss him; this wasn't the time to kiss him. Keep it together.
"Jason!" Piper's voice carried out the back door and wrapped around the two of them like a vice.
Jason went considerably pale and Percy stood up. "I'll see you whenever I see you?" Percy said.
Jason just nodded, still staring at him.
Percy opened the backdoor and stepped inside, saying a brief 'hello' and 'goodbye' to Piper before finally making it back to his car.
He slammed his hands on the hood and cursed, "Stupid, Jackson. That was stupid." he opened the car door with considerably more force than necessary and sat down heavily. "Fucking idiot." And now he had to go home to Annabeth and pretend nothing was wrong. Great.
It started with the notes. Sticky notes with slurs scrawled on them (against his race, his orientation, anything they could get a hand on), in horrible handwriting, stuck to his desk at work. Jason didn't mention any, but when he took his coat off and draped it on Percy's couch, one fell out, crumpled as if Jason had furiously shoved it in his pocket.
Percy had picked it up, saw what was written there, and knew that this wasn't a coincidence. Someone knew. Someone knew about them and wasn't very happy about it.
He'd briefly wondered if it was Annabeth, but no, she didn't seem to be angry at him or disgusted, but she had been colder lately. When the notes started appearing in places that weren't as public as his desk, Percy got more concerned.
He still hadn't talked to Jason about it; the notes and what had transpired on Jason's porch either.
They'd elevated too. Notes in his car, calling him a disgrace to his family and god. But Percy wasn't as worried as he probably should've been. After all, this person was hiding behind ink and paper, if they had something to say, they could do it to his face.
But when they started threatening him, Percy finally spoke to Jason about it.
"Have you been getting notes?" He asked.
Jason was sprawled on Percy's bed, sans shirt, arm thrown over his eyes as if shielding him from the light.
Percy himself was sprawled next to Jason, head on his chest, legs twined together.
Jason peered down at him, blinking wearily. His glasses were sitting on the side table. "What?"
"Notes," Percy said as if this explained everything. "That are calling you-" He swallowed and Jason's eyes tracked the movement.
"Yeah," Jason said finally. "I haven't been too concerned." A lie. If Percy knew Jason at all (and he did) the other boy had been worrying himself to death over this, afraid to tell anybody, panicking and overthinking alone. The thought made Percy's chest ache.
"I wasn't going to mention it," Jason said.
"Me either, but this recent one," He trailed off, already doubting if he should be worrying Jason over this. But it did technically involve him.
Percy pushed off of Jason and the other boy made a whining noise in the back of his throat. Percy grinned as Jason flushed in embarrassment.
Percy pulled the crumpled note out of his discarded jacket and read aloud to Jason, who was still on the bed, "I know all about your illicit affairs-"
"Oh, how proper."
Percy snorted, "Tell me about it." He cleared his throat, "Anyway. -with Jason Grace." Jason stiffened. They knew his name. "If you don't do what I want I will tell Annabeth and Piper all about it. And maybe more than just the two of them, too.”
“Mhmm. And we believe them?”
“I’m not sure,” Percy said tossing the note onto the nightstand and belly-flopping onto the bed next to Jason.
“If you did, you wouldn’t be here,” Jason said, practically.
“And how do you know that?”
“Because I know you.”
Percy smiled, "Yeah, I guess you do."
Jason smiled back, only for a few seconds before his face fell; Percy felt his heart jump to his throat. "What are we going to do?"
"You already have an idea," Percy said, staring at him.
"You're not going to like it."
Percy sighed, "Let's hear it."
"We can't see each other."
Percy shot to his feet. "No! I'm not letting some heathen," He pointed angrily at the note. "Bully me into staying away from the man I love."
Jason went deathly still and Percy's brain finally caught up to what just happened.
"'Man you love'?" His voice was quiet and Percy didn't know how to read that.
"Yeah," Percy whispered. "Yes."
Jason wasn't looking at him and every second that passed, Percy felt his heart chipping away.
"I-" Jason swallowed and wet his lips. "I love you." His voice was hushed as if he was scared to be heard.
Percy stared at him for a beat of bated breath before lunging at him. Jason laughed as his back collided with the mattress.
Jason held Percy's face in his hands and looked him over, drinking everything in before kissing him.
The notes could wait.
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simplygoingon · 6 months ago
You remember?
Hi friends! This fic takes place right after Civil War. It focuses on Bucky’s transition from the Winter Soldier into the Avengers family, beginning with Tony’s struggle to forgive, and ends with BuckyNat, because I adore them ❤️ angst and fluff and general idiots in love dancing around their mutual feelings! Also! this is my first finished fanfic.. so I promise, and apologize ahead of time because will probably be many errors.(ps, there are parts that are spoken in Russian, those are in bold ☺️)
“Steve wait.” Came Bucky’s rough voice. Steve froze, looking down at his friend. “We can’t..” Bucky coughed, blood slipping from his lips. His ocean eyes strained past Steve and to Tony Stark, who struggled to sit up. “Steve let me go, call for help.. we can’t..”
“We cannot leave him here..” The wounded soldier pushed off Steve and stumbled over to Tony, who tried to push himself away. The one armed man fell to his knees in front of him, his remaining hand held up to show he meant no harm.
“I’m sorry.” Tony was shocked into silence and unable to move farther away as Bucky struggled to speak, choking on his own blood. His breathing coming in shallow gasps. His entire body trembling. “I remember, and I am so- so sorry.”
“Gentleman.” Came T’Challa’s regal voice. “Local authorities have arrived to detain Helmut Zemo, Mr. Ross will retrieve him from them. I have transport to Wakanda arriving soon. You are all in dire need of medical attention, please, allow me to help.”
The room was silent, all the adrenaline of the fight drained out of them. Both Stark and Rogers stunned by Barnes’ actions. Taking in all that had happened, it began to dawn on them just how out of hand it had all gotten.
“S-Steve..” Bucky rasped, his breath coming up short. His face twisted in confusion, exhaustion and agony, turned to Steve just as his eyes rolled back in his head.
“Bucky!” Steve cried as he caught the falling Soldier.
While the four of them had traveled to Wakanda, Bucky was in and out of consciousness. The longest being to grit that his arm was on fire, begging not to “wipe him”, before passing out again. Tony and Steve did not speak so much as one word to one another, to conflicted and upset and hurt. T’Challa had called Natasha, updating her and requesting she let all of the others know what had occurred.
“I am sending you coordinates of where to meet Mr. Stark’s transport out of Wakanda. He will be receiving medical attention when he arrives, and will begin his journey to the rendezvous as soon as he is medically cleared to do so. Captain Rogers, and Sargent Barnes will remain in Wakanda. I trust you understand this much shall be kept between us, Ms. Romanoff?” He had said.
In the end it took two days for the Wakandan doctors to clear him to leave. He and Steve still hadn’t spoken. Though he knew from Shuri that Barnes had been put on ice. Tony was still incredibly conflicted as he boarded the provided transport for him out of Wakanda.
T’Challa walked with him in the hour before he was to leave, explaining that the former Winter Soldier himself had requested to go into cryostasis while they worked on the holds on his mind. The Wakandan king looked to Tony with sorrow in his eyes, and wiseness in his voice. He explained what Zemo’s plan had been, and how the king hoped- given time- they would ALL heal from this blow. He bid Tony farewell, and let him alone with his thoughts.
He was hurt, and betrayed by Steve’s actions. He didn’t know if he could ever forgive his old friend. Though he tried not to think about it, he was confused and at a loss by Bucky. Shuri had explained that the metal arm was more complex than she’d ever seen, that the wires in the arm were directly connected to the mans nervous system. Which is why he’d passed out in Serbia, he FELT everything.
The man’s words in that horrid bunker, his delusional begging in the jet, the fact that he requested to be put left a nagging guilt sensation in Tony. He’d have to make an appointment with Linda, his poor therapist had a storm coming her way, wrapped up in the form of Tony’s baggage. He was relieved to be distracted from his thoughts when he saw the quinjet in the distance.
That was six months ago. He had healed physically, Rhodes was adjusting well to his leg assists, he was even seeing his therapist regularly. It took some convincing from his friends and Linda the therapist, but eventually he and Steve talked. After a long conversation over hologram, in which Steve and Tony had a heart to heart, and apologized, things started to look up. Linda would be so proud.
Following the apologies, there was still an edge, neither of them was very comfortable with the other. There wasn’t much else to be said between the two, besides business. Nat usually led their meetings, sparing them both the awkward power play. They worked together to clear their teammates from the raft.
It didn’t help mend the hard feelings between the Rouges, but time did. Wires had been stretched thin, not just between Tony and Steve, but between the teams as well. Lines had been crossed, and people had been hurt. It took a while to get back to some sort of normalcy, once the Rogues returned. It eventually did though, and that’s what mattered.
T’challa, Shuri, and Natasha proved instrumental in clearing Barnes name. The more evidence of brainwashing and torture that was brought to light, the more guilt tore at Tony’s heart. Tony often retreated to his workshop, drained from the emotional toll of it all.
Steve made regular calls to the compound, updating them on Bucky’s condition. The snags in the road. The triumphs. He talked at length with Sam, and Natasha. The redhead was always there, listening intently when Steve brought up Bucky. It was Natasha who convinced Steve and the others to sign the New Accords, having worked on them consistently for months.
Eventually, the newly reunited Team all fell into a rhythm; going out on assigned missions, training, coming home to the compound to decompress. Some where in and out of the compound; like Clint, when he wasn’t active was with his family. Rhodes, who had military obligations. Or Peter, who became his shadow, always eager to learn and experiment.
Six months after Serbia, Steve called with the news. Bucky had been awake for two days, going through test after test. The triggers were gone. They could come home.
Their arrival was uneventful, which soothed a little of the tension that inevitably rose as the day came near. Barnes was quiet, eyes downcast the majority of the time. Steve had grown a beard. Both men were perfectly polite. Other than a acknowledgment by a nod, Steve and Tony didn’t have much to do with each other that day. It did surprise him though, that Barnes extended his flesh hand out in a handshake.
“Thank you. For letting us stay here.” He practically whispered. Tony couldn’t help the way his breathing spiked and hands shook when he took the man’s hand. “And thank you- for uh- helping Shuri.” The soldier mentioned even lower, but met Tony’s eyes, the blue in them clear and overwhelmingly sincere.
“She.. wasn’t supposed to..” Tony replied nervously, looking around the room. Not missing the way Natasha was watching intently, or how Steve kept glancing over his shoulder as he talked with Clint and Wanda. “I- no problem.”
Barnes’ gaze dropped down again then, turning away and back to Steve. The nervous glance cast at Natasha was unmistakable, but then, he seemed nervous about the entire situation. Steve turned to Bucky as well, almost instinctually, placing his hand on Bucky’s shoulder.
“It’s been a long few days, guys.” He announced. “I’m going to show Buck to his room, I’ll be down later.” As they turned to the elevators, Tony caught the breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding, and quickly returned to his workshop.
It was Clint’s words to Barnes, that helped Tony to let go. He’d been on his way to the kitchen, having stayed up until an ungodly hour tinkering in his workshop and in desperate need of coffee. Upon hearing voices at the counter, he froze in the doorway.
“I-I.. I know but..” whispered Bucky’s voice, it was hoarse and shaking. Tony could see him leaning against the counter, hands gripping the edge, head hung low, and entire body trembling
“It’s easier said then done.” Clint replied, leaning down to be eye level with the Sergeant. “Because you were still in there, right? However far, however hard you struggled, you were still in there.” Bucky gasped, looking up to meet Clint’s eyes.
“I had my mind taken from me too, by a alien with a staff.” At Bucky’s questioning look, Clint shook his head. “The point is, Barnes, is that nothing will ever change that all those years, all those people- it wasn’t you. The worst part is being a witness as your body is forced to things you can’t control, it feels hopeless, like you’re a passenger in your own mind. It took a long time for me to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t the evil one.. I was.. just the weapon that somebody else used to do their dirty work. Listen, Barnes..” he gently took the other man’s shoulder.
“I still have days, nightmares, panic attacks.. I was under mind control for a few days. You went through 70 YEARS of constant brainwash, torture, and countless horrors. You are trying, you keep pushing every day, and that right there.. THAT is who you are now. That’s what matters. All those years.. Bucky.. you don’t blame the weapon for killing, you blame the hand that held it. Hydra, that’s the hand that is to blame.. it’s hard.. I know.. but try every day not to put their blame on your shoulders, okay? You’re free, you aren’t that weapon anymore.”
Tony stumbled back, out of the doorway and back towards his workshop as Bucky’s gasping breath turned into quiet sobs. God, he’d been so blind.. he hadn’t been able to place the nagging at his heart for the last month since Barnes had arrived. Now, it was ready to be set free.
“God, Fri..” he sighed, his back hitting the nearest wall in the workshop. “How could I have..” he shook his head to clear it.
“It was the same with Stane.. with Nat and the Red Room.. Clint and Loki.. it.. my god.”
“Sir?” Please take a breath sir.” Friday quietly reminded him.
“We were victims. He was too.. He didn’t kill my parents. Hydra did.” With a groan he stood to his feet.
“Shit. Friday?”
“Yes, boss?”
“Get me a list of therapists, we need to find a good one for Barnes. Also, get rid of all protocol restricting him access to the lab, and training rooms unless authorized, we won’t be needing any of that. God, I’ve been a dick. Oh- and Friday?”
“Yes, boss?”
“Book an appointment for Linda, I’ve got a lot to unpack.”
“Of course, sir.
Natasha couldn’t help but to hover. Barnes was adjusting well. He was relaxed with Sam, the winged avenger was able to pull a snark out of him that nobody else could. He listened with curiosity when Bruce and Tony talked science. He seemed entranced by Vision and, by extension, Wanda and her magic. He even began to let go enough that a chuckle would escape from time to time, especially when Peter started his raving. The sound pulled at Nat’s heartstrings, it was exactly as she remembered it.
He was quiet, and could often be found around Steve, or in the corner of the room. Always reading, or politely listening. Speaking very little. Trying to figure out where he fit, she concluded.
She remembered when she felt pride swell in her chest, when he had made the first move towards Tony. That first night, as he quietly thanked the genius for his “secret” involvement in helping Shuri. Now that feeling returned, as she watched him grow more comfortable.
It started out with him asking small questions here and there, usually about Tony’s tech, the arm, or inventions. Genuinely interested, and enthralled with the way Tony , Bruce and Peter could fill an entire hour with tech talk. With Bucky leading the way in that department, the tension surrounding Tony and Steve began to ease.
Slowly, he was getting better. He was even able to do target practice with Clint, and could handle the crowd of them that Wanda’s sitcom nights brought. There were days where he didn’t make an appearance out of his room, and it took all she had not to go to him. Still, she refused to let herself be alone with him. She treated him normally, as she would any of her friends. On his rough days, knowing he was in pain, suffering, and forcing herself not to do anything to comfort him.. it hurt more than she could admit.
Then there was the notebook, the small one he carried around with him, the one like Steve’s. Natasha wanted badly to ask about it, but knew she couldn’t do so without a raising questions. She was glad she was in the living room, pouring over documents, when Peter had asked about it. Barnes had taken quite a liking to the kid, and spoke more often around him. Natasha thought maybe that he didn’t want to scare the kid away, as he seemed to choose his words very carefully.
“The notebook,” he had explained. “Is full of lists. Names, people involved, effected or.. killed by my time under Hydra.” Peter had dropped the toast he was making at that, and scrambled to apologize. The older man shook his head fondly.
“It’s okay, kiddo. If I don’t start.. ya know, talking about this stuff, I’ll never start to move on. That’s what Linda is teaching me anyways, and Sam.” He got up from his stool, reaching out to ruffle Peter’s curls. “It’s alright to ask questions, Pete.”
The red in his ledger then.. like hers, only he’d written his out. She noticed him looking through the notebook multiple times. Often, he’d have a far away look in his eyes before he would pick up his phone; and type out a text, then would cross a name off the list. She knew he was working with Fury, going through his memories for connections.. men and women still alive with affiliations with Hydra.. trying to right wrongs.
That notebook, was the start of a long journey for the former Winter Soldier trying to make amends and find peace. She had a hunch that it had more than just names of former Hydra affiliates, but victims too. She thought he probably gave the civilian ones had a special place.
One morning at breakfast, he had the notebook out on the table, a lost look on his face. The others where lost in conversation, and she couldn’t tear her eyes away. She couldn’t stop the ache she felt as he ran a finger across one line on a back page. His jaw clenched and brow furrowed, The pain he was bearing was so evident behind those eyes, she wanted to reach over and smooth out those worry lines.
Almost as if he could hear her thoughts, those ocean eyes met hers. The sadness in them so deep, it nearly succeeded in pulling her from her seat. Quickly, she looked away. She would mention his mood to Sam, he’d be able to help the Soldier. Far be it from her to get in way of his healing, by bringing up their past.
He wasn’t her Soldat anymore, her Yasha.. the Russian version of the name James brought up the feeling of loss. She wondered if Steve felt it too.
The James she knew was gone, the Bucky Steve lost was gone, the Asset Hydra created was gone.. this man that remained was a delicate combination of all three. This Bucky, was trying to rebuild himself from where Hydra had torn him down.
He was trying to heal from the past, not run back to it with her. Wasn’t that what she wanted, what they both needed, to move on? When she glanced back up from the table, he was still looking at her. The sadness still present, coupled with confusion and something that resembled longing. Not possible, she had told herself as she turned away, laughing at something Tony said to play it off.
She could do this dammit. For him. She was trained to keep her emotions in check, and she WOULD get them under control. The man was trying to come back from hell, and she wouldn’t be the reason his mind was dragged back into the abyss.
They’d all got a little tipsy, Thor’s visit with his Asgardian mead even getting the super soldiers to let loose a little. They’d gone from board games, to drinking games, to sparring. The room echoed with laughter as Barnes knocked Steve’s feet from under him, causing the nearly drunk man to fall on his ass. The smirk on Barnes face was hard to look away from as he helped his friend up.
“Alright, alright- spin the bottle! Who faces Winter Wonderland next!” Tony laughed, earning an eye roll from Bucky.
“ Your’e lucky Steve is drunker than a skunk, Barnes!” Sam hollered, chucking the tab from his can of beer at Bucky. He caught it easily and flicked it at Steve’s forehead as he replied
“Wilson, I could take this punk any day-“
“Hey! Jerk!” Natasha couldn’t join in on the laughter following the exchange, her blood had run cold.
“Oh! Bottle landed on Nat!” Bruce pointed out, unable to keep from cackling. “Prepare to get your butt kicked Bucky.” Taking a deep breath, Nat stood. Stealing herself as she passed Steve.
“Go easy on him.” The blonde slurred. She responded with a smile. The last thing she would do is refuse, call attention to herself, and likely embarrass herself and Bucky in the process. No, she would spar with him like she would any other person here.
Bouncing from foot to foot for a moment, she turned to face him. Those eyes met hers and suddenly she couldn’t hear. The excitement of the room seemed like it was underwater, every fiber of her being focused on him as he shifted into an open position.
The slight movement instantly brought her back to training with him, in the Red Room. His eyes scanned her as she unconsciously shifted into the same stance, like a shadow. It was like it was before, all pretense dropped all guards down. There was only him, and the dance. As his head tilted to the side, just like it used to, it clicked.
My god. He knew. He remembered.
“Ready, my spider?” the flawless Russian, deep and rumbling and so familiar caused her breath to catch, and she replied immediately.
“Always, my Soldier.”
In one sudden and fluid movement they clashed together. His onyx hand caught her fist, she countered with her free one to his side. Still holding her fist he ducked under her arm, twisting it. She used his leg as a platform, kicking off of him and flipping herself around through the air. This move untwisted and freed her arm, and she used the momentum to bring a knee to his groin. He was quick and shoved her knee down before it made its mark, planting his feet then launching at her.
They continued, countering one another, sifting in and out of stances, switching styles, analyzing and adapting to each change. Their movements were quick- almost to hard to follow. The room had gone into a shocked silence, watching the deadly dance between the two. Neither noticed, the Widow managed to flip onto the Soldier’s shoulders, arm nearly hooking in a choke hold.
“No, you don’t, Natalia.” he let out a chuckle, reaching up and grabbing her leg and waist. Suddenly she was on the floor, and he was hovering over her, hands on either side of her head. She tried to bite back the smile that was forming, but ended up smirking and scrunching her nose at him.
His answering smile was dashing, so she hooked her right leg under his left and kicked back. In the same movement, she pushed him up and over, rolling them so that she was on top of him. It happened so fast that he landed with a thud, his breath huffing out of him followed by a genuine, full on laugh.
“Nice try. I’ve not forgotten your training, Yasha.” she teased, the weight lifting off her shoulders as she looked down at him. Holding herself easily with her hands on either side of his head. His piercing eyes searched her face.
“You remember.” He stated in English, catching a stray lock of her hair between vibranium fingers. “I thought.. maybe they’d wiped you too, after they took me. I thought, when I got here- and the longer it went on- that you’d forgotten.“ she closed her eyes, caught his hand and pressed it to her cheek. Her answer came in a distraught stream, along with the tears she’d kept locked away for years.
“I thought I was spareing you. You were different, but so familiar and you were healing- I thought you didn’t remember and- I-I-“ her breath caught and she opened her eyes to find his, watching her with the intensity only he could have. Looking straight through her rambling, straight into her soul. “I didn’t want to drag you back into your past, when you were doing so well with moving forward.” He sat up, maneuvering her around to sit on his lap, then took her face ever so gently in both of his hands.
“Do you remember it all? Our time together?” She couldn’t help but ask. His throat caught, and he nodded.
“Darling..” came his barely there whisper. He took a deep breath, and continued with such conviction that her heart skipped a beat. “In the middle of all that madness, all the pain and torment. All the horrible things they made me do..” tears spilled down his cheeks, even as he wiped hers away. “Natalia, you were the one good thing in all of it.”
She initiated the kiss, pulling him close and kissing him hard. For all the time they’d lost, for all the pain they’d endured, for the promise of tomorrow. She could hear the exlimations of surprise; the “They know each other?!” from Steve, “I knew it!” from Clint, “Hazzah!” from Thor, and the “HOLY SHIT!!” from Tony. None of that mattered when she felt the smile on James’ lips, when he kissed her back just as fiercely.
“I love you, Natalia. I love you-.” he gasped, catching her lips again. She could taste his tears, mingled with her own.
“I love you too, James.” She pulled back, smiling so hard her cheeks hurt as he peppered kisses on her nose, forehead, and cheeks. “I love you, so much.” She took him by the shoulders, pulling him close and leaning her ear against the pulse point on his neck. “I’m sorry it took so long.”
“Me too, Doll.” He sighed, strong arms wrapping around her waist. “We are idiots.” He murmured into her hair, and they laughed, fully and freely for the first time in years.
Later that night, Bucky took out his notebook. Flipping back to the second to last page, he took a deep steadying breath. This list was reserved for people he needed to get closure with, a list he previously thought selfish, a list purely for himself. A lists of names from his past.
When he made this, shortly after the making the list of civilian casualties, he remembered thinking he didn’t deserve closure. For someone who had a list of twenty six innocent people they’d killed, surly didn’t deserve the names he wrote on this new list. Still, he wrote them down.
As time went on, as his connections with the family here grew.. he began to feel.. whole again. The very last page started to fill with new names over time. People he called his friends. He began to feel, with the help of the people on that last page, that maybe he could deserve this one. He ran his fingers past Steve’s name, over Rebecca Barnes, and carefully traced the letters of the only other name on the list. He smiled as he took out his pen, and crossed Natalia Romanova off of the listing.
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seoulnotes · 10 months ago
30. “One more chapter.” — kth
Tumblr media
Full masterpost here
⇢ Pairing ; taehyung, reader (y/n)
⇢ Genre ; fluff, PG-13
⇢ Words ; 1.2k (oops, i wrote too much)
⇢ Warnings ; none
Tumblr media
You didn’t think it was too traditional for you to want to get married. Times were changing, but you always thought to yourself that you’d find someone, spend a few years dating, and when it felt right, you’d settle down; you know, get married, have some mini versions of each other running around.
You’re pretty damn sure it’d be Taehyung until you spent almost five years in a relationship with him and he had yet to even mention it. You always wondered if you were staying for nothing. 
You tried to bring it up. Hell, you weren’t even asking for a ring; you just wanted to see his view on the topic. Every time you brought it up, it seemed like some forbidden word to him. He’d steer the conversation in a different direction or just shut you down with, “hm, never thought about it.”
Today, you felt confident enough to bring it up to him and not let him close the door on the conversation.
“You know, we’ve been together for a long time,” you began slowly, fingers dancing along his arm. Taehyung, mindlessly scrolling through his phone, glanced at you waiting for you to continue. “Do you ever want to get married?”
He kind of froze, finger paused on the screen but it was the expected reaction.  “Well, I feel like it’s nothing more than a piece of paper. We’ve already got each other at the end of the day, right?”
You nodded; he wasn’t wrong. It was a different answer this time. “I mean, it’s more than a piece of paper. To me at least. It’s security for us,” you continued. You felt him move an inch away from you, out of your touch.
“Why do we need something like that? People are perfectly fine without it and happy. Look at how many people go and get married and leave each other afterward. What if we do get married and we’re happy that we finally reached the last step and then realize we’re not happy with it and we were happier before.” He sat up, finally engaging himself in this conversation fully. 
Oh. You didn’t expect that kind of reaction. 
“Why are you so worried about that? We’ve been living together for almost four of the five years we’ve been together. What will change when I call you my husband?” You felt your voice falter towards the end. It may sound traditional and old, but you did want to call him your husband. You did want the security; to have in the law that you were his and he was yours. That even though time passed, there once was something that declared it.
“You just said it won’t change anything, so why do you even want it so badly?” 
“Because I do want to call you my husband. I know it sounds so stupid. Call me traditional or whatever but I’ve always wanted to settle down, get married, and do all that; go 100%,” you felt exposed, laying how you truly felt right before the both of you. Like you just said something, a secret, that was kind of stupid when it left your mouth because it wasn’t something he wanted and you didn’t meet his eyes. “I know, it sounds ridiculous and traditional, but that was always my plan and I thought it wasn’t going to be such a big deal for you. If you said it was just a piece of paper, what hurts if we do it then?”
“y/n, I-,” he began. Then he stopped himself because he didn’t know what to say. He wanted to comfort you, but for some reason, he had never thought of marriage. Maybe it was the friends he had who tied the knot and then subsequently got divorced. Maybe, it conceived this fear inside him that he never came to terms with.
He was too honest to feed you pointless lies that he didn’t truly believe himself. 
“It’s fine. Just forget that I brought it up.” You didn’t mean to come off so harsh in your tone or to seem disappointed in your actions when you stood up to go to the bedroom. 
When you shut the door, you felt tears pricking your eyes.
Fuck, did I just mess up everything because I wanted to get married? Because of my own desire?
You didn’t know what you felt. You were scared you had messed up. You were disappointed that 
Taehyung didn’t share the same perspective as you. You were upset he did not try to comfort you, but really, what was he supposed to do? Force himself to agree with you and propose right then and there?
Perhaps, you were being in the moment and dramatic. You let your feelings get to you and now you were crying in your bedroom for something that wasn’t even a fight, just a mere disagreement. But now you were too embarrassed about making such a big situation out of nothing, having basically stomped away, and you did not want to leave the bedroom.
You climbed into bed and hid under the covers, letting your feelings and thoughts continue to wander and take over your mind, and you kind of continued to cry.
When you woke up, there was a heavy weight over your stomach–an arm. Beside you was the sound of light snoring.
You sat up a bit, but froze when you saw the velvet box in his hand.
No, he did not. He did not go out and get you a fucking ring over a mere disagreement. 
You tried to move his hand from your stomach and he woke up. “Fuck, I was supposed to wait until you woke up,” an embarrassed smile on his lips. His hand combed through his hair, a nervous habit. “Well,” he opened the box awkwardly and presented it to you in an even more awkward way.
Your eyes widened and you immediately felt guilt take over you. “I know I was harsh and I didn’t mean it. I don’t want to guilt you into doing something you don’t really want to.”
“Here goes,” he mumbled under his breath. “Honestly, I think I scared myself into not wanting marriage. I was scared that it was like a final chapter type of thing like you win the game, now what? I know it might sound cheesy, but it’s not the final chapter. Marriage is just another chapter for us. One more chapter.
We’ve spent five years building this chapter. Let’s close it and start a new one. One where I get the honor of calling you my wife,” damn, now the words had rolled off of his tongue, he wanted to call you his wife many more times, “... will you marry me?”
You never had the chance to imagine how Taehyung would propose to you, but you never once thought of him proposing in your bedroom and especially not after an argument you kind of started. 
When you had time to process his words, you realized he was serious. “Of course,” you didn’t trust your own voice and it came out in a whisper, barely enough for Taehyung to catch. “I will.”
Just like in movies, you couldn’t help yourself from nodding over and over again as your heart swelled in your chest as the page turned for another chapter; the one where you called Kim Taehyung your husband.
Tumblr media
*whispers* is she back? she’s back
it’s been a while! but hello hello! classes have finally ended and this terrible, terrible term has ended (how was your term back to classes?). I’m ready to get back into writing and I just wrote this quick blurb (but 1.2k really?) to get those plots going in my head, hope you enjoy! (don’t come at me, it’s been a bit)
ps ps is it a bad idea i want to edit luce in altis and repost it all again? 
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allys-creative-bubble · 5 months ago
When Our Worlds Collided (10)
Square filled : Dream Sequence
Summary : Acting in shows and having a massive fan base Jensen's life was going alright until one day he woke up and found out that he is zapped into the universe where he is not a star and the character he played is real.
Ship : Jensen Ackles x Winchester Reader
Warnings : angst (a lot of it), morning sickness, pregnancy, sick reader, a little bit of fluff, angry Dean, mentions of abortion
Characters : you, Jensen, Dean, Sam, Bobby, mentions of few ocs
Created for @spnmixedbingo
Word count : 3107
A/n : So, here it is the 10th part of this series and three more parts to go, after it went on an unexpected hiatus. @katelynw93 thanks a lot for being an amazing beta. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Ps, catch up with the series here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jensen's POV 
He was still lying on his bed, the blanket covering him completely when he felt a sudden shift of weight. Opening his eyes, he saw Y/N straddling his waist. His hands immediately found her hips, unable to believe what he was seeing. 
“Y/N?” He asked in surprise, his brows raising. She smiled sweetly down at him, wearing nothing but a white, flowy dress, and looked just like an angel.
“What are you doing here?” He asked, still trying to process that she was actually there. 
“Shh..” she cooed softly, pressing a finger against his lip to silence him. “Don't say anything,” she instructed, grinning at him. 
“But Y/N, how did you-” she clamped her hand over his mouth suddenly. 
“You ask too many questions Jensen…” She sighed “it's good here, isn't it. No monsters, no Dean or Sam or anyone. Just you and me, it's just us,” she whispered to him. 
He tightened his hold on her and pulled her in. “Yeah, it sure is,” he agreed, flipping her around so that he was the one on top. They both grinned at the same time, their excitement evident. 
She bit on her lower lip and looked up at him through long lashes. “You should probably get up,” She informed, “it's time for you to leave for the shoot.” She reminded him. 
“Shoot can wait,” he dismissed, a cocky grin forming as he attacked her neck with his mouth.
“Jensen,” she moaned at his affection and it only encouraged him to kiss deeper. “Jensen, stop it,” she said through a giggle as his beard pricked her smooth skin. 
“Make me,” he replied and continued kissing. 
“Jensen! Wake up,” she said out loud, the words random and made little sense. 
“What? I'm already up, sweetheart,” he said as he didn't understand what she meant.
“No you're not, wake up, Jensen” she said in a more serious tone. 
He opened his eyes suddenly and found himself lying on the luxurious bed that he owns. It was the same dream again... just over two months has passed since he’d returned home and every night since then, he’s been having the same dream over and over again, despite a few changes to the details here and there.
He was still waiting for the day when his dream won’t just be a dream anymore and that Y/N will actually be here when he wakes. But with every day that passed and nothing seemed to change, his hope was beginning to dwindle. Y/N was still not here. 
His life fell back into the same old routine about a week after he’d come back. He tried going out with someone, to help keep his mind distracted but it didn't work. His heart missed Y/N, too much. 
Work was no longer the same either. While shooting Y/N and Dean scenes, it only reminded him of the things he’d lost and often found himself looking at Allison the way he’d used to look at Y/N and it was awkward. 
He felt like leaving the show at a point but he chose against it. He was glad that the directors were not using the same storyline that he experienced. Instead, they brought Misha back onto the show and Y/N and Castiel were reunited. That was a relief for him. 
He overheard Robert Singer mention an original script and that they were glad they had altered it to something more viewer friendly. They never really told him about the original script but he assumed that it was indeed what happened between him and Y/N. 
He got ready for the shoot that day and left his house, although he couldn't seem to leave the thoughts of her behind. 
Your POV
You found yourself leaning over the toilet bowl once again this morning. The cool porcelain felt good against your overheated skin as you heaved. 
You shifted back once you were finished and sat on the tile floor as you thought you were done, but then another wave of nausea overpowered you. You leaned in again as more of last night’s dinner made its way out of your mouth. 
You flushed it and stood up to wash your mouth, silently hoping that this time was the last. It's been over two months since Jensen had left and you'd been staying with Charlie since. 
Staying with Charlie had helped you a lot; honestly, it was like taking a fresh breath of air. The pair of you hunted in between her teaching you a few things about hacking. During those two months, you’d learned a considerable amount and the two of you became closer than ever. You'd even gotten the opportunity at being her wingwoman, as she'd developed a crush on a waitress named Stevie. 
You’d call your brothers every now and then, and told them not to worry about you, even if you knew that would never happen. Whenever anyone would mention Jensen, you completely shut them off and so no one dared to talk about him in front of you again. It was just too hard.
“You okay?” Charlie asked through the door as you stood in front of the sink and stared at the reflection that the mirror attached has been showing. 
“Yeah, must have been something I ate,” you said, shrugging it off as nothing. 
“Alright,” she sighed, still worried but left. You let out a breath and ran a hand through your hair, but froze. In the mirror’s reflection, you spotted a box of tampons lying on the floor. 
Your eyes widened as you looked at it; it had been a while since you had your last period and you realised that you've been puking ever since you woke up this morning. 
You remembered the night you spent with Jensen and your stomach flipped, “No, it can't be..” you whispered to yourself feeling paranoid. 
You came out of the connecting bathroom and silently closed the door behind you. You sat on the bed and picked on your nails, nervous. Charlie came towards you and sat down beside you, picking up on your distress. “Y/N, are you sure that you're okay?” She asked you again.
“No, I don't know how to put this Charlie…. I… I'm late,” you said, hinting your suspicion. 
“By that do you mean… are you?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at you. 
“I think so, I'm not sure,” you replied, trying to keep yourself calm.
“I don't know if I should ask this, but if you are then... who is the father?” She asked curiously. You stared at her blankly, not sure what to say. 
“Wait.. it's not Jensen, right?” She asked, staring at you. You frowned and looked away, “Oh my God! When did this happen? I knew he had a thing for you but this.. Y/N I can't believe it.” She said with the look of shock evident in her face.
“Can you please not,” you requested of her, hearing his name too much to bear. 
“Sure, sorry,” she apologized. “Do you want me to get a test for you or something?” She asked you, trying to be helpful. You nodded your head as a yes. “Great, I'll be back in a few,” she said and left. You looked down at your bed and spotted your phone. 
You picked it up and dialled Sam's number before pressing the phone to your ear. “Y/N, hey,” He answered in no time and the tears welled up as soon as you heard his voice from the other end.
“Sammy,” you whispered, doing your best not to cry.
“Y/N/N is everything alright?” He asked with concern. 
“Yeah,” You assured him, “I just wanted to talk to you,” you said, closing your eyes tightly, causing the tears to fall on your cheeks. 
“You don't sound okay, Y/N” he said suspiciously.
“It's just… I… I miss you two alot, that's it,” you said, wiping your tears.
“Do you want us to come see you or bring you here?” Sam asked you. 
“No, it's fine, I'll come back when I want to, just not now,” you replied.
“You sure, Y/N? If you want to we can-” he began, but you cut him off.
“Sammy! I told you it's okay, I'll be fine,” you snapped and hung up. Charlie returned a few minutes later with a test kit in her hand. 
You took it into the bathroom and thoroughly read over the directions before taking the test. You paced around the small space while you waited for the results. Anxiously you started biting at your nails as you watched the timer countdown to zero. As you grew more and more nervous, the urge to throw up came back to you. You sat in front of the toilet bowl and emptied whatever contents remained into it again. 
After washing your mouth out again, you picked up the test and you frowned at the results that had appeared and you buried your face in your hands.
“What happened?” Charlie asked, knocking at the bathroom door. 
“Let me come out,” you shouted from the inside. Composing yourself, you came out and showed her the test. 
What are you going to do now?” Charlie asked, looking at the positive sign. 
“I have no idea,” you said as your voice began to crack. 
She hugged you tightly as the tears made their way out of your eyes. “What do I do?” You asked helplessly between your tears. 
“It's completely up to you, Y/N, but we will be here for you no matter what,” she said, reassuring you. 
“No, Dean will kill me if he finds out!” you said in a rush, crying. 
“No, he won't Y/N, I promise, but there are still other options for you, though” she reminded you. You placed a hand on your lower stomach. 
“What? You want me to get rid of it?” You asked, frowning at her. 
“No, that's your choice to make. I'm just saying that it is an option,” she said in her defence, trying to keep you from panicking. 
“Can you please just leave me alone for a few minutes, I need some time to think,” you requested of her. 
“Sure,” she said and closed the door on her way out. 
You sobbed into the pillow lying next to you, as you had no idea what to do. Jensen wasn't even here and you knew that it was impossible for you to ever see him again. 
It would be stupid of you to hope that you ever would, so maybe I should just get rid of the baby, you thought to yourself. Sighing, you got up and went to take a shower. You felt gross and sore after your morning of puking.
You finished and got dressed quickly, having decided to go to a hospital in order to get rid of the baby. You asked Charlie to come with you. “Are you sure that this is what you want?” She asked you. 
You nodded your head and watched in silence as Charlie drove. Memories of him made their way back to you, and only added to the guilt; you felt terrible doing this. 
He loved you so much and he never failed to show it to you. He tried to protect you, even if it meant he would die. He confessed that he loved you multiple times and you didn't even say it back, not even once.
You reached the hospital before you knew it. “Okay, here we go,” Charlie said out loud, waiting for you to make the first move. You both got out of the car and walked into the hospital. 
His memories still refused to leave you, tormenting you as you made your way up the hallway. Right now, in this moment in time, all you wanted was to be wrapped in his arms again.
You approached the gynaecologist’s office to get an abortion. She said she needed to run a few tests before you were able to get started with the procedure. 
She ran an ultrasound, among other tests,  and as laid in the uncomfortable bed, you stared up at the image in front of you. Tears welled up into your eyes as you realised you were going to kill it. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Charlie asked you once again, noticing your hesitation. You looked up at her then at the fluttering image. 
You closed your eyes shut for a second, the sound of its heartbeat loud in your ears. “I don't… I can't do this,” you said out loud, changing your decision. The doctor respected your choice and cleaned the gel from your belly. You got up as soon as your ultrasound was completed and started driving home.
As you approached the apartment , the two of you noticed that the door was left open, knowing for a fact that it had been locked. You went in, guns drawn for safety, but were instantly relieved to find Dean in the living room. 
“Dean, what the hell are you doing here?” You asked as you went in, putting your gun aside. “Sam told me about your conversation, so I wanted to see you and before you ask, yeah I broke in.” he said looking up at you. 
“Oh,” you replied, rolling your eyes at him with annoyance. “Where did you two go anyway?” He asked curiously. 
Your heart hammered against your chest when he asked you that. “Nowhere,” you did your best to shrug it off. You took off your coat and accidentally dropped your hospital file onto the floor. 
“What’s that?” He asked, looking down. You quickly pulled that file out of his view. “Nothing” you said quickly as you tucked the file under your arm. 
“Then why are you hiding it from me? Let me see what it is,” he pushed, trying to convince you. “No,” you replied, staying firm and refusing. 
He stepped closer to you and tried to take it from you anyway. You didn't let him, “Dean can you not, what are we, twelve?” you asked angrily. “Whatever, I want to see what it is,” he said, trying to grab the file from you. 
“Don't spoil it!” you screamed, trying to keep it away. The file dropped to the floor again. He got to it before you could. You tried to pull it away from him, but he just pushed you away. 
He opened the file and started reading it. His eyes widened and he turned to look at you, “Tell me that this is not true,” he said glaring at you. You looked down silently. 
“Y/N Y/M/N Winchester, tell me this. Is. Not. True.” He said, raising his voice at you. You didn't answer and stood in silence. 
“Are you pregnant?” He asked angrily. “Uh- yes and no, except it's not no,” you hesitated, starting to get quite scared of your oldest brother. “What Y/N/N? How did it even happen? Who is the father?” He demanded, wanting answers from you. 
Your mouth went dry, you had no idea what to say. “It's just some random guy from a bar I hooked up with last month. He said he would call me, but he never did,” you lied . 
“What? What kind of douchebag never calls you back? I've seen guys flirting with you from left to right just to spend a little more time with you. Who the hell is this guy? Tell me his name, I am gonna kill him.” he said with anger, the overprotectiveness radiating in his voice. 
Charlie just stood there and watched you as you lied through your teeth.
“Dean, I… forget it. Just calm down okay?” you requested of him. “Calm down? Some douche knocked up my little sister and you're telling me that I shouldn't be angry?” He asked rhetorically.
“First, I'm gonna go kill this guy and then you're getting rid of this thing,” he said, not taking no for an answer. “What? No, I'm not getting rid of this baby!” you shot back. 
“Yes you are,” he ordered. “No I'm not, it's not your baby and that's not your choice to make, Dean. I'm old enough to make my own decisions in case you forgot,” you said angrily, challenging his command. 
“Okay, how are you going to raise it? And whom will you show as the kid's father?” he asked you. “I'll figure out a way. And I guess I was naive to  think that the kid's uncles would be enough to fill that role, to fill that ro. So, thanks a lot Dean for telling me that not even the uncles are going to be around,” you said and went into your room and slammed the door behind you. 
You heard a few loud knocks on the door. “Y/N, kiddo, open the door,” he demanded. When you didn’t reply, he continued, “Look, I'm sorry, okay? But how else do you expect me to react to it? After finding out that some douchebag got to my little princess and ruined her life. Just... tell me his name, okay? He will be dead before he knows it, then I promise, I'll be there for the whole thing,” he promised. 
You slowly opened the door and fell into his arms. He hugged you comfortingly and kissed the top of your head. “Let's go home, you and me. We'll talk this through, okay. We also need to tell Sammy that he's going to be an uncle,” he suggested and you nodded your head in response. 
You hugged Charlie goodbye and thanked her for everything before you left with Dean to the junkyard. “One more big brother to go,” you said letting out a sigh and went into the house. 
Dean told Sam and Bobby about the situation. “What? What kind of guy would do that? When are we killing him?” Sam asked Dean. Your eyes widened “What? Why?” you asked them. “Because of what he did to you; do you think he can hurt you and then just live with that?” Bobby stated. 
“Bobby you too?” you asked him, exasperated with the three men. 
“Yeah,” he replied. 
“Okay, stop it. Just stop it.” You huffed, “I've lied to you Dean, the father of my baby is not some random one night stand from the bar,” you began as you got ready to tell them the truth. He stared at you in confusion.
“It's…. It's..” you let out a deep, shaky breath. “It's Jensen,” you finally admitted the truth, looking at each of them. 
Tumblr media
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This isn't a request but just a werid thought that pop in my small brain. How about getting a yandere clone who doesn't disappear until the the Original confess first. And the yandere clone is like, "If I confess first, then I'll stat and take your precious Y/N away~♡ But if you confess, the I'll disappear. That's going to be hard many failed attempts you had?"
A/N: WELL I WROTE IT ANYWAYS! Who better than the first two who spawned the entire series, eh? (These are bad) PS: TAMAKI’S VERSION IS ROSELIA’S FAULT.
Tumblr media
Mirio glared at his mirror image, his fists clenched so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. The Mirio clone leaned against the wall, his arms crossed lazily with a small smirk on his face.
“What do you mean you’ll take them away?” Mirio growled, surprised at the anger in his voice. Clone Mirio chuckled, looking amused.
“I proposed a game, didn’t I?” he smirked.
“Try to confess to our crush. The consequences are simple. If I win, I’ll take them away. If you win, I’ll disappear.” Clone Mirio shook his head, smiling at the distressed Mirio.
“That’s going to be hard for you, isn’t it? After all, how many times have you failed to do so?” Clone Mirio wondered. Mirio glared at his clone, hoping that his internal panic wasn’t visible.
“I’ll beat you in your game. I’ll never let you take them away.” Mirio growled. Clone Mirio smiled, extending a hand in what would have been a friendly gesture had it not been for the unsettling smile on its face.
“Good luck to you then.” Clone Mirio smirked. Mirio accepted the handshake with a glare.
“I won’t let you win.” Mirio retorted. 
And just like that, the game had begun.
You’d heard that Mirio got hit with a Clone Quirk, and that his Clone would act differently than him. But you didn’t expect the clone to be so… odd. Whenever you talked to another one of your classmates for longer than a couple minutes, the clone would come over and take your attention away from them.
Sometimes, you’d catch it following you out of the corner of your eye, and frankly, it was starting to creep you out.
“Man… That clone is starting to get kinda annoying.” you groaned as you collapsed into your seat next to Tamaki. Nejire gave you a sympathetic smile as she gave you a pat on the shoulder. The Real Mirio sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Even he looked tired of dealing with the clone.
“Hey, at least it’ll disappear! Right, Real Mirio?” Nejire chirped. Mirio shrugged half-heartedly, an uncertain look on his face. Despite that, a smile spread across his face.
“Yeah, I’m sure!” Mirio laughed. Tamaki knitted his eyebrows, a worried look on his face.
“Are you okay, Mirio? Since you got hit with that Quirk, you’ve been acting weirdly.” Tamaki asked nervously. Mirio smiled brightly, waving his hand dismissively.
“I’m okay! Things have just been a little crazy, that’s all!” he laughed. You squinted at the blond suspiciously. It didn’t sound like he was telling the truth.
“Oh yeah, can I talk to you after school? I have something to tell you.” Mirio asked you. You nodded, curiosity bubbling in your head.
“Yup. On the rooftop of the dorms okay?” you asked. Mirio nodded, a big grin spreading across his face. You sighed in relief; this time his smile was genuine.
You were walking down the hall with Tamaki, talking about the assignment today when you heard fast footsteps from behind you.
“Sunshine!” Clone Mirio cried, lifting you up and spinning you around. You yelped at the sudden hug; you hadn’t been expecting the Clone.
“O-Oh, you’re the Clone. Okay, uh- d-do you think you could put me down?” you stammered. Clone Mirio pouted slightly, but he did put you down.
“But I wanna hug you, sunshine!” Clone Mirio sighed. You looked over at Tamaki with a silent plea for help, but Tamaki just shrugged helplessly.
“I-I appreciate the sentiment, Clone Mirio, but I have to go meet the Real Mirio right now.” you laughed nervously, attempting to slowly inch away.
“Oh come on! I wanted to talk to you!” Clone Mirio whined, grabbing your arm rather forcefully. You gasped, feeling fear flash through your nerves. Clone Mirio’s eyes were… dangerous, despite his smile. Every instinct in your body was screaming at you to get away from him as soon as possible.
“H-Hey, C-Clone Mirio, we r-really need to g-go so c-can you let go of th-them?” Tamaki stammered. It seemed like even he was scared of it. Clone Mirio sighed, but he nodded and let go of your arm.
“Fine! But I’ll see you very soon!” he chirped, laughing. You exchanged an uneasy glance with Tamaki before walking off, waving Clone Mirio goodbye.
“Somehow, that makes me… really nervous…” you muttered, gripping the straps of your backpack. Tamaki nodded, sighing in relief.
“I’m just glad nothing bad happened.” he mused.
You headed to the rooftop, having made a small pit stop at your room to change and dump your bag. You felt more comfortable in your casual clothes.
You had no reason to be afraid of the Clone, right? It was just a more possessive version of Mirio, after all. But somehow, the clone unnerved you. Why did it scare you so much? 
These thoughts ran through your head as you climbed the stairs to the roof. Sure, the clone was nice enough, but it rarely left you alone except during lunch, when it disappeared to an unknown place.
You stopped. Was that… fighting you were hearing?
Is Mirio in trouble?! Did someone attack him?! you thought, sprinting up the last few steps and slamming the door open. Your eyes widened at the sight that was presented before you.
Two Mirios were gasping for breath, wiping the sweat off their faces and sporting the exact same bruises. Were they fighting? You looked between the two Mirios, looking for the badge which belonged to the real Mirio.
“Oh- Sunshine!” Clone Mirio chirped, his eyes lighting up. The Real Mirio whirled around, his eyes widening in alarm. 
“I’ve been waiting for you!” Clone Mirio laughed, starting to walk towards you. In an instant, the Real Mirio was in front of you, blocking Clone Mirio from reaching you.
“Stay away from them!” he cried, shifting into a fighting stance. You hastily grabbed Mirio’s shoulder, trying to keep him from fighting.
“Mirio! What’s going on? A-And why are you protecting me?” you stammered, a slight blush creeping up your cheeks.
“Clone Mirio is trying to keep me from confessing my love to you, that’s what!”
“Your- eh?! You like me?!” you squeaked. Both Mirios froze, looking over at you. You were beet red at this point, your face so hot that you were sure you resembled a tomato.
“Er- yeah…” Mirio sighed, eyes darting over to the clone apprehensively.
“O-Oh… I… I like you too, Mirio!” you cried, hiding your face in your hands. Radio silence.
Come on, say something! you thought desperately. Had you misheard him? A couple seconds later, you heard laughter.
Peeking through your fingers, you watched Clone Mirio laugh cheerfully, clapping his hands. 
“Well! Looks like I lost!” he chuckled. Mirio seemed to relax, though he didn’t move from in front of you. Your eyes widened as you watched Clone Mirio grow transparent.
“Good on you, other me. Who knows, you might see me if you encounter that villian again!” Clone Mirio smirked. He turned his eyes to you, giving you a wink.
“Seeya sunshine! I love you!” he called. There was a soft chiming sound, and the Clone was gone. Mirio let out a breath he seemed to have been holding, plopping down to sit on the roof.
“Man… I’m so glad that worked out.” he breathed, his usual smile returning to his face. You sat down next to him with a laugh.
“I still need an explanation, you know. I still don’t know what this was all about!” you sighed. Mirio grinned, ruffling your hair.
“Okay little ray of sunshine. I’ll tell you, but next weekend we’re going out on a date, okay?” he chuckled. 
You had never been happier to agree.
Tumblr media
Tamaki felt as if he couldn’t breathe. Was he having another panic attack? Because that would definitely be appropriate in this situation. When his double said he wanted to talk, Tamaki didn’t think it would be about you.
“D-Did I hear you r-right?!” Tamaki stammered, hoping that he had heard his clone wrong. Clone Tamaki nodded, putting his hands in his pockets.
“I gave you a deal, didn’t I? If you confess first, then you win. If I confess first, then I’ll take them away.” Clone Tamaki repeated his deal, its dark obsidian eyes staring unwaveringly at the Real Tamaki.
“T-Take them away? What do you mean, you’ll take them away?” Tamaki stuttered, fear gripping at his heart. 
“If I tell them I love them, then I’ll take them away and you’ll never see them again. Simple.” Clone Tamaki explained again, a dangerous look in his eyes. Tamaki swallowed thickly; this Clone was a lot more confident than he was.
“I know I’m going to win. After all, you can’t even summon up the courage to go up to them.” Clone Tamaki sighed, a slight smirk crossing his face. Tamaki gripped the sleeve of his shirt tightly, anxiety bubbling up in his stomach.
No. He needed to win. Or else you’d be taken away forever. And who knows if Tamaki could save you then?
“... I d-don’t have a choice in this game, d-do I?” Tamaki stuttered, looking up to meet the stare of Clone Tamaki.
“H-Hey… Clone Tamaki, I appreciate you coming to help me bake cupcakes for everyone, but you really don’t have to drape yourself over me like that.” you stuttered, a blush blooming over your face.
You were baking cupcakes for your class simply because you had the necessary ingredients and watched a couple baking videos online at 3AM. While you were preparing the ingredients, Clone Tamaki had come over and offered to help.
What didn’t help was being in such close proximity to an exact copy of the person you’d been crushing on since your first year.
“S-Sorry… I… I like being close to you.” Clone Tamaki murmured, pulling away from you with a sad look on his face.
“Er- I-I didn’t- I mean-!” you stumbled over your words, unsure of what to say. You sighed, turning off the electric mixer that was whisking the frosting.
“L-Look, it’s not that I don’t want you around but-”
“You have frosting on your finger.” Clone Tamaki suddenly grabbed your wrist and held it up in front of your eyes. You blinked. There was frosting on your index finger.
“So there is- uh-! Tamaki?!” you cried. Clone Tamaki licked the frosting off your finger with a quick swipe of his tongue, but not fast enough that you couldn’t feel the warmth of his tongue.
“Tasty. And I don’t just mean the frosting.” Clone Tamaki hummed, licking his lips. You felt a blush take over your whole face. Did that really just happen?!
“C-C-Clone Tamaki, wh-what does that mean?!” you cried, yanking your wrist out of his grip out of surprise. Clone Tamaki smiled.
For some reason, Clone Tamaki’s smile sent a chill up your spine. A smile from Tamaki of all people should have delighted you, but instead you only felt a cold fear. Something about this Clone was devious.
“What I mean is that I lo-”
“HEY THERE TAMAKI! Oh hey, are those cupcakes baking in the oven!?” Mirio barreled into the kitchen before Clone Tamaki could finish his sentence, throwing his arm over the clone.
“Cupcakes?! Did I hear cupcakes?!” Nejire cried, using her Quirk to fly over. You breathed a sigh of relief.
“You have the wrong Tamaki, Mirio.” Clone Tamaki sighed, shrugging Mirio’s arm off of him. Mirio laughed, scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. While Mirio talked to Clone Tamaki, Nejire flew over to you.
“The Real Amajiki wants to meet you in his room.” she whispered, giving you a little push. The message was clear: they’d distract Clone Tamaki for you.
You didn’t know why you were scared of the clone just then, but you were still grateful for their help. You gave Nejire a quick nod before sprinting off.
“Tamaki?” you called, knocking on his door. There was the sound of some shuffling, and then the door opened a little bit. Tamaki peeked at you through the crack timidly, his eyes shifting around.
“Um… can I… come in?” you asked. Tamaki sighed, opening the door so you could step in.
“I-I-I’m r-really sorry about th-the clone. I k-know you’ve been dealing with it all week.” Tamaki stammered, closing the door behind you. You nodded, collapsing onto the chair by his desk.
“It’s okay, Tamaki. You didn’t expect to get hit by that villain's Quirk.” You laughed sourly. Tamaki didn’t say anything, but you could have sworn that the tips of his ears turned pink.
“I… have something to tell you.” Tamaki murmured, fidgeting with his hands. You blinked, tilting your head to the side.
“IreallyreallylikeyouandIhaveacrushonyou!” Tamaki blurted out before spinning around and leaning his head on the wall, shoving his hands into his pockets. You paused, trying to decipher the string of words.
Oh. OH.
“Y-You like me?!” you squeaked, your blush from earlier returning full force. Tamaki nodded slightly, still facing the wall. You stood up, walking over to the obsidian-haired boy.
“Tama, look at me.” 
The nickname shocked Tamaki enough that he spun around, eyes wide. In that time, you pressed a quick kiss to his lips.
“Wh- What was that?!” he cried, covering his scarlet face with his hands. You giggled; Tamaki was adorable when he was embarrassed.
“I like you too, Tamaki.” you hummed, smiling gently. Tamaki peeked through his fingers, gazing at you with shock in his eyes.
“Y-You like me too?” Tamaki squeaked. You nodded, rubbing the back of your neck in embarrassment. The door opened.
“Looks like I lose, huh?” Clone Tamaki hummed as he walked in. Mirio and Nejire followed close behind, clearly trying to stop the clone.
“Wait, Tamaki, you did it?!” Nejire cried. Clone Tamaki walked towards you, taking your hand and brushing a kiss over your knuckles.
“Maybe I’ll see you again, bunny. Who knows.” he murmured. A soft chime sounded, and Clone Tamaki was gone.
“Okay, now that all that’s said and done, I need an explanation or two.” you groaned. Tamaki nodded, taking your hand and giving it a squeeze. 
“We’ll all explain.”
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A Past With Her, A Future With You - Leon S. Kennedy x Reader
Author’s note: This is a sequel to “Scared of Love, Scared of Time” I decided to write after being reminded of the events of RE6 and a certain Ada Wong. Again I made the reader as generic as possible. I hope you’ll like it. PS: Even if I said it before, I have no hate whatsoever towards Ada or Aeon. 
Warning: Angst of course, maybe language. 
               It was a weird cold night for a summer month, nothing the capital had experienced in a while. The storm was raging outside, flooding the green terrace, and huge droplets of rain were pouring loudly against the large patio door.       Legs hanging from the armrest of the confortable leather armchair, you were casually sitting in the living room, half-listening to the awful weather and to the burning wood softly crackling in the modern fireplace, the dying flames gently warming your skin.           You had been reading the same page from your book over and over again for the last twenty minutes or so. The reason behind this sudden monopolizing distraction? Leon sitting on the couch opposite to you, staring at the amber whisky stirring in his crystal glass in silence. Nothing you would have found truly unusual if it hadn’t been for the ice cubes slowly melting in the beverage.             Leon always had been a sucker for a nice glass of old Glenfiddich - though he preferred the term “connoisseur”- always having one glass after dinner. He was not the kind of man to let the fancy liquor be wasted. Ice cubes melted in a thousand dollar whisky, definitely a waste. “Are you okay?” You finally dared ask him.     “Sure.” He surprisingly emptied the glass in a single mouthful. You weren’t used to seeing him do that. You observed him in silence as he pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed almost soundlessly. You could tell that the events of Lanshiang were still haunting him, probably filling his mind with bloody atrocities he would tell you about only in a few weeks.         But there was something else, something you couldn’t pinpoint in spite of your many tries. And it was worrying you. The last thing you wanted was for Leon to fall in another vicious depression. The last one had already been awful enough.
You closed your book and put it on the black Asian coffee table placed between you and Leon. Soon you approached him and went to stand before him. Your hand cupped his cheek and he looked up at you. He seemed terribly tired and almost sad, guilty even. “What is it? Talk to me.”           “Nothing.” Leon grabbed your hand and kissed it delicately. His dry lips lingered on your fingers for a while before he pulled you closer to him, forcing you to straddle his laps. “Did something happen in China? Something you wanna tell me about?” Leon froze and stared at you with an unmissable confusion. “What do you mean?” In addition to the small panic, his tone was almost harsh and angry but you chose not to react to it. “I don’t know. I… You’ve seemed… different since you came back.” You weighed your words to be sure to find the correct ones; ones that would not vex him and make him push you away. Leon was always thin-skinned and hypersensitive after gruelling missions and you had seen enough of the Lanshiang viral outbreak on national television to know that what happened there must have been very afflicting for him.       “Different?” He repeated, curious to know what you truly meant.       “Distant.” Yes, distant was the word. Since his return from China, Leon had been rejecting your affection on many occasions and had been constantly isolating himself, if not physically then in a bubble you couldn’t manage to penetrate. “I’m not distant.” He shook his head, pretending he did not know what you meant. “I’m just tired. That’s it.”
You stared at him. You wanted to believe him. You really did. But the truth was that even if Leon had been back for over two weeks, it was almost as if he was still absent, as if his mind was still in China somehow. He barely smiled at you and when he did, it was nothing like the way he used to smile at you. His kisses were different also, more rare, less tender. And sex … well, sex was non-existent. It was as if everything about Leon was almost deprived of all the affection and the love he used to give you, as if everything that made his feelings for you so beautiful and so pure had been stripped away and replaced by… you didn’t know what exactly but something that felt like your boyfriend was slipping through your fingers like running water.           Shouldn’t it have been the contrary after the beautiful confession you had finally told him before leaving? Shouldn’t Leon be even more in love with you? Shouldn’t your couple be more solid now more than ever? Shouldn’t you be both happy to be reunited again? But more importantly, should you doubt his feelings for you right now?
“Have I done something wrong?” Leon’s eyes widened as he saw the worry slowly setting in your eyes. “No.” He quickly said, wrapping his arms around you. “No, sweetheart. You haven’t done anything.” “Then what is it? Why are you almost avoiding me? What’s going on?” You begged and he gulped, his blue eyes looking down but especially away from you. “Nothing you should worry about.”     “But I am worried. And I want to know.” He sighed, annoyed, before slightly shifting in his seat to grab the bottle of whisky and pour himself another drink that you took from his hand before he could even bring it to his lips. “I want to know.” You repeated as you slammed the glass on the table. “I want to know why you’re like this. I want to know why you barely acknowledge my presence, why you barely touch me, why you refuse to have sex with me.”       “So it’s about sex?” He stared at you right in the eye and you scanned his features, not even able to tell if he was annoyed, weary or just indifferent. Truth was, he looked atrociously blank and it was scaring you. He never looked at you like that. “We can have sex if that’s what you want.” His sudden casualness left you dumbstruck. Speechless, you barely realised Leon’s hands venturing on your naked thighs until they reached the elastic of your underwear and you slapped them away. “What is wrong with you?!” You couldn’t understand him.         “Are you shitting me? You’re the one who just mentioned sex.” He replied with a tone similar to yours. Guess you couldn’t read him the same way he couldn’t read you – or was it ‘refused to’? “You don’t want to get it, do you?” He didn’t answer, staring back at you with the same emptiness as before. You shook your head, exhausted. “Fine. When you want to talk, I’ll be in our room.” You stood up and escaped in the helical stairs without adding another word.
           Leon didn’t join you that night. He even left the apartment, slamming the door loudly on his way out only to return early in the rainy morning, drenched, stumbling and more especially wasted. Curled up in your bed, you chose to ignore him in spite of the many times he almost tripped in the room, telling yourself how miraculous it was that he had been able to find his way back home safely. After he took his wet clothes off, Leon clumsily lied down on the bed and you felt his grave blue eyes upon your figure. “Please forgive me” You did not know if it was the pain in his voice or simply his words that tied your stomach in a knot. But what you knew was that Leon was not asking forgiveness for what happened earlier tonight. He was asking forgiveness for something else, something he was still hiding from you. And yet, you didn’t dare ask him what it was this time, too terrified that the truth would make you lose Leon for real.     Eyes closed, tears forming under your eyelids, you curled yourself into a ball to look for comfort and protection. “Y/N?” You shivered and soon you felt Leon’s cold body spooning you, holding you tight in his strong arms, his nose buried in your hair, his wet hair dripping on you. “Don’t you love me anymore?” The question was like razor blades on your tongue and the short silence that followed it was like a knife in the heart. “Of course I love you.” Leon finally said but despite his sincerity you could tell one thing was missing: warmth. “But …” You continued, persuaded the word was on Leon’s lips and that he was trying to keep it from you. “There’s someone else, isn’t it? Is that what you can’t tell me? That you cheated on me?” He sit up, alarmed. “I didn’t.” His response had been quick and shivering. But there was no anger in it. Leon was not even vexed. “I never will.” He could not see his future without you but he could not see his past without Ada either.      
Ada. Her name had been burning his tongue and his heart like a hot poker since China. He had wanted to tell you about her, about what happened with her, ever since his return. But telling you about Ada was admitting his feelings to himself, feelings he knew would break you and your relationship in millions of pieces. Telling you about Ada was admitting he had failed you, that he had failed your love. And he couldn’t do that you as much as he could not let her go.             The hold she had on him, in spite of all those years of manipulation and games, was scary yet intoxicating. She had him wrapped around her little finger and he couldn’t seem – or want - to escape her. Ada was a part of his past he couldn’t let go, forever sewed to the thread of his life. And he didn’t know how - or if - he could cut her from it.         A long time ago, he thought you would be the one to help him forget about Ada, the one to unstitch her from his heart. You did for a while. You breathed hope and a new love in him, something pure and sincere. In your arms, he dared imagine a bright happy future. He dared imagine the two of you building a home together, growing old together and dying together. He dared imagine you carrying his name and his child – a desire he had never thought he would have. He dared imagine a life with you and without Ada.       But now she was back and with her his feelings for her he thought he had buried deep down his chest years ago. And he didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know what to feel… and for who.     He was lost.    
“Who is she?” Your voice was broken and exhausted as if asking this question had swallowed all your energy. Leon shivered and his silence made turned around to face him. He was looking down at his trembling hands, bracing himself to tell you the truth. “Ada.” He almost chocked on her name and you blocked a sob in your throat that Leon noticed nevertheless. Of course, it was Ada. Who else could it be if not Ada Wong?           A tear formed in Leon’s eyes. He never wanted to hurt you and god knew how much he hated seeing you miserable. But you were miserable and you were miserable because of him. And when he saw you quickly blinking to prevent your tears from falling he grabbed your hand with a firmness that meant ‘Don’t go. Don’t leave me.’ But his hand was freezing, such as the flame of your dying love. “But you’re more important. To me, you mean the world, Y/N”
Once upon a time hearing that would have made you cry of happiness and thank the world for giving you a person like Leon. But tonight, nothing he could say could mattered to you. Tonight, you couldn’t believe him. Ada. Your mind had paused on her name the second Leon had said it. And your heart had broken along with it. Ada. How stupid had you been to believe that you could be the one to replace her in Leon’s heart? How naïve had you been to think there was a possibility for Leon to forget her?   And at that very moment, you told yourself you should have never opened up to Leon. You should not have trusted him with your heart because here it was, shattered and unfixable. Loving Leon Scott Kennedy was a mistake.
You managed to wriggle your hand out of his grip and got up from the bed, wiping your tears away. You wanted to be alone but you knew it was not in Leon’s intention to abandon you in the darkness of the room. You could tell by the way his guilty blue eyes were observing you in silence, waiting for you to say something, anything. Maybe was he even thinking about jumping from the bed to pull you back in his arms as well.     “I want you to leave, please.” You whispered and a tear rolled along Leon’s cheek. That’s not what he hoped to hear. However, he complied and slowly got up from the bed. “I’ll sleep on the couch.” “No. I want you. to leave” You declared, insisting on each segments of the sentence with a firm yet broken tone that stopped Leon in his tracks. You couldn’t be serious? You didn’t mean it? “Y/N” He begged but you ignored him. You couldn’t look at him right now. “You can’t…” He tried to approach you but you brutally stretched out your arm to keep him away from you. “Don’t!” You raised your voice. “Don’t come any closer.” Leon froze, astonished and scared.     “I trusted you.” You cried out, refusing to believe that this was happening to you again, refusing to believe that someone was crushing your heart again.         “I know, sweetheart. I know … I” But you were not listening. You weren’t even hearing him. You didn't want to. Lost in your thoughts. Drowning in your regrets. Seeing the future you had dared imagined slipping away. All that because of a woman you thought was part of Leon’s past.     “I told you I loved you … despite all my fears, despite all my insecurities. I opened up to you because I thought you loved me too and would never ever hurt me.” You cried out, hoping screaming would would make Leon realize he had screwed up, how much he was making you suffer. You hoped screaming would ease the pain. A silly hope. There was no escape from a broken heart, no relief. “And I do! I do love you!” He shouted as loud as you for you to pay attention to him. In vain. But you somehow managed to stop yelling to glare at him with contempt “I was wrong. Trusting you… no loving you was naïve and foolish. Gosh, I wish I had never met you.”
You took an awful delight seeing Leon crumple after hearing those words. But your delight was not enough to fix your heart. You knew that would take months, if not years.     But a question was still burning your lips. “Why wasn’t my love enough? Why wasn’t I enough?”
You got no answer. You only had a pair of miserable blue eyes staring at you with pain, begging you to stay. But you couldn’t stay. You deserved better than a half a heart, than a man. “It’s Ada or it’s me, Leon. It can’t be both.”
You can’t let go of your past. Your past made you. It built you. You can’t forget it, despite all your tries. Your past means that you have lived. But can you let go of your future? Can you let go of a life you never lived? A life you desired? Apparently you can. But not without pain. Not without one heart or two shattered on the floor among of the pieces of hope you had gathered through the years.
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Since you were lovely and gave me options I'm returning the favour. I hope one of these helps spark something. Sure we all have wips that we should work on but little breaks are good and fun, right?
13. What are you going to name it? – Tan|Bun
46. How do you know my favourite drink? Teh|Oh-aew
64. I think your cat (other pet) wants to kill me. Bohn|First
Have a lovely amazing wonderful day :)
Heeeey! Thank you so much for your prompts! *_* I'll definitely do at least two of them and here comes the first. I hope you'll like it ;)
Ps. I'll put it on ao3 as soon as possible ^^°
The next step
“I think”, First shouted as calmly as possible at Bohn, who’d gone to the kitchen already, “Your cat hates me.”
Surprised laughter rang from around the corner and Bohn stepped back into the frame, a cooking spoon in his hand: “What?”
“Your cat”, First repeated, pointing at the tiny creature staring him against the door, “Hates me.”
Bohn’s eyebrows climbed high as he watched his boyfriend and his cat confronting each other, First obviously hesitant to move at all.
“Just come inside, she’s good.”
First tried to step to the side, but as soon as he moved, she moved, too, mirroring him.
“Oh”, Bohn came closer, “This is new.”
First looked up with a dry look: “You mean she usually loves your friends? Thank you.”
“No. Usually she hides and comes out hours later to greet my guests. If at all. Except with King, I guess. Or my brother.”
“So I’m the first person she’s trying to send away?”
It was his first visit to Bohn’s place.
They’d been together for two months before First had asked to see Bohn’s condo. They’d met at the flower shop out of habit, but he’d been curious now, even though Bohn hadn’t cared much about showing him his own home. Not this one, at least.
“It’s just a condo”, he’d said, “Nothing much to see there.”
“What about your cat? Isn’t she lonely if you’re away so much?”
Bohn had been confused for a second before seeing the grin on First’s face: “It’s only twice a week, shut up.”
Taking Bohn’s hand and executing one of his rare puppy glares, First had tried again: “But I want to meet her. And see your condo. Why haven’t I seen it yet?”
“Because your flat is so much more comfortable?”
Now, Bohn had clearly been blushing, his cheeks heating up in a way First had come to love. He’d stayed quiet though, waiting for Bohn to continue.
“My brother is over on some days.”
Bohn had taken a deep breath and had started playing with First’s fingers: “And after seeing your flat, it feels ... empty? Uncomfortable? Like just some room? I can learn there well enough, but except for my cat, there’s not much I like about it. So, it feels almost weird to show it to you, calling it my home.”
“You know I won’t judge, right?”
“It’s just a room.”
“But it’s yours.”
“And that’s why I want to see it. It’s a part of your life. As well as your cat.”
For several seconds, Bohn had been staring at his boyfriend, obviously contemplating everything and nothing at the same time, the pressure on First’s fingers tightening.
“Okay”, he had finally relented, “I’ll try to get more comfortable with the idea and once I’m ready, I’ll tell you. Okay?”
Pressing a happy kiss to Bohn’s forehead, First had tried to keep his excitement down: “Okay.”
But of course, he had imagined it all differently. Not the interior specifically, but the meeting with Bohn’s roommate. He liked cats, he really did, but ...
“Is she really hissing at me?”
Bohn, who had been more than nervous before, seemed to be distracted by his cat’s behaviour. Enough, at least, to no longer worry about what his boyfriend might think about his apartment.
“No? I’m not sure? Isn’t she just staring at you? Do you want to give her a snack?”, he asked, obviously baffled.
“If that helps her accept me a bit more? Sure ... but ... what’s that smell?”
Panicking, Bohn turned back into the kitchen corner to the stove, leaving the two alone, again.
With a sigh, First squatted down, unsure if he was supposed to look at the cat or not. His family had only ever had dogs.
“Look”, he tried softly, holding his hand out with his palm open, hoping it might help, “I am not your enemy, okay? I love him and want what’s best for him. And I won’t take your place, I promise.”
Scrunching her nose, she continued to watch him.
“And now I need to follow him and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.”
Still staring at him, she kept her distance as he stood up and slowly walked around her to enter the kitchen. For sure, she would keep her watch on him.
Saving at least a few of the vegetables from a sure coal-death, First forgot about the cat for some time.
He was relieved when Bohn laughed about his own mistakes, even though his nervousness was still visible. But a few months or even weeks ago, he probably would have pulled back, too ashamed.
Still, First kept his hand at Bohn’s lower back most of the time, trying to give him ... something.
Only when they went to eat on the sofa, unburned and only slightly burned vegetables next to some rice and soup on their plates, did they get reminded of what had happened before.
Not by any hissing or staring, but ...
First almost jerked his foot back as something tickled him in the middle of the meal. He only didn’t do it because his foot was firmly rooted by Bohn’s, on top of it.
“Is that you?”
But as he looked down, he realised it couldn’t be Bohn. Instead, the cat was sniffing around, carefully, as if it was safer once he couldn’t look at her.
“My feet? Really?”
Bohn let out a chuckle, trying to be quiet, but First knew he was having fun on First’s expense. And the cat’s, maybe.
“I don’t think she hates you”, he whispered and First frowned. She didn’t?
“Just keep still. She’s investigating you.”
“I’m ticklish!”
“That’s what you have to endure”, by now Bohn was grinning as if he’d never been nervous about First coming over at all, “You want to leave a good impression after all, don’t you?”
The laughter almost bubbled up inside of First, but he kept his mouth shut, literally with one hand slapped over it.
Was this what meeting Bohn’s parents would be like? At some point?
Well, hopefully not the feet-sniffing part, but probably the confused nervousness, not knowing where to tread at all and what to say. Also the bit about leaving impressions...
But First didn’t say anything. Bohn’s parents had been a sore spot till now and First could wait. He would wait and not say anything until Bohn was ready.
His boyfriend leaned closer: “She’s more daring than with anyone else till now. Must be because you smell like me.”
First felt the heat creep into his cheeks: “Dumbass.”
There was a quick peck, pressed against his cheek, before Bohn turned back to his meal with a grin on his face. Knowing his cat was treating his boyfriend differently than anyone else and while doing so confusing said boyfriend must have given him a confidence boost. And as helpless as First felt, he loved it.
So, enduring the tickles at his feet, he continued eating, hoping it would all be worth it in the end.
He’d really been afraid of this meeting. Of this visit.
Bohn hadn’t known what to expect and he hadn’t been confident in his own home for so many reasons. Not because of his cat though, but because of himself. Of realising how little there was. It wasn’t personal and barely a home, except for maybe a few books and toys for his brother, neatly packed away whenever he wasn’t here.
And didn’t this mirror his inner place as well?
Wasn’t he, compared to First, as empty?
Didn’t this show that there was nothing worth to stay for? Except his cat?
Well, that had been how he’d felt.
Before First had entered his home.
Before his boyfriend and his cat had met.
And bonded.
Now, hours later, Bohn couldn’t stop looking at First, who was fast asleep, leaning against Bohn who had his arm around him. This alone wasn’t so unusual, First often being the first one to sleep after a busy day. And the documentary they’d been watching would have usually kept Bohn’s attention while cuddling.
But at some point, after First had fallen asleep, his cat had jumped up to the sofa, leaving her lookout. Without sparing Bohn another look, she’d laid down, close to First, but not close enough to touch.
By now, an hour later, she was fully sprawled across both men, her purring a calming vibration.
“Queen”, Bohn whispered with a smile that didn’t go away and scratched her belly with his left hand, “You are such a soft one.”
“Who are you talking to?”, came a slurred and surprising reaction.
Bohn froze for a second and looked at First, who didn’t even open his eyes but somehow tried to snuggle even closer.
“My cat”, Bohn confessed, before adding, “And you. Both of you.”
“Good”, First had found a new, comfortable spot, let out a deep sigh and fell asleep again, letting out a deep rumble, similar to a purr.
Scratching now both of his most beloved as gently as possible, Bohn could feel the happiness settle deep inside his belly, grounding him.
Neither this apartment nor him were empty.
They may not be as complex or adventurous as he’d thought of himself and his home a few years back and he may have to rebuild himself from scratch after a year of feeling worthless, but he still had his love.
And by any god, he had a lot of love to give.
Pressing a soft kiss to First’s temple he was sure, for once, that he could create himself a new home.
Because there were people out there who loved him just like that.
And Bohn wanted to become one of them.
the End
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Pretend To Forget
Pairing: Zuko x Fem!Reader
Prompt: "You lied to me!"
Author's note: In this story, Zuko hasn't meet Mai again till he becomes Firelord
Ps: I might (or probably will)make the character a little (or a lot) out of their usual self. This story is for @fromthewatertribe 1k followers celebration challenge.
Special thanks to @fromthewatertribe
Disclaimer: I don't write regularly so hope you understand my writing skill
Inspired by: Pretend to Forget by Emma Heesters
Tumblr media
"Hello, Zuko here"
All at once, the Gaang formed fighting stances towards Zuko
"Well... I guess I should expect that"
"What do you want?" asked Katara
"Look I know I was the bad guy-"
"Was? You still are" said Sokka while eyeing Zuko suspiciously
"Okay, okay, but I wanna be better now and I-"
"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" questioned Katara while emphasizing every word
"Maybe we should listen to him first, guys," said Y/N
"Thank you," said Zuko while smiling at Y/N, which caused Y/N’s cheeks to blush and her to turn her head away from Zuko to hide it.
"Okay, so I— " Zuko started
Since that moment Zuko tried to prove himself to the Gaang, while also getting closer to Y/N day by day since she was the first one to accept him.
Tumblr media
The moon is shining bright, stars showing themselves, and under it, Y/N and Zuko are laying at the ground next to each other.
"So... Welcome to the Gaang, I suppose"
"Thank you for being the first one to trust me, I appreciate that"
"Well you deserve it, and now you have already proven yourself"
" yeah, but honestly there are times where I wanna give up and just go away from you guys but I never do..."
" Cause you are a fighter and don't give up so easily"
"No... it's because you already believe in me and I don't wanna break your trust"
"Oh... thanks I guess..."
"I didn't mean to creep you out, but I’m just happy that I have you by my side"
"I'm here for you Zuko if you need anything just ask"
" Are you sure about that?"
" yups. oh, but no pranking Toph, I don't wanna be on her bad side"
" yeah... I get that, but can I ask you something else?"
" sure, what do you want?"
" me what?? You want me to buy you something? Make you something?"
"No... I just want you"
" I- did Sokka give you some cactus juice?? Or did Toph hit your head this afternoon??"
" No, why would you think that happened to me?"
"Well, I mean how could you want me like me... me? Like how?? I'm just me while you are-"
"I am what??"
" are amazing, you are perfect in your own way, you are Zuko... fire nation prince while I'm just a mere human"
"You are not just a mere human, you are Y/N, the one who trusts me when no one does, the one who stays with me when everyone turns their back to me, and the one that I want to call mine"
" Zuko i-"
" please... will you be mine??"
"I...I'm already yours"
"And I'm yours"
Their night ends with them embracing each other, falling asleep under the night sky.
Since then, they grew closer and closer. Even when Zuko became the Firelord, Y/N stayed by his side to support him. When it gets too much for Zuko, he goes to Y/N. They love each other deeply... or at least before someone from Zuko's past comes back again into Zuko’s life.
Tumblr media
At one evening,
"So how is the new project going?" asked Y/N to Zuko while feeding the turtleducks.
"There are some problems but I already fix them"
" Well that's good, I know you'll be a great Firelord"
" well, I couldn't do it without-"
Suddenly one of the servants at the palace came over and ...
" I'm sorry lord Zuko, there is someone wanting to meet you at your office"
"Okay, I'll be there in a minute"
The servant bowed down and left Zuko and Y/N.
" Are you expecting someone?"
" No, but maybe I forget, I'll see you at dinner? " said Zuko while starting to standing up
"Love you," said Zuko then he kisses Y/N forehead
"Love you too"
Starting from that moment, Zuko started to grow apart from Y/N, he kept standing Y/N up, and he even forgot their anniversary. It keeps on happening till...
" Y/N we need to talk," said Zuko while closing Y/N's bedroom door
"This is it right? You chose her..."
" it's not about me choosing anyone, I just think we don't belong to each other anymore..."
" Just tell me it's her..., I got to hear it from some servants that your ex is back... the great Mai is back, and you want her back..."
"Y/N it's not her fault when she came back... all the feelings I felt for her came back and I can't keep being with you when..."
" when the one you want is her..., not me..."
"I... well you already said it"
" Okay then... it's over now, we are over"
"Look even if we are over that doesn't mean you have to leave or anything, we could still be friends"
"Just go to her now"
"Just go... please"
" Alright..., I'm sorry it has to be this way," said Zuko while walking away
"No… I'm the one who should be sorry... I'm sorry I'm not good enough..." with that Y/N fell down to her knees, tears running freely down her face. Her heart broke into pieces, a deep scar taking its place.
The next day
Y/N walked to the gate with a bag on her back. Zuko sees it and...
" where are you going?" Asked Zuko
" away," said Y/N while walking
" why? I told you you could stay why would you-"
" cause I can't be here any longer, I can't be near you anymore, I can't watch you with her any longer"
" Y/N please don't go, you are my friend..."
" Friend... wow...okay, just let me tell you this... you have her now, you don't need me, you love her now not me, so just go to her and ignore me. I AM NOT YOUR PROBLEM ANYMORE AND I AM DONE BEING NICE TO YOU" with that Y/N leaves and Zuko stands still hearing the words from Y/N.
With that Y/N began her journey away from Zuko. It is not easy for her to do it, the first couple of nights she was still crying in her sleep, she had nightmares about the pain Zuko causes. But slowly but surely she finds herself again, she finds herself opening a little tea shop at a small village in earth kingdom. The gaang knows where she is since she kept contact with them, but she made the gaang promise not to tell Zuko, even when she denied it, seeing Zuko will just bring back a lot of pain... and love. But not everything we want can happen, right?
Tumblr media
A couple of years later
" Y/N !!!!! You won't believe what I heard!!"
" What did you hear Kiya?" Ask Y/N to the younger girl who works at her shop, while preparing some tea for the customer.
" So I just deliver the tea to the house at the end of this street and I heard from people passing by that someone famous will come to this village tomorrow, and can you guess who the famous person is?"
" is it the avatar??" Ask Y/N, silently hoping it is Aang who will come to this village, cause she misses him, she misses the gaang, and deep inside her, she misses Zuko.
" No, well it would be amazing if the avatar come also but no it is not him, it's the FIRELORDDDDDD, you know from fire nation, the one, and only Firelord Zuko"
"...." hearing the words from Kiya, Y/N freeze.
"Y/N...Y/N are you okay??"
"Y..yeah..I'm good, I just remembered some random things"
" oh okay, oh right, do you think he'll come to your tea shop? Cause I heard that he likes tea"
"I'm sure he tasted better tea at his palace, he didn't need to come to my shop to have some tea"
" yeah... you're right, so do you think I could meet him?"
"I think if you go to Mr. Bato house you could meet him, cause he probably will have some work to do with Mr.Bato since he is the chief of this village"
"Yeah you are right..., really tho, when did you ever wrong?"
" I have been wrong so many times in my life Kiya..."
" but not anymore I think "
" well I sure hope so, okay enough talking more working, here take this to the lady at table 3"
" Okay you got it, boss"
Kiya leaves Y/N alone and takes the cup of tea to the customer.
"It's okay Y/N just stay at this shop and you won't meet him..., just stay here.." said Y/N whispering to herself.
The next day
"One black tea please"
" do you want any sugar with it?" Ask Y/N to the customer.
" just a little bit"
" okay it'll come right up"
Suddenly someone bursts into the tea shop
All at once, the people inside the tea shop went outside except Y/N
"Y/N you not going?" Ask Kiya
"No I still have work to do, you go ahead"
" Okay, don't worry I'll be back"
" yeah yeah"
With that, it's only Y/N left at the tea shop. Minutes passed and suddenly the door crack open
"Hello there wel-" Y/N froze seeing the sight in front of her, Zuko came to her tea shop.
" really are here," said Zuko while slowly walking towards Y/N.
" what are you doing here? And did you know I'm here?"
"I...I beg Aang to tell me since he knows where you are"
" of course... This is one of the moments I hate Aang’s kind heart..."
"Don't be mad at him, I forced him to-"
" Why would I be mad at him, when all my anger is directed at you?"
"I... I deserve that" said Zuko, ashamed of himself.
"You still didn't answer my first question, W.H.A.T A.R.E Y.O.U D.O.I.N.G H.E.R.E?" Asked Y/N while trying to control her emotion.
"I made a mistake, I let you go, I hurt you-"
" could you stop telling me things that I already know?"
"Y/N please just give me-"
" Give you what? Second chances? More love? Trust?? How could I, Firelord Zuko?"
" I know I hurt you..."
" YOU LIED TO ME! You made me believe you really loved me, you made me believe I was enough"
"Y/N you are enough, I just-"
" no I am not enough, since day one I should have known, I'm just your plan b , I'll never be your one and only"
"I AM A FOOL OKAY?! I was afraid, she was my past, the one that was with me before I had been banished, I just ... I thought I was supposed to be with her since I've known her longer... I thought she knew me the best..., and my father... he said I was supposed to marry her, so... I thought she was the one for me"
" Zuko you should have learned that your father is not someone you should listen to, if uncle Iroh knew of this he would scold you"
" he already did, I guess he found out from the gaang that I let you go"
" Yeah okay, so what now? You want me to come back?"
" i... I want you back, I want your love back, I want you to be mine again. I know you still-"
"Still what? Still in love with you? Still, hurting because of you? If that is what you are trying to say... you’re right. I still love you even after what you've done to me. But I learned to live with it, even if I have to pretend to forget you"
"No... please don't, I've learned my lesson, don't...please don't forget me"
" you learned your lesson? What could you possibly have learned Zuko?? you have her now just go back to her and let me be, let me learn to stop loving you"
"No, you can do that! If you love me, you love me, please don't stop loving me"
" are you just cruel or heartless? You have her-"
"I don't, she isn't in my life anymore"
" Oh, now that she is gone you come running back to me? You really are heartless-"
"I'm the one who asked her to leave, I can't lie to myself anymore, I want you... no, I need you, I need you back in my life"
" Zuko you can just expect me to drop everything I have worked for in this village just to be with you again"
" you don't have to..., now it's my turn to follow you"
" you can't, you are the Firelord you can't abandon your duties just to be with me"
"I'll just do my duty from this village"
" Zuko just stop please just forget about me too, I'm sure there are lots of girls who want to be with you so go... just go"
"I know it won't be easy for you to accept me but... I'm not giving up, I'm not letting you go again"
" Zuko-"
"I'll prove myself to you and I'll make up for my mistakes. I don't care how long it'll take, I'll prove it to you"
Suddenly someone enters the shop
"Y/N you won't believe it I just meet the general-, WHAT THE-"
"no cursing in this shop," said Y/N to Kiya
" you are Firelord Zuko"
" yeah it's me"
"See I told you he was gonna come to your tea shop Y/N"
" yeah I guess I was wrong"
" and I'll keep coming back," said Zuko while looking at Y/N
" Really?! It's an honor to serve you some tea Firelord Zuko" said Kiya while trying to control her excitement
" Just call me Zuko"
" did you hear that Y/N? I can call the Firelord just by his name"
"I do hear that, but I believe that you have work to do"
" oh you are right, I'll get to it, it's truly an honor to meet you Fire- I mean Zuko"
With that Kiya left to organize the shop’s storeroom.
"You said what you wanted to say... can you just go now?" Said Y/N while trying to look anywhere else other than Zuko eyes
" for now I am, but as I said before I'm not giving up" Zuko starting to walk to the door
"I'll prove myself to you, I am not losing you again"
With that Zuko leaves Y/N's tea house.
Since then Zuko kept coming back to Y/N's tea shop. Zuko kept trying to prove himself to Y/N, and about his duties as a fire lord, he asked his uncle to step up to the position for a while.
It won't be easy for Zuko to earn back Y/N trust, but it isn't impossible either.
Tumblr media
It has been a month since Zuko came to the village and things still don't seem to change between him and Y/N until one evening.
Y/N went out to buy some food for herself and some other daily needs, while walking toward her shop which is also her house, she saw that there was a crowd outside her shop and smoke coming out of it. With that, she ran.
"NO-" Y/N running toward her shop only to get stopped by Zuko’s hand
"Don't go in there the fire already spread"
" my dad journal, I have to get that nooo..." said Y/N while trying to get out of Zuko hold.
"I'll get it for you, wait here" with that Zuko let Y/N go and ran toward the shop.
"What...ZUKO!!" Y/N tries to run after Zuko but other villagers hold her still.
After a few minutes, Zuko comes out holding a journal close to his chest.
Zuko run toward Y/N
"Here your-"
" It's worth it, I won’t let you get hurt if I can prevent it"
" Zuko, you can't do that!I... why?"
"I told you, I'm gonna prove myself to you, besides i won't die that easily, and I'm a fire bender so a little fire can't kill me"
" that doesn't mean you are fireproof, you could still get hurt..."
" well like I said before it was worth it..."
"Just...just don't do it again"
" for you? I'll do it a thousand times if I have to"
" Zuko..."
" Just give me a chance, Y/N, and I won't let you go again, I'll spend every day of the rest of my life proving my love to you"
"One last chance... just this once"
"It's more than enough for me"
With that Zuko pulled Y/N to his arm and buried his face on the curve of her neck.
And after that, Y/N and Zuko get back together. With nowhere to live in that village, they returned to the Fire Nation. And after that, their story became a part of the history of the fire nation.
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littlemessyjessi · 11 months ago
“Future Mrs. Potter”: A James Potter Imagine: PS Reader: Christmas Imagines
Tumblr media
James Potter Imagine James Potter x Reader: PS Reader, Plus Size Reader Requested.  Bit of a combination of a couple of requests to be honest because I got carried away, lol.   Warning: Mentions of Bullying and wee angst. ---------------------------
Overall, James was just having a rather shit day.
Classes had been awful which was to be expect since everyone was getting antsy about heading home for the holiday.
It was a struggle to get teenagers to focus and you couldn't really blame the Professors for getting frustrated but all the same it led for rather miserable classes.
Slughorn had been on his case again and Flitwick had already given him another three detentions.
Not to mention the fact that Quiddtch practice was absolutely horrible.
The winter weather was horrible for flying but the last match before the Christmas holidays was coming up that weekend and he was determined to finish off the season with a win.
Still though.
It was horrible.
At best.
So it should've been no surprise to anyone when he blasted into the Gryffindor common room and up to his room.
You'd watched your boyfriend seeth by without a word and decided to just give him space.
You loved James with all your heart but he was quite hot headed.
He was just a passionate guy and it was one of the many reasons why you fell so deeply in love with him.
But that also meant that when he mad... he was mad.
That being said, you'd learned to just let him calm down before approaching him.
You gave it a bit- waiting for him to come down for the evening feast but he and the other marauders never showed so you assumed they had knicked off somewhere to wreak some mayhem.
"Coming, y/n?" called Marlene and you nodded before joining her and the both of you made quick work of the corridors.
As soon as you neared the Great Hall you were greeted with the wonderful aromas of the food so expertly prepared by the hands of Hogwarts House Elves.
The food was always wonderful but around this time of year they really outdid themselves with all the best kinds of comfort foods.
You took a seat and tucked into your meal and were currently enjoying some delicious cake when you heard it.
"Oi, a fat kid who likes cake.  How original."
Normally, you just ignored this and it was exactly what you planned to do but, of course, Marlene heard it.
And being the overprotective friend that she was- she rounded on the snide fifth year Gryffindor who'd said it.
"You shut your dirty hole, Pearson." the blond snapped. "'Fore I shove my foot in it."
The fifth year snorted, "Whatever, McKinnon.  It's a shame, really.  Potter's dating a right cow.  He could do better."
Marlene erupted from her seat ready to hex the little twit into next year but you pulled her back down.
"Let it go, Marls." you pleaded with her.  "It's not worth the detention.  Or house points."
"Like hell it's not!" she said indignantly.
"Yeah, McKinnon." Pearson laughed. "Go on and settle down like Potter settled for the whale."
Marlene flung her goblet at him and while you desperately tried to stop her- you'd both been scolded.
"McKinnon! Y/L/N! Detention with Flitwick! Now!"
The two of you made to leave but not before you knicked a biscuit for James.
"Can't wait until morning, cow?" Pearson sneered and you practically had to drag Marlene kicking and screaming from the Great Hall when she made to lunge across the table.
"Come ON!" you said finally pulling her into detention.
"No!" she said bursting into the room. "You should've let me beat that little cockroach senseless! People don't get to just speak to you that way!"
"Marls, it's fine." you said running a hand over your face in exasperation.
"It's not f-"
"Ms. McKinnon.  Ms. Y/L/N, please take a seat."
"Yes, professor." you said before yanking the blond to the table.
It was then that you noticed the company.
"Amos Diggory said with a Ravenclaw and there just behind them were Remus, Peter, Sirius... and James.
The last of which was staring at you curiously.
You offered him a shrug and a smile that did nothing to quell his curiosity whichw as evident by the creasing of his dark brows over his hazel eyes.
Flitwick instructed you both to summon your homework and work on that.
You were all too happy to do so considering you were severely behind as it was and it could've been a lot worse.
In reality, everyone was getting off rather easy.
You had just began to revise your notes for Care of Magical Creaures when a bit of parchment landed in front of you.
You glared at Flitwick- who'd aready fallen asleep- and read the note.
'What are you doing in detention, love?'
You quickly scribbled down that it was a long story and not worth rehashing when Marlene ripped it from your hands and began scribbling.
The two of you silently wrestled for the parchment for a bit before she eventually won out and flung it across the room- accidentally hitting Sirius in the face in the process.
"Oi!" he protested and Flitwick jolted awake.
Before any of them had a chance to read it, Flitwick confiscated it and his eyes skimmed the ink.
He glanced at you before discarding the parchment.
"Ms. Y/L/N, may I please see you in my office?"
You sighed, cast a clearly tired glance at the whole lot of them but followed anyway.
James watched you like a hawk but as soon as you disappeared he pounced on Marlene.
"McKinnon, what happened?" he pressed.
"Bloody Pearson is what happened!" she seethed before launching into a full rant explaining the details of the events that had landed you both in detention.
James had grown quiet and was shaking by the time she'd finished.
When you returned from Professor Flitwick's office after having a very serious and rather awkward talk about speaking out against bullies and asking for help- the marauders were no where to be seen.
"Where are the other students?" Flitwick asked.
"Oh, sorry, professor." Amos said. "Lupin got pretty sick all of a suddden.  They took him to the hospital wing."
It was a lie and you knew it.
You gave Marlene a pointed look when you sat back down.
"You told them."
"Yeah, I did."
You sighed, "You know this is gonna end badly.  You know how James' temper is."
"Well maybe he'll unleash it on that swine Pearson." she said.
You chewed your lip and pinched the bridge of your nose.
"Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of."
You and Marlene continued to serve your detention while the Marauders huddled around the map in their dorm.
"Where is that piece of shit?!" James snapped as he paced.  
He could not believe that prick.
How dare he talk to you in such a way?
You were everything to James and anyone who knew him knew that.
Yes, he loved quidditch.
Yes, he was a loyal friend and he was extremely close to the boys.
Yes, he had every intention of becoming an auror and making a difference in the world.
But you WERE his whole world.
And he'd be damned if anyone made you feel otherwise.
"Got him." Peter piped up.
"Where?" James growled.
"Looks like he's heading for the kitchens." Sirius said.
"Let's go." James said and the four of them set out on a mission.
As they did, you had finally finished your detention and were leaving with a rather impressive set of revised notes for Care of Magical Creatures and your Charms essay finished.
You decided that you'd just pop by the kitchens and pick up a few things for the boys.
You figured they probably hadn't caught the early part of supper since they never came down from their dorm and clearly they were in detention for the last of it.  
So you reckoned four crazy hormonal teenage boys could do with a bit of food.
And also, because it'd be easier to quell James' clear upset if you brought him food.
He always simmered down if you gave him pastry.
You tickled the pear and made your way inside to see the house elves bustling around as usual.
A little elf that you'd recently learned was called Kizzle approached you.
"Hello, Miss Y/L/N!" she approached you and offered you a happy smile.
You returned it, "Hello, Kizzle.  How are you today, love?"
"Oh, I'm doing wonderful! I'm so happy you've come!"
"Aw, well thank you, darling.  I'm happy to see you as well." you told her and noted how her eyes lit up.
"What can I help you with, Miss?" she pressed.
"Oh, it's alright, Kizzle." you said.  "I can get it.  Just getting a few things for the boys.  They missed supper and you know how boys can be. If you'll just point me in the direction of a basket I can work it out on my own."
She snapped her fingers and produced a basket for you.
You took it from her and set about filling it up with things you thought they might like all the while Kizzle followed behind you anyway.
"God, you do ever stop eating?"
You froze and slowly turned to see Pearson standing there serving you with a look of disgust and amusement.
"Go away." you said rolling your eyes and tucking a cloth over the basket and making to leave.
"What do you have there?" he said snatching it from you.
"Give it back, Pearson." you said. "I'm not in the mood."
He held it away anyway and peeked inside.  
"Merlin, you really are a cow!" he laughed. "You eat all this?  You're going to blow up! Oh wait-"
"Master Pearson!" Kizzle gasped. "You should not speak to Miss Y/L/N like that!"
You looked to the tiny house elf, "It's alright, Kizzle."
Kizzle simply stared at you for a moment.
"It's ok, Kizzle." you said again. "Honestly, it's fine.  I'm fine.  You should go and relax. Enjoy your night."
"So the pig needs house elves to defend her now?" he sneered in your face.
You glanced at him once more before forcefully grabbing his arm and making him lower the basket at which point you jerked it out of his hands and just left him there.
Much to your dismay, he followed you out.
"Oi! Pig! I'm not done talking to you!" he laughed. "Or should I say oink? Maybe that way you can understand me!"
The marauders heard his voice and rounded the corner just in time to see you drop the basket and walk directly up to Pearson.
He smirked at you smugly and you reached up to place a hand on his shoulder.
A look of confusion crossed his features for a moment as you slid it up his neck and into his hair.
James' eyes widened at the sight, anger just about getting the best of him.
However, the second you clenched your fingers around Pearson's hair and brought him to knees it quickly diminished.
You jerked his head back so that you could look into his eyes and let the tip of your wand rest against his adam's apple.
"Pearson, I don't know what has happened to you to cause you to be such a bully.  And I'm very sorry that someone has made you feel that this is the way you feel you need to behave... but I have had enough."  you said staring into his eyes, alight with fear.
"Get your hands o-"
"No, no." you said.  "No, you're going to be quiet now.  I'm talking.  I've let you bluster about for years.  I've ignored your comments and let it slide but we will entering the wizarding worlds as adults but the end of the year and there is no more time for childish actions.  I'm a patient woman.  I am.  But I'm not the spineless little flower you seem to think I am.  And this is me being kind to you, dear.   I'm warning you now.  If you ever bother me again with another word of negativity.... I will make you suffer beyond what even your imagination could cook up.  Cause I'll use that to my advantage."
He simply stared at you and you brought your lips close to his ear.
"I'll never lay a hand on you, Pearson.  In fact, this is likely the only time I'll ever even touch you.  But if you bother me or anyone that I care about ever again, I will invade your mind.  I will make every dream a nightmare.  I will turn all your thoughts sour. I will make you seriously consider using the killing curse on yourself because you just can't handle the darkness in your mind."  
He stared at you in horror and you simply let him go.
"You're barking mad!" he scrambled to get up.
"Maybe." you said with a shrug.  "I have been bullied for years. And something tells me that you have too.  Maybe not here because you're popular enough.  But maybe at home or something.   And maybe that's why you bully to give you some sense of power.   But that is actually the weakest thing you can do." you said knowingly.
"You don't know anything about me." he spat.
"Maybe not." you said. "But I think I've gotten my message across.  Don't pick on me just because I'm nice.  Do not mistake my patience and kindness for weakness.  Next time, I won't be so forgiving."
"Fucking lunatic." he said as he began to walk away.
"Oh and Pearson!" you called after him and as much as he didn't want to... he stopped.
"I never want to hear anything bad about James come out of your mouth again." you said.  "I gave you your one pass earlier but if you ever talk about my James in such a derogatory way again... I'll cut your tongue from your head."
He gawked at you for a second before he just took off in a flat run.
You watched him disappear before simply picking up your basket and carrying on only to scream when you were yanked into a corridor.
It was muffled when a set of lips covered your own and you raised a hand to strike whoever put their hands on your without permission but the quick reflexes that caught your hand by threading the fingers together instantly told you it was James.
"Oi, quit snogging her in the corridor." Peter teased and the two of you broke away breathless.  
"She's my fiance." James said. "I'll snog her wherever I like."
"Fiance?" you laughed. "Since when?"
"Oh come off it." he said, forehead still pressed against yours. "You're the future, Mrs. James Potter and everyone knows it."
"Well, I see no ring on this finger." you teased him and he narrowed those hazel eyes at you. "Nor a proposal?"
"He literally asks you to marry him at least once a day." Sirius pointed.
"If we're for it just be once a day." Remus agreed.
"And I'll get you a ring." he said.
You laughed and kissed him again.
"I don't need a ring, Potter." you said. "I'm quite happy regardless."
"Well, you'll have one anyway, Future Potter." he said, rubbing his nose against yours.
Remus, Peter and Sirius just gagged at the two of you until you eventually seperated.
"Also, unrelated but I am thoroughly impressed with this secret badass side you seem to have." Sirius said.  "Where did that come from?"
You shrugged, "Just because I'm nice doesn't mean I'm helpless, boys."
"It was epic." Peter said.
"It was actually really impressive." Remus said.
"It was fucking hot is what it was." James said.  "And with that said, you laid might ought to stay out of the dorm for a couple hours.  Minimum."
And he promptly yanked you along.
"Just use the Room of Requirement!" Sirius bellowed after you.
"Nope!" James said barely able to keep his hands to himself.
The sound of your giggles could be heard through the castle.
The two of you never actually made it to the dorm because he couldn't seem to contain himself but the two of you had never been happier and so in love.  
Hope you enjoyed this my darlings! Please be sure to let me know in the comments or the ask box! I do so love hearing from you! 
All my love darlings!
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Love, Kenny
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thoseofgreatambition · a year ago
description: Gwendolyn takes George out to laser tag. She also wonders why she is dating someone so silly as to joke about losing his ear so often. Perhaps she likes it, though. 
a/n: hope y’all love this as I do <3 
warnings: none really? 
wordcount: 6.4
dear george masterlist
general taglist: @susceptible-but-siriusexual​ @harrysweasleys​ @geeksareunique​ @insearchofnewdreams​ @notstandingstill-imlyinginwait​ @lumos-barnes​ @thatfuckingliardavidtennant​ @slytherinqween​ @xinyourdreamsx​ @skiving-snackboxess​ @wildfire-whizbangs @dwarfwizard-from-panem​ @diary-of-an-onliner​ @answer-the-sirens​ @woakiees​ @black-widow-fangirl​ @theheirofnightandday​ @summerstardust​ @whysoseriouspadfoot​ @chocok22​ @myhopesareanchoredinyou​ @siriusblackisme​ @illusivedaydreamer​ @zeeneee​ @writingwitchly​ @wolfpotter12​ @obsessedwithrandomthings​ @carolinesbookworld​ @shadowsinger11​ @pit-and-the-pen​ @summer-writes​ @peachesandpink​ @ickle-ronniekins​ @gweaslvy @alpinewinchester  @deafgirltingz​   @beana17​  @imseeingred​ @they-write-once-in-a-blue-moon​ @wand3ringr0s3​ @chantillycreme @jenniweaslee​ @hood-and-horan​
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When you mentioned in your letter that you wanted to lop off the statue’s ear, I thought to myself, ‘that’d be a funny prank to pull on Fred’ and told you to do it. What I would like to know is why that ear is now taking up a full half of my flat’s free space. Please answer with haste.
PS. I’m excited about tonight.
Gwen climbed over the plaster ear to Nightshade’s cage with a look of grim determination on her face. She was one hundred percent certain this was George’s doing, and couldn’t decide if she was amused or annoyed.
She glanced to her furniture that had been carefully pushed aside as to not get damaged by the giant thing, and noticed that there appeared to be a tarp underneath so her wooden floor wouldn’t get scratched.
At least he’d been considerate, she supposed.
When the hell had he done it? She’d been at work the entire day, and hadn’t heard anything going on upstairs. Perhaps Victoria had been in on it all.
Nighshade flew away with the note, and Gwen had a feeling that by the time George came to meet her for their date she’d have an answer.
Gwen’s socks laid discarded in a corner of the living room, as she’d quickly realized that climbing on a plaster ear in her socks would result in slipping. Once again she climbed over the giant thing and made her way to the kitchen to brew a cup of soothing tea. Normally this was the sort of thing she’d have saved for nighttime, but with how things were going at the shop, she’d found her nerves a tad more frayed than usual.
It was still wonderful owning her own shop, and Gwen still loved the work, but it was getting harder to fill all of their orders as word was spreading.
Victoria said that they needed to hire a new worker now to help with the workload before it got out of hand, but Gwen’s father Afon had said that it’d be better to hire someone once things balanced out. What if things suddenly slowed down? You’d be left with a useless employee to fire.
Gwen wondered if he simply wanted to make sure that things stayed inside the family, but ultimately went with her father’s advice. They hadn’t even been open a whole month. It was too early to start hiring new workers. Gwen doubted they could afford a whole new person’s salary this early in the game.
Once more, she made her way carefully over the ear, her large mug of tea in hand, and into her room to start getting ready.
She was finally settled into her apartment, and it was beginning to feel like home. Her bed had a rather cozy series of pillows, sheets and a comforter that her mother had picked up at some sort of muggle store, with a quilt set atop it. The wood of her dresser didn’t match her bed, and that didn’t match either her bookshelf or her end table or desk, but everything seemed to work together.
Gwen liked it. She kept it as neat and tidy as she could, though that wasn’t a hard thing to do when all you did in your room was sleep and write letters. She took a long drink of her tea and was very happy that it was cool enough as to not burn off her tongue.
For a moment she pondered dressing up a bit nicer than usual, there was probably a dress or a skirt that’d work for a date, but that didn’t seem very good for laser tag. She’d need something that she could properly run around in. Flannel, jeans, and boots seemed the best. She could pull a coat on over that.
She was halfway done pulling on her last shoe when she heard George apparate into her apartment. “Hey Dearheart!” Quickly enough Gwen popped out of her room and sighed at the sight before her. George standing on the tallest part of the ear, with a triumphant grin on his face. “Why is this ear here?”
“I thought you mentioned not hearing well.”
Gwen shook her head, “Try again.”
“Well, I lopped off the statue’s ear like I said, since we start tomorrow. I was wondering where I could put it, and then I realized that the best gift I could ever give to you, is a piece of me.”
If Gwen hadn’t known better, she’d have thought he was being completely sincere, but she could see the corner of his mouth twitching the tiniest bit. “You just wanted a place where Fred couldn’t find it, huh?”
“Please let me keep it here for a while. I’ll bring you lunch during your break next week.”
She paused, as she looked down at the ear beneath her feet to consider the offer. “Exactly how long will you be keeping this here?”
“Until I can hide it somewhere else?”
“Which will be?”
“Probably about a week.”
Gwen frowned a bit before finally smiling up at him and holding out her hand to shake his. “Only if you throw in dinner next week as well.”
“You drive a hard bargain.” He laughed and shook her hand, “Alright though. Lunch and dinner. I’ll bring you the good stuff.”
She threw him a wink, before climbing over the ear towards the door. Gwen pulled her coat off the coat rack and grabbed her purse. “Wonderful! You ready to go?”
George scurried off the ear, his arms outstretched to keep his balance. “Yeah! Am I dressed right for it? I didn’t know how I was supposed to dress.”
Gwen looked him over—he was actually dressed fairly similarly to her, jeans, boots, though he was wearing a sweater instead of a button up shirt., all underneath a coat. “You’re dressed fine. We’ll be running around a lot, so you’ll be comfortable.”
After they made their way out of her flat and onto the street, Gwen hooked her arm with George. The alley was starting to come alive the past few weeks, and as they made their way through that evening, it was easy to see that there were about twice as many people than before. George couldn’t help but feel relieved, no matter how well the shop did before, opening when the alley was dead would only doom them this time around.
Soon enough they were in muggle London, and George allowed himself to be pulled along by Gwen through the streets. “So how far away is this place exactly?”
“It’s not too far. About as far away that restaurant we went to last time? I would have taken you to the one I went to when I was a kid, but that one closed down. This should still be fun though.”
“So how exactly does this work? Are we on a team together?”
Gwen glanced at the street sign to double check they were headed in the right direction, “Well, it can go either way. We can either be on a team together, or we can compete against each other for points.”
“I’d like to be on opposing teams. Maybe it’ll give you a chance to win against me in something.” He looked down at her with a smirk, and laughed at the look of indignation that flashed across her face. “Gryffindor versus Slytherin, round two.”
She shook her head with a laugh and looked back forward, “I don’t think it counts as round two when we played at least a dozen games against each other back in Hogwarts.”
“Fine, round thirteen. Let’s go Hughes.” He gestured to her green shirt and his maroon sweater. “We’re even in our house colors. It’s meant to be.”
Rather quickly they strode into the laser tag emporium, and the pair ground to a halt once they entered as George’s eyes went wide and he froze. “Bloody hell—“
Honestly, the redhead didn’t know what he was looking out. The walls and ceiling were black, and much of the furniture seemed to be glowing in the dark in various shades of orange and pink. The signs on where to enter the laser tag arena were on the wall in some sort of tube letters that shone in bright blue, and there were what he recognized as televisions on the wall that displayed what appeared to be score boards.
Gwen tugged him towards the counter, and gave the cashier a smile as George stood behind her looking around in wonder. “Hello, we’ll need two tickets please.” She reached behind her and pulled him up next to her before taking out her muggle money to pay. “Do we need to chose our names?”
The teenager behind the counter nodded, as he took the twenty pound note and counted out her change before handing it back. “Yes. What would you like to be ma’am?”
Damn—she should have thought about this before hand. “Nighshade?”
George snapped to attention, “Your owl?” he quieted down at the jab to his side from Gwen. It probably wasn’t wise to mention owls in front of a muggle. “Right! I’d like to be Rapier, please.”
There was a moment of quiet, before the cashier sighed a long wearied sigh and typed both their names in. Soon enough both of them had paper bracelets around their wrists, and were given the okay to go in. Gwen walked George over to a series of lockers and slipped a few coins in to rent one for a time. “We can put our stuff in here while we’re in the arena. The game ought to start in a little bit.”
“Who will we be playing with?” George looked around and saw a wide variety of people, some about their age or a little younger, and a handful of children who looked young enough to be first years.
“Well, they’re going to start the next round in a few minutes, we’ll go in, listen to the rules, get our guns and our vests, and start with whoever else is playing that round. I’m betting about a dozen more people? Maybe more.” She smiled up at him, and found that he was once again looking around in amazement. “Do you like it here? It seems like your sort of aesthetic.”
“How is it glowing like that?”
“It’s glow in the dark paint, and the things on the wall are neon tubes.” She was met with a puzzled look, “It’s kind of like a color light bulb. You know those things muggles put in lamps?”
It appeared to click for George, and he finally nodded as he set his coat inside the locker along with Gwen’s and her purse. “It looks really nice here.”
“You’ll like the inside better. They’ll have a blacklight.”
Again, the puzzled look returned. “A light that makes things black?”
Gwen shook her head, as she gestured for him to follow her, “It makes things light up in the dark, like white fabrics or some other things. I’m not sure how it works.”
The transition to the room outside the arena was strange for George, the white threads on his clothes began to glow in the dark room, and he could see other people’s clothes begin to glow as well. For a moment he was in pure wonder, and the next moment he was wondering what sort of charms could recreate this for the shop. He missed the look of amusement Gwen was shooting him, and the sweet smile on her lips as he paid close attention to the rules that the so called ‘marshal’ was reading out.
It was a bit hard for George to comprehend, as all of a sudden they were all moving into the next room lined with vests and guns. “Which one is mine?” He spotted a smile on Gwen’s face, though she didn’t tease him for his question. “You’re on the red team, so you’ll be over here.”
She led him to the right side of the room an helped him into his vest. “Like the marshal said, you’ve got to shoot at either the chest, shoulders or gun to get points. If you get hit you can’t shoot for about ten seconds, I believe.” Gwen realized, as George held the gun with both hands wrapped around the barrel, that he didn’t know how to hold it. “Here.”
Gently, she readjusted his hands so one was supporting the barrel, and the other was wrapped around the handle and had a finger on the trigger. “There we go. I’ll get suited up and then we can get the game started.”
George looked around at his teammates while Gwen went to her side of the room. They were mostly people that seemed about his age, though there were quite a few little kids. There was a part of his brain that told he probably should talk to someone in his group and introduce himself, but the majority of his mind was still in awe of his surroundings.
Could they replicate this in the shop? He and Fred had been wondering if they could do something for Halloween that would be unique, this could easily be it. George doubted many wizards had seen anything like this before.
Suddenly, a light on the ceiling began to flash, and a voice somewhere overhead that he couldn’t locate began counting down. Everyone seemed to be getting ready to walk through some sort of opening that had appeared in one wall, and as he looked to Gwen he saw her give him an encouraging smile.
George didn’t know what the hell he was doing. His team was the red team, but as everyone else rushed to hide he found himself struggling to find a good space for the first thirty seconds. He felt his gun vibrate and watched as the lights flashed  ‘Goldwing has shot you’ before going off for ten seconds.
Not surprising, seeing as he stood a good foot and a half above most of his teammates.
After a little bit though, he managed to get the hang of hiding behind the walls and obstacles before shooting the laser gun.
George wound up making rounds around the arena or maze, whatever it was supposed to be called, a few times. His teammates seemed to be having a good time. The more he listened the more it seemed apparent that the kids playing with them were a birthday party split in half. Some little girl wearing a cone shaped hat that said ‘Birthday girl’ seemed to be taking charge of the team, and George was more than happy to let her take the lead. It seemed that the teenagers on the team felt the same way.
He hadn’t picked up her name, but when she pointed up to him and said, “You’ll hide near the stairs and snipe everyone who comes up, okay?” all he could do is nod.
“Yes ma’am.” It was hard not to grin or laugh. After the past few years it was hard to notice things like this, seeing people so happy. If him hiding near the stairs and ‘sniping’ people—whatever that was supposed to mean—meant some kid had a better birthday, he was going to do it.
Did sniping mean shooting?
Probably. George didn’t know what else would make sense in this context.
He spotted Gwen’s back as she navigated the maze, presumably looking for him. Right above his head where he was crouching behind a small wall was a hole from which to shoot. Quickly, he popped up and shot the gun through the hole.
Gwen spun around as her gun flashed ‘Rapier has shot you’. George was nearby and she knew it. Not that she could really do anything for the next ten seconds, it wasn’t as if her gun would work. She noticed a mop of red hair poking out of a hole in the wall, and smirked. Quickly she jogged over and burst into George’s hiding place. She’d need to keep him in sight for at least a bit longer if she wanted to shoot him.  
At first his eyes were wide in surprise as he sprang up, until he saw the countdown on her gun’s screen. “You can’t shoot me for another eight seconds, right?” he could just run—it probably wasn’t the best way to maintain his pride, but it was better than losing points or even worse, letting Gwen win.
“Right.” Gwen gripped his vest and pulled him close to her. The plastic on their vests clacked together loudly as she pressed her lips into his. She felt him tense up in surprise, before placing his hands on her shoulders.
George didn’t notice as Gwen’s right hand drifted from his vest to her gun’s holster. Nor did he notice her pressing the gun to one of his vest’s sensors.
For the briefest of moments, George wondered if they ought to be doing this here, seeing as there were so many strangers wandering around. However, that thought was short lived.
He heard a loud ‘beep’ and felt his vest vibrate as a message popped up on his gun’s screen. George took a step back in confusion until he read it.
Nightshade has shot you.
“Hughes! What the hell—“ Looking up, he heard Gwen laugh and as he sprang out from his hiding place he saw her disappear once more into the maze. He let out a short huff of air and began to chase after her, unable to shake the large smile from his face.
Gwen looked behind her and saw George before she took one more turn and hid in a small alcove. A few kids on the opposing team managed to sneak up behind her and get a few shots in before running off. Gwen looked at the small score count with the tiniest of frowns. She wasn’t sure what was considered a good score in this instance, but she doubted 50 was very good.
On the wall above her was an angled mirror, pointed down right at her. Gwen didn’t notice it until she saw a flash of red light and felt her vest vibrate.
Rapier has shot you.
“Dammit—“ she spoke softly, as to not swear too loudly when they were surrounded by at least a dozen kids younger than them. A closer inspection of the mirror above her showed that she could also take aim at George from this angle. She tilted her gun upwards and took a careful shot, grinning wide as the look of shock came onto George’s face. Gwen dashed out from her hiding spot, past George, and let out a loud laugh as she heard his feet pounding behind her.
“Get back here Hughes!”
“That’s not my name!”
“Dammit Dearling—“
Gwen feinted to the left before darting to the right into a new set of hallways, and by the time George managed to right his path, he’d managed to lose her. George dashed to and from the various hallways until he found himself face to face with Gwen.
“Well look what we have here.” George took out his laser gun and was in the process of aiming it when the lights flooded the room they were in. He tried to pull the trigger but felt nothing and saw no reaction from Gwen when he did. “What’s happening?” George rubbed his eyes to adjust to the new brightness.
“The game’s over. Or at least this round is.” With the tip of her finger, Gwen lowered George’s gun away from her, “C’mon Dearheart. Let’s go see our scores, yeah?”
With a small huff, George nodded. It felt like it all passed by so fast, though George supposed that was because most of his time had been spent either hiding or chasing down Gwen. They’d definitely have to play again, though George had a feeling he’d be quite worn down by the end of all of this. He grabbed her hand and walked with her towards the exit, following the glowing arrows on the walls towards the door.
The lights were much brighter than they were before, but still not at their full power. The neons still cast a blue hue over everything, and George’s skin had taken on a rather periwinkle-esque hue, which Gwen had trouble looking away from.
He was very handsome. She’d always been aware of it, anyone with working eyes could see it. But there was something about the way that the lights danced off of his cheekbones, and the smile perched on his lips that was absolutely enchanting.
Looking down at their hands, she noted that theirs managed to fit together surprisingly well. His always felt almost exceedingly hot, though she supposed that was because hers were always cold as hands could possibly be. She brushed her thumb’s pad over the palm of George’s hand and took in the slight callouses she felt. It all just felt right.
If someone had asked her just a few months before if she’d consider going out on a date the night before work, Gwen would have given a vehement no. There was an odd feeling in her stomach, like she’d swallowed some ice cubes as she thought about all of this.
She wasn’t a sappy person. Her birthday cards weren’t ever very long. Just a sentence or so congratulating the person. Gwen was loyal, but she’d never gotten wrapped around the axel about a boyfriend before but here she was, holding hands with George Weasley and thinking about the fact that she loved his company so much she’d gone against her ‘work first’ ethic that she’d held for as long as she’d been alive.
Gwen couldn’t help it. She stared. She stared as the uncomfortable realization hit her like the Hogwarts Express. Somehow in the past few months she’d fallen head over heels in love with George Weasley. It frightened the former Slytherin a bit. Her whole life since graduating had been work, and becoming the best apothecary she could. But he’d danced into her life, won her over with their letters, and now despite how uncomfortable it made her, Gwen had to admit that her ideal future wasn’t just her being the best Apothecary and Healer, it was having him by her side.
She didn’t think that this moment of realization could get more uncomfortable until he caught her gaze and gave her a wide grin. Gwendolyn’s insides turned from cold slush to warm goo, and she couldn’t fight the shaky smile that came to her lips.
Maybe being in love wouldn’t be too bad.
George chuckled at the dumbfounded look on Gwen’s face. It was cute really, though he wasn’t sure what brought it on. “Is everything alright?”
When Gwen could only really managed to nod mutely, George pressed a kiss to her smiling lips. He placed three more on her face, one to the corner of her mouth and two to her cheeks before he wrapped an arm around her. “Are you really that worried about your score? I don’t blame you, I obviously won.”
“You did not win. I won. I had 75 points George, that’s a wonderful score.” Thank Merlin for her competitive streak. Gwen had managed to snap out of things enough to respond at least somewhat normally. As they walked out into the main lobby though, and the scoreboard came into sight, Gwen found out that she was wrong about half of her statement. “Okay, well 75 is apparently not a wonderful score, but I did beat you. Which is all that matters.”
He stared down at her with a frown, “I shot you twice! And I thought I shot other people—“
“Did your gun confirm it?”
There was a pause before, “I didn’t look to check.” His frown turned into a scowl as he heard Gwen laugh loudly at his words, “I’m going to win next time!”
“Are you sure you don’t want to be on the same team?”
“No—because I’m going to win!”
Tumblr media
As they stared at the scoreboard after their fourth round that night, Gwen noted three things. One, they were tied for the third time in a row, and were both even for last place. Two, she felt an uncomfortable patch of sweat on her lower back because she had dressed quite warm and after running around she’d managed to generate a lot of heat. Three, when she touched her face she could feel the short hairs on her hairline plastered to her forehead and could see just a tad of her face powder come off on her fingertips.
All in all, she didn’t feel too cute at the moment. Though looking at George’s face he appeared to be having the same problems she was. “You did get a better score than last time. We both did. 150 is a good score.”
“Then why did the next lowest scoring person get twice as much as us?”
“Because he’s a muggle teenager who’s done this loads more than we have.”
George appeared to muse on this for a moment before letting out a short laugh and a sigh. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand and felt his ear get red with embarrassment. Being covered with sweat wasn’t a very attractive thing, though it did feel good to see that Gwen was in the same state he was in. He liked that look on her though, it reminded him of when they used to play Quidditch.
“It looks like they’re closing down, are you ready to go?” for a moment George didn’t realize she’d been speaking, he’d been far too entranced by the way the corners of her mouth twitched when she began to smile.
“They’re closing, you want to go home?” Gwen pressed a hand on the crook of his elbow and gave George a smile.
The touch of someone on his arm shouldn’t have felt exceedingly intimate, but for some reason, he felt his throat go dry at the touch. “Yeah.” His voice came out just a bit wheezy, though he hoped that Gwen wouldn’t notice.
Both were still too hot to put on their coats when they left, and greeted the wall of cold air gratefully as they stepped out of the laser tag place. Gwen knew that her mother would chide her on going out without a coat if she’d heard about this, but right now she didn’t care.
George stared down at her, as she strode alongside him. Fog formed around her as her hot breath hit the cold air, and he marveled at how her face seemed to shift depending on the lighting and her smile.
She could feel his gaze on her, and curiously, she looked up at him, “What’re you thinking about?”
“My first impression of you?”
Gwen’s curiosity was piqued. She’d never been one for long love stories, or anything like that—but she was a bit curious if she was about to hear if he’d liked her for longer than he let on. “What was your first impression?”
“Oh I thought you were mad.”
Hazel eyes rolled in Gwen’s head, wondering why she’d gotten her hopes up. “Why did you think I was mad?”
“You weren’t talking to anyone. It was in Charms, and you were sitting right next to Katie. You were just staring at the teacher and weren’t smiling at all. I thought you were mad or something.”
Gwen thought back to that day, “I was mad, now that I think about it. You and Fred had pulled a prank on the Slytherins that morning and I didn’t want to sit anywhere near you guys.”
George paused as they walked down the street, trying to remember what prank he’d pulled, “What did we do?”
“Dungbombs underneath the Slytherin table at breakfast.”
“Oh yeah!” there was a twinge of guilt now that he thought back to that. When he and Fred were young they pranked without reason and without limit, and often times the Slytherin house was a victim of that trait. It wasn’t something he was very proud of truth be told. “I can see why you’d be mad about that….”
Gwen’s face softened a bit, the past was in the past. She nudged him with her elbow, to try and draw out a smile. There was no way in hell she was going to say that her first impression of him was that he was mean. Especially when it had turned out to be so wrong. “You’re a lot different now, that’s all that matters.”
He looked back down at her once more, and studied how her face seemed softer as the street lamps lights drifted down on her and faded away. It was mesmerizing. Had he told her that yet?
There was a tiny kick in his chest, one like he hadn’t felt before. He loved spending time with Gwen. It was amazing. If he’d have been asked about his ideal partner even a few months ago he’d say someone fun loving who wanted to spend tons of time out and about having the time of their life. But now? He couldn’t really imagine anything else but these dates where they always ended up having so much fun without really partying. Or their teas together. He especially couldn’t imagine not receiving a letter every day.
It was her now. It was only Gwen. Only Gwen and quiet moments like this, on dark streets in the middle of the night, where both of them were freezing to death and red faced from running around so much.
He slipped his hand around hers and once again laughed at how utterly cold her hand was. “You need some gloves woman. Expect some for your birthday.”
Gwen chuckled, and firmly held George’s hand in her own, “Well you’re just going to have to get used to cold hands, Weasley. They’re hear to stay.”
That made him grin, “I would hope they are.” He paused for just one more moment, begrudgingly letting go of her hand as he saw goosebumps begin to form on her skin, “C’mon, let’s get your coat on you.” Gently he took it out from where it was draped on her other arm and helped her into it. “Maybe now you won’t feel like you’re freezing to death, eh?” Soon to follow his own advice, George slipped on his own coat and began to button it.
Gwen hooked her arm around his and held one of his hands in both of hers as they marched back to Diagon Alley, “So did you like laser tag?”
“It was fun. I don’t feel like I’m terribly good at it though.” He paused for a moment before looking down at her, “I also can’t believe how terribly underhanded you were while we were playing.”
“Oh, me snogging you to get some extra points?”
Gwen chuckled and gave him a shrug, “I thought that was fun.”
“The snogging point was fun, but it’s the whole ‘tricking me so you could get a good shot’ thing I’m taking exception to.”
When Gwen looked up she saw a playfully annoyed expression on George’s face, “What if next time I just snogged you because I wanted to snog? Would that make you feel better?”
The corner of George’s mouth twitched as a blush crept onto his cheeks. “Yeah—that’d be great.” He drew her a bit closer as they walked down the street, and he desperately wished that neither of them had work tomorrow so they could continue their night out. Playfully, George spoke, “So what’re the odds of you inviting me up so we can do that snogging tonight?”
He didn’t actually expect that. Nor would he push for it, but he’d be damned if he didn’t tease Gwen a bit for once. She kept getting the upper hand on him and George would like to fix that.
Gwen’s mouth twisted into a little bit of a smirk, “I would invite you up, but my prat of a boyfriend made a mess of my flat.”
Damn, here he was blushing again. She’d called him her boyfriend—“You’ve got a boyfriend now? What’s he like?”
“Well, he’s tall and handsome…”
“I like it so far—“
“He’s a prat though. He lopped off the ear of a statue and put it in my flat. He also keeps telling bad jokes.”
“I bet he’s plenty funny.” George nudged her with his elbow when she shook her head. “Such a mean person when you talk about your boyfriend.”
“Well I—“ love him. No. No she couldn’t say that yet. Gwen faltered for a moment, and could feel George’s expectant gaze. “He’s really wonderful. He makes me very happy. He also writes wonderful love letters.”
“Mmm. And what do you want your boyfriend to get you for your birthday in two and a half weeks? Are you more of a necklace girl or a bracelet girl?”
Gwen paused, “Well I don’t wear much jewelry… aside from my family ring. I was going to ask for Lorena Schneider’s new book. She details the creation of the major healing potions, it’s supposed to be rather interesting.”
“That’s what you’d like?”
“Yeah!” Gwen looked up at him, “She’s rather famous you know—she revolutionized the medical field. It’s thanks to her that we’re able to use balms for pain now, instead of just potions. She’s really quite fascinating.”
George felt a bit strange, he’d been wanting to get her something quite nice—though he supposed now that he thought about it Gwen was a bit too practical to wear just anything. “So you don’t like jewelry at all?” he could see the trepidation on her face and laughed “I haven’t bought you anything, you can be honest.”  
“I think it’s pretty, but I’ve watched my Ma lose several necklaces leaning over potions, so that’s why I don’t wear it much… If I wear it, it’s got to be something that isn’t too long or will fall off. So that’s why I don’t wear much besides the ring.”
He nodded, and took that into account. “I can see that.” George smiled down at her. Maybe he could find something else nice to go with the book she wanted. “So what do you want to do for your birthday?” It was on the 21st of November, so it was coming up fast.
“I’m not sure… I haven’t done much to celebrate it before. After I graduated we’d just have a family dinner and finish up work.”
“Really? That doesn’t sound terribly exciting. Do you like doing that?”
Gwen thought for a moment as they neared their flats, “Well, I liked spending time with my family, and I do like working, but I missed going out with my friends. Remember our fifth year? We snuck out onto the Quidditch field and played a pickup game and all the house teams got mixed up. That was really fun.”
“Well I’ll make sure something like that happens, then.” He grinned down at her, the wheels of his mind already turning. He doubted Gwen would like something too crazy, but George Weasley could certainly put together a small reunion of friends very easily.
“Oh you don’t have to! I wasn’t trying to put you out or anything like that Dearheart—“
As they stopped in front of Gwen’s shop, George pressed a kiss to the bridge of her nose. “If your prat of a boyfriend isn’t going to do something fun for your birthday, then someone has to right?” he grinned as she began to chuckle, “And who knows, maybe I can seduce you enough with my ideas that you’ll leave him and be my girlfriend.”
“I’m not easily seduced, you know.”
“Mmm, but I like a challenge.” George’s eyes slowly began to close as he leaned in to kiss Gwen, quite ready to continue what they’d started in the laser tag place.
The couple snapped apart, and George spun around to see a very disgruntled looking Fred standing before them. “I’m a little busy here Freddie, can you give me a moment?”
“Where’s my ear?”
Gwen peered out from behind George, not quite understanding what he meant, “It looks like you’ve still got both there Fred.”
The elder of the two twins frowned at Gwen, leaning on his cane a bit in the cold, “Not my ear,” he straightened up and pointed his cane at the statue behind them, “That ear! Where is my ear?”
“Huh. Isn’t that strange?” George couldn’t help as his mouth twitched into a smile, “Maybe the statue changed so it could look like the person it was modeled after? The world is a magical place after all.”
“Where’d it go?”
“I don’t know. Maybe the statue got into a magical battle riding a broomstick and it got lopped off.” There was barely restrained amusement in George’s voice, “We can’t know these things Fred.”
“Birdie,” Fred shifted so he could get a better look at Gwen, who stood there wide eyed and silent. Surely she had to know something about this. “Do you know where my ear is?”
“Nope.” It was quiet, as both twins stared at Gwen who was not sure she could maintain a proper poker face in a situation like this. Especially when said ear was upstairs in her apartment as they spoke. “Well, goodnight boys. Good luck tomorrow!” She spoke just a bit too fast, and pressed a kiss to the corner of George’s mouth before bolting inside.
George glared at Fred just a bit, “I was about to kiss her. You couldn’t have waited until I got home?”
“I know you took that ear off. I’m going to find it.” Fred tapped the ground with his cane as he looked back at the front of their shop. Everything was all set. They were ready to go. In nine hours their livelihood would be back up and running once more.
Silence settled over both of the twins and for the first time since the night before the shop opened, they felt their stomachs doing enough summersaults to convince them they could have food poisoning. George winced, and wished once more he could have had a longer night to spend with Gwen so his mind would get taken off of all of this.
“Are you ready, Freddie?”
Fred let out a sigh, before looking backwards at his brother. “Ready George.”
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yayyy! new blog. so can i request on how the companions would react if the ss went out on a mission alone and never came back? the companions go look for them and find their gun, thinking they’re dead but hear hear a voice from the closet. when they find the closet, they find a gravely injures f!ss? Sankyu!
i’ll make it romancable. i just changed the scenario up a bit. ❤️ not the proudest of this but i hope you enjoy.
everyone knew that they were inseparable since the day they became official partners. wherever sole went, he always followed. it brought them comfort knowing that he was just an arms length away to protect them from danger, but now it was different. someone had ordered sole to go on a solo mission to clear out a building with a supposedly “low” population of raiders. to his discomfort, sole had agreed without a second thought and decided to hit the road as soon as possible. “are you sure about this? i can always come with you.” worried was an understatement, he was terrified. sole tip toed and placed a kiss on his cheek, her hand resting on his shoulder. “i’ll be okay, alright? i’ll be home in no time.” even with the turning feeling in his gut, he decided to trust her words.
somehow, he ended up in front of the building sole was assigned to, letting his fear overcome him. i mean how was he not supposed to? it had been three straight days with no sign of his other half and the deafening silence in their shared home had been eating him up inside. letting out a deep breath, he entered with soft footsteps, his breathing echoing down the hall. he saw how dead bodies littered the floor, the dried up brown stains coloring the pale blue walls. as he took another step closer to the hallway, he felt himself kick something forward and heard it skid harshly on the wood tiling. looking down at the item he had launched, he felt his heart stop at the familiar weapon.
Danse (after blind betrayal):
preston had followed him just to ensure his safety just in case he needed backup but he also grew speechless at the discovery. danse froze, his face full of shock. every part of himself wanted to check the gun on the floor, but he couldn’t move a single muscle. this wasn’t actually happening right? he had already lost everything in his life, but nothing matched the sorrow he felt at that moment. yes, he was sad and confused, but he felt anger at himself. he let the realest thing he had slip through his fingers like sand. “danse,” he heard prestons voice call out to him, but couldn’t muster up a single reply, “if we look, we can find the general around here, maybe even alive.” he shot preston a look of grief and anger as he clutched his fists, tears stinging in his eyes. “and if she’s not?” “then i’ll be here to help you.”
they both looked through every corner of the building, searching for some kind of sign. preston was beggining to find the situation hopeless, only praying sole made it out while danse refused to give up on the search. he felt his body suspend as he heard coughing coming from the closet near him. with no hesitation, he jerked the door open and found his other half, holding onto the side of her neck as blood dropped down at an alarming rate. he felt so much relief wash over him but was quickly met by terror as he watched the color drain from their face. “preston!” preston ran over, horrified at the sight before him, “i’ll go get help.” danse watched as he raced out the door, his eyes shooting to sole the second after. he removed her hand and applied pressure to the wound with his as he placed his forehead on hers. “sole, if you can hear me, please hold out for a bit longer, help is coming,” he choked, feeling the tears fall down his face as sole let out a small noise, “i can’t do this without you by my side. i love you too much to lose you.”
“this is some kind of fucking sick joke right?”, he muttered, his heart beating out of his ears. this one time, he wanted to make up some kind of lie that maybe sole dropped their gun on the way out back to hq or maybe she found no use for it but the way the blood painted it made him believe anything but that. he laughed bitterly, trying to escape what he thought was the truth of the situation. soon enough, those laughs turned into sobs as he leaned on the wall for support. he wanted to scream at everything, his heart breaking at how unfair life treated him and the ones he loved. “please,” he begged, “please let this be a joke..” he fucking knew he shouldn’t have let sole go or at least followed her in secret.
his breath got caught in his throat as he heard a noise come from the closet. furiously wiping his eyes as he lifted his gun, ready to shoot whatever came out at him. but as he got closer to the door, his heart skipped a beat as he heard someone call his name faintly. quickly opening it, he found his other half weakly staring up at him, a gunshot wound near her chest. he wanted to say so many things to her, but his words got caught up in his throat and he solely focused on getting sole up and out of there. deacon rushed over and picked her up without another word, dashing out the building. “we’ll be at hq in no time,” he panicked, nearly out of breath, “i’ll never fucking leave you alone again.” she looked up at him, seeing the fear in his eyes behind his sunglasses, “and i’ll be damned if i let you leave me, sole.”
“no fucking way.” he didn’t even recognize his own voice as he spat out those words. “there’s no fucking way she’s dead.” he grabbed his shotgun, his eyes darting at every direction as anger and devastation filled his core. “WHERE ARE YOU, YOU FUCKING COWARDS?!” his voice echoed the empty halls as he stomped, breaking down almost every door in search of the person who was responsible for her death. he was gonna find this person and gut them till they were unrecognizable. as he knocked the last door down, he pointed his gun at the figure sitting against the wall but immediately retreated his weapon as he saw sole looking up at him with half lidded eyes.
“holy fuck,” he knelt down besides them, his hands cupping her cheeks, “sunshine, talk to me. say anything, please.” she felt his hands shake against her skin, and sent him a weak smile just to reassure him that everything was gonna be okay. he watched as soles eyes directed to the deep wound on her stomach and hancock didn’t waste a minute, immediately picking up sole and running out. as sole was brought to dr. amari and treated for her wounds, hancock was given the good news that she would make it. he bent down, kissing soles forehead as she slept. grabbing his weapon, he walked out the doorway as the doctor called out. “where are you going?” he cocked his gun, replying almost instantly, “to kill the bastard that fucking dared to touch what belongs to me.”
even if fear hit him, he took a few deep breaths but couldn’t help but to pull his hat down, his “heart” aching with unbearable pain. “fuck, i’m sorry sole,” he choked, “i’m sorry i failed you.” he wanted to find soles body and give her a proper burial but felt his body weaken at the thought of seeing her lifeless. he picked up the gun and placed it in his pocket, following the blood trail that led down the hall to a closed closet. with a deep breath, he slowly reached out to the doorknob, dreading every scenario that dragged his thoughts. that was until he heard a soft, pained groan coming from the other side, “help..”
nick opened the door almost instantly, his gears whirring loudly as he found his lover with a major laceration on the side of her head. he saw how the blood dried up, covering almost half of her face and a good portion of their vault suit. god, he hated how her blood painted her pale, soft skin. nick took off his coat and held it against her head as she squirmed in pain. “doll, i need you to hold still,” he tried to stay calm, but knew fear got the best of him, “i just need to tie this on your forehead to stop any further bleeding.” he took out a stimpack and injected her arm, quickly placing sole on his back and headed to diamond city. “nick.. i-i’m sorr-“ nick shushed her, “save your energy, sweet pea, you don’t need to explain yourself. you just need to focus on staying awake,” he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, “i love you, sole.”
“no please.” he mewled, his legs giving out on him as he knelt forward to pick up the gun with shaky hands. maccready couldn’t do this shit all over again. he couldn’t lose sole like he did with lucy, and just couldn’t afford to put another person he loved six feet under. he let out a deafening sob that echoed through the walls, breaking his promise within seconds. “fuck! sole, don’t do this shit to me right now!” his voice cracked with grief as he clutched her gun to his heart, clawing at it desperately. he was hoping, somewhere, somehow, sole could hear his pleas. “you can’t leave me like this!” his begs for her got louder.
his sobs were cut off by the sound of metal hitting the floor and reverberating through the hallway. maccready stood on his feet, gripping his weapon tightly as he let out angry breaths. he was going to kill the fuck out of whatever was behind those doors. as he yanked the door open, he halted any further movement and dropped his weapon out of shock. sole had a broken leg with various cuts littered around her body as she smiled weakly at him. with fat tears rolling down his face, he dropped down to hug sole, sobbing into her hair. “you’re okay.. we’re okay.. fuck..” he lifted her off the ground, beginning to sprint back to sanctuary, ignoring the pain in his legs. “i got you, love,” he whispered as he looked at the road ahead of him, “when we get home, we’ll get you fixed up and i’ll plan a day for both of us to enjoy ourselves.. so please hold on for me.” sole only closed her eyes, letting out a soft hum.
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