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#my quotes

Hi Friends! 

Now that I’m back after a not so brief hiatus, I thought, let’s begin getting back into the habit of writing by sharing a few words of wisdom from great minds on the topic.. just for you. 

What say!!?  

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Hidup itu bukan perkara bagaimana kamu disakiti, terus mbales balik menyakiti. Namun perihal bagaimana caramu dalam bertahan agar tetap bisa berdiri tegak meskipun telah bertubi-tubi disakiti.

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“We can choose to be empty of all but dust or we can choose to be overflowing with our humanity. Do you dare get your feet wet and jump into that ocean you created? Or will you sit at the shore, crumbling into the sand until you too are washed away by the tide?”


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Hiccup: If any of you need anything at all, too bad. Deal with your problems yourselves, like adults. I’ll be in my house waiting for Grimmel.

Astrid: Do you want us to find him?

Hiccup: No need. He’ll find me. He has the tracking ability and the body odor of a blood hound.

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Aki, showing around the Shin InaJapan base to a reporter: this is the weight room and this is the garden and-

Reporter, pointing at a round table where Norika, Rika and Honoka are sighing: what’s that?

Aki: that is where the green-ish haired lesbians gather round to share their pining for the pink haired ones!

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