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#my rambling
catcze · 6 hours ago
One thought and it's gorou personally training you as a new member. Sure he probably shouldn't bc it's war but also he can't help it
WAIT this sparked a thought in my brain 👀👀 Not,,, exactly in line with the prompt, hope you don’t mind!!
Tumblr media
⠀akjsdna OKAY okay, imagine, right, that maybe before the vison hunt decree, Gorou and you were childhood friends who drifted apart after your family moved to a different island in your teen years. There had always been a sort of tension between the two of you–– something there, but that neither of you acted on, even when the two of you were separated, and you figured that you’d never see Gorou again or express to him how you felt. 
⠀Anyway, in present time, for you, not everything was so bad when the vision hunt decree was announced–– no one in your family or friend groups had a vision, so there wasn't any immediate danger. But that changes tho when you catch word from the soldiers that there's a new force to be reckoned with from the rebel's side–– a young man named Gorou with a geo vision who has apparently become the general of the rebel army.
⠀You’re immediately panicked and rush home bc Gorou?? Your childhood friend Gorou has a vision and is a general in the rebel army?? You’re worried about him bc even if you haven’t seen each other in so long, you still care about his wellbeing, even if he may not remember you anymore (It was so very long ago, after all.) You decide to get some rest instead to calm yourself, but another problem arises when you wake up: the icy-blue Cryo vision resting on your pillow, flickering almost in laughter.
⠀Now you’re even more panicked, because you can’t stay here anymore–– you can’t risk your family or your friends becoming collateral damage if someone comes after your vision, nor do you want to burden anyone with trying to keep you hidden because you were too stubborn to leave. So you pack your bags, leave a note to your family explaining things very briefly, and you head off. It takes some time and a lot of effort to dodge the greedy hands trying to nab your vision, but eventually you find yourself at the gates of the rebellion, and after expressing your want to join them (showing your new vision as a main reason) you’re allowed in and brought before Gorou and Kokomi.
⠀At first, you don’t think he remembers you–– he doesn’t bat an eye when you introduce yourself, or when Kokomi welcomes you into their ranks. You’re a bit disappointed, but you don’t blame him for it. As you’re one of the few vision-wielders they have, Kokomi asks if you know how to handle it at all. When you say that you just recently got it, Gorou offers to help you train with it, much to both your and Kokomi’s surprise. As higher-ups during this war time, certainly there’s much more important things to get done, right? But Gorou doesn’t retract his words, and Kokomi just looks on between you two until you agree and thank him. 
⠀Gorou himself knows that he shouldn’t be indulging himself like this–– he doesn’t have much time to spare with the Raiden Shogun always threatening their borders. But what else was he going to do when he saw you show up, lost and without any other option? There’s no way in hell he’s going to let you fight when you haven’t even familiarized yourself with your vision yet. So yes, even if he has more pressing matters to attend to, to Gorou, nothing is currently more important than making sure he’s not going to lose you a second time.
⠀And, like, if you guys trade glances during training, or if he stands just a bit closer than he otherwise would, and if he catches you staring at him while you think he’s not looking–– well, those just make the time he spends with you even better spent. 
Tumblr media
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softhaku · 7 hours ago
“Shuji?” You tiptoe into the living room of Hanma’s penthouse, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. “It’s late.. you should come to bed with me.”
He’s seated on the couch, taking a drag of his cigarette. Unfocused eyes lock onto yours and your steps falter. He’s tense, the scrunch of his eyebrows and set of his jaw are proof of that. It gives him a dangerous aura, one fitting for the second in command of the most notorious yakuza group in all of Tokyo.
But to you, he’s not some violent gang member- not a dangerous villain that brings ruin wherever he walks. He’s your husband; Shuji, who’s loving and doting to you no matter how bad of a day he’s had. With that in mind, your proceed with your entrance into the room, sliding onto Hanma’s lap with the ease of someone who’s done it hundreds of times before.
“I’m not tired, princess.” He says, one of his hands comes up to cup your cheek. You lean into the gesture, delighting in the touch that you missed from him all day.
“But I am.” A pout plays on your lips “and I miss you, and I can’t sleep without you…”
A smirk makes its way onto Hanma’s face. “Aw, is my sweet wife needy tonight?” He leans in to capture your lips in a kiss. It lasts a few seconds before you pull back.
“I know you’re trying to distract me, Shu. You’re tense. You’ll feel better if you just lay down and rest with me.” You’re eyebrows are scrunched together and your pout has turned more into a frown.
“ ‘m not tense…. Just thinking.”
“Well, in that case maybe you need to get your mind off of work. I can help Shuji.” You lean in to whisper the last part into his ear before you’re sliding off his lap and onto the floor in between his legs. Your hands come to tug at his belt, and Hanma raises an eyebrow.
“It’s almost 2am, doll. You usually complain when I try to instigate these things at this time of night.” His tone is low and teasing.
“I could make you feel better Shu... please” you whisper. Your hands are resting on his lap as you kneel before him. All of a sudden his right leg comes up and swings around your shoulder as he crosses it over his left leg, effectively trapping you with his limbs. His gaze is lidded and he brings a hand to cup the back of your head. You look up at him, pupils blown wide at the compromising position. From this view, Hanma looks like an immortal being- someone who knows he owns the whole world and could burn it down just for the entertainment it would bring.
“Well then doll, what’re you waiting for?”
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scribbleshanks · 13 hours ago
vessel duo au, white palace edition
Guys hear me out.
Vessel duo AU but it takes place at the White Palace.
Hollow has to hide Ghost like the kid hiding an alien in that movie from the 80′s.
Ghost is not pleased with this. 
Food and weapons go missing. The Pale King has no idea why and his future vision is doing shit.
Ghost and Hollow scurry around under a random box trying to get past the retainers’ radar.
One day Ogrim mistake Ghost for the Pure Vessel and gently guides them back to the training grounds. Ghost gets a nail so they don’t complain.
The Pale King: have their horns always looked like that? 
Cut to Hollow having a heart attack.
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oreoambitions · an hour ago
Y'all ever get really nervous around elder gays like they're gonna somehow chastise you for lesbianing wrong or is that just me
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opashoo · 14 hours ago
BIG lizard is very good. The large hammers she prefers, are they the ones that are sorta like long maces but different head, or like Amy Rose style hammer?
So one of the things that got Riza to enlist as a pit fighter is the fact that she is 'big', and so she uses 'big' weapons, preferably ones that require even her to use two hands to wield. The fight pit's weapons tend to be pretty shoddily made, but she has her maul—her primary weapon—which she commissioned with her own winnings. So, it's much nicer than anything else in the armory.
Tumblr media
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aidensm8 · 8 hours ago
I just realized I forgot to post the other half of the sideswap AU designs
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Do the (hermit) crabs have names? How many crabs are their? Can we get a tldr of crab breeding?
Well, technically yes, I gave everyone Lord of the Rings names when they arrived. But I can't tell most of them apart so I'm not sure who I still have, who I've lost, or who anyone is. The only way to know for sure is to track the bump pattern on their big pincher and I haven't had time to go through and properly get pictures where I can look for a pattern and such. I tried last time I put them back in the tank, but I don't think many of the pics are useful. So the only crab I can pick out reliably is my jumbo boy, Hagrid.
I have probably-14, which is because crabs underground are Schrodinger crabs until they come back up, in case they don't make it through a molt. Right now 6 of 14 are up, the rest are under.
Crab breeding mostly hinges on having a good set up, big enough crabs, and crabs of both sexes, as well as ones that are actually interested in baby making.
THEN you have to hope mom carries the eggs for the whole time instead of dumping and eating them or other crabs eating them.
THEN you have to hope she spawns them correctly in the right water pool, they will instantly die if spawned in fresh water.
THEN you get to start the life-eating part of feeding 3-4 times a day, water changes at least a couple times a day (unless you have a filtered kreisel), agonizing over tiny specks that are smaller than these letters.
And THEN hope enough make it to the last megalopa stage to move to a transition tank, take a shell, and move to land.... and THEN make it through their first land molt to be a fully fledged land hermit crab.
That's not even going into building a kreisel, getting the right foods, finding shells tiny enough for first shells, building a transition tank.....
Tl;dr- Crab breeding is not for the faint of heart & depends a LOT on chance, even if you do all of your part right.
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opashoo · 13 hours ago
In the tags for Riza there was pathfinder, so what class is she?
Tumblr media
Riza is a Battle Oracle. As an oracle, she's much more geared to be a spellcaster primarily, but because she derives her divine power from combat, she gains benefits and suffers penalties that gear her towards engaging in combat. In the thick of combat, she languishes when not trying to strike her opponent, it's harder to think, and at worst she struggles to cast spells, but her weapons strike truer than other oracles, and she gains a disturbing battlefield persistence, a regenerative factor that can rapidly close her wounds. Despite oracle being primarily a spellcasting class, the Battle mystery gives Riza the edge she needs to keep up with other martials, albeit in a roundabout way.
For comparison, I'm including another oracle of mine, Mün, an Ancestors Oracle. She's an exorcist whose divine access draws on a long tradition of exorcists, and in the process, she's left open to meddling by nearby spirits (which are usually those ancestors). These spirits' meddling can either aid or hinder in any number of tasks, and encourage her to make her decisions based on their whims, but she does not have the same advantages that a battle oracle has in combat. If Mün tried to wade into melee range, her ancestors would not be able to give her the accuracy, power, or survivability needed to match a martial class of the same level.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that Riza has a multiclass in the Mauler combat style which gives her access to big heavy weapons and shoving/tripping feats that oracles normally wouldn't have access to, while Mun is multiclassed into bard for access to some of those sweet bard songs (which are flavored as chants)
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wooteena · 12 hours ago
hi gays i missed mcc because it was at 5am on a sunday how did ranboo go
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bubble-gumhead · 6 hours ago
Ramblings (interactions that may or may not have a relationship)
"Will you regret this?"
"I — sorry?" A small question. A whisper in the dark.
"Will — will you regret this? You know — come morning?"
"Oh— no why would I have regret over something I've wanted for so long?" A puff of laughter against the crook of a neck.
"Oh — oh I guess I thought—"
"Shh, don't think."
"I'll stay with you Malfoy."
Draco looks up at him, lip in a thin line.
"I'm not you're charity case, Potter."
"Who said anything about charity? This is based solely on pure selfishness."
"Do you think—"
"Not very often, no."
"I've always had alot of questions, well, concerning— this type of interaction."
"You've had questions about sex, you mean?"
"I think maybe in a general, all around term, but never with you."
"Oh, never with me?"
"You were just a lust-filled want — not a question, don't be stupid."
"So, do you have questions about sex, or questions about me, or sex with me?"
"Just — Potter, do shut up."
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ferverdream · 8 hours ago
considering how much they played dodgebolt during mcc practice streams, i'm not entirely too suprised that quackity thought it was one of the eight playable games slkfdjghfg
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wanderingcas · 11 hours ago
note to self: when going through a really big life change, don't go on tiktok or instagram to get other people's "similar" experiences... a lot of things about my situation are overdramatized for comedic effect and end up giving me a panic attack 🤙🏻
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maramahan · an hour ago
My friend, who has been playing Minecraft pretty much since the beginning: ok I have a plan - time to mathematically calculate the amount of materials needed for this build btw here are the attack stats on all the different weapons also I know how brewing works
Me, who only recently started playing Minecraft after a number of inexplicable prophetic dreams: hang on I’m gonna sleep in this field real quick WAIT whoops never mind I fell in a hole :)
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aueua · 10 hours ago
sometimes I remember how I didn’t know about shortcuts/certain benches and things far after beating the game. see to: mantis lords lifeblood cocoon, and -> the breakable bench in the hive, and -> soul sanctum breakable wall, and -> I really should have known that there was a bench in the spire but I kept walking there from the sanctum without the shortcut at least ten different times so th—well anyways and then the watcher knights, of course, without being aware it could be made easier, thoroughly thrashed me regardless of my upgrades. much like soul ma
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i’m trying to write a very peaceful scene but am being slightly put off by the like family of crows currently screeching outside my window 
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