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seeing all this pyramid head thirst I was gonna draw him saying “I hate horny people” but I realized he’s the horniest sh monster 😔

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Got tagged by @carsonsweebabyturtles

Thank you!

… I live on mobile Tumblr so I can’t do GIFs but I can list my 10 favorite shows!

1: Stargate Atlantis. I love it the most, despite (because of?) its many issues.

2: Stargate SG-1. Similarly, I adore it. Such a great show all the way through!

3: Phineas and Ferb. Such a fun show, doing a lot of fun takes on tropes & narrative devices. And the songs!

4: Avatar the Last Airbender. A truly iconic show. I have Legend of Korra but I still need to watch it.

5: Power Rangers. I’ve seen over 600 episodes now- just half of 6 and all of 7 to go for the first 4 boxed sets. Very cheesy at times but I love it. If I had to pick just one season, it’d be RPM for its plot, balance of darkness & humor, and it was a launching pad for Eka Darville, Rose McIver, and Adelaide Kane. Yes, I know that’s a betrayal of my icon, but also RPM is just 32 episodes which is just over half the length of Mighty Morphin 1, so there’s that too.

6: Jackie Chan Adventures. Slightly offbeat but I love it for the action (duh) but also the mystical elements, the humor, & character dynamics. I kind of want to grow up to be Uncle Chan.

7: Liberty’s Kids went hard for a PBS show and I need to rewatch it sometime (seriously, it was super nuanced and tackled a lot of heavy topics).

8: On that note, Wishbone is mostly a fuzzy warm feeling of nostalgia nowadays rather than actual memories. I wish more episodes were available for purchase. Still, it meant a lot to my younger self- I went on to read The Moonstone, Ivanhoe, and A Tale of Two Cities because I remembered enjoying the episodes involving those stories. Of course, on the other hand the Great Expectations episode scared me. So there’s that.

9: Dinotopia. Okay, maybe I’ve only seen 3 of 13 episodes, but I am weak for this franchise. I’m really enjoying it so far! David & Le Sage are my favorite characters so far.

10: BBC Merlin. Another show I need to rewatch, but I remember adoring Gwen & Morgana when I saw the early season on TV. I know what happens later; I blame the dragon.

Um, let’s see. I’ll tag a few people but you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. @bex-pendragon @magic-owl @cblgblog @michaelkenmore

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gotta say, kinda awful I have to seriously consider bringing my chem goggles to a peaceful protest cuz the next city over’s demonstration got tear gassed 🙃

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well since its june tomorrow i though id share my really stupid one in a million most likely not happening crack pot theory on who the arms rep in smash is gonna be,

all of them, all 15 in a single slot each with 8 colors, you can choose which fighter you play as on the character select, like how you can choose what pokemon you start with as pokemon trainer or like the shared echo slot option.
all 15 are basically semiclones of each other where they all have a similar moveset with the main difference being body type, what 3 arms they have equipped, and their special gimmics that are unique to each character.

its a fun idea but most likley not gonna happen, but if it did that would be amazing.

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Oh I see. I don’t have have the art skills to do that, sorry. ;;;^;;;

Thank you for telling me

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Barefoot soles are alright since it’s just a part of anatomy. 

I don’t know what soft vore is and I’m afraid to ask :/

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I pay respects to my old friends who have mostly died, the only way I can joyously meet them again is by getting drunk.

The youth buries the fermented wine under the branches of the osmanthus tree, as he drinks his hair is already speckled with white. 

As the light shines from the skies, the dream shatters and everyone has walked on far ahead, leaving me abandoned in an old body, filled with tears.

I am willing to increase my remaining years just to meet Zhou Gong (i.e. continue dreaming blissfully), let me carry the wine and return.

2ha 289, originally a Shuzhong song that Xue Zheng Yong sung often, later sung by a drunken Xue Meng in Kunlun Taxue Palace as he mourns the passing of all his family and close friends





I visit my old friend under the clear moon, the flower-like candle flame and our faces both reflect red.

In the morning the young phoenix sings as spring arrives, the endless rivers and mountains are peaceful.

The youth buries the fermented wine without drinking it, after several years he returns and meets his brother again.

Why do people need to accompany one another so often in life, when the east wind can carry mutual yearning to even those who are far apart?

2ha 311, sung first by Chu Wan Ning and Mo Ran, and then as a song in Xue Meng’s memory, many years down the road, as he reflects on what has happened and recalls his loved ones

disclaimer: these are my interpretations of what I THINK they most closely mean

the phrases are DAMNED BEAUTIFUL and I feel like I’m doing them a disservice by my shitty hastily done translations mY EMOTIONS ARE IN TURMOIL and also because poetic Chinese is a painful struggle to translate

ALSO the poems bloody rhyme in Chinese and were apparently written by Meatbun based on a few actual poems I AM GOING FERAL

the two poems as a whole are disastrously beautiful I cannot repeat this enough they reflect Xue Meng’s growth and him coming to terms with everything and the imagery surrounding the first poem in 289 reflects it perfectly and the narrative surrounding the final poem in the ending re-emphasises his growth UGLY SOBBING 

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