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If someone could kindly write this ASAP I’d be forever greatful lol

(On another side note, I saw someone post a JamiexDani Tangled mood board and I’d just like to say that that was truly amazing and it lives in my mind rent free)

Also now I just want to draw both these AUs so rip me

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Do you ever procrastinate starting new media because you’re afraid you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll fall into another fandom? You’re not ready to give up the fandom you’re in, that you’ve invested so much time and energy into, not ready to meet new characters, to have your heart ripped out by a new otp, not ready to make new friends while slowly drifting away from the current ones, because you won’t have that one thing in common anymore. So these new books and movies and shows that you want to consume keep building up while you continue to search for new content in an old fandom, until that new media is eventually old too, and thus, forgotten

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watching american tv programmes and they always have a sick character who eats chicken noodle soup.

a) why does one specific type of soup make anyone feel better. it’s all soup. 

b) chicken noodle soup. does it come like that in a can? or do you put the noodles in separatley. im asking because i have had chicken soup before. but not chicken noodle soup. i mean i’ve had noodle based soups before that come from asian restaurants. but not the famed healing delicacy americans have. truly a mystery.

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I’m getting a little too into quirk genes again

(Refer to this post for my previous quirk ramblings)

Also what I mean with the “mutant characteristic =/= quirk” bit is that there are some characters with an aspect of their appearance that would indicate a mutant quirk, but they have an emitter quirk that has no relation to the physical features. A good example of this would be Tokoyami having a bird head. Yes Dark Shadow also looks birdlike, but birds don’t have sentient shadows that can take on a physical form.

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Taking a partial break from uni work cause mentality is shit. Not looking at assignments until 1st of December. I’m only taking one lecture’s work of notes a day. Fuck this, I’, taking as many extensions and mit circs I need cause it’s either get no work done and try and improve my mental state of get no work done and just break trying to do something

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It’s gone 5pm. I haven’t eaten since I had a bowl of past yesterday at about noon. I’m hungry. My mum put a plate of food in the fridge for me to heat up whenever I want it. All I need to do is put it in the microwave for a few minutes and pour hot water into a jug of gravy granules already measured out for me. It’s simple. It’s easy. It wouldn’t even take five minutes.

So why can’t I fucking do it?

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A letter to her. A letter she won’t read or know existed at all. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right?

Let it hurt me instead. Why ruin a good thing with unsure confessions and nervous glances. Why risk the the days I have yet to spend, giggling in my bed and drunkenly holding each other?

Let me hold on to those moments, alone by your side and basking in your yule log glow. Your comforting warmth.

Why risk giving up the safest feeling i have ever felt in my life?

You are my safety and you are my warmth. You are my comfort and my adoration and my home. You are my home. You are my home. You are my home.

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