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Meanwhile, Julius and Imogen have been spending more time together, getting to know one another. She is now a semi-regular guest at his place in the evenings.


Julius: “…and I was rather popular as Quickfoot from The Prince of Veronaville. I was asked to reprise that role two years in a row.”

Imogen: “Hold on, I remember that from school! It’s the funny little goblin who just roasts everyone, isn’t it?”

Julius: “Technically he is an imp, but yes. His role is to provide pithy commentary on the protagonists’ actions through the use of scathing humour.”

Imogen: *snort* 

Julius: “What?”

Imogen: “I just can’t believe you were in Drama Club!”

Julius: “I have a whimsical side!”

Imogen: “Bwahahahaha prove it!”

Julius: “Very well. I challenge you to a water balloon fight, tomorrow, at dawn.”

Imogen: “At dawn? Uhhh, how about we make it more like 10:30?”


Contrary to popular belief, Julius is not averse to fun. Imogen soon discovered he also has a deadly aim with water balloons!

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“Hey have you guys seen Lena? Or Thancred?”
“They’re probably just celebrating in their own way.”

In which Lena and Thancred sneak away from the festivities post 4.0, confess their feelings, and take a well-deserved nap.

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