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Con todo este tema del #COVID-19 tenemos que estar más que protegidos en nuestros hogares si así fue decretado en donde vivimos. Cuídense y sigan los consejos que dan para prevenir.

Espero que entiendan el sentido de la frase de Sangwoo, lo he pensado también desde el personaje en si…

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So I was tagged by @la-musadriux and @live-lovee-breathe for a selfie so here a one of me half dressed about to head out for some food and a couple of pints!

So I guess @der–untermensch @aloafoflove @littleteeny @sinful-sky @sincerelykelseytaylor @febreazy @winter-wrenn @late-n1ght-spilled-thoughts post a selfie, show us your beautiful faces.

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So, built up the courage to get a commission of… Myself! instead of my catwolf. In my catwolf’s outfit, haha… Kinda actually wanna get clothes like that now, for when going to conventions or, well, maybe going to a buffet… See how long it takes for it to fit me as poorly as it does Elaz…

Anyway, asked the artist to draw me fatter than my catwolf, as fat as they felt like going, and I am quite happy with the results, haha… Kinda wish I had more interesting things to ask for in my commissions when it’s a single picture commission. Enjoy!

Art is by KulliZilla of Twitter :D

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