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y0itsbri22 hours ago
ian and mickey scheduled a date night for tonight, but debbie needed someone to watch franny last minute. no one else would answer their phones and ian really didn't want the kid to be exposed to whatever nonsense debbie was getting in to, so they decide to take her with them. they all end up going to a somewhat fancy restaurant now that they can afford it. ian had made the reservation for two ahead of time, but really what's one more kid tagging along.
franny promptly orders chicken strips and fries and a sprite. mickey got scandanavian steak and potatoes, and ian got seared scallops with baby spinach and a pomegranate glaze. they split a bottle of red wine for the table. if they were doing this whole date night thing, they were damn well gonna do it right.
as they're waiting for their food, franny does her puppy dog eyes that awfully resemble ian's so of course mickey knows he wouldn't be able to resist anything she would ask. she proudly convinces her uncle mickey to work on a coloring book with her. ian fondly smirks at his defeated husband artistically drawing with broken crayons at their fancy date night. mickey briefly glowers at him but immediately softens when ian grabs his free hand. ian suggests colors he thinks franny should use. she looks over to mickey for guidance, clearly trusting his artistic vision over ian's. mickey nods his head in approval and appraises her work, "looks good, kid."
they enjoy their food while franny tells them about all the drama going on back at the gallagher house from the point of view of a five-year-old. ian's hand almost never left mickey's. it made eating with utensils a little more challenging, but they were used to it at this point. they get a to-go container for franny's leftovers.
debbie isn't answering her phone, so franny goes back to their west side apartment for a sleepover. ian makes up a bed for her on the couch while mickey convinces her to brush her teeth. after they're all ready for bed, ian sneaks out to the kitchen to get a glass of water to take his evening meds and to check on franny, who had quickly passed the fuck out. he spies the page from the coloring book hanging up on the fridge with a couple magnets he had stolen from the gallagher family fridge. beneath the drawing mickey had written "to uncle ian. from franny and her favorite uncle.馃枙" the little shit. ian's heart swelled as he made his way back to his awaiting husband. it was a pretty successful date night if he did say so himself.
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y0itsbri3 days ago
okay i know the twin trope is overdone however i still think that ian and mickey with twins would be the sweetest thing ever.
like each one holds a baby or on of them holds both kids. two car seats! (they have to buy a car that isn't just a stolen ambulance) double strollers! (which ian uses to take them out on runs)
mickey laying on the couch doing skin to skin contact with the newborns while ian is in the kitchen making dinner and his heart positively melts. he sneaks a photo on his phone and hoped mickey didn't notice. mickey absolutely noticed. they print the photo and keep it framed in the living room.
soon after they get home, they mix up the babies and freak out for a bit and eventually mickey wildly guesses who is who with such assertion. ian sees right through his act -- there's no way mickey knew his daughters that well already, so he compares the footprints with the hospital birth certificates while mickey is out on the porch having a smoke (no smoking inside with newborns, mick -- yada yada something about second hand smoke whatever he get's it). ian'll be damned though because mickey was correct.
the aforementioned mix up sparks mickey to straight up mark one of the babies feet with sharpie so that doesn't happen again. ian flips out "what the fuck, mick! my beautiful baby girl :( " and then he buys her a little gold anklet, which is arguably much better to distinguish between the two.
the kids will probably have to share a room and ian hopes that they'll be as good of friends as he and lip are.
if the twins are a boy and a girl, they remind mickey of himself and mandy since they grew up practically together. mickey whispers to his son one evening, "hey bud, you better protect your sister even if she doesn't look like she needs it. she does. do a better job than i did." he looks wistful. they haven't heard from mandy for awhile. they know she is okay and out in california somewhere, but he still thinks about her sometimes. ian overhears his husband's whispered confession and hugs him from behind, reassuring him that he did what he had to do and he's so proud both milkovich siblings made it out.
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gothic-but-will-fight-u11 days ago
@your-fav-hates-air-infector already has literally twice the amount of followers as my art blog (@official-dr-ravenholm )
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y0itsbri17 days ago
what if when they were younger, mandy had a friend over for a sleepover for the first time and they wanted to do all the classic sleepover things... like messing with a big brother. when they thought mickey was asleep, they snuck into his room to draw on his face with makeup. mickey was definitely awake because those girls were fucking awful at sneaking and giggling loud as shit (they probably got into her 'hidden' booze stash earlier in the night). he pretended to be asleep though because if they tried this shit with anyone else, they would get their asses handed to them. mickey wanted his little sister to have some fun before her new friend would eventually be repulsed by the milkovich 'house of horrors' like all the rest. he decided he loved his sister just enough that it was worth having to scrub that sparkly eyeshadow shit off his own face the next morning. and if he missed a sparkle or two, that was nobody's business but his own.
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy17 days ago
ian's great with babies. he instinctively knows how to hold and support them, how to keep them engaged and get them to smile, how to rock them just right, how to swaddle and feed and change them. he radiates calm and peacefulness, something that comes from him finay being settled securely within himself, which makes him excellent and calming down a crying baby or toddler. so he's always top pick babysitter for his siblings (and on one memorable occasion also his brother-in-law) because not only will ian almost never turn you down when you need help, he'll probably even enjoy spending his night covered in drool and baby food. most of all though he's just safe, always careful and calm, even when freddie has been crying for hours and tami is ready to leave the country and mickey contemplates if you can go to jail for putting a ball gag on a baby that won't shut up - ian's just pacing the living room, rocking him and gently humming soothingly until he finally calms down and falls asleep against his uncle's chest.
meanwhile mickey is awesome with kids, the older ones. he's a bit nervous around babies because they're just so damn fragile and he feels a bit awkward around them. but when they're older and self-sufficient enough that he isn't constantly afraid of breaking them you can sign him the fuck up. he loves how kids are always just trying to have fun, their pure unfiltered honesty, how they're direct, uncensored and raw in a way you only are when you're still too young to give a fuck about what others think. he adores franny in all her gender non-conforming glory, he spends hours playing video games with liam. and the kids love him back because he takes them seriously in a way most adults don't, he's fun and doesn't try and push stupid rules and expectations on them (the perks of being an uncle). But most of all he treats them with respect and just talks to them like they're tiny adults he happens to be friends with. He ends up recycling some of the games he remembers from his own childhood, just with less actual violence and without the deadly weapons. Turns out dodge the dagger is a lot more fun for everyone involved when the dagger is replaced with a balled up pair of socks or something.
they are both so family-oriented and have so much love for the people in their bubble. they're such dorks who don't mind chaos and getting their hands dirty. (more in the literal than the criminal sense these days thanks to ian) they have different styles when it comes to interacting with the little ones, of course they do but they're both hands down every kid's favourite uncles and that's not a freak coincidence. they're good with them.
and they are both going to learn from each other. ian's going to keep his hands on mickey's shoulders to ground him when he struggles with the way it feels to hold a baby again, after all these years. mickey's going to give ian a kiss and tell him "i've got it" when franny demands attention and entertainment at ten pm when ian's exhausted from a long day.
and they are going to see the person they love most in the world thrive and become an amazing parent one day and they're going to be a beautiful family because they already are.
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy17 days ago
sorry for neglecting my chokey mickey duties, let's talk about how the gallaghers can always pinpoint the exact moment when ian and mickey's bickering and shoving and fighting are going to turn into something the rest of the family does NOT want to be around for - because by now they know when Ian's got his hand on Mickey鈥檚 throat it's over.
next thing they know it's growling instead of yelling and making out against the walls they were slamming each other into just moments ago and mickey's hands down the front of ian's pants, so once that happens everyone knows to get the fuck out of earshot.
and tbh after a while it escalates so much that everytime ian just so much as gently grazes mickey's neck with his hand everyone around them is instantly alert and ready to vacate the premises because it doesn't matter if it's violence or gentleness, with these two everything can turn into chokes 馃槍
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy17 days ago
remember when carol said to kev "there's nothing sexier than seeing the person you love be a good parent"
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy17 days ago
absolutely living for people complaining about s11 because 'nothing happened' meanwhile i'm over here loving the fuck out of it bc for once ian and mickey got to have small idiot problems simply because they're dumb and also stupid 馃槍 rip to you if you crave high stakes drama and break ups and prison sentences but i'm different, ian's planting tomatoes right now and i'm content
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ask-beacons-finest18 days ago
Heya!! This is not the Admin you all know and love, but... I am another admin you will know, and hopefully, love!
So uhhhhh, Admin mentioned her kiddos taking control of the blog, soooo, guess what? I鈥檓 one of those kiddos! and uhhhh here鈥檚 my intro ig!
聽Heya, my name is Alloy, and I鈥檓 a major nerd lmao. I draw AND write, but I prefer to draw, so most of MY posts are usually gonna be drawings and what not, tho I will occasionally post written posts :D聽
uh this is kinda nerve-wracking I feel like I鈥檓 gonna taint this blog hjdgshdjf
anyways, I go by all pronouns, so that鈥檚 that :P
so, to prevent this from becoming a long-ass post of me nervously introducing myself, imma leave on that note!
Goodbye for now!! See you all in future posts hah!
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y0itsbri18 days ago
what if mandy gave mickey his first guitar. he mentioned how he could probably shred better than those pansy fuckers (from some random song playing from mandy's iPod). so for mickey's bday, she stole a guitar from her sleezy ex bf who was in some shitty ass band. fucker deserved it. mickey couldn't hide the excitement on his face because he was just a kid and holy shit guitars are expensive. 'how tf did you get this mandy' 'dont worry 'bout it :) ' later that night when terry and their brothers were out on a run, mandy heard mickey playing the guitar in his room and she smiled. yeah he definitely could not shred better than those 'pansy fuckers' but he was sure as hell gonna try.
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thinkin-bout-her19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fellow Joey Batey stans, this post is for you!!
my name is Isaac, and i run the Etsy store Small Vulcan Creations. I noticed that there was a terrible lack of merch available for fans of Joey Batey and his band with Madeleine Hyland, the Amazing Devil- so i took it upon myself to create some!!
i sell a variety of Amazing Devil lyric pins and, more recently, a whole set of pins and jewelry inspired by Greg the Demon Horse (Joey鈥檚 adorable DND monster). they are all $5 each and hand drawn/painted with love by me 馃挄
if you don鈥檛 see your favorite lyrics in my shop i am always delighted to take custom orders!! thanks for reading :)
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sweetcresta20 days ago
i want john wells to know that if he ever hears a creep under his bed it鈥檚 me and he should count his days <33
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy22 days ago
wanna talk about mickey using his given name during their wedding vows bc he wants to show he is taking this seriously and that he wants to get it right, do it properly, the way you're supposed to vs ian calling him mickey in his vows because he's marrying the mickey milkovich he fell in love with when he was 15, his mickey who he has known forever and loved for almost all of it
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sweetcresta22 days ago
obsessed with the idea that mickey learned what reverse psychology is and now won鈥檛 shut up about how ian always uses it on him
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thisfeebleheart23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mickey Milkovich | Shameless 11.11
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy24 days ago
so tami and lip get pressured by tami鈥檚 family into doing a pregnancy photoshoot with all the cringey stops pulled out - i鈥檓 talking gendered balloons and stuffed animals with huge fucking eyes and weird stomach touching and uncharacteristically romantic poses, the whole nine yards. and obviously they (mostly lip) are the subject of ridicule in the gallagher group chat for weeks because the whole thing is and looks ridiculous, liam is making memes like a pro but ofc ian and mickey take the cake when they stage their own photoshoot with baby bazooka and end up looking a hundred times more adorable and in love and like a happy family than lip and tami with their forced smiles and a crying freddie trying desperately to escape their arms ever could.
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