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thran-duils · 9 hours ago
Take Her For a Spin
Title: Take Her for a Spin Summary: Fem!Reader x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark. Porn without plot. Tony catches Natasha and the reader messing around outside the sauna and eventually Nat calls him out because he's not as sneaky as he thinks he is. Words: 1,537 Warnings (for the whole fic): PWP, Shameless smut, threesome, voyeurism, non-con voyeurism, sex toys, light dom/sub, 18+ as always
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Tony can hardly believe what he is seeing. Through the crack in the door leading to the sauna in the Avenger’s compound, Natasha is stimulating the shit out of Y/N with a toy. Both of them were naked as the day they were born, covered in a sheen of sweat, on the wooden floor. They were not inside the sauna, in the room outside it. But they surely had been in there before, the door to the sauna was steamy.
Tony had come down to relax himself but had stopped on a dime hearing the obscene noises coming from around the corner. He had peeked around the corner, curious about who was playing hide the pickle, finding the door cracked.
His eyes had almost bugged out of his head when he found the two of them. He never would have guessed. Nat had been sweet on Banner but since he had disappeared again… and Y/N? She flirted with everyone. He had passed it off as innocent flirting, a quirk of hers, but it made sense now. Maybe she had been throwing out feelers this whole time.
Tony debates leaving but he cannot tear his eyes away from the way Y/N is arching her back and god, the wicked smile Nat’s got on her face as she dirty talks Y/N… Nat as a dom he definitely called.
Palming his quickly hardening cock through his sweats, Tony desperately hoped no one else came to interrupt this or worse, catch him being a peeping Tom.
Nat pressed the vibrator deeper, pressing the stimulation arm closer against your clit. You moaned, cupping your tits, fingers flicking over your hard nipples.
She taunted, “Needy little thing, aren’t you?”
You nodded fervently.
“So wet. Do you hear your pussy around this? Music to my ears.”
She ran a finger down your folds around the toy and brought it to her lips, sucking you off her finger. She moaned salaciously.
“You’re so sweet, baby. Maybe I’ll have you finish on my tongue. You’ve been so good lately.”
You keened at the praise.
“I think it’s time you rode. I love seeing you balls deep. How do you like the sound of that?”
“Yes, yes,” you agreed quickly.
The vibrator was gone and you sighed at how empty you felt. But you knew that would not be for long. Nat hovered over you, an arm wrapping around you as she planted her lips to yours. Her lips were plush and you fell into the kiss desperately.
“Sit up,” she ordered against your lips.
You followed her guidance, her arm still wrapped around your middle.
She reached from beside her and brought the dildo up, pressing it to your lips. You parted your lips around it in obedience, causing her to smile.
“God, can’t imagine what lucky guys have had their cocks in your mouth. I know how good it feels on me but that’s just gotta be a whole different sensation.”
She urged you back and she planted the dildo on the floor between the two of you, it suctioned tight.
“Show me what a good cockslut you are and tomorrow I’ll do you myself with the new strap on.”
That was all the encouragement you needed, the thought of her driving into you and smacking your ass. You angled yourself over it, biting your bottom lip as it sunk into you.
“Look at how easy you’re taking that! My perfect little slut!”
You sunk all the way, full of the dildo. That is when Nat turned on the vibration for it and you let out an obscene groan. Your legs shook in pleasure. You slowly began to rock, moaning as you built your speed, your eyes closed.
“Oh, baby, you’re gonna be so sore, aren’t you? That hot tub is gonna feel so good on your aching pussy isn’t it? You’re earning it the way you’re fucking right now.”
You sunk to the bottom again and let out a shuddered cry. God, you loved feeling this full with the toy vibrating inside you. Nat leaned forward, taking the opportunity to suck at your tits, her tongue swirling around your nipples. You wished she would not stop but she pulled away again, a wicked smirk on her face, eyes blazing.
“How about the real thing?” She cooed before she called towards the door, “Tony. I know you’re out there. Wanna take Y/N for a spin?”
Tony froze mid stroke. He had broken the more he watched, his cock leaking precum in his hand. Through his lustful haze of mind, he debated about tucking tail or trusting Nat was not about going to kick his ass with this bait she was offering. Granted, if he ran, she would probably still kick his ass.
Your eyes widened when the door nudged open, Tony walking in. You could clearly see his length in his thin sweats.
Nat kissed you roughly and said, “Look at that, you little siren. All those sexy moans you were calling out got a response.” To Tony, she said, “Well?”
You looked at him, eyes hooded as the toy still vibrated, you rocking your hips slowly. He licked his bottom lip, lust apparent.
Nat flicked at your nipples. “She’s already warmed up. So wet and hot… ready for you and that big dick of yours.” To you, she said, “Aren’t you, baby? You want Tony to fuck you? Make you see stars?”
That did sound good, a real dick. And especially his. You nodded enthusiastically at her.
“Yes, please.”
“So polite,” Nat praised. “You hear that, Tony?”
“Fuck yeah, I did,” Tony responded, finally speaking, going to undress himself. You bit your lip, seeing his cock spring free from his sweats.
You found yourself moving as soon as the dildo was gone and swinging your leg over Tony as he was lying on the ground waiting in earnest. Natasha moved forward and made eye contact with Tony. Running her fingers through your wet folds and mixing it with his precum, she pumped her closed hand up and down his shaft. His breath was shallow, transfixed at the sight of her.
“Show him how good you are, sweetling,” Nat encouraged you and you adjusted forward, hovering as she guided his dick to your entrance, and you took him. Nat was right; you were ever so ready, taking him deep and quick. And you were going to be perfect for him.
Hands planted on his chest, you worked yourself up to bouncing. He was so thick.
“Oh god,” you whined, fingernails digging into his chest, causing him to hiss.
“You feel so fucking good!” Tony husked, laying a rapt smack on your ass and you practically melted.
He pulled you closer, his mouth coming to your breasts, kissing and sucking in earnest all over your chest. He bucked his hips, driving until he was full inside and you gasped.
“Goddamnit,” he said breathless, before sucking a nipple into his mouth roughly once more, and then lying back down.
You resumed your own pace, quicker this time. He was getting close, you could tell by the lewd noises falling from his lips and how tight he was holding you. And so were you.
Nat was barely refraining from sinking her fingers into her own sex watching the two of you. She was not above caressing her breasts though, her eyes fixated on the sight in front of her.
“Fuck, look at my good girl riding like a champ.”
Tony slapped your hip repeatedly, groaning, “Oh, shit, I’m gonna come. Up, up!”
Nat’s hands came down on your shoulders just as you stalled to try to do what Tony was asking. Tony stared up at you feeling you not moving and his eyes snapped to Nat over your shoulder.
“She’s on the pill, don’t worry, Tony. Come on, I know you wanna fill her all the way up. Who wouldn’t wanna cum inside my good girl?” Nat practically purred, one hand coming down to squeeze at your nipple and you whined, your cunt clenching around Tony.
That caused him to groan his fingers digging into your skin.
“Use her. She’s all yours. A perfect doll for you to blow a load into,” Nat pushed him and you did not miss the lust flash in Tony’s eyes at that.
Tony resumed thrusting roughly without warning, throwing his head back, all argument gone. You bounced on top of him, broken whines escaping as he fucked you good and raw. He was hitting your spot and your head dangled, letting him have complete control.
He came inside you with long groans, his cock twitching, the stimulation pushing you over the edge as well drawing a pleasured grunt from him as you tightened.
After a few moments, his hands went lax and brushed down your thighs as he brought them up to rub at the sheen of sweat on his face. You sat up straight, him still fully seated inside you. He met your eyes and you were unsure what to say.
Nat had no problem breaking the silence by saying, “Well, I’m turned on by this drastic change in things. This will certainly broaden our toy collection.”
Marvel tags: @coconutqueen21 @undecidedsworld @holl2712 @agustdowney  @biiskuitx @buttercupfangirl
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tinfigs · 19 hours ago
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Work wife Ed elric (trusted) (rat)
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lasalsadeuntaco · 14 hours ago
como que se antojan unos tacos, no?
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mascarilla por que c0v1d
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milkilyy · 10 months ago
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this happen to anyone else?
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lasalsadeuntaco · 17 hours ago
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Se me olvidó subir esto
Creo que para los que medio me conocen, vieron que subí un postit rayado jajaja
Pues me inspire un poco de ese postit para hacer este dibujo, también quería cambiar mi fondo y ps dije "por qué chingaos no?" y esto resulto.
Hay muchas referencias sobre mi persona, así que podríamos decir que es un pedo abstracto o algo así XD, También puse otras cosas como relleno pa' que se vea cool ✨
Y pues es todo, espero que les guste ✨💕
En efecto, este es otro de mis mil estilos ✨👌
El dibujo con otros filtros
Me gustaron todos XD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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illuminati-by-nature · 3 months ago
- Over 200 years ago, mages waged war in the streets of Rexxentrum.  The Cerberus Assembly was formed in the aftermath and became an advising body to the king (2x49)
- Yussa has been practicing the arcane arts in seclusion for over 200 years (2x48)
- Yussa is “not invited” to be in the Empire, “it would not be best for me to be there,” and due to the magic employed at the Halls of Erudition, he would not be able to disguise himself without “causing a stir.”  (2x84) What exactly did you do, Yussa “fuck around and find out” Errenis?
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cressus · 11 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You struggle to resist this nature of ours, but it can't last forever. One day, the urge for their blood will be stronger. And when that day comes, another will hunt me. It's as simple as that. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
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